Dein Kampf:To break the Hegemony of The Zionist Propaganda Machine and to end the Zionist occupations of Palestine, Germany, North America, and France.

Dein Kampf

To end the Hegemony of The Zionist Propaganda Machine, and the Zionist Occupation of Palestine, Germany, North America, Britain, and France, and thus thwart the Zionists plans for a Zionist New World Order




Copyright Markus Heinrich Rehbach, 2015, All Rights Reserved



Table of Contents

Never Again

Help me if I am right and correct me if I am wrong

The German Arab Defamation (Defence) League

The truth is not democratic

Martin Armstrong (The forecaster)

Ernst Zundel

The second Zundel trial and ‘The leuchter report’

David Irving

Global climate skeptics as (the new) thought criminals

Why do Germans today go along with ‘the holocaust’ story?

Zionist incited pogroms?

David Cole and Michael Shermer on ‘The Donahue Show’

The Myth of Israel

Dr Russel Barton

Mr Wallace, gentleman farmer, or Hollywood styled Nazi?

Why did the Allies let Hitler retire to South America?

The Zionist Central Bankster’s quiet occupation of North America

How the Zionist Propaganda Machine a.k.a Entertainment Industry ‘manages’ the masses

Timothy F Ball : If you are not a skeptic, then you are not a scientist

The Talmudic Jew alive and well

The Zionist ‘Utopia’

Five reasonable explanations for the draconian persecution of historical revisionists

Man-made global climate change ‘denial’ and holocaust ‘denial’ officially equated

Beta testing for 911: The massacre of the U.S.S Liberty on June 8, 1967, in international waters, off the coast of Egypt

Holocaust hoax denial

The Clinton Conspiracies as an example of how the Zionist Occupation works

The people’s Princess must Die

Welcome to your Zionist New World Order

The leaked ‘Iron Mountain’ report and the Zionist New World Order

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Never Again

Never again can we allow propaganda to poison our minds.

Never again can we allow a small group of people to define themselves as superior, to justify enslavement of other peoples.

Never again.

This book goes out to all the heroes of truth, and the victims of oppressive lies.

The truth will set us free.

So we must demand the right to seek the truth.

Anyone who denies anyone this right is a tyrant, a dictator, a slave master.


It is hard for me to know where to start. We have all been conditioned, programmed, and  primed by the Hegemonic Zionist Propaganda Machine known as ‘the mass media’, with its ‘films’ and ‘documentaries’ and ‘scripted news reporting’ and ‘scripted television interviews’ , by the ‘verdicts’ of The Nazi Show Trials, and the defamation of the German dead and living by their own Zionist Occupational German Governments, to have a knee-jerk emotional response to anyone resisting the hegemonic dominant lie known as ‘the holocaust’.

It takes time to get ‘up to speed’ on all the issues surrounding ‘the holocaust industry’.

Imagine someone is speeding past you on a train as you are standing, stationary, on the platform. If they reach out for your hand, to bring you up to speed, at least one of them is going to suffer serious damage.

But here goes. I hope I don’t do any damage. I may make some middle aged woman cry (Crocodile tears? / Dramaturgical tears? / Real tears?), but I think it is not too monstrous of a cost to impose, given the cost of not writing this.


Help me if I am right and correct me if I am wrong

Firstly. Protect me if I am right. Correct me if I am wrong. It is that simple.

Apply the same rule to everyone involved in this struggle for freedom from the oppression of the Zionist propaganda machine and occupational governments of Palestine, Germany, France, and North America.

Claiming that free historical investigation and reporting, and scientific skepticism, defame the dead, is absurd.

And what about defaming the living?

And what about defaming 80 million plus Germans, both dead and living.

And what about defamation of the very principles of science, history, and questioning in general?

Or defamation of the principles of free speech, liberty, freedom of expression, freedom of enquiry, free scientific research, free historical research, and freedom, that billions of people have suffered, slaved, fought, and died for?

He who controls the present (the Zionist Central Banksters with their Propaganda Machine), controls the past (by denying anyone the right to challenge the dominant Zionistic Hegemonic social reality by simply challenging the official ‘Holocaust Narrative’), controls our future (Through the accumulation of excessive financial, political, and public opinion manufacturing power).

Today the people of the West, From Germany to North America, suffer under the same oppressive Zionist occupation as do the people of Palestine and the Arab nations.

Of course that oppression is more obvious, savage, vicious, and immediately genocidal in Palestine than German or North America, but that is only for the time being.

The Zionists have proven a desire for world war from which they can emerge the absolute world dictator.

Now more than ever, on the verge of their final victory, they are desperate to avoid anyone like me openly expressing the truth, challenging their lies, and seeking an Open Society, using the question of ‘what do we know really happened and did not happen to Jews during WWII’, as a model project.

No person who wants to ‘go along to get along’ in this Zionist dominated world would dare make such an open challenge to the hegemony of the Zionist, the Zionists ‘narrative’, the Zionists Central Banksters, The Zionists Petro-dollar-ponsy-pyramid scheme, the Zionists control of all historical narratives concerning WWII, and the Zionist’s hegemonic Propaganda Machine, let alone be exposed as someone willing to ‘bring’ a middle aged Jewish woman to tears for being so inhumane as to suggest she might be telling tales, deluded, or experienced false memories.

My equivalents in the past lived in fear of that knock on the door from Zionist KGB agents, from public defamation by Zionist mass media, from financial ruin and career suicide. Or from swift death at the hand of a Mossad agent, or Zionist C.I.A ‘drone’.

I, unlike those Germans tortured after WWII to write false ‘confessions’, to protect their families from starvation, do not have to lie.

I am not the first to be willing to make sacrifices for the truth, for justice, for liberty.

My actions, rather than defame anyone living or dead, honor the dead, and the living.

I am desperate to express myself now while I have the chance.

Please forgive me for this more or less ‘rushed’ job. If I get the chance I will ‘polish’ this and all my other books.

The German Arab Defamation (Defence) League

Akhenaton, Moses, Jesus, and Zarathustra, all emerged from the Middle East. We have a great shared tradition to work from. We must focus on our shared interests, and what we have in common, rather than on what appears to separate us culturally, at this moment in history.

We stand at the threshold to the Age of Aquarius. A new age. The age of the ‘Open Society’. We must open our hearts and minds, to welcome this new age.

Love the truth as you love your children. The truth is my only child. For a moment share my parent’s love for a child, and let the truth flourish. Unchain it. Free it. Nourish it. Love it. Accept that sometimes it can be frustrating, pushing us beyond our usual limits of patience.

Just like any other child. This book is one of my children. The German and Arab Defamation League is me trying to protect my child from unnecessary pain, and from injustice. Just like you would protect your child. So please have a parent’s loving patience for a few hours. Overcome your own inhibitions and impatience, for the sake of this child. This child has the potential to protect and care for you in your old age, so the investment is worth it, if for no other reason than self-love.

The German and Arab Defamation League (GADL) is a not-for-profit organization set up to call for an end to all forms of propaganda, including that directed at defaming the German and Arab people, as a form of psychological and economic warfare.

Germany and Arabia have suffered since WWI from anti-German and anti-Arab propaganda which has misrepresented these people’s recent history.

The result of that ongoing psychological and economic warfare has been the illegal military occupation of Palestine, and an overwhelmingly disproportionate influence of Zionism and Israel in the politics of North America, Germany, France, England, and the Middle East.

The German and Arab Defamation League seeks, through education and scientific historical research, to re-establish peace in Israel, and the world, by addressing a number of pressing issues regarding historical accuracy in that period of recent history referred to as ‘The Holocaust’.

This will require that a number of sensitive historical issues be re-examined in the true spirit of transparency, openness, and scientific investigation.

This will require that Germany, France, Britain, Canada, and the U.S overturn laws which are completely inconsistent with 21st Century notions of human rights, legal justice, science, and what the philosopher Bergson called ‘Open Society’.

It is time for Palestinians to receive justice. Open the concentration camp that is called Gaza Strip. Stop the acts of genocide against a defenseless people. Provide Palestinians with equal rights. Withdraw from all the illegally occupied territories according to the U.N resolution regarding these. Cease all aggressive military adventures or plans.

The New World Order must be based on an open society. We must all open our eyes, ears, and minds to truth. We must all open our hearts to compassion, love, and tolerance.

The victims of Zionism must be compensated as were the victims of the Nazi regime.

Until the occupation and excessive abuses of financial and political power by the Zionists ends, there is no chance of peace and justice in this world.

Healing and forgiveness start with an honest openness and acceptance of the truth.

We can no longer afford to view the world in terms of ‘Jews’, Arabs, Germans, Americans, and so on.

We are all brothers and sisters. We all seek the same happiness for ourselves and our loved ones. We must abandon the notion of using other sentient beings as means to our own ends. We can never be free unless all of us are free. Any false sense of peace will just be the pause between violent upheavals resulting in the building of newer, bigger, more inhuman, concentration camps and refugee camps.

We must observe the rule of law, or we revert to ‘right is might’ and ‘the war of all against all’ that have defined our past.

It will only take one mistake, one lost temper, one act of desperation, one over confident and adventurous act of military aggression, for us to lose all our hard-won advances in politics and technology in a single day.

No people are superior or inferior to any other people. Individuals may be superior in particular talents, qualities, and holistic inheritances, but that does not give them the right to opportunistically exploit other individual’s relative inferiority to amass privileges, powers, and wealth for themselves, at the expense of others.

There is no on ‘chosen people’. All of Gods children are equal in his eyes. All of his creation is beautiful and wondrous in his eyes. It is not for us to compete for his love. It is not for us to compete amongst each other for domination.

We have behaved like children for too long now. It is time to grow up and take responsibility. If not then we only have ourselves to blame for repeating our historic cycles.

We have enjoyed the longest and highest levels of prosperity ever known to humanity, since WWII.

However the system that has grown up around the technological advances is corrupt and doomed to implode.

This could happen before I finish writing this book.

This issue was not chosen by me any more than a doctor whose beloved child has caught a particular disease has chosen that disease as their specialty of study and research.

No sane person who wants to live a comfortable, free, calm existence would ever consider taking on the largest propaganda machine that has ever existed, or ever will exist.

However if a philosopher stumbles over a huge lie, and a massive, unconscionable injustice, they cannot overlook it, and pretend they had not.

The philosopher has to be like that eternal child who is always asking ‘why?’

Like the curiosity of the cat, they know that while the truth may kill them, satisfaction of that curiosity, and discovery of the truth, will send them soaring up into the heavens like that bird of myth.

Perhaps it takes suffering to learn compassion. Perhaps it takes fear to learn courage. Perhaps it takes a monstrous lie to push you to break free of your comfortable mental prison, and begin challenging the hegemonic social reality you have inherited, mostly unconsciously, through the ubiquitous propaganda machine known as ‘education’ and ‘mass media’.

No-one with any idea of how corrupt the world is would ever think of challenging the hegemon known as World Zionism.

It is not a way to make friends and influence people.

It is a career killer. It is financial suicide. It is a one way ticket to your own personal hell. A ticket to infamy and social rejection. A ticket to abandonment by your society. A ticket to the eternal hatred of your society. A ticket to betrayal by your peers, and people who you had mistaken for true friends.

This particular issue  is not how I ever would have chosen to spend my time and energy.

And then again it is exactly how a philosopher should spend their time and energy.

Seeking the truth. Offering hope to the oppressed and abandoned. Fighting lies. Dying if necessary in order to be newborn in a world that one could proudly say, I contributed to that. A world that you could lovingly pass on to your children and their children. A world worth living in. A world worthy of reproducing.

When your father asks, ‘Child, what have you done with your inheritance’, the child wants to be able to proudly raise his arms and point to the world that he has helped shape. And not have to sink with shame at the knowledge that they had been given a potential heaven, and they had helped turn it into a living hell for most of its inhabitants.

If I wanted to be popular, successful, loved, and approved of, I would have joined the Zionist machine.

I do not expect popularity, or personal success, acceptance, approval, comfort, satisfaction, wealth, security, or love, to result from my efforts here.

What I do expect to find is the truth.

Even if it makes many people angry. Even if it makes some people mad. Even if it makes some people project all their own self-hatred, and a malice born of envy, and jealousy, upon the truth seeker. And yes, even it makes a few people uncomfortable. Some old Jewish ladies might cry. I apologize. But I can hear the tears of millions of children every day and night, and I think that as a mother yourself, you would want me to push on for their sakes.

Seeking the truth exposes you in the worst ways, to the very worst in people, in their individual psychology and pathology.

Worse, it exposes you to the very worst in group / mob psychology and pathology.

Propaganda is the deliberate effort to evoke the most powerful, the most irrational, emotions of fear, anger and pity and then to focus these powerful, irrational emotions and the energies they release, maliciously, upon a target group, with malicious intent, that is, with the intent to do harm, to destroy them physically, psychologically, and economically.

So it might interest you that since 2012 propaganda is legal in the U.S.

The most effective tool of propaganda today is the mass media. Newspapers. Television. Hollywood.

Pay for comment is rampant in the mass media. It is where one special interest group pays the production costs of a program directly, has a program produced, pays for it to be aired on prime time television, and pays the media outlet for this privilege.

Control over the mass media can be exercised by direct ownership.

The mass media has several ways of making money. They can sell their product directly as ‘pay for view’ television, and recover all their costs from the viewer or reader.

However most mass media would not be profitable if they could not sell advertising space. In fact most mass media companies make more money from selling advertising space than they do from ‘pay for view’ subscriptions to cable television, magazines, and newspapers.

This means that the advertisers have a big say in what the mass media report on, and how they report on it. If advertisers threaten to pull their advertising budget if the media outlet, magazine, or newspaper reports on a particular subject, or reports on it in a particular way, then most media outlets, magazines, and newspapers will oblige, rather than risk losing that advertiser.

In fact they tend to ‘self-censor’ based on their understanding of the vested interests of their advertisers. So even where independent media may exist, they tend to self-censor, without any need for the advertisers to put any pressure upon them.

That said, it is a fact that one particular very narrow vested interest group owns almost all the mass media the average person will ever consume from the cradle to the grave, either as radio and TV broadcasts, newspaper and magazine articles, ‘news’, or entertainment such as films and ‘documentaries’.

Little has changed since 1920s Germany. If anything, media ownership is even more centralized in the hands of a few Zionist corporations. They belong to a group of people who define themselves as ‘Jewish’. This would be no more than a curiosity to a philosopher if that self-definition did not extend further than simple ‘family’ pride.

There is perhaps no harm in anyone defining themselves as Jewish, or Aryan, or Arab, or Asian, or Australian, if this definition does not extend further than the expression of love for our parents, our extended family, our friends and loved ones, and taking pride in the achievements of those people, and identifying with what is best in them.

No philosopher has any problem with anyone just because they like to identify themselves as Jewish. Even if, like Freud, they spice that identification up with feelings of superiority over non-Jews. We can forgive everyone their little vanities. If everyone in the world is free to compete on an equal footing, with the same rights and responsibilities, and the same access to the same resources, then such ‘cheerful’ competition is productive.

Most people who define themselves as ‘Jewish’ do no harm to anyone by doing so.

However the self-definition can be, according to all the sources available to me, such as the Bible, The Torah, The Talmud, and other ‘official’ documents held sacred to this self-defined group, a dangerous and deadly virus. A toxin. A poison that poisons minds and leads to delusions of entitlement to rule and enslave.

While a few Jewish people will say that everyone is Jewish, and anyone can be accepted into the ‘race’ of Jews, most definitions you will find of being ‘Jewish’ are exclusive. Your mother has to be Jewish.

In fact like most ‘racist’ ideologies, the definition ‘Jewish’ is defined much more by its exclusivity than its inclusivity. It is racist, as it assumes that races exist. It is dangerous because it assumes some races are superior to others. It is dangerous because it assumes that one particular race, the self-defined Jewish race, has a God-given right to enslave all the ‘non-Jews’ on this planet.

Propaganda will define any attack on the Zionist-Jewish propaganda publishers’ right to mentally enslave everyone as anti-Semitic. For it is the Jews self-defined right, according to all the documents I and you have access to, to enslave every non-Jew. This is a fact. Read your Bible. Read the Torah. Read the Talmud. Listen to the words of Jewish leaders. Observe the emotional tone of the words.

The statement of this fact is considered or defined as anti-Semitic by Zionist Jews simply because it does not assist the Zionist Jew in attaining their ends.

The true definition of anti-Semitic (which no-one who rejects the very notion of the existence of races per se could possibly be, having in this case rejected the very notion of Semitism) is really anyone who is not pro-Zionist.

If you are not a Zionist, but happen to be a Jew, then you are a ‘self-hater’.

Simply by not being in favor of Zionism makes you anti-Semitic. This is the only philosophically valid definition of anti-Semitism.

What is implicitly anti-Semitic in this philosophical statement of fact is that the philosopher rejects the notion of the existence of races. Worse for the Zionist Jew is the philosophers therefore implicit rejection that there can be any justification for one self-defined race to exclude all other people from the same rights and obligations every individual on this planet enjoys and must observe for society to function peacefully, productively, and creatively, let alone optimally.

In other words philosophy rejects any claim by one self-defined group to be superior, simply by virtue of being a member of any self-defined ‘race’, to people who are not members of that self-defined ‘race’.

And so all philosophers who reject the idea of race, are by definition anti-Semitic.

The very notion of ‘race’ is a product of propaganda. The simple word for propaganda is ‘lie’.

More precisely, a well-engineered, fabricated, precisely constructed, painstakingly promoted, financed, and published lie.

A lie with a mission.

A lie that is constructed to fit into a whole set of lies, like the weave of a cloth.

This cloth is then extended until it blocks out the observers’ view of reality.

This cloth becomes the equivalent of Plato’s ‘cave’.

All we get to see is the cloth. The lies. We come to accept the lies as truth. As fact.

This propaganda, when effective (and the propagandist has spent millennia scientifically testing and perfecting their arts), replaces the actual objective reality a person is living in, with a virtual reality. A construct. A social reality.

And so the person interacts with this propagandist’s constructed social reality, rather than with the actual, real, objective reality that exists just outside their perception. Just on the other side of that ‘cloth’ of lies.

Propaganda in daily life is called ‘advertising’ and ‘public relations’. It is usually much more subtle than wartime propaganda.

Of course most people reserve the term exclusively for ‘wartime’ propaganda.

Most people assume that once the war is over, the propaganda machines suddenly fall silent.

All is fair in love and war, according to the propaganda.

Propaganda gets otherwise kind, caring, hardworking, honest people to hate whoever the propagandist tells them to hate. To fear whoever the propagandist directs them to fear. To sympathize with whomever the propagandist wants them to sympathize.

Propaganda works on emotional levels. At sub-conscious levels. At levels on which reason and rationality have no power to protect the first victim of propaganda, the one who is being manipulated. It of course harms the targeted group by manipulating other group’s attitudes to them, and their attitudes to themselves.

It can be so effective that those being targeted with negative definitions often come to adopt those negative self-definitions without ever becoming aware that have been manipulated to do so. Tricked, deceived, brainwashed, and mislead.

And so the target audience consume the propaganda, digest it, and buy the products advertised, and hate those the propaganda wants them to hate, or feels sympathy, and a desire to protect those the propaganda wants them to. The propaganda leaves the consumer of it seething with rage at some supposed injustice, or crime that the propaganda has constructed with clever psychological tricks.

Propaganda mostly appeals to the emotions, and the irrational. It is very powerful. It is very dangerous. It is a mighty weapon that can be used by the best of people, and the worst of people, for the best of ends, and the worst of ends.

Of course everyone assumes that they themselves are the best of people, and have the very best of intentions. So everyone who can afford to, tends to employ propaganda.

If you get to print your own money, and buy up media corporations, then you are in a position to launch a massive, and very successful, campaign of propaganda. You can destroy entire nations without firing a weapon. You can get your enemies to kill each other. Divide and conquer was always the best way to achieve sure victory and absolute power.

Philosophy rejects propaganda like love rejects hate, like freedom rejects slavery, like justice rejects injustice, and peace rejects violence.

Philosophy embraces the search for truth as a mother embraces her child, or a lover their partner, or as a child embraces their pet. It is an embrace that cherishes, and seeks to protect.

The earliest forms of propaganda are what are known as ‘noble lies’, after Plato ennobled them with this definition. His noble lies were what most people refer to as ‘God’ and ‘religion’.

However a lie is a lie is a lie. You may imagine you can handle lies, and control them. But once you accept the principle of lying, it becomes impossible for anyone to trust anyone. That is how you descend into Hobbes’ ‘War of all against all’.

Over the millennia groups have thought they could tame lies, and control them, and gain benefits from them, while avoiding any costs. But history has, time and time again, humbled the arrogant with their self-defined ‘noble’ or ‘just’ or ‘legitimate’ or ‘acceptable’ or ‘understandable’ lies.

But a lie is nothing more than an opportunistic act. And opportunism breeds opportunism. Again, you end up living in fear, confusion, mistrust, and are vulnerable to any clever instigator who has worked out how to make money from violence, war, hatred, and fear.

Propaganda that has become normalized and naturalized as the hegemonic social reality is the most powerful.

For such propaganda defines any interrogation of itself as malicious, irrational, and / or criminal.

Once you have established a lie as the accepted, official version of reality, the truth becomes the aggressor, the crazy outsider, the criminal.

The truth only has a chance if it is especially creative at overcoming propaganda.

The truth only stands a chance if it is especially courageous, and willing to suffer ‘fates worse than death’.

It can only survive if it learns to know its enemy, propaganda, so well, that, like a mongoose, it can both avoid becoming prey, while finding the weak spot in the web of lies, the loose wall in the house of cards, which once targeted, sends the propagandist’s house of cards tumbling around their ears.

The Germans have a saying that ‘lies have long legs’.  Eventually they come back to haunt you. You can cry ‘victim’ and ‘innocent’ all you like. Many people might believe you, as your lies are so old people have taken them for granted. But a lie cannot withstand the test of time.

You would think that the most educated group I know of, per capita, would have learned this wisdom long before the humble likes of me had learned it.

The problem is that, at least for a few decades, the purveyors of the propaganda, the lies, have all the power. They are in privileged positions vis a vis the truth. Otherwise they never would have managed to have the lies installed as the hegemonic social reality. They built up their propaganda alternate reality step by step. Each lie gave them more power to further construct their edifice of lies, and to impose them, and the next stages, upon any resistance shown to them by the truth.

The process was iterative. Step by step. Each additional lie gave them a little more power to impose the next lie. Until they had all the power. Until they controlled exactly how people perceived reality.

They could define who was good and who was bad. They could construct ‘enemies’ and ‘terrorists’ and ‘threats’. They could start wars. They could commit genocide and call it ‘the will of god’.

In fact they could define their own will as god’s will. As they created this god themselves, he would of course say whatever they wanted him to say.

And because the propagandist knows that some people like to imagine they are ‘individuals’ and ‘different’. As that famous Monty Python sketch reminds us, ‘we are all individuals’.

So to ensure they had full spectrum dominance, they constructed a number of mildly different versions of their hegemonic social reality, so that people appeared to have some choice.

Rather than risk losing control of even a few people, they constructed other religions and other gods for people to run off to when they got fed up with their current one. It gave people the illusion of ‘freedom of choice’. People could feel like ‘rebels’ by rejecting their parent’s hegemonic social reality, definitions, religions, and so on, and adopting another social reality and set of definitions.

At first glance these ‘alternatives’ appeared to be different. However they turned out to be the same, and controlled by the very same people.

And so those who created god as their source of authority and power created other religions just different enough to give people the illusion of choice, and rebellion, and revolution, while keeping everyone tightly under lock and key.

So we got Judaism of the Mosaic variety, then Judaism in its many variants. The people wanted more choice, so they got Christianity, and then Islam, with all the many variants within these. Some people started doubting the stories of gods, and so they gave them the new secular religions like Marxism, and then ‘New Age’ religions.

This not only ensured every sheep was kept under the control of the shepherd, but also that the sheep could be incited to wars with one another any time any one of the sheep-groups threatened to break away from the shepherd. For the groups grew in size over time until each social reality the shepherds had originally created could have, at any time, completely broken away from their control.

Divide and conquer. Keep each group hating and fearing each other.

When I hear a Zionist say that the holocaust skeptic (denier) is a hate monger and deliberately lying to incite and provoke fear, it is hard to remain calm. It is the greatest hypocrisy I have heard in my life. The Zionist has been, and remains, the master of hate and fear mongering. Please read my book ‘911:5 minutes to midnight’ after you finish this book.

Propaganda was always effective at pandering to the worst and the best in people. To their malicious desire to harm and destroy. And to their loving desire to protect, serve, and do good.

Combine both in your propaganda and you create the perfect storm. A perfect killing machine that thinks it is protecting women and children, liberty, freedom, and even god himself, while murdering women, children, and undermining not only their  victims freedom and liberty, but their own.

Anyone not inspired by the propaganda is treated as a criminal, a traitor, a selfish egotist, or simply irrational and insane.

Remember, that as of 2012, propaganda is legal in the U.S.

This is as close as you can get to a statement that we are at war, that world war three / four has begun. For it is always during wartime that the most obvious propaganda is employed.

Because propaganda is so effective, and even works at a level we are not even conscious of, it means that whoever controls the mass media, the ‘factory’ that produces our impressions, experiences, definitions, and basic ‘social reality’, has the power to direct the masses in any way it wishes.

The group who control the mass media get to choose what you see and what you don’t. What you hear and what you don’t. What you learn and what you don’t.  More or less what you feel and what you don’t.

For example you will have huge sympathy for people who died 70 years ago in work camps from typhus, but absolutely no empathy or feeling for women, children, and men your own government, often even your own children, are murdering this very moment.

If you think I am exaggerating, then tell me why it is that the legal system is defending supposed victims of attempted murder from having their feelings hurt, while it does nothing to prevent large scale war crimes in which people are being forced to watch their children being murdered in cold blood.

If Auschwitz was unacceptable, then what do you call building a wall around 800,000 people, effectively turning the most populated piece of earth in the world into one big concentration camp, and then bombing it with 800 tons of explosive, exactly at the time that mothers are collecting their children from school.

One of these camps was in operation 70 years ago. There is nothing you can do about it. The other is happening right now. And it is happening with your implicit consent, and even your taxes.

Propaganda can prevent the truth from reaching your own eyes and ears and brain. It can stop it reaching your heart and your conscience. It can turn you into a heartless, mindless zombie.

It is ironic and hypocritical beyond words that the same people who have connived to make governments fear that the words of a few historians and philosophers might suddenly convince millions of people to hate and fear people for no reason, and thus to effectively muzzle the freedom of speech of millions of people, are the propagandists themselves.

They know how effective propaganda is. For they are the ones using it right now to commit war crimes, crimes against humanity, in effect genocide, right before our eyes.

However we dare not speak of it for fear of being labelled ‘anti-Semitic’.

The perpetrator has cloaked itself in the inviolable cloak of victimhood.

It clings to that victimhood like a baby clings to its mothers hand after the Israeli army have bombed its house, and killed its brother and sister.

That victimhood is the only reason it can get away with murder. It has as ‘get out of jail free’ card for any atrocity it commits.

But what if that victimhood is basically a sham? What if the Jew was not really such a victim after all? And what if it was not that innocent at all? What if it had provoked any aggression done to it? What if it had a great role to play in the situation it found itself in? What if it turns out that the horrible crimes it suffered had never taken place?

Are you starting to see why it is so important to Israel, and to Zionist Jews, that no-one challenge their ‘unique’ status as the ‘universal victim’, and more importantly, the victim of a ‘holocaust’ 70 years ago?

Do you think the State of Israel, and its Zionist Central Bankster lobbyists spend billions of dollars on political campaign funding because they care about the feelings of a few middle aged women who had to endure doing manual labor for a few years in German work camps and concentration camps?

Do you really believe that the reason the Zionist Occupying Powers fear and hate people like David Irving, David Cole, Ernst Zundel, and sooner or later myself, is that what we say might hurt a few middle-aged ladies feelings?

Do you think it really has anything at all to do with honoring the memory of their loved ones who died in German concentration camps and work camps of dysentery?

Of course it has nothing to do with that. What sort of people could bomb women and children as they left school without flinching? You think the sort of people who give a damn about honoring anyone’s dead?

As the mother of the daughter of the famous Israeli General I will talk about soon said, when asked ‘Don’t you want revenge for the death of your daughter’, ‘No mother would want another mother to have to go through this sort of pain’.

Surely a people who had experienced so much as ‘victims’ would have learned a hell of a lot more compassion than the Israeli’s show today towards the Palestinians, not to mention the 911 victims.

No, the real reason has nothing to do with love or justice or honor.

It is all about control. Mind control. Propaganda. As long as you can define yourself as a victim, an innocent victim at that, they have the moral high ground.

They will then find that, for the most part, they can tell any lies they want to, completely unchallenged.

They will have carte blanche. No-one would dare challenge them, the poor victim. Who would be so heartless as to doubt a ‘survivor’, even when their story is absurd, ridiculous, inconsistent, and totally at odds with the laws of physics.

In any case, you, the target, the dupe, the con, the ponsy, the patsy, will have no other source of information but them.

Because they have ensured that no-one will offer any alternative information. Any alternative narrative. Any contradictory information. Any challenging information. Raise any doubts or even suggest that the story you are being told, and have been told for years, is anything but the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

You will have no reason to doubt their lies, as you will have no other information to go on.

You will have no chance to learn the truth. The reality. What is really going on.

You won’t ever question what you are told. You will just accept it as the truth.

You will not even have a chance to learn that this has all happened.

For the same group with the hegemonic power to buy up all the mass media, all the television stations, newspapers, magazines, and ‘pay for comment’ media personalities that you trust, along with all the big Hollywood film makers, distributors, and promoters, will also have money and power to spare to ensure that your elected government officials are good team-players, and go along to get along, with them.

It is an established fact that unless you go along with the Zionist agenda, you have no chance at getting anywhere in U.S politics. Jews account for around 2% of the U.S population, but represent around 50% of all recorded electoral campaign finance contributions. What the ‘under the table’ contributions amount to is anyone’s guess.

This massively disproportionate political power means that the same group constructing your social reality, the propaganda you consume as if it were truth, will ensure that laws are enacted that make it a crime for anyone to stand up and say ‘hey, that’s propaganda’.

If you dare say something as simple as,‘Hey, look, I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on, because, like you, I live under the hegemony of the powerful group, but I can tell you what is NOT true. I can prove what we have been told is a lie. That it is just not POSSIBLY true, for this and this specific, irrefutable, scientifically irrefutable, incontrovertible reason’, you can be picked up under the new anti-terrorist laws in the U.S, or the several decades old German laws, for ‘denying the holocaust’ or ‘disrespecting dead Jews’, without charge or any right to a court hearing, and locked up, for as long as the people who locked you up want to keep you locked up.

It is that simple. That terrifyingly simple. But because you think it cannot happen to you, you just don’t really care, do you.

But I’m hear to tell you that this is how it has always started. You start with the intellectuals and others who ‘resist’ the hegemonic definitions, the ‘social reality’, the ‘propaganda’. But eventually anyone and everyone becomes a potential target. Sometimes just to satisfy the malicious pathology of the psychopaths you allowed to gain absolute power because, while they were amassing ever greater power, you didn’t feel threatened.

Because anyone who tried to make you aware of the very real threat that existed, and was growing by the minute, they were simply ‘disappeared’.  All those ‘good’ people who actually ‘do’ something in the face of evil are rounded up and locked up, and either submit and shut up, or get defined as mentally ill or criminal.

Anyone who has the insight, and the courage, to stand up and say such things will immediately lose their job, their income, and their freedom. They will be locked up in solitary and tortured until they admit they are either crazy or wrong.

Did you know that these laws already exist? That thousands of people are being put in jail without trial? Without a chance to defend themselves.

Why? Because during the normal legal process defendants of criminal allegations have a chance to defend themselves. To prove they are innocent. To prove the facts of their case.

In the event of ‘thought crimes’, if you let a skeptic, whether holocaust skeptic or global warming / climate change skeptic’ or ‘open borders skeptic’ actually mount a defense of their beliefs in court, they would win.

Because the facts are clearly on the side of the holocaust skeptic, the climate change skeptic, and the open borders skeptic.  The proponents of the holocaust stories, the climate change hoax, and the open borders policies, are all terrified of ever being challenged in public to a fair debate. To a fair trial. To be subjected to the normal laws of legal process. The normal laws of intellectual rigor. The normal laws of scientific investigation.

If you let a holocaust skeptic (so-called historical revisionist) mount a defense in court, a terrible thing happens, from the point of view of the hegemonic propagandist. That terrible thing is that the victim of the persecution, the skeptic, gets to interrogate ‘witnesses’ and bring in their own ‘experts’. The result of this process has ALWAYS and EVERY TIME been that the ‘witnesses’ have been completely discredited as either liars, or delusional. And the supposed ‘facts’ have been disproven as impossible and clearly straight out lies or at best ‘false memories’. Not a single ‘eyewitness’ has ever undergone, nor been asked to undergo, a polygraph / lie detector test, or to make any effort to prove their stories.

If a self-proclaimed ‘eyewitness’ has a tattoo to prove they were in a work / concentration camp, then any judge automatically accepts their story as the truth, no matter how impossible their story.

In the Ernst Rundel ‘show trial’, a judge stated, unequivocally, that always and at every point during the trial, he was working on the simple assumption that ‘The holocaust happened. Period’. His words literally.

A ‘survivor’ appeared in court to sue someone who had offered 50,000 to anyone who could ‘prove’ that the holocaust actually happened as described in the official story. The judge immediately awarded the ‘survivor’ the 50,000 dollars, without ever asking the survivor any questions, let alone interrogating them, or asking for any proof.

In other words if you have a tattoo, anything you say is the gospel truth. If you say that Hitler himself appeared and danced a jig while eating Jewish babies, then by golly by gosh that is what happened. O.K, yes Mrs. Adams, I am being facetious.  But the number of people who personally interacted with Dr Josef Mengele, at camps which he had never visited, and then seen lampshades made of human skin, soap made of human fat, and so on, is impressive, to say the least.

In other words the witnesses and facts prove to be nothing more than propaganda, as soon as you give the ‘defendant’ a chance to defend themselves.

Ask yourself why Simon Wiesenthal, the ‘Nazi’ hunter who ruined the life of an honest, hardworking farmer when he had him imprisoned as a ‘death camp commandant’, continues to write about boxes of Jewish-human-fat soap made for the wives of the Waffen SS.

Ask yourself why William Shirer’s ‘rise and fall of The Third Reich’ repeats the story.

Even today ‘eyewitnesses’  repeat this story to anyone who will listen, though this ‘rumor’ has been accepted as false even by the highest holocaust museum / historians in U.S and Israel, such as Deborah Lippstadt and Shmuel Krakowski.

Note a single official ‘holocaust’ historian, not even those from the Holocaust museums’ in Washington or Los Angeles (they set aside only one room in huge building to ‘other’ victims of ‘other’ genocides) would dare make the same claims. But they never appear in court, or on television interviews. They just hide safe behind the Zionist Propaganda Machine in Zionist Occupied Planet Earth.

They allow others to continue lying, because it suits their dishonest purposes. They consider it a ‘noble’ lie, in the interests of Jews and Israel. But is it really that ‘noble’ to use emotional blackmail to extort billions of dollars from Germany and the U.S, in order to finance the genocide of the Palestinian people?

In fact in all cases where skeptics were given the right to defend their statements, and produce expert witnesses, and have FACTS admissible in the proceedings, the judges gave up on any semblance of justice or legal process and convicted the ‘defendants’ saying, like a child throwing a tantrum, with fingers in ears and hands over eyes, that ‘The holocaust happened. Period’.

It then takes up to a decade for the Supreme Court to rule that the Judge had no legal right to convict the defendant. But that is only in sovereign nations.

In countries still under Zionist occupation after WWII, like Germany, the propagandist still has supreme power.

The most compelling explanation a philosopher or sociologist could give to make sense of the German laws is to assume that the Zionist, the propagandist, is in full control of the entire society.

Or that other forces have decided to play along with the Zionist’s game, with their own ulterior motives.

All facts point to the reality that the Zionist hegemony that Adolf Hitler warned about, and fought to break free of, in his own words, not mine, is in fact reality.

But you wouldn’t know about that, would you, because you don’t need to read ‘Mein Kampf‘yourself to know that it is just meaningless, random, vague, gibberish. That’s what you’ve been told it is. The rantings of a mad man. So why read it? Surely the Zionists would never lie!  Of course not. They would swear on the grave of the brother who went up the chimney in Auschwitz. The same brother who has been living in New York all these years, using the same name he always had.

Funny that. I mean Jews keep great records of all that sort of thing for making compensation claims to the German Government. I mean how many Jews are there? How many with your family name? And you just never bothered to even enquire?

How else, but from a totally out of control and excessively disproportionate amount of power,  do you explain a law that allows people to be kidnapped from foreign countries and brought to Germany to be imprisoned without trial?  For five years. Just for stating facts. Just for asking for the right to continue honest research.

Not just to be imprisoned, but tortured. For anyone who has experienced solitary confinement knows it is torture. Any other description is just playing with words.

Solitary confinement is torture whether you are a dog chained to a post all day and all night, or a person locked in a concrete box all day and all night.

Ask Ernst Zundel. He had never hurt a fly. Never broken a single law. An upright citizen. And then one day he is taken from his home, in a private jet costing German taxpayers over 250,000, flanked by an armed escort worthy of a serious terrorist like, say, George Bush, or Obama, or Tony Blair, and thrown in jail in Germany, without trial, and without any right to a defense.

There is a reason that prisoners have their belts, shoelaces, and anything else they could hang themselves with removed before being placed in solitary. It is a fate worse than death. Many people have killed themselves rather than endure such torture. If you want to challenge this statement, then feel free to prove me wrong by allowing someone to imprison you, in solitary, with no certainty of ever being released. If that does not break you, then you are superhuman, or a psychopath. In which case the Zionist Central Bankster New World Order needs people just like you. Apply at any branch of the C.I.A.

Like me you didn’t know about this. You won’t know about it until it is too late. Until suddenly you or yours becomes the next victim. For now the laws apply only to truth seekers who stand up and challenge the official ‘holocaust’ story. Soon the same laws will prevent you from voicing any skepticism about the official ‘climate change’ story.

O.K, I get it, you don’t  like people who make old Jewish women cry in court because someone dared ask them a few simple questions on the stand as a ‘witness’.

Surely, like the Judge said in Ernst Zundel’s trial, it does not matter if what you are saying is true, the point is whether that truth makes an old Jewish woman uncomfortable.

So be careful. They may have an old woman in the court who finds your resistance to a global climate change hoax unpleasant. She may even cry, thinking about all those poor penguins and polar bears she has been told are going to drown or get sunburned or what have you.

Hell, who needs a lot of old law books, precedents, and such. Surely the most rational way to decide all legal matters is to see if the verdict makes an old lady cry or not. Surely that is a more cost effective way to go about all criminal proceedings? I mean, how much could it cost?

But what about when the government take away your car keys, tax you for breathing, add world taxes to everything you consume, take away your job, send your children off to kill other people’s children, and evict you from your home for ‘carbon’ crimes?

They are going to do this. Their reason this time is climate change. It is a complete hoax. They almost got away with it a few years ago, by falsifying data, but the scientific community at that time were still free to express their own view. They were still free to challenge the lies. They called them on their lies. The liars backed down, despite the huge propaganda machine they had at their disposal. For propaganda only works as long as you have a monopoly on truth.

Propaganda only works as long as you can lie, and not be called out on your lies. It is like the gambler who can always win by bluffing, because there is no-one, legally, who is able to call his bluff.

Liars, propagandist, can only get away with their lies as long as they are unaccountable to the truth. Only so long as there are no independent thinkers out there who can publicly force them to prove what they are saying.

There used to be this thing called ‘onus probandi’, or ‘burden of proof’. It was always up to the prosecutor to prove, beyond a doubt, that someone was guilty.

The burden of proof was never on the defendant, to prove beyond doubt that they were innocent. People would have laughed at the idea of that just a few years ago.

In other words, up until the show trials at Nuremburg, where the only crime anyone had committed was to  be on the losing side in WWII, according to Field Marshall Montgomery, it was up to the prosecutor to prove, ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’, that anyone they accused of anything was guilty.

It was always considered appropriate to err on the side of caution. It was always considered more noble to let a few guilty people go free, than to convict an innocent person.

So what happened at Nuremburg? Well basically the Allies and their Zionist masters set the stage for the complete erosion of all your civil rights, liberties, and freedoms.

And because everyone loved to demonize the Germans, and especially Hitler,  and feel superior to an entire nation who they secretly admired and envied, the public of the Western world went along with the Charade, which even Stalin himself stated was nothing more than a show trial.

The victims had been convicted before they had begun the trial.

Even though official Allied Military Police Command documents in Vienna, after the war, stated clearly that anyone who reported gas chambers and the like was to be cautioned with ‘making false allegations’ after the Allied investigators found absolutely no evidence of any gas chambers anywhere in Allied occupied Europe, including Poland.

When the people of the West went along with the Nuremburg show trials, and murdered men for doing their duty, or manufacturing de-lousing agents which saved millions of lives, they were really signing their own death warrants.

Remember that German saying about lies having long legs?

Ever heard of karma?

What goes around comes around?

Well it’s coming around folks.

It is coming to a neighborhood near you.

Next time you hear a knock on your door, it could be the thought police, waiting to take you away?

Why? Maybe someone was sure that something you said actually meant something that made an old woman cry, or Al Gore found ‘inconvenient’ or the local Zionist hit squad thought might indicate you had a brain in your head and were about to wake up to the horror of the Zionist new world order that had, as far as you could tell, suddenly emerged, as if from nowhere.

You didn’t care when someone you didn’t like was persecuted and tortured for daring to speak the truth, and call out the liars on their lies and propaganda. Someone who dared ‘call their bluff’.

Probably you are not paying attention now.

I am sorry that I will not be able to help you at all when the hammer drops, and you find yourself living in an absolute prison state, as has occurred time and time again during the course of human history.

Right now I am risking fates worse than death to arouse you from your slumber, from your dreamlike state. You are sleep-walking to your doom. To your children’s doom.

The Government of your nation is right now working on a law that will make it criminal for you to question anything they say about anything. You will have no freedom of speech at all. You will not have the right to defend the truth in court.

You will have two rights. The right to remain silent. Because anything you do or say WILL be held against you in a court of (arbitrary) law. You will be tortured in whatever way they think will break you. It will be perfectly legal. You will have the ‘choice’ of ‘admitting’ that you MUST be crazy, for thinking anyone would lie to you, let alone your own government, or to rot in a concrete box until they decide to let lose some psychopathic prison inmates on you, to rape you to death, or simply kill you for fun.

I am not writing this as the free person I was until a few weeks ago, when I stumbled upon so much information that it forced me back to writing, away from my music and deep philosophical meditations.

No, right now I am breaking laws all over the world, by simply writing this.

Do you think I should suffer fates worse than death for what I have written here?

In fact it does not MATTER what I have actually WRITTEN here. A judge can simply, arbitrarily, without any legal process, decide that HE knows that I really MEANT something quite different!

Yes, my friend, a judge and public prosecutor, both previous and future senior executives of the Zionist Banksters’ hugely profitable banking and finance industries, are right now free to arbitrarily twist my words, and intentions, and simply ASSUME that I am a malicious, fear mongering, hate mongering, lying, deceptive, crazy,  nasty, criminal genius. They can claim that THEY KNOW BY SPECIAL INSIGHT that I am evil and must be locked up.

I can see the headlines now, if I am lucky that anyone notices I have disappeared, and starts asking questions: ‘ World-wide hated, insane, Nazi terrorist, captured. The world can once more breathe easy.’  And in following news, Israeli premier ‘Killemall AshkeNAZI’ wins nobel peace prize for the ‘solving the Palestinian problem’. Remember you get that prize for achievement. The well known terrorist who became Israeli prime minister won it. So why shouldn’t another Isreaili win it for killing every Palestinian, as the Bible legally allows an Israeli, with a Neutron bomb?.

Of course there was a full U.N investigation, which found that an old Jewish woman did not cry, or feel any discomfort at all, when recounting the news to the court, thus proving the innocence of the Prime Minister, and justifying the action as good, just, wholesome, and quiet nice really.

And all of the good television viewers will be told exactly how to feel about the ‘great news’. They can see for themselves that in fact that old Jewish woman was quite happy, and so they could change channels and see what new hairstyle their favorite pop star had just gotten, or their favorite sports team.

They are so sure that I am such an evil genius with a huge network of co-conspirators that they could not possibly risk a trial. For at a trial I might prove myself innocent. And they know I am guilty. So they will, in the interests of society, avoid the ‘risk’ of a trial. I mean, hey, if they already know I am guilty, because, you know, they can just feel it, and look how that old Jewish woman is on the verge of tears, I mean, what more do you need to know. To think that in the bad old days people got a chance to ‘trick’ a jury into thinking they were innocent. I mean, why on earth would the government arrest you unless you were guilty?

Official spokespeople for the Governments of various countries including the U.S have openly admitted that maybe one in 5000 of the people they arrest will end up being convicted for the crimes they are charging all 5000 with. So why bother?  Surely only guilty people get arrested, right? Surely you can’t risk actually having trials where some people actually don’t get convicted? You just can’t trust juries. I mean, hey, remember that case where the old Jewish woman cried, and they still came out with an innocent verdict?

Crazy days hey! When people had a right to know why they were being arrested, and then a right to a trial by their peers, and a right to appeals, and defense lawyers, and human rights and oh my god no wonder they gave up that system. I mean, how was a prosecutor to get anyone convicted. And oh, the work. Who has the time? I mean, with all those Zionist congress parties to attend, the jobs in the banking and finance sector to grab before some other judge or prosecutor nabs.

Stalin is said to have operated as follows. The perfect role model for today’s and tomorrows ‘legal process’. He is told on Monday by his statisticians that they expect that 1% of the population will commit a crime worthy of imprisonment. The great leader digests this information for a moment before ordering his KGB to arrest 1% of the population, and send them to gulags.

Perfect logic right?

His family name just happens to be? …‘Son of a …’ in his native Ossetian.  No, I won’t risk it. It might appear a cheap shot.

I man, my mother called me a son of a bitch many times. And his name means son of a ….

A person concerned with justice would agree that it is better to let 100 guilty people go free than to falsely convict one innocent person, especially if the intention is to torture them with solitary confinement for years, until they literally ‘break’ and prefer to live a lie than die honest, or literally go mad.

Go online and view the videos about David Irving, Ernst Rundel, David Cole, and ‘The forecaster’.

None of these people have ever done more than their constitutional rights legally allowed them to. None of them committed anything that a normal, sane, honest, sober person would call a crime.

Yet they have been branded as criminals, as Nazis, as self-haters, as liars, as cheats, as conmen.

All because they would not break and say that 2+2=5. In the case of ‘The forecaster’, he spent 11 years in prison, and endured 7 years in solitary, in a concrete box, in high-rise people-silo, because he would not give the Zionist Bankster’s his computer software. Somehow this genius worked out the key to predicting the major economic cycles down to days. Either he had stumbled upon the pattern the Zionists used to manipulate the markets, or he had found something the Zionist Bankers’ didn’t understand, could not control, and therefore feared.

These people are all heroes who have suffered greatly for our collective benefit. I will write up synopses of their stories when I get the chance. They deserve our praise, admiration, and support.

If we fail to support these heroes, then we cannot claim to be innocent victims of the Zionist Central Bankster’s New World Order.

This is perhaps the very last moment for maybe another 1000 years (few world orders last longer than that) when you have the freedom to act. Actually not freedom, but opportunity. It is already criminal to act. But the laws are just words on paper if we, as a mass, refuse to validate them.. It is your compliance with laws that give them their power. There are only so many police and there are so many people.

Read my book ‘911: 5 minutes to midnight’. NOW.  Get as many people to read it as you can. Please make torrents and seed them. If you normally buy books, please buy them so that Amazon has a reason to keep them on their system.

I have lived a life in what most people would call financial and social poverty, in order to be free to think and write. I use one bucket of warm water a day, and whatever I drink. I wear second hand clothing and shoes. I never turned a heater or air conditioner on in my life. Not even in Wagga Wagga, Germany, Poland, London, or South Korea. Luckily in Moscow and Estonia I had no control over the heating, because I probably would have really suffered when it got down to minus 35 degrees Celsius!

I live off semolina prepared with hot water from an electric kettle. I make coffee in the cup, using ground coffee. I have never used a fridge or washing machine in my own home. I eat frozen food that is just defrosted. I eat days old bread and whatever else has been marked down in the ‘out of date’ section of the supermarket. I would certainly eat better in prison.

I walk up to 5km each direction to go shopping, in all kinds of weather. I have never caught a bus if I could physically walk the distance. I have walked over 10km in each direction to save on bus fare.

I would not have any less sex in prison than I have had in the last decade living like this. Women do not want men who live like I do. I have no children or family ties, as I could not bare to see other people suffer for my own principles.

The SS officers who wrote ‘confessions’ had been physically tortured but had not broken. But then the Allied and soviet interrogators threatened to deny their families ration cards at a time when there was no other way of getting food in Germany, and of course they broke and wrote whatever they were told to.

The Zionists know that their lies fall apart when ‘put on the stand’ in a court of law. They never respond to the skeptics’ questions and challenges, as every time they do, they are left looking dishonest, deceitful, stupid, and terrified.

The same happened with Al Gore and his cronies.

This is why the Zionists need laws to deny people the right to a fair trial. This is why they resort to propaganda. The truth is just too unflattering.

Worse, the truth, when the masses understood it, would lead them to demand the same sort of thing that has happened over and over in history.

This is what they fear. Being discovered.

If they had nothing to fear, they would act honestly, and fairly.

The Zionists have never proven a single of their claims in a free court of law.

What happened at Nuremburg was a show trial and pure propaganda. Nothing more and nothing less.

Al Gore and his ‘climate change’ lobby are in the same position. They are lying to us all. Al Gore stated, like a good Zionist, that ‘It happened / is happening ‘ / Period’. He actually made the mistake of claiming that the science was ‘unquestionable’. That is what riled the scientists all around the world from their quiet studies.

Skepticism is the basis of science. Questioning. Challenging. Investigating. Never feeling certain of anything. Always keeping an open mind. Allowing dissidents to raise their doubts and challenge conventional, accepted ‘wisdom’.

The last time we gave in to our states we got several hundred years of ‘dark ages’, during which it was as crime not to openly and publicly agree with whatever the Catholic church said was true, no matter how absurd and obviously wrong it was, needless to say unjust and cruel.

That is where we are heading today. Right now. I mean right at this very moment. But you still have a chance if you open your eyes and ears, switch on your brains, electro-shock-start your hearts, and demand the reinstatement of the most precious thing you have enjoyed for a brief moment in history. Legal rights.

They say 1776 is the answer to 1984.

Constitutional, inalienable rights. Rights which no-one can arbitrarily override.

The right to free speech. The right to political representation. The right to legal process. The right to own and operate a free and independent media. The right to own guns that, if need be, can be used to defend your rights. Rights without guns is like the promise of a politician. Worthless.

Otherwise you really get the government you deserve.

Right now you don’t deserve much better than what is coming.

You are like I once was. Naïve. Ignorant. Unaware.

I got out of the hegemonic social reality. You can too. Especially now that people like me, with the help of thousands of other people like me, can offer you a signposted route.

Hey, once we have our freedom back, you will be free to make fun of me, or join me. You will be free to mock me, make sarcastic jokes, be flippant, be facetious, and try to catch me out. All good practice to keep from taking myself too seriously, or falling asleep at my post.

You must understand that I am not madly in love with humanity. Humans have been horrible to me, and to each other, and especially to most animals on this earth, for most of my life. Monstrous in fact. So this is not a romantic mission. Have no fear I will suddenly ‘fall out of love’ and give up.

No, in fact I often find myself experiencing great ambivalence about trying to inform you  at all. For I agree with most of the things I am told the Zionists Bankster’s are out to do. The problem is there are things I am uncertain of, and doubt. And those things are HUGE issues.

So I am hoping that after we escape the Zionist Bankster’s net, you might be a little grateful, and willing to sit down with me and consider my own ideas for a New World Order.

Anti-semitism is really, by definition, anti-racism. Semitism means nothing unless you assume races exist. And they don’t.

Why people chose to define themselves as ‘Jewish’ is beyond me. I am just a person. My merits are those I earn myself. Meritocracy. That is the basis for a creative, productive society that will produce the surpluses necessary to facilitate a generous redistribution of good and bad luck, and thus a ‘fairness’ greater than nature itself produces.

Why you would chose to be associated with the people in the Bible who commited the worst war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, ‘ripping apart pregnant women’ and so on, far worse than anything Hitler was accused of (I honestly believe falsely now, based on what I have learned, which until then the Zionist propaganda had effectively kept from me). Does it matter if the supposed events happened 70 or 3000 years ago?

Like most people, I have been kept at a distance from Hitler the great leader by a belief that he ordered the murder of millions of people. Unforgivable crimes. So what if he never did?

If he did, then we would not keep copies of Mein Kampf on every bedside, on every living room shelf, and refer proudly to those great days when Germans went around enslaving peoples, committing genocide, raping women, and all the other nasty evil things the German people have been accused of.

Today Germans don’t glorify Hitler. They assume he was a genocidal madman.

So what does that say about Germans as compared with Zionist and Talmudi and Torah-proud Jews?

What sort of people chose to be associated with, and proudly reprint, a document which supposedly documents their war crimes, repeated acts of genocide, crimes against humanity and nature, and explicitly states that they have a god given right to enslave all non-Jews? That is just the Torah.

When we get to the Talmud, which apparently has a much greater bearing on ‘Jews’ in more recent times, we see all non-Jews defined as ‘cattle’, with no legal rights, exactly as the stories of Ernst Rundel, David Irving, and ‘The Forecaster’ show that ‘Jews’ today are treating ‘Gentiles’. Yes folks, it is not anti-semitic to identify judges, lawyers, and mass media owners as ‘Jewish’ if they themselves are the ones who demand I so define them by claiming to be ‘Jewish’ and thus ‘not –Gentile’.

The truth is shocking even for me, even now, months after publishing my book on 911, the bible, Zionism, The Central Bankster’s Petro-Dollar Ponsy Scheme, and the new world order.

What the Talmud states for anyone to read, and what is written in the Torah, the Old Testament of the Bible, is happening right now.

Gentiles do not have legal rights in the U.S, Canada, Germany, France, and the list is growing as the Zionist Central Bankster’s ‘Octopus tentacles’ gret a firm grip on all the nations of the world through their Central Banks, and their Golems..


What sort of person proudly identifies with a culture of hate, murder, rape, theft, enslavement, racism, and lies?

I know it is criminal to say so, but what is a philosopher to do? Read the bible. Read the Torah. Read my book. Check everything I have written.

What does it mean to define yourself as ‘Jewish’?  Why define yourself as ‘Jewish’ if no-one is forcing you to?

Based on the Bible and Talmud, to be Jewish is to be worse than any Nazi was ever accused of being. Why would you identify with such a history?

Germans distance themselves from Hitler and his ‘criminal Nazi dictatorship’, whereas most Jews appear to proudly embrace the Torah and Talmud.

So which people have the questionable ethics and self-definition?

Which group should we be worried about spreading fear and hatred?

Which group should that old Jewish woman, the arbiter of all things legal and just and fair, feel discomfort in relation to?

Which group is currently murdering women and children in their own homes? Which group has occupied territories? Which group has built the world’s largest ever concentration camp?  Which group should be making that old Jewish woman, the measure of all things good and evil, shed a tear?

Genetically ‘Jews’ are Arabs, or from Southern Russia.

Historically they get kicked out of whatever country they live in, and are hated by otherwise calm, rational, reasonable, decent people.

You might ask why the Jews, according to the Bible, were welcome under one Pharaoh at the time of Joseph, but within 4 generations are kicked out. Of course the Jewish ‘spin’ is to claim they were enslaved and then escaped. Four generations would be under 80 years. One generation is the time between being born and having a son. This would have occurred between the ages of 15 and 20.

We see the same pattern in recorded, documented history. So it seems reasonable to retrospectively extend the pattern from the proven to the unknown.

I think it is reasonable to wonder why the same things keep happening to the same ‘self-defined’ people.

Over and over again.

Is it because everyone is envious of their beautiful women and talented, brilliant men?

If so, then maybe we can explain why Germany was at the center of two world wars. Surely the rest of the world was jealous of Germany’s achievements and growing power?

Or are Jews the only victims of envy?

Are Jews the only victims of anything in this world?

Their suffering seems to have taken the spotlight over the suffering of all other people.

In a recent MSCNN interview, the President of Iran asked the presenter why the focus was on the Jews, to the exclusion of all the other victims of WWII.

The announcer, who had previously confidently stated that it was proven that 6 million died, and wanted to know what the President was ‘in denial of the fact’, responded…’It is because we as a society make a distinction between war and genocide’.

Oh really. So you are telling me that the holocaust that was Dresden (not my words but the title of a book before the holocaust industry took out a copyright on the term holocaust) was a military action?

And why they insist on defining themselves as ‘Jews’ when racism was abandoned by the liberal Western world decades ago?

When to be a Jew, a religious Jew (what other Jew could there be? A cultural Jew? A secular Jew? Is that like a Secular Catholic? Doesn’t the term ‘Jew’ refer to a shared religion rather than a shared culture?) can only mean that you are proud of the holocaust, war crimes, theft, rape, murder, genocide, and enslavement by which the Jews, according to their own official history, originally stole Palestine from the people who had, up to that time, been living peacefully there?

Ripping apart pregnant women is something to be proud of?

And then they couldn’t even keep it together, and had to go on having civil wars, and finally being kicked out by Emperor Hadrian around 2000 years ago?

So a people who gain a land by force, war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, mass murder, mass rape, mass enslavement, mass theft, can’t get their act together, fall into constant civil wars and defeats to their neighbours, lose the nations many times over, and final settle a remnant of their people around Jerusalem for a few years, before being kicked out of Palestine by Emperor Hadrian, only to return about 2000 years later, have a moral right to land that Palestinians (Yes even the bible refers to them so they were definitely there before the Jews arrived!) have been living in quite peaceably for the last 1500 years?

The Palestinians had absolutely no trouble sharing the land with their Jewish neighbors and friends. They did not feel the need to kill everyone and steal their homes and land.

Jews and Palestinians were living happily, creatively, and productively, side by side until the Zionists showed up and demanded all of Palestine for themselves. The story is that they did a deal with England, that they would get the U.S into the world wars to keep England from failing, in return for Palestine.

The agreement gave over two thirds of Palestine to Israel. But they were not satisfied with that. No, they insisted on taking all of Palestine, bit by bit. They did this in two wars of aggression. From the very start they were hell bent on taking all of Palestine for themselves. Just because, according to their completely unproven ‘history’, Palestine had once been their own. For a few years. And only after they genocidally murdered the former owners in a holocaust of their own design. And even then they kept fighting among each other. I mean, its not only non-Jews that had a problem with Jews. It was Jews themselves.

Jews entering Palestine were not like Nazi Germany re-uniting former German territories that had been annexed after WWI by the Allies, separating Germans from their homeland, such as the completely German speaking lands between Eastern Prussia and Germany (Silesia) which was annexed by Poland, The Sudetan (mountains) which were given to a new artificial country called Czechoslovakia, the Rhineland which was invaded, with no international agreement by France, Saarland from France, and the long standing consensus inAustria (which had historically wanted to reunite with Germany long before Hitler arrived on the scene to save Germany from total ruin and disintegration, or worse, a united communist Germany), the Jews were simply stealing more land that they had no legal right to and no moral claim to.

The people Hitler re-united with Germany had all voted in free referendums for this re-unification. Poland would not even agree to let Germany build an international road to supply East Prussia with. Hitler had suggested a referendum in the occupied territories. If the people wanted to remain with Poland, he would get the road, and if not, the whole area should ceded back to Germany. What is more reasonable than that?

Facts my dear reader. Sure, shoot me for stating the obvious. Go ahead. I’m quite happy to be rid of this world. But it won’t change the facts.

Eventually the facts will catch up with you.

Jews are allowed to be proud of their horrific history, one which even their prophets, whom they also slaughtered for criticizing them, could not bear keep quiet about, and Germans are not allowed to be proud of all their actual, real, creative achievements?

Give me half the resources that have been devoted to constructing a ‘holocaust’ industry, and I will be able to prove to you that in fact Hitler never gave any order to anyone for any holocaust. That the German actions in WWI and WWII were no less honorable than any other wartime nation, and that in fact the Allies were the war criminals, committing shameful acts of terror, and all for their Zionist bankster masters.

Of course that won’t happen. Unless aliens arrive and help me out.

Oh, and if you have actual real evidence that would have, up until recently, been admissible in a court of law, evidence of a scientific, factual, compelling nature, then I will be the first to cry out in horror, Oh  Mr Adolf Hitler, why did you have to go and do something so stupid as to murder millions of people and ruin your otherwise astonishingly brave, courageous, intelligent, honorable, brilliant, career as statesman and world leader? The only man to stand up to the Zionist Central Bankster’s greedy plan to enslave every non-Jew with a communist world government for the masses, and a life of luxury and ease for the plutocratic, fascist 13th tribe rulers.

That is in fact what I felt up until a few months ago. I really thought it such a shame that Hitler had gone and murdered millions of Jews. Not just because the thought of anyone being murdered horrifies me. I am in fact vegan so the idea of killing anything is horrific to me, so please don’t misconstrue my words.

What I mean is that I didn’t see why he would do such a stupid thing. He was not stupid. He was not mad. He was not evil. He was a brilliant, brave, morally ambitious man. It seemed such a shame to ruin all that. I mean, if the holocaust never happened, then imagine what sort of reputation Hitler would have had.

Even given most people’s belief in the official narrative of a holocaust, Hitler is secretly admired by more people in this world than any other world leader. Even in Russia, Poland, and France.

My mind is open. I have nothing to gain or lose from the truth. I want to know the truth. It will set us free.

I am not even German any more. Out of respect for my ancestors, and the need to honor the living and the dead, and my own principles of truth, justice, and liberty, I have had to sacrifice even my German nationality.

For otherwise writing this book would have landed me in prison. And I would never have stopped arguing what I am arguing here, so I would have died in prison after suffering fates much worse than death.

So I have nothing to gain or lose. I don’t hate Jews, or love Germans. But I will not defame the memory of my dead ancestors as the German Government does.

It is shameful that the German government has defamed the entire German people.

It is a clear sign that the Zionists, after destroying Germany twice, remain in power.

The show trial of Nuremburg continues.

The propaganda continues to pour out. Only now out of the mouths of Germans.

And if Munich and Mannheim think a holocaust occurred, and want to make good, then go on and make good. Give Bavaria to the Jews. The Palestinians didn’t murder 6 million Jews. It was the Bavarians and Mannheim-ians. Right?

You are the people claiming 6 million Jews were murdered. So you guys make good. Don’t force the Palestinians to pay for your war crimes. They didn’t do anything wrong. Why are you forcing them to pay with their lives, homes, territories, and freedom?

So how ‘bout it? An open trial of Adolf Hitler and the German people. An independent jury of scientists, historians, sociologists, philosophers, Palestinians, Germans, Polish people, Russians, Americans, British, and yes, if you insist, even an old Jewish woman!

But keep in mind that no matter what did or did not happen during WWII, our findings will have absolutely no bearing on Palestine.

When President Roosevelt put on his saddest face and explained to King Saud the story we are all told of ‘The Holocaust’, the King offered his own sad face in return. He was genuinely touched. However he stated the obvious. ‘If this horrific tale is true, then why don’t you give the Jews a part of Germany to set up their own state?’.

Of course the President was left speechless.

We are so used to having the two issues conflated together as if they are linked in any way at all.

Recently the President of Iran reminded us of this fact.

He is the only world leader with the independence and courage to stand up against the Zionist propaganda machine.

President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad of Iran, in an interview on CNN, with Piers Morgan, raised the question no-one dare speak about on U.S or European television. He reminded us that everywhere in the world governments allow freedom of research. So why is it that only one topic of research has been banned? Why is it that researchers in the one field are persecuted and imprisoned?

Lars Piers presented the scripted Zionist propaganda machine response.

‘There’s been extensive research and it is indisputable that over Six Million Jews were annihilated by Hitler and the Nazis’.

Just like Al Gore telling us that ‘global warming’ is scientific fact and beyond doubt or question.

Or like the U.S leadership constantly promising us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Or that some Arab terrorists, some evil geniuses with superhuman powers that extended beyond the grave, allowing them to carry out all the 911 destruction, and then turn up at work the next day.

Or that Ernst Zundel, and David Irving, are dangerous criminal masterminds bent on poisoning our minds and seeding a repeat of the historical cycle in which Jews suddenly find themselves unwelcome in the lands they had only recently found such comfortable and rewarding places in.

Then President Ahmedinejad repeated that famous line from ‘1984’ about 2+2 equalling 5.

Lars Piers pushed forward with his Zionist propaganda script, imagining he could corner the wise President into making a negative existentialist statement that might suggest a requirement for proof.

You see if I claim something I have to prove it. The burden of proof is on me. Even if I claim that invisible pink elephants don’t exist. So I can respect this guy in so many ways.

President Ahmedinejad was as skillful as philosopher as any I have seen. He simply returned to the relevant and productive question of ‘why are researchers in Europe not allowed the freedom to to carry out their research?’. He said ‘I pass no judgement on historic events’.

Who are we to either? Surely it is up to the historic researcher to present their arguments for us to consider. How could we personally be in any position to have an opinion without information? It is not as if knowledge of history was an innate wisdom. It only comes from free, open, honest research.


He then went on to remind us of as simple fact. ‘ Let us assume you are right/ Let us assume it took place. Where did it take place? Who were responsible for this? What does this have to do with the occupation of Palestine? What role did the people of Palestine play in this event? If this historical event did indeed take place, then why so much sensitivity among politicians surrounding this event?

He went on to remind us that country X doing Y to country Z is no basis for any other country attacking it. That is no formula for the management of the world.

He reminded us of the other ‘spin’ put on Israeli military actions by the Zionist propaganda machine, namely that they are always responding to aggression from their neighbors, and just by pure miracles, manage do defend themselves, and gain the victory, along with a lot of territory no-one ever said they could have.

Soon we shall consider the arguments and research of the son of an Israeli General, but for now the President of Iran’s own words.

‘Zionists seek to create opportunities for themselves and their adventurous behaviours’.

In other words they look to excuses to attack their neighbors, while maintaining their prized, most powerful weapon, that of ‘victimhood’.

Without their holocaust narrative, their holocaust industry, to fall back on, all the glamor and shine suddenly evaporates from their aggressive, illegal military ‘adventures’. And they appear in their true light. Not victims, but opportunistic oppressors caught ‘en fragranto delecto’, with their pants down, without their Zionist Propaganda machine Hollywood special effects.

The CNN interviewer did his best to read the same old Zionist propaganda scripts the mass media have been reading for decades, but the savvy, intelligent, clever President of Iran did any philosopher proud by side-stepping the minefield, and managing to turn  just another  scripted Zionist propaganda media stunt into something productive. I have not seen many world leaders with that level of intelligence, patience, or genuine character.

I am surprised he had the self-control not to mention the fact that Israel had, during its 1967 military ‘adventures’ murdered 31 U.S military personnel, and injured 63, when it knowingly and deliberately and repeatedly attacked the U.S.S Liberty in international waters, from the air, and the sea, with jet fighter bombers and torpedo boats, with armor piercing shells and torpedoes. You don’t have to read about it in my books. You can watch the new documentary made by the survivors.

If you don’t believe that the Zionists have excessive political power, then maybe that historical event, which the Zionists have not been able to suppress or ‘spin’, might suggest to your mind that there are many other questionable ‘historical facts’ which deserve closer scrutiny.

The facts in that case are now documented and public. Even the tapes of Israeli air command communicating with the pilots and gunboats. They had tried, repeatedly, to murder everyone on board. By every means at their disposal.

The U.S actually covered up the whole incident. Why would they do that? With what motive? The U.S even repaired the ship so that when it came into port, on its own power, they could avoid any media interest. I mean HUGE holes were covered up, along with the many dozens of armour piercing shell holes.

The ‘remains’ of the U.S servicemen that had been murdered were collected in garbage bags and thrown overboard.

That is how Israel treats is major ally. So how do you expect it will treat those its enemies?

If this secret was kept covered up for over 50 years, and only recently made public, what other ‘secrets’ remain hidden? What other ‘secret deals’ has the U.S made with Israel in the past to cover up similar war crimes?

Can you really trust a group of people who commit such crimes? Can you really trust a government that covers up such lies for such people? If such a blatant, well documented case can exist, and escape the public’s attention for so long, then what does it say about other events in history?  What else have we been lied to about? What else has been covered up?  Maybe there is a reason historians and scientists are banned from investigating ‘the holocaust’ narrative? Maybe because it is just another Zionist lie covered up its Golems, the U.S government, and their NATO and Zionist occupied allies, the Germans and French?

Are you still so accepting of the Zionist propaganda machine’s explanation as to why it is a criminal offence to be skeptical about ‘the holocaust’ narrative?

Was the U.S.S liberty mass murder covered up because the truth of it might make some old Jewish lady uncomfortable? Even bring her to tears?


The truth is not democratic

Many people seem to think that the truth is democratic. That you can vote on it. And the majority get to define reality however they want to.

Sure, social reality can be that way. What we agree we want to accept as truth, and what we agree we want to deny.

But it is just a lie by another name. The official fiction. The conventional wisdom. The accepted version of events. The official history. The collective unconscious hegemonic definitions of reality.

But the thing is that such lies are rarely democratic.

Long before Noam Chomsky wrote about how public opinion could be manufactured, Adolf Hitler was warning us about the very same fact in his own, now less often published, and rarely praised, ‘Mein Kampf’.

In reality the public consume a social reality offered up for their consumption, carefully constructed, carefully tailored, honed and scripted, by the mass media.

And so in reality the illusion of reality people labor under is not their own democratically elected lie, but a lie foisted upon them by the most powerful members of society. The ones who own the mass media.

In other words the reality most people live in is really just the inside of the Zionist propaganda machine. Plato’s cave if you like. Constructed by the Zionists to serve their own very narrow vested interests.

The only fear these Zionists have is of being exposed by ‘scientific’ research and ‘objective’ inquiry.

None of the claims made for the official holocaust narrative can stand up to true, unbiased, intellectual scrutiny. That is why they never answer the questions raised by their critics. That is why they have to have their critics thrown in jail, ruined, tortured, and silenced. That is why most people self-censor their research and ideas. They are simply unwilling to pay the high price inflicted upon honest, open, critical historians, researchers, scientists, and writers like myself.

This is the real reason it is a criminal offence to research into what really happened to Jews during WWII.

Not because you might make an old Jewish lady cry.

But because, like the attack on the U.S.S Liberty, the facts are not at all convenient to the Zionist cause, or the interests of their paid up Golems.

The facts surrounding the official myth narrative of ‘the holocaust’ are simply completely dismissive of the claims made by the Zionists. There is absolutely no hard or even soft evidence to support the Zionist claims of a Holocaust.

If there are no-one I have ever interacted with has ever seen them. And why would the Zionists hide evidence that would prove their case for them?

Would you hide evidence that proved you were innocent, or your oppressors guilt?

Or would you hide evidence that proved you were making the whole thing up, more or less?

No-one claims Jews were not badly treated, and rounded up, and put in concentration camps, and that many died there. But that is a totally different story to the official ‘holocaust’ narrative. Even the Americans locked up Americans of Japanese descent during WWII.

Hitler himself described this reality as ‘monstrous’ by ‘necessary’.

Ask his driver, his doctor, and all his Jewish friends how he treated them.

Ask yourself how, if Hitler was an anti-Semitic madman bent on annihilating Jews, between 200,000 and 500,000 Jews fought in German military. How  150,000  Jews fought in Hitler’s army. How he would tolerated having two field marshals, fifteen generals, two full generals, eight lieutenant generals, and five major generals among his officers.

Why would Hitler have awarded  20 Jews Germany’s highest military honor (as Hitler himself had been awarded in WWI), the Knight’s cross.

Hermann Goering famously stated ‘I decide who is a Jew and who is an Aryan’.

In other words Hitler and the Nazi’s employed virulent anti-Semitic propaganda for the consumption of the masses, to get them to go along with the deportations of Jews to ‘protective custody’ and work camps, but they themselves were not virulently anti-Semitic. They were quite rational and calm about the whole thing. It was not a matter of insane hatred and a desire to kill Jews. It was about protecting the Reich, Germany, and Germans, from the threat the Jews might pose. In the same way that the Americans ‘interred’ ‘Japanese’ U.S citizens, and put them to work in the same way, in fact in the same industries.

Ask yourself how so many Jews could have survived WWII if the most organized, efficient and effective industrial war machine of the time had intended their annihilation?  Why would the Germans have gone to such great lengths to prevent Typhus epidemics? Using the very Zyklon B later used to falsely convict and kill them in show trials?

If people really were murdered, then I can’t see how we show them any more or less respect by wanting to know what happened to them. Surely the truth will set us free. Don’t most people want to know the truth about what happened to their loved ones? Even if it is painful. Simply to get closure?

I wouldn’t want the whole world to constantly be watching film footage of a relative of mine dying of Typhus. The Jews keep talking about ‘dignity’ and ‘defending the memory’ of their loved ones. How is parading their dying loved ones before the world protecting their dignity?

To claim that opening up the case files, and the investigation, is like pulling at old wounds misses the point. The case was never actually investigated. It was a show trial in which the verdict was already determined before the trial even began. Most of what little evidence they had would not be admissible in any court of law today, as it was gained by torture.

He who does not learn from history, is doomed to repeat it, or so they say. Surely the Jews do not WANT a repeat of this episode of history? Their history seems little more than a made for television series, in which they play the eternal victim as one after another ‘civilized’ people want nothing more than to kick them out of their nations.

There is no actual hard evidence of any plan to exterminate Jews. There is only hearsay, and the ‘testimony’ of people who were given every encouragement, incentive, opportunity, and motive, to lie.

Their lies have been ‘outed’ over and over again. Even by their own official, Jewish, ‘holocaust’ historians.

Further, we should remember that false memories are common among people with much less motivation, encouragement, and incentive to ‘remember’ things ‘falsely’.

So out of respect for the dead, and the living, open the investigation. This time do it ‘by the book’. Treat the holocaust like all the other horrific incidents in our shared world history. Maybe that way we will learn from history, and avoid repeating it. Again and again and again.

And please remember that the Jews were not the only victims of WWII.

Remember that we need to honor the truth of all of their suffering as much as we need to honor the memory of all those Germans who bravely did their duty to their country and their own families to the very end.

Let us not forget that over a million German Prisoners of war died of starvation, thirst, and disease in Eisenhower’s death camps after WWII.

I really think that we should begin our historical correction a.k.a ‘revision’ there, and work our way back.

What right do the Zionists have to slander millions of honest, brave, well-intentioned Germans?

What right do the Zionists have to use their ‘holocaust narrative’ to justify their criminal, murderous, genocidal treatment of the Palestinian people at this very moment?

Even self-defined Jewish ‘holocaust survivors’ do not want the suffering of their loved ones to be used to justify / legitimate / or gain sympathy and support for, the current actions of Israeli Zionists today in Palestine.



Martin Armstrong (The forecaster)

The documentary film ‘The forecaster’ is a cautionary tale for anyone who is in denial about the excessive power of the Zionist Central Banksters, the Israeli lobby, and the Jewish community, in the U.S, and their abuses of that power.

Martin Armstrong spent 11 years in prison, 7 of them in solitary confinement, simply because he would not give the Zionist Central Banksters the code for a computer program he had written.

That program has proven to be the most powerful economic, social, and financial forecasting model ever developed.

He was initially imprisoned for 18 months, without any charges being laid.

After each 18 month period he was asked to hand over his software code.

He refused.

The imprisoned him again and again for 18 month periods.

Then they arranged for him to be beaten into a coma in prison, and placed in solitary for ‘attempting to damage the prison’. He spent 7 years in a concrete box, never once being allowed to feel the sun on his skin.

Ultimately they put him ‘in the hole’.

That broke him. This guy is one of the most courageous and ‘tough’ guys I have ever heard about. But everyone has limits. Beyond those limits it is a question of survival, and seeing your family once again. Of course they finally broke him. That is why people use torture. It works. People will say and do almost anything you demand of them.

So he gave them what they wanted.

He was then told to read a pre-prepared script in which he admitted to crimes he had never committed.

That was the only way, after 11 years that they would let him go.

The Zionists propaganda machine provided the Zionist controlled mass media with their own script, in which Martin was defined as a criminal who had defrauded working people of billions of dollars in a ponsy scheme.

The two men most closely involved in this story both had come from, and then later returned to, very well paid jobs in the Zionist banking ‘industry’.

You don’t think this could happen to you? You see the wrong thing? Hear the wrong thing? Stumble into something unwittingly. And they have you. And the legal system is so corrupted by the Zionist Central Banksters and their Golems that you will be powerless.

Unless you do something right now. Demand an end to the propaganda. Demand an end to the Zionist Central Bankster system. Demand your freedom back. Demand and end to the Zionist occupation of your nation.




Ernst Zundel

Ernst Zundel is a hero, and a martyr, in the fight to reveal and dismantle the Zionistist propaganda machine, one of the main sources of the Zionist Central Bankster’s power and influence. It is the major cog in the ‘holocaust industry’ which has netted Israel over 35 Billion dollars, and the status of ‘victim’, which it abuses to get away with genocide.

Zundel is a life-long pacifist who left Germany to avoid being forced to take part in the military. He has never been charged with any criminal offence of any kind. He is an honest, hard working, independent writer and historian.

Like myself, Zundel initially accepted the ‘holocaust’ narrative that the Zionist propaganda machine has produced and installed as ‘the consensus view’ or ‘hegemonic social reality’. But soon he realized that what was supposed to be ‘historical evidence’ was nothing more than a constant re-running of the original propaganda made before, during, and after WWII.

He has been slandered and libeled as a Nazi by the Zionist propaganda machine we call ‘the mass media’.

He is one of the more prominent victims of the Zionists excessive political influence and power.

What happened to him proves that the Zionists are out of control.

It could happen to you.

It will probably happen to me.

44 year old Zundel was secretly accused by members of the Jewish Defence League of Canada, under the little known criminal code section 177.

He was charged with ‘two counts of publishing material likely to cause mischief to the public interest ‘ and with ‘social and racial tolerance contrary to the criminal code’.

Zundel chose trial by jury. It was the first time in history (the Nazi show trials were only for show) that anyone would get a chance to challenge the official holocaust narrative, and have a chance to put ‘eyewitnesses’ on the stand. This was a real coup for Zundel and for free men and women everywhere.

It would prove to be the last time the Zionists ever allowed anyone the semblance of a ‘fair trial’ in relation to ‘the holocaust’.

The Zionists had overstepped their mark this time. They had no idea what sort of adversary they faced in Zundel and his supporters. They were in for a real thrashing. Even though Zundel would pay heavily for this victory, his defeat will go down in history as the lost battle that gave the truth the final victory in the war against Zionist propaganda.

Because he awoke this Dragon. And many more like me who would never ever have paid much attention to his fight, and ‘the holocaust’, and the world domination of Zionism, without his brave fight, defeat, and like a Nietzschean uber-mensch (bridge man), climb back up out of the abyss, and into the light.

Like a phoenix destroyed and renewed.

Zundel has been the bridge that has linked us to the truth. Like his fellow battle-weary comrades in arms, from Irving, to Faurisson, to Cole, and now his brave, defiant, courageous lawyer.

These people will go down in history as heroes at a time when the world was full of opportunists and egoists.

At first all of Zundel’s accusers were allowed to remain anonymous. In typical Jewish KGB fashion.  He was not told who was accusing him or what they were accusing him of. Initially he had no right of response to answer the claims of his accusers. This is how it is in Germany still today for anyone whom the Zionists target as a potential threat to their ‘victim’ status, and their world-wide hegemony.

Kafka could not have written a more disturbing tale. But this reality is very reminiscent of Kafka’s ‘The Trial’.

Zundel initially had applied for Canadian citizenship, but had been turned down, without any reason being given. At a time when a third of the population of Canada was of German descent, and many Canadian towns and cities were 50% Germanic in origin.

The trial lasted 9 years. He was convicted, however the Supreme Court overruled the conviction, stating that Zundel had not nothing illegal, and that all his actions were well within his rights under the Canadian constitution.

After his trial, even before his conviction was overturned, the Polish government, based on the evidence presented at the trial, removed the plaque from Auschwitz that used to state that four million Jews had been murdered there.

During the first trial the ‘eyewitnesses’ undermined the credibility of the ‘official holocaust narrative’ so badly that they did not appear at the second trial.

The entire narrative depends upon the believability of supposed ‘eyewitnesses’. There is no other form of evidence or ‘proof’ that the narrative is not purely fictional propaganda. And so when the ‘eyewitnesses’ gave accounts that could not, according to all the known facts surrounding their stories, possibly be true, as literal eyewitness accounts, Zundel had finally achieved his aim. To prove that there was no evidence as such for the holocaust narrative.

Some of the eyewitnesses described things that could never have happened, based on what we can prove about the camps.

Some of the eyewitnesses admitted that they were only repeating things that other people had been told by other people.

Some eyewitnesses admitted that they had never actually seen anyone being killed or cremated, that the people they assumed had been killed and cremated might very well have been on a work detail, and not a death march.

Some eyewitnesses made incredible claims which had already been discounted by the Jews themselves as fiction. Such as claims that Germans made lamp shades out of Jewish victim’s skin, or soap from their body fat. The problem was that these claims for only initially entertained in relation to particular camps. And the Jews themselves had dismissed these claims as false.

Some eyewitnesses claim to have taken part in interactions with Dr Mengele at camps where he had never been, even in the opinion of the official Jewish ‘reports’.

And so these ‘eyewitnesses’ never showed up at the second trial. They had done more damage than good to the Zionist propaganda machine, and so they were, I assume, told to stay home and keep quiet in future.

This was a massive victory for the skeptics. For once in history a court had allowed the supposed ‘eyewitnesses’, upon whose testimony the whole edifice of the ‘holocaust narrative’ and ‘holocaust industry’ rests, to be  cross examined. None of the stories held up individually. And as a whole, they completely undermined the credibility of all the supposed ‘eyewitness’ accounts used as ‘proof’ of a deliberate and organized attempt  by the Nazi’s to exterminate Jews during WWII.

Up until now no-one was allowed to dare question them, out of a supposed sense of ‘respect’ for their ‘suffering’ as ‘holocaust survivors’. It was considered in bad taste and to be a sort of ‘re-victimisation’ to both dredge up the memories, and also to in any way even imply that they might not be telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  It was assumed that they were victims. And it was assumed that the ‘holocaust narrative’ was simply the truth. So why put the poor victims through any more ordeals. ‘Hadn’t they suffered enough?’.

Hmm. Well. That sounds all good and fine, but what sort of justice does that tend to produce?

I mean, don’t the millions of Germans de-facto on trial for war crimes and genocide had a right to a fair trial? I mean, just in case they might actually be innocent of all the charges? Like, you know, in a court of law? You know, that thing they refer to as ‘the criminal justice system’. Isn’t that the usual modus operandi in legal trials?

And I mean, we are talking about the biggest ‘murder’ case in history. 6 million Jews murdered. Surely you’d want to ensure that the law and due process were followed as strictly as possible, wouldn’t you?  I mean if you take care for a simple murder trial, surely that care would be multiplied by 6 million, if there were 6 million people murdered. Wouldn’t you?  I mean you’d take much more care, wouldn’t you, rather than absolutely NO care at all?

We are talking about accusing an entire nation of the most horrific crimes, with a compensation bill that was in the 35 Billion dollar range. Wouldn’t that justify the greatest care and attention to detail?

Unless of course we are talking about a show trial. A kangaroo court. A cover up. A conspiracy to pervert justice. A lynching.

And so of course the legal basis always appealed to, that of the rulings of the Nuremburg court, must be thrown out the window.

It is absurd to claim that because the Nuremburg court ruled that 6 million people were murdered by the Nazis, using gas chambers, that from that point on we could accept this as a fact. As incontrovertible truth. As scientific and undeniable evidence that anything a survivor of the German concentration camps says about what happened there must be taken as the literal truth. As fact. As incontrovertible.

It would be like accepting the rulings of the Catholic Church made during the Spanish inquisition, and applying them today.

It would be like allowing your worst enemy to decide if what they themselves are accusing you of is true or not.

This is beyond even the realms of a Monty Python sketch or a Kafkaesque novel.

The German people must be the real ‘self-haters’ to accept such an absurd position, and time and time again submit to such an injustice.

It just shows how good natured the Germans really are. They accept that Jews suffered in concentration camps, and they feel bad about it.

But to defame your own parents who had no choice but to accept the Nuremburg ruling because they were under enemy occupation is another thing entirely.

Or is this just evidence that Germany still labors under an occupation government? Not just a Zionist Central Banksters financial control, but also their direct policy control?

Or could it be that the Zionist propaganda machine is just too damn effective and powerful?

Anyway, at the trial the spokesperson for the Jewish community had to admit that no actual written order was ever found anywhere to suggest that Hitler had ordered the extermination of any Jews, or to build gas chambers.

No gas chambers have been found at any of the camps where gassings were said to have been ‘proven’ to have occurred. Go figure!

No evidence has been found that Zyklon B gas had ever been used in the buildings where the gassings, we are told, have been proven to have taken place.

Not a drop of residue.

But go down the road to the de-lousing chambers where Zyklon be was used for the purpose for which it was manufactured, transported, and delivered, namely, delousing of clothing ,bedding, and so on, and you will find a thick blue layer of residue. Go figure!  They should patent that technology, whoever developed it, that allows you to use Zyklon B over a period of years, without ever having to worry about ‘washing up afterwards’.

I think this book is going to make me ‘the most hated man in the world’. Sorry if I ever sound flippant, but once you get out of the internally reflexive sphere called the dominant hegemonic social reality that has been constructed and is maintained exclusively by the Zionist Propaganda machine, you will see how absurd the ‘holocaust’ narrative really is.

Even the famous Zionist historian Dr Gilbert was so shaken by his experience that he did not appear for the prosecution at the second trial. He had been forced to admit some truths. The Zionists realise that every time they open their mouths to ‘support’ their own case, they do nothing but undermine it.

All Dr Raoul Hilberg could say in response to requests to back up his claims and to refute the evidence presented before the court was to say ‘I am at a loss’. However he admitted that many of the stories in his own books were complete fiction. He also admitted that there was absolutely no official report of any gas chamber ever being ordered to be built, or actually built. He also admitted that just after liberation he had told the Allies that 6000 Jews had been gassed per day, which is half the number he later quoted in one of his own books.

The Zionist holocaust ‘experts’ really have no case. They only have the precedents of the Nuremburg show trials that no reasonable person would give any credit it.

The only victims in German concentration camps died of typhus and other diseases. There was never an program to exterminate Jews. I do not have to prove this. It is up to you to prove there was. At least in a normal court of law.

But in today’s Zionist controlled system the burden of proof falls upon me to prove there wasn’t such a program. Which I could do, in a fair court of law.

Today, for any reason, you can be picked up and imprisoned. It is up to you to prove you are not a terrorist. It is not up to the Zionist occupational legal system to prove that you are guilty.

Please consider what this means.

It just means that today, you, and your loved ones, my friends, are in exactly the same position that the holocaust skeptics, and the Germans being victimized in the show trials, have always been.

Welcome to the world you helped create. It was fine by you to sit quietly and enjoy watching other people be victimized.

But not so much fun when you or yours are the victim. The target.

You still have time to act right now, if you have the sense to.

Otherwise I hope you enjoy being a victim of the system you empowered, and today support.

Or join us, and break the chains of oppression.

Kick out the Zionist Occupiers.

Take back our banks, our legal systems, our birthright freedom.

Despite all the lack of any reliable evidence Zundel was convicted. He had been convicted before he had entered the court. It was nothing more than a show trial.

The thing is, the prosecution thought they were being clever. They would run this show trial as a media stunt. For the judge was confident that Zundel would be made to look a fool.

In fact it was totally the other way around. And so this time the show trial defeated its own real purpose. The court was ‘hoisted by its own petard’, so to speak. They had destroyed the credibility of the holocaust lobby for all time, for anyone with eyes to see, and ears to hear.

In a fit of childish petulance, the judge simply convicted Zundel, simply stating that ‘revisionists are not to be debated’.

Of course not. Any time a holocaust purveyor attempts to debate a holocaust skeptic in a fair debate, they lose. They not only lose the debate, but all credibility.

And this is why is it illegal in Germany for me to write this. The truth always wins. The lies always break down at some point. The holocaust industry needs the backing of the legal industry to muzzle, to silence, to prevent, any possible debate of this issue among the general public.

Because it is a lie. A hoax. A scam. A betrayal of the German people. A betrayal of the Palestinians. A betrayal of good honest people anywhere.

And if you don’t care that millions of Germans have been slandered, and the Zionists have accrued excessive power and wealth as a result, then care about this.

You are next.

You and your family and your country and your reputation.

If you don’t act now to shut down the Zionist propaganda machine. Call it to account for itself. Call it’s bluff. If it can prove its case in a fair trial, in a fair public debate then do so.

You have to insist on taking back your legal rights and freedoms, beginning with freedom of speech, and then habeas corpus.

Otherwise you are just prisoners and slaves waiting for that knock on your door that will make it all official.

When they knock on my door I will know why they are here.

It will have been worth it if I have managed to save you all from the same fate.

If not, it will be a typical romantic tragic hero story. If you don’t fail then it isn’t real ancient Greek tragedy, now, is it!  Can’t be idolized as a hero until you’ve been betrayed, suffer and die in total disgrace, as a total failure, as a traitor, as an abandoned, ostracized, and demoralized failure.

Happy next lives?

So, anyway, the hero we are praising right now, and whose epic adventure and heroic battles we are describing here, was given a 15 month jail term for being ‘ a neo-nazi propagandist’…making him…’a danger to the community’…for …’publishing with the intent of destabilizing the Canadian community’.

The Jewish woman, Sabina Citron, who had originally brought the ‘charges’ against Zundel was constantly calling for his deportation, calling out one point, cameras rolling  saying ‘ let him go back where he came from’.

Real suffering teaches us compassion. This is just more evidence that the Zionists have not learned anything from history. It implies that they never really were the victim in any of their trials and tribulations. Otherwise how can you account for such a vicious lack of empathy for others?

To call for the deportation of someone?  To ‘back where they came from’?

Can you imagine what would happen to anyone who said such a thing about a Jew?

Can you imagine how many television crews, mass media outlets, lawyers, Jewish groups, and Zionist golems would come crashing down upon the individual who dared utter such a sentence with reference to a Jew?

How clear does the obvious malice have to be before a judge would see that the charges brought against Zundel by Jews had nothing to do with any genuine concern for Canada or its people? It was clearly motivated by malice.

In fact the whole trial represents a hate crime.

In fact a deportation order had been prepared in advance, and was immediately issued.

Zundel appealed, and during the appeals process, under Canadian law, he could not be deported.

That must have really pissed off a lot of Zionists who must have been luxuriating in a sense of absolute power up to that point, so self-satisfied and smug with their victory.

Hey, I am not Celine, so don’t expect me to get too ‘colorful’ in my language, though it is terrible tempting. I restrain myself as an act of humility, hoping to serve as a role model for those I am writing about, those arrogant, drunk with their own sense of power Zionists!


So, Zundel was safe for now. Though persecuted, he was free on bail.


Lets take a break from this epic tragi-comic heroic tale and go back in time to Helmut Kohl’s West Germany.  Back on April 26, 19…Helmut Kohl had passed a law that made it a criminal offence to ‘defame the memory of the dead’.

Now I have to control myself. Seriously. Have you heard of any greater defamation than that contained in the ‘holocaust narrative’? The defamation of millions of Germans, if not the entire population of WWII Germany. Have you heard anything more libelous and slanderous than the allegations made by the Zionists during the show trials at Nuremburg?

In all of recorded history, has an entire people ever been more slandered, libeled, and abused?

Of course the Zionist will argue that just because the Nuremburg trial convicted Germany of the alleged crimes, that it is not libel. Not slander. Not defamation.

But it was a SHOW trial people. Not a real trial.

If you think that sort of thing is fine and dandy then I hope your enjoy it when it comes your time.

For sooner or later it will.

And what will you tell your kids? Oh, I let them do this to Germany because I just couldn’t stand those Germans you know. Then  I let them to it to the holocaust skeptics, because , you know,  I just didn’t care, and it was satisfying to feel morally superior to someone, you know, a neo-Nazi and all that. Then when they introduced the law banning ‘global climate change skepticism’ I thought, well, I think they are going a bit too far, but hey, what do I care. Then when they brought in all the laws we are living under now, well, you know, by then it was too late. Sorry I gave away all your freedoms. But, well, everyone did the same thing, so, I mean, I’m only human, right?

I’m sure your kids and grandkids will understand!

So, without Zundel probably thinking too much about it, a sword of Damocles was hanging over his head, in the form of these German laws that were on the law books, under paragraph 130, simply to prevent anyone ‘speaking evil of the dead’ indirectly by ‘questioning the holocaust narrative’.


The Jewish congress and various other Jewish organisations complained ‘Why should this overwhelming evidence (I think they were referring to the tears of the Old Jewish Woman) be brought into question in a public forum?’.

Well, lets see, you accuse someone of a crime, demand they be imprisoned and deported. And you think the public have no interest in such a situation?

It is just a private matter between you and the judge, right?

I mean, what on earth do the public have to do with it?

I mean, it is for a bunch of Jews to decide what the government should do, right? Not the general public. What are they after all, but a bunch of Gentile ‘cattle’?

I mean, look, these old women are upset. They’ve gone through a lot. Lets just lock this guy up and deport him without a public trial an save these poor Jewish women any further distress.

I mean, look at them, what more evidence to you need to convict a man of a felony, put him in jail for 15 month, and then deport him from his home, friends, and life?

Do you think I am being facetious? No. This is actually what happened. Not what happened a-la Zionist propaganda, a.k.a ‘the holocaust’. No. This is pretty much literally what happened. You can watch the video. You can read the transcripts.

This is how the Zionists think ‘legal justice’ should operate in your country.

It is how it DOES operate in Germany.

So tell me when did Germany give up its sovereignty to the Zionists. Ever read a book called ‘Mein Kampf’?  I think everyone should. It is actually still illegal to own a copy in Zionist occupied Germany. Guess why?

Again, any debate is stopped before it can start. Any information that does not support the hegemonic Zionist propaganda machine’s efforts will be kept from you.

You will only have one way of looking at the world. Through the eyes of the Zionist propaganda machine. You will see and hear only what they want you to. You will interpret it only the way they want you to. They get to construct your social reality. You are living in a Zionist Propaganda machine virtual reality.

The only place you have any chance of escaping that bubble for a time is on the internet.

But they are closing in on that too.

In fact they already tried. The banned web sites in Germany. But to do so meant blocking access to sites that were legal and which people who were paying internet fees wanted to visit. And the bigger problem was that immediately that the web site created for Ernst Zundel and his supporters was shut down by the German authorities and Deutsche Telekom (Zionist communications incorporated), students all around the world, at some of the most prestigious universities, set up ‘mirrors’, which meant the site was essentially now impossible to shut down.

That is the only reason we are still free on the web.

It is the only mass media form that the Zionists Propaganda machine does not control.

Is Mark Zuckerberg an Zionist? I don’t know. But facebook is definitely a data mine for the Zionist agency you know as the C.I.A , and its buddy the N.S.A.

So let us enjoy the final days of freedom.

Please seed this document, post it, mirror it, get it out there to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. As Buddha said, ‘some may understand’.

I honestly think we are right now at war. I mean that we are under attack right now. It is a war for our minds.

Their main weapon is propaganda.

Our only defense is truth.

Read the Bible. Read the Torah. Read the Talmud. Read my books.

This is not fear mongering. The Zionist aim has always been to dominate the world as the masters of the Gentiles, who have no legal rights, who are ‘cattle’, who can be slaughtered like cattle. The Zionist Jew has absolutely no need to concern themselves with the suffering they are going to inflict on us Gentiles, because we do not matter. Only the Zionist Jew matters.

If you cannot see that pattern being repeated in all the factual documented cases I am presenting here, then I have no idea how to make it any clearer.

Until you read my other books, or read the source documents for yourself, I mean the bible, torah, Talmud, protocols of zion, and so on, I understand you are probably going to be very skeptical. But please do it. Try and see. Test reality for yourself. Never take anyone’s word for anything, least of all mine.

Unlike our enemy, my only tools are truth and reason. I abhor lies. ‘Noble’ or otherwise. My only defence is the truth. In the current world that is no defence, sadly.

But we can restore truth to its natural position, and defeat the attack of the enemy by employing the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth. And then let’s hope god helps us! Because we face a very powerful enemy.

But they are only powerful as long as we let them use their weapons. Their lies. Their Zionist propaganda machine.

Without it they are powerless. Literally just a few million self-important … sorry, don’t want to go the way of Celine and get too creative with my descriptions…

Their power lies in their Central Bankster system, and the Zionist propaganda machine they have bought with it.

Hitler realized this. He shut them down on both fronts.

But the Zionists then bribed the U.S to destroy Germany. And Hitler was defeated. And then defamed. Even demonized. Discredited.

But read his books. Read my books. Read millions of books. Open your own eyes and ears to the reality of what is going on right now, right here.

And take back your birthright.

You are not cattle! You are not slaves! You were free men and women until the Central Banks came and stole your sovereignty, and then bought your elected officials to be their personal Golems, and then ensured laws would protect them from the truth.

Holocaust skepticism has nothing to do with defaming the dead. It is about returning the honor to those who have been defamed.

The laws are there, at the insistence of Zionist Jews, to ensure that no one is ever at liberty to draw attention to obvious facts.

You see, in the past they never got the control they have today. But they learned what they had to do. They knew they would not get away with their plans unless they had laws to stop people telling other people what they were doing.

Now they have those laws. People like me have to risk everything in breaking them. For people who will probably just mock me.

If you cannot see that those laws are the chains around your neck and legs, and the prison bars that will enslave your children, then what more can I say?

How clear does it have to be?

Do you need a written order from the Zionist high priest?

Actually, silly me, I forgot.

You can read it anywhere, in any library, on the internet..

The Jews have no written order from Hitler. He never gave that order.

But we have the written plans and orders of the Jews. Most people have a copy on their own homes. You know, the bible, the tora, the Talmud.

Is it conspiracy theory? Did some Nazi go back in time and write the bible? The torah? The Talmud?  Can anyone claim that the Russian Secret Police wrote the bible, the torah, and the Talmud, to discredit Jews?

Do you think that the Romans, the Spanish, the British, and the Russians all kicked Jews out of their territories because some Nazi pamphleteer wrote a few pages of hate mongering, fear inciting prose ?

Do you really think that is what the laws today are about?

What do the Jews so frantically fear about a few pages of writing?

Are people all so anti-semitic at heart, full of irrational hate and fear, that it is so easy to lead them astray? Do you know how hard hitler had to fight to get people to enact his laws? Do you realise why he had to use such extreme propaganda? Because it was so hard to get people to act against the Jews.

The Jews are not scared of a few pamphlets. They are only scared of the truth. Once you get people to question the lies, they fall apart. That is what the Zionist Jews fear.

They have the protection of the law. I don’t.

Who is more afraid of who?

They certainly don’t fear me.

And I realise now how powerful they are. I am screwed the moment they decide to hunt me down like a rabbit, and stick me in a cell.

But at least then I will know I am a prisoner.

Out here we still think we are free.

This is all making me physically ill. I cannot sleep. Cluster headache. Exhaustion.

Please forgive me if I don’t get this done as fast I want to.

What follows are notes for the rest of the book. If I don’t finish, please read them as they are, and forgive me.

O.K, so back to our hero’s trial.

During one television ‘report’ the announcer referred to ‘such a huge body of evidence’ proving that the holocaust happened, and wondering why on earth anyone would even try to question it.

So where was this huge body of compelling, overwhelming evidence during the many years of both trials?

Hey? Can you answer that reasonable question, Miss Zionist Propaganda Ministry spokesperson?

Anyway, so Zundel was convicted. He appealed. The ruling was overturned. The court then appealed that decision. The Surpreme Court ultimately ordered a new trial. Of course Sabina Citron, as a Jewish survivor of the ‘holocaust’, thought she knew better than the Supreme court. She thought, like a lot of Jews I have met, that they have special insights and a special right to tell everyone else what to do. Even the governments of the nations they live in, as a tiny minority.

Democracy? What? What’s that? Hey, read your bible, I’m one of the chosen few, with the god given right to do whatever I want to with you Gentiles.

FACTS People. Don’t you ever READ anything you claim to base you claim to base your beliefs and life on?


Zundel was granted bail, but censored, gagged, and denied all freedom of expression.

A trial trial began in 1987.

They just would not let up on this guy. What had he done? Raise  few questions and present a few facts?  While all over Canada rapists and wife batterers might get probation or a few months in jail. A man who did nothing more than ask questions a very narrow vested interest group in Canadian society did not want asked!

This man must lose his life, be forced to live in fear, and devote all his energies, for years and years, simply to defend the most basic liberty we have.

Without the freedom of expression, the right to raise sincere questions, all our other rights are meaningless. For if we are forced to agree that 2+2=4 we have been enslaved in the worst way. We are being lead down the path to becoming zombies.

At this time the media continued to role out the same Zionist Propaganda Machine script. The same old hegemonic social reality programming.

TV presenters and commentators would constantly remind us that ‘the holocaust is an established fact’.

As if the Nuremburg show trials are an acceptable legal precedent.

As if no legal precedent has ever been overturned.

It would be as if to say that because in the past courts had ruled that homosexuality was a sign of evil or insanity, and had been criminalized, that the question of homosexuality had once and for all been answered, the answer to ‘the homosexuality question’ had been once and for all settled and established, and it was now illegal to question the original decision.

Or the legal precendents that denied women the right to vote.

Or the legal precendents that criminalized abortion or legalized abortion.

It is like  denying anyone who has been charged with any offense, the right to a legal review of the evidence, an appeal, and a re-trial.

What Zundel and other heroes like David Cole and David Irving are doing is effectively demanding a re-trial of WWII ‘war criminals’.

But we are told that this would upset some people.

It ‘defames’ the memory of the dead.

And so the living must suffer with a damnable lie for eternity?

This is the entire basis for denying a re-trial of the Nazi ‘war criminals’.

As Field Marshall Montgomery stated at the Nuremburg trials, ‘This is the first time in history that losing a war defined the losers as criminals’.

Check any quotes from Stalin about the trials. From the very start he defined the entire theater as a ‘show trial’. Like show trials in Communist China or Soviet Russia, where the ‘defendants’ had been convicted, tried, and doomed to death, long before the trial had ever begun.

A spokesman for the Canadian Jewish Congress complained that if Zundel were not imprisoned, and gagged, that people might believe Zundel.

When was that ever a basis to imprison someone?

Implicit in the Jewish Congress’s statement is reference to the problem Hitler had in convincing people about the Zionist threat.

He was correct in assuming that merely writing Mein Kampf, or something like I am writing here, would not reach enough people. And so he admitted he would need to use monstrous propaganda. However he was not willing to go as far as Celine, whose books the Nazi’s actually banned as being just a little too emotional.

And so the Zionists today argue that the Gentiles are so quick to develop irrational fears and hatreds of Jews, and need only a little provocation from a few pamphlets to turn into an insane, violent, lawless mob that will break into Jewish homes and murder any Jew they can find.

Which actually happened in Poland, by some strange twist of fate, around the corner from where I lived in Kielce, long after the Nazi’s had been kicked out of Poland.

It is ironic, as Hitler himself admitted how extremely difficult it was to raise the German people to take the actions required to defend themselves from the Zionist occupation of pre-WWII Germany. It was for this very reason that he was forced to resort to the sort of propaganda which is used to damn him today.

Often you need to first caricature a situation, drawing it in more vivid colors and larger than life dimensions to get people to pay attention to the underlying, rational arguments.

But Zundel had not written anything at all inflammative, anti-semitic, colorful, exaggerated, or even mildly provocative.

All he did was present clear factual scientific evidence and compelling arguments to state the obvious. He never said that he knew what had happened. But there was overwhelming evidence that the narrative we have been fed about what happened could not have happened.  In other words he challenged the dominant hegemonic narrative. He challenged the Zionist propaganda machines hegemony. He offered an alternative viewpoint. He made it clear that we need to ask even more questions. He made it clear that we had been lied to.

Nothing he wrote defamed anyone living or dead.

It did, however, raise questions which in an Open Society would have been debated in an open and free forum.

It was THESE questions and the possibility of and Open Society that terrifies the Zionists.

Not anything Zundel has ever written or said.

And it does not matter one iota who raises the questions.

Once they have been raised, and found valid, we must pursue them.

Zundel is a pacifist, hardworking , war hating, peaceful, creative, productive, honest man.

But it is not about the messenger.

It is, and must always be, in the spirit of scientific progress, and an Open Society, one where we all enjoy freedom, liberty, freedom of speech, and freedom of choice, about THE MESSAGE.

Even if someone we despise and hate and revile makes a valid point, it is still valid.

We cannot afford to censor a message based on how we feel about the messenger.

That is not how the legal process is supposed to work.

That is not how an Open Society, and scientific progress, are achieved.

So what was all this the Zionist mass media were force-feeding its audience about ‘The Ernst Zundel crisis’?

How did this guy become public enemy number one?

Were his views every fairly presented by the mass media to the public, to allow THEM, the public, the people, to decide if their taxes should be invested in persecuting him?

Or had the Jewish congress decided that the Gentile masses were just too ‘stupid’ to know what is right and wrong? Too much like the ‘cattle’ their Talmud defines them as?

Before we move on to Zundels second trial, I want you to consider that, under the same rules that Zundel’s pamphlets were banned, and he was arrested under, anyone who publishes or shares their Bibles (Either Old or New Testament), Torah (The first five books of the Old Testament), or Talmud, would have to be arrested and convicted.

And there are thousands of archaeologists, paleontologists, and ancient historians who have gone on the record time and time again to state that the Jews have been lying about their history.

The father of lies? Don’t take our word for it. Read your bibles.

How irrational is it to at least suspend judgement and require further proof and open, independent historical enquiry believe the ‘boy who has cried wolf ‘ so many times over the last 3500 years?

What are the odds that this time, this story, his ‘holocaust’ story, is actually true?

If you want to see people ‘inciting’ the public to ‘irrational fear and hatred’ and provoking social unrest, then just take a look at the large mob that spit at, abuse, verbally and physically assault Zundel and his legal team each time they try to get into the courthouse to defend themselves against the fatuous charges they are accused of.

Do you think this mob just appeared from nowhere? Without having been ‘incited’ by the Jewish Defense League of Canada?

Did Zundel or a single of his supporters ever need to be arrested by police for assault, attempted assault, disturbing the peace, or anything similar? Did Zundel ever spit on anyone or verbally abuse them?

But Zundel is the one on trial? Zundel is the one doomed to imprisonment in solitary confinement, for years on end, for writing pamphlets that merely state what anyone with eyes to see, or ears to see, could clearly see are reasonable, honest, and written in the quest to seek truth, justice, and liberty?

In all of his 44 years Zundel was never accused of any crime. He never committed any crime. So what does that tell you about the power of the Zionist Jews around the entire world?

I think it is safe to call that power ‘excessive’ at least. To be more honest, it is terrifying.

Any fear or hatred people have of Jews can be traced back to the actions of their Zionist Jewish associates. Blame the Zionists if you are Jewish, not the honest people like Zundel, Irving, Faurisson, and Cole.

Do you still think that to fear and hate Zionists Jews is irrational?

What about having a healthy respect for their excessive power and influence?

And a genuine, legitimate, well-founded concern for their abuse of that excessive power and influence.

Could any other group in the world get you imprisoned for years, in solitary, for writing a pamphlet that simply desired answers to legitimate questions that beg to be asked by any reasonable, informed, honest person?

In the end Zundel was charged with one count of ‘knowingly publishing false information leading to social or racial intolerance’.

I seriously to not know historical revisionism could possibly have to do with ‘false information’, or producing any ‘social or racial intolerance’.

Is that what people are going to try to claim about this book?

I love tons of Jews. I have met more Jews who loved me and whom I loved than any other self-defined social group. I desire tolerance, and an end to racism. I got a High Distinction in a Sociology course which debunked the very idea of races. And I desire social tolerance. I don’t want anyone to ‘fear’ Jews, or even ‘hate’ the Zionists. I want people to wake up and realise the massive imbalance of political, financial, and propaganda / mass media power in this world, and to address this. Every viewpoint must have equal ‘air-time’ and resources available to debate it.

I am probably wasting my time. Even an old friend whom I thought had some regard for my intellect would not even bother reading my ‘911:Five minutes to Midnight?, dismissing it as merely ‘a collection of conspiracy theories’, when in fact it demonstrates all the qualities of what I call a ‘compelling argument’. Which for me is the closest you can get to ‘truth’ or ‘fact’ in this world.

If people just ‘cherry pick’ the phrases that suit their disingenuous, malicious intentions, and no-one reads these two books in their entirety, it will be easy to misrepresent me.

Remember that all meaning is reflexive. The meaning of one thing is its relation to the whole. Unless you have captured the whole in your understanding, you can never get anywhere close to understanding the holistic meaning and intent of my writing.

I really wish this task had not fallen to me.

But what I am supposed to do when I discover a huge injustice, a massive conspiracy, which, unless we address it right now, is likely to lead to a Zionist New World Order written, directed, and produced by the same people who brought you ‘the ripping up of pregnant women’ in the Old Testament holocaust that the Jews proudly claim to have carried out in Canaan / Palestine during the Jewish ‘Golden Age’. And guess who will get the starring role as the slaves, the victims, the ‘cattle’?

It will bring me no pleasure to soon be saying ‘I told you so’.

Maybe they will have enough respect for my intellect and give a nice job.

I mean, you could hardly expect me to show any loyalty to a world that deserted me after all I sacrificed trying to warn it, and prevent its demise, could you?

Zundel was.sentenced  to 15 months in jail. The judge defamed and slandered him as  ‘a menace to society’. His enemies called for his immediate deportation to Germany, where he would face more charges.

I can’t imagine the people who bombed his home, abused him physically and verbally, even assaulting his lawyer and supporters, and ‘jostling’ and ‘pushing’ police, ever got charged with anything.

Zundel’s trial reminds me of the trial of Socrates. He was a ‘menace to society’ too. Now let’s just consider what history has made of  his sentence, and what a future, free, society is going to make of Zundel’s!









The second Zundel trial and ‘The Leuchter report’


In 1988 Zudnel was forced to endure a second trial, which lasted 4 months.

During the trial Doctor Robert Faurisson suggested the Zundel defense team send the top American expert in his field, Fred Leuchter, to Auschwitz, to investigate the allegations (supposedly proven / established / documented / historical ‘fact’) that the Germans had used Zyklon B gas to murder Jews.

Leuchter, like most of us, took for granted that it MUST have been proven beyond a doubt by the Nuremburg prosecutors that Zyklon B had been used at Auschwitz.

Like all of us, he just assumed they would have gotten their facts right before sending men to their deaths for mass murder, and defaming an entire nation as mass murderers.

However he was concerned about the way that Zundel’s right to free speech, and freedom of the press, and freedom to question the accepted conventional wisdom of the time, were all being violated. So he accepted the mission to travel to Auschwitz and carry out some scientific tests and observations.

He was the leading U.S expert on gas chambers.

He thought Zundel was wrong, but he thought he, like anyone, deserved a fair trial. He deserved to be tried based on the evidence, and not on someone’s personal opinion of his guilt or innocence.

He expected to find clear and overwhelming evidence of the use of Zyklon B in the ‘gas chambers’ of Auschwitz.

He expected to find viable death execution chambers.

He expected he would find equipment and buildings suitable for this purpose.

It was his job to survey and inspect the death execution chambers still in use at that time in the U.S to kill convicted criminals.

So he went to Auschwitz to document every possible piece of evidence that gas chambers had been in operation in Auschwitz at any time.

He used the same equipment and documentation used by himself, and anyone else in his profession.

He photographed any ‘evidence’ he could find.  He took detailed photos of all the supposed ‘gas chamber’ facilities and equipment at Auschwitz.

The whole process was filmed, so anyone could see for themselves that he had done a thorough job.

His conclusion was that, based on the equipment, descriptions, and facilities he observed and recorded, the Germans, and anyone else at Auschwitz, would have been incapable of using Cyanide gas (Zyklon B) for the purposes of execution, at Auschwitz.

He concluded that the design and fabrication of the ‘facilities’ would have made it impossible to use them as ‘gas chambers’.

To use a building as a ‘gas chamber’ you require gasketted doors and windows. A way to get the Zyklon B crystals into the chamber, and then a way to get the poisonous gas out of the chambers, after the executions had taken place. Devices to warm the crystals so that they would covert to gas. As Zyklon B gas is extremely flammable and explosive, you would need explosive proof lighting, to ensure that the lighting itself did not trigger an explosion.

Based on what he had documented at Auschwitz, anyone operating a gas chamber in the facilities available at Auschwitz would have gassed themselves to death or been blown to pieces when a spark from a switch or lightbulb, or from the operating crematory next door, detonated the gas.

The idea that anyone had used the facilities as gas chambers was ludicrous, in his professional, expert, opinion.

Further, Fourisson studied the ‘protocols’ and ‘procedures’ supposedly employed by the men operating the ‘gas chambers’.

He concluded that not a single record, document, or expert or eyewitness account of the ‘gassings’ could provide a valid description of how the ‘gassings’ were carried out.

He concluded that there were no eyewitnesses to any gassings, because, as far as could be scientifically proven and observed, no gassings had ever taken place at Auschwitz.

However he required lab analysis of all the samples taken from the various ‘gas chambers’ at Auschwitz to confirm this conclusion.

Independent lab analysis of his samples, and analyses made since by forensic teams, have definitively and incontrovertibly, scientifically and objectively, proven that NO Zyklon B had EVER been used in the supposed ‘gas chambers’ of Auschwitz.

However the judge in the Zundel show trials had already formed his verdict long before the trial had begun.

He had sat through the proceedings impatiently waiting to pass his pre-determined, Zionist-scripted, judgement.

And he had expected that a trial would only give Zundel ‘more rope to hang himself with’. He had never expected all the testimony and evidence to vindicate Zundel, and put into question decades of carefully nurtured Zionist propaganda.


So, having failed to find any evidence to justify his pre-determined verdict, he simply stated ‘ The holocaust happened…period!’

Just like the Zionists imposed the Treaty of Versailles upon the entire German people, and later the Nuremburg Show Trials imposed an even more defamatory myth upon the entire German people, the vicious lie of ‘the holocaust’.

That is how Zionists and their Golems decide the fate of Germans and Germany. By fiat. By brute force and arbitrary power.

I would not even need a ‘kangaroo court’ or ‘show trial’ to prove Israel guilty of starting at least two wars against the Arabs. Guilty of committing war crimes against the British, Palestinian, U.S, Egyptian, Jordanian, and many other peoples. And I am not just talking about the U.S.S Liberty, the 911 attacks, the Israeli-Arab wars, or the genocide of the Palestinian people.

The Russian government had already convicted the Jews, in the 1900s, of plotting the violent overthrow of the Tsarist, and then Democratic governments of Russia, and then inciting both WWI and WWII, and instigating worldwide economic crises like the Great Depression. They gave them a much fairer trial than the Zionists and their Allied Golems ever gave the German people, or Ernst Zundel.

Imagine if Israel were forced to pay the same sort of damages and reparations for its acts of aggression and war crimes.

It has the money. The Zionists own at least 80% of all the wealth of the Western World. This can be proven. This is not wild speculation. They have been at it since long before the U.S or Germany even existed as nations.

Let’s start with compensation for the 100% documented and proven mass murder of U.S military personnel on the U.S.S Liberty. Then let them pay out the trillion dollar lawsuit victims of 911 filed against Saudi Arabia. Then for their war crimes in Palestine and their neighbors. Acts of brutal, savage, completely unprovoked military aggression.

Let the Zionists have Munich and Mannheim if they can prove their holocaust narrative in a court of law.

I would recommend they pursue their case in a court in Mannheim or Munich. For those two legal systems have already stated, for a fact, that they are guilty.

But you are going to have to pay out some of your Central Bankster loot to settle all the other claims against Israel.

And you are going to have to give up as much territory, proportionately, as Germany lost after WWII.

So I don’t know what you’ll have left after the legal proceedings have finished.

So, the Judge, like any middle aged Jewish woman would,  like a small child stamping his feet and stuffing his ears, simply regurgitated his pre-digested verdict, in denial of the clear evidence. A tantrum. An enraged Zionist is not a pretty sight. O.K, O.K, I won’t got all Celine on you.

The judge immediately moved to have Zundel deported, imposing an 18 month jail term on Zundel, which was automatic grounds for deportation in Canada.

However the ‘false new’ laws under which the judge had convicted Zundel under, were struck down by the Canadian Supreme court as those laws violated the Canadian Charter / Constitution, citing section 2b, which guaranteed the right to freedom of expression. The Supreme court reminded the judge that this right extends to the view of minorities that the majority regards as wrong or false.

So on August 27, 1992, Zundel was acquitted of all the charges that had been brought against him. He could, after a 9 year ordeal, finally destroy his bail papers.

But what does the eternal Jew do when the highest court in a democratic land opposes their will? Do they humbly accept the willing of the overwhelming majority of free citizens in the lands where they have been welcomed?

O.K, O.K, I will resist displaying my creative writing skills, and avoid going the way of Celine. Boring. Not fair. Only Jews can criticize and even make fun of Jews. I get it. I’d have to be a Seinfeld, or a Larry David, or a ‘Family Guy’ writer to get away with that sort of thing.

But they got nowhere with that. It seems they would have to wait until, like in the U.S, they could get a majority of Jews in the Supreme court.

So instead they laid new, well actually OLD, retroactive complaints against Zundel that they had magically pulled out of their hats.

Now if this was any other special interest group, they would have been charged with maliciously falsely accusing someone. It was so obvious that their persecution of Zundel was malicious, and motivated by an irrational hatred or fear of the man.

But it is politically incorrect to treat Jews as equals. They deserve special treatment because of their ‘history’ of ‘persecution’. They are especially vulnerable people who, through not fault of their own, keep finding enraged mobs demanding they leave their countries and stay out.

Even the most tolerant of empires have for some inexplicable reason targeted the poor innocent Jews. I guess there was always some hate mongering, fear mongering pamphlet writer who managed to trick the population into irrationally fearing, and then hating, the well behaved, ideal citizen that just happened to define themselves as ‘Jewish’.

Was that too Celine for you?

At what point is someone allowed to vent a little legitimate frustration and incredulity?

And surely the Jews, of all people, have a sense of humor? And have learned through millennia of suffering and injustice, the ability to laugh at themselves? A little humility? And maybe empathy for a writer in my position?

And so, after patiently enduring 9 years of persecution, 9 years of his life stolen from him, surely you’d expect the peace-loving, humble, good-willed, well-intentioned, good neighbor, model citizen Jews to be satisfied with having gotten away with making this poor guys life miserable for 9 years, completely vilifying and demonizing him for simply wanting to know the truth?

Surely enough is enough? There are limits right?

But no, immediately Toronto police inform Zundel that a price has been put out on his head. A fatwah. A papal Bull. A Jewish excommunication not just from their community, but from life itself. How dare a Gentile imagine they have a right to justice. Only Jews have rights. Doesn’t the Torah and Talmud state that quite clearly?  What was this Gentile doing imagining he was worthy of justice?

The Zionist propaganda machine continued with its defamation of Zundel. He became the ‘guru of hate’ . Posters were put up depicting Zundel’s face in the cross-hairs of a rifle. Hate crimes my friends. Can you imagine how many tons of hell would come down on anyone who treated any Jew, anywhere in the world, the way the Jews were openly treating Zundel?

Hate graffiti was painted on his home. ‘Nazi scum off our streets’.

Thousands of posters appeared calling for Zundel’s assassination,  giving his address, and also instructions on how to build a Molotov cocktail.

Can you imagine what sort of criminal investigation would be unleased if the target of this hate campaign had been Jewish?

Is there no Hebrew word for ‘hypocrite’?

Hang on, I seem to recall a few Bible quotes, written by the Jews own prophets, on this topic. But hey, you can’t go all Celine now can you? Even the Nazi’s couldn’t stomach Celine!

Then Jews financed a ‘kosher barbecue’ outside Zundel’s house, in the middle of a public street. They carried signs saying ‘Honk if you hate Zundel’, and mob members pointed fingers at him, mimicking the cocking and firing of a hand gun.

Remember that his home had already been targeted with a pipe bomb by people such as those who were now gathering in front of his home, abusing him. A Jewish Defense League spokesperson publicly defended the bomber with supportive and comments which surely ‘incite’ people to break the law,  such as ‘I can understand why they bombed him’.

That bomb had done thousands of dollars of damage. The damage had only been limited by the tight security Zundel has been forced to live under for many years.

I wonder if any of the mob that were arrested for causing a public mischief and so on, after assaulting police officers and Zundel’s supporters?

What do think would have happened If Zundel had jostled and pushed a police officer or a member of the Jewish Defense League in public, on camera?

Zundel’s supporters were kicked and punched and had things thrown at them on camera. I have not heard that anyone was convicted of anything except Zundel.

Please. If you cannot see that something is wrong here with the way laws are written and enforced then what more can I say?

How direct does the Zionist interference and excessive power have to become before you see it?

How hard to I have to put the case that the Zionists constructed the ‘Holocaust narrative’ for this precise purpose. To get a free hand to commit hate crimes, to persecute anyone they chose, to have anyone they don’t like imprisoned and kicked out of their home, and their country.

How obvious do the double standards have to be before you see them for what they are.

Tools of Zionist oppression.

These sorts of behaviors are the reason the Jews have been kicked out of so many nations in the past.

Not some irrational fear and hatred.

But perfectly rational fear and perfectly justified disapproval, rejection, moral disgust.

Oops. I said it. Fuck and I fucked or what? But who else will dare state the obvious.

I am not just stating it for the Gentile, but for the perfectly good-willed, model citizen, completely ethical, honest, hard-working, liberal, free spirited, creative, productive Jews who suffer because of Jews like the ones persecuting Zundel.

Hitler was not irrationally mad at Jews in general. He had and kept many Jewish friends close to him. He protected many Jews.

However he saw no other way to rid Germany of the Zionists, than to do the monstrous act of demonizing all of them.

No-one was going to deal with the minority of Zionist Jews otherwise.

He admitted that kicking all the Jews out of Germany was a monstrous crime. But he saw no alternative that would work.

He never ordered the Jews to be exterminated. He just wanted to get them out of Germany. Out of Europe.

There are many famous cases of Jews being given ‘honorary Aryan status’, and left to go about their lives without any unusual restrictions.

The camps really were as depicted in the films the Nazis’ made.

Prove me wrong.

Not by torture and Propaganda.

But scientifically.

If you can make the monstrous claims you have made against Germany and the Nazis, then I can surely be allowed to assume that what I see in the Nazi films is the truth, surely?

You can make your films and claim they are the truth. You are free to. I’m not stopping you or throwing YOU in jail for defaming millions of Germans.

Why the double standards?

What do people do when a minority assumes special rights, and abuses the sympathy it has been given? Lets take a trip through history and see, shall we?

Do you want to repeat history over and over?

OR are you certain that this time you really have absolute power, and will get away with it. This time!

There is in fact MORE concrete (literally) evidence that what we were shown in the Nazi films of life in Auschwitz was in fact how life was in Auschwitz, than we have evidence to support a single claim made by ‘holocaust’ survivors, Hollywood German Defamation movies like ‘Schindler’s list’, whose author at least admitted that their entire film was pure fiction, and hence implicitly admitted it was defamation and libel, or any other ‘ documentary’ ever written or dramatized about the treatment of Jews during WWII.

Facts people. Why do you think the Zionists are so desperate to shout down, gag, lock up, or kill, anyone who starts you down the road to clarity and truth?

And still the Zionists were not satisfied.

So on the 50th anniversary of end of WWII, the firebombing of German civilians by the Zionist occupation forces continued.

The Zundel house went up in flames.

Jewish groups claimed ‘credit’ for the fire.

Can you imagine the uproar, the international media outrage, the millions of dollars of policing resources that would have poured into the investigation if it had been the other way around?

Imagine if a leading figure of the Jewish community had their home fire bombed?

What would have happened?

You really have to read ‘Mein Kampf’. Nothing has changed. In fact the situation is now critical. The worst fears of Hitler have come true. Soon you will come face to face with the ugly truth. If you don’t act now to counter the excessive influence of Zionism on your government, your media, and your economy, then all the sacrifices made for you in the past, to protect you from the Zionists, will have been in vain.

I won’t ever get another chance to justify that statement, as if it needed justification, because the Zionists know who they are dealing with now. I’ve seen through their internally reflexive social reality. I trained for decades without realizing this would be the ultimate employment of everything I have learned.

So they would never risk given me a fair day in court, a fair access to the media to explain myself, a fair budget to produce all the documentation I know I could find to justify the worst of Hitler’s claims about the Zionists.

Zionists can’t win if they play fair. So they never do.

But please don’t take this out on Jews in General. Give them a chance to escape the same psychological prison you are living in. Support them in extricating themselves from the Zionists among them.

The Zionists have been using the Jews for thousands of years, as mere means to their own ends.

I love most Jews. I mean actually love them. Ask them. I feel closer to most Jews I have met than I do to any other people I have met. They are so much more like me than most people.

But they have to accept that they are being used by a small element of Zionists.

They have to purge themselves of their association with these Zionists.

Later I will write about one such ‘Mensch’.  The sort of Jew that ends up suffering for the likes of the Zionists. And the sort of person who is standing up to them.

Nothing I am writing here is about ‘Jews’. It is all about a section of self-defined Jewish society known as Zionists.

It is the Zionists who have propagated the holocaust narrative.

It is the Zionists who persecute historians, simply to protect that narrative, and the benefits that narrative produce for them, what is known as ‘the holocaust industry’.

Jews who go along with the Zionists because of these benefits have to stop and think about it. Sure, right now they may be benefitting. But look at history. The Zionists will sacrifice you as soon as it suits them, and run off with their ill-gotten gains anywhere they can buy their way in. You, on the other hand, will be left to suffer for what the Zionists have done to the world.

The attempt to censor the internet was not begun in an effort to protect anyone from anything. It was done simply to ‘gag’ people like Zundel.

One of Zundel’s many loyal friends set up ‘Zundelsite’, a web page, in an attempt to inform people about what was going on.

The Zionist Occupied German Government blocked the site, charging Zundel with some absurd crime.

Please apply all the rules applied to ‘historical revisionists’ to the bible, the torah, and the Talmud, and tell me that those documents do NOT incite hate, fear, and crimes against humanity. I dare you. Lets do a television mock trial using those books and their authors as the defendants. I have never come across more despicable documents.

Mein Kampf is a children’s books in comparison with the hate and fear mongering you will find in the Bible, Torah, and Talmud. These books would be banned if not for the Zionist Occupation of German, France, and America.

And to think that ‘Mein Kampf’ is banned in Germany.

I know for a fact that few of the Germans who praise the Bible, and demonise ‘Mein Kampf’ have ever actually read either book from cover to cover. The Talmud would turn their stomachs!

The German government not only committed a violation of Zundel’s basic human rights, but also simply got it all wrong.

For they charged Zundel with some crime in association with the site, even though he had absolutely nothing to do with it.

He had not asked anyone to set it up.

He had not written anything on the site.

It would be like some clever Zionist setting up a website ‘’, posting something criminal on it, and then getting the German government to arrest ME.

Deutsche (Zionist Propaganda GmBH) Telekom blocked the site.

But in doing so they blocked millions of other users from sites that were not ‘illegal’.

And then all around the world, at some of the most prestigious universities you will ever hear of, ‘mirrors’ were set up mirroring the content of the

And so the internet proved to the Zionist hegemons that there was still one nation they had not yet managed to occupy and subdue to their will.

The virtual nation of the internet.

Please ensure my books remain free, as my proxy, even after they destroy me. They can imprison my body and gag my mouth, but I will live on eternally in my works. My precious children whom I have raised as freedom fighters.

And so the Zionists were, for the first time since Nazi Germany, actually defeated.

But they are surely doing their best to ‘occupy’ the internet and complete their hegemony, and their ‘full spectrum dominance’ of the world’s media and information services, making even the WWW (666 in Hebrew), the ‘bitch’ of their Zionist Propaganda machine’.

The Zionists have become drunk on their own power. They overstep their marks now and then. It happened in the 1930s in Germany.

In this case they provided Zundel with an amount free advertising he could never have dreamed of.

It is probably the only reason I heard about him. And why, despite my migraine and sleepless nights, I am pushing through the pain to write up his story for you, and explain what it really means, in the context of Zionism, and the New World Order that is just about to lock the gate, with you on the inside, as the prisoner, and them on the outside, free to do their worst in the world outside that gate.

And you know, the more I think about it, the less I believe that ‘the holocaust’ was ever a ‘noble’ lie.

Like the new ‘noble lie’ of ‘climate change’.

Based on what they have done, and continue to do, I don’t think we can trust any of the organizations that have employed ‘noble’ lies.

A ‘noble’ lie is what Plato called ‘God’ and ‘religion’. It is basically the idea of using a lie to what you define as ‘good’ or ‘noble’ ends. And so the lie is supposedly well-intended. Like your mum telling you your recently departed dear pet has ‘gone to heaven’.

They have used the ‘noble’ lie of a holocaust as a tool. A means to their ends.

Today the new ‘noble’ lies are‘global warming’, or ‘climate change’, or ‘terrorism’.

The people, like Al gore, employing these lies may think they are ‘noble’ and ‘well-meant’.

But look at the behavior of the groups telling these ‘noble’ lies, and decide from their actions, not their words, or carefully crafted media presentations.

‘Glauben Heisst machen’. In other words, if you really believe it, your actions will prove it.

So back to our hero Zundel., which I was blocked from trying to view yesterday, became one of the most visited sites on the internet, available in many languages. It got more ‘visits’ than ABC, NBC, or The New York Times.

Zundel remains humble, saying ‘We need healers, not histories’. He reminds us that he does not demand anyone agree with him. He is not forcing his views upon anyone. He just demands equal rights with everyone else. Why do the Jews have a monopoly on history, and on having opinions about it?

In fact Jews claim that theirs is the only holocaust ever proven by survivors? Come on. There have been many documented genocides in history. The bible supposedly documents the genocides that the Jews themselves committed in order to steal Israel from its original owners.

And the Jews never proved anything other than how powerful their Zionist propaganda machine is, and how hegemonic their financial and mass media power is.

And just remember the words of the Judge in the Canadian ‘show trials’ of Zundel ‘Truth is not a defence’.

Zundel ended up moving to the U.S, after finding a house he had just fallen in love with (after falling in love with his longtime friend), in Tennessee. He got a social security number, a work permit, and began the final teps towards gaining citizen in   the good old Z.O.S.A, Zionist Occupied States of America.

But then the all-powerful Zionists of  Z.O.S.A introduced the ‘Patriot Act’, as the final step in their plans for world domination.

Now the Zionists could simply have anyone who might offer any resistance to their plans arrested for no reason, and held indefinitely without any trial.

Do you now think Hitler was a bit ‘over the top’ in his desire to protect Germany from the Zionists? In a few years you will be thinking that he showed extreme self-control, and wishing he really had been the heartless demon he has been portrayed as by the hegemonic Zionist propaganda machine.

Hitler was a compassionate, kind-hearted, pussy-cat compare to his enemies.

Look at what the Jewish-lead Bolsheviks and KGB did after Hitler was forced to leave Germany for Argentina.

Look at what they are doing now in Palestine.

Look at what they did on 911 in American.

Guess what they have planned for you?

You think those FEMA camps are going to treat you as well as the Nazis treated the Jews during WWII?  Do you think you’ll have swimming pools, football competitions, libraries, brothels, hot meals, health care, dental care, and be allowed to work?

I am quite aware of how most of what I say will sound to you, as it would have sounded to me a few years ago, before I wrote 911:5 minutes to midnight, and then started stumbling upon all the information contained in this book.

I feel incredibly vulnerable. I am. An opportunist would say I am being stupid. And idealist would say I am being a philosopher. A freedom fighter.

It is true. I would rather die fighting for freedom, than live as a slave, and watch your children being enslaved.

But I won’t have such luck. I won’t get the luxury of such a death.

As Mohammed said, a scribe is worth 10,000 of the best warriors.

So this is my sacrifice, my brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers – in arms. I would much rather die than be imprisoned. I hope you understand that. I am facing my greatest fear and my enemies know it. They know everything about me. I would prefer to go down fighting, and die in battle, than rot in a prison cell. But to make the greatest contribution I can to truth, justice, and liberty, I have to sacrifice that option, and instead continue writing, and waiting for them to come and lock me up, and start the nightmare they have in store for me.

I can best write from where I am right now. And they won’t give me any warning. They will probably find me in bed, trying to sleep despite the migraines and nausea and anxiety, or sitting at my computer writing.

I am a love monger. A freedom monger. A truth monger. A justice monger.

I want my miserable existence to somehow contribute to a better world for all sentient beings. But I am just a lonely wretch at a computer. What can I do but write, and think, and try to somehow see through the fog of the hegemonic social reality, the Zionist propaganda machine, and try to outsmart the most cunning people history has ever known.

Maybe I could do this if I was a Jew myself, one of the chosen people, a member of the master race. But I am just a simply German working class boy.

The last one of those who stood up to the Zionists didn’t fare too well.

If you don’t think Hitler’s story is not one of the greatest stories the world has to tell, then you just have no idea about the man.

Did he order the mass murder of Jews? I have never seen anything that proves he did.

But the more I understand Zionism, the more I could understand why he might take such monstrous steps, and the more I wonder if, in years to come, the slaves and victims of the Zionist New World Order might wonder whether he made a mistake in NOT doing so, in being too kind and compassionate, and not being willing to allow the many Jews to suffer for the crimes and intentions of the relatively few Zionists among them.

For whatever happened during WWII, it is a fact that the Jews themselves have never presented any evidence of a holocaust that would stand the test of a real public, open, intensive trial.

As I say, I cannot say with certainty what did happen, but I know for a fact, with utter certainty, that not one shred of evidence has been presented to prove it, and the Jews have lied over and over again, undermining any confidence any reasonable, unbiased person could have in their stories.

I probably wouldn’t make much of a soldier anyway. I can’t take orders without thinking for myself. And I don’t think I could actually shoot anything, no matter how mad it made me. Even a Zionist. And they would take advantage of that.

I don’t think pacifism is going to defeat the Zionist. I’ve read the bible. I’ve read the Talmud. I know who we are dealing with.

But please, only as a last resort.

And then realise it is the end. All or nothing. There will be no point surrendering once the shooting starts.

War on terror? Remember it was the Zionists, with their ‘King David Hotel’ massacre, that ‘introduced the age of terror’ into the 20th Century. In that attack they murdered, in terms of population density, many more people than were killed during 911. Again they also destroyed very incriminating documents. Do your really think 911 was orchestrated by Arabs? What purpose could they possibly have had? What could they have hoped to gain?  Please read my book 911:5 minutes to midnight? ..if you have any doubts at all that the 911 mass murder was NOT carried out by Mossad with the full co-operation of the Zionist controlled C.I.A.

Now back to our hero, Zundel.

A wide conspiracy among different people in different nations and agencies worked to persecute Zundel further. They could find no legal reasons to harass him. He had a perfectly clean record. Even when he was being threatened with death, and his home was being attacked, he had remained calm and self-possessed.

But just before Zundel was about to gain U.S citizenship, his enemies pounced on him. The state prosecutor in Mannheim was out for his blood. Together with conspirators in the U.S, they managed to delay his citizenship application long enough so that his German Passport would expire before he got it. The German government would refuse to issue him a new one. He was left without a passport, and his U.S visa ran out. He was technically an illegal alien.

On February 5, 2003, Zundel was literally kidnapped by 5 men, several of them armed, and taken to Canada.

I say ‘kidnapped’, because he was not allowed an attorney, and was forced to sign a document, handcuffed, and taken by force, for no valid reason, without any sort of warrant at all.

He had never broken any law, been a threat to anyone, or done anything deserving of, let alone requiring, such treatment.

If you think this is not common, then consider that for every 5000 ‘suspected terrorists’ arrested and imprisoned, only 1 is every charged with any sort of terrorist related crime.

He spent 2 years in the notorious Toronto West Detention Center in an ice cold cell, where they left the lights on all day, the bedsheets were not changed in 3 months, and he was never allowed to speak to anyone.

I endured that for 2 days and found it unbearable. I would rather die than have to go through that again. You have no idea what it is like, not knowing if and when you will ever be let out. And the fact is, that under the current ‘laws’, detention without charge or trial can be indefinite. It is psychological torture. Pure and simple unadulterated evil.

A secret trial was held during which he was never allowed to know what the charges were, or to ever see his accusers face to face.

The Germans then chartered a private plane at a cost of 250.000 dollars to the German taxpayer and carried out an ‘extrajudicial rendition’, which is the weasel-word for ‘kidnapping’, of Zundel to Germany.

A court in Mannheim convicted Zundel of ‘incitement of the people and defamation of the memory of the dead’ under paragraph 130 of the German legal code, and sentenced him to the maximum penalty of 5 years.

Fuck. Wait till they read this book. I won’t bother arguing, complaining, or anything when they take me. It is clear that any pretext of justice or common-sense legality is just a formality.

The Zionists are in power. They are in control. Challenge their hegemony and you’re done for.

Unless your peers stand up and literally physically prevent them from taking you.

Which is why the Zionist Occupation forces of the U.S.A are so keen to disarm the American public.

In Europe on the criminals, whether in some official uniform, or independent, are the only people with guns.

So in Europe you have no chance of defending yourself.

In the U.S, if the people decided to protect themselves, they could. They could even free prisoners who had been locked up. They could fight back. There are only so many soldiers and police. And some of them, maybe even most of them, would probably join the rebels.

Now I wonder if what I just wrote could be misconstrued as ‘incitement’.

Here’s the thing. If your country has officially signed a treaty with an occupation government, like the French did with the Germans in WWII, then resistance is wrong. Or at least criminal.

But you see the German government and the U.S government have not yet legally recognized the Zionist occupations of their nations. So it is technically treason NOT to defy and resist the Zionist occupation of Germany and the U.S which, anyone half awake will now realise, has taken place.

But until they legally admit this, you in fact have every right to resist the occupation.

So, as a philosopher, I can rightly state that Hume, Hobbes, and anyone with a sense of justice and ethics, will support this resistance as legitimate.

What would it mean to charge someone with ‘inciting the people to resist the illegal occupation of their nation?’.

Wasn’t that called ‘patriotism’ before the Zionists occupied the Western world, and Palestine?

Wasn’t that once called ‘defence’?

Weren’t medals for bravery handed out for such acts?

In the days before anyone who spoked of constitutional rights, or called for open investigations into as yet unresolved historical issues, was defined as a terrorist?

In the days before the government could not just pick you up off the street and lock you up indefinitely without even  charging you with any crime?

O.K, so General Von Der Golz was killed for defying the French occupation of the Rhineland. But this occupation was apparently sanctioned by the league of nations, which is one reason Hitler despised the league of nations and withdrew Germany from it when he could. So was it criminal for him to resist the French? All he did was blow up trains with which the French were stealing German property!

In fact Hitler said that the time he felt most frightened was when he re-took the Rhineland from the French. He had been awarded the Iron Cross for bravery during WWI, in which he served for the entire duration. He had faced down a hail of bullets in the Munich putsch, while comrades were falling dead around him. But he had to summon the greatest courage to re-enter the Rhineland with his followers, at a time when Germany had no means of self-defence.

Today Germany has the means, but the Zionists have broken its will to defend itself. The holocaust narrative achieved what no military defeat could possibly have achieved. The complete demoralization of the German people.

Like all their religions, the Zionists control through guilt. Guilt for crimes never committed. From ‘original sin’ (being born a ‘Gentile’), to guilt for WWI, to guilt for WWII, to guilt for a holocaust that never happened.

Basically exploiting oedipal guilt, as Freud would be the first to admit.

But until the Zionist Occupation of the Western World is officially recognized and admitted, it cannot be considered a crime to resist the economic sabotage, the propaganda, and the use of constitutionally illegal means to destroy all resistance to occupation.

How can it be a crime then, to ‘incite the people’ to defending their nation, their constitution, their basic human rights, and the very basis of their survival?

If you believe that is right, then you’ll believe anything.

Oh, yeh, I kinda forgot for a moment. You DO believe anything the Zionist Propagand Machine tell you to believe.

You somehow feel superior because YOU accept guilt in the name of your grandparents, who you are quite happy to defame, just to feel morally superior.

And as the Zionists and their Golem Allies knew they could never break the German will with ‘honest’ warfare, they immediately resorted to propaganda.

Before WWI. During WWI. After WWI. Before WWII. During WWII. After WWII. And right now, just on the verge of WWIII.

Oh well. Nothing to lose gain or lose in this life if the people I am trying to protect don’t have the will or interest in protecting themselves.

I can’t work miracles.

Maybe you can kinda empathise with the Zionists complete lack of respect for us ‘gentiles’. I mean, let’s face it, we’ve literally let them get away with murder, over and over. Right now an Isreali is probably, statistically, murdering a Palestinian. They certainly have them locked up in a concentration camp. And they certainly are dying there. And I haven’t seen them building their Palestinian prisoners any swimming pools or clinics.

The Zionists are even using German made submarines, paid for by the German Taxpayer, and thus by the homeless people of Germany, and all other manner of German made goods to do this.

The real thing that Germans should be ashamed of is how they are aiding and abetting the criminal occupation of Palestine by Israel.

The real holocaust the Germans are aiding and abetting, is the Israeil holocaust of the the Palestinians.

Oh, and didn’t you know, YOU are next.

That is the only crime I have evidence to convict Germany of.

Oh, and the crime of sheer stupidity and guilelessness.

It is one thing to be raped. It is another thing to thank your rapist, offer various different positions that they might like to try out on you, feel guilty that you haven’t been working out and dieting much lately and worried you might not satisfy your rapist, and then to put anyone who tries to help you fight off the rapist in jail. All because you feel guilty for what your rapist told you your grandparents did to his grandparents.

Ernst Zundel’s defence attorney Sylvia Stolz, a very brave woman and another true hero, was prosecuted simply for providing Zundel with his legal right to legal representation.

She has since been imprisoned for 5 years on the most absurd of trumped up charges by a mind reading judge who knew that, even though she never said anything to incite hate, she was somehow hoping to. And at the time she was not even under German Jurisdiction

Which is why I have officially renounced my German citizenship.

As a temporary defence measure. It will give me a little more time to keep writing this book, until the Zionists work out a different strategy.

Not that I am much of a blip on their radar right now.

You see the Zionists have abandoned even ‘show trials’ these days. They have abandoned any semblance of ‘due process’.

They aren’t hiding their occupation any more.

They are so confident that they are already in control. They have already won. They don’t have to even bother with impression management and public relations anymore

Don’t you see. That is the best evidence that the Zionist World Order is already in control.

We are living in occupied territories, just like the Palestinians.

Only for now the Zionists are treating us better. Just for the time being.

You see, the thing is, we could easily rise up and flick them out of our nations like you’d swipe a pesky fly from your face.

We could.

But we won’t.

Because we are all asleep.

Because we have been brainwashed.

And they don’t have to even get off their arses to point a gun at us.

They’ve bought everything and everyone with money we let them print.

Sorry, but I cannot help you if you won’t wake up and do something while you still can.

Maybe I should move to Argentina too?

If I manage to get to finish this book, I will pack my bags and go.

But I have to finish this first.

As rough a job as it is, I have to get the message out while I can.

I will stay and finish this task.

I guess it is nothing compared to what Zundel and his fellow freedom fighters have endured.

Nothing compared to what Hitler went through.

Nothing compared to what the Palestinians are going through.

Nothing compared to what all the freedom activists, rotting in Zionist controlled Amercian and European prions are going through.

I owe them all at least this.

And then if I am still free to, I will leave you to the consequences of your own behavior.

And hope for Happy Next Lives!  Not here on this planet of course. Because this will be a prison planet full of all the miseries that have ever been suffered by humanity over the millennia.

Welcome to the Zionists New World Order.


Sylvia Stolz

History is full of brave women. Heroines. Sylvia Stolz now takes her rightful place among them.

It is women who suffer most during war. They are the ones left to bury their dead children after the men have used them as pawns in their stupid games of domination, power, and control.

Anyone who understands history will understand that the only way to peace is through truth, justice, and liberty.

Sylvia Stolz took her vow to defend the innocent, fight for justice, and uphold the Constitution of Germany very seriously.

For this she was condemned to suffer worse than a violent, anti-social, brutal, egoistic criminal by a ‘mind reading’ judge.

First, I was not aware that ‘mind reading’ was considered a valid legal pretext or accepted from of jurisprudence in any court, let alone a court in Germany.

I guess while polygraphs and ‘lie-detectors’ have been sent ‘beyond the pale’, legally speaking, ‘mind-reading’ is now the accepted form of legal process.

Consider that the judge was Bavarian. From the same Bavaria where a Socialist Government had usurped control over Germany after WWI.

One very courageous young man faced down machined guns and snipers with his loyal, brave colleagues, and continued his ‘putsch’ forward as his doomed freedom fighters fell around him, dead, from German bullets, fired from German guns, by very un-German Zionist communists.

Recently this ‘mother of liberty’ faced down the equivalent of her own destiny, never shrinking back, always moving forward, in defence of the truth, of justice, of liberty, and all the good Germans who enjoy the liberties guaranteed by the German Constitution, which the German Police, Judicial, and Defence forces all swore an oath to defend.

These fateful events, which will go down in history as a huge moment in the liberation of Germany from the Zionist Occupation Forces of Germany, France, Britain, and North America, occurred in February of 2015.

A judge with no respect for the German Constitution, nor with any common sense of right and wrong, one Martin Rieder, of the Munich State Court, convicted our freedom loving, truth loving, courageous heroine to 20 months in prison for ‘denying’ what there is absolutely no reliable, compelling, let alone scientific or objective, evidence for.

She was condemned for challenging the hegemony of the Zionist Propaganda Machine.

She was condemned for stating what anyone with eyes to see, and ears to hear, would immediately grasp, were they allowed to ‘judge’ the truth for themselves, rather than be exposed to nothing but mendacious and deliberately manipulative propaganda from their birth until their death.

Unless the Zionists have already colonized, and established hegemony, in the next world?

But what she never in fact did was ‘deny’ anything.

It is bad enough that she has been condemned for doing the right thing.

In typical Zionist fashion, they just can’t seem to tell the truth, or get anything right at all.

They even got the charges wrong.

Because our dear Frau Stolz never denied the holocaust.

You could meaningfully ‘deny’ the existence of the Zionist’s excessive influence, power, wealth, and control of our mass media, finance, and political systems.

Because it is established fact for anyone with ears to hear and eyes to see.

Like 911, and the Israeli acts of terror and genocide in Palestine.

But how can you ‘deny’ something for which there is not a single shred of reliable, compelling, let alone objective, scientific evidence remaining?

But it goes further that that even

For our heroine Frau Stolz never ‘denied’ anything.

What she in fact had done was participate in a public conference in 2012 in Switzerland, sponsored by the Anti-Censorhip Coalition (Anti-Zensur Koalition).  She had been invited to speak to the international conference on the topic of ‘Judicial censorship’. She had received a standing ovation from the 2000 strong audience.

She hadn’t once denied ‘the holocaust’.

Ask the 2000 people present. Or better still, go online and watch her speech yourself, complete with English sub-titles.

But the judge doesn’t have ears to hear, or eyes to see, and doesn’t bother with sub-titles.

No, the judge feels that due process is easier served just by using his special mind-reading powers, and forming his legal opinions based on those.

So he convicted her for something she never said.

The judge convicted Frau Stolz (oh how apt some people’s names are!), based merely on his own delusions.

The only place our heroine, whom we have every reason to be ‘Proud’ of, ever ‘denied the holocaust’, was in the judges own head. His own imagination. His own fantasy.

When judges are allowed to form legal judgements in this way, I cannot see how due process can be served, or justice done. Do you?

Would you like to be arrested and imprisoned for something a police officer or judge ‘thought’ you did, or said?

Frau Stolz’s husband Horst Mahler is in prison for simply being a historian. A historian who takes his job, and his responsibility, seriously.

In 2007 Stolz tried to ensure that Ernst Rundel received as close as it is possible to get to a fair trial in Zionist Occupied Germany.

Of course the judge did not want to use his ears to hear, or his eyes to see, or his brain to think. Like a child throwing a tantrum the judge simply dismissed all the objective, scientific, compelling evidence which would logically require a ‘historical revision’ as ‘inadmissible’.

Why? Simply because it got in the way of him convicting Zundel.

The evidence, the unequivocal, objective facts, would have prevented him serving his Zionist Occupation Masters.

So the judge, like a toddler in a rage of ‘lassae majestie’, like a two year old tyrant throwing a fit worthy of an enraged sovereign, an angry god, simply dismissed Stolz from the courtroom, and banned her from the trial.

Just like a small child stuffing its fingers in its ears and shouting, ‘I don’t have to listen, go away, shut up’.

But anyone who has ever told a woman to ‘shut up’ knows what a mistake that is.

For simply trying to bring some common sense notions of truth, and evidence, and due process to Ernst Zundel’s trial, she was punished with four years in prison, and disbarred from practicing law for five years.

The Judge assumed that would ‘shut her up’. ‘Break her spirit’. ‘Undermine her resolve’.

The Zionists thought that fire-bombing and machine-gunning down the children of Germany before their mother’s eyes would ‘break’ them.

Did that work?

And this judge thinks he is going to ‘break’ this proud lady with his dirty tricks?

Rocky could learn a thing from this defiant spirit.

When you get knocked down, over and over, the answer is to simply ‘fight harder’.

That is the spirit that is needed if we are ever going to break our Zionist bonds and become free men, women, and children once more.

Sylvia Stolz rebounded from her horrific ordeal stronger, wiser, and steadfast to her principles.

When given the chance to use the most powerful defensive weapons at her disposal, her mind, and her words, she jumped at the chance, despite knowing full well what sort of fate awaits anyone who dares defy the Zionist Propaganda Machine.


In 2012 Sylvia spoke about how the German legal system systematically represses the German people’s right to freedom of expression, and denies lawyers the chance to have compelling, objective, scientific evidence admitted to trials.

It is not even allowed to introduce precedents issued by higher courts, and other courts, which reject, on completely scientific grounds, the verdicts of ‘holocaust’ trials from the Nuremburg trials’ onwards, as without any basis in common sense, objective reality, or technical possibility.

Witnesses are allowed to commit perjury (lie), contradict each other and themselves, offer speculation as proven fact, and constantly refer to ‘a mountain of evidence’ without ever producing a single piece of evidence when called upon to do so during cross-examination.

Forensic evidence proves the impossibility of the claims made of ‘gas chambers’, as does the testimony of the experts in the best position to decide if a story they have been told is at all possible, or clearly impossible, and therefore either a lie, a false memory, or some form of mental delusion.

Sylvia described how the 130 law continues to be enforced in the lower courts in Germany, despite the highest court in Germany having declared it ‘unconstitutional’, and therefore ‘illegal’.

Surely judges should be put in prison for breaking the law?

Otherwise what is the point of a Constitutional court? A court that has no power? When it is meant to defend the entire nation?

It gets even crazier still.

The original ‘complaint’ was lodge by a Swiss law professor (perhaps a middle aged Jewish woman? who’d take bets?) who claimed she was ‘offended’  by Stolz’s plea for freedom of speech in Germany.

Somehow this woman felt that a plea for freedom of expression is the equivalent of ‘inciting race hatred’.

Holocaust skepticism is not criminalised in Switzerland, and even though the German courts have no jurisdiction in Switzerland where the supposed ‘incitement’ took place, the Bavarian court still arrested and charged Stolz under the now infamous article 130, introduced under the Helmut Kohl government.

Do a little web browsing the infamous ‘Koh affair’.  I wonder what incited Helmut Kohl to introduce article 130 into the law books? Was he black-mailed? Grey-mailed? Green-mailed? Offered a very large ‘political campaign contribution’, or maybe a few million dollar public speaking engagements once he retired from office?

This despite the fact that Germany’s highest court has ruled that freedom of expression is legal and constitutionally protected, just try and exercise this Constitutionally guaranteed freedom when it comes the anything that might challenge the absolute hegemony of the Zionist Propaganda Machine, or threaten the benefits of ‘The Holocaust Industry’, and see just how far a constitutional right gets you in Zionist Occupied Germany today.

Now I recall one quite famous man warning us about such a situation.

Ah, but he was just talking nonsense, right?

All his concerns about an out of control, excessive concentration and abuse of power by a small group of people affiliated nominally with the self-defned ‘Jews’ were clearly irrational and without any basis in reality.

He simply had an irrational hatred and fear of Jews.


Nothing that has happened since has contradicted that judgement has it?

Has it?

No, now that the Jews have their own lands, they go about peacefully and creatively working to prove to the world how superior they are. They are good neighbors, and don’t meddle in affairs that have nothing to do with them.



They promote freedom of expression, justice, and equal opportunity.


They’ve gotten out of their old ‘racketeering’ ways and now produce things of real value. You know. Actually make stuff. Rather than just work out clever new ways to manipulate finance markets to make huge amounts of money without actually contributing anything to society.

That’s our modern day Zionist Jew, right?

I mean, after suffering through millennia of pogroms and unpopularity, only because they didn’t have their own country, Zionist Jews are now settling down to the hard work of national building, you know, like the Germans after their horrific suffering during WWI and WWII.

They are aren’t they?

I mean all this nonsense about Israeli’s murdering American service personnel as they lay sunbathing in the Mediterranean on their completely defenseless ship is just a damned lie. Right?

And all those poor dead Palestinian children, women, and families, must have been killed by, ah, oh. Ahmmm.

And that wall around Palestine is there to ah…

And of course Israel is committed to recognizing the decisions of the United Nations and, ah, like, giving back territory they took from their neighbours and, ah…

Oh, and Jews no longer meddle in the mass media of other nations do they?

Or in the politics of other nations. Right?

They got their ‘historic’ homeland back. The one they committed the most horrific genocides, mass rapes, enslavement, and ‘ripping up of pregnant women’ to get 3500 years ago, according to their own ‘official’ history, and now they are just ‘getting on with life’.


And of course the Zionist ‘Octopus’ has not spread its greedy, power craving tentacles out to the world’s courts, to ensure that German, Canadian, and French governments persecute any historian, or even anyone who dares translate for a historian, who thinks it might be sort of in keeping with their job to, like, carry out some historical research?


Let them who have ears to hear, hear. Let them who have eyes to see, see.

Or as Buddha put it, ‘Some will understand’.

For the rest of you I guess there is just no hope at all.

I hope you enjoy your position as ‘Gentiles’ in the Zionists ‘New World Order’.

I personally could have guaranteed you a much nicer ‘New World Order’, but I guess you have made your decision. You have made your choice. You prefer to be mindless slaves to the Zionist than free men and women.

Hey, how am I to deny you that liberty.

I guess all that’s left to wish you all is ‘Happy Next Lives’.

Because this life is going to get pretty unhappy for most of you, pretty quickly.

And I can only hope those who survive, even the Zionists themselves, consider my own ‘Eden Protocols’, and all the arguments in my ‘TROONATNOOR’ books.

You guys might even find a suitable job for me. I might be able to do some good yet.

In any case, what is this life but a cruel joke for most of us?

Maybe the whole point of the exercise has been to teach us compassion, empathy, and humility.

I’ve learned that.

Maybe its time for me to accept that there are too few people in this world with the goodwill, compassion, empathy, and simple common sense reason and intelligence for me to have any hope of leading them out of their error, and into the light.

Call me ‘light-bearer’, ‘light-bringer’, ‘Illuminator’, and ‘Aquarius’.

Sure, I am brighter than most, but it seems that my light is going to be snuffed out, smothered, and engulfed by the darkness in the hearts and minds of the masses.

I hope I manage to keep just enough of it to light my own way, and my own path. And if a few of you want to join me, as equals, as free men and women, as compassionate companions, as vegans, as truth seekers (the original meaning of the world ‘skeptic’), and ‘light-carriers’, then you are welcome.

We cannot be held accountable for responsible for people who are willfully committed to their error, ignorance, spite, greed, envy, jealousy, love of money, thirst for domination and control, and egotism.

The masses have found their rightful, appropriate leaders and masters.

We get the leaders we deserve.

Let’s see how long this world order lasts.

Maybe by the time it is over, the people will have suffered enough to have learned the compassion, empathy, and value of truth, justice, and liberty for all.

Not just for a lucky few.

But for all sentient beings on this planet.




David Irving


David Irving was a widely respected Historian until he was demonized by the Zionist propaganda machine.

Finally, after 50 years, the BBC commissioned a documentary on the Holocaust, in the face of an ever growing number of convictions of people like Zundel for ‘thought crimes’

David Irving had learned many lessons over the years, about how the Zionist Propaganda machine operates.

He was not going to become another pawn of their ‘scripted’ documentaries and television interviews.

So he set a few extremely reasonable conditions for his participation. Remember the BBC make a lot of money out of their documentaries. And that most media reports related to Israel and ‘the holocaust’ are paid for by Zionists, even if they are not actually produced by the Zionists own mass media propaganda machine.

Now David Irving was clever enough to suspect the possibility that he might get on a plane for Poland, and find himself in Germany, surrounded by German police. So he wanted a contract in writing protecting him from such a dastardly conspiracy. In this he displayed quite sound judgement, given what happened to Ernst Zundel.

You see the BBC would easily be able to sell footage of David Irving being arrested in Germany. The Zionists would pay all production costs, and ensure that the documentary won awards around the world, and was aired on all their Zionist propaganda mass media television networks, and saturation reported in all their newspapers and magazines.

But then after sending a statement of these ‘conditions’, BBC replied that they were cancelling the documentary, as David Irving was now the one and only man in the whole world who was officially banned from visiting not only Auschwitz, but all the Auschwitz archives.

In other words, one of the worlds most renowned and (previously) respected historians would never get a chance to carry out any further historical investigations into ‘the holocaust’.


This is how the Zionists respond to any attempt at a fair, open, unbiased investigation into what happened to Jews during WWII.

As the President of Iran noted, we in the west are free to express whatever opinions we like about issues sacred to billions of Arabs and Muslims. He didn’t note that we are  free to even defame Mohammed the Prophet himself. So I will note it for him. We are free to incite anger, hatred, and fear, all over the Arab and Muslim world.

Can you imagine if a cartoonist drew a picture that made fun of ‘holocaust victims’?

Why is it O.K to make middle aged Arab and Muslim women  cry, by not middle aged Jewish women?

David Irving reminded us that we have all the manufacturers specifications for the cremation chambers supposedly used to burn millions of Jews in the work camps.

We have clear, detailed, Allied aerial reconnaissance photos of the camps from the time when they were still in operation.

We know how much coke the incinerators used. We know exactly how much coke was shipped to the work camps. We know that coke is coal from which the volatile oils have been removed to make synthetic oils and fuels. We know that the work camps were built on marshy ground.

The aerial photos show no signs of any supplies of coke.

The aerial photos do not show the brick chimney that appeared after the camps were liberated by the Russians and Allies.

What we do have is photos and videos of the supposed ‘gas chambers’.  In these photos we can see that the ‘gas chamber’ doors had handles on the INSIDE.

Spokespeople for the Zionists claimed that the Germans piled up boxes against the outside of the door to keep it shut.

A flimsy wooden door.

While inside one of the most poisonous, explosive, volatile, flammable gasses was filling a room with exposed electrical switches and light fittings.

The Poles and Stalin himself admit to building the ‘gas chambers’ after the war and the liberation of the camps.

They called them ‘reconstructions’.

But what were these so-called ‘reconstructions’ based on?

There are clear signs that the ‘gas chambers’ were actually morgues which had once had toilets.

The German court argued it is a lie to call such a thing a ‘fake’.

So I guess we are all free to start paying our taxes with ‘reconstructed’ Euros?

In  April 1990, David Irving was charged by the German courts with ‘’racial incitement’ for Irving’s comments regarding ‘’fake, Disney like chambers, built 3 years after war over’ .

I don’t know what is ‘racial’ about such a comment.

I don’t see what it is supposed to be ‘inciting’.

He was fined 22,000 by a court in Mannheim in 1993.

Other people were arrested for simply ‘interpreting’ for someone else who was speaking at a conference.

Imagine that, becoming a criminal for simply interpreting.

I guess for a Zionist, aiding and abetting free speech is a crime.

The interpreters were given two year prison sentences. After the two years were up, new charges were laid for the same ‘crime’, thus violating the usual ‘double jeopardy’ law by which it is illegal to try a person twice for the same crime.

In this case they were being charged individually for parts of the one single statement.

Monty Python could not have dreamed up such a fatuous, absurd trial.

Irving is now banned from stepping foot on German soil

On Zionist occupied German territory.

Which is ironic because later the German government issued warrants demanding that he do just that, appear in a German court, in Zionist occupied German territory.

And it only gets more ‘Pythoesque’ and ludicrous.

For the German government then offered his ‘safe passage’ to the show trial, so he could be free to lay his own head on the chopping block for the Zionist executioner.

David Irvinig quipped in response ‘It’s not free passage into Germany that I need, but free passage to leave Germany after the trial’..

Another man who had attended the meeting for which so many people had been put in prison, Mr Decker, got new 2 year sentence for allegedly ‘chairing‘ the meeting.

Note that the German Zionist occupational police attended the meetings and took complete recordings of the entire meeting. Transcripts were then made of these recordings.

At the same time as people were being locked up for simply stating facts and asking why they were not free to do so, a Harvard Professor published a book ‘The willing executioners’ which claimed that every German alive at the time knew that 6 million Jews were being murdered, and were active, willing participants in the crime.

Defamation? Incitement?


Irving wrote ‘a book called Hitler’s war’.  His publishers had just assumed he must be Jewish, because everyone knew that the only people who are allowed to write anything about WWII German history are Jews.

The Zionists may defame the Jews as a ‘self-hater’, but they are loathe to imprison them for the same ‘crimes’ that they, full of ‘schadenfreude’, are happy to ‘convict’  ‘gentiles’ of.

Only a Jew will get the chance to speak. Only books by a Jew will be allowed to be sold. The publishers knew this. They had just assumed Irving must be Jewish, or why would he bother writing a book that no-one would publish, and no book store would sell?

Seeing as Irving was not Jewish, they had to resort to another ploy. They would pander to the Zionist Propaganda Machine and to the prejudices this hegemonic social reality defining instrument had produced in the masses.

They thought the Zionists might let them get away with publishing a book if they added to the preface ‘David Irving is Britain’s most disliked historian’.

Irving realizes he could make more money being ‘liked’, but prefers to instead report on what he finds in the archives.

He replied to his Jewish critics…’ I’m disliked, and I know why. But why are

you jews HATED wherever you go? Wouldn’t you want to know why?

And lets think about this a moment. If 6 million of your own self-defined ‘people’ had been murdered, wouldn’t you want to know why?

This is the same question the President of Iran offered to his Zionist co-opted / scripted interviewer in an MSCNN interviewer who added, wouldn’t you want the whole world to know EXACTLY what happened, so as to once and for all put the entire question to rest?

But instead the only avenue of historical research in the world today that is not free, open, and actively pursued, is that of ‘holocaust’ research. ‘Whey are historians criminalized and persecuted for doing historical research?


Irving quipped that if it was, as they claim, because Jews are so good at finances, then wouldn’t that claim itself be racist? To assume races exist, and that one of them, the self-defined ‘Jewish race’, was superior at finances?

What were 1700 Nazis’ hanged at Nuremburg for?

Having lost the war?

How do Jews always come to a country supposedly penniless, suddenly become fabulously wealthy, accumulating unto themselves and their tiny 2% minority population, 80% of all the wealth?

If you think I am exaggerating then check the facts for yourself.

George Soros managed to ‘earn’ 100,000 dollars by collaborating with the Nazis’ in rounding up Jews and their assets, and then go on to become one of the world’s richest men.

What invention did he invent? What product did he invent? What value did he produce? Who did he help? What disease did he cure? What did he build? Where did that money come from?

If we are not talking a zero sum game, then what value did he produce that others got to share in?

It seems the Zionist wants the right to exploit their society, but is not willing to put up with enmity that this exploitation is bound to produce.

Like a bully pushing smaller kids around, who then cries running to the teacher when one of them pushes back. Claiming to be ‘the eternal victim’.

Well you have your own country now. So what are you actually doing in Germany, Canada, and the U.S, if the whole world is so anti-Semitic?

Surely you’d want to use your special talents to make your own country the best country in the world.

So why did all the richest Jews leave Israel recently?

Is it a flaw in the Jewish business model? The old problem acknowledged by the Zionists themselves as ‘The Jewish problem’?

That problem is not anti-Semitism.

That problem is that if everyone is exploiting everyone, then there is nothing to exploit?

If every Jew wants to be a banker, then who is going to grow the crops and build the roads, houses, schools, and hospitals?

If everyone is going to focus on getting rich trading derivatives, then who is actually going to be actually founding companies and making the original shares and commodities those derivatives are based on?

People don’t mind if their own people ‘exploit’  ‘OTHER’ people. But they get pretty pissed when their own people ‘try it on’ with them.

You can’t have a society where everyone thinks they have a right to be rich without actually producing anything of value.

THAT, my friends is exactly how the Zionists themselves defined ‘The Jewish Problem’.

Israel was supposed to be ‘The final Solution To The Jewish Problem’.  That is not a Nazi turn of phrase. That is the Zionists own words. They coined that phrase, not the Nazis.

But the big Zionist Jews like Soros and Rockefeller and Rothschild don’t want to earn an honest living. They want to continue doing what they have always done. What they did in the last few decades is just a continuation of way of life.

That is why the Nazis had ‘Arbeit macht frei’ written in metal over the entrance to their Jewish work camps.

That is why Hitler quipped, in response to Mrs Roosevelts comment ‘I myself would never want to live in your Germany’, words to the effect that… ‘I completely understand. For in my Germany everyone will be expected to work, and no-one will be allowed to grow wealthy through deceit and racketeering’.

How was it possible for so many Jews, over 5000, to still be living and working in Berlin at the time of the Russian ‘liberation’ of Berlin? All sorts of Jewish organizations had continued operating throughout the entire period of the supposed ‘holocaust’. These are documented facts. Ask Ernst Zundel the next time he is temporarily freed from prison to show you his wealth of documentation, all collected despite the persecution of historians, and all the restrictions imposed on anyone seeking answers to simple, legitimate, reasonable questions about the supposed ‘holocaust’.


While on the subject of historical revisionism, let us consider this.

The holocaust that the Israelite’s commit in the Old Testament, which is supposed to be a true historical account of the history of the Jewish people, and is used as the justification for the modern state of Israel existing at all, is worse than the holocaust the Zionists claim the Germans carried out during WWII.

I cannot understand why anyone would make such claims, and be proud of them, and then use the same claims to justify the Allies displacing an existing nation, the entire Palestinian people, a nation that welcomed and lived peaceably with Jews as equals for longer than any other people on this planet have managed to do.

First, to be a little cheeky, surely the Palestinians deserve a medal for that one achievement alone!

So, the Zionists claim that because they genocidally murdered, raped, and enslaved all the people who had, up to that point, been living peaceable in Palestine, 3500 years ago, that gives them a moral right to return, 3500 years later, after a gap of over 2000 years in which they were NOT the owners of that land?

Is that how Zionists think?

Doesn’t that disturb you just a little?

Doesn’t that provoke some response in you?

Does anyone need to add anything?

Or is that the problem. The Zionists fear that the tiniest of sparks of truth and indignation will set off a huge explosion, and leave them running to find a new homeland again. Just like all those other times/

What can I say? How clear a statement of the Zionist mindset do you need before you will see what a threat they are?  How is this fear or hate mongering? Just stating obvious facts?

O.K, so historical revisionists, in the sense of non-Zionist historians who do not simply take any claim a Jew makes for granted, but actually investigates that claim to see if there is any historical evidence, or other compelling evidence, to support it, will tell you that the holocaust the Jews commited against the Canannites et al, including the then living Palestinians, never happened, as far as they can tell.

Or to be more precise, there is not a scrap of evidence that Joshua existed, and actually committed all the horrible war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, mass rape, and mass enslavement, that the Jews appear so proud of, and use as their justification for occupying Palestine, and continuing the genocide that their ancestors, 3500 years before, failed to complete.

Do you realise that what I just said is factual and objective. But jeez, how horrible does it sound?

I am not inciting you to anything but to the pursuit of truth, justice, and liberty.

And forgiveness.

Let us forgive the Zionist all their self-proclaimed crimes and build a new world order based on mutual honesty, mutual trust, mutual co-operation and toleration, mutual love, mutual respect, truth, justice, and liberty for all, no matter what skin color, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, or particular holistic inheritances.

I have to add that to make sure you understand I do not want to incite anyone to any irrational hatred or fear. The fear is legitimate and realistic. Perfectly rational. The hate would be completely reasonable. Only it would not be productive.

I am inciting you to productive, creative, sustainable responses to the facts of the situation.

So, anyway, back to this thing called ‘historical revisionism’.

A historical revisionist is someone who returns back to historical questions, and revises our opinion or understanding of them, by uncovering new evidence, new insights, new document, better translations, and so on.

All secular, no Zionist historians have ‘revised’ the official history of the Jews as contained in their official history book which we call ‘The Bible’, to be more precise the first five chapters of the Old Testament which Jews call ‘The Torah’ or ‘Pentateuch’.

It is so ironic and dumbfoundingly frustrating that the Jews insist the Bible stories are as real as their holocaust ‘history’ is.

In the one story they are the perpetrator of a holocaust. In the other they are the victim. Why you’d insist the first was true is beyond me. All it would indicate is extreme arrogance and sense of invulnerability. It would indicate that we are dealing with the most smug, self-satisfied, vicious, and dangerous people who have ever walked the face of this earth.

If that won’t sound nice in a court of law, I stand by it. As it is what all the evidence available to us indicates.

So, they insist they are genocidal. They insist this is O.K. For they have the god-given right to slaughter, rape, and enslave anyone they wish.

That’s not me putting words into their mouths folks. That’s their own official position.

But if this first ‘official’ history of the Jews has been debunked as completely without any foundation, then what should we make of their more recent ‘history’ of WWII, which includes the ‘holocaust narrative’?

Should we pay it any more credence than we do their older official history?

And if the first really is true, then what light does that shed on the second?

If indeed they were victims, were they really that innocent?

But no serious historian who takes an honest, informed, unbiased look at the Old Testament stories, or the holocaust narrative, will find any evidence that either of these ‘tall tales’ are true.

They are both ‘nation constructing myths’ that are common to all nations. Stories told to boost nationalistic fervor and patriotism.

Do I really have to say anything more?

But I will give you as much information as possible, for I understand that you, like all the ‘holocaust skeptics’ once were, are still living in a fog of Zionists propaganda. And it takes time to grasp the truth. The objective reality. After you have been living in the dominant hegemonic social reality that you were immersed in at your birth, and in which all things appear reflexively consistent, coherent, and reliable, and thus compelling.

But once you escape this mind prison for just a few moments you begin to recognize it for what it is. A lie.

And this is why the Zionist spares no effort or cost in ensuring you never, for one moment, step outside their ‘sphere’ of influence.

Not for one moment can they risk you getting the slightest whiff of ‘another side to the story’. An alternative interpretation.

They cannot dare let you learn a single fact. A single objective fact. A single crack in their hegemonic social reality.

For they know, that their lies are built upon such fragile foundations that despite their best efforts and greatest expense, the entire Zionist Propaganda machine would become useless.

That is why they will never allow you, ever again, to have any freedom of expression, freedom of historical investigation, or freedom of scientific enquiry.

It is do or die for the Zionist.

They are now on the very verge of taking total control.

But the slightest truth, the smallest fact, when allowed to be told, would completely destroy their hegemony.

That is why they talk of fear, and fear your sudden explosive hatred, when you find out the truth.

They saw what has happened over and over when their conspiracies were discovered.

They always say ‘never forgive, never forget, never enough.’

They killed the man who spoke of ‘forgiveness’. They don’t know what it is. So they cannot imagine that WE will forgive THEM, if we find out what they have been doing, and what they are planning to do.

But for all those Jews who are not Zionists, please be certain that we will forgive you. We welcome you to participate in the world society as equals. We do not define you are Jew or Gentile. We define you as colleagues, equal partners, in this mystery and adventure called life.


Oh, and before I forget. It is possible that the current laws and persecutions might be a deliberate attempt on the Zionist resistance to provoke people to becoming outraged. It could be a clever plan to highlight a problem that they are not free to do in any other way. By provoking the world with these outrages against freedom, constitutional rights, justice, reason, common sense, and simple logic, the perpetrators of the crimes against people like Zundel and Irving might be intend, via a sort of reverse psychology, to provoke a widespread popular reaction among the masses against the Zionists tyranny.

This is just a theory. Unlike the Zionists, all my theories are open to free and transparent debate.

The thing is, though, my highly gifted Zionist friends. Even if it is not a deliberate attempt by an underground Zionists resistance movement, it may still have the same outcome.

You may have overstepped the mark. As usual you have overstepped the bounds of credulity.

Even modern Germans and Americans are not so stupid and lazy and self-hating as to put up with anything and everything.

Make it obvious enough and even the most foggy-brained person will see the truth.

In your arrogance you have once more overstepped the mark.

You have, as Shakespeare, or whoever wrote for him, put it, ‘you have revealed yourselves by the way you attempted to conceal yourselves’.

In the attempt to conceal, we reveal. Something like that.

And so, by going to such absurd extremes to hide ‘something’, you make people wonder, why then, just what on earth are they so scared of us finding?  We can’t imagine what it could be?  Surely something really big, if they are willing to go to such extremes to hide it.

You have drawn attention to your deception quite unnecessarily.

You had it all in the bag. You had it all under control.

But then you blew it, but not, as the Daoist sage would put it ‘knowing when to quit’

You see your reached that ‘tipping point’ and then pushed just a little more. Just a little too arrogant and greedy an self-righteous and over-confident. You power has rushed to your head.

I never would even have considered writing a book like this if you had not dragged my attention away from much more pleasurable pursuits by the over-the-top, absurd, excessive, unnecessary, completely blind, complete hate and fear driven, desperate obsession with completely destroy and silencing people who would otherwise probably NEVER have found an audience, let alone a champion such as myself.

You, in your blinding pride and smug, self-satisfied sense of invulnerability, in attempting to crush what would have been a mere pesky fly, have awoken a dragon.

There is an old wise saying. The fool desires control. The wise man controls desire.

You have allowed your irrational hatred and fear to blind you. That and your hubris will be your downfall. You pushed just a little too hard, and the cycle of history is now continuing on its course.

It is now continuing the same old historical cycle.

You just couldn’t help yourselves. Greed. Total control. Lust for total power. Lust to murder, rape, and enslave, just like in the Old Testament.

That didn’t end well for you, did it?

But there is still time. Renounce your ambition. Control your desire to control. Learn to participate as equals with all the peoples of the earth.

Focus on using your talents to produce things of real value. To help others. To make this world a better place. To facilitate the wellbeing and prosperity of all sentient beings.

You’ve done it again. But you can stop this time before the logical consequences of your actions fall down upon you. You can step out of the cycle.

You have, in trying to defame an entire nation, saved Adolf Hitler’s reputation. You have made it so perfectly clear that Hitler either never issued any orders for the extermination of Jews, or that , if he did, it was understandable, given his circumstances.

Either way you have returned Adolf Hitler to his rightful place in history.

Today there is no need for us to fight wars with each other. I am sad that in the past we did. I honor the dead. I honor and validate their suffering.

Never again.

Like Hitler, I am no-one from nowhere. I grew up poor and unloved. I would never dare imagine that I have anything like his courage, his charisma, or his endurance.

But like Hitler, I have finally been awoken to the truth.

I am your equal. Not in power. Not in influence. Not in ruthlessness. Not in smug self-complacency. Not in military might. Not in any of these ways.

But I am your equal in intellectual capacity.

I may not have a huge propaganda machine at my disposal. I would never want one.

But I have the truth on my side. I still have a voice, for those with ears to hear. I can still show the truth, to those with eyes to see.

Yes yes yes, congratulations, you have the power to destroy me, like you did Jesus, and Nazi Germany.

But that won’t save you from the truth.

The truth has been set free.

The truth will set us all free.

So learn to live in the free world, among free people, as equals, and stop this neurotic, deluded, sociopathic drive to enslave the world.

It will only, as it has every other time before, lead to you ruin.

And to all those self-defined Jews who are being dragged along with the Zionists, please remember you are welcome to join the free, as free people, as equals.

Do not let the Zionists among you trick you again. Don’t let them offer you up again, as a ‘burnt offering’ to their own psychopathic ambitions for power, control, domination, and genocide.

Join me. Don’t follow anyone. Let your instincts to truth, beauty, justice, and freedom lead the way.

And if nothing I can do can save anyone at all, then I can only wish us all Happy Next Lives !

Let’s see, where to next? O.K.

A Judge awarded a man 50,000 dollars after he expressed ‘mental anguish’ when another man offered a 50.000 dollar reward for anyone who could provide compelling evidence that Jews were gassed at Auschwitz. The judge used the ‘victims’ own ‘testimony’ as ‘overwhelming and incontrovertible proof that 6 million Jews were exterminated in Nazi death-camps.

Imagine how many lawsuits I am looking forward to!

All already won!  All pre-determined. All completely fixed. All ‘in the bag’.

Will they even bother with ‘show trials’ ?

Probably note, because every time anyone gets even a show trial, they weaken the case of the Zionists. They draw attention to the absurdity and injustice of the charges, and the persecution of people like Zundel and Irving.


Mein Kampf is banned in Germany, and demonized all around the world. Why? Because it makes the same case I am making here.

And because, like the now banned ‘Goebels diaries’, it shows that Hitler was never actually anti-semitic. He never had an ‘irrational’ hatred or fear of the jews. Only a completely understandable and rational respect for the danger and threat they represented to Germany, and the world.

In Goebels diary, like in the many documented reports of U.S and British Ambassadors, including members of the Kennedy family in the U.S, give the distinct impression that the Jews had provoked whatever happened to them in Nazi Germany and the occupied territories.

The Kennedy memo describes how Jews were becoming very wealthy at the expense of Gentile Germans, running most of the brothels, including those supply under aged Gentile girls, and taking up an immensely disproportionate number of executive positions in all the lucrative professions, while blocking Gentiles from those professions, and dominating the film and newspaper businesses, especially in Berlin. You can find these documents online any time you like. As I write I am not online. I only have a quite limited access to free internet. It is not a luxury I can afford if I wish to be free to continue writing.

As I was writing a Facebook post, I meant to write ‘I can’t win’, but then when I looked, I had written ‘I can’t lose’. Was that sign from the gods? Or a warning from the gods? Either that I cannot afford to lose? Or that I am destined to win?

Definitely the second is true. Which is why I was compelled to officially renounce my German citizenship.

Can you imagine what my Grandparents would think of that?

But how can I continue to allow the Zionist Propaganda Machine to defame them? And millions of other people. Including millions of Muslims and Arabs and Palestinians?

You think I am making the story about the U.S ambassadors to Germany up?

It is a documented fact that President Roosevelt, speaking in 1943 in Casablanca, stated openly, … ‘I cannot fault the Nazis for what they are doing to the Jews, because if any alien people comes into another country and within a short period of time takes over its most lucrative professions…’ and so on. This is completely consistent with the other reports of foreign ambassadors in Berlin during the 1920s and 1930s.

He also said to Morgenthal… ‘If we take any large number of Jews we can only reasonable expect each community to take only one family…I’m deeply alarmed at how the intake to Harvard is already up to 15%, this is quite intolerable…it should not rise above 3%..’ .

As other people have said, maybe Jews are superior, or more ruthless, or greedier. Whatever the case, the perception of the people they abuse will lead to anti-Semitism. That is the eternal ‘Jewish problem’.


If you don’t believe you are the victim of a massive, ubiquitous, centralized and global propaganda campaign right now, consider one little example.

Product placement is where you hope to glamourize your product by associating it with famous, glamourous, respected and admired people. The best example of this is tobacco.

But you can also subconsciously demonise people by association. David Irving was put in jail in Canada in 1992.

Around the same time he was demonized in a movie about a psychopath. The heroes and heroines of movies usually reach for a cigarette. In this movie the psychopath reached for a book by David Irving.

So maybe it was free advertising, like all these show trials that persecute holocaust skeptics, and anyone associated with them.

And while on the subject of books, I usually quip that the only people who read my books are either other writers like myself, or the Zionists and their Golems, such as the C.I.A, the N.S.A, and Mossad.

Of course my books only get published online. Most of the seriously active publishers are located in New York, and they happen to define themselves as ‘Jewish’. Most literary reviewers define themselves as ‘Jewish’.

But they are not satisfied with merely preventing books from being published and marketed.

In typical Zionist style they want total control.

They have been trying to censor the internet, to ensure full spectrum dominance of their propaganda machine, since it began operating.

They managed to get David Irving’s books put on the same list of ‘restricted’ materials that the public school systems would automatically filter out.

They have had ‘historical revisionism’ defined as a hate crime.

They have had laws like 130 in Germany introduced, despite the highest courts of the land, in Germany and Canada, ruling that the law violates people’s basic human rights and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

It was in fact the 1988 Ernst Zundel trial where Irving’s problems began. Up until this point he was a best-selling author, and a widely respected historian.

However he dared speak out at Zundel’s trial, in support of Zundel, and the Canadian constitution.

He was immediately demonized. From then on his life was made impossible by the Zionists and their Golem. He admits that, had he known how high a price he would have to pay for speaking up at Zundel’s trial, he would have remained silent.

This is why the Zionist propaganda machine has full spectrum domination.

Not only does it silence any critics. It ensures, through the horrific consequences it inflicts upon the brave and honest people who do speak out, that most people will practice a ‘self-censorship’ more powerful than anything any external censor could ever achieve.

And so you get a self-reinforcing lie. The average person hears and sees nothing to contradict the Zionistic propaganda, and so they just assume there is no criticism to be made.

They take for granted that the skeptics, are, as the Zionist propaganda machine defines them, either criminals with some evil agenda, or simply mentally unstable, crazy, insane, deluded.

I have explained how ‘social reality’ is constructer and public opinion and ‘consent’ is ‘manufactured’, in my TROONATNOOR books.

But you are too busy chasing after what the Zionist Propaganda Machine tells you is ‘happiness’, and ‘satisfaction’ and ‘success’, and ‘joy’, and paying a trillion dollars in taxes so the Zionist controlled NATO and Zionist Occupied U.S and Germany can completely destabilize the world, simply to divide and conquer it.

It is only in this way that less than 1% of the world’s population, the Zionist, and their Golems, can control the 99%. Like the one shepherd and the 100 sheep. If anyone one of them realized just how powerless the shepherd really is, they would laugh at his attempts to control them. And if the sheep realized that not only is the shepherd only keeping them in order to ‘fleece’ them, but that once they no longer produce any value for him as sources of value, he is going to slaughter them, then surely they would run for their lives.


David Irving, whose books were bestsellers up to the time of the Zundel trial, didn’t know it at the time, but his publisher MacMillan had had all the inventory of his books shredded without telling Irving. It took a long time to find out. Irving only started making enquiries when the royalty checks started drying up, and then completely stopped. And then MacMillan would not even admit to what they had done. Irving only found out after getting a court order.

The Zionists did their best to get his appearances on television shows ‘pulled’. Irving discovered documents that show that they had admitted to themselves that there was no way that they could manage to pin the label ‘anti-semitic’ on Irving. But they could still ensure that the mass media managed to lead people into forming that opinion, without it ever being explicitly charged. They admitted that they could not refute anything he said as it was true. They admitted he was too competent and knowledgeable to ever confront directly, in any public forum.

Newsweek called Irving after the Oklahoma City Bombings, telling him that allegations had been levied against him, linking him to those terrorist acts. In fact the Jewish Telegraph Agency released a claim that they had information that Irving had actually constructed the trigger mechanism for the bomb.

This JTA had sent a press release making this claim to every media agency in the world.

But when Irving himself published a copy of that press release himself, the JTA sued him, claiming that it was a secret, privileged, confidential document.

Deborah Lipstadt is one of the psycho-terrorists that constantly harass, victimize, and terrorise holocaust skeptics.

Irving, thanks to the vicious and malicious efforts of people like her, was arrested in Vancouver, Canada, in 1992 after giving a talk on freedom of speech. He was taken away in handcuffs. The next day he appeared in court.

He was allowed to respond to some allegations that were printed on a fax. He noted that the fax-line read ‘SAJBOD’, which is ‘The South African Jewish Board Of Deputies’.

Irving was the victim of an international conspiracy.

After that show trial Canadian officials handcuffed and shackled Irving and put him on a plane back to the U.K, like some sort of dangerous criminal.

Irving reports that the police in the van told him anti-Semitic jokes all the way to airport.


Police transcripts made of recordings that German police made at his speech proved Irving had said  the word ‘fake’, but had not at any time claimed that ‘Germans had been paying years for a fake holocaust’. That was what he was being charged with having said. But the prosecutors own transcripts proved he had never said it.

So the judge, in typical ‘show trial’ fashion, announced to the world that he could read minds, and that he ‘knew’ that ‘that is what Irving had intended to convey during his speech’.

O.K judge, I will state it here. Germans HAVE been paying billions of years, and been guilt-tripped into supporting the Zionist take-over of the world.

but nothing about Germans paying

There is a long history of judges convicting people for what they never said. Gunter Deckhardt was imprisoned for over five years for something even the courts had admitted he had never ‘said’. And there are thousands of similar cases where holocaust skeptics have been imprisoned on slight technicalities by ‘mind reading’ judges.

Walendi was sent to prison for something the judge admitted he had never actually written. He was inflicted with a 10 month prison sentence for publishing a short brochure.

Simply complaining publicly about the injustices suffered is considered a criminal offence in Germany.

Imagine that. Can you understand now why I was forced to renounce my German citizenship? .

You think Zionist Jews do not have excessive power? Then why is it that Jews have right of return to Palestine after 2000 years, but Palestinians with keys to their own houses have no right of return?  An entire people refused the right of return after being kicked out of their own homes only a few years ago, in an act of military aggression that the U.N has renounced, but will not do anything about.

While trillions of dollars in your taxes is being sent on illegal invasions and military occupations by the U.S and Britain, the U.N is doing nothing at all to compel Israel to return the territories they now illegally occupy.

Did you know that, despite their best efforts, Israel can provide no actual hard historical evidence that they ever were in possession of Palestine?

There is no evidence of any King David, nor that the Jews are descendants of him.

Any wonder they don’t respond kindly to historians carrying out any research at all related to the Jews, whether it is about ‘the holocaust’ or the Old Testament.

The irony is that entire Palestinian communities are being kicked out of their homes so that the Israeli’s can build a ‘theme park’ devoted to brainwashing kids into believing the bible stories are actually historical facts. As historical and factual as ‘the holocaust’.

The only way to establish some connection between the mythical King David and the modern day Isreali’s is to build a theme park.

Or make Hollywood films.

Because there is absolutely no historical evidence.

Anyway, back to the ‘amusement park’ for genocidal Zionists.

I wonder if any part of the park will be dedicated to the Canaanite holocaust the Jews committed in the Old Testament. Will there be a ‘ride’ where modern Israeli’s get to re-enact the genocide, murder, rape, ‘ripping apart of pregnant women’, and slaughter?


So, what is the actual documented history of Israel?

Shall I start with the terrorist campaign in which hundreds of innocent civilians, and British public officials, were murdered?

You can read about that in my other books.

Let’s fast-forward to about 3500 years after that.

In 1922 the U.K, which was then the colonial power of the Middle-Eastern region, broke off 70% of Palestine and gave to one group of Arabs, who then became the nation of Jordan. The nation and people are named after that famous river of the same name. You might recall it from your bible readings?

Then in 1947 Britain honored its promise to the Zionists, with the powerful support of the Zionist lobby in Washington, and New York, where for some reason the U.N headquarters were built (on land donated by that famous Zionist Mr Rockefeller ‘skirt-faller-maker?’), as far away from most of it’s member nations as you could possibly get, to give Jews a homeland in Palestine, in the lands ‘promised to them by god’.

Britain and the U.S got the U.N to divide the remaining 30% of Palestine into two portions, with the far larger going to the far smaller group of Jews, and the far smaller going to the far larger group of Palestinians.

The Jews rejoiced. The Arabs were in uproar.

What on earth was the U.N doing giving away their homeland to a group of European Jews?

By what moral right could this be justified?

The Jews had not ‘occupied’ Palestine for over 2000 years. And according to the Jews own ‘history’ book, the ‘Torah’, those Jews had stolen the land through genocide, rape, pillage, and enslavement. Those biblical Jews had dispossessed the rightful, peaceful inhabitants of Palestine 3500 years ago, finally been kicked out by Rome in 70 C.E, and now they were being given the land again? By some foreigners who imagined they had a right to do such a thing?

The Israel ‘Hebrew settlement’ ‘Zionists Movement’ announced the Jewish state of Israel on May 14, 1948.

Of course the Israeli’s had known about the planned partition of Palestine years before it was announced. Only the Arabs were caught off-guard and surprised.

The Israeli military had been planning for this day for a long time. It had trained and armed 40.000 men in the most modern combat techniques, and with the latest, cutting edge military equipment that the U.S, Germany, and France could supply.

The Israeli military put the Zionist propaganda machine into overdrive, spreading the news that the Arabs were attacking from all sides. It was a question of do or die.

In fact there were no invasion plans on the part of any of Israel’s neighbors.

Just think about it.

Israel’s neighbors had been caught by complete surprise by the announcement.

They had had no idea it was coming.

They would have not had any chance to prepare any sort of assault on Israel, even if they had wanted to.

Recent research by the son of one of Israel’s most famous Generals lead to documents being uncovered that prove,  beyond a doubt, that the Israeli military had planned an offense attack long in advance, and were primed with a hair-trigger preparedness for offensive actions.

Not defensive actions.

There was no attack made on Israel in 1948.

Israel invaded its neighbors in an illegal act of military aggression, aimed at extending the Israeli territories, and gaining strategically valuable territory, water, and resources.

It was much worse than the German invasion of Poland as it had much less justification. Germany was basically re-uniting German territory, full of Germans, back into the fatherland, after Poland denied the Germans a reasonable alternative solution, after plebiscites and reasonable offers.

The Zionist Israeli’s, on the other hand, were simply taking by force what they proudly claim their ancestors took by force, and genocide, 3500 years earlier.

Saudi Arabia did its best to support the totally unprepared defence forces of Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria.

During this war over 800,000 Palestinians were ‘ethnically cleansed’ out of their own homes and lands by the Zionist terrorists.

The act of aggression was not supported by the U.N, or Britain, however no actions were taken by neither Britain nor the U.N to stop it.

The U.N merely defined the acts of aggression as illegal, and ordered Israel to return all the territory they had occupied back to its legal, rightful owners.

However Israel has never complied with the U.N ruling, and no-one has ever forced them to. No-one has even applied sanctions to Israel to compel it to comply with the U.N ruling.

It seems that the greatest benefit of ‘the holocaust industry’ is that no-one dare lay a hand on reprimanding those ‘eternal victims’ ‘the Jewish people’.

Even though the 500,000 Jews had been given about 60% of the land, with the minority holding going to the 1.5 million Palestinians, the Jews just weren’t satisfied. They had always, from the very beginning, demanded the entire state of Palestine, and some surrounding territories, for themselves. Based on the ‘biblical’ descriptions of the supposed ancient state of Israel from 3500 years ago.

Immediately the Israeli’s began a campaign of ‘ethnic cleansing’.

It is just another myth that in 1947 the Arabs attacked the fledgling nation of Israel.

If they had been intent on destroying Israel, then surely they would of. How hard would it have been?

By the end of 1948 the Jews had taken most of the territory given to the Palestinian state.

Their 40,000 strong armed military, supplied with the latest weapons from the U.S, were a vicious, ruthless, genocidal killing machine.

The Palestinians had no real way to defend themselves against such a well-armed and ruthless force.

If you want to picture it, just imagine your typical WWII propaganda film of SS combat troops, in Israeli uniform. I mean the propaganda version of evil, vicious, racist, hate-filled Hollywood Nazis, not the real ones.

The surrounding Arabs did not intervene until May 1948. By then the ethnic cleansing had been mostly completed. It was too late to do anything. One million Palestinians had been driven out of their homes, and off their U.N mandated territories. Lands they have lived in for the last 1500 years.

Their homes were given to Jews.

Do you doubt me? Well what if this story comes straight from the mouth of the son of a famous Israeli General? Do a google search on the name ‘Miko Peled’ and then watch his films..You can watch his recent interviews and documentaries on Youtube. You could probably arrange to have him give your group a lecture.

He also described the next act of military aggression by the Israeli armed forces, which brought the Israeli’s one big step closer to their plans to occupy the entire ‘biblical’ Israel once more. More or less using the same strategy that their supposed ancestors used 3500 years ago. Military invasion. And genocide of the locals. ‘Oh Thou Palestiner’. Read you bibles if you have ‘em. Read my books if you don’t have weeks or free time to do so. The Zionists Central Banksters keep you running on your little treadmill trying to pay debts for the unnecessary consumer goods and services their Propaganda machine a.k.a mass media and advertising, fooled you into thinking were necessary, and were going to make you happy and content and fulfilled. How happy, content, and fulfilled do you really feel right now?

So.Like after WWI, where the Germans were forced to abandon a large part of their territory (Which France then decided to occupy and loot), the Egyptians were forced to abandon the Sinai desert.

But like Hitler (who had no army at the time but the courage of a lion combined with the fury of a dragon that had been woken from its peaceful slumber by thieves), and Egyptian General moved his troops back into what was after all Egyptian territory.

They were not prepared for war. They were not planning war. They were simply moving Egyptian troops into Egyptian territory.

There were no plans for anything else by, like Hitler, the assertion of national sovereignty over a nations own territory.

What the Israeli General’s son found, after being granted complete access to the minutes of all the General’s meetings around the time of the war, in 1967, is that the Isreali military was hungry for another war of aggression.

They saw an opportunity to destroy a completely unprepared Egyptian army, using their assertion of the legal rights i.e movement of troops into their own territory, as a Cassus Belli, or ‘justification for war’.

Now like the Generals son had always been taught the official lie that we had all been taught. The same sort of lie we are still taught about Hitler.

The official fiction is that in 1967 Israel was attacked by three Arab nations who were all hell bent on wiping Israel from the face of the earth.

But the truth that this General’s son found was quite another story.

You see in reality the Israeli army worked hard to convince the Israeli government that the Egyptians would need at least 1.5 years to prepare for war.

And so if Israel struck now, on the flimsy pretext of an Egyptian ‘invasion’ of the Sinai (Egyptian territory technically declared a ‘military free zone’ by foreign powers), they could smash them, take the Sinai, and also take the Golan heights from Jordan, The West Bank from Syria, and further Palestinian territory. Thus bringing them once step closer to realizing their plans for a ‘greater Israel’, far larger than the one the U.N had mandated them.

Their mantra was ‘if we strike first, we can destroy them for the third time’.

There was not one single mention in the minutes of the General’s meetings or their correspondence with the Government of any actual ‘threat’ to Israel being posed by the Egyptian military presence in the Egyptian Sinai.

All the talk was about an opportunistic, pre-emptive strike, an act of military aggression, on Egypt.

Further, the talk was about taking the West Bank from Jordan and the Golan Heights from Syria.

The Golan Heights, in Syria, not only possessed large supplies of fresh water, but would offer a strategic advantage in the wars they had planned for the future.

Facts my friends. It was a purely aggressive military invasion. Not a defensive war.

Do you know of any other defensive war that the defenders won in 6 days, and which netted them so much territory?

Oh, and no-one told you, but the Israelis and U.S have known for a long time now that one of the largest potential oil fields lies under the Golan Heights, in what is now Israeli occupied territory, and continues over the border into Syria. That is why they want Syria so badly.

Can you tell be about any other ‘defensive’ war in history where the defenders, supposedly attacked simultaneously by three different nations, manages to kill over 15,000 of their ‘enemies’ while losing only 700 of their own troops?

Now the U.S.S liberty was in international waters, off the coast of Egypt, intercepting all Israeli military communications.

They had been recording data that would make it very hard for the Israel’s to claim that their ‘6 day war’ was a defensive war.

So what did Israel do?

After several times clearly identifying the U.S.S liberty by name and nation, to their headquarters (we have the tapes folks), they were ordered to destroy the vessel and kill everyone on board.

This they attempted to do. Using all the means that their disposal, from fighter-bombers, to torpedo gun boats. They machine gunned the life rafts as the U.S military personnel attempted to save their lives.

This attack defines the entire war.

Was Israel under attack from the U.S as well?

Please read my book, and also watch the recent documentary made by the survivors of that attack.

The ‘6 day war’ was seen as an attempt to solve the ‘Palestinian problem’. It is the same problem that Joshua in the Old Testament faced, and solved. And they are solving it in exactly the same way. Genocide. Invasion. Crimes against humanity. War crimes.

The ‘six day war’ virtually erased Palestine from the map after 2000 years of peaceful existence.

25 years after WWII the Jews, having learned so much empathy, compassion, and humility from a supposed 3500 years of being the ‘eternal victim’, continued with their Old Testament ways.

It is clear now that Israel had never had any intention of honoring the U.N mandated Palestinian State. It had always intended taking all of Palestine for itself.

Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader, was willing to sacrifice 80% of the land the U.N had mandated for a Palestinian state in order to obtain peace.

But that was never going to be enough for Israel. Israel was determined to take all of Palestine for itself.

This is why there can never be peace in Palestine, until the Israeli’s have completed their ‘Canaanite holocaust 2.0’.

Even those Palestinians living in Israel do not share equal rights with Israeli’s. The Israeli’s only allow them to live to do their manual labor and menial work.

Israel has quickly built settlements in all the lands that they have illegally occupied, in direct contravention, in direct arrogant defiance, of the U.N, international law, and the consensus of the entire world’s populations.

By 1993 it would have been impossible to establish a Palestinian state in the U.N mandated West Bank.

The entire Jordan River Valley has been settled by Israel’s on what is Syrian territory.

Jews have bought out, by legal and illegal means, the entire East Jerusalem.

Israel has turned the ‘Gaza Strip’ into one big KZ, one big concentration camp, from which the ‘inmates’ are only allowed to leave to go out on ‘work details’ for the Israelis’.

Any offer ever made by any Israeli government of ‘peace’ with the Palestinians was disingenuous.

The only ‘peace’ the Israeli’s will ever offer the Palestinians will be R.I.P.

Even today you will see arrogant Jewish women appearing on television complaining that ‘Palestinian refugees who fled to Syria, Egypt, and Jordan do not take up citizenship in those lands’.

What the Israelis demand is that all the Palestinians leave their homeland and take up citizenship in other countries.

What is the Hebrew world for ‘hypocrisy’? Do they have even have one? Does it exclude Jews from the definition? Does it only apply to ‘Gentiles’?

The 2000 peace agreement was a sick joke. As Arafat lay dying, Israel surrounded his death bed with tanks and continued to pound his compound with artillery and tank fire.


You have to understand one thing about Miko Peled. His own sister’s beautiful 13 year old daughter died in a Palestinian suicide bombing.

When his sister, the mother of the girl, was asked ‘surely you now want revenge,’ by Zionist propaganda machine mouthpieces hoping to turn the tragedy into a propaganda opportunity, .she made a very unZionistic reply.

She simply stated that no mother who loved their children would ever want another mother to suffer what she herself has suffered. She called for peace and Justice for the Palestinian people. She showed genuine empathy for the suicide bomber and their family. She showed a genuine concern for the wellbeing of the Palestinian people. She was quite aware that it was her own government that was responsible for her daughter’s death. The Palestinians had been robbed of all hope. How else could you explain a suicide bombers willingness to die for their people?

She said …’’my government brought these two young men to such a level of despair that they would take their own lives and the lives of a little girl…the brutal oppression of the Palestinian people by the people of Israel was the cause of this. The Palestinians are denied hope, freedom, water, land, and their own homes. I point a finger at my own government.

Oh, she used to be a close personal friend of the President of Israel.

I guess she is just a ‘self-hating Jew’?

Miko Peled admits that he had, in all the 39 years he had lived in Jerusalem and Israel, never once actually interacted with a Palestinian.

That is how strong the level of ‘apartheid’ really is in Israel.

The Palestinians do the hard, manual, menial work for the Jews. They are considered inferior and more or less ‘untouchable’.

Miko Peled, who to me seems to love life, Israel, Justice, Truth, and Liberty, and in no way appears to ‘hate himself’ in any way, spoke of the signs, in Hebrew, put up at all Israeli checkpoints, that warn Israelis that they are about to enter a very dangerous area full of terrorists. The areas are effectively declared ‘active’ war zones. In fact entry is forbidden to these areas by Isreali’s, to prevent them ever discovering the truth about the treatment of Palestinians by Israeli’s.

However he himself became suspicious. For he had only ever seen traffic jams, children going to school, people going to work, people out shopping. He had never once seen anything that looked threatening. He’d never once seen a ‘terrorist’ or even a ‘hostile’ looking Palestinian.

It became clear to him, long before he carried out his research that the signs were meant to humiliate the Palestinians, to demonize the Palestinians, to provoke an irrational fear and hatred of the Palestinian people, and to incite the Jews to hatred, anger, and hostility towards the Palestinian people.

As it sees it now, the relationship between Palestine and Israel is one of a privileged master exploiting a slave it has made powerless to defend itself.

Israel is an army of occupation and oppression, actively working to deny the Palestinian their basic human rights, and prevent resistance.

Miko openly declared, as an Israeli Jew ….’I am the terrorist, not them’.

You, living in the U.S or Germany, should be aware that, as a Gentile, the Zionist Jew feels exactly the same way about you as they feel about the Palestinians.


If you think a ‘two state’ solution is unworkable, then consider how peaceful Switzerland is, or Belgium.

Israel considers its borders to extend from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean. It has no intention of allowing the Palestinians their own state in Israel.

The Palestinians may obtain Israeli citizenship, but they will never be granted the full rights of Israeli citizenship which are retained exclusively for the Jews.

Just read the bible and Talmud.

Jews are people. Gentiles are mere cattle.

The Israeli Occupation Force is the best fed, trained, equipped, and U.S backed terrorist organization in the world.

Their entire purpose is terrorism.

The entire purpose of the Zionist Propaganda Machine, including the ‘Holocaust industry’, exists to prepare the world psychologically for the Zionist takeover. To weaken the West until it has no will to fight back. To destroy its sense of pride with guilt for crimes it never committed.


Miko stated that the 2008 attack on Gaza was the ‘most shameful day in history of the Jewish people’. (And that is saying something if you’ve read the Bible folks). Israel … began carpet bombing 100 tons of bombs…on the 800,000 children that live in Gaza…The bombing began just as these children were leaving school to go home. The bombing and the slaughter continued for 21 days.

Gaza is one of the most densely populated piece of land on the entire earth.

One ton of bombs is enough to destroy an entire block of in a residential area…first day of 21 day slaughter that had no

Miko declares, full of love for himself, for all the peoples of the world, and for truth, justice, and liberty, that ‘Zionism like racism has to go…the Zionist state must be replaced with a democracy…with equality between Jew and Palestinian’.

The Zionist Propaganda machine, the same one that constantly ‘spins’ holocaust skepticism into hate crimes, defining any question as an attempt to ‘incite peole to irrational hate and fear of the Jews’, constantly bombards Isreali’s with nothing but incitement to an irrational fear and thus hatred of the Palestinian people, from their conception to their death.

The Zionist Propaganda machine brainwashes Israeli’s into fearing a ‘holocaust of Jews’ at the hands of the Palestinian people, if ever Israel returned their lands to them.

Oh how tempting it is to go all ‘Celine’ on you. I will demonstrate the greatest self-control I ever have as a writer, and limit myself to a few observations.

Very timid, bland, passive observations.

The bully at school picks on a bunch of kids, enjoying great malicious glee in the suffering he is free to inflict upon them.

Then one of the kids actually defends himself, and fights back.

The bully goes running off to a teacher, crying, bewailing his victimization at the hands of that kid.

The bully calls their parents and demands that the school ‘protect’ their child from that kid.

That kid is demonized as a ‘terrorist’ and kicked out of school. Maybe even put in a ‘correctional facility’.

And this pattern repeats itself over and over. The bully goes back to victimizing other children. One stands up against him.

The same pattern repeats for 3500 years. And no-one seems to have noticed the pattern at all?

And then one day all the kids at school, sick and tired of being victims, gang up on that kid and physically make sure he leaves that school once and for all.

And that kid manages, through his parents, to sue that school, and all the parents of those children, for 35 Billion dollars in damages.

And the courts are not interested in hearing the facts from all those kids.

The courts insist that our bully was an innocent victim of an ‘irrational hatred’ on the part of all those other kids.

Years later when historians try to investigate this entire story, they are put in jail for making that bully’s middle aged mother cry in court, for daring to bring up the subject at all.

The judge states ‘truth is irrelevant in my court’. ‘You are trying to incite an irrational hatred and fear of the bully’. ‘I can read your minds’. ‘I know what you are up to’.

And so most historians forget about ever investigating this fascinating story further.

And so the whole world assumes that there must not be a story to investigate.

And anyone who claims there is, and tries to investigate, must be a trouble maker, with evil ulterior motives. A criminal. A hater. A hate monger. A fear monger. Probably with some irrational, insane hatred of the bully. Probably hoping to make some money from books full of lies about that bully.

And so on.

See, Celine would be very disappointed in me. Oh the things I could have written.

Still, my life story will be ‘enough to base a movie on’, as Jim Morrison puts it, and I will be able to exchange my story with ‘the great eagle’ in return for the freedom of my soul, as Don Juan Mattis, Carlos Castaneda’s Indian Shaman, would put it. Or my story will provide enough wind to fill the sail of my soul’s ship, and carry me away from this world, as Celine would put it.

You see, the Zionists does not consider that the Palestinians could possibly have an legitimate, valid, reasonable, reason to hate or fear the Jew.

And so if and when the Palestinian tries to kick a Jew out of the Palestinians own home, and off his own land, and out of his own territory, the Jew will define this as a monstrous crime. It will be a ‘holocaust’.

A completely unprovoked attack.

Just another crime against the Jews committed by the Gentiles.

Just one more reason to annihilate the Gentile, and enslave them completely.

Simply to protect the Jews from further ‘victimization’.

I don’t think you need a high performance IQ to recognize a pattern, and retrospectively apply it to the last 3500 year of Jewish history, and the Jews relationship with their Gentile ‘hosts’.

I feel that I am only employing a tiny fraction of my own performance IQ to work all this out.

I am, though, employing all 100% of my crystalized IQ, and pushing it as far as it can go, spreading it as holistic as possible, concentrating and focusing it as narrowly as I can, and really straining and suffering, to try to express the obvious pattern to you.

Over half of all Israeli Jews are descendants of Arab Jews from Iraq, Yemen, and North Africa. The old Arab Jews could be heard crying day and night as their once beautiful homeland and cities in Iraq were being bombed into the stone age.

The Arab Jews of Israel have more in common, and more shared goals, than anything dividing them.

Palestinian Jews and Islamic Palestinians, and Christian Palestinians, all lived happily side by side, until 1948. Jews will tell you how they used to leave their children in the care of their Muslim neighbors, as babysitters and so on.

The only people who have incited hatred and fear of Jews has been Jews themselves. Through their actions.

When the speak of a historical revisionist inciting hatred and fear of the Jews, what they are admitting to is that the truth, if told, will generate more hatred and fear of Jews than any Zionist Occupational Government or the entire Global Zionist Hegemonic Propaganda Machine could ever neutralize, counter, or ‘spin’.

The people and state credited with ‘the introduction of terrorism to the 20th century, beginning with the King David Hotel bombings, are the world’s number one terrorist organization.

They definitely are responsible for all the attacks on 911.

They are carrying out the systematic extermination of the Palestinian nation.

They continue to carry out repeated ‘holocausts’ of Palestinian women and children.

They continue to hold the entire Palestinian nation in a Prison Camp / Work Camp / Concentration Camp / Death Camp in the Gaza Strip. With walls and armed guards and all.

I do not know how to state the facts any clearer than this.

But I will continue as long as I am free to.

Remember that I keep publishing this work as I go along. Most of it is still at a rough edit stage. But I publish all my notes as well, in case someone else must finish it for me.

Thousands of Palestinians are being tortured, and rotting in prison cells, for no crime at all, apart from the crime of being born a ‘Gentile’.

Like most of your reading this.

Oh, yes, don’t deny it. Look at the facts. The legal protections of the Constitution of Germany only apply to Jews. Gentiles have no protection from the Constitution. Only Jews can talk openly about ‘the holocaust’. And they can lie, defame, and terrorize any Gentile who dares stand up to their bullying tactics.

During the 1940s, as new nations were being set up around the world, including in the Arab lands, the Arabs felt sympathy for the Jews, and were quite willing to share their lives with them in peace.

They had, in fact, been living with the Jews in peace for 1500 years.

But soon it became clear that an element among the Jews, the militant Zionists, were racist, violent, radical, and militant, and were never going to be happy ‘sharing’ Palestine with them.

That is when the suspicion began.

And their very worst suspicions of the most suspicious among them were more than proven true, time and time again, until any reasonable person would have a perfectly legitimate, well founded, valid, completely justifiable, fear, and then hatred, of the Zionists.

And yet the Palestinian people have shown remarkable reserve in the face of the Israeli progroms against them.

Of the five million Palestinians living in Israel, only 200 have committed suicide bombings.

Compare that to the war crimes of the Israeli military?

Just in that attack on the U.S.S Liberty they murdered over 30 Americans, and severely wounded over 80. In the 911 attacks they murdered over 3000 Americans.

And you want me to define the Palestinian people as terrorists? As a threat to world peace? As criminals? As having an ‘irrational’ hatred and fear of Jews?’

Are you going to blame the historical revisionists, the holocaust skeptics, like David Irving, Ernst Zundel, and David Cole, for this ‘irrational’ hatred and fear of the Jews?


You may know that I was forced to teach Geography, even though I had never studied it in my life, let alone gained any qualification or accreditation to teach it, and then was blacklisted from teaching because I wasn’t any good at it?

Well, anyway, if I make some geography mistakes consider this reference.

The West Bank in the North East of Palestine (Israel). It shares borders with the Dead Sea and Jordan to the East.

Golan Heights is North West of the West Bank, and shares borders with Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon.

The Gaza Strip is a tiny strip of land surrounded by the Mediterranean sea to the West, and the Sinai (legally Egyptian but illegally occupied by Israel) desert to the South.

This Gaza strip is effectively the world’s largest ever concentration camp. With walls and all.

Is it a death camp?

Go online and see how many people have been directly murdered there by Israeli bullets and bombs. See how many people have died there of diseases.

Now compare those figures and facts with the official records of the International Red Cross for the figures for ALL deaths from ALL causes in ALL of the Nazi concentration camps in ALL the German occupied zones during WWII. You can even add the figures of people who died after WWII, due to their experiences in the camps.

Now tell me which group of people, based on all the evidence and facts, is guilty of genocide. Which group of people can we rightly, without fear of being guilty of defamation, is guilty of committing a ‘holocaust’, and on which people?

A holocaust that is continuing, finance with your taxes, at this very moment.

Go on the internet. You won’t find actual video footage of the Israeli’s dancing as the WTC is collapsing, but you will find footage of Israeli’s dancing with joy at the news that Israel is bombing 800,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

But keep in mind that the footage shown of Palestinians dancing for joy at the news of the 911 attacks was a fake. In fact the people were set up by the Zionist propaganda machine. They were given some presents, and were so happy.

But the footage of them expressing their gratitude was shown on international Zionists Propaganda Machine Mass Media ‘news’ reports and ‘reported’ as ‘Palestinians expressing their malicious glee after learning of the 911 terror attacks.

Check it out for yourself. Don’t take my word for anything. Never believe anyone. Always check things out for yourself. And if you find that you are not free to, and even charged with some offence for trying to, then ask yourself why that is so. What do they have to hide?

It is a fact that you cannot make a career in any field unless you are either quiet, or side with Israel on everything.

You have no hope of a political career in Washington D.C unless you are rabidly pro-Israel. Totally biased in favor of Israel. Totally compliant with the Zionist Propaganda Machine.

You cannot even start a political campaign without Jewish funds. They represent less than 2% of the U.S population but contribute over 50% of the campaign finance funding. That we know of. How much more they contribute illegally is anyone’s guess.

They will destroy you if you dare challenge their hegemony.

They even have 4 of the 9 seats in the Supreme Court.

Their media Golems will grind you down to a whimpering mess if you dare speak up about the reality of the Zionist Occupation of the Western world.

The price of doing business in the Zionist Occupied West is to comply with any Zionist request. For it will become a demand otherwise. A demand backed by violence. Physical, economic, financial, and media violence.

And because the U.S and Germany posed such a potential threat to complete Zionist hegemony, the Zionists are now going all out to ensure that these nations collapse economically.

The Zionists are tightening their grip on the economic, financial, and legal policies of the U.S and Germany to this end.

The end of freedom, liberty, and prosperity for the Gentile, on planet earth, is near.

No resistance to the Zionist New World Order will be tolerated.

And soon no resistance will be possible.

That is why the Zionist has ramped its attacks on holocaust skeptics up to the n-th degree, to ensure total silence on any criticism of Israel or the Zionists.

Unless you get behind the holocaust skeptics, you are doomed to fates worse than they are suffering right now.

Don’t you dare complain that no-body warned you.

You do nothing to help the very people who are risking everything in the fight for your liberty.

Shame on you.

You are more interested in the latest pop idol, fashion, or technological gadget, than you are in truth, justice, liberty, and freedom.

Right now the Zionists are using NATO to provoke a war with Russia and China, in order to completely destroy the only nations that are resisting Zionist Occupation.

Any nation that dared resist the Zionist Central Banisters’ Occupation, using the U.S petro-dollar ponsy / pyramid scheme, has had their leaders assassinated, their nations invaded by terrorists, and their entire economy and society complete destabilized by chaos sponsored and engineered by the Zionist New World Order leader and the Golems.

Can you imagine the great laughs the Zionists get from naming the head of ISIS Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi?  What a joke of a name. How catchy too. He’s the new acting head (actor playing a role) of ISIS, and being pushed by the Zionist Hegemonic Propaganda Machine (including NBC, CNN,BBC, 60 minutes) as the new Bin Laden, and next big thing’. In fact as ‘the most disgusting, vile, terrorist we’ve seen’. He is ‘so elusive’ that there are ‘only a few photos of him’. Funny that, given he was in U.S custody for so long. This ‘actor’ is the same guy who portrayed terrorists in faked videos of ISIS members beheading people. All ‘Hollywood’ productions of the Zionist Propaganda Machine’.

In any case, since when did Arabs being using acronyms?

Did you know that the ‘official’ codename for Mossad, among U.S intelligence agencies (Zionist Occupied U.S intelligence agencies) is actually ISIS, Israeli State Intelligence Service?


Do you remember when leading U.S political and military figures were ensuring us that Saddam Hussein of Iraq had nuclear weapons, and posed an immediate threat to the U.S. And then the head of the U.N inspection team was fired for contradicting those statements?

And how many ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction’ were ever found?

Well today Lindsey Graham, in the U.S congress, is claiming that the U.S faces an immediate threat of Nuclear attack from Syria of all nations.

Syria has nuclear weapons?

But Israel doesn’t?

Graham is pushing the irrational fear that the New York is going to be attacked by a nuclear device placed in the cargo of a ship in New York harbor.

He claims ‘the next 911 is coming from here (meaning Syria).

But if it comes, it will be coming from Israel, with the assistance of the C.I.A.

Just like the last 911.

What the Zionist Propaganda Machine is doing is using 911 as a fear trigger as part of the overall 911 strategy to produce a trauma, and then create an irrational fear based on that trigger, of all Arabs and Muslims.

If ‘Israeli State Intelligence Service’ doesn’t appeal to you, then how about the U.S firm ISIS, which specializes in Middle East security and intelligence?

The Zionist Propaganda Puppets in the U.S administration continually come out with blatant, Zionist scripted lies beginning with …’Here’s what we know’.

In the same way that ‘we know’ that ‘the holocaust’ happened.

They then befuddle and confiscate our minds with virtual reality Hollywood productions that appear to ‘prove’ what they are saying’.

But their ‘shows’ are purely fictional.

Just like ‘Schindlers list’ is pure fiction. Read the book cover page.

Just like ‘the holocaust’ is completely fictional.

Noticed a pattern yet?

Same people, same sort of lies.

They keep referring to their expert sources and incontrovertible evidence, and yet they NEVER actually present any hard, factual evidence. And later we discover they were lying.

Does that sound familiar?


‘The holocaust’.


And now Syria is supposed to be the next threat?

And you’ll believe it?

Just like you believe ‘the holocaust’ myth?

At what point will you stop believing what you are told by the Zionist Propaganda Machine, what you know as ‘The mass media’ and ‘Hollywood’.

I bet you’ll still be believing the Zionists lies as you lie dying, and watching your children die.

Of course they’ll blame some ‘terrorist’ for that tragedy.

And you’ll go to your deathbed completely oblivious to the fact that it was the Zionists.

If you doubt the power of the Zionist Propaganda Machine to distort your perception of reality, please consider the recent interview with the then leader of the North Vietnamese military during ‘The Vietnam War’. His ‘Tet Offensive’ had proven a complete failure. He was in no position to prosecute the war any further. And so you can imagine his surprise when the very next day the entire world media was defining his failed attack as a ‘crushing defeat’ of the U.S and Australian forces in Vietnam. Shortly after the U.S announced plans to end the war, and pull out its military from South Vietnam.

For the Zionists had already decided the war was no longer in their interests, and had already planned to pull out.

Check out the full interview on You tube if you doubt me.

If you don’t see the pattern, then I don’t know how to make it any clearer.

Nuremburg ‘show trials’, Iraqi ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ posing an ‘immediate threat’. 911. And all the other ‘false flag’ Zionist operations I document in my book ‘911: Five minutes to midnight?’.

Of course the benefits that flow to the ‘holocaust industry’ are enormous. Recently an Israeli Official was reported in and Israeli Newspaper to have been reminding her staff of just how important it was to maintain German levels of guilt. Without the guilt, Israel would be ‘just another country’ to the Germans.

Germany would not have sent over 35 Billion in ‘compensation’ to Israel.

Germany would not have ‘donated’ 4 submarines, all capable of launching I.C.B.M’s, intercontinental ballistic missiles, with nuclear warheads.

Germany would not be putting up with the genocide that Israel is commiting against the Palestinian people.

And Germany would never have introduced the laws which prevent Germans from criticizing Zionism, Israel, the Nuremburg Trials, or ‘the holocaust hoax’.

Zionism’s biggest gain from ‘the holocaust myth’ are laws which the Zionist can use to hid behind.

Adolf Hitler would have been put in prison without a trial, indefinitely, for publishing Mein Kampf, along with the people who typed up his notes, the publishing house, and any shop that sold that book.

That is why I wrote this book.

Because someone who can identify holistic patterns, like Hitler could, must repeat what pretty much the same story as Hitler presented, but with a ton of more material to fully articulate ‘the pattern’ of Zionistic behavior.

Everyone is self-censoring, for fear of the Zionists.

Just like in the 1900s.

If you even mention simple statistics, like the concentration of wealth (Zionists own over 50% of the world’s total wealth outright), or the concentration of media ownership (they own over 90% of the Western World’s media, from movies, to television, to news agencies, to print media), or the excessive influence Zionists have on U.S policy (over 50% of all political campaign contributions  come from Zionists), or massive overrepresentation in Congress, the law courts, and Washington Lobbyists, you will be accused of being ‘anti-semitic’.

You do not even have to say that you think this is bad, or dangerous, or in any way problematic.

A judge will ‘read your mind’ and assume that your ‘intention’ was to incite an irrational fear of Jews, and thus ‘incite’ public unrest, even ‘pogroms’ and ‘holcausts’.


On August 15, 1871, Albert Pike…in letter to his friend Mazzini, … Pike explained how, in order to bring about a New World Order , the Zionists would  overthrow of the Russian Tzar, and bring about a communist state in Russia. This happened in 1914. In that same letter he announced that the Zionists would produce a world war.  And then after this they would produce a second world war between Germany and Britain. This Second World War would be to bring about a Zionist State in Israel. And once this was established, the Zionists would provoke world war three, a war that would begin as a local conflict between the Jewish and Muslim world, but would spread internationally.  This purpose of this war would be to make every nation willing to surrender its national sovereignty to a world government. A copy of this letter, whose authenticity is unchallenged, had been on Display in a British museum until recently, when it was removed, without explanation.

Pikes letter are reminiscent of ‘The protocols of the Elders of Zion’ which the Tsarist police claim was ‘leaked’ by a Zionist, but which Zionists claim is a fake. Whether fake or genuine, its predictions are uncannily prophetic.

The ‘Protocols’ describe how the Zionists were out to start three world wars. The last war would be the war that would bring about a Global, Zionist headed, Government.

Pike’s warning letter and these ‘Protocols’ explain  how Israel was not set up in order to protect Jews, but rather to lure them into a trap. The Zionists would provoke the world to hatred of the Jews, and destabilize the Middle East region, and the world financial system, to start world war three.

I give a more detailed account of the ‘Protocols’, ‘911:5 minutes to midnight?’ in which I explain how the Zionists constructed the Western world’s four main religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Marxism, in order to ‘divide and conquer’ the 99% of the world’s population that was ‘Gentile’ and ‘Jewish’.

Ah ha, you say. That must be a typo!

No, sorry, read my other books, please. The Zionists are the 13th Tribe. They are NOT Jewish. They were Egyptian. Moses and his brothers. Quite possibly Moses was the nom-de-guerre adopted by Akhenaton after he and his ‘Priests at On’ were violently deposed and kicked out of Egypt. No-one can find his remains, so as far as history is concerned, it is quite possible he really was Moses. He did have the symbol of  power that only an Egyptian Pharaoh dare wield, the ‘serpent rod’, and he did set up a ‘serpent’ altar, and he did introduce his ‘chosen people’ to monotheism (though he did not himself invent it, but turning Ammun-Ra’ into Aton, and then Adon(ai).

Whether a mere ‘missionary’ of the Priests at On, or Akhenaton himself, Moses was definitely Egyptian. Most likely a student of ‘The Priests at On’ (Heliopolis / The City Of The Sun near Armarna in Egypt, about halfway between Thebes and the Capital, sort of the Egyptian Canberra!).

So this is why I have to keep stressing, my beloved Jewish friends that your Zionist rulers are not your friends any more than they are the Gentile / Goy’s friends.

Yes there are many self-defined ‘Jews’ that I love. From David Lee Roth, to Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, all the (non-German-defaming) Hollywood writers, actors, directors, and producers, philosophers like Henri Bergson, and all the ‘wandering’ Jews I have met during my world travels. It is usually ‘love at first sight’. We start talking, and we just hit it off.

Oh, except for that Jewish owner of that backpacker, who kicked me out, leaving me to sleep in my car, because I would not admit that ‘there are lots and lots of nazi’s still in power in Germany’? Oh well, I managed to live in my car for about 6 months after that. Didn’t do my back much good. Probably aged me a few years. But at least it taught me that it is possible.

So, while the Zionists, with their ‘Exclusive morality’ exclude all us non-Jews from rights, and defines us as ‘fair game’, so that a Jew can do what they like to Gentiles / Goys, just as long as they don’t extend this exploitation, rape, murder, and enslavement to other Jews, in the end, the Jews themselves are expendable to the Zionists. The Zionists offer the Jews an exclusive morality, but failed to mention that the Zionists themselves kept an exclusive morality for themselves.

This is why the new world order will be forced communism for the masses, who will live a very basic, minimal existence, and fascist-corporatism for the Zionist elites, who will enjoy every freedom, every excess, every luxury, keeping a few of us as their ‘pets’ and ‘sex-slaves’.

A few of the more brilliant, talented, capable ‘slaves’ will enjoy a good life, as long as they satisfy their masters.

But we will all exist as mere means to their ends.

Until they no longer need us.

Robotics and artificial intelligence will soon make us redundant.

The Zionists, like Rothschild, Gates, Rockefeller, The British Royals, Ted Turner, George Soros, Hilary Clinton, and all that lot, already view most of us as mere ‘pollution’.

As soon as their new technologies make us redundant, they will exterminate us like the vermin they already define us as.

But not just the Gentiles / Goys.

You, my Jewish friends, are going to be sacrificed as a ‘holocaust’, a ‘burnt-offering of a sweet savor unto’ your lords, the Zionists, the Levites, the Priest class’.

Every time you lie about the holocaust you think you are making a ‘noble’ lie in the interests of your people.

But you are basically empowering your own masters. Your own future destroyers. Good luck with that!

Remember that when you curse me, spit on me, defame me, discredit me, abuse me, torture me, imprison me, kill me. You are destroying your best ally.

You will soon see what long legs lies have, when your beloved Israel becomes another true, historic, real holocaust, like the holocaust that was Dresden.

And your Zionist masters will glow with pride at how eagerly you sacrifice yourselves for their pleasure.

Please wake up.

Your ancestors, if they ever in fact did have a homeland in Palestine, gained it by the most monstrous means imaginable. Read your bible. That is the only basis of your claims to Palestine.

You had not ‘owned’ Palestine for over 2000 years.

And what happened to you during those years?

How many times did your greedy, psychopathic, sociopathic, power-crazed Zionist elites get you into trouble?

Who do you think benefitted, and grew richer, each time you were kicked out of some land or other?

Do you really think Hitler was a mad, crazed, evil, irrational monster?

Have you ever read ‘Mein Kampf’?

Have you ever heard him giving speeches in his normal voice?

Have you ever wondered why he granted so many Jews ‘honorary Aryan status’?

Have you ever wondered how thousands of Jews and Jewish organizations were allowed to conduct ‘business as usual’ right up to the end of the war?

Do you ever wonder at the ‘survivors’ stories, in which they are sent to one death camp, and then get approval to travel right across Europe, where they ‘survive’ up to another 5 ‘death camps’, including any number of ‘death marches’, to end up in the middle of Nazi Germany where they were then ‘liberated’ in top physical form?

Are Germans really so incompetent that they would, if they had planned to murder all the Jews, really let so many millions survive the war?

The big mistake the ‘holocaust survivors’ made was in making their stories too fabulous.

If they had just claimed that the Germans went around shooting Jews, and getting other Jews to bury them, or burn them, then their story may have seemed believable.

But instead they made up fabulous tales where Nazi’s put Jews into cages with Bears and Eagles that tore them to shreds. This story was validated as ‘truth’ and ‘historical fact’ by the Nuremburg trials. So were the stories of Nazi’s making lampshades out of human skin and soap out of human bodies. Or the stories of buildings with electrified floors used to electrocute Jews. Or the stories of ‘Steam chambers at Treblinka, which later turned out to be nothing more than a transit station, and had never been a camp, let alone a death camp.

Oh, and don’t forget the almost 10,000 Polish officers and other victims in the Katyn forest, that the Soviets had also pinned on the Nazis, but which the allies already knew had been carried out by the Soviets. They had intercepted radio communications in which the German police had reported finding the mass graves, and Soviet communications in which Stalin’s guilt was clear.

Those are the ‘historical facts’ ‘revealed’ by the Nuremburg trials.

But of course these ‘historical facts’ have all been dismissed since then as absurd.

The last ‘historical facts’ of the ‘Nuremburg show trials’ related to ‘gas chambers’.

Now if the ‘survivors’ had not claimed they had all seen flames leaping out of smokestacks, seen smoke rising out of the smokestacks, and smelled the smell of roasting human flesh that smelled like roasting chicken, and such nonsense, then I for one would never have suspected for a moment that they had been lying.

Because all the experts agree that such descriptions are pure nonsense.

They are completely inconsistent with how crematoriums CAN be operated.

And then the stories of ‘gas chambers’.

And then we get to see the ‘gas chambers’ thanks to brave investigators like David Cole and Ernst Zundel, and we see just how fabulous and impossible the stories really are.

Again, my friends, you overstepped your marks. You passed the ‘tipping point’ of credulity.

It is impossible to burn hundreds of bodies in open pits as described by ‘witnesses’.

Even ‘survivors’ admit that the camps had saunas, hospitals, and pharmacies for the Jewish inmates, and that they could buy and sell in a camp ‘free market’.

Al the movies that the Zionists have dismissed as ‘propaganda’ films of the Nazis, which show how humanely the camps were really operated, are in fact quite accurate depictions of daily life in the camps.

It is the ‘story’ of ‘the holocaust’ that is the true propaganda.

That story defames millions of people. An entire nation.

If the courts of Munich and Mannheim are so certain that their grandparents murdered 6 million Jews, then the right thing for them to do is to give the Jews Munich and Mannheim in compensation.

Not to punish the Palestinians for the actions of dead Germans.

No-one is saying that they are glad for all the death and destruction that occurred during WWII.

But if you are going to take the Zionist Propaganda line that Germany was responsible for WWI and WWII, then you are basically giving the Zionists carte-blanche to go ahead with WWIII.

This time at least they won’t be able to blame it on the Germans.

Finally a war that Germany will not be blamed for!

Now back to good old Albert Pike. He predicted that the Zionists would provoke conflict between the two main Islamic groups, the Suni and the Shi-ites. For since Mohamed’s death they have argued and fought over whom the rightful successor to the prophet should be.

Now ISIS represents Sumi Muslims. The Iraq regime represents Shia Muslims.

89% of the Iranian population are Shia Muslim.

The Zionists are deliberately aiming to provoke these two groups into military conflict. Remember that Islam (sorry if this offends some Muslims) was a product of Judaism. It was created by the Zionists. Just like Christianity and Marxism.

Anyone who knows the history of Europe knows about the wars generated by schisms within the Christian religion, and then the conflicts between communists and Nazi’s, and then the ‘cold war’.

Well today the Middle East is in the same position as Europe once was, during the 100 years wars and so on.

Artificial divisions have been constructed by clever Zionist manipulations, to divide and conquer.

And with the Zionist occupations of North American, and the E.U, they are now set to construct the financial collapse after which, to distract their populations from their own incompetence, the western powers will go to war with Russian, China, and Iran.

The pattern will be clear to anyone who has studied history, and has a performance IQ over 80. Yes, even George Bush Jr would have recognized this pattern, if he had ever bothered to learn any history.

O.K, sorry, cheap shot, to relieve my frustration a little.

The Zionists are arming Sumi ISIS in Syria,  in an attempt to force Iran to defend their Shia ‘brothers’, by becoming involved in the Syrian civil war.

But it is not really a civil war.

It is merely the current battleground of WWIII.

Soon the ‘theatre of war’, of WWIII, will expand to encompass the entire Middle East, and thus N.A.T.O (ATON).

You, my beloved Jewish friends, will be annihilated by your own leaders.

By the Zionists.

The ‘holocaust’ you made up will come true for you, in Israel.

This will be the true ‘holocaust’.

You are to be offered up to the Zionists god of greed, the love of money, and power, as a ‘burnt offering’.

And a only a remnant of you shall survive.

It was not Germany that was your enemy.

It was, and is, the Zionists among you.

This is why Israel is currently telling the U.S not to engage with ISIS.

Because ISIS only exist as a tool. They don’t want that tool destroyed until it has served its purpose.

To serve that purpose it must first grow strong enough to be a real threat, and to force Iran into engaging with it in Syria.

This is why Turkey is buying ISIS oil, financing them to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in oil revenues.

This is why a N.A.T.O nation has machine gunned the pilot of a jet it shot down, and then blew up the rescue helicopter that was looking for the survivor.

It wants to provoke a war.

N.A.T.O is ATON is Moses is The 13th Tribe, the Zionists…ZI-ON.

One moment Israel is telling us that ISIS wants to destroy Israel, but then when NATO offers to protect Israel and destroy ISIS it is suddenly keen to make sure nothing happens to ISIS.

You see, ISIS is a means to the Zionist’s ends.

Just like ‘the holocaust’ hoax is a means to the Zionists ends, and has absolutely no basis in historical fact.

If you want an image to understand what ‘constructing social reality’ or ‘manufacturing consent’ means, then just watch the original ‘Matrix’ film. In that film the ‘reality engine’ is known as ‘The Zion Mainframe’.

That is exactly what is happening right now.

The Zionist propaganda machine is the equivalent of ‘The Zion Mainframe’ in the ‘Matrix’ films.

Global climate skeptics as (the new) thought criminals


Up until recently the only ‘thought crimes’ related to ‘the holocaust’.

Well of course earlier in history anyone who did not believe exactly what the Pope said was also guilty of a thought crime. But we like to imagine we’ve come a long way since then.

But have we really?

‘The holocaust’ is only the first trick in the Zionists ‘bag of tricks’, the first ‘tool’ in its ‘toolbox’. The first means towards censorship. The first means to its agenda of total world domination. The next step, after having gained complete control of the world’s mass media and entertainment industries, to ensure the full spectrum dominance and complete hegemony of its propaganda machine.


Plato referred to ‘god’ and ‘religion’ as ‘noble lies’. Funny how so many people get tortured, and die in ‘crusades’ and ‘civil wars’ and ‘holy wars’ for the sake of such supposedly ‘noble’ lies. Isn’t i?

Well ‘The Holocaust’ is the Jews favorite ‘noble’ lie, because it brings them so many ‘good’ things. Tens of billions of dollars. The ‘victim’ status that is priceless, and lets you justify all sorts of sins, and gets you a ‘get out of moral jeopardy free’ card, good to be used time and time again, any time you feel like committing genocide, or attacking a neighbor and stealing their homes, their lives, and their territory. It also lets you ‘guilt’ nations into bending over backwards for you while you rape them, and into prosecuting anyone who challenges the lie that lays all these golden eggs.

But now the Zionists have a new ‘noble lie’. It is called Global climate change.

It was called ‘Global warming’, but then some pesky scientists, despite being coerced, threatened and terrorized into silence, had the nerve to ‘debunk’ that myth.

The problem was the Zionists had gotten overconfident. They had not expected any ‘resistance’. They had underestimate the ‘skeptics’. They had not had the foresight to introduced laws, before they began their campaign of full spectrum propaganda that would make it a criminal offence to ‘deny’ global warming.

So now they are working on laws that will make it a criminal offence to ‘deny’ global climate change.

Just like it is criminal to ‘deny’ their earlier ‘noble’ lie. Their earlier ‘hoax’. The myth of ‘the holocaust’.

The holocaust industry has been worth untold billions in money, and untold leverage in political terms.

The ‘global climate change hoax’ will bring even more money. And it will bring the Zionists one step closer to total world domination. That was, after all, always their plan.

WWI and WWII were just stepping stones to the realization of that plan. The holocaust hoax was just one ‘resource’ that helped finance their plans, and leverage their political power.

But it was nothing compared to the Zionist Central Bankster’s Petro-dollar-ponsy scheme, which I outline in ‘911:Five minutes to midnight?’.

And it was nothing compared to what the ‘carbon trading scheme’ is going to net the Zionists.

But more importantly, it will prime, condition, and train the world’s population to become used to the idea of paying taxes to a global entity, and to granting that global entity power over sovereign states.

Even to granting that global entity the right to tell you what to do in your own home, no matter where you live.

At the same time they are doing away with cash, to force you to use electronic transactions for all your purchases, to pay all your bills.

In this way they will be able to track your every movement. What you bought. When. Where you went. Who you went with. Everything.

Like Facebook on steroids.

They will be able to tax anyone, any amount they chose to.

If they don’t like what you are saying, or doing, they will simply block your account so you won’t be able to buy anything, go anywhere, or do anything.

There will be one global electronic currency, a sort of electronic International Drawing Right like the ones already issued by the IMF.

They will produce a new false flag, major terrorist event, and tell you that the new electronic currency is to prevent such ‘acts of terror’ ever happening again. They will say that it will be impossible for terrorists to organize, transfer money, buy explosives, and so on.

What they won’t say is that it will make it impossible for anyone to ever ‘resist’ the Zionists ever again.

For example, I write this book, they simply close down my global bank account. They might make some excuse. And after a few years claim some mistake had been made. But the point was they would have silenced me, and no other writer would ever dare again write anything that might upset a Zionist.

They have ‘spun’ global warming into ‘global climate change’ because their global warming ‘bluff’ was ‘called’ by scientists worldwide.

Like with the supposed ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ that could never be found, and which never existed, the ‘man-made global warming’ phenomena that was invented, and never existed, proved to be just another Zionist lie, like ‘the holocaust’.

The ‘carbon credits trading scheme’ is owned by the world’s richest Zionist, New World Order psychopaths like George Soros, The Rothschild (Bauer) family, the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, and all those other people you see attending ‘The Council on Foreign Relations’ and similar Zionist New World Order organizations.

If you think that Israel has too much of a good thing with their ‘holocaust industry’, then imagine what these guys have got to gain if we give them the right to tax everything we do. Because anything you do creates a ‘carbon footprint’. Carbon dioxide is the byproduct of every action of every animal on this earth. Including humans.

By selectively taxing different communities, different industries, different nations, and so on, the carbon police will be able to completely control the world’s economic and social activity.

These people have openly called for the arrest of the renowned scientist Lord Christopher Monckton. Why? Is he a terrorist? Has he committed a crime somewhere?

Well Lord Monckton is the world’s leading skeptic on man-made climate change. He is the man who proved that ‘man-made global warming’ was a lie, that planetary warming is caused by the activity of the sun, and not carbon emissions. He is the great man who called Al Gores’ bluff. He actually took Al Gore’s movie to court (the equivalent of Ernst Zundel taking a the producers of ‘Schindler’s list’ to court).

Al Gore, like the holocaust lobby, judges, and Zionist Jews, has been claiming that he had incontrovertible, factual, scientific evidence that proved, beyond any shadow of a doubt, and beyond any question, that global warming, like ‘the holocaust’, was a fact.

Anyone that claimed otherwise, according to him, like the holocaust lobby, is simply ignorant, crazy, or trying to incite social unrest.

Still don’t see the pattern?

What can I say to make it any clearer?

It’s the same people folks. The Zionists, in their quest for total global domination of the other 99.99% of the world’s population.

And to be more precise, it is not a question of Zionist Jews dominating and enslaving the ‘Gentiles’. They will ultimately, once they no longer have any use for them, enslave the Jews as well. And those they find no use for, whether Gentile, as a pet, sex slave, or other form of entertainment, or Jew, as supervisor, co-conspirator, and ‘tool’, will simply be exterminated as ‘human pollution’.


Why do you think the carbon trading scheme owners pay to have their ‘lobbyists’ flown around the world in private jets, and paid 300,000 dolllars just to attend ‘seminars’ and ‘committee meetings’?

Of course ask them and they’ll claim they flew in on a commercial flight. But check, like people have done, and you will see them returning home to their luxurious, massively excessive homes in private jets.

Why would someone pay for them to support ‘global climate change’ and a ‘carbon reducing / carbon trading scheme’ and then fly them there in the most polluting of all forms of transport, if they really thought carbon emissions were a problem?

The 150 world ‘leaders’ a.k.a ‘parasites’ a.k.a ‘slave masters’ who have gathered in Paris are talking of making ‘global climate change skepticism’ punishable by death. Seriously.

These are the same people who tampered with scientific data to lie to everyone about man-made global warming.

In fact a decade before they were using the fear of ‘a new ice age’ to achieve the same purpose. And recent data suggest that there is in fact more danger of a new ice age, then any threat of global warming, rising sea levels, or retreating polar ice caps.

Do you see the pattern? The same people. The same strategies. The same ultimate goals and objectives.

The President of Iran is about the only world leader who had the never to admit in public that he was skeptical of ‘the holocaust’ story.

Putin, the President of Iran’s ally, Russia, is the only world leader with the nerve to stand up and openly state the obvious, that the ‘global climate change’ story is a hoax.

By the way, it was Stalin who stated publicly that the Nuremburg trials were mere show trials. Stalin knew how many Jews he had taken from Eastern Europe and Eastern Germany at the end of the war. He knew that all those millions supposed to have been gassed to death were working hard inside his soviet union, either as free citizens, or slave labor. He knew there had never been any German plan to exterminate Jews. Much later he let most of those Jews, and their families, emigrate to Israel, at a time when no other Soviet citizens were allowed to leave the Soviet Union.

Just out of interest, as an aside, did you know that the Statue of Liberty was originally an Arab peasant woman, with veil and all? It had been commissioned to stand at the entrance to the Suez Canal. The operators later changed their minds and placed a lighthouse on the same location. So the French designer of the statue re-purposed the statue as ‘lady liberty’ / ‘Columbia’ / ‘Isis’ to be placed in New York Harbor, as a gift from the French people to the U.S.A.

If you don’t believe that powerful people conspire together to increase and protect their wealth and power, then please explain why, when there is absolutely no evidence for man-made, carbon emissions induced, climate change, or for ‘the holocaust’, that these myths have gained so much ‘traction’, and every major commercical mass media outlet, and almost every world leader, will stand before a camera and speak of ‘overwhelming scientific proof exists’ of carbon-emissions based climate change, and ‘the holocaust’?

Like they used to be able to tell you that it was self-evident and beyond any doubt that god existed, and the Pope spoke to him.

But the Zionists are nothing if not innovative.

For quickly on the heels of carbon emissions based / man-made climate change, comes the new laws against anyone speaking out against the new ‘open borders’ policy meant to destabilize the Western developed nations, produce internal social friction, even civil war, to further ‘divide and conquer’.

And the Zionists have again managed to outdo themselves for hypocrisy.

Why the Zionists plot from Israel, Washington, Berlin, and Paris, to open up the E.U and U.S borders to mass migration, back at home in Tel Aviv Palestinians are being forced out of their homes, off their land, and out of Palestine, by the Israeli Zionists.

The Zionists do have control of the military leadership, but that does not mean they can rely on the U.S military personnel to obey them. For they swear an oath of allegiance to the U.S constitution.

And so the military is coming to rely more and more on drones, and soon robots, to do their dirty work.

Global warming skeptics were being defined as mentally ill before Al Gore and his Zionists gave up on that hoax.

Think about the defamation that Hollywood, and the Western mass media have done to the reputation of Germans, if the holocaust never happened.

All those Zionist Hollywood films (just find a big budget film that was not made by a  Zionist Jewish director like Spielberg, or financed by Zionist Jewish owned banks), are nothing but propaganda against Germany.

All those admittedly fictional characters in the films are psychopaths.

But what will you find in a Hollywood film about Moses?

The genocide? The mass rapes? The mass murders? The mass enslavements? I mean, surely the holocaust the Israelites committed in the land of Canaan, in Palestine, 3500 years ago, would make a great film subject?


What’s the difference? No ‘survivors’?

There is as much evidence of ‘the holocaust’ as there is of the biblical holocaust of Joshua and his genocidal Israelites.

Do you think I’d get finance to make a film about that story?

Isn’t that story the actual basis of the Zionists claims to ‘ a right of return to Palestine’?

What sort of people is proud of their own genocide, mass rape, and mass enslavement, and of ‘ripping apart pregnant women’, and killing every man, women, boy, girl, and animal, of entire nations?

And then goes on to define themselves as ‘the eternal victim’?

Why do Germans today go along with ‘the holocaust’ story?

Surely there were millions of Germans who knew for a fact that there never was any plan to exterminate the Jews?

So you might ask why even Germans today go along with the official version of events, as if the Nuremburg trials had proven anything?

Well I used to believe the official story too. Like all the holocaust skeptics used to, before they started stumbling upon inconsistencies in the whole story.

I have observed how people with nothing else to be proud of, appear to gain a sense of moral superiority by defining their grandparent’s generation as either passive accomplices, or active participants, in the murder of 6 million Jews.

Their grandparents made Germany into a great empire. An empire that the whole world admired and envied. But they themselves do little more than drink beer, get drunk, and buy junk they don’t need nor get any real value out of, on credit.

This German generation is famous for extreme pornography, beer, and expensive sports cars. But very few Germans are involved in the high tech industries. Most are underemployed in the service industry.

I get the feeling many of them enjoy this, their only, source of feeling ‘superior’ to anyone.

They can imagine they are ‘good people’ simply because they are fools paying compensation out to people who were simply in concentration camps.

How much did the U.S government pay in compensation to the hundreds of thousands of ethnic Japanese people that they locked up in camps?

Did the Americans provide them with swimming pools, arrange soccer competitions, and build them saunas?

The Auschwitz camp complex was made up of three main camps.

Auschwitz-Monowitz III was located next to the huge industrial center where Jews were compelled to work, just as ‘Japanese’ looking U.S citizens were forced to work in the U.S in their own internment camps, for the duration of WWII. In fact both groups were engaged in the same ‘rubber’ industry.

Auscwhitz-Birkenau II was an expansion of the main camp I,  which existed before WWII as  a polish military barracks. The camp buildings are thick red brick, and mostly two stories high. They would not look out of place in an expensive real estate development today.

The ‘camp’ that tourists are shown is this camp. Camp I. It receives around 500,000 visitors a year, and is complete with tour-guides, a restaurant, a gift shop (Where you can probably buy a shirt proclaiming ‘I survived a Nazi death camp’), a hotel, and all the usual tourist amenities.

It is just one of the many benefits you can enjoy if you ‘go along to get along’ with the Zionists ‘holocaust’ narrative.

Of course in the West it is the Jews who have achieved a virtual ‘monopoly’ on suffering. But if you visit the camp you will see that the Polish Catholics consider Auschwitz a shrine to their own suffering.

Of course the tourists are kept to a very narrow ‘official’ tour route, and fed a an ‘official’ spiel along the way. This spiel is full of lies, as even the senior tour guide supervisors and the Auschwitz Museum Director will admit if you challenge them about this.

What the tourists are not shown are the camp theatre with pianos, costumes, and stage, and the many photos showing the musical and dramatic productions that he inmates created for their own entertainment, and that of the entire camp inmates.

Note that the SS officers were only allowed into the camp proper, where the inmates were housed, with a permit from the commandant. So why would the SS build a pool in the middle of the camp, if it was for the SS?  Why not build it outside the barbed wire perimeter at least? Why so close to the ‘Death Wall’?

And why is there not a single ‘bullet’ mark to be found on that ‘Death Wall’? If tens of thousands of Jews were lined up and shot up against that wall, then surely there would be at least a few ‘bullet holes’ on this wall, wouldn’t you think?

And if, as we are told, the SS moved the gas chamber to another camp, to avoid the prisoners realizing they were in a death camp, and doomed to be gassed, then why would they carry out firing squads right in the middle of the camp? And right next to where SS officers were enjoying a swim?

Of course the German public have been beaten down by two generations of non-stop propaganda and psychological warfare without realizing it. They have been the victims of propaganda from before WWI, throughout WWI, then after WWI, then before WWII, when the Zionist Hollywood films in the U.S showed German soldiers raping women and throwing live babies out of upper story building windows, a tradition that continued in ‘The Piano Player’, in which an old man in a wheelchair replaced the ‘traditional’ baby), and has continued ever since in school-children’s ‘history’ books, Hollywood Movies, television series, and even German movies.

Churchill admitted that the purpose of WWII was to finally finish what his Zionist masters had failed to complete during and after WWI, the destruction of the German nation as an entity. Not the defeat of the Nazis, but the utter destruction of the German people. It began with the bombing of completely civilian suburbs of the gorgeous medieval city of Freiburg, and continued with firebombing of Hamburg, and Dresden.

Churchill’s Mason buddy Eisenhower continued the slaughter, the genocide, after WWII, in his own actual death camps, in which over a million German Prisoners of War were starved to death, being denied water while a creek flowed a few meters beyond the barbed wire fences and machine guns of their U.S and allied death camp guards. They were left to die of starvation, thirst, and disease, long after the Germans had officially signed an unconditional surrender. Long after these men could possibly have posed any threat to anyone.


The propaganda of lies, and complete media and institutional blackout concerning the facts, has produce the desired outcome. For today Germans themselves will argue that no-one else seems to be skeptical of the holocaust, and so they see no reason to  doubt the official narrative themselves.

So why should they ever even begin to actively question it? I mean actually research the facts.

While every other nation in the world pays historians handsomely to continue researching into their nations’ histories, and where appropriate, ‘revising’ them, correcting them, improving upon them, and revealing new insights and evidence that often challenge to conventional / accepted narratives, Germany actually has made this a criminal offense.

Germans who devote their own time, effort, and resources to seeking a fuller understanding, and ‘correcting’ mistakes regarding their nation’s history, are not just simply not rewarded, they are fined hundreds of thousands of dollars, and often jailed in isolation for up to 5 years at a time, with no guarantee of ever being freed.

So consider these facts when you simply assume that the Germans have admitted their guilt, and the guilt of their parents and grandparents, simply because they are not defending themselves against the vicious and malicious charges made against them in the Allied, Zionist, and Soviet propaganda.

Today, due to the Zionist occupation, being a ‘good’ German means accepting the official version, and feeling guilty for the horrible crimes their grandparents committed?

Anyone who does become at all skeptical will self-censor themselves, to avoid having problems with their career, government job, or simply social problems.

I simply stated that I had read Mein Kampf and found most of it quite reasonable, though a certain amount was very specific to the time it was written, and no longer valid, and asked the other Germans how they could reject a book they had not even read, and within a few days I was being labelled as a ‘Nazi’.

Of course the Germans are allowed to mediate their sense of shared guilt by referring to the holocaust as having been perpetrated by ‘a criminal Nazi dictatorship’.

This both reinforces the authority of the idea that such a holocaust could have taken place, because the Nazis were a ‘criminal gang’ and criminals tend to kill people, while at the same time allowing most Germans a sort of ‘get out of moral responsibility free card’ as long as they agree to pay 35 Billion dollars to the Jews, and more to the state of Israel.

As long as they support the Israeli’s 100% no matter how many innocent children they murder.

They are given this ‘lifeline’ to ‘pay their debts to society’ and ‘make good’ on their grandparents ‘crimes’.

So they send them submarines, and don’t complain when the Israeli’s don’t pay for them. They submit to the domination of their financial systems, allowing them to set up the Central Banks that Hitler had fought so hard to get rid of.

They submit to the excessive centralization of all financial power, and mass media ownership, and control of the ‘news’ services.

This is how they can ‘earn’ their way out of the ‘guilt’ they inherited from their grandparent’s generation.

And ‘the holocaust’ gives the allies complete freedom from any investigation into their own actual, real, acts of genocide. Their war crimes. Such as the bombing of Dresden. That was the real ‘holocaust’ during WWII.

Firebombing. Then waiting for rescue teams to emerge and then bombing the rescue teams. Then returning with fighter planes to machine gun men, women, children, and animals. Then waiting until the survivors had gathered in the only safe areas, the town parks, before returning to bomb and machine gun completely defenseless women, children, old people, and non-combatant men.

Then there was Hamburg, and Berlin. In fact it all started with Lubeck. Germany never bombed residential areas until months after Churchill ordered the attack on Lubeck as psychological warfare, Lubeck having no military value at all.

Compare the number of bombs dropped on London in the ‘blitz’ with the tons of bombs dropped on Germany. On purely civilian targets.

The allies did the same in Japan.

McNamara, who later headed the one of the largest U.S corporations, admitted that, had the U.S lost the war, he would have been tried, and convicted, as a war criminal?

Did Ford motor company reward him with its top job for ordering allied bombers to leave Ford motor company subsidiaries in Germany completely untouched? Because that is what he did. He ordered saturation bombing and firebombing of completely non-military targets, while leaving very important military targets such as Ford motor plants, which were manufacturing key war materials, completely untouched.

Did you hear about the deal the Zionists did with Britain? In return for guaranteeing that the U.S would enter the war and guaranteed Britain victory, they British promised the Zionists Palestine.

Sound far-fetched? Well then why did Britain, after WWII, suddenly get the U.N to mandate Palestine as the new Israeli state?

I’m left speechless by the hypocrisy of middle aged Israeli women complaining that the Arabs in the nations neighboring on Israel are indoctrinated from birth with an irrational fear and hatred of Jews? A Zionist Jew complaining of a lack of free, independent, unbiased media and news in the Arab countries?

What they are really complaining about is the lack of a total monopoly of Zionist Jewish controlled press. Anything less than complete freedom for the Zionist propaganda machine is considered unacceptable. A crime against the Jews. Just one more persecution of the Jews.

Irrational fear of the Jews? Irrational hatred?  I’m really curious to see a Hebrew dictionary to see how they define ‘irrational’. It surely cannot be the same word we use in English to refer to something that is unjustified, without real basis, with no valid reason, without a justified ground or reason?

But back to our Germans of today.

I guess they assume that if no-one, not one of their historians, or chemists, or sociologists, has ever come out with any questions, or voiced any skepticism, that ‘the holocaust’ ever happened, then everyone will just assume that the question has been, once and for all, with great care and precision, after long, arduous, painstaking, open, and free research, finally and unequivocally proven and documented and laid to rest as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

And the one or two people like Ernst Rundel, David Irving, and David Cole, who dare to challenge the dominant hegemonic social reality, are simply criminal, vicious, malicious, ‘neo-Nazis’.

I mean, given this situation, could you really expect anyone to dare express any curiosity? Why risk getting branded as a ‘neo-Nazi’ by some losers who will just jump at the chance to feel superior to someone? What could you possibly have to gain by doing some independent research into ‘the holocaust’, let alone actually questioning the official story, let alone openly challenging it.

Who wants to get called a ‘holocaust denier’, as if you were some idiot living in denial of some absolute, clear, obvious, self-evident fact that has a ‘mountain of evidence’ and ‘tons of proof’ to support it?

Who’d bother to ask to see these mountains of proof and evidence?

You’d just take for granted that, if your own experts, favorite television personalities, and even your own President, all said there was a mountain of evidence and facts, and that it had been scientifically proven, beyond a doubt, that ‘the holocaust had taken place’, that it must be so.

And anyway, who has time for ‘history’. There’s always some new apple i-phone, video game, movie, act of ‘terrorism’, fashion, music, or new bill (for the new video game, and so on, that you bought with your credit card) to distract you, and keep your attention.

I mean guys don’t get laid for questioning the holocaust, do they?

And how many boys find a girl who is very interested in the history of the treatment of Jews during WWII especially worthy of seducing with dinners, dates, and presents?

Are you more likely to get a good job with ‘holocaust skeptic’ noted on your application?

Are you going to have better luck in your love or romantic life, or your career, if it gets around that you think that there is the slightest possibility that all those Jewish ‘victims’ of ‘death camps’ are merely pissed at having been forced to do manual labor for a year or two, after having been forced from their luxury homes, and all their luxury goods, and their prestigious professions?

Don’t get me wrong. Even Hitler admitted that doing these things was ‘monstrous’. But when did excessive wealth not lead to problems for its owners? How can anyone, at any time, claim to have ‘earned’ excess wealth, by producing value? How much value can you really take credit for producing, no matter how clever, talented, hardworking, thrifty, and ambitious you are?

I am sad beyond words for the typhus victims of the concentration camps in Germany.

But when you declare war on a people, you cannot expect life will be all roses and joy.

Do the Germans complain about the war crimes committed against them? About the forced labor camps that hundreds of thousands of German soldiers died in in Russia?

Do the families of the fire-bombed, machine gunned, napalmed victims of Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin, and Lubeck complain about their suffering?

War is hell.

There should never be war ever again.

You’d think the Jews that ‘escaped’ Europe would have learned that war is bad.

But their own Zionist leaders incited an irrational fear and hatred of their Arab neighbors, whom the Israeli is taught, from birth, to fear and hate.

When, before the Zionists arrived, the Jews and Muslims and Christians were living peacefully, and productively together. They were on the best of terms.

Arabs do not have an irrational fear and hatred of Jews.

They have a perfectly rational, legitimate, reasonable, grounded, justified fear of Israeli’s.

If having your entire family murdered for no reason is not grounds to hate someone, then nothing is.

If having your entire people oppressed is not grounds for anger, then what is?

If having your entire people walled in and fenced in in the world’s biggest concentration camp ever is not grounds to hate someone, then what is?

Please define irrational. We seem to be using the same word to mean completely different things.

Self censorship is one reason people never come into contact with an ‘alternate’, ‘competing’ social reality. Let alone a contradictory objective reality, that contradicts the ‘official fiction’, the dominant hegemonic social reality.

The other is that in Germany and France, if you are ‘convicted’ under such thought crimes as ‘intending to incite people to wake out of their zombie sleepwalking daze of submission to the dominant ways of viewing history, and reality, you do not even have the right to a defence in court.

You have only two options, both of which reinforce the dominant social reality, in this case, that of ‘the holocaust’.

One option is to define yourself, and by implication, anyone who doubts ‘the holocaust’ official trademarked, copyrighted, often fictionalized and ‘coming to a theatre near you’, ‘holocaust’ story as insane, irrational, deluded, ga ga, mentally deranged, and requiring of medical intervention and ‘ treatment’.

The other option is to admit that you are a raving mad, bitter, twisted, psychotic, sociopathic, psychopathic, evil, plotting and scheming, ill-willed, malicious neo-Nazi. (Like those Hollywood Nazi’s, not like the real ones at all!)

So as you can see, there is little chance a German or French person is ever going to have holocaust skepticism portrayed to them in any fair, objective, unbiased, calm, sober, balanced light.

All the self-censoring professionals and media presenters will give the impression that there is consensus about ‘the holocaust’. That there are mountains of incontrovertible, hard, solid, proven, scientifically assessed and interrogated facts. The ‘experts’ and ‘official mouthpieces’ of the hegemonic Zionist propaganda machine guarantee us that. It is perfectly unreasonable to imagine they might be lying to us. I mean, what possible ulterior motive could they have? All those nice, well presented, smiling, successful media personalities?

A German or French person would assume that when a judge of all people, a person highly paid and respected, to carry out one of the most important of all tasks in society, that of seeking ‘justice for all’, and ‘the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth’, asserts that ‘the holocaust happened…period!’, or that ‘the evidence is incontrovertible’, well, then we are likely to believe him.

Of course if we dared tell anyone that we doubted these paragons of virtue, science, and moral hygiene, we’d find ourselves before the same judge, hearing the same words, and looking forward to a five year prison sentence.

And just imagine what cruel games those Zionists psychiatrists will be free to play with your mind once you are in there? And how many mentally ill, violent, psychotic fellow inmates are wandering around, just waiting for the slightest provocation from a malicious Zionist to smash your brains to the form the Zionist has already managed to liquefy the masses brains to, a sort of silly putty.

So ‘eyewitnesses’ and ‘survivors’ are free to recount the most unbelievable of tales, the most viciously defamatory of lies, the inflammatory of libels, on the basis that their listeners will be able to confidently assume that their stories have been completely documented, researched, proven, and substantiated by teams of unbiased, competent, sober, independent historians.

No matter that in the past, most of the ‘accepted’ and ‘officially validated and court approved’ stories have been debunked as pure fiction.

You know, the prisoners being eaten alive by bears and eagles, mass electrocuted by electrified floors, so that their skin could be made into decorative lampshades for our Hollywood bad guys, and their fat turned into soap.

Which is interesting, that, given how the Germans supposedly starved them to death.

But when you look at any photo before the end of the war, you saw quite chubby men, women, and children. Not a super model among them. It seems ‘heroine sheik’ (how to spell?)  had not yet become the fashion among Jewish women at that time.

There are thousands of photos, from quite near the end of the war, showing very healthy looking camp inmates.

And if you stop and think a second, you might wonder how the inmates holding up the ‘starved’ Jews could possibly look so healthy and chubby, if the Germans were starving them all to death?

Is it just possible that the poor, gaunt individuals they are holding up are victims of typhus?

The typhus which Zyklon B was widely used all around the world at that time to fumigate for. To protect people from typhus. And the good men who produced that Zyklon B were in fact hanged at the Nuremburg trials for ‘producing too much of it’?

Like crucifying Christ?

Men who dedicated their lives to saving people from diseases like typhus deserve to be murdered and publicly defamed and humiliated, in front of their families, friends, and the entire world?

The first thing about judges is that they are not historians. They simply follow laws. A computer could do the job. It does not require any special intelligence or virtue.

The second thing is that I’ve personally met judges who feel they have been given the special gift of being able to tell who is ‘guilty’ and who is innocent.

Most judges become a little deluded with power, and forget what their role actually is.

To ensure ‘due process’ is done, that crimes are investigated, that allegations are substantiated, and to give defendants ‘the benefit of the doubt’ when any reasonable doubt is present. To prefer to let 100 guilty defendants go free rather than risk having one innocent person be punished.

Imagine being offered the choice between defining yourself as insane, and undergoing ‘treatments’ such as electroshock and personality destroying drugs, or as an evil Hollywood Nazi!

The thing is, one way or another, they are determined to break your will, so that at some point you either become a drooling idiot, and thus can now safely be allowed to re-enter society, now that you fit in so well with all the other drooling, brainwashed, ignorant, apathetic fools, or be locked up for life as ‘non-rehabilitable’. You will either die, or go insane, in a prison of some sort.

So can you now see why most Germans simply go along with ‘the holocuast’?

The Zionists have seen what happens when they appear in court to ‘support’  their claims of ‘the holocaust’.

One by one their lies have been discovered, and they have been forced to abandon them. One by one their case has been weakened, any time they attended any trial that was not purely ‘for show’.

The Ernst Zundel trial was their last big failure.

So they will not be repeating that mistake ever again.

They will never appear in court to ‘prove’ their holocaust tales.

They have just enough credibility left among the masses to sustain their lies.

They are not going to risk having one more card pulled out from their ‘house of cards’. For they know how vulnerable it is to completely collapsing around their ears.

Taking away all the benefits of ‘the holocaust industry’.

And potentially unleashing the sort of backlash they have experienced in the past.

You know, Rome, Spain, England, France, and most recently, Nazi Germany.

Our poor innocent ‘eternal victims’ are wary of history repeating.

So they stay out of court trials these days.

They may not ever learn their history lessons, but they learn what works and what doesn’t, propaganda wise.

Soon they won’t have to worry about middle-aged Jewish women embarrassing them with their impossible, absurd, over the top tales of human skin soap, lampshades, bears and eagles, personal encounter with Mengele, fire and smoke erupting from cremation towers, and that odd smell of roasting flesh, not to mention how they managed to get approval to leave one death camp, and to travel across Europe and throughout Germany, visiting and escaping one death camp after another, and one death march after another, to arrive safe, well, healthy, chubby, and cheerful, at their destinations in the heart of Nazi Germany, just in time to be liberated by Russians or Allied troops.

Just while we are on the subject of our dear ‘Kitty’ the wonder Jewess, did anyone ever take some radar soundings to see if there really were, as she claimed, thousands of bodies in that pit she pointed out to her teenage companions in her ‘A day in Aushwitz’?

You know, the video in which she admits the Germans ran a sauna for the camp inmates, along with hospitals and pharmacies.

You know, the ‘death’ camp she and her mother were given official permission to leave.


Remember why she and her mother were sent there in the first place? For travelling from Poland to German on false papers. It was war time, and apparently there was an official order out to murder all Jews, and yet her and her mother were given a complete trial, allowed the full legal process, and were only then, as bona fide criminals, sent to prison.

And then allowed to leave after serving their sentence.

Imagine what would happen to a German or Arab who travelled to the U.S on false papers today.

What sort of ‘legal process’ would they enjoy?

None. Zero. Nada.

And would they be let out of prison after a short time, for good behavior?

Sure. Right. Yeah. That’s going to happen.

And to members of a self-defined ‘race’ who have declared war on the United States, and imposed trade embargoes on the United States, and who were openly conspiring and plotting the downfall and overthrow of the legally, democratically elected government of the united states, in order to impose a communist dictatorship upon the people of the united states. Who had openly committed acts of treason, and financial terrorism, against the United States?

Do you think, if Kitty was captured today, in the U.S, for the same crime, that she would have been granted permission, after being sent outside the U.S to some ‘holding camp’ or ‘detention center’, that she would then be allowed to travel back to, in, and around, the United States?

Hello Kitty!

She tells us how it was possible to ‘organise’ a pair of shoes, a visit to the sauna, some extra food, and so on, inside a death camp.

Kitty tells us that our Hollywood Nazis were too prudish to allow men to guard women, and so they had female prison guards in the female sections of the camps.

Funny how all these prison guards, in the pictures drawn by survivors, all have that fashion runway gauntness about them, that ‘heroine shiek’. Whereas in all the photos I have seen of an inmate not clearly suffering from typhus (and I sincerely do feel terrible for those victims and their families), the women look a little too unfashionably, by modern standards, plump and chubby.

Even none of the men holding up the cadaverous victims of typhus would get gigs as underwear models. Just too damn well fed.

Oh, and I forgot.

The death threats. The acts of psycho-terror. The vandalism. The (court approved and tolerated) defamation that any German who dares even raise an eye about ‘the holocaust’ story is doomed to suffer.

I’m pretty sure that most people are well aware that when a Zionist Jew makes a death-threat, no matter how rich or powerful or protected you think you are, MOSSAD are going to get you. Even if it gets caught on camera, they don’t give a damn. They have that ‘get out of jail free’ card. It’s called ‘the holocaust’. Just one benefit of ‘the holocaust industry.

JFK had the best security in the world. So did his brother.

You think the WTC or Pentagon had poor security? You think the Israeli’s will baulk at killing thousands of people, just to destroy documents that might incriminate them and their Golems? You think they wouldn’t murder their greatest allies and supporters? Who do you think they murdered in The King David Hotel bombings?

If they want, they can get all the major media networks in the world to show their CGI virtual reality film of you walking into a primary school with a rife, as police shoot you down. No-one is going to do an autopsy of your ‘dead from poisoning’ corpse, to prove the footage a fake. No, they will murder you, defame you, and serve their ulterior motives at the same time. And no-one is going to question anything they do.

Just look how our hero Ernst Rundel suffered. They destroyed his home, his life, had him kicked out of his own country, and then kidnapped and imprisoned in Germany. They took everything from him.

For simply making enquiries, and raising doubts about ‘the holocaust’. He threatened the entire Zionist Propaganda Machine and the benefits of the lucrative holocaust industry. That was his ‘crime’, in the eyes of Zionist Occupied Courts and the Zionists themselves.

Even having a blemish free reputation as a historian of the first rank will be no protection against the Zionist Occupied German Government either. Just look at what happened to David Irving.

No, the average German is much better off gaining a sense of moral superiority and generosity by fawning over the ‘survivors’ of ‘death camps’, shedding tears for them, allowing them the right to any sort of incredible story of adventure, courage, endurance, escape, and survival. They can feel good about themselves at no real cost to themselves.

Of course the taxpayer is footing the bill.

The younger generation.

The homeless German.

Few people have any idea what costs they are going to be ‘billed’ in the near future for the invented ‘crimes’ of their grandparents.

But while we are on the subject of laws, let’s take a look at the ones relevant to this book.

These laws are meant to protect the public from malicious lies, from  being misinformed, and tricked into an irrational hatred or fear of Jews.

Interesting idea. So first let us assume that every time the Jews had been

kicked out of a country, ever since Hadrian kicked them out of Palestine in the

year 70 Current Era, about 2000 years ago, they have had problems with their host nations.

All of it due to a few historians and pamphlet writers with completely insane, unjustified, malicious, completely erroneous and fabricated tales?

Were the Romans known for their distinct inability to reason? Their society founded on irrational notions?  Did they end up hating the Jews for no reason? After welcoming them as equals into their society, did they just one day wake up and decide they hated them. Because a few people asked a few questions, and a few pamphlets were written by a few crazed, demented, malicious writers? You know the equivalent of a Roman-times David Irving or Ernst Zundel?

Why was it that it was a crime punishable by death, for a Jew to translate the Talmud  into any other language? Perhaps because of what is written in the Talmud?

Maybe what is written in the Talmud and Torah is more than enough to incite the most rational of people to fear and hatred of the Jews. Have you read either of those ‘holy’ books?

Go on. I dare you.

If there was ever anything written that would be most likely to incite fear and hatred of Jews, it is those two books.

Anything a David Irving or Ernst Zundel or David Cole has or ever will write and publish simply fades to transparency in comparison with the content of the Torah and Talmud.

That is why it was, until recently, a crime punishable by death to translate the Talmud, which is even more likely to provoke a true ‘holocaust’ than the Torah is, and more likely to provoke rational fear and hatred than any of the most colorful propaganda works of Nazi Germany, or novels of Celine.

By the way, even the Germans banned Celine’s most colorful books as being ‘anti-semitic’. The Nazi’s did not want to incite the people to violence. They just wanted to bring the general population to a level of rational respect for the threat the Zionists posed. And the only way to do that was, as the U.S government itself realized, round up all the Jews, even where most of them were innocent of anything.

The U.S government did not do anything better or worse in rounding up all Americans of Japanese descent whose allegiance they could not feel certain of.

Hitler admitted that the whole system of concentration camps for Jews was ‘monstrous’, but ‘necessary’.

Can you explain, please, dear Kitty, why, if the policy was to murder you, you were given a trial, due process, and then allowed to leave Auschwitz with your mother to travel back to Germany?

Come on. Dear Kitty. Don’t your realise the damage you are doing with your tales? How you are empowering the enemies of freedom, liberty, justice, and truth, the Zionists, with lies you feel are ‘noble’ enough to justify defaming millions of Germans?

What do you think will be the consequence for your fellow Jews when the Germans realise how badly they have been fooled, conned, and exploited. How you and yours have abused their good natures, their good-will, their compassion, and their sense of right and wrong, their sense of justice and fair-play?

Please, Kitty, think what you are doing. And while there is still time, confess your sins. We shall forgive you. We will not punish you. We understand you think you are doing the right thing. We do not harbor any irrational fear or hatred of you, or any Jews.

We, those of us who are awake, aware, informed, and lucid, merely have a rational fear of Zionism. A well-founded, reasonable, justified, logical, and completely understandable fear of Zionism.

What are the Jews doing now to people that might lead them to an ‘irrational’

hatred or fear of them. Are the Palestinian people irrational in their fear and hatred of Israel and Zionist Jews?


Was Hitler irrational? Were the Russian Tzars irrational? The Spanish people in

the 1400s?  Did the Jews declare war on Germany? A trade embargo (which today’s Israeli military claim is the same as a declaration of war, and a justified

‘cassus belli’ for the invasion and occupation of an otherwise peaceful neighbors territory?

Zionist incited anti-Semitic pogroms?

Now the ‘Protocols of Zion’ indicated at least one of two things.

That the Zionists planned to exterminate the Tsarist dynasty, and bring chaos to Russia, or that the Russian police were completely convinced of this fact.

Now we have the hindsight of history. Tell me what happened, dear reader, only a few years after ‘The Protocols’ were published or ‘leaked’?

Which family were murdered? Men, women, and children all? And who murdered them? What happened to Russia? What condition is Russia still in today?

Which ‘story’ has the greater historical evidence, documentation, and incontrovertible proof?

That the Germans murdered 6 million Jews in gas chambers?

Or that the Zionists had planned the Russian revolution, the murder of the entire Tzarist family and blood-line, WWI, WWII, and plan WWIII, as outlined in ‘The Protocols of Zion’?

Those ‘Protocols’ were either written by the most sophisticated, insightful, and creative police who have ever existed, or they are in fact the original ‘Wiki-leaks’ leaked document.

Those documents describe, quite clearly, all the events that followed their ‘publication’. Including how the Zionist Central Banksters would bring the world, over and over, to financial ruin, merely to step in and ‘buy low’, in order to take control of almost all the world’s financial power.

Those documents describe how the Zionists are bringing about WWIII, and a global economic crises, in order to step in, and take total control, with the ‘shadow government’ that they already have in place in Zionist Occupied Germany, France, England (the center of the whole conspiracy), and North America.

They even have gained control of Japan.

Australia has always been allied to the U.S.

Remember that the U.S provoked Japan into war by what the Israeli’s acknowledge as a ‘cassus belli’, or ‘just reason for war’, an absolute oil embargo that would have completely crippled Japan within a few months.

One of the ‘strategies’ of the Zionist has been, since the very beginning with Moses / Priest of Aton / Akhenaton and Joshua.

To provoke host nations into a perfectly rational mistrust, fear, and then hatred of the Jews.

The Jews have shown, time and time again, a complete lack of solidarity. Read the bible. They engaged in constant civil wars and internal strife. During their time in the German prison camps and the Jewish ghettoes, they completely failed to show any real solidarity or sense of social conscience.

They have always been individualists who looked after them and theirs.

One of the things I admire in the Jews I love is their sense of intellectual independence. You may have guessed by now that I am not a ‘mitlaufer’ myself. I like to be independent.

This made the ‘chosen people’ that Moses / Missionary of Aton / Akhenaton difficult to use as a tool.

So the Zionists have consistently ensured that the Jews would be ‘persecuted’ in some way, to provide them with a sense of common suffering, in the hope that this would engender in them a feeling of social consciousness and solidarity.

The most recent expression of this strategy were the Israeli invasions of Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria.

These acts of aggression were sure to provoke a completely rational fear and hatred of Jews around the entire region.

It lead to Jews in Northern Africa being expelled. They became refugees with nowhere to go but Israel.

Whether or not these Jews wanted to come to Israel, now they had no choice.

It is why many historians believe the Zionists actually declared war on Germany, imposed the trade embargo, and then set up constructing the ‘myth’ of ‘the holocaust’.

Simply to give Jews living happily, comfortably, and very prosperously in Germany, France, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, a motive to leave their positions of privilege in Europe, to become ‘workers’ in the desert state of Israel.

Because history has shown that while Jews are regularly asked to remove themselves from states (before the great nation states were built) and then nations, they tend to move onto other European locations. They rarely chose to move to their supposedly historic homeland in the desert. Go figure?

Here is an overview of all the places Jews have been asked to leave, or physically removed from, without a single Ernst Zundel pamphlet or David Irving book, or David Cole film ever having been produced. And long before the Zionists became the worlds / 20th Centuries first terrorists (King David Hotel Bombing), or had turned Gaza into the world’s largest ‘death’ camp.

It began with that very famous ‘exodus’ from Egypt in the far distance B.C.E. Of course the Jews are great ‘spin doctors’, and this first known ‘eviction’ was re-written as a heroic escape from slavery.

All  the following dates are C.E.

Carthage (Northern Africa) 250, Alexandria 415, Diocese of Clermont (France) 554,Diocese of Uzes (France)561, Visigoth Spain 612, Visigoth empire 642, 855 Italy, 876 Sens, 1012 Mainz, 1182 Germany, 127 Upper Bavaria, 1290 England, 1306 France, 1348 Switzerland, 1349 Heilbron, 1349 Saxony, 1349 Hungary, 1360 Hungary, 1370 Belgium, 1380 Slovakia, 1388 Strasbourg, 1394 Germany, 1394 France, 1420 Lyons, 1421 Austria, 1424 Freiburg, 1424 Zurich, 1424 Cologne, 1432 Savoy, 1438 Mainz, 1439 Augsburg, 1442 Netherlands,1444 Netherlands, 1446 Bavaria, 1453 France, 1453 Breslau, 1454 Wurzburg, 1462 Mainz, 1483 Mainz, 1484 Warsaw, 1485 Vincenza, 1492 Spain, 1492 Italy, 1495 Lithuania, 1496 Naples, 1496 Portugal, 1498 Nuremburg, 1498 Navarre, 1510 Brandenburg, 1510 Prussia, 1514 Strasburg, 1515 Genoa, 1515 Genoa, 1519 Regensburg, 1533 Naples, 1541 Naples, 1542 Prague and Bohemia, 1550 Genoa, 1551 Bavaria, 1555 Pesaro, 1557 Prague, 1559 Austria, 1561 Prague, 1561 Prague, 1567 Wurzburg, 1569 Papal states, 1571 Brandenburg, 1582 Netherlands, 1582 Hungary, 1593 Brandenburg, 1597 Cremona, 1614 Frankfurt, 1615 Worms, 1619 Kiev, 1648 Ukraine, 1648 Poland, 1649 Hamburg, 1654 Byelorussia, 1656 Lithuania, 1669 Oran (North Africa),1669 Vienna, 1670 Vienna, 1712 Sandomir, 1727 Russia, 1738 Wurtemburg, 1740 Byelorussia, 1774 Prague, 1744 Slovakia, 1744 Livonia, 1745 Moravia, 1753 Kovad (Lithuania) 1761 Bordeaux, 1772 Deported to ‘The Pale’ of settlement in Poland and Russia, 1774 Warsaw, 1789 Alsace, 1804 Russian villages, 1815 Lubeck and Bremen, 1815 Franconia, Swabia and Bavaria, 1820 Bremen, 1814 Russian Border Austria and Prussia, 1862 General Grant removed them from areas within the U.S, 1886 Galatz (Romania), 1880s Russia, 1891 Moscow, 1991 Bavaria (foreign born Jews), and then those damn irrational, completely unaccountable, random, clearly groundless evictions from Nazi Germany, and then North African and Middle Eastern nations.

Now you have to admit that is one hell of a CV!

I guess all those states and nations and places had absolutely no ‘rational’ reason for wanting to ‘cleanse’ their communities of Jews?

Probably some guy wrote a pamphlet, and another wrote a book, and another wrote a little play, and suddenly the entire populations and their governments were whipped up into a frenzy of irrational fear and hatred?

As I say, I have been victimized and denied justice in many countries, and I am loathe to point at past victimization as a legitimation of present victimization.

Many of the cases just alluded to may have had some irrational elements, and especially a religious element.

But if someone would give me my own country, where I could be a ‘Markus’ among other ‘Markus’s’, then I’d be off to start showing the world just what it was I have been trying to explain to them, by building a ‘Markus’ nation as a model for the entire world.

I would not keep trying to convince millions of heartless, brain-dead zombies to start empathizing with the suffering of all the victims of their daily, mindless, egotistical behavior, or to explain the virtues of ‘optimalisation’ and ‘ethics’.

Give me a nation anywhere with a coastline, a port, some water, some farmland, and the sanction and protection of the U.N, and you wouldn’t see me bothering any of you again. Though I would do my best to model the optimal society, and write lots of books and make lots of films, and try to lead the world by example.

Who would want to be the Philosopher King of a bunch of stone-hearted, self-serving, egotistical, brain-dead zombies?

When I am among people I often feel cold, and see (brain) dead people. You can only imagine how fast I’d be on my way to Markus-land!

Swing long, sweet chariot, coming forth to carry me home!

Oh gods, save me from the brain-dead, flesh eating zombies!

Oops, I forgot the ‘rubric’ of this chapter.

O.K, so my point is that you should never jump to conclusions about who has what motive for what.

For example the Zionists, like Moses (Akhenaton?) wanted to take a bunch of lone wolves and turn them into a ‘flock’ of sheep. He wanted to turn his ‘chosen people’ from Goshen into a ‘nation’ with a strong sense of solidarity. He needed some way to ‘bond’ them together.

Usually you use religion, to give people a sense of belonging, a sense of shared past, and a shared destiny.

You construct a ‘history’ for your people, even if you have to invent it.

You can refer to mythical histories, like the secular Nazi religion, in mythical lands, such as Atlantis. Or in the case of the Jews, all the stories of the Torah (Old Testament) and Talmud.

That history should contain a shared suffering, or shared guilt.

Guilt and suffering are good ‘binding agents’.

Just like ‘religion’, ‘religionare’, ‘to bind’.

So you’d want your own religion, a shared suffering (persecution and slavery in Egypt followed by a ‘great escape’), shared guilt (for having murdered Moses, all the peoples of the ‘promised land’, then Jesus), a religion (Aton-ism 2.0), and as an ongoing catalyst and constant reminder, persecution.

So you see, it would be very much in the interests of the Zionists to provoke persecution of the ‘Jews’ all around the world, to ensure that the Jews would ‘flock’ to ‘Israel’.

Otherwise why would they come to Israel? Why would they have to bother with all the daily problems of running a nation? It is such a distraction from trying to ‘fleece’ other nations.

The whole point of ‘limited morality’ (as opposed to universal principles or Bergson’s (Bergson is one of my favorite Jews after Freud) ‘open society’ and ‘open morality) is that it allows you to maintain a morality and ethical and legal code that applies exclusively to your own ‘people’, while allowing you to express all the impulses you are not allowed to express on ‘your’ people, on other peoples.

So you get to rape, murder, steal, enslave, and all that. Without being a threat to ‘your own’ people.

And more importantly, you have somewhere ‘safe’ to store all your stolen loot, and to escape to when the ‘locals’ realise what you are up to.

Read my books ‘Religion’ and ‘TROONATNOOR’ for more details.

But basically the whole ‘idea’ of ‘Judaism’ is a closed morality, exclusivity, and parasitology.

Of course some of my favorite people just happen to belong to this ‘closed society’ by birth, but are, in nature, like Bergson, longing and striving to build an ‘Open society’ with an ‘Open morality’.

A society that is inclusive of everyone, and a morality that excludes its protections and rights and obligations from no-one.

Israel has had more ‘kibbutzim’, or experiments in communal living, than any other land.

Oh, but remember that those first ‘Americans’ who landed on Plymouth Rock, had agreed to set up a kibbutzim in the U.S. Yes, they had been supported and paid for by communists who wanted to set up a communist society, like the one Jesus was trying to set up in his day, in the new world.

But they broke their contracts. They decided they’d go all capitalistic, individualistic, and self-reliant. Among other things.

So my heart goes out to all those Israeli’s who came to Israel to build a new nation, with honest, hard, sacrifice and labor.

For you have been duped by the Zionists.

It is the Zionists who deliberately incite fear and hatred of Jews around the world, as they have done throughout the centuries. Just ask 33rd level Freemason Albert Pike. He should know!

Today they are doing it with aggressive military attacks, and the genocide of the Palestinian people. They are provoking the world to fear and hate Jews by persecuting and torturing historians and philosophers in the West.

They don’t want peace. They want conflict. They want persecution. They want war. They are quite happy to sacrifice as many ‘Jews’ to their ambitions as they need to.

If I were you I would take up whatever other citizenship was available to me and leave, before you become the next ‘burnt offering’ to the Zionists plan for world domination.








David Cole and Michael Shermer on ‘The Donahue Show’


David Cole recently published his new book ‘The Republican Party Animal’. One of the stories he shares with his readers relates to his famous appearance on ‘The Donahue Show’.

In the 90s Phil Donahue was at the peak of his career. His show was filmed from the 30 Rockefeller plaza. As Zionist a place as it gets.

David Cole had managed to arrange what was meant to be a television debate on this prime time, top rating show, in 1994.

It was a real coup for a historical revisionist. It was in fact his second big coup. For he had already appeared on ’60 minutes’.

Now I use that term because while a holocaust skeptic is merely skeptical about the official ‘holocaust’ story, a historical revisionist, like Ernst Rundel, David Irving, or David Cole, all did their own independent historical research, investigating original source documents, archives, and actually visiting the supposed ‘death camps’, collecting and analyzing samples, interviewing experts, and taking a very close look at what were supposed to be ‘gas chambers’.

This historical research has lead them to the clear conclusion that the official version of events known as ‘the holocaust’, never happened, and could not have happened. Based on solid, objective, concrete evidence.

But the holocaust lobby are loathe to take place in anything that comes close to an open and fair debate. They always hide behind the rulings of the Nuremburg show trials, and the same few witnesses that are trotted out any time the occasion calls for ‘survivor testimony’.

So David Cole was very excited, and keen to debate what he had discovered with the very best experts from the Washington Holocaust Museum.

Phil Donahue had made it clear that he did not want to interview David Cole alone. He would not give him the chance to speak about his findings. You see Phil Donahue, like so many other people, imagine that the Jewish Holocaust Historians, for example at the very well-funded ‘Holocaust museum in Washington D.C, would totally destroy David Cole on his show, with their ‘mountains’ of historical data and tons of proof. Donahue had already awarded the case for the defense of the official holocaust story the debate. It was a forgone conclusion in his mind. He had not invited David Cole on air because he wanted a real debate. He expected David Cole would be shown up as a fraud.

This became very clear after the fact.

However, the problem for Cole was finding someone from the holocaust camp who would be willing to debate him on air.

You’d think with all the confident assertions made by the holocaust lobby about having mountains of evidence, proof, and evidence, that they would jump at the chance to debate their case, to finally, once and for all, convince any remaining skeptics out there with their mountains of evidence, scientific proof, and historical proofs.

But the fact is that all this talk about mountains of evidence, proof, and so on, is all bluff and hot air.

When someone like David Cole calls their bluff, they all ‘fold’ immediately.

This has to reveal something to you. It has to raise your suspicions.

Surely a publicly funded museum, which is telling all our children that the holocaust happened, would be glad for another chance to go on television, on a very respected and high rating talk show, to make their case, and assuage any lingering doubts a few ‘ignorant’ and ‘mislead’ people might have about ‘rumors’ that the holocaust story is a hoax.

But despite his best efforts, he could not get a single ‘holocaust’ expert from the Holocaust Museum, the museum in Los Angeles, or any other of the outspoken Jewish lobby organizations that constantly attack, harass, and terrorize historical revisionists like David Cole, David Irving, and Ernst Zundel.

So he was left in a quandary. Here he had the greatest opportunity ever offered to a historical revisionist, and he was going to have to miss out on it because he could not find an ‘opponent’ to ‘debate’ him.

He had carefully prepared a list of 50 questions he wanted to put forward to the Zionist holocaust specialists. They would get a chance to answer, and assuage him and the whole world of any doubts they had as to the veracity and justice of the Nuremburg trials, and every trial since then.

Finally he asked Michael Sherman, the editor of a magazine that had ‘debunked’ myths that ‘the holocaust never happened’.

He gave him the list of 50 questions, so he could consult with the leaders in the field, in the event he himself was not qualified, after having ‘debunked’ the ‘conspiracy theory’ that ‘millions of Jews were gassed to death in death camps’ never happened, to respond.

So Michael Shermer had three weeks to consult with the experts at the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C, and all the leading figures in the holocaust industry.

Shermer contacted all the leading ‘lights’ of the holocaust history factory. Barenbaum, Deborah Lipstadt, Henry Friedman,  Dr Raoul Hilberg, and so on.

But none of them had any answers. After three weeks he concluded that they did not have any answers to David Cole’s legitimate questions. They had nothing to offer to counter David Coles’ own research findings that concluded that it was an impossibility that the official story of mass gassings at death camps was true.

Michael Shermer was prepared to share this information with the world.

So David Cole and Michael Shermer travelled together to New York for their appearance on The Donahue Show.

Apparently Donahue had been licking his lips in anticipation of the slaughter of David Cole, in front of a live audience, by the holocaust experts.

For he was completely enraged when Michael Shermer, during a brief meeting before the show, shared the facts of the situation with Donahue.

Donahue, according to Shermer, flew off the handle, and began threatening Shermer with legal action, that he would make him pay his own airfares and accommodation costs, and so on. Shermer described Donahue as very abusive and intimidating. Donahue had come in a grand mood, expecting Shermer would ‘blow Cole out of the water’ and ‘expose him for the evil Nazi that Donahue believed him to be’.

Donahue insisted that Michael Shermer play the role he had expected him to play. The smug, complacent, confident, self-assured holocaust expert.

And this Shermer did. Responding to any comment David Cole raised with that typical smug self-assuredness that ‘we have mountains of evidence that prove what you just claimed is wrong’, and so on. Of course at no time did he, like any other holocaust myth promoter, before or after him, ever present a single shred of evidence from that supposed ‘mountain’.

As always, the pro holocaust lobby simply assure us that it exists. This is the role Shermer adopted. It left Cole feeling betrayed. He left the stage before a commercial break and left the fools to play their game on their own. There was no point enduring such a shameful piece of holocaust dramaturgy and Zionist theatre. But, after all, what else could he expect at 30 Rockefeller Plaza?

In his recent book Cole reveals how Donahue lost his temper, throwing a tantrum, throwing down his microphone, and abusing Cole as ‘the anti-Christ’. You can actually see Donahue as the channel goes to a station break doing this, but we can’t hear what he is saying.

Donahue had lost his cool after being corrected, and having to ‘deny’ the facts, twice. The first time was when a caller spoke of having seen lampshades made from human skin. Even Donahue was aware that not even the most rabid holocaust historian gave such stories any credence any more. They were simply rejected by even the most pro holocaust historian. And so when a caller discredited her entire story by stating this, several times, Donahue was left having to deny she’d said that. But everyone had heard it. Listen yourself. Even Shermer agreed she had said that.

The second time Donahue was caught ‘in denial’ was when he showed film footage of what any Holocaust researcher or hobbyist knows is clearly Dachau, and not Auschwitz. The problem is that no-one has ever claimed that there were gas chambers at Dachau. However pro holocaust presenters always, as Donahue himself had done, present that film footage as film footage of the Auschwitz gas chamber.

Donahue denied this, stating that it was clearly footage of the proven gas chamber at the Auschwitz ‘death’ camp. David Cole simply politely noted the error, and Donahue flipped out, ranting and raving, screaming ‘You’re a fucking anti-Christ’.

It sort of goes back to the old idea that if you are right, you get angry, and if you are the victim, you cry. So holocaust spokespeople either inevitably present as angry or crying, as self-righteous and therefore right, or wounded, and therefore the victim.

And you don’t have to take David Cole’s word for all this. Michael Shermer admitted as much in a telephone conversation he had years later with David Cole, which Cole recorded and transcribed.

And just listen to how Donahue, who has never even met Zundel or read anything of his, has the never to casually, but viciously, and maliciously, refer to Ernst Zundel as ‘that famous Neo-Nazi’. Other television announcers have variously referred to Zundel  as a ‘collector of Nazi memorabilia’. Other announcers have called his writing ‘anti-Semitic.’

But Donahue just let it rip, defaming him as a neo-Nazi. If that is not defamation, libel, and slander, then I do not know what is!

Not that most informed people consider being called a Nazi an insult any more.

What Donahue, like the entire Zionist Propaganda Machine, mean when they call you a Nazi these days is a ‘Hollywood’ Nazi that manufactured construction of the Zionist Propaganda Machine that never existed.

Sure like everywhere, always, among all groups, there were vicious people who took advantage of their power to do criminal things. But that does not give you the right to brand every Nazi, and every German, as a criminal.

The people who carried out their orders to fire bomb Dresden, then to bomb the emergency relief workers, and civilians, and zoo animals, and to then machine gun children as they ran for the protection of their mother’s arms, only to watch in horror as their mothers were torn into pieces by machine gun fire, have surely no grounds for imagining that the Allies behaved any better than the worst of the Germans did.

And you don’t hear Germans complaining that really really horrific things happen in war.

It’s why Germans have had enough of war.

They’ve learned the lessons of suffering.

So why haven’t the Jews?

Is it because they never really did suffer?

They were safe and sound in their camps.

No-one fire-bombed or machine gunned them.

Sadly many died of typhus.

And it is likely that some were killed as saboteurs and spies. That is war. If you declare war on a people you cannot expect there will be no casualties on your side too.

But if you want me to believe that people marked to death get due process in court trials for ‘travelling under false papers’ and ‘illegal immigration’, and then are given permission to leave one ‘death camp’ after another, and travel freely throughout Germany, then I’m sorry but you’ll have to provide some really compelling evidence or proof to back up your ‘fanciful’ and ‘unbelievable’ tale.

During Cole’s appearance on the Donahue show, women called in claiming to have interacted personally with Mengele, and watching the flames rise, and the smoke flow, and smelling the burning flesh of Jewish prisoners. All things that have since been debunked as lies by the manufacturers of the crematoriums, and other experts and specialists.

Another woman called in and claimed having seen lampshades made of human (Jewish) skin, and soap made from Jewish prisoners’ fat. Donahue denied that they had said this. But watch and listen. She clearly does say it. Donahue was just trying to cover up the fact, because no serious holocaust historian any longer grants that story any credit, and the story was associated with a completely different location / camp from which the caller, who admitted she was under psychiatric care, and was estranged from her ‘Nazi’ family, had related it to.

But the main thing I want to point out is the fact that Donahue coerced the Editor of ‘The Skeptic’ into lying. Donahue had just been told that not a single expert from the Jewish side of the story could refute a single statement, argument, or piece of information that David Cole had presented for them to debate.

Donahue was simply out to destroy Cole. His claims to wanting a ‘debate’ were completely disingenuous. He is a charlatan. A prostitute. A Zionist propaganda mouthpiece. Shame on him! And all like him!

Go to David Cole’s website and look for his books online, and at major book retailers like Walmart. He deserves your attention and custom. He has sacrificed a lot to reveal and then share the truth, just like Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Robert Faurisson (who was imprisoned simply for carrying out tests on samples taken from the supposed ‘gas’ chambers which proved no Zyklon B had ever been used in those rooms), and their supporters, such as Zundel’s lawyer, who is now in prison for simply trying to provide Zundel with his constitutional right to legal representation.

Cole restates the simple fact that there is no proof of any deliberate German policy of exterminating Jews during WWII.

If you doubt his credibility, then consider that he is the only historian to have documented evidence of the gassing of 100 Jews in Alsace Lorraine by Germans.

Not even the most fanatical pro-holocaust propagandists knew about this, let alone publicized the fact.

Cole is unbiased. He is of Jewish background. He reports what he finds. He found evidence of a100 Jews being gassed to death in Nazweiler, in Alsace Lorraine, and he reported it. He has nothing to gain by reporting the only documented case where Jews were gassed during WWII. It is a true sign of his integrity and honesty.

Cole is also one of the few people to remind us of the horrific treatment of German prisoners of war in the prison camps set up by U.S President Eisenhower (which I assume is an anglicized form of  the German name Eisenhauer ), in which prisoners were left for days without water, being forced to live in their own excrement.

Shermer had told Cole on their flight back home together everything that Donahue had said to him, and how he had said it. But it was not until years later that Cole caught him admitting this on tape.

But what is so much worse, is that Shermer called Cole a ‘racist’ in his magazine, and even denied that Cole had often helped him with research regarding ‘the holocaust’, or ever having had any sort of relationship with Cole.

In the same 40 minute long recording Cole made of a later telephone conversation he had with Shermer, Shermer admitted that Cole was not a racist.

Cole had no malicious intentions in making this recording. At the time he feared for his life, and hoped that the recording might defuse the anger of those Shermer had more or less ‘sicked’ onto him, through his false reporting on Cole in his own ‘Skeptic’ magazine.

Shermer admits, in the taped conversation with Cole, that he, Shermer, deliberately misrepresented Cole to discredit Cole, and therefore make his work appear ‘shoddy’..

The Jewish Defence League at the time of his appearance on The Donahue Show in 1994 appeared very serious about getting Cole murdered, to shut him up. He was beaten up twice, in 1992, and 1994. Ultimately he approached the head of the Jewish Defense League and wrote a letter of apology, and paid him all the money he had, promising he would keep quiet from then on.

Michael Shermer never publicly apologized for slandering Cole as ‘a racist’, nor did he ever admit publicly what had happened on the Donahue show.

He went so far as to get his lawyers to send a ‘cease and desist’ order, hoping he would bluff and bully Cole into pulling his new book from circulation. He also demanded Cole read a ‘scripted’ apology on Youtube, not only recanting Cole’s comments about Shermer, but also to deny that the recording Cole made was real?

Cole, the calm and reasonable, good-willed character that he is, explained a few points on merit of their lawsuit to the law firm representing Shermer, and the impossibility of winning their case, for this and this specific reason.

Cole also pointed out to Shermer’s lawyers was the devastating impact the threatened lawsuit could have on Shermer’s magazine sales. For Shermer sold himself as a ‘skeptic’. A skeptic trying to ban a book has as much credibility and integrity as a Zionist complaining their rights to ‘freedom of expression’ are being violated.

In other words Cole made them realize that Shermer’s planned action was doomed to fail, and not only that, but it could ruin his business. So they talked sense into Shermer, and he dropped the lawsuit.

So Shermer’s attempt to intimidate Cole had failed.

You’d think Shermer would leave well enough alone. He had done enough damage to Cole. But no, he couldn’t let it go.

Shermer abused what many holocaust industry lobbyists have discovered is a ‘backdoor’ to getting YouTube videos pulled and thus censored.

YouTube’s ‘privacy complaint policy’ allows people to bypass the old ‘copyright’ complaint. The ‘privacy’ policy was intended to stop people posting unauthorized, private, videos of other people. For example bullies posting private information about their victims with malicious intentions.

Shermer complained that Cole had held up a copy of his book for 12 seconds.

Remember how Zionist Hollywood had managed to build an unconscious association between David Irving and a psychopath, by having that loathsome character carry a clearly identifiable copy of one of David Irving’s books?

Even though the books in question contained material about David Cole himself, giving Cole a valid context for showing the books, YouTube pulled the video.

In his historical research work Cole raises the question of Stalin’s use of Jews for slave labor. Stalin ‘liberated’ and then ‘evacuated’ a large number of Jews from Nazi camps, and ‘relocated’ them within the Soviet Union.

Immediately Staling raised the ‘Iron Curtain’ that curtailed travel outside of the Soviet Union for almost everyone inside it.

Cole points to very reliable German documents describing how SS troops would enter an Eastern European town where there was known to have been large populations of Jews, only to find all the Jews were gone.

Cole writes that there is compelling evidence that up to 1.5 million Jews that had been counted as dead by the Allies, and the Jews, had actually been taken to the Soviet Union where they were ‘employed’, either voluntarily, or as slave labor.

Remember hundreds of thousands of German soldiers were also abused as slave labor by Stalin. Very few of the German soldiers captured by Soviet troops ever returned home.

Cole goes on to explain how, with Jews becoming a minority within the borders of Israel, there was more and more demand within the Israeli government to admit that there were millions of Jews living within the Soviet Union that had formerly been accounted for as dead, so that they could then go about arranging their repatriation to Israel. The Israeli state paid for their emigration and settlement in Israel. They did a deal with the Soviets.

What most people do not know is that the Bolshevik party leadership in the early days was almost 100% Jewish, and that Jews founded the KGB and had a great deal of power in the Soviet Union, until later ‘purges’.

And so suddenly hundreds of thousands of Jews that the Israeli government had counted as dead, and received compensation for from Germany, suddenly arose from the grave to take up a new life in Israel.

Over and over ‘eyewitnesses’ tell us heart-wrenching stories such as ‘‘I lost my brother/mother/father/sister/entire family in Auschwitz’. I saw him/her/ them go up the chimney with my own eyes’.

On further enquiry, most eyewitnesses admit they never actually saw anyone killed. They were separated from loved ones and never saw them again. But they keep insisting they ‘saw it with their own eyes’. Check out the Shoah foundation films Spielberg is associated with. When the interviewer asks people to clarify their statements, they always admit that there was ‘a white wall’ or similar blocking their view, and that they never actually did ever see anyone being killed, or cremated.

One very famous case occurred on the Montel Williams show on April 1992.  The ‘eyewitness’ Zoltan Hollander claimed he had seen his brother ‘go up the chimney’ in 1944 in Auschwitz’. In fact David Cole was on that show. The eyewitness had been brought on the show to ‘disprove’, discredit, and question the morality of, David Cole. In fact media reports on that show defamed David Cole as a Neo-Nazi. They might have checked on his background just a little before slandering him. I don’t know of many Jewish Neo Nazis.

Of course militant Israeli’s and Zionists are among the most racist and war-like people on this planet, and are seeking to impose a fascist state upon the entire world, but they would never ever imagine associating themselves with neo-Nazis.

Now back to our ‘death’ camp survivor.

A viewer from New York was watching this program. He was quite excited. For you see he had recently become  the landlord of that very brother who had ‘gone up the chimney at Auschwitz’. The tenant’s name was Ernest Hollander. The landlord said he looked very much like the guest on the television show, with the same family name, Hollander.

His tenant, Ernest Hollander, had just recently arrived in the U.S from the Soviet Union, after the emigration restrictions had been lifted.

And so the two brothers were reunited in 1992 on the Montel Williams show.

The two brothers, like so many other ‘survivors’ of ‘death camps’ had each been told that the other had been ‘gassed’.

Cole criticizes the authorities for having gone on with the fiction that millions had been gassed, rather than admit the truth. If they had, then many more people could have been reunited with their families than has been the case.

Cole reminds us that the Soviets never did a census of the Jewish population till after the fall of the iron curtain. But keep in mind that the Empress of Russia had, not too much earlier, ‘banned’ all Jews ‘to beyond the pale’, meaning to outside Russia’s borders, which is why so many Jews ended up living in Poland, and Germany.

Cole also exposes the ‘Museum of tolerance’ a.k.a ‘The Simon Wiesenthal Center’ in Los Angeles as a swindle to get the taxpayer to fund yet another expensive ‘Holocaust’ memorial.  By misleading the government and calling the holocaust museum a ‘human rights museum’, Wiesenthal was able to get the taxpayer to pay for yet another franchise of the Zionist Propaganda machine.

The museum is three stories. Los Angeles tax payers poured millions of dollars into it.

Just like all the other Zionists enterprises, it was a scam to get the taxpayer to subsidize the Zionist Propaganda war.

Just one room in the entire complex has been set aside to nominally include the non-Jewish forms of suffering in the world.

If that was not bad enough, Cole is clear that there is nothing in the museum of true historic value. The ‘history’ it presents is really faulty.

And the worst thing of all, it is now compulsory for all public school children in Los Angeles to visit it for a does of ‘brainwashing’ into ‘the holocaust hoax’.

They have even set up an absurd animatronic show meant to be a historical reconstruction of the Wannsee conference, at which the holocaust lobby claim Hitler and his SS agreed on a plan to exterminate the Jews using gas chambers.

The animatronic figures conversation goes something like this, ‘What shall we do about the Jews? We should gas them. Great idea, let’s start gassing them now’.

The problem with this ‘historical re-enactment is that the actual Wannsee protocols state clearly that the Jews will be employed as forced labor, and then eventually released.

Which is what actually happened.

Cole plans to upload  a video of this appalling animatronic absurdity to his website

They also have a phony video of a ‘gas van’, which depicts Jews being gassed to death as the van drives around town.

I guess after losing so many other myths, they just decided to make up a new one?

Cole notes the fact that courts continue to give the subjective, mostly ‘hearsay’ reports of ‘witnesses’ priority over the clear, objective, scientific evidence that contradicts these witnesses’ reports.

It is a question of what evidence is considered admissible in holocaust trials, as compared to what sort of evidence would normally be considered admissible in any other form of trial.

The fact is that all the trials relating to the holocaust turn conventional wisdom and common sense upon its head, with no justification.

Cole notes how a British M.P recently stood up in parliament and used the supposed gassing of 6 million Jews as a justification for bombing Damascus with British missiles. He claims a large proportion of his family were victims of gassing. So I guess he learned a lot of empathy and compassion from that experience? As expressed in his desire to bomb other people’s families?

Cole notes how, like 911, the official holocaust story requires you to suspend the laws of physics. Both stories are equally incredulous.

Cole notes how absurd the situation has become, with people visiting Iran to give talks about WWII, then being arrested in France for doing so. And how there are around 17000 people in Germany at any one time either facing prosecution, or actually in prison, for charges related to freedom of expression.


The Myth of Israel

You will hear Israel’s speak of a ‘completely documented ownership of the entire area (greater Israel which is even larger than Palestine) over thousands of years’.

You are now familiar with statements made by Jews and their representatives. So when they speak of ‘mountains of evidence’ or ‘completely documented’ your first reaction will be to laugh. For you know that this means they don’t have a single piece of evidence.

And I don’t think that in this case ‘eyewitness testimony’ is going to be ‘admissible’.

Unless they have some middle-aged Jewish woman who is thousands of years old?

I wouldn’t put it past Steven Spielberg!

I mean he is responsible for that load of defamation known as ‘Schindler’s list’, after all, isn’t he?

Then you’ll hear the sort of hypocritical rubbish that makes you want to vomit, like ‘the Palestinians have created a Palestinian myth to give them a history’, Hmmm. Anything like the Torah?

And then there’s that step over the edge into fatuous absurdity, beyond any Monty Python sketch, as they complain about ‘the Palestinian control of the mass media, through which they mislead and deceive’.

The father of all hypocrites?

So the first statement that beggars questioning is, where is all this mass of evidence. Either for the holocaust, for global climate change, or for an Israeli history in the region of Palestine?

You see not a single trace of any archeological evidence exists to support the Israelis’ claim to prior ownership, apart from the fact that 2000 years ago whatever Jews were living around Jerusalem were kicked out by Hadrian, the Roman Emperor.

For all intensive purposes, it is a complete myth, about as historically accurate as the existence of a King Solomon himself, that any temple at all ever existed on the ‘temple mount’ before the Muslims built their mosque there.

Sol-Om-On are three of the names of the Sun. His wives are certainly other ‘heavenly bodies’. The man himself is a complete non persona to history.

The only people who claim he actually existed are the Israeli’s themselves, and their Jewish Torah.

The Jewish claims that the so-called ‘Western Wall’ represents the remains of the second temple, have no basis in history to go from. There is no proof that this wall was ever part of a Jewish Temple.

Of course the Jews call the Arabs ‘deniers’.

There is no evidence to back any Israeli claims that Jews were ever in Palestine before they ‘returned’ in the 20th Century to claim ownership.

Based on what we know about Zionists and their ‘tall tales’ and ‘noble’ lies, hoaxes, and scams, I think it reasonable to go with the Arabs on this one?

What about you?

Sure, there is that story about the boy who cried wolf.

It’s possible they lied about the holocaust, and their two aggressive wars, and The protocols of the Elders of Zion, but are telling the truth about Palestine?

Even the Bible refers to Jews calling Jews ‘The father of lies’.

That’s literally ‘the Gospel truth’.

Today even completely independent (of the holocaust debate) historians are claiming that Israel is falsifying its historical digs, its archeological finds, and thus its history, to fit the most convenient, biblical, accounts of Jewish history.

The Zionists will claim to have found Jewish coins, and Hebrew inscriptions in the Rock dating back thousands of years, but most historians doubt these claims. They are skeptical.

And so far no country has introduced laws making it criminal to claim Jews are falsifying their ancient history.

So why are there laws to stop people claiming, with a real ‘mountain of evidence’, that Jews have falsified their more recent history, regarding WWII?

History does state that the Roman Emperor Hadrian had become so fed up with the behavior of the Jews in his empire that he basically had them removed.

Like Catherine the Great.

Like the Spanish.

Like the British.

Like the Germans planned to do. But after the war, when their labor was no longer required for the war effort.

What sort of fool do you think Hitler was, that he would murder 6 million of his war-time labor force?

Hadrian decide to remove the Jews both physically and spiritually from Palestine, and Rome.

Hitler wrote in ‘Mein Kampf’, in the American English translation I read, that he planned to eliminate the biological basis of Jewry in Europe.

O.K, I admit, he might have been a little more precise. It’s the phrase in the thousand or so pages that could be twisted to support the Jews ‘holocaust’ narrative.

But I guess he never expected that he and his SS would ever, one day, be accused of having murdered 6 million Jews. It just would never have crossed his mind. He was a decent, conscientious, moral, upright, ethical man.

He knew that the removal of Jews to camps was a ‘monstrous’ act. But he felt compelled by the fact that the Jews had declared war on him, and had meddled in all Germany’s affairs to its detriment. To the point of wiping Germany as a nation off the map.

There is no evidence to suggest he ever did order the extermination of Jews, we can safely assume he meant to remove Jews from Europe, and not to kill them all.

Just like Hadrian removed the Jews from his Empire, for the same completely rational reasons.

Just like the Spanish did long after.

Just like the Russian Empress did a bit later.

Just like every nation that has ever ‘hosted’ the Jews has found itself compelled to do.

How do Israeli’s manage to keep a straight face, complaining how Arab children are being indoctrinated?

Why is it they all have this peculiar look on their faces? I am not so articulate as I would like to be. I can’t always find words to describe what I sense. Is it an irrational hatred burning behind their eyes for anyone who would dare claim the Zionist Jews claims to being the only true humans, the chosen people, the masters destined to enslave all us Gentiles, and kill the ones they have no use for?

All the while children in Los Angeles and Washington are being forced to consume Zionist hate propaganda against Germans?

Are Zundel, Irving, Faurisson, or Cole forcing anyone to read their books or watch their videos? Let alone the most impressionable of children?

If Cole can make a middle-aged Jewish woman cry, then imagine what the holocaust propaganda can do to a small child!

Have these Israeli’s ever read their Torah or Talmud?

I’ve seen nothing that even compares to that as indoctrination.

What sort of person gives their children that sort of book to read? And praises it? And glorifies it? What sort of psychopathic, sociopathic, anti-social (towards ‘Gentiles’) personalities are the teachings of the Torah and Talmud likely to produce?

Any Arab who ever read the Torah or Talmud would be completely justified and rational in fearing and hating Jews.

And criminalizing the publication and distribution of those books, or books based on them.

The Jews committed acts of genocide, mass rape, enslavement, and dispossession on their ancient ancestors, just as they are doing today.

And an Israeli will have the nerve to complain that Arabs have their own independent media?

You see the Jews are used to having full spectrum dominance of the mass media and entertainment industry. They are used to having complete freedom of action for their Zionist Propaganda Machine. They just cannot accept being forced by Germans to do manual work. They just cannot accept the idea that anyone else should have a media voice to get their side of the story, the truth, broadcast to the masses.

And then just to make it clear who controls Washington D.C, you get Hilary Clinton of all people complaining that Arab children are being fed propaganda by their Arab media.

Come on Hilary. What the hell are you going on about? How can you stand there and keep a straight face while uttering such puerile nonsense?

How did HAMAS become a terrorist organization for demanding the return of Palestinian land to Palestinians?

Remember the King David Hotel Bombings?

Who was it that introduced the very idea of ‘terrorism’ to the Middle East, and the world, and the 20th century in general?

Can you imagine what would happen if American decided it would redraw the European map based on the boundaries of 2000 years ago?

This is exactly what America is doing when it demands the Palestinian people do a ‘peace’ deal with Israel.

It would be like Muslims invading American, taking 80% of the best land, then insisting that the surviving Americans do a ‘peace’ deal, guaranteeing them the remaining 20% of land, in return for ‘peace’.


Now apparently anti-Semitism is a pathological disease.

A disease which the Arabs were the last to ‘catch’.

Because they were the last to have to deal with the Jews.

I guess someone must have translated one of Ernst Zundel’s pamphlets into Arabic, and sent a few copies over to Palestine.

For I can’t see any other reason why the Palestinians could possibly fear or hate the Jews as ‘irrationally’ as they do. Can you?

The Romans were known, before they got Jesus, to be perfectly tolerant of any religion they came in contact with. They tended to borrow and lend among their people’s religions and deities.

But even these extremely tolerant Romans found something impossible to bear in the Jews.

What was it?

I have a feeling that by now you have a few ideas.

Will persecuting scientists and historians increase or decrease the popularity of the Jews in the world, in your humble opinion?

Will preventing any voice from being heard in the world, other than the Zionist Jew, make Jews more or less popular among the world’s people, in your humble opinion?

Will raping entire nations financially, and bringing about economic crises and wars, make the Jews more or less popular around the world, in you humble opinion?

Will murdering school-children on their way home from school make people more or less likely to suffer that pathological disease called anti-Semitism, a symptom of which is an irrational fear and hatred of Jews?

I mean in your humble opinion.

I wonder why Mohammed, a trader, a scholar, a lover, (apparently not a poet?), found the need to command the Muslims to kill the Jews wherever they were to be found?

Was it Nazi propaganda? One of Ernst Zundel’s pamphlets? Perhaps a David Cole video, or a David Irving history book?

I surely hope it wasn’t this book I am writing right now.

I wonder how the Prophet Mohamad caught that pesky virus, that pathological disease known as anti-Semitism, with its symptoms of a completely unreasonable, irrational, unfounded, groundless, totally whimsical and arbitrary fear and hatred of Jews.

I guess he was exposed to too much Al Jazeera television in his youth?

I’m going to go a bit Celine and New Testament and Old Testament prophet on you all and call the Zionist Jews ‘the father of hypocrisy and denial’.

And then you’ll hear Israeli’s asserting that the Palestinians are all free to compete with Israel?


Since when was anyone in the world free to even express a scientifically proven fact about an Israeli, or the Jews?

Just try to get ‘your side of the story’ on the mass media.

Watch that Phil Donahue episode with David Cole to see just how ‘free’ the world is when it comes to ‘competition’ with anything Jewish, whether it be a Jewish viewpoint, a Jewish versions of history, or a Jewish Central Banking System.

How on earth do you compete with a monopolistic Federal Reserve (Zionist Central Bankster) system?

See how far John F Kennedy got when he decided to take the Jews up on their offer of ‘free competition’?

What about Jews demanding that Muslim nations issue a Fatwah ordering Muslims to stop calling Jews ‘pigs’?

Did you see the constant stream of abuse that Zionists were drowning Ernst Zundel in? Did anyone even try to stop that?  So it’s O.K to call a historian a pig and a dog and shout and write that he deserves to die, but the poor Israeli can’t bear to be called a pig by people whose homes they have stolen, whose land they have disposed them of, whose mothers, fathers, children, and grandchildren they have murdered?

What about a Fatwah ordering Jews to stop trying to get anyone who will not agree with their fatuous nonsense about holocausts defined as mentally ill, or criminally insane? Let alone simply criminal.

Have the Zionists really demonstrated that they are fit to rule the entire world, let alone Israel?

Well that is what they will soon be doing if you do not act now.

You are going to have the same people who committed the biblical holocaust, instituted the KGB reign of terror, murdered Americans while they were sunbathing on the deck of their ship in international waters, murdered over 3000 people during their 911 attacks, got the West to pay for, and the U.S and other NATO nations to sacrifice their children for, and murder hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi women and children, and the people who brought you several world depressions, and soon WWIII, as your new dictators.

Happy Next Lives!


Dr Russel Barton

Dr Russel Barton was an English Psychiatrist who working among the International Red Cross. He was present very shortly after the German concentration camps were ‘liberated’.

He reported that he observed a clean and happy work-camp, with not a single trace of any indication of any planned attempts at extermination.

However at the Bergen-Belsen camp he did report that up to 500 inmates a day were dying of disease when the allies arrived.

All over Europe at that time people were dying of disease and malnutrition.

Even after he was pressured to ‘recant’ his reports and descriptions, he stuck to his guns and insisted on telling the truth. He got into a lot of hot water because of his integrity.

Mr Wallace, gentleman farmer, or Hollywood styled Nazi?


The famous Nazi hunter Wiesenthal, who later defrauded the Los Angeles tax payer of money to build another holocaust memorial, didn’t seem to know the difference between a farmer and a Hollywood Nazi.

Like the Israeli pilots and torpedo boat crews who get confused and murder Americans sunbathing in international waters, believing them to be Egyptian horse-traders, Simon Wiesenthal, the great ‘Nazi hunter’, got confused, but managed, with the help of a completely biased legal system, to get an innocent farmer convicted of being an SS commander of a ‘death’ camp.

He was forced to get 120.000 dollars into debt to finance his defence. He was attacked in the media, and in person, and abandoned by friends.

He lost everything.

And it was a bit too little too late when it was finally accepted as fact that he had worked on a farm for the duration of WWII.

Did Wiesenthal find a Hugo Boss jacket in Wallace’s wardrobe maybe?

The problem for Nazi hunters is that there are all too few ‘Hollywood Nazi’ types around.

But they doesn’t stop them. They just ‘make em up’, in true Jewish ‘Hollywood’ style.

Why did the Allies let Hitler retire to South America?

While the Allies and Russians were torturing SS officers, and threatening their families, to coerce false ‘confessions’ out of them, the Allies were carrying out a very interesting debriefing of a German pilot.

A pilot who gave very convincing evidence that he had actually flown Adolf Hitler out of Berlin to Denmark.

It was an established fact (a real one, and not one of those piled up in that fantastical mythical mountain of holocaust evidence), that the German Air force had been ordered to keep a narrow flight zone/corridor free between Berlin and Denmark.

And then very credible reports started coming into Allied intelligence of several different groups of U-boats emerging off the coast of Argentina.

At least two-boat captain’s officially surrendered their vessels to the Argentinian navy. So the reports are quite consistent with known facts. Real facts. Not one of those residing in that fabulously fictional mountain of holocaust facts that everyone, from court Judges, to television talk-show hosts, to television presenters, constantly remind us of, but never seem to be able to actually locate, let alone pull a simple fact off. You’d expect such ‘low hanging fruit’ would be very attractive to someone keen on shutting up a pesky historical revisionist or holocaust skeptic!

F.B.I assets in Argentina lodged official reports stating that a lot of Germans in the area had ever expectation that Hitler would be arriving shortly, and had been making preparations in anticipation for days.

The same F.B.I assets then reported that Hitler had arrived.

But for some reason J.Edgar Hoover, who preferred women’s dresses to Hugo Boss, had no interest in investigating the reports.

You can watch YouTube interviews with people who claim to have seen, served, and waited on Hitler during a brief hotel stay, before he was taken to a very secluded ‘ranch’.

A ranch that was seriously isolated and yet seriously well-guarded.

The local governments respect the private (German) land-owners autonomy out there.

The kind of place where your privacy was guaranteed.

The ranch owners out there are not the sort of people you want to mess with. They take their liberty, and the right to bear arms, very seriously.

Simon Wiesenthal would not have stood a chance. Israeli’s pilots are only good at blowing up enemy planes that are pilotless, and parked on runways. And the Israeli military are used to bombing children and mothers, rather than people prepared and ready to respond to their attacks.

Wiesenthal is pretty good at ‘capturing’ German farmers. But I don’t think he ever would have dared taking on the Argentinian ‘gauchos’.

Stalin admitted that they had no idea where Hitler had gotten to, and that the ‘official’ story was a complete fake.

Recent DNA tests on ‘Hitler’s’ skull revealed something that even the Zionists didn’t know. Hitler was in fact a woman!

So when I’m told that the first lady, Michelle Obama, is really a transsexual, and see the ‘bulge’ in photos, you cannot expect me to show that much surprise, can you?

The Zionist Central Bankster’s quiet occupation of North America

You will find details of how the Zionist Central Bankster’s operate in the companion book to this book, my ‘911:Five minutes to midnight’.

Assuming someone has made copies and seeded them, or otherwise made them available, after they were ‘taken down’ and ‘banned’ by Smashwords and co.

In.1790, 3 years after the U.S constitution, one Amschel Rothschild (formerly Bauer) issued his now famous statement from Frankfurt. ‘Let me issue and control a nations’ money, and I care not who makes its laws’.

He was one of the very few ‘investors’ allowed to buy a stake in the Federal Reserve Bank. The owners of the other shares were never made public.

Napoleon famously declared, around the same time that ‘when a govt. is dependent on bankers for money, then they cede control to these banks. The Rothschild’s control the Central Banks of France, Germany, and Great Britain.

At Waterloo, in Belgium, on July 1815, Nathan Rothschild reportedly gained virtual control of the most important British companies, paying pennies in the dollar, because he learned of Napoleon’s defeat before anyone else in London. He acted as if France had won, selling off his stock, making a big show of doing so furtively and desperately, and waited until he had sparked a massive panic. Stock prices plummeted as rumors, based on his own behavior, spread like wildfire around London.

Rothschild then had his agents secretly start buying up the stock which was now almost worthless. So that by the time the news of the defeat of Napoleon arrived in London Nathan had managed to buy up controlling shares in all the most important companies of Britain, at a tiny fraction of their real value.

Oh, this of course included shares in the Bank of England.

By the mid-1800s the Rothschild’s had become the richest family in the world.  By the 1900s they had come to own over half of the total wealth of the entire world.

Did I mention they are Zionists?

Already by 1816 the Rothschild’s had control over the Bank of England and the U.S Central Bank, the forerunner to the Federal Reserve.

Ultimately they managed to bribe, and/or con, the U.S congress into bringing about the Federal Reserve, which now gave the Rothschild Zionists the right to print money.

Seriously. No joke. Money doesn’t grow on trees. The Rothschild’s pint it.

And if a trillion dollars ‘disappears’, to fund who knows what conspiracy, then, well, hey, it just disappears. The private bank which they named ‘The federal Reserve’ to confuse, obfuscate, and deflect any public attention from the true nation of the Central Bankster’s little scheme, is completely unaccountable to anyone. Its officials are not elected. Nor are they answerable to the public. Not even to the Congress of the United States of America.


If a Rockefeller wants to have the Tsar of Russia overthrown, because he will not allow the Rothschild Central Banksters set up a franchise of their Central Bank in Russia, well they just pay 20 Million to a bunch of ‘Bolsheviks’ to assassinate the entire Russian royal family.

If you really doubt the excessive, virtually total control that the Rothschild’s have over the U.S government, then consider this fact.

In 2000 Lord Evelyn Rothschild married another rich Zionist. They spent their honeymoon night in the Whitehouse.

I won’t bother listing their holdings, but they control the world’s gold supply, and own some very nasty companies like Monsanto, the company that said Agent Orange, DDT, and PCB’s are safe. The same company telling you that Genetically Modified Organisms are perfectly safe to eat, though you’ll never see a Zionist go near one with a ten foot pole, let alone put one in their mouth.

The recently bought a company called Epicyte, which developed a gene which, when placed in a GMO food, makes women and men sterile. Monsanto are inserting it into GMO corn. Oops. Sorry. I just broke the law. You see it is illegal for anyone to tell you this fact. And guess who recently bought a huge chunk of Monsanto shares? Guess. Go on. You know, the guy so keen on reducing the world population to zero. His words, not mine. Yep, good old Bill Gates, the guy who is so keen on honesty, integrity, and justice, that he’d rather pay billions in fines than ‘do the right thing’ in the first place.

You’ll hear rich people talk about ‘free trade’ all the time, while financing Communist dictators like Stalin.

And while today ‘greed is good’ and the only objective that companies recognize is the maximization of profits for their shareholders, in the good old days before the Rockefeller’s bribed the U.S government to change the laws, in the U.S, a charter for a company was only issued if it could be proven that the companies project was in the interests of the people.

And that charter was only issued for the duration of a particular project.

In this way the founding fathers ensured that all business activity was in the interests of the general public.

But Rockefeller and his Zionist cohort bribed one state after another, until we ended up in the situation we find ourselves in today, where you are talked down to like a silly, ignorant, naïve, uneducated child, or condescended to like a crazy person, if you even suggest, subtly, that a private corporation might have some sort of social responsibility beyond simply making their shareholders as rich as possible.

This drive to maximize shareholder’s profits does not find itself in any way bound by any sense of social responsibility, or even a responsibility to observe an regulations or law.

If it is cheaper to pay fines, then observe the law, a-la Bill Gates, then the company’s obligation to maximizing its shareholders’ profits mean it is therefore obliged to break the law, and simply fight legal cases, and if necessary, pay fines.

Massive fraud is the norm.

Exon deliberately took its electrical plants offline, so it could profit from dealing in electricity supply related derivatives. They bankrupted the state of California, and made billions of dollars, as people died due to power shortages and power cuts across the entire state. The guy who arranged this whole scenario later became one of the largest land-owners in the U.S, after he ‘stepped down’ as an executive of Exon, after the scandal was made public.

How the Zionist Propaganda Machine a.k.a Entertainment Industry ‘manages’ the masses

The Zionists have been working at this sort of thing for thousands of years.

Whether Moses was Akhenaton himself (he carried the snake-rod of power that only a Pharaoh would dare carry, and built a ‘snake-rod’ altar in the desert, and ‘looked like an Egyptian’ and was raised as an Egyptian Prince, according to the Torah / Old Testament!), or simply a ‘missionary’ of ‘The priests at On’, ‘the priests of Aton, it is clear that he had been born with, and/or learned, some talents for manipulating his ‘chosen people’.

Propaganda has proven very effective, both in wartime, to incite an irrational / unfounded/ not-based-on-actual-experience fear and hatred of a people so that they would be defined as ‘the enemy’.

The equivalent of peace-time propaganda is called ‘public relations’ and ‘marketing’.

Guess which self-defined group the ‘father’ of public relations, one Mr Bernays, belongs to?

And of course you are aware that Freud was a self-defined Jew, and considered that Jews were generally superior to ‘Gentiles’?

Public relations and marketing are all about getting a target group to think, and more importantly, feel a certain way about certain things, products, ideas, and even people.

Feelings are the easiest target to manipulate. For feelings are ‘irrational’. They are affective and emotional. Beyond the power of pure reason to influence.

So if you can manipulate how people feel about a product or person, or even entire ethnic group, you have pretty much absolute power over them.

Their reason will be powerless to defend them.

This book is targeted at your reason.

Therefore it is a very weak tool.

Which is why Hitler and his colleagues went to such great lengths to produce the sort of propaganda which is today used to damn him and his entire political group as irrational, hate-mongering, fear-mongering mad men.

But he knew that books like ‘Mein Kampf’ would only appeal to reason, and hence to a tiny minority of people.

Have you read it? Probably not.

Hitler realized this, and so his first point of business was in constructing a propaganda apparatus worthy of competing with the hegemonic Zionist Propaganda Machine.

He had to get good natured Germans to do what was necessary to free themselves of the Zionist bondage they had slipped into.

He knew an appeal to reason, to facts, to compelling arguments, is rarely effective, and rarely successful, even in a few people.

So he set about ‘demonizing’ Jews in General. He himself had many close Jewish friends whom he cherished and loved, and continued to cherish and Love, right up to the end.

But he knew he could not risk subtlety. He had to keep the message simple. To identify the enemy with broad strokes.

It was monstrous, he knew, and openly admitted.

To define a lot of innocent Jews as guilty, to protect all of Germany, and the civilized world, from the minority of Zionists among them.

Hitler was himself never anti-Semitic.

His laws were. His propaganda was. But he was not.

He was anti-Zionistic.

Read Mein Kampf. He explains all this clearly to anyone who cares to understand.

He despised people who were genuinely anti-Semitic for their irrational hatred and fear.

But he realized that the Zionists would always use the Jews as a cover for their own evil.

The distinction between Zionist and Jew was just too subtle to risk trying to make under the circumstances.

Germany was at war. The Zionists had declared war on Germany. They had committed the ‘Cassus Belli’ that today’s Israeli military claim to recognize, that of putting a ‘trade embargo’ in place.

Germany was being pulled apart and sectioned off by the Allies. The Rhineland had been occupied, illegally, by the French. Millions of Germans had been cut off from their homeland by the Treaty of Versailles, where Jews dominated the proceedings.

Soon there would be no German nation to defend.

Soon the Zionist Bolsheviks would invade and take all of Europe under their lash.

It was not a time for niceties or moral qualms.

It was a time for action.

Do or die.

So Hitler began upon the ‘monstrous’ course of removing Jews from Europe, simply to ensure the Zionists were removed.

The Jews were to be removed first to work camps, where they might learn the moral lesson that only hard work can teach. Then once the war was over, and they were no longer needed, they would be sent to Madagascar, or Palestine, to enjoy the ‘exclusivity’ they so desired, without causing anyone else any problems.

This was Germany’s only chance of defending itself, and all of Western Civilization from the real menace of the Zionists.

But he lost that battle.

The Zionists now occupy Germany, and France, Britain, and North America.

They control NATO.

You think it is a co-incidence that the military alliance is called NATO?

Remember Akhenaton and Moses, and the their ‘ATON’-ic order?

Do you realise what Zi-On refers to?

And what a Zi-ON-ist really is?


Propaganda targets the emotions. Like those absurd caricatures of Jews in Nazi propaganda, or of German soldiers in the Allied propaganda.

Propaganda appeals to the irrational, emotional, affective side of people.

It bypasses reason, intellect, and rationality.

Hollywood propaganda has set up a particular image of the ‘Nazi’ which produces knee-jerk emotional, irrational reactions in people, over time.

First you set up this emotional association and response in the masses, via Hollywood films such as ‘Schindler’s list’. Few people realise that this film is admittedly completely fictional and made up. It is pure fantasy. Even Spielberg admits this. The original book it is based on clearly states this fact in the opening pages.

But people take it in as if it was factual. As if it was based on history. Like the rest of ‘the holocaust’ narrative.

Now you have set up a particular image and associated knee-jerk, stimulus-response patterns to the term ‘Nazi’, you can employ this primed, conditioned reflex to your ends.

You can call someone who challenges the Hegemonic Zionists Propaganda a ‘Nazi’, and you will get the desired knee-jerk, unthinking, irrational, emotional response you are after.

Just by defining someone as a ‘Nazi’, you can be sure that your target audience will hate that person with an irrational hate and fear that no amount of reason, argument, or evidence will ever be able to contradict.

As Freud said, people need someone to hate (and love). So when the propagandist gives them someone to hate, they accept the chance greedily.

This is one of the reasons why Germans today tend to accept the holocaust myth foisted on them.

Everyone needs someone to hate. And the Zionists simply supply a suitable target, in a world where such ‘legitimate’ targets of hate are becoming fewer and fewer.

It is no longer socially acceptable to hate people of other religions, ethnic groups, genders, skin-colors, nationalities, or even sexual orientation.

So all that is left is pretty much ‘terrorists’, ‘drug dealers’ and ‘Nazis’.

If you read my book ‘911: five minutes to midnight’ you will see that the terrorists and drug dealers are just as misrepresented and fabricated as the Hollywood Nazi is.

So, the first ingredient of a successful propaganda, mind control strategy, is to target the emotions, first using the most powerful of emotions, the one that has very few socially acceptable outlets, that of hate.

You can throw in some love too. For example empathy for some old Jewish woman who cries when relating her fabulous tales of survival and suffering. It surely doesn’t hurt your campaign. As long as people are irrational, they won’t really engage their brains long enough to realise her story is impossible, and clearly fabricated.

So now you have established that Nazis were evil, that Hitler was a mad man suffering from an irrational hatred and fear of Jews, and for this reason ordered the extermination of 6 million Jews in gas chambers, you can define anyone who dares question this ‘official fiction’ as a Nazi, and immediately invoke the knee-jerk, brainless, completely emotionally, irrational response desired. No-one is going to listen to the ‘Nazi’, let along read their books.

Everyone is going to feel quite happy to know that these ‘Nazi’s’ are rotting in solitary confinement somewhere. Serves the evil bastards right!


So that challenge to the absolute hegemony of the Zionist Propaganda Machine has been effectively neutralized and silenced. The Zionists won’t have to deal with any pesky scientists, historians, or philosophers ever again.

Let them write their books, publish their mountains of evidence and proof, and make their videos. No-one is watching, listening, or reading them.

And so now the Zionists can focus on their main game. The Occupation of the Western World, as the stepping stone to realizing their 3500 year old plan of total world domination.

Propaganda, having proven itself so effective in silencing the challengers of Zionist hegemony, will not be employed in ensuring the success of their plans for a Zionist New World Order.

And after all, all is fair in love and war, right? And the Zionists have openly declared their intentions in their official national documents and history known as the Torah (first five books of the Old Testament) and the Talmud.

They have openly declared war. So all means are fair to them.

Their war propaganda can now be directed upon the masses of ‘SHEEP-le’.

They will ensure that the masses are completely distracted by manufactured distractions like sports, entertainment, fashion, fads, and crazes.

The men will be given ‘ersatz’ ‘proxy’ replacements for real theatres of action and control.

Organized spectator sports, and politics.  They will be tricked into imagining that there are two competing political parties, and that their political action can possibly make a difference. They will never learn that the Zionists own and control both sides of the political ‘game’. It does not matter who ‘wins’ an election. The politicians will do what the Zionists pay them to do.

There are, after all, many times more Zionist lobbyists than there are elected representatives. Jews contribute more than half the legally documented political campaign finances at the federal level. And every politician at any level of government knows how hard it is to even hope to get elected without the help of the Zionists. It is virtual career suicide to actually actively oppose the will of the Zionist lobby. Few political candidates would even dream of doing so.

Look what happened to JFK! Just months before his new law would have abolished the Zionist owned Federal Reserve Banking system.

The other thing the propagandist supplies is the masses need to conform to something. To some ideal. To some socially acceptable model. We all feel the need for a sense of belonging.

So when the propagandist offers them such a point of view, a set of values, an ideal, to conform to, the masses tend to greedily accept it.

Propaganda, through the mass media, can manufacture a false sense of consensus on issues that are tricky. No-one wants to be the ‘odd-one-out’ and appear foolish, or be rejected, abandoned, and disapproved of. Everyone wants to find something they can all agree on. People want to belong. To be accepted and approved of. It is a basic emotional, affective, irrational need.

So the mass media construct the illusion for the masses that everyone else believes such and such about this and that, and feels this way about that and that.

So now people ‘know’ what everyone believes and thinks, they know what to think and feel, in order to ‘fit in’ and be accepted and approved of by the group.

This is how you manufacture public opinion, consent, and the dominant hegemonic social reality.

The trained actor reading the news script every night has been carefully selected and groomed to appeal to the masses expectation of what an ‘authority figure’, an ‘honest’ and ‘upright’ and ‘moral’ person should look like.

So when this trained actor reads the Zionists script, the people feel his is speaking the gospel truth. He wouldn’t lie, would he?  Just look at his handsome, honest, earnest expression.

Just listen to that caring, serious, honest, commanding voice.

You can look into his eyes and know that he would never lie to a soul.

And he is, after all, very easy to look at.

And so are his female colleagues.

And because we grew up from infancy watching our parents respect and believe these new authority figures, we tend to do so too.

And our children mimic us. For who could they be expected to trust more than their own parents, and the people that their parents’ trust?

And sure, there appears to be some sort of choice. You get the impression that some television presenters are Liberal, others conservative, some republican, others democrat, and so on. So you feel you have a choice, and are hearing both sides of every argument.

But in reality all the major media network presenters are literally reading from the same Zionist script.

Read my book ‘911: five minutes to midnight?’ for more details.

So now we have masses mostly engaged with their sports, their soap operas, their fads, their fashions, their crazes, and so on.

They imagine they are informed, up to date, and engaged in meaningful competition between competing teams, and competing viewpoints. They believe they are being given answers to all their questions.

What they never ask is ‘what questions are not being asked’.

What alternative viewpoints are not being presented?

Those rare few who are actively engaged with politics, imagine they are having some impact on the way the world is being run, and the direction in which it is heading, while really only wasting their time and energy.

They might as well be playing a board game or computer game for all the difference their ‘political’ activities will do them.

Timothy F Ball: If you are not a skeptic, then you are not a scientist

Our friend Timothy is really on the ball.

The original meaning of the term ‘skeptic’ was ‘seeker’.

A seeker of the truth.

It’s a very ZEN concept.

The idea of suspending judgement, and always keeping an open mind.

That is the basis of the success of the scientific method.

To continually challenge what you think has already been established as fact by the conventional wisdom you have inherited.

To continually suspect that they might have gotten it wrong.

To constantly challenge your own beliefs, and ‘noetic structures’.

Please read my TROOATNOOR philosophy books for more details.

I won’t dare tell you that ‘you don’t know how to think’. Last time I did that the Jewish girl in my class immediately called her mother and complained. The Director of the school informed me, with a wink, that that was quite typical of her.

I will not share with you his views of ‘Jews’ in general. Suffice it to say this girl and her mother ‘always knew better’ than anybody else. She wanted to become a vet because it was the best way to make money. And people don’t take lawsuits out on vets when they ‘make mistakes’. Not that she would ever make a mistake. She was always right. Her and her mother. Just like most of the Israeli’s I have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to. Well listening up at, as they talked down to me from their heights of superiority, both intellectual and moral!

The idea of skepticism is key to the success of the scientific method, and to all our advances in science and technology.

People said humans would never fly. For example.

The earth was flat, and at the center of the universe.

Women were feeble-minded and unfit to vote, or work outside the home.

Blacks were mere animals and therefore had no human rights. They were only fit to slave away for their white masters.

Rape was impossible as a woman had to ‘want it’ for a man to be able to ‘do it’.

Catholics and Protestants could never live peacefully together.

Meat and dairy products are healthy, and even necessary for optimal human functioning.

Metallica were an untalented bunch of thrash metallists, that made the listener feel as if they were being rolled down the road in a metal garbage can.

That last one was one of my greatest acts of poor judgment!

And even I grew up believing the one about meat and dairy!

You see the only way to progress is by ‘being wrong’, and moving forward.

I write a lot about the creative process, and intellectual progress, and critical reasoning in general, in my TROONATNOOR books.

Of course if you want to discredit a skeptic, you call them a ‘denier’.

Like all the anti-Christs who ‘deny’ that Jesus was the son of god, and god incarnate. Yes folks, anyone who is not Christian is an anti-christ. Which means the whole world is full of billions of them!

If you cannot disprove a person’s arguments or evidence, then you simply undermine the credibility of the messenger.

You demonise the messenger. Like Hitler has been demonized. Like so many historical revisionists have been demonized. Like global climate change skeptics are being demonized. In fact they are being criminalized as I write this sentence, in Paris.

Al Gore kept lying to the world that consensus existed among the scientific community that ‘man-made global warming’ was both real, and an immediate threat.

Now they are all lying to the world about ‘man-made global climate change’, to  cover themselves both ways.

Remember that a few decades ago we were being told that we faced a new Ice age.

They were trying the same scam.

The same scam they are pulling right now.

And because it is such an obvious case of deception, anyone who dares try to inform the public will be defined as a criminal and silenced. Locked up. Even simply killed. I am not exaggerating. Why do you think they have imposed what amounts to ‘martial law’ in 8 E.U nations, including Germany and France? In response to the terror attacks they either carried out or simply allowed to take place in Paris? Conveniently just before the ‘summit’?

Just like anyone right now who tries to inform you about ‘the holocaust’ deception is defined as a criminal, and silenced. Locked up. Ruined.

That’s me folks. Oh now, don’t bother thanking me. Remember that this is my world too. I don’t have anywhere else to go either. Without your help I cannot hope to defend myself, and all the good things and people in this world that I want to protect.

Soon, as with ‘the holocaust’, the ‘new ice age’, ‘global warming’, the new ‘Gobal climate change’ myth will become the dominant hegemonic social reality.

It will soon become ‘fact’. We will be told that there is ‘absolute consensus among the international scientific community’ about the threat of global climate change, and the need for their new global government.

You won’t hear or see any contradiction of this ‘consensus’, because anyone who speaks up will be locked up, maybe even killed. And once a few people suffer such ‘fates worse than death’, the rest of the scientific community will self censor.

Like the world’s historians on the issue of ‘the holocaust’.

With everyone self-censoring their critiques, the general population will get the distinct impression that there is nothing to question. That there is no dissent. That there are no alternative views, opinions, or even science.

The general population will be conditioned and primed to define any rare person who risks everything to try to inform them of the truth as a ‘nutter’, or ‘conspiracy theorist’, ‘mad’, or ‘malicious’.

The Zionist propaganda machine will ensure that these definitions ‘stick’.

The mass media will ensure people are completely ignorant of the facts, and completely convinced that the myth is real.

Just like most people still believe ‘the holocaust’ myth is real.

Why do you think the Zionists have made every effort to gain ‘full spectrum domination’ of the mass media, the U.S congress, and therefore, effectively, the public opinion of the entire world?

The Zionists will manufacture the same consensus about ‘man-made global climate change’ as they did about ‘the new ice age’, ‘global warming’ and ‘the holocaust’.

Just like they convinced you all about 911, The gulf of Tonkin, The Maine, The Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Saddam Hussein’s ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction’, and every other ‘false flag’ and ‘produced’ terrorist attack or ‘attack on America’ that ever (supposedly) happened.

Please read my ‘911:five minutes to midnight’, and ensure that that book, and this book, are made available to everyone, for as long as possible. Please ensure all my books are made available to as many people as possible, in as many languages and formats as possible.

I don’t love money. I love truth, justice, freedom, and beauty.

Self-determined, free, self-sacrifice is perhaps the most beautiful thing in this world.

Slavery is one of the ugliest things in this world.

Lies are another.

Just to once more state the facts which the world’s still free scientific community agree on.

This temporary phase of global warming is produced by the activity of the sun, and not by any human activity. It has definitely nothing to do with carbon emissions.

The world’s temperature, like that of all the planets in our solar system, regularly rises and falls due to changes in the activity of the sun.

All the issues surrounding ‘the holocaust’ and ‘historical revisionism’ will soon be affecting you and your families in very personal ways.

You let the Zionists get a foot in the door, and soon you will be feeling their jackboots on your necks.

The new global police force, under the new ‘carbon scheme’, will have the power to place a red ribbon on your door that will make it a crime for you to even enter your own home.

They will do this if you do not submit 100%, mind, soul, and body, to the every whim of the Zionist.

Soon we will have a cashless society, and the Zionist will be able to make it possible, with the click of a mouse, to feed your family, pay your rent, or pay the doctor.

If you even look like you are questioning anything the Zionist Propaganda Machine is saying, you will lose everything.

This is going to be even worse than 1984, my friends.

All because, when good people were fighting the good fight for truth, justice, and liberty, you ignored them, and went on watching your soap operas, sporting events, and worrying about ‘fitting in’ with the latest fashions and fads.

Please, while there is still a chance, read my ‘911:five minutes to midnight’ and my ‘Religion’, and all my other books.

Share them.

You see I won’t be free to publish books very soon. I won’t be free to speak up and tell you what I really think, very soon. I will not be able to even try to help anyone, very soon.

I will in fact, for all intensive purposes, disappear, if I don not actually literally disappear.

So all I can do is plead with you, against all hope, that you love your children enough to open your mind to a non-Zionist Hegemonic propaganda machine version of reality, and make a little effort to use that thing between your ears.

I cannot help you if you don’t help me.

Perhaps the Zionist is right after all?

You are just mere cattle?

Not really human beings at all?

Not worthy of freedom?

Not capable of reason?

And I have been sent as your prophet, as a matter of fair play, and as proof that you are beyond redeeming?

Soon they will be arresting anyone, like the French opposition leader, who dares voice their dissent about the millions of migrants that are flooding into their nations.

Maybe then you might start wishing you had supported the original combatants in this war on our freedom of speech.

The Talmudic Jew alive and well

Now I can quote the Old Testament, the first five books that make up the ‘Torah’ or ‘Pentateuch’, and the Talmud, and the ‘Kabbalah’ where it states that Jews have the right, and destiny, to enslave all the non-Jews (Gentiles / Goyim / Goys), and to treat the female Gentiles as sex slaves, to use as they please.

I could quote how these books state clearly that the Jew ‘may use the female Gentile as he pleases’. How anything a Jew does to a Gentile is ‘lawful’, as no laws apply to the Gentile. The Gentile has no rights. The Gentile is not a legal entity, in the same way as most Gentiles consider that animals have no legal rights, and that they may ‘do with them as they please’.

Few people would consider it a crime to kill an animal for their own pleasure, to eat, or as sport. Few people would consider that an animal had any legal rights, other than those its ‘owner’ might grant it. An animal is considered the ‘property’ of the owner. Anyone claiming that animals had legal rights, or that they could ‘sue’ their owner for damages, or gain the protection of the courts, would be laughed at.

Well the Talmudic Jew laughs at the very notion of a Gentile having any such legal or moral rights.

You might get in trouble with the ‘owner’ of a Gentile, if you kill or maim it, and be expected to pay the owner compensation, but the notion of granting the Gentile itself any protection or rights is considered laughable.

Remember that the Jews lead the slave trade from the very beginning, and were the last people to abandon it, after ever nation in the world banned it. Of course it was not banned in Saudi Arabia until the 1960s, and only banned in the U.S after a massive and bloody war.

So all you need do is consider the average Gentiles’ of the rights of ‘blacks’ a few hundred years ago, or a few decades ago in the case of Saudi Arabia, and South Africa, to understand how easy it is for one group of people to define another group of people as ‘non-human’. As ‘mere cattle’, to be bought and sold, sexually abused, worked from cradle to grave.

You can then see how easy it was for the predominantly Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia to kill tens of millions of Christians between 1914 and 1957, as the writer Alexandr Solshenitsyn reminds us.

You don’t have to go back to the Old Testament where Jews ‘ripped apart pregnant women’, killed every living man and beast, and at best, allowed the virgin girls to live, to be kept as sex slaves, and passed from one Jew to the next, as he got bored with her. That’s all in that obscene book called ‘The Bible’ which has somehow gained so much reverence, and is even held as ‘sacred’ by the very people that it reminds are destined to be the slaves of the Jews.

O.K, so you might say that all these books are old, and no longer reflect the current position of Jews today.

You might argue that, just like the Gentile has changed in the last few hundred years, and has abolished slavery, and genocide, the Jew has also climbed up many rungs of the moral and ethical ladder.

Among the Gentiles, extreme racists, and those who speak of genocide and slavery, will be ostracized by the wider community. They would have no chance of gaining the highest political offices. They would meet with disapproval, rejection, and even legal sanction.

So why is it that over a million people turned up to lament the death of the former Israeli Sephardic leader of Israel, Rabbi Ovadi Yosef?

You know, the one whose political party formed a coalition with Netanyahu to give him the Presidency.

The one who stated that ‘non-Jews exist to serve Jews’.

The one who announced to the whole world that ‘Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the people of Israel’…quoted in ‘The Global News Service of The Jewish People’ Jerusalem, ( 10-18-2010.

If you think the Talmudic Jew is a thing of the ‘dark ages’, then you’d better think again.

Rabbi Ovadi Yosef has consistently and publicly held the position that the only reason that we non-Jews exist is to serve the Jews as their ‘donkeys’, ‘as beasts of burden’.

He literally stated that .’they will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like effendi and eat. That is why Gentiles were created’…

What Rabbi Ovadi Yosef expects of all us non Jews is that we will volunteer to give the Jews all our wealth, and then serve them as slaves.

Anyone who does not accept them as master will be slaughtered.

Just like it says in the Talmud, and Torah.

They will keep the productive and willing Goyim / Gentile males as slaves.

They will keep the female Gentiles as sex slaves. And the Talmud clearly states that it is fine to rape a three year old girl.

If any judge in the world is going to claim I am inciting fear and hatred of Zionists, then they are welcome to demand to know my sources. They are all public sources. You won’t have to imprison me to get me to ‘give up my sources.’

My ‘sources’ are all public newspapers and books you will find in most large public libraries.

You don’t have to rely on documents like ‘The Protocols of The Elders of Zion’, or any paperback by an author with their own agenda.

You can go to the Jews’ (and the Gentiles’) most sacred, widely published, and widely acclaimed and praised books.

You can read the equivalent of an Israeli ‘New York Times’ newspaper.

These facts are not hidden out of sight, or spoken of in hushed tones among conspirators afraid of discovery.

They are sitting on the bookshelves of billions of families, and millions of public libraries.

I am not putting any ‘spin’ on anything. I have no ulterior motive. I have nothing to gain by presenting these facts. Nothing but my freedom to continue working hard, and the liberty to publish my books, and express myself.

And if you still have any doubts, then consider what the very founder of the ‘modern’ state of Israel, Ben-Gurion, literally stated in a ‘Look’ Magazine interview.

Ben Gurion stated that Israel was to become the world’s new United Nations, it’s new surpreme court for the entirely of humanity.

Ben Gurion founded Israel with the explicit intention of building a globalist state, a New World Order, headed by Israel.

Ben Gurion said that Israel would abolish all the armies of the world.

If you don’t get it now, then when will you?

When you and your loved ones are being exterminated, enslaved, and raped?

What good will the realization do you then?

Soon books like mine will simply be ‘deleted’ and it will be as if they had never been written.

One day your children will be born without any idea that there was once a world where non-Jews lived as free men and women.

For all they will know is slavery. Hard labor. Continual sexual assault at the hands of the Jews. They will be passed from one Jew to another, and abused as mere sex objects.

While it is the Jews that will go on television and arrogantly tell us that they are the force behind our ‘open borders’ policy, ensuring the long term elimination of nation-states, and possibly the white Europeans themselves, it is impossible to immigrate to Israel unless you are a circumcised male Jew, or a female Jew.

And we are not speaking about religion. We are talking about genetic screening.

It is legal for a Jew to marry an atheist Jew in Israel. However marriages between Jews and Gentiles are forbidden. Just like in the Old Testament and Talmud.

And while in the West Jews are clearly and admittedly behind the growing legalization of marriages between gay and lesbian couples, in Israel such a situation would be unthinkable.

For Rabbi Ovadi Yosef, who was the most revered and respected man in Israel, ‘blacks’ are somewhere between a man and a monkey, with even less rights than a white Gentile. Israel practices the most extreme form of apartheid you can imagine in relation to Jewish ‘blacks’ and Palestinians.

And if you think that the Jewish Supremacist ideology, the most racist the world has ever known, is limited to Israel, and to ‘religious’ Jews, then think again.

You will find the same sorts of views and emotions among atheistic Jews living in the U.S.

And dominating its mass media, politics, finances, and military.

I downloaded a YouTube post titled, ‘What would the Middle East be like if there was no Israel’.

It was a clip from an outfit called PJTV.

I had no intention of doing any more writing on the subject of Israel and Zionism. But this clip was just too provocative. I just have to share the ‘highlights’ of it with you.

It will give you a real insight into how a Zionist really thinks today.

You may dismiss the Torah and Talmud as ancient texts written in a different time and place, and therefore not representing how Zionists feel and think today.

The speakers were all very prominent Zionists. They have their own radio programs, and columns in major newspapers. They are not ‘fringe’ elements. They are ‘highly prominent and respected’ members of the Zionist community.

Which makes their comments all the more shocking.

They complain that the mass media in the U.S demonize Israel.

They state openly that Jews are responsible for everything that is good about western civilization.

They make it clear that they think they have the right to kill innocent children, and are upset at how the West keep doing body counts of all the children that are murdered by Israeli military attacks.

They claim that Israel is being limited by its own decency, and must overcome any sense of empathy for the innocent victims of their military attacks if they are going to win the war against the Palestinians.

They claim that Israel is the U.S’s greatest ally.

They state that Hamas (meaning Palestine) is evil, and you can’t negotiate with evil. You must destroy Palestine completely. ‘You have to be willing to wipe out the enemy’. This is exactly the mentality expressed in the Old Testament genocide that Joshua and his Jews committed.

They claim that Israel’s survival depends on completely wiping out Palestine. This is the purest fear mongering I have ever heard.

And this is a woman speaking. She asserts that ‘we have to wipe out and humiliate’ the Palestinians, and ‘bring them to their knees culturally and otherwise’. Otherwise?  Wipe out? That sounds a hell of a lot like genocide to me. Check a dictionary and thesaurus. You will find that ‘wipe out’ is a colloquial term for ‘genocide’. And I think that is not tolerated in the west anymore.

Which is basically what all these arrogant psychopaths are complaining about.

How weak the West, and ‘Liberal’ Jews, and ‘Leftist’ Jews, have become. She insists that anyone who does not want to ‘wipe out’ all Palestinians must ‘hate themselves’.

She describes the hundreds of thousands of people killed in the U.S invasion of Iraq, in response to 911, ‘pathetic weakness’. She insists that the U.S should have responded much ‘stronger’.

Clearly she realizes that Israel was the perpetrator of 911, and clearly the Israeli’s expected a much different response from the U.S.

She kept talking about how Israel has the right to do anything at all to defend itself.

This is always the rhetoric. To attack the Palestinians, and then call it ‘defense’.

Tell me how you can be defending yourself when you are the invader, and are currently illegally occupying the territory you imagine you are ‘defending’?

‘Israel has to do what is necessary to its defense’.

‘Innocent bystanders have to be killed’.

She complains that the west has ‘elevated civilian casualties to a moral plane that guarantees Israel won’t win the war’.

It must be clear to anyone now that the holocausts committed by Allied bombers in Germany and Japan were at the insistence of Zionist political lobbyists and military commanders.

For she clearly relates the current situation in Israel with WWII, and the ‘total war’ that the Allies pursued.

She is somehow comparing the Allies war with Germany to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine, as if they were at all similar.

She clearly asserts that Israel has the right to carry out the same sort of war crimes that the Allies committed against Germany and Japan.

She complained that the Palestinians are granted sympathy by the west because they are seen as ‘the underdogs’.

She claimed that the Palestinians, who are shut up in a concentration camp, with one of the highest population concentrations in the world, are using their kids as ‘human shields’. As if the mothers had anywhere to hide their children from the Israeli concentration bombing!

She claims that somehow Israeli military are protecting their own children, by invading, illegally occupying, then bombing, the Palestinians.

All the presenters were clear about ‘wiping out’ Palestine as the only possible solution to the problems of Israel.

Then they went on about how ‘Jew hatred’ has been a part of civilization from the beginning, but rather than ask what the Jews might be able to do to stop people hating them, they just became even more self-righteously arrogant and impossible, claiming that the reason the Jews are hated is that everyone envies their superiority.

They assert that the U.N was corrupted from the start, by notions that all people are equal, as if it was not perfectly clear that Jews are superior to all other people.

They insisted that the reason we don’t recognize their superiority, and be grateful for them having built all that is good about western civilization, and maybe live in hope that maybe they might befriend us, like a kind, generous person might befriend some stray mut, is that we have a ‘limited historical background and moral depth’.

In other words we are just ignorant and immoral.

The host made a slip, referring to Hitlers ‘Final Solution’ which was to finally relocate the European Jews to Madagascar, but imagined he had ‘covered’ by adding ‘so he could kill us all there’. As if Hitler was going to go to all the trouble of transporting millions of Jews to Madagascar just to murder them?

They then referred to the 5000 to 6000 year history of the Jews in Palestine. What?

Based on the bible, their only ‘historical’ record of any claim to Palestine, the earth itself is only about 6000 years old. So that wouldn’t leave much time for all the stuff that happened in the bible to take place. Let alone room for the dinosaurs!

They conflated Palestine with Islam, claiming that the Muslims could only look back on a few hundred years in the region.

They described Israel as the only civilization in the whole Middle East, which was otherwise made up of ‘savages’.

I have a strange feeling that they have never read any history books.

They complained that too many Jews feel bad about what Israel is doing to the Palestinians, ‘so soon after the holocaust’.

They described Israel, as ‘that tiny country surrounded by a billion enemies’.

But didn’t they begin the show by admitting that the whole world hates the Jews? And always has?

Then they admitted something that will make your ears stick up if you’ve ever read ‘Mein Kampf’. For Hitler argues that the Jews are not a religion at all, but merely use that as a ‘cover’ to appeal to notions of religious toleration.

They stated that they were all atheists.

I don’t get it then. If being a Jew has historically been defined by religion, there being no ‘Jewish’ nation as such until 1948, then how could they be Jews at all?

This brings me to an earlier reflection I made about the meaning of ‘cultural Jew’ or ‘secular Jew’. What do those terms really mean? Why define yourself as “Jewish’ at all?

And then these self-defined ‘Atheist Jews’ made comments that would have made any ‘Mosaic’ Jew sit back in horror.

They mocked and derided the very ideas of ‘multiculturalism, forgiveness, and compassion’, on the part of Jews, defining it as ‘self-hatred’.

These are prominent, successful, widely respected (among their Israeli Jewish peers) people behaving as if they had just jumped out of the Old Testament at the time of Joshua and his genocide, mass rape, and enslavement in ‘the promised land’.

I doubt they would flinch at all at the sight of Israeli commandos ‘ripping apart pregnant women’.

If any judge in Germany wants to claim I am trying to incite anyone, or exaggerate, then let that judge first read the Old Testament, and then watch this film clip themselves.

They insisted that it is some kind of disease not to clearly recognize that the Jews are superior to every other race, as if all people of the world were equal, and all nations had an equal value.

They decry the lack of discrimination in the U.N, and the West. The LACK of discrimination. Using that term in its worst possible way. They clearly stated that it was clear that Israel is superior to all other nations.

For it was the Jews who gave us Western Civilization.

The Jews are superior and every other nation is inferior.

I could not have made up such a film clip. I would never have dared create such ‘caricatures’ of arrogance, self-righteousness, and Old Testament delusion. For I would never expect anyone would ‘buy’ such a depiction as real. I would feel it much too ‘Celine’ to get away with.

And then I stumble upon this film-clip on YouTube. Apparently the first of a series of four. I don’t think I could bear to watch the other three parts.

I still can’t believe that there are people alive today who not only think like they do, but would dare express themselves so confidently.

And these guys are Ph.D.’s from the Ayn Rand institute, and Washington Post columnists, and have their own radio programs in the U.S

The stated matter of factly that Israel is better morally, intellectually, spiritually, and in every other way, than Palestine.

They define the Palestinians as ‘fundamentally inhuman’. Now where did I read something like that before? Oh yes, now I remember, the Talmud. As I have been warning you over and over. The Zionists do not consider anyone who is not a Jew to be human at all. We are all mere cattle. And her you have it from the Zionists own mouth. Not in a private chat among friends, speaking in hushed tones, fearful of being overhear. But proudly and assertively in a YouTube video they want the whole world to see.

Really, I think we’d better check to make sure these people really are who they say they are, and are not some actors trying to make Israelis look bad.

I mean as negative propaganda for Israel and Zionism I can’t think of anything stronger or more effective.

These Zionists then went on about how they created a free, democratic Israel with equal rights for everyone. Well, everyone that is Jewish, of course. I mean, that is self-explanatory. I mean, you don’t give ‘cattle’ equal rights to ‘humans’, do you?

The woman then stated outright that ‘The Jews created western civilization…and we should be grateful to them, and hope that maybe they will be our friend’.

She was really angry with Churchill for ‘elevating sheepherders to royalty’.

They claimed that none of the problems in the Middle East were created by Israel.

I don’t think that the U.N would quite agree with that statement, nor 99% of the world’s population. Even most Jews today are against the current Israeli policies. But of course all these Jews are ‘self-haters’.

The Arabs, they insist, simply hate Israel for the same reason that everyone, over the ages, has hated Jews. Because they are better.

I could barely contain myself to hear about how the Arabs should ‘work a little harder’. If you know anything about Israel, you will know that, from the very beginning, the Jews got the local Arabs to do all the work.

Even Rothschild expressed his loathing of this situation. He had bought the original plots of land hoping that the Jews would become honest workers. But as soon as they arrived they started paying other people to do all the hard work.

And of course any hard work done by Jews is done by the ‘dark skinned’ Jews who are treated like the racist whites in the U.S treated the Negroes, a few decades ago.

And so the ‘hostility’ that the Jews have suffered over the last few thousand years is all due to everyone else’s envy and hostility of the Jews complete, general, and all-encompassing superiority.

I really need to prove to myself that I had not been watching some anti-Semitic mock television show.

Tammy Bruce has her own radio show and a Washington Post column.

Dr Brook works at the Ayn Rand (institute/foundation/think-tank?).

I was so provoked by this amazing display of the very worst anyone could say about Jews without losing all credibility that I had to write this chapter immediately.

Now go find that clip on YouTube and convince yourself I did not make it all up. I know how hard it is to actually believe it when you see it.

Everything I have been saying in this book suddenly looks pretty obvious and incontrovertible.

These people are not some fringe, Jewish Fundamentalist sect members careful to make sure no-one ever overhears them.

These are mainline, conservative, high profile, loud, confident, strident Zionist Jews who are so sure of themselves and their superiority and right to dominate the world, that they want everyone to know it.

It’s like they completely expect you to accept their domination, thank them for everything they have done for you, and then live with the quiet, desperate hope that they might let you be their little friend.

I just pretty much quoted them.

So now tell me who is inciting the world to fear and hate Zionist Jews?

Me? Of course not.

Why would I bother with this lengthy, brain-tiring book when all I had to do was play you a tape of these guys masturbating on camera about how great Jews are, and what a real drag it is the west won’t let them kill all the Palestinian children, so they can win their war!

OMG and WTF!

I rest my case. I shall now leave it to the jury, you, my dear reader, to decide.

I can only imagine how shameful the average, decent, honest, compassionate, educated, tolerant, liberal self-defined Jew would feel on seeing how their fellow ‘Jews’ and ‘Israelis’’ disgrace the very notion of ‘Jew’.

If you want to know why the Jews have had so many problems throughout history, I think you need look no further.

It is the powerful minority of Zionist Jews that have incited a very rational and reasonable and grounded and justified fear of Zionist Jews.

Most Jews, as far as I can tell, are innocent, and suffer because of the actions, ideas, and arrogant delusions of the few Zionists who share their self-definition as ‘Jew’.

There has never really been ‘Jew Hate’ in the world. There has only ever been ‘Zionist Jew Hate’.

People who are really superior help others. They share their holistic inheritance. Because they are morally superior, and not just gifted or talented in some narrow sense.

People who are merely good at finance, learning narrow sets of skills, at propaganda and deception, at scams and conspiracies, and have no real sense of ethics, morality, or love of truth, justice, and liberty, can never claim to be superior.

They can never claim the right to rule the world. To govern others. For they have never learned to govern themselves. They have never learned humility or compassion.

No mother who knows what love is, wants another mother to suffer the pain of losing her child.

No consideration could possibly be greater than the desire to protect the children of the world.

This Zionist Jew Tammy imagines she is superior in the way that all sociopaths and psychopaths imagine they are superior.

These Zionists represent the Torah, the Talmud, and, you have to understand, the Zionist New World Order.

But they can only win if you let them.

So please, read this book. Consider what I have written. Check out anything I have claimed for yourself.

And then share this book. Make torrents and seed it. Share it on Facebook and Twitter, and any other way you know.

I did not write it with any thought of personal financial gain or fame.

I wrote it knowing it would bring me nothing but trouble.

I risk long prison sentences just for writing it.

Well, actually, merely for THINKING it.

I am not joking.


Thought crimes exist.

The Zionists cannot win if you are free to think.

If you have information with which to form your own opinions.

Remember that the Church used to torture people to death for challenging their dominant hegemonic social reality.

It is today a crime in many nations to challenge the Zionist lie known as ‘the holocaust’.

As I write this, they are working on laws that will make it a crime to question or challenge or express skepticism about ‘man-made global climate change’ or the new ‘open borders’ immigration policies.

So you’ll have to act fast.

Just remember, that once you know what you have to do, they can’t stop you.

They, the Zionists, know this.

That is why they are so terrified of people like me, David Cole, David Irving, Ernst Zundel, Sylvia Stolz, and, If I may be so bold as to assume that you have the brains and heart to understand what you have been reading, YOU.

Their house of cards is so vulnerable to the slightest dissent, the slightest challenge, the smallest of truths, that they have done everything in their power to make sure that the slightest attention is never directed at their lies.

Start getting everyone to ask questions. To become ‘seekers of truths’. To become skeptics, in the best meaning of the word.

Don’t let the bastards treat you like cattle.

Prove that you are human.

That you are worthy of their respect.

The only way is to demand it.




The Zionist ‘Utopia’


In his 1930s book, ‘The Jewish Utopia’, Rabbai M. Higger makes regular references to the “Kabbalah’ and ‘The Babylonian Talmud’, and ‘The encyclopedia Judaica’, and states that everything he has written in his book has the approval of Rabbi’s worldwide.  Just in case you think this is just the opinion of some marginalized ‘nutter’ Rabbi.

He explains how ‘God’ is the collective Jewish nation. In other words there is no other god but the Jews themselves.

The only thing that a Jew holds sacred is the Jew themselves, as a group.

The Jews are to be the judges of the entire world, with the power to define everything.

‘The best of the Gentiles, kill them. The best of the snakes, smash its skull’.

Remember that ‘America’ does not derive from ‘Amerigo’, but from ‘Amaraka’, which translates to ‘the land of the snakes’.

Snakes / serpents are the ancient symbol of wisdom, and power.

All pharaohs held a sacred ‘snake-staff’ as their symbol of power on earth.

This is why Moses carried a staff that ‘turned into’ a snake, and why he built a ‘snake’ icon in the desert. Moses was either Akhenaton, or a high priest of Aton, like Joseph (JO-SETH).

There is consensus among Rabbi’s that there will be no place for Goyim / Goys /Gentiles / Non-Jews in the world to come.

The Jews believe that the Goys / Gentiles will voluntarily give all their wealth to the Jews.

If you have been paying attention, if you’ve read my book ‘911:five minutes to midnight?’, or anything like it, you will know that the Jews have already tricked us into giving them over half the world’s wealth. They will get the rest after the next global crises, crashing the financial, share, and commodities markets, before going in and buying up all the assets at bargain basement prices.

In case you didn’t know, George Soros, formerly known as Gyorgy Schwarz, a Zionist Jew, collaborated with the Nazi’s in seizing the property of Jews in his youth. He is proud of this fact. He will be the first to admit it to you if you ask him. This is how he made his first 100,000 dollars.

He then went to America where he made his first billion in the following way. He ‘borrowed’ billions of pounds’, buying German Marks with them. He knew the Pounds value was going to fall drastically in the short term. He just waited for the crash to come. When it came, he repaid the British Pounds he had borrowed, by buying British Pounds at the lower rate, with the German Marks he had bought with the borrowed Pounds.

His profit was the difference between the value of the pound when he ‘borrowed’ them, and their value when he ‘repaid’ them.

He was guaranteed a profit, simply because he could borrow so many billions from his Zionist mates that simply selling what he bought for German Marks was guaranteed to lower the value of the Pound so far in market terms that the British government would be forced to abolish it’s fixed exchange rate.

If you don’t think he had ‘insider’ knowledge, and had not ‘conspired’ with other forex traders to ‘break’ the Pound, then I don’t know what it would take to convince you.

George Soros stated, verbatim, that ‘Destroying America will be my life’s work’. Remember he is very old now, so I guess the end of America is coming within the next few years.

The ‘snakes’ skulls will soon be crushed in Amaraka, ‘the land of the snakes’.

And then the rest of us Gentiles will be killed. Or enslaved. And used as sex toys. Whatever the Zionist wishes. Just as we today are free to do pretty much whatever we want with the ‘cattle’ that we ‘own’ and have the ‘god-given right’ to use as we please, seeing as our cattle have no ‘legal rights’.

George Soros is currently financing terrorists in Ukraine, who are pretending to be ‘neo-Nazi’s’. This is typical of Jews. They paint anti-Semitic slogans on their own homes and dorm rooms. They blow up their own synagogues. They finance ‘hate groups’ to incite fear within the Jewish community, and to generate sympathy from the Gentiles.

In this case Soros is trying to destabilize Ukraine, bankrupt Russia, and start WWIII.

You’ve probably noticed that oil prices have been falling. This is a form of economic warfare. The Zionists have colluded with the Saudi’s to drop the price of oil below what it costs the Russians to produce oil, thus ensuring that the Russian economy is ruined. For the majority of tax revenue for the Russian government comes from oil and gas sales.

The European Union has also been co-opted by the Zionists to get Europe to stop buying Russian gas.

This is economic warfare. Typical Zionist strategy. As adopted to force Germany and Japan to take military action against the U.S and allies, so that the Allies could pretend they are merely defending themselves by ‘just’ warfare. The same way Israel committed the 911 atrocities so the U.S could pretend to be ‘defending’ itself against an enemy, and define its criminal invasions as ‘just’ warfare.

Over and over Jews have been caught out at this game.

Zionists also infiltrate any sort of ‘Aryan’ group and attempt to lead them to commit anti-Semitic acts, or make anti-Semitic statements, to discredit any sort of holocaust skepticism or historical revisionism.

They pay ‘controlled opposition’ in the form of ‘alternative media personalities’ to misdirect the attention of genuine truth seeks away from the truth.

For example many people believe that the most successful ‘alternative’ media personality Alex Jones, is really a Zionist ‘Shill’.

They have good grounds for believing this. The man who predicted 911 months before it happened also ‘outed’ Jones as a ‘controlled opposition’ funded by the Zionists. He was killed before he could prove the last allegation to the public.

Alex Jones dismissed the proven fact that no commercial passenger planes were involved in any of the 911 incidents. This piqued my curiosity years ago. I couldn’t understand why someone ‘like him’ would just dismiss what was obvious to anyone who has really looked into 911. And then I noted that he never ever talked about Zionism. And when he was forced to, by a guest, he would always make a big joke of them after the interview, to undermine their credibility.

Whether he is really David Hicks or not doesn’t matter to me. Certainly the similarities in appearance, and the circumstances surrounding Hick’s ‘death’ should give us grounds for taking the claims seriously. And not, as other websites are trying to do, define anyone making such claims as suffering from a mental illness. Again, by adopting such stale, conventional, typical responses a-la ‘any dissident is mentally ill’, and overstepping the mark, the Zionists reveal what they are trying to conceal, by the act of trying too hard to conceal it.

And if you look into the past of President Clinton and Hilary Clinton, you will see that there is every reasonable ground to suspect him of massive drug smuggling and money laundering, defrauding of taxpayers, and connection to a number of murders, and the cover-ups of investigations into those murders.

But no-one is allowed to present their official findings before a congressional hearing, just like no historical revisionist with clear evidence that the holocaust is a hoax, are ever allowed a fair  trial at which to present their findings, let alone a  congressional hearing.

The same old pattern.

Remember Clinton famously stated that he is so pro-Israel that, if allowed, he would put on an Israeli military uniform and join his comrades on the front line!

Clinton’s well known ‘Israel first’ (even though he swore an oath of allegiance to the U.S constitution!) has ironically gotten him the vote of the Christian Zionists, who believe they are helping fulfill biblical prophecies by arming and financing Israel, to the point of Armageddon.

Again, remember that the Clinton’s arrived bankrupt in Washington, and now have an official net worth of around 200 million dollars, after decades of ‘public service’. Last time I checked, working for the government didn’t pay enough to allow such an accumulation of wealth.

And that is the ‘official’ net worth estimate. If the Clinton’s have ‘declared’ that much, it is probably safe to assume their net worth is much higher. They will probably ‘pick up’ millions here and there for ‘speeches’ and ‘consultancy work’ and ‘amazingly profitable business deals’ after they leave office. Hilary already has demonstrated an uncanny ability to make profitable investments.

It helps when you can get taxpayers money to make loans to mates that they are never expected to pay back. Fact. Go online and check out all the recent documentaries on Bill and Hilary Clinton.

The Zionists have tricked us Gentiles into voluntarily giving them our blood and our treasure, sending our children to fight in wars that serve only the interests of the Zionists, and allowing them to manipulate our financial systems and economies to serve their own interests.

They’ve been plotting and scheming for as long as we have historical records.

Now and then a few people wise-up to them, and so we have a constantly repeated cycle of Jews being made welcome, gaining power and influence and wealth, and then being expelled or simply killed, when the victims realised what they were up to.

The Zionists are so close to their ‘utopia’, and yet realise how close they are to being ‘outed’ and ‘exposed’ for the criminals that they are, and having to face the anger of their justifiably angry host nations.

That is why they do everything they can to ban books like this, to discredit their authors, or alternatively to ‘co-opt’ and ‘buy out’ authors and public figures who are working to expose them.

It is the truth that they fear more than anything on this planet.

This book is the equivalent of one hundred nuclear warheads, as far as the Zionist is concerned.

However no war-head poses any threat as long as there is no ‘detonator’ or ‘missile’ to carry it to its target.

In this case it is you, dear reader that are the detonator, the missile.

It is up to you to ‘deliver’ this ‘payload’ to as many people as possible.

That is what really makes this book and books and video’s like it so potentially dangerous to the Zionist.

That is what will determine whether books like this realise their potential to free you of the Zionist.

It is up to you.

Without you all my efforts and sacrifices will have been in vain.

Without you, I may as well have not bothered writing this book, or any of my other books.

For it is you that will decide our collective fate.

You have the power.

You are still free to act.

You will only have yourself to blame if you do not use that freedom while you have it.

Others endured great torments, suffering, loss, sacrifice, and even horrific torture and death, to give you this freedom.

It was given to you at a great cost.

Are you going to honor those who have made your freedom possible by acting now?

Are you going to prove yourselves worthy of their struggle and sacrifice?

Are you going to prove yourselves worthy of freedom?

Or are you the cattle the Zionist defines you as?




Five reasonable explanations for the draconian persecution of historical revisionists


The most compelling explanation is a Zionist occupation of Germany, North America, and France. The Zionists are simply wielding their power through courts. Who knows who they have bought off, corrupted, or blackmailed. Why did Helmut Kohl’s government introduce laws that contradict the German Constitution?

In this explanation, the Zionists, fearful of people learning the truth that the holocaust never happened, quickly stepped in to ensure that anyone who had discovered the truth would be persecuted, and silenced, to send a clear message to anyone else who had discovered the truth, or at least become skeptical of the official fiction, that they’d better keep the truth, or their skepticism, to themselves. In this way the Zionist could ensure self-censorship, and a demonization of any heroic outspoken individuals as ‘Hollywood Nazis’, trouble makers, criminals, or even mentally ill, deluded, dangerous fools.

For the Zionist Propaganda machine rests on very vulnerable foundations. The slightest tremor could send the entire house of cards tumbling to the ground, and thus threaten all the ‘benefits’ of ‘the holocaust industry’, such as money, military aid, and the status of ‘victim’, which the Zionists have used to literally get away with murder. The murder of hundreds of thousands of children, women, and men.

If the truth got out, the Zionists would see a repeat of that age out cycle of suspicion leading to investigation, leading to exposure, leading to anger, leading to fear, hatred, pogroms, and expulsions.

The second most compelling explanation is that the Zionist Propaganda Machine has been so successful at indoctrinating the politicians and judges of Germany, France, and North America, that they either actually believe the official ‘holocaust’ story, or at least consider it a ‘noble’ lie necessary for world peace.

In other words the people persecuting the historical revisionists and skeptics may feel that they are either doing the right thing, or that they are doing the wrong thing, but for good reasons. They may feel that the means are monstrous, but that the ends justify them.

A third plausible explanation is that the Zionists are deliberately using excessive persecution of historical revisionists in order to deliberately provoke new pogroms against the Jews, which the Zionists can use to their own advantage. To attract more settlers to Israel, and to incite fear among the Jews of all non-Jews. This would bring about a greater sense of solidarity and unity among the more independent thinking and living Jews around the world, for whom Israel would not normally be seen as an attractive proposition, and for whom collective action would otherwise hold no attraction.

A fourth possibility is that the Anti-Zionists in Germany, France, and North America are persecuting the historical revisionists to both bring greater public attention to their message, and to invoke sympathy for their plight, and thus, by association, their message.

The Anti-Zionists may feel that the best way to attract attention to the message of the challengers to the dominant, hegemonic, Zionist Propaganda and social reality is by drawing attention to the messenger.

It is a fact that many people, like myself, only came look at, and then doubt, the official fiction of a holocaust, after learning about the persecution of historical revisionists like Ernst Zundel, David Irving, David Cole, and Sylvia Stolz.

A fifth compelling thesis is that the Anti-Zionists are in fact quite strongly represented in Germany, France, and North America (as that back-packers manager who kicked me out onto the street violently insisted), and are using the persecution of historical revisionists to give the Zionists a false sense of confidence in their hegemony. Smug, complacency would make the Zionists relax a little, and possibly allow the Anti-Zionists more room to operate, under less intense scrutiny, than might otherwise be the case.

If the Zionists can be lead to believe that their propaganda has worked, and they have full spectrum domination in Germany, France, and North America, they will not be as aggressive and energetic in seeking out, and suppressing, potential resistance. They will feel that there is in fact no resistance. They have won.

Man-made global climate change ‘denial’ and holocaust ‘denial’ officially equated


By chance I just happened to watch the ABC 20/20 titled ‘Last days on earth. The end of the world’.

During this program one of the propagandists for man-made global warming officially equated historical revisionists with man-made global climate change skeptics.

In his own words, man-made global warming (climate change) deniers were as the same as holocaust ‘deniers’.

He just insisted the same things that the judges and lobbyists of the holocaust industry do. Claiming that the facts were overwhelming, the science and research incontrovertible, the scientific and historical community all shared in a consensus, and anyone who ‘denied’ the obvious, clear, established and proven facts, must be deliberately trying to deceive the public.

In the case of the holocaust they were either trying to sell books, or were Hollywood Nazis.

The man-made global warming / global climate change ‘deniers’, were being paid by evil big business interests with a financial vested interest in sponsoring deceitful research and propaganda.

If you don’t realise by now, you’d better get online and do a bit of ‘research’ while you are still free to. The whole man-made global warming hoax has since been completely debunked by brave researchers like Lord Monckton who had the courage to stand up and call the bluff of people like Al Gore, and rally the independent scientific community to the standard of truth in science.

Just like courageous historical revisionists like David Irving, Ernst Zundel, David Cole, and Sylvia Stolz are standing up to the holocaust industry lobbyists, trying to awaken the world to the hoax that had been perpetrated upon the entire world, at the expense of truth, justice, and the German people.

The man-made global warming lobby had almost complete, hegemonic, control of the mass media, and thus was able to manufacture consent for their ‘carbon trading scheme’.

Until brave souls like Lord Monckton, (who soon will probably face criminal charges under proposed new laws to silence any challenge to the carbon trading scheme, and New World Order it will usher in) stood up and spoke up, Al Gore and his cronies were just a few steps from imposing their carbon trading scheme upon the entire world. And with it their New World Order.

Then the courage of a few brave souls encouraged the rest of the scientific community to stand up and speak out against the massive deception Al Gore and his crew had played upon the world.

Of course as we speak the world leaders in Paris are working on laws similar to the laws that silence any challenge to the official ‘holocaust’ fiction, to silence any challenge to the new deception called ‘man-made global climate change’.

You didn’t say anything when David Irving, Ernst Zundel, and Sylvia Stolz were imprisoned for simply speaking the truth.

So don’t complain when you are ‘detained’ for simply speaking openly with your friends about your doubts about any news story you have seen on television, or any doubts you have about ‘open borders’ and ‘mass immigration’ to your nation.

Today anyone who has an axe to grind with you can ‘dob you in’ to the authorities and have you detained as a ‘denier’ or ‘terrorist’, simply for daring to raise questions, to have doubts, to challenge the complete hegemony of the Zionist Propaganda Machine and the ‘Man-made global climate change’ propaganda machine.

You didn’t help the freedom fighters when they were being persecuted for speaking the truth, and exercising what they imagined was their freedom of expression, so you can hardly complain when you, or yours, are the next victim.

Next time anyone in authority tells you that 2+2=5, you’d better agree.

Just like we are all now legally bound to agree that the holocaust story is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, or that man-made global warming is a fact, and such a huge, immediate threat, like ‘terrorism’, that we must agree to give up all our freedoms, all our rights, all our money, and all our time and energy, to the New World Order.

The Zionist New World Order.

As described in the Old Testament, the Torah, and the Talmud.

The ABC (Zionist Propaganda Machine tool) ‘documentary’ was part of a huge mass media saturation campaign aimed at priming and conditioning the masses to accept the largest and broadest invasion of our privacy, freedoms, and rights, ever proposed.

Nothing less than a New World Order.

The documentary began churning the fear chemicals in our brains, and switching off our capacity for reason, by describing all the horrific ways in which our very survival as a species might be threatened.

I was not aware until the very end what the whole ‘documentary’ had really been designed to achieve.

For then suddenly I was being told that the most immediate threat to my survival was man-made global warming and climate change. It was constantly rammed into my consciousness that there was widespread scientific agreement for what I was being told.

The ‘deniers’ were criminals, like the holocaust ‘deniers’, with ulterior motives. They were the ‘hired guns’ of big business, just like the ‘scientists’ that the tobacco industry had once hired to defend big tobacco’s vested interests, in the face of clear, incontrovertible evidence, and consensus in the medical world, that tobacco was deadly.

The presentation first set us up to accept the lie as proven, accepted, and self-evident. Then it dismissed, discredited, demonized, and criminalized the ‘man-made global climate change’ ‘deniers’. It then went on to manufacture a sense of consensus, and urgency, that something had to be done right now, or else!

The masses first gave up their freedoms in exchange from protection from ‘terrorism’.

Now they are being appealed to give up whatever remaining freedoms, privacy, sovereignty, and control they had left, to protect them from ‘man-made global climate change’ and all the associated ‘natural disasters’ they have just been primed and conditioned to automatically, as a knee-reflex, associate with it.

The new ‘threat’ is CO2. Carbon emissions.

This ABC ‘documentary’ clearly informed us that this threat is bigger than any terrorist threat.

To deny this would make you a criminal, or insane. Or both. Either way, the authorities are not going to tolerate your willful refusal to accept ‘the fact’ of man-made global climate change, and the ‘fact’ that it is an immediate and huge threat (just like Saddam Hussein’s Weapons Of Mass Destruction!), any more than the authorities are going to tolerate anyone merely raising questions about the official ‘holocaust’ narrative.

The same will soon apply to anyone who raises any doubts about the logic of ‘open borders’.

Just ask the French Opposition leader, who now faces one year in prison for merely seeking to ‘debate’ the issue of open borders and mass immigration.

For, as with the man-made global climate change story, we have been told, over and over, that there is nothing to debate.

There is no debate.

As the judge said in the Zundel trial. ‘It is fact. Period.’

You won’t get a chance to prove your case in court.

You will be treated as a recalcitrant. A willful, stubborn, ‘denier’ of the obvious fact that everyone but you agrees on.

Of course everyone who, like you, has doubts, will keep them to themselves.

And those scientists who have actual hard factual data that contradicts ‘the official fiction’ and ‘the hegemonic propaganda’, the ‘social reality’, will mostly self-censor to avoid problems for themselves and their loved ones.

And that will support the mass media propaganda that there is in fact consensus among the scientists and historians.

And that the few who have the courage to stand up for the truth are clearly insane, evil, malicious, or just seeking attention.

It is a perfect way to set up a hegemonic social reality in which the holocaust happened, and man-made global warming is real, and an immediate and huge threat that requires drastic, global measures.

These measures will include the introduction of a cashless society, a world bank, a world currency, a world army, and the introduction of emergency powers / martial law.

In other words, in order to protect you from Nazis, from war, from terrorists, and from the whole range of natural disasters that are about to come at us from every side, you will ‘need’ to give up every remaining right and privacy you have enjoyed for this brief moment of time.

It’s back to the dark ages for us all.

Welcome to the Zionist / Talmudic New World Order.

And so once again the Zionists have manufactured a threat, and used it to force us to give up all our rights and freedoms.

I have to laugh though. Like the prosecutor at the Nuremburg trials who accidentally revealed his great respect and admiration for Adolf Hitler, while trying to ridicule the great Reichsmarshall Goering.  We will come to that soon.

For in this case the scientists accidentally let it slip that they have thousands of years of documented climate change captured in the ancient ice packs that reveal a correlation between CO2 levels and average temperature levels.

But, hey, hand on, rewind, wait a second. Are they saying that CO2 levels have been going up and down for thousands of years?

So they’re saying that it has nothing whatsoever to do with modern industry?

In other words, even if you didn’t know for a fact that the sun was responsible for global climate change, and not any man-made CO2 emissions, you’d still be left with the fact that the same CO2 changes have been occurring over and over for thousands of years.

For thousands of years before modern industry.

So what the hell is the carbon credits trading scheme all about?

I mean really?

Al Gore and his mates should have waited a few years until they had complete control of the internet.

They just embarrassed themselves by blatantly lying to us all.

Surely we’d have to be idiots to every trust them again?

Nothing more than dumb ‘cattle’?

But they will find a way to control and censor the internet, or just ‘get rid of’ anyone who dares challenge their lies publicly, as they did ‘last time’.

That is what they are really discussing in Paris right now. How to make sure that this time no scientists or ‘deniers’ as they call them, either keep quiet, or have no audience to listen to them.

Either way they win.

They kinda got caught out by the coldest winters on record, after insisting that we were facing continuing increases in global temperatures that would result in the largest catastrophes the planet has ever known, within a few years.

Civilization was doomed to be wiped out, we were told, by global warming.

But now that man-made global warming has been completely de-bunked they had to switch to ‘global climate change’, which IS somehow man-made?

We were warned of hundreds of millions of refugees and billions of people being forced to move inland, as coastlines flooded, and entire regions and nations like the Netherlands, Belgium, and Bangladesh, and major cities like London, all went the way of Atlantis, and sunk under the rising sea levels, as the ice the north and south melted. We were warned that we risked losing 75% of our fresh water supplies as there would soon be no more snow. This would threaten all our agriculture, and our very existence. We were facing famines and droughts of biblical proportions. These would result in wars and disasters unprecedented in the history of humanity. All the most famous media personalities were recruited for the greatest propaganda effort in history. We were told we HAVE to give Al Gore and his mates unprecedented power over every facet of our personal, daily lives. It was do or die. Now or never.

But it was all proven to be lies.

So now we have this summit in Paris, where they are figuring out how to force the same lied down our throat in a different way.

Or simply, as they have done in 8 E.U nations already, impose what is effectively martial law, just as Goering admits the Nazis did in the 1930s.

And they will begin rounding up anyone opposed to the new world order, immediately. Putting them in FEMA camps. They have room for 50 million in the U.S already. They have billions of rounds of ammunition to shoot any dissenters with. Hollow-tips designed to kill. The sort banned by the Geneva Convention for military use! Designed to kill, not to ‘neutralize’ a threat.

Oh well, even if you did read this, you’d probably just dismiss it.

Which brings me to a legal question.

Does ‘incite’ mean ‘to intend to incite’, or to actually have achieved that effect?

I mean, seeing as no-one is likely to actually respond to my books, does that mean that, by having failed to ‘incite’ anyone to any action or thought, that I have not, technically, ‘incited’ anyone?

If you doubt the U.S government would kill its own citizens, just consider how quick it was to drop Atomic bombs on Japan, which was no longer a threat to anyone.

Or how the U.S firebombed Dresden, a city full of refugees, with no military significance at all, and then returned to bomb the emergency relief workers, and then again to machine gun down children, women, and even zoo animals.

You really doubt that the U.S government is not run by psychopaths?

You really think they will flinch at all when it comes time to start massacring U.S civilians, as it did German and Japanese civilians?

Remember ‘We the SHEEP-le’ are mere cattle in the eyes of our Zionist New World Order, Talmudic masters.

And how do most of you, dear reader, treat cattle?

I guess you’d be a hypocrite to complain that ‘others did unto you as you did unto others’.

It’s not like it’s a secret that ‘As you do unto others, so shall it be done unto you’. Just read you Old Testament!




The Nuremburg Show trials

When one of the Prosecutors at Nuremburg tried to deride Goering for trying to portray himself as being a Philosopher statesman on the level of Hitler, he probably did not realise that he had just praised Adolf Hitler as a Philosopher-Statesman, the modern equivalent of a ‘Philosopher-King’, the highest praise any leader could possibly aspire to.

You see even those who hated Hitler, found themselves grudgingly admiring him and his achievements. The achievements of the entire German nation, and the SS.

This is one reason why they are so vehement in their demonization of Hitler, the SS, and the German people. See my TROONATNOOR books about Hume to fully understand the psychology involved.

Apparently Goering told ‘Tex’, his prison guard, that Hitler was vegetarian, and thought that killing animals was immoral. This would support the claims that Hitler, who was the founder of environmentalism on a large scale, was vegetarian. However his cook claims this is a misunderstanding. That while Hitler never ate steaks and so on, he did enjoy sausages. I include that information in the name of truth, justice, and liberty. Although I would prefer to believe Hitler was not only an animal lover, conservationist, and the only man in modern history to defy the Zionists, but also a vegetarian. It would make arguable the most ethically perfect , courageous, wise, and energetic leaders in world history.

I don’t understand why the prosecution thought Ribbentrop was a criminal for successfully getting Czechoslovakia to agree to become part of Germany. Remember that the country was newly created by the Allies after WWI, at the insistence of the Zionists and a large part of the population were either Sudeten Germans, or German immigrants.

It appears to me that, having failed to bring about the complete destruction of the German nation, and having failed to have the Germans declared war criminals after WWI, they deliberately set about producing the conditions that would make WWII unavoidable for any German leader who had any backbone.

But ensuring the German people now found themselves separated, and a minority in hostile lands, it was ensure that any great German leader would come to their rescue. And this was doomed to end in war, where the Zionists could ensure that the nations in which the Germans now found themselves would remain hostile to the rightful claims of the German people for ‘re-unification’, or at least open transportation connections with Germany, to ensure they would never be ‘starved out’ by their host nations.

Streicher, the editor of ‘Der Sturm’, was on trial for his life for allegedly ‘inciting race hatred’ with his magazine. Streicher argued that he was simply stating a fact when calling the Jews, ‘a nation of bloodsuckers and extortionists’.

You can read far worse in the Bible, written by the founding fathers of Christianity. Their own prophets say far worse things about the Jews in the Old Testament.

And what the Jews themselves write in their Talmud could never be improved upon, if what you were after was ‘incitement’ of ‘race hatred’ against the Jews.

I have a funny feeling that if Americans understood how their financial system has been operating, and the excessive influence Jews have had in leading the U.S into bloody wars, that more than a few might agree with Streicher. Of course the prosecution accused him of inciting race hatred with such comments.

The President of the Reichsbank, Dr Funk, was on trial for his life for having ‘accepted’ SS concentration camp gold teeth, jewels, and so on in his banks vaults. He denied having any idea what was in the private vaults. I doubt the President of such a huge bank would have anything to do with the operation of safety deposit boxes.

Jackson, the main prosecutor, read out alleged witness testimony that Kaltenbrunnen  had witnessed gas chambers being demonstrated on inmates of Auschwitz, and that he had been there or three separate occasions, and had ordered 65,000 Jewish inmates of another (Malthhausen?) KZ to be sealed up in a tunnel to prevent the allies liberating them.

Kaltenbrunnen replied that the allegations were all lies. He demanded that the commandant of Auschwitz be put on the stand. The commandant stated clearly that Kaltenbrunnen had never once visited Auschwitz.

But what is more revealing is that the main prosecutor, Jackson, did not want to allow the commandant to take the stand.

This was typical of Jackson. He argued with judges that the defendants should not be allowed to say anything he, Jackson, did not want them to say.

For example he would ask a question, and when the defendant tried to honor their oath of ‘the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth’, Jackson would cut them short and prevent them giving a full answer. He was trying to prevent them defending themselves. His questions were not designed to elicit the truth, but rather make the defendant appear to be incriminating himself.

This was all the more appalling because the ‘propaganda’ view of Jackson was that he was the one, as an American, that was dedicated to ensuring that the defendants received a fair trial, and due process, in the face of calls by the Russians to simply ‘execute every SS officer.

But in reality he did his best to pressure and coerce the Judges to deny the prisoners the right to speak more than ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

The Judges had to over-rule Jackson and insist he allow the defendants, such as Goering, to speak complete sentences and actually make statements in their defense.

In fact Jackson, once he saw that the defendants were in fact going to be given a chance to defend themselves, and explain themselves, wanted to resign from his position.

Clearly he had expected a simple show trial where he could grandstand as the hero of justice, truth, and peace, and get easy convictions without any real trial.

It is simply absurd to hear and American, from the nation that had committed more war crimes during WWII than any other nation, speaking about how civilization could not survive another ‘holocaust’, or war of aggression, as if U.S policy had not always been aggressive, and did not continue to be after WWII.

You might ask the American Indians, the Mexicans, the Spanish, all the various South American nations that the U.S invaded, using false-flags and spurious excuses, before WWII. After WWII the list just grows and grows. And don’t forget that the U.S forced Japan into attacking it, by placing a total oil embargo on Japan, which the Israeli military lawyers state is a legitimate ‘act of war’ and ‘cassus belli’ or ‘just cause’ for invading a neighbor,  an act of aggression that makes retaliation legal under international law.

As Putin recently said, only Americans would use a nuclear bomb on anyone. Stalin would never have used it on a more or less defeated enemy, as the Americans did.

It was well known among the Allied high command that the false ‘confessions’ had been forced from SS officers under torture, and the threatening their families. You can find documented statements from all the leading Allied figures of the time to this effect.

British Sergeant Bernard Clarke bragged about torturing the former Commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolf Hoess, and when that failed, threatening his family with death by starvation, to get a ‘confession’. This is documented in the 1983 book ‘Legions of death’.

Hoess ‘confessed’ that he had been given 6 months to eliminate millions of Jews using Carbon Monoxide Gas. But it had proven too slow and ineffective. Then one of his guards had passed out after briefly inhaling some Zyklon B gas, and that was how the idea came to him to use Zyklon B to gas the Jews. He first tried out the gas on Russian prisoners. He claims the prisoners all died within between 3 and 15 minutes.

He in fact claims to have gassed over 2.5 million Jews before being transferred to another post. He stated however that he punished guards who treated any prisoners cruelly. The intention was to simply exterminate the Jews, and not to torture them. He claimed he had ‘despatched’ 2000 people per day. He claimed to have had a staff of 3000 men. He said his job was like that of a ‘rat catcher’. He claims he had lead a normal family life during his time as commandant. Living, if we are to believe this story, more or less across the road from the gas chamber itself.

This is all very interesting when you consider the facts about the camp at Auschwitz, where most of the gassings are alleged to have taken place. Like the absence of any actual gas chambers, or any rooms at all where Zyklon B had been used to kill anyone. The only documented and proven use of Zyklon B at Auschwitz was in the delousing chambers. No-one has ever claimed that anyone was ever gassed in these chambers. The chambers where the gassings were assumed to have taken place had never in fact been used for that purpose, nor could these rooms have ever been used for such a purpose, as proven by experts time and time again.

It is a fact that the chambers used for delousing, the only places where Zyklon B residue has ever been found, were located outside the barbed wire fences, and thus outside the camps proper. For safety reasons. No one claims any of these delousing facilities, where the Zyklon B residue has stained the bricks all the way through with a bright Prussian blue coloration, were ever used for any other purpose than to prevent the inmates dying.

The fact is that Zyklon B was used to save the lives of Jews, and other inmates, rather than to kill anyone. It was the disruption of supplies of Zyklon B to the  camps, due to allied bombing, that is responsible for the ‘walking corpses’ paraded, in the most undignified way, before our eyes, in film of ‘Nazi Death Camps’.

To think the makers of Zyklon B were ‘lawfully’ murdered by the allies for having produced this life saving product.

Even the Zionists own historians have to admit that the Zyklon B supplied to the Nazi camps in such large quantities was used for delousing and building disinfestation / disinfection. In order to ‘cover their tracks’ they then add that 5% of the total Zyklon B shipped to Nazi camps was used for ‘gassing Jews’.

‘Auschwitz: Technique and operation of the gas chambers’ by Jean-Claude PRESSAC, which was intended to ‘verify’ and ‘confirm’ and ‘prove’ the official holocaust story, actually admits that only 5% of all the Zyklon B shipped to Auschwitz was used for gassings. This book was written by a Zionist. A cog in the Zionist propaganda machine. And that is the best ‘spin’ he could come up with.

No-one denies that thousands of people died from a typhus epidemic after the German supply lines had been destroyed, ending shipments of Zyklon B to the camps. Those who ‘liberated’ the camps could only find a few empty Zyklon B canisters, which they then offered as a miserable excuse of ‘proof’ of mass gassings to millions of tourists, and many more propaganda film viewers.

Allied aerial photos show no signs of any ‘smoking / flaming chimneys’ or mass burial pits full of burning bodies, even though they were taken at the time the ‘holocaust’ was supposedly in full swing.

Not a single mention of ‘Typhus’ is ever made when viewers are shown the ‘walking corpses’ of Auschwitz.

I shed tears while reading ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’. But what we are not told is that many parts of that ‘diary’ were written in ball point pen. Anne Frank failed to mention that she had access to a time machine, and had travelled to the 50s in order to obtain ball point pens, and then, for some reason, had returned to her ‘hiding place’.

Anne Frank is one of the many people who for some unfathomable reason were taken to a death camp, to die, but were then allowed to leave and travel to a different camp. Along with her sister. But I was told the nazi’s separated families?

Now anyone who has tried to learn German will find it surprising that the Germans, who are so pedantic with their language, would operate ‘Death camps’ but then allow the people to leave, quite not-dead. Was there some misunderstanding? Oops, sorry, I forgot, this is a death camp, I won’t let that happen again, Commandant’!  But we hear the same stories over and over of how people marked to die, are transported at great expense to a ‘death’ camp, and then given papers and transport across Europe and back into Germany. Hello Kitty!

Sadly Anne Frank, who I would have loved to have known, died with her sister of Typhus, in Bergen-Belsen.

If you follow up on the ‘gas chambers’ dramaturgy and narrative, you will find the Russians openly admitting to having ‘converted’ (in their words reconstructed) the air raid shelter opposite from three SS buildings, including the Commandant’s home, the SS canteen, and the SS hospital, into the building used as the only ‘solid’ evidence of any ‘holocaust.

A building which is supposed to be a ‘gas chamber’.

The Russians admit that they crudely smashed holes in the roof of the air raid shelter, removed internal walls, and removed the toilet and other fittings in the air raid’s bathroom.

In none of the many Allied aerial photos taken during the operation of the camps are holes in the air raid shelter roof to be seen.

The Russians needed to make the air raid shelter look like a gas chamber, for the photo opportunities later known as the ‘liberation of the Nazi Death Camps’. They figured people might wonder how the Nazis’ got the ‘gas’ into the ‘gas chamber, so they, without any evidence of any kind to base their ‘reconstruction’ (fabrication / construction is a more appropriate term) on, simply smashed some holes in the roof of the air raid shelter, put some covers over them, and started telling people that, across the road from SS canteens, lodgings, and medical facilities, SS men would stand in the open wind, dropping pellets of the most combustible, explosive, and toxic material you would ever want to get anywhere near, down these holes in the roof, in the middle of the camp, where everyone would sooner or later catch on to what was going on. At least at this ‘gas chamber’, the SS accommodations, medical center, and canteen blocked the view from the rest of the camp.

In fact this is the reason the Russians give for why the Germans stopped using this gas chamber, and started using another one at another part of the Auschwitz complex.

But the problem with this story is that the new ‘gas chambers’ at camp II, Auschwitz-Birkenau, were much more visible to the camp inmates at the new location. In fact visible from almost all sides. With an entrance that covered most of the camp. So that camp inmates would repeatedly see long lines of people marching towards the gas chambers, and not coming back out. They would certainly hear and see exactly what was going on. All that lay between the supposed gas chambers and the main camp was a barbed wire fence.

In David Cole’s video the (former) Auschwitz museum director Dr Piper first claims that these supposed gas chambers were only used for half an hour a day. This is how he accounts for the lack of Zyklon B residue in comparison with the delousing chambers which were in regular operation as part of a determined effort to keep the inmates alive.

Of course this leaves the former Museum director, who you might expect to be the leading expert on the operations of the Auschwitz ‘death’ camp, and to be the most informed of anyone in relation to the operations of the camp, contradicting all the eyewitnesses, upon whose testimony ‘a mountain of incontrovertible evidence’ has been built, who claimed that the gas chambers were in constant operation, in order to facilitate the huge death rates they claimed for this ‘death’ camp.

Dr Piper then later speaks of ‘repeated’ gassings, in direct contradiction of his earlier statement that only one gassing every 24 hours.

In fact Pressac’s book, meant to refute the ‘revisionists’, the people who challenge the official holocaust narrative, states  clearly that it would have been necessary for the gas chamber (air raid shelter) to have been filled, emptied, and refilled, every 30 minutes, in a series of ongoing, serial gassings.

But you can’t have it both ways. Either the gas chamber was used once a day, and the Zyklon B residues never accumulated, or it was used almost continuously, in which case the ‘official narrators’ have no explanation for why there are no Zyklon B residues, other than those that might accumulate from the typical ‘disinfestation / disinfectant’ using Zyklon B that every building in the camp routinely underwent.

Another curious fact that Pressac fails to address is why the Germans would take such care, using 95% of their Zyklon B to preserve the lives of the ‘death camp’ inmates, when they were marked for death anyway? Surely it would have made more sense to just let them die of Typhus?  Why go to such lengths to save the lives of people marked for death?

Another fact worthy of our consideration is that the Soviets initially claimed that the Auschwitz camp records had been destroyed before they had ‘liberated’ the camp. They then came up with the famous ‘4 million’ camp death toll.

But in fact in 1989 the Soviets released the official camp records that had meticulously documented all deaths at the camp. They had had these documents all the time. Soviet revisionist historians admit that the Soviet lies were all part of a propaganda campaign designed to demonize the Nazi’s in the eyes of the world, and especially the East Germans.

Even before these documents were released, the Polish authorities had drastically revised the ‘official’ Soviet death toll downwards to around one million.

Surely if the Soviets admit that Nuremburg was a ‘show’ trial, and that they withheld documents and exaggerated the death toll by 400%, and that the ‘gas chambers’ were NOT original, but (re) constructions of their own engineers, we have good reason to demand that the entire ‘holocaust’ story be opened up to a public, open, rigorous, independent investigation?

Are you going to believe the same authorities that murdered around 10,000 Polish officers, soldiers, and civilians in a single massacre at Katyn forest, and then blamed the Nazi’s for it? The Katyn forest massacre is not, like the official holocaust narrative, based on a few self-contradicting eyewitnesses. It is an established historical fact that the Russian authorities now admit to, after having themselves ‘revised’ (corrected) their own official Soviet history.

Verber, a survivor of Auschwitz, claimed during a television interview 20 years after being ‘liberated’ from Auschwitz, that the ‘death’ camp Auschwitz had a killing capacity of 12,000 per day. The problem with his ‘uncannily accurate memory’ is that this figure is twice what he had reported to the Allies, and twice that he had reported in his own book ‘I cannot forgive’, which he had presented as a compilation of other people’s reports. It was marketed as a sort of compilation of anecdotal evidence, the sort that all holocaust industry representatives, and Judges, refer to when speak of the ‘mountain’ of evidence available to ‘prove’ that …‘The holocaust happened. Period!’

However since publishing this book, he has openly admitted that many of the stories in his book are works of fiction. Simply made up.

Given the increasingly growing ‘mountain of evidence’ that the official holocaust narrative is not reliable, and inconsistent with the best expert opinion and known facts, surely fining Germans and imprisoning them for simply wanting to take a closer look at the official narrative, and where appropriate, correcting (revising) the official history, must lead us to ask, WHY?

Who is behind the conspiracy to prevent a more accurate and truthful report on the treatment of Jews during WWII? Who has something to lose? What benefits are at stake? What vested interest groups are flexing their muscle to prevent the truth from being discovered and disseminated? What group of people could possibly have so much power that the German Government itself bows to their every whim? Arresting its own citizens, and torturing them in solitary confinement for years on end. Ruining the careers of honest, hardworking Germans, and other historical revisionists. All to maintain what is clearly a lie, to anyone with the intelligence to recognize it, and the emotional courage to face it.

Surely Judges in Canada, Germany, and the U.S, all acting contrary to the constitutional rights of their citizens, have clearly announced to the entire world that their loyalties lay not with the German, Canadian, or U.S people / government. In fact you will find that Churchill, Eisenhower, and all the prosecutors involved in the trials of heroes like David Irving, Ernst Zundel, and Sylvia Stolz, have sworn an oath of allegiance to their Zionist / Masonic masters.

The same oath the Bushes, and Clintons, have sworn. They have sworn to support their masonic / Zionist mates even if they commit treason or murder. We will look at these more recent cases of clear Zionist occupation in a separate chapter on the Clintons. But now back to the Russians, and their air raid shelter.

The air raid shelter, which the Russians, as part of their propaganda campaign against the Germans, had attempted to portray as a gas chamber, shows no evidence of ever having been used as a gas chamber, and every evidence of having been used as an air raid shelter.

Which do you think is more likely? That the SS would build an air raid shelter opposite their own canteen, accommodations, and hospital, or a ‘gas chamber’?

Would they have risked poisoning themselves, when they had a huge camp of buildings from which to choose?

All the experts agree that the supposed ‘gas chamber’ narrative is pure fiction.

Confessions gained by torture are clearly no admissible in any trial, except ‘show trials’.

And remember that the British Sergeant who gained these confessions has admitted, publicly, that he had tortured Rudolf Hoess, and threatened his family, to gain these ‘confessions’.

British Sergeant Bernard Clarke, after torturing ‘confessions’ out of Rudolf Hoess, then turned him over to the Poles and Soviets. They hanged / strangled him, directly opposite the air raid shelter.

Since the Nuremberg show trials, many eyewitnesses have come forward with accounts of how they witnessed German soldiers being tortured in order to force ‘confessions’ from them. Even .Dr Raoul Hilberg, a leading promoter of holocaust propaganda, grudgingly admits that these claims have been proven and documented.

Allied prosecutors and observers reported back to their own superiors on such tortures. They all turned a blind eye to the human rights violations, and Geneva convention violations, simply to ensure a guilty verdict in the show trials, and to continue the propaganda and psychological operations they had been engaged in against Germany.

Albert Speer was the great disappointment of the trial. He proved a coward and a disgrace. He was willing to defame all Germans simply in return for a lighter sentence. He was terrified of being hanged. He tried to get other prisoners to join him in pandering to the mock trial prosecutors by condemning his fellow Germans. He in fact stated that ‘the tribunal will decide if all of Germany is guilty of war crimes or not’.

In other words Speer was quite happy to sacrifice the honor of every German, and damn all of Germany to the ignominious place it history the Allies, as the Zionist’s Golems, have condemned this honest, hardworking, noble nation to, just to save his own hide. A hide worth two cents in my books. That is hardly a fair transaction!  But since when did the Zionist transact fairly?

It was Speer who had arranged over 5 million forced laborers to be brought into Germany to work in his armaments plants, and other key industries.

What sort of idiot would murder 6 million potential workers at a time when Germany had such a shortage of manpower?

Speer admits that many were forced, but noted that many other volunteered to come to Germany to work there.

Speer did a deal with Jackson, to try to get the others to admit to war crimes, in return for prison sentences rather than the death penalty. He complained that Goering had too much influence on them all, and so Jackson had Goering isolated from any contact with the others.

Speer claimed that Hitler had issued him with a written order that Germany should be totally destroyed, leaving the invaders nothing but scorched earth. Speer the coward claims he refused, and stood up to Hitler, knowing full well that anyone who refused his orders would be executed. He also claims to have planned to gas Hitler in his bunker, but his plans were thwarted when changes were made to the ventilation system, and SS guards posted around it. Such a brave man would not have feared hanging. To think, the only man who stood up to Hitler begging for mercy and scheming and plotting against his own peers at Nuremburg was once so brave and fearless!

Jackson kept trying to prevent Goering from giving complete answers, even though Goering’s answers were very short. He feared that Goering and the others would not be convicted.

So he changed his approach, bringing in some spectacular witnesses and very moving, though misleading, film footage which was so powerful and misleading that it appears that even Goering believed it. This was clearly the first time he had ever been confronted such footage, as otherwise he would have known that the victims shown were all victims of typhus, rather than mistreatment.

After the moving footage, even Goering seems to have been convinced that mass killings had taken place. However he was outraged by Jackson’s attempts to get him to admit that he was responsible, or had even known about any atrocities of that kind.

The footage shown was propaganda. It showed victims of typhus. It also showed very healthy and quite well-fed prisoners being ‘liberated’. It showed that famous ‘Brausebad’ of ‘Dachau’, followed by footage of a Zyklon B Canister, thereby conflating the two by association, even though no-one ever claimed that anyone had been gassed at Dachau, and most people associated the ‘Brausebad’ with Auschwitz, though it was at Dachau. It is the same footage that Donahue showed on his show, claiming it was Auschwitz, and a gas chamber, then denying he had said this.

What struck me about a young Frenchwoman’s supposed eyewitness testimony was that she claims that SS officers threw live babies into the ‘furnaces’, after they had ‘run out of gas’. She insists she hear their screams!

I bet if anyone had asked her at the trial, she would have spoken as if the Germans actually had gas lines, and ‘gassed’ Jews with something like the gas she used in her oven at home.

This ‘eyewitness’ insisted that the trains ran almost right up to the door of the gas chambers.

I don’t think even the most aggressive of ‘holocaust industry’ spokespeople grants this story any credit today.

Testimony was read at the trials, reputedly written by one Friedrich Graeber. However it sounds more like the work of a professional writer than that of a construction sub-contractor. It is much too articulate, poetic, moving, sentimental, descriptive, and openly propagandistically emotionally manipulative, and ‘Hollywood Nazi’.

If the writer really had been in the construction business, then he had certainly missed his calling, and should have been a novelist. His ‘testimony’ is just too well-crafted and emotionally manipulative, targeting too precisely the listener’s emotions.

For me this totally undermines the credibility of the report.

And anyone making such claims would surely have been brought in person to the court to bear witness and give the testimony personally.

Graeber describes a massacre of complete families, with old women and babies, totaling over 5000 people, in Ukraine. The short work of fiction was a perfect storm of Hollywood style propaganda, worthy of a Spielberg. If this was written by a building contractor, then I will eat my hat.

It was clearly written by a very talented writer intent on including every sort of emotional trick to shock and disturb the listener, and generate a complete loathing for any German. It was pure propaganda. I dare you to listen to it in a sober, unbiased mood, and not come to that conclusion. In any case there was no evidence to back up the report. It was read out at the mock trials simply for effect.

Simply because the prosecution really had so little evidence to pin anything on anyone. They had resorted to propaganda and to pulling at the emotional heart-strings of anyone present.

Goering was the real star of the Nuremburg trials. He showed good humor, charm, courage, and loyalty to Hitler and Germany right up to the end. He was liked by everyone who came into contact with him, including his prison guard.

Goering bravely took his own life to deprive the Allies of their ‘show’. However he waited until first taking the stand and doing his best to defend the entire German people from the shameful lies of Nuremburg.

However he seemed convinced himself that atrocities had been committed, by the end of the trial. You can’t blame him. It was a clever propaganda show.. He simply stated that he knew nothing of any atrocities up to the trial, and that up until then, everything Germany had done was honorable.

When asked about German racism, Goethe was quick to point out how racist the U.S had been to the Japanese who they had placed in Concentration camps in the U.S during the entire war, and how the U.S had been so quick to drop atom bombs on Japan, even though they no longer posed any threat, and had been effectively defeated.

Goering’s guard tells us that Goering had said to him that a ‘’special place in Walhalla is waiting for me. He was quite cheerful and resigned. He wrote to his wife that death would be a ‘deliverance’.

However his one regret was that ‘our legacy has been forever tainted’ by the sort of images shown, and stories told, at Nuremburg.

He insisted that ‘everything else we did was honorable’.

I want to make good on his jest to his peers that ’50 years from now’ people will make statues in honor of me. Maybe little statues.’

Goering was defiant to the end, stating that ‘’I say for now and all time, you foreigners may murder me, but you have no right to judge me’.

Goering stated that it was necessary for the consolidation of Nazi power in Germany to ensure the elimination of Jews from the economic life of Germany. He had ordered the removal of Jews from office. He had put in place the death penalty for the transfer of property abroad. He had ordered that no Jewish insurance claims be paid out for damage done to their property. The Jews were to make repairs themselves.

Goering admitted to having, in a moment of great frustration and anger with the Brown Shirts, made the outburst that Jackson accused him of having made, namely…’I wish you had killed 200 Jews instead of destroying so much property’, after the famous ‘Kristallnacht’.

Goering admitted to issuing laws for the seizure of Jewish property in Poland, and that no compensation be paid to Jews for war damages due to German or enemy actions.

But when Jackson spoke of ‘The final solution’ Goering corrected him, stating clearly that that was a mistranslation of the German. His laws were actually called ‘The Total solution’. The phrase ‘final solution’ was one coined by the Zionists long before the Nazi’s , and referred to the problem of Jews needing to remain exclusive, but not being willing to do any manual labor, thus making the idea of a Jewish nation unrealizable.

The problem with Jews was that they all wanted to be professionals and bankers and so on, and no Zionist would ever be able to found a nation that consisted entirely of professionals and bankers.

That was what ‘the problem was’, and the Zionists own ‘Final solution to the Jewish problem’, namely that problem, was to find a way to get the Jews to do manual labor.

Otherwise the very idea of a completely, exclusively Jewish nation would be unthinkable.

Of course today’s Zionists consider that the solution is to enslave the rest of the world, as in the ‘golden age’ under Joshua.

Goering made it clear that his ‘Total solution’ was a question of holistics, and not extermination. The Total Solution would include the evacuation of the Jews, first to ‘protective custory’ in the KZ’s, where they would be employed productively, and learn to find nobility in manual labor until they were no longer needed, after which they were to be moved from Europe to a homeland where they could live as they wished, exclusive and separate.

In fact head Nazi’s had, before the war, entered into an agreement with the Zionists of Palestine to that very effect. It is documented. Medals were even minted to celebrate the co-operation between the Zionists and the Nazi’s in realizing the ‘total solution’, or as the Zionists themselves called it, ‘The final solution to the Jewish problem’.

Goering stated for the record that if mass murders had taken place, as the Allies were now alleging, that he knew nothing about it. In fact the Fuhrer himself did not know that it was happening.

You see, the propaganda appears to have even convinced Goering that a holocaust had occurred. But he was never allowed to investigate the claims. If he had, then he never would have ‘swallowed’ the fictions dished out at Nuremburg. Remember he had a lot of other things to occupy his mind!

Goering explained how the KZ’s had been set up to provide ‘protective custody’ for Jews, Communists, and other self-proclaimed enemies of the state. Goering admitted that the camps were his own idea. He tried to explain the necessity of separating such enemies of the state until the state could consolidate its power, but the prosecutor Jackson would not allow him to finish his sentences. Jackson kept interrupting Goering and speaking over him, as soon as Jackson had gotten the utterances he had wanted, and which he though the judges and public would find damning.

In fact the British chief Judge had to force Jackson to allow Goering to finish his very short statements.

In his criticism of Goering’s policies, Jackson was basically criticizing the recent U.S ‘Patriot Act’. For the exact same suspension of habeas corpus, the right to a fair trial, the right to know what you are being charged with, and so on, that defined Nazi Germany’s laws just before they took absolute power and formed the dictatorship, are the same rules that define the ‘Patriot Act’.

Can you guess what is coming next folks? You might want to study up on your history of the third Reich, and get ready for the absolute loss of all your freedoms.

Just like todays criminal dictatorship in the U.S, as Goering put it, the Nazi’s gained power by legal means, but then held power by all means.

Jackson wanted to resign, after realizing that the Judges were going to attempt to give Goering, as Jackson put it, ‘The fair trial that he never gave anyone himself’.

But Jackson lost the audience with his outburst and failure to give Goering a chance to defend or explain himself.

Jackson wanted to portray himself, and the entire U.S contingent, as being the heroes of justice, doing all they could to ensure that the Germans got the fair trial that the Germans never gave their own victims. He wanted to give the impression that the Allies were morally superior to the Germans. But he failed miserably. He proved the exact opposite. He proved the hypocrisy of the allies in prosecuting both the German leaders, and the war itself.

Jackson actually complained to the chief Judge, a British judge, that he was ‘sabotaging’ Jackson’s case. In other words he was accusing the judge of treason, for not allowing the U.S to pursue its intended objectives of gaining convictions, especially of Goering, who, after Hitler had escaped to Argentina, was the top Nazi they could get their hands on.

Of course only because Goering had cheerfully surrendered to a U.S air force officer.

At first they had treated him like a celebrity. It had come as a shock to everyone that he would be arrested and tried for war crimes. The first such case in the history of the world.

Jackson went so far as to state, to the Judge that, ‘I must be free to control Goering’ he should not be allowed to answer my questions in full.’

If you doubt that the Nuremburg trials were anything but pure ‘show’ trials, then read what Stalin had to say about them. He was perplexed that they had gone to such great lengths for what was, obviously, a forgone conclusion.

Goering got to attain his own objectives. To show the world what a Nazi really was. Not the Hollywood Nazi that is the manufactured product of the Zionist, Talmudic Jew. But the real heroic, brave, loyal, charming, ideologically committed Nietzschean ‘bridge-man’ (ubermensch).

Goering did all Germany, and his Fuhrer, proud. I hope to one day have the stature of him erected that he told his fellow prisoners would be his destiny.

Goering wrote to his wife before his death calling her ‘my one and only sweetheart’, and comforting her, telling her that ‘My death is a deliverance’…’I am at peace.’

The condemned were woken early, and taken to be hanged. Ribbentrop was first.

Goering was to be next. However his guard found him in convulsions, and ran for a doctor.

But by the time he got back Goering was in Walhalla, among the other brave Germanic warriors who had died honorably.

They found a cyanide capsule in his hand.

Goering had slammed the Nuremburg show trials in front of the whole world, stating defiantly that ‘this has been a poor excuse for a trial…I had no knowledge of these terrible mass murders, which I cannot begin to understand and condemn whole-heartedly’. He noted how ‘The statements of the defendants were accepted as true only when they supported the prosecution. They were treated as perjury when they refuted the indictment. This is not a basis of truth. Justice has absolutely nothing to do with this trial’.

This pretty much describes the trials of Ernst Zundel, David Irving, and Sylvia Stolz.

And to think that judges today use the Nuremburg show trial convictions as ‘proof’ that ‘the holocaust happened. Period.’

Goering’s wife and daughter visited him in prison. They were so hungry they asked to take some of his food home with them. If you look at photos of Goering before he ‘surrendered’ and after, you will see just how much weight he lost in prison. Nothing at all like in the movie version.

One way that the Nuremburg prosecutors got Germans to lie about having received ‘verbal orders’ was that ‘following orders’ was, under the ‘charter’ of the trials, considered a mitigating circumstance that could reduce guilt, and the sentence.  And as the trial was begun and carried out on the assumption that they were all guilty, their own lawyers would have told them to lie, and say that they had been given verbal orders to exterminate the Jews, simply to save their own lives.

Each of the 22 (one hanged himself in prison before the trial) were charged with four counts. Conspiracy to commit aggression (which every U.S government has been guilty of in every war the U.S has ever been involved in before WWII and since), the commission of aggression (again, the U.S stands guilty), Crimes against the conduct of warfare (the U.S committed many war crimes such as the mass murder of civilians in Dresden, Hamburg, and Berlin), and crimes against humanity (which the U.S is guilty of, having committed such crimes against its own population).

Goering was convicted on all four counts, and sentenced to death by hanging.

Hess was convicted of counts two and three, and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Admiral Wilhelm Keitel was convicted on all four counts, and sentenced to death by hanging.. I have no idea how the second two could have applied to an admiral in the navy. He died a loyal and brave patriot. His last words were ‘I now join my sons, Deutschland uber alles’.

Hans Frank was found guilty of counts three and four, and sentenced to death by hanging.

Julius Streicher was sentenced to death by hanging for crimes against humanity, simply for editing a magazine, ‘Der Sturmer’.

Heilmar Shacht was found not guilty of any of the charges laid against him.

Karl Donitz was given a sentence of ten years imprisonment after being judged guilty of counts two and three.

Joachim Von Ribbentrop was found guilty of all four counts and sentenced to death by hanging. His last words were ‘I wish peace for the world and that Germany realise its destiny’. I don’t think he meant the destiny that is awaiting it at the hands of the Zionists, the Talmudic Jews.

Ernst Kaltenbrunner was convicted on counts 3 and 4 and sentenced to death by hanging,

Hans fritzher was found not guilty of all four charges.

Walder von Shirach was charged guilty on count 4, and convicted to 20 years in prison.

Alfred Jodl was found guiltiy of all four counts and condemned to death by hanging.

Von Pappen was found not guilty of all four charges.

Walter funk was convicted of counts two, three, and four, and condemned to life imprisonment.

Fritz Saukel was convicted of charges three and four, and hanged.

Albert Speer, who, of all people, would have known the most about any organized campaign to exterminate Jews, was found guilty of charges three and four, and sentenced to 20 years prison.

Hitler would have been proud of all of these fine men, with the exception of the cowardly traitor Albert Speer.

Many of the Nuremburg trial victims called out ‘Heil Hitler’ before the trapdoor was released, and they were sent to Valhalla as the last Heroes who had dared to stand up to the Zionist, the  Talmudic Jew, and his plans to enslave and exterminate all of humanity.

If that is a crime, then all honest, brave, informed men and women who dare to oppose the Talmudic, Zionist New World Order that is now crashing down upon us, are criminals.

And to be sure they will be so defined. Just like Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Sylvia Stolz, and all those soon to join them in prison, like the man-made global climate change skeptic Lord Monckton, and the French opposition leader or anyone else who challenges the Zionist Propaganda Machine and Zionist Occupation Government policies of ‘open borders’ and ‘Global Carbon Taxes’.

‘The work of this tribunal is now finished’.

It was supposedly meant to end the possibility of future wars of aggression.

Yeh, right. Let’s take a look at U.S foreign policy since 1948, shall we?

Just take a look at ‘911: five minutes to midnight’ for details.


Some of the highlights of the Nuremburg trials, which show just what sort of cheap propaganda was being used to convince even Goering that the Nazi’s had done what they had been accused of, include film footage of someone having their hands put in some sort of torture device. There was footage of typhus victims, alive, and piled in heaps (by the Allies) and being pushed by an Allied tractor being driven by a British solider. There was one shot of a ‘Brausebad’ at Dachau, with a shower head,  followed by a completely unrelated shot of a canister labelled ‘Zyklon B Gift gas’, even though Zyklon B was transported and applied in crystal form. There were shots of very healthy looking, even photogenic, Jewish ‘inmates’, both male and female. One shot of something that looked like a furnace. And shots of barbed wire fences.

But together with the written and spoken ‘horror stories’ presented as ‘evidence’, the entire show had the desired impact. It completely ‘switched off’ the audiences’ brains, and engaged their heart strings.

Unless you knew the facts about what you were being shown, and had somehow managed to remain unbiased before the trial, the footage and poetic, lyrical, dramatic ‘witness testimonies’, would have made it impossible for you to use any reason you may have possessed.

Which explains Goering’s last comments, which seem to suggest that he had been ‘conned’ by the ‘exhibition’ and ‘propaganda’ himself.

You will hear people say ‘’I didn’t understand until I saw those films’!  as if these films proved anything at all, apart from the horrific impact of a cholera epidemic.

And that realization, in an informed, sober person, will explain why so much Zyklon B was manufactured and used. Simply to prevent such horrors.

But instead, the large quantities of Zyklon B shipped to the camps was used by later prosecutors to have the directors of the company that made that lifesaving, misery reducing fumigation chemical hanged as criminals.

While today that company founded by Zionist Jews, Monsanto, are protected by the government and allowed to produce GMO food that kills and sterilizes those who eat it. And you certainly will never find a Monsanto employee, let alone someone in management, or a shareholder of Monsanto, ever eating any of their GMO ‘foods’.

Beta testing for 911: The massacre of the U.S.S Liberty on June 8, 1967, in international waters, off the coast of Egypt

Note that this is an update of my chapter on this incident in ‘911:5 minutes to midnight’, based on some new information from the eyewitnesses themselves.

If you think that 911 was a ‘one off’, a ‘novel’ ‘exception’, then think again.

First the Jews murder their British sponsors in Palestine, in order to destroy evidence that the British had been collecting to prosecute them for acts of terrorism in Palestine. If lots of innocent bystanders, guest of the King David Hotel, and their visitors, then what is that to a Zionist, hell-bent on the murder of the entire non-Jewish world?

It was a lovely sunny day, and the crew of the U.S.S Liberty were sunning themselves, and having the closest thing to a ‘day at the beach’ or a ‘picnic’ as you can have while floating in the Mediterranean, on a completely unarmed vessel, 120 miles off the coast of Egypt, in international waters, with the U.S flag proudly unfurled in the breeze, and the U.S.S Liberty clearly broadcasting the nationality of the vessel for anyone to see.

It was day three of the 1967 Israeli invasion of their neighboring Arab states.

Since very early that morning planes have been flying in close to the Liberty, ascertaining that it was in fact a U.S vessel, named the U.S.S Liberty. They completed at least seven of such reconnaissance missions that day, before the attacks. They knew exactly what sort of vessel they were dealing with.

Actual recordings of Israeli communications establish the fact that the Israeli pilots had identified the vessel correctly to their commanders in Israel, and to any Israeli aircraft and vessels in the area. Not just the flag, but the name of the vessel.

Then later in the day, as the men are relaxing on deck, carefree and peaceful, unmarked planes begin repeatedly dropping napalm bombs, and firing rockets upon the defenseless vessel.

It is an intelligence gathering vessel. It has no armaments. No way to defend itself. It is lying dead in the water. Anchored.

The U.S.S Liberty radio communications have been jammed by someone who knew the American transmission frequencies. Only the Israelis had such information. In the same that the flightpath and time of the Russian fighter-bomber shot down on the border of Turkey was only known by the Russians, and the U.S, whom the Russians had informed long in advance, to avoid the possibility of an ‘accident’.

Further, the Israeli’s broke international law by jamming the ‘mayday’ frequencies used by all sailors of all nations to call for help.

Finally the U.S.S Liberty radio operators find a free bandwidth and get a mayday call out to the U.S fleet.

Now if you don’t believe in false flag attacks and conspiracies, please explain why Washington sent orders to the U.S fleet ordering the fleet to recall the fighter planes that the U.S fleet had already deployed to defend the U.S.S Liberty.

Just as the U.S Government sent the only available jets on 911 out into the ocean. Facts.

As the U.S fighters were returning to the U.S fleet, Israeli fighter bombers returned dropping more napalm bombs, firing armor piercing shells, and strafing the deck of the U.S.S Liberty with machine gun fire.

The U.S.S Liberty had no way to defend itself. It was completely unarmed and defenseless. It was nothing more than mass murder on the part of the Israelis.

The most appalling breach of international law.

The most appalling of war crimes.

The most appalling of crimes against humanity.

Clearly documented.

When the surviving members of the U.S.S Liberty attempted to launch their life-boats, the Israeli’s began machine-gunning both the life-boats and the men trying to escape.

They targeted the lifeboats both in the water and on the decks.

The intention was clearly genocide. To kill everyone on board.

Twenty minutes after the seventh clear identification of the vessel by the Israelis as a U.S, unarmed vessel, in international waters, Israeli fast attack boats fired 5 torpedoes.  However the ship did not sink, as they so desperately desired it to.

The attack boats kept firing on the survivors on the deck, in the hull, and in the water.

Three torpedo boats then fired 5 torpedoes at the stationary vessel. One hit, and tore a huge hole in the side, killing 25 U.S sailors.

They then came in closer and continued firing armor piercing rounds at the stricken vessel and its crew, ripping through metal and human flesh as if the ship were made of cardboard.

Despite the facts finally being admitted by the U.S, Israel still maintains its original lie that the whole episode was a ‘mistake’.

Israel, today, still claims that they thought it was an Egyptian horse freighter!

A horse freighter in international waters is a legitimate target?

Israelis think it right to murder the sailors of a horse freighter, in international waters?

In the end, 34 U.S citizens were murdered, and 172 injured, many severely.

The survivors are all certain that the attack was deliberate.

A recording of communications between the pilot who first cited the U.S ship, 9 hours before the attack, and even before the 6 following flights, states clearly that the Israeli’s had identified it as a U.S ship.

You yourself can listen to the recordings of the flight tower speaking with the pilot. He states clearly that it is a U.S ship.

All the aerials on the U.S.S Liberty had been smashed, and the Israeli’s continued to jam all radio frequencies.

The U.S.S Liberty finally managed to get one emergency signal out.

But when the U.S fleet deployed fighters to come to their aid, Washington ordered the jets to return to the U.S fleet.

The Israeli’s also picked up that one distress signal that got out, and immediately contacted the U.S to claim the attack had been ‘a mistake’.

The ship was left listing heavily, a huge hole in the hull above and below the water line.

There was only one doctor on board.

No help was sent by either the U.S or Israel.

Consider what this means my friends. You don’t believe in conspiracies and ‘false flag’ attacks? Still?

It was not until the next day that U.S vessels arrived on the scene.

There was a total media black-out about the event.

The U.S did everything in their power to repair the ship, so that when it returned to port, there was nothing for any journalists to see. No evidence of the war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated by ‘The U.S’s greatest Ally’ (To quote Israeli and U.S Zionist Jews) against the U.S.

In fact Washington had wanted to have the ship sunk, to destroy all evidence of the attack. Ask yourself why? If it was a simple mistake? Good Jews thought they were murdering Egyptian horse traders. I guess I have underestimated the value of horses in modern warfare!

Survivors of the U.S.S Liberty were forced to collect the ‘remains’ of their dead mates. They ended up with 168 bags of body parts. These were incinerated.

All the surviving crew members were threatened with court-martial if they dare speak out about what had happened.

Maltese workers were put to work fabricating metal to cover up the torpedo hole, and all the holes formed by the armor piercing rounds. The ship was repaired so that it looked as if nothing had happened. Just in case any journalists had somehow gotten wind of the story.


The only response the Israelis ever made was to pay 6 million dollars compensation for the ship, which cost 17 million to replace.

The U.S sold the U.S.S liberty for 100,000 as scrap metal.

If you really want to know who runs the U.S, then consider that the victims of 911 received compensation payouts in the tens of millions of dollars per victim, as did the victims of the Lockerby disaster.

So how much do Israeli’s consider the life of a U.S citizen to be worth? A Gentile! A Goy!

The life of a Gentile is worth 25,000. And then each fatherless child over 5 years old was paid 10,000 dollars.

Remember that, next time you mock and demonize anyone trying to inform you about Zionism.

The incident taught Israel that they can get away with murdering U.S citizens without any consequences.

The victims of 911 sued the Saudi Government, which had nothing to do with the 911 mass murders.

It was Israeli Zionists, with their C.I.A Golems, that carried out all the 911 attacks. Read my book ‘911:five minutes to midnight?’ if you are still ignorant of this fact.

The ‘investigation’ into 911 was the equivalent of the ‘investigation’ into ‘the holocaust’.

A complete sham.

You would not have heard about the whole episode, due to a Western media blackout.

Did you know that the survivors have been meeting each year on the anniversary?

Probably not.

Not until Al Jazeera made the documentary, and interviewed the survivors.

In the same year, 1967, 10,000 U.S troops died in Vietnam, a war that the U.S had justified by ‘the Gulf of Tonkin incident’ which today, as you can find out for yourself on the internet, assuming it is still operating, never occurred. It was not just a ‘false flag attack’. It was complete fiction. There had never been any ‘incident’.

Still trust your government? Still don’t believe in conspiracies? False flag attacks? Still think 911 was carried out by a bunch of dudes with box cutters? And that non-existent planes can bring down buildings they were never even claimed to have hit? Leaving no trace of any plane or passengers?  When DNA from the brave men and women trying to save the victims of Zionist terrorism was found at ground zero?

On the day of June 8, when the Israelis committed these shocking war crimes, only Syria was still holding out against the Israeli aggressors.

Israel had promised the U.S that it would not attack, but launched a surprise assault on Egypt anyway.

Lyndon Johnson, the President of the U.S at the time, was, until the Clintons, the most pro Israel president ever.

Note that Clinton stated that he was so pro-Israel that he would put on an Israeli uniform and fight on the front lines with Israel. Note that the Clintons arrived in Washington bankrupt, and after years of ‘public service’ are now have a net worth of around 200 million dollars.

Who do you think gave them all that money? And what for?

You still don’t believe the Zionists have excessive power and influence in Washington?

You still don’t believe in Zionist conspiracies?

However Lyndon Johnson, while an ally of Israel at the time, was no Bill Clinton. He leaked the story to Newsweek. Israel then threatened to sue the President of the U.S for ‘blood libel’.

You see what anti-Semitism really means to a Jew?

Anyone who challenges their complete domination and complete freedom to act as they please, in violation of all international law and common decency, is an anti-Semite to them.

Imagine what they are going to do to me!

The Zionist lobbyists in Washington got into overdrive and began threatening President Johnson with legal action, that they would withdraw all campaign financing from his party, and that they would destroy him in the mass media.

The Zionist Jews began a blanket mass media campaign to block the story from being presented in the mass media.

Israel rewarded Johnson for finally giving in to their pressure, coercion, and threats, by locating the North Vietnamese Soviet Surface to Air (SAM) missile installations that had been taking down U.S planes, capturing the missiles, and bringing back the entire missile installations to the U.S as ‘a gift’.

And so an ‘investigation’ similar to the one done on 911 completely exonerated Israel of any guilt.

169 of the 270 U.S congressman who were to vote on what to do about the entire incident were ‘bought off’ by Zionist Israeli lobbyists.

U.S authorities ‘buried’ the audio recordings that proved that the Isrealis had identified the ship as the U.S.S Liberty before attacking it.

The U.S quadrupled military aid to Israel.

It was later revealed that at the time of the attack, 3 U.S fighter bombers on U.S carriers, loaded with thermo-nuclear weapons, had been ready to set off to bomb Egypt for the Israelis.

In other words the whole ‘incident’ had been planned by the U.S as a ‘false flag’ attack.

Just like 911.

In order to ‘justify’ a war that the public would never have consented to, and which violated all international law, and common decency.

In fact the bombers were already over Egyptian territory, set to eliminate President Nasser, and the entire Egyptian military and civil government. Eyewitnesses are still alive who will attest to this fact.

The U.S, at that moment, was also put on ‘high alert’ and ready to launch an attack on the Soviets and China.

If they had succeeded, then the history books would have shown Egypt attacking the U.S and Israel, and the Americans retaliating with a ‘just’ war.

Just as the history books today define Japan and Germany as the aggressors, and as war criminals.

The fact that the U.S military was willing to sacrifice so many of its own personnel, American citizens, in order to pursue aggressive war aims otherwise expressly forbidden by the U.S constitution, which only allows for wars of defense, is nothing new.

For after all, on February 15, 1889, the U.S military set off explosives on the U.S.S Maine, after orderings its Captain to sail into Cuban waters.

These explosions killed 254 sailors, and wounded 59 others. The Maine sunk, taking all the evidence of a ‘false-flag attack’ with it.

Just like the evidence of 911, the Oklahoma bombing, and the WACO Texas massacre were all conveniently destroyed or removed before anyone could look for evidence of explosives.

The sinking of the U.S.S Maine, and those 254 dead and 59 wounded men, all victims of an imperialist U.S government and military, were used as an excuse for the U.S to attack the Spanish, seizing territory and establishing what were to be only the first in a long line of U.S military bases around the world.

Despite the U.S constitution expressly forbidding any such imperialism or wars of aggression.

Few people today will even bother to deny that the sinking of the U.S.S Maine was a false flag attack. You will even find it described as such by official U.S military historians.

The result of the Spanish-American war was an extension of U.S military and economic domination of the South Pacific, Caribbean, and The Philippines.

Note that the mass media of the time, the newspapers, owned by Hurst and Pulitzer, played their part by delivering a propaganda blitz to incite public outrage, and ensure popular support for that war.

I have detailed many more ‘false-flag’ attacks in ‘911:5 minutes to midnight?’.

There is a pattern of false flag attacks in U.S history.

They have all been used in the way that JFK warned us in his famous speech just 10 days before he was murdered by the same people who carry out such false flag attacks.

And so the U.S has been pushed from being a land of the free and the brave, to the land of the debt slaves without the guts to even stand up to their own elected government officials.

The U.S was meant to be a beacon of truth, justice, freedom and prosperity for the world. A land that focused on being a role model, devoting its energies to peaceful pursuits, and remaining free of all foreign entanglements, let alone foreign wars.

There was never any need for the U.S to obtain more territory, resources, or power.

You have to ask yourself what went wrong with the plan.

You can only be free if you are also brave enough to stand up to tyranny.

Today the tyrant is not ‘across the pond’.

The tyrant is in the White House.

The tyrant in on the air waves, controlling what you think and feel, and doing its best to make sure you think as little as possible, and feel nothing more than fear, anxiety, so that you will turn to the tyrant for ‘protection’ from the very problems that the tyrant itself has manufactured.

Freedom begins with freedom of speech. Freedom of opinion. Freedom of expression. Without these, there can and will never be any other real freedoms.

Any freedoms you imagine you have are purely illusory, if you don’t have the freedom to investigate and hold your political representatives to account. If you don’t have the freedom to challenge the ‘official fictions’, the ‘official narrative’s, the ‘official histories’.

For history has taught us that the ‘official’ version of events is quite often merely a definition of reality that suits very narrow vested interest groups.

And these narrow vested interest groups are not concerned with the wellbeing of you and your family.

So you have to assert your rights.

If necessary, you will have to fight for them.

And the later you leave your assertion of your rights, the more violent, bloody, and vicious the fight to regain them is likely to be.

So while you can still assert your rights peacefully, do so.

You get the political leaders you deserve.

You cannot allow the enemies of liberty and freedom to ‘divide and conquer’ you.

Stop concentrating on your differences, and start focusing on what you have in common.

A common desire for freedom and liberty.

You have to get over your petty differences now and unite.

It appears to me that you have until the next big false flag event to act.

After that they will officially implement martial law, and introduce the Zionist New World Order.

You will then be more or less powerless to do anything to stop them.

And by then most people with any capacity for leading you will have either been killed, neutralized, or co-opted by them.

So I guess all I can do is wish all sentient beings on planet earth, Happy Next Lives.  For I don’t see how it is possible to happy on a prison planet. And that is what the Zionist New World Order represents.

If you would like to consider an alternative, while there is still time, then please read my TROONATNOOR books, where you will discover my Eden Protocols, and my Optimal Ethics Generator.




Holocaust hoax denial

When the Philosopher Wittgenstein, inheritor of a fabulous Jewish Industrialist fortune, and keen Communist, would hear of, say, a visitor to England having said, after waking and opening the blinds ‘I can’t believe it’s raining, again’, he had the urge to run off and go speak to that person.

He found the expression of someone claiming not to be able to believe what was right before their very eyes so provocative that the just had to investigate.

What the Zionists and their Golems are unable to believe is that, despite their cradle to grave, systematic, ubiquitous, full-spectrum, saturation, scientifically formulated and implemented, carefully crafted, no-costs-spared, no emotional manipulation too small, no political campaign finance contribution too great, no price too high (to pay off their Golems), no dirty trick too low, no lie too blatant or spin too incredible, constantly upgraded and tweaked propaganda campaigns, there are still some people who ‘can’t believe’ in their holocaust hoax.

For my part I find the opposite so hard to believe. Now that so much information is ‘out there’ on the world wide web, the WWW, 600,60,6, (the name of the number of ‘the beast’)the prophesied ‘dragon’ from whose mouth the ‘floods’ of wisdom pour now that ‘Jesus is in the house of the water-bearer’, and we have entered ‘the age of Aquarius’, what I am finding harder and harder to believe is that Holocaust hoax denial appears as strong and widespread as ever.

People are just denying the mountain of evidence that has been steadily accumulating since around the 60s, that clearly points to a hoax having been committed upon the entire world, at the expense of the truth, and at the expense of the legacy of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, and at the expense of defaming the entire German nation, and more or less the entirety of white European Europe.

I guess most people just take for granted what they are constantly told as ‘fact’, especially if it appeals to them in some way, like offering them a sense of moral superiority over the Hollywood Nazi criminals.

Or is it just too easy to accept that entire nations would want to exterminate the Jews? I mean, hasn’t that sort of thing been going on for the entirety of recorded history? Is it that, at some unconscious level, the general public can completely empathize with the desire to exterminate the Jews? So much that they can easily accept that a group of people decided to act on that feeling?

What most people probably find hard to believe, is not that a group of people wanted to exterminate the Jews, but that Germany, of all nations, somehow failed at the task.

If that sounds facetious, well, the core of any joke is the truth in it. And you cannot deny, if you know anything about the history of the Jewish people, that there is some truth in it.

Now it’s true I’ve had a fee run-ins with middle-aged women. Lying, scheming, scratching, kicking, assaulting me, getting me black-listed, and even getting police to torture me and put me in isolation. So I no longer automatically assume that every middle aged woman is a good natured, harmless, guileless, innocent creature.

Spielberg has been a big part of the holocaust hoax industry, with his emotionally powerful movies rivalled only by the great writer (building sub-contractor) Bauer (a private Rothschild joke?) whose fabulous prose so moved all the audience at the Nuremburg Show Trials.

But though a great producer, he isn’t much of an editor. Or at least he should have hired more competent ‘continuity’ people.

Or stuck to working with only trained actors, rather than hiring some actors, and filling other roles with untrained midde-aged Jewish women.

You see at least one of the ‘eyewitnesses’ in the Spielberg ‘documentaries’ has been outed as a professional actor with previous films to his credit.

He was one of the members of a ‘Sonderkommando’ that worked in the ‘death camps’, either filling up and emptying the gas chambers, or transporting and loading the bodies into the ‘ovens’.

If you pay any attention to the ‘testimony’ of all the middle aged women, who claim to have survived (up to a series of 6) death camps, you will notice that when any interviewer bothers to actually question them about ‘what they actually saw with their own eyes’, they all admit that while they ‘know’ that their loved ones, among hundreds of others, were all immediately taken to the gas chambers and burned up in the ovens, not a single one of them actually saw any gas chambers or ovens, let alone actually saw anyone being led to them.

They always quickly admit that there were high brick walls between them and the people that had been ‘taken away’, before continuing, in an assertive, confidence inspiring tone that, ‘but I know they were all gassed’.

Then you have the woman who, in previous ‘documentaries’ described how her son had died of scarlet fever, because the Jews weren’t allowed to get medical treatment, later attesting, and stating in writing, that that  very same son was ‘murdered’ in Auschwitz.

Before the general focus came to be centered almost exclusively on Auschwitz, Treblinka came in for  a lot of attention.

Even today, if you ask any Zionist historian, they will insist that it is a proven fact that Treblinka was a death camp. No Jew who entered Treblinka ever left Treblinka. They died in Treblinka, and were buried in mass, unmarked graves.

Then apparently their bodies evaporated. Leaving not a single piece of DNA evidence to prove that they had ever been buried there. For no graves have ever been found. Concrete has been poured over the site of ‘mass graves’ to make any further investigation possible.

‘Survivors’ who claimed to have been ‘liberated’ from Treblinka provided some of the best ‘material’ for the holocaust industry. They speak of mass shootings and mass graves, mass gassings and mass cremations.

‘Liberators’ of the camps describe how they found tall piles of naked bodies frozen together in heaps’. In August / September. Before the leaves had even fallen from the trees. Now I have lived in Moscow, Poland, and Estonia, and never once have I seen sub-zero temperatures in September. And anyway…

The problem is, Treblinka was never actually ‘liberated’.

When the Russians arrived at Treblinka, there was no-one to ‘liberate’.

There was no evidence of any KZ even having stood there.

The only ovens they found had been used for baking the bread given to the Jews who passed through this ‘transit’ station on their way to camps in Majdanek / Lublin / Budzyn / Blizyn and Auschwitz.

Just listen to the very Jewish ‘survivors’ in Spielberg’s own ‘documentaries’.

Most of them talk of how they were taken to Treblinka, told to remove their clothing, had their hair clipped by a Jewish barber, were then showered and sprayed for parasites, and then given clothing and shoes, and either bread and soup, or bread and ‘ersatz’ coffee, before being, with up to 500 others, at a time, transported on to actual camps. Not a single eyewitness who had gone through the transit report had remained there longer than 8 days.

This is pretty much what happened to U.S immigrants as they were being processed on Ellis Island, New York. Or to Japanese inmates of the work camps set up in the U.S during WWII. Interestingly enough they were doing similar work to the inmates at Auschwitz. They were all engaged in the production of rubber. And anyone with particular skills was employed according to their trade or profession.

And note that even Ellis Island had cremation facilities. For the same reasons that Auschwitz had cremation facilities. To dispose of dead bodies, and prevent the spread of disease.

But of course there are the few middle aged women who insist that Treblinka was a death camp, and that they ‘know’ that their loved ones, from whom they were separated, were immediately gassed and burned up in the ovens.

The bakery ovens!

Now comes one sublimely hysterical Monty-Python type statement from one ‘survivor’.

Before the idea was completely debunked as nonsense, survivors of the ‘Treblinka death camp’ claimed that diesel exhaust fumes had been used to murder millions of Jews.

Even Eichman, after being captured and tortured by the Russians, presented the claim that the SS had used captured soviet submarine diesel engines to gas Jews.

Whether that was pure genius on his part, or stupidity on the part of the Russians, it proved that what Eichman ‘testified’ was pure nonsense. Either a deliberate plan on his part, or due to the ignorance of the Russians.

For anyone ‘in the know’ would know that Eichman was lying. The Germans had never captured a single soviet submarine.

And diesel engines are chosen for their use in submarines, and other enclosed areas, due to their lack of dangerous exhaust fumes.

But back to our ‘survivor’ of the ‘Treblinka death camp’.

‘We were all lead to gas chambers designed to look like showers. And then they turned on the gas. But a miracle happened. Instead of diesel exhaust coming from the water heads. Water poured down’.

That reminds me of the Simpsons show with the miraculous Esqualux, a horse with the head of a rabbit, and the body of a rabbit!

I could not have made up such a sublime comedy sketch or ‘Markusism’ no matter how hard I tried.

Gas chambers that look like shower rooms, where people actually take showers! Gas outlets that actually dispense warm water!

Oh the diabolical genius of these Nazis! What will they come up with next!

A gas chamber disguised as a shower room that actually dispensed warm water. Imagine that! Those diabolical Nazis! What genius! Certainly that would fool the entire world into believing that the swimming pool at Auschwitz was for swimming, the ovens at Treblinka were for baking bread, the saunas at Auschwitz were for healthy sweating, the theatres were for musical performances, the shops were for shopping, the internal camp currency was for buying and selling among the inmates, the hospitals and dispensaries at Auschwitz were for caring for sick Jews and providing them with medications, the soccer competitions arranged at Auschwitz were for arranging soccer games, and the Zyklon B, the world’s most common fumigant for the prevention of diseases like Typhus, was actually used to prevent Typhus!

How diabolically brilliant!

The clever Zionist war criminals advising and directing the Allied firebombing of Germany and complete destruction of all civilian means of life support and transportation were also sure to prevent any Zyklon B from reaching the camps in the last months of the war, resulting in Typhus epidemics, which would then be exploited in propaganda films.

How appallingly ironic. The very Zyklon B claimed to have been used to murder 6 million Jews was actually what was keeping them alive. It was the lack of Zyklon B that killed the poor unfortunate inmates of camps like Auschwitz in the tens of thousands.

Even Goering had been tricked by the film footage of Typhus victims.

Only the camp inmates with typhus showed any real signs of malnutrition.

The poor skeletal men and women of Auschwitz were victims of Typhus, not starvation. Thousands of these poor typhus victims actually died after Allied troops fed them.

There was not a single case of a prison in-mated liberated from Auschwitz that was suffering from starvation.

And not a single autopsy was ever carried out on any dead in-mate to verify the claims of Zyklon B gassing, which would have left clear indications of Cyanide poisoning. They were happy to desecrate the graves of the recently buried typhus victims, but not one showed any signs of Zyklon B / Cyanide poisoning. And not a single autopsy was ever carried out to prove ‘cause of death’.

Not a single photo of an actual gas chamber was ever produced.

Not a single victim of a gas chamber was ever produced.

There is in fact no evidence of any gas chamber at Auschwitz.

The supposed gas chambers were built by Soviets for propaganda purposes.

Just try to find a single brick anywhere around the ‘gas chambers’ that shows even the slightest trace of Zyklon B residue.

Then go to the de-lousing chambers where clothing was fumigated with Zyklon B, and see how the blue residue has completely soaked through the brickwork to the exterior. Bright Prussian blue. The unmistakable indicator that Zyklon B gas has been used somewhere.

Dr Robert Faurisson was imprisoned for pointing out this simple fact.

But let’s not rely on scientific evidence. I mean actual, objective, scientific evidence can be misleading, right?  I mean, who can trust laboratory tests, right?

So let’s listen instead to the ‘SonderKommando’ survivors’ descriptions of the victims of Zyklon B gassing a.k.a ‘Cyanide poisoning victims’. You see the toxic component of Zyklon B gas is cyanide. That is what kills lice, fleas, and a according to Jews, though no comparison is intended by the author, Zionist Jews.

And the effects of Zyklon B poisoning are well documented. In fact you can watch a video of a man who poisoned himself after being found guilty in a U.S court. You can see him inject the cyanide, and then go through the successive stages of cyanide poisoning, unconsciousness, muscle spasms, then almost immediate death, followed by a distinct and impossible to overlook coloration of his skin.

You see cyanide poisoning leaves the blood, and skin, a distinct bright cherry red.

So let’s now go to our ‘Auschwitz SonderKommandos’ to see how they describe the victims of the Zyklon B / Cyanide poisonings they witnessed.

You can find all these interviews online. Look for the ‘USC Shoah Foundation Institute’ films.

Of about a dozen ‘eyewitness’ testimonies, only one describes the supposed victims of the gas chambers as being ‘red’ in color.

All the others variously describe the victims as being black and/or blue, and some even describe them as being green or even yellow.

Cyanide gassing or even CO2 gassing does not lead to bloating, and yet witnesses claim that the bodies were ‘bloated to two or even three times their natural size’ immediately after the gassing.

So let’s hear from Dario Gabbai, who just happens to be a professional actor, with screen credits to his name, long before his true fame as a ‘Death Camp’ ‘SonderKommando’ survivor.

Dario Gabbai claims to have been a member of one of the ‘SonderKommandos’ that lead Jews to the gas chambers, then transported them to the ovens, where they were burned up.

He claims that the gas chambers killed up to 2500 inmates at a time.

He claims that their skin had turned black and blue.

He claims that bodies were stacked three high in each oven before being burned up.

He claims it took 20 minutes for these bodies, stacked three high to one oven, to burn up completely.

All of these statements have been debunked as impossible, by doctors, scientists, engineers, and technical experts.

And the guy never admitted to being a professional actor.

In the Spielberg ‘documentary’, ‘The Last Days’, Irene Zisblatt claims that Mengele personally removed her tattoo. You see he did not want to spoil the lampshade he was planning to make of her skin. Mengele had personally taken her out of the gas chamber where she, along with thousands of others, was about to be gassed. He didn’t want a red lampshade. He wanted a nice white one!

Like Adolf Eichman’s ‘confession’, which may have been a deliberate trick of Eichmans to make it clear to any Germans that he was making it up, the former Kommandant of Auschwitz who had been tortured (the Russians admit this and the Allies admit they knew) signed a confession written in English, a language he did not understand, possibly to make it clear to all Germans that he was also making up his ‘confession’.

Note that Eichman also ‘confessed’ that the diesel fume gas poisonings produced ‘fountains of blood’ in the victims being gassed! Another fanciful creation possibly designed to make it clear that his ‘confession’ was not to be taken seriously by anyone with a brain in their head.

Surely it is clear to you, by now, that the holocaust never happened.

The Jews, as self-declared enemies of Germany, were rounded up and put to work in camps. Thousands died there of the typical diseases associated with any form of camp.

The main problem was with the damp grounds the camps were built on.

Zyklon B, delousing, hair removal, and other measures, were all taken to prevent diseases like Typhus.

However when the Allies, under Zionist leadership, began their war crimes in Germany, such as the actual, real, documented, proven ‘holocaust that was Dresden’, they made it impossible for the Germans to supply their work camps.

The supplies of Zyklon B were used up.

Typhus epidemics became widespread.

Thousands of camp inmates died of Typhus.

These are the poor victims shown in the ‘holocaust’ movies.

They died as victims of the Zionist lead Allied War Crimes against the German people in WWII.

THAT was the real holocaust.

Where is the German movie producer prepared to make a movie about the truth?

In prison?

The other real holocaust was that carried out by the Zionist Bolsheviks, in which over 50 million European (Christian / white skinned) Russians were murdered in Gulags. If you doubt that Marxism, Communism, and Bolshevism are not Zionist Jewish constructions, then do a little reading, my dear friend.

As I have explained elsewhere, Zionist Jews, in their ‘divide and conquer’ strategy, constructed all the four major western ‘religions’. Judaism for their Jewish slaves. Christianity for their Gentile slaves. Islam for their Arab slaves. And Marxism for their ‘atheist’ slaves.

I’m quite curious to see what their final ‘religion’ is to be.

It seems that the Zionists, once they have succeeded in enslaving all humanity, will no longer need the old ‘noble’ lies and myths of a god.

The Zionists, after sacrificing most of the Jews, will reveal themselves as quite distinct from the Jews. Above the Jews. Masters of the Jews, as of all peoples.

The Zionists will finally admit that they were behind all the world’s religions, and that they are all constructs.

The Zionists will no longer have any need for the myth of ‘god’.

For the Zionists will have inherited their ‘heaven on earth’ as the true gods of this planet.

Just wait and see.

Or you could, while you are still free to, do what your ancestors did when they realized what the Zionists were up to.

You see the Zionists are such a small number.

They fear books like mine more than any high tech weapons.

For books like mine reveal the truth.

And the truth is their only enemy.

You could all wake up tomorrow and demand an end to the Zionists plans to enslave you.

It is really that simple.

But if you don’t, you will be enslaved.

Also that simple.

It is just so simple, folks.

So don’t complain that you were not given a chance.

In fact the Zionists themselves, with their queer sense of arrogance, have allowed people like me to discover the truth, and to share it.

For now they have proof and justification for treating you all like cattle. For treating you how you treat cattle, and other animals, and those humans less intelligent, less talented, less powerful, less educated, less privileged, than you.

You have proven yourselves unworthy of freedom.

You have proven yourselves bereft of compassion and empathy.

You have proven yourselves incapable of self-government.

In fact, if you read my books, you will see that they are a job application for a position with the Zionist New World Order.

I have an alternative New World Order that is much better.

But seeing as you were never going to implement my superior, optimal, New World Order, I will go with the next best thing.

And the Zionist New World Order is the only alternative on offer to the current, completely indefensible state of the world.

So I repeat, for the record, this is either an appeal for the masses to wake up and follow people like me forward into a new Eden, based on my Eden Protocols, or a job application with the Zionist New World Order.

I am sure they have a sense of humor.

They won’t distinguish between Jew and Gentile when they have their power.

All of use, Jew and Gentile alike, are worthy of their contempt.

The Zionists, the ‘thirteenth tribe’ may even be the Atonists of old.

Moses may in fact be Akhenaton.

And despite what Mr Tsarion believes, I believe that Akhenaton and The Priests at ON, the Aton-ists, had in mind the sort of world that I want to bring about.

It is quite possible that they have been operating behind the scenes, even without the Zionists realization, at finally bringing about their New World Order.

I believe that it is quite possible that one day the Zionists will wake up and realise that they have been a pawn in someone else’s conspiracy.

And then perhaps I will be able to rejoice that Akhenaton’s vision has been realised.

Perhaps I will see my Eden Protocols realised.

Whatever the case, just more of the same old shit on this planet is just not of any interest to any enlightened person.

Whether it is Zionists doing the enslaving, or just greedy Arabs or Europeans, what is the real difference?

Whether it is you allowing animals to be enslaved, imprisoned, tortured, tested on, abused, and then finally, cruelly slaughtered to make shoes, or food products, or Zionists doing the same with you, what is the difference to an enlightened person?

Is your suffering in some way more worthy of universal consideration than the suffering of a cow, a pig, a chicken? Why?

Even Thomas Aquinas realized that intelligence doesn’t increase or decrease the capacity to suffer. Your IQ does not determine whether you can feel pain.

A mother is a mother, whether her child is a calf or a piglet or a duckling or a human. She feels the same pain at losing her beloved child. In fact I have rarely heard of a human mother running back into a burning building to rescue her babies. Or a human mother facing down a ravenous lion or tiger, to protect her offspring.

Do you think a god, that created all living beings, discriminates between them?

If you were a god that had created cats, dogs, pigs, horses, eagles, owls, tropical fish, marine iguanas, and on and on, do you really think you’d find yourself falling in love with the human species, when he/she had so many other species to choose from?

You know the Zionists will probably institute veganism for their slaves, the masses, for reasons of economy and natural resource preservation. So they will reduce the suffering on this planet when then eliminate and communize most humans.

But if people like me got to run the show, even the most privileged people would be vegan. And they would always consider the interests of every sentient being in their planning.

This is something you would not tolerate, at the moment. For you are in a privileged position equivalent to the one enjoyed by Zionists over you right now. You can exploit your power, without concern for the suffering and misery you inflict on other sentient beings.

Just like the Zionists are free to do with you right now.

You would never give up your legal rights to exploit others. So you would never in your wildest fantasies vote for a legal system that gave all sentient beings the right to freedom from YOUR exploitation, slavery, and murder.

The real ‘HOLOCAUST’ that has been going on is that perpetrated on the animals of this world by the people just like YOU.

What should I care if the perpetrator, YOU AND YOURS, who would never have stopped your crimes, is stopped in your tracks by a more powerful perpetrator operating on exactly the same principles, only including YOU in the list of legitimate victims?

I have no power to save the Jews who died in the SS work camps, or the Christians and white Europeans who were murdered by the Zionist Bolsheviks.

I have no power to bring back all the dead children of the Palestinian mothers that the Zionists have murdered.

I have no power at all to convince you to stop the holocaust you are perpetrating on the powerless, defenseless, animals of this world.

Why should I care that Zionists define all non-Zionists as animals, worthy of the same treatment we have been dishing out to other animals for so long?

Why should I care that so many Jews consider you to be worthy of no more justice, rights, or power, than the animals you and yours so cruelly exploit and kill?

I am not anti-Semitic. I am pro justice, truth, and liberty, for all sentient beings, as far as enjoying there do not impose costs on other sentient beings.

You can read the most sane, sober, and honest holistic overview of justice, truth, and liberty, in my TROONATNOOR books.

But you won’t.

You will go on being hypocrites, inflicting pain, misery, sorrow, and death, upon those sentient beings you have power over, and then one day complain when the clever Zionist rounds you and your family up, to decide which of you has any value to them, as workers, as sex toys, or as ‘SonderKommandos’ to oversee the extermination of the rest of you.

There is no free will, so I am not blaming you.

I am trying to warn you of what the consequences of your actions are going to be.

I am trying to lead you somewhere better than you are heading.

It is not about judging anyone.

It is about judging the desirability of some outcomes over others.

The only power I have is the power of my arguments.

The only authority I have is contained in these arguments.

If you won’t read my books, then I can do nothing to help anyone.

If you won’t accept responsibility for your own lives, and your own actions, then you will have to suffer the consequences.

I wonder if we go through this world until we learn our lessons of humility, compassion, and empathy.

Because history certainly repeats.

And those now living do not appear to have learned their lessons from history.

And the few who have are marginalized, rejected, abandoned, mocked, derided, ostracized, defined as mentally ill, imprisoned, and often just killed, when they try to share what they have learned with their wider societies.

I guess these few who have learned their lessons will continue onto a ‘higher’ form of existence.

And the rest of you will keep repeating the same cycles until either you have learned your lessons.

The wisest of all people that have ever lived have expressed the desire to be free of this world as soon as possible. But as they felt compassion and empathy for those that they would leave behind, they struggled on in this world in order to try to teach the others, and lessen their suffering.

When I get to leave this world I will be relieved, like Goering, and every wise person who has ever lived.

Go read Ecclesiastes, all you would-be ‘masters of the world’. See how far your ambitions will get you.

And to the rest of you, I can only hope that the suffering you are about to endure will finally awaken the compassion and empathy that has been lying dormant within you, and that this might be your last life in a world like this one.

Happy Next Lives

The Clinton Conspiracies as an example of how the Zionist Occupation works

As I have mentioned elsewhere, President Clinton was the most pro-Israeli, pro-Zionist President ever. He expressed his ‘commitment’ to Israel many times. He went so far as to say that he would love nothing more than to put on an Israeli Army uniform and fight for Israel.

This is the President of the United States, vowing his allegiance to Israel!

Clinton is also a Mason.

Remember that Adolf Hitler closed down all the Mason lodges in Germany, certain that they were all under the control of the Zionist Jews.

The reason the Illuminati were shut down by the King of Bavaria is the simple fact that their members, like the members of the Masons who form part of their organization, swear allegiance not to any nation, or constitution, but to each other, and their ‘unknown’ leaders.

U.S history has been, and continues to be, dominated by the freemasons.

And if you think Hitler was clueless when he defined the Freemasons as a Zionist Jewish organization, then consider the following quote from Rabbi Isaac Wise, made in the Jewish Tribune of New York on October 28, 1927. ‘Freenasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end…Masonry is based on Judaism (Jewish Talmudism). Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic Ritual and what is left?’

Clinton is a Freemason. Being a freemason is a literal declaration that you are unfit to serve as President of any country. A Mason does not have any allegiance to the Constitution of the U.S. A Freemason’s allegiances are to his fellow Masons, and their Zionist leaders.

Much worse than that, Clinton, as a draft-dodging college student, not only participated in anti-U.S rallies, he actively organized them. And we are not talking about anti-Vietnam war rallies. These were anti-U.S rallies.

Not only is Clinton publicly pro-Israel, he is anti-America. His allegiances were and are to his own pleasure (sex and drugs), Israel, Zionism, and Freemasonry.

Now some may argue that the Zionists are not at the very top of the ‘pyramid’. That some other group actually controls them. Some believe the Vatican is the power center pulling the strings. However the people who gave us Zionism are the same who gave us the other three world religions, Christianity, Islam, and Marxism. It would not matter if the Catholic Church came before the written Talmud. The same people who designed each ‘cult’ are the ones who went on to realise their plans for a new world order in which each Zionist would have 2800 slaves. You can use this figure to predict what the world population will look like in a few years. To work out how many of us ‘Gentiles’ must die in the next few years.  Keeping in mind that it is the Evangelical Christians in the U.S who brought Bush and Clinton to power, consider how …’when the Messiah comes, every Jew will have 2800 (Goyim) slaves’…Simeon Maddareen.

Consider a few other famous quotes from ‘Zionists’ and their Talmud.


Or how about Sanhedrin 57a ‘What a Jew steals from a Goy, he may keep’.

Or how does this appeal to you?… ‘’All children of the Goyim are animals’ Yebamoth 98a.

If you really need it stated, up in your face, just to avoid any possible misunderstanding, you can quote  the Zohar Shemoth, which states that …‘Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice’ .

The basic Zionist, Talmudic view as expressed in the ‘Midrash Talpioth, p225-L that …’The non-Jew is an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night’.

And if you think your women are going to be safe, consider this quote. ‘A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat’ Hadarine, 20, B;Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348.

As I have gone to great lengths to clarify, the Zionist leadership are not Jewish. They are using the Jews as a tool. A mere means to their ends. In the same way that they are using Christianity, Islam, and Marxism as means to their ends. In the same way that they are using the new ‘Man-made Global Climate Change’ hoax. In the same way they have used ‘The Holocaust’ hoax.

The founders of Zionism are declared atheists. They are not religious. They do not believe in any god. What they believe in is their own right to rule the world. They believe in a Zionist one world government.

They had considered any number of possible locations for a Zionist state, including Uganda, but settled on Palestine because they knew they could ‘play the religion card’ and gain support around the world from Christians, by appealing to biblical prophecies. Otherwise, apart from the sympathy gained through the holocaust hoax, the Zionists would not be able to count on much support. But by appealing to the bible, they were guaranteed the support of the powerful evangelical Christian movement in the U.S.

It might interest you that most of todays ‘Jews’ are really Gentiles who are either declared atheists, or only ‘Jewish’ in name. Their ancestors ‘converted’ to Judaism centuries ago in order to be independent of the laws governing Catholics and Muslims. You see a ‘Jew’ can move freely between both ‘faiths’, and engage in financial practices that, at different times and in different places, had been defined by Christianity and Islam as ‘sins’. By converting to Judaism, in name, they could move freely between Islamic and Christian lands, and conduct lucrative financial trades forbidden to Christians and Muslims.

And one of the easiest ways to ‘rule’ the Gentile was to set up, or at least infiltrate, secret societies such as the Freemasons, and use their ‘Christian’ membership and power base as a foundation for their own secret plans.

Ask a Mason who their ‘masters’ are, and they will admit that this is a secret. They don’t realise they are serving the Zionists.

Masons swear an oath to protect their fellow Masons, ‘right or wrong’. Like the old slogan ‘My country, right or wrong’. And this includes protecting fellow Masons who commit murder and treason.

Now I am not saying that Bill Clinton himself actually had anyone murdered, imprisoned, and tortured, to protect Bill Clinton from ever facing justice for his involvement in criminal acts such as personal illegal drug use, fraud, illegal drug importation and distribution, money laundering, or handing out jobs and other benefits to women in return for sexual favors, or for them ‘keeping quiet’ about his sexual interactions with them.

It is possible that his ‘puppet masters’ were simply protecting their investment. That the Zionists who financed and stage-managed Clinton’s journey to the Whitehouse simply took matters into their own hands, and ensured that anyone who posed any sort of threat to Clinton’s continued Presidency would be eliminated. That Clinton benefitted from these acts, but was not the one who initiated them.

But it is a fact that at least 52 people closely associated with Bill Clinton died of ‘unnatural’ causes.  These 52 people were all involved in criminal and civil investigations into Bill Clinton’s activities since his days as District Attorney of Arkansas, then Governor of Arkansas, then President of the United States of America.

Before we continue, consider how the Zionists used their King David Hotel bombings to murder investigators, and destroy their documents, to thwart investigations into their criminal activities in Palestine, and later used the bombings of 911 to murder investigators, witnesses, and destroy evidence of their criminal activities. See my book ‘911:5 minutes to midnight?’ for details.

Well the Zionists also orchestrated the WACO massacre, and the Oklahoma city bombings, in part to murder witnesses to Clinton’s activities.

In the case of the Oklahoma city bombings, the Zionist mass media ensured a media blackout of any evidence that might ‘confuse’ the public. For example, how many of you ever heard about the four unexploded bombs that Firemen removed from the site after the explosions, which were attributed to a lone terrorist’s car bomb?

  1. Lebleu, I. McKeahan, R. Williams, and S.Willis were all Clinton Bodyguards during his time as Governor of Arkansas. They were all witnesses to a long list of sexual liaisons he engaged in during his years as Governor. The official cause of their deaths is ‘Gunfire during the raid on WACO’ on 1/28/1993.

During WACO the military and F.B.I used military tanks in violation of the constitutional law which forbids military personnel and military organizations being involved in civil criminal matters. They killed men, women, and children.  Among the death toll were these four government agents. Each had been shot in the head from directly above, by sniper fire from helicopters. Of course their deaths were blamed on the WACO ‘terrorists’. . What are the odds that all four of these men would die in a terrorist incident?

David Koresh and his ‘Branch Davidians’ present a great case study (in the authorities case a TEST study) of the sort of ‘ritualized killing’ recommended by the ‘Iron Mountain’ experts.  They were first demonized by the mass media and authorities, as the Church had first demonized their victims during the Inquisitions and witch trials. They were then judged and executed in a public ‘purification ritual’. These are the sorts of ‘psychological substitutes for war’ that the ‘Iron Mountain’ panel of 15 experts called for.

Such ‘rituals’ give the masses an outlet for their own pent-up and repressed frustrations, desires to harm and destroy, and ‘blood-lust’, in the absence of war.

The Branch Davidian compound was raided by Federal assault troops even though there was absolutely no evidence that any crime had been committed or was intended / planned.  They had simply been demonized as a ‘dangerous cult’ by the mass media and authorities.

If there had been any evidence of criminal activity or intent, then it would have been the duty of the local Sheriff to serve warrants, not the Federal Government. In other words the Feds had no legitimate reason for being there, let alone carrying out an assault on the compound.

Of course the ‘official fiction’ as presented by Bill Clinton was that David Koresh was a danger to society, and had proven this when he had deliberately set fire to his own compound, killing all the people in it, including children.

Oh, and that fire just happened to destroy any evidence that might prove inconvenient by contradicting the ‘official fiction’.

Well if you don’t think it at all suspicious, then what are the odds of another witness, Alan G. Whicher, Clinton’s chief of Security and former Clinton bodyguard dying in yet another terrorist incident, the Oklahoma City bombing on  4/19/1995?

And what are the odds of all the documents linking NATO country political leaders to a multi-billion dollar defrauding of the Libyan people just happening to be one of the two targets of a NATO bomb strike on a completely civilian target in downtown Tripoli?  A bomb strike that, like the King David Hotel bombings, the 911 bombings of the WTC and Pentagon, and the WACO massacre and Oklahoma City Bombing, completely destroyed not only all the documents relating to extremely sensitive criminal proceedings, but also witnesses, and entire organizations.

Just like it has since been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the official cause of the WTC collapses, and the Pentagon explosions, are completely laughable fictions, the Oklahoma City bombing damage could never have been caused by the fertilizer based car bomb Timothy McVeigh is accused of having detonated.

A clear sign of a ‘cover up’ in both cases is how quickly the government moved into the crime scene to remove any evidence. In the case of 911, the WTC debris were immediately carted off and shipped to China.

In the case of the Oklahoma City bombings, Timothy McVeigh’s defense team were refused access to the bomb scene to take soil samples. Like the soil samples from the WTC that proved that very sophisticated bombs had been used.

The government, like after 911, pulled down the building and removed all the debris so that no-one could carry out any investigation of the incidents.

As the Oklahoma trial continued, the size of the fertilizer bomb McVeigh was alleged to have used had to be continually ratcheted up in size, from the original 1200 kg, to 4800 kg. However experts all agree that even a 4800 kg bomb of the kind McVeigh could possibly have built at home, would not in the least explain the  damage done at the bomb site.

The damage done by the ‘truck bomb’ in the first 911 bombing was ‘beyond credulity’ according to General Benton K. Partin, the Former head of Air Force Weapons development.

The same applies to the official story about the first bombing of the WTC, in which a van packed with explosives was blamed for the explosion. The American Free Press/spotlight newspaper claims to have viewed video tapes of SWAT teams systematically laying explosives around columns under WTC.

Of course for 911 they laid explosive charges and all sorts of Nano-thermic devices and micro-nukes around the building and this time ensured that it came down.

Further, explain why all the FBI agents who would normally have been at work that day were called and told to stay home that day?

What was used was far from a home-made fertilizer based bomb. It was in fact a highly sophisticated, ‘barometric’ bomb. In fact a computer programmer who had called the F.B.I to describe to them how a company he had been working for had actually developed that bomb shortly afterwards found himself serving a 30 year prison sentence on a trumped up drugs possession charge.

Are you starting to see how the Zionists can manage to keep such conspiracies secret for so long?

Just like the woman who was set to appear as a witness to criminal investigations involving drugs, money laundering, and murder, all involving Bill Clinton.

Since when do first time drug possession offenders get 30 year prison sentences?



In many cases the official cause of death was ‘suicide’. Note that a corrupt coroner can get away with massive cover-ups, simply by claiming a death was suicide. He can cover up a murder by ignoring obvious signs of violence. We shall consider some specific examples in a moment. In many cases it has already been proven that the coroner’s reports were complete lies.

Dan Casolaro was a journalist investigating the Arkansas Development and Finance Association which Clinton was intimately connected with during his days as District Attorney and Governor of Arkansas. ADFA is known to have used tax payers’ money to make loans to ‘mates’ that they are not expected to ever pay back. He was found dead on 8/10/1991. The official cause of death was ‘suicide’.

John A Wilson was a Washington D.C Councilman preparing to expose Clinton. Instead of exposing Clinton, he apparently decided to commit suicide on 5/19/1993. Remember, according to the coroner’s ‘official cause of death’.

Paul Wilcher was a Washington D.C Attorney taking part in a MENA investigation involving Bill Clinton.  His official cause of death was suicide, on 6/22/1993.

Clinton’s childhood friend, and deputy White House counsel, Vincent Foster, was found dead on 7/20/1993. The official cause of death was suicide.

John Walker, a Senior RTC Specialist in the investigation into the Clinton’s multi-million dollar ‘Whitewater’ cover up, was found dead on 8/15/1993. Official cause of death was given as ‘suicide’.

Bill Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Finance Committee manager, Ed Willey, was found dead on 11/30/1993. The official cause of death was suicide.

Kathy Ferguson, the fiancée of Clinton bodyguard Bill Shelton, was found dead on 5/11/1994. The coroner claimed she committed suicide. About a month later her former husband, Arkansas State Police Officer and fiancée of Kathy Fergusson, Bill Shelton, was found dead on 6/12/1994. Again the coroner ruled ‘suicide’.

Calvin Walraven, a police informant in Jocelyn Elder’s son’s cocaine distribution trial was found dead on 7/28/1994. The official cause of death was listed as suicide.

But we have every reason to doubt such ‘official cause of death’ reports. For the two boys murdered after witnessing a drug and cash drop in Arkansas were found dead on the railway tracks not far from their homes. The coroner had claimed they had fallen asleep on the railroad tracks and been killed by a train. However private autopsies revealed that one of the boys had been murdered with a knife, and the other had had his head smashed in, long before any train had come anywhere near them.

And then there are the ‘plane crashes’. Now remember that the Korean Airliner shot down by Soviet jet fighters just happened to be carrying, among its first class passengers, a number of very powerful anti-New World Order activists.

The Lockerbie disaster was, if you remember from my ‘911:5 minutes to midnight?’, a false flag attack blamed on Gadhafi, in order to pull him back into line after he began organizing the Africans to set up their own gold backed currency, and had arranged to start selling oil to the Europeans and Chinese for Euros and gold. If you don’t understand why NATO and the U.S murder any leader, and invade any nation, that attempts to sell their oil in anything other than U.S dollars, you’ll have to read my ‘911:5 minutes to midnight?’ book.

Planes are easy targets for C.I.A (Zionist Intelligence Agency) terrorists.  Victor Raiser, the Chairman of Clinton’s Presidential Campaign finance committee died with his son when their plane ‘crashed’ on 1/30/1991.

W.Barkley, B.Hassey, S.Reynolds and T.Sabel, all closely connected with Bill Clinton, died when their plane ‘crashed’ on 1/30/1991.

  1. Heard and S. Dickson, both members of Clinton’s Healthcare Advisory Committee died in a plane ‘crash’ on 9/10/1991.

Herschel Friday, a member of Clinton’s presidential Campaign finance committee died when the plane he was in ‘crashed’ on 3/1/1994.

And then there was Ronald Rogers who was actually killed en route to the filming for ‘’The Clinton Chronicles’ documentary, which detailed the context of all these other deaths, when his plane ‘crashed’ on 3/3/1994.

Remember that Clinton was in the habit of giving jobs to people he owed for various ‘favors’ they had done him.

Remember that the whole ‘political campaign finance’ set up is about as corrupt a business as has ever existed on this planet.

This is how the rich and powerful hire and buy influence in U.S politics. It is how they ‘buy’ their Presidents.

The Zionists are the largest campaign finance contributors, making over 50% of the ‘official’ ‘legal’ campaign finance contributions, even though Jewish people represent less than 2% of the U.S population.

Add to this the fact that they own virtually all the major mass media outlets, from television, to newspapers, magazines, and on to the Hollywood film studios.

The Zionists can ensure that you only get to see and hear and read about the ‘news’ that they want you to. They can ensure an almost 100% media ‘black-out’ of any ‘news stories’ that they don’t want you to know about.

They can buy and hire coroners to write whatever they want on their official ‘cause of death’ reports.

Often they simply blackmail people after getting them involved in illegal activities and crimes, such as drug use, money laundering, under-age sex, or other forms of corruption.

This is why, as I said earlier, we cannot be sure that Bill Clinton has had any real active role in any of the crimes from which he benefitted.

It may just be the case that they gained control of Bill Clinton by feeding his sex and drug addictions until he would never be in a position to ever go against their wishes or orders. For at any moment his ‘handlers’ could ‘blow the whistle’ on his activities. He would end up in jail, or worse, almost instantly.

They know this. So why would the Zionists who got him all his power, in order to use it to further their own vested interests, let some small time cop, detective, investigator, body-guard, or fellow ‘party animal’ blow the whistle on him, taking away at once the Zionists ‘leverage’ over him, and their ‘puppets’ power?

Of course Bill Clinton and his mates have every reason to want a lot of people dead, who posed a threat to their ‘gravy train’.

But the Zionists, his financiers, had even more reason to want to silence any potential threats. For they threatened all the Zionists had worked for in getting Clinton elected. And worse. If Clinton was ‘outed’ by some ‘nobody’, then he would have no reason to ‘play along with’ the Zionists anymore.

He might even expose his masters to the world. And then the Zionists would have to kill yet another U.S President.

They’d gotten away with assassinating Lincoln, after he had begun moves to introduce a non-debt U.S ‘greenback’. They did the same with JFK, for the same reason. But keep killing U.S presidents and sooner or later people will start getting wise to your schemes.

And your objectives are so close now that you can almost taste them. Your New World Order is just a few minutes away. So why take such risks?

No, much better just to keep killing anyone who might pose a threat to Clinton, and keep him in power until you can replace him with his equally corrupt wife.

And if that doesn’t work, remember you’ve been secretly funding the ‘opposition’ for all these years anyway. Whoever gets elected, he is going to be representing your Zionist interests, and not the interests of the ‘cattle’ that elected him.

And whoever you elect, they are going to be pro war, no matter what they say during their election campaigns.

Why? Well how about we let former U.S President James Madison explain: ‘Of all enemies to public liberty, war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. As the parent of armies, war encourages debts and taxes, the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the discretionary power of the executive is extended…and all the means of reducing the rights, are added to those of subduing the force, of the people…The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home’.

Now does that sound like a scenario that you’ve seen playing out since at least 911? A constant erosion of your rights and freedoms? An increase in public debt? Increasing ‘discretionary’ (arbitrary dictatorial) powers in the hands of the President? Attempts to take guns out of the hands of the people, taking away their ability to defend themselves? Ever increasing invasion of the federal and soon international (The soon to be declared international Carbon Tax and associated powers in every household, in every nation) governments, into the minutiae of everyday life, controlling and directing, micro-managing, at a level beyond even the nightmare ‘1984’ scenarios of Huxley?

And why do you think the Zionists are stepping up their ‘thought crimes’, once limited to ‘holocaust revision’ and now being extended to ‘Man-made Global Climate Change’, and ‘Open Borders’? What was it JFK warned about, when governments start censoring information, and withholding information from the public? What did JFK warn about the powers that be ‘covering up their mistakes’?

JFK stated the government’s obligation to provide the ‘fullest of information’. To conceal nothing. To hide nothing. To have only the bare minimum of secrets necessary.

JFK, like many other U.S Presidents in the past, explicitly warned against ‘secret societies’ operating in government and behind the scenes. For their members could never be trusted to act in the interests of the people, and according to the Constitution. They would be loyal to external powers, rather than to the nation, the people, and its Constitution.

Remember that the only point of setting up the U.S.A was this constitution, and the rights and liberties it was set up to defend, protect, and nurture.

The U.S.A was expressly forbidden, by the constitution which set it up, and legitimated the violence required to do so, to engage in foreign wars. But since its signing the U.S has bombed at least 250 sovereign nations, undermining democratically, popular elected governments around the world. The most recent case was Libya. For more details see ‘911:5 minutes to midnight?’.

JFK gave his famous ‘secret society’ speech 10 days before being murdered by his own body guard. An only months away from having his Executive order for the dissolution of the Zionist Federal Reserve Bank(sters) honey pot. See ‘911:5 minutes to midnight?’ for details.

JFK expressed in that speech an important fact that many U.S Presidents before him had voiced in their own way.  That it was not worth saving an America if we cannot preserve its liberty and freedom. ‘There is little value in ensuring the survival of our nation if its traditions (of private liberty and individual freedom) do not survive with it.’

JFK warned against our governments imposing increasing restrictions upon us, like the Patriot Act and its equivalents around the world, in the name of defending us from ‘people who envy us our freedoms’. JFK directly warned us against such unconstitutional acts.

JFK explicitly warned us that a supposed need for security could be presented as a  cover to gain the power to conceal the truth, operate a ‘secret’ or ‘shadow’ government that the people have no knowledge of, or part in electing, and therefore no control over, and censor the news and stifle dissent.

Surely the ‘enemy that envies us our freedoms’ has won their war when we voluntarily give up our freedoms and liberties, the very freedoms and liberties we claim to be ‘fighting’ for?

If you have no constitutional rights, and these rights were the original reason for taking up arms against tyranny, then what exactly are you fighting for? What are you paying your hard earned money to the government for? Aren’t you paying your own tyrants to tyrannize over you?

If the price of security is the absence of freedom, then what are you actually defending in the end but your own prison? What are taxes if not payments to your own prison guards, to build your own prison walls, put up barbed wire to keep you in, and security systems to control you and the other in-mates, and ensure you turn up on time at you designated ‘work programs’?

JFK warned against the state imposing restrictions as the supposed price of security, as they’d end up producing the situation they were claiming to be protecting you against.

And he, like any reasoning, aware person, included censorship of any form other than that strictly necessary for national security as one of the chief evils to be avoided.

He warned against the powers that be widening the scope of what ‘national security’ could mean, simply in order to censor free speech, dissent, and controversy.

In fact JFK praised Solon, the Athenian law maker, who actually made it a crime to ‘shrink away from controversy’. In other words JFK saw a need to encourage questioning of the  dominant paradigms, to challenge authority, to question and interrogate the ‘official fiction’, and behave like the true ‘skeptic’ in constantly questioning everything, taking nothing for granted, and keeping an open mind, an open society, and open investigation and discussion of all things pertaining to public life. Even if it means angering public opinion! Even if it reveals the errors in judgement and crimes of those in power, and the public itself.

As JFK reminded us, quoting Orlando A Battista, ‘An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it’. And that is all that ‘historical revisionism’ is. A desire to interrogate the official narratives known as ‘history’, and correct them where needed. Historical revisionism is really a correction of historical myths, lies, propaganda, and misunderstandings, based on empirical research, and the honesty only possible years after the events, and years after the official ‘propaganda’ campaigns have been put to rest.

The problem is that the current Zionist plans require the complete destruction of Germany, and their propaganda campaign, active since the time of Bismarck, long before WWI, is still active.

Hindsight may be 20/20 vision, but when your vision is distorted through the looking glass of propaganda, you have no hope of seeing the reality.

And when good men and women are put in prison, fined huge amounts, and have their lives and careers destroyed, for simply asking reasonable questions, and attempting to be rational and unbiased about history, you can see that there is little hope that the truth will be discovered, or if it is, actually shared with the world.

Zionists provide 50% official political campaign contributions, but also control mass media, so provide EXPONENTIALLY more in terms of free positive comment, media exposure, positive public relations by media, ‘black-out’ on opponents, complete positive bias for you and negative bias against your opponents, smear campaigns against any critics who manage to get through this ‘black-out’ and censorship of their criticism, then have judges in their pockets and police on their payrolls, so they can have people arrested, intimidated, or simply savagely beaten, and even killed..

This means that the Zionists and their Golems, like Clinton, can have any investigations against them or their cronies blocked. They can ensure that the salient facts, the ‘full truth’, never come to light, or if they do, few people will ever become aware of them, and even fewer will take them seriously.

The Zionist mass media can have anyone defined as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or ‘neo-Nazi’ or simply ‘whacky’. By undermining the credibility of the messenger through such smear campaigns they can make the messenger seem laughable. In this way few people are ever going to pay attention to their message, let alone take it seriously. All the odds will be in favor of them simply dismissing the message along with the messenger.

The messenger will pay for their attempt to enlighten the masses, even if they are never arrested (for any crime the private investigators can pin on them or frame them for), fined, imprisoned, beaten, or murdered. Their reputations will be ruined. They will have no credibility. They will pay for their attempt to do the right thing with their careers and lives.

The Zionist ‘machine’ comes down as hard as it can upon the few individuals who were brave enough to stand up to them, to send a clear message to anyone else out there considering ‘outing’ them and their Golems.

Knowing what is likely to happen to you, are you going to risk your own welfare, and that of your family, to fight an almost impossible fight, knowing full well that the people you are fighting for will mock and crucify you in the end?

That the ‘cattle’ you are trying to protect from the slaughter, will trample you in their unthinking drive to get to the Zionist ‘trough’, to get a good feed, then back to the Zionist’s prison, where they can feel safe and warm?

It is now well documented that the Zionists can and will set their IRS ‘dogs’ onto you if you attempt to even remind people that they have constitutional rights and that these rights are being illegally trampled all over. Ask the members of the ‘Tea party’ and the like. Do a quick internet search.

Remember the IRS is a private corporations. A business. It has no constitutional power to force you to pay it income tax, unless you live in the State of Washington D.C. And yet it does. And you do.

The Zionists get their Golems in their occupation Governments to threaten to revoke the television licenses of television stations that air documentaries that the Zionists would rather you did not see. In this way you have been denied powerful information. There are many documented cases where documentaries and interviews, and even daily television talk shows have been filmed, and even programmed for airing, but then at the last minute withdrawn, and never aired or shown to the public. All without explanation.

The Zionists, such as the Clintons have had unique (single copy) documents actually removed from the national archives by their Golems, and then destroyed. They have had all manner of police evidence destroyed, so that it could never be used in official investigations and court cases.

One reason I don’t have a pet is that they will even threaten your cat or dog.

Among the interesting facts about Clinton that should pique your curiosity, if you have any after decades of dumbing down and mass media numbing, is that Clinton had at least 8 clear and easy chances to take out or capture Bin Laden, but never did. These are all documented. Despite President Clinton having a few days before signed an execution order for Bin Laden, CIA officials were meeting with Bin Laden in the American hospital in Dubai where he was being treated for liver and kidney disease.

Everyone should watch the idea ‘The Clinton Chronicles’ and then if they have any doubts, refer to the book of the same name, which supplies all the supporting documentation for the video. This film was scheduled to air, and then ‘mysteriously’ removed from the television program, and not aired.

The mass media are quite happy to engage in a smear campaign against anyone they chose, spreading lies, defaming and slandering them, and ruining them. They know that the worst that the government will demand of them is to print or broadcast a small ‘retraction’ weeks later that very few people will ever pay any attention to.

If a case has proceeded too far already, and too many facts have been revealed, well they will simply arrange to have that case ‘sealed’ by a higher court judge.

Federal investigations will be allowed to continue up to a point, after years of work being devoted by teams of detectives and investigators, and then suddenly ‘halted’, without any reason being given, or being demanded by anyone.

If congressional hearings do ever take place, the most important information and witnesses will be deemed as ‘inadmissible’. This evidence will never be presented. These witnesses will never be given a chance to testify.

Documents will be destroyed in fires, even if entire buildings have to be blown up to ensure this. Just like 911. Just like the King David Hotel Bombings. Just like the Oklahoma City Bombings. Just like that Korean flight shot down after mysteriously entering Soviet air space. Just like the offices of the Libyan Anti-Corruption Agency, which was just about to reveal to the world a multi-billion dollar defrauding of the Libyan government by U.S and other NATO member states.

‘I haven’t done anything wrong’. This is what Clinton keeps saying. Maybe he is such a psychopath that he believes it. Just like Bush and Blair. Or maybe all he is is a party animal, sex addict, cocaine addict, who really doesn’t know what others have done behind his back?

But the case of Clinton’s 17 year old cousin seems to indicate the first. For he had a man castrated and imprisoned for allegedly raping his cousin, and has left him to rot in jail, despite all the evidence supporting his innocence.

Participants in the video ‘The Clinton Chronicles’ have been handcuffed in Washington D.C police station basements for ‘charges’ that were later revealed to be completely groundless. They have suffered attempts on their lives, including those involving military grade anthrax. They have been forced to resign from their jobs. They have been savagely beaten.

And his pathology seems to have attracted another psychopath to his bed, and his side. For Hilary Clinton thinks ‘taking out’ people, murdering people, is quite a hoot, quite a laughing matter, such an amusing notion, so much fun, so deliciously fabulous.  Just watch her now famous television interview from 2012 on YouTube. I have no reason to make such things up.

And who do you think stands to gain billions of dollars from the proposed ‘Global Climate Change’ hoax?  Well it just so happens that Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Obama, George Soros, and The British Royal family are all among the major financial beneficiaries.

The ‘holocaust hoax’ paid huge dividends to its sponsors. Not just the official 32 Billion paid by the German Tax Payer who had nothing to do with WWII in any way, but everyone involved. It is not enough that the German taxpayer, forced to see how hundreds of thousands of Germans must live on the streets and beg for food, is also tricked into giving Israel four submarines. No. We have to pay for ‘Holocaust Museums’ and live in guilt and shame for crimes that never happened.

In fact the top Generals in the U.S military have warned that the Clinton’s, Bush’s, and Obama’s actions are so destabilizing the planet that they are welcoming in WWIII.

That is exactly what recent events in Libya and Syria are all about. It is what Iraq was all about. It is what Vietnam, and the bogus Cold War were all about. It is why Germany was destroyed. The Zionists failed in the Franco Prussian War, then they thought they had succeeded with WWI. The last time they finally succeeded in destroying Greater Germany, occupying half of it with their various Soviet Socialist states, and maintaining that occupation through propaganda, such as ‘the holocaust hoax’.

Hilary Clinton has publicly admitted on camera, as many others have done, that she takes her cues from the Council on Foreign Relations. For details about the CFR please refer to ‘911:5 minutes to midnight?’.

If you still don’t believe that the Clintons, like all U.S Presidents since them, are not fully paid up members of the Zionist International, then consider recent comments made by Hilary Clinton.

She was actually, on camera, before an international audience, complaining that children in Palestine were being exposed to propaganda about Israel! She argued that ‘that must be a priority for all the people who care about children’!

But of course this psychopath has no love for children anywhere. She is quite happy to ensure that the Israeli military have ‘carte blanche’ in carrying out their genocide of the Palestinian people. Carpet bombing schools, hospitals, day care centers, water treatment plants, airports, and building prison walls around the few courageous Palestinians who would defy their lust for ‘a greater Israel’ that includes their territory, their homes.

Remember that primary school children in the U.S must, as a compulsory part of their ‘education’, visit the Washington Holocaust Museum, or its equivalent in Los Angeles, so that they can be brainwashed and filled with lies that have been revealed as lies over and over again.

Bill Clinton, though publicly supporting Princess Dianna in her campaign to abolish land mines, immediately voted against the legislation she had been fighting for (and maybe died for), soon after her murder by MI6 in Paris. We shall take a quick look at the facts surrounding her murder in a moment.

The people’s Princess must Die

The only royal ever to have displayed any real sense of ‘noblesse oblige’, or true nobility, had her title, and her life, taken from her, and us, by MI6, by royal command.

However she remains the Queen of hearts, in the hearts of the people. Her legacy lives on.

Diana fought to have land mines banned. She fought to ensure that Aids victims would not be abandoned by society. Diana fought to ensure that her own children would experience love and compassion, and not grow up like their father, and their grandparents, as cold, heartless psychopaths.

I, like most people in the world, would have blamed her death on the paparazzi, just as the mass media had intended we should.

However the conspirators, as usual, revealed themselves in overzealously trying to conceal themselves. And as the German saying goes, ‘lies have long legs’.

I would like to present just a few facts here for your consideration. You will find a lot more information in a few minutes of web browsing. But I would like to highlight what I find to be the most compelling evidence of a murder conspiracy.

Throughout their marriage, Prince Charles continued an affair he had been having with Camilla Parker Bowles, who had not been considered an appropriate ‘brood mare’ for the next generation of British royalty. After Princess Di’s death, he married Camilla Parker Bowles.

Princess Di had many times expressed fears to her friends that Charles was going to have her killed. In fact she wrote a letter, which her lawyer had in his possession, and which has since been shown to the public, in which she expressed fears that Charles was going to have her killed in a car accident, in which she would sustain head injuries. The jury during to official trial were never told about this and other letters, or expressions of fear. For the witnesses to these communications, and those who knew of the letter, were not allowed to appear in court. In other words extremely important information, and hard facts, concrete evidence, were not admissible in court. Just like in any court where a ‘historical revisionist’ appears in Germany, to defend themselves.

Three weeks after her death her lawyer handed the letter over personally to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, who kept it secret for 3 years. Withholding evidence in a trial is a criminal offence.  Mr Condon was rewarded for his complicity in the criminal conspiracy by being named LORD Condon, a few years later.

In fact Prince Charles had written a series of deeply hostile and threatening letters to Diana just before her death. Princess Di is quoted by her friends, when they suggested she take up some hobbies, that ‘keeping alive’ was her  ‘hobby’. It took all of her time!

Now the actual official enquiry, like the 911 one, was conducted by the very people who would normally be considered the main suspects, in any independent enquiry. As usual when dealing with corruption, it is the foxes who are paid to guard the chicken coop.

The entire fiasco was conducted by the Royal Courts, by judges who had sworn a personal oath of allegiance to the Queen herself. Not to the people, or to justice. But to protect the interests of the Queen, and the royal family.

The mass media carried out a full spectrum saturation defamation campaign on the driver of the Mercedes, painting him as an alcoholic. The first time the police raided his flat after the accident, they found nothing more than one unopened bottle of Champagne, and a quart of Martini Vermouth, hardly what any ‘hard’ drinker would bother with.

Which is not surprising. There is no evidence anywhere that Henri Paul was a drunk. His restaurant bill at the Ritz that night shows he had drunk a third of what was legally permissible under French law in terms of ‘driving under the influence’.

In fact Lord Steven’s told his parents that their son was NOT drunk at any time during that night, and was in fact driving at a much lower speed than the French authorities  claimed.

In other words, the mass media propaganda that we all consumed and fell for, in which Henri Paul was drunk-driving at excessive speeds, in order to try to shake off some paparazzi, is total fiction.

A total fiction completely contradicted by all the known facts and hard evidence.

Henri Paul, just a few days before his murder, he passed his pilot’s license complete medical examination.

Not only was Henri Paul murdered, his reputation, his character, was equally assassinated.

As all the facts and evidence are completely inconsistent with the propaganda campaign in which Henri was to be defamed as a drunk, a man responsible for the death of the most beloved Princess in history, the conspirators had to do something about it.

And so for some unexplained reason, another, second, police ‘raid’ was carried out on the flat that had already been completely examined.

What could possibly have justified a second raid on his flat? Who had ordered this second raid? What was their motive for it? What reason did they give?

Well, lo and behold, what had Henri Paul’s alcoholic ghost gone and done but fill up his small flat with enough alcohol to stock your local pub!

Or maybe you have a more reasonable explanation?

This time the police find enough beer, wine, recard, bourbon, vodka, port, champagne, pinot, cassis, and so on and so forth, to stock a bar.

From the start the French authorities had claimed that the driver Henri Paul was ‘drunk as a pig’. These comments were based on the reports of a French Pathologist who conducted at least 58 basic errors during that autopsy of Henri Paul. All the leading experts agreed that, her autopsy was inept, and her official findings were biologically inexplicable. They concluded that her report was untruthful.

The blood tests used to smear Henri Paul as a drunk were equally unbelievable, and implausible, according to the consensus of expert opinion. For these reasons all the experts who have looked into the cause have discounted the findings of the official autopsy reports on Henri Paul.

Among the impossible results were lethally high levels of carbon monoxide.

It appears that the blood claimed to have been taken from Henri Paul must have been taken from someone who had died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, rather than a car accident.

There is consensus in the medical community that there way that the official blood samples had come from Henri Paul.

Every scientist involved in the inquest agrees that the results of Henri Paul’s official blood samples are ‘biologically inexplicable’

However the French govt. refused to allow any French witnesses to go to England. The Minister of Justice claimed that the actual facts of the case are protected State Secrets. Revealing them would be detrimental to French interests.

What was that JFK had warned us about governments keeping secrets?

In fact the official blood samples were lost or destroyed. When experts made formal requests to the French government to analyze the samples, they were told that ‘the blood samples no longer exist’.

The CCTV cameras on the route, at the entry to the tunnel, and within the tunnel, had mysteriously been turned off just for that night.

The mysterious ‘white Fiat Panda’ seen by too many eyewitnesses to dismiss, and which had left white paint on the Mercedes it had collided with (rammed?) was officially never found. However guess who owned a white Fiat Panda, and had been following Princess Di for weeks leading up to the ‘crash’, but who was not to be seen among the Paparazzi at the Ritz Hotel that fateful night?

James Anderston. The famous Royals photographer / Paparazzi who had privately admitted to his friends that he was in fact there that night in the tunnel in Paris. He told those friends that he had actually seen what had happened.

He was not present among paparazzi at the Ritz hotel after Diana had left. However he had spent the previous weeks following her and Dodi Fayed on their holiday. As his friends will tell you, he was in fact in the tunnel that night and saw everything. Or maybe more than just passively saw everything?

Well we will probably never know. You see, his body was found in a locked burned out car. No keys to that car were ever found on him or in the car.  A fireman who arrived on the scene reported seeing two bullet holes in his skull.

Now according to the official coroner’s report, James Anderston, successful multi-millionaire photographer, had driven to some woods in France, had locked himself in his own car, shot himself in the head twice, and then set fire to his car. Maybe he started the fire first then shot himself?

Anyway, it should not surprise you so far into this book that his official cause of death, like all those people connected to Bill Clinton, was ‘suicide’.

It should be a salutary lesson to anyone who thinks they can trust their C.I.A / MI6 / MOSSAD/ Zionist Intelligence Agency handlers. These people mean business. You might think you can do a deal with these devils, but they will not be satisfied with just your soul, they’ll take your life as well.

And so the life of James Anderston came to an end. A man who gave conflicting, false reports of his whereabouts on the night Diana was unlawfully killed (the jury’s own verdict). A man whose ‘alibis’ are false. A man who first lied to friends and police that he was far away from Paris at the time of the accident, but then finally admits to having been in Paris on the night of Diana’s unlawful killing.

A man who lied about his own white Fiat Panda having been ‘up on blocks’ for a long time, when in fact he had been seen driving around Paris in it on many very recent occasions. But for some reason he could not, at that moment, locate it.

Now I had been told that Princess Diana had ‘chosen’ not to wear a seatbelt. What I was never told was the fact that the seatbelt she would normally had been wearing was damaged, and inoperable, on that night. In other words someone had made sure that she would not be protected by a seatbelt during the crash.

Eyewitnesses described how Princess Diana’s car was being followed by 5 other vehicles at the time it had entered the tunnel. 3 motorcycles behind the Mercedes. One directly parallel to the driver’s seat window. And a white Fiat Uno right on the rear right quarter panel.

What has since been revealed, after MI6 claimed that it had never been involved in any ‘killings’, was that the MI6 had in fact planned to kill a Serbian government leader in a car accident uncannily similar to the one Princess Di was involved in. The plan was to have someone (like a motorcycle rider) flash a very bright strobe light into the driver’s eyes, while in a narrow tunnel, thus blinding them, just before another car rammed the car. In other words just as his car was suddenly violently swerving, the driving would be left helplessly blind. Richard Tomlinson, a former MI6 officer, revealed details of that ‘hit’ to the public recently in the book ‘The big breach’.

Since that time MI6 has admitted, after many leaks made it impossible to deny, that it has been involved in ‘killings’.

None of the five vehicles or their drivers were, at least officially, ever found. However the ‘usual’ paparazzi’ were all present at the Hotel Ritz that night. You can see them in CCTV footage of the hotel. All of course, except the one who owned a white Fiat Uno, and had made a fortune thanks to the co-operation of his ‘sponsors’, the Royal family.

But the car crash itself did not kill Princess Di, despite the fact that she was not able to enjoy the benefits of a seat belt.

The most revealing facts about her death concern how long it took for her to get to the nearby hospital. In fact it must have set a world record for ‘emergency’ treatment.

At 12:23 Diana and Reese were both found injured, but completely alert, in the crashed Mercedes, by an Ambulance team that were quick to arrive on the scene.

However it was not until a bizarre and unexplained 27 minutes before a Doctor removed Diana from the car.

And then the ambulance waited 82 minutes before leaving the crash site for the hospital.

And then, despite the roads being virtually empty of any traffic, it took an unfathomable, and never explained, 1 hour and 43 minutes for the ambulance to get to the Hospital.

The physical light of this shining star went out soon after her arrival at the hospital, or so we are told.

However the more important radiant resonances that comprise Diana’s soul continue to shine in this dark world, thanks to her legacy. A legacy far exceeding any fatuous military victory. A legacy of true ‘noblesse oblige’. A legacy of warmth, nobility, and love.

Experts have since testified that her life would have been saved if Di had been brought straight to the hospital, in a timely manner.

So why the delays? What possible explanation has been given as to why Diana, alive and alert, had to endure so many hours before she could be treated for her injuries in the hospital?

Why was her body pumped full of embalming fluids within a few hours of her death?  Why were her reproductive organs removed?

What happened to her blood tests? Why were they ‘lost’ or ‘destroyed’? What would these blood tests have revealed? That she had in fact been poisoned? Or that she was pregnant with the child of her beloved Dodi?

In 1997 Diana’s support for the banning of land-mines campaign had led to her being denounced by the British Defense minister, who witnesses attest later made threatening phone calls to Diana.

These were intercepted by the NSA, in the U.S, who were also bugging Princess Di’s phones. In fact miles of transcripts of her telephone conversations exist on file at the NSA.

Henri Paul was not the only victim of a mass media ‘smear’ campaign.

It was not enough for the Royals to smear Henri Paul, they couldn’t resist smearing the other victims of their mass murder as well.

Dodi Fayed was completely defamed and discredited by the British, Royal Family ‘loyal’ Newspapers as a useless playboy and ‘oil bed-hopper’, despite the fact that all the evidence was to the contrary.

Another curious fact is that the Queens private secretary, Robert Fellowes, originally insisted that he had not been in England at the time of Princess Di’s ‘unlawful death’.

He claimed that he had been on holidays until the week after her death. In other words that he was not in the Royal Palace, or anywhere nearby, when the events were unfurling.

He claims he only returned to work after Princess Di’s funeral.

However Alastair Campbell’s diary entries state clearly that Robert Fellowes was not on holiday, but was in fact overseeing the burial of Princess Di.

These lies must betray something they are trying to conceal, to any curious and observant mind.

But what is Robert Fellowes revealing, in his attempt to conceal his actual whereabouts and activities. In the same way that the owner of that white Fiat Uno, the famous paparazzi photographer James Anderston?

Well, according to the close friends of Princess Di, Robert Fellowes, the Queens private secretary, was one of the three people that Princess Di most feared.

And so another ‘show trial’ and ‘official investigation’ came to an end.

The jury at Princess Di’s ‘cause of death’ inquiry reached the strongest verdict that the Coroner and Judge allowed them. They found that Princess Diana had been the victim of an ‘unlawful death’. This meant they ruled that she had either been murdered, or was the victim of manslaughter.

It is noteworthy that, like in the trials of ‘historical revisionists’ and ‘holocaust skeptics’, the Judge openly and officially ruled that ‘the conspiracy theory had been completely debunked and so therefore there was no reason to take it seriously’.

You see, Princess Di died in an accident. Period. Her driver was drunk and speeding. Period. He had been distracted by Paparazzi. Period. The Holocaust happened. Period. Adolf Hitler was a demented, evil, Hollywood Nazi. Period.

Reality does not count in a court of law. Period.

Facts do not belong in a court of law. Period.

Justice has no place in a court of law. Period.






Welcome to WWIII and your Zionist New World Order

In April of 2002, an aide to Ariel Sharon stated, in Time Magazine, that ‘World War Three is coming whether you like it or not’. He continued, stating that ‘The 911 attacks were just the beginning’.

I wonder what that could mean?  I mean, who on earth might NOT like the fact that WWII was coming?

Remember these guys are psychopaths who thrive on war and the chaos it brings.

War, as JFK warned us shortly before his death, has always been exploited by power hungry psychopaths to take away our freedoms, liberties, and to assume ever greater control of our lives.

This is as close as you will get to an official Israeli Zionist declaration that they, with their 911 attacks, have already declared war on the U.S, and the world.

The Zionists have ensured, through their occupation government in Australia, that the Australian civilian population will have no way to defend themselves when the Zionist New World Order Army, ostensibly under the flag of the U.N, invades and take over.

If you believe the propaganda that private gun ownership results in violent crime, then consider how the Australian violent crime rate has increased since the government spent 500 million dollars of taxpayers money, at a time when the population was being told that the nation could not afford to pay living wages to its workers, or fund public education or health initiatives, on ‘buying back’ guns, and disarming the population, then consider the crime statistics for the year after 640,000 guns away from the now defenseless Australian population.

Take note of the 3.2% increase in violent homicides, 8.6% increase violent assaults, and the 44% increase in armed robberies for the year immediately after automatic weapons were banned.

Now take a quick look at history. See what sort of things governments tend to do soon after abolishing private ownership of guns.

Or just look up the word ‘genocide’.

Look up ‘Mao’ or ‘Pol Pot’, or ‘The Armenian genocide’. Look at the 53 million people murdered by Stalin after he had disarmed the population.

At the same time, in the land with the highest rates of private gun ownership, the U.S.A, violent crime and murder are down over 50% since 1992.

So how do you explain Obama’s 23 executive orders for gun control? He claimes they are necessary due to an explosion in violent crime rates!

How about we compare crime rates in the U.S, to crime rates in England and Wales, where the world’s strongest gun control laws are in place, and almost no private person owns a gun.

The fact is that violent crimes over 350% higher in the U.K and Wales than they are in the U.S.

So what basis does Obama have for denying the U.S people their Second amendment right to bear arms?

Such gun controls simply ensure that only criminals have guns. Criminals, by definition, do not respect laws. They are not going to respect gun control laws. Only the honest citizens of the U.S will respect gun control laws.

In other words the gun control laws will lead to chaos, as the criminals are left free to prey upon their victims, who are now powerless to defend themselves.

If teachers at the schools where massacres have taken place had been carrying weapons, the killers would not have been free to continue their rampages. They probably would have been gutless to even start one.

It is one thing to go around shooting defenseless people who cannot shoot back. It is quite another to engage with an armed prey.

In any case, if you want to find the real culprit of mass shootings, then you are looking in the wrong direction, if you are blaming guns.

The ‘shooters’ involved in all the 21st century mass killings were  all on, or had recently been on, some form of medication.

In fact the most common drugs prescribed for depression and anxiety all list side effects which include ‘homicidal ideation’. In other words taking some of the most commonly prescribed medications is known to result, in a clinically statistically demonstrated percentage of users, a strong impulse to go out and kill either the user, or other people.

Statistically speaking, it is a known fact that thousands of people will become homicidal, thanks to the way we hand out anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs to children and adults alike.

Keep that in mind when you consider how the mass media propaganda machine constantly creates a mood of ‘terror’ and ‘fear’ and general ‘anxiety’ in the minds and hearts of their viewers, listeners, and readers.

After 911, prescriptions for anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications skyrocketed.

Every time the media ratchet up the ‘terrorist threat’ more people experience depression and anxiety, and reach for ‘drugs’ that are, statistically speaking, bound to a ‘known’ percentage of them into homicidal killers.

Now ask yourself what motive the Zionists, or any other power hungry group might have for staging ‘false flag’ killings, or at least ‘facilitating’ or ‘standing passively by’ while groups organize and carry out their own, self-determined acts of violence.

Ask yourself why the media gives so much attention to the occasional acts of violence that are committed by people, when in reality you have a much greater chance of dying by slipping over in the shower, or from food poisoning from an expensive restaurant, than you do from a gun related crime, or act of ‘terrorism’.

You are most likely to suffer an ‘unnatural’ death from tobacco products, alcohol products and alcohol related ‘accidents’, car accidents, and prescription drugs, in that order.

You are in fact more likely to kill yourself, than you are to die in any gun related crime, or terrorist act.

Which I guess is good enough grounds to deny you ANY freedom at all. I mean, let’s face it, based on the arguments for denying you your constitutional right to bear arms, you should be denied the right to make ANY decision for yourself. You need to be protected FROM yourself. And the New World Order are generous enough to do that for you, by locking you up in a prison, by feeding you pharmaceuticals that alter your thinking and emotions, and by regulating every single aspect of your life, micro-managing your every thought and move.

After all, you are a threat to YOU.

Right at this moment there are people waking up to what is happening. Already over 700,000 U.S citizens have signed referendums in their home states to secede from the U.S.A. The Texas state government have even signed into law, laws against anyone who might try to disarm the Texan population, and deny them their Second Amendment rights under the Constitution of the U.S.A.

Despite a massive campaign of violence, terror, and harassment of anyone in the U.S who reminds people that they in fact have a constitution, and that the current government’s laws are in fact unconstitutional, and no-one has the right to enforce them, let alone the need to obey them.

Oh, and if you are not aware that you are living in a prison state, then consider the following Presidential Executive Orders made by George Bush just after 911 (but carefully prepared as part of thousand page documents that were suddenly produced, as if written overnight, long before 911 happened, more or less while 911 was being planned by the CIA and Mossad, what I call the Z.I.A, the Zionist Intelligence Agency).

Keep in mind that all these executive orders are still in effect, and available to be acted upon by Obama, at any time he and his Zionist puppet-masters chose. The number refer to the Presidential executive order numbers.















Under Article 39, 41, 42 of the United Nations Charter, if the U.N decides there is a threat to world peace, they can invade and declare war in ANY nation.

But what is more disturbing is the definition of ‘threat’.

Such ‘threats’ can include something as simple as a ‘demonstration’.

And if you think that the gun control issue is a domestic legal question for the U.S, then you’d better think again.

The U.S has signed the U.N arms control treaty that allows the U.N to disarm any ‘militia’, and remove the citizens of any nation from all the protections they currently enjoy under their domestic laws.

In other words the U.S signed a U.N agreement already that completely undermines the constitution of the U.S. It is effectively null and void. All the current ‘show and dance’ in the media about President Obama’s new ‘executive orders’ is just a ‘spiel’ to misdirect your attention from the fact that you have already lost your constitutional rights.

The moment you engage in any sort of protest ‘demonstration’, the U.N, according to its charter, is free to invade the U.S.

And we are not talking ‘blue-helmet’ peace keepers.

We are talking ‘black’ helicopters and MJTF ‘police’.

The Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force has already been set up and armed with military grade weapons and other equipment, completely in contradiction to the U.S constitution.

Remember that the U.S constitution defines the ‘Militia’ as the broad mass of U.S citizens. It is not the National Guard as schools teach children to believe. The ‘militia’ is the ‘citizen army’. Like the Swiss population.

In fact the Swiss people have recently been warned by their own government to start investing in the latest automatic weapons in order to defend themselves against the ‘open borders’ policy of the E.U / U.N / Zionist Occupation Governments. The Swiss ‘militia’ is arming itself to the teeth, at the same time as the militia in the U.S is about to be completely dis-armed.

The MJTF police will be used to disarm the population, and then to round up people. They will be authorized to deputize street gangs into a deputized police force for house to house search and seizure, and the separation and categorization of men, women, and children, into ‘New World Order Friendly’ and  ‘other’ categories, based upon which they will be transferred to ‘detention’ camps around the U.S.

This plan has been under development since at least 1965, when FEMA itself was established, under EXECUTIVE ORDER 12148 BY PRESIDENT CARTER IN 1979. THE FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGMENT AGENCY was set up in preparation for martial law. Since then regular ‘emergency simulation’ exercises have been carried out to prepare for the big day.

The U.N already allows ‘martial law’ to be declared in the U.S on the slightest of pretexts, such as, for example, a ‘demonstration’ against the New World Order.

FEMA requires the mandatory registration of all people at a post office.





And don’t forget that under ‘martial law’, you can be shot for disobeying any member of any mob that has just been ‘deputized’ on the street outside your house.

Even postal workers, meter readers, and local government officials will be given ‘shoot to kill’ and ‘shoot on sight’ orders to kill anyone ‘demonstrating’, or who is known to have expressed negative views about the New World Order, or any of its policies, such as ‘man-made global climate change’ or ‘open borders’.

If you don’t believe such orders have not already been given then explain the ‘shoot on sight’ order given to Federal Agents when they ‘raided’ the home of Randy Weaver in Idaho, killing his entire family. The actual orders were to ‘kill the weaver family regardless of whether they posed absolutely no threat’. In other words it was simply a ‘hit’. Many believe it was one of many choreographed ‘ritual killings’ designed to test the U.S public’s response to such ‘hits’.

And Obama has his own ‘hit’ list. Do a web search to find out what happened to the President of Venezuela. Watch the documentary ‘The revolution will not be televised’.

The public response was very positive. The government found that the public really do have an appetite for such ritualistic murders. They are ‘cathartic’, like witch trials, inquisitions, and public hangings. The masses love a chance to express their own repressed malice. Their desire for destruction. Their desire to see someone else suffer.

The government  first ‘set up’ their victims by demonizing them in the mass media, as today they will demonize any group who stands up for the rights their constitutions granted them, but which the courts and President have simply taken away, by ‘executive order’.

The mass media will demonize peaceful protestors as ‘white terrorists’ if they are white, or ‘Nazi’s’, if they are historical revisionists, ‘eco-terrorists’ if they are scientists calmly noting that all the facts, evidence, and science indicate that any global climate change has almost nothing to do with anything humans are doing, or ‘racists’ / ‘white supremacists’ if they demonstrate against unrestricted, uncontrolled, unregulated immigration a.k.a ‘open borders’.

And so the U.S government was emboldened to continue with further ‘ritual killings’. They felt confident that they would be accepted by the public as ‘legitimate’ and ‘justified’, even when the fact showed otherwise.

Vicki Weaver, along with her two brothers, was murdered during that ‘hit’ even though she had never been charged with anything and had never posed a threat to anyone.

A court later concluded that the ‘charges’ the Feds had made against  Randy Weaver, namely conspiracy to murder U.S Marshall William Degan, had absolutely no foundations. In other words they were ‘trumped up’ charges simply used as an excuse to murder him and his family.

Mass media smear campaigns which demonized Randy Weaver and his family as ‘white supremacists’ also had not basis in reality. They were simply part of the full spectrum, carefully choreographed, propaganda campaign launched against the Weavers.

Do an internet search on ‘Ruby Ridge’ while the internet remains uncensored. The moment the FCC manage to censor the internet, you know that the New World Order has total control. That day is coming very soon.



John F Kennedy would be horrified, as would all those other freedom loving U.S Presidents who warned against the Federal Reserve Scheme, U.S involvement in ‘foreign’ wars, and the resulting destruction of all the personal liberties and freedoms that they had so feared would result as a result of the excessive power and influence of the finance sector, and the industrial-military complex.

He did not mention the ‘Iron Mountain’ report by name, but it appears he knew about it. We shall take a look at that leaked document in a moment.

But what can I add to all their wise warnings?

Do you get it now?

Has the veil of ignorance been lifted from your eyes?

Are you going to do something with the very last chance you have of regaining your freedoms and liberties?

Or are you going to enter to slaughter yards and prisons like the ‘cattle’ that the Zionist believes you are?

Is it worth defending a nation that does not defend your basic rights, freedoms, and liberties?

Who is the real enemy?

Some fabricated ‘Al Baghdadi’ terrorists?

Or the very people who have stolen your birthright, and destroyed the Republic?

The treasonous traitors, since Clinton, who have sold off your children into debt slavery, and worse, simply for their own gain.

The Golems of the Zionists who would sell your son’s and daughters into slavery for a few hundred million dollars.

I suggest we start with a referendum on the subject of rescinding the ‘Patriot Act’, which makes even reading this book a terrorist act, if those in power so chose to define it as such.

We must begin by taking back our freedom of speech.

You must defend the rights of people to say, as JFK would say, things that you really don’t like to hear. Things that you find really contemptible and despicable. For when you start listening, you will probably find that, among many things none of us will agree with, there are many compelling arguments and pieces of information that will change our own opinions and view. That will change our way of seeing the world. That will lift certain veils from our eyes that have kept us blind, in the dark, following psychopathic leaders into a nightmare of horror.

We can stop following, before they have the power to force us to follow.

In principle they already have the power. But we can take it back.

But will you?

Are you really worthy of anyone’s sacrifice?  Do you want freedom?

Or do you want to be part of a herd. Without the responsibility of having to make decisions for yourself. Free to pretend that you ‘are only following orders’ any time you commit some horrific act of cruelty and destruction?

Maybe you feel so much envy of your fellow humans that you secretly hope that some catastrophe knocks everyone you think more fortunate than yourself down to your level. Preferably below your level, where you can have a laugh at their expense, and maybe get a few kicks in?

Like Thomas, brother to Jesus, writes in his Gospel. ‘That which you have within you, if you express it, it will set you free. If you repress it, it will destroy you’.

So it’s time to face up to your own repressed will to destruction and chaos. Face your own destructive impulses. Take responsibility for them. Be rational and reasonable about them. Manage them.

Otherwise they will find their expression out in the world. In passivity towards crimes against humanity. In a ‘malicious glee’ at watching those you envy fall and suffer.

These is the repressed emotional impulses that the Zionists and their Golems rely on to gain your acquiescence and active participation in their plans to enslave the entire world.

Sure, they will begin by destroying the middle classes, and all your ‘betters’. All those you feel are more fortunate than you, and deserve to be ‘cut down to size’, so you no longer feel less fortunate, less competent, less capable, less deserving of approval and acceptance and reward.

Sure in the beginning it will be pleasurable for you at either a conscious or unconscious level.

They call it ‘malicious glee’, or if you like ‘Schadenfreude’. The gaining of pleasure from another’s misfortune, bad luck, or suffering.

They call it Thanatos. The will to destruction.

But once the Zionists have, as they have stated in their Talmud, and newer Zionist manifestoes, cut down all the tall poppies, crushed the heads of the serpents (the most talented, morally ambitious, creative, and productive) among their potential rivals, with your passive compliance, or active help, they will then turn against you.

They will take your children as sex toys. Those of you willing and able to perform physical labor for them will be enslaved and put to work, in a communist system where you are all equally poor and unfortunate. Remember that old warning, ‘be careful for what you wish for, as you might just get it’? Well that applies to this situation more than any other.

You communists out there will get your communism, just like in the good old Soviet days. Only none of you will be ‘leaders’ or ‘intellectuals’ or ‘propagandists’ living easy while your ‘comrades’ bear the heavy, dirty, dangerous load upon their suffering bones. No, this time all of you will be lowered to the lowest common denominator.

The Zionists have no need for communist intellectuals and party members.

The Zionists are their own elite. They are nothing but intellectuals. They are judges, and lawyers, and doctors, and propagandists, and will fill all the positions of power and privilege from their own ‘castes’.

No, my friend, you, who imagine yourselves as the new elite of a socialist New World Order, will find yourselves down among the dirtiest of your comrades, doing the most menial and basic of tasks reserved for the ‘cattle’.

You’d better wake up and smell the shit, my friends, before it hits the fan.

I know what you imagine your place will be in the New World Order your Zionist masters have offered you. But you are going to be very disappointed.

In fact, once they have established their rule, you will be the first to receive their compulsory ‘vaccinations’. For you represent a real threat. You might manage to foment some real resistance, some opposition, a ‘revolution’ of your own. So you will be the next in line, after all those who love liberty, freedom, justice, and beauty, and are willing to work hard, think hard, plan hard, sweat, sacrifice, and take risks for them have been annihilated.

I know how cunning you think you are.

I know you think you are near the top of the pyramid of power.

But, my dear fools, you will soon discover that pyramid sharpening. There will be no room for classes and castes. There will be two groups. The Zionists on top. And the rest of us below, bearing their weight, existing only to serve their arbitrary whims, to be disposed of as you today dispose of factory farm animals.

Oh my fellow comrades in suffering this eternal vicious joke we call life, you will soon learn what ‘factory farming’ means from the perspective of the powerless animals who suffer at your own hands.

The same way in which you behave towards most animals is how, tomorrow, your Zionist masters will behave towards you.

The same way they have always behaved towards you.

Only in the past it was in their interests to allow you a little self-perceived freedom and liberty. A little more self-determination.

But what did you do with those liberties and freedoms?

You handed them over to the first authority figure who yelled ‘boo’ and promised he’d protect you from his fabricated boogey man, if only you’d give them all up to him.

You sold your freedom for a few lousy ‘free’ meals and accommodation in the Zionists ‘welfare state’ set up for the welfare of the rich elites.

You bought their lies, that you could gain self-esteem without earning it. Without working hard, sacrificing, and taking any risks for it.

You bought their lies that ‘all mean are equal’ when you could see with your own eyes that clearly some were smarter, more ambitious, more motivated, more talented, more  competent, more capable.

You thought you could somehow scheme and plan to overcome your ‘betters’, and then somehow enjoy the self-esteem and privileges that they themselves had worked for and made possible, when you yourself are not capable of even maintaining them, let along producing them in the first place.

You imagined you could consume value that you didn’t first produce.

As if value came from ‘society’ and ‘the collective’, rather than from groups of individuals.

Sure the world is wrong as it is. But what sort of world are you really seeking?

A world defined by justice? A world defined by respect for individual liberty and freedom? A world with no slavery? A world defined by equality of opportunity?

Or simply a world where people like YOU are defined as superior, and entitled to privileges simply for being you. A world where YOU are merely the slave owner, rather than the actual slave. A world where only YOU have every right and liberty, and everyone else merely exists as a means towards your ends.

If you really want a just, fair, productive, creative, innovative, peaceful, pleasant, interesting, exciting, progressive, beautiful New World Order, then before you run off into the hands of the Zionists, please consider my own Eden Protocols.

I deal in actual facts, details, and truths. Not fantasy, wishful thinking, and self-deception.

Like JFK and all those great Presidents before him, I don’t see any point in fighting for something that is not worth my sacrifice and effort.

People that don’t want freedom and liberty, and are not willing to work and sacrifice for it, don’t deserve it.

Right now you are responsible, as a U.S citizen, or NATO member nation, for the suffering of millions of people around the world.

Right now 98% of the world’s population are responsible for the suffering and misery of billions of animals.

Maybe the Zionists will teach us a lesson that we could not have learned any other way.

We had been given freedom and liberty by our ancestors.

What have we done with it?

What have we done with our power and prosperity, but inflict chaos, pain, misery, suffering, and slavery upon most of the world’s population, whether human or other animal?

Maybe the Zionists will truly prove to be a ‘blessing’ unto all the creatures of the earth. By teaching us compassion, humility, and empathy. By forcing us to accept that we can never be free unless all of us are free, that we can never prosper unless we all do, that we can never be happy unless we all are.

And by ‘all’ I mean all sentient creatures.

The Zionists, like any ‘petty tyrant’, may simply be projections of our own minds that we have created to teach us the most important lessons that we must learn, if we are ever to enjoy, Happy Next Lives.

And that is about the best I feel I can hope for us all.

Happy Next Lives


The leaked ‘Iron Mountain’ report and the Zionist New World Order


‘Iron Mountain’ refers to an internal report resulting from a committee of 15 of the world’s leading experts meeting to discuss how to ‘manage’ the U.S population in peace time, when there would be no ‘war’ to justify the maintenance, let alone expansion, of government power.

It is named after the underground government facility ‘ Iron Mountain’, which is one of the many ‘underground cities’ that the elites have built to house themselves for the duration of whatever real holocaust they have planned for the rest of us.

Their mission was to find ways to legitimate increasing government invasion of personal privacy, and denial of personal liberties guaranteed under the constitution, when these could no longer be justified in the name of ‘war time necessity’ a.k.a ‘national security’.

During wartime, or when a nation is facing a real, immediate, and dangerous threat of war, people are easily whipped up into fearfully handing over all their rights to the state, in the name of security. They are willing to comply with the most draconian of state controls, invasions of privacy, and loss of liberties and freedoms.

But when that threat is no longer clear and immediate, the state must  find alternative ways to legitimate and justify an ever continuing expansion of its own powers, and the reflexive decrease in the rights of the populations it wishes to control.

It is much easier to work towards a New World Order, and Global government, when you are at war with someone, or something.

This is why the U.S and its allies ended up waging ‘a war on poverty’, ‘a war on drugs’, and a ‘war on terrorism’, while engaging in various ‘proxy wars’ all around the world, fomenting international chaos, and training, funding, and promoting terrorism, even to the point of engaging in its own ‘false-flag’ terrorist attacks on the U.S population, including 911.

Of course when the ‘Iron Mountain’ report was leaked in 1967, it was dismissed as a hoax by the world’s mass media.

But if you read it, which you can, while the internet is still uncensored, you will find that it, like ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, is uncannily able to predict the future that followed its publication.

The fifteen experts agreed that new global threats would need to be manufactured, in order to justify the maintenance and expansion of state power in the absence of any real wars, or other credible, real, imminent global crises.

They specifically recommended that fake global environmental and climate crises be manufactured in the mass media, to provide a justification for global policing and regulation, as an intermediate step towards introducing Global government per se.

They specifically recommended that fake ‘terrorist threats’ be manufactured.

The aim of all these manufactured threats was to maintain social cohesion via presenting the masses with a new common enemy, in the absence of a military enemy.

The public would need to be threatened with something of equal magnitude to a world war. It was during the two world wars that the U.S government and military industrial complex were allowed to extend their power and influence, to micro-managed our daily affairs.

The constitution only allows for such intrusions into individual privacy, and limits on individual freedoms and liberties, in times of national defense.

And so at first, threats to national security would need to be manufactured, so that the constitutional rights of the people could be denied them, and these restrictions on their liberties and rights would be accepted as legitimate and ‘necessary’ in order to, ironically, protect their constitutional rights, liberties, and freedoms.

This would be necessary until the State had completely consolidated and centralized its powers, and ushered in the new Global government, the New World Order.

The manufactured threats would need to be credible, immediate, and of equal magnitude, in terms of the threats they posed, including the threat of an immediate loss of life, as that posed by the ‘enemies’ during WWI and WWII.

The challenge of the ‘Iron Mountain’ committee was to find credible substitutes for world war, to ensure that the people would not demand a return of their constitutional rights and liberties, and go back to focusing on their personal pursuits of life, liberty, and prosperity, as they were prone to do during ‘peace-time’.

During war the people are much more ‘socialist’ and ‘collective’ than during peace time. People put up with restrictions and limits on their personal liberties and rights in the name of mutual defense against some real, imminent, dangerous threat.

But when that threat is overcome, and people no longer face imminent destruction, they tend to return to their individualistic, egotistic lifestyles.

The Globalists, the Zionist New World Order elites have proven over and over that they wish to impose Socialism upon the masses, while enjoying every freedom, luxury, and pleasure themselves. The Russian revolution is a case in point.

During war you can compel people into collectivism. They will begrudgingly accept it as ‘necessary’. However as soon as peace returns, they tend to demand their liberties and rights back. They want to get on with enjoying their lives. They won’t accept the war time restrictions any more.

Check history and you will see that the greatest expansions of governments occurred before, during, and just after, the major wars.

The 15 experts were challenged to come up with ‘threats’ of equal magnitude and immediacy as world war that would ‘require’ social organization and political organization, and an increasing centralization of power in the hands of ever fewer people. They needed to invent, manufacture, and market new global menaces of equal magnitude to the real threat of sudden death that war had previously fulfilled.

The threat had to be credible, and accepted by the vast majority of the population, or the society would ‘dissolve’ back to the ‘rugged individualism’ of the founding fathers.

They calculated that a carefully choreographed mass media full spectrum propaganda campaign, including the state educational institutions, would require around one and a half generations to fully reach its objectives of mass indoctrination. It would take this long to ‘manufacture’ a credible threat capable of motivating the masses to submit to centralized authority, global government, and a New World Order.

They recommended an initial deregulation of industry to ensure widespread problems with pollution, so that they could use this problem to justify later ‘take-backs’ of individual freedoms, liberties, rights, and privacy.

And so we got, in due course, ‘Environmentalism’ and ‘Ozone depletion’ and Al Gore and his threat of ‘”Global warming’. We got ‘The war on terror’. We got ‘The war on drugs’. Global warming was debunked and didn’t gain ‘traction’ with the masses, so he came back a little later with ‘Man-made global climate change’. All manufactured threats that fit the bill. And so we got Executive Orders that suspend the Constitution. We got gun control laws that dis-armed the ‘militias’.

We got martial law.

Global martial law.

Emergency laws.

And so we wait until the final ‘threat’ to be realized.

The threat that will be used to justify the introduction of Global government.

While we wait the government is busy ‘appropriating’ all the land of the globe, by force, coercion, and through compliant criminal courts and judges, with their unconstitutional ‘zoning regulations’ and ‘biodiversity bills’.

All the major environmental foundations are owned and run by the world’s richest people.

Nations like Greece are being offered ‘land for debt swaps’, in which they give up their territories to pay off bogus World Bank debts.

Monsanto, in accordance with the ‘Iron Mountain’ experts’ recommendations, are right now gaining control of the world’s food supply. Part of the ‘chem-trails’ program is to add chemicals to the soil which native conventional plants will not be able to grow in. Monsanto have already patented plants that will grow in these new chemically altered soils. Soon everyone in the world will have no choice but to eat Monsanto GMO foods, as they will be the only plants that will grow.

And Monsanto recently bought the rights to a new patented gene that makes humans unable to reproduce.

Monsanto have already put this gene into their GMO corn. Exactly as the Iron Mountain 15 experts suggested.

Soon all the food available to you, all the food necessary for your survival, will contain this gene.

The Iron Mountain experts were already working on a form of contraceptive that could be put in all the world’s drinking water supplies.

They were looking for a way to ensure that the food we ate made us sterile. That new gene Monsanto bought the rights to (by buying out the company that owned the patent) represents the realization of the Iron Mountain plan.

In the very near future all the foods and drinks you consume will ensure you become sterile, and unable to reproduce. The only way people will be born is through deliberate, artificial insemination.

You see the Iron Mountain experts agreed that in future, all procreation, all reproduction, should be limited to controlled, managed, centralized artificial insemination, whether in a human females womb, or in new, artificial wombs in laboratories.

In this way they can use negative eugenics to ensure that the new population of slaves is dumbed down, passive, submissive, and completely dependent upon their masters.

Large populations are only an asset in time of war, or when a real threat of war exists, as ‘cannon fodder’ to replace the soldiers and civilians who die in war.

The elites will own all the land, and all the food, just like in that Biblical ‘Seven Years’ of famine.

The ‘Iron Mountain’ experts even recommended faking an alien invasion threat, as a pretext for introducing a global Government, to defend us from this imminent, credible threat to our very existence as a species.

All of the ‘wars’ against drugs, environmental problems, ozone, man-made global climate change, terrorism, and aliens, would be dove-tailed to provide a synergistic set of ‘crises’ to which ‘global government’ and the New World Order would be offered as the solution to.

Threats which, to ensure our protection from, we would be more than happy to give up every last freedom, right, liberty, and privacy.

They would have us all, the entire world, begging to be enslaved by the New World Order, just to save our pathetic lives.

In the absence of war to justify huge government spending programs, and the huge debts associated with them, Iron Mountain recommended that new programs such as a space program, universal health care system, a fake moon landing program, and massive new research and development schemes be introduced to ensure government, and government spending, and hence debt, continued to grow. They called these programs the equivalent of ‘pyramid building’. In other words finding some context for continued government expansion, and increasing public debt.

The debts would bring about a financial collapse of sovereign nations, and thus a ‘manufactured need for’ a World Banking system, a global bank, a global court, and ultimately a global, one world government, a New World Order.

A global identification system was to be ‘offered’ as part of the health insurance system, to gain acceptance for the idea of an international Identity system, claiming it would allow medical personnel to access individual medical records quickly in the event of an emergency. In this way the masses would accept invasion of their privacy.

If you have watched or read the ‘Hunger Games’ series, you will be interested to realise that it was inspired by the ‘Iron Mountain’ document. For the 15  experts recommended some form of ‘blood games’ to act as a release for the masses aggressive impulses, more or less as the Roman gladiatorial games did for the ancient Romans, as a substitute for war, and a release of pent up frustrations and feelings of powerlessness resulting from a lack of justice, freedom, liberty, and rights.










Some of my Facebook posts (for when they block me!)

The Zionists know that their lies fall apart when ‘put on the stand’ in a court of law. They never respond to the skeptic’s questions and challenges, as every time they do, they are left looking dishonest, deceitful, stupid, and terrified.

The same happened with Al Gore and his cronies.

This is why the Zionists need laws to deny people the right to a fair trial. This is why they resort to propaganda. The truth is just too unflattering.

Worse, the truth, when the masses understood it, would lead them to demand the same sort of thing that has happened over and over in history.

This is what they fear. Being discovered.

If they had nothing to fear, they would act honestly, and fairly.

The Zionists have never proven a single of their claims in a free court of law. What happened at Nuremburg was a show trial and pure propaganda. Nothing more and nothing less.

Al Gore and his ‘climate change’ lobby are in the same position. They are lying to us all. Al Gore stated, like a good Zionist, that ‘It happened / is happening ‘ / Period’. He actually made the mistake of claiming that the science was ‘unquestionable’. That is what riled the scientists all around the world from their quiet studies.

Skepticism is the basis of science. Questioning. Challenging. Investigating. Never feeling certain of anything. Always keeping an open mind. Allowing dissidents to raise their doubts and challenge conventional, accepted ‘wisdom’.

The last time we gave in to our states we got several hundred years of ‘dark ages’, during which it was as crime not to openly and publicly agree with whatever the Catholic church said was true, not matter how absurd and obviously wrong it was, needless to say unjust and cruel.

That is where we are heading today. Right now. I mean right at this very moment. But you still have a chance if you open your eyes and ears, switch on your brains, electro-shock-start your hearts, and demand the reinstatement of the most precious thing you have enjoyed for a brief moment in history. Legal rights.

They say 1776 is the answer to 1984.

Constitutional, inalienable rights. Rights which no-one can arbitrarily override.

The right to free speech. The right to political representation. The right to legal process. The right to own and operate a free and independent media.

Otherwise you really get the government you deserve.

Right now you don’t deserve much better than what is coming.

You are like I once was. Naïve. Ignorant. Unaware.

I got out of the hegemonic social reality. You can too. Especially now that people like me, with the help of thousands of other people like me, can offer you a signposted route.

Hey, once we have our freedom back, you will be free to make fun of me, or join me.

You must understand that I am not madly in love with humanity. Humans have been horrible to me, and each other, and especially to most animals on this earth. Monstrous in fact. So this is not a romantic mission. Have no fear I will suddenly ‘fall out of love’ and give up.

No, in fact I often find myself experiencing great ambivalence about trying to inform you all. For I agree with most of the things I am told the Zionists Bankster’s are out to do. The problem is there are things I am uncertain of, and doubt. And those things are HUGE issues.

So I am hoping that after we escape the Zionist Bankster’s net, you might be a little grateful, and willing to sit down with me and consider my own ideas for a New World Order.

Anti-Semitism is really, by definition, anti-racism. Semitism means nothing unless you assume races exist. And they don’t.

Why people chose to define themselves as ‘Jewish’ is beyond me. I am just a person. My merits are those I earn myself. Meritocracy. That is the basis for creative, productive society that will produce the surpluses to facilitate a generous redistribution and thus a ‘fairness’ greater than nature itself produces.

Why you would chose to be associated with the people in the Bible who commit the worst war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, ‘ripping apart pregnant women’ and killing them and their babies, far worse than anything Hitler was accused of (I honestly believe falsely now, based on what I have learned, which until then the Zionist propaganda had effectively kept from me). Does it matter if the supposed events happened 70 or 3000 years ago?

What sort of people chose to be associated with, and proudly reprint, a document which supposedly documents their war crimes, repeated acts of genocide, crimes against humanity and nature, and explicitly states that they have a god given right to enslave all non-Jews? That is just the Torah.

When we get to the Talmud, which apparently has a much greater bearing on ‘Jews’ in more recent times, we see all non-Jews defined as ‘cattle’, with no legal rights, exactly as the stories of Ernst Rundel, David Irving, and ‘The Forecaster’ show that ‘Jews’ today are treating ‘Gentiles’. Yes folks, it is not anti-Semitic to identify judges, lawyers, and mass media owners as ‘Jewish’ if they themselves are the ones who demand I so define them by claiming to be ‘Jewish’ and thus ‘not –Gentile’.

The truth is shocking even for me, months after publishing my book on 911, the bible, Zionism, The Central Bankster’s Petro-Dollar Ponsy Scheme, and the new world order.

What the Talmud states for anyone to read, and what is written in the Torah, the Old Testament of the Bible, is happening right now?

Gentiles do not have legal rights in the U.S, Canada, Germany, France etc etc.


What sort of person proudly identifies with a culture of hate, murder, rape, theft, enslavement, racism, and lies?

I know it is criminal to say so, but what is a philosopher to do? Read the bible. Read the Torah. Read my book. Check everything I have written.

What does it mean to define yourself as ‘Jewish’? Why define yourself as ‘Jewish’ if no-one is forcing you to?

Based on the Bible and Talmud, to be Jewish is to be worse than any Nazi was ever accused of being. Why would you identify with such a history?

Genetically ‘Jews’ are Arabs, or from Southern Russia.

Historically they get kicked out of whatever country they live in, and are hated by otherwise calm, rational, reasonable, decent people. Not that I am saying there are noble savages out there. I just mean, please, I have a right to ask why the same things keep happening to the same ‘self-defined’ people.

And why they insist on defining themselves as ‘Jews’ when racism was abandoned by the liberal Western world decades ago????

I will continue when I get the time…

Please read my book ‘911:5 minutes to midnight’ and share it by whatever means you think suitable. Please make sure that after they take me away all my books remain available. You will see from reading my books how my views have developed.



Protect me if I am right

Correct me if I am wrong

Never again can we allow propaganda to poison the present ground, and the future ground.

Never again can we allow a small group of people to define themselves as

superior, and to justify enslavement of other peoples

Never again

The forecaster…Martin Armstrong…11 years in prison…media reported he was guilty of a ‘ponsy scheme’…but that was rubbish…a brilliant man, with about the only economic model / financial forecast model that worked, became ‘the man who knew too much’…the Zionists banksters set him up…shows you what to expect from the criminal justice system…they imprisoned him with no charges, for 18 month cycles…over and over…all to get him to give them the code for his computer program / model / forcasting system…eventually had someone beat him into a coma…then claimed he had tried to damage the prison, and put him in solitary…pure torture…then ‘in the hole’…then threatened him that he could either plead guilty to some new charge they had made up, or spend 135 years in prison. He was given a script to read. The Federal Judge and prosecutor were acting without any reference to law or justice. They both ended up with great jobs in the banking industry. He was basically tortured into confessing something he’d never done…spent over 7 years without seeing sunlight once…11 years in prison in all…for not giving the Zionists what they demanded…either because he had stumbled upon a pattern that the Zionists used to manipulate the market, or ??? Based on 8.6 year cycles and phi…the most accurate model / tool ever made…predicting crash end 2015 / start 2016…etc etc…so many accurate predictions in past…based on a pattern he’d discovered…


The holocaust story we have had forced down our throats by war criminal Allied victors and the Zionists has only been allowed to gain traction because from birth children are brainwashed by Hollywood movies, forced indoctrination during forced visits to supposed ‘holocaust museums’, and laws which lead to most historians, philosophers, and non-Sheeples self-censoring to protect themselves and their families from persecution by the Occupational governments of France and Germany.

No genuine German or French government with the interests of its people at heart would ever have accepted the defamation of the Zionists willingly. Only communist governments that hate any competition to their central, despotic rule. No truly representative government would have accepted it. Even the Saudi government did not accept the Zionist lies about 911. THEY did not pay up. THEY are still a sovereign nation.

Like all those who have stood up against Zionism before me, I was shocked to learn the truth. I have never been racist, let alone anti-Semitic. Because I am not racist even the term ‘ Semitic’ means nothing to me.

But I have been shocked awake by the facts. Facts which only came to me at great cost to the messengers. I pass on those same facts at the same risk.

I do not know what did happen. But it is clear what did NOT happen. And the story we have all had forced down our throats and been brainwashed to accept as reality did NOT happen.

What did happen was reasonable, logical, and rational. It was also terrible. And should never happen again.

I thought that was why we let the Zionists commit atrocities, war crimes, and genocide upon the Palestinians, so the Zionists could have their ‘Final Solution’. Yes the Zionists coined that phrase, not the Nazis’.

We were told that Israel , a homeland for the poor victimized Jews of the world would be the ‘final solution to the Jewish problem’….the problem they defined as a desire for separation, exclusivity, racial purity from their inferiors.

However it has become clear that the Zionists were never going to be satisfied with their own state. they want the whole world. As it is documented in the bible and torah and Talmud.

Facts my friends.

Sure, lock me up, but that will not save YOU nor your loved ones from the Zionists plan for one centralized Zionist state where everyone they have no use for will be exterminated or sterilized, and those they have a use for will be enslaved.

Put me on a polygraph. Measure my emotional responses. The only emotion behind my work is a desire for truth, beauty, freedom from paying for/being a victim of other peoples choices, and ideally a new world order based on my Eden Protocols, which are completely rational and reasonable, and motivated by a love for all things good, and the absence of any concepts like race, slavery, etc etc.

So I guess I can look forward to a long stay in prison where I will be tortured as far as the law allows.

I think I have written enough for anyone who wants to see the truth, who cares about truth, justice, and beauty, to get the point…

In all my books…so please download and share them (don’t tell Amazon I said that or they might get angry…if you normally pay for books, please pay the few dollars I charge for mine, to give Amazon, iBook’s, smashwords etc a motive to keep offering them…all the money goes to protecting the most powerless sentient beings among us…I’m no hypocrite…I am The Philosopher-Prophet of The Eden Protocols…you can put me in prison, kill me, defame me, but hey fuckers, we all gonna die, the question is what comes next…Happy Next Lives? Or the same old shit.

Honestly, Zionists, Zi ON ists…AT ON.. NATO…Heliopolis / ON…I have a feeling you are going to get one big surprise after you finally think you have absolute power…to find that some other group has been using YOU…

All my love to every sentient being…especially to the victims of Zionist aggression in Palestine, those sitting in prisons in Germany and France and Canada for trying to help them, my grandparents generation for having been viciously slandered for over 70 years, and all those fantastic, creative, ambitious, good, kind, brilliant self-defined Jews who share the same ambitions and ideals as myself…they can publish still, and only be called ‘self-haters’…because the Zionists define them as Jews…even if they do not…

I on the other hand, as that worst of all creatures, a German Citizen with Germany ancestry, and so I do NOT share the same rights as a Zionist defined Jew…

‘When a man lies, he murders a part of the world’…I people do themselves the most damage when they lie…they lose their integrity…their ‘whole-ness’…their ‘holiness’…

I apologize for my language, but while I have the freedom to speak, I want to send a big FUCK YOU to all the agents of lies, oppression, falsehood, manipulation, exploitation, slavery, and slander…don’t think you won because you have the power to imprison and silence me. Whoopee…find a genius philosopher who validated this world as something worth treasuring? Find a true spiritual leader (start with Ecclesiastes) who did not define this world as a sick joke played upon us…

Enjoy your power and wealth…see what it brings you…

I guess the basis of your anxiety, fear, and irrational, compulsive need for power is the lingering fear of being ‘discovered’…of your lies being discovered…of your plans being outed…and a repeat of that stupid historical cycle in which Jews arrive somewhere, prosper, and are then forced to leave… where will you go this time? It is pretty much all or nothing. Like all criminal dictators, you know that if you lose absolute control, of the media, legal system, education system, finance system, military-industrial complex, that you will no longer be able to hide your crimes from the world.

How about we start with forgiveness, charity, and compassion?

It is not all or nothing as you have been told. People make mistakes and people forgive. You can stop this madness. You have nothing to fear from people like me. You have made as many victims as any other powerful group. You are only human. You have many talents and skills to offer the world community. But you are not fit to rule, because you lack the humility.

I offer a peace treaty on behalf of the world’s people. Join us as equals.

If you are Jewish and have been convinced by the Zionists that the world hates you, or envies you so much they cannot live with your superiority, then stop and think. Take a look around you. Take a critical look at what you have been told.

Oh, since 2012 it is legal in the U.S for the mass media to publish / play propaganda. In other words it is legal in the U.S for the media to lie. And the media is predominantly Zionist owned. Fact.

So now it is illegal in the West to speak the truth, and to challenge lies, at the same time that it is legal to lie to the masses.

They say the only answer to 1984 is 1776.

We are today living in 1984.

We have nothing to fear from the truth. We must forgive, and start again from the basis of truth. We have all made mistakes. Every nation. Every ethnic group. They have all striven for world domination, and enslavement of others.

If you want a New World Order, and not just the same old world orders regurgitated over and over, then please read my TROONATNOOR books.

Please download and share them while you can.

I can do no more than I have done.

I forgive myself for not having been able to do more.

I forgive you for being what you are.

Deo Culpa !

But maybe our suffering has taught us lessons we needed to learn.

And if life is really so absurd as it at face value appears, then what is the difference if I die after decades of persecution, or a life of power and privilege…I will be dead either way…nothing gained…

Check our Ecclesiastes in the old testament…’the end of something is better than the beginning of any thing’ etc

I wish the Zionist hegemons all the best … enjoy your power and privilege for as long as it lasts…maybe you’ll get what you want…total control…but then you will just fight amongst yourselves for more power and privilege…you have not proven yourselves immune to the typical human frailties…maybe even more prone to them…in every way…

I guess you will introduce veganism for the slaves at least…so that is something positive

Maybe I’ll be new born as one of you guys, and if my soul remains intact, my goodwill and wisdom, I will use the power you have concentrated to bring about my Eden Protocols…

You can only imprison and torture me for a few decades…then I’ll be free of anything you can do…and then?…What sort of being will you have created? Would it be ‘irrational’ and ‘unfounded’ for such a being to hate you?

If you think fear of Zionism is irrational, and unfounded, check the facts.

If you think Zionists fear you, then ask why. What have they done to you that they should fear you? What is the source of the fear they project upon you? Fear of discovery?

I plead for the Norwegian government to arrest me on any pretense. At least in Norway I would be free to write. I can teach English at their Universities for free grin emoticon


Zionists hide behind their eternal story of victimization. I have been a victim over and over so I am loathe to suggest that someone raped once is a victim, but someone raped several times by different people ‘must have been asking for it’.

But ask yourself why the bible speaks of Zionists so badly, both in the old and new testaments. Why did Hadrian expel the Zionists from Palestine in 70 Current Era? And why since then did the Spanish do the same, and the Russians (expelled them to ‘beyond the pale’ to Eastern Europe) after which Germany accepted them, and why the repeated pogroms throughout history.

Were all these cases of ‘irrational hatred’? A hatred that is pure evil emotion with no reasonable basis?

Is there such a thing as ‘rational hatred’? Surely we hate those things that we perceive as threatening our pleasures and reliefs, and threaten pain and negative consequences.

Is all hatred irrational and unfounded?

Hatred of individuals seems often justified. Hatred of organizations of people can also be justified, rational, and reasonable.

Hate crimes are there to protect us from people with evil intentions inciting us to hate people for no reason, for example just because of their sexual orientation, their skin color, their religion, their ethnic background, and so on.

But the Zionists have exploited the concept of hate crimes.

They claim that any scientist who proves, without any ulterior motive but a desire to find and express the truth, that no Zyklon B could possibly have been used in the supposed ‘gas chambers’ , must hate jews. He must be a nazi too. He must have an irrational hatred of all jews which he is trying to incite like a virus among us all.

The Zionists claim that any scientist or technician who points out the obvious lies or delusions of ‘holocaust survivors’ must necessarily be motivated by an irrational hatred of Jews.

The Zionists claim that I must be motivated by an irrational hatred of Jews to write this.

Under German, French, Canadian etc etc law I can be arrested anywhere in the world, taken to Germany, and put in prison for years.

In Germany I would not be allowed to defend any of the statements I have just made. I will have two choices. Either plead insanity, or sufferer INDEFINITE imprisonment.

You think I am exaggerating? I did not know about these laws, so I can understand your incredulity.

So I am setting up a German and Arab Defamation League to bring some sanity, justice, and truth back to the situation.

I am risking indefinite imprisonment by posting this. So please research my claims a little before dismissing me and abandoning me to a fate worse than death, simply for trying to save you


Did you know that the Zionist thought police can now have you arrested simply for recognizing simple logical and scientific facts i.e. the 1984 scenario of 2 plus 2 equals five? Did you know that Israel was ALWAYS the aggressor in ALL of its wars. FACT. Ask the Israeli General’s son who went through all the archives of meetings between Israeli generals. Did you know that Israel considers a trade blockade of any Israeli port an act of war? Do you recall which people ‘blockaded’ Germany in the 1930s, and actually declared war on Germany? Do you realise I can be put in prison for stating simple facts?


The most recent abuse of the term ‘denier’ was when we were told that it was a ‘fact’ that global warming was being caused by greenhouse gases. At the time laws were being written to make it a crime to ‘deny’ this ‘fact’.

Just like it is a crime to ‘deny’ the official story of WWII concentration camps.

Why would they try to make it a crime to ‘deny’ the official story that global warming was man made? Who stood to benefit from these laws? Who stood to earn billions from a ‘carbon credit trading scheme’?

The same company that bankrupted California by manipulating the electricity supply. Enron. And their ‘mate’. Guess who? The very spokesman for the carbon credit trading scheme.

A few months later the scientific community learned that the data had been ‘faked’, that it is in fact the sun that is responsible, and the whole ‘scam’ of the ‘carbon credit trading scheme’ was revealed as an attempt to impose a world tax to fund a global government. Check your facts about this. BE skeptical of what I am writing here. Like the false flag attacks of the past, and 911, and future, if you watch what happened, and what is happening, you will see patterns. The past can help you make sense of the present, and predict the future.

The Carbon trading scheme was revealed as a scam before the laws came into effect. Luckily. But sadly not before lots of scientists and teachers etc lost their jobs and careers because they expressed ‘skepticism’ of the ‘official fiction’ of man-made global warming.

Today you are free to ‘challenge’ the lie that humans are responsible for global warming. Lucky you.

Did this recent ‘near miss’ teach you nothing?

Like me, you were probably completely unaware of what was going on, and just how close we all came to becoming ‘deniers’. Criminals and mentally incompetent. Just because we didn’t ‘buy’ what we were being sold.

Whew. That was a near miss.

A lucky break.

But if you didn’t learn the lesson, then you are probably going to fall for the next ‘ global crises’ and ‘false flag’ attack.

Happy Next Lives grin emoticon


Skepticism is the basis of science. Calling someone is a skeptic is a compliment. Calling them a ‘denier’ is an insult. It is meant to discredit them as recalcitrant or mentally ill. It assumes that what they are disagreeing with is incontrovertible fact. Like a Pope torturing those who ‘deny’ that the Vatican has the god-given right to tell everyone what to do, the right to live in luxury and torture those who do not ‘believe’ the obvious truth of everything the Catholic Church says. The Vatican tortured and imprisoned anyone who dared question their power, benefits, or lies. How is the situation any different with the Zionists and the holocaust skeptics? Are you going to persecute people who question things, and who are searching for the truth? THAT, in fact, is what the original term ‘ Skeptic’ meant. It meant ‘seeker’. Someone who did not believe that their masters had already found the truth. They did not simply accept something because they were told it.

So if you ever hear someone call someone a ‘holocaust denier’, you should be suspicious…because it is such a loaded term…it is not appropriate…it clearly implies a hidden agenda…ulterior motives. You cannot ever trust a person who uses such expressions. It is like saying an atheist is someone who ‘denies’ that a man called Jesus existed, was the son of god, and god incarnate, and died, and rose again, and gave the Pope the power to rule the world…are YOU a denier? Or are you just skeptical of the claims of the Vatican??? Should YOU be locked up?

How is it any different for someone who doubts the official version of WWII?

What sort of world will you live in when you allow people in power to persecute and imprison people simply for raising genuine doubts, and seeking more information?

Oh, maybe the world we are living in today?

And the New World Order that is on its way?

Who are you going to call out to for ‘help’ when you have imprisoned all those who would have been there to help? All those who would have revealed what was coming, and could have informed you and saved you?

So please, don’t complain when you are the next victim. For you deserve it. You did nothing to protect those who were fighting for the truth, and justice.

And unless you are vegan, you are not INNOCENT…you just aren’t guilty of any crimes written down in the Speciesist’s lawbooks…

Happy Next Lives


If Germans were not criminals, then would firebombing civilians, then machine gunning the survivors, clearly visible as women and children, while leaving Ford motor company plants completely untouched, appear more or less ‘acceptable’ or ‘justifiable’ to you? Did you know that McNamara himself stated he would have been on trial as a war criminal for such actions, had the Allies lost? My question to you is whether you accept evidence forced from people who have been tortured, and whose families were threatened with torture, if the person did not ‘confess’? Ask yourself why, if millions of people escaped ‘death camps’, why only half a dozen ever appear giving ‘testimony’? And why, of all the hundreds of thousands of photos that survived the camps, we only ever get to see a few photos of victims of typhus?

I always just accepted that the Nazi’s were criminals. It was not until I saw people being put in prison for asking very reasonable, sensible, serious, scientific questions that I started suspecting something. Now it is clear to me that I have never seen any compelling evidence of any mass killings.

Show me evidence please. Show me, as they say, ‘The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth’. For most of what we are told is clearly not true. This does not mean that it did not happen. it just means that the question of what happened should be open, and investigated.

I ask you why the powers that be are so terrified of anyone beginning such an investigation that they have to put them in prison?

What threat did a question ever pose to someone who had nothing to hide?

The last people put in prison were scientists. They were put in prison because a few powerful people, e.g Vatican princes, had a lot to lose if their hegemonic lies were ever challenged. Today Bishops no longer live like princes. Because a few honest scientists were willing to ask questions.

If you really think ‘ Mein Kampf’ MUST be insane, inane, blabbering nonsense, then read the book. Read the bible. Read my books.

Or no-one can save you from what is coming. In fact it will be good for you to suffer what is coming. It might teach you some empathy for the billions of sentient beings that suffer because of your lack of empathy every day.

If your heart is dead to that suffering, and your brain is dead to reason and logic, then you are no more than flesh-eating zombies in any case.

I don’t see any Gentiles or Jews. I see only living beings and zombies.

Anyway, happy next lives. Maybe you will learn something from what is coming down on you. You cannot claim you are innocent victims. You deserve the politicians you have, and you deserve at least as much as what is coming your way in right now.

Karma is not about punishing anyone. It is about teaching them. Seems we only learn empathy from suffering. We only learn to abandon ideas of enslaving others, after enduring slavery. We only learn to stop using others as means to our own ends, after enduring being used as means to other’s ends…etc etc…Virtual karma, where we reap what we sow, is another aspect of it.

But when will you learn? Being Vegan means refusing to enjoy a benefit or satisfaction, a pleasure or relief, that comes at the price of another sentient being’s pain. Its all about the golden rule. And defining ALL other sentient beings as ‘others’, and not just your own tribe, family, nation, ethnic group, religious group, ‘artificially defined ‘race’, etc…

Like D.H Lawrence, and Teal Swan, I suspect the plants to be the superior beings on this planet…think about ‘The TREE of life’, ‘The FRUIT of the TREE of Knowledge’, Yggdrasil and Odin hanging there, sacrificing himself to himself, exactly as Jesus is said to have sacrificed himself as the son, to himself, as God, hanging from a tree (in most gospel accounts), and the Mayan ‘first father’ who sacrificed himself, with his body becoming the roots of the tree of life, and his soul the branches…watch someone meditate, then look at a plant…tell me what beings on this earth ‘SERVE OTHERS’ more than plants? How happy are most people? Are you still so sure that humans are the be all and end all of life on this planet? What do you think someone who was NOT a member of this species would see us?

Happy Next Lives

Go Vegan


When you are not free to challenge what you are told, then you should ask even more questions. My question to you is ‘Cui Bono’. In other words, if the Holocaust did not happen, why would the Allies and Zionists fake it? Would you find the Allies firebombing of civilians, then machine gunning of survivors and emergency relief workers more or less ‘acceptable’ if the Germans were simply fighting like any other nation of the time for their survival and prosperity? Do you realise that the horrible sounding ‘Final Solution’ was in fact an agreement between Germany and the World Congress of Zionism … How many Jews would have left their snug, upper middle class situations in Germany to move to Palestine, to do manual labor, without being forced to? Can’t you see that the Zionists benefited most from the Nazi laws? Do you realise the Zionists and Nazi’s had an agreement in the 30s under which tens of thousands of Jews emigrated, along with their wealth, to Palestine? My question is ‘why is it criminal to demand people back up their allegations’? Since when was it a crime to be scientific? Well of course since the Dark Ages. I don’t know what did happen. I know what didn’t happen. What we are told by a few people did not happen. It is very challenging to try to find out the truth, given all the torture, lies, propaganda, fabrication, and completely disproportionate power of Zionists today….If you don’t realise they own all the mass media, and most of your political representatives, then that is where you will have to begin your journey…for you are living in the Dark Ages still. If you think it does not matter that people are persecuted for asking questions, then read my book 911, five minutes to midnight? while you still can.?


Greetings to the new masters of Earth…The Priests of Aton…(N.A.T.O.)..the children of Zion (the sun) … a.k.a the Zionists…May you be the bridge to the new Eden on Earth…and may you find a productive and rewarding task for people like me to perform grin emoticon …


Most people are walking at a few kms an hour…to get them ‘up to speed’ to be able to comprehend TROONATNOOR is a really difficult, frustrating task…all I can do is keep writing…I cannot make anyone read…only the false prophets ever had the power compel people to listen to them…today the mass media are the all powerful vehicle for the false prophets…all the other true prophets can only hope, like Buddha, that ‘some will understand’…I realise I am asking you to go from zero to 100 ‘real quick’, to quote that recent song…and most of you are not up to it, emotionally or intellectually…it is the emotional resistance that is the greatest…who wants to admit they are an opportunistic, unprincipled, selfish, greedy monster? Only those who do this are capable of becoming the ‘bridge’ to the future sentient beings who will (return?) bring about the new Eden…the new ‘gardeners’ who will take care of this earth, and all sentient beings who dwell in it…will the Zionists be good gardeners? They certainly have proved they can manipulate everyone, and gain absolute power…but what are their true intentions? Are they motivated by holistically enlightened good will towards all life, or just another bunch of opportunistic monsters like the rest of the non-vegan human population? I think we are about to learn the answer to that question grin emoticon…


Eichmann was doing deals with the Zionists in Palestine in the 1930s, for oil…and intelligence data…The Zionists definitely benefited from the expulsion of Jews from Germany…they needed to motivate the Jews to come to Palestine to set up Israel…and 35 Billion dollars in ‘compensation’ helped too…I doubt most of what is claimed by Jews about death camps…they have no historical evidence at all…AT ALL…only people claiming they were victims…and eyewitnesses…today I am pretty sure the camps were labor camps, that there were no mass exterminations…and that the Nazi’s were doing the work of the Zionists…who actually did finance Hitler…and provoke the German backlash against Jews by declaring war on Germany in the 1930s, and imposing a boycott on German goods…My mind is truly open to any compelling argument or data…please read my book ‘911: Five minutes to midnight’ for a holistic overview of Zionism in the past and today…If it does not shock you, then you have no nervous system…if it does not motivate you to question, then you have no grounds to complain when you are the next victim of Zionism…who knows, maybe they are going to put in place something very like my own ‘Eden Protocols’…read my books to discover more…while you are free to grin emoticon…/…/ref=sr_1_3…


These latest attacks will all be part of the same cycle…C.I.A Mossad…It is time to inform yourself, or accept the consequences of your inaction…I cannot educate those who wish to remain ignorant, unjust, and blame everyone else but themselves for the way the world is grin emoticon


teach people how it is possible to use Zyklon B hundreds or thousands of times, and have no residue left behind grin emoticon only if you want the German police ‘disappearing’ you of course…taking you back to Zionist Occupied Germany and dumping you in a concrete box for life … Hmm…Maybe that is why we don’t get to hear much from the scientific community about the impossibility of the claims made about a ‘holocaust’ during WWII?…/dp/B016BNWP3E/ref=sr_1_2…


I used to wonder how people could get into my car, I mean after I had already driven them somewhere grin emoticon Don’t worry, our New Zionist Masters will solve that problem…no private cars for the few of us left surviving after they’ve decided who should live and who should die grin emoticon happy next lives grin emoticon


Hope I get this new book finished before I am ‘disappeared’…I am so sorry I am no superman…all I can do is think and write…maybe in another dimension / life this will all have made a difference…but isn’t it a beautiful thing to have tried to do good? Despite being doomed to failure? What else could you describe as more beautiful?


Is appealing the decision of the Supreme court, in favor of free speech, a sign of ‘good neighbors’ or supreme arrogance and self-idolization?  And Jews complain they are seen as arrogant? Seeking to impose their laws, their Talmudic laws, in which Gentiles have no legal rights, upon the nations that welcomed them as immigrants? What other group in the world attempts to impose its will, as a tiny minority, upon the democratic majority? In every nation where they live? What other group would expect to get away with that?


Germans and Arabs, and all peoples oppressed by the Zionist Propaganda aimed at defaming and disempowering all non-Zionists, must unite to defend freedom of speech, freedom of historical investigation, freedom of the mass media, and the abolition of laws preventing freedom of investigation, reporting, and expression. Free Germany and Palestine of the occupational powers and return sovereignty to the Germans and Palestinians.


I will not accept Talmudic Law, which states that only Jews have legal rights, and everyone else is mere ‘cattle’ with no legal rights. We welcome Jews everywhere to participate in our societies as equals. But we will not be slaves. We will not accept anyone as our masters.

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And if you don’t think you have any reason to be concerned about the world’s richest man, David Rockefeller, then consider his 1973, New York Times, praise for Chairman Mao and his policies as ‘the most important and successful in history’,  after 50 million Chinese had just been killed in the  ‘cultural revolution’.

George Soros, who earned his initial 100,000 capital by working with the Nazis, and probably being paid off by other Jews, as a youth, has gone on the record calling for the dismantling of the United States, to reduce its power, and possibility of resisting the new global government Soros is arranging with his other mega-billionaire mates.



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