Ideas for comedy sketches based on REALITY of Judaism etc PLEASE HELP ME REALISE THEIR POTENTIAL

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fuzzy bunny cuddles and rainbows cult…set up a ‘series of 70 lectures’…very Sasha Baron Cohen…have silly dances and rituals…make up a wall hanging with a fuzzy bunny, rainbow, some ‘occult symbols’ that are funny e.g an ‘ass’…something like the freemasons tools but funny, maybe cooking implements?…an all seeing eye? but funny…work out a whole new religion, based on the real religions of the world…starting with this Rabbi…as most pressing threat is the jew world order…have ceremonies…have books with pictures…our holy books for fuzbuns…work on concept…then film as if serious presentation of religious ‘arguments’…fuzbuns very old…like judaism…make up mock-serious stories…then have ‘priest’ seriously defend them, but openly, brazenly, like this insane deluded Rabbi…who may or may not represnt the majorityy of judaism at least consciously, but does inform it unconsciously, at some level…and if it is the elites who think this way, then that is dangerous enough…the rest just pawns …

Meant as a sketch / situation comedy sketch…ironic…satirical…over the top…simply repeat the cult beliefs and justification and thinking ofthat Rabbi in that video…possibly representative of current judaism, definitely representative of old testament judaism…have two people discussing … with a wall hanging of our cult, and some special clothing…and lots of books they can pick up and refer to ‘BOOKS’…’WRITTEN IN BOOKS”BOOKS WE WROTE’ as if THAT is an argument…but they are totally serious, like that cult Rabbi…totally insane and deluded…feeling that their arguments make sense…and are compelling…saying the most insane things…the most circular arguments,…the most hypocritical statements…something like this…get actors / comedians like Sasha Baron Cohen…and like the two Australian comedians from around the time of the Australian Olympics…what’s their name? usually did political satire i.e pretending to be politiicans etc, doing this sort of thing i.e saying really insane stupid things as if logical…very funny…total non sequiturs…hello, we are a cult of peace and goodwill…and we are going to kill every man woman and child and their animals, of anyone who does not agree, and won’t serve us, and help gain total dommination of every single thing and person on this planet…just watch the actual video…very easy to highlight the insanity…it is like a ‘straw man’ but the person appears to be genuinely insane…as if a deliberate comic strip character put there to provoke us … as part of some cunning multilevel, sophisticated plan, but if you’ve read the torah, talmud etc, and know world history, you’ll see this IS exactly how the biblical genocides were justified…and if people can accept what they claim is their history of genocide, without batting an eyelid, then what does it say about what they are capable of when they have the power…which by the way they DO have RIGHT NOW…imagine just replacing the word ‘amalek’ with ‘jew’, and how fast the speaker would be in jail…but 20,000 hits on one channel alone…I got terminated with under a hundred views…so it is very easy for anyone brave enough to make this absurdly ludicrous…remember in ‘Humans’ the t.v series when the ‘synth’ jokes, in response to the humans question ‘why do they fear you so much?’ and she jokes ‘probably because we are planning to take over the world and enslave all of humanity’…I started laughing, it was very funny, but then realised, this is EXACTLY the question ‘Jews’ always ask, and the exact HONEST answer… I tried to ‘record’ that part of the episode but all I g ot was audio…it was the second last in series one of ‘Humans’…and ‘Jews’ ‘argue’ exactly like robots programmed badly…circular loops of assumption and conclusion based on assumption, supposedly proving hte assumption and conclusion…mad robotic , cult trance, indoctrinated, brainwashed behavior…this ‘comedy’ approach is only way to remain sane and offer the actual material / point to the audience…hopefully bypassing censors…never using word ‘jew’ …and bypassing people’s conditioned reflex responses … conscious filters / resistance / rejection etc…to wake them from their trance, their ‘dogmatic slumber’…maybe…and the only way to present the FACTS without sounding nasty, and having people ‘switch off’ i.e sounding like irrational hatred, ridicule, abuse…it is of course satire…which is a form of ridicule…but culturally accepted at least for now…if jews can ‘joke’ about murdering jesus again, then … in any case, fact that the original video NOT taken down proves our case…and our ‘satire’ is intended to get people reflecting on the insanity of ‘religion’ per se, and judaism in particular…the basis of most of our religions today…in the most powerful nations e.g U.S.A, europe…jews keep insisting, even this pyschotic example…so ‘typical’ you’d think he wasa ‘straw man’ made up by the nazi’s , that judaism is about peace and love and compassion…just like the compassion they showed in the Old Testament to the Canaanites etc…911, U.S.S liberty, Palestinians, Germans at Versailles, and during and after WWII, etc etc

I will repost the video, my notes (hopefully edited and improved and more professional), and these notes, and the actual presentation, if I manage to do it, or get someone to do it, at the start of mmy bitchute and dtube.videos, and keep a youtube version on someone’s account, as the ‘entry point’ to all the others, which will ‘flesh out’ the ‘arguments’ and ‘threats’ etc…so people can make up their own minds…if they are just sheeple / cattle, I can’t save them…and if they are lazy, gutless, I can’t save them, they are born to be slaves…if evolution has this direction, then I can’t save anyone…I can only offer the information…and by using comedy, keep myself sane, and stop getting too angry…as anger will only be used against us…no matter how righteous…until we have the numbers and power to defend our position…legally, and if necessary, militarily…they have the nukes..their own, and nato’s, and france’s, and Britains, and America’s…??? so…I guess they will inherit this earth, the jews… and I can only hope I’ve raised my resonant frequency / ethical tone level etc and never return to this dimension / plane / existence … I would not chose ot be a jew / effendi… I reject slavery, as slave, or master…anyway, go vegan, and happy next lives 😀

markus rehbach AT yahoo. com … if you want to work with me on this or any other project…TROONATNOOR patreon for ‘free’ downloads of all my books …TROONATNOOR Bitchute TROONATNOOR…etc…wordpress, that new one…etc…

Hello, fellow fuzzybuns…

And for those out there who are new to this whole thing…or

Let me just show how irrational our ‘enemies’ are….loony…just beyond reason…we are the fuzzy bunny cuddles and rainbows cut…a people of peace and justice… as anyone can tell…we are going to kill every man woman child and animal of anyone who does anything to prevent us taking control of the world, just as our god, fuzbun, commanded… we are a people of justice and peace…it is just that we rule the world…there will be peace when we have total control of everything and everyone…how clearer do we have to be…peace and justice…that is what defines our cult… the hatred out there for our cult would be inexplicable, if fuzbun hadn’t warned us about this in the beginnning…that there would be people who irrationally hated us because they thought we shouldn’t rule the world, and have total control of everyone and everything, and kill anyone that opposed us in any way in achieving our god given destiny…lucky fuzbun explained that, or we’d still be scratching our heads wondering at ‘why all this irrational hatred for fuzbun cult?’…but we know…they are just incapable of logic and reason, and they envy our great compassion, and love of freedom, justice, and peace…they just cannot get their little ‘animal’ brains around simple logic and reason..there is no poinnt arguing with them…they are just going to deny the perfect sense and logic it makes that we should kill any of them who in any way oppose our destiny to rule hte world, with total control of everyone and everything…they just WONT get it…recalcitrant they are…incapable of seeing the obvious … so why bother….just ignore them…wait until we have the power, then kill every man woman child and animal of them, as fuzbun commanded…I mean he is god…it says so in the books we wrote earlier, and read now…I mean it is WRITTEN…IN A BOOK WE WROTE…IN A BOOK…just what DONT they understand about THAT..A BOOK>..we even show them the BOOK…but it just doesn’t sink it…they are incapable of REASON, of LOGIC…they are just full of an irrational desire to stop us taking total control of everyone and everything…and killing anyone who doesn’t help us take total control…lucky god fuzbun warned us, or we’d really be left wondering ‘WHY DONT THEY GET IT?’ we are a cult of peace and freedom and justice, intent on taking over the entire planet, and forcing everyone else to do what WE want…and killing anyone who will NOT do what we want, but they are intent on just hating us..

the proof that they are irrational and incapable of logic or reason, as we showed in the last 70 lectures, explaining…. is that ever AFTER we EXPLAINED to them that god had given US the right to rule over them all, and to have them serve us, the STILL did not get it…what more proof do you need that their hatred is totally irrational than THAT ?? it beggars belief…I mean we TOLD THEM that god had chosen us, to rule over THEM…how clearer could we be…and yet they just do NOT get it? there is NO reasoning with them…they are incapable of reason…I mean WE TOLD them, and we even SHOWED them where we had written it in our BOOKS … I mean, we WROTE it for them to READ with their own eyes and yet they STILL don’t get it…

and we explained previously how WE wrote OUR books first and thus we have ‘dibs’ on everything…WE were the first to write that WE were the chosen people so WE’VE got ‘dibs’ on that… I mean, come on, how clear do we have to be…WE WROTE IT FIRST SO WE HAVE DIBS ON BEING GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE…I mean, someone can’t just come along, I mean AFTER we’ve gone and written this down on paper, in a book…in A BOOK….!!! and say THEY are the chosen people … what sort of world would this be if just ANYONE could write stuff in a book and justify THEIR genocides by it…no way…there’s such a thing as precedent and patents and copyrights…if not, then NOTHING makes any sense…There HAS to be ORDER…they HAS to be RULES…or there’d be utter chaos…UTTER CHAOS…


I mean what more proof do you need that it’s a waste of time to try to reason or use logic with them…I mean, you explain to them that we are a race…and yes, sometimes entire nations who speak totally different languages and look very different and lived on the other side of the world ‘convert’ BACK to our faith, and we know that this PROVES that they MUST have our blood in their blood, that we share the same blood lines…I mean, how obvious does it have to be…if they did NOT, then why would they want to convert? What’s wrong with these ‘people’…I mean, it’s lucky fuzbun warned us, or we’d be in a real bother trying to make out what’s wrong with these ‘people’…it’s so confusing cos fuzbun made them look like us, so they could be of more use to us…but they are NOT us…they are ‘other’…so they will NEVER get it…

Another example, our homeland ‘ourland’…its clearly ours.. a few thousand years ago we went there, killed ever man, woman, child and animal, in most of the area, and in some we just killed all the men, children, and women over 12 years old, and kept the girls under 12, the virgins as our sex slaves…so its OUR LAND…we got it by genocide…we stole it from the people who were there, then killed them all, and so CLEARLY and LEGALLY and MORALLY it is OUR LAND…O.K, then we left it for about 2000 years, but that does NOT make it any LeSS OUR land…does it…I mean, look, there’s some ruins that MAYBE were where we had built our temple…so…but there’s no reasoning with these ‘people’ is there…and lucky we realise that, so we don’t waste our time…but we just like to make these informational videos now and then to remind the rest of our cult members who are straying from the clear path fuzbun has for them, from fuzbuns’ plan…


And what about ‘The fuzzykill’…I mean, how can they even bother ‘denying’ it…I mean, how many times do we have to make up really incredible stories, and make films with really evil characters doing things that maybe happened, who can say, before they will GET it…how many fuzbuns have to say ‘my family all were gassed and put in the fire’ ? before they will ‘accept’ our story? Of course they never SAW it with their OWN EYES, EVER, but they KNEW, didn’t they, because WE told them long beforehand what was going to happen, so they KNEW way ahead of time, didn’t they. They didn’t have to SEE it happening to KNOW it happened. And OF COURSE there is no zylon C residue in the gas chambers, I mean, such MIRACLES are PROOF it must have happened, and fuzbun removed the residue as a TEST OF FAITH, yes, the non-fuzbuns have to prove themselves worthy of us letting them live by having FAITH in OUR WORD…jeez, if they can’t trust us, how are we going to be able to let them live? how could WE trust slaves that didn’t BELIEVE evverything we told them?

Sure, millions of families were separated, our leaders took some to Rusland and Some to Westland, even to Emriki land…and so each assumed the other had died in the Fuzzkill…because we TOLD them … so why can’t the ‘others’ SEE the clear EVIDENCE…we TOLD THEM IT HAPPENED…we made FILMS… and wrote BOOKS…BOOKS…BOOKS iin which we SAID it happened…what more do they need? Why do they always need to be so pigheaded and untrusting and deliberately refuse to accept what we WROTE…jeez, we even got laws passed…LAWS…what more PROOF do they need…BOOKS AND LAWS WE WROTE … how easy could you make it…but no, just more proof…they just don’t WANT to accept it…as if ‘peer review research’ or ‘independent research’ or ‘chemical analyses’ could POSSIBLY have more value than OUR WORDS…WRITTEN EVEN…WRITTEN….IN BOOKS !!!

We have BOOKS and TESTIMONY…people speaking in court…THEY SAID SO…about how they escaped from one death camp, got into another, escaped from it, travelled all around Sweety occupied Nerope, got into another death camp, escaped, were given passes to move to other death camps, all over the place, aver and over…so many death camps…and people STILL insist they were LABOR camps…I mean…she survived SO many death camps…and yet they STILL won’t believe her…

And to think, the irrational hatred, of the most irrational nation on earth, known all around the world for their irrationality, these people…like it’s their signature thing…not being rational…these Dermans…a race of irrationality…what can you expect but irrational this and irrational that, so of course THEY would hate us with NO reason…

hate us because we’d declared war on them, and an international boycott on all their exports, and were making films demonising them in Gollyweed … hating us because we planned to take over their nation, and the whole world, and kill every man woman child and animal of anyone, including them, who did anything to prevent us taking total control of everyone and everything, and ruling the world, and killing anyone who didn’t want to serve us, and do our will…IRRATIONAL, there’s no other way to describe it…

And of course after We’ve already written the book, THEY think they can just come along and ‘Oh, We’ll write a book TOO’…as if anyone can just come along and write ANOTHER book after WE;ve already written it…WE wrote it FIRST…how do you deal with such irrational, illogical, unreasoning ‘people’..??? As if you can just go and write your OWN book and say , Oh no, god changed his mind now, and there’s this NEW religion and the OLD one is just no good anymore…AS IF … it beggars belief…anyone can just write a book saying THEY are right, and THEIR god is the only god, when WE’VE ALREADY WRITTEN THE BOOK’…WE DID IT FIRST…we got ‘dibs’ … as if ANYONE c an just rwite a book and say THEY are right after WE ALREADY WROTE A BOOK…what is there to say? just shows how irrational, unreasonbale they are, impossible to try to use logic with…dangerous … best just to stay away, NEVER engage in a debate with them…I mean…WHAT’S THE POINT…they think they can just write books…AFTER WE:VE ALREADY WRITTEN BOOKS…

You can’t just say’ We DISAGREE’….you can’t just DISAGREE…what if anyone could just DISAGREE…with what’s WRITTEN IN A BOOK…WRITTEN…A REALLY OLD BOOK….OUR ANCESTORS WROTE IT…NOT THEIRS…OURS…WE SAID IT FIRST…why is it so impossible to g et that into their thick skulls ? no, lucky fuzbun warned us…they are not ‘human’ like us…they don’t have any ‘compassion’ or ‘reason’ or ‘logic’…they don’t have REAL souls like us…they just LOOK a bit like us…and try to act like us…but they can’t fool us…I mean, every time they give us that empty , vacant, incredulous look, when we explain to them, calmly, even showing them the books we wrote, where it is WRITTEN, that god chose us to rule the world, and to rule over them, and they are to serve us, and any who won’t are to be killed, man, woman, and child, and animal. How we have to kill their babies and ‘rip apart their pregnant women’ because the fetus and suckling babe are going to grow up to kill us…

the just WON”T understand…they say ‘hey, we have had the power to kill all of you if we’d wanted to for thousands of years, and we didn’t’…as if THAT proves they haven’t been planning all along, just waiting… OF COURSE THEY HAVEN’T KILLED US, BECAUSE GOD FUZBUN PROTECTS US…but fuzbun told us they WILL, one day, if we don’t kill THEM first…and so the moment we have the power to, we WILL destroy them, unless they chose reason, logic, and the way of peace and justice and freedom and DECIDE to serve us…AGAIN< there is just NO reasoning with them…they just will NOT accept the facts…God chose US, not them. God chose US to rule THEM. And to kill them if they won’t. Or if they dare get in our way. If they dare do anything, say anything, write anything, or do anything, that inhibits us in the attainment of our god-given right to rule THEM as their rightful, ETERNAL, masters…

Our fellow fuzbuns KNEW for a FACT so well that they were going to be gassed that they were shocked when warm soapy water fell from the shower heads in the gas chambers, instead of Sillycon C gas… THAT’s how REAL ‘the Fuzzkill’ is…so real that they were SHOCKED…totally AMAZED when warm soapy fall fell from the shower heads in the gas chambers made up to look like showers…and so REAL that even after their loved ones called them from American or Russia to say ‘I’m alive, they STILL are CERTAIN of the Fuzzkill…and even tho there is not one single written ORDER for the fuzzkill, they are STILL so sure…THEY BELIEVE…and yet the ‘others’ simply REFUSe to BELIEVE…what is WRONG with them… well, fuzbun told us…they are irrational…they simply WONT believe, no matter how many times we tell them…so what if we have NO independent corroboration, and that ALL the evidence points AGAINST what we say…can’t they listen? have they no reason? WE TOLD THEM IT HAPPENED and still they simply, stubbornly, refuse to believe us…even after we WROTE it, made films about it…and had their governments write LAWS saying it WAS TRUE…. what sort of believe put their belief and faith in chemical analyses and objective concrete evidence, and totally IGNORE what WE say and what their own GOVERNMENTS tell them? what sort of ‘people’ don’t believe what THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT TELLS THEM… why would their own government LIE about 911? or the U.S.S Liberty? or …

They’re just so thick, the ‘others’, how obvious do we need to be? We murder 3000 people in the middle of the day in New York City, and still they deliberately and stubbornly refuse to see that our cult is a cult of peace, justice, and freedom. We love peace, justice, and freedom so MUCH that we are willing to murder 3000 people by blowing up the buildings they are working in. Then we love peace and justice and freedom so much we have ‘patriot act’s in the U.S and Martial Law in France, introduced, that take away all their rights, and then send U.S soldiers across the world to murder millions of Arabs, THAT’s how much we love peace, justice, and freedom. THAT proves that we are teh superior ‘race’. What OTHER race have so much compassion and good in their souls? But no matter how many lies we are prepared to tell, and how many millions of people we are prepared to murder, in the name of peace, justice, compassion, and freedom, THEY Stubbornly refuse to see that we are their superior, with the right to rule over them, and kill any of them that won’t serve us, in our quest for justice, peace, freedom, and compassion. But our Fuzbun warned us. Irrational. Incapable of reason and logic. Lacking in the compassion we cult members share. THAT defines the ‘malekens’ … and we just have to accept that. We are superior. Only we have compassion, reason, and logic enough to be chosen by Fuzbun, the one god. And THEY will NEVER ‘get’ it. So we HAVE to kill them all, man, woman, child, and animal. Otherwise THEY will, in their selfish, egotistical, deluded, ignorant, inferior, recalcitrant, denial of our god-given right to rule them, and control everyone and everything on this planet, stop us from achieving hte ission fuzbun, the one god, gave us.

And it’s not like we don’t try to help them UNDERSTAND…I mean, look at that historian we beat up, several times, to remind him that WE don’t NEED written orders, not a single written indication of a ‘fuzzkill’ plan…we KNOW…we just KNOW…why won’t they understand? why do they stubbornly act like it is not OBVIOUS…if WE know, then it is a FACT…what more needs to be said? WE KNOW… But it’s like they don’t hear us…when we tell them what we know…now how on earth are you to deal with people who just won’t listen?

And chemical analysis? What could THAT tell anyone? It’s like trying to reason with an idiot, that keeps on going on about ‘no trace of Sillycon C ? What is THAT? some chemical? When WE are right here TELLING HIM, ‘that’s a gas chamber’… What on earth could CHEMICAL ANALYSIS have to add when we are right here, TELLING HIM … we are even willing to BEAT The living crap out of him just to ‘get his attention’…. THAT is how far we are willing to go…THAT is how much compassion we have…BUt how do you explain THAT level of compassion to ‘THEM’…they are simply lacking in reason, logic, and compassion…

THAT is why we have to make sure our cult members keep separate from them…don’t let them get tricked into questioning themselves, their beliefs, what we TELL them to believe…into DOUBTING what we have told them…how OBVIOUS does it have to be…surely YOU can see THAT…if we don’t keep them separate, socialising and marrying only among the cult membership, can you just IMAGINE what might happen? They might start talking about irrational things like ‘proof’ and ‘chemical analysis’, and ‘documents’, and FACTs…FACTS? what on earth do FACTS have to do with anything? They are the tools of SATAN. SATAN is the adversary of our plans to rule the entire planet. Anyone and anything that stands in our way to total hegemony, to control of everything and everyone, is Satan.

Why do we need to control everyone and everything? BEcause they do NOT understand. They don’t UNDERSTAND. It is OUR right to rule this planet. We wrote it in a book a long time ago. We DID. A BOOK. A BOOK!!!!! But there is no point, I guess, trying to explain things to people who just do not have the capacity to comprehend. If we don’t control everything, THEY might resist. THEY might try to stop us. THEY might prevent us in our mission, to rule the world. To enslave them. To kill those who will not serve. THAT would be WRONG. For EVIL is defined as anything that stands in our way of total domination. Good is anything that helps us take control of everyone and everything. But you see, most of THEM are EVIL. BOrn evil. They just wont accept our god given right to rule them. Irrational, they are. Unreasonable. INCAPABLE of logic or reason.

Look, pure logic. We wrote a book that says so. That says that god chose us to rule the world. So it is logical that we do this. And trying to stop us is irrational. Illogical. Clearly. Ipso Facto. but why try to talk reason with an ass. With a beast. With cattle. THAT would be irrational. So we don’t EVER argue with THEM. We NEVER allow ourselves to be drawn into a debate. What would be the point? The simmple fact that they DENY our right ot rule THEM, is all the proof we need that they are incapable, INCAPABLE of reasoned argument, reasoned thought. So it would be irrational, unreasonnable, silly, for use ot even ATTEMPT to reason with them, to debate the issues.

But still we try. We fill their mass media with illusions, myths, lies, deceptions. We avoid letting them know what is really going on, cos they would only try to STOP us. To stop US. they are irrational. So we feed them fake new. Propaganda. Continually. From birth to death. We will their school textbooks with lies. BEcause they simpley cannot HANDLE the truth. THat we wrote in our books a long time ago that god chose us to rule them, and commanded us to slaughter all of them, any time they stopped us doing what we wrote in our books was ‘gods’ will. You see don’t you? If you don’t, then CLEARLY you are INCAPABLE of reason, so why would we EVER bother being direct and honest with you? Telling you the Facts. What we plan to do. What we are doing? Cos you would stubbornly resist, and refuse to go along. YOu’d try to stop us.

It is obvious that THEY should fight wars for US. But if we told them this, they’d just stubbornly deny that it was obviously the right thing to do. So we carry out false flags, and corrupt their politicians…we tells some the wars are about oil, or fighting ‘terrorism’, but mostt are happy to just ‘sell out’ and do whatever we say, just as long as we reward them. So we co-opt THEIR military, THEIR industry, to our ends. I mean, imagine what would happen if we TOLD them what we were doing? They just wouldn’t be capable of UNdERSTANDING … so we have to play around their lack of reason, their inferior intellects, their lack of COMPASSION…if they had ANY compassion they would understand OUR position…and fight for us, to put us in power of the entire planet…they would have empahty for US, and WANT to serve us, so that we could complete the mission we wrote about in our books, when we wrote that God had chosen us to rule the world. If they had ANY compassion they would kill their own children, just in case those children might grow up to resist OUR plans. They would kill their partners, just in case they might resist our jew world order. They would klil THEMSELVES, if they had any doubts aabout their OWN willingness to ‘serve the fuzbun cult’. BUt clearly they can NOT be trusted to have such insights, such compassion, such reason, such logic. So we must TRICK them to do the RIGHT and GOOD thing. They are inherently evil, most of them. Some will serve us. So soon we will have to kill most of them. And allow only the ones that have proven their compassion, reason, logic, and superiority to their peers, by willingly, and actively , serving us.

Can do a mock interview in the ‘holy land’ or some museum…talking about the Canaanite genocide the ‘Jews’ committed after invading Canaan ‘the promised land’…. ‘So originally you killed ever man, woman, child, infant, ripped up pregnant women, then killed all their animals…but, I mean, things have changed, right? I mean, you don’t support / promote / teach that sort of thing these days, right? I mean, you’ve evolved with the times…that stuff was all just ancient times stuff right? … Gives guy a look as if suggesting he say ‘yes, of course’ or it will look bad…and our cult leader goes ‘Yes, Yes, Of course, I mean the animal liberationists would NEVER let us get away with that last one, you know… (leaving it unsaid that ONLY the last one is now out of bounds) something along these lines i.e the ‘joke’ being that the animals have more rights than the people, and couldn’t upset public opinion by murdering animals, these days, what with PETA and all that 😀


have interview where cult claims found really old clay tablets with their ‘origin’ story…their leader flew from middle east to finland on a terrodactyl…with his family, to escape the flood…then they intermarried, incest…etc…’interviewer / other person … I find that hard to believe, I mean, I couldn’t imagine … how could that work….’well, looks at him as if a virgin etc, you see the boy puts his penis in his sisters vagina, they do like this, a bit, then he goes ‘ahh, and she goes”’Ohhh and he cums his load inside her and…. and he’s like, shocked ‘no, no, I don’t mean that, ofcourse I know about sex, babies… I meant, his SISTER…guy looks apologetic /sorry for him…oh, I see, I’m so sorry, your sister is very fugly yes?…not possible for you to get boner and slip it into her, Oh, so sorry, I see….guy looks exasperated at him, no, no, she’s very attractive, I definitely could, no, I mean….that’s INCEST…?


also have on mock t.v interview AFTER some conference / interview, where cult leader in character, talking about ‘anti-fuzbun’ in general…how so many nations have kicked them out..and why? etc… mimicking whole absurd anti-semitism rubbish i.e ‘irrational’…etc…

So when you left Endyp, you took all the gold and treasure etc you could carry? after killing their children? … yes of course…etc…









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