Brendon O’Connell and hypocrisy

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This particular commentary is not going to be a balanced portrait of Brendon O’Connell, who for the most part has made a positive contribution to the ‘truth and justice’ movement, at great personal cost.

He suffered years of victimisation and intimidation at the hands of Western Australian police. He spent 3 years in (mostly maximum security for some ineffable reason) prison, where he was brutally bashed and required hospitalisation. He was then placed under a ‘gag’ order, and legally prevented from expressing himself in any way. THAT is pure torture for someone like Brendon O’Connell. Perhaps a sort of ‘Room 101’ for those of us in the truth and justice movement.

Brendon also suffered the typical response of ‘authority’ to anyone who challenges their authority, of being labelled ‘mentally ill’.

And worse, his own family have converted their own personal malices towards him into calling him ‘mentally ill’.

I can relate to the demoralising effect of both these situations. Defining people as ‘mentally ill’ or ‘possessed by the devil/demons’ is the oldest trick in the book, to undermine any person’s credibility, and thus to undermine the credibility of their arguments. In other words, where a person can NOT be defeated on fair, just, reasonable, rational, scientific grounds, because they are CORRECT in what they are arguing, thus undermining the ‘authority’ of the partcular ‘authority’ they are criticising or challenging, they are defeated by the most repugnant practice outside physical torture, known. That of labelling sommeone as ‘mentally ill’ or ‘possessed’. Catherine the Great was probably not the first to arrest her opponents, and forcibly ‘detain’ them in ‘mental institutions’ where they were forced to undergo ‘mental treatments’ which even today are nothing more than torture intended to coerce the person into NOT expressing their ‘symptoms’ (in our case speaking the truth, and seeking justice), or physically preventing them from doing so, using pharmaceutical or physical ‘straight-jackets’, or simply locking them up in solitary confinement. All forms of ‘torture’, especially to someone with the personality typical of a someone active in our truth and justice movement.

If you define / label your accuser as ‘mentally ill’, then you can ‘dismiss’ any allegations they are making against you. If they are revealing facts and truths that are inconvenient to you, then labelling them as ‘mentally ill’ allows you to dismiss their ‘accusations’ as the ‘crazy rantings of a nutter’. So no-one will pay attention to them, and what they are saying. If they are simply reminding you of your own complicity in some unethical, undesirable, ignoble, damaging condition, behavior, or situation, then you can avoid the potentially painful or merely uncomfortable soul searching, self-reproach, and associated guilt, (such as having abused and/or neglected you as your parent when you were a child), allowing you to simply ‘deny’ their factual arguments and comments as ‘crazy talk’.

In other words, the ‘mental illness’ accusation is a broad brush with which anyone with the power to have such a definition applied, to make it stick, or even just raise doubts about someone’s mental health, can paint over the most serious of criminal allegations, the most inconvenient of truths, or even the mildest of ‘uncomfortable’ facts.

So, while I haven’t listed all the great accomplishments of Brendon O’Connell, I hope even he can see that I am in his corner. Not just waiting to be ‘tagged’, but already in the arena, facing the enemy. Ready for the confrontations that are sure to come my way as well, once the enemy have taken notice of me.

But what motivated me to write this is my response to his hypocritical positions in relation to David Icke, and the Old Testament genocides committed by his own enemy, the jew world order.

Richie Allen may be many things, but one admirable thing he is is loyal. And not stupidly loyal as the fans of Trump, Putin, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, Ed Snowden, Julian Assange, Press T.V, RT news, Le Pen, and all the other ‘kosher alt media’ and ‘controlled opposition’ personalities and organisations.

David Icke was among the first ‘famous’ personalities to name our enemy. The jew world order. And to ‘out’ them for what they are. And who they are.

It beggars my belief when people who demand the ‘sheeple’ believe the hard to believe things they are trying to explain to them, while they themselves, reject, out of hand, as ‘nutters’, anyone who tries to inform THEM of something THEY find too hard to believe.

Richie Allen irritates me often, and I believe he may be controlled opposition. Or just suffering from the same ‘hypocrisy’ as most sheeple. That of not being able to emotionally deal with self-evident facts e.g that ‘The Holocaust’ is propaganda, or that 911 was carried out by ‘our own’ government, as a joint CIA-MOSSAD false flag. Or that most of the ‘mass shootings’ are faked. With crisis actor victims. And ‘shooters’ who were already dead before they went on their supposed ‘shooting sprees’.

But Richie Allen made my day when defending David Icke against a famous man-made global warming critic. He was loyal. He would not let his guest’s insults remain unanswered. And answer them he did.

I thank Richie Allen for his ‘Zombie Jesus Cannibal Vampire Cult’ eloquence. Mr Allen reminded the guest that HIS own beliefs in the ‘Zombie Jesus Cult, as a practising ‘Cannibal vampire’ a.k.a ‘Catholic’, are at least as ‘absurd’ as a belief in ‘shape shifting lizards’. In fact many people have ‘witnessed’ the shape shifting lizard phenomena and ‘testified’ to it. Given that the ENTIRE basis for ‘The Holocaust’ as a ‘legal fact’ is that thousands of people have ‘testified’ that it occured, surely ‘Shape shifting lizards’ can claim the same basis in ‘legal fact’. And as no-one has seen ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’ in the last few thousand years, and MANY will testify in court that they HAVE seen shape shifting lizards quite recently, I would say the ‘legal’ claim for shape shifting lizards must be considered much more compelling, than the claim for ‘Zombie Jesus’.

And anyone who partakes in the ‘ritual of transubstantiation’, and ‘eats the flesh of their god, and drinks the blood of their god’ is really living in a particularly fragile glass house, and cannot afford to be throwing stones.

Now this applies to Brendon O’Connell, a self professed ‘lapsed’ ‘Zombie Jesus Cannibal Vampire Cult’ member, a.k.a ‘Catholic’. You are the last person in a position to mock and ridicule the courage of a man in professing that he ‘believes’ in shape-shifting lizards. Personally, eating the flesh of your dead god, and drinking his blood, seems much more repugnant than merely believing that the Royal family are shape shifting lizards who drink the blood of children. And as there are many more recent ‘witnesses’ who have given their ‘testimony’ as to the reality of shape shifting lizards, compared to the number of ‘verified sightings’ of ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’, I think the ‘onus probandi’ falls more heavily on a ‘Catholic’ than it does on David Icke.

David Icke has worked hard over many decades, writing and researching and presenting and documenting and making videos. Anyone in any other creative field with the equivalent achievements would be fabulously wealthy. If David owns his own small apartment on the Isle of Wight, that probably makes him a millionare, as most Australians (where Brendon comes from) who own their own home in a city or major urban center, must be millionares also, as homes these days tend to cost around a million dollars in Sydney, and the Isle of Wight. So envy of another person’s legitimately earned success is not very becoming in someone professing to be part of our truth and justice movement.

I do agree that it is unfortunate for our truth and justice movement, at some level, that one of its most reliable, authoritative, capable, talented, and efficiacious icons is brave enough to present his views on ‘shape shifting lizards’ to the world, because it opens him up to easy, childish, attacks. Such as the ones Brendon himself makes, sadly.

I agree that it doesn’t help our overall credibility when a leading light in our movement is talking about shape shifting lizards. It is challenging enough for most people to accept that 911 was done by the U.S government and Israel.

But all of us in the truth and justice movement are the last people to be ‘dismissing’ something WE find hard to believe, and even worse, defining people as ‘nutters’ because of it. WE would be the biggest hypocrites to do so. For we would be committing that ultimate of crimes against humanity that our enemies commit against people like us. That of defining us as ‘mentally ill’, simply to avoid having to prove our arguments are not compelling, or that our facts are not correct.

WE must set the benchmark for tolerance and open-mindedness. WE must be the role models of ‘suspending judgement’ and ‘suspending disbelief’.

Brendon O’Connell is saying ‘do as I say, not as I do’ when he attacks David Icke simply because Mr Icke has the courage to express his beliefs, as hard as he knows it is going to be for others to ‘credit’ them.

COURAGE is the most important personality trait demanded of us. David Icke is THE most courageous man in our truth and justice movement. He has NEVER chosen the easy path of ‘I’ll just keep that bit out, because it’s too risky for my credibility’.

Now I understand ‘keeping some things to yourself’ because they might make it just too hard for people to accept, and prevent them accepting other things you have to say. That ‘keeping mum’ on some topics might be considered ‘politically astute’ because telling people X might mean they never take me seriously, and thus I lose any chance of convincing them of Y and Z.

But once a person has ‘let the cat out of the bag’ it is ‘out there’. No need to draw attention to it if you believe that would not be astute or clever. But to both draw attention to it, and also to hypocritically defame and discredit the person who ‘let the cat out of the bag’, THAT is a poor decision. It reflects on a person’s character. Some room for improvement on the part of Brendon.

By employing the age old strategy of ‘defining someone as a nutter / mentall ill / crazy / demonically possessed, against a leading light in our own movement, you are aiding and abetting our shared enemy. Why would you NOT discipline yourself and consider the greater good before letting your personal motives, envy, and disbelief, lend comfort and support to our enemies? Who needs enemies when we have ‘friends’ like you in our movement, Brendon?

In fact my worst fear for YOU is that you will be defined by our enemies as ‘mentally ill’ and forced to submit to ‘involuntary ‘treatments’. Like electroshock. Like insulin ‘therapy’. All to destroy your will to continue our struggle for truth and justice and peace. All to ‘take you out of circulation’. All to present you with ‘fates worse than death’ to coerce you into silence.

The irony is really hard to take. You of all people throwing stones all about the place with abandon. You of all people throwing around the epithet of ‘crazy’ and ‘nutter’ and ‘mentally ill’.

You, the Cannibal Vampire Zombie Jesus cult member.

You, the presenter of ‘hard to swallow’ facts. The purveyor of ‘uncomfortable facts and arguments’. The challenger of the dominant hegemonic social reality. You, whose own family have maliciously sought to define YOU as a ‘nutter’. You who are in the direct firing line of every sort of criticism you might chose to level at David Icke. You who are presenting people with ‘almost impossible to beleive facts’. You who demand so much of YOUR audience, and yet FAIL miserably to live up to these demands in your own actions. You demand ‘do as I say, not as I do’. You demand others behave differently to yourself. You demand others treat you differently to how you treat people who your potential audience will find YOU just as hard to believe and comprehend, as YOU find a few of David Icke’s beliefs ‘challenging’. In fact, ‘too hard for you to even consider with an open mind’.

Oh, but back to something about Brendon I find totally inexcusable, repugnant, and abhorrent. And it relates to his being a ‘lapsed’ ‘Catholic’ a.k.a ‘Cannibal Vampire Zombie Jesus Cult’ member. Brendon, I insist you do some soul searching and be as demanding of your own behavior as you are of others. I insist you publicly denounce and renounce comments you have publically made concering the Old Testament genocide of the Israelites. For those comments explicitly justify to any person who subscribes to the ideology of Semitism, whether they are ‘Jews’ or merely ‘Zionist Christians’, the current genocide of the Palestinians, and the coming genocide of all those people and peoples who will not serve the jew world order.

Brendon shocked me, but also ‘continued the typical dogmatic religious pattern’, when he explicitly defended the biblical holocaust committed by the Israelites in the Old Testament as justified and reasonable. He used the Israelites own war propaganda to justify their war crimes. Their genocide. I was appalled. He was using arguments similar to the ones the most repugnant of Semitic Jews in the Israeli state use today to justify their current genocidal practises and war crimes.

Just because some ‘Jew’ claims that ‘Caananites sacrificed their first born children to their god’, or that they were ‘sinners’, does NOT give ANYONE the right to murder them all, steal their land, and in some cases, enslave all their virgin girls as sex slaves, does it?

And please explain, dear Brendon, how ‘ripping apart pregnant women’ fits into your position? Does ripping apart pregnant women, or keeping all the virgin girls as sex slaves, to be handed from jew to jew, when they become bored with them, somehow reduce the amount of sin or death in the land of Canaan?

You REALLY need to do some soul searching. Then humbly apologise to the entire world, for your comments on the biblical holocaust committed by the jew world order.

Or are you happy to leave the ideological floodgates open, so that your very own arguments, or arguments that are in principle the same, should be used to justify the jew world order’s treatment of YOU, the Palestinian people, Islam, Germany, Nazi Germany, Herr Hitler, national socialists, Syrians, Iraqui’s, Americans, Canadians, French people, Australians, and ultimately the entire ‘non-jewish’ peoples of the world, and probably 99% of the self-defined ‘jews’ as well?

Please watch that video yourself to see what I mean. It is sadly typical of ‘religious’ people that they are totally blind to their own hypocrisy. They have one set of rules for their own dogmatic beliefs’ and a totally different, more scientific, more skeptical, much more demanding, set of rules for other people’s beliefs.

Richie Allen exposed the leading ‘man-made global warming’ skeptic for HIS hypocrisy in criticising David Icke while himself subscribing to much more ludicrous, absurd, and infantile beliefs as a member of the ‘Cannibal Vampire Zombie Jesus cult’. Brendon O’Connell is a self-professed ‘lapsed’ member of this cult. Members call it ‘The Catholic Church’. Indifferent skeptics free of its dogma can rightfully ‘call it out’ for what it is. The eating of the flesh and drinking of the blood of a zombie (resurrected from the dead) Jesus. Now you tell me which ‘belief’ is MORE absurd and deserving of our criticism?

Here I wish to thank Richie Allen for his brilliantly apt observations, and his admirable loyalty to his friends, and to the principles of skepticism which are the bedrock of all we stand for. Richie could have let his ‘guest’ get away with off-hand, flippant, insulting, defamatory, damaging comments relating to David Icke, but he chose not to simply ‘take the easy way and ‘let it go’, instead he ‘called’ his guest on his comments. He ‘called him out’. He didn’t move his ‘line in the sand’ backwards for fear of losing a guest or viewers. He did not leave his friend to be ridiculed by a hypocrite, simply as a matter of ‘pragmatism’ or ‘political astuteness’. He stood up for our principles. He stood up for his friend. He would NOT let his guest get away with ‘cheap shots’ and apalling hypocrisy.

It is up to each of us to decide where to draw the line in the sand. Where to be ‘accomodating’ and ‘keep mum’ and where to go full throttle, full bore, full frontal. It is NOT for any one of us to openly, publicly, criticise anyone else, let alone ridicule them, and by implication, ridicule our who truth and justice movement.

The person being labelled ‘mentally ill’, of all people, should be the last to ever even consider labelling someone ELSE as a ‘nutter’. I thought the karma of injustice was meant to teach us NOT to judge others. That suffering was there to teach us to avoid INFLICTING suffering on others. That being lied about might teach us never to lie about others. That being enslaved might give us a distaste for slavery in general, so that we refuse to become slave owners and slave masters. That the experience of being used as a mere means to other being’s ends might teach us to refuse to ever benefit at a cost to another sentient being, let along use them as mere means to OUR own ends. Or is karma a filter, allowing only those who are capable of learning its lessons up into the ‘higher realms’?

Surely we manifest what we ourselves resonate? Obadiah warned us, after all, ‘For as you do unto others, so shall be done unto you’. This warning is one of the very few passages in the ‘Bible’ worthy of being reproduced and taught. But it seems the hardest lesson of all to learn. And maybe not all ‘souls’ are capable of learning it? And these souls will return to world’s such as this one over and over, until they do? Isn’t THAT what the most advanced spiritual teachings and philosophies have to teach us?

Now please take a deep breath. And digest this. Have you ever considered, Mr O’Connell, that your other favorite target, Syria Girl, may be self-censoring on the subject of Israel as a judgement call? She may figure that she can do more good for Syria, and her people, by refraining from criticisng Israel in any way. Look at what happens when you criticise Israel? What good could she do Syria if her youtube channel is taken down and SHE is put in prison? HAve you thought that she may be avoiding, in principle, EXACTLY what you are criticising David Icke for doing? Namely, discrediting herself and our entire movement by speaking up about things that people find just to hard to digest and deal with?

Like you may have sub-consciously chosen to do with National Socialism, ‘The Holocaust hoax’, and Nazi Germany?

Why should YOU get to decide which ‘truth’ is ‘too much’ for our audience? Which ‘truth’ might deter a potential recruit from even listening to us in the first place? Which ‘truth’ we would best keep to ourselves, at least until our audience is ‘up to speed’ and has succesfully navigated a very steep learning curve of awareness?

Who are YOU to decide what is ‘simply impossible and therefore crazy talk’? Look at all the glass around you, dear valued resistance-figher of the truth and justice movement. Can YOU of all people really AFFORD to risk being ‘hoisted by your own petard?’. Can you really afford being ‘judged’ by the same ‘measures’ by which you judge others in our truth and justice movement? Do you perhaps have a camel in your throat? While you strain at David Icke’s ‘gnat’? Do you perhaps have a log in your own eye that prevents you seeing your own hypocrisy, as you worry about the ‘speck’ in the eye of David Icke? Or potentially even ‘Syria Girl’?

I was extremely wary of revealing the facts about ‘The Holocaust hoax’ and ‘Nazi Germany’, for fear that it would be simply too much truth for my potential audience to take in at once. That I might be ‘shooting myself in the foot’ by revealing too much, too soon. I might lose potential viewers, audience, and truth and justice activists, by revealing everything to them all at once.

I was loathe even to publish my writings, and finally complete book, on ‘Religion’, for fear it would be ‘too much’ for people. I waited until I had a positive alternative to the ‘noble’ lies of ‘Religion’.

Where do we draw the line in the sand? At Hitler being a heroic, noble, valiant, courageous, brilliant, compassionate, nice guy? At Germany being the VICTIMS of World War One and World War Two? At jews controlling the mass media? Hollywood? The finance system? Should I leave all that out, for fear of being just too demanding of my potential audience? Might I discredit our whole movement, by revealing something that might be ‘too uncomfortable’ for our potential audience to comprehend? Too scary? Too politically incorrect?

If I just leave out all the Nazi stuff, the Hitler stuff, the jew world order stuff, and just focus on the Banking system, without mentioning ‘Jews’, maybe I would, like most ‘alt media’ that does all this, gain a much greater audience. Maybe I could ‘hook’ them with the harmless stuff, and then slowly ‘reel them into’ the deeper water, and reveal the ‘harder to accept’ stuff?

This is what all the controlled media do. This is what those we suspect of being controlled media do. It is hard to tell which group is really ‘paid up kosher alt media’ and which is really just ‘being cautious’ and ‘politically adept’.

Do you think David Icke should have ‘drawn the line’ at some point? In the interests of our truth and justice movement? O.K. That is something we should debate among ourselves.

You complain of the lack of mutual support in our movement. So aren’t your own actions hypocritical? Whose interests were served by your comments? Who benefitted from them? Our movement or our enemies?

How many videos could have been produced using the resources you have consumed in your own struggle, legal battles, and associated ‘travels’?

None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes. We all courageosly struggle on, accepting our failures, and not letting them stop us from moving forward. Not letting our imperfections and unfortunate decisions stop us from getting on with the task at hand.

So this discussion was intended as food for thought for you, our dearly valued, beloved, respected, admired, and appreciated comrade in arms, Mr Brendon O’Connell, and all the rest of you in the truth and justice movement.

This discussion was intended to increase unity and solidarity among ‘free’ people who are bound to suffer from the same ‘incredulity’ and ‘unwillingness to have our own belief systems challenged’ that the people we are seeking to reach out to are bound to suffer from.

We of all people cannot afford to throw stones. To ridicule. To adhere to any beliefs dogmatically. To refuse to give up our own ‘pet’ beliefs when they are debunked. To close our minds to anything.

We must practise what we preach. We must be role models of skepticism. We must suspend disbelief as we ask others to suspend judgement. We must throw off all prejudices. All assumptions. All dogma. All ‘self-evident’ truths. We must challenge everything. We must interrogate our own belief systems. We may not assume anything. We may never take anything as ‘natural’ or ‘self-evident’. We may never ‘believe’ simply based on the authority or transferred authority that is the source of that belief. We must doubt everything. Believe nothing. Keep an open mind. Seek the truth.

I offer my TROONATNOOR books as the optimal tools and ‘weapons’ in this struggle. A struggle with our SELVES as much as with any external ‘enemy’.

If you don’t want to pay a cent, you can download all my books from my TROONATNOOR Patreon page. AFTER reading them you can chose to make a donation to my Paypal account. If you need paper-backs then go to LULU.COM. The downloads are mobi, epub, and pdf.

What I’d really love for you to do, in reciprocation of my effort, sacrifice, and risk, is to GO VEGAN.

For as you do unto others, so shall be done unto you.

The TRUE insanity is to believe you can treat other sentient beings as mere means to your own ends, as your slaves, and victimise and exploit them, to treat them with injustice, and to deny them their truth and reality, and act with malice and violence towards them, and then to expect the world, and other sentient beings, to treat you with justice, compassion, kindness, honesty, goodwill, beneficience, and generosity.

It is true that I will be defined as ‘irrational’ by most psychopaths, sociopaths, and mentally ill people, for NOT abusing the power I might enjoy over other sentient beings to satisfy my selfish urges, impulses, desires, and compulsions. To increase my own power, and pleasure. To focus on my own pleasure and relief. To focus on avoiding pain. To focus on maintaining and increasing the benefits that are to be had at the expense of other sentient beings.

Sadly this world is currently ruled by such people.

But the moment YOU decide NOT to go along with them, to get along, and reject THEIR definitions, they will lose ALL their power.

TROONATNOOR Patreon (where you will find downloads of all my books at no cost to you) TROONATNOOR WordPress. TROONATNOOR bitchute. Jewtube channel ‘markus rehbach’.

And remember

Truth is kryptonite to the jew world order. Because the truth will set you free.

And even though all ‘truth’ may be merely reflexive, what counts is the SEARCH for the truth. Honesty. THAT is the way you will ‘raise’ your resonant frequency and ‘manifest’ the kingdom of heaven that is within you.

But as long as you are dishonest with yourself about TROONATNOOR and my ‘Optimal ethics generator, you will remain at this world’s current resonant frequency, and thus continue to manifest this world as it is, with all its evils, pain, suffering, misery, and despair.

My TROONATNOOR books are all about ‘escaping history’ by refusing to reproduce, from this moment to the next, yourself, and this world, as it is.

The ‘Bardot’ of opportunity is ‘NOW’. Cease reproducing the past, and you will open up a new universe of positive alternatives.

It is YOUR response-ability. Reproduce the past, and the world as it is, from one moment to the next. Or break the cycle. Stop. Think. Listen. Feel. Don’t just reproduce, from moment to moment, all your old beliefs, assumptions, prejudices, and dogmas.

My current book project is the capstone to my TROONATNOOR project. Please encourage me to continue with that Herculean task, by reading my existing books, emailing me with encouragement, and if you really want to reward me, to reciprocate, then GO VEGAN. Then I will consider any debt you might possibly have to me, no matter who you are and what nasty things you did to me in my past, as fully paid for. As fully cleared. And you will have my eternal gratefulness and goodwill.

Happy Next Lives ? What seeds are you planting for those future harvests?

markus 🙂




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