911 (Five minutes to Midnight?)

911 (Five minutes to midnight?)

True power
The real terrorists
The real drug dealers
The Bible, Zionism, Central Banking
The U.S Petro-dollar Ponsy-Pyramid scheme
Welcome to
The New World Order
Markus Heinrich Rehbach
Copyright 2017 Markus Heinrich Rehbach All Rights Reserved
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
What is true power? ………………………………………………………………………..7
True power is the power to define. When you can define the social
reality, you have absolute power……………………………………………………….7
Openly public, documented, and well published (with hundreds of
millions of copies printed and sold) announcements of the Zionists
planned New World Order………………………………………………………………28
Faith …………………………………………………………………………………………….31
Building the U.S dollar Ponsy / Pyramid scheme: Bretton Woods, the
Petro-dollar, and the Federal Reserve Bank ………………………………………35
911 ………………………………………………………………………………………………47
Other proven and documented false flag attacks choreographed by the
C.I.A and Mossad……………………………………………………………………………53
The U.S and U.K leading the war against drugs? Is that what they tell
you? Do you believe everything the mass media, the C.I.A, tell you? Let’s
start way back when, with the ‘opium wars’ in 1839…………………………..56
Remember the Maine …………………………………………………………………….59
The King David Hotel bombings, 911, and true power as the power to
define reality …………………………………………………………………………………59
Pearl Harbour………………………………………………………………………………..63
The sinking of the Lusitania……………………………………………………………..64
U.S overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iran in 195365
U.S overthrow of the democratically elected government of Syria in 195465
The ‘Gulf of Tonkin incident’ ……………………………………………………………65
1967 Operation Synaide………………………………………………………………….65
McNamara, self-professed war criminal, becomes Ford CEO then World
Bank President ………………………………………………………………………………67
Operation Northwoods (as part of Operation Mongoose) …………………..68
U.S overthrow of the democratically elected government of Chile in 197372
The Lockerby air disaster, Golem, and the true ‘Philosopher’s stone’……73
Afghanistan …………………………………………………………………………………..75
First Gulf war propaganda we all swallowed ……………………………………..77
The U.S invasion of Iraq…………………………………………………………………..78
The Boston marathon tragedy …………………………………………………………79
The Oklahoma City bombings ………………………………………………………….79
The U.S attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government of
Malaysian airline flight 777 ……………………………………………………………..80
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Since WW2, The U.S has ‘intervened’ in over 72 nations, often supported
by Britain ………………………………………………………………………………………81
The U.S’s History of undermining democratically elected governments. All
while masquerading as the torch-bearer of democracy ………………………88
The U.S as the world’s number one perpetrator of terrorism ………………89
‘Arbeit macht frei’ : Your Shadow government welcome’s you to your
FEMA re-education camp………………………………………………………………103
How to move forward …………………………………………………………………..105
Socializing losses and privatizing profits: if it was not true, it would be
funny ………………………………………………………………………………………….108
The wealthy gain the bulk of welfare and the workers pay ………………..109
Recessions represent a transfer of wealth from the poorest to the
Market manipulation ……………………………………………………………………111
Limiting speculation – focusing on real productive investment, innovation,
and real value………………………………………………………………………………113
Sub-prime loans: privatizing profits and socializing losses …………………114
If true competition existed under today’s form of capitalism …………….116
U.S Industrial espionage and spying ……………………………………………….117
A few of the costs of war ………………………………………………………………117
U.S loans to the U.K made it ‘too big to fail’ in WWII?……………………….118
New wars, new weapons ………………………………………………………………118
The real meaning of Jihad ……………………………………………………………..119
‘I have found the enemy, and it is us’ ……………………………………………..120
The true costs of oil………………………………………………………………………121
Big business loves Fascism …………………………………………………………….122
The new imperialism and its unobtrusive means, the source of its
absolute power ……………………………………………………………………………123
Cultural cringe, U.S cultural imperialism, and raw power…………………..130
Imperialism and trade concessions: The British East India Company and
the Bush Administration ……………………………………………………………….131
What sort of person dismisses a book they have never read? Here is a
compressed version. …………………………………………………………………….135
Essay written after reading Mein Kampf, and visiting Berlin ………………143
In conclusion I would like to explain how a real currency, and
monetary/fiscal policy can work, without the need for gold or silver ….150
Hiding secrets out in the open ……………………………………………………….155
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The Old Testament……………………………………………………………………….158
The start of the written Torah, the first book of Moses, called Genesis.158
Exodus (The second book of Moses)……………………………………………….165
Leviticus (The third book of Moses) ………………………………………………..171
Numbers (The fourth book of Moses)……………………………………………..184
Deuteronomy (The last of the 5 books of Moses)……………………………..192
The First book of Samuel (first book of the Kings) …………………………….198
Second book of Samuel (Second book of the Kings) ………………………….200
The book of Obadiah…………………………………………………………………….200
The book of Joshua ………………………………………………………………………201
The book of Judges……………………………………………………………………….205
The book of Ruth………………………………………………………………………….209
The first book of Kings…………………………………………………………………..209
The Book of Amos ………………………………………………………………………..211
The Book of Daniel ……………………………………………………………………….211
The Book of Ezekiel ………………………………………………………………………212
The Book of Jonah………………………………………………………………………..213
The Book of Micah ……………………………………………………………………….214
The Book of Nahum………………………………………………………………………214
The Book of Haggai ………………………………………………………………………215
The Book of Hosea ……………………………………………………………………….215
The Book of Isaiah ………………………………………………………………………..215
The Book of the prophet Jeremiah …………………………………………………217
The book of the prophet Ezekiel …………………………………………………….218
The Book of Joel the prophet…………………………………………………………219
First book of the Chronicles …………………………………………………………..219
The Book of Josiah ……………………………………………………………………….221
The Book of Ezra (The Priest) …………………………………………………………222
Kings …………………………………………………………………………………………..226
Book II of The book of Samuel ……………………………………………………….229
Book III of The first book of Kings……………………………………………………229
Ecclesiastes (The preacher)……………………………………………………………230
The Book of Nehemiah………………………………………………………………….230
The Book of Esther ……………………………………………………………………….231
The book of the Proverbs of Solomon. ……………………………………………231
The Book of Job (of Uz) …………………………………………………………………233
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Psalms ………………………………………………………………………………………..233
Isaiah ………………………………………………………………………………………….234
The NewTestament………………………………………………………………………236
The ‘Gospels’: The ‘Good News’……………………………………………………..236
Paul ……………………………………………………………………………………………239
Timothy ………………………………………………………………………………………239
Revelations (of John, re: the end of days)………………………………………..244
Acts (of the Apostles) ……………………………………………………………………250
Galatians (Epistle of Paul to the Galatians) ………………………………………251
Corinthians (Paul’s letter to the Corinthians)……………………………………252
Corinthians II (second Epistle of the Apostle Paul to the Christians in
Corinth) ………………………………………………………………………………………253
Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans……………………………………….256
Insights and commentaries ……………………………………………………………258
Boethius ……………………………………………………………………………………..259
The New Testament as we know it was created by a committee………..260
Jesus completely overlooked by every historian?……………………………..260
The ‘Jesus’ story as a re-run of a universal archetype………………………..262
The Egyptian ‘Christ’……………………………………………………………………..262
The Roman ‘Christ’ ……………………………………………………………………….263
The ancient Greek ‘Christ’ ……………………………………………………………..263
The ancient Babylonian ‘Christ’………………………………………………………263
Jesus ‘turning water into wine’ ………………………………………………………265
Jesus was a ‘master’, but master carpenter? ……………………………………265
The forgotten manuscript ……………………………………………………………..266
The number 12…………………………………………………………………………….266
The numbers 7 and 40 ………………………………………………………………….267
The powerful vibrational frequencies of numbers and symbols………….267
King Solomon ………………………………………………………………………………268
Some more interesting Bible and Talmud stuff ………………………………..268
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The Talmud, Christian Zionism, and hiding secrets in the open ………….269
The Holocaust industry …………………………………………………………………272
About the Author …………………………………………………………………………278
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
What is true power?
True power is the power to define. When you can define the social
reality, you have absolute power.
The mass media define reality for us. Whoever owns the mass media get to
define your reality for you. They get to manufacture reality. They get to fake
reality. They get access to all the tools necessary to make you believe anything
they want you to believe. Just ask a bunch of random people what money is. As
them what they think happened on 911. And who did it. Then check the facts I
have provided here. And ask yourself why you have never seen these facts
presented anywhere, any time, on television, or in the newspapers.
The mass media are owned by a certain group of people. They bought it with
paper money. They tricked the government into giving them the right to print
that paper money. Today people think money is power. It is in fact the other
way around. Money is just paper. It does literally grow on trees. Without the
power to force you to trade your time, effort, risk, sacrifice, and material goods
for this worthless paper, it has no value. The value is only a result of the power
to define paper money as valuable, and to force you to accept this definition.
This power is iterative. First the power to get the right to print and control that
money supply. Then the use of that paper money to buy more power and
influence. To corrupt your political systems at every level. They have bought the
power of life and death over you, to control your every thought and action, with
worthless paper money. It really is that simple. That’s the plan. It is working. You
only have a few years to stop it. Or don’t. And prove to the ‘masters’, the
144,000, that you really are mere cattle. In that case I tip my hat to them, and
accept that I cannot help you. Only you can help you. And it would be so easy. If
only you would take the time and effort to understand what I am going to
explain to you. And then have the guts to work through the emotional
discomfort that knowledge will at first bring, when you realise that you actually
have to do something. Now. Or forever hold your peace. And accept whatever
the New World Order protagonists have planned for you. Have they indicated,
through their past deeds, compassion and humility? What do you think you can
expect from them? How do most people behave when they have absolute
power? When they are completely invulnerable. When they are accountable
only to their own consciences, their own wills, their own desires?
In principle I agree with what many people believe to be the New World Order’s
goals, as outlined on the ‘Georgia Stones’. And in principle there are few
humans who are vegan, and hence deserving of justice. You cannot treat other
sentient beings as means to your own ends, inflicting fates worse than death
upon them, and then claim that you and yours deserve justice. As you do unto
others, so shall it be done unto you. As you sow, so shall ye reap. This is not just
the Eastern doctrine of Karma, but stated clearly in the Old Testament, which is
the basis for Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Marxism. Eden will be Vegan.
Read your bible. As long as we remain outside of Eden, our fate is to suffer
horribly. God said so. The kingdom of heaven is within you. It is not a place you
shall enter. It is a place that will emerge from within you, as the product, the
consequence, of your actions. Your daily interactions. You must choose between
real justice for everyone, and everything, or the Karma that the universe is
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
sending us all, right now, in the form of wars, suffering, and, yes, the New World
Order. Sure it will be an Eden for the elites. The 144,000. But for the rest of us?
Read ‘Brave New World’ and ‘1984’ if you want some insights into the N.W.O.
I have an authentically new world order to offer you. My Eden Protocols would
help us seek out the Kingdom of Heaven that is within us, and express it, so that
it becomes the world around us. Don’t seek fault in the few who managed to
succeed at what, in your heart of hearts, you wished for yourself. Power.
Domination. Luxury. Privilege. Inequality. The elites have it today. Why expect
them to behave differently, in principle, to yourself? How dare you judge them?
Judge yourself. And then change. And then you will cut off the source of power
of the Banksters, and their plans to enslave you in their New World Order. It is
not a NEW world order at all. Just the same old same old, but on a global scale.
The realisation of Plato’s Republic. Of Orwell’s ‘Brave New World’. Not an Eden
at all. Just the extreme limit of the fate worse than death we were sent out to
endure after we were kicked out of Eden. We wanted to be as Gods. Not as
loving, compassionate, freedom loving gods. But like the God of the Old
Testament. A violent, domineering, tyrannical, dictatorial god. We created god
in our own image. And so we got the world as we know it. But Eden is within our
reach. Once we abandon the quest to exploit others as mere means to our own
ends. To our own wills. Wills which are not, really, our own at all. Please read
‘The mystery of the Dreamer and the Dream’ as your next step in understanding
TROONATNOOR. And then follow up by reading all my other TROONATNOOR
books. For free. While you still are free to do so.
I am now going to try to join some dots for you. In doing so we shall arrive at an
outline of how the Central Banksters, based in Switzerland and known as the
International Banking Clearing House, with their ‘Golems’ the Federal Reserve
Bank, European Central Bank, World Bank, I.M.F, C.I.A, Mossad, U.S congress,
and most of the television stations, print media, internet social media like
Facebook, radio stations, and Hollywood movie studios, have already created a
power grid for themselves from which they, very soon, will be launching the last
stages of their quest for total control, commonly referred to as ‘The New World
Order’, but which is no more than the realisation of the Zionist’s plans as stated
in the Old Testament. The enslavement of the entire world by an elite of
144,000 people who shall treat those they do not outright slaughter, as mere
means to their own ends.
The entire media-military-political complex is the Zionist’s Golem. They have
found the true philosopher’s stone that can turn anything into gold. It is the
Central banking system. The Zionist Central bankers simply print money these
days, and they can exchange it for anything or anyone they want to own,
manipulate, or control. The paper is as worthless as the paper fed to the
Golem. But the Golem ‘swallows’ the con, the paper, and does whatever the
master, the one feeding it the worthless paper, tells it to. The Central Bank
printing presses are the true philosopher’s stone.
The first ‘paper money’ was an I.O.U, ( I owe you ), a ‘promissory note’. It
promised to pay the bearer of the bond a certain amount of gold or silver upon
the delivery of the bond to the issuer, or one of their agents. A typical scenario
would be a merchant with gold to buy goods at the end of their journey. It
would be very risky to carry gold. So they placed the gold with someone they
trusted, who had good security. They ‘banked’ the gold. Then that person would
issue them with a ‘receipt’ for so and so much gold and silver. It was a document
they printed themselves. When the merchant arrived at their destination, they
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
would go to an agent of the issuer of that receipt and be able to draw out the
said amount of gold or silver. For this service they paid the ‘bank’ a commission
or fee. At first the system was trustworthy, as for any I.O.U or ‘receipt’, there
was the same amount of gold or silver at the ‘Bank’. The Knights Templar, with
their ‘order’ based around the world, set up the first international clearing
house and banking system. Ultimately Zurich, Switzerland, became the center of
the world’s banking system, adopting the Templar model.
Of course the system was based on trust. If the ‘Bank’ where you deposited your
gold or silver got greedy, it might decide to ‘loan’ it to someone else while you
were underway, for interest. If that ‘loan’ went bad, you might arrive at your
destination to find that the ‘Bank’ had gone ‘Bank-rupt’. Their agent would then
be able to offer you nothing for your ‘receipt’ but an excuse. Your I.O.U, your
‘promissory note’ would be worthless. But if the person borrowing was a King,
well, a King could always sign an I.O.U themselves. The lender knew that the
King could always force their people to pay taxes at the point of the sword. He
did not have to have any gold or silver at the time of signing the I.O.U. The King
could just decide that he would pay his subjects with I.O.U’s in future. He could
force anyone in his jurisdiction, his Kingdom, to accept the ‘promissory notes’ in
return for goods and services. The I.O.U’s became ‘currency’ ‘by fiat’. That is, by
order of the King. By law. Fiat means ‘let it be so’. And that is basically what the
U.S dollar is today. People who understand what it is use it because they have
no choice. It is illegal to buy and sell, to trade, using gold, silver, or even direct
barter. This forces anyone operating in the U.S or with U.S businesses to accept
U.S dollars in exchange for their goods and services. In the case of Oil, the U.S
coerced/tricked the biggest oil producers into agreeing to sell only in U.S dollars.
So anyone who wanted to buy their oil had to first buy U.S dollars. This is the
only reason people still use the U.S dollar, a paper currency that is worthless. To
quote Voltaire ‘Paper money always returns to its real value at some point. And
that value is zero’.
If you want to see the future of the U.S dollar, then take a trip in time back to
1947, and post WWII Germany. The Allies simply, by ‘fiat’ wiped out all loans,
and all savings. The only debts that were made valid were the last 2 weeks of
salaries and wages owed by employers to their employees, and the same
equivalent in savings. Anyone with a mortgage was simply granted ownership of
their property. This was the basis for the economic recovery of Post WWII
Germany. The ‘economic miracle’.
Before the Roman Empire collapsed its currency had become so debased that
the silver plating on what were once pure silver coins was so thin it wore off,
and there was no longer any fooling the people that it was nothing more than
copper. In the beginning Roman coins were pure gold and silver. In the end they
were almost worthless copper.
Of course, as with any ponsy schemes, at first the U.S government kept up the
pretense of the ‘gold standard’. Like with any Ponsy / Pyramid scheme, at first
the fraudster is willing to lose money. They will pay out their own money to
make it look like the scheme is working, and to encourage new investors /
participants in the scheme. They wait until they have a large number of
participants before ‘pulling the plug’. They then ‘take the money and run’. The
U.S dollar was a promissory note. It promised, in writing, on the note itself, that
the bearer could take the note to any agent of the U.S government, such as a
Bank, or the U.S Treasury, and in return for the, say, 100 U.S dollar note, they
would get the equivalent of 100 dollars’ worth of gold, at a fixed rate. But that
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
was just a trick to give people false confidence. At first some people took them
up on the promise, and converted the paper money into gold. They got their
gold. They told their friends. Everyone seemed satisfied that the U.S
government were honest and trustworthy. They would honor their promises. So
few people ever bothered to convert the paper into gold. Paper was lighter,
more convenient, and easier to work with. It was ‘as good as gold’. So why
bother carrying heavy gold around, and trying to weigh and divide it into little
bits for each purchase, for each transaction? Money was easier. It came in
denominations. From very small to very large. Much easier to work with,
handle, and store.
Originally money was a promissory note. It promised so much gold in return for
the paper. But Kings got greedy and printed more promissory notes than they
had gold in their treasuries. This is the root of ‘inflation’. People soon learned
that for every promissory note for one dollar that was in circulation, with a
‘nominal’ value of ‘One dollar’ there was, in reality, only 50 cents worth of gold
in the treasury. The ‘real’ value of one paper dollar was only 50 cents. And so
the merchants had to demand 2 dollars, just to ensure they got One dollar in
real terms. They had to double their prices. So most currency systems in history
tended to last only a few decades, before collapsing. The people then returned
to a gold or silver ‘standard’ again. But the ponsy scheme is just too attractive to
Kings and governments. And people have such short memories. So again and
again we have seen the rise and fall of currencies. And the government has
power, in any case, to force people to use its paper currency, whether they
want to or not. Not only its own citizens, whom it can put in jail, and whose
property they can confiscate. But also people in other countries. That is the
main reason that the U.S has such a world-wide military presence. You do what
the U.S Government says, even if you are not a U.S citizen, or else. Saddam
Hussein, Mohamar Gadhafi, and many others have all learned what ‘or else’
means in practice. Death. Invasion of your nation. Slaughter of your people. The
‘land of the free’ is the world’s dictator. But it is not the U.S people who are in
control of the U.S. It is a few people. You know some of them. They are the
members of the Bilderberg Group, The Committee on Foreign Relations, The
Skull and Bones Society, and the Tri-lateral Commission. People like Bush,
Rockefeller, and Soros. Almost anyone you see on T.V is working for them. They
control the C.I.A. They control the Government. They operate a ‘shadow’
government. What you think you see with your own eyes is an illusion. An
illusion manufactured for your consumption by the real rulers. The N.W.O
Note that the symbol of Skull and Bones, of which George Bush was a member,
is the same as the skull and bones insignia on the hats of Hitler’s private security
force, the SS. It was first used by the Templars after their order was disbanded,
and became associated with Piracy. The crossed bones evolved into the cross
behind St. George’s cross on the British flag
The Zionists already represent a super-state. It was this state that Hitler set out
to destroy, as it threatened the freedom of all people. Please keep some facts in
mind. At the time of Nazi rule there were only 3 million Jews in the entire
German occupied zone. Jews had declared war on the Nazi’s in 1933. The Jews
had arranged international boycotts and trade embargoes on Germany. The
Jews had instigated book burnings. The Official slogan of the International
Congress of Jews as ‘Germans must perish’. Long before Hitler had
implemented a single anti-Jewish action, Jewish propaganda had been falsely
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
reporting, in the world’s major newspapers, that ‘6 million Jews had been
murdered in Germany’. Check your facts people. Don’t rely on the mass media.
That is like getting your advice from your worst enemy. Sure, listen, but then
use what the mass media says to work out what they are not saying. If they are
pointing to the left, then look to the right. If they are criticising someone or
something, then consider the positive merits of that person or thing. Watch the
magician while his beautiful ‘helpers’ are distracting everyone else, and misdirecting
their attention. Keep your eyes on the magician at all times. From the
very beginning. Once you miss that, it will be too late. The trick has already been
put in place. It will be too late.
Senator McFadden, who himself acted in the role of ‘Golem’ when bringing the
Federal Reserve Act (which would give a small number of Zionist Jews the power
to print money, and control the money supply) before the U.S Congress, soon
regretted his actions, stating that ‘A world banking system … acting together to
enslave the world for their own pleasure … the Federal Reserve has usurped the
government’. Woodrow Wilson, who had signed the Act into law, also soon
regretted having sold out the people in return for the campaign finance, media
support, and deals that had brought him to power, realising that he had literally
granted total power over the entire world to a few men. A few Zionists. This was
when the New World Order took control. They manufactured WWI and WWII,
and many other conflicts, in order to ‘divide and conquer’.
Rockefeller wrote that he did not care who wrote the laws, as long as he had the
power to issue and control the money supply. That is the true ‘Philosopher’s
stone’. Read Rockefeller’s own ‘memoirs’. He is part of a secret international
cabal of central bankers. His family, with the other super rich, financed both
Hitler and Stalin. They financed the Maoist revolution. They financed the
murder of over 120 Million people. Depopulation is big on their agenda. They
are the force behind China’s ‘one child’ policy. It was easy for them. You and I
cannot print our own money, and force other people, at the end of a gun or
bayonet, to use it. They can. They do. Just try, even in the U.S or Europe, to buy
anything with gold or silver. Try to barter goods. It is illegal. You will end up in
prison. They will confiscate your property. That is the law.
Yes, the Zionists literally print their own money. Fact. And once they got the
monopolistic right to print money, and control the money supply , they did
exactly what ‘The protocols of the elders of Zion’ predicted the Zionists would
do, and which great world leaders, including Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin
Franklin, feared. They first printed lots of money, lending it out cheap. They
quickly bought control of the mass media with this worthless paper money.
They used it as a tool to carry out the largest scale psychological manipulation
ever seen. They seduced people and governments with their ‘Madison Avenue’
advertising magic, into buying things they did not need, and could not afford.
The whole point was to get the people, and their governments, deep into debt.
The cold was one of their big success stories. They manufactured the cold war to
bankrupt both the U.S and Russia. They got third world nations to ‘invest’ in
useless, hugely expensive projects that were doomed to failure. The point was
simply to get them in debt, so that they would have to, de facto, give up their
sovereignty to the World Bank, the I.M.F, and the Zionist Central Banksters. The
N.W.O. They let this go on until the entire world was in debt. The average U.S
infant inherits a 50.000 dollar debt at birth, which will accumulate interest as
they grow up. They will never be able to repay it. They will be born, and die,
debt slaves to the Zionist Central Banksters. Even if they, as individuals, chose to
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
live simply, never take out any form of personal loan, and never buy anything on
credit, living like a puritan, they will remain, due to the borrowings of their
government, eternally in debt.
So, as per the Protocols of Zion, the Federal Reserve Bank, and its allied banks,
the World Bank, the I.M.F, under the co-ordination of the most secretive
organisation in the world, the Central Clearing Bank in Switzerland, which is the
ultimate master of all the worlds banks, simply started reducing the money
supply, cutting credit to people and companies, and increasing interest rates.
People stopped buying new stuff. The factories shut down. People lost their
jobs. They could not pay back their loans. They defaulted on their loans. The
banks then legally seized their property. It happened in the great crashes which
led to WWI and WWII. And all the stock market crashes we have experienced in
the last 40 years. It is a simple principle. It works. It has allowed the Central
Banksters, the Zionists, through their Golems, to acquire almost all the land and
wealth of every nation on earth. They sell out before the crash. Then they wait
as the crises they have manufactured play out their natural course. Then they
start buying. At bargain basement prices. They buy low, after crashing the
economy. Once they have bought up everything they wanted in this point of the
economic cycle, and their master plan, they manufacture the recovery.
They begin re-inflating the money supply, printing money again, and lowering
interest rates, making it possible for everyone to start buying again on easy
credit. This produces a boom. A bubble. As part of a continual ‘binge and
purge’, ‘feed and starve’, ‘expand and contract’ ‘monetary policy’, ‘fiscal policy’,
‘Protocols of Zion’ strategy.
They wait for the bubble to come close to bursting, before selling off high.
Making huge profits. ‘A killing’. This sell-off initiates the next phase. The bust.
The crises. The meltdown. The crash. The ‘bursting’ of the bubble.
They repeat this cycle over and over until they own all the real assets of the
world, and every individual is, whether they themselves ever borrow money or
not, in debt to them. Remember your government owns you. That is why they
are so keen to have your parents sign your ‘birth certificate’. They are basically
signing ‘possession’ of you over to the government. They are signing a ‘loan’ at
the same time. You become legally obligated to repay the government’s debt,
which it has taken out in your name, using your labor as security. Thus they
have made debt slaves of us all. Thus they control every commodity and real
asset in the world. They own all the land, all the water. They can buy every
politician of every party. They own both candidates of the main parties.
Whoever wins, they win. And the people play along like ignorant fools. No
wonder the Zionist’s have no respect for the masses.
The term ‘make a killing’ deserves special attention. For that is what the Zionist’s
Central Banksters have been doing. Manufacturing conflicts around the world
just so that they can gain control of governments via debts. War is expensive.
Few nations have ever financed a war from their own treasuries. They borrow
heavily from the Zionists. No matter who wins, the Zionist wins. One side wins.
And both sides eventually pay back their debts. They raise taxes at the point of a
gun or bayonet. They set up forced labor camps and use the profits to repay the
loans. Just as Rockefeller and Stalin. In the case of Germany in WWI, they
enslaved the German nation, taking 60% of all production, leaving the workers
starving, and virtual slaves to the Zionist Central Banksters. In WWII the Allies
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
literally took over half the German nation to repay the Zionist Central Banksters
It appears confusing at first. Why would the richest people on earth finance
Hitler’s National Socialism, and Stalin’s Soviet Socialism? Surely they are
capitalists? Surely they want capitalism? Surely the ‘evil empire’ was their
enemy? But then it becomes clear when you realise that the aim of the New
World Order is communism. Oh yeah. Fact. But here’s the catch. Communism
exclusively for the masses. National Socialism for the masses.
The object of slavery is always to socialise costs. To place all the burdens of life
on the slave. Let the slave pay, in blood, sweat, and tears, for the benefits that
the beneficiary classes enjoy. Socialise costs and privatize profits. Just as we
saw in the huge government bailouts of the failed banks and corporations. Get
the masses to pay. For them communism. Socialism. Collectivism. Soviet prison
states. But for the elites? For themselves and theirs? Of course not. Never
happened in any society. I researched the Soviet System. It was just as corrupt
as the U.S capitalist system. Always, in every place and time, the elites have
enslaved the masses, who bore all the costs of society. The elites enjoyed all
the benefits. Unlimited luxury, privilege, and freedom (from all the laws they
will impose upon us) for themselves.
The ‘Greenhouse Gas’ hoax was a typical attempt to manufacture a threat, and
find an excuse for a new global tax. Global warming is occurring on every planet
in our solar system because the sun. It has nothing to do with Carbon dioxide
emissions. The Global tax is just a scam. And we almost fell for it. Pearl Harbor
was allowed to happen to justify war, like 911, a new ‘threat’ that the elites
could use to take away our freedoms. In war the individual has no rights.
Under emergency powers, which George Bush has already granted himself, and
all the Presidents that came after him, the constitutional rights enjoyed by the
citizen are revoked. Remember that the U.S is a Constitutional Republic. NOT a
democracy. In a Constitutional Republic, you have certain inalienable rights that
no majority can ever simply vote away. This is why the I.R.S, another private
institution owned by the Zionist Central Banksters, harassed all the political
parties that were working to remind the people that they had a constitution,
and inalienable rights that no-one could take away from them, legally.
The Patriot Act was written years before 911, and kept in the draw for the big
day. It was passed after the Zionist’s successfully tricked the world into thinking
that 911 was carried out by foreigners, and not its own government. The Patriot
act, which is the most unpatriotic Act the U.S has ever seen, clearly states that
anyone who makes reference to their constitutional rights, and tries to
encourage others to exercise them, is to be defined as mentally ill, and to be
forcibly medicated, and/or imprisoned. Without trial. Without fixed duration.
The new official definition of terrorist in the U.S is anyone who commits the
slightest misdemeanor, in the U.S or anywhere in the world. Thus you can be
imprisoned, without trial, and tortured, for jay walking. I AM NOT JOKING. THIS
IS A FACT. Do some research. Just browse the web. But be warned, just doing
this sort of research defines you as a terrorist under those new laws. And as
mentally ill. For only mentally ill people have a problem with believing every lie
that their masters tell them is the truth. Question the official, absurd fiction
about 911, and by definition you are mentally ill. Wonder now why you don’t
hear more about all the new evidence, testimony, and clear facts that prove
that Bush and most of the U.S administration are criminals. Murderers. And
wonder why the only place you can get any information, like this book, is on the
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
web. The web is the last bastion of free speech. The rest of the media is
controlled by the Zionist Central Banksters and their Golems, like the C.I.A. The
mass media is a C.I.A asset. All you will hear and see is what the masters want
you to hear and see. That is the only opinion you will be offered. The only
information to base your own opinions on. This is how they manufacture public
opinion, and keep everyone in the dark. Soon the only place you will be able to
get independent information and views will be via web services like pirate bay,
which the State keep trying to shut down, but so far have been able to.
Do not be ashamed if you are among the billions who still imagine that Arab
Terrorists had anything to do with 911. I recently watched Noam Chomsky, a
leading intellectual whom I usually have nothing but respect and admiration for
talking in a movie ‘The four horsemen’, about the Arab Terrorists who hijacked
planes and flew them into the WTC. I mean, I am lost for words. This guy is
usually so clued up, especially with regard to the Middle East. It just goes to
show what sort of ‘blanket’ coverage and power the mass media have in the
People have had over a decade to show that they are human, and not mere
cattle, in terms of 911, and the information that has been made available to the
public on the web. The Zionist’s will always be able to use such facts about the
failure of the masses to show any signs of intelligence, independent thought, or
even goodwill for each other, as justification for their enslavement of them. If
we do not prove ourselves worthy of self-government, by taking an interest in
what is going on in our world, then we can hardly complain when someone
decides to make all our decisions for us. And we can hardly claim to be innocent
victims, when we, ourselves, take advantage, on a daily basis, of any power,
privilege, or superior fortune we have, vis a vis other less fortunate, less
powerful humans, and even more monstrously, vis a vis other sentient beings,
whether chicken, cow, dog, or fish.
In 1991 Rockefeller thanked the N.Y Times and Washington Post and Time
Magazine for NOT reporting on the New World Order / Trilateral Commission
over the last 40 years. The directors of each of these media giants attended the
meetings. The mass media do not work for you, their readers and viewers. You
have to get that into your heads. Turn off your TV. Stop reading the commercial
newspapers. Stop imagining that your favorite TV personality is expressing their
own opinion, rather than merely reading the scripts they are issued with by the
masters. You can change channels, change papers, change political parties,
change locations, but you will find the media, literally, repeating exactly the
same lines, word for word. They are all bought and paid for. They are controlled.
They are reading scripts. Telling you what the elites want you to think, believe,
and feel.
We can never be free until we take back the power to define reality for
ourselves, and begin interacting with reality, and not with the manufactured
reality. Only then can we have informed consent. Today we have mis-informed
consent at best. And that only until they complete the imposition of martial law
that they have already begun. Time is running out. Please copy this, and send it
to friends even before you start reading it, or listening to it. I am exercising the
only power I have for as long as I have it. I wish us all ‘Happy Next Lives’,
because I doubt the rest of our current lives is going to be very happy. But do
not fear death. Either it is just a return to oblivion, or the doorway to our next
lives. I believe, in the real sense of the word, that life is eternal. So please, think
about your next lives, and if necessary, be prepared to sacrifice this one, to
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
ensure that the billions of next lives to follow will be worth living, for you and
your loved ones. The living, in many cases, is in the way we die. Today is a good
day to die, if you die on your feet, fighting for truth, beauty, justice, and happy
next lives. Die as you intend to live. Joyfully, doing what is right and good and
just. Would you rather die, a slave, after 50 years of slavery? Only to find
yourself, next life, with a new life sentence of hard labor? Is that really better?
Fearing death is absurd. It is inevitable. The self that you are has a ‘use by date’.
The only thing possibly open to chance is the time of your death. Not your death
per se. So make every day ‘a good day to die’ by living ‘impeccably’, as if it is
your last, and also the first day, of the rest of your next lives.
After reading / listening to this, please read / listen to my book ‘Religion’. It will
free you from your current prison. My TROONATNOOR books will free you from
the rest of the Social Reality you are currently imprisoned in.
Remember that it is the Levites, the 13th tribe, the SUN, at the center of the
universe, as it appears in all early astronomical and astrological depictions, that
is the chosen people, the center of the universe. The 12 tribes are the signs of
the Zodiac which rotate around the sun. The Sion / Zion is the sun. Joseph, of
‘coat of many colors’ fame, was a priest at ON, after marrying the daughter of
the High Priest at On. ‘ON’ translates to the Greek ‘Heliopolis’, which means
‘City of the Sun’. He had 12 brothers. Coincidence you think? And Jesus, the
‘Son’ of god, with his 12 disciples? Hercules with his 12 labors? What about
Horus, from which we get ‘hours’, and the Hebrew ‘Hur’. Don’t forget that even
the Bible reminds us that ‘holy’ whores were to be found at most ancient
temples. If you live at the Equator every day is 12 hours long. The Egyptian god
Horus took 12 ‘steps’ across the sky. The original ‘Luke (Luc = light) Skywalker’!
And the original ’12 step program’. The god Horus, the sun, emerges at dawn as
a new-born god, the arisen savior, after having ‘died’ at sunset of the previous
day. ‘Set’ was the god of darkness, today known as the ‘prince of darkness’. And
so we have the archetype for the dying and resurrected god. All religion as we
know it is a derivative of sun worship. The names have been changed, and the
main characters anthropomorphised as god-men, but the plot, and the
meanings, have no changed.
All the organised religions of the world, as far back as we can show, back to the
stone age, were based upon worship of the Sun, moon, and stars, and all the
characters and stories that the sacred ethics were passed down with referred to
the Sun, Moon, Venus ( the morning star, Lucifer the ‘light bringer’, whose
appearance in the morning around 4a.m, just before sunrise, heralded the
dawn, the rising, the re-birth, of the sun), and the Astrological constellations of
Ares, Pisces, Aquarius, and so on. The ‘Islamic’ star and crescent represent the
moon, and Venus.
The Old Testament begins in the Astrological sign of Ares, the Bull. The original
priests observed the movements of the sun, moon, planets, and stars, and soon
observed patterns. They gave names to the constellations, or groups, of stars
they observed ‘moving’ across the night sky, over thousands of years. They
learned to predict these patterns, to the amazement of the masses. Standing at
the Equator, the sun rises in front of one of the 12 Astrological constellations
each morning. Over a period of 2000 to 2100 years, this constellation will
appear to move from right to left, passing behind the sun. And so the priests
calculated ‘ages’ or ‘aeons’ of 2000 to 2100 years, with each culture, from South
America, to China, to Europe, to the Middle East, coming up with its own figure.
And so the Aztecs predicted the new ‘Age of Aquarius’ for 2012.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The Catholic trinity of ‘The father, the son, and the holy ghost’ are the
equivalent of the Jews Abraham (Ab-ram), Isaac, and Jacob (Israel). Or if you like
something closer to actual historical fact, Isis, Ammon Ra, and Elohim, which
gives you Is-ra-el. Jesus calls Eloi Eloi, Lama, Sabachthani? , in the New
Testament. This means Lord, Lord, why hath though forsaken me? The Jews, in
their travels over the centuries, came into contact with, adopted, and adapted,
the Egyptian deity Isis, the Phoenician-Canaanite deity Ammon Ra, from which
the Christian ‘Amen’ derives, and the Palestinian ‘Saturn’ or El-ohim. The 6
pointed star, which today is known as ‘The Star of David’, is in fact the
Palestinian symbol of their God, Saturn. Sometimes called ‘The dark star’. Of
course ‘Saturday’ derives from this god, whom the Romans also honored with
their ‘Saturnalia’ festival. Monday honors the Moon / Mond / Monde. Tuesday
is ‘Dienstag’ a day set aside for serfs to perform their obligations to the church
and feudal land owners. Wednesday is Wodin / Odin’s day. Thursday is Thor’s
day. Friday is Freya’s day. And Sunday, the Sabbath, is of course in honor of the
one true god, the Sun, which is worshiped under many names, from Mithra to
Jesus. Of course the Zionist-Judaic-Christian’s set Sun day aside as the holy day.
Islam, to set itself aside, takes Saturday for its holy day. And so the Catholic
Church has demonised the deity Saturn as ‘the dark sun / son’. Remember that
the term Satan, which derives from Sat-urn, means ‘adversary’ in Arabic. It has
nothing to do with dark, evil forces. The word ‘d-evil’ was formed from ‘the evil
one’ or ‘d’ evil’. He is called the prince of darkness, the fallen angel, simply to
demonise him and Saturn. In fact Muslims today gather at Mecca to walk
around a meteorite. It is literally a heavenly body fallen to earth. A fallen angel,
if you like.
The Egyptian ‘trinity’ is made up of Osiris, Horus, and Isis.
The Hindu’s have Rama (creation / Eros ) , Vishnu (maintenance / preservation) ,
and Siva (destruction / Thanatos)
So why do all these religious figures always come in threes? Maybe you recall
the famous ‘riddle of the sphinx’. What animal crawls on four legs in the
morning, walks upright on two legs at mid-day, and then walks on three legs in
the evening’? Well a man of course. And the trinity is the same idea. Only the
‘man’ in question is the Sun. At noon, at mid-day, the Sun is at the height of its
powers. Thus this is the Sun as ‘The father’. Of course each morning the Sun
appears to be born anew at dawn. This is ‘The Son’. And then at night the sun is
not directly visible. We only perceive it through the light reflected by the moon.
And so this is the Sun as ‘The holy ghost’. Follow the priest’s hand as it goes
from mid-day, the top of his chest, to East, the dawn, and then to left, the West,
the sunset. And of course the most common religious symbol is a cross within a
circle. This represents, since Paleolithic times, the Old Stone Age, the sun. it is
etched into rocks as ‘petroglyphs’, carved into pillars and altars, and painted, all
over the world, at all sorts of sacred sites, on all sorts of churches and temples.
Note the New Testament play on words when it calls ‘Peter’ the ‘Rock’ on which
the new church shall be built. Keep in mind that Church derives from Kirche /
Kirk, which derives from the Ancient Greek ‘Circes’ , who was a deity who lured
wanderers into her home where she would mesmerise, hypnotise, and enthrall
them, in order to finally eat them up. The use of this term is one of those jokes
the Zionists love to play on us. To hide the truth out in the open. To prove what
dumb, inhuman cattle we really are. We ‘flock’ to the churches to be ‘fleeced’
by the priests and seduced into submission to the Priests, all Zionists or Golems.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The cross as we know it is the simple four pointed cross that is always depicted
at the center of all Astrological charts, with the 12 signs of the Zodiac, the 12
constellations, circling it. It represents the sun which the planets revolve
around, and which the constellations also appear to move from the P.O.V of an
observer on earth. The ‘Star of David’ represents the sun in the same way. The
swastika that the Nazi’s made famous is also a typical representation of the sun,
as old as time itself. It was carved into rocks during the Stone Age, all around
the world, from Scandinavia to India. It was considered a good luck talisman. It
represented the ‘creative source of life’ and thus prosperity and good fortune.
WWI soldiers in Germany wore metal swastika talismans, or painted swastikas
on their helmets, tanks, and so on. In Britain the WWI war bond drive used the
same symbol, and rewarded participants with swastika lapel badges. Red ones,
just like the ones most people exclusively associate with Hitler’s Nazi’s. Of
course you’ll find swastikas all over Buddhist shrines, like in Bali, or Tibet, or
Jerusalem is, to the 13th tribe, to the Levites, to the ‘Zion-ists’, their own ‘City of
the Sun’. The rulers see themselves, like the sun, at the center of the universe.
But hey, do you know many people who do not think in those terms? Everyone
imagines they have special entitlements. Everybody wants to rule the world.
And not to help others. But to satisfy their own desires, lusts, and impulses. The
Zionists, my friend, are simply better at it than anyone else. So don’t act all
morally superior. What would you do with power if you had it? If you had
worked out what they have. How to control and dominate, and enslave? Really?
You’d be nice? You’d share your power and privileges equally and fairly? Not
hoard them for your own enjoyment? Wow. Let me shake your hand, friend,
and invite you to join me in my quest.
But hey, wait a second. Aren’t you, right now, the master of someone, or some
animal? Don’t you have power over chickens, dogs, mice, rats, fish, cows, cattle,
poor people, less educated people, less fortunate people? I guess you go out of
your way to make all their lives better, using that power over them that you
have? Really? You don’t? But you pray to your god for relief from the injustices
of those with more power than you? Please remember that I am against all
forms of violence and injustice. Maybe the New World Order people really are
too? Who knows for sure? Maybe they are right. Maybe their ‘cure’ is pretty
harsh. But necessary? Or at least better than what we, left to our own devices,
would produce? I personally have a better plan. But I doubt you will go for it.
Because it is not about you getting more for you, no matter at what cost to
others. They may in fact bring in the equivalent of my own Eden Protocols. But I
doubt it. I expect they are just like you. Not like me at all. They will use their
power, like you use yours right now, to exploit others, to benefit at others cost.
To get the best deal for yourself and screw the rest. So you see I am a little
ambivalent even about informing you. But I, unlike the N.W.O, do not consider
that ‘the ends justifies the means’. I think that you should be judged by your
means as well as your ends. And that you can accept costs for yourself, but may
not impose them on others. No Zen practitioner, no-one with truly enlightened
ethics, would say that the ends justify the means. They would look at the now.
At what they are doing right this moment. And the costs their actions are
imposing on others. If their action causes another to suffer, they would stop it.
But they would also, like my Eden Protocols, stop and consider what is
necessary and what can be avoided, in terms of suffering. And seek to prevent
avoidable suffering.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
If you want to accuse me of anti-Semitism, as a convenient way of dismissing my
arguments about Zionism, then keep in mind that the Jewish people are merely
a means to the Zionist’s own narrow, selfish ends, and in the end no more
important to the Levites, to the Zionists, than any other ‘Gentile’ or NONmember
of Moses’/ Aaron’s ‘chosen people’. The Old Testament tells us there
are 144,000 of them. Eternally recurring. Ask any Rabbi who grew up in
Palestine, alongside Muslims and Christians, about how they all got on so well,
even babysitting each other’s children, before the Zionists brought death,
destruction, and misery to Palestine, in the form of the State of Israel. The
Zionist’s torture these Rabbi’s, and put them in mental institutions, for daring to
challenge the myths of the holocaust, and the other lies that are used to
nominally legitimate the terror of the Zionists. Anti-Zionism, these Rabbi’s will
be the first to tell you, is not anti-Semitism. The Zionists simply wish to censor
the media, so that no-one should learn the truth about them, their plans, and
their methods.
The episode of the worshiping of the golden calf, in the Old Testament,
represents the ending of the previous age of Taurus. Moses, the ‘father of the
law’, represents the Sun entering into the sign of Ares, the Ram. Thus the Jew’s
flag with the Ram, and the ancient Greek Hercules (of the 12 labors) involving
‘the golden (Ram’s) fleece’. Gold has always been used to represent the Sun,
with its life giving force. Jesus’ birth announces the new age of Pisces, the fish.
Hence the fish symbolism of the bible, the fish symbol Christian’s use on
bumper stickers, and the fish symbol associated with the ancient Greek (and
mathematician’s) hero Pythagoras, whom historians can find no other ‘proof’ of
ever having existed than that people later called themselves his followers. The
exact case applies to the New Testament character Jesus, and the Ancient Greek
Hercules. When Jesus’ disciples ask him where they should seek him, he tells
them that they will find him in ‘the house of the man with the water pitcher’.
This is a clear reference to the Astrological sign of Aquarius. Thus it is not a godman,
Jesus or any other, which we are told to expect in ‘the end days’. It is
simply a reference to a new age. The Age of Aquarius, which will be ushered in,
around 2000 to 2100 years. Jesus is the personification of the age of Pisces.
Born at the end of the age of Aries, which was the previous age which Moses is
the personification of. They were not references to real people, the names
Jesus and Moses. The reason that most ancient religions worshiped ‘Appis’ ‘the
bull’ in some form or other, was that this is a reference to the age of Taurus,
which the Age of Aries, the Ram, which Moses represents, replaced.
We are living in the end times, to be sure. The end of the age of Pisces. The New
Testament promises us that there will be a new heaven and a new earth. Of
course you know see that the new heaven is the new Constellation, Aquarius.
Whether there will be a new earth is up to us. But surely the elites will attempt
to bamboozle you with some evens and characters into imagining that they are
the second coming themselves, bringing a new heaven, a new Eden, on earth to
us. But remember, the ‘second coming’ is simply the sun dawning in the new
astrological sign of Aquarius, the water pitcher bearer, the bearer of the water
of wisdom. To be honest I think it’s me. I mean people like me. Read my books.
You will see the difference between people like me, and most other people. I
came to the same conclusions as most of the N.W.O people, as far as I can tell
from what we know about them. Only my means are humane. And I really do
have everyone’s interests at heart. I can only live happy among happy people.
Free among free people. Secure among secure people. I do not want to benefit
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
at the expense of any other sentient being. I was born in 1968. My name is
Markus Heinrich Rehbach. If you speak German and Latin, and know your
ancient mythology, you will know that my name refers to the god of nature, a
king, gently flowing water, and a deer, the ancient symbol of prosperity, which
links heaven to earth. I honestly have not met or read anyone who shares my
genuine goodwill and enlightenment. People imagine they do and have. But the
devil, as they say, is in the details. I cannot blame the N.W.O Zionists for taking
the path they have taken. For any other path looks quite hopeless. What I can
say is that I have a very similar alternative to offer. A better way to be. If you
cannot find the will and ability to help me in my quest, then I will have to accept
the N.W.O as the second best alternative. They will probably destroy me, as a
potential equal, and thus a threat. They don’t trust anyone at all. They will
probably, as always, end up killing each other at some point, in the quest for
absolute power. Anyway, happy next lives!
So back to that character Jesus. Very Zen, so I like him. Mostly. His birth is
celebrated, in the form of a Christ-Mass, around December 23, which in the
Northern Hemisphere, marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest day, and
therefore longest night, of the year. The ‘death’ and ‘resurrection’ of the Sun
occurs from the 23rd to the 25th of December, when the Sun, observed from
the North, stops in its southwards journey which had threatened us with eternal
darkness, and death. The sun is then said to be in the constellation of Scorpio.
This is why Judas, in the New Testament, gives Jesus the ‘kiss of death’. For the
bite of the scorpion is said to leave a mark on the victim that looks like a kiss.
The sun then begins it’s, from our perspective, northward journey once more. It
is resurrected. It has returned to us. It is returning. This date was marked, in
various religions, such as that of Mithra, in the celebration of ‘Solar Invictus’, the
dead and reborn Sun. After this date the days begin lengthening, and the nights
become shorter and shorter, until the Summer Solstice, around 6 months later,
the longest day, and shortest night, of the year, in the Northern Hemisphere.
The idea of a ‘virgin’ birth that is associated with all the archetypes that Jesus is
merely one expression of, is a reference to the constellation of Virgo. In the
many cases of a god-man being born to a virgin, which you can read about in my
TROONATNOOR book ‘Religion’, the astrological meaning is clear. Sadly the
Zionist religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all used sex as a tool for
control of the masses, defining sex as dirty, and as sinful. However that is not
the real reason the god-man must be born to a virgin. It is not about moral
hygiene. It is a reference to the Constellation of Virgo. Today we associate this
star sign with September. And Bible scholars will concede that, using quotes in
the bible about the conception of John the Baptist and his relationship to Jesus,
it is clear that Jesus was actually born in September, and not December.
Historians can even prove exactly when the Catholic Church began celebrating
‘Christ-mas’, the birth of Jesus, on the day traditionally, in Rome, set aside for
the celebration of ‘Sol Invictus’. They simply replaced Mithra, the Sun god, with
Jesus, the Son of god. I’ve detailed all the facts in ‘Religion’. Read it now, for
free, while you are still free to! Easter is a no brainer. It is the ancient rite of
spring. The dead vegetation renews itself, being ‘born again’. Pretty obvious. But
I explain it all in detail in ‘Religion’. The Egyptians celebrated the first week of
spring as the time that the sun would ‘pass-over’ the equator on its way back
Northwards after its Southern journey into darkness. The Sun is considered ’reborn’.
The Jews adopted this Egyptian celebration of Easter in their own ‘Passover’,
simply constructing a new narrative to explain its derivation. Like the cult
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
of Mithra, and the cult of Christianity did with their narratives, to give the old
astro-theology a new ‘spin’.
Moses’ religion is clearly a new religion for his ‘chosen people’. It is not a
continuation of their previous religions. Otherwise why would Moses be starting
from scratch? With new commandments, new rules, new uniforms, a new
‘tabernacle’. He is clearly starting a new religion, and has a hard time getting the
12 tribes on board. Moses in fact resorts to pure tyranny. He rules by fear. Like
any dictator. Like Stalin. He murders the opposition. He butchers thousands in
the first weeks of his new religion, to enforce his power, and the 12 tribe’s
submission to him. Consider that by throwing down the tablets with the law on
them and breaking them, he is ‘breaking the law’ that they have inherited, thus
doing away with ‘the age of Taurus’.
The ‘natural’ religious form of the earliest societies was polytheism, in which the
natural forces were anthropomorphised as god-men. People worshiped the
stars, the heavenly bodies, and the elements of nature, in the form of
anthropomorphic figures, gods, and idols. People showed great tolerance of
each other’s preferences for worship. Of course the priests of each ‘deity’, each
god, each idol, competed for the affections, wealth, and power of their patrons,
the worshipers. However there were no religious based persecutions. Moses
was as ruthless with his ‘chosen people’ as he was with the nations he coerced
his own people into committing genocide upon. He made them ‘an offer you
can’t refuse’. The original one. Do what I say or die. Die in this life, and suffer
for eternity in the next world. Fates worse than death. The 12 tribes were the
Levites’, Moses’ new ruling class, his new beneficiary class, his new priest class’,
was his personal Golem. That is the meaning of the old Jewish story of the
‘artificial man’ that the Jews ‘made’. It would do whatever the Jew told it to.
The Jew must only write their will on a piece of paper and feed it to the Golem,
and the Golem would carry out the Jew’s will.
The first ‘paper’ that was ‘fed’ to this first ‘Golem’, the 12 Tribes of Israel, was
called the Pentateuch, the 5 books of Moses. Later the Talmud was added, to
form the ‘Torah’. The will of the Levites was that their ‘Golem’ commit genocide,
to first gain wealth, and then to enslave the entire world for their masters, the
The Levites understood the maxim, ‘divide and conquer’. Their first ‘religion’,
Judaism, separated the 12 tribes from the rest of mankind. They gave their
‘Golem’ instructions that all other peoples were to be exterminated and
enslaved. The first ‘division’ the Levites made was between the ‘Jews’ and the
‘Gentiles’, the non-‘Jews’. This is where the notion of ‘Jew ‘ really comes from.
This is the notion of ‘Semitic’. Anyone who is against the idea and practice of
‘Jews’ , as the Golem of their ruling class, the Levite Priests, the 13th tribe,
exterminating and enslaving the rest of the world, is, by definition, anti-Semitic.
This is the real root of the term ‘anti- Semitic’. It does not relate to ‘Jews’ as
victims. It does not stem from the idea of victimising ‘Jews’. It stems from
resisting the Levite’s in their drive to exterminate and enslave the entire world
to its own will, as its ‘cattle’.
This all came to me this morning, when I awoke quite early. I had wanted to be
finished with this book. Writing it is making me ill. I never imagined I would be
writing such a book, any more than Hitler had ever imagined that he would
become ‘anti-Semitic’. Being anti-Semitic means to be against slavery. Are you
against you and yours being enslaved to the Levites? How can I say this? Read
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
your Old Testament. Semitism is the ideology that the 12 tribes, under the 13th
tribe, the Levites, will slaughter and enslave the rest of humanity. Simple. It is a
nationalist, racist ideology far more extreme than Nazism ever was or could be.
It is not a religion, in the sense of being about spirituality.
This all became clear to me after finishing my ‘compression’ of the Old
Testament, which forms part of this document.
Moses chose the 12 tribes to be his ‘base’. A closed group, hostile to outsiders,
but ethical to their own members. A group that defined all outsiders as inferior,
and worthy of no better than slavery. Mere ‘cattle’. To be exploited, raped, and
dispossessed of any property they might have. They would be as ruthless to
non- ‘Jews ‘, to outsiders, as Moses was to them.
It is clear from their constant ‘rebellion’ that they were not ‘Kosher’ with the
whole deal. They consistently ‘rebelled’ against the whole deal. They initially
refuse to commit genocide. They refuse Moses’ religion and laws. They refuse
the rule of the Levites. I am counting on them being ‘a rebellious people’ once
again, and refusing to remain slaves to the Levites, and refusing to enslave the
rest of the world. This is why I direct this book as much to ‘Jews ‘ as to the
people they are meant to annihilate and enslave. Arabs, Palestinians, and Jews
are not natural enemies. The Zionist’s had to make them enemies. By founding
the state of Israel, in direct contradiction of all international laws and U.N
rulings. It is all a way to ‘divide and conquer’. Get your potential competitors for
power to fight, kill, and destroy each other, while benefiting from the butchery,
until they have weakened each other so much that you can just walk in and
declare yourselves their masters. Masters of all.
Now ideally you can pretend to be the solution, to the problems that you have
yourself manufactured, and trick them into welcoming you into their lands, and
voluntarily giving them power. That is the ideal. That is what is happening now.
That is plan A. Manufacture a crises, then offer yourself as the solution.
Manufacture the threat of war and terrorism, and then offer yourself as the
protector of the people. Manufacture a financial collapse, and offer yourself as
the solution. The ‘bailout’. Manufacture a crises, and offer yourself as the
Saviour. But plan B will just be to exterminate them. Slaughter them. Move in
by force. In fact that is what is going to happen to all those who do not willingly
follow their Golems willingly into the slaughterhouse. How else can you explain
the new laws that deny citizens any rights? That empower postal workers to
arrest and kill you, at their own discretion? The massive build-up in homeland
defense. The sheer number of bullets, Billions, which have been amassed. The
FEMA camps and millions of plastic coffins? The 911 false flag attacks.
First the Levites began dividing and conquering all of humanity by first dividing
the 12 tribes from the rest of humanity. The next division they made was
‘Christianity’. Ask yourself why Jesus is a Jew. The character ‘Jesus’ is completely
derivative of the existing god-men of his time. Mithra, Buddha, Jain, Krishna,
Bacchus, Mars, and Apollo were the ‘original’ Jesus figures. So why should Jesus
belong to the 12 tribes? What are the odds? What was the necessity of creating
a brand new god-man, when there were so many others already around that
would have done the job just as well?
Divide and conquer. A new religion. A new religion based on the earlier
prototype of intolerance and exclusivity. Ironic you say, as Jesus appeared to
break the idea of exclusivity. But of course the new religion went on in the
character of the old, to become exclusive, and so intolerant that it soon began
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
persecuting all non-Christians, and demonising them as evil. Now the Jews also
had a new enemy. Nothing binds a group of people, and forms a nation, better
than a shared experience of persecution, and a shared enemy. So the Christians
persecuted the Jews, as if by command. They were doing their masters bidding.
The new Golem was doing the will of the Levites, by persecuting the 12 tribes,
the ‘Jews’. The new papers being fed this new Golem were called ‘The Gospels’,
‘The New Testament’.
The new Golem was such a successful venture for the Levites, producing such a
sense of ‘unity’ among the 12 tribes, that the Levites saw no reason to stop
there. Divide and conquer. Divide by forming a new religion. Islam. They sent off
their ‘agent provocateurs’ to Arabia, and found Mohammed. Yes, the mountain
did come to Mohammed. They gave him a new religion. Like Christianity, it
would be rooted in Judaism, and thus prove intolerant and exclusive. It would
ensure conflict and war for thousands of years to come. The Levites had now
‘divided’ humanity into at least 3 mutually exclusive groups that were intolerant
of each other. The Levites had constructed the ‘war of all against all’ with their
own ‘Leviathans’, their own Golems. Each now faced the ‘Hobbesian dilemma’.
Each were fused tighter by their common enemies. Each now lived in a world at
war. A world of threats. The Levites could now be sure that their 12 tribes would
bond into one nation, now that they had so many common enemies, the
Christians and the Moslems. Please explain, otherwise, why all three emerged
from the same geographical location, building their most holy shrines in the one
city. Do you think it was pure good luck on the part of the Levites?
The Levites deliberately fostered hatred among the Christians and Muslims
through their own actions, against the ‘Jews’, in order for the Jews to gain a
sense of belonging, a shared sense of persecution, vulnerability, victimisation,
and suffering. This is what defines the ‘Jews’ in their own minds, and the
popular consciousness today. I believe that the Levites deliberately provoked all
the ‘pogroms’ against the Jews in history, culminating with the pogroms of
WWII, and more recently, 911. They did in fact finance Hitler, and then declare
war on Nazi Germany. The ‘Versailles treaty’ was meant to destroy Germany,
and its will to fight. In fact the largest states, Bavaria and Berlin, were both
taken by Jewish Communists and declared ‘Socialist Republics’ in 1918. The
Zionist- Jews had successfully ‘divided and conquered’ Germany. It was only
because the precursors to the Nazi Party, the Thule society, trained volunteers
and carried out a counter revolution in 1919, literally ‘taking back’ Germany,
and re-uniting it, that Germany survived as a nation at all. Facts dear reader.
Wonder why this is never taught in school?
What about this fact. The Allies would fire bomb German civilian targets, wait
until the rescue workers came up to help their suffering friends and families,
and then drop bombs on them. And then wait until all the civilians had gathered
in parks, before bombing the parks, and machine gunning down women,
children, old people, and even farm and zoo animals? Did anyone ever tell you
what the term ‘Holocaust’ means in Hebrew? A burnt offering. A burnt animal
sacrifice. To the Zionists, anyone who is not them is merely an animal. A ‘Goy’.
Cattle to be slaughtered. And offered up as a sacrifice to their quest to realise
the promise Moses made them in the Old Testament.
The Allied commanders themselves called these actions, like the bombings of
Dresden, Berlin, and Tokyo, ‘terror bombings’. Many officers refused, and were
threatened with imprisonment. They were acts of terror. Ask the man who lead
the campaign in the U.S, Robert McNamara. He himself admitted that he and his
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
colleagues would be tried as war criminals if the Allies lost the war. The policy
was meant to crush people’s spirit. To crush an entire nation’s spirit of
resistance. Visit Germany today and you will see what has become of it. It is
little more than an extension of the U.S.A. The people borrow money for things
they don’t need. They go along with N.A.T.O Zionist N.W.O policies. They do not
have any military to speak of. They are the ‘Golem’ of the Zionists. Just open
your mouth about anything critical of anything related to Israel, Jews, or
Zionism, and you’ll find yourself in prison. The last best hope for humanity,
Nazism, monstrous as its means self-admittedly were (just read Mein Kampf and
see Hitler’s own feelings on the matter), has been defeated and crushed.
Ask yourself why the U.S and British bombed Iraq into the Stone Age. Why did
they destroy all the water treatment plants? Perhaps so the population would
be devastated by cholera, Typhus, and Dysentery? Why bomb baby formula /
powdered milk factories? Perhaps so no child would have a chance at normal
development? Why are the authorities preventing the locals, even today, from
rebuilding basic infrastructure and facilities? Why are Iraqi children being born
without genitals? Why are the occupation forces deliberately provoking intertribal
conflicts and corruption in Iraq?
Seriously, you have to be kidding me if you want me to imagine that the German
Secret Service do not, by now, know as much as I do about 911, and its
implications. Either the German administration is unpardonably incompetent
and indifferent, or it is part of the N.W.O conspiracy. Merkel is a communist,
from East Germany, and a member of the Bilderberg group. So where do you
think her loyalties lie? But then again, you can never fail to underestimate the
stupidity, and greed, of the average person. Sorry. Just being honest. If you can’t
handle the truth, then either try your best to join the elites, or eat drink and be
merry, for tomorrow, if you are not dead, you certainly will be a slave. Not just a
debt slave and wage slave and potential conscript cannon fodder or war
industry robot, as you are now. But formally. Officially. Get your number now.
They call it a chip. An implant. IBM have moved on from their tattoo numbering
system for KZ prisoners, and their punch card computer. Today it is all facial
recognition software, Facebook data mining, and chips in cards that by law you
must carry, and which allow the state to know exactly where you are at every
moment. You think you carry that card with that chip for your own safety?
I have already experienced how gleefully police abuse any power the state gives
them. The German term ‘Shadenfreude’ expresses the ‘malicious glee’ that lots
of humans enjoy at observing other people’s misfortunes. Even in inflicting pain
and misery upon others. Many people find the sensation of power they get from
being cruel to others deliciously intoxicating. Lots of them are full of malice at
everyone they consider luckier than they are. They feel entitled to stuff they
have not earned, like most people who take advantage of whatever power they
have over other people and animals. The police and army in the U.S are right
now, like in Estonia, and Germany, priming and conditioning people into reflex
acceptance of illegal authority. They are doing random searches, just to get you
used to being randomly searched and controlled.
It is all a part of a strategy. One day you will find the police state completely
normal and natural. You will forget that there was a time when you had
constitutional rights and protections. I realise already that justice is only for the
rich, who can afford to pay lawyers. It always was. Only soon all of us will feel
what the Negroes in the U.S felt, and how the people living in the Soviets felt,
and how I have felt even in Germany and Estonia. A fear of the state. A fear of
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
police. Realising that you are powerless to stop a bunch of hooligans with
weapons from treated you like we treat animals. For you are. Or soon will be.
That powerless. I guess you figured it was good enough for others to suffer, as
long as you or yours did not suffer. Well, sorry to inform you, but unless you find
some solidarity among yourselves pretty quick smart, and some goodwill, you
will ALL be the new lowest rung on the ladder. The exploited mass. One big
mass of powerless worker slaves. No more hierarchies. Just two blocks. The
elites and the rest of us. No more middle classes. You will either be at the
bottom or the top. For better or worse.
There will be more equality, certainly. The equality of slaves. A true ‘workers’
state. With a few party members ruling everything, and enjoying every
imaginable benefit, privilege, luxury, and freedom. Gone is the bell-curve. Enter
the real apartheid state. Two separate groups. One benefiting. One paying. One
giving orders. The other following them. The final rule of terror that will put the
Catholic Church, and Stalin, in the shade. For the same people who brought you
Stalin’s reign of terror are the one’s bringing you the N.W.O. And boy, have they
learned a thing or two about terrorism. Boy has their technology gone in leaps
and bounds. Welcome to the prison planet. And don’t think they’ll let YOU
chose if you live or die. If they think you can be of use, they will no more let you
take a peaceful pill and quit this world than would any slave owner.
In fact the lack of support of freedom of end of life choices, voluntary
euthanasia, is the key thing that leads me to lose hope that the N.W.O will be
humane, like mine would be. For if they were like me, they would have put their
media power behind the call for the right to die when you chose, in the most
humane, comfortable, dignified, and painless way possible. And they have not.
They have blocked the movement. And so they want to keep the right to decide
how and when you die for themselves. First they will determine if you add value
to their lives or not. If you can produce value for them. Or serve their interests
as police or prison guards. If so, they will force you to endure, and even
reproduce, in their own interests.
If not, well they probably will not even waste the expense of a bullet on you.
They will let you die of starvation, like they do in Africa today. They will incite
you to kill each other, as they do all around the world. The last genocide was the
fastest, in African, and carried out with machetes. 800,000 people were
slaughtered. Easy done. Easy to bring out the worst in human nature. Bringing
out the best is a real task. Most likely the Nazi’s the U.S hired after WWII have
already added new biological weapons to Lime disease, Aids, and the Pig and
Bird flu. And when it suits them they will release them, as they have done many
times. You probably have no idea that your own government has experimented
on you with biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. Facts. Just do a quick
internet search to find the official state documents that prove it. Oh, and don’t
forget, my Jewish friends, that the state of Israel was paid by U.S researchers to
radiate hundreds of thousands of ‘dark skinned’ children of immigrants to Israel.
In the U.S they use orphans and ‘wards of the state’, when the prisoners won’t
‘volunteer’, or the military decide they’ve already done too many experiments
on their own service personnel. Or hey, just use the subway, like in New York.
Or spray nerve gas from airplanes over London. All done. Fact. Don’t believe
me? Read the government’s own reports. It is not secret any more. But if they
were doing this stuff a few years ago, then why doubt they are doing even
worse now.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Did you realise that Bertrand Russell, a big N.W.O intellectual, actually
supported the idea of genetically breeding humans so that in a few generations
there would be two distinct ‘types’ of human. The elite. And the worker. Exactly
as depicted in ‘Brave New World’. Huxley knew what he was talking about. His
brother was a leading eugenicist. It is not a warning. It is a presentation of the
N.W. O plan. Eugenics for me is about the raising of the average level of positive
inherited traits. Of engineering greater EQUALITY. But for the New World Order
psycho-bunnies it is about deliberately engineering greater inequality, in fact a
two tiered humanity. A very dumb, weak, unattractive slave tier.
And the elites, the Zionists, the ‘sons of god’, who have given truth to the
prophecy of the snake in the Garden of Eden when it said ‘And ye shall be as
gods’, with their biological augmentation, robotics, A.I, and cyborg
‘improvements’. A small class of super-men, and a mass of a lowest common
denominator that was deliberately engineered to be as low as possible, while
still being able to perform their basic, routine functions. Surely also there would
be another group of humans bred as ‘pets’ of the elites. Sex puppet and puppy
dog types.
Fear overrides all logic, empathy, and reason. It is impossible to think clearly,
empathically, compassionately, and reasonably when you face imminent
destruction. The Levites have ensured that the Jews would constantly be faced
with persecution and imminent destruction. Today they have ensured that the
whole world feels this way. They invented terrorism, to fulfill this objective.
The Zionists have offered the Jews up, again and again, as a ‘holocaust’, ‘a burnt
offering / sacrifice’. They have been placed in vulnerable positions by the
Levites, over and over. They conspire against governments in order to provoke
them into actions targeting the Jews as a people. The Levites are willing to
watch most of the ‘Jews’ be destroyed, merely so that the ‘remnant’ will return
to their control, even more fearful, even more easy to manipulate, than they
were before. Read George Soros’ memoirs. He is a Jew who worked for the
Nazi’s, helping identify rich Jews and seizing their property. How do you think he
got to where he is today, with his tens of Billions of dollars? He found the whole
business with the Nazi’s to be the ‘best time of my life’. His own words.
The current ‘Levites’ are a blend of the original, with the introduction of a more
powerful element. The Khazars. Caucasians from Southern Russia who
converted to Judaism around the 9th Century. It is they who discovered a ‘new’
‘paper’ to feed a new ‘Golem’. They discovered ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’. The
real one. The Golem is a myth, but real. The Philosopher’s Stone is myth also,
but also real. It is called ‘paper money’. Originally ‘convertible notes’, but as we
shall see, with the introduction of ‘Central Banks’, such as the U.S Federal
Reserve Bank, mere paper. The new Golem is called Congress. It is called
Hollywood. It is called ‘the mass media’. It is called ‘the consumer’.
Today the Levites, the masters of the world, print paper that the Golem is
hungry for. The Golem will do anything to anyone, for that paper. The paper is
called ‘U.S dollars’. The paper is made valuable by a ponsy scheme called
‘Bretton Woods’ and ‘The Petro-dollar’. It is worthless. But the Golem will do
anything for it. Because one Golem will do anything for any other Golem that
can feed it this paper. The Golems will fight wars over this paper. They go to war
for this paper. They will do the bidding of the Levites, the Zionist Central
Bankers and their personal Golems, for this paper.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Every time you buy something on credit, you become a Golem’s Golem, and
thus the ‘bitch’ of the Zionist Central Bankers. You become Rockefeller’s Bitch.
You become a tool of the Zionist Levites. You sell your soul just to consume
things now, rather than save up for them.
The 12 tribes, like all other ‘nations’, have shared myths, and a shared sense of
history, and destiny. I wonder how much of what I write here will resonate with
them. Maybe many feel privileged as ‘the chosen people’. They may feel they
have a destiny to rule the world, as the master race, as the superior race. It is
easy to seduce people with such ideas. However they have to read their own
myths. They must understand their own history. They must see that they are
merely the means to their own master’s ends. Their masters consider them
disposable. All their masters need is a ‘remnant’ to work with. I believe the Jews
were ‘sacrificed’ over and over by their masters. If Hitler really did seek to
exterminate them, and if he really did murder many of them, then they must
see that he was provoked to do so by the Jews own masters, the Levites, the
What other leader would bring their people into such danger, as they have done
in Israel? I promise every Jew who is not a Levite, or consciously the Levite’s
Golem, its asset, its prostitute, that I, Markus Heinrich Rehbach, have more
concern for your interests than your own supposed leaders, the Zionist Levites,
who claim to represent your interests. Of course I also care more for the
interests of the U.S people than their elected representatives. Their elected
representatives, like those of the Israeli, are mere Golems to Golems of the
Levites. They are thus Golems to the Levites. They do their bidding. I do not
know what they have promised you. I do know that in the short term they can
give you almost anything you desire. But the price of prostituting yourself to
them, and being their Golem, is eternal submission. Slavery. Maybe you will be
one of the better treated slaves. A supervisor of other slaves. But a slave none
the less. And your children will be their slaves also. Remember that when you
make a deal with the devil, that sooner or later he owns your soul.
So now to the full story, from Genesis to 911, and WWIII. It is a fascinating tale
of Philosopher’s stones and Golems. It is a tale of deception and treachery. It is a
tale of cunning. It is a tale of wealth and power. It is a tale with a few heroes,
and billions of victims. It is OUR story. How it ends is up to US. But first we must
give up ideas of being chosen people. We must give up the artificial religions
that have been imposed on us from above, which seduced us. We must give up
our sense of having a right to more than other, of deserving, as our birthright,
privileges and benefits. We must give up our sense of entitlement to having
more than someone else. The sense of entitlement to abuse our power over
animals to exploit them as mere means to our own ends. We must stop fighting
amongst ourselves, and recognise that our true enemies are the Zionist Central
Banksters and their Golems, and most of all, our own selfish greed. For the
masters, the Levites, could only have seduced us if we wanted to be seduced.
They could only make us their Golem, because we sought to make others our
I have so much to say. So much is contained in the following document. But
even more is contained in my TROONATNOOR books. And every moment new
connections become clear to me, new meanings emerge, and the social reality
dissolves, more and more, breaking down before my eyes, to reveal the truth
that is always right in front of us, but which we do not see, because of the active
misinformation and obfuscations of the mass media, our ‘culture’, our mis911
(Five minutes to midnight?)
education. All these things distort our vision. We are blind. We are blind to our
own foibles. We are blind to a conspiracy that has been going on for thousands
of years, and may, with some probability, succeed in the next few months. I
cannot say if that will be for the better or the worse. But I believe it is my
responsibility to share what I have learned. In writing this I have pretty much
exhausted the full range of my response- ability. Now it is up to you all.
Do not let the Levites define you are Jew and Gentile, as Christian, as Jew, as
Muslim. Define yourself as people, as parents. As one children of one God, if you
like. We are ONE. Do not let the Zionist Levite divide us. Do not let them
enslave your children. Prove to them that you are worthy of freedom, and not
the mere ‘cattle’ they define you as. The Zionist Levite defines all non-Zionists as
mere means to their own ends, whether Jew or Gentile. The Zionist is NOT a
Remember that Zionism is a political ideal based on the plan of a few people to
enslave the rest of humanity. If you are for this, if you think that the Levite has a
right to enslave you, then by all means, be Zionist. Be SEMITIC. But if you
believe that the Zionist’s do NOT have the right to enslave you and your
children, and to murder those they do not believe would be valuable slaves,
then you are Anti-Semitic. You are anti-slavery. You are anti-murder. This is all
that anti-Semitism is, in reality. It has NOTHING to do with Israel or ‘Jews’ per
se. Do not let the Zionists play with words. Do not give them the power to
define. Do not let them define our social reality. Use the term anti-Zionist, and
confound their attempts at ‘double speak’, ‘newspeak’, which are nothing more
than attempts to dictate meanings, definitions, and mis-direct discourses where
they can never reveal the truth about the Zionist conspiracy. The conspiracy
they openly revealed in their own writings. The best way to hide a conspiracy is
by placing it where everyone could see it. Then no-one is interested. Just like my
books. They are here. They are free. But who will read them? Maybe I should
hide them, make you pay a lot of money for them, and then you might become
I will neither be slave nor endure others to be enslaved. Life is only worth living,
if we are all born and remain free. But not free to treat others as means to our
own ends. Not free to harm other sentient beings, or enslave them. That is the
only limit on our freedom. Then we shall have freedom from all forms of
violence and injustice.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Openly public, documented, and well published (with hundreds of
millions of copies printed and sold) announcements of the Zionists
planned New World Order
The Jews shall beat many peoples into pieces. (Divide and Conquer)
The remnants of the Jews shall live among the gentiles as lion among sheep, to
slaughter at will (Enslavement and depopulation)
A root of Jessie (The Jews) shall rule over the Gentiles (The rest of us)
The nations that will not serve you will be wasted. (WWII defeat of Germany,
Iraq, Libya, Iran, Syria, and the coming WWIII)
The gentiles are your inheritance (We are the mere property of the Zionists,
chipped and documented. Why do you think you have a birth certificate and
Ye shall consume the riches of the Gentiles. (Via the Central Banking system,
and the U.S dollar Ponsy-Pyramid scheme)
Rejoice not thou Palesteiner…I will kill thy root…thou art dissolved…and the
fiery dragon shall slay thy remnant. (The genocide of the Palestinians, against
which the Palestinians have courageously battled without any assistance from
the supposed freedom loving, holocaust-hating, free world)
Read the Bible if you doubt the Zionists did not take these prophecies seriously.
I provide a condensed version of the Bible as part of this book. Look at the
recent history of Palestine and Israel. Read this book to see just how clever and
active the Zionists have been. If you are not happy with the idea of becoming
the slaves and mere property of the Zionists you only have a few years to defy
them. If you like the idea, well, you have a lot to look forward to in the next few
Oh, and please do not confuse ZIONIST with JEW. Many Zionists are NOT Jewish,
and many Jews are NOT Zionists. So any claims of anti-Semitism on my part are
disingenuous and without basis.
Unless you equate Semitism with the Torah, and the above quotes, in which
case anyone who genuinely loves freedom and justice, and abhors slavery and
genocide, must automatically consider themselves to be anti-Semitic. In the
same way that good people are anti-racist, anti-slavery, anti-injustice. And antiwar.
Remember that I do not define anyone as a Jew or a Gentile. I make no
distinctions based on such absurd notions. Thus any notion of ‘anti-Semitism’ is
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
fatuous, when directed at me. I am anti all forms of violence and injustice. If
that is a crime, then as a great man once said, all good people belong in prison.
As things are, we will soon be living in a prison planet. I can’t do anything by
myself. I have done what I can do. I have now reached the limits of my
response-ability. I can only wish all sentient life what I wish for myself. That the
promise of life, the promise of joy, happiness, satisfaction, hard work with
rewards, and beauty, should be realised in each and every life.
As I doubt that we as a people have advanced far enough morally to facilitate
that sort of life experience, I can only wish all sentient life ‘Happy Next Lives’.
Read my TROONATNOOR books if you would like to know how we can,
together, make the wish real.
Please keep copies of them somewhere safe, for the time when they will
become unavailable. Please share them with others. Please read them. Please
give the arguments in them a chance. It will take great emotional courage to
overcome your initial resistance to the truths contained in them. But the
rewards are great. I promise you I do everything motivated by goodwill, with the
greatest effort, and the most rigorous and authentic of scientific approaches. I
welcome any feedback that is the result of the same on your part.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The New World Order Exposed
Just have faith?
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
We hear the world ‘Faith’ quite often. But have you stopped to think what it
actually means? We are often asked to ‘take something on faith’. A supposed
‘fact’ someone has written somewhere, or heard somewhere, or that they are
telling you. It means we are to believe it. We are to simply accept it as the truth.
Ironically, as ‘the gospel’. True believers ‘keep the faith’. ‘Articles of faith’ are
assumptions that we accept without question.
Every religion has its articles of faith. They range from the Marxists ‘noble
savage’ to the belief that gods exist, that they speak to their prophets, and that
these prophets thus speak with the authority of a god, and that those people
who wrote down what these prophets said did a perfect job, and thus the
written forms of the original speeches, which were initially taken on faith, have
the authority of a god, that we have taken on faith. In other words we make
assumption after assumption. And all these assumptions are finally based on
another assumption. I call this ‘deformed epistemology’ in honor of Thomas
Aquinas, and all the metaphysical philosophers who ever based their arguments
on mere assumptions.
Faith really means pretending to believe something simply because someone
tells us something. It is not true belief, as Hume points out. Belief is something
we feel strongly. We believe things that have made a strong impression on our
imagination. We believe in gravity. We believe that fire will burn us. That is a
completely different thing to saying ‘I believe that what I am told that some man
wrote 2000 years ago is true’. It is not the same as believing that fire will burn
you. It is a completely different class of thing. A completely different species.
We are often told we should take something on faith, to believe something to
be true, even though we have no evidence that it is true, let alone any personal
experience of it being true. We are often told to believe something even though
our experience, the impressions of our own senses, indicates that it is not true.
We are often told to believe things when there is no compelling argument to
believe them. Often there are compelling arguments against the thing we are
supposed to believe.
A ‘leap of faith’ is simply an act of willful suspension of reason and credulity.
This is what most religion demands of you. This is what the C.I.A and U.S
government demands of you, in relation to the ‘official fiction’ regarding what
happened during 911.
Faith is usually a form of, often emotionally masturbatory, role playing. People
are pretending to believe something, because it gives them pleasure to do so, or
provides relief from some form of pain, by doing so.
Few people really believe what they claim they believe. They claim to have put
their faith in something, however they are usually hedging their bets. For them
it is merely a gamble. I do not ‘believe’ a certain horse will win in the same way
that I believe in gravity or that flame will burn me. In fact gambling is a good
metaphor. For the gambler is always playing against the house, against the
odds. They are irrational. But they want to believe, and so they manage to
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
convince themselves. For as Hume and all psychologists will point out, reason is
the tool of emotion.
Faith is all fine and good, until you ask me to deny clear evidence that
contradicts what you are telling me to take on faith. When people are unwilling
to face the truth, and hide behind ‘faith’, then it has merely become a weaselword
for fear.
Faith, in the context of religion, is really only superstition. Fear is the greatest
motivator for superstition. Fear over-rides most other brain activity. It is very
hard, if not impossible, to reason rationally when you are possessed by fear.
That is why the Zionist Central Banksters and their Golems, the C.I.A and
Mossad, keep planning and executing ‘false flag’ terrorist attacks. To keep you in
a constant state of fear and panic. While you are engrossed by fear, you have
little chance of being able to think straight, and make sound decisions.
Very soon ‘the mother of all false flag terrorist attacks’ is due to take place. I do
not know exactly what it will be. I have a fear of large round objects, like the
moon. I have in the past felt that some large object was heading for earth. This
object, however, was being piloted by intelligent beings. I even felt that
somehow my own feelings would contribute to deciding how this object would
act. Whether it would destroy the earth or not. I have heard some very similar
talk, on the internet, about similar objects having come into the solar system,
and then stopping. Waiting.
There is no free will on this planet. Those fools who think they are in control will
learn soon enough the vanity of their quest for domination. It may well be that
the universe is sending us, as a species, the karma we need to learn the most
important lessons that most of us seem to have failed to learn, even after
centuries of wars, misery, and suffering. Lessons about humility, charity, justice,
and honesty.
In 1896, at the 6th International Zionists congress, a group of the world’s most
powerful bankers and other Zionists, met together in Basel, Switzerland, to
discuss how they were going to seize power of the entire world. First they would
remove the Russian Czar and eliminate his bloodline once and forever. They
would foment and carry out a revolution. They would finance a communist
political party, and start WWI. Later they would pit Germany against Britain in
WWII. The Jewish people would suffer, and be made to feel vulnerable, and in
need of their own homeland, and total control of the entire world, simply to
survive. WWIII would be a war in which the enemies of the Jews, the Christians
and the Muslims, would annihilate each other, and thus give the Jews this
security, this total control of the entire world. The New World Order would no
longer need religion. Religion would have served its purpose. Note that the
current Pope, in 2015, said he would most likely not be pope for longer than
one year, and the Dalai Lama intimated that there would not be a new Dalai
Lama after his own death. This has led many to speculate that the New World
Order will be officially announced in 2015, on September 23 or 24, 2015.
The Bank of International Settlement, Switzerland, is the top of the pyramid. All
the world’s central banks report directly to it. It is the head of the Zionist Central
Bankster’s N.W.O conspiracy. Why do you think ‘Switzers’ guard the Vatican?
And how it managed to remain untouched by WWI and WWII? Why did Hitler
hate it so much, and wish for nothing more than to invade it? Where is all the
money of the world’s criminals kept safe and sound? In the vaults of the Swiss
Banks. It is the money laundering capital of the world. How can you explain that
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
the world has never gotten around to forcing it to behave? Simple. Touch a
powerful politician or businessman, and feel the ‘Golem’.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The Banksters’ Philosophers’ stone and
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Building the U.S dollar Ponsy / Pyramid scheme: Bretton Woods,
the Petro-dollar, and the Federal Reserve Bank
In 1913 Lindberg lead the fight against the Federal Reserve System in Congress.
He was run out of Congress. Every single Congressman who had stood by him,
and voted against the Federal Reserve Scheme, was thrown out of office in the
next election. How? Their opponents for election were given unlimited
campaign funding. Ask Woodrow Wilson, who later regretted that he had ‘sold
out’ the American people to a few greedy individuals, the Central Banksters and
basically handed control of the world’s most powerful nation to the Zionist
‘super-state’, what we today call the N.W.O.
Do you know that the Federal Reserve banks are private banks run for profit?
Ask any businessman in the U.S what the one single objective and dominating
ethic of any private corporation is. To maximize profit for its shareholders. But
that said, just try to buy shares in one of them. Since 1914 no shares have
changed hands. The original owners, the Jews who founded them, and the IRS,
will never sell to you, unless you are one of them. Who would sell the right to
print money? There is no more profitable business imaginable. It is the oldest
con. The most lucrative ponsy / pyramid scheme. They even let you in on the
joke by depicting a pyramid on the actual notes.
The U.S ‘War of Independence’ was about freedom. Not freedom from taxes,
which were not unreasonable at the time. Not freedom from the British
Parliamentary system. Those were nothing worth dying over. The freedom the
people were fighting for was freedom from the Zionist Central Banksters.
Thomas Jefferson was among the many leaders who warned against the
consequences of Central banking.
U.S banks had issued their own currencies, without any corruption or abuse. The
people were using their promissory notes, secure in the knowledge that they
were truly convertible into either gold, silver, or some real asset like land. The
banks did not charge interest on these notes. The banks did not print more
promissory notes than they could back with real assets. There was no inflation.
The notes were issued at their full nominal denomination. Without interest.
That is key. The banks made their money from providing services. Theirs was not
a ponsy / pyramid scheme.
But this left the Zionist Central Banksters out of the picture. The Bank of England
made no profit from this system. And it could not gain control of the U.S people
through such a system. Its plans for world domination were threatened. It
would bring the British Government to force the new colonies to abandon their
own currencies, and to use the British currency. Their currency. The one they
printed and lent to the government at interest. The one that they could control.
Inflate and deflate. And gain control of every real asset with.
The intelligentsia of the new colonies realised what was going on, and decided
that they would not allow the Zionist Central Banksters to enslave them. They
were willing to die to protect their freedoms. They won the war and for a time
managed to elude the snares of the Central Banksters.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
But the Central Banksters were too rich and powerful, and the people too
willing to prostituted themselves as ‘Golems’. And so various central banks were
ultimately set up, and failed, before finally, in 1913, the Federal Reserve Bank as
we know it was created. Through the machinations of Rothschild, Warburg,
Rockefeller, and J.P Morgan. They were willing to pay anyone, whatever they
had to, to get what they wanted. They financed political campaigns. They
bought newspapers. They launched a massive propaganda campaign.
First they manufactured a crises, to which their Federal Reserve Banking system
was to be offered as the solution. They used their media connections to spread
rumors of a banking collapse. This lead to a panic among the people. They all
demanded their deposits back. This run on deposits threatened to collapse the
banking system in 1907. It was a stunt designed to put fear into the hearts of
the masses. So that they would demand some form of ‘protection’ from a future
banking collapse. And guess who had such ‘protection’ ready to hand, in a
secretly prepared Bill for a new Federal Reserve banking system? It was sold as a
response to the problem. But the problem itself was constructed,
manufactured, created, by the Zionist Central Banksters themselves.
And don’t be fooled by the names of the Banksters. They are Jewish. That in
itself is unworthy of consideration. But they are much more than that. They are
Zionist Jews. Don’t define Jews as the problem. They are as much victims of
their Zionist cousins as any non-Jew. These Banking families were ‘granted’ the
patents for their current family names and ‘shields’ from the nobility, in return
for financial considerations, you understand. They are not of Middle Eastern
origin. They are
Caucasians from the Steppes of Russia whose people, in the 9th Century, took
part in a mass conversion to Judaism. Their interest in the State of Israel has
nothing to do with home sickness for the sacred sites of Jewish history. It is only
to provoke conflict that the state of Israel was founded, against the wishes of
the local ‘Jews’. Just like the war these Zionists declared on Nazi Germany well
before any real anti-Semitism had broken out in Germany. Just like WWI and
Many leaders in the U.S rallied against the Federal Reserve Banking system,
time and time again, but the Golem is hungry for the paper the Zionists print
and the Zionists have plenty to feed it. They simply print it. They write ‘Ten
Thousand Dollars’ on a piece of paper, and it is suddenly worth Ten Thousand
Dollars. Go figure. The Zionist Central Bankers used their unlimited wealth to
buy up all the international and local media, so that the only voice to be heard
throughout the land, throughout the entire world, would be theirs. They could
use the mass media to manufacture consent by constructing public opinion, by
mis-informing the public, and mis-directing its attention.
In 1921 The Council on Foreign Relations was officially founded by Rockefeller,
Harriman, Loeb, Carnegie, Rhodes, Rothschild, Warburg, and Mellon. You will
recognise at least some of these names. They are the richest and therefore most
powerful families in the world. They are the elites of the New World Order. They
are the Zionist Central Banksters in person. Yes they are Jewish. Do not let the
names fool you. Or their appearance. True, they are not descended from the
Middle Eastern Jews we associate with the Old Testament. They are Jews by
conversion. Since the 9th Century. And yes they appear as Anglo-Saxon,
Germanic, and even Nordic, as any Western European. Because their ancestors
came from the Steppes of Southern Russia, and they have intermarried with the
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
wealthiest and most powerful Western European families over the last
thousand years.
The CFR was founded to provoke conflicts in the world, to de-stabilise the
world’s financial systems and political institutions, and where necessary
manufacture crises, real or imaginary, in order to gain absolute power for
themselves. The CFR is the precursor to the New World Order. The form it will
take is a single corporation. Mussolini stated that Fascism is nothing more or
less than corporatism. The control of everything by corporations.
This is the model for the New World Order. Just look at all the emblems of State
associated with the U.S. Fasci abound. Even in Congress. On the state seal.
What is the eagle carrying in its talons? What symbol flanks the speaker of the
House, and Congress? Take a look. It is a bundle of arrow / bolts / rods, with an
axe, all tied together. This is a fasci. This is the root of the term ‘fascism’.
All the mass media in the U.S repeat the same propaganda, over and over. Their
‘news’ programs are tightly scripted. One research team analyzing media
reporting found news presenters, on any particular day, repeating exactly the
same words, verbatim.
One thing I have noticed is the constant repetition on the part of government
representatives of phrases like ‘there is no other way’, ‘this is the only way’, ‘we
have to’, ‘we must’, ‘we have no choice but to’… In other words the exact
opposite of democracy. They are conditioning television viewers, in their 1-14Hz
Beta brain wave states of extreme suggestibility, akin to a deep hypnotic
trance, to acquiesce to whatever the government tells them is ‘necessary’,
either to protect them from false flag terrorist threats, or from manufactured
financial crises. Fascism is no more than corporatism. The rule of the masses by
the bosses of corporations. That defines the U.S today.
Government, not by the people or for the people. Not by elected governments.
Not by political institutions. But simply by corporations. Managing the entire
world as a private business, with only the interests of the shareholders, the CFR
members themselves, as the benchmark, the motive, the objective, the goal.
One World Corporation run for the profit of the few shareholding elites. This is
how the Federal Reserve Bank, the European Central Bank, The Bank of England,
and the I.R.S are being run. They are all private corporations working to benefit
only their shareholders, the Central Banksters.
Today the CFR membership owns almost every mass media vector you could
care to mention. They own the television stations. The print media. Facebook.
CFR owned and run companies include Time Warner (including AOL). ABC.
Disney. News Corp. CNN. Viacom. CBS. Fox. Comcast. Companies owned by
Murdoch, Soros, and Rockefeller. All Zionist Jews. They openly talk about their
desire to depopulate the planet, and bring about a New World Order.
Other CFR members include the notorious Kissinger, Albright, and Clinton.
Supreme Court Judges belong to the CFR. The entire Bush administration
associated with their crime against humanity, the 911 bombings, and the war
crimes associated with the two Iraq wars, and Libya.
Today the 4200 members of the CFR include the top ranking military leaders in
the U.S and Europe. The CFR employ, in the private sector, over 25 million
people in the U.S alone. And the public sector in the U.S now accounts for
around half of all employment. So in reality the Fascist, Corporatist New World
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Order has already arrived. The troops are ready, and simply awaiting their
marching orders.
The CFR represent the greatest concentration of economic, political, and
military power in history.
The CFR, these New World Order elites, even way back before WWII, felt so
confident and sure of victory, that in 1934 they arranged a fascist military coup
in the U.S.A. Fact. They offered a retired General the leadership of a half-million
strong private army. He reported the offer, and the coup was put off
indefinitely. As it turns out they did not have to wait that long. Only for long
enough for George Bush Jnr to become President.
In 1950 Warburg openly stated … ‘We shall have world government whether or
not you like it. By conquest or consent’. This was an open declaration of war by
the N.W.O on the free world.
In 1954 the world’s richest and most powerful people met in the Bilderberg
Hotel. Leading ex-Nazis were among them. They were doing the groundwork for
the formation of the European Economic Community (which was to become the
European Union), The North American Free Trade Zone (which was to be
expanded to become The American Union), and their equivalents for Asia,
ASEAN and APEC, which were to become the Asian equivalent of the European
and American Unions. Today of course the E.U are merging with NAFTA. It is
beginning with The Transatlantic Economic Union, and the merger of the
German stock Exchange, the DAX, with the New York Stock Exchange, the NYSE.
A private super-highway is being built through Texas and Oregon, to link
Mexico, the U.S.A, and Canada. The land around the highway, and some
distribution centers, will be on U.S soil, but considered sovereign territory of
Mexico and Spain. The land for the super-highway was forcibly acquired from
the U.S land owners for this purpose.
The plan was to build super-states which could then be merged into the one
world government. The New World Order. First a series of serious crises would
be manufactured to collapse the world’s economy, and plunge it into regional
conflicts in the Middle East. The U.N would seize control of the U.S.A using
foreign troops and police already trained and deployed in the U.S by
government and private security organisations. Any ‘patriotic’ soldiers will by
then have been deployed, like the Jet fighters during 911, too far away to be of
any effective use in defending the U.S constitution and the freedoms of U.S
Before the U.N and mercenary forces in the uniforms of Homeland security, and
the National Guard, take control of the U.S.A, all patriotic military personnel will
be ‘stood down’. 911 set the precedent for what is coming. For the first time in
history, for the hour beginning just before the missile strike on the WTC,
NORAD, and Pentagon security, were both ‘stood down’ by Dick Cheney,
another Skull and Bones member. Ask yourself why. It had never happened
before. And then all the F.A.A radar tapes relating to that one hour were also
destroyed. Why? Because there were NO commercial aircraft anywhere near
the WTC or the Pentagon. There was one Missile, and lots and lots of micronukes
and Nano-thermite charges. The fighter jets would have seen the missile,
and maybe shot it down. The F.A.A radar tapes would have shown the missile,
but no passenger Jets. The hoax would have been revealed immediately.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
This ‘Bilderberg group’ included Rockefeller, who stated … ‘We are on the verge
of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations
will accept the New World Order’. This is how the Zionists work. They
manufacture crises, and then step in, claiming to be the solution. We the people
are only ever willing to give up our freedoms when we feel there is no other way
to overcome a problem. So they create the problem. We enter a ‘deal with the
devil’. We exchange our freedom and rights in return for the security of their
‘solution’. Some call this a ‘dialectic’. They create the problem. We demand
protection and a solution. They offer it, on their own terms. It is a Faustian
bargain. It is a trick. A con. And we always fall for it. Over and over and over
It was not until 1963 that the Federal Reserve Bank faced any real threats. JFK
was murdered 6 months after signing executive order 11110. Why? That order
was about to shut down the Federal Reserve Bank, and give the U.S
government, the representatives of the U.S people, back the right to print
money. The new money would be issued without interest. It would have broken
the control of the Zionist Jews, not only in the U.S, but all over the world. It
would have brought the N.W.O to its knees. It would have been deprived of its
‘Philosophers stone’. The right to print its own money, and to inflate and deflate
the money supply.
JFK, in his famous June 1963 speech, warned us of ‘Covert World Powers’. He
was talking about everything we have been considering here. But before JFK’s
will could be put into effect, he was assassinated. The fatal bullets came from
inside his own car. He was shot several times from different distances. The
decisive shot, however, was fired by his own Secret Service body guard, at close
range. What followed was a huge cover-up.
Hussein started selling oil in Euros. Mossad and the C.I.A made the false flag
attacks known as 911, blaming them on Terrorists, and somehow connecting
absurd dots to join them with Saddam Hussein. The U.S invaded and killed him,
or his body double. They murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqi women,
children, and men. Many people claim that, Saddam, for 40 years a C.I.A asset,
like Osama Bin Laden, was never killed. Gadhafi was working on a new world
currency which would by-pass the U.S dollar, and allow countries to buy and sell
oil and anything else using gold, rather than worthless U.S paper money. First
the C.I.A arranged that false flag terrorist attack we call ‘the Lockerby air
disaster’, then they force Gadhafi to take responsibility for it, and then later
they invade Libya and murder him. Recently Brazil, Russia, India, and China set
the groundwork for a new world currency, the BRIC’s bank, which would by-pass
the U.S dollar, allowing people who had the balls to defy the Zionists with their
U.S puppet government and military backing, to buy and sell oil, gas, and
anything else they liked, without ever having to first buy U.S dollars to do it
with. It is seen as a rival to the IMF And World Bank, both of which are owned
and controlled by the Zionists central bankers. It was this for this reason that
NATO has placed sanctions on Russia.
The U.S money supply is, at a very conservative estimate, already 10 times
greater than the actual value of the entire U.S economy. Japan and China were
tricked and coerced into accumulating trillions of U.S dollars. They cannot
afford to break the ponsy scheme. If they did they would lose trillions of dollars.
If everyone tried to convert their U.S dollars into U.S products and assets, they
would only get ten cents on the dollar. That means the U.S dollar is currently
overvalued by 90%. 17 Trillion dollars was printed during the last crises, simply
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
to prevent a total collapse of the banking and insurance system, and stock
markets. If you hold any assets that are valued in U.S dollars, it is time to sell
them, to try to get something for them, before it is too late. I wonder at what
exchange rate the new IMF drawing rights will give for U.S dollars when it comes
time to swap over to what is already, officially, the new world currency. I tried
to warn my mother in Australia. But no-one ever listens to me. Maybe one day
you will read this, after the fact, and it might give you some motive to listen to
me next time, if I ever get a chance to speak to you. Probably by writing this I
am sacrificing what little freedom and life I currently have. Oh well, I guess
that’s just the way it is. That’s life folks!
In 1945 the Zionists with their U.S puppet government, played a huge trick on
the rest of the world. At ‘Bretton Woods’ the U.S got every other nation to
agree to adopt the U.S dollar as the world reserve currency. They agreed that all
the world’s commodities, from oil to bananas, from iron to gold, would be
priced in U.S dollars.
The U.S promised that for every 35 U.S dollars they printed, they would keep
one ounce of gold in the U.S treasury vaults we know as ‘Fort Knox’. Each nation
then transferred all of its own gold supplies to Fort Knox. Since they sent it, noone
has ever seen it again. As you will see, they tried to get it back. But unless
they were willing to wage war on the U.S, they were NEVER going to see that
gold again.
‘Safe as money in the bank’ is perhaps the most successful act of ‘priming’ and
‘propaganda’ ever committed against the human race. No-one is, nor will they
be, allowed to see for themselves how little gold is really kept at Fort Knox. I
suspected years ago, before understanding anything about the petro dollar and
Bretton Woods, that the U.S would sell off its gold reserves, as in fact they
served no purpose, and provided no value to anyone.
The original idea that sold the world at Bretton Woods on the idea of making
the U.S dollar the reserve currency was trust in the U.S Federal Reserve, that it
would never print more money than it had in gold reserves, that is, no more
than 35 U.S dollars for every ounce of gold that it kept at fort Knox. The last
time any public official got to take a look at the gold, he could only report having
seen what looked like a pallet of gold bars, through the security bars. He was
handed a bar of what looked like gold.
Of course the market price of gold has climbed ever since I wrote down my
belief that the fort Knox gold would be secretly sold, making a fool of me. But
that is all part of the dramaturgy. If you think you can avoid the dollar’s crash by
buying silver and gold, then think again. Remember it is a criminal offence to
offer, or accept, silver or gold as a form of payment, in return for goods or
services. At the start of the Bolshevik’s reign, it became illegal to even hold
gold. So any gold or silver you have will only be worth whatever the
government decide to give you for it, in new IMF purchasing rights. Yes, the new
world currency is already here. The market price of silver soared as people
started realising that the ponsy scheme could soon be crashing down, along
with the exchange rate of the U.S dollar. But they really miss the point. What
you should be buying is productive assets and weapons to protect them. A farm.
A bunker full of long-life foods and drinks. Lots of weapons. Lots of ammo. Lots
of body armour. Lots of fuel. But only if you are the action hero type. If you
think your own, not-U.S currency is safer, think about it. For your government
has been buying oil and selling goods and services to the U.S. They have been
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
paid in U.S dollars. We need to know the official level of U.S ‘reserves’ held by
the European Central bank, to be able to work out how much they are going to
lose, when these U.S dollars are valued at their true value, as I said, around ten
cents in the dollar, at best.
George Soros is the first to admit that it is all about perceptions. Soros loves to
talk about his own version of ‘reflexivity’. As I have always said, the meaning of
one thing is reflexive of the meaning of everything else. The market price
reflects perceptions. What people believe. Their definitions. Their social reality.
Independent of the reality, of the true value of things. A fiat currency like the
U.S dollar is worth as much as people are prepared to pay for it. And it still is the
worldwide currency for criminals. The U.S is the world’s biggest money laundry
for money made by criminals from drug dealing, prostitution, and so on. And
guess where the largest money laundering investigation of all time was being
carried out at the time of 911? Go on. Take a wild guess. Yep, the WTC.
There are hundreds of nations, all with their own currency. They want to buy
from and sell to each other. The reserve currency is about trust. Which currency
do you trust will not fall in value while you are holding it? Which government is
reliable? Sometimes you have trade surplus with a country, and so they end up
giving you more of their currency than you have given them. You are left holding
‘reserves’. What if that country devalues its currency? Then you lose. So the
whole thing was a confidence trick. The U.S promised they would be reliable,
and not let their currency fall in value. So keeping U.S dollars would be without
risk. You could keep reserves without fearing that they will become worthless
tomorrow. In some cases even worthless. So much for putting your trust in the
U.S Federal Reserve. So much for taking that ‘leap of faith’ that all con artists
are so keen for you to take. ‘Trust me’.
Remember that all magic tricks succeed through ‘mis-direction’. It means you
distract the people you want to trick / dupe / deceive at the right time. You
distract them while you are setting up the trick. They are looking somewhere
else, not paying attention to you, while you set it up. Once you have set the trick
up, it does not matter how closely they interrogate what you are doing. It is too
late. They will never be able to go back far enough in the process to the point
where the trick really occurred. No matter how clever they are. This was when
the world was conned by the Zionists, at Bretton Woods.
Because the U.S, the Zionist world bankers, never had ANY intention of honoring
their promise. They never gave anyone access to the Federal Reserve Bank, to
actually check on how much money the Jewish bankers were actually printing.
A few countries got nervous now and then, and asked to ‘convert’ their paper
money back into gold, at the rate the U.S had promised, of one ounce of gold
for every 35 U.S dollars. More and more got nervous, when their economic
advisors noticed how much the U.S government was spending each year. In fact
the U.S spent as much on their military as the rest of the entire world combined.
The invasion and terrorist attacks the U.S inflicted on the Vietnamese people
was costing the U.S a fortune. Making the U.S military-industrial complex rich,
of course, but costing the government a fortune.
In 1971 the French government approached the U.S government to convert all
its U.S dollar reserves at the promised conversion rate of one ounce of gold for
35 U.S dollars. Nixon refused. Nixon ‘temporarily’ suspended the convertibility
of U.S dollars. Of course the suspension has never been lifted. The game was
up. The con exposed. The dupes realised their error. Only it was too late to do
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
anything about it. The world was stuck with Billions of U.S dollars that would
never be convertible back into gold. The U.S dropped the ‘gold standard’ and
now the U.S dollar was nothing more than paper. Really. Don’t believe me? O.K,
sure, people at the moment are still willing to work for it, and to sell you stuff
for it. They have no choice. It is illegal in the U.S to buy or sell anything with gold
or silver. You have no choice but to use worthless paper money.
The second biggest con the U.S Zionists managed to pull on us was in 1973. Take
a look at the face of the Saudi King after he has signed the agreement that
Nixon had more or less strong-armed him into. A definitive ‘offer you can’t
refuse’ was made to him, and all the other Gulf oil producing nations. King
Saud, in the photo, is clearly not a happy chappy. The other oil producers in the
region soon followed suit, resulting in O.P.E.C, which made the U.S dollar the
‘Petro-dollar’. Of course it was the 13th tribe, the Levites, the Zionists, who had
made the first ‘offer you can’t refuse’, when Joshua told the 12 other tribes that
they could go along with the rule of the 13th tribe, Joshua’s Zionist Levite
buddies, or have god totally fuck them over. What was the deal? The U.S would
protect the Saudi Royal family, and allow them to rule, and live in luxury, as long
as they agreed that in future ALL oil they produced would ONLY and EVER be
sold in U.S dollars.
The Saudi’s, like the other O.P.E.C members, would only be allowed to keep a
portion of their profits. The bulk of their profits would have to be ‘invested’ in
U.S federal bonds and U.S securities. In other words simply more worthless
paper. Paper money that was literally worthless, as it had NO gold to back it. It
had NOTHING to back it. The Zionist Jewish bankers were printing the stuff as
fast as they could. It was just paper. So why did the Saudi’s agree? Well, as with
Joshua, the Zionists deal was simple. Do what we say, go along to get along, and
you’ll do fine. We reward our accomplices in our drive for world domination.
Imagine you can resist us, and say no, and we will fuck you over five ways till
Look what happened when, in the year 2000, Saddam Hussein decided he would
no longer play their game, and started selling his Oil in Euros. The world’s
second largest supplier of oil suddenly selling in Euros. That would have totally
fucked up the U.S dollar. People would no longer need to buy U.S dollars with
their own, real, money, in order to buy oil. They could use a real currency. One
that had real value. The Euro. And so for a few months, before the invasion and
the return of Iraq to the petro-dollar, the U.S currency fell massively on world
foreign exchange markets, and the Euro soared in value. Of course the real
forex traders, the Jews, managed to make a fortune on this short term collapse,
for they knew for a fact that the U.S would invade Iraq and force them to return
to the old system. At the time most of us had no idea why the Euro was soaring
and the U.S dollar collapsing. Now you know. And now you know why the
Zionists, the Jews, have manufactured all the crises in the Euro Zone.
If you live in Greece, or Portugal, or Spain, then pick up a copy of ‘Mein Kampf’
while you have a chance. That funny angry little guy everyone makes fun of as
an insane criminal? Guess you gave us all that image of Hitler? Who controls
the mass media? Who decides what you think and feel? Sorry, my friends who
happen to be of Jewish origin. I love you. You are among my favorite people. So
many of you. But it is Zionist Jews who are using you, and us all, as means to
their own ends of fulfilling their biblical ambitions of world domination. They
are happy to offer up the 12 tribes as a burnt offering, of a sweet savor unto
their own nostrils.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
So the C.I.A and Mossad, who both work for the Zionists, and have no interest in
the welfare of either the Jews or the Americans, planned, orchestrated, and
committed, what we know as 911. I will explain the whole conspiracy in detail
later. Most of the basic details were already part of earlier ‘false flag’ terrorist
attacks planned during the JFK administration, in order to get public support for
the overthrow of Cuba and Castro, called ‘Operation North woods’. I will provide
details of that later.
The Zionists, Mossad, the C.I.A, and all their assets, including the U.S President
and British Prime Minister, played the U.S taxpayers for fools, to get them to
support and pay for the invasion of Iraq necessary to get them back to using U.S
‘petro-dollars’. In the first invasion, they got Iraq to ‘angle’ drill into Iraqi oil
fields, to provoke Iraq to invade. The Zionist media spread propaganda in the
form of faked stories and photos of Iraqi soldiers doing horrible things like
murdering babies, and raping female military personnel. Remember those
stories? Proven fakes. Well 911 was all fake, except for the deaths of the
hundreds of thousands of victims, in New York and Iraq.
The U.S got all the oil producing nations in the O.P.E.C group to adopt the U.S
dollar as the ONLY currency that they would sell their oil in. It was an offer they
could not refuse, not just because of threats, of sticks, but also carrots. For they
were offered a deal that was very good at the time. They were guaranteed a
price that was well above the then current market price for oil. Many people felt
it was a sort of cartel, aimed at working together to restrict production and
hence keep prices high. But that was just one of the mis-directions. In fact these
O.P.E.C nations would soon realise their mistake. But it would be too late. Any
nation that even threatened to start selling oil in any other currency, was
threatened with overthrow. Those who stood up to the threats were
overthrown. Murdered. Saddam Hussein, Gadhafi. And now?
Right now the only people who pose any threat to the U.S dollar, and who have
major oil supplies, are Iran, and Russia. Iran has the world’s third largest oil
deposits. Russia is of course rich in oil and natural gas. If they start selling their
oil in Euros, or exchanging it for Chinese goods, or for gold, or for Brazilian
natural products, then the true value of the U.S dollar will become apparent.
Please pay attention. The ONLY reason the U.S dollar has ANY value is that
people use it. It is only paper. Once the U.S had tricked the world into using it,
they had no choice but to keep using it. Not just because the U.S would ruin
you and your country if you threatened to, but also because you had so much of
it. The O.P.E.C oil nations had most of their ‘wealth’ in the form of U.S paper
money and paper treasury notes. All of it would become worthless overnight if
the system collapsed. It is a pure ponsy scheme. If a few major players pull out
of the scheme, then the entire scheme falls apart. You need to keep the players
you have, and constantly get new players to come in, and swap things of real
value, such as Euros, or gold, or silver, or shares in companies, for the ponsy
scheme ‘credits’, the worthless paper money, the U.S dollar, for the scheme to
continue. However of course at some point everyone knows that the ponsy
scheme is going to fail. It is just a question of when. And of ‘hope springs
And so right now Iran and Russia, along with Brazil and China and India, are
posing the biggest real threat to the ponsy scheme called the U.S dollar since
Saddam Hussein (Iraq) and Gadhafi (Libya). However China has to play its cards
carefully. For around 30% of U.S mortgages are indirectly financed by Asian
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
investors. The U.S government has borrowed billions of dollars from China to
finance the war in Iraq. The Chinese government holds billions of dollars’ worth
of U.S government securities.
The petro-dollar, the Zionist Central Bankers ponsy scheme, reduces the
financial sovereignty of nations, as other nations have the power to influence
their monetary supply, exchange rates, and hence monetary policy. It is one tool
of ‘total war’, of ‘full spectrum domination’. The World Bank and IMF, along with
Hollywood and the mass media, are the other tools of the Zionist’s full spectrum
domination. More on that later.
Now the U.S has had plans for the conquest and destruction of Afghanistan,
Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran, for many years. They carried out
their false flag attacks, 911, The Lockerby air disaster, and invaded Afghanistan
and Iraq, and Libya. They set up and ran Al Qaeda and ISIS as false flag
operations with real victims. Al Qaeda served its purpose. Now ISIS is serving its
purpose. It is nominally Sumi Muslim. But then again Al Qaeda was nominally
Muslim too. False flag operations are all about getting the U.S and world public
opinion in favor of an invasion of whatever country you want to invade. In this
case it is Iran.
The C.I.A and Mossad got their ISIS to destroy Christian cities in Syria. The U.S
plan to use ISIS as an excuse for returning, in force, to Iraq. They will be ‘saving
Christians’. The U.S have the complete operational plans ready. They are doing
this. They are also going to invade Iran, and Syria, to bring it back into the U.S
dollar petro-dollar ponsy scheme. They have to succeed, or the U.S dollar will
collapse. The whole Federal Reserve ponsy scheme will come crashing down
around their ears. The IMF and World Bank will be threatened.
Remember that the interest owed by the U.S government is more than its entire
tax revenue for the entire year. There is NO way it will ever be repaid if the
current system is maintained. U.S children inherit this debt when their parents
sign their birth certificates. They are basically signing their own child’s ‘bond of
servitude’. They make them ‘debt-slaves’. Unless you are among the top 10%,
that is. The Zionist Federal Reserve Central Bankers own the U.S. They own the
government. They print pieces of paper, and in return, the U.S government give
them ‘Federal Bonds’. In this way the U.S Federal government sells its citizens to
the Zionist Central Bankers. Each baby born today will inherit over 50.000 U.S
dollars of debt, as soon as you sign its U.S birth certificate. Best head for Canada
or Mexico! By the time a U.S child is old enough to be paying income tax, this
50.000 dollar debt will have accumulated interest. They will owe 250.000 U.S
dollars. It will continue accumulating interest. 90% of U.S citizens will NEVER be
able to pay back their ‘bonded’ debts.
They became ‘bond-ed-serfs’ to the Zionist Central Bank as soon as the ‘Golem’
‘Occupation government’ in Washington D.C exchanged their ‘bonds’ for the
Zionist Central Bankers fiat paper a.k.a U.S dollars, which they simply printed on
their printing presses at the Federal Reserve, their privately owned bank. This is
what Rockefeller meant when he said he did not care who officially made the
laws, as long as he controlled the Federal Reserve Bank, and thus had the power
to issue and control the money supply/ The Federal Reserve, like all the world’s
central banks, are the ‘Philosopher’s stone’ which prints the paper to feed the
‘Golem’. The Golem is all the people who prostitute themselves for the Zionist’s
paper money. Any time you borrow money you are making yourself a ‘Golem’.
You are making yourself Rockefeller’s ‘bitch’.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Some people believe that this will serve the interests of the Zionist’s plans for a
one world government. They even believe the Zionists want a full scale world
war. They have built underground cities to house the 13th tribe until the
radioactive dust clears, and they can emerge as masters of a purified world. A
world purified by fire. By nuclear fire. Cleansed by fire and brimstone, as befits
their volcano god. Even the Christians have bought into the idea of an
Armageddon that is to be followed by a new heaven and a new earth, a new
It is not yet clear to me which groups have planned, and want, what, and how
they are currently maneuvering into positions.
However the pattern seems clear. The facts have been established. It is only a
question of whether the Zionist U.S is bluffing, whether the Russians and
Chinese will ‘back down’ at the final moment, and allow the U.S Zionist invasion
of Iran and Syria, or whether in fact the Russian and Chines Elites have already
been bought off, and are only acting, like the U.S president and British Prime
minister, as Zionists puppets. It may be that world war three has already been
choreographed and Putin and the Chines are just playing out the final stages of
the dramaturgy.
I think we really have only a small window of opportunity. But most of the
people with guns have been brainwashed to define the true enemy as the
friend, as the hand that feeds, and will define anyone like myself as the enemy. I
can’t do much about it. O.K, so I am a bit of a narcissist, but also quite Zen. I can
accept whatever happens. This current world order sucks. Most of you are cruel,
horrible, ugly monsters, no malice intended. There is no free will, so whatever
will be will be. It’s just the narcissism in me, I guess, that wants to show
everyone how clever he is. I want to show everyone that I have finally worked it
all out. I actually have an alternate New World Order. Protocols for a new
Eden. Maybe the people in charge really will bring about the sort of new world
order, the new world Eden, which I have hoped for. Maybe it is good that noone
will read this or bother to do anything. I am writing it as that is what Markus
does. That is what a Markus is. A philosopher prophet. Happy next lives?
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
911 (5 minutes to midnight)
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Three months before 911 Bill Cooper warned us that New World Order
conspirators had planned to stage a massive terrorist attack on the U.S, big
enough to possibly justify the declaration of Martial law. Well he was right on
both counts. The ‘martial law’ has been declared, only most U.S citizens haven’t
realised yet.
A set of ‘gaming cards’ called ‘Illuminati’, and printed in the early 90s, show
pretty unequivocal cartoons of the 911 attack, however what is most interesting
is that in the depictions, there are explosions, but NOT airplanes. Further cards
show the Japanese nuclear catastrophe, earthquakes and storms being
produced by scientists in lab coats, and the Ginza station and Olympic site
terrorist attacks, the British bus and underground terrorist attacks, and a
massive oil spill. And wait for it, a card showing martial law being declared in
the U.S, and a World Supreme Court with power over any government in the
world. There is even a card depicting WWIII. Yep, folks, World War Three.
For those fans of ‘Armageddon’, you have two things to look forward to. Either
the real ‘rapture’, which many religious groups are predicting for September
23/24, 2015. Or, failing the real thing, a new film ‘Tomorrow Land’, which
depicts the same.
‘The lone gunmen’, a movie which aired 6 months before 911, depicts the U.S
government conspiring to hijack an airliner and crash it into the WTC, in order to
blame it on terrorists, and justify a war. In this movie the motive is pure big
business profits for the military-industrial complex. In the movie the
conspirators use a remote control. In the movie the pilots regain control,
averting the catastrophe. You can do internet searches to find a long list of
movies and televisions shows, ranging from ‘The Simpsons’ to ‘The Terminator’,
where clear allusions appear to be being made to 911. Be prepared to feel chills
being sent down your spine!
Fold your U.S 20 dollar bill symmetrically, and low and behold, what image
appears before your eyes. Tell me it does not look exactly like the most famous
image of 911. Now turn it over, fold it again, and find yourself looking at a
depiction of the Pentagon attack. Now fold your U.S 5 dollar bill to see ‘before
and after’ depictions of the WTC. Check out internet websites to learn exactly
how to fold the bills. It is really eerie. Now fold the U.S 20 dollar bill a different
way, and guess which U.S President’s name appears? Obama. Good old
‘Obama’s bin Lie ‘in to ya’.
William Colby, Director of the C.I.A from 1973-1976 stated that all the significant
players in the U.S mass media industry are C.I.A assets, that is, they are under
the direct and indirect control of the C.I.A. The mass media portray all events in
the way that the C.I.A want them to. The mass media influence and construct
public opinion in whatever direction the C.I.A tell them to. The mass media
define every person and every event in exactly the way the the C.I.A tell them
to. The mass media say whatever the C.I.A wants them to, about anyone, and
anything. The C.I.A get to tell you who is a terrorist. The C.I.A get to tell you
who are the bad guys and who are the good guys. The C.I.A get to tell you that
In other words, through the mass media, the C.I.A define your social reality. The
hegemonic social reality is defined by the C.I.A in the U.S.A. And that means
around the world. Most of your favorite movie directors, actors, and even pop
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
musicians, are C.I.A assets. The mass media are the puppets of the C.I.A. The
mass media, companies like Reuters International, CNN, Time-Warner, ABC, Fox
, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, The Washington Post, The New York
Times, and so on, are all owned by Zionist Jews. Mossad, a private intelligence
agency that the Israeli people falsely imagine work for the people of Israel, to
protect their security, actually translates to mean ‘War by Deception’. In 1979,
the head of Mossad is on the record as predicting that the tallest building in the
U.S would be attacked by terrorists.
So who are the C.I.A? The C.I.A were set up, in 1914, in London, nominally by
the British General Staff, as a branch of the British Secret Intelligence Service
which itself was founded in 1694 as a secret intelligence agency of the Jewish
controlled and owned Central Bank of England. They were, and still are, a
private intelligence gathering service for the Zionists Central Bankers. Like the
Central Banks, and the I.R.S, the C.I.A are really a private organisation. It is
amazing that I never realised any of this until recently. The C.I.A full spectrum
dominance of our mass media has been incredibly effective.
In fact in 1981 the Director of the C.I.A admitted that the aim of the C.I.A was
mis-information. He stated openly that everything the American public has
been lead, by the C.I.A, through the mass media, is false.
From now on, do not believe what you see or hear. I really believed I had seen
commercial passenger 767’s flying into the WTC. I really believed I had heard
telephone calls made from flight crew and passengers on hijacked planes. In
fact at the time of the calls, those planes were nose-diving 6 to 8000 feet per
minute. People were speaking on mobile phones that could not have been
functioning. They even made calls on plane-phones that had been taken out
years before. Those phone calls we heard could never have been made.
What did Ted Gunderson, former Chief of the L.A F.B.I have to say about the
C.I.A? He stated on the public record that the C.I.A were behind most, if not all,
the terrorist attacks that had ever taken place.
What conclusion did the U.S Army War College investigation come to regarding
911? That it was a Mossad operation, in complicity with the U.S government.
Do you know of any passenger plane that can fly above the speed of sound?
Say, 690 miles per hour, at 35,000 feet. Boeing, who made the planes
supposedly involved in 911, don’t. Well that is what these planes were doing,
according to official eyewitness accounts. The plane manufacturers were the
first to admit that these planes would have been falling to pieces at the speeds
and altitudes indicated by official accounts. And yet people were calmly making
telephone calls, or sitting quietly, while plummeting to their deaths. Not only
that, but pilots with no experience were managing extremely complicated
maneuvers while the plane would have been completely impossible to manage,
if not literally falling to pieces around their ears.
In hindsight, looking at the original footage shown, and listening to the original
eyewitness accounts, it was a large grey-black U.S military missile that hit the
second tower. No plane at all ever hit the first tower. The footage was produced
quickly after the explosions, by a number of different C.I.A media assets, and
most of the media reporters had been ‘briefed’ by the C.I.A on what to say and
how to report the incident. That is why many reporters accidentally ‘reported’
on building collapses, on international television, long before they actually
occurred. This is just one of the many ‘mistakes’ made, through which clever
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
investigators have now been able to piece together the story of what really
The WTC came down because of controlled detonations. In the original ABC7
reports, which investigators managed to recover, the announcer describes the
unfolding events as a ‘demolition’. The announcer describes ‘little explosions
like gunshots’ going of ‘bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, followed by
three big explosions, followed by smoke like snow’. They said that the ‘plane’
‘practically flew THROUGH’ the WTC. Even the Fox announcer agreed that
‘That’s how it looked to us’. They had not been ‘briefed’ well enough. They gave
away details that were later ‘edited out’ of the footage shown later, and which
most people will remember. But for those of us who remember the original
footage, or have access to this original ‘un-edited’ footage, we will notice that
the missile was replaced with a jet airliner. To date you will not be able to find
any FAA, ground, or satellite radar data showing any passenger airliner crashing
into the WTC. The only passenger airliner to be seen anywhere near the WTC
can be seen in the news footage, flying a long way off in the distance, from right
to left, across the screen. I have even seen some footage that seems to show a
missile appearing way off, traveling at supersonic speeds, and slamming into the
first Tower. But the footage is not as clear as the original footage showing a
black missile hitting the second Tower.
Keep in mind that the U.S military have missiles that are virtually the same
dimensions as a 767. They have depleted uranium noses, to break through the
hardest and strongest of materials. They also ‘jam’ all digital communications
equipment in a several mile radius. All radio communications during 911 went
‘down’ just before the 911 events, and did not return until after the first
explosions. Just try to find one single mobile phone recording of 911. Ask
people who were trying to use their phones before 911, in New York, near the
The first firemen to arrive at the scene, and be interviewed, talked about
‘planned explosions in the lobby of the WTC , whose force threw people to the
ground’ and of ‘a fireball exploding out of the ground floor elevator shaft, with
people running around on fire.’
We now know when these explosives were placed and by whom. They were
placed during elevator modernisation beginning around 9 months before 911,
and then in March 2001. Armed security guards prevented anyone taking a look
at what was going on. Guess who the guards were employed by? Guess which
company was responsible for security at the WTC Twin Towers? Guess who ran
those companies? The conspiracy is wide, but because of the huge amount of
cross ownership of companies in the U.S, the actual number of conspirators did
not need to be very high.
The explosives were placed in the offices that we watched exploding on 911,
during fire protection upgrades which took place, exclusively, in every one of
the offices where the first explosions occurred. Office workers in other offices
also complained, before 911, of excessive dust. These were the offices housing
staff and records that the C.I.A wanted destroyed. They were placed by C.I.A
and Mossad operatives. In fact several Mossad agents set up their camera from
a good vantage point, and were witnessed filming, and cheering, and dancing as
the WTC exploded. A woman reported the suspicious activities of 5 men dancing
and filming as the WTC fell. They were arrested. Two of the men were Mossad
agents. They were released and allowed to fly back to Israel. When they
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
appeared on Israeli television, they admitted openly that they had been there to
‘document the event’. They literally said ‘We were there to document the
event’. They were clearly not there by chance. They knew what was going to
happen and they had set up their cameras from a good vantage point to catch
the tragedy in all its horrific details.
It was key to bringing down the towers that explosives be placed in the elevator
shafts. There was no flammable material in the elevator shafts. The elevator
shaft system was hermetically sealed to prevent any sort of fire ever being able
to travel up or down it. You cannot have fire without oxygen. There were fire
shutters in place which limited the flow of air up and down the shaft. But
witnesses saw huge fireballs exploding out of the elevator shafts at ground
level, and elevator passengers emerging in flames. This would have been
impossible. It would have been impossible for jet fuel alone to produce that
Mossad had also planned to blow up a freeway underpass with a truck bomb.
You will not believe what was painted on the side of the truck. A picture of a
767 crashing into the WTC. Facts. They were stopped by police before they
could park the truck and explode it. The police arrested several Israel men.
When the story was reported the nationality of the men arrested was never
200 Israeli spies were actually arrested just before 911, but they were released,
and all the documents the police raid had found were destroyed. Many of them
had failed lie detector tests. Two men stopped driving a van full of explosives
were also arrested but released. On whose orders? Michael Chertoff’s. Ask him
You might ask why it took over a decade for people to discover all this evidence,
and report on it. People did try to report it. They were mobbed and fired from
their jobs. This included all many of Bureaucrats and even politicians. 61 U.S
legislators actually voted to blacklist Professor Kevin Barrett when he publicly
challenged the official cover-up, and questioned the official fiction of 911.
While these Mossad agents were documenting the results of their hard work,
Reuters, in Palestine, were handing out cakes and sweets to families and their
children. The Palestinians had no idea that 911 was taking place. They were
merrily enjoying the little party that the C.I.A, Mossad, and Reuters had set up
for them. Why would the C.I.A and Mossad feed Palestinian families cakes and
sweets, and throw them a party? Poisoned food? Nope. You might remember
that all the mass media in the U.S and around the world showed footage of
Palestinians cheering with joy at the news of the WTC attacks? This gives you an
idea at how sophisticated and cunning your mass media are at manipulating
your emotions and thoughts, and constructing public opinion. Of course none
of the mass media showed, or reported on, the documented incident of the
Israeli Mossad agents actually dancing with joy and singing with glee as 3000
people were burned alive, as a ‘burnt offering’ to the Zionist cause. A woman
noticed the Israeli’s, and called the police. The Israel’s were first taken in for
questioning, but then released.
The only part of the structure that was not pulverised, melted, or cut into neat
30 feet lengths, was the foyer gallery. This was the only area where the
explosives experts could not find any places to place explosive charges that
could easily be hidden from the public, both during and after their installation. It
was the only area that did not suffer complete mechanical failure. It is a
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
memorial to the designers, who had designed a building that could never be
brought down without a sophisticated, controlled demolition. A unique feature
of the WTC was a core structure of 47 steel columns from basement to the top
floor. There is no way a passenger airliner could have penetrated them. There is
no way they could have melted due to the heat of a jet fuel fire.
The writers of the official 911 cover-up were amazingly arrogant. In the model
of the WTC, they have a hollow core. None of the 47 steel columns appear in
the document. The reader is shown a picture of a tower with a hollow core. This
is such a blatant deception. A patent deliberate act of misinformation. There is
no way the investigators could have done this by mistake. It was a deliberate
attempt to misinform the public. Keep in mind that after 3000 deaths, the
government invested only between 600,000 and 16 million in the investigation,
compared to the 40 to 80 million dollars spent on determining whether Bill
Clinton had ‘sexual relations’ with another consenting adult, Monica Lewinski.
We know the metal superstructure was first cut into neat 30 feet long pieces
with thermate charges. Thermate is an enhanced version of Thermite. It cuts
through steel like a hot knife through butter. Any kid could make normal
thermite at home, from materials that are readily available in shops, and recipes
that you can find on the internet. However to make thermate, you need Nanoaluminum.
That is a strictly controlled substance. It is used in the U.S military.
However the companies that make it also have strong ties to the C.I.A and
Zionist Central Bankers. They have strong ties to the people who leased the
WTC, and who ran all the security for the WTC. This is the reason for all the
molten metal seen flowing from the tower, and the white pyroclastic flows,
made up of pulverised concrete and steel, and of course asbestos. Anyone
remember why they put asbestos in buildings in the first place? Because it
cannot burn maybe? It was used as fire insulation. The stuff does not burn.
No-one wanted to buy or lease the WTC, because the cost of removing the
asbestos in it was greater than the value of the building. And so financially, it
was actually cheaper to knock down the WTC, than to remove the asbestos. Just
six weeks before 911, Larry Silverstein, who had taken out the 99 year lease on
the WTC, paying on a relatively small down-payment as a deposit, doubled the
insurance policy on the WTC to 3.5 Billion U.S dollar. Silverstein is a Jewish
businessperson well known for his Zionist views. He stood to gain 3.5 Billion U.S
dollars if, by some miracle, the WTC were to be destroyed. By some fortunate
co-incidence, we are supposed to believe, he, and his son, and his daughter, all
just happened to NOT be in their offices on 911. In fact we now know for a fact
that an instant messaging service that his own company owns, sent text
messages to 4000 Jewish staff and their families, warning them to stay away
from the WTC, just 2 hours before the first explosions.
And so a few people were very happy, for lots of different reasons, when the
WTC came tumbling down. A lot of people were also hit by terrible tragedy,
because they lost their loved ones. They were of course compensated for the
future earnings potential of their loved ones. Many people became extremely
rich as a result of their compensation payouts.
All three WTC buildings came down at near free fall speed. All experts agree
that it must have been a controlled set of explosions, precisely timed. Liquid
pools of iron and steel were seen flowing in streams, like in a steel furnace.
Months later pools of metal were still glowing hot, deep in the basement. No
explanation was ever offered as to why building 7 imploded. In fact there was
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
not one single reference to building 7 in the entire official report. It was a
complete cover-up. A farce. An insult on our intelligence. An insult to the
murder victims. Murdered by their own government. Of course no mention was
made of building 4. Even today, about half the U.S population are not even
aware of building 7 having been destroyed, let alone building 4 suffering partial
damage from fires.
You were told that the U.S authorities had no reason to expect a passenger
airline would ever be hijacked and flown into the WTC. Did you know that at the
same time that events were unfolding on 911, there were 22 individual ‘mock’
passenger airline hijackings taking place? They were part of war games
simulations and training exercises that had been planned long in advance of
911. The whole 911 crime took years to plan. The final preparations took place
during ‘power downs’ and ‘evacuation drills’ just before 911.
In fact the FAA did report a hijacked passenger airliner flying towards New York.
They stated clearly that this was not part of any training exercise, war game, or
mock hijacking test. The war games, and training exercises were taking place in
Canada and Alaska. This is why most of the jet fighters which would otherwise
have been available were in Canada or Alaska at the time of 911. The FAA
officers clearly requested that fighter jets be scrambled to intercept the airliner.
So how did the authorities respond? Ineffably they sent the only four available
jet fighters that were not in Alaska or Canada taking part in the ‘mock’ hijacking
exercises and war games, far enough out to sea that they never could have
made it back in time to see the missile hit the WTC, and be witness to the fact
that there were no commercial passenger jets anywhere near the Twin Towers,
let alone crashing into them.
It is a federal felony to remove anything from a crime scene. It is considered
evidence. While they discovered D.N.A of the firefighters who heroically and
tragically gave their lives trying to save other people their own government had
murdered, there is no evidence at ANY of the supposed crash sites of any of the
supposed hijacked planes of any D.N.A of any of the supposed passengers. Well,
true, many of them are walking around today, after miraculously surviving what
we all saw on television. I guess I will have to reconsider my position on
miracles. Maybe there is a god and angels after all?
While the government immediately began removing all the evidence of their
crimes, and shipping it off to China to be recycled, a few people collected
samples of dust from the site, and documented a series of perfectly cut metal
beams, cut at 45 degrees, exactly as a professional would do in order to produce
the exact sort of controlled demolition we all saw repeated 3 times on TV. They
also documented molten metal. In fact the remaining wreckage was too hot for
rescuers to walk on for days after the events of 911. Six to Eight weeks later
pools of molten metal were still being found in the basements of the WTC
What scientists discovered in the dust was Nano-aluminum and thermate
particles. Concrete dust had been fused with metal. In fact there was enough
thermate found in the dust to actually ignite and explode it. They also found
something maybe even more disturbing. Sulfur residue, in amounts consistent
with the use of thermite explosives, and for which no other explanation could
be given, were also found. And even more alarming, perhaps, is the fact that
radio Isotopes were found in 4 independent university studies. In other words
micro-nukes were used as part of 911. Remember that black-ops are commonly
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
used to test new weapons. Ask the witnesses in Iraq about the laser canons and
other strange weapons they saw being used. Most of the eyewitnesses,
however, were the victims of them.
All the experts agree that the WTC was brought down with controlled
explosions timed to go off just after thermate charges had cut through the steel
beams making up the WTC support structure, in the walls, and more
importantly, in the core. Unless you believe an expert who thinks the WTC core
was hollow. Unless you believe that air fuel burns hot enough to melt metal, in
which case why doesn’t it burn jet turbines? Unless you believe pre 2001 model
Boeing 767’s can fly faster than the speed of sound while maneuvering. Unless
you believe your own government is working for you. Unless you believe! Just
take a leap of faith. Leap into the abyss! Surely you can trust the C.I.A, and your
own government? OR? What follows is a brief description of well documented
and proven false flag attacks carried by the U.S government.
Other proven and documented false flag attacks choreographed
by the C.I.A and Mossad
The U.S has ‘intervened’, often supported by its allies, the U. K and Australia, in
over 72 sovereign nations since WWII alone. The U.S government, C.I.A,
Mossad, and Mi7, have a long history of false flag attacks. The idea is to either
provoke those targets you have already planned to invade, overthrow, or
control, to attack you, or to attack yourself, and claim that it was them. In each
case you will then have manufactured a justification for carrying out the already
planned actions against your targets. You will have popular public opinion on
your side, after the C.I.A / Zionist mass media have primed, and conditioned
them to respond with outrage to the images and propaganda that they will now
be presented with. The aggressor will have manufactured public opinion for a
breach of international law and basic human rights. They will have defined the
operation, that had been planned well in advance, for reasons completely
unconnected to the ones publicly given, as ‘just cause’. The targets will have
been defined as terrorists, as monsters, as threats to the security of the U.S, the
U.K, Israel, and the rest of the world.
The real reasons are financial and political. They are to gain full spectrum
domination of the world’s energy supplies and mass media. They are to shore
up the ponsy scheme we call the U.S dollar, and the Central banking system. Are
they also part of a long running plan by the world’s elite to bring about a one
world government? Do they intend freeing us from our current situation, or
merely enslaving us even further? The question, in my mind, is still open. I
cannot say whether I am for or against the objectives of this New World Order,
as they have never stated these objectives openly. I can say that I do NOT
believe that the ends EVER justify the means. I am against violence of any kind.
I am for holistically informed consent. I may be naive, and even wrong. But I
have given you the chance to make up your own mind. You can verify anything I
have written here for yourself. I have no ulterior motive or hidden,
opportunistic agenda.
Keep in mind that the whole notion of a New World Order may itself be a false
flag conspiracy. Someone else may be using the N.W.O as a means to its own
ends. There are always secrets upon secrets. Always a secret cabal at the top of
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
the secret cabal. Always another ‘inner circle’ within the ‘inner circle’. Who
knows, it may be 4th dimension Lizards, as David Icke keeps warning us. Keep
your mind open. Keep your eyes and ears open.
Do not trust the mass media. In fact, as a rule, if they say one thing, or show you
one thing, then tend to look in the other direction, and believe the opposite, as
a starting point for further investigation and interrogation. The C.I.A already
have their assets in place on the internet. They are platforms like Facebook and
google, and all the apps on your I-pad and smart phone. They can remotely
access most of your information technology, whether smart TV, laptop, phone,
or car. They can remotely fly almost every commercial passenger plane in the
sky right now. They can disable your car, phone, computer, and TV. They know
anything about you that you have ever emailed, spoken on the phone, texted,
googled, surfed, skyped, written down on an employment, insurance, or
banking document. They can access all your bank accounts, and set up accounts
in your name. They can steal your identity and use it to commit crimes. Like the
Saudi pilots and the other supposed ‘hijackers’ of 911.
They can imprison you indefinitely for no reason, and torture you until you
confess to whatever they want you to. They don’t need any justification. But if
they want to, they can easily set up bank accounts in your name, web sites
selling child pornography, get their C.I.A and Mossad assets, or other victims, to
give false evidence against you. They can get people to say anything about you,
and then fabricate all the evidence they could ever desire to get your convicted
by your peers in a court of law. But they don’t need to do this. They can just pick
you up off the street and imprison you. They can provoke you to saying or doing
something, anything, even talking loudly and expressively waving your hands
about, as a ‘disturbance of the peace’, and lock you up in solitary. It has
happened to me. In hindsight it is hard to believe how naive I have been.
By now you probably realise that the N.S.A (I-NSA-ne) have access to every
email, every blog entry, every web page, every Facebook page, and so on, of
every U.S citizen. The German government issued a warning to all German
citizens about this. They advised German citizens NOT to use the Microsoft
Windows Browser ‘Explorer’. They made huge protests to the U.S government
for spying on German citizens, including the President and Chancellor of
Germany. They expressed a wide range of security concerns. Over the last few
decades German industry leaders have filed a huge number of official and
unofficial complaints against U.S Intelligence gathering a.k.a spying on their
patented industrial processes. The C.I.A have been stealing German industrial
secrets for decades.
The I.R.S actively targets dissenters, resistors, and whistle-blowers. The most
recent, documented, proven, and admitted case of the IRS abusing its power in
this way was during the last election, when political parties that made reference
to the U.S being a Constitutional Republic were maliciously targeted for IRS
audits of their campaign finances.
The I.R.S is a private corporation, set up by Zionist Central Bankers. It is NOT
empowered, under the U.S constitution, to demand and collect taxes in the
U.S.A at all. Ever. If it has any power at all, it is limited to the small area known
as Washington D.C. This area is, like the One Mile ‘City of London’, free to make
its own laws. Washington D.C is NOT a state of the U.S.A.
The 12 Federal Reserve Districts override the U.S state boundaries, and laws.
They are unconstitutional. The original articles of confederation gave the
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Congress the right to issue and control the money supply to Congress, not to
Jews like Rockefeller. But in 1787 the Articles of Confederation were re-written
to give Federal Powers to Congress for the repayment of loans. And so now the
occupation powers in Washington D.C had the power to take out loans, using
the U.S population as collateral. They had the power to force the states, which
did, according the constitution, have the power to raise taxes, to repay these
loans. And so the states became the proxy debt-collectors for the occupation
powers in Washington D.C. In this way each U.S citizen became a bonded serf to
the Zionist Central Bankers. Believe it or not. It is fact! The Zionist Central
Bankers encouraged U.S governments to borrow heavily. They also got them to
start and fight wars that would get them into so much debt they would NEVER
be able to pay it back. And so the U.S people have been bought and paid for, all
legal and proper, like any of the African slaves who were bought and sold a few
hundred years ago.
Oh, and don’t think that the U.S is the only Zionist ‘occupied’ country. Since
WWII both Germany and Japan have been under the same occupational forces
as the U.S. The Zionist Central bankers run the whole show. Elections are pure
theater. Such bad theater that few people ‘watch’ the show at all. They’d
rather watch some Hollywood film, or American sit-com. You have about as
much influence on the government of your own nation as you do over the plot
of a movie. So why bother?
I was so ill yesterday. Why? The stress of writing this. Knowing what a target I
am making of myself. Knowing that I am working against my own interests. I
have nothing to gain. This life anyway. And I may even be working against my
own Eden Protocols. I know what happens to anyone who challenges Zionism,
let alone the C.I.A. And worse, I have no idea how I am going to convince
anyone to even read this, or listen to it. My neck is tensing again. I hope I can
finish this before I am incapacitated by migraine, nausea, cluster headaches,
fever, weakness, dizziness, and sinus infection.
Washington D.C is an ‘occupation power’ that has been running your country. It
does NOT obey the constitution. It is unconstitutional. It only has constitutional
power over the 24 square miles of Washington D.C. It is like the 1 square mile
financial district of London. The same people run both. Washington D.C has
absolutely no legal jurisdiction of any of the states. It has no jurisdiction over
any U.S citizen living outside its 24 square miles of jurisdiction. But Washington
D.C invented the Federal Supreme Court to give the Federal government power
over the U.S states, and thus the U.S people.
You are the U.S.A. Washington D.C is the occupying power. What I am saying is
fact today. It is also sedition. It is also an act of terrorism, under the U.S law. I
was hoping to visit the U.S.A. Now I would feel even less secure than I felt when
I was living in Russia. I had even planned on going to Israel to work on a
Kibbutzim. How ironic. I never would have predicted I would be in a position to
be labeled anti-Semitic, and have made myself the enemy of the Golem, and its
Zionist Central Banking masters. Maybe my Grandfather would be proud.
Maybe one day we will be free and able to take an honest look at Hitler, the
Nazi’s, and WWII.
I realise most young Germans, like Americans, and most Europeans, have been
conditioned, primed, and brainwashed to have a knee-jerk reaction to anything
that is not explicitly anti-Nazi and anything that does not demonize Adolf Hitler
and the Nazis’. However even Russians have respect for Hitler and the Nazis,
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
and they were among his greatest victims. This always puzzled me. Ask South
Americans or Asians about Hitler, and you will be just as surprised to see how
people who have not been indoctrinated in a particular direction relate to
WWII, Hitler, and Nazism. I am not a Nazi. I am against all dogma. But I can
appreciate why someone else might be. I would be able to empathise with
them. Today I can. Years ago I would have, like Hitler himself, felt very
uncomfortable and physically ill if I had to listen to what I would earlier have
defined as ‘anti-Semitism’. I would have had the same knee-jerk reaction that
Hitler himself had, and which so many people today will have, on reading this /
listening to this.
The U.S and U.K leading the war against drugs? Is that what they
tell you? Do you believe everything the mass media, the C.I.A,
tell you? Let’s start way back when, with the ‘opium wars’ in 1839
It has been illegal to sell or use opium in china since 1729. In 1796 importing and
growing opium poppies was also forbidden. But the British, American, and
French had a problem. The British trade with China was one-sided. The British
had very little that the Chinese wanted, however the Chinese many things that
were in great demand in Britain, including silks, spices, and ceramics. The British
East Indies company had a royal license and therefore monopoly on trade with
The British East India Company grew opium poppies in Bengal, for the
production of opium they sold, illegally, in China. The Chinese insisted their
sovereignty be respected, and the British stop pushing drugs in their country.
The British refused.
The British government subsidized the drug smugglers, which they considered
opium traders. The Chinese confiscated 20,291 chests of opium which they then
publicly destroyed. The British were expelled from the continent, and settled on
the more or less uninhabited island of Hong Kong. The British, aided by the U.S
navy, and the French responded with violence, leading to the Opium wars from
1839 to 1842, and from 1856 to 1860.
Ultimately the Chinese sued for peace. The peace treaty required the Chinese
pay millions of pounds in compensation. The French alone looted 300 wagonloads
of furs, silks, gold, and jade from the Peking summer palace. The British
and their U.S allies then forced China to legalize the opium trade.
Today of course the U.S and Britain force ‘sovereign’ Asian nations to allow
advertising that has been banned in the United States and European Community
as part of trade regulations. This advertising was banned as it directly targets
teen and pre-teen girls.
Of course many people believe that street drugs were criminalized in the U.S so
that unofficial U.S government organizations would have a constant source of
revenue for their illegal activities at home and abroad. Today the U.S claim the
role of world ‘drug police’. They destroy opium crops overseas. The U.S forced
Australian governments to ban drugs that had, until these actions, been freely
available, and without any apparent damage to public or private interests. So
many people will find these historic facts quite surprising.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The ‘Opium wars’ are a good example of U.S / U.K ‘gunboat’ diplomacy. It allows
the U.S and U.K to dictate their will, to gain concessions, and to control world
energy production in their own interests. It also gives the C.I.A access to its own
‘Philosopher’s stone’. The C.I.A have been proven to control the worldwide
distribution of illegal drugs. Documents and investigators that were bound to
blow the lid on this scam were all vaporised, along with the concrete and steel,
in the WTC and Pentagon.
In this ‘Alice in Wonderland’ world in which we find ourselves, the agency
claiming to be fighting a war on drugs is really only fighting, like any drug dealing
gang, for control of the illegal drug trade. Drugs were only made illegal to make
them more desirable status goods, and to give the C.I.A a monopoly on their
production and distribution. It began in Cambodia, where the C.I.A were
smuggling drugs out of, to finance their illegal operations in, among other
places, Vietnam. Of course Pol Pot managed, with the backing of the U.S, to
murder millions of his people in ‘The Killing Fields’, until the Vietnamese, as true
freedom fighters, as the true hero’s, came to their rescue, and overthrew Pol
Pot. Did they ‘learn’ you that in school?
Over a hundred years ago, opium was promoted by a member of the State
Parliament of Victoria, Australia, as an excellent calming tonic for children, and a
great way to increase the mental and physical vigor of workers. He was not the
only politician to lobby for the availability of ‘hard’ drugs. At the time, marijuana
joints were sold at tobacconists, and marketed as a remedy for asthma and
Opium was used as an all-purpose remedy, available in over the counter
preparations for the treatment of child teething pains, coughs, colds, headache,
toothache, ‘nervous depression, and fatigue. Coca (the raw material for
cocaine), was used to make ‘Coca-Cola’, and a wine specifically endorsed by the
Catholic Pope. Drug control was widely seen as an excessive attack on personal
freedom and choice. Amphetamines were widely available up to the mid-1950s.
Popular newspapers campaigned against government moves to control drugs,
including heroine. Headlines ran stating ‘It is a crime to ban heroine’. Doctors
were outraged at the federal government’s moves to outlaw heroine. The
moves of the Australian federal government to ban heroine were at the bequest
of America. The Menzies government banned the importation of cannabismarijuana,
after alarmist reports from the U.S about this ‘Mexican sex drug’.
Similar fears were raised about opium.
The population were taught to fear that their innocent daughters would be
seduced by Asians and Mexicans. These people, it was claimed, would use the
drug to make their daughters lose their self-control, making them
overwhelmingly horny, and desperate to have sex with them. In other words,
racism (Mexican and Asian) and sexism (Girls weren’t supposed to want to have
sex, and had to be protected from this ‘unnatural’ desire if they did, as they
were weak) had a big impact on the drug control issue. It is interesting to note
that Queen Victoria is known to have used marijuana to reduce period pain.
Sigmund Freud used cocaine. Many famous artists, including Lewis Carrol (the
pen name of the writer of Alice in Wonderland), were opium addicts.
The U.S government has, for many decades now, been experimenting with
amphetamines, LSD and other drugs to heighten their soldiers’ combat
effectiveness. Even recently, ‘friendly fire’ attacks and bombing raids on civilian
refugee convoys in Iraq have been attributed to the U.S air forces coercion of
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
pilots into using speed- amphetamines. They were (are?) not allowed to fly
missions unless they agreed (agree?) To take the speed.
The speed is meant to heighten their awareness, and allow them to fly long
missions over the course of whole weeks without needing to sleep. It has been
demonstrated that the speed can make pilots ‘paranoid’. They can become
prone to interpreting anything as a threat, and therefore a target, and firing on
it. Many cases of friendly fire, and collateral damage have been attributed to
this forced use of amphetamines.
Many civilian and refugee convoys have been mistakenly bombed by pilots ‘off
their heads’ on speed.
The benefits of LSD were praised by students who claimed they could, if they
planned their objectives in advance, for example, master a foreign language in 8
hours. This of course was the reason LSD had been developed and
experimented with by the U.S military, to seek to give their soldiers an ‘edge’ on
the enemy.
Since drugs have become criminalized, their abuse has reached ever higher
levels. No legal enforcement agency has been able to limit the supply or use of
‘illegal’ drugs. Of course the prisons are full of victims of the drug laws, and the
criminal activity surrounding ‘illicit’ drugs. As in the earlier prohibition of
alcohol, the prohibition of illegal drugs has merely produced a whole criminal
industry, and a huge number of victims, without having any impact on the illegal
drug trade or illegal drug consumption. I guess that the C.I.A learned their lesson
from Al Capone.
Prohibition turned Al Capone from no-one, into one of America’s richest men
within a few years. After prohibition, Jews dominated the alcohol business, and
still do today.
Only while Al Capone produced a quality product, the Jews, just after taking
control of the industry, were known to ‘boost’ their products with industrial
grade ethanol, which resulted in many deaths. And guess which company later
worked on ‘boosting’ their nicotine delivery systems, adding chemicals to make
them even more addictive. Does the name ‘Philip Morris’ ring a bell? Can you
guess the self-defined ‘ethnicity’ of the owners of Big Tobacco? Yes, ‘Jewish’.
And Zionist to boot! Please read my TROONATNOOR books on drugs, alcohol,
and tobacco. They will blow your mind wide open. Today the main causes of
death are tobacco and alcohol. Don’t believe me? Read my books.
Do some internet browsing. And guess who forced Asian governments to allow
advertising that was banned in the U.S, as part of trade agreements forced on
them? Does Joe Camel ring a bell? The most successful ever attempt to get
teenage girls hooked on nicotine. Please read my books about how Hollywood
movies are used to do the same. I think you will be shocked. Just ask me for free
copies. You don’t have to pay me anything if you don’t want to. My work is too
sacred and important to worry about whether I ever get paid for it or not.
Criminalising drugs, and then controlling the trade in them, has funded the C.I.A
in all its criminal activities, including 911. Remember that next time you vote to
keep drugs illegal, and their possession and trade criminal. You are really
funding terrorism. Yes, read that again. By making drugs illegal, you fund the
C.I.A, the world’s biggest terrorist organisation, soon to be your new dictator.
They have already gained control of your mind, what you think, what you feel,
and what you believe, through their control of the mass media.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
You do not even realise that they have already taken power, declared martial
law, and are using their emergency powers. Do you expect to hear about THAT
in the news? On CNN, Viacom, ABC, Time Warner, CBS, NBC (G.E), or Reuters?
The C.I.A and their Zionist banking colleagues OWN the mass media. Remember
they showed you footage of planes flying into the WTC that did not exist.
Reuters got Palestinians to dance and clap at receiving cake and sweets, and
then CNN showed the footage, with the reporters making you believe that they
were rejoicing at the WTC collapsing. If you believe anything you see or hear
through the mass media from now on, then there is no helping you. Good luck.
I hope you enjoy the Zionist’s new world order. Sorry I could not get you to take
a look at the alternatives. Like my alternatives.
Remember the Maine
The U.S destroyed its own warship, the U.S.S Maine in the Havana harbor in
1898. This is one of the U.S.A’s first false flag attacks. The attack was blamed
on the Spanish, and used to justify, and gain popular public support for, the
Spanish-American war.
In 1898 the US defeated Spain in that war and ‘bought’ the Philippines for $20
million. However the locals did not accept being ‘sold’, and they fought for their
democratic rights and freedoms. It required a decade and a force of 126,000 US
troops to crush the Filipino independence movement. Did they teach you about
this in school?
Later, the U.S would also support the murderous dictatorship of President
Marcos. The U.S supplied weapons and intelligence that allowed Marcos’ thugs
to easily identify, find, and then murder, freedom fighters and their families.
The King David Hotel bombings, 911, and true power as the power
to define reality
The Rothschild’s bought the first land in Palestine to re-settle Jews from Europe.
Why? The Rothschild’s owned the Suez Canal. Take a look at a map. Ask yourself
why so many people have fought over control of the Suez Canal. The same
reason that France, and the Vatican, arranged the crusades. Control of trade
routes is a source a massive wealth and power.
It is Zionists who even today still proudly proclaim that they INVENTED
terrorism. You can easily find clips of them on the internet glowing with pride,
and reminding us that they were the FIRST terrorists. They made the very word
part of the popular language culture. They had been carrying out terrorist
activities in the then British controlled Palestine. The British had tricked the
Arabs into helping them in WWII by promising them their own Arabic nations.
But they were hanging onto their colonies. The Zionists were carrying out
terrorist campaigns against the British and Palestinians at this time. The head of
British military intelligence was housed in The King David Hotel. All their files
were stored there. They had been accumulating evidence against the Zionist
terrorist organisation.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
They say that nothing unites people more than shared guilt in a crime. Thus
Freud’s murder of the totem animal or clan father unites the tribe in shared
guilt. Catholics and ‘pagan’ Arabs and Mayans all ‘ate’ their god, and thus share
the guilt in that crime. In fact the guilt that we all share, and which gives
religions its power over us, is the oedipal guilt we unconsciously suffer for
having willed the ‘disappearance’ of our own fathers and mothers as infants.
Read my TROONATNOOR books for details. Moses’ followers murdered
thousands of their own people. All this shared guilt really ‘unites’. Remember
that the term ‘religion’ comes from the Latin ‘religiare’, meaning, to bind.
Keep in mind that the places that were directly hit by missiles, and the first
explosions, in the Twin Towers, in building 7 and 4 of the WTC, and in the
Pentagon, were all full of files and data, and investigators, who were actively
investigating serious financial fraud. Almost all the Naval intelligence officers
investigating the disappearance of 2.3 Trillion U.S dollar were killed. Remember
that 2.3 Trillion is almost 5% of the total net wealth of all U.S citizens combined.
It is HUGE amount of money.
Of course the comptroller of the pentagon from 1987 to 2001, the one
responsible for explaining where the 2.3 Trillion dollars were, a Rabbi no less,
Rabbi Dov Zackheim, was not in harm’s way at any time during 911. It is
interesting that a company he own sells the remote controls that the 767’s,
unlike many others, were NOT fitted with. These remotes allow the FAA to take
control of a hijacked plan, and land it, by remote. It is known as a ‘flight
termination system’. It could also be used to crash a plane. They are quite
common today. They may have been responsible for the Lockerby disaster, and
for the recent Malaysian airlines crash in Ukraine. Many pilots are against the
‘flight termination system’, and some airlines therefore do not use them,
because as soon as the system is engaged, say a flight attendant notifies the
pilot of trouble, and the pilot initiates the system, the pilot loses all
communications with their own flight crew, and with anyone on the ground or
in the air. Rabbi Dov Zackheim’s company also refurbish 767’s as in-air refueling
A group of whistle-blowers who were meeting to discuss what to do about their
discovery of massive financial frauds on the part of biggest financial institutions
housed in the WTC, all died at the site of the initial explosions. They had
uncovered a number of cases of fraud. One alone involved a 2.4 Billion
securities issue that was due to ‘clear’ the next day. If those securities had
cleared, the people who ‘cashed them in’ would have to have done so publicly,
thus advertising their identities. As it happened, the next day the Securities
Commission made history, by enacting, for the first time since or after, special
emergency powers, which allowed the 2.4 billion in securities, the so-called
‘Brady Bonds’ to be ‘cleared’, that is, paid out, in secret. They kept the
emergency powers in effect for almost 2 weeks. Time enough to sweep any dirt
under the carpet, so to speak. And so no-one will ever know who owned those
They are part of several investigations into massive scale drug money
In fact the largest investigation in SEC history into insider trading was reaching
conclusions that the most powerful people could not allow it to. All the
evidence was either destroyed during 911, or shredded immediately after.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Apparently the operators behind the ‘Brady Bonds’, with the help of the C.I.A,
managed to strip billions of dollars of assets from the Russian Federation.
However the bonds themselves were connected to a debt reduction agreement.
Apparently they were backed by gold. They were complicated financial
instruments, as anyone who has ever tried to get their head around the
derivatives market, will be able to imagine.
It is noteworthy that around 100 Million U.S dollars’ worth of ‘put’ options were
placed on American and United Airlines shares. This is a historically high
volume of put options. It is extremely unusual. Somebody knew what was going
to happen. It was virtually ‘insider trading’. When you place a ‘put option’, you
are basically gambling that the price of a share will fall. So the people who
bought them were, for some reason, confident that those shares would
suddenly fall a few dollars, on the day of 911.
I wonder what Putin’s relationship to the C.I.A and the Zionist Central bankers is.
He may be our last best hope, or already a bought off opportunist. I guess we
shall soon see. Perhaps the safest place to be, ironically the most secure and law
abiding place, the last home of freedom, will be Russia, of all places.
The Eldorado task force were investigating money laundering. By now it will not
surprise you to find that their offices were destroyed by fire during 911, even
though the building they were housed in, building 6, was never hit, and there
were no explosions there either. However their offices were destroyed, and
their vaults were emptied.
It is estimated that around 500 Billion U.S dollars is laundered annually in the
U.S. Worldwide a trillion U.S dollars is laundered annually. U.S dollars are the
preferred currency for all black-market transactions around the world, from the
U.S to Moscow. The U.S is the world’s largest money laundering nation. Money
laundering refers to the way in which money from illegal activities such as illegal
drugs, prostitution, people smuggling, black market dealings, even armaments
smuggling, can be given the appearance of legally earned income. The financial
system of the U.S is totally dependent on the money that flows into the system
as a result of money laundering. Such money funds the government budget
deficit, as illegal money is used to buy U.S government bonds. It fuels the stock
markets and real estate markets. These financial flows help keep taxes low, and
pension funds high. Moreover it helps keep the government liquid. It pays
government wages. So very few Americans are interested in cracking-down on
money laundering
I expected that the Euro might become the new ‘black market’ currency.
However when I was in Russia I noted that most of the illegal transactions,
which made up the majority of transactions, were carried out in U.S dollars.
Initially the Euro gained over 60% in value against the dollar. However since
then the Euro-Zone has introduced very strict controls targeting ‘money
laundering’. The reason is that ‘black market money’ is stateless and undermines
the States sovereignty or control over its own economic policies. It loses control
over its money supply, with implication for exchange rates. Since then the Euro
has fallen significantly against the U.S dollar.
Few people understand what money really is. The government prints it, and
people are forced to use it. The real-estate bubble was fueled by money
laundering in the following way. Drug dealers took out loans to ‘launder’ their
illegally earned drugs money by buying and selling real estate. These loans were
backed or ‘secured’ by the U.S federal government. With this government
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
backing, these loans could then be sold on the international financial markets in
the form of ‘derivatives’. This black-market money helped fuel the real estate
‘bubble’. The point was that the money launderers simply wanted to ‘turn-over’
their money, to make it appear to have come from legal means. They thus did
not care what they paid for the real estate. They did not mind making losses in
their transactions. They are used to losing a large percentage in the process of
‘washing’ their illegally earned money. So they bought and bought, simply so
that when they later on-sold their investments, they could report the income
legally, and thus put it in the bank or spend it like anyone else. There are only so
many ways you can spend ill- gotten gains before it attracts the attention of the
legal authorities. However once you can show a legitimate source for the
income, you are free to enjoy it, and invest it.
In building 4, more than one Billion dollars’ worth of gold and silver that was
stored there was not there after 911.
Do a quick internet search on ‘Project Hammer’, to read the details of the huge
scam revolving around the 240 Billion dollars’ worth of 10 year securities that
were due to be paid out on the day of 911. 39 of the 40 Naval Intelligence
Officers who were investigating these securities died on 911, in the Pentagon. It
was the Office of Naval Intelligence Offices in the Pentagon that were blown up
/ hit with a missile. The biggest securities dealers in the U.S, all who were
involved in these transactions, were the first offices to be hit / explode, during
911. They include Cantor Fitzgerald and Euro brokers, who were being
The F.B.I offices in the WTC were also directly hit / sites of the initial explosions,
during 911. Remember that the F.B.I were a thorn in the side of the C.I.A many
times, such as during the Lockerby bombing trials. It is noteworthy that the
Mossad agents had easy access to the sites where the initial explosions
occurred, under cover of ‘fire-proofing’ modernisations that only the offices
where detonations and explosions occurred during 911 received. The same
access was given to them under cover of ‘elevator shaft’ work that was carried
out before 911. Similar ‘modernisation’ and ‘fire proofing’ renovations had been
carried out in the Pentagon offices that housed the Office of Naval Intelligence
offices. In other words Mossad agents had free and easy access to all the offices
that ‘exploded’ during 911. Only the foyer structure remained standing, as
there was nowhere to put charges, and no way to gain unrestricted access to
the foyer without being observed. Many office workers complained about dust
in their offices. It was the result of Mossad drilling holes to place charges in.
All the investigations were shut down after 911. Most if not all the documents
relating to the investigations had either been destroyed during 911, or shortly
6 Terabytes of data were destroyed during or just after 911. The investigators
were killed during 911, either in the Twin Towers of the WTC, or in the Pentagon
explosions. They were explosions or missile attacks. This has been proven.
Hundreds of millions of dollars was removed from the WTC just before the
explosions. Billions in gold bullion were also removed from underground vaults
in the buildings destroyed during 911. Did you know that is has been proven as
fact that the C.I.A control the distribution of illegal drugs in the U.S? It is one
way they finance their ‘black-ops’, their illegal operations. However their
operations are of such a vast scale and magnitude that they needed Trillions of
dollars. 2.3 Trillion dollars, to be exact.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The Zionists blew up The King David Hotel, killing around 90 people, including
over 40 British military intelligence personnel. Mossad, with the help of the
C.I.A, blew up the WTC, the Twin Towers, and the Pentagon offices housing the
Office of Naval Intelligence. They made a lot of money for the ‘owners’ and
‘lease holders’ of the WTC. They prevented the largest financial fraud
investigations of all time. They got nominal justification for, and U.S and some
international public support for, the illegal invasion of Iraq. They got nominal
justification for their illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Libya, and Sudan. They
go the entire world to define Muslims as terrorists.
This is true power. The power to define. The power to define our social reality.
To define the victim as the perpetrator. To define the innocent as guilty
terrorists, and the guilty criminals, the U.S, The C.I.A, Mossad, Israel, and
Britain, as the ‘good guys’, the innocent victims, the freedom fighters. Once you
have the power to define, you don’t need any other power. You have total
power, to exercise as you will. In fact the power of money is no more than this.
In fact the money which appears to give people power is simply paper. It is the
ability to have that paper defined as valuable, as wealth that gives it power.
Please wake up out of your dream. I know it will hurt a little, like waking up from
a dream to a reality that is not as appealing.
Pearl Harbour
Pearl Harbour played a huge role in mobilising public support for a war against
Japan that President Roosevelt was already waging, but had not declared. He
stated this on the record. He had been waging war ‘by other means’.
The Federal Reserve Bank and all the other Zionist Central Banks had been key
to financing the Bolshevik revolution, The Nazi’s rise to power in Germany, and
even the Japanese ‘Colonisation’ of Southern China and Korea. War finance was
always the most profitable speculation a money lender could get involved in.
Without their finance, very few large scale wars could ever have taken place.
During WWI Rockefeller made a fortune as the oil price climbed 500% due to
preparations for war, and the prosecution of war.
Japan was compelled to attack the U.S after the Allies denied Japan access to
crucial oil supplies. The entire Japanese economy and military would have been
paralyzed within a few months. Before you criticize Japan for taking the
initiative and bombing Pearl Harbor, ask yourself what the U.S would do if the
rest of the world placed an oil embargo on it. It is clear that the U.S consider
access to oil and gas to be of strategic military significance. The U.S has bases
and a strong military presence, what they call ‘full spectrum dominance’
wherever there are oil and gas sources and pipelines for their distribution. The
U.S has already engaged in two wars with Iraq over oil, and the petro dollar’. It is
clear that the U.S would engage in war with any nation that threatened its
access to reliable oil supplies. We should note that the U.S consumes around
25% of the world’s oil production. As George Bush reminded his nation, the U.S
is ‘addicted’ to oil. As we all know, an addict will do ‘whatever it takes’ to retain
access to its ‘drug’.
Of course the ‘Allies’ nominal justification for the oil embargo was Japan’s
invasion and human rights violations in China and Korea. However in reality the
U.S and U.K merely wanted to protect their own hegemonic dominance of the
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Pacific and South East Asia. And don’t forget France, The Netherlands’, and
Portugal’s hegemonic dominance of Indo-China, including Vietnam and
Indonesia. The French failure to maintain their hegemony in Vietnam led to a
later U.S invasion of that nation, the repercussions of which are still being felt.
The U.S went on to support nasty military dictatorships in Marcos’ Philippines,
and Suharto’s Indonesia. I doubt the victims of those criminal regimes were glad
that it was Americans that were responsible for their suffering and death, rather
than Japanese. Also, most of the territories the Japanese invaded and annexed
were really, in a way, being liberated from the North, who had invaded and
occupied them previously.
Today the Allies have placed and embargo on Russia and Iran. They give the
same reasons as they gave for the embargo against Japan. They are, as
Roosevelt put it, waging war without declaring war. They are engaged in
warfare. They just have not yet declared war. They will provoke Iran or Russia
into defending themselves, or will carry out a false flag operation, and blame it
on the Iranians or Russians. They have already been active with their ISIS
terrorists, filling the mass media with images of people being roasted alive.
Remember that Iran has posed no threat to any country since around the time
of the U.S war of Independence. The U.S supported a criminal regime in Iran for
many years, and then welcomed the torturers and their gold into the U.S and
Europe after a popular uprising in Iran against these evil tyrants succeeded. It
was well documented that the planes in which the former Iranian regime
leaders escaped justice in Iran barely made it off the ground, they were so
heavy-laden with gold.
Note that ‘The project for the new American century’, a document written by all
the most powerful leading players on today’s world political stage, calls for ‘a
NEW Pearl Harbor’. Now what on earth could they mean?
The sinking of the Lusitania
The U.S packed the Lusitania, which was ostensibly a cruise ship, but which the
U.S had been using to transport weapons to the U.K, with weapons, explosives
and munitions, making it clearly ‘fair game’ under the rules of warfare. The
British and French had declared war on Germany. The weapons were meant for
British expeditionary forces which had already invaded Europe. Hitler had let
the British escape from Dunkirk, giving his Generals a ‘Halt’ order. He did not
want war with the British. He never had. The U.S made sure that Nazi spies were
well informed about the cargo of the Lusitania. In the media the ship was
presented as a civilian vessel. However Roosevelt had openly stated that
America was already waging war against Japan and Germany, ‘by other means’,
without openly declaring war. And so when the Lusitania was hit by a few
German torpedoes, the explosives and munitions went off in a spectacular
fashion, sinking the ship.
The sinking was planned as a propaganda tool, to gain popular public support
for the war that Roosevelt was already unofficially waging against Germany.
The U.S had funded and armed Stalin. They were building him factories, such as
the famous Kama truck plant. However over 90% of the U.S public were against
involvement in the war. A majority of U.S citizens at that time were of German
origin on at least one side of their family. Roosevelt had campaigned for the
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Presidency with the promise that the U.S would not become involved in the
The Lusitania action is an example of one form of strategy that the U.S and
Israel have been using since. To provoke the people they wish to declare war on
into some action which they can then use to get the U.S people behind the
military action, invasion, assassination, coup d’état, that has already been
planned in advance, and for which they are only waiting for the ‘green light’ of
public opinion. The real reasons U.S sons and daughters are sent overseas to kill
and be killed are never given. They are conned into believing they are fighting
for freedom, for democracy, and to protect their loved ones.
U.S overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iran
in 1953
In concert with Britain, in 1953 the U.S organized the overthrow of an elected
government in Iran and installed the dictatorship of the Shah.
U.S overthrow of the democratically elected government of Syria
in 1954
In Syria In 1954 the U.S orchestrated the removal of the elected government of
The ‘Gulf of Tonkin incident’
Today the U.S authorities admit that the ‘incident’ never happened. The story
was pure fiction. Pure propaganda. However at the time, the public were told
that a U.S naval vessel, the U.S.S Maddox, had been attacked by the North
Vietnamese military, as it was peaceable anchored in the Gulf of Tonkin. The
attack was used to justify U.S military intervention in Vietnam. Soon after the
U.S invaded Vietnam, leading to the Vietnam War.
1967 Operation Synaide
In 1967, as part of ‘Operation Synaide’, Israeli armed forces attacked a U.S
warship, the U.S.S Liberty. They then proceeded to machine gun the life rafts in
which survivors sought to escape the crippled ship. The Plan had been to kill
everyone on board, and to sink the ship. No witnesses were to be allowed to
survive. The attack was to be blamed on Egypt, as a ploy to give the U.S a
justification for entering the Arab-Israeli war on the side of Israel. The U.S had
already been assisting the Israelis with intelligence gathered from U.S spy
planes, which allowed the Israeli Air force to locate and destroy all enemy
airplanes on the ground.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The U.S ship had also intercepted Israeli military transmissions which recorded
war crimes committed by the Israeli military in which they had shot dead 1000
war prisoners. As in the murder of the Naval Intelligence Officers in the
Pentagon during 911, the sinking of the U.S.S Liberty also destroyed evidence of
criminal activities on the part of the C.I.A, Mossad, and their allies.
The U.S Military had ordered that the incident be kept secret. The Captain of the
ship was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, and offered his choice of
postings, in return for his silence. He was given the medal in secret, and sworn
to secrecy. It turns out that the U.S military itself had planned the whole
incident. The plan had failed. The ship was supposed to have been sunk, and
every person aboard was to have been murdered. However, the Captain had
gotten signals off to the U.S flotilla. Help had arrived too soon for the Israeli’s to
complete their false flag operation, before all the crew of the U.S ship could be
killed. The survivors were picked up and sworn to secrecy about the Israeli
My original pre-911 motivation for writing this was to illustrate the nature of
war. War is heroicised and sentimentalized. In reality soldiers are merely
cannon fodder. That they have no value is demonstrated time and again in the
way in which they are pointlessly sent to death. There is also a subtler point I
wish to make. In war, the individual is merely an instrument for achieving war
aims. It makes no real difference whether they are killed by their own leaders,
or the supposed enemy, as long as they serve their masters, as means to their
masters’ military, political, and economic ends. In this case the U.S military’s
objectives were best met by having its allies kill its own men and sinking their
warship. It was in fact unpatriotic of the soldiers to survive the attack, thus
thwarting their leaders’ plans.
Their duty, as good American military personnel, was to die in realizing their
leader’s objectives. Their job was to kill whoever they are told, and accept their
own deaths as a means to their leader’s ends. A good patriot might accept this,
until of course they realise that their masters are not defending their ‘way of
life’, the U.S constitution, freedom, democracy, and justice. Until they realise
their masters are simply playing them for fools, to exploit them for their own
narrow selfish interests. Yes, billions of people die in wars just to give a few
people more power and wealth.
In light of this incident, it is not hard to believe that the U.S knew that Japan had
set out to attack Pearl Harbor, and had deliberately sacrificed their own people
in order to create outrage back home, to make the U.S plan to enter the war in
the Pacific politically popular. The civilians on the Lusitania were sacrificed in the
same way. They were all ‘burnt offerings of a sweet savor to our lord’, the 13th
tribe, the Zionists.
I want to add a little bit of history here, to further this point. The Spanish
Armada was actually meant to collect a Spanish army from Flanders and
transport it across The English Channel to invade England. However the army
was not ready when the armada arrived. The Spanish ships were built as heavy
transport ships. The British ships were smaller and more maneuverable fighting
vessels. In fact the Spanish sailors had not even been fully trained in the use
their ship’s canon. They could only fire once. The English trained and drilled in
constant fire and reload drills. However this cannon fire was pretty ineffective,
only managing to put little holes in the enemy ships. They didn’t use explosive
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
After some encounters with the British which produced little real damage, the
Spanish invasion force failed to make the rendezvous in Flanders. The armada
crept back over the north and west of England, losing many ships to the
weather, and running aground in the treacherous waters. Those who didn’t
drown, or were not killed by the English when they pulled into shore,
dehydrated, starving, and sick, died of starvation, disease, and a lack of water,
on the slow long crawl back to Spain.
The British sailors who had defeated them were stabbed in the back by their
own government. Their government wanted to avoid having to pay them. They
were ordered to remain at sea, where half of them died from a lack of
provisions, water, and disease, like the Spanish they had defeated. Only their
own commanders remained loyal to their crews. They spent their personal
wealth on trying to supply their sailors. Some even ‘pawned’ their family silver.
The U.S Zionists planned and carried out the 911 attacks to mobilize popular
political support for a ‘war on terrorism’. This war would allow them access to
huge financial and political resources, and gain support for their planned future
military conquests. It is easy to lead a country in times of war. Peoples’
attentions are deflected from domestic issues and focused on winning the war.
The political leaders’ approval ratings usually soar in time of war. It would be
unpatriotic to disapprove at such a crucial time. You can commit the most
unbelievable crimes during times of war, and get away with them. All is fair in
love and war, haven’t you heard?
McNamara, self-professed war criminal, becomes Ford CEO then
World Bank President
During the WWII U.S fire-bombing of Japan, 67 Japanese cities suffered a 50-
90% civilian death-toll during the fire-storms thus produced. Such incendiary of
civilians, before nuclear bombs dropped. The man who recommended such
bombings, Robert McNamara, stated that had the U.S lost the war, they would
have been declared war- crimes, and those that had ordered them warcriminals.
100,000 Japanese civilians burned to death in one night of incendiary
bombing alone. 130 square kilometers of city were burnt out. Bomber pilots
were threatened with courts-martial if they failed to complete their missions. It
was McNamara who recommended the nuclear bombing of Japan to La May.
The rest is history.
During the Vietnam War, as Secretary of State, McNamara states that his
political strategy was to never answer the questions asked, to merely answer
the questions he wished had been asked. As a result of his personal
recommendations, 2 to 3 times more bombs were dropped on Vietnam than
had been dropped on Europe during WWII. The Vietnamese felt they were
fighting for their independence. They did not see the Vietnam War as part of the
cold war. They saw the U.S as seeking to replace France as a Colonial power. 3.4
million Vietnamese were left dead by war.
McNamara, had been CEO of Ford in the 1950s, and went on to become
president of the World Bank from 1968-1971. Notice any pattern here? War is
the biggest business of all. The qualities of a CEO are the same as those of a war
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Operation Northwoods (as part of Operation Mongoose)
The following details were declassified in 1997 and 1998 and you can view the
documents at Wikipedia.
Note that both the Congress, and the Military high command, had signed off on
Operation Mongoose. It was only President JFK who stopped them carrying out
the false flag attacks, and the invasion of Cuba. Remember that 6 months after
signing Executive Order 11110, which would have dismantled the Federal
Reserve Bank, and given congress the power to print money. JFK was
assassinated. JFK had warned us all about the Central Banks and New World
Order conspiracy in his famous June 4, 1963 speech. Listen to it. He warns us of
‘covert world powers’ taking over the world. He had tried to prevent it, by
regaining control of the Central banks. He was not the first U.S President to give
such a warning. Do a little internet surfing and see for yourself what your own
Presidents had to say.
Lyman Lemnitz, a confirmed Zionist Jew, was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
Staff, in 1962. He proposed a series of false flag terrorist attacks, as part of
Operation Mongoose, to provide a pretext for, and to gain popular public
support for, military intervention in Cuba, against President Castro. The plan
was named ‘Northwoods’ and was submitted to the Secretary of Defense,
Robert McNamara. However President JFK did not approve the proposal, and it
was put on the back-burner. Lemnitz refers to several options.
One would be a ‘remember the Maine’ incident that would recall the
destruction of the U.S.S Maine in the Havana harbor in 1898. This itself was
actually a false flag attack. It was blamed on the Spanish, and used to justify,
and gain popular public support for, the Spanish-American war. Other options
were the blowing up of drone airplanes that had first been modified to look like
commercial passenger airliners. They would report casualties that never
happened. They would hold mock funerals for people who had never been on
the drones, let alone died. They would fill the U.S media with casualty lists of all
the fake crew and passengers who had not-died, sparking a wave of public
indignation, and popular support for military intervention in Cuba, against
President Castro.
In this option no-one would actually have to die. I am certain that no-one died
on any planes during the entire 911 false flag attack. You may remember that
the Saudi government, who owns Saudi Air, threatened to sue the F.B.I for
identity theft. You see soon after the photos of the supposed 19 hijackers who
had supposedly flown airplanes into the WTC, the pentagon, or crashed in
flaming wrecks, Saudi Air identified 4 of the dead pilots as 4 of their own, very
much alive, pilots.
The C.I.A and Mossad had stolen their passports and other documents, and
shown them on TV, claiming to the whole world that these men were terrorists.
This was just one of the many mistakes. Soon after, several other of the
supposed hijackers, who had just died in huge explosions, identified themselves
to the F.B.I. They had the perfect alibis for 911. They were not charred corpses,
or smears on D.N.A. Three of the 19 hijackers turned up at FAA headquarters.
They were in fact FAA employees. Another 3 of the hijackers also ‘survived’. Ten
of the 19 have so far identified themselves, alive, and definitely with no ties to
any terrorist activities.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
By now you probably know that the F.B.I stated publicly that there was
absolutely no link between Osama Bin Laden and 911. The F.B.I stated publicly
that the supposed video of Osama Bin Laden taking credit for 911, basically
admitting his guilt, is a fake. Osama Bin Laden was dying of the consequences of
the same disease that President Lincoln and Pharaoh Akhenaton suffered from.
The C.I.A claimed they were hunting Bin Laden long after he was officially
confirmed to have died. The C.I.A claim they killed him, years later, in a shootout.
This was announced all over the world on all the mass media. But no body?
How to explain that? Well, for some reason his body accidentally got dumped in
the ocean. Sure, he died in a cave in Afghanistan, but gets lost in the ocean. I
can see how that could happen. Or? The soldiers on the helicopter that was
carrying him all died in suspicious circumstances soon after. Probably they just
‘disappeared’, like the people pretending to be on those passenger airlines that
the C.I.A pretended had flown into the WTC, pentagon, and crashed. Just like
they had planned in 1967 to do as part of ‘Operation Northwoods’.
At least Osama died a rich man, wherever and however. Only a month before
911 the U.S government sent Osama Bin Laden, a.k.a Obama’s bin lie’in, 2
Billion dollars’ worth of military equipment. He had never stopped working for
the C.I.A. He may have agreed to the U.S cover story for 911, or maybe he was
pissed off about it. Who knows? Whatever the case, he worked for the C.I.A.
That is a fact. He was a C.I.A asset. Just like Obama’s bin lie’in was an asset
before he emerged on the political scene to become the black President
Hollywood had been priming us for in so many pre 911 movies.
One of Lemnitz’s false flag options was to mock up a military aircraft, to look
‘exactly’ like a passenger airline. It would take off full of C.I. A actors, pretending
to be the passengers listed on the passenger manifesto. They would be tourists
returning from a holiday in Cuba. Note that an Israeli company owned the
company who did the supposed security checks at the airports from which the
supposed 911 passengers embarked for their fatal trips. Then a military drone,
or similar type aircraft, would be exploded en route. There would be fake
funerals for the fake passengers.
Just imagine the public reaction. Just imagine how the C.I.A controlled mass
media could ‘milk’ such a scenario. At the time there were no mobile phones
and such. There were no airport security controls, like we have to day. The C.I.A
would plant all sorts of evidence around the crash scene to point to Cuban
terrorism. Note that the F.B.I accused the C.I.A of planting evidence at the site
of the Lockerby air disaster in Scotland, trying to frame an Iranian for the action,
and thus implicate Gadhafi.
The F.B.I demanded the man be released, and no charges were ever laid. Still,
the passengers received settlements from Gadhafi, who was forced to accept
liability for the crash, simply as the U.S was suffocating his nation with a trade
embargo, in a sort of national ‘waterboarding’, a form of economic ‘torture’. Of
course the point of torture is that it gets people to say whatever you want them
to say. The families of the victims of the Lockerby disaster can be certain that
the C.I.A murdered their loved ones.
Guess what was on the cover of flight training manuals for flight crews long
before 911? A picture. Guess what it was of? A picture depicting a commercial
passenger airliner flying into a building. Creepy hey? Just one of the fascinating
and disturbing insights provided by retired Flight attendant, Rebekah Roth. She
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
notes that none of the flight attendants or flight crew who supposedly made the
telephone calls we were presented with by the mass media followed their
training protocols. They spent much too long on the phone to avoid detection
by the terrorists. They failed to call their designated ‘go to’ people in the event
of a hijacking. They failed to provide the information a flight attendant or flight
crew member was trained to deliver. But it gets much, much more curious.
By the time of 911 people had mobile phones, and many commercial airlines
had on-board phones However at the time mobile phones would not have
worked. A former flight attendant, Rebekah Roth, in her book ‘Methodical
illusion’, and her web site ‘Methodicalillusion.com’ explains how the phone
calls would never have been made, could never have been made, and definitely
were never made. Barbara Olson, claiming to be calling from one of the
hijacked airplanes, which the military claimed to have on radar and to have
been tracking, and which was at that moment nose-diving at 6 to 10,000 feet
per minute, left messages on her husband’s answering phone. First she claimed
to be calling ‘reverse charges’ from her mobile phone. Then she claimed to be
calling from the airplane’s built in phone. What are the odds she could have
confused the two?
Rebekah Roth knew that neither story could be true. The mobile phone would
not have worked in that plane at the altitude it was supposedly flying at.
Further, it was impossible at that time to place a reverse charges call to an
answering phone using a mobile phone. And Rebekah Roth knew for a fact that
the airplane that Barbara Olson claimed to be calling from had had its on-board
phones removed years before. The entire airline had had these phones removed
from that model plane.
And so Rebekah Roth knew that the stories had to be lies. In any event, if
someone had tried to call during that sort of descent, there would have been
shouts of panic from other passengers, and sounds of the plane shuddering,
even assuming the caller could remain so calm and cool. In other phone calls
the person finished the call, then we hear sounds of her handing the phone to
someone, and then we hear, quite clearly, a woman congratulate the caller on
her performance whispering, ‘You did great’. At least the faked moon landing
filmed by Stanley Kubrick was a professional job. The 911 dramaturgy is so full
of errors it is surprising that it has taken so long for the public, like me, to wake
up from to the facts.
Guess what happened, officially, to all the FAA flight data for the day of 911?
Aircraft controllers were ordered to destroy all the data recordings. Why? To
make it impossible to investigate what happened. Whether there really were
any airplanes involved in the 911 explosions. But at least one person involved in
that cover up did not follow their masters bidding. There was one person who
would not be turned into the Zionist’s Golem. They kept a copy of the data, and
made it available to several investigators, like Rebekah Roth, who are now going
through the data, looking for clues. It is such a huge volume of data that it will
take some time.
P-tech, an Israeli company, had developed software that would enable the
military, government, or anyone with a ‘back-door’ into the program, such as
Mossad, to create false radar readings, and thus make false ‘blips’ or ‘targets’
show up on radar screens. This technology was being used in the 22 mock
hijacking, simulated war game, training exercises that were taking place on the
day of 911.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The official 911 story was clearly a lie. The whole thing was a huge media stunt.
Only with 3000 real victims. She feared, at least at first that the planes had
actually taken off, and had been taken by the C.I.A and Mossad to nearby
airfields where the passengers had all been murdered. However in hindsight it is
clear that there never were any commercial airliners, let alone passengers.
So she began investigating further. She found that 3 of the people listed on the
passenger manifests had never bought tickets. Guess what, these three turned
up at FAA headquarters, alive. They were in fact FAA employees. Someone had
stolen their identities. The person who revealed this fact to their FAA boss was
Flight attendants and passengers who called said that the terrorists were
‘standing on the stairs’ and ‘upstairs’, when the airliners supposedly involved
had no stairs. The terrorists were ‘up in business class’. There is no ‘upstairs
business class’ on a 767!
Callers from each plane referred to the use of mace or pepper spray by the
terrorists. But if anyone sprayed mace or pepper spray in the pressurised cabin
of an airliner, it would end up in the eyes of every passenger and flight crew of
the plane. It would be a disaster for the hijackers. They would be spraying
themselves. And not a single person could be heard in any of the phone calls
actually coughing. Neither the speakers nor anyone in the background.
The only cabin crew who would have used the term ‘airline hostess’ would be
Israeli. No U.S flight crew had used that term for years.
A navy pilot who called in 4 minutes before the plane, according to the official
story, would have hit the WTC, told his mother that he thought his plane was
over Ohio. Anyone within 10 minutes flight time of New York would have clearly
seen the Manhattan skyline. At 4 minutes to ‘impact’, the plane would have
been right over New York. It would have been unmistakable to anyone.
10 of the supposed hijackers had Florida drivers’ licenses. They were all slightly
built, and under 5′ 7” tall. These are the men who are supposed to have
overcome and killed well-built, 6” tall pilots, with nothing but box cutters? The
terrorists supposedly managed to overpower a 6’2” judo champion, a F14
fighter pilot, an Israeli special forces trained killer. The last was an employee of
Mitre, a top top secret black ops organisation that sucked in unlimited amounts
of money and other resources, but which no-one can tell you anything about.
Mitre is a literal ‘shadow government’ with a secret budget to match. That is a
real achievement. Allah be praised!
Rebekah Roth managed to track down the original passenger manifests for the
flights listed as having been hijacked, and found that there was not a single
Arabic looking name on it.
In reality there were no passenger planes involved in 911. What there were
were ‘Tail wagging the dog’ type special effects, added soon after the explosions
were announced and the missile hit the second of the Twin towers. In the first
footage, in hindsight, you can clearly see that it is not a passenger airliner.
Witnesses stated clearly on camera that the plane had no windows, and was
definitely not painted as a commercial passenger airliner. It was traveling,
according to the official estimates, at around 690 miles per hour.
Ask any Boeing engineer. Ask the designers of that particular plane. At 35,000
feet the maximum speed, before that plane would start physically breaking up
and falling apart, is 530 miles per hour. This is what led other investigators into
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
questioning the whole story about passenger planes having been involved in the
WTC explosions at all. They then investigated whether or not the passenger
airliner in question could possibly have penetrated the buildings, let along
penetrated through the entire width of the building, and then out the other
The missile not only penetrated the steel structure, but went right through the
building, and a large length of its nose came out the other side. No passenger
plane of any type could have managed this little trick. It takes a hardened
uranium nose cone to manage that feat.
However the footage was quickly edited and when it was re-shown, the nose
coming out the other side had been blacked out by a long vertical stripe. Within
minutes, special effects specialists had covered the gray-black missile with a
passenger airline outline. They had by then also added the first passenger
airplane hitting just where the explosives had first gone off, on the first tower.
And so suddenly the mass media were full of footage of two passenger airliners
crashing into the Twin towers.
The original footage that clearly shows a large black missile with no windows
crashing into the WTC was not repeated on air, such as that of ABC7. New
‘eyewitnesses’, briefed C.I.A assets, then began repeating their lies about how
they had seen commercial passenger jets fly into the world trade center. From
then on, that is what the hegemonic social reality was. Two commercial
airliners had been hijacked and had crashed into the WTC. All you ever see now
on TV is that faked footage of a commercial airliner crashing into the WTC. It
never happened. But repeat a lie, as every propagandist knows, and sooner or
later people just believe it.
Lemnitz also proposed a series of fake false flag terrorist attacks in Miami, Haiti,
and the Dominican Republic. He suggested they might blow up some refugee
boats, killing the passengers. The aim was to have Cuba defined, in the public
consciousness, as a threat to peace in the Western Hemisphere.
Lemnitz also suggested they might dress up some U.S fighter jets as Cuban M.i.g
fighter jets, then invade Dominican Republic air space, and harass commercial
passenger liners. If the pilots reported to the passengers that the jets were
Cuban M.ig.fighter jets, and if they looked like M.ig. fighter jets, then the
passengers would believe that they had just been attacked by Cuban M.i.g
fighter jets.
U.S overthrow of the democratically elected government of Chile
in 1973
In 1973 Kissinger oversaw the overthrow of the democratically elected
government, and put Pinochet in power. He, and the U.S, then aided the brutal
military regime. Britain and Australia, as allies, who would later form the
‘coalition of the willing’ that supported the U.S’s criminal invasion of Iraq, also
supported the criminal regime of Pinochet in Chile. This regime murdered, at
the most conservative estimates, many tens of thousands of their own citizens.
The U.S provided intelligence, and the names of persons opposed to U.S
interests and to the interests of the criminal regimes. The Australian
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
government also built the telephone system in Chile, which was bugged, and
used to hunt down any ‘freedom fighters’ who opposed Pinochet.
The interests of big business and the fascist dictators converged. The allies
provided dictators and terrorists training in terrorist tactics, in the U.S, and in
their own countries. They provided money. They provided weapons. All of these
cases have been well documented, but you won’t hear about it in the popular
media, and they certainly won’t be called acts of terrorism, or of aiding and
abetting terrorists. The U.S brought Suharto to power in Indonesia, and then
provided the means for him to murder up to a million Indonesians. The U.S did
this to serve the interests of the then current U.S Administrations, and the
narrow vested interest groups that they represented.
The U.S now has 152 military bases around the world from which to bully and
coerce other people into doing what it wants, and from which it carries out acts
of terror against those who don’t comply with its interests. To be more precise,
not U.S interests, but merely the interests of big business. These narrow vested
interest groups buy off the U.S administration and military leaders, and then
manipulate public opinion through misinformation and clever marketing.
The Lockerby air disaster, Golem, and the true ‘Philosopher’s
Since I wrote this, years ago, Libyan President Gadhafi has been murdered by
the C.I.A -Mossad- Mi5. He had been the longest serving head of state of any
nation. He had agreed to pay 10 million U.S dollars in compensation to the
families of each victim of the Lockerby air disaster, even though there was never
any evidence of any Libyan involvement in the disaster. The courts ordered the
release of the innocent Libyan that the U.S had illegally imprisoned.
The courts actually ruled that there was evidence that the U.S authorities had
conspired against the Libyan, by, among other things, planting false evidence at
the crash scene. However Gadhafi signed the agreement under coercion. It was
the only way to get U.S economic sanctions lifted.
Do not forget that earlier, 292 Iranians had died when the U.S navy had shot
down a scheduled Iranian commercial flight. They have never been forced to
give any explanation for this act of terrorism. The navy battleship had illegally
entered Iranian waters. The warship commander claims he confused the jumbo
jet for a jet fighter.
Bush would not even apologize for what he called an ‘accident’. The U.S claims
the Lockerby air disaster was a revenge attack. Can you imagine the worldwide
response if an Iranian gunboat illegally entered U.S waters and shot down a
commercial airliner? Bush is a great source of Freudian slips. He keeps making
them. In this case the choice of word ‘revenge’. Later he almost referred to the
‘911 conspiracy’ instead of the ‘911 attacks’, in a media announcement. His wife
is seen trying to hide a grin at this Freudian slip.
Gadhafi was a charismatic leader. He, like JFK, the U.S founding fathers, and
Hitler, made a heroic attempt to defy the Zionist Central bankers. He was
working with African nations to institute a new gold based currency that would
have seriously threatened to bring about the collapse of the greatest ponsy
scheme in history, ‘The Petro-Dollar’, a.k.a, The U.S dollar. The greenback is
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
backed by nothing. Of course Percy from Black Adder discovers how to make
‘pure green’, after experimenting with alchemy.
This is all the U.S dollar is worth. In fact the Zionist central bankers discovered
the philosophers’ stone when they invented the concept of the private central
bank. Their printing presses are the philosophers’ stone. They can turn the
paper into anything. Hell, the rest of the world swapped their worthless paper
for all their god reserves, and continue today to do so. You can change that
worthless paper into ANYTHING. Including POWER. You can buy anyone, and
anything, with this worthless paper. This paper is the mythical ‘scrolls’ that the
Jews in Prague would place into the mouth of their Leviathan, their ‘robot’, their
GOLEM. The Jews would simply write a command on the piece of paper, then
put it in the Golem’s mouth. The Golem would then do whatever the Jew asked
it to.
Does that sound like anything you know? Ever heard of lobbyists? Ever heard
of ‘illegal campaign financing’. Guess where most of the records for the biggest
investigation ever into illegal campaign financing were held. Go on. Guess. Yep.
WTC and Pentagon. Where the first explosions went off. Where the missile/s
struck. ‘Jews’ make up about 2% of the U.S population, but Zionist Jews,
which is just a fraction of that 2%, account for around 50% of all U.S election
campaign contributions.
Remember that the U.S government is the Zionist’s ‘Golem’. The robot-monster
that carries out the Jews instructions, as long as the Jew writes it on a piece of
paper and feeds it to the Golem. The little pieces of paper are the ‘U.S dollars’
that U.S politicians will do anything for. And where does the Zionist Jew get
these pieces of paper? They print them. They discovered alchemy. How to turn
base things into precious metals. Into power. They take paper, rub their
philosopher’s stone over it, and it turns into money, and power. Yes friends,
they discovered the real philosopher’s stone. It is called Federal Reserve
banking. They own and control the world’s central banks.
The only significant nation left without a Rothschild Zionist Jewish central bank
is, wait for it, the enemy of the free world, the nation that roasts people alive on
your television set. Got it yet? Yes, the new ‘bad guy’ we are being conditioned
to hate by the Zionist controlled and owned mass media, and the C.I.A false flag
terrorism with real victims, is IRAN. Not only are they trying to break the Petro-
Dollar U.S dollar Ponsy scheme by selling oil for Euros, but they are the only
significant country left that has not allowed the Zionists Central bankers to set
up their ‘philosopher’s stone’ Central banking ponsy scheme in their nation.
And who comes next on your list of ‘public enemy number one’, terrorist threat
to your security? Good guess. North Korea. Along with Cuba, the last nations to
hold out against the Zionist Jew Central banking system. Soon the Zionists will
have the whole world in the palm of their hand, printing out instructions for all
the world leaders, their Golem, and feeding this Golem with worthless paper
scraps that, thanks to the magic of the philosopher’s stone, the Central banking
system, the petro-dollar, and the international reserve system, can be
exchanged for gold, power, jewels, sex, drugs, anything they like.
Anyone will become their golem. Just find out what the golem wants to eat.
What’s your pleasure? Just do what the Zionist Jews and their Golems ask, and
you will receive. The ponsy scheme U.S dollars can be converted into anything
you like. You can buy just about anyone you like. You can buy their influence
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
and power. They will serve you. Just keep feeding them with worthless bits of
paper, and giving them your instructions.
Remember that JFK was assassinated for trying to get rid of the Federal Reserve
System in the U.S. He was going to do it. He had signed the executive order.
And who was it that made a U.S wide broadcast and film announcement,
warning the world of the Zionist Central Banking system’s plan to take over the
world? Guess who else got assassinated for trying to get rid of the Federal
Reserve System. And he had something in common with Osama Bin Laden. The
same illness. Yep. President Lincoln.
Guess who took over control of NORAD just before the 911 explosions? Who
stopped fighter jets being scrambled to intercept the supposed hijacked
airplanes? Dick Cheney! Even 30 minutes after the first WTC explosion, Dick
Cheney prevented any action being taken against a hijacked passenger airliner
which they knew was headed for the Pentagon. At the time there were still 8 jet
fighters available. Cheney shut down the multi-billion dollar defense system
that had been put in place to protect the Pentagon from any threats. It was
capable of knocking the fastest fighter jets in the world out of the sky before
they could even approach Pentagon airspace.
This system would have had around 30 minutes to respond, with a clear flight
path for the supposed commercial airliner that was supposedly approaching it.
Not that any evidence at all exists of any such airplane ever coming anywhere
even close to the Pentagon, let alone crashing through the Pentagons only
recently completely rebuilt, impregnable concrete and steel walls, oh, and of
course, then vaporising, for some ineffable reason.
There were 22 overlapping possible hijacking scenarios underway at the time, as
part of several different war games simulations, mock hijackings, and training
exercises. One of the ‘exercises’ was an exact copy of the official 911 cover-up
I swear this is a ZEN moment. For those of you who are theists, you would say
god seemed to be speaking to you. I feel truly inspired. I had never before
thought of the ancient myths of the philosophers’ stone or Golem in this
context. I am cold and need some coffee. My back and neck ache. I wonder if
anyone will ever read this.
The U.S and Britain made big heroes of themselves in front of the international
media by promising they would help the people of Afghanistan. They have not
kept their promises. Things are actually worse off in Afghanistan for most
people now than they were under the Taliban. People were definitely safer
under the Taliban. The Human Rights Watch has reported that the Army and
Police troops, controlled by the warlords that the U.S put in power in
Afghanistan, are kidnapping villagers, raping women, girls, and boys, and then
ransoming them back to their fathers.
These practices, and extortion, robbery, and murder, especially of girls and
women, are reported to be widespread. The Presidential elections were
fraudulent. Afghanistan is considered the world’s first of second most corrupt
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
country. President Karzai recently released several of the biggest drug warlords
from prison without any explanation.
The popular media are not reporting on the atrocities that members of the
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), at risk to their
own lives, have managed to secretly document. The footage they provided the
media was considered by Reuters and ABC Australia to be too shocking. Parts of
the footage were only later aired in a BBC documentary. Women and children
are committing suicide to avoid being repeatedly raped. Two girls that went to
school without their ‘burqas’, the Muslim head covering, were killed, and their
bodies were dumped on their parent’s doorstep. None of the warlords now in
power would have been in power without the U.S and British support.
Like the Taliban that the warlords replaced, they were recruited, trained,
financed and backed by the U.S and Britain. In 1979 the Carter Administration in
the U.S authorized U.S 500 million dollars to aid the Taliban-Al Qaeda, intent on
forcing the U.S.S.R into exhausting its resources in a futile war in Afghanistan.
The U.S.S.R was afraid of Islamic fundamentalism spreading through central
Asia, and hence sought to destroy the Taliban.
The C.I.A had backed a plan to train over 100,000 Islamic militants in Pakistan,
with British MI6 and SAS trainers. Taliban leaders were trained in terrorism in
the U.S, at CIA bases in Virginia. The other reason that Afghanistan was of
interest to the U.S, was its strategic position between the gas rich Central Asia,
and the ports of the Caspian Sea.
Afghanistan was to become an ‘oil and gas protectorate’, similar to Saudi Arabia.
This meant that the U.S would support whatever regime would allow them to
exploit its strategic position or resources. Saudi Arabia was known to persecute
women and deny its population real democracy. This was considered
acceptable. Remember that most of the dictators that the U.S has put in power
or supported over the years were brutal murderers and torturers.
Relations between the U.S and its ‘friends’ is based merely upon their usefulness
to the U.S administration (read ‘big business interests’). The U.S public relations
machine will have the U.S defined as an international peace keeper, and
promoter of democracy and human rights, but the facts explode this myth
irreconcilably. The U.S Administration has basically been an ‘oil and gas junta’.
The vice president under Bush was previously a lobbyist for 9 oil companies.
Condoleezza Rice, the national security advisor, was previously a Director of
Chevron- Texaco with special responsibility for Pakistan and Central Asia.
George Bush Senior was a paid consultant of the huge Carlyle Group, whose 164
companies specialize in oil and gas, pipelines, and armaments. His clients
included the Bin Laden family.
The most wealthy and powerful companies and their owners all benefit from
the armaments and energy industries. The taxpayers pay for their terrorist acts.
Wars cost a fortune, and most of that money goes to armaments
manufacturers. Every time a U.S warplane bombs someone, the armaments
industry has sold a bomb, one which must be replaced. The armaments industry
also needs somewhere to test its new weapons, and terrorist actions are a
perfect testing ground.
The ‘Northern Alliance’ of brutal warlords put in power by the U.S after their
invasion, were ‘recruited’ after Al Qaeda and the Taliban turned on the U.S.
They denied them the right to build their much desired pipelines to carry gas
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
from central Asia to deep water ports on the Caspian Sea. The U.S blamed Al
Qaeda and the Taliban for the two U.S embassy bombings in Africa. Together
with the 911 bombings, they had an excuse to ‘liberate’ Afghanistan, and place
amenable warlords in power who would allow them to build their pipeline.
The current lack of interest in human rights violations, murder, rape,
widespread violence and total disinterest in democracy and freedom, are clear
indicators that the U.S invasion had nothing to do with liberating anything
except the gas pipelines, freeing up Afghanistan to be exploited by U.S oil and
gas corporations, to the personal financial benefit of the members of the
Administrations who arranged the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.
The war was doubly profitable for the Carlyle Group and George Bush, who
benefited from armaments sales to the U.S Military, and the Warlords, both of
whom bought weapons with U.S taxpayer’s money. The war consumed up
Billions of dollars of weapons, all of which had to be replaced. For the Carlyle
Group and the Bush administration it was big business.
The Defense secretary of the Bush administration, was from 1992 up until
running for political office (at least officially), a CEO of Halliburton, which owns
KBR. KBR have, since World War Two, provided logistics support for the U.S
military. This includes food, housing, oil, toilets, and water. No competitive
bidding has ever been applied to such defense contracts. They filled the defense
contracts in Vietnam, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, and Iraq. They maintain a tradition
of overcharging, and war profiteering.
Since the war, the U.S has established strong military presences in the 9
resource rich former soviet central Asian neighbors of Afghanistan. The U.S now
has a strong military presence at the gateway to every major source of fossil
fuel. The U.S now have what they have sought: ‘full spectrum dominance’. The
populations of the U.S, Britain and Australia have been duped into sacrificing
their resources and lives to further the privileges and power of a very narrow
group of big business interests. This narrow group have no interest in the
suffering of the millions of innocent people who have been sacrificed in their
quest for ever greater personal wealth and power. They are essentially
psychopathic. All the so called great leaders, from Moses, to William the
Conqueror, to Napoleon and onto Hitler, behaved psychopathically. They had no
qualms at the costs their own ambitions imposed on millions of people. Big
business leaders are similarly psychopathic. This is now well documented. They
possess all the key profile characteristics of psychopaths. This may make the
situation easier to comprehend.
First Gulf war propaganda we all swallowed
In the first Gulf War, the U.S media played out the story of a young Kuwaiti girl
who had (claimed to have )witnessed Iraqi Soldiers remove small babies from
their intensive care ‘cribs’, in order to steal that medical equipment. It was
reported as brutal murder. We only later found out that she was in fact the
daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the U.S, and the whole story was pure
propaganda. The commercial media of course didn’t bother covering ‘that’
story, the real story, and the real news.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
In the Iraq war we saw (what appeared to be) the spontaneous act of a joyful
mob pulling down a statue of Saddam Hussein. Later we were to find out that
the scene had been instigated by the U.S as a piece of propaganda. It had been
far from spontaneous. It was orchestrated by the U.S. Most of the active
participants in fact belonged to a wrestling club. And in fact there were very few
participants. The camera angles were careful chosen to make it look like a large
crowd. They even filmed two versions of the ‘spontaneous’ expression of joy.
One with the U.S flag, and one with an Iraqi flag, meant for two distinct
audiences, American’s at home, and the ‘liberated’ Iraqis.
During the exodus of Iraqis from Kuwait after the U.S ‘liberation’, a long convoy
of cars and trucks was literally melted by some U.S weapons that the war had
been used as a ‘field test’ for. The convoy was made up mostly of civilians.
However the only pictures of the virtual mass murder that were allowed to be
shown in the media were of the one or two burnt-out tanks by the side of the
road that had perhaps been escorting the convoy of civilians, as protection.
19 year old Iraqi (apparent) war hero Pt. Jessica Lynch became the poster girl for
the U.S military. The media was saturated with stories about the brave private,
captured by the Iraqi after a brave fight, and then rescued by her loyal
comrades in arms from untold horrors at the hands of her brutal Iraqi captors.
In fact she had never fired her weapon during her ‘heroic’ defense of her squad.
It had in fact ‘jammed’. She had broken her leg. She had been treated according
to the Geneva Convention on the rights of combatants. She had been taken to a
public hospital. The Iraqi forces had left the hospital she was in the day before
U.S forces arrived, and made a big media show of unnecessarily kicking down
hospital doors and rescuing her. She got an award for bravery, a book deal, and
a film deal out of it: Saving Private Jessica Lynch. It was only much later that she
went on television and admitted that the whole thing was a sham, pure fiction.
She admitted the whole sordid tale on camera.
The U.S invasion of Iraq
Up to 10,000 Iraqi ‘civilians’ were killed in the U.S invasion of Iraq. This is just
during the actual invasion. Since then hundreds of thousands of children,
women, and men have been killed by U.S ‘friendly fire’ and ‘collateral damage’.
Remember the Invasion was unprovoked, and hence by international law and
the Geneva Convention, George Bush Junior must be charged before a war
crimes tribunal with crimes against humanity, in the same way, and for the
same reasons, that the Nazi leadership were charged and hanged after WW2.
The U.S military have bases near every major source of gas and oil. Iraq is the
second largest single producer of oil in the world. Any weapons of mass
destruction that Saddam Hussein once had had, been in fact been sold to him by
the U.S, Britain, France, and Germany. It is recorded on the congressional record
that the U.S congress approved the supply of biological weapons to Saddam
Hussein. The Defense secretary Rumsfeld actually visited Saddam personally,
and can be seen on video footage chumming around with him. At this time
Saddam’s regime was supported as its interests converged with the interests of
the U.S administration and its financial backers.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
No weapons of mass destruction have ever been found in Iraq. The only ones
Saddam Hussein had ever had and used had been sold to him by the U.S and its
allies. Today the leading players all admit they never had any evidence of
WOMAD at all. The threat was fabricated simply to justify an invasion that had
long been planned.
The U.S president, together with the Prime ministers of Britain and Australia,
lied to their constituents and the world. They claimed that they had proof of an
imminent risk of Iraq having and using weapons of mass destruction. They broke
international law and started a war based on these lies. Thousands of people
were killed, and many more terribly wounded, based on these lies. Hundreds of
thousands of Iraqis have died in sectarian violence unleashed in the power void
produced by the Allies overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime.
There are absolutely no links between the world trade center bombing, or Al
Qaeda, and Saddam Hussein or Iraq. These were the justifications given by Bush
for his terrorist campaign against Iraq. In fact Bush’s invasion of Iraq and all the
details of the ‘patriot act’ had been planned well before the September 11
The Boston marathon tragedy
There appears to be good evidence that the Boston marathon tragedy was
another false flag operation. I have to do some more research though.
The Oklahoma City bombings
I cover this false flag in part II of this series.
The U.S attempt to overthrow the democratically elected
government of Venezuela
I watched the film ‘The revolution will not be televised’, and it clearly showed
U.S involvement on the ground, and also through the international media. The
C.I.A controlled mass media falsely reported to the people of Venezuela that
their president, Chavez, had handed over power to his political opposition. The
U.S media were claiming that it Chavez had more or less accepted charges of
corruption, and left his office. A U.S registered airplane was waiting to take him
out of the country.
The media in Venezuela shut down the public broadcasters, and spread pure
propaganda about Chavez, and the ‘profoundly democratic’ action that the
opposition had taken, in completely ignoring the constitution, and overthrowing
a democratically elected government with more support than any government I
have ever heard of in the last elections held in Venezuela. The coup ultimately
failed, leaving U.S officials publicly embarrassed and clearly humbled, even
shocked, but making no admissions or apologies for their atrocious lies and
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Later, influential U.S Christian fundamentalists openly called on the U.S
government for the assassination of Victor Chavez, the democratically elected
leader of Venezuela.
Sadly, the world has lost one of its greatest leaders ever. Victor Chavez is now
dead. Surprised? Can you name one world leader who stood up to the U.S
Zionist’s and lived? Chavez now joins Gadhafi, Saddam Hussein, Hitler, and all
the freedom fighters of history, all the true patriots to their nations, who had
the courage to face tyranny, and die on their feet, rather than live on their
knees, as slaves to the Zionist Central bankers, and their opportunistic allies.
Malaysian airline flight 777
The Malaysian airline flight 777, shot down over East Ukraine. Was it a drone?
The whole scenario has many elements in common with ‘Operation
Northwoods’. The U.S has spent over 5 Billion dollars trying to destabilise
Ukraine. Remember that the British public, for some unknown reason, were
very keen to fight the Russians in the Crimea. Queen Elizabeth found it
completely baffling. Why a commercial passenger jet even in this air space?
This airspace that had been officially ‘restricted’ to commercial air traffic for the
last two months.
There is no way the pilot would not have known. Was the flight given clearance
by someone? By people pretending to be whom they weren’t? Say C.I.A or
Mossad? Or was this flight simply taken off course by remote control. Guess
who owns / controls the company who make the technology that make this
possible? Technology that is on most commercial passenger jets today?
Something is very ‘Kosher’ about all this.
What is notable is the much too smooth media responses. First it was reported
as a crash, then within 30 minutes crash was ‘up-graded’ to ‘shot down’. Within
another 30 minutes we were being told it was Russian separatists, using Russian
weapons. The whole thing smacks of the roll-out of a pre-scripted propaganda
campaign. Remember that the U.S forced Gadhafi to take responsibility for the
Lockerby air disaster, even though the F.B.I reported that all the evidence had
been ‘planted’. Just like it was called for in the plans for ‘Operation
ISIS is a joint C.I.A, Mi5, Mossad terrorist organisation. The leader of ISIS is
shown clearly in a photo. He has been identified by name as a former senior
agent of the U.S, Israeli, and British Intelligence. Did you really think that the
C.I.A worked for the U.S public, that Mi7 worked for the British public, and that
Mossad works for the Israeli public? Don’t worry, they had most of us fooled.
They have most of us fooled still. The head of ISIS is Eliot Simon, a C.I.A
The C.I.A and Mossad have a history of falsifying media reports.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
They falsified our whole perception of 911. They superimposed an image of a
commercial passenger airliner over the actual footage of a dark, windowless,
767 sized missile that actually did hit one of the Twin towers. They then used
their special effects to give the false impression that an airplane hit the second
tower, just as the explosives that had been planted in that building detonated.
In the same way, we can hope that the internet footage of a Syrian jet-fighter
pilot being ‘roasted alive’ was also a fake. However have no doubt that if the
horrific footage was real, then it was not any Arabs that were doing the
torturing, but U.S and Israeli operatives. The U.S and Israel have not hesitated in
the past to burn thousands of children, women, and men to death. So this
would just be a sad, horrifying, continuation of their past practices, rather than
setting any precedent.
Since WW2, The U.S has ‘intervened’ in over 72 nations, often
supported by Britain
You won’t hear about it on the news. Big business owns the news too. Those
few broadcasters with the integrity and bravery to attempt to investigate and
broadcast the truth are not viewed by the mass public, and face all sorts of legal
and financial hurdles in reporting the truth. Big business owns the best lawyers,
and will pay the rest to do its bidding. Few lawyers care who they work for. They
will prosecute the innocent and defend the guilty.
The tobacco industry spent over 600 million U.S dollars on lawsuits in one year.
They cynically use every means at their disposal to deny the public the truth,
and to deny victims justice. If you want to hate someone, forget Bin Laden,
focus on the true evil amongst us, the tobacco industry. And if you want to
know the real terrorists, turn on your news, they will be smiling at you, and
behind them will be a flag and a coat of arms with a bald eagle on it. It is
undeniable. The facts are compelling.
We should find it abhorrent to make a distinction between civilians and those
forced by one means or another to put on a uniform. That is one of the most
massive violence of language and culture that I can think of. It has become a sad
convention to sanction the murder of men and women in uniform as somehow
more acceptable than the murder of those who have not been coerced or
forced into putting one of those uniforms on.
The U.S had earlier attacked Afghanistan. The U.S killed more civilians in their
failed attacks on the Taliban and Al Qaeda than were killed as a result of 911.
The money promised for reconstruction of Afghanistan has never been sent.
Most of the 10 Billion in aid to Afghanistan has gone into military spending. This
in fact represents a payment to the U.S armaments industry, for they are the
ones filling the weapons contracts, and training and arming the Afghanistan
There isn’t even any attempt to use the rhetoric of ‘free trade’ in terms of these
weapons and training contracts. In other words, the money is going to U.S
armaments manufacturers, those who paid for the political campaigns and slush
funds, and who have bought the Administration off with perks and hugely
rewarding ‘consultancy’ work. These ‘consultancies’ are basically no more than
millions of dollars of bribes dressed up as payments for nominal services
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
rendered. Who recently got paid two hundred thousand U.S dollars to give a
fifteen minute ‘lecture’ to a Saudi company? The Saudi’s know that a dollar in
the bank is worth two ‘in a Bush’.
Remember that the Bin Laden family is the second richest family in Saudi Arabia,
after the Saudi Royal Family itself.
And sorry that I failed to have mentioned that Al Qaeda, ‘The Base’, has its
operation headquarters in the C.I.A. It is a creation of the C.I.A, and acts directly
under C.I.A orders. It may occasionally use Arab ‘front men’ for public relations
reasons, such as Osama Bin Laden, but all its operational planning is carried out
in the U.S by the C.I.A. Any genuine Arab ‘terrorists’ it occasionally employs do
not realise they have been duped by the U.S into behaving in ways that will
harm the interests of the Arab, Muslim people.
The real services rendered are not consultancies of any kind. Rather the real
services rendered are the war itself. You can’t ‘officially’ pay people for starting
a war for you, and giving you contracts for weapons. So you pay them for
speeches and ‘consultancy’ work. The administration are mercenaries, pure and
simple, but the media legitimate their terrorism and mercenary work, whilst
demonizing Bin Laden, and anyone who stands up against the interests of big
business. They are more likely to run smear campaigns demonizing the
opponents of toxic and deadly tobacco, than to ever raise questions about the
totally corrupt U.S administration.
In fact it was the U.S and the British Mi6 that actually set up, financed, trained,
and recruited, the Taliban and Al Qaeda. It needed them to do its dirty work
under the Carter Administration. Nominally, they were set up as a terrorist
organization to fight against the U.S.S.R, as part of the ‘cold war’. In reality, their
importance was merely for big business interests. A gas pipeline was to be
constructed by the U.S through Afghanistan, to exploit the rich natural gas
reserves in Central Asia. The Taliban were invited to the
U.S and treated like royalty by the administration. Bin Laden was created by the
U.S, and was their friend and ally, as long as Bin Laden and the Taliban agreed to
the gas pipeline, and to allow the U.S to build and control it. Of course they
were offered a nominal royalty for allowing the U.S to build it across their land.
That pipeline deal is now going through, having been arranged and agreed upon
during the Clinton administration. But, you won’t hear about it in the media. Big
business own the media. Mass murder, and mass rape of women, girls and boys,
still continues in Afghanistan. It is run by warlords. The official government has
no resources to carry out any of its functions. It is powerless. The only female in
the cabinet, who was paraded before the world media to show that things had
changed for the better in Afghanistan as a result of the U.S and British attacks,
was forced out of the cabinet by the warlords, and lives in fear and isolation.
The nominal president of Afghanistan has no power, and only leaves his home
under the guard of 42 U.S bodyguards. He once worked for the gas company
himself, which is why he has been put in power by the U.S administration. It is
clear that all the U.S administration is interested in is providing sales for the
armaments industry and in securing the deal for the gas pipeline. They are
sickeningly mercenary. President Karzai maintained his power via massive fraud
during the recent Presidential elections. Afghanistan is one of the most corrupt
nations in the world. Karzai recently granted Presidential pardons to three of
Afghanistan’s biggest drug lords.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
U.S taxpayers paid for a ‘war for democracy’ for Afghanistan with ‘blood and
treasure’. They then paid 240 million for a fraudulent election, to keep ‘oil and
gas Karzai’ in power. Television presenters were very careful to avoid stating the
obvious. They were always obtuse. Karzai is an ex-oil and gas company
executive put in power as a U.S puppet. Dr Abdullah, the only opposition leader,
pulled out after the first election had been declared invalid due to massive
fraud. About one million votes for Karzai were invalid.
None of Dr Abdullah’s reasonable demands, which would have ensured that the
re-run of the election would be free of fraud, had been met. The supposedly
‘independent’ electoral commission also proved corrupt. The U.S had been
prepared to waste another 250 Million on going through the motions of a sham
election a second time around, however Dr Abdullah could not, in good faith,
play along. It was no game. People had been killed for trying to vote the first
time. Some had had their noses and ears cut off for voting. 40 British soldiers
killed protecting voters. However for Kharzai and the U.S administration it was
all just a cynical game.
Recently Afghanistan has been voted first or second most corrupt state in the
world. 75% of Afghans today live in poverty, in the first or second most corrupt
nation in the world. Decisions bypass the democratic process required by the
constitution. As such the number of female politicians are just window dressing
for the rest of the world that sacrificed so much blood and treasure to
guarantee ‘oil and gas Karzai’ power.
Racism is ubiquitous and insidious. When a survey was done of U.S graduates
asking them how many people had died in the Vietnam War, they roughly
quoted the number of U.S soldiers killed. They failed to include the millions of
Vietnamese people who were killed. The (female!) U.S secretary of state
Madeleine Albright proudly stated before the world media that the death of
more than 500,000 innocent Iraqi Children was an acceptable price for the U.S
embargoes on Iraq. That embargo prevented basic medical supplies and
nutrition from reaching these children, many of whom were suffering as a result
of the earlier U.S attacks.
Many Iraqi children have suffered genetic birth defects resulting from the U.S
forces ‘field testing’ of new weapons, including radioactive spent uranium shells
and munitions. The death of a few thousand U.S citizens was pronounced a
world tragedy, and received saturation media coverage across the whole world.
All the world’s leaders expressed sympathy for the suffering of the American
people. That attack was an appalling and terrible attack on the world, not just
on the U.S, we were told. That was a great and historical tragedy that would go
down in history and ignominy. The slow and agonizing death of over 500,000
children in Iraq, however, was acceptable.
Most of the media references to the victims of the Bali Bombings were to the 88
Australians. In fact the majority of the victims were Balinese. The focus of the
media coverage was on the tourists, and failed to report on the locals whose
lives, families, and livelihoods had been destroyed. Further, there were no
discussions about the motives of the bombers, who had sacrificed their own
lives for some reason. There were no productive interrogations which might
have revealed the reasons why such a horrific thing had happened, one that
might lead to a resolution of those reasons, and prevent such a terrible event
from taking place again.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
As in most coverage of such ‘terrorist’ acts, the focus was on the western
victims, and on demonizing the perpetrators, many of whom had sacrificed their
own lives for whatever purpose they were seeking to achieve, for whatever
ends they were hoping to attain. Nothing in the coverage shed light on their
motives, or offered a way forward to eliminating these motives, and thus such
Today the U.S media are being censored. They are forbidden to show U.S
casualties returning to the U.S. They also never comment on the number of Iraqi
victims of the war, let alone show footage of the dead. It was as if no-one was
dying, as if the war was merely a video game. Since the Vietnam War the U.S
government have prevented independent reporting of wars the U.S is involved
in, or has an ‘interest’ in.
Independent reports which are made, often find it impossible to find any
television station that will air them. The U.S administration was embarrassed by
news reporting of the Vietnam War. It lost that war. Its own population
demanded it stop that war. When you show reasonable people what war really
is like, they usually react by demanding an end to it.
The U.S had the Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara assassinated. He had never
hurt any American citizen. Why did they murder him? Why isn’t the U.N holding
war crimes hearings? Why is it ok for the U.S to invade Cuba, and to launch
terrorist campaigns to overthrow the popular governments of sovereign
nations? Why is it O.K. for the U.S to prevent Cuba from developing and trading,
by bullying other countries into trade embargoes with them? Why does the U.S
constantly defy the U.N, not pay their U.N dues, and constantly and
murderously violate international law? Why did the U.S need British and
Australian ‘coalitions’ to provide some legitimacy for its terrorist activities in
Iraq? Why did they provide it, in direct violation of international law, and the
U.N? Why was it ok for the
U.S to invade Spanish Mexico, and basically steal their territory to make it
theirs? In how many foreign nations, especially in Middle America, has the U.S
conducted terrorist campaigns? How many genocidal murderous right wing
dictators has the U.S aided and abetted. Millions have died through C.I.A
assistance of death squads in Indonesia and the Philippines.
The C.I.A has constantly provided vicious dictatorial regimes with intelligence
and assistance in murdering millions of people. C.I.A lists were used by Iraqi
death squads to identify ‘leftist’ intellectuals, in order to murder them. Suharto
murdered hundreds of thousands of Indonesians using similar lists. Both
regimes had been supplied with weapons, training and financial assistance by
the U.S.
It is public record, but rarely reported in the popular media, and therefore not
part of the public consciousness, that the U.S has consistently aligned itself with
brutal warlords, and brutal, human rights violating, genocidal dictators, in
Indonesia, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Chile, and formerly with Saddam
Hussein, to name a few. The U.S administration does whatever suits its own
agenda, totally defiant of human rights and international law. Many argue that
the U.S deliberately led the U.S.S.R during the ‘cold war’ into a spiral of
unsustainable military expenditure, long after it had ceased to pose a real threat
to the U.S or world peace.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
As we have seen with Saddam Hussein and the Taliban and Al Qaeda, all of the
U.S’s alliances are as ‘disposable’ as its own armed forces personnel and civilians
are. The U.S has tested biological warfare on its own citizens without their
knowledge, let alone informed consent. More undeniable facts which are now
public record, due to the expiry of secrecy laws. But how many people are
aware of this? Better the devil we know? Or is it that we don’t really know? The
U.S has long had a huge military presence in all the areas outside of Russia,
where the world’s major reserves of gas and oil are. U.S oil companies are
actually exporting oil to Iraq at the moment.
U.S oil companies aligned with the Bush Administration have received contracts
for the rebuilding of the Iraqi oil industry and infrastructure, at inflated prices, in
private arrangements between themselves and the administration. Free market
enterprise? No tenders were invited from companies that are not ‘allies’ of the
current administration. The ‘oil and gas junta’ of the then U.S administration
have worked and will work as paid representatives and consultants, as
executives, directors, lawyers, and advisors, of the oil and gas and armaments
corporations that have and will benefit from the ‘war’ on Iraq. The situation is
hardly reported, and when it is alluded to, it is reported in ways that most
people cannot comprehend.
The situation is mystified by legalese, deception and cover ups. The actual
relationships between the war and the financial interests of bush and his mates
are not transparent enough for the average person to be able to comprehend. It
takes investigative journalists lots of energy and resources to uncover
connections and to make them clear. Many people may note that the war had a
lot to do with oil, but they won’t be able to comprehend how Bush and his
friends are benefiting. They won’t be able to make the conclusion themselves
that the war has been lucrative big business for the big boys. Of course the
population of Iraq, and the U.S, and the world in general, are paying for this
business transaction with their lives, money, and international stability.
Barrack Obama, the current U.S President, to his credit, is the only candidate to
have refused to accept any campaign finance contributions from the oil
industry. He managed to secure over 300 million U.S for his political campaign
for President despite this. From whom then? From where?
The Bush family have long been war profiteers. Grandpa Bush was the banker to
Adolf Hitler in the U.S, and owned a Polish factory that benefited from Nazi
slave labor.
The U.S are the world power today, like Rome once was. They control world
trade, and the world supply of energy. They dominate the world media. They
force third world countries to allow tobacco advertising, in trade agreements set
up for the powerful American tobacco industry. Remember that the political
leaders are either bought and paid for by U.S big business, or are themselves
actively engaged in big business.
We should always be careful to distinguish between the U.S administration and
the U.S public. The U.S public are lied to and manipulated. It is not the U.S itself
that is the actor on the world stage, rather the relatively small but massively
influential lobby of big business interests. The U.S administration are owners
and employees of the armaments and energy industries. Of course the tobacco
industry lobby group is also very powerful.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The U.S administration can be seen to be the vehicle, instrument, tool, and
servant of the interests of big business. The Bush’s wanted in. They wanted to
join the ranks of big business. They themselves owned oil companies. Bush
Junior openly acknowledged that he sold ‘access’ to the white house when his
father was president. He accepted money in return for his connections, insider
knowledge, and influence. He calls the wealthiest Americans his ‘base’.
American big business interests use the American people as means to their own
ends. Big business manipulate the media and public opinion, and as Adolf Hitler,
Lippmann and Noam Chomsky put it ‘manufacture consent’.
War has always greatly increased the popularity ratings of leaders and their
administrations. Analysts calculate that war automatically added around 15% to
the popularity rating of George Bush Junior. In other words, the war that the
administration used to line their own pockets by lining the pockets of their
mates, also increased the popularity of the administration, and their ability to
continue this behavior.
It makes you wonder about the true nature of evil. People who ruthlessly and
unscrupulously do anything for money, including murdering innocent children,
stealing the future of millions of people, destroying their homes, their entire
communities. What sort of people are we dealing with, that can smile so
beamingly into the cameras of the world media? Will history define the Bush’s
as war criminals?
Remember that ultimate power is never seen as power. It is so embedded
within the system of things that few people notice it. The greatest democracy in
the world was run by a president who was elected by judges who were put in
power by his father, who carried out secret and overt terrorist acts, and
supported terrorism throughout the world, who lied to his own people, and who
did everything for private gain, for himself and his mates.
And this very same government wanted to build a shield of missiles and radars
that would make them invulnerable to attack from anyone. The world’s largest
‘rogue state’ and ‘terrorist’ is the U.S. This terrorist organization, run by a few
powerful elites, in the interests of a relatively few privileged and powerful
groups of people, and which has managed to totally mystify and manipulate and
control its own population, wants to become invulnerable?
If they were to achieve this, then the few interest groups that run the U.S as a
big business in their own interests, would have ‘carte Blanche’ to do as they
pleased. They would be in a position to dictate their interests not only inside the
U.S and their current zones of interest and influence, but would effectively be
able to dominate the entire world. By threatening to attack any nation that
doesn’t do their bidding, and to unseat any democratically elected government
that does not serve its interests, they would rule the world.
No nation could resist this. The reason the U.S does not want other nations to
have weapons of mass destruction is that such weapons represent a balance to
the U.S’s current hegemonic power, its ‘full spectrum dominance’. Full spectrum
dominance is a good definition of hegemony.
Sovereign nations could only counter attempts by the U.S to control them with
threats to defend themselves using weapons of mass destruction. No nation has
enough conventional military power to oppose the U.S. Remember we are not
talking about the general U.S population. They are as much victims of the
Administration as the Taliban are. They die in the wars and pay for the wars.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
We must always make a distinction between the population who are pawns and
dupes in the games of the powerful, and their leaders, whether they be priests,
kings, politicians, or big business. If the U.S succeed in their ‘star wars’ program,
then there will be no counter to the power of U.S big business, who
hegemonically dominate U.S politics through their official and unofficial lobby
groups, and corrupt politicians and public servants.
What this means is that the population have to be freed of their ignorance and
mystification. This brings me back to my real motivation for writing all of this. If
we don’t change our awareness and behavior from a narrow, short-term
individualistic motivation to a more holistic, long-term corporate, that is,
collective, one; if we don’t develop an awareness that seeking personal benefit
at the cost to others ultimately brings about the situation in which a few
powerful people can destroy the world to serve their own perceived need for
more and more power and wealth and privilege, then….
We must go back to the basics once again, and interrogate the realities of our
natures, and the nature of our realties, (TROONATNOOR), if we are to avoid
becoming victims of them, rather than benefiting from the opportunities they
present us with.
Without acceptance of opportunism at a personal level, it could never become
legitimate at the highest levels. George Bush Junior merely did what we all do,
or would do if we had the opportunity, in our daily lives. We opportunistically
take advantage of our inheritance, whether financial, talent, intelligence,
beauty, or wit, to get more for ourselves, at the expense of others. We do not
behave with solidarity for those weaker, poorer, and less capable and privileged
than ourselves. We take advantage of our advantages, to secure more
advantages and privileges for ourselves and our mates, families, and
George Bush and his mates were offered riches and other benefits for doing the
bidding of their benefactors. The consequences of course have been
horrendous. We have to be honest with ourselves and see that we behave, in
principal, the same, when we accept benefits, advantage and privileges as a
function of our inheritances, situation and position. We would be hypocritical to
criticize George Bush and his mates for doing, at a higher level, what we do at a
more fundamental level, every day. We opportunistically seek privileges,
advantages and benefits.
When we invest money, the return is paid for by the workers. They must borrow
money and pay interest on it just to buy the products that they themselves
actually produced. They pay rent to live in the houses they themselves built. We
are taking advantage of a situation and a system of relations, including legal
system, which allows us to steal part of the production of workers to keep for
ourselves. We buy cheap imports from nations whose workers must endure
appalling working conditions that make them sick and provide them with
shockingly low living standards. We export dangerous and exploitative working
conditions to other countries that are less developed.
The big companies that own our world patent everything and stop others from
having access to the latest developments. We then force them to accept
extremely low prices for their products. They have no choice. They either accept
the price the world exchanges have set, or let their produce rot. Big business
and multi-nationals work with the exchanges to artificially push prices down for
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
goods produced in less powerful nations, and to increase the prices of their own
The U.S’s History of undermining democratically elected
governments. All while masquerading as the torch-bearer of
If you happen to democratically elect a government that the U.S Administration
do not like, then you have every chance of experiencing a military dictatorship
being imposed upon you, with the direct support of the U.S. This happened
most recently in Pakistan. The current military dictatorship was imposed with
full U.S support, when the majority of Pakistani citizens democratically elected,
several times in succession, an Islamic government.
Earlier in world history it had been democratically elected socialist governments
that were overthrown militarily with U.S backing and operational support. Chile
is one example. The U.S and Australia fought against the democratically elected
and hugely popular ‘communist’ Vietnamese government, until they were
militarily defeated. The U.S has provided logistics and intelligence to military
dictatorships in the Philippines and Indonesia, on the pretext of fighting against
communism. The South African secret services tortured and murdered freedom
fighters under the false pretense of fighting communism.
The current U.S administration claims to be fighting wars in the name of
bringing democracy to the world. This is highly ironic. The U.S maintains a veto
in the United Nations, which it uses to prevent the U.N from mandating
democratically arrived at decisions. George Bush Junior actually dictated the
U.S’s then permanent ambassador to the U.N, against the wishes of the
democratically elected U.S congress. He imposed his will on the congress. He
appointed Mr Bolton as the U.S permanent ambassador to the U.N while
congress was in recess. The U.S administration deliberately mislead the U.S
public about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The issue of WOMAD was a
mere contrivance. George Bush Junior and co. were completely disingenuous in
their arguments about why they violated international law and invaded a
sovereign nation, against the democratic vote of the United Nations.
The U.S contravene the democratically constructed Geneva Convention by
torturing prisoners, and kidnapping and deporting people to countries such as
Egypt for the express purpose of having them tortured. The U.S administration
have denied their own citizens their democratically attained rights regarding fair
trials, and the absence of imprisonment without being charged with an offense.
The U.S define themselves as the victims of terrorism, when they are in fact the
world’s largest perpetrators of terrorist acts in terms of both size and number.
The U.S administration keep going on about their ‘war for democracy’. They
claim that U.S military supremacy is being employed merely to bring democracy
to the world. This is patently absurd. The U.S uses its military and economic
might to dictate government policies to other sovereign states.
Its weapons include the World Bank, the I.M.F, its domination of the world
media and entertainment industries, its covert intelligence operations, its
military might, and its veto power in the U.N. The Bush administration also has a
17% vote in the international court. It vetoed the democratic decision of 143
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
other countries, being one against the 143 nations who had voted to give poor
countries access to affordable medicines. The Bush administration, like any
fascist regime, must pander to the interests of big business. The pharmaceutical
lobby is one of the most powerful. Pharmaceuticals is one of the biggest
businesses. It is a nasty business. It is motivated by greed, rather than a desire
to heal and help people.
The U.S as the world’s number one perpetrator of terrorism
Sovereign states can carry out wars, as they have all the institutions and
resources. The Palestinians, for example, have no such resources. They have
unjustly been denied sovereignty by the world order. Worse, they have been
dispossessed of their lands by an invading sovereign state, Israel.
Israel continues to occupy what the international community, the U.N, and
international law, recognize as Palestinian territory. The only means that the
Palestinians have at their disposal to counter the military force of Israel is what
the U.S has managed to have defined in the popular language culture as
Of course the U.S is the world’s largest and most prolific terrorist. However the
popular language culture defines terrorism in the interests of the most
powerful, those who determine, through their ubiquitous and insidious total
control of the culture, how something will be defined within it. Israel, who as we
have seen actually ushered the modern age of terrorism into existence, still has
the confidence or arrogance to define the suicide bombings, the only option
available to Palestinians to seek justice, as criminal acts of terrorism. They insist
that they will not move out of Palestinian territory until the ‘attacks’ cease.
A band of murderers and thieves are destroying houses in your neighborhood,
killing your neighbors when they won’t run away, and stealing all their
possessions. No-one is doing anything to stop them, even though you have
heard that the supposedly most powerful organization in the world has told
them to stop. They intend forcing you out of your house, or simply destroying it.
The only way you have of trying to get them to stop is by strapping bombs to
yourself, and sacrificing yourself to save your community. You cannot attack
them directly as they are too powerful, and you would have no chance of
achieving anything.
Your only alternative is to go into the neighborhood where your attackers’
families are, blowing yourself up, and thereby taking as many of the enemy’s
people with you as you can. You are sacrificing your own life. Of course you
realize you are killing people who have not directly attacked you. But they have
the power to tell the others to stop killing your people, stealing their land, and
denying them basic human rights. The only thing you can do is get their
attention in this way. You sacrifice your life. In any case your life has already
been deprived of all meaning by your enemies. The only positive meaning left to
you was to die seeking natural justice for your people.
You are not killing people for personal gain. You will lose your life. Your acts are
not mercenary, or motivated by desire for personal fame, status, power, or
privilege. You won’t be gaining access to a university education or training
opportunities for a better life.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The people may claim to be innocent, the ones that die with you. But they have
done nothing to stop their own people from committing atrocities against yours,
and so they are ‘morally’ culpable. It was not your choice. You would rather
have lived in peace, and devoted your life to caring for your family, to working
hard to secure their wellbeing and happiness. The invading enemy denied them
and you that. You did the only thing you could to maintain your humanity, and
salvage some positive meaning from your existence. ‘the livings in the way we
die’, as the A-ha song ‘The living Daylights’ puts it.
The Israeli military and privileged elites don’t give a damn about the civilian who
have and will be killed, maimed, and denied any positive future. They don’t care
about the mother’s and father’s and son’s and daughter’s grief at losing their
loved ones. They just want more territory, more power, more stuff for
themselves. The suicide bombers can’t reach them or their families. They
continue their criminal activities as occupiers, and build more illegal
settlements, build walls and barbed wire fences, and even destroy the
international airport that the European Community had built for the
Their mates in the U.S support them. The privileged elites of all big business
elites act as a team. Their interests are convergent, reflexive, and re-iterative.
They protect each other’s mutual interests in order to promote their own
interests. The U.S have to sanction the Israeli definition of the Palestinian acts as
illegitimate ‘terrorism’ in order to reflexively define the freedom fighters the U.S
seeks to destroy as ‘terrorists’. Israel and the U.S defy international law and the
U.N, and manipulate international public opinion through their control of the
mass media.
Other Palestinians in the same situation as the first suicide bomber see no
alternative but to continue to defend their families and homes by the only
means at their disposal. The international community and U.N have been bullied
by the U.S into being lapdogs, and will do nothing to prevent the war crimes and
human rights violations being inflicted upon the Palestinians. They can only
hope that sooner or later the general public in Israel will feel vulnerable enough
to insist that their own government pull out of the lands it is illegally occupying.
That is the true point of terror campaigns, to make everyone feel that they
could be next. Terrorism is aimed at making people feel democratically
vulnerable, by attacking randomly. This means that everyone feels that they
could be next, that everyone feels vulnerable, and therefore motivated to act
politically. They will seek to protect themselves by seeking justice in principle,
and universally, on behalf of all the victims of injustice in the world, including
those whose interests the ‘suicide’ bombers and ‘terrorists’ are trying to draw
your attention to, and your empathy for.
The Israeli elites then use these attacks to teleologically justify staying in the
illegally occupied lands, and building walls and fences, and murdering
Palestinian leaders. They then have the patent arrogance to argue that they can
only consider subscribing to and complying with international law after the
Palestinians stop their suicide attacks. The U.S support them, and draw up a
‘road map to peace’. Peace without justice. What they refer to as peace is a
capitulation. It is reminiscent of Napoleon, who went around fighting wars and
claiming he wanted peace. After conquering a nation he would then ‘grant’ it
peace. Of course once you have stolen what you want, and arranged everything
to suit your interests, you want everyone else just to accept it and not fight
back. You want peace! Most people want peace if they are the beneficiaries of
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
the status quo. Peace without justice is of little value. The most despotic of
dictators can easily bring peace. You just suppress and repress all dissidence.
You imprison and kill all the dissidents.
This is hardly difficult. Peace alone is of little value, without justice. Only peace
with justice is of value. Historians of the future, armed with secret files that will
have by then been released, reports of investigative journalists, and an overview
that promotes transparency, will find the ‘road map to peace’ fatuous,
infuriating, and unbelievably absurd. The peace proposal demands that a
country that has been invaded and occupied should trust the occupier, should
give up the only weapon it has to defend itself while still under attack, and trust
that for some unknowable and thoroughly inscrutable reason, the enemy will do
the opposite of what they have been doing for decades.
The ‘road-map’ is basically the sacrifice of sovereignty in return for peace. You
kill my family, steal my home, destroy my place of employment, and then,
satisfied you have everything you want, want me to just accept it, and actually
insanely expect me to? You are just so generous, you peacemaker you. And you
are obviously insane, to even for one moment consider that there is anything at
all rational about your offer, or consider for one moment that anyone could find
it acceptable. The only thing you have left me is my life, and it is now worthless.
Peace without justice! Slavery is peace without justice. However few people will
willingly sell themselves into slavery in return for peace. This is what the ‘roadmap
to peace’ demanded of Palestine. It was simply an unconditional surrender
to the enemy. Of course that brings an end to the war, but surely we demand
more from peace than that.
You would have to be either totally stark raving insane mad, or so damn smug
and complacent about your power, about the influence of your friends in the
U.S, that you could consider standing on the world stage and uttering such a
contemptuously fatuous proposal, and stand there smiling as if you were not
totally and utterly insane. You would have to be 100% confident of the ability of
your U.S friends, through their ‘full spectrum dominance’, to completely,
ubiquitously, and unobtrusively manipulate the media and public opinion to
twist your absolutely insane suggestion and give it even a hint of seriousness
and rationality.
Of course the mass media have ‘constructed’ or ‘defined’ suicide bombers in the
popular language culture and consciousness as madmen, as fools, as dupes who
have been brainwashed to believe that by sacrificing their lives for a cause they
will gain a place in heaven, where they can have sex with any of the beautiful
young women that inhabit it. They are not presented as the educated teachers
and engineers, fathers and mothers of murdered families, and members of
communities whose basic human rights continue to be violated. The only
weapon for justice that remains to these people is their lives. The only way they
can maintain their humanity, their dignity, to give any positive meaning to their
lives which have been robbed of any hope and positive meaning, is to die in the
fight for justice.
Until you recognize this, you will never be able to comprehend what it means
for suicide bombers to sacrifice their lives, and to kill others. Until you respect
their situation, you will not comprehend their motivations, nor seek to change
the conditions and situations which drive them to their tragic and terrible acts.
Only when the world accepts the reality of the situation will the world
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
community take the moves required to change it. Until then, every one of us is a
potential victim of the situation.
The suicide bomber is merely the expression of the system of oppression and
injustice, and as much a victim of it as their victims are. Should you or any of
your loved ones fall victim, then you will of course feel that you are an innocent
victim. You are not. You are not doing anything to change the system of
oppression and injustice that compels suicide bombers and similar terrorists to
sacrifice their lives in committing such acts. You can pretend you haven’t seen,
haven’t heard, and hadn’t been aware of the situation. But that won’t stop you
or your loved ones becoming the victim of it. International law is there to
protect everyone, including you. If you let others violate international law then
you cannot expect it to be effective. You certainly cannot expect to be protected
by it yourself. If you allow others to violate the human rights of others, then you
have made human rights mere rhetoric, and can expect to have your human
rights violated sooner or later. International law, natural justice, and human
rights, either exist as inviolable and indivisible principles, or they have no real
value at all, in terms of protecting us and civilization.
The U.S, like Israel, break international law by kidnapping people virtually
arbitrarily. They imprison them for years without charging them with anything.
They torture them in one way or another to get the information they think they
might have. They kidnap citizens of other countries, hold them without any legal
justification, and violate their human rights. Mossad have a history of this. The
U.S did it in Guantanamo Bay. They kidnapped people from India and Australia,
and held them without charging them, let alone letting them stand trial. They
violated their human rights and international law. Israel believes it may justify
anything after WW2, and the 1967 Arab war. The U.S use ( or perhaps they
‘orchestrated’?) 911 as an excuse to conveniently do whatever it wants in the
name of a ‘war on terror’. The U.S itself is the true ‘rogue state’, denying and
breaking international laws and even the Geneva convention, defying the U.N.
and ‘vetoing’ its democratically arrived at decisions.
The U.S ‘patriot act’ allows for the invasion of personal privacy, even including
library user’s borrowing records. 100s of people are being held as ‘unlawful
combatants’. This term was invented to try to legitimate the incarceration of
people without any charges or trials, for as long as the Administration sees fit. It
is an abuse of language. The U.S administration are breaking U.S and
international law, and playing games with language to try to nominally
legitimate their behavior, to cloak it in some dodgy ‘legality’. In Israel, 1000s of
Palestinians are being held without having ever been charged with anything.
The Israeli government too are justifying everything in the name of their war
against ‘terrorism’.
War has always been exploited as a means to deny people their civil liberties
and human rights. The Nazis constructed civil unrest, and probably even burnt
down the German Parliament building, in order to ‘justify’ the adoption of
’emergency powers’, to cloak their grab for dictatorial power in some legality.
The current Bush Administration used 911 for the same purpose. Who would
dare be unpatriotic? Who would dare be seen to be supporting terrorism, and
not supporting the brave efforts of all those fine young men and women who
are putting their lives on the line to protect the U.S? Every possible atrocity has
been committed throughout history using the rhetoric of defense, justice,
democracy, religion, and ‘law and order’.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The threat of war or the existence of war has always been used to justify the
suppression of civil liberties, and the concentration of power in the hands of a
few people. If you don’t have a real enemy, a real and present threat, you just
have to make one up. Easier still, actually make enemies through your political
and economic policies, and simply wait for them to retaliate, and you will have
your desired war!
If you have read the chapters about my experience of mobbing, you will see that
I have gained a real understanding and empathy for people who are driven to
seeking natural justice for themselves. Our basic humanity is defined in a large
part by our need for natural justice. Many people feel that they can, smugly and
complacently, deny other people justice, deny them their basic human rights.
They feel they can get away with abusing their power and position. Of course
when people are compelled to take the only desperate means available to
them, physical violence, to avenge their victimization, to gain ‘natural justice’,
the original perpetrators of the violence will define themselves as the victim,
and seek and gain sympathy. But that will not change what happened. The only
way to eliminate physical violence is to eliminate every form of violence which
that physical violence is merely an expression of, a natural consequence of, a
product or ‘ propergent’ of.
Since WW2, The U.S has ‘intervened’ in over 72 nations, often supported by
Britain. Had these ‘interventions’ been ‘carried out’ against the U.S, they would
have been called acts of terrorism. The U.S, Britain, and its allies, helped
overthrow the democratically elected governments of many countries, including
Chile. They supported criminal regimes, such as that of Pinochet in Chile, which
murdered tens and often hundreds of thousands of their own citizens. They
provided intelligence, and the names of persons opposed to U.S interests and to
the interests of the criminal regimes. The interests of big business and the
fascist dictators converged. The allies provided dictators and terrorists training
in terrorist tactics, in the U.S, and in their own countries. They provided money.
They provided weapons. All of these cases have been well documented, but you
won’t hear about it in the popular media, and they certainly won’t be called acts
of terrorism, or of aiding and abetting terrorists. The U.S brought Suharto to
power in Indonesia, and then provided the means for him to murder up to a
million Indonesians. The U.S did this to serve the interests of the then current
U.S Administrations, and the narrow vested interest groups that they
represented. The U.S now has 152 military bases around the world from which
to bully and coerce other people into doing what it wants, and from which it
carries out acts of terror against those who don’t comply with its interests.
To be more precise, not U.S interests, but merely the interests of big business.
These narrow vested interest groups buy off the U.S administration and military
leaders, and then manipulate public opinion through misinformation and clever
marketing. The most wealthy and powerful companies and their owners all
benefit from the armaments and energy industries. The taxpayers pay for their
terrorist acts. Wars cost a fortune, and most of that money goes to armaments
manufacturers. Every time a U.S warplane bombs someone, the armaments
industry has sold a bomb, one which must be replaced. The armaments industry
also needs somewhere to test its new weapons, and terrorist actions are a
perfect testing ground.
The U.S military have bases near every major source of gas and oil. Iraq is the
second largest single producer of oil in the world. Any weapons of mass
destruction that Saddam Hussein once had had, been in fact been sold to him by
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
the U.S, Britain, France, and Germany. It is recorded on the congressional record
that the U.S congress approved the supply of biological weapons to Saddam
Hussein. The Defense secretary Rumsfeld actually visited Saddam personally,
and can be seen on video footage chumming around with him. At this time
Saddam’s regime was supported as its interests converged with the interests of
the U.S administration and its financial backers.
No weapons of mass destruction have ever been found in Iraq. The only ones
Saddam Hussein had ever had and used had been sold to him by the U.S and its
allies. Today the leading players all admit they never had any evidence of
WOMAD at all. The threat was fabricated simply to justify an invasion that had
long been planned.
The U.S president, together with the Prime ministers of Britain and Australia,
lied to their constituents and the world. They claimed that they had proof of an
imminent risk of Iraq having and using weapons of mass destruction. They broke
international law and started a war based on these lies. Thousands of people
were killed, and many more terribly wounded, based on these lies. Hundreds of
thousands of Iraqis have died in sectarian violence unleashed in the power void
produced by the Allies overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime.
There are absolutely no links between the world trade center bombing, or Al
Qaeda, and Saddam Hussein or Iraq. These were the justifications given by Bush
for his terrorist campaign against Iraq. In fact Bush’s invasion of Iraq and all the
details of the ‘patriot act’ had been planned well before the September 11
This is ‘gunboat’ diplomacy. It allows the U.S to dictate its will, to gain
concessions, and to control world energy production in its own interests.
Remember that at one time the British had forced China to legalize and
consume British controlled opium. Britain had nothing to trade with the Chinese
for their desirable goods, and so forced them to buy its opium. This is historical
fact. This is like the British piracy of Spanish and French shipping that was
legitimated in the ‘national interests’ of the British.
You won’t hear about it on the news. Big business owns the news too. Those
few broadcasters with the integrity and bravery to attempt to investigate and
broadcast the truth are not viewed by the mass public, and face all sorts of legal
and financial hurdles in reporting the truth. Big business owns the best lawyers,
and will pay the rest to do its bidding. Few lawyers care who they work for. They
will prosecute the innocent and defend the guilty.
The tobacco industry spent over 600 million U.S dollars on lawsuits in one year.
They cynically use every means at their disposal to deny the public the truth,
and to deny victims justice. If you want to hate someone, forget Bin Laden,
focus on the true evil amongst us, the tobacco industry. And if you want to
know the real terrorists, turn on your news, they will be smiling at you, and
behind them will be a flag and a coat of arms with a bald eagle on it. It is
undeniable. The facts are compelling.
We should find it abhorrent to make a distinction between civilians and those
forced by one means or another to put on a uniform. That is one of the most
massive violence of language and culture that I can think of. It has become a sad
convention to sanction the murder of men and women in uniform as somehow
more acceptable than the murder of those who have not been coerced or
forced into putting one of those uniforms on.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Up to 10,000 Iraqi ‘civilians’ were killed in the U.S invasion of Iraq. Remember
the Invasion was unprovoked, and hence by international law and the Geneva
Convention, George Bush Junior must be charged before a war crimes tribunal
with crimes against humanity, in the same way, and for the same reasons, that
the Nazi leadership were charged and hanged after WW2.
The U.S had earlier attacked Afghanistan. The U.S killed more civilians in their
failed attacks on the Taliban and Al Qaeda than were killed as a result of 911.
The money promised for reconstruction of Afghanistan has never been sent.
Most of the 10 Billion in aid to Afghanistan has gone into military spending. This
in fact represents a payment to the U.S armaments industry, for they are the
ones filling the weapons contracts, and training and arming the Afghanistan
military. There isn’t even any attempt to use the rhetoric of ‘free trade’ in terms
of these weapons and training contracts. In other words, the money is going to
U.S armaments manufacturers, those who paid for the political campaigns and
slush funds, and who have bought the Administration off with perks and hugely
rewarding ‘consultancy’ work. These ‘consultancies’ are basically no more than
millions of dollars of bribes dressed up as payments for nominal services
rendered. Who recently got paid two hundred thousand U.S dollars to give a
fifteen minute ‘lecture’ to a Saudi company? The Saudi’s know that a dollar in
the bank is worth two ‘in a Bush’.
Remember that the Bin Laden family is the second richest family in Saudi Arabia,
after the Saudi Royal Family itself.
The real services rendered are not consultancies of any kind. Rather the real
services rendered are the war itself. You can’t ‘officially’ pay people for starting
a war for you, and giving you contracts for weapons. So you pay them for
speeches and ‘consultancy’ work. The administration are mercenaries, pure and
simple, but the media legitimate their terrorism and mercenary work, whilst
demonizing Bin Laden, and anyone who stands up against the interests of big
business. They are more likely to run smear campaigns demonizing the
opponents of toxic and deadly tobacco, than to ever raise questions about the
totally corrupt U.S administration.
In fact it was the U.S and the British Mi6 that actually set up, financed, trained,
and recruited, the Taliban and Al Qaeda. It needed them to do its dirty work
under the Carter Administration. Nominally, they were set up as a terrorist
organization to fight against the U.S.S.R, as part of the ‘cold war’. In reality, their
importance was merely for big business interests. A gas pipeline was to be
constructed by the U.S through Afghanistan, to exploit the rich natural gas
reserves in Central Asia. The Taliban were invited to the
U.S and treated like royalty by the administration. Bin Laden was created by the
U.S, and was their friend and ally, as long as Bin Laden and the Taliban agreed to
the gas pipeline, and to allow the U.S to build and control it. Of course they
were offered a nominal royalty for allowing the U.S to build it across their land.
That pipeline deal is now going through, having been arranged and agreed upon
during the Clinton administration. But, you won’t hear about it in the media. Big
business own the media. Mass murder, and mass rape of women, girls and boys,
still continues in Afghanistan. It is run by warlords.
The official government has no resources to carry out any of its functions. It is
powerless. The only female in the cabinet, who was paraded before the world
media to show that things had changed for the better in Afghanistan as a result
of the U.S and British attacks, was forced out of the cabinet by the warlords, and
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
lives in fear and isolation. The nominal president of Afghanistan has no power,
and only leaves his home under the guard of 42 U.S bodyguards. He once
worked for the gas company himself, which is why he has been put in power by
the U.S administration. It is clear that all the U.S administration is interested in
is providing sales for the armaments industry and in securing the deal for the
gas pipeline. They are sickeningly mercenary. President Karzai maintained his
power via massive fraud during the recent Presidential elections. Afghanistan is
one of the most corrupt nations in the world. Karzai recently granted
Presidential pardons to three of Afghanistan’s biggest drug lords.
U.S taxpayers paid for a ‘war for democracy’ for Afghanistan with ‘blood and
treasure’. They then paid 240 million for a fraudulent election, to keep ‘oil and
gas Karzai’ in power. Television presenters were very careful to avoid stating the
obvious. They were always obtuse. Karzai is an ex-oil and gas company
executive put in power as a U.S puppet. Dr Abdullah, the only opposition leader,
pulled out after the first election had been declared invalid due to massive
fraud. About one million votes for Karzai were invalid. None of Dr Abdullah’s
reasonable demands, which would have ensured that the re-run of the election
would be free of fraud, had been met. The supposedly ‘independent’ electoral
commission also proved corrupt. The U.S had been prepared to waste another
250 Million on going through the motions of a sham election a second time
around, however Dr Abdullah could not, in good faith, play along. It was no
game. People had been killed for trying to vote the first time. Some had had
their noses and ears cut off for voting. 40 British soldiers killed protecting
voters. However for Kharzai and the U.S administration it was all just a cynical
Recently Afghanistan has been voted first or second most corrupt state in the
world. 75% of Afghans today live in poverty, in the first or second most corrupt
nation in the world. Decisions bypass the democratic process required by the
constitution. As such the number of female politicians are just window dressing
for the rest of the world that sacrificed so much blood and treasure to
guarantee ‘oil and gas Karzai’ power.
Racism is ubiquitous and insidious. When a survey was done of U.S graduates
asking them how many people had died in the Vietnam war, they roughly
quoted the number of U.S soldiers killed. They failed to include the millions of
Vietnamese people who were killed. The (female!) U.S secretary of state
Madeleine Albright proudly stated before the world media that the death of
more than 500,000 innocent Iraqi Children was an acceptable price for the U.S
embargoes on Iraq. That embargo prevented basic medical supplies and
nutrition from reaching these children, many of whom were suffering as a result
of the earlier U.S attacks.
Many Iraqi children have suffered genetic birth defects resulting from the U.S
forces ‘field testing’ of new weapons, including radioactive spent uranium shells
and munitions. The death of a few thousand U.S citizens was pronounced a
world tragedy, and received saturation media coverage across the whole world.
All the world’s leaders expressed sympathy for the suffering of the American
people. That attack was an appalling and terrible attack on the world, not just
on the U.S, we were told. That was a great and historical tragedy that would go
down in history and ignominy. The slow and agonizing death of over 500,000
children in Iraq, however, was acceptable.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Most of the media references to the victims of the Bali Bombings were to the 88
Australians. In fact the majority of the victims were Balinese. The focus of the
media coverage was on the tourists, and failed to report on the locals whose
lives, families, and livelihoods had been destroyed. Further, there were no
discussions about the motives of the bombers, who had sacrificed their own
lives for some reason. There were no productive interrogations which might
have revealed the reasons why such a horrific thing had happened, one that
might lead to a resolution of those reasons, and prevent such a terrible event
from taking place again.
As in most coverage of such ‘terrorist’ acts, the focus was on the western
victims, and on demonizing the perpetrators, many of whom had sacrificed their
own lives for whatever purpose they were seeking to achieve, for whatever
ends they were hoping to attain. Nothing in the coverage shed light on their
motives, or offered a way forward to eliminating these motives, and thus such
Today the U.S media are being censored. They are forbidden to show U.S
casualties returning to the U.S. They also never comment on the number of Iraqi
victims of the war, let alone show footage of the dead. It was as if no-one was
dying, as if the war was merely a video game. Since the Vietnam War the U.S
government have prevented independent reporting of wars the U.S is involved
in, or has an ‘interest’ in. Independent reports which are made, often find it
impossible to find any television station that will air them. The U.S
administration was embarrassed by news reporting of the Vietnam War. It lost
that war. Its own population demanded it stop that war. When you show
reasonable people what war really is like, they usually react by demanding an
end to it.
The U.S had Che Guevara assassinated. He had never hurt any American citizen.
Why did they murder him? Why isn’t the U.N holding war crimes hearings? Why
is it ok for the U.S to invade Cuba, to launch terrorist campaigns to overthrow
the popular governments of sovereign nations? Why is it ok for them to prevent
Cuba from developing and trading, by bullying other countries into trade
embargoes with them? Why does the U.S constantly defy the U.N, not pay their
U.N dues, and constantly and murderously violate international law? Why did
the U.S need British and Australian ‘coalitions’ to provide some legitimacy for its
terrorist activities in Iraq? Why did they provide it, in direct violation of
international law, and the U.N? Why was it ok for the
U.S to invade Spanish Mexico, and basically steal their territory to make it
theirs? In how many foreign nations, especially in Middle America, has the U.S
conducted terrorist campaigns? How many genocidal murderous right wing
dictators has the U.S aided and abetted. Millions have died through C.I.A
assistance of death squads in Indonesia and the Philippines. The C.I.A has
constantly provided vicious dictatorial regimes with intelligence and assistance
in murdering millions of people. C.I.A lists were used by Iraqi death squads to
identify ‘leftist’ intellectuals, in order to murder them. Suharto murdered
hundreds of thousands of Indonesians using similar lists. Both regimes had been
supplied with weapons, training and financial assistance by the U.S.
Libyan President Gadhafi is now the longest serving head of state of any nation.
He agreed to pay 10 million U.S dollars in compensation to the families of each
victim of the Lockerby air disaster, even though the courts ultimately released
the Libyan tried and accused of terrorism in relation to that incident due to a
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
lack of evidence, and evidence that the U.S authorities had conspired to have
him convicted, by planting evidence at the crash scene. Gadhafi signed the
agreement under coercion. It was the only way to get U.S economic sanctions
lifted. 292 Iranians died when the U.S navy shot down a scheduled Iranian
commercial flight.
The navy battleship had illegally entered Iranian waters. The warship
commander confused the jumbo jet for a jet fighter. Bush would not apologize
for what he called an ‘accident’. The U.S claims the Lockerby air disaster was a
revenge attack. Can you imagine the worldwide response if an Iranian gunboat
illegally entered U.S waters and shot down a commercial airliner?
It is public record, but rarely reported in the popular media, and therefore not
part of the public consciousness, that the U.S has consistently aligned itself with
brutal warlords, and brutal, human rights violating, genocidal dictators, in
Indonesia, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Chile, and formerly with Saddam
Hussein, to name a few. The U.S administration does whatever suits its own
agenda, totally defiant of human rights and international law. Many argue that
the U.S deliberately led the U.S.S.R during the ‘cold war’ into a spiral of
unsustainable military expenditure, long after it had ceased to pose a real threat
to the U.S or world peace.
As we have seen with Saddam Hussein and the Taliban and Al Qaeda, all of the
U.S’s alliances are as ‘disposable’ as its own armed forces personnel and civilians
are. The U.S has tested biological warfare on its own citizens without their
knowledge, let alone informed consent. More undeniable facts which are now
public record, due to the expiry of secrecy laws. But how many people are
aware of this? Better the devil we know? Or is it that we don’t really know? The
U.S has long had a huge military presence in all the areas outside of Russia,
where the world’s major reserves of gas and oil are. U.S oil companies are
actually exporting oil to Iraq at the moment.
U.S oil companies aligned with the Bush Administration have received contracts
for the rebuilding of the Iraqi oil industry and infrastructure, at inflated prices, in
private arrangements between themselves and the administration. Free market
enterprise? No tenders were invited from companies that are not ‘allies’ of the
current administration. The ‘oil and gas junta’ of the then U.S administration
have worked and will work as paid representatives and consultants, as
executives, directors, lawyers, and advisors, of the oil and gas and armaments
corporations that have and will benefit from the ‘war’ on Iraq. The situation is
hardly reported, and when it is alluded to, it is reported in ways that most
people cannot comprehend.
The situation is mystified by legalese, deception and cover ups. The actual
relationships between the war and the financial interests of bush and his mates
are not transparent enough for the average person to be able to comprehend. It
takes investigative journalists lots of energy and resources to uncover
connections and to make them clear. Many people may note that the war had a
lot to do with oil, but they won’t be able to comprehend how Bush and his
friends are benefiting. They won’t be able to make the conclusion themselves
that the war has been lucrative big business for the big boys. Of course the
population of Iraq, and the U.S, and the world in general, are paying for this
business transaction with their lives, money, and international stability.
Barrack Obama, the current U.S President, to his credit, is the only candidate to
have refused to accept any campaign finance contributions from the oil
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
industry. He managed to secure over 300 million U.S for his political campaign
for President despite this.
The Bush family have long been war profiteers. Grandpa Bush was the banker to
Adolf Hitler in the U.S, and owned a Polish factory that benefited from Nazi
slave labor.
The U.S are the world power today, like Rome once was. They control world
trade, and the world supply of energy. They dominate the world media. They
force third world countries to allow tobacco advertising, in trade agreements set
up for the powerful American tobacco industry. Remember that the political
leaders are either bought and paid for by U.S big business, or are themselves
actively engaged in big business.
We should always be careful to distinguish between the U.S administration and
the U.S public. The U.S public are lied to and manipulated. It is not the U.S itself
that is the actor on the world stage, rather the relatively small but massively
influential lobby of big business interests. The U.S administration are owners
and employees of the armaments and energy industries. Of course the tobacco
industry lobby group is also very powerful.
The U.S administration can be seen to be the vehicle, instrument, tool, and
servant of the interests of big business. The Bush’s wanted in. They wanted to
join the ranks of big business. They themselves owned oil companies. Bush
Junior openly acknowledged that he sold ‘access’ to the white house when his
father was president. He accepted money in return for his connections, insider
knowledge, and influence. He calls the wealthiest Americans his ‘base’.
American big business interests use the American people as means to their own
ends. Big business manipulate the media and public opinion, and as Adolf Hitler,
Lippmann and Noam Chomsky put it ‘manufacture consent’.
War has always greatly increased the popularity ratings of leaders and their
administrations. Analysts calculate that war automatically added around 15% to
the popularity rating of George Bush Junior. In other words, the war that the
administration used to line their own pockets by lining the pockets of their
mates, also increased the popularity of the administration, and their ability to
continue this behavior.
It makes you wonder about the true nature of evil. People who ruthlessly and
unscrupulously do anything for money, including murdering innocent children,
stealing the future of millions of people, destroying their homes, their entire
communities. What sort of people are we dealing with, that can smile so
beamingly into the cameras of the world media? Will history define the Bush’s
as war criminals? Remember that ultimate power is never seen as power. It is so
embedded within the system of things that few people notice it. The greatest
democracy in the world was run by a president who was elected by judges who
were put in power by his father, who carried out secret and overt terrorist acts,
and supported terrorism throughout the world, who lied to his own people, and
who did everything for private gain, for himself and his mates.
And this very same government wanted to build a shield of missiles and radars
that would make them invulnerable to attack from anyone. The world’s largest
‘rogue state’ and ‘terrorist’ is the U.S. This terrorist organization, run by a few
powerful elites, in the interests of a relatively few privileged and powerful
groups of people, and which has managed to totally mystify and manipulate and
control its own population, wants to become invulnerable? If they were to
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
achieve this, then the few interest groups that run the U.S as a big business in
their own interests, would have ‘carte Blanche’ to do as they pleased. They
would be in a position to dictate their interests not only inside the U.S and their
current zones of interest and influence, but would effectively be able to
dominate the entire world. By threatening to attack any nation that doesn’t do
their bidding, and to unseat any democratically elected government that does
not serve its interests, they would rule the world.
No nation could resist this. The reason the U.S does not want other nations to
have weapons of mass destruction is that such weapons represent a balance to
the U.S’s current hegemonic power, its ‘full spectrum dominance’. Full spectrum
dominance is a good definition of hegemony.
Sovereign nations could only counter attempts by the U.S to control them with
threats to defend themselves using weapons of mass destruction. No nation has
enough conventional military power to oppose the U.S. Remember we are not
talking about the general U.S population. They are as much victims of the
Administration as the Taliban are. They die in the wars and pay for the wars.
We must always make a distinction between the population who are pawns and
dupes in the games of the powerful, and their leaders, whether they be priests,
kings, politicians, or big business. If the U.S succeed in their ‘star wars’ program,
then there will be no counter to the power of U.S big business, who
hegemonically dominate U.S politics through their official and unofficial lobby
groups, and corrupt politicians and public servants.
What this means is that the population have to be freed of their ignorance and
mystification. This brings me back to my real motivation for writing all of this. If
we don’t change our awareness and behavior from a narrow, short-term
individualistic motivation to a more holistic, long-term corporate, that is,
collective, one; if we don’t develop an awareness that seeking personal benefit
at the cost to others ultimately brings about the situation in which a few
powerful people can destroy the world to serve their own perceived need for
more and more power and wealth and privilege, then….
We must go back to the basics once again, and interrogate the realities of our
natures, and the nature of our realties, (TROONATNOOR), if we are to avoid
becoming victims of them, rather than benefiting from the opportunities they
present us with.
Without acceptance of opportunism at a personal level, it could never become
legitimate at the highest levels. George Bush Junior merely did what we all do,
or would do if we had the opportunity, in our daily lives. We opportunistically
take advantage of our inheritance, whether financial, talent, intelligence,
beauty, or wit, to get more for ourselves, at the expense of others. We do not
behave with solidarity for those weaker, poorer, and less capable and privileged
than ourselves. We take advantage of our advantages, to secure more
advantages and privileges for ourselves and our mates, families, and
George Bush and his mates were offered riches and other benefits for doing the
bidding of their benefactors. The consequences of course have been
horrendous. We have to be honest with ourselves and see that we behave, in
principal, the same, when we accept benefits, advantage and privileges as a
function of our inheritances, situation and position. We would be hypocritical to
criticize George Bush and his mates for doing, at a higher level, what we do at a
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
more fundamental level, every day. We opportunistically seek privileges,
advantages and benefits.
When we invest money, the return is paid for by the workers. They must borrow
money and pay interest on it just to buy the products that they themselves
actually produced. They pay rent to live in the houses they themselves built. We
are taking advantage of a situation and a system of relations, including legal
system, which allows us to steal part of the production of workers to keep for
ourselves. We buy cheap imports from nations whose workers must endure
appalling working conditions that make them sick and provide them with
shockingly low living standards. We export dangerous and exploitative working
conditions to other countries that are less developed.
We patent everything and stop others from having access to the latest
developments. We then force them to accept extremely low prices for their
products. They have no choice. They either accept the price the world
exchanges have set, or let their produce rot. Big business and multi-nationals
work with the exchanges to artificially push prices down for goods produced in
less powerful nations, and to increase the prices of their own production.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Martial Law
Has already been
You didn’t notice?
Maybe it is time you awoke from your sleep-walking and
started paying attention?
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
‘Arbeit macht frei’ : Your Shadow government welcome’s you to
your FEMA re-education camp.
In 2010 the official ‘Internment guidelines’ were published. Right now you,
personally, fall into one of the three groups that F.E.M.A have to classify the U.S
population. Check your letterbox, your car, your new driver’s license, any sort of
document that you would have on you, or your house. Look for a colored
sticker. Do it now. Find out which category you have been placed in.
Group 1 has been marked BLUE. These people include people like me, who
know about their plans. We are to be immediately sent to re-education camps.
The guards have strict instructions. They are free to use corporal punishment to
get us to comply with any of their demands. If we resist they may apply
punishment even if it kills us. If we try to escape, they are to kill us without
Group 2. These are people who have already committed themselves to resisting
the N.W.O. These people are to be killed immediately, under the laws already in
place, which allow for the prolonged detention and killing of ‘suspected’
terrorists. They have been marked RED.
Group 3 are the ‘clueless’ who have no idea what is going on, and will continue
to behave as mindless cattle, as mindless debt-slaves’. They have been
identified and marked PINK. Just check the web if you have doubts.
Who is actively hiring right now, apart from the Army? Check out the
governments recruiting drives online. They are recruiting for FEMA guards.
They have been stockpiling 1.6 billion bullets. At a single FEMA ‘collection
point’, 125,000 plastic coffins were filmed, before they were moved into a FEMA
camp. All these camps have easy rail access. You will be shipped by train to your
new FEMA re-education camp, if you dare question the N.W.O. The law, as it
stands TODAY, allows the authorities to detain and kill any SUSPECTED terrorist.
How do they define this? Well, for a start, it includes anyone who supports the
U.S constitution.
Right now, in the U.S, homeland security are amassing high powered automatic
weapons normally only seen on the battlefield. Hundreds of Billions of dollars
have been spent on this. Not that you will find records of any official budgets
being allocated by the U.S congress. Trillions of dollars are just floating around
for every sort of Black-Ops you can imagine. The ‘shadow’ government is better
funded than the official government, in the U.S. Ask ‘Obama’s bin lie’in to ya’.
All sorts of government workers, from postal workers, to gas inspectors, are
being given training in the use of military grade weapons, and have already
been given the legal power to enter your homes, arrest you, and to use as much
force, including lethal, as they need to, to get you to obey their commands.
Check your letter box for colored dots that were not there before. Pay
attention to any colored dots placed on you or any of your possessions.
All the laws are in place for the soon to be declared national emergency. Martial
law has already been declared, you were just not paying attention. The C.I.A
Zionist mass media have mis-directed your attention. The F.E.M.A camps are
ready. Many of you will be loaded onto trains and buses and shipped there like
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
cattle. They have prepared millions of plastic coffins for those of you who resist.
Who do you think really put Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Pinochet, Marcos, and
Suharto in power? Your government. That means you. Soon you will reap the
harvest you have sown. You did nothing to prevent the suffering of the victims
of those tyrants. Soon you will get to feel what they experienced. It will be good
for you. Maybe next lives you will have a bit more compassion, and empathy for
other’s suffering. Maybe you will be less likely to inflict it, and allow it to be
inflicted in your name.
They have already began socialising you into accepting the presence of militia in
your streets and homes. Military personnel have been running ‘stop and search’
‘drills’ which they have no authority to conduct. So far they have only knocked
on your door and said hello. This is to condition you to not reacting when you
see armed militia approaching. But soon they will be knocking down your door.
This is the same conditioning and priming that lets a man push a grown lion
around, or lets a boy ‘chain’ a massive elephant with a piece of string, to a
sapling. It is intended to ‘normalise’ the presence of armed militia in your
streets. You are being taught, unobtrusively, to take orders from people you
would otherwise laugh at, or call the F.B.I about. Get used to it.
Think about this. Most of the brave men and women of your military are either
overseas right now, or will be sent overseas, to fight whatever threat the Zionist
Banker’s mass media construct for them to fight. Pay attention to overseas
troop deployments. The troops cannot defend the constitution, which was their
original role, if they are overseas. The plan is to ensure that even if they mutiny,
they will not be able to save you.
The military personnel that will be kept behind in the U.S will be made up of
mostly foreign nationals, which the U.S Army and Homeland Security have been
recruiting in unprecedented, massive, numbers. Ex Russian military personnel
and mercenaries make up a large proportion of these new recruits. Postal
workers and all manner of people without any special training, whom you would
normally laugh at if they tried to order you around, have been given the power
to detain and arrest you, using any force they consider necessary, even lethal
force. In fact they may shoot you dead in your own house.
No-one is going to bother much about why they found it ‘necessary’. Maybe you
had a copy of the U.S constitution hanging on your wall? Or you had visited a
few websites about 911, or the N.W.O? Maybe you owned a gun? Maybe you
got angry when a bunch of postal workers or meter readers entered your
bedroom at night and dragged your wife and children out of bed at the point of
high powered military grade weapons? You appeared ‘hostile’. They interpreted
that as threatening. I mean, hey, the government did not, just recently, buy an
additional 4 billion rounds of ammunition just to have them sitting around
gathering dust, now did they? They did not arm postal workers and meter
readers with the latest, military grade weapons just to increase their efficiency
or job satisfaction, did they?
As I often say, I do not define most of us, which probably includes you, as
‘innocent’ of anything. You have all allowed atrocities to be committed ‘on your
watch’ by your own government. Every day you allow animals to be imprisoned,
enslaved, tortured, and then slaughtered, for your own perceived ‘benefit’. So
maybe this will be a good karmic lesson to you, to feel what it is like on the
other end of the ‘means justifies the ends’ equation. Maybe you will learn some
compassion. It may be enlightening. I would prefer less painful means of
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
enlightenment, like reason, and compelling argument. But very few if you have
been amenable to these so far.
So I guess that all that is left is to wish us all ‘Happy Next Lives?
How to move forward
The U.S dollar is a ponsy scheme. Most of the ‘wealth’ in the hands of the few is
really stolen, and should be returned to the state to be destroyed. It is not real
value. It was not earned by producing anything of value. It is merely inflationary,
monopoly money.
Here is an idea. It is just a starting idea to set the brainstorming rolling. The top
1% of U.S citizens, many of them Zionist Jews, own around 40% of the total
wealth. The bottom 80%, own only 7% of the wealth. So you can see that if you
simply reduced the supply of U.S dollars by around 90%, you could easily return
it to its nominal, face value. And it would not have any effect at all on over 80%
of the population. You would simply get those people who have accumulated
unreasonable ‘paper’ wealth, to return it, and the state would destroy it. Then
the money in the hands of the working population who earn their money
honestly every day would lose nothing. Those people with excessive wealth
never earned it fairly and justly. It is really just imaginary paper wealth ‘created’
through imaginary means. It never had a real value. To produce to real value,
you have to actually produce something of real value. Not just move around bits
of paper, fire people, destroy people’s working and living conditions, and then
claim you have produced real value.
Allow each person to ‘convert’ a maximum of 1 million U.S dollars of assets, U.S
dollars, U.S denominated shares, securities, and bonds, into IMF drawing rights.
This would balance out the huge economic inequality. No person has ever
produced, through their own honest labor, with their own sweat, sacrifice, and
toil, the right to more than 1 million dollars. The top few percent who today
own almost all the wealth, will thus be effectively relieved of this unearned,
undeserved, unjustifiable excess, and all the excess influence and power it can
1 % of the population own 50% of the shares. The bottom 50% own less than
half of one percent. The shares are massively over-valued, and unfairly
distributed. So simply take 50% of the U.S shares away from that top 1% and
destroy them. This would return the share values of the U.S stock market to
some reasonable level of honesty. It would hurt no-one. This 1% cannot claim
to have honestly earned their wealth. It is just absurd to even imagine it. This
top 1% don’t need their shares, they already earn 24% of the entire income of
the U.S.A. The average CEO in the U.S earns 380 times more than their average
employee. And the average is such a misleading figure, that it means they are
really earning much much more than their ‘typical’ employee. Just raising your
own salary, as a CEO, automatically increases the average salary in your
These actions would return some real value to the U.S dollar, and bring share
values down to realistic levels, free from the excesses of speculation which
produce massive swings in share values, resulting in extreme swings in the
economic cycles I will explain in a moment how the rich use economic cycles to
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
grab real assets. Just as a famous U.S President once warned his nation, and the
world, on film. It would at least halve the amount of U.S dollars in circulation.
Most of the banks in the world would immediately be shut down, as they would
be insolvent, based on honest accounting practices. The market price of shares
would fall, and reflect the true value of the companies.
All people who wished to work would be given work in on public works
programs, returning our roads to peak condition, beautifying our parks and
gardens, caring for our children and aged, and meeting all the needs that are
currently unmet. I am no communist. I am a social democrat. I think you should
only be able to buy some things. Other things must be your birthright. You
should be rewarded fairly. There will be inequality. But it will be meritocratic. It
will not be excessive. It will not be inherited. It will be earned. Windfalls will be
shared. Please see my main TROONATNOOR books and web pages for details.
Oh, if you wish to participate in any fantasy role play of your liking, then you will
be free to. But you will not be free to impose your fantasy on your children, or
anyone else. Holistically enlightening informed consent will be everyone’s. It will
be for you to decide what fantasy role play, a.k.a religion, you wish to play. But
it will be for everyone else to decide if they wish to play along or not.
The Zionist’s have their own plan. To sterilise most of the U.S population, using
GMO plants, gene modified to induce sterility in humans. They have been
pumping E-coli faeces into most of your food. They call it ‘Aspartame’. Infertility
and cancer will reduce the U.S population without any need to kill them off
openly. These GMO plants may be banned by the U.S legislature, but that will
not stop the process. A law was passed recently stating that anyone who wants
to plant GMO products that have been banned by the E.U, and the U.S
government, only has to send a request to the Secretary of Agriculture, to get
an immediate ‘exemption’ form the laws. And you will soon notice excuses
being made by your schools as to why you will not, in future, be allowed to give
your children packed lunches. They will, in future, be forced to eat school
dinners, packed full of sterilisation and cancer inducing GMO’s, and aspartame.
Ask yourself why they do not use the artificial sweeteners common in Europe?
The ones I use?
United Nations agenda 21, states that 100 nations have agreed to return 50% of
the U.S to wilderness, off-limits to people, with the remaining population to be
re-settled in ‘sustainable communities’ on 25% of the remaining land. In the
next 30-50 years, the world population is to be reduced by up to 75%.
Oh, and don’t forget that the majority of European countries, the majority of
countries in the world, do NOT put fluoride in their public drinking water. Only
TWO percent of Western European drinking water is fluoridated. The countries
that do fluoridate are the U.S, Britain, and Australia. All close allies. Who else
put fluoride in their public water supplies? Guess. Yep, Hitler and Stalin put
fluoride in the drinking water of all their concentration camps and labor camps.
That’s KZ for the Nazis, and Gulag for the Bolshies.
Stalin claimed that after fluoridating the Gulag water supplies, he could reduce
the number of prison guards in his Gulag’s by 75%. Today 60% of the public
water supply in the U.S is fluoridated. And many of the bottled waters, and
other foodstuffs, that the U.S commonly consume, have had fluoride added, just
in case they were among the 40% with access to non-fluoridated drinking water.
I resisted all this information pretty stubbornly until recently. I resisted the idea
that ‘ Jews ‘ controlled the world. Many of my favorite people in the world are
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
‘Jews’. From David Lee Roth to all most of my favorite Hollywood actors, and U.S
sit-com writers and stars. I have met many ‘Jews’ in my travels and most of the
time we hit it off immediately, like siblings separated at birth!
I could not understand why some of my favorite writers, like Celine, could be
‘anti-Semitic’. It seemed absurd to me, all the claims made by those crazy, racist,
bigoted ‘anti-Semites’. I could not understand why Hitler, who in most of ‘Mein
Kampf’ was completely reasonable, empathetic, insightful, and holistically well
informed, could suddenly start spouting gibberish about the Jews controlling
the banks, and media, and plotting to destroy the German nation. I can fully
appreciate how hard it will be for you, let alone the average American.
Now I get it. I am as shocked as anyone reading this. I feel like I have been as
much of a zombie as all of the zombies I have criticised in the past. Sleepwalking
through life. Blind to what was staring me right in the face. 911 is what
opened my mind. It really did change the world for me. But not in the ways its
planners had hoped. All the great, courageous, good-willed people who
investigated 911, and opened my eyes to all the things they had been willfully
closed to. I had been just as conditioned, socialised, and brainwashed as most of
you. And me, the philosopher, who had worked out so many things on my own.
This time I needed a hell of a lot of help. So thank you, to anyone who published
any document, blog, or movie on the internet, about 911, and its root causes.
Thank you. Like me, you work with the best of intentions, with little hope of
reward, and every reasonable fear of punishment, for simply trying to do the
right thing, find and express the truth, and undermine all those criminals bent
on enslaving us all.
What is fluoride? It is a toxic chemical byproduct of the complicated process
required to produce aluminum. It is very expensive to get rid of. It is highly
toxic. Guess what the well documented side effects of fluoride are? It kills brain
cells. Ever heard of A.D.D? ‘Don’t forget to brush your teeth’ has suddenly
become ironic, given that the fluoride in toothpaste lowers your I.Q.
Check a toxicity table. Guess which chemical lies, in terms of toxicity, between
lead and arsenic. Yep, good old Fluoride. It is more toxic than lead. And what
happened with lead based paints? When were they banned? How much did it
cost schools and so on to remove that toxic threat, along with asbestos, which
was also touted as a boon, and completely harmless? They went to all that
expense to remove lead, and ban products containing it.
So please explain how lead has inexplicably found its way into most of the
leading packaged foods in the U.S. But back to fluoride. Isn’t fluoride supposed
to be good for your teeth and bones? No real studies were ever made to back
the constant claims that it is beneficial. Recent studies show it actually weakens
teeth enamel, and produces bone deformities. Guess why the Nazi’s and
Bolshies put it in the water of their ‘guest workers’? It makes people more
passive, easier to manage, less prone to offer any resistance.
Check your bottled water, and even baby products, to see how much fluoride
has been added. So much that even they have to carry a warning in most
countries to mothers, telling them not to mix the formula with already
fluoridated water. And ask yourself why. People even buy ‘fluoride free’
toothpaste in Europe. It is quite popular. Read the packaging of your
toothpaste. Why does it warn you not to ‘swallow’ the product? If a child
swallows even a pea sized amount of toothpaste you are informed that you
must call emergency services. The stuff is just that toxic. And don’t forget that
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
eating a modern cigarette can kill you. Especially if you are a small child. An
adult can easily die from eating several of them.
Ask yourself why most of the GMO ‘food’ products that U.S citizens eat and
drink are actually banned, and illegal, in the European Union. You cannot even
plant a GMO plant in the European Union. It is a criminal offense. Why? Because
the plants are designed to destroy the ecosystem, and make us dependent upon
Monsanto seed. GMO products produced cancer in test rats in independent
French studies. GMO products have never been independently tested, that is,
by anyone other than the company who profit from them. Like they used to let
the tobacco companies do their own research into any possible health risks
associated with tobacco products. Remember how that ended? With doctors
appearing on TV and in print ads claiming that smoking was actually good for
your health! The F.D.A in America just assume that GMO products are no
different to ‘natural’ products. In fact in the U.S you can call anything you like,
from mercury ice cream to cyanide jelly beans ‘natural’. It is not a ‘regulated’
Then read documents written over 100, and even 60 years ago, warning that the
Zionists were going to use vaccinations as a delivery system for toxic chemicals
which will dumb down and weaken the masses. Famous ‘philosophers’ like
Bertrand Russell were very enthusiastic about the idea. He was in favor of
virtually ‘lobotomizing’ children using Mercury injections disguised as
vaccinations. And sad to say, he is a highly respected Philosopher!
The famous ‘Protocols of Zion’ state clearly that vaccinations are one of the
weapons of the Zionists to weaken and then enslave the Goys. That’s us folks.
Mercury was specifically mentioned. It is a neuro-toxin. It destroys neurons. As
Russell said, it is like giving you a partial lobotomy. Without the need for ice
Do some research about the mercury levels in the injections you willingly allow
the government to give your children, including the Hepatitis B shot given at
birth, and even flu shots. They produce a 27 times greater chance of your child
being autistic. In fact autism is the one of the new epidemics. I guess the plan is
to have a more or less autistic workforce to carry out tasks. More or less selfreplicating
robots. And keep in mind that these autistic children are being born
to parents with I.Q’s well above the average, and no family history of any sort of
health problems.. It is not about genetics. It is about biological warfare.
Why did the German military refuse to use the commercial flu shot that
everyone else was encouraged to take? Because they tested it themselves and
discovered massive levels of mercury and other toxins in the shots. They
demanded a pure batch be made just for them.
Socializing losses and privatizing profits: if it was not true, it would
be funny
46 million U.S citizens cannot afford health care. The U.S government cannot
afford to provide such basic services for its hard working citizens. Social welfare
is not consistent with the principles of capitalism, the Republicans will tell us.
However the government immediately provided banks, the AIG insurance
company, and Ford, with around 3 trillion dollars, when they, the proponents of
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
free market capitalism, the opponents of government ‘assistance’ and ‘welfare’,
due to their own incompetence and gambling, found themselves on the verge of
bankruptcy. The executives of technically bankrupt banks paid themselves over
30 million dollars in transaction fees for merely processing this government
‘bail-out’ package. They bankrupt huge companies due to their own
incompetence and greed. They lay off thousands of workers and then, once they
have ‘socialized’ their losses, they pay themselves up to tens of millions of
dollars each in ‘performance bonuses’.
To accuse them of speculation misses the point. They knew there was no risk,
for them. They could speculate the financial and employment futures of billions
of people, certain in the knowledge that they themselves faced no risk at all.
They were too big to fail. The two worst CEO’s awarded themselves 6 million U.S
each in ‘performance bonuses’. After all of this, the Federal Reserve, adopting
typical Keynesian economics policies, reduce the official interest rates at which
banks can borrow money to historic lows.
These same banks which, according to the free market economic principles the
banks refer to when fighting against government regulation, would have been
bankrupt without the governments ‘bail-outs’, then borrows billions of dollars at
an interest rate close to zero, to speculate in a share market that has crashed
due to their own actions. This capital inflow doubles share prices in a few
months. These banks then make billions in additional profits. Now read this
again. If this does not anger you enough to demand the government regulate
banks and the financial sector in general, I don’t know what will.
Just to give an indication of money ‘earned’ by C.E.O’s of major companies,
consistent with its ‘happy end’ philosophy, the C.E.O of Disney, taking a pay cut
from his usual annual salary of 40 million U.S, earned (?) a mere 29 million U.S
If you don’t believe that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are worth reading
and taking seriously, then consider these facts. Goldman Sachs, whose motto is
‘We do God’s work’, sold Billions of dollars’ worth of ‘Sub-Prime-loan derived
investment instruments to its customers, promising them secure returns, at the
same time that it was ‘shorting’ the same products It made historical ‘short’
trades that netted it over 4 Billion dollars in profits, when the sub-prime
‘bubble’ finally exploded.
Just a month before the banking scandal, Goldman Sachs changed its business
status from ‘investment bank’ to ‘commercial bank’ so that it would be eligible
for the huge government bailouts that it was already planning on getting. It also
insured itself through A.I.G insurance, so that any losses the government bailout
would not cover would be covered by this insurance company. What most
people did not realize is that by bailing out A.I.G insurance, the government was
giving even more money to the big banks like Goldman Sachs. If you think this is
all coincidence, then I cannot help you. The result was that the banks ended up
making record profits up to the crash, and then after the crash. And the
management then awarded themselves the biggest bonuses in history for
‘pulling off’ this ‘banking heist’. These guys really earned the name ‘Banksters’.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The wealthy gain the bulk of welfare and the workers pay
The welfare state exists in the interests of capital. The welfare state ensures
that the pool of excess, unemployed, labor, is maintained fit and healthy, to
meet ad hoc labor demands, and keep wages down. These labor demands
include employment as soldiers. In fact it was the poor condition of British army
recruits in WWI that motivated the British government to introduce social
security in the U.K, long after the King of Prussia, through Bismarck, had done
the same, with the same motivation.
The wealthy do not pay for the welfare state. The workers do. In fact the
wealthy receive the greater level of welfare in the form of government
subsidies, supports, protections, and in many cases receive direct government
money to ‘bail them out’ when they face bankruptcy due to poor management.
They lobby the government for ‘welfare’ by referring to the wealth they
produce, and the employment they generate. They define themselves as ‘too
big to fail’. If they fail, the entire economy could be put at risk. If the economy
fails, then voters will be quick to replace their governments.
The German government ‘bailed out’ car producer Ford Germany with 2 billion
Euros. They then announced they would be cutting 10,000 jobs in Europe, and
closing two plants in Germany. Of course the German government had
understood they were buying jobs. The British government bailed out banks to
the tune of 200 billion Euros. Banks pay one percent interest to the European
central bank, while many consumers are paying around 20% interest on their
loans. You do the math.
Big business looks after politicians. They provide them with slush funds, political
party donations, and lucrative directorships and consultancies to inflate their
already overgenerous politician’s pensions. It is not uncommon for business
people to become involved in politics. The Bush administration members were,
and will be, share-holders, directors, and consultants of oil and defense related
industries. Their wars generate huge profits for their business interests. They
profit hugely from the wars they prosecute.
They benefit from post-war re-construction contracts. They will control oil
concessions which will allow them a monopoly on exploiting Iraqi Oil. They have
been selling oil to Iraq at hugely inflated, above market prices. They have been
filling defense contracts at above market prices.
In Afghanistan they will have the monopoly on exploiting the gas pipelines they
fought the Taliban for control over. They made arrangements with the enemies
of the Taliban before invading. It was a condition for their ‘intervention’. It was,
in principle, little different from the British East Indies Company and the
Victorian British military ‘Raj’. If the Taliban had allowed the U.S administration
big business connections to build and control the pipeline, then the U.S would
probably never have shown any interest in the Taliban’s human rights violations.
When the U.S administration refer to democracy and human rights they really
mean the interests of U.S oil, gas, and defense industry (their own) interests,
and the right to monopolies and trade concessions to exploit other peoples
resources to satisfy their own selfish greed.
The Islamic fundamentalist Saudis are only tolerated as they work hand in glove
with the U.S administration. They are business partners. It is in fact the House of
Saud, the Saudi royal family, the feudal lords of Saudi Arabia, who have
manipulated the words of the prophet Mohamed, the Koran, to define all non911
(Five minutes to midnight?)
Muslims as an enemy that is to be destroyed by any means. The Saudis are
more responsible for world terrorism than Saddam Hussein ever could have
been. The Saudis actively support Bin Laden and the Taliban. The Saudis are
despots who have manipulated the sacred text of the Koran to support their
own privileges and power. They control a feudal state that makes few token
concessions to notions of democracy. As they are good business partners for the
U.S Administration they are tolerated.
If you watch Mike More’s ‘Fahrenheit 911’ you will see just how close the Bush
family and Administration are to the ‘House of Saud’. The Saudis are huge
investors in the U.S, and have significant economic and political influence there.
Great Grand-pappy Bush profited from the Nazi regime. He was Hitler’s personal
banker in the U.S, and his business interests benefited from Nazi slave labor.
Don’t forget that I.B.M designed and manufactured the punch-cards used to
manage the logistics associated with the Nazi Holocaust. It was good old
American technology that made the Nazi Holocaust so efficient. Genocide is big
business. The biggest business of all is war. War is, in business terms, a ‘hostile
takeover’. It is cheaper to conquer than to buy another country. However war is
costly, and impossible without the assistance of big business. German industry
was worth 17 times more at the end of the Second World War, than it was at its
Recessions represent a transfer of wealth from the poorest to the
It should be noted that recessions represent an opportunity for investors, those
with capital, to buy shares, real estate, capital equipment, and labor, below
their real value. Recessions facilitate a transfer of wealth from workers to those
with of capital. In this way the rich get richer and richer. This situation should
attract our interrogation. Are economic cycles really natural, and their
consequences purely coincidental, or are they programmed and manipulated?
Market manipulation
Speculators can buy up large quantities of shares or resources. According to the
laws of supply and demand the market price of these shares will increase. As the
share price increases, other less savvy investors will jump on the bandwagon,
including large institutional investors from retirement funds and unit trusts. This
will guarantee that the price will continue to rise, which will attract other less
savvy speculators. The original speculators can then sell at a profit, while the
others are buying.
They will have made their speculative profits and be out of that market well
before the market, which was artificially inflated by their original purchases, and
the subsequent speculation it encouraged, crashes. The share value was not a
reflection of innovation, or any real increase in the value of the company. The
crash will lead the later, less savvy speculators, exiting the market in a selling
spree, seeking to cut their losses. The effect of this ‘bear’ market is that the
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
prices of many shares will fall below their ‘real’ value, allowing those who
manipulated the market initially, to step in and buy up valuable stocks well
below their true value. In this sense they benefit from the ‘bull’ and the ‘bear’
A historical analysis of share markets reveals that the major profits and losses
for each year are actually made within a few isolated days of trading. The
traders who made the greatest profits managed to time their trades to take
advantage of the few great rallies, sell before the few great crashes, and be in a
liquid state to buy at the bottom of the crashes. Did they merely manage to
time their trades so well, by predicting market movements, or were they
themselves the authors of such bull and bear rallies?
This revelation must draw our interrogative attentions. That a relatively small
group of traders consistently manage to time the market, to buy shares just
after those few days when shares are at their lowest values, and then sell within
the short period when shares are at their peak values, must be considered at
minimum suspicious.
Via such market manipulations or clever dealing, the wealthiest effectively
redistribute the wealth generated by the producers of value, that is, labor, to
speculators who produce no value.
Of course the stock markets allow innovators to raise capital to finance new
ventures and innovations, independent of banks and other finance
However the stock market may also direct resources away from fair and honest
employers to those who exploit their workers. The redistribution of costs from
the organization to the workers represents an increase in profitability for the
share-holders. This will increase demand for the company’s shares. This will
encourage other organizations to implement similar innovations, in order to
maintain their competitiveness and ability to attract financial resources for
investment. This will be to the general detriment of workers overall. Does this
situation appear familiar?
Another notable experience in recessions is that of rationalization, right-sizing,
and down-sizing. Businesses hire staff as they develop, without any real way of
calculating exactly how many staff they need. Over time, as these needs
become clearer, managers identify staff that are not necessary. The
management face problems from unions and politicians in reducing staff
numbers under normal circumstances. During a recession, however, it is easier
to convince the unions and politicians that they have no choice.
This of course drives the economic cycle to further extremes. Unemployment
leads to a decrease in demand. The fear of unemployment makes people more
conservative in their spending. The decreased consumption and consumer
sentiment is bad for business. Employers lose revenue, and employer sentiment
falls. The general loss of confidence produces behaviors and reactions that
produce a downward spiral of falling consumption and investment, and falling
business and consumer confidence and sentiment. This produces increasing
In the past this has led to two great depressions. Since the adoption of
Keynesian supply side interventions, the government has stepped in at an early
stage to boost employment, consumption, investment, and therefore consumer
and business sentiment.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
They have interceded to prevent the downward spiral from escalating. They did
this by increasing government spending, and lowering interest rates to
encourage consumption and new investment.
The ideal situation would have been one of constant innovation and
responsiveness, where management had the opportunity to constantly assess
their labor needs, and respond continuously. More transparency would allow a
more flexible approach in which greater planning and consultation could take
place to reduce the costs of rationalization. More creative responses to the
situation could be developed, responses which allow management and workers
to adjust, and adapt to the foreseen changes. This would require unions and
politicians to focus on the interests of the workers, rather than on gaining
power at their expense, using workers as means to their own political ends. It
would require trust and information sharing. It would require co-operation.
However recessions are not bad for everyone. Those in the know sell off their
shares before the markets crash, and are ‘cashed up’ to buy real assets which
predictably fall in price as the financial markets crash. During recessions
companies go bankrupt and liquidate their assets at below their real values.
Individuals lose their jobs and must sell their houses or have their debts
‘foreclosed’ and liquidated. The more assets that must be sold in a short timeframe,
the lower the ‘market’ prices will be.
The wealthy cashed-up ‘investors’ can buy up lots of assets, real-estate,
businesses, and so on, at prices that have been driven low by the recession. The
‘market-price’ is temporarily driven down by recession, but will predictably
‘recover’ once the economic cycles reach their low points and swing back up.
For the cashed up businessperson, the ‘bust’ represents a boon. They will then
wait a while as the markets and the economy typically recover, and sell their
cheaply bought assets at huge profits.
Limiting speculation – focusing on real productive investment,
innovation, and real value
Shares are currently trading at price to earnings ratios that bear no relationship
to any fundamental economic principles. The earnings or dividends of shares
represent the increased productivity or profitability of the company who issued
the share. A share is essentially a part ownership of a company. When the
company does well, it can pay its shareholders part of its profits. The value of all
shares in any particular company that are being traded should, based on its
economic value, equal the actual value of that particular company at any
particular point. As dividends are paid out the share values should fall to reflect
the outgoings. Any market valuation above this value should reflect anticipated
future dividends arising from future growth in the real value of the company.
Any other additional value represents speculation that the profitability of the
company will increase in future, resulting in higher future dividend payments
and an increase in the real value of the company. If you expect the profits of a
company to increase in future, then you will be willing to pay a premium, today,
up to this anticipated future value. The difference between the anticipated or
predicted future value and the current market value will be seen as a market
undervaluation by the investor, an opportunity to make a good return. This can
fairly be considered as value forecasting rather than pure speculation.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Pure speculation is essentially the speculation that other people will be willing
to pay you more for the shares you buy than you paid, without any real
consideration of the value of future dividends, or of the actual value of the
company that issued the shares.
This sort of speculation has historically occurred over long time frames, after
which savvy investors sold out, and the markets crashed. This has occurred at
least four times, before the great depression, in 1986, in 2002, and in 2008.
Pure speculation does not increase real value at all. Pure speculation merely
transfers wealth from the bulk of investors to a small number of successful
speculators. For this reason it may be considered advisable to limit the financial
gains that can be made via pure speculation through taxes on speculative gains.
It may even be advisable to cap the level of profit that can be made on the stock
markets to within reasonable price to earnings ratios.
Similar considerations should be made with reference to property and foreign
exchange speculation. Otherwise we risk allowing the stock-market tail to wag
the economic cycle dog. We risk allowing speculators to destroy the real
economy, by building bubbles which will burst, wreaking chaos in the financial
markets. Perhaps next time we should decide that no company is too big to fail.
Otherwise what incentive do they have to become competitive, responsible,
and prudent? In the mean-time we must ensure that financial markets are
regulated to prevent speculators destroying the real, value producing economy.
In the last ‘financial meltdown’ the prudent, responsible, and conscientious
were compelled to subsidize the irresponsible, imprudent, greedy speculators.
Sub-prime loans: privatizing profits and socializing losses
About 70% of the loans made in the last years of the real-estate bubble were socalled
‘no docs’ loans. This meant the borrowers were not required to prove
that they could in fact repay the loans they were being made. They were not
required to make any deposit whatsoever. The motivation of the mortgage
brokers was commissions. They made a commission on each loan they made.
Thus their motive was to make as many loans as they could. They had no motive
to care whether the people would be able to meet their loan repayments. They
practiced what is today called ‘predatory lending’.
They aggressively encouraged people to take out loans they had no hope of ever
meeting their repayments on. They did not care that these people would lose
their homes when they could not meet their repayments. They had no ‘duty of
care’. They had every motive to persuade people to ‘over-extend’ themselves.
Many people speculated that the real-estate boom would continue. The price of
their homes would increase, thus increasing their equity, and protecting them in
the event they could not repay their loans.
They could make a short-term profit even if they had to sell quickly. In fact the
boom, the ‘bubble’, was being fed by such speculation and ‘predatory lending’.
However at some point reality has to ‘bite’, and all bubbles have to burst. When
the bubble burst, home prices fell, and people were left with loans that were
much higher than the value of their homes. Greedy homeowners of course
blamed the banks and mortgage companies for having ‘seduced’ them into over911
(Five minutes to midnight?)
extending themselves, borrowing more than they could repay. Everyone seeks a
scapegoat for their own mistakes and greed.
Many of the loans were ultimately traded as ‘mortgage derivatives’. Over 8
trillion dollars in such mortgage ‘derivatives’ were sold on international markets
before the bubble crashed. The Federal government guarantee of the loans that
underlay these financial instruments made them very attractive, given that
international interest rates were very low. Most of the final ‘investors’ in these
derivatives had no idea what they were actually buying.
However the real lesson relates to ‘welfare for the rich’. Most people assume
that government welfare goes to the poor. In fact most welfare and supports go
to large companies. They are ‘too big to allow to fail’. Like in earlier examples of
Eastman Kodak in Australia, which the Australian government ‘bailed out’ after
it was on the verge of bankruptcy, this time, all around the world, federal
governments ‘bailed out’ huge banks to the tune of hundreds of billions of
dollars, effectively socializing their ‘toxic’ assets. These banks would otherwise
have gone bankrupt. Their executives and shareholders of course continued to
award themselves massive ‘bonuses’, while the federal government ‘socialized’
their losses. Poor taxpayers were thus forced to subsidize the incompetence of
bank managers and executives, at the same time as these executives awarded
themselves millions of dollars in bonuses.
This is known as ‘privatizing profits and socializing losses’. This is the equivalent
of the government allowing gamblers to keep their wins, but paying their debts
when they lose. The key is to be ‘too big to fail’. All the supposed principles of
free market economics only apply to the small business-person and worker. The
‘big boys’ only pay lip-service to such free-market principles when they are
making profits. As soon as they lose money, they come crying to ‘father state’
begging for ‘welfare’. Their argument is that if they go bankrupt, lots of people
will lose their jobs, and confidence in the system will be damaged. The same
people who are first to demand ‘smaller government’ and ‘reduction in
government spending’ and to demonize the unemployed as ‘bludgers’, are the
first to put their hands out when their speculations, their gambling, ‘come home
to roost’. All the principles of free market capitalism that they rally behind in
good times, are thrown to the wind as it suits them. They are pure hypocrites. In
fact according to their own arguments they should be allowed to fail, so that
more competent and efficient business people and business models can be
adopted. They argue ‘survival of the fittest’ but demand that they be ‘suckled at
the breast of mother state’. They should be allowed to go bankrupt, and instead
of feeding the ‘fat cats’, the government should make cheaper finance available
for the small-businessperson, and provide affordable home-loans to first home
buyers. However the system is completely corrupt.
The massive ‘cash for clunkers’ subsidies for new car buyers is another case of
‘survival of the politically powerful’. Ford effectively went bankrupt after
decades of bad management, and failing to respond to the market and their
competition. They failed to make the cars that consumers wanted. They were
bailed out by the federal government, and within a year returned to profit. The
executives who had technically run their huge corporations into the ground,
then rewarded themselves for their incompetence with the windfalls of their
bailouts, awarding themselves with individual performance bonuses in the tens
of millions. This is absurd. What it reveals is the political nature of all earnings.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
They are dependent on political power, rather than productivity or talent. In the
U.S the people vote against universal health-care, while subsidizing their banks
and huge corporations to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.
If true competition existed under today’s form of capitalism
If real competition existed under capitalism, there would be no way for
corporations to make the huge profits they do, at the expense of workers and
consumers. Once profits became large this would signal others to enter that
market, to produce the same goods and services, and as a result of this
competition prices and profits would fall to more moderate levels. Therefore we
should seek to increase the flow of information in markets, about profits, about
goods and services, and about the means of raising capital for new ventures.
This all refers to transparency. The government should also provide more
financing options for new businesses, rather than subsidizing inefficient,
incompetently managed, already existent big businesses.
At the present many large corporations, including banks, benefit from
government insurance of their financial viability. The banks, as in the U.S, often
use this security, and the cheaper government finance they have access to, to
simply speculate on derivatives markets, and prop up incompetent
management. They tend to reduce competition by financing buy-outs of
competing companies, providing cheap and easy finance to the established
companies, and charging ridiculously high rates of interest, and simply denying
finance, to new companies.
The irony of ‘regulation’ is that it is necessary to ensure free competition.
Without it companies collude and conspire together to form cartels. They fix
prices, and prevent competitors entering the market. They block access to
important information, and use their power to maximize their own profits at the
expense of the consumer, and the environment.
Classical economics works, but only if you actively ensure free markets.
Freedom of information. Freedom of access. Transparency. True competition.
Then the ‘invisible hand’ can work. But if you blind the ‘invisible hand’ and tie its
hands behind its back, chain it to a wall, and keep it in the dark, then the
mechanism that Adam Smith was so keen on has no way of functioning.
I am certain that the Zionists deliberately have given the world the worst forms
of capitalism and communism simply to discredit both, and to bring the world
into repeated crises.
The only legitimate, authentic ‘synthesis’ in terms of a ‘historical dialectic’
would be Social Democracy. This is the basis of the Scandinavian systems.
However none of the world’s large economies have ever implemented a truly
socially democratic model. Because the Zionists never let them. They do not
want anything like my Eden Protocols to succeed. For then the world would
have peace and justice. And the Zionists cannot dominate a world that is free,
fair, and creatively productive. They need wars, conflict, and extreme abuses to
divide and conquer, weaken and enslave.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
U.S Industrial espionage and spying
The U.S is famous in Germany for its current suspected industrial espionage
activities. German businesses claim that the U.S steal their business secrets, in
spying activities that have nothing to do with U.S national security. The U.S
‘justify’ anything they want to do by appeals to national security, to a war on
drugs, a war on terrorism, the cold war…you name it, they will claim to be at
war against it, that is, defending their nation. This is how they justify whatever
they want to do, whatever big business has hired or ‘co-opted’ them for.
It had been common knowledge for some time that the U.S had placed ‘chipbombs’
in computer and I.T products exported to Polish Telecom, with which
they could totally disable the Polish telecommunications system, should they
find any reason to. The U.S have operated a totally secret military installation at
Pine Gap in Australia for decades now. No-one could say for sure what its
purpose is, and whether it is eavesdropping on Australian communications,
‘tapping’ Australian’s telephones and internet.
A few of the costs of war
War is just big business. It isn’t important whether the businesspeople are Kings,
Queens, Bandits, Viking raiders, Mercenaries, Fascist Dictators (Hitler was
apparently the world’s first Billionaire), or Armaments manufacturers and Oil
War is simply a large scale action of ‘organized crime’. In Cambodia one in 236
people are amputees, unable to work.
In Kuwait one third of the lives actually lost during the war were lost during the
clearing of land mines.
The French forced German prisoners of war, against the Geneva Convention, to
clear land mines during and in preparation for the Normandy invasions. 1709 of
these forced laborers were killed and around 3000 were wounded.
Since the end of WW2 over 20 million people have been directly killed in war.
Around twenty percent of the world’s scientists and engineers are involved in
armaments development.
Imagine the opportunity costs of employing our most talented and gifted
scientists and engineers in such a counter-productive way.
Fifteen countries supplied armaments to both sides during the Iran-Iraq war.
Ethiopia spent over half its entire budget on military spending in 1989, while the
rest of the world was sending aid to feed its starving populations.
There are about 30 wars being ‘prosecuted’ on any particular day throughout
the world.
As a planet, we spend around 2 million dollars a minute on war.
Over 200 million tonnes of fissionable (radioactive) products have been released
into the earth’s atmosphere during weapons testing.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
U.S loans to the U.K made it ‘too big to fail’ in WWII?
One element of the U.S declaration of war on Germany was a fear U.K would
default on its massive ‘lend-lease’ loans from the U.S. If it lost the war, the U.S
faced massive financial losses. And a huge chunk of these losses would have
been borne by the big U.S banks who had financed the U.K’s war effort. Huge
amounts of money were at stake. At the time the U.S population were against
involvement in the European war. Even as late as the second year of the war,
over 75% of U.S voters were against U.S involvement. The big banks used their
lobbying power, and control of the mass media, to drum up support for a war
that was unconstitutional.
The ‘Allies’ won the war, and the U.K repaid its loans to the U.S over the next 60
years. They made the last repayment quite recently. Also the Soviets repaid
their debts. Rockefeller stated once that the reason he loved the Bolshevik’s
was that they ‘collected’ their debts, at the point of a gun if necessary, and
therefore repaid them. They were a good investment.
Of course Germany lost a huge amount of territory and property, however it got
billions in aid as part of the Marshall plan to rebuild Europe. During WWII Russia
benefited from massive aid and loans from the ‘Allies’. And during the ‘cold
war’, Rockefeller lent billions to the Soviets.
Recently I have found many compelling reasons to suggest that the Zionist
Central bankers have deliberately actively incited and facilitated war in order to
profit from it. I have details some of these arguments already.
New wars, new weapons
Taiwan, China, and the U.S are all planning for war between China and Taiwan.
China has silent diesel submarines that have already proven their effectiveness
by emerging undetected within a U.S air-craft carrier group. Or did the U.S
pretend, to give them a false sense of confidence which the will exploit during a
real war? China has conventional and nuclear ‘electro-pulse’ weapons which can
disable U.S satellites, and disable all electronics on aircraft carriers. However the
Chinese government have trillions of U.S dollars’ worth of currency and
government bonds. While this represents a disincentive for war, it also
represents a weapon. The Chinese can sell off U.S currency and bonds and bring
about a financial collapse in the U.S.
Today the U.S has the means to produce earthquakes, and thus tidal waves. It
can produce droughts. It has technologies to remotely control your car, your
mobile phone, your computer, and the trains, buses, and airplanes you travel in.
They have devices that can produce anxiety and depression in their targets.
We can only guess what the TRILLIONS of dollars that went missing from the
Pentagon budget are being spent on this very moment. Remember how much
the Atom bomb program cost the U.S. Just imagine what the Pentagon is up to
right now. And remember that they do not work for you. They are the Golem of
the Zionists, just like the Central Banks, and the entire Military-Industrial
And do not forget that the biggest weapon is fear. Fear produced by the mass
media. The Zionists can produce panic at any moment with false reports.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
I believe that the ‘Armageddon’ we are told to expect will be a Hollywood
The main military and technology research done today in the U.S is done in
The biggest film studios are located in Hollywood, in California.
Remember that the term ‘Armageddon’ refers to the LOCATION where the
terrible events prophesied for the ‘last days’ (Of the Age of Pisces), are to take
That location is ‘ARMAGEDDON’, which translates to ‘THE CITY OF ANGELS’.
The real meaning of Jihad
The prophet Mohamed said that the true and ultimate Jihad or battle is with
your own ego, weaknesses, pride, greed, and so on. The real battle is to conquer
yourself, to discipline yourself. While the Koran isn’t especially inspiring or
enlightening in itself, Mohamed did produce a few gems of wisdom. He must
have been a charismatic leader and, like Napoleon, a brilliant bureaucrat and
strategist. He possessed great courage.
Those people who recognize the true meaning of ‘jihad’ love their opponents.
Opponents force you to discipline yourself, to discipline your desires, and
control your anger and fear. Some people would go so far as to say that all the
hardships we face compel us to develop character and strength and discipline.
People like Mother Theresa therefore define hardship and so on as virtues, as
they compel us to develop our own virtues. Of course selflessness can be seen
as a ‘vice’ as much as selfishness. Therefore the golden mean is the true virtue.
Of course all military and political leaders need an enemy to protect us from. As
we’ve discussed already, we are much more willing to sacrifice our freedoms
and rights, and material resources, if we feel ‘threatened’ by some ‘enemy’. As
such our ‘leaders’ often construct or produce enemies to serve their own
The Muslims who love war will quote the Koran as saying (8:39) ‘So fight them
until there is no more disbelief (fitnah) and all submit to the religion of Allah
alone’, which needs no interpretation or spin-doctoring, apart from defining
who ‘them’ is.
Mohamed had sought to impose his own monotheistic religion on people who
were variously pagan, animist, polytheist, Christian, and Jewish. The
fundamental tenet of Mohamed, like Jesus, was responsibility for each other.
Mohamed, like Jesus, was a social prophet, in that his quest was for greater
social justice and solidarity. Like Jesus, he was of course rejected, and
persecuted for seeking a fairer social order.
Unlike Jesus, whose disloyal, faithless followers denied him, and abandoned him
to be crucified, Mohamed was a military leader who gained his followers faith
and loyalty, and defeated his enemies. In this sense Jihad did include fighting
physical battles with the enemies of a more just set of social relations. The main
holy war, however, was and always will be, to do battle with your internal
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
demons, your jealousy, greed, envy, lust for power and privilege, your pride,
and ego, and fear, and anger, and mostly, your insecurity.
Jesus would have been appalled at what the nominally Christian Crusaders
(Knights of the Cruces, or cross) did in his name. Few people who claim some
connection with Jesus and call themselves Christian are anything even
approximating ‘Christ-like’. As in all religion, people abuse the messages of the
prophets to pursue their own very narrow vested interests. Politicians distort
the messages of the prophets for their own purposes, purposes at odds with the
teachings of the prophets. This has been the case in every form of organized
religion. The true messages of Buddha and Jesus and Mohamed have been
abused, distorted, and lost in the institutions that claim them as their founders,
and from whom they claim their transferred authority from.
‘I have found the enemy, and it is us’
It is of course much easier to project all of our weaknesses onto our enemies,
and to fight them. The much harder, and truly holy war, the war to make
ourselves whole again, is the war against our own insecurities and weaknesses.
Overcoming our external enemies will not bring about security. Once we have
overcome our external enemies, we will still be left to do battle with our selves,
and our true sources of insecurity. Many a culture and society have defeated
their external enemies, gained their independence, gained their sovereignty,
and their freedom. The initial euphoria, however, more often than not
evaporated in the sober light of personal responsibility. The old privileged elites
were merely replaced with similarly exploitative new ones. Old injustices were
dismantled only to be replaced by new ones.
The new elites at least looked like their subjects, spoke the same language, and
at least nominally subscribed to the same religions, and so, they were at least
initially more palatable. The actors may have changed, but the system of
exploitation, of injustice and inequity, of privileges and powers that re-emerged,
their ‘roles’, remained the same.
The enemy is us. It is easier to identify injustice and so on and malign it when it
comes in the form of some externally imposed system. It is harder to take
responsibility for it when it has emerged internally, from the participants within
the system. Most participants in cultures have been conned by their leaders, the
former revolutionaries, that once they overthrew the current system they
would all enjoy justice and prosperity. It was easy to define the problem, and
the solution. They, the old system were the problem. The new system would be
the solution.
In reality most people are more or less the same. Most systems are more or less
the same. It is us that ultimately define the system. It is how we behave in our
routine interactions that ultimately defines the system. We can’t complain
about being exploited, if we are willing to exploit. We can’t seek personal
advantage in our interactions and then complain that others take advantage of
It is not whether you subscribe to Islam, to Buddhism, to Christianity, or to any
other religious creed, that makes the difference. It is about how you go about
your daily life, it is about your motivations, it is about what is in your heart.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
All the prophets shared the same message. These messages have been mostly
lost, or given up as too hard. The message of the ‘moral’ philosopher, of the
social prophet, is and always will be, to treat others as you wish them to treat
you, to serve others, to give, to love, to seek a just and fair system of social
interactions where the good of each individual is paramount. To quote George
Bernard Shaw: ‘Christianity might be a good thing if anyone ever tried it.’ Only
you, you yourself, can do this. It is your interactions which ultimately define
what we call society. The world will be as you act. The world will not change just
because you find religion. The true measure of enlightenment will be
demonstrated in your motivations and behavior, in your deeds, and not in your
words, or self-congratulatory, masturbatory, self-indulgent, empty selfdelusions.
Like Jesus, we have to see that it is the individual that matters, and the
individual’s behavior that is most important. He expressed this with his prime
imperative to ‘treat the lowest among us as if they were Jesus himself’. He
didn’t talk of grand political schemes or of ‘the greater good’. He talked about
the ‘least among us’. And we should treat that person, the least among us, as if
he were Jesus. We should treat everyone as we wish God to treat us. Jesus’
message, was, after all, a personal one. It was about individual responsibility. It
was about individual action. His ‘good Samaritan’ parable was about one
individual helping another individual.
The true costs of oil
The Saudi royal family live in absolute luxury, as feudal lords, with no interest in
democracy or human rights. They promote the worst interpretations of Islam.
Their legal system is based on Sharia law. They are stealing their own people’s
Bush Senior had been given a small oil concession by the Saudis in Kuwait which
grew into a huge fortune. His son Bush Junior got the same opportunity.
Through sheer incompetence, apparently not helped by drug problems, he
failed at this business. He later approved a 12 U.S Billion Dollar arms contract to
his ‘family’ business, Carlyle Industries, against the advice of the Pentagon,
which said it was not in the public interest. This is the defining characteristic of
the Bush Administrations. They do what is in their own interests, with no
concern for the Public’s interests.
The Bin Laden family are close to the Bush administrations. They own Huston
airport. Osama Bin Laden had been (perhaps still is?) good mates with previous
U.S administrations. His terror organization Al Qaeda was set up, financed,
trained, and equipped by the U.S under Jimmy Carter, to commit acts of terror
against the U.S.S.R. The base of ‘The Base ‘ (Al Qaeda) is in the C.I.A
Oil has been a source of great suffering for humanity. The environmental impact
of the Middle East wars, and oil spills, have produced significant environmental
destruction. Today the debate on global warming and rising sea levels has
focused on the carbon footprint of fossil fuels. This is just one more argument in
favor of reducing our dependence on oil and gas.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Alternative sources of energy would cost more, in financial terms, but would
provide much needed local employment at a time when official unemployment
rates around the developed world are soaring above 10%. It is ironic that
politicians all lobby for the tobacco, alcohol, and gambling industries on the
basis of the employment they generate. However when it comes to alternative
energy sources, the same politicians reject their development out of hand, as
they are more local labor intensive, and hence marginally more expensive. You
must therefore be asking yourself the question of why gambling and the drugs
with the highest death rates and social costs can employ an argument in their
favor, while the very same argument is used against the alternative energy
We should remember that oil is not just valued as an energy source, but is also
the raw material of most of our plastics, and a wide range of petro-chemical
Of course the war between the U.S and Japan was over oil. The Japanese were
forced into declaring war on the U.S after the U.S and its allies placed a total oil
embargo on Japan.
The battle of Stalingrad was all about oil too. It was one of the most vicious
military battles in history.
Big business loves Fascism
Corporations love fascist dictatorships. Such dictatorships provide stability, and
criminalize all forms of social organization, including trade union organizations,
free speech, and the right to protest. Corporations have historically collaborated
with all forms of fascist dictatorship. Examples include, but are not limited to,
Nazi Germany, Pinochet’s Chile, Suharto’s Indonesia, Marcos’ Philippines, and a
range of Central American, South American and African dictatorships.
This follows in a long tradition of U.S ‘gangster capitalism’ in which official
military, or unofficial ‘mercenary’ force, was used to either install or support
fascist regimes around the world. U.S corporations, with the assistance of the
U.S administrations of their times, conspired to install fascist dictatorships not
only around the world, but in fact in the U.S itself. The heads of many huge U.S
corporations actually conspired in the early 20th century to overthrow the
democratically elected U.S administration and begin their own fascist U.S state.
Fact! Many of the largest German corporations benefited greatly from the Nazi
dictatorship. Due to their power and influence they were never punished for
their crimes.
The value of these corporations increased exponentially due to their Nazi
collaboration. It is easy to make money when you can use slave labor and
overcharge. Australian companies exported steel products to the Japanese right
up until Pearl Harbor. Any ethical concerns anyone in Australia may have had
over the Japanese invasions of China and so on, and the atrocities committed
there, had no impact on their business dealings with the Japanese Government.
Telecom Australia had no qualms against collaborating with Pinochet in Chile.
Fanta was a response of the Coca-Cola Company to the Nazi’s banning of Coca-
Cola. I.B.M produced punch-card computing systems without which the ‘final
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
solution’ could not have proceeded so smoothly. Hitler actually personally met
with the C.E.O of I.B.M to discuss his ‘needs’.
The new imperialism and its unobtrusive means, the source of its
absolute power
Imperialism also takes the form of forcing nations to become dependent on
trade even to survive. Self-sufficient agriculture is wiped out, and replaced with
mono cultures of tobacco, bananas, coffee, tea, soya beans, or cocoa beans.
These are called ‘cash-crops’. In other words they have no other value than as
trade commodities, to export, to earn cash. Powerful business interests support
a few corrupt business people and politicians in their theft of land from small
farmers. These farmers are then dependent for their survival on working for the
owners of the large mono-culture farms, who came to control everything.
Previously farmers were able to grow all the things they needed, and to trade
with each other, to ensure a healthy and prodigious supply of fruits and
vegetables and other products for building and manufacturing furniture and all
their general needs. They were relatively independent. They had little need to
import the goods and services of the developed world. They could prosper from
the efforts of their own labor on their own small landholdings.
The destruction of agricultural diversity and the theft of land from small
landholders in one guise or another meant that farmers actually became
dependent on imports from the developed world, either directly or indirectly.
Even if some of these products came from other developing nations, these
other developing nations themselves did not benefit. As the developed world
controls trade in its own interests, it is the actual end supplier of all goods and
services, determining prices and distribution, in its own interests.
Often small landowners would be lent money, at exorbitant rates of interest,
merely as a ploy for divesting them of their land. Initially they would receive or
at least be promised high prices for their crops. So they borrowed money to
plant, fertilize and harvest the demanded crops. When it came time to harvest
the prices suddenly fell. What could the money lenders do? They didn’t set the
prices, the world market did! They were not responsible for the farmer’s
dilemma. The borrowers defaulted on their loans, and the money lenders took
possession of their lands. Of course the only ones who had had money to lend
were the already wealthy big land owners, supported by corrupt government
officials and big business in general.
Those landowners who didn’t fall into that trap were merely driven off their
land by cruder and more physical forms of violence. The victims who survived
this process often went on to form the leadership and ranks of rebel
organizations. The same rebels, fighting for justice and the respect for human
rights, have throughout history been hunted down and wiped out by the U.S.
The U.S has traditionally provided criminal governments, militaries, and militias
with finance, weapons, and training in terrorism.
The U.S provides intelligence information to locate, torture, and murder the
‘rebels’. They justify this by calling them ‘communists’ (during the cold war) or
‘terrorists’ (during the current war on terror). The U.S big business interests
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
which ‘own’ the U.S administration or ‘rent’ it, of course control the mass
media, in which rebel organizations are defined as criminals.
In the mass consciousness the U.S has always constructed itself as the good guy,
fighting to bring democracy and justice to the world. They have consistently
done the opposite, supporting criminal dictatorships, undermining and
overthrowing democratically elected governments, and actively repressing
human rights movements, violating human rights, violating international law
and the sovereignty of nations, setting up and financing terrorist organizations,
and deliberately instigating instability in the world, in order to profit from it.
Many of the ‘old-school’ colonial imperialists, upon arrival in their ‘colonies’,
destroyed the crops of the natives, to make them dependent on goods the
imperialists could sell them, and the cash crops they could sell ‘for’ them. They
bought cheap and sold high, keeping the profits for themselves. The host
colonies of course benefited from some externalities, however for the most part
they gained little, and gave a lot. The colonies became completely dependent on
a small range of cash crops to import the rest of their needs. Every colony is
tricked into growing the same cash crops. The laws of supply and demand
inextricably lead to an oversupply of these products, and a drop in their market
prices. The colonies end up working hard just to survive, and pay for the new
imported goods they have become dependent on, in the absence of any local
diversity of goods being produced. They become ‘banana republics’.
Coca- cola and tobacco companies market their products to people who don’t
need them, and who then have to go to work for the rich land owners and
factory owners to be able to afford them, or more significantly, the ‘lifestyle’
they represent. This is of course similar to the opium wars in which Britain got
China addicted to opium, and forced the government to allow them to operate
a monopoly on opium. Otherwise the British had nothing to trade with the
Chinese for their goods, which they profited massively from trading in. The U.S
force developing nations to allow tobacco marketing aimed at seducing them
into becoming tobacco addicts.
Farmers in many countries are actually not allowed to grow crops which would
make them self-sufficient. They are terrorized, and through one means or
another their lands are stolen by the rich landlords. They are then forced to
work for the landlords for below subsistence wages. Of course the multinationals
had a plan in helping the landlords bring about this situation. The
World Bank provided loans to many developing nations under the condition that
they behave in this way, that is, destroy self-sufficient farming, and replace it
with mono culture cash crops which could be exported to the developed world.
Many dictators and landlords got rich this way. Of course the World Bank had
promised high prices, indirectly, through its allied big business interests, which it
promised would not only allow the farmers to repay their loans, but to develop
their education, health care, and industrial and transport infrastructure.
Many corrupt governments accepted huge loans and began massive projects,
which they themselves profited directly from, through more or less legal, and
illegal, means. They got kickbacks from companies they gave contracts to, or
simply set up their own companies and gave themselves lucrative contracts at
inflated prices that would ensure massive profits for themselves. Similar to what
Bush and his mates did with Iraq. Big business and corrupt public officials had a
huge personal motivation to borrow and build without consideration for the
costs or risks of such ventures. Others would pay these costs. They themselves
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
would profit from over inflated contract prices, whether or not the projects
were productive, let alone profitable. As more and more countries produced
more and more of the same sugar, tea, coffee, bananas, mangoes, and so on,
the world price for these commodities collapsed, as big business had planned.
The borrowers, the small land owners, and governments, could not afford to
pay back the loans for the huge and often useless ‘investments’ they had made.
They were now at the mercy of the world finance and big business, and their
instrument for world domination, the World Bank.
At first the world price for commodities had been high, and the loans could be
repaid, and some countries actually became wealthy, or at least their
beneficiary classes did. But then the true motivations of the World Bank and big
business become apparent. The World Bank had pretty much forced all of the
developing nations to grow the same cash crops, as a condition of receiving
‘development’ loans. The real ‘development’ that they were sponsoring was the
following. All the nations grew the same products, increasing the world supply.
The demand stayed pretty constant. Huge oversupply resulted, bringing the
world price for these commodities crashing down. This was the plan, and it
couldn’t fail.
The World Bank and I.M.F could now dictate the political policies of nominally
sovereign nations. This is true power, much more effective than military
invasions and coups. The World Bank could threaten to withhold further
finance, unless the governments adopted the policies that the World Bank.
Ironically the loans basically allowed the countries to merely maintain interest
repayments to the World Bank itself.
The World Bank then forced these nations to cut expenditure on social
programs such as education, health, and welfare. This prevented the nations
from developing, and froze them into their current relationships, as puppets of
transnational big business. They became virtual imperial colonies with little if
any sovereignty. They were sovereign in nothing but name. Their economic and
social development was totally stifled. They were, and are, almost completely
dominated by external interests groups. Of course the corrupt government
officials and local big business interests, installed and supported by the U.S, also
benefit from this situation. Their interests converge actively and passively. Once
again, it is the average person, the ‘you-s and me-s’ of this world, who suffer
and pays the costs.
Note another correlation. The Bush administration cut spending on social
programs like education and health in the U.S by 40 Billion U.S dollars, while at
the same time increasing spending on the war in Iraq by 80 Billion U.S dollars. Of
course this money ended up in the hands of the armaments manufacturers who
then rewarded Bush and his mates. The money went to companies Bush and his
mates directly or indirectly owned, or had been, or will be, rewarded by, in the
rebuilding of the Iraq that the tax payers ‘money had been used to destroy.
Bush destroyed Iraq, with weapons he and his mates profited from by supplying,
and then Bush and his mates profited again from the reconstruction contracts.
They later profited from a domination of the big business, including oil business,
that they will have in the new U.S controlled Iraq. The taxpayers pay for the
whole scam. The fact that tens of thousands died, were maimed, and had their
entire futures for generations destroyed, is of no concern to such unscrupulous
and heartless people. They can even manage the media to present themselves
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
as caring, warm hearted people. ‘Oh how a man can smile and smile, and be a
damned villain’! (Shakespeare)
And don’t forget where the best Arab mates of the Bush administrations get
most of their money. The Bin Laden family own the largest Saudi construction
company. They are so influential that they even worked on the most sacred
Islamic sites in Mecca. The Bin Laden construction company actually got the
reconstruction contracts to rebuild the U.S embassy that one of their own,
Osama Bin Laden, blew up! Any guess whose company is going to make it big in
the reconstruction of Iraq?
Such cunning and infallible plans! And few people have ever seen through them.
The dominant hegemonic interest groups in the U.S and world-wide have gotten
away with it for decades. They are getting away with it right now.
We benefit as consumers in the developed world in the form of cheaper oil, gas,
cocoa, soy, coffee, tea, and so on. The World Bank and other finance institutions
still demand repayment of their loans, even though they are the reason the
nations can’t afford their repayments. This gives the World Bank, which is
controlled by big business in the interests of big business, power to tell
supposedly sovereign states what to do. They basically gain control of these
nations. They force them to allow exploitative practices.
They force them to build chemical plants without safety measures or pollution
controls which not only poison everyone for miles around, poisoning the air and
water (forcing them to import water!), but have a tendency to blow up in
apocalyptic accidents, such as that which occurred in Bhopal in India.
This means cheaper chemicals for the developed nations, and misery, suffering,
and environmental calamities for developing nations. And we do nothing about
this, we simply take advantage of this situation and enjoy a standard of living
that is paid for with the suffering of other people. Until we are the victims, we
don’t notice injustice. We don’t even want to hear about it. We don’t want to
know about it. We just call it free trade. We define the World Bank as a friendly
giant promoting development, when it is in fact a tool of the developed nations
to weaken and dominate developing nations. You won’t hear about it in the
media. And you don’t want to know anyway. You want to enjoy your cake, and
still feel good about eating it, still define yourself as a nice person. You are
innocent. I used to think I was too!
As I edit this, it is 25 years since the tragedy of Bhopal. At the time of the
disaster, Union-Carbide/Dow-Corning promised to compensate the families of
the 1000s of dead, and the 100,000 who would need life-time care. They
promised, before the world media, to clean up the site and the ground water
which had become contaminated. As a result of this public declaration the value
of Dow-Corning/Union-Carbide shares lost around 30 Billion dollars in value on
the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Once it became clear to investors that Dow-Union
Carbide had little or no intention of honoring their promises, the value of the
company’s shares rebounded to their original value. 25 years after Bhopal noone
has yet been successfully prosecuted.
In the first three days over 8000 died when 40 tonnes of toxic gas leaked. M.I.C.
Toxic gas is still leaking today, 25 years after this, the world’s worst industrial
accident. Thousands more died later, and 600,000 have since been adversely
affected. 470 million U.S dollars was paid in compensation in 1989. This all
shows what rich countries can get away with in poor countries. An out of court
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
settlement between Union Carbide and the Indian government lead to each
injured person receiving only around 1000 U.S each. Compare this to the 10
million U.S dollars in damages each family of a victim of the Lockerby jet crash
received. Toxins in the ground water end up in the milk of mothers and sheep,
leading to birth defects. The ground water is still toxic.
The so called ‘corn-laws’ of Victorian England provide a useful insight into the
selfish behavior of privileged elites, in this case the aristocracy. The landowners
of Victorian England constituted most of the British Parliament, the so called
‘Tories’. There was a great demand for corn and grains for bread in the newly
industrialized cities of Victorian England. Some people were in fact starving. The
aristocracy were benefiting from the starvation as the great demand for
whatever grains were available had driven the price for their supply of grains
through the roof.
Now you say, well, it’s not their fault that there wasn’t enough grain. Well in
fact it was. They had pushed through laws to prevent grains being imported
from America. They did this to maintain the high prices they were getting for
the corn they produced. The former colonies in America in fact had a bumper
crop to export. This is the sort of ugly, nasty, vicious, violent, cynically selfish
behavior typical of the dominant hegemonic beneficiary classes.
But they actually went further. Grain and corn were sent to Ireland from
England to help ease the effects of the devastating potato famine that was
raging there at the time. Wealthy landowners kept most of the ‘charity’ grain
and corn for themselves, leaving the people to starve to death. England had also
provided money to keep farmers alive, by providing them with paid work. The
wealthy landowners abused this system as well, getting farmers to work on their
own personal properties, rather than on the development of public
infrastructure and so on that the money was intended for.
In Dublin at the time of the potato famine, British Protestant sponsors of soupkitchens
forced their Irish beneficiaries to renounce their Catholic faith and
convert to Protestantism, as a pre-condition to being provided with any food.
Just in case you think Anti-Semitism was invented by the Nazis, you should note
that at this time Jews were barred from all public offices in England. What we
see is dominant hegemonic interests deliberately orchestrating situations in
which they can benefit from the misery of others. This is in principal no different
from what George Bush and his mates did, or what we do in our daily lives. We
of course may not have the power to actively orchestrate situations, but we do
take advantage of them, and do nothing to prevent them. We defend our little
privileges and benefits, and seek out greater privileges and benefits.
A great deal of aid that is sent to developing nations is stolen by corrupt
officials. It is redirected into developments that they and their cronies benefit
from, away from the people that it was intended for. Worse than this, aid
actually allows corrupt governments to buy weapons and continue to fight
‘rebels’ and fight wars with their neighbors. With foreign aid organizations
providing food and health care, the governments can focus on the very wars
which brought about the starvation and disease, and the total breakdown of the
agricultural and health systems that produced the famines and disease.
Continuing civil wars destroy any real hope of real progress and development.
The corrupt governments don’t care. They are only interested in lining their own
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
When the people finally manage to overcome these oppressive, murderous,
torturing despots, what do you think happens to these criminals? You hope they
are arrested and charged with human rights violations in world courts, like the
Nazi leadership were? I hope you are disappointed to find that they are in fact
allowed to take all the loot they hadn’t yet added to their Swiss and overseas
bank accounts, and are welcomed to countries like France and America where
they live out the rest of their lives in luxury.
The U.S is home to over 800 persons that the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty
International have identified as serious human rights violators, mass murderers,
mass rapists, mass torturers, genocidal dictators, you name it, they are it. The
big boys have always looked after themselves. They look after each other. They
are all on the same team. They will always protect the mutual interests of the
powerful and privileged. Any one of them know that they might be next, and
want to ensure that they are well looked after when their time comes.
Until we as individuals take responsibility for it, we will be contributing to
injustice in general, and making it possible for the George Bush’s of this world to
produce and benefit from human misery. You can deny the reality, and hope
you don’t become the next victim, but it may be your children or grandchildren
that die in the next conflagration, the next natural consequence of the current
reflexive sets of definitions and systems of relations.
You, along with George Bush and his mates, may be born as some impoverished
exploited worker in a third world chemical plant. This is my warning. You may
escape the acts of terrorism you are ultimately response-able for, but you may
yet become the victim of the system you are now benefiting from. Others may
be orchestrating it, but you are letting them. Remember we have the hard
fought-for privilege of living in representative democracies. We can demand
changes, and get them.
It would be simple if Karma were true, and I could warn George Bush that he
will be reborn into a country that The U.S commits acts of terrorism on. If I could
tell him that I see his family being raped and tortured before his eyes, and that I
see him having half his head blown off and suffering agonizingly for weeks in a
hospital that does not even have any pain killers or antiseptic, as a result of the
policies he himself put in place, it might motivate him to change, so that that
state of affairs could never exist. I wish I could. But I can’t. I can only hope to
make people aware of the holistic nature of their actions, that everything they
do will have repercussions.
If I could convince every one of you now reading this book to base your behavior
on principles of justice and solidarity, then the George Bush’s of this world
would never gain power, and would never be in a position to wreak their selfish
destruction on the world, on your children, on your new-incarnations. They
would never have a chance to get elected. The whole world order would be
different. It would be impossible for people to opportunistically exploit each
other, and their inheritances. The systems of relations would change to reflect
principals of justice and solidarity.
The Bhavagad’ Gita teaches us to view ourselves, and every living thing, as a
reflection of the same one light, the same one spirit, the same one love. It is
only when we seek to take advantage of opportunities to take advantage of
others, whether they be the result of superior inheritances of money,
intelligence, education, beauty, talent, or socio-economic status, that we sow
the seeds of terrorism and war, and international exploitation. If we as a mass
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
of people do not provide fertile soil for injustice then it cannot occur. We are
responsible for the suffering in the developing world, and for the terrorism of
the U.S. We made Bin Laden. Only our failure to take response-ability for our
actions and intentions makes all that possible.
This sort of argument will of course not have popular appeal. I hope this book as
a whole provides information which makes the call to principled action
compelling and reasonable. I seek to become aware of what it is that is in mine,
and everyone’s, interests. The information and arguments provided here are
intended to inform your perception, so that you become aware of what actually
is in your interests, rather than merely passively consuming what others believe
it is in their interests for you to believe.
Part of this process is about making you start asking questions about the
opportunity costs of the current hegemonic ways of being and seeing, of
defining and behaving. You need to know how your interests are best served in
the long run, and substantially rather than superficially. You need to become
empowered to ask whether alternatives might actually exist, and might actually
serve your interests better than the current conventional reflexive sets of
definitions, the practices they inform, and the systems of relations that they
You need to become critical of the media, and of the definitions offered to you.
You need some insight into what is going on in the world, an insight the popular
media will rarely provide you with. You need to be shown the big picture. You
need to recognize the need to question what you are told, and to look into the
potential motives people may have for misleading you. You need to become
more suspicious, and more honest. I am seeking a transformation for myself, for
you, for us all. But it can only start with me, with you.
I hope the information and arguments have been useful to this end. Our
children will benefit or suffer depending on the world that we leave behind. The
system of relations and ways of being and seeing, of defining, and the practices
and institutions that they inform, will be the inheritance that we bequeath
them. Do you wish to bequeath them a system of relations based on mobbing
and violence, on theft and exploitation? Can you assume that your children will
be the masters, and not the slaves? Remember that slavery cannot exist unless
some chose to be masters. Class inequalities can’t exist unless we chose to mob
in general. Can you guarantee that your children will ‘benefit’ from the status
Hopefully we realize that we need to feel secure, approved of, accepted, and to
make a contribution, and that it is only in serving each other that we will really
achieve our real positive potentials. This would be a big ask. I don’t know how
many people have evolved to that level yet. Will you continue to seek security
by gaining more privileges and power, more material goods and status? Has this
ever made anyone happy and secure? Has any military might endured more
than a few centuries? Where are the military mights of old? Was there any
castle ever built that protected its occupants from all attacks, from all invaders,
forever? Can we really seek happiness and security at the expense of other’s
misery and insecurity?
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Cultural cringe, U.S cultural imperialism, and raw power
It is less threatening when people more talented than us are from ‘somewhere
else’. Their superiority is already a ‘fait accompli’ a fact, and therefore
represents less threat to the current balances of approval and privileges. They
are ‘exotic’, and not to be compared with us. They live in another more rarefied
world. They are already recognized overseas, so we cannot in any case deny
their talent or genius or competence. We have to accept it, so we will try to look
generous in doing so, to cloak a necessity with ‘virtue’. We can, at no cost to our
own relative social standing, gain the status of someone who is a good judge,
someone with good taste, and someone who, ironically, doesn’t feel threatened
by other people.
It is much more threatening when someone like us, from the same
circumstances, even worse, from among us, is more successful than us. This
raises the agonizing question of ‘why wasn’t it me?’. Then we can really feel
inadequate and jealous. This is the source of ‘the tall poppy syndrome’.
Some achievements or talents are of course less threatening that others. We
define our humanity by our intelligence, more than our physical prowess.
Therefore it is less threatening for someone if another is able to run faster than
them, than for them to demonstrate superior intelligence. Claim that you can
run faster than someone, and they won’t care that much. Claim to be more
intelligent and someone, and watch out, they will feel threatened, especially if
you are not publicly recognized as some sort of genius. They are likely to be
‘gobsmacked’ that you could dare even suggest such a thing. Alternatively, if you
are already lucky enough to have been publicly recognized as having some
talent, they will seek to benefit by associating with you, to ‘bathe in your
limelight’, and thereby reflexively increase their own status.
This accounts for the phenomenon of Australian talent being recognized
overseas before it is recognized at home, if at all. Earlier in our history
everything British was considered superior to authentic Australian things. Even
the radio announcers had to have British accents. We failed to value Australian
talents and they went overseas. We then recognized them as ex-pats, and
welcomed them home, only after they had ‘made it big’ overseas. The whole
phenomenon is often referred to as the ‘cultural cringe’, the lack of confidence
of Australians towards their own culture. Of course in recent years Australians
have learned to celebrate their own culture more and more.
This is one reason why many who work in the film, television and music
industries in Australia are so against U.S ‘cultural imperialism’. In trade talks
nominally aimed at increasing the freedom of trade, the U.S is demanding free
access to our media, and the abolition of programs and policies aimed at
supporting local film, music, television, and local culture in general. This would
mean that Australian production of music, film and television would be
Australian radio, television and theaters are already full of U.S music, programs,
television programs, and films. This allows U.S big business to control how we
define the world and therefore how we ‘experience’ it. If we don’t have our own
forms of cultural expressions, our own music, television programs, and films,
then we will lose the personal, local, authentic, independent ways of seeing the
world, of experiencing it, that we currently have. It would also stifle our cultural
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
development. We would be stuck with whatever ways of being and seeing that
the U.S big business-media-entertainment powers imposed on us.
They would stifle our voice, and rob us of a means to express ourselves. They
could impose a ‘full spectrum dominance’ over our culture, and deny us any
alternative ways of defining things and experiencing our world. This would deny
us the ability to construct our own definitions and ‘values’. This is what ‘fullspectrum
domination’ ultimately is. Military domination is significant, but
cultural domination is the true essence of power, the power to define. It is the
ultimate power. Ask a Palestinian. Better still, ask an Israeli or Republican. Ask
Hitler or Moses or Lenin. Ask George Orwell.
Remember that culture is essentially the dominant hegemonic definitions and
systems of relations. Power is ultimately the power to define. The U.S already
dominates in both areas. By sacrificing our voice, our means of cultural
expression, we will be handing over almost complete power to the U.S. The U.S
is controlled by, and in the exclusive interests of, the most privileged and
powerful big business interests of the world. When these interests talk of
‘freedom, or ‘human rights’, or ‘opportunities’, they mean freedom,
opportunity, and the right for them to exploit their dominance, to increase their
own privileges and power.
It is infuriatingly frustrating to hear the media report on free trade. It is not free
trade that they are talking about, it is merely free-er trade. Everyone is for
protection of one type or another. Farmers in Europe and the U.S are subsidized
by their governments to the tune of billions of dollars. Farmers in the rest of the
world are put out of business as their governments can’t or won’t subsidize
them. In fact the big business interests of the west, through their ‘instruments
of full spectrum domination’ the World Bank and I.M.F, actually prevent them
from being able to freely compete, to counter foreign protectionism and
‘dumping’ with local protectionism to protect their industries.
How can a third world farmer ever earn enough for a decent quality of life when
the farmer they are competing with in the developed world is able to sell their
produce well below what it cost them to produce, in an industrialized nation
with all the most efficient and productive methods and technologies?
Agriculture in some nations is wiped out when such subsidized produce is
‘dumped’ in their markets.
The consumers benefit in the short term through lower prices. However
dumping is often a form of predatory pricing. As soon as the potential
competition is eliminated, those remaining in the market can raise their prices
as high as they want. There will be no alternatives, no choice, no competition.
The consumer can end up paying much more in the long term.
Imperialism and trade concessions: The British East India
Company and the Bush Administration
The British East India Company forcibly occupied India, and monopolized trade
with India and the world. Much of the wealth of Great Britain was effectively
stolen from its ‘protectorates’, colonies, and concessions. The U.S
administration, after its invasion of Iraq, distributed reconstruction and trade
contracts among its own big business interests, and to its allies. Any nation
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
opposed to its imperial invasion and criminal acts was prevented from bidding
for reconstruction contracts, and doing business in Iraq. This is what is meant by
forcibly securing trade concessions. Trade concessions are the right to do trade
within and with a nation. So much for empty Republican slogans of free world
When you occupy a country you can determine the terms and conditions of
trade with and within it. Companies tightly connected to the Bush
administration dictated trade with and within Iraq. Halliburton, a company with
the closest ties to the administration, to Dick Chaney and George Bush Junior,
forced Iraqi consumers to pay twice the market price for the oil that it forced
them to import. Many other cases of profiteering were only superficially
‘investigated’. Companies closely tied one way or another to the U.S
Administration, to Bush and Cheney amongst others, were granted hugely
lucrative contracts by the U.S Administration, at conditions well above market
The U.S invasion of Iraq is very similar to the British East India Companies
imperialistic invasions and occupations. British big business interests were
allowed to dictate trade terms and conditions with Indian producers and
suppliers. The trade with Indian products in Britain, Europe, and elsewhere, was
hugely lucrative. Indian produce, such as the spices we take for granted today,
were luxury products at the time.
The increasing wealth of British Big business and the aristocracy came from
exploiting their own working classes at home, and workers in their colonies and
imperial concessions overseas. This included of course trade in slaves. British
imperialism financed and motivated British military invasions and colonization,
resulting in an empire on which the sun never set. Britain became fabulously
powerful through the same imperialistic behavior that the U.S engages in today.
It is no wonder that Britain is the U.S’s closest ally.
The British made it illegal for Indians to produce their own salt so that they had
no choice but to buy British taxed salt. This accounts for Gandhi’s long march to
the sea in violation of this law. He was passively resisting the British imperial
domination and exploitation that this law was an expression of. This gets back
to considerations we made earlier about imperialism, and the control of world
trade in the interests of big business and corrupt governments.
The British forced the Chinese to buy and legalize their opium, the equivalent of
heroine these days, so that the British might have something to trade with the
Chinese. They employed military force to force trade concessions and
monopolies on the Chinese. The British taxed the most basic needs of the
Indians, and forced them to buy British taxed salt. This is the most obvious
example of imperialistic trade concessions and monopolies. The U.S
administration today forces developed countries to allow the promotion of toxic
and addictive nicotine and carcinogen delivery systems called ‘cigarettes’.
The U.S so-called ‘war of independence’ was arguably in most part prompted by
the settlers desire to steal Indian Lands, to violate the treaties that the British
had made with the native Americans. The settlers wanted to ‘go west’ and steal
the Indian Territories. They generated their own propaganda to hide this true
motive. They claimed they were being overtaxed and exploited by the
homeland. They imbued their selfish motives with propaganda about freedom.
The settlers’ tax burden was in fact minimal compared to that which was
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
imposed on their fellow British citizens over in Britain. Thus the ‘no taxation
without representation’ was wildly exaggerated.
The British taxed tea that the settlers rallied against was actually cheaper than
the tea that the settlers could buy ‘tax free’. Did the British really deny their
colonies political representation? No Taxation without representation was the
motto of the American Revolution. Of course what we saw was the emergence
of a group of people who wished to become the new hegemonic order in North
America. As in any war, a particular aspiring elite sought to get power and
privilege for itself, by overthrowing the then dominant hegemonic order. They
manipulated the general masses to support them, to die and kill for them.
When they won, they wrote history, often totally revising what really happened.
When they couldn’t simply lie, they changed the ‘meaning’ of what happened.
Spin Doctoring. A grab for power from the British and land from the Indians was
‘defined’ in the popular language culture as ‘the war of independence’. It was
revised to become, to subsequent generations, the struggle against the
oppressive tyranny of a ‘foreign’ power. Note that the British were banning
slavery also.
So another reason for the desire for ‘independence’ from Britain was to
maintain the right to buy and sell human beings, to deny the slaves their human
rights. Another lofty goal for ‘freedom fighters’! Such is the propaganda and
hegemony of the U.S media that this fight for the right to dispossess native
Americans and maintain slavery has come be defined as the embodiment of all
that is noble in the human spirit; the fight for (how ironically) independence and
Had the southern states won the ‘civil’ war, it would have gone down in history
as their war of independence, and they would have defined all of their actions in
the same way. In fact, in the context of the civil war, the northern army
‘displaced’ more Indians than ever before in the history of the states, all the
while nominally fighting for the abolition of slavery. In other words, the ‘civil’
war was carried out in the same tradition of theft as the ‘war of independence’.
It is noteworthy that rich people sent paid substitutes to fulfill their own military
obligations. How many senators and members of the U.S Administration that
brought about the war in Iraq have children fighting in that war? None. Fact.
Later in the U.S, the administration employed their army and National Guard to
savagely put down demonstrations against child labor, and the appalling
working conditions and exploitative labor practices of the day. They attacked
children and even 85 year olds. They deliberately prevented young children
from leaving the demonstrations, as a cynical ploy to force the demonstrators
into abandoning their rights to truth, justice, and ‘the American way’. This is a
transparent example of the real reasons why armies exist. They exist to enforce
the exploitation by the powerful and privileged of ‘their’ masses.
Note that ‘Republicans’ are not fundamentally opposed to the aristocracy and
monarchy per se. They merely resent not being a member of it, and therefore
seek to eliminate the current dominant hegemonic interests, the monarchy, so
that they can set up their own aristocracy.
The privileged elites of any culture defend the culture as it provides them with
their privileges. The privileged elites manipulate their society so that their
subjects believe that what is good for the privileged is good for them. They
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
define those that seek to take their own power and privilege away from them as
the enemy of the state, as the people’s enemies.
U.S history books refer to a ‘war of independence’. However it was in fact a civil
war between British citizens and their own government. This civil war produced
all the meaningless, unnecessary, and unproductive misery and suffering that
goes along with war. They already had a king, and a privileged elite. They
wanted to get rid of that one, so they could assume the privileges and offices
The ‘war of independence’ would have gone down in history as something
entirely different, unromantic and despicable, had the British maintained their
sovereignty over their settlements. Columbus and the Catholic Church had
defined the Native Americans of South America as non- human, in a cynically
self-serving way. The invaders and church could have their cake and eat it too.
They could steal, enslave, and exploit, and still claim to be ‘moral’, even ‘holy’.
This is a defining property of racism, the desire of people to exploit others, and
still feel good about themselves. Like the religious leaders torturing their
‘heretics’ and then feeling good about themselves for ‘saving their souls’, the
established privileged vested interest groups such as the aristocracy and church,
and big business, could all claim to be bringing ‘civilization’ to ‘savages’, to be
‘saving their souls’, and bringing them ‘culture’. The Australian Aboriginals were
defined by the British settlers in the same way, for the same purposes, and with
the same outcomes. The less like you that you can manage to define someone,
the easier it is for you to exploit them, even exterminate them.
Moses defined non-Jews as non-human. Hitler defined Jews as non-human. The
British defined Africans, Indigenous Australian Aborigines, Indians, Islanders,
and so on, as non-human. By doing so they could nominally legitimate their
enslavement, exploitation, rape, and domination. They could reconcile their
internal principles of law while violating these same principles on a mass scale,
Your daughter will be safe from rape, all the while you can go and rape
someone else’s daughter. Your property will be safe, while you are overseas
stealing the property of others. Your human rights will be sacred, all the while
you violate the human rights of the rest of the world. When you employ force it
is a legitimate act of defense. When those you attack retaliate, they are evil
The U.S entered both world wars, in the most part, to maintain the status quo,
the balance of power, in Europe and the Pacific. They liked it the way it was.
They didn’t want to share power with the Japanese, or a strong and united
Europe. Of course Pearl Harbor and the sinking of the Lusitania were cynically
exploited to gain popular support for war, in just the same way as the events of
911 have been exploited. The U.S administration were most likely aware of both
coming attacks. The Lusitania had been sunk long before it was used as a piece
of propaganda. In fact it was carrying military supplies, which was why it blew
up and sank so quickly. Of course the propaganda machine ‘constructs’ events
to suit the interests of the war mongers. In the U.S mass media the Lusitania
was an ‘innocent’ victim of Nazi aggression.
The history of war is a history of hostile takeovers in which the employees, the
public, pay the costs, while the Boards of Directors reap the benefits. The
Boards of the companies that are taken over, or which fail in their aggressive
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
mergers and acquisitions program, are usually granted asylum in some country,
as a mutual insurance policy for the privileged, in the event that they lose the
next war. And the next war is always being planned and orchestrated. After the
war is before the war!
They are ensured a life of luxury and privilege for themselves and their families
independent of the outcome of their ‘aggressive takeovers’ of each other. They
receive their ‘parachutes’ and ‘golden handshakes’ like all other failed business
CEO s in the world of big business. War is big business, and little more.
The German invasion of ‘innocent’ and peace loving Belgium was used as a
justification for Britain entering the First World War. This was pure propaganda.
These ‘innocents’ had long been committing appalling atrocities in the Belgium
Congo. Napoleon, the popular French leader recognized as a brilliant strategist
and military genius, lay most of Europe to rubble, producing large scale misery.
The French exploited the treaty of Versailles, in which they were victors only by
virtue of U.S support, to humiliate Germany. Napoleon was little better than
Hitler, and yet he has gone down in history, like Moses, as a heroic and noble
figure. Documents have been found in the Kremlin, by the way, that
demonstrate compellingly that Stalin had planned to invade Germany, about a
year after Hitler took the initiative, and himself invaded Poland and then Russia.
It is ironic that Poland, by stopping the Bolsheviks from overrunning Western
Europe at a time when Germany was too weak to protect itself, actually gave
Germany time to rebuild, and then invade Poland. But don’t forget that the
Poles occupied the Kremlin in Moscow in their heyday, while the Swedes,
conquered most of northern Europe in theirs.
What sort of person dismisses a book they have never read? Here
is a compressed version.
In the 1880s in Russia Jews were scapegoated by the authorities to relieve social
tensions, providing a target for the public’s pent up frustrations. Jews were
hated by the poor as money lenders are bound to be, and as shop-keepers
might be, for those who could not afford their goods, or imagined them
profiteering by jacking up prices.
But, in fact, Hitler originally admired the Jews. He himself loathed anti-Semitism.
He felt uncomfortable around people speaking in ways that were anti-Semitic.
He would never think to censure someone based on their ‘confession’. He
‘struggled’ between ‘reason’ and this natural feeling of his against anti-
Semitism. Hitler ‘agonised’ over the facts. He was ‘tortured’ by a ‘long internal
Later Hitler came to feel that the Jews were a ‘nation’ rather than a religion.
They were Zionist-nationalists-internationalist Jews hiding under the cover of a
religion. Jews never assimilated. They remained as nation within nations. They
operated as ‘states within states’. They abused religious tolerance to this end.
The Jewish state never limited itself geographically, politically, or territorially.
Jews were in fact the original source of the idea of a chosen people, a race
defined by blood. It is the only religion that never sought to gain new converts!
It praised genocide. It documented it. It proudly announced to the whole world
its own deception and enslavement of entire nations.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
His ‘struggle’ ended when he saw Jews as heading Socialism, which used terror
and violence to get the workers to submit. The Marxists were merely
pretending that the unions represented justice. They were in fact merely a tool
to fuel and produce class hatred. The unions never gained their supposed
sought after improvements in working conditions, safety, or the elimination of
child labor, as these were never really their agenda. If they had of gained them,
it would have de-fused the class struggle, the hatred, the forces that
undermined the nation, which was the real purpose of Marxism. Marxism
needed poverty and the hatred this produced to fuel its revolution. All this was
a mere tool for international socialists. The one end of Marxism was the
destruction of all nations except that of Israel.
Hitler was for justice, fairness, and so on. The Jews controlled the press and the
mass media. ‘I gradually began to hate them’, he writes. They would never
argue fairly…always one sided, closed minded, liars, glib, never admitting when
they were wrong, never acknowledging the obvious flaws in their own
arguments. They were not open to reason or argument.
Hitler concluded, after a long struggle with himself, that Marxism must lead to
the destruction of mankind and the world.
Hitler decided, after much agonising, that the only appropriate / available
response was a ruthless fight against the Jews / Marxism. The Germans would
have be become fanatical anti-Semites…for their own self-preservation. Jews /
Marxism denied the value of the individual. Hitler came to feel that he was
doing the work of the creator in defending humanity / the world from Jews /
Originally Hitler felt that dictatorship was a ‘crime against all liberty and reason’.
He was liberal and pro-democracy. He admired the British Parliament. He
admired the British ‘National instinct of self-preservation’. But what he saw
when he visited the Austrian diet for the first time as a 20 year old was in fact a
‘miserable comedy’. The second time he visited, most of the MP’s were asleep,
bored, yawning, or absent.
Men fight for ideals and NOT bread / economics. No-one will risk death for
economic motives, as then they risk dying and not getting to enjoy the object of
their motivation. The German state was, and the future of mankind, was
dependent on the willingness of its citizens to sacrifice themselves. The state =
ideal virtues, and NOT economic prosperity, which usually peaks at some point,
followed by the collapse of the state.
Aryan states are nations of work and culture. Jews are parasites. Marxism must
be destroyed or it will destroy Germany.
Germany’s alliances of pacifism with Austro-Hungary doomed it to make
enemies, while gaining it no worthy allies
So WWI alliances weakened Germany, made enemies for it, and ultimately
ruined it. For Eastern Slavs saw Germany an ally of its own enemy Austria, and
felt ‘the way to Vienna was through Berlin’. At the same time as Germany put
itself in this terrible position, the Austrians-Slavs were working to ‘de-
Germanize’ Austria. The Slavs worked to get Britain against Germany, hoping in
this way to Slavicize Austria. And in this they would find good allies as both
parties stood to gain clear objective, material gains from a war against
Germany. Thus Britain and Slavic states (Poland, Czech, Russia etc.) had a
motive to attack Germany.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Hitler removed Germany from the international finance markets, bond markets,
stock markets, while the international Jewish string-pullers kept their
independent super-state structure in Germany’s enemies’ nations. These
nations therefore had a motive to get the rest of world to unite against
Germany in WWII. They stood to lose too much if England and France fell. So
Jews got the U.S into a European war.
Hitler saw the role of state as much more than mere economics. States were
means to ends and not ends in themselves. The State is for the people, the ‘volk’
and not merely for business. Economics is only a small part of the ends of the
Before Hitler had come to power, Germany had taken the direction of focusing
on manufacturing exports, and importing agricultural goods, to make up for its
lack of agricultural land, as compared to its population. It continued this after
Hitler saw his role for the nation as one of acquiring soil / land, expanding the
German territory, so that the Germans could become self-sufficient in all things.
He had no plans to invade England.
‘Is not every ingenious deed in this world the visible protest of genius against
the inertia of the masses?’ The ’empty headed / sheep masses’.
‘…the progress of the world has originated in the heads of individuals, and not
in the brains of the majorities’….
Public opinion is manufactured by the Jewish press.
‘… the masses … have an instinctive…aversion to every superior genius…’
‘…the lord’s work…includes…warding off the Jews…’
‘…shunning disagreeable ways…means to renounce the good…’
He had at first been unwilling to do what he felt must be done. This…
unwillingness to use all means…however, would doom mankind to slavery at
the hands of the Jews. So Hitler felt that he had no choice. Either he could let
the world become enslaved, or he would have to use means he himself found
barbaric and disagreeable, to achieve the ends, after which future generations
would legitimate his barbaric means.
Once he had realised his necessary objective, Hitler saw that many further
objectives necessarily followed, to ensure success. He must make all the
enemies of Germany appear as belonging to one group. He must get the
undivided focus of the masses upon one enemy. He must direct their undivided
passionate hatred against the one enemy. The Jew.
Allowing any doubt or division of focus could lead to self-doubt and the
questioning of rightness of their own cause in the face of ‘many’ opponents. If
there were ‘many’ alternatives, then the power of Nazism would be diluted, as it
became merely one of many possible responses and alternative viewpoints.
What was necessary was to generate hate and focus it on one group.
This one group must represent the enemy in the minds of the people. The
passion must remain SUBJECTIVE, as objectivity leads to questions, doubts, a
loss of momentum, a loss of force, a dilution of strength, and a paralysis of the
will. Defining many enemies as one (Marxist-Jew) strengthens the belief in our
own cause, and increases our bitterness towards our attacker.
Death, for Hitler, means the ‘…return to the bosom of the eternally unknown…’
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Hitler refers to the masses as ‘…the Lord’s dear little monkey…’
Marxism’s one goal is to destroy all non-Jewish states.
You can only replace a current world view / religion with a new one. But
resistance to new ideas increases with age. Youth offer the best opportunity. It
requires the continual ruthless use of force employed in attacking the old
direction for sake of a new one. Force will fail unless you can replace the
existing world view / religion with the new world view / religion /
Weltanschauung / world-view / way of life.
People will only fight long and hard FOR something, and not just against
In France hostility towards the de-mobbing U.S / allied troops was so great that
they had to evacuate well ahead of plan.
Propaganda appeals to the lowest emotional feeling. We must keep
propaganda simple, repetitive, and sloganistic . Do NOT try to educate the
masses as they have a low ability and poor memories. Keep it simple. Keep it
Repetitive. Employ emotions and sentiments, rather than arguments. Portray
everything in terms of simple right and wrong, black and white. Love and hate.
Leave no room for doubt or uncertainty. Go for a gut response.
Hitler noted how Germans doubted their own government’s claims that ‘not ALL
responsibility for WWI rested with the Germans, in the face of the clear, simple,
propaganda of their enemies, that ALL blame DID rest with the Germans. In the
face of this propaganda the German authorities needed to reply with simple,
clear ‘Germans were NOT at all responsible for WWI’…as otherwise the people
would believe the simple lies of the enemy, rather than the more complex, fair,
reasonable, intellectual position of the German authorities.
Always push the right of your own case and wrong of the others. Confine
message to little slogans, and repeat them eternally. Appeal to the masses
requires 1000 fold repeated contact with the message, before they will pay it
any attention / notice to it. Never change the message / slogan. Include the
same poses in all posters. Repeat the same rituals at all meetings.
Hitler noted how allied propaganda in WWI first met with derision, later
disagreement, but was finally believed near the end of the war. The British
propaganda had proven extremely effective. The German military had failed to
even try to use propaganda in WWI. The Allies used it as weapon, sparing no
expense. Hitler wondered if the Jews in Germany had prevented the German
authorities from using propaganda themselves.
Hitler considered it one big reason for Germany’s failure in WWI. Hitler
perceived German Jews to be sabotaging the war effort on the home front.
Though many claim that the war records of Jewish active participation in the
military show otherwise. He felt the same about the German parliament. In fact
the munitions strike occurred at a time that Hitler felt German forces were
poised for victory, after Russia and Italy, who had been fighting with the British
and Americans as allies, had pulled out of war. However some historians argue
that the strikes had little effect on Germany’s war effort.
British propaganda taunted the German soldiers that ‘German was on the eve of
revolution’…and that ‘Victory of the allies was inevitable’. Allied propaganda
depicted the German soldier as a brutal, vicious, monstrous ‘Hun’. At first the
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
propaganda was dismissed by of the Allies and British people as nonsense, but
later the Allies began believing this image to be real.
Hitler fed some white mice that lived in his barracks accommodation after demobbing.
He felt genuine happiness for them when he fed them, he himself
having known the pangs of hunger, and the joy of satisfying it. He fed them
crusts of bread he had especially saved for them from the day before, every
Newspapers, journals, and the press, became the Nazi party’s greatest source of
income. The first newspaper had been donated. Later others were ‘seized’ and
given to party members.
‘…the great masses of people do not consist of philosophers, and it is just for
them that faith is frequently the sole basis of a moral view of life…’ the masses
require faith in an absolute authority. Hitler sees religion as a noble lie. Dogma
is mere means to ends. Myths fill the same role.
‘As long as there is no apparent substitute, that which is present can be
demolished only by fools or criminals’. Thus Hitler went about producing a
secular religion to replace the existing religion. It was what we today know of as
Hitler condemned the ‘dreamy humane-ness’ , ‘cowardly tolerance’, ‘halfhearted
wavering’ of his contemporary bourgeoisie.
‘Politics is the art of the possible’…Bismarck…but Hitler saw this as a prompt to
DO what is possible, rather than an excuse not to do what was possible, but
politically difficult, for ‘politicking’.
Nature’s will is to breed life towards a higher level. Thus the best mate with the
Hitler himself saw Nazism as inhuman, unjust, and immoral. But it was a
necessary means to achieving the greatest deed in the world, righting the
greatest injustice ever, and paving the way for morality.
Christ crucified as a threat to Jewish business interests. The priests business was
not moral / spiritual.
You can not just fight positively for your own world-view. We must also
ruthlessly attack your enemy, the supporter of an opposing view. People see
failure to do so as a sign you don’t believe in your own cause, and are not
convinced others are wrong in theirs. This leads to doubts and a loss of passion.
If you are convinced you are right you will attack your enemy as wrong.
For Hitler everything was dependent on blood purity. It was the basis of all good
and bad…we must have it…without it the future is doomed…with it all obstacles
can be overcome.
The nation requires workers to lift themselves up as the middle classes had
done before them. The middle classes were not pulled up by the aristocracy.
They had worked their own way up. The middle classes had developed their
own leadership. And so the leadership of the workers must come from the
workers. The cultural and social form of ‘community’ must emerge from the
Hitler sought the solidarity of nationalism rather than the alienation of
internationalism. He saw the work of generations as being to bring the workers
back to nationalism. It would take generations, and not mere decades.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Hitler saw that both workers and employers have obligations to the nation. The
employers must not exploit the workers. The workers must not make excessive
demands upon the employers that cannot be met. Both must work towards a
healthy state and economy. Moderation is required on both sides. Each side
must consider the welfare of their community and the nation. Class antagonism
weakens the state. Egotism is bad for the state.
Rituals aim to intoxicate. Hitler had been a choir boy, and had observed Catholic
rituals, and their intoxicating, mesmerising effect on the masses.
Must appeal to the masses…get their support, and help them raise selves up
culturally, and raise their character. Must couch appeals to the masses in
vulgar, course, simple forms, and NOT in artistic / aesthetic forms. Not
philosophy. Aim to conquer the heart of the masses, not the mind of the
intelligentsia. The aim is success. The aim is not to make a good artistic
impression on the intelligentsia. The target is the masses, and not the middle
For Hitler, the best government is that of the elected dictator. He would have
personal responsibility for all his decisions. He must honor all his promises. The
elected dictator would learn the will of people with plebiscites before making
any decisions. If he lies, or is corrupt, or incompetent, he must lose his position.
The dictator should employ professionals in their fields as advisers. But
responsibility for his final decision must be his. He would make decisions himself
based on expert advice, public discussions, and plebiscites. Note that plebiscites
are referendums. After this process, the final decision must be the elected
dictator’s. He must act in the interests of the people. The elected dictator
should be put to death if he behaves corruptly, fraudulently, or mendaciously.
The elected Dictator should rule by general principles rather than by written
laws. This is what Jesus says in the New Testament. Decisions should made by
small groups, based on principles, good intentions, and goodwill. There can be
no loopholes, or corruption. Minimum AND maximum wages and incomes must
be set for all employees, and a maximum level of consumption set for
independent entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Tax evasion would be treated
as sedition. There would be no secondary share markets. Shares would be sold
back to the company, and to existing share-holders. No speculation would be
allowed, only genuine investment. Shares would pay out dividends to reward
Hitler wanted clarity. There should be no fusion of ideas. We must focus on the
right of our own cause and fight for it. No compromises can be made. No
coalitions can be entered into. The organization represents the incorporation of
the ideas of its members. It is the institutionalisation of the principles of its
members, and exists for the realisation of their ideals.
The Reds attacked, and broke up, early Nazi meetings with ruthless force,
leading to Hitler instituting the Sturm Abteilung as security. Hitler realised that
he could only meet terror with terror, otherwise his party was doomed. Faith =
Hitler warned observers ‘Do not judge the interior by the exterior’, as a clue to
the true nature of his mission, and his own character.
‘Rather dead than a slave’
‘Public opinion is the most powerful factor of our time’.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The Treaty of Versailles demanded Germany accept SOLE responsibility for
At the time of the treaty Rathenau declared that … ‘300 people who know
each other dominate the world’…
Over 66% of German workers output went to paying reparations.
World peace? When France invaded and occupied the Ruhr district, against all
international law and treaties, the world did nothing.
Choice German infrastructure e.g the Reich railways, were sold off cheap to
international investors. The occupants of Alsace Lorraine and Upper Silesia
voted to stay German, but these plebiscites were simply ignored by Poland and
Jews were behind idea of the ‘equality’ of all people. This idea denies the
superiority of individuals. Marx’s parents were Jewish, but had converted to
Protestantism. Bruno Bauer (not Marx) coined the phrase ‘Religion is the opium
of the people’.
The Jews aim is to enslave and destroy all non-Jews.
Hitler criticised many employers as short-sighted and greedy. Hitler saw that
there were genuine social problems which demanded justice and fairness. Many
of the demands of the workers were legitimate. They were entitled to reduced
working hours, the elimination of child labor, safer workplaces, and so on. Hitler
demanded that the genuine oppression of workers by employers must be
However Hitler saw that the Jewish Marxist Unions were NOT intended to
eliminate problems. They merely wished to exploit the problems to the Jews
own ends. The Jews aimed to eliminate any genuine working class
organisations, unions, and leadership.
Hitler saw that the unions COULD become a blessing to the nation, but at that
time the unions were really facades for Jewish Marxism. Their aim was not to
improve working conditions, but to ruin Germany, break it up, and to drive the
nations to war against each other, to destroy each other, leaving a vacuum for
international Jewish Marxism and Jewish finance.
British Jewish bankers controlled France at the time. The Jews / Marxists were
against all that is great, beautiful, and noble in humankind. But English PEOPLE
were Germany’s greatest ally.
The Nazi’s needed to become fanatical, one sided, and ruthless. They had to
directly appeal to the masses. Extreme nationalism was to be an antidote to the
Jewish poison. They had to fight extreme opponents with extreme means.
The objective and subjective conditions of the German people at the time left
them vulnerable to Marxism. They were not in a sober, reasoning frame of
The masses are only open to expressions of force in the direction of love or
hate. The middle way of does not move them to action.
Faith and love are more stable than respect and knowledge. Faith and love are
rooted in powerful feelings and emotions. He had to gain the German’s faith
and love.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Employers must make economic concessions to the poorest, and the masses as
an investment in their own future. To save the moment, no price should be seen
as too high.
Fanaticism and hysteria will produce change. Scientific advance will not achieve
change. What moves people to change is subjectivity and not objectivity.
The success of reforms is dependent on gaining power…not in influencing the
ruling powers, by enlightening them. We always have a right and a duty to gain
the means for the execution of our aims. History defines those ideas that are
successful as right, and those that fail as wrong.
Race must be at the center of the Nazi program. It must be the criterion for all
actions and plans.
Elected dictator once elected does not merely pander to public opinion. He is
not subject to committees. They are subject to him. The authority lies in the
position, not the individual …. so if the leader fails replace him.
Progress and culture are products of individual genius and not of majorities.
Society must breed and establish this genius in its rights. But Hitler saw race not
as superior in its masses, but merely in its ability to produce superior
Religion as the foundation for the Nazis to build on. Hitler will temporarily
defend religion for this reason. Hitler will use religion as a foundation for
further development.
An organisation is a necessary evil once a genius has more followers than the
genius can communicate with personally. He must first establish the authority of
the originating idea, the starting point, as a ‘Mecca’ or ‘center’. All new parts of
the organisation will only be accepted after they have accepted the authority of
the original foundation ideas, and the central authority of the leadership. This
would include a geographical center. A location. A place people can hold in
their hearts and associate with the movement.
All successes must be ‘localised’ in this place, and associated with it. All
impressions given concerning this place are to be positive. The public’s positive
attentions must be focused on this one place. The authority of the leadership
must be unconditional. The movement must be fanatical, intolerant, and define
itself as the ONLY exclusive right. Coalitions offer immediate advantages, but
soon prove costly. Evolution is competition and not coalition.
Jews only work as intermediaries. Jews produce no value themselves. The final
evil is speculation in land, as if it were just another commodity. Hitler refers to
the ‘bloodsucking tyranny of rent’. Rent is degrading. Historically, open hostility
towards this has erupted, leading to the Jew being banned from owning land.
Jews buy off Monarchs, buy privileges, buy nobility, and buy titles. The courts
‘reward’ Jews for their assistance, i.e corruption. Jews get baptised and enter
the nobility. But baptism means nothing. It is merely the nominal outward
acceptance of religion.
Before Frederick the Great intermarriage was illegal.
Speculation and usury undermines the economic basis. It estranges employers
from workers. There is no personal ownership anymore.
Hitler originally felt anti-Semitism was a product of envy of the success of Jews.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Jews / Marxists have co-opted unions and Freemasonry to their own ends. The
Press is employed by Jews to manufacture public opinion. The poor masses are
the ‘fourth estate’.
Big businesses have ruined small businesses, producing a gulf between the
independent businessmen and the wage slave. Jews deliberately treat workers
badly, to make employers in general look bad, so that their Marxist cronies can
point the finger at employers as the source of all the worker’s woes. In this way
they could produce class hatred and conflict where there need be none. This
conflict and hatred was not a natural and necessary by-product of capitalism per
se! The aim of the Jew is to throw the masses into the arms of the Marxists, the
Jewish socialists. The Jew has no respect for the craftsman and tradesman. The
Jew is only interested in finance and media ownership. The Jews seek to
produce class hatred, so they can co-opt the thus angered masses as a own tool
to destroy all the nations of the world.
Nominally, the Jews pretend to be against capitalism, but in reality they are
merely setting the scene for their own domination of the world. They are only
in favor of Jewish capitalism. Marxism deliberately presents honest employers
with demands that cannot be met, to set up the conditions for the failure of
union negotiations. The Jew, the Marxist, does not want the labor movement to
succeed. It wants the labor movement to fail. The Jew, the Marxist, seeks to
monopolise the workers anger and fear. It seeks to employ this anger and fear
to its own ends. The Union movement was meant to fail, to provide incitement
to revolution, to destroy the German state.
Essay written after reading Mein Kampf, and visiting Berlin
I used to believe that Adolf Hitler was simply an opportunist, who took
advantage of other people’s jealousy, envy, and irrational hatred of the Jews, to
become rich and powerful.
However I read ‘Mein Kampf’. Over 1000 pages of it. And now I have a very
different impression.
And although it will not make me any friends, I will do the philosopher thing and
speak my mind.
Firstly, it is outrageous that ‘Mein Kampf’ is banned and anyone who reads it is
condemned, when one of the most revered books of all time, The Old
Testament / Torah, proudly describes the holocaust, mass genocide, mass rape,
mass theft, and mass enslavement that the Jews perpetrated. Moses and Joshua
argued that the Jews had the God-given right to commit genocide, to murder,
rape, and enslave all other peoples. The book ‘documents’, proudly, how Joshua
and his men did all the things ascribed to the Nazis, with more or less the same
arguments. Yes Moses/Joshua and Hitler were, with regard to the worst things
they are responsible for, TWINS. Only Moses / Joshua, and the Old Testament /
Torah, have none of the, let us say, ‘redeeming’ qualities of Mein Kampf. That is
to say that the Old Testament has nothing to teach us about history or society,
and has no real critical relevance to today’s world. And they never had Hugo
Boss designing their uniforms!
In fact I am going to tell you that I find over 90% of what is written in Mein
Kampf to be very informed, enlightened, and honest. And the parts of that 90%
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
that are not limited in their validity or relevance by the socio-historical situation
in which they were written, are still relevant and valid today.
The book complains about the education system of the time. A system that
ensures that few will understand what they are taught, and even fewer will have
the chance to use it. The rest will have more or less had their time wasted. And
at a high opportunity cost. For they could have spent most of the 12 or more
years of school gaining personal and social competencies of value that were
within their reach.
The world forced Germany to take 100% responsibility for WWI. It is absurdly
unjust to claim that every other country involved was merely an innocent
victim. This was sheer arrogance on the part of the French. The German nation
surrendered. It is debatable how long the Germans could have drawn out the
war. Instead they offered themselves up as the scapegoats for thousands of
years of European war mongering, and U.S and British neo-colonialism.
The world then stood by as France sought to divide Germany into a number of
smaller territories. Exactly as the Zionist Marxists tried to do a few years later,
with their take-overs of Berlin and Bavaria. The dissolution of Greater Germany
into several smaller, independent German speaking states was a real desire on
the part of the French, and even many Bavarians, and a real possibility, given
the situation in Germany at the time.
The League of Nations stood by as France invaded Germany, taking over the
industrial heart of Germany, and stealing the bread from the mouths of the
German children and mothers, as those in France enjoyed post-war prosperity.
Over 66% of German workers output went to paying reparations. World peace?
When France invaded and occupied the Ruhr district, against all international
law and treaties, the world did nothing. Choice German infrastructure e.g. The
Reich railways, was sold off cheap to international investors. The occupants of
Alsace Lorraine and Upper Silesia voted to stay German, but the results of these
plebiscites were ignored by Poland and France. World justice and democracy in
No Marxist can ignore the possibility that Marxists actively produced the ‘crises’
that Marxist theory states is a precondition for a socialist revolution. Marx
stated that it was a necessary prerequisite. He stated that he expected the
revolution to occur in Germany. Marx was a liar. His biggest lie was that he was
merely describing a situation, rather than seeking to bring it about. His lie was
that Socialism was a historical inevitability.
His absurd position was that Socialism was a ‘synthesis’, the product of the
interaction of two extreme, opposed, conditions, when clearly Socialism is an
extreme itself, the opposite (anti-thesis) of capitalism. Social Democracy is a
synthesis, resolving the contradictions inherent in Socialism and Capitalism, but
Marx simply ignored this fact as he WANTED a bloody revolution. He wanted a
crises in which he would get his revenge upon those he envied and was jealous
Mein Kampf argues, quite compellingly, that the people calling themselves
‘Social Democrats’ at the time were really Marxists hell-bent on bringing about
the crises requisite for their desired revolution. Hitler argues that the Marxists
had taken control of the Unions, and had made demands so extreme that the
employers could not possibly accede to them. This was done with the intention
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
of bringing about an ever worsening situation, and eventually the crises and
revolution they desired.
Hitler on the other hand was clearly on the side of the oppressed workers. It
was clear to him that child labor, and the lack of safety in the workplace should
not be tolerated. He saw that it was in the interests of the employers, and the
nation, to introduce more favorable and fairer working conditions for all
workers. His fear was that the Marxists, in the guise of ‘Social Democrats’ and
‘Unions’, were doing everything in their power to make things worse in
Germany, for all the workers, and the Employers, in order to bring about the
revolution Marx and they desired.
The bulk of the Socialists, and members of the Bolshevik party, were (until Stalin
had them removed) Jewish. Marx’s parents were Jews who had converted. The
Zionist Jews had officially declared war on Nazi Germany, long before any
programs had been instigated in Germany against them. The Jewish Talmud
describes Jews as the master race, and denies all other peoples any legal rights,
defining them as even less than animals.
Hitler had done what Americans had once tried but failed to do, namely, pull his
country out of the international finance system which was based on a central
bank, and debt based currency. Throughout history Jews have been leaders in
finance, often through necessity.
If you think it is a far-fetched notion of a mad-man, to believe in the possibility
of a financial conspiracy to bring about a world-wide crises, then you are going
to have to argue with a lot of people today, who believe the same thing is about
to happen. Oh,of course I mean happen AGAIN, for those of you who have
never heard of the ‘Great’ Depression. Now of course crises can happen as a
matter of course, due to the nature of the systems in place. But where motive
and opportunity exist, there is good reason to be wary of a crime taking place.
Marxists are fanatics. They desire revolution. They envy those more fortunate
than themselves. Marxism is malicious. It is not based on good will. It is based
on hatred. On envy. On jealousy. Just see what Marxists have done throughout
history once they have taken control. Hitler realised at some point that he could
either give in to the Marxists, or become a fanatic himself, and in the interests
of future generations, employ barbaric means, to save the world from Marxism.
Hitler was no mad-man. He was not crazy. He was rational. He was passionate.
And he realised that the only means available to save the world from the threat
he saw, would be necessarily barbaric, and fanatical. He decided in favor of the
future generations that he would become a fanatic, and employ barbaric means.
He set no precedents. In fact the people who were the clearest victim of his
vision were the same who proudly ‘document’ their own atrocities in the Torah
/ Old Testament.
A man who gained real joy from feeding hungry mice is a man of empathy. A
man who risked his own life for what he believed is a man of courage and
integrity. 16 men died around him in a hail of gunfire, and yet he kept moving
forward until he was shot himself. Yes integrity. He never backed down from his
responsibility as he saw it. He did not try to ‘sugar coat’ what he felt he had to
do. He did not lie to himself about the ‘barbarity’ of the means he would need
to employ. He did not delude himself in any way. He saw what he felt had to be
done and he accepted responsibility for it. How many supposedly ‘great’ men of
history can we say this about? Hitler was aware that Nazism was inhuman,
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
unjust, and immoral. However he saw it as the only available means to achieving
the greatest deed in the world, righting the greatest injustice ever, and paving
the way for morality.
He felt the same frustration that most capable, ambitious, tall-poppies feel
when opposed, and mobbed by, their colleagues and superiors. And so he
placed capable people in positions of authority, such as the editor of the
newspaper his party had taken over, and gave them true response-ability. He
eliminated ‘committees’, and granted individual the power to act. He then held
them personally accountable for their success or failure. Thus he combined, as a
matter of principle, response-ability with responsibility.
Hitler quoted Bismarck’s famous statement that ‘Politics is the art of the
possible’. However Hitler saw this as a prompt to DO what is possible, rather
than to make excuses and claim that what needed to be done was not politically
Many of the arguments in ‘Mein Kampf’ have to be viewed from the same
social-historical-geographical position as Hitler, those who influenced him, and if
it is true that he was not the sole author of the books, those other ‘ghostwriters’
who helped him write, ‘Mein Kampf’, if in deed he was not the sole
author of the book. It is easy, in hindsight, to criticise them. This refers to less
than 10% of the content.
So many people are willing to condemn a book, its contents, and its author,
without feeling any obligation to even read that book, let alone attempting to
understand its contents, to say the least of caring to see things from the authors
point of view. We all want to imagine we are morally superior. We all want to
imagine that we are that mythical ‘noble savage’ that the fatuous Marxist tells
us we are, deep down. Funny though, that no dictator in history ever had
trouble finding millions of people to go along with, and perpetrate, whatever
‘barbarous’ acts that dictator, or elected leader, directed them to.
Some of my best favorite people are Jews. Secular Jews. But this brings us to
another argument that is quite compelling from ‘Mein Kampf’. Hitler argues that
Judaism is not really a religion at all. It is merely a ‘cover’ for a nation state that
has no defined territorial boundaries. He argues that the Jews realised at some
point that it is not cost effective to maintain a nation state that defines itself
territorially i.e., according to its geographical boundaries.
Hitler argues that there is no real spiritual content to Judaism. It is merely a set
of conventions and rules that allow a ‘people’ to define themselves as a ‘nation’.
It contains a mythology that defines the members as ‘the chosen people’, in
order to offer a motivation for desiring to maintain their membership of the
group, national pride, and nationalistic fervor.
Now if you want a true dialectic, a thesis and anti-thesis, you need go no further
than Jesus and his fellow Jews. On the one hand a New Testament creed of love,
forgiveness, peace, and universal inclusivity, and on the other hand an Old
Testament creed of exclusivity, genocide, rape, slavery, hatred, and empty
ritual. It is really hard to find any elements of true ‘spirituality’ in the Old
Testament, Torah, or Talmud.
The ‘good news’ a.k.a ‘gospels’ contained in the New Testaments are set in stark
contrast to the Old Testament, which is bad news for anyone not Jewish, and
really nasty stuff to want to define yourself by, when it comes down to it. It
must make you wonder what sort of people would WANT to define themselves
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
as ‘Jewish’. It is even worse than today defining yourself as Nazi. So what does
this say about the millions who DO define themselves as Jews, and who DO
validate, glorify, and legitimate the Old Testament / Torah / Talmud?
Of course the Nazi government had financial problems. And the easiest way to
solve them was to steal the wealth of a group of people that were socially
isolated, and vulnerable. Opportunism. That was what I originally believed to be
the only motive of the Nazis. However Hitler explained that to him every Jew
was a Marxist hell-bent on destroying Germany, and therefore for Hitler, the
future of humanity. Hitler explains how he at first found anti-Semitism to be
fatuous, and even nauseating. He could not tolerate to hear idiots mouthing
anti-Semitic garbage. But later when he realised how closely Marxism and
Judaism had become in Europe, he became fanatically anti-Semitic himself, and
then set about the difficult task of ‘converting’ middle class and working class
Germans into anti-Semites.
Contrary to what people outside Germany want to believe, very few Germans
were anti-Semitic, let alone violently so. Hitler found the task very challenging.
So much for our preconceptions that Hitler had merely taken advantage of an
already existing, wide-spread hatred of the Jews.
Hitler’s ‘struggle’ against anti-Semitism ended when he finally came to identify
Jews with Marxism. The same Marxism which used terror and violence to get
the workers to submit. He saw how the unions pretended to be representing
the interest of the workers and justice, while merely being employed by
Marxist-Jews as a tool to produce and fuel class hatred. The unions never gained
their supposed sought after improvements in working conditions, safety, child
labor, etc., as these were never really their agenda.
If they had of gained them, it would have de-fused the class struggle, the
hatred, the forces that undermined the nation … which was the real purpose of
socialism…it needed poverty and the hatred this produced to fuel its
revolutionary hatred / destruction / anger…i.e. Conflict was a mere tool for
international socialists / social democrats. Marx himself stated that a crises
would be necessary to provoke a socialist revolution!
It is a fact that Stalin had war plans which called for an invasion of Western
Europe. However Hitler beat Stalin to the starting line by about a year. Everyone
was surprised by the Nazi victory over Poland, as the Polish Army was
considered one of the strongest in Europe. And don’t forget that the Polish
nation is no ‘victim’, historically speaking. My time in Moscow enlightened me
to many historical facts that few Westerners are aware of. The Poles occupied
the Kremlin for many years. It is naïve to think of any nation as a ‘victim’, and
others as ‘perpetrators’. Just consider what atrocities the Belgium government
and people were perpetrating upon their African colonial subjects around the
time of the German ‘invasion’.
Britain was not defending some innocent victim against a more powerful
aggressor, they were simply fighting for the global domination of England. And if
you want to blame Germany for any war, then simply go and check your facts
about who declared war on whom, in WWI and WWII. I bet you don’t know!
And don’t go spinning the facts once you do find out. No German had set foot
on any Russian, French, British or American territory before these two great
hypocritical colonial powers declared war on Germany.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Talking about ‘honoring’ treaties is absurd. Treaties were only ever entered into,
let alone honored, when they served the narrow vested interests of the nations
who signed them. The same nations that claim some sort of ‘brotherhood’ have
a history of slaughtering each over and over. Treaties that don’t serve national
interests are never honored. Hence to talk of ‘honor’ in connecting with
‘honoring’ treaties is absurd.
Germany was on the verge of peacefully gaining access to the vast oil reserves
of Iraq (which America, France, and British interests wished to maintain control
of, and recently have taken control of by means of brute force). This was the
reason for the U.S and Britain becoming involved in WWI. The Germans had
long been at work on a train line connecting Berlin to Baghdad.
The British, French, and U.S oil interests were not going to let that train line be
finished. Do you think that nations going to war over oil is a recent scenario? Do
you realise that the reason Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, declaring war on the
U.S, was because the U.S and Britain had placed an oil embargo on Japan that
would have crippled it? Can you imagine what the U.S or Britain would do to any
nation that threatened its oil supplies? The U.K and U.S invaded Iraq twice
merely to keep the PRICE of oil down!
Another misconception popular with ‘neo’ Nazi’s is that Hitler considered every
German individual to be superior to any individual of another ‘race’. In fact he
clearly states that this is not the case. The German ‘race’ is only superior in that
it manages to produce more superior individuals than any other race. And so
you are not superior because you are German, or Aryan. You merely belong to a
superior ‘race’. You yourself are not necessarily superior as a consequence of
merely belonging to that race. But you contribute to the success of that race,
and hence support those individuals of superiority that it produces. It is only in
that way that you have any special place in the world and in history.
This is one of the clear truths of ‘Mein Kampf’. Individuals are responsible for all
that is good, and more often than not, it is the ‘masses’ the ‘majorities’ that
prevent those individuals gaining access to the authority and resources they
need to do the good they are capable of. Marx disingenuously (or was he
deluding himself also?) pandered to the masses, telling them that they are all
equal, and noble savages at that. Marxism is based on envy, jealousy, and
hatred of those who are ‘better’. It denies that anyone is ‘better’. Recently I had
to endure being abused by a young woman who could not entertain even the
slightest inference that anyone might be smarter, wiser, more talented, and
more praiseworthy.
The very notion brought out immediate physical emotional responses of a very
aggressive nature. I had to make myself small to appease and pander to her. She
represented the Marxist position. An aversion to any notion that individuals are
different, and some are more capable, more worthy of authority and resources,
than others. It is pure denial. Pure fear of inferiority. Left to its own devices it
will destroy everything that is beautiful, good, right, clever, and talented, simply
to avoid feeling inferior to it. Simply to avoid being naturally defined as inferior
in relation to it. Relative to it. It is pure ‘tall poppy syndrome’. It is pure
‘mobbing’. It is pure Chimpanzee ‘group building exercises’. It is not the way to a
bright future for humanity.
To be clear, I am not a neo- Anything. I am not in the slightest nationalistic. I
abhor dogma. I hate lies. By the rules of what makes for a compelling argument,
most of ‘Mein Kampf’ is compelling. But people simply dismiss Adolf Hitler as a
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
crazed, evil, mad-man. In fact modern leaders of Britain and the U.S have done
at least as many ‘barbaric’ things, and without any of the real and/or perceived
necessities that Hitler operated under. They have no ‘vision’ of a better world to
justify their acts. Their actions are purely opportunistic, and motivated by the
narrow self-interests of a very small elite of beneficiaries.
Hitler had the integrity to make his motives, and his plans, transparent. He
stood by what he thought and did. He didn’t hide behind anything or anyone,
like the Bush’s, and the Blair’s of today. He believed he was fighting for the
future of humanity. No matter how wrong we might be able to say he was in
hindsight, we must admit that he really believed in what he was doing, and
believed he had no options other than to stand by as the world went to shit.
He put his own life on the line over and over for what he was sure was
necessary for the best future available for humanity, defending this vision
against the worst that the Marxist-Jews had in store for humanity. If you doubt
he had anything to fear, then please talk to the millions who suffered under
Marxism in Eastern Europe. Was Hitler wrong? If he was, then why was there a
‘cold war’? How many people died because Nazism failed, as opposed to how
many would have died had it succeeded?
It is debatable whether Germany could have continued to fight WWI after its
last big WWI offensive. It is not possible to get exact information. It is true that
the Germans were in the best fighting condition of any of the Armies, up to the
last battle. Whether they exhausted all their resources in that attempt to finally
win the war is debatable. But it is a fact that the enemies of Germany, of the
idea of a German state, took advantage of the Armistice.
If the French had been more farsighted, and if the international community had
not been so hypocritical and indifferent, then WWII need never have happened.
However Stalin would have invaded Western Europe a year later, and so it is
debatable whether things would have turned out better or worse in the longer
run. Instead of Eastern Europe, and part of Western Europe having to endure
the ‘Marxists utopia’, the whole of Europe would have had that ‘pleasure’. To
think of all the ‘noble savages’ that were denied their chance to be as ‘noble’ as
all their counterparts proved to be in the U.S.S.R and Eastern Bloc.
And if you doubt that the ‘workers’ party didn’t think of their members as
anything more than workers a.k.a slaves, then consider how it was possible for
businesses and governments in the West to ‘buy’ citizens of the workers’
paradise. Fact. Thousands of scientists, business people, and so on, were ‘sold’
to the West by their own governments. And don’t forget how many were sent
to forced labor camps within the U.S.S.R. ‘The Party’ profited big time from the
use of slave labor in Siberia. They could not get enough workers to volunteer, so
they simply rounded up millions of people on absurd political charges and sent
them to slave in the ‘exploitation’ of Siberia.
As it turned out, the policy that Hitler was against, of making Germany
dependent on other countries for raw materials and food, while focusing on
industrial exports, has so far proven successful for Germany. The population of
Germany has fallen so that it does not even need the ‘territory’ that is was left
with after the Russians stole about half of its territory and gave it to other
nations who couldn’t manage the territories they already had with any success.
The Euro has proven to be quite strong and stable, although many ‘crises’ have
just happened (?) to occur in other E.U lands, and pose a real threat to the E.U
per se, as a political entity.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Money always has, and always will, have a huge impact on politics. The ability of
a relative few financial giants to manipulate financial markets will always
threaten political stability. If it is true that today Marxists are once more
attempting to bring about new crises, and revolutions, then we need to learn
from what others tried to teach us in the past. I am not saying that they are
right. I am not saying it is happening right now. I am saying that we need to
learn from history. And we will not learn from history if we go about defining
one leader as a saint and another as a demon, when both did the exact same
things, and justified them in exact the same ways.
I am not anti-Semitic. I am not against or for any particular group of people,
however that group is defined e.g. ‘race’, ethnicity, nationality, skin color,
physical appearance, creed, religion etc. I believe each ‘group’ of people is as
bad as the other, but at the same time, each has produced superior individuals,
and that their superiority must be recognised, and they must be given the
chance to contribute disproportionately, according to their disproportionate
This means they need access to more physical and social resources. We cannot
afford, as a species, like the Marxists do, to hate our betters, and to seek to ‘cut
down the tall poppies’ because they make us feel inferior per se. We cannot,
like the Marxists, pretend we are all noble savages.
We cannot, ironically, given this fatuous supposed assumption of Marxism,
allow jealousy, envy, and hatred of our betters, which is the real motivation of
Marx and his followers, to get the better of us. We need a REAL synthesis. That
synthesis, the resolution of the problems of the extremes of capitalism and
communism, is genuine Social Democracy.
The great things of life that we enjoy are the products of individuals. Of course
the work of these exceptional individuals was facilitated and made possible by
the societies that produced them, these talented individuals. Those societies
that support the achievements of superior individuals become superior as a
whole. Just take a look at the world and see which nations lead in prosperity,
and how they treat their most able members.
I hope you will read my TROONATNOOR series of philosophy books, and novels,
before you satisfy your urge to hate ME!
In conclusion I would like to explain how a real currency, and
monetary/fiscal policy can work, without the need for gold or
It took me decades to figure out what money really was, and how it works.
Barter is simple. You exchange the goods and services you have to sell, for
goods and services others have to sell you. Simple.
Money arrives on the scene when you use something other than goods and
services to pay for something. But how does this work?
As I explained before, in the past people put gold or silver with a blacksmith, or
a ‘Templar’ bank, and in return they got a ‘promissory note’ promising the
bearer of that note the same amount of gold. You just had to take the note to a
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
branch of the bank, or back to the same blacksmith. You’d get your gold or
But what about paper money that has no gold or silver to back it. Is it really any
worse than the gold or silver standard with the U.S and Britain used before their
currencies became inflated and debased?
People don’t eat or drink gold or silver. They can’t sleep in it. You can’t make
much from it except jewelry. So really, gold and silver have little more intrinsic
value than paper money.
The real value of any currency in circulation, whether gold, silver, or a fiat paper
currency, is the value of all the goods and services you could buy with that
currency, divided by the amount of that currency in circulation.
Now it is possible for a Government to print money without producing inflation.
The Gold and Silver standards had only one real benefit. The supply of gold and
silver, in general, grows at about the same rate as real economic growth, and
population growth, at around 1.75% per annum. So the money supply grows
just fast enough to match the growth in real GDP, so that there is no inflation or
If you did the same with paper money, you would have no problem. But the
Zionists did not corrupt the government into giving it control of the money
supply in order to ensure stable economic growth. The Federal Reserve Bank
was set up, like any other business, to maximize profits for its shareholders, the
Zionists. That, and to completely destabilize the world’s financial system, to
bring about a crises, so that in the chaos that will reign, they can seize power.
The initial problem with a fiat currency is getting it into circulation. But it is
simple if you can force people to use it. And ban the use of barter. Then the
government can simply issue a certain amount of currency and say ‘this is the
money supply’. Each dollar is worth the total money supply divided by the total
real economic output of the people who are using this currency. In practice the
GDP of the nation. Thus we have national currencies.
The money will first enter circulation when the government pays its employees,
and pays for all its goods and service providers as it goes about the business of
government. As it builds roads, ports, infrastructure, schools, military bases,
and so on. It can also be loaned to people who, at this time, who are not actively
selling any good or service to the government.
The money supply can be increased as the GDP of the nation grows. There
would be no inflation or deflation. No financial crises. No possibility of
speculation and ‘bubbles’ that burst, or stock market booms that crash.
Speculation is the true evil. And ‘financial instruments’ that are not related to
true investment in the sense of investing in something that is going to increase
real production of real value in the nation.
The government could print money to finance any new projects that were likely
to increase GDP, by producing real value, and hence increasing the real value of
goods and services in the nation. If the government loaned out 1 Billion dollars,
to ventures with real potential, and then, on average, these ventures lead to the
production of at least 1 Billion dollars’ worth of real value, of real goods and
services, then that loan would pay for itself. It will not produce any inflation.
That is what investment should be about. That is what the government should
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
be doing. That is how a currency should work. It is simple, but it took me
decades to understand.
But if you print money to pay for wars, then you are not adding value If you
‘invest’ in huge infrastructure projects that benefit no-one but the U.S
companies involved in the construction, and a few corrupt locals, then you will
destroy your economy, by ruining your nations finances. You have to ensure
that investments are real, and produce real value to the people in your nation
who are paying for them. You are debasing the currency, and producing
inflation. If you allow banks to buy and sell their own ‘instruments’, and make
money each time they buy or sell them, and make up financial instruments as
they go along, then sell them to the public, then you are going to end up with a
few rich bankers, and a lot of debt-slaves. They will manipulate the system and
bleed the masses dry. They have done this over and over again. It is the basis of
the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A few people have understood their scam,
and tried to warn you. They paid with their careers, or their lives.
I was taught that Central Banks had to be independent of the government to
stop politicians from abusing the banks to print money to bail themselves out of
trouble. But the people making that argument are the same who are constantly
bailing out banks and big businesses. So who would you rather be bailed out?
The rich? Or the government. As a worst case scenario?
The idea that you can use interest rates to increase or decrease economic
activity, to smooth out economic cycles, is clearly a con. For the Federal
Reserve Bank has done the opposite. It has deliberately increased the money
supply and decreased interest rates to encourage people to borrow and get into
debt, and then it has simply done what the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
threatened the Zionists would do. Suddenly start stockpiling money in the Fed,
reducing the money supply, thus driving up interest rates, and destroying
economic activity so that people lost their jobs, and even those with jobs could
never work enough hours just to pay back their old loans. Loans they took out at
1 % interest, and which are now costing them 20% interest.
They lost everything, no matter how honest and hardworking they were. This is
EXACTLY what the Protocols of the Elders of Zion told us the Zionists would do,
in order to bring about an economic collapse. That document was written over a
hundred years ago. Before the great depression. The first one I mean. Long
before the great boom and bust cycles that have made debt slaves of us all.
Those Protocols planned for the Russian Revolution, WWI, and WWII. So far it
has been uncannily precise and accurate in its predictions. What did it predict
next? WWIII. And the New World Order. All through the magic of the
philosopher’s stone called the Central Banking System.
Oh, so if you’ve bought gold and silver, thinking you are protecting yourself from
the financial meltdown, sorry to disillusion you. The Government has a ban in
place that makes it illegal to use silver or gold to buy or sell anything. In Russia
after the revolution it was even illegal to merely own gold or silver. Your gold
and silver will be worthless. Ask Bill Gates or any other multi-billionaire how
much gold and silver they have. None. They buy land. Productive agricultural
land. They would buy people too, if they had to. But they know they don’t have
to. People are in oversupply in today’s market. Why buy when you can rent so
cheaply, and don’t have to worry about maintenance!
So, are you going to go along with the Zionist Central Banksters? Are you going
to prove to them that you are as stupid as the cattle they believe you are? Or
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
are you one of their Golems, imagining that when they finally take over, openly,
and publicly, they are going to keep you on, just for kicks? To reward your
loyalty? Guess what happened to the Nazi parties most loyal S.A, the Storm
troopers. The ‘brown shirts’. Heard of ‘The night of the long knives?’ Well, once
they no longer need you as a means to their own ends, they will liquidate you,
or simply nullify all your N.W.O account balances, and leave you to end your
days along with your previous victims.
If you want to see what the future currency will be, then simply check out ‘bitcoin’.
It is the future currency. Seriously. It is already being used. It is just a
software algorithm. But it serves all the purposes that paper money does, with
the added benefit that the currency itself includes a complete history of every
individual transaction that any bit coin users has ever made with the currency.
Exactly what the New World Order wants from a new currency.
Complete control. Complete transparency. It will be able to track every
transaction. It will be able to block you any time it feels like it. And make you
‘penniless’. It is ironic that today it is used, like cash, for illegal transactions. On
the ‘silk road’ and similar ‘dark web’ sites. All the world’s most powerful people
are criminals. That is the only way you rise to the top of this world, as it is.
Whether the Zionists will let most of the fat cats stay around when they finally
have total control?
The Zionists have a great sense of humor. And even fairness, really. I mean,
everything I have told you is right out there in the open. Nothing hidden.
Nothing seen. Now that is pure genius. Are they monsters? Sure. But they are
fed by us. Without our greed, selfish egotism, pride, and sense of entitlement,
our jealousy and envy, these monsters would have no power. They are just a lot
cleverer, and much much much better organized than any other group. They’ve
been at it for thousands of years. I take my hat off to them.
Maybe they are the karma that most people need. People seem to only learn
empathy, compassion, and self-discipline from suffering. I mean their own
suffering. They are quite happy to ignore everyone else’s. Unless you are vegan
you cannot claim to even deserve justice. So why did I write this? Like all my
books. I wanted to clarify things for myself. And if there are more people like me
out there, I want to give them a chance to turn things around for the better.
But most likely I will just be victimized, again, as usual, for trying to do the right
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Happy Next Lives
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Hiding secrets out in the open
The best place to hide something is right out in the open. People look in all the
dark corners, and through all the locked drawers, safes, and jewel boxes. The
look right past things that are out in the open. Especially if you are masters of
spin, and have the power to define reality. The mass media defines reality for
most people. If you control the mass media, you get to define reality, as far as
our political system requires you to. You have had the Old Testament on your
shelves for centuries. The Torah has been translated into your language for
centuries. The Federal Reserve System has been around for centuries. The
Zionist’s have been working at their plan, mostly openly, for centuries. But you
have been looking for your ‘boogey’ men elsewhere. The facts have been staring
you in the face, but your attention has been mis-directed by the magic masters
of the mass media. You missed the trick being set up. Now you look in the
wrong places to work out what is going on. You look where the mass media
direct your attention. You consume the mass media definitions of who is the
terrorist, who is the threat, who you should be scared of, who you should be
Most people with a Judea-Christian-Muslim background are familiar with the
Old Testament. But to focus exclusively on it would be overlook a possibly even
larger part of the Zionist story. And overlooking it is exactly what the Zionists
want you to do. Because when you take a look at their Talmud, you will see that
the Zionists are not Jewish at all. They have no connection to the 12 tribes of the
Old Testament, or their leader, Moses. The Zionists have played a successful
trick on all the Christians of the world. That is how they got the Christian
fundamentalists in the U.S to support them.
Remember that Reagan was a self-professed ‘Christian Zionist’. Reaganomics
was all about printing money and spending money you didn’t have. It almost
succeeded at bringing the world to financial collapse. Most of the debts that the
U.S people have today were inherited from the Reagan years. It was impossible
for any president after Reagan to ‘balance the books’ and ‘correct’ the markets,
without a massive worldwide economic meltdown and collapse. We saw it
happen in the last stock market crash. In order to stop a complete meltdown,
Obama’s bin Lie’in had to let the Zionist Central banks print 15 Trillion U.S
dollars, to keep the ponsy scheme from collapsing. Not that the Zionists do not
want a total collapse of the world economic system. They do. They just want to
time it perfectly. It is coming. The house of cards petro-dollar Central banking
ponsy scheme known as the U.S dollar is going to fall. When the Zionists want it
It is of interest that the U.S public never realised that the huge bailout of A.I.G
was actually a bailout of many private banks which were not officially bailed
out. Those banks got their money back through A.I.G. Of course the other ‘too
big to fail’ banks and companies were also bailed out. The poor got to see the
truth about welfare. It goes to the rich, and not the poor.
The first five books of the bible are considered to have been written by Moses.
Actually written down. Not just verbal traditions. They are called the
Pentateuch. They contain the ‘Mosaic law’. Other books were later added, to
make up the Old Testament as we know it.
But the Pentateuch, the five books of Moses, form only a part of the Jewish
‘Torah’. Many of us are familiar, from Hollywood war films, with the Japanese
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
‘Kamikaze’ war cry of ‘Tora, Tora, Tora’. It is also the war-cry of the Zionist,
whether Jew or Gentile.
The tradition among the Levites, the Priest class, the 13th tribe, is that at the
time Moses was receiving the 10 commandants, up on the Mountain, down
below, the Levites were receiving their own messages from god. These form an
oral tradition known as ‘The Talmud’. The word ‘Talmud’ more or less translates
to ‘mouth to ear’. While the books of Moses were said to have been actually
written down by Moses, the Talmud was only written down around 70 C.E,
basically around the same time as the first ‘Gospels’ of The New Testament
were being written down.
The ‘interpretations’ given in the Talmud are given precedence by modern Jews,
over the Mosaic Law contained in the five books of Moses. Moses claimed the
transferred authority of being the spokesperson for god. The Talmudic writers
claim the same authority. However their ideas often conflict on the most
important matters. In the Mosaic Law, lending money for interest, or ‘increase’,
is a sin. It is the sin of ‘usury’. The Talmud also overrides Mosaic Law when it
comes to the manumission of slaves, and bonded servants. Mosaic Law
commands them to release any slave or servant after 7 years’ service. The Jews
were among the biggest slave traders, and among the last to stop trading slaves.
Anyone who does a deal with someone who defines themselves as ‘Jewish’
should be aware that when a self-defined Talmudic Jew makes a promise to a
non-Jew, they are automatically, implicitly, in their hearts, holding their fingers
crossed behind their backs. They are not liable, according to their own system of
ethics, to honor any contract with a non-Jews.
Further, the Talmudic writers have employed an ingenious scheme for
expressing their true opinions, and the true Talmudic law, without facing
immediate expulsion from the Gentile community. For no Gentile would accept
the true teachings of the Talmud. The Talmud pretends to be offering mere
interpretations and commentaries by famous Talmudic Rabbis, rather than
clearly stating any one Talmudic ‘position’.
They avoid letting Gentiles know their true law and intentions. So where the
Talmudic teacher and then student knows definitely which interpretation is the
official one, say, that a Jew is not obliged to honor any contract with a non-Jew,
or that the non-Jew is not a human and therefore has no human rights, or that it
is O.K to rape a 2 year old girl, if a Gentile confronts them, they can show the
Gentile the ‘alternative ‘ interpretations, written side by side with the ‘nasty’,
completely unacceptable one, which say, no, the Jew must honor all his
contracts, may not rape 2 year old girls, and must treat all people equally. But
the Talmudic teacher and then their student know exactly which interpretation
is the real, official, Talmudic one. The other ‘interpretations’ expressed in the
Talmud are for Gentile eyes. They are typical impression management, like
almost every official document of every government or organisation I have ever
dealt with. So no anti-Semitism here. I am against or for things in principle.
Based on principles of truth and justice. I am a sentient being. I do not act or
think on the basis of being human, or white, or European, or German, or a
member of a particular religion, tribe, or SES group.
O.K, sure, our own legal codes are similar, allowing loop-holes for the rich and
powerful so they do not have to obey the same laws as the rest of our rabble,
and Judges get to decide on which ‘interpretation’ to make themselves, when
setting precedents, or which past interpretations to use, when formulating their
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
judgments. Of course there has always been one law for the rich, Gentile or Jew
alike, and one for the poor, Jew or Gentile alike.
The Talmud includes details on how to make magic charms and amulets for
protection. This sort of magic, witchcraft, or sorcery is explicitly banned by
Mosaic Law
More sinister, though, are the laws relating to non-Jews. The Talmud allows a
Jew to stab a Gentile, a non-Jew, even on the Sabbath, during the festival of
Purim, at which Jews are cleansing themselves of any guilt for their actions in
the previous year. This is a massive statement. Given that the Jewish Priests
wanted to stone Jesus to death for bringing Lazarus back from the dead, on the
Sabbath, and even to stone Lazarus to death, for getting up off his death bed
and carrying it away. The message is that killing a Gentile is a good thing. It has
priority over all the law. The Mosaic Law, and Jesus’ new law, both state that
the priority is charity, to love one another. Just compare the difference here
between Zionism and Mosaic Law, and Christianity.
The Talmud defines all non- Jews as mere ‘cattle’. That is what the term ‘Goyim’,
which even Freud used to describe non-Jews, means.
With this in mind, please consider the following ‘compressed’ versions of the
King James Bible. Few people would ever read the entire Bible, so I have offered
this compressed version. I had no ulterior motives and included everything. It
contains so many repetitions. I tried to draw your attention to the
contradictions, the wisdom, and the folly contained in it. I tried to explain the
content from many productive points of view, so that you not only get the
original text, but also an understanding of it.
I hope that those of you who imagine you are living according to the words of
Jesus will take a look at what he is claimed to have said, and then to look in the
mirror, and honestly consider your own actions and motives in light of Jesus
‘teachings. What is valuable in the bible is simple and honest. Most of it is
rubbish that we could well do without. Dangerous rubbish. If you keep the good
and throw out the rubbish, you have a very enlightening book.
For those of you who have either never been ‘infected’ with religion, or have
managed to escape it, I offer this compressed version so you can see how far
from the teachings of the prophets religion has strayed. Not just in recent times,
but from the very beginning. At the very foundation of the Catholic Church.
Please read the companion TROONATNOOR books, including ‘Religion’ for a
much deeper insight, and a much wider overview, into the nature of Religion as
we, and history, has known it.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The Old Testament
‘As Thou have done, so shall it be done unto thee’ (Obadiah) ‘
‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’ (Leviticus 18:19)
The start of the written Torah, the first book of Moses, called
God ‘creates’ the world, by ordering the ‘chaos’. Calculations made by biblical
scholars based on the information presented in the Old Testament have placed
the date of this ‘creation’ to a bit over 6000 years ago.
Interestingly enough, most Linguists will tell you that written language is around
6000 years old. The Bible tells us that ‘in the beginning was the word, and the
word was with god, and the word was god’.
In Eden we were all vegans. Humans and other animals. ‘Green herb’ was the
‘meat’ for all animals. Meat only came to refer to the flesh of animals in
modern times.
Freud, Darwin, and many others, all tell us that humans were originally bi-sexual
and hermaphroditic. The bible tells us that God ‘makes’ Adam both male and
female. The plural is used to describe Adam. So Adam, our biblical ancestor,
was originally male and female. It is only 40 years later that God takes Adam’s
‘female’ part out of him, and ‘makes’ Eve from that part, to be Adam’s
companion. We were, as Plato expressed it, both parts of the one whole that
was later separated. Since then we have been seeking ‘whole-i-ness’ by seeking
out our ‘other half’.
Adam, and later Eve, were to be ‘gardeners’ of Eden. Vegans. In Eden we were
vegan. In the ‘new’ Eden that God promises us in the bible, we will be vegan
once more. As ‘the kingdom of heaven is within you’, according to Jesus, it is
clear that it is up to us to re-make Eden, to ‘create’ a new ‘kingdom of heaven
on earth’ through our own actions. We must become vegan once more, if we
are to live in Eden once more. Clear and simple.
The snake is the universally acknowledged ancient symbol of wisdom and
knowledge. The serpent tells Eve that ‘Ye shall be as gods’ … ‘knowing good and
evil’….with ‘eyes opened’. Eve eats of this fruit. This is ‘the fall’.
‘Adam knew his wife’, and two more wives. No mention is made of where the
two other women come from. Are they his own daughters?
The third son of Adam and Eve is Seth. Seth ‘begat’ Enos. But with whom? No
mention is made of where the wives of Adam and Eves’ son’s come from. Are
they their sisters? What other conclusion is logical? Incest is implicit in the
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Genesis story. It is implicit later in the story of Noah and his ark. Many famous
biblical characters later marry their own half-sisters. It was common in ancient
times for Kings to marry their own sister, like Akhenaton and Nefertiti, who
‘begat’ the most famous ‘mummy’ of all times, Tutankhamen.
Cain kills Abel after God appears to favor Abel’s sacrifice of a lamb, in
preference to Cain’s own sacrifice of corn. Cain receives the ‘Mark’ of Cain, as a
warning to any person who might think of killing or harming Cain. Cain moves
to ‘East of Eden’, and builds the city of Enoch.
They live long lives in the Old Testament. Adam lives to 930. His son Seth lives
to 912. Seth’s brother Enos lives to 905. Of course the most famous, oldest man
in ‘history’ is Methuselah, who lives to 969. Biblical scholars use such
descriptions to date the age of the earth, according to the biblical story of
creation, at around 6000 years. Linguists date the age of writing to around
6000 years. Remember that the bible was originally an oral tradition. The
stories passed from generation to generation only in the oral form, until modern
times, when a group of Levite priests wrote up these oral ‘traditions’. It might
surprise most people that Torah scholars say this happened around the same
time as the supposed birth of the New Testaments ‘Jesus’.
And so the descendants of Adam and Even ‘beget’ and ‘beget’ until the world is
covered with their offspring. However god is, again, not pleased with what they
become. God sees all ‘flesh’, all … ‘living substance’ … all ‘creation’… as ‘evil’.
He decides to destroy all the living things that he had created not so long ago.
God decides to destroy all life on earth. ‘Men’s hearts and thoughts are evil
from their youth’. But God decides to save the one righteous man he can find.
Noah and his wife, and his three sons and their wives, will be saved, along with
7 males and females of every other animal. Biologists tell us that if this was in
fact true, that Noah would still be collecting animals for his ark, and would have
to go on doing so for thousands of years further, based on the number of
present day species.
So the entire population of modern day humans are the result of four males and
four females. They get in their ark. It rains for 40 days. The number 40, like the
number 7, we shall see, is repeated over and over in the Bible.
First it is stated that the earth is flooded for 150 days. Later it is stated that the
earth is flooded for 600 days.
Now that we have been kicked out of Eden, all things are to be our ‘meat’. But,
we are warned not to eat ‘flesh with the blood’, as the blood is the life. With all
the problems of translation errors, and contradictions in the bible stories, it
seems to me that the ‘meat’ referred to in ‘all things’ really still refers to a vegan
diet. In Eden it was only ‘Green herbs’ that were the diet of Adam and Eve. It
was ‘Green herbs’ that were their ‘meat’. It seems to me that the reference to
blood is really a reference to all animals, and that the new diet of Adam and Eve
was not to include other vegetables and fruits. First it was just ‘Green herb’ that
was to be their diet. Now it is to be green herbs, plus fruits and vegetables, and
Adam and Eve’s family were told to ‘go forth and multiply’, so that god could
punish them for generations, for the failure of Adam and Eve to fully submit to
God’s will. Now Noah’s family are told to ‘go forth and multiply’.
Noah has 3 sons. Shem (from which name many believe the concept SEMITE
derives), Ham (later to become the father of all Gentiles!) and Japheth.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Unluckily for us ‘Gentiles / Goyim’, Ham saw Noah drunk and naked, in an
embarrassing, vulnerable situation. Ham tells his brothers what he has seen.
Noah curses Ham and all his sons, us, the Gentiles, the Goyim, the ‘cattle’,
including the Canaanites, to be servants / slaves for eternity, to the sons of
Shem and Japheth. Thus racist biblical ‘scholars’ defined all dark skinned people
as the sons of Ham, legitimating their enslavement.
At time of Noah only one language is spoken across the entire earth. People
invent bricks and mortar, and begin building the tower of Babel. God fears a
united humanity will threaten his own power. And so god curses humans by
having each group speak a language unintelligible to all the others. In modern
times Kings and tyrants all resisted having us learn one common world
language, as it would represent a threat to their power. As long as the tyrant
can keep us from communicating with each other, and being able to move
across artificially constructed political boundaries, they could keep their serfs,
bondsmen, and slaves under their own control.
In the bible men and women begin grounding families at age 29-33.
The 75 year old Abraham, his wife, and Lot, their son, go to Canaan, due to a
famine in their own lands. God promises Abraham the land of Canaan to him
and ‘his nation’. Abraham builds an altar. They move onto Egypt, due to the
famine. Abraham is married to his half-sister, Sarai, the daughter of his father
but not his mother. Abraham tells Sarai to keep the fact that she is his wife
secret, and to only tell the Pharaoh that she is Abraham’s sister. Thus she is not
lying when she tells the Pharaoh that she is Abraham’s sister. However she is
being dishonest. She and Abraham thus trick the Pharaoh into committing
adultery, which in Talmudic / Old Testament law, is a terrible sin that damns you
to hell.
Implicit in Abraham’s stated reasoning … ‘so he (Pharaoh) will be good to me’ …
is Abraham’s deliberate ‘pimping’ of his sister-wife out to Pharaoh. However he
tells Sarai that he fears that, because of her great beauty, he is fearful that
Pharaoh might kill him to possess her for himself, if he knew that they were
husband and wife. And so Pharaoh takes Sarai as a concubine and potential
wife. Abraham’s plan appears successful, as Pharaoh rewards him with
servants, camels, gold, and silver. This pharaoh dies. The new Pharaoh sends
Abraham packing, but lets him keep the gold, silver, and cattle given to him by
previous pharaoh. So we have the first instance of ‘Jews’ entering a land as
foreigners, quickly becoming very rich, and then being ‘kicked out’.
And so a very rich Abraham and his beautiful wife, leave Egypt. I propose that
the later stories which claim that the Jews were enslaved, and then freed, are
really ‘spin doctoring’, and that the Jews were never slaves, and never freed.
Rather, as the documented history of the last 2000 years shows, the Jews came
to a land, became rich, and then were kicked out. That is not as romantic as
tales of enslavement and freedom. However the trend is so constant in
documented history, over the entire civilised world, that it seems reasonable to
expect that the documented accounts probably describe the earlier incidents
just as well, and more accurately, than the biblical accounts.
Lot (Abraham’s son) and Abraham, having left Egypt with their booty, fall into
conflict with one another. Guess what the conflict is over? Yep, land. They
agree to go their separate ways. Abraham agrees to go to Canaan. Lot agrees to
move east to Sodom. God promises the land of Canaan to Abraham’s ‘seed’.
Abraham builds an altar. Lot is taken prisoner while living in Sodom. Abraham
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
rescues Lot. Abraham has a vision in which his people suffer 400 years of
slavery in Egypt, but after which all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates will
become his peoples’.
Sarai and Abraham have fertility problems. They cannot seem to produce a
child together. Sarai has the idea that Abraham should have a child with their
Egyptian slave maid, Hagar. But when Hagar becomes pregnant, Sarai becomes
jealous. Sarai, with Abraham’s consent, takes the pregnant Hagar out to die in
the desert. But an angel appears to Hagar, telling her to return to Abraham.
She then finds water in the desert. She gives birth to Abraham’s son, whom they
name Ishmael. ‘His hand will be against every man, and every man shall be
against him’. He ‘shall be a wild man’. This sort of epithet / description recalls to
mind the story of ‘the mark of Cain’. Keep these metaphors in mind. Much of
the bible makes little sense when taken literally. But it has been ‘deciphered’ by
many scholars to yield interesting, significant meanings.
Abraham is now 99 years old. God appears to him in a vision and tells Abraham
that he will be the ‘father of many nations’. God tells Abraham, in these visions,
that … ‘I shall be their god’. In these visions God forms a ‘covenant’ with
Abraham, and his offspring. This includes the circumcision of his sons and their
male slaves. Note that circumcision was practiced among the Egyptians with
whom Abraham had lived. Circumcision is practiced by many cultures, including
Australian Aboriginal cultures. It is first practiced by the Jews here in the bible.
Three traveling strangers, angels, prophecy to Sarah that she shall have a son,
who shall be called Isaac, (Ishmael), and who shall be the father of a great
people. Sarah is 90 years old at the time. Sarai is now to be called Sarah, as she
shall be a mother (princess) of many nations. (Keep in mind the story of 3 wise
men in the later story of the birth of Jesus!). Later God visits Sarah and tells her
that she will conceive a son when she is 100 years old (As in the story of Jesus).
Is this the same story repeated?
90 year old Sarah demands Hagar and her son Ishmael (Isaac) be kicked out
from their home by Abraham, the father of Isaac (Ishmael). God tells Abraham
to submit to Sarah’s will. Ishmael prays to god to send him and Hagar, his
mother, water. God answers his prayers and Hagar finds water. They survive
and later return to Abraham.
The three travelers continue their journey to Sodom. God is no pleased with the
people of Sodom. God wants to destroy the city and every living thing in it.
However Abraham negotiates with God. He first gets God to agree to save the
city if Abraham can find 50 righteous people in Sodom. He cannot. So he renegotiates
with God. This time God agrees to lower the number to 45. Abraham
cannot find that many righteous people. Again he re-negotiates for 30. Again no
luck. This time 20. Again fails. Tries for 20. Nope, no doing. Finally God agrees
that if Abraham can find only 10 righteous people in the whole of Sodom, god
will spare the city and its inhabitants. However, no doing. Abraham cannot find
even 10 righteous people in the entire city of Sodom.
Literal ‘Sodom-ites’ approach Lot’s home and demand to see the (now two?)
strangers / angels staying with Lot. They wish to ‘know’ them in the biblical
sense. (I wonder if Diogenes, the first ‘cynic’ philosopher who lived alone and
simply in a barrel, was the first to coin the phrase ‘Philosopher know thyself’,
a.k.a masturbation as simpler than sex etc.!) . Abraham instead offers his two
virgin daughters up to the mob to do with as they wish. A father any girl could
wish for! A true act of fatherly love!
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The travelers, ( in the tradition of folk tales where the poor old hag you help
from the kindness of your heart, turns out to be a beautiful, rich, powerful
princess who saves your life and makes your fortune), turn out to be Angels.
They return Lot’s kindness to them by taking Lot, Lot’s wife, and their two
daughters, out of the city, just in time to save them as Sodom and Gomorrah are
destroyed in a fashion appropriate for a volcano god. ‘Brimstone and fire rain
down on the city’…’like the smoke of a furnace’. Maybe the city is destroyed by
a volcanic eruption or earthquake? Lot’s wife, after having been warned not to
turn back to look at the city, cannot resist, and turns back to see the
destruction. Another woman who cannot seem to obey God’s commands? She
is punished. She turns into a pillar of salt. In some modern translations she is
turned into a pile of ash.
Like the Ancient Greek Gods, biblical characters enjoy all the most licentious of
practices, including incest. Lot’s daughters get Lot drunk and ‘lay’ with him.
They conceive and bear sons by him, called Moab and Ammon.
Again (or is this the same story repeated?) Abraham misleads a King, to ‘pimp
out’ his wife for his own benefit. Sarah is 90 years old, but apparently still
desired by Kings. Abraham honestly informs the king (pharaoh?) that ‘She is my
sister’, but fails to also mention that she is his lawful wife. Thus Abraham pimps
out his wife, receiving 100 pieces of silver in return for her. The King takes her
as a concubine. The King is enraged when he learns the truth, that Abraham has
mislead him into committing adultery. When the King discovers the deception
he tells them to leave, but lets Abraham keep the money. The second time
(unless this is a repeat of the story with Pharaoh) ‘Jews’ are kicked out of a
nation, though leaving with the fruits of their deception. I guess the Torah /
Talmud writers or verbal historians decided that it would be more romantic if in
future the Jews being ‘kicked out’ was re-written / re-told as the ‘Jews’ ‘escaping
God demands Abraham sacrifice his son by Hagar, Isaac (Ishmael). Abraham is
about to cut Isaac’s throat when god appears to stop him. Instead Abraham
sacrifices a ram that he finds stuck in a thicket. God repeats that the ‘seed’ of
Abraham shall ‘be a blessing to all the nations’.
Isaac does an Abraham and tells Kings that his wife, Rebekah, is actually his
sister. Isaac is kicked out by philistines who feared the growing power of his
people. (The same thing happens later in Egypt, where Pharaoh notes that the
Jews are reproducing so fast, and becoming so powerful, that they might soon
threaten his own power).
Jacob has a dream of angels climbing up and down a ladder between the earth
and heaven. Jacob does what so many of us naively do when we pray for good
luck. He promises to return 10% of all he gets to god. He does this at Bethel
Again we have biblical females who are barren. Again we have apparently
different versions of the same story? This time it is Jacob’s wife Rachel who is
barren. As in the story of Abraham and Sarah (and Hagar), Rachel tells Jacob to
‘take’ her maid to make a child with. She pays the maid mandrakes (which
Rachel’s’ son picked for Rachel), in return for this service. The maid bears Jacob
2 sons.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Rachel gives Leah, the daughter of Layman the Syrian, mandrakes that her son
has given Rachel, to sleep with Jacob. Leah bears Jacob 6 sons and one
daughter. Later Rachel gives birth to a son they name Joseph.
Joseph works for Layman, managing his flocks. Jacob makes a deal with Layman.
Jacob agrees to work for Layman 14 years in return for his two daughters, and 6
years for some cattle. He will also get to keep the offspring of the ‘speckled’
and ‘ringed’ sheep. At this time, those sheep probably formed a minority of the
flock, and so Layman thought he was getting a good deal. But Joseph is playing
him. Joseph has a plan. Joseph uses differently painted rods to get the
strongest animals in the flock to conceive ‘speckled’ and ‘ringed’ sheep. He
‘manages’ the flock according to his own system of eugenics, so that the animals
he is entitled to as payment according to his deal reproduce in the best quality,
and most prolifically. And so over 20 years Joseph’s share of the flock grows
considerably. Jacob is rich, if only Layman sticks to his original deal. But we are
told that Layman…’changes his wages 10 times’, thus justifying mistrust on the
part of Jacob, and legitimating Jacob’s sneaking off secretly near or after the end
of the 20 years deal, to avoid Layman reneging on their deal. Before they leave,
Rachel steals Layman’s idols / gods.
Jacob’s name changed to ‘Israel’ after he wrestles all day with an angel. Israel
literally means ‘wrestles with angels’. (Note that Mohammed, the founder of
Islam, also claims to have wrestled with the archangel Gabriel!). In a vision, god
had said that the ‘last will be the first’. Jacob was the second born, after his twin
Esau. So Esau had the first born son’s birthright. But Rachel plotted to trick
Joseph into giving his blessing, meant for the first born Esau, and thus his
birthright, his inheritance, to Jacob. Esau was a hairy man. He was hairy even
as a baby. Jacob wraps his arms and hands in animal fur to trick his father into
thinking that he is his first born son, the hairy Esau, and thus giving him his
blessing, and Esau’s birthright / inheritance.
Jacob’s sons attack a city after a man who lived in that city ‘raped’ their sister
Dinah and begged to marry her. He was very much in love with her, and was
willing to convert to Judaism, including undergoing circumcision, in order to be
with his beloved.
But instead of following the Talmudic law, which I have been told says that
anyone may convert to Judaism at any time, Jacob’s sons attack the city without
warning, killing the men, stealing everything, and enslaving the surviving women
and children. And so we have the first documented completed step, in the
eternal plan of Zionism, the enslavement of all by a few. Note that modern
genetic testing reveals no genetic differences between modern day ‘Jews’ and
the ‘Arabs’ they have made, and define as, their enemies. Zionism is as much
about enslaving the ‘Jews’ as it is about enslaving us ‘Goyim’/ ‘Gentiles’. Zionism
itself is anti-Semitic. I am not. Please note that the term ‘kid’, which Goys today
often use to refer to their children, was coined by Jews. It designates Goy
children as goats, not humans. You will never hear a Jew refer to their own
‘kids’. They themselves are the ‘children’ of Israel (Jacob).
At ‘El Bethem’ (Allem Becketh) god appears to Jacob (in a vision / dream?) and
promises Jacob that he and his ‘seed’ shall have Canaan for their own
possession. At Beth-el , Rachel dies giving birth to a son, Benjamin. Jacob has
12 sons by many wives and concubines. Remember that Jacob has been renamed
‘Israel’, as, ‘he who wrestles with angels’. Some bible translations say he
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
wrestled with god, and that ‘Israel’ means ‘wrestles with god’. And so we have
the birth of the 12 tribes of Jacob, now known as the 12 tribes of Israel.
People ‘give up the ghost’ and die.
Judah wants to burn his daughter to death for the sin of ‘fornication’, having sex
with someone the father has not legally given / sold her in marriage to.
Now we come to the story of ‘Joseph and his Technicolor dream coat’. I love this
song in the musical adaptation of this biblical story. But what is most interesting
to me is that this Joseph is considered by many historians to have been an
Egyptian, and no less than a Pontiferus Maximus, a ‘Priest at On’. The later, even
more famous character ‘Moses’ is also considered to be a missionary / disciple /
apostle (Moshe / Mose / Moses) of ‘The Priests at On’. On was called
‘Heliopolis’ by the Greeks, which translates to ‘The city of the Sun’, which the
self-named Pharaoh Akhenaton had built in his heyday, where he married his
sister Nefertiti, who gave birth to the world’s most famous ‘mummy’,
Tutankhamen. Read my novel ‘X’ob Sarodnap, and the City of the Sun’ if these
facts interest you.
Joseph is envied and hated by his brothers for being more loved by his father
Jacob (Israel). Jacob adores Joseph, as he was born to him in his extreme old
age. Jacob makes Joseph a present of a coat of many colors. Joseph has visions
in dreams. Joseph interprets these dreams / visions to mean that one day all his
brothers would bow down to him. However in the meantime his brothers are
conspiring to kill him. They also plan to sell him to the Ishmaelites/Midianites
for 20 pieces of silver? One of the 12 brothers, Ruben, plans to save Joseph, by
convincing his brothers to throw Joseph naked into a pit, so Ruben can come
back later to save him. However when Ruben does go back to the pit he finds
Joseph gone. Some Midianites have taken Joseph. These Midianites sell Joseph
to Pottifer, an officer of the Pharaoh and a Captain of the guard. When Jacob
(Israel) is informed by his sons about the ‘death’ of his beloved Joseph, he
refuses to be consoled. He refuses to let anyone comfort him.
Pottifer puts Joseph in charge of his personal household. Joseph is a gifted
‘manager’ and he prospers in Pottifer’s household. Pottifers wife constantly
tries to seduce Joseph, but he refuses her. She is furious and wrathful. She
accuses him of arrogance, for denying / refusing her advances. To punish him
for refusing her, she accuses him before Pottifer of having attempted to seduce
her. She claims that ‘he wanted to lay with me’. Pottifer sends Joseph to
prison, where the head keeper of the prison sees the same qualities in Joseph
that Pottifer had apparently noticed, and puts him in in charge as overseer of
the prison. Once again Joseph prospers.
Joseph has apparently earned a reputation as an interpreter of dreams and
visions. For 2 years later Pharaoh, beset by dreams and visions which his own
magicians are unable to interpret for him, calls for Joseph to do so. Joseph
interprets the Pharaoh’s dreams to mean that there will be 7 years of plenty
followed by 7 years of famine. The wise Joseph suggests to Pharaoh that he
might save 20% of each of the 7 years of plentiful harvests, to tide them over for
the 7 years of famine. Pharaoh places Joseph as second in command over all of
Egypt. His official title is ‘Zaphet Aihaneer’.
Now the bible states clearly that Pharaoh gives Joseph, as wife, the daughter of
Asinaf, Pontifera, (Pontifera Maximus), Priest of On, a ring, a chain, and a
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Over the 7 years of famine, all the landowners of Egypt (except the priests) end
up exchanging their lands for the Pharaoh’s grain, and thus the Pharaoh
becomes the owner of all the lands of Egypt, and all the people become his
It is prophesied that ‘Blessed be the younger brother / the right hand of Joseph’.
Traditionally the first born son sits at the left hand of the father, and inherits
most of his wealth. And so this prophecy implies that it will be Joseph, the
second born, who sits at the right hand of his father, that shall receive the
birthright traditionally due to the first born son.
Joseph tells Jacob (Israel) to bring all his people from Canaan to Egypt, during
the famine. Joseph tells his people to lie and tell the Pharaoh that they are all
shepherd’s, anticipating that in this way all his people will be sent to the one
place, Goshem (Ramses), to tend the flocks and herds of cattle of the Pharaoh,
as well as their own. The Egyptian’s held such work in abomination. (Note that
the later plagues will attack all of Egypt, except for Goshem!) And so again we
have ‘Zionist Jews’ lying to the pharaoh / king to advance their own interests.
Jacob (Israel) dies aged 147. He is buried among his ancestors in Canaan
Jacob (Israel) prophecies the future of his 12 sons as 12 tribes, and then, aged
147, (or 110?) ‘Yields up the ghost’. He is embalmed and returned to burial in a
cave, among his ancestors, in Canaan.
End of Genesis, the first book of Moses, the first of the five books of the ‘Torah’.
Exodus (The second book of Moses)
We get some ‘flashbacks’ typical of later Jewish / Hollywood films. Remember
the bible is full of repeats, flash-backs, and flash-forwards. A lot of editing work
apparently remained uncompleted, for many of the accounts given contradict
each other. Remember these stories were only ever oral histories until around
the time of Jesus birth, when the Levite priests / scribes wrote them down. It
would appear that many different scribes were at work, and few bothered to
compare their work. And so most of the bible, in terms of volume, is repeated
‘information’. The details often vary and even contradict each other. Many
scholars account for this sort of thing in their claims that the stories are not
meant to be taken literally. They are in fact encrypted / encoded information,
which only a select few had the ‘keys’ to interpret.
Jacob brought his 70 descendants, his family to the third generation, including
Joseph, to Egypt. However since then they have ‘begat’ and ‘multiplied’.
A new Pharaoh fears the growing strength / power / numbers of the Jews. The
Jews have taken God’s command to ‘go forth and multiply’ very seriously!
Pharaoh fears they might side with his enemies. In his own words, the Jews ‘fill
the land’ and are ‘more and mightier than we’. Hoping to check their strength,
he puts them to hard labor. To curb their overpopulation, as he sees it, Pharaoh
then orders the Egyptian midwives to kill all the male babies born to Jews. But
the midwives lie to Pharaoh. They tell him that Jewish mothers birth alone,
without midwives, hoping to avoid having to carry out the order. Pharaoh thus
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
decrees that all new-born male Jews be cast into the river, allowing only female
babies to survive.
In many ancient tales / myths / legends a male infant is abandoned at birth,
found by a queen, and raised in the royal family as one of their own. For
example, in an ancient Greek legend, Oedipus is abandoned at birth, then found
and raised by the King of Thebes. He grow ups to unwittingly marry his own
mother and kill his own father. As king, his people suffer from many plagues. He
learns the truth of his father and mother, and blames himself for the plagues. In
an attempt to save them, he blinds himself and wanders away from Thebes.
In the biblical story, one male child is hidden, and later placed in a basket (next
to the river?). A daughter of the Pharaoh sees the basket, and tells a servant to
bring it to her. She sees that it is a Jewish boy-child. She pays a Jewess to nurse
the child for her. She names him ‘Moses’, ‘because I drew him out of the water’,
according to the bible. However in fact Moses is a title, not a name as such.
Moses / Moshe / Mose, in some contexts, means ‘apostle / disciple’ of the
Priests at On. In other contexts it means ‘father of’, as in ‘father of the law’.
Moses grows up. As a young man he kills an Egyptian (who in some translations
is beating a Jewish slave). The punishment for this crime would be death. So,
when Pharaoh is informed about his crime, Moses flees to Midian. Moses is
given a wife named Zipporah by Jethro the Priest of Midian, whose flocks Moses
tends. Moses and Zipporah have a son, Gershom. Pharaoh dies, and so Moses
feels free to return to Egypt.
Moses sees a burning bush that is not consumed by the fire. God speaks to
Moses. God promises Moses that Moses shall lead the children of Israel (Jacob)
out of Egypt.
When Moses asks who it is that is speaking, God replies … ‘I am that I am’… ‘I
am have sent me unto you’… ‘The lord god of your fathers’.
Moses returns to Egypt, aged 40. His older brother Aaron is 43 at this time.
Moses complains to god that ‘they won’t believe me’, and so god gives Moses
some ‘signs’ by which they will know that Moses speaks for God.
‘I am that I am’, who we shall call God for convenience, tells Moses not to leave
Egypt empty handed. Moses is to ‘take spoils of jewels, silver, gold, and
raiment’ (clothing / garments). In later parts of the bible, this is referred to as
Moses complains to god that he is not a confident speaker. Moses wants his
brother Aaron to speak for him. Moses wants to instruct Aaron in what he is to
say. And so it appears that Aaron, and not Moses, will speak to Pharaoh on
behalf of god. Aaron performs the three ‘signs’ / tricks given to Moses by god,
but the Egyptian magician-priests easily repeat them, and are not impressed.
However when Aaron’s snake swallows their snakes, and they are impressed.
It is now well known that the Egyptian cobra goes stiff when you hold it in a
particular place. It looks like a stiff rod. Once you release it, its mobility is
returned. And so if you held it just right, then threw it down to the ground, it
would look as if you had held a rod, and that the rod, by your magical power,
had turned into a snake. This is the ‘first sign’ that Moses is to use to show the
Pharaoh and the people that Moses speaks with the authority of god.
The ‘second sign’ is the power to change a hand from healthy, to leprous, and
back to healthy. This ‘trick’ is also well known by the Egyptian priest /
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
magicians. They manage to replicate the trick, and so neither tricks impress the
The ‘third sign’, again well known to the Egyptian priests-magicians, is to take
water and throw it onto the ground, where it apparently turns into blood. Again
Pharaoh has no reason to be impressed by this so-called ‘sign’.
Zipporah, Moses ‘new wife, circumcises Moses. And so up to this point,
circumcision does not appear to have been a tradition among the Jews,
according to this version of the bible.
Aaron speaks for Moses. Aaron does the 3 ‘signs’. Jews bow and worship before
Aaron as the voice of God / Moses. Moses / Aron demand of the Pharaoh. ‘Let
my people go’… ‘To perform a sacrifice in the desert’. They ask for a 3 day
public holiday to do this.
Pharaoh assumes that if they have so much idle time to fool around with
religion that he must have given them too little work. So in response Pharaoh
instead increases the work quota of the Jews. Up to now Jews had been
supplied with straw by others, from which to manufacture bricks. However
from now on the Jews must gather their own straw to meet their brick quotas.
Jews who do not meet this new work quota are beaten. And so, as a result of
Moses’ / Aaron’s requests, life has become much harder for the Jews.
‘Let my people go that thou shalt serve me in the wilderness’.
Aaron told to touch the river with his rod. All the water in Egypt turns to
stinking blood. But the magicians of Egypt repeat this ‘trick’.
Aaron threatens a frog plague. Pharaoh says he will let the Jews serve god in
the wilderness. But he breaks his word again. So Aaron turns the dust of the
land to lice. This time the Egyptian magicians cannot reproduce the trick. They
tell Pharaoh that ‘this is an act of god’.
The next plague is flies, which plague all of Egypt except Goshem where the
Jews are tending the flocks.
Pharaoh agrees to let the Jews go to sacrifice to the lord in the desert, but ‘not
far away’, and the flies all suddenly disappear.
But again Pharaoh breaks his word. He will not let Moses’ people go. The next
plague is on cattle and sheep, camels, and so on. It plagues all of Egypt,
excluding Goshem, where the ‘Jews’ live. The next plague is boils on man and
beast. The Egyptian magician-Priests also suffer from this plague. The next
plague is pestilence. God tells Moses that he sends these plagues to ‘prove the
power of god’. God then tells Moses he will be sending, as a good volcano god,
hail mingled with fire and lightning. God warns that this shall kill all beasts, and
so the Jews move all their cattle indoors to save them. All beasts, servants, and
herbs left in the fields are ‘smitten’, excepting all the Jews’ stuff in Goshem.
God warns Moses that the next plague will be locusts. They will eat every
remaining plant and tree.
Moses and Aaron again demand that Pharaoh let them go. They claim that their
intention is merely to take all the children and cattle of the Jews with them to
perform a service to god. They claim it will only be for 3 days. They deny that
they plan to take off with all their possessions.
The next plague is a ‘thick’ ‘palpable’ darkness that lasts 3 days. All the Israelites
are lightened”, while all non-Jews are darkened.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Moses and Aaron claim to Pharaoh that the reason they need to bring
everything they own with them is that they cannot predict what sort of ritual /
offering their god will demand of them. Pharaoh agrees to let the people go,
but only on condition that they leave all their stuff behind. But then Pharaoh
relents and lets them go with all their cattle and sheep.
In fact Pharaoh demands that they leave immediately. Pharaoh demands that
Moses and Aaron never show their faces to him again. I believe that if anything
in the story is true, and there is NO historic evidence for ANY of the Old
Testament stories, and a failure to mention very famous events and people, like
Alexander the Great invading Jerusalem, that it is more likely that, as in later
generations all around the world, the Jews were actually never slaves, but were
kicked out by the locals, as occurred in France, England, Russia, and finally
However for some unstated reason one more plagues is sent.
God tells Moses that the Jews are to ‘borrow’ jewels of gold and silver.
God tells Moses that the first born male beast and child of the Egyptians shall
die… Then I will go… (???)…
God tells Moses that he had deliberately hardened the heart of the Pharaoh so
that he would NOT relent, and so that god could have an excuse / reason /
chance to demonstrate his power to the Egyptians and Jews.
This month during which the Jews were allowed to leave Egypt was to become
the first month of the ‘Jewish’ calendar. On the 10th day of this month the Jews
are to sacrifice ‘a perfect lamb’ on the14th day of the month, eat it completely,
and burn the remains, while fully dressed, and in haste. This is to remind the
Jews for all time of the day they left Egypt in haste, without time to change
dress, or allow their bread time to ‘rise’.
The last plague, after Pharaoh has already agreed to let Moses and his people
go, on their own terms, and in fact demanded that the Jews leave Egypt, is the
death of the first born male of all Egyptians and their animals.
The Jews are to escape this plague using the ‘Passover’ sign. The Angel of death
will ‘pass over’, and not visit, houses marked with the blood of the ‘Passover
lamb’. The lintel and side posts of the entry to every Jewish home is to be
marked by the blood of the lamb.
This is to be god’s revenge upon the gods of Egypt. So clearly the god of Moses
is acknowledging the existence of other gods. The point is not that there are
other gods, but that god is a jealous god, and demands that the Jews worship
only himself. This is the blessing and curse of being god’s chosen people. They
are free to choose to submit to him exclusively, in which case he will reward
them, and defeat all their enemies, all non-Jews, and enslave all these non-Jews
to them, the Jews, or be punished by him for failing to submit, in which case
they will eat their own children and be defeated and enslaved by all the non-
Jews. They do not have the option of simply not participating in his ‘contract’
with them.
As the Jews are in a hurry, they have no time to ‘leaven’ their bread, to add
yeast, or allow natural yeast in the air to ‘raise’ their bread. The ‘Passover’
celebration of the exodus of the Jews from Egypt is to last from the 14th to the
21st day of first month. What few people realise is that the Ancient Egyptians
celebrated a ‘Passover’ festival. The Jews added their own narrative, meaning,
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
or context for it, as is typical when one group borrows the religious rituals,
festivals, and rites of an earlier one. The same thing happened later with The
Catholic Church.
So after 430 years in Egypt, every Jew, including 600,000 adults, with their
goods, and all the ‘borrowed’ loot (when did they plan to return it?), of jewels,
gold, silver, and reinvents, all their cattle and chattels, exodus from Egypt and
camp by the sea. Some newer translations indicate that this ‘sea’ was not the
red sea, but rather ‘the sea of reeds’.
Pharaoh pursues with 600 chariots and his army. As this force approaches the
Jews, they complain that they were better off slaves than dead. ‘Why bring us
out only to die?’ God tells Moses to raise his rod, and the sea will part. Moses
does so, and the wind blows a channel dry. The sea walls up to their left and
right, leaving a channel of dry ground. As befitting a volcano god, a pillar of fire
and cloud moves between the Egyptians and the Jews during the night, between
their camp and the Pharaoh’s army. They remain camped there all night.. Then a
strong East wind blows, till the ground is dry, and the sea walls up to left and
right. Again Moses stretches out his hand as morning appears. The waters rush
back in upon the pursuing Egyptians who are all killed.
‘Who is like thee among the gods’? This is a line of ‘The song of Moses’, which
the Jews sing in praise of their god saving them. But only 3 days later they are
again complaining, this time about their lack of fresh drinking water. They are in
wilderness of sin, what we call the Sin-ai desert. Another word for desert is
‘waste’. Hence the Aramaic meaning of the term ‘sin’ is ‘waste’.
The Jews are traveling between the red sea and Sinai. They lament …’would to
god that we had died…in Egypt we ate our fill’. There are ‘murmurings’ against
Moses, and ‘Him’, ‘Our Lord’.
The glory of god appears to Moses in ‘a cloud’.
Manna appears after the dew. God tells Moses that this is to be eaten
immediately. It is not to be saved / stored for the following day. The Jews are
to trust in god, and have faith in him, that he will provide. If it is kept it begins
to stink and fill with worms. However on Friday god will provide enough Manna
for two days, and only on Friday are the Jews to collect and store manna for the
next day, the Sabbath, when they shall not do any work. We are told that this
manna ‘tastes like wafers flavored with honey’.
If you go into the catacombs, under the Vatican in Rome, under St. Peters
Basilica, you will find a painting called ‘The tree of life’. Look closer at it, and the
mushroom-shaped head-gear of the Jewish High Priest, along with many other
priests from different priesthoods and religions around the ancient and modern
world. The painting depicts a five or six foot tall cluster of mushrooms.
Remember that many people believe that magic mushrooms were part of
Judaism and the later Christian cults. They seem to appear from nowhere, what
you might call ‘virgin birth’, and you might feel you have either entered
paradise, or at least gained ‘knowledge of good and evil’, during a ‘magic’
mushroom induced hallucination.
Eat some, and surely, at least in your own minds, ‘Ye shall be as gods’. At least
during the hallucinations. Many biblical scholars believe that the ‘manna’ the
wandering Jews survived off for 40 years was actually mushrooms. Manna
means ‘small round thing’ in Hebrew. Mushrooms are small, round things that
appear as if from nowhere. And they taste great. There is a variety of flavors.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
And some of them contain toxins that produce hallucinations. Such as the
Amanita Muscaria, with the red head with white spots that some believe
inspired the ideas of Santa Clause, and the golden top. Such mushrooms are
often found depicted in ‘holy’ paintings of all ancient cultures and religions. Go
Aaron stores one pot of manna in a pot of gold, as Moses / god tells him to. This
is to be kept as evidence / proof for future generations. The Jews eat manna for
40 years as they wander the desert, until they come to Canaan, the promised
There are new ‘murmurings’ against Moses…’why bring us here to die of
thirst?’… And ‘chidings’. There is no fresh drinking water, and this is leading to a
lot of dissent against Moses.
Moses tells Joshua, (later called his ‘minister’), to continue to fight against the
Amelek as long as Moses holds up his arms. Joshua obeys. Joshua is victorious.
The Lord (god) swears that ‘Israel will make war with Amelek from generation to
During the third month of their wandering in desert, Jethro, priest of Midian,
Moses’ father-in-law after he married Jethro’s daughter, tells Moses that … ‘The
lord is greater than all other gods’. Jethro suggests that Moses reduce his
burden / responsibilities by appointing a whole series of new Judges / rulers. He
suggests a delegation of authority among Judges, who will each rule over
different sized groups, of the 1000s, the 100s, the 50s, and the 10s. These are
the equivalent of modern day military units. God states that ‘Israel shall
become a kingdom of priests’.
God warns the Jews that only Moses may come up the mountain, where god
shall ‘come unto thee in a thick cloud’…’Upon Mt. Sinai’. This is of course
convenient in the event that Moses is making all this stuff about god up. There
will be no witnesses. There will be no-one to contradict Moses concerning what
‘god’ says to him.
A whole range of volcanic activity (appropriate for a volcano god)
occurs…’thunder, lightning, thick cloud, smoking fire, furnace, quaking,
trumpeting, on the top of Mt. Sinai’. Only Moses and Aaron, his brother,
destined to be the high-priest of the Levites, to go up.
House of Jacob (Israel) a holy nation… All the world is mine… Death penalty for
any person or animal who sets foot on Mt. Sinai…Lord descends on the
mountain top…as fire, as a furnace…Moses goes up…comes down and tells
them all that he will go back up in 3 days… to speak to god again (he forgot
something? Something occurred to him? )
So we get the 10 commandments…’Jealous god’ … third and fourth generation
to be punished for sins of the father…have no other gods before me, bow down
nor serve them….I am the lord THEIR god…Sabbath applies to servants and
guests…thick darkness..fire…cloud… stone ox to death if it kills a person or for
‘pushing’ them…eye for eye etc…death penalty for ‘stealing’ another person’s
slave…thou’ shallt not suffer a witch to live…thieves to repay 2, 4, or 5 times in
value what they have stolen…destroy anyone who worships another god…no
usury (money lending with interest) to be practiced on fellow Jews…Never
afflict / oppress widows, orphans, or strangers / foreigners among you… thou
shallt not revile the gods… thou’ shallt not eat any flesh torn from beasts of the
field…do not accept ‘gifts’ (corruption / bribes)… help the animals of those you
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
hate… by little and little I will remove thy enemies as you grow and grow…do
not serve their gods…
Joshua is referred to as the ‘minister’ of Moses. Yeshua is the Hebrew for Jesus.
Joshua leads the Jews to all their big military successes after Moses dies. That is
the true meaning of ‘Messiah’. That is why the New Testament Jesus could
never be considered in that role. He might, however, meet the criteria that
Isaiah sets for the ‘redeemer’ of mankind. Of course Jews still believe that this
redeemer has not yet returned. They miss the point. It was the age of Pisces
that was prophecies, by the Astrologists, not the coming of a man or a deity. All
the religions of the Middle East, as compared to the Eastern ones of Hinduism
and Buddhism, are really astro-theological in nature.
Moses, Aaron, and the elders all see god…6 days cloud covers the mount…on
the 7th day the lord is revealed to Moses… Moses stays 40 days and 40
nights…god seen as ‘devouring fire’ in the eyes of the children of Israel.
God tells Moses to ‘make a dwelling that I may dwell among them … an
‘Ark’…there I will meet and communicate with thee…winged cherubim…a
tabernacle / tent. Extremely specific instructions are given on how to build /
ornament the Ark / tabernacle / tent…’place a veil between the holy, and the
most holy place (a veil between god and man, which tears of own accord when
Jesus dies on the cross!)… a lamp is to burn always…
Note that Egyptian Pharaoh’s were entombed with an ‘Ark’. It also contained a
‘covenant’. A contract between the Pharaoh, and a deity that had traveled, in
the distant past, from the Constellation of ‘Sirius’, otherwise known as the ‘DOG’
star. Reverse DOG and you get GOD. Coincidence? In other words a contract
between the Egyptians and God. One such ‘Ark’ was found in the tomb of
Tutankhamen, the son of the Pharaoh who called himself ‘Akhenaton’. Akhen at
On. The representative of God, in the city of the Sun.
Aaron and his sons are to be the priests of the Israelites.
It becomes clear that the ‘chosen’ people are really the Levites, the priests, who
will exploit the 12 tribes of Israel, and later the entire world, as means to their
own ends. Earlier Moses had told his followers that they are all priests. But
then this news comes from god that only the Levites, Moses’ own family, and
their descendants, known to us as the ‘Levites’, ‘The 13th tribe’, are to have
exclusive access to god, and anyone else is going to have to pay the priests
dearly as the go-betweens between god and the rest of the Jews. When some
Jews oppose this idea, Moses has thousands of them butchered to death for
daring to challenge this new take-over of power.
Leviticus (The third book of Moses)
This ‘book’ is typical of the bible. Extreme details are repeated over and over in
the bible, including within the chapters themselves. It is as if several writers
wrote independently, and later their writings were combined by editors who did
not take the time to do any editing.
Moses, as is typical of him, negotiates with god, appealing to god’s pride and
vanity, when god decides he has had enough of the Jews, and is going to
slaughter them all out of sheer frustration at their typical lack of submission to
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
his will. Moses warns god that … ‘The Egyptians will hear about it, how god slay
them, after bringing them out of Egypt’. This appears to work. Moses manages
to persuade god not to destroy his chosen people, however they shall still be
punished. ‘They shall not see the land promised to them’. ‘Only Caleb and his
seed shall possess it.’
Moses complains that ‘they murmur against me’…’how long must I endure?’…
God tells Moses that none of the people over 20 years of age, except Joshua,
son of Nun, (Moses’ ‘minister’) and Caleb, shall enter the Promised Land … after
40 years of wandering in the wilderness… the rest shall be consumed and die in
the wilderness.
Moses had sent Joshua and the heads of the 12 tribes to scout out the Promised
Land, as spies, and to report back what they had seen. Most of the spies give
Moses a false report of what they had seen, as they feared having to invade and
fight with the inhabitants. God promises that those who lied shall die of plague.
‘Your carcasses shall fall in the desert / wilderness. ‘You shall know my breach
of promise’.
A group of people decide to climb to the top of a hilltop ‘to speak to god’,
though the Ark of the Covenant is in the camp. Mosaic Law states that the only
place the Jews are to worship is wherever the Ark of the Covenant is housed.
And so these recalcitrants are killed by the inhabitants of that hill as
Twice during the first two years in the wilderness, Moses appeals to god’s vanity
/ pride, and how embarrassing it would be for god if he killed his own people,
for the Egyptians would surely hear about it and laugh at him.
God tells the people to stone a man to death for collecting sticks on the
God tells the people to wear a ribbon of blue fringe and tassels on their clothing
as a constant reminder of all god’s commandments.
The Mosaic Law is to apply to everyone living among the Jews. There is to be
…’one law for Israel and for the visitor / guest / sojourner among them’.
250 princes rise up against Moses in a mass uprising. They make the same
argument that Milton’s Lucifer make to god, namely, that … ‘we are all
holy…why do you raise yourself above us?’ … ‘We are all equally holy, so why
are you and Aaron and the Levites above us as priests? Why take us out of the
land of milk and honey except to make yourself a prince over us?’
God appears saying… ‘Separate yourselves so I may consume the rebels… If
these men die a typical death, there will be no proof that I did it … but if they
suffer a strange death, then it will be proof that I am with Moses.’
The rebels, along with all their houses and belongings, are swallowed up whole
and alive. In typical volcano god fashion, god…’rises up as a fire and consumes
the 250 princes offering incense’. This is possibly spin put on some natural
event that occurred, such as an earthquake, which Moses ‘spun’ as proof of the
power of his god, and thus of his own transferred authority as that god’s
The people ‘murmur’ against Moses for killing those people. God tells Moses to
leave so God could…’consume them in a moment’.
A plague begins. 14,700 Jews die from this plague.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The Levites, the family of Moses, defining themselves as the Priest class, as the
13th tribe that is to rule over the ‘children of Israel, refer to a ‘sign’ that god has
sent, to legitimate their authority. There are 13 rods. 1 rod for each tribe. The
rod of Aaron ‘blooms like an almond tree’, as proof that god had chosen the
Levites to be the Priests over the other 12 tribes, who must accept their
authority. Note that the ‘fasci’, as appearing flanking the speaker in the U.S
house of Congress, depicts a number of rods tied in a bundle with an axe.
From now on ALL offerings to god are to be the property of the Levites, as their
inheritance…for ever… the 10th part of the tithe is to go to Aaron the priest
(head priest)…The rest of the tithe is to go to the Levites as a reward for their
service to the tabernacle..’.
…’water of separation’ = belong to ‘chosen’ i.e. set apart…
The Jews can find no water…they complain … ‘would that we had died’….’why
bring us to this evil place’…no water…’murmurings’ against Moses… God tells
Moses to ‘speak to the rock, while holding his rod, so that it should bring forth
Moses strikes the rock with the rod while commanding the rock to bring forth
water, in spite of god’s clear instructions only to speak out the command. God
is angry, and tells Moses and Aaron that because of this, because Moses …’did
not believe’ … ‘he would not see the Promised Land’. ‘Because ye believed me
not to sanctify me in the eyes of the children of Israel.’ Freud has a chuckle over
the imagery in this story. Freud interprets it as being god punishing Moses for
masturbating, for ‘striking his rod, so that water would issue forth’.
The inhabitants of Kadesh will not allow the Jews to pass through their territory.
Aaron is sent to die on Mt. Hoar. He is stripped of all his garments, which he
gives to his son. Aaron dies.
The people again are ‘murmuring’ / complaining against Moses. The Lord sends
fiery serpents which bite and kill many people. God instructs Moses to …’make
thee a fiery serpent and set it upon a pole…anyone who is bitten but looks at
this brass pole will live…’. Remember that the serpent is an age old symbol of
wisdom and knowledge, an ‘axis mundi’ between the world above and the world
below, between the current life and the afterlife. It was often used as the
symbol for ‘healer’. Today it is used as the symbol of the medical profession.
Amorites attack when Moses wants to pass through. The Israelites defeat the
Amorites, take their cities, and dwell in the land of the Amorites.
King Og attacks the Jews. They smite King Ogs people, killing them all, and
taking their land.
The king of the Moabites arranges a coalition with the king of the Midianites, to
drive away the Jews.
God appears to Baalem, who refuses to join the Moabite princes in their
coalition against the Jews.
Servants of Baylack…’the lord my god’ … Baylem’s god…Angel of the
Lord…sword drawn…
In the so-called ‘Apocryphal acts’ which were edited out of the New Testament
‘gospels’ after the Council of Nicea, there are talking dogs and Asses. Here in
the Torah we have the story of one Baalem. God has Baalem’s Ass speak the
following to him, saying … ‘Why did you smite me three times?’ Then Baalem
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
sees the ‘Angel of the Lord’ and apologises for having tried to force the Ass to
comply with his will, after it twice turned away from the path Baalem had
sought to direct it upon. (The third time Baalems Ass falls upon Baalem and kills
Baalem agrees to speak only the words that the Angel gives him to say to the
Moab princes.
After their victory the Jews whore themselves, worshiping the Moabite gods.
God is furious and punishes them by having 24,000 Jews die in a plague. Thus
begins the Old Testament tradition of the Jews continually turning away from
their god, and worshiping all the other gods of the regions they conquer and live
Israel abides in Chittim. They whore themselves with the daughters of the
Moabites. They worship their gods. Moses tells his judges to slay all the
Israelites who had… ‘Joined unto Baal Peor’ … i.e. worshipped the Moabite god.
24,000 Israelites die in a plague, which god says he has sent …’In my (his)
jealousy’… reminding the Jews that their god is a jealous god.
On the day of the plague, a man of Israel and his Midianite woman are speared
to death by Aaron’s son, the priest, in order to ‘turn god’s wrath’ i.e. so that
god’s wrath is turned away so… ‘That I (god) consume not the children of Israel
with my jealousy’. God repeats his covenant with the Levites.
Note that the covenant is made with the Levites, and not the Jewish people per
se. This is key to understanding the point of Zionism, and anti-Zionism, which is
in no way anti-Semitic. The Levites, the 13th tribe, which took control of the 12
tribes of Israel, the Jewish people, are the people that the so-called anti-Semites
are or should be concerned with. No informed person is anti-Semitic. They are
instead anti-Zionist. In today’s terms the Levites are really what informed
people call ‘Rothschild Zionists’. It is the Zionists who hide behind the laws they
paid to have put in place regarding ‘anti-Semitism’. Few people dare challenge
the Zionists, due to their power. You criticise the Zionists, and they charge you
with anti-Semitism. This is like charging anti-Nazis with being anti-German, and
God commands the Jews to set up Joshua above them all as their commander /
God informs Moses that Moses will see the Promised Land from the top of a
mountain, where he would then die.
Elezeaar, son of Aaron, nephew of Moses, is now the high priest.
Moses / god decides that a husband or father can nullify a female’s oath on the
day that she makes it.
1000 of each tribe of the Israelites attack the Midianites and kill all the males.
They take all the females and ‘little ones’ captive. They burn all the castles, and
take all the spoils back to Moses. Moses tells them to wash all the spoils to
‘purify’, ‘separate’, and ‘make clean’ them. Why? Because the Midianites had
seduced Israelites into worshiping the Midianite god Baal Peor.
32,000 virgins of the Midianites are ‘shared’ among the Israelites. The ‘booty’
includes over 600,000 sheep. The Levites get their share i.e 1/50th of 50%. Not
a single Israelite dies in the attack. I would guess that they did what
Mohammed did, and attacked their enemies in their sleep, which was not
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
considered at any time to be honorable, but which, due to the element of
surprise it gave the attackers, was a successful strategy.
The tent of the Ark of the Covenant is referred to as the ‘Tabernacle of witness’
and then the ‘Ark of the testimony’. Note that the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs,
long before Moses, all signed a ‘Covenant’ with the God who had travelled from
the constellation of Sirius, a.k.a ‘The Dog (God) Star’. They kept this Covenant in
an ‘Ark’, and were buried with it. One was found in the famous tomb of
Aaron’s son’s burn a memorial offering to god… ‘an offering of fire, of a sweet
Saviour to the lord. The ‘remnant’, that part not burnt, is to be the property of
the priests, from this day on. In other words most of the animal becomes the
property of the priests, who will go on to be big in the meat and leather goods
God / Moses command … ‘Do not eat fat or blood’.
Sin offerings are introduced. These are to pay for any sins committed. The
offering is to be a young bullock, including the skin and the flesh. The total
bullock is to be burnt if the nation sins.
But in most cases on a part of the offering need be burned, and the remaining
parts are to become the property of the priests. An offering must be made any
time an oath is sworn. And so at any legal proceeding or contract, the priests
will be beneficiaries.
In cases of property damage, the victim is to receive the original value of the
goods damage / stolen, plus 20%.
Some offerings are to be totally burnt to ash. But in most cases the priests get
to keep the main part of the offering to god, which is defined as ke ‘their
portion’. For example, priests can eat of trespass and sin offerings. Of burnt
offerings they make keep the skins. Peace offerings, and cakes, meat, and skins,
are all to go to Aaron and his son’s, the 13th tribe, the Levites, the priests.
The name ‘Aaron’ is interesting. Aaron is the patriarch of all Jewish Priests.
Aryan = the Priest Class, the Hindu Brahmin. Ireland = Ariland. But do not
forget that ‘Ahriman’ is Arabic for ‘Lucifer’. Of course another group considered
themselves ‘Aryan’.
At this point the priests burn ‘perpetual incense’ in the tent of the tabernacle.
A Poll tax of half a silver shekel is imposed upon every member of the 12 tribes
over the age of 20, as an annual offering to ‘the temple’ / the Levites.
‘Whoever works on the Sabbath, surely he shall be put to death.’
After all this Aaron makes a golden calf, and makes the people dance around it,
worshiping it as their god. This seems to be one of the many ‘flash-backs’
common to the Bible.
(It is interesting that today, Rabbi’s downplay the ‘worshiping of the golden calf’
episode as the equivalent of committing adultery with a eunuch!)
God is jealous and angry. God wants to destroy all of the Jews. But Moses
negotiates with him. God repents of the evil he had planned to do to his
people. Moses breaks his stone tablets and grinds up the golden calf, forcing
everyone to eat it of it.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The ‘Children of Levi’, the Levites, the Priest class, kill around 3000 of the people
at Moses command. This is the point of anti-Zionism. The Zionists are equally
the enemy of the Jews as they are of the Gentiles. Both ‘Jew’ and ‘Gentile’ are
the victims of Zionism. Zionism is itself anti-Semitic and anti-gentile. The
Zionists consider themselves the chosen people, the master race, the rightful
rulers and enslavers of everyone else.
Moses goes back up the mountain. God warns Moses that … ‘I (god) will visit
their sins upon them’.
‘These be thy gods that have brought thee out of Egyptian slavery’. (?)
God appears as a pillar of cloud outside the tent of the tabernacle.
Joshua warns everyone that ‘…no-one may see gods’ face and live’.
Back on top of the mountain, Moses writes new tablets of stone to replace the
ones he broke. God warns that the Jews will be punished by … ‘visiting the
iniquities of the fathers upon the third and fourth generations’. In other words
the children of the current Jews will be punished to their fourth generations for
the ‘sin’ of worshiping the golden calf.
God appears to acknowledge the reality of other gods, but demands that the
Jews worship only him. God commands them that … ‘Thou shallt worship no
other gods’.
The Jews are, in future, to sacrifice their first born male animals to redeem their
own first born sons. This implies that up to now, the Jews had been sacrificing
their first born sons to god.
Again Moses spends 40 days and 40 nights upon the mountain, before coming
back down with 2 new tables of 10 commandments.
Anyone who works on the Sabbath shall be put to death’.
603,550 males over 20 years old are counted in the Poll Tax census at the time
of Moses building the Tabernacle / Ark of the Covenant.
God decides that the breast and shoulder of offerings are to go to the priests.
These are of course the best bits! No need to burn them and offer them to god!
The priests are to wear a head-dress known as a ‘Mitre’. This is typical, like the
‘modern’ Catholic priest’s uniform, of the ancient Egyptian priesthood.
2 sons of Aaron burn to death in an ‘accident’. God appears as fire. The two
explode in flames. At the time they are carrying oil/incense censers. It would
appear that either they were victims of some accident involving the
pyrotechnics used to produce the special effects of cloud and fire which were
produced to give the tent of the presence of god its special character, or that
their incense exploded.
Aaron makes mistakes, but Moses is ‘content’ with his explanations. Elsewhere
Aaron has to make excuses as to why he had gone along with the others in first
constructing, and then dancing around and worshiping, the golden calf. Aaron
‘explains’ that he was merely ‘buying time’ until Moses would return from the
mountain. He had been gone 40 days and the people were getting restless, so
he decided to collect their gold, and mold the golden calf, and worship it, to
keep them from rebelling and dispersing. Moses accepts this ‘explanation’.
Animals that both chew their cud, and which have cloven hoofs, are defined as
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Touching anything unclean makes the toucher unclean. This reminds me of the
children’s game of ‘it’, and the Hindu caste system with its ‘untouchables’.
Moses explains a very complicated ‘law of the beasts’.
From now on Jewish boys are to be circumcised on their eighth day.
A mother is to be considered as ‘unclean’ for many weeks after she gives birth.
Rules are laid out regarding the diagnosis and quarantine of potential
contagious disease victims. The Priest is to make the diagnosis, based on
specific symptoms outlined in this chapter. Those considered potentially
contagious are to be defined as ‘unclean’ and to be set apart from the general
population. Their garments are to be burned. If they recover, they are to be
washed twice before returning to the general population.
Semen is unclean. Menstrual blood, ‘her flowers’ is unclean. A woman
menstruating is considered unclean for 7 days.
The story of Aaron’s two sons is repeated. I mention the repeat, as it may
represent some encrypted message or metaphor or symbolism. In this repeat of
the earlier story, or ‘flash-back’, god appears on his ‘mercy seat’, revealing
himself as fire. Two sons of Aaron explode in flames. To avoid a repeat of this
‘accident’, the mercy seat is from hence forth to be veiled in smoke, so that the
people do not directly see god. In other words the assumption is that the two
exploded because they caught a glimpse of god, which no mortals are allowed.
I would suggest that they may have been a victim of the pyrotechnics they used
to ensure that a cloud by day, and a fire by night, were always above the tent of
the Ark, the tabernacle. Remember that when the Jews escaped Egypt they
were accompanied by a cloud by day, and a fire by night, as befits a volcano
god. Their incense oil may have exploded. Or the priests may simply have
wanted to add some mystery, and avoid any questioning by witnesses about
whether god actually did or did not appear in the ‘holy of holies’, in the tent of
the presence of god, on his ‘mercy seat’. For if the priests actually spoke to god,
then they had god’s authority. Who was to say if god appeared or not, if no-one
was allowed to look?
A ‘scapegoat’ is to be appointed to take on the sins of the people, and to be sent
out into the desert, to take sins of people out into the dessert.
Again we are presented with new repetitions of ‘the law’, including about the
Sabbath. This is typical of bible repetitions. It seems either the writers never
read each other’s chapters, or that some cryptic messages are being encoded in
the numbers and the forms of repetition.
Now the people are required to use the services of the priests, of the 13th tribe,
the Levites, Moses’ family, as go-betweens between god and themselves.
Previously all the Jews were defined as priests, like in ancient Germanic tribes,
and anyone could speak to the gods, ask for favors, pray for intercession, offer
atonements, seek to appease or appeal to the gods, and so on. However from
now on the Priest class shall have exclusive access to god. From now on you will
have to pay the Levites to appeal to god on your behalf, and to tell you what
god wants you to do. From now on you may not make sacrifices to god yourself.
You must bring them to the tabernacle, to the priests. If you attempt to contact
god yourself, you will be excommunicated, ‘cut off’ from god and your
community. Now the priests have a monopoly and centralised control. Of
course Mohamed later saw the logic of the Levite, Zionist priests and their
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
‘Mosaic law’ and ‘Talmudic law’. Constantine was the first to adapt the idea,
with his centralised ‘Christianity’. Then Mohamed, seeing the benefits the
Roman Empire had gained from this adaptation, wrote up his own Torah in the
Arabic language, and imposed his own centralised authority, using the
centralised religion as the source of authority, based upon the authority of the
Angel Gabriel.
‘The life of the flesh is in the blood’. ‘It is blood that maketh the atonement’.
‘The blood is the life’. Thus it is the blood that is to be sacrificed to god from
now on, and the rest of the sacrificed animal becomes the property of the
Priest. It is his by right. And so the priests became, like St. George, wealthy from
the meat and skins trade. If you eat the blood you will be ‘cut off’,
One new law that will have dire consequences for dark skinned peoples in the
future is detailed here. ‘Do not look at any relative, no matter how distant,
naked’. After the great flood story, Ham looks upon Noah’s drunkenness and
nakedness and he and all his future offspring are cursed to slavery. ‘Thou shallt
not uncover the nakedness of’… your father or relatives. In other words you are
not ever to catch your authority figures in embarrassing or compromising
situations, such as when they are raging drunk.
We are informed that the Jews had earlier practiced such ‘abominations’ as
bestialism, live child sacrifice, incest, and prostitution of daughters, and so on.
From now on they are not to practice such customs / traditions further. ‘Don’t
prostitute your daughters’. In the event of bestiality, you are to kill both the
woman and the beast. What about men and animals?
Most people find that ideas of charity and compassion are the most redeeming
features of religion. They go so far as to justify the entirety of religion as a
‘noble lie’ intended to make people nicer. The first incidence of such charity is
found in Moses order that …’For the poor and the stranger, leave last grapes,
and the corners of fields’. Thus the remnants of the harvest are to be
considered the property of the poor.
Leviticus 19:18. ‘Love they neighbor, as thyself’. This is the first sign of any really
redeeming features in Mosaic Law. It will surprise most people to find the first
use of what is universally known as ‘the golden rule’, and present in some form
in all of the world’s religions. Moses commands ‘Love the stranger as thyself,
for thee were strangers in the land of Egyptian’. ‘Later gospel writers define this
idea as expressing, for all practical purposes, ‘the whole of the law’.
God was very practical, and had considered all areas of human society. God /
Moses commands us to … use just weights and balances’, and to respect the old
and the blind, and so on.
Moses imposes the death penalty on anyone who ‘gives his seed to Molek’. I
am not sure if this refers to sacrificing children to Molek, or masturbation.
‘If you curse your mother or father’ or ‘uncover your father’s nakedness’, or
commit adultery, then …’you must surely be put to death’.
If you are homosexual, or have incest with your mother, you must suffer death
by fire. And what about fathers having incest with their daughters?
Numbers (The fourth book of Moses a.k.a ‘The Census’)
In the second year after the exodus from Egypt Moses conducts a census of all
the men 20 years and over, and thus of military-service age. Of ‘all those that
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
were able to go forth to war of the 12 tribes’, (excluding the 13th tribe, the
Levites), there were, at this time 603,550.
The 12 tribes are sold the idea of the 13th tribe ruling over them with various
arguments. Moses claims that God has agreed to accept, in future, the
dedication of the Levites to god, in lieu of the sacrifice of the first born sons of
the 12 tribes. This would imply that the Jews had a custom and tradition of
sacrificing their first born sons to their god. From now on the men of the 13th
tribe, Moses own extended family, with his brother Aaron as the first high
priest, and Moses himself as the spokesperson for god, are to be sacrificed /
sanctified/ dedicated to god. In this way they will ‘redeem’ the first born males
of the other 12 tribes of Israel. They shall ‘sacrifice’ their own lives to the service
of god as proxy sacrifices, in lieu of the first born males. Of course they will have
to live from something, right? And surely you would not insult god by expecting
his devoted servants to live badly, would you?
At the time of this census, in the second year after the exodus, there are 22,243
male Levites over 1 month old. If the Levites male children are to ‘redeem’ the
first born males of the 12 tribes, then there is a problem, as there are 243 more
first born males in the 12 tribes than their male Levite infants. The ‘solution’ is
for each the 12 tribes to pay a ‘redemption’ fee of 5 shekels for each of the 243.
It appears that god values a first born male at 5 shekels. And who said you
cannot put a price on life? Note that a ‘score’ is 10, and thus ‘three score and
13’ refers to the number 43.
Reference is made to 12 Princes of Israel.
If a stranger approaches the ‘Tabernacle of Testimony’ they must be put to
death. Wouldn’t want some pesky skeptic wanting to satisfy their curiosity
about whether god really does appear and speak with the priests now, would
An army is set up, and standards are assigned to each of the 12 tribes. The
Levites do not have to fight. The 13th tribe send others out to fight and die for
their own power and privileges.
Naihab / Abaihu offers ‘strange fire’ to god in the Sinai desert.
The 13th tribe, the Levites, are officially given to Aaron and his son’s by god. So
this indicates that the 13th tribe are not JUST Moses’ own family, but that
Aaron, Moses older brother, is simply the head priest, and has ‘chosen’ the
Levites to be his ‘chosen people’.
‘Matrix’ = source of Israelite first born males at time of exodus? To redeem
Gershonites included Shemites (mhr root of term ‘semitic’).
Very particular and specific responsibilities are defined for each age group of
each family in the Levite tribe, and all other tribes, including where to pitch their
tents when they camp, and who is responsible for the care and maintenance of
which part of the sanctuary / tent / ark. Lots of badger skins and blue cloth is to
be used. Also some purple cloth. Each person of each tribe is to have their own
service and burden. Clear obligations are given as to who is to put up what
element of the tabernacle. The tribes are still mobile, living in tent cities. Every
person aged between 30 and 50 is given some responsibilities / burdens /
services to perform. Detailed expectations are stated concerning animals, gold
spoons of incense, flour, oil, gold spoons, silver vessels, bowls, and gourds, for
all the various peace, sin, burnt, and so on, offerings. The Lord tells Moses to tell
Aaron to light lamps and candlesticks made from one piece of beaten gold.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Aaron is to shave all the hair off the Levites and sprinkle ‘holy water’ on them to
‘purify’ and ‘cleanse’ them, so the Levites could be ‘offered up’ to the Lord in
lieu of the first born males of Israel. Most of us associate the idea of ‘holy
water’ in the context of the Catholic Churches adoption of the the idea in their
own rites.
All 25 to 50 year olds are to ‘wait upon service of the tabernacle of the
congregation and minister to the congregation.’
‘A cloud covered the tabernacle by day, and the appearance of fire by night, and
until morning’. They must have had their own ‘Spielberg’ to produce these early
‘special effects’ / ‘pyrotechnics’.
The people are to pitch their tents wherever the cloud ‘abides’ over the
tabernacle, and they are to remain there and rest as long as it ‘abides over the
tabernacle of the testimony’. They are to journey any time the cloud is ‘taken
Instructions are given about basic hygiene. God commands people to take a
dump outside the camp, and to bury it. The Talmud even states which direction
they should face while they do their business.
Men who have just married, and have not yet taken in their first harvest, or
finished building their homes, are to be free from military service. Their
obligation for the first year is to please their wives.
The people were to remain in their tents as long as the cloud remains, whether
2 days, months, or years. They must rest in their tents. They may make no
journeys until the cloud is no longer over the tent. Immediately that this cloud is
‘taken up’, whether this occur morning or night, they must continue their
In the first month of the second year of the Exodus from Egypt, in the desert
(waste) of Sin-ai, the Jews ‘kept’ / ‘held’ their ‘Passover’ rites in memory of the
night that all the first born male animals were killed by god, but their own were
saved, as the Angel of death ‘passed over’ all the Jews houses marked with the
blood of the Passover lamb sacrificed. If any Jew fails, of their own will / choice
/ decision, to celebrate the ‘Passover’, they are automatically ‘cut off’, that is,
Again it is repeated that … ‘The Levites are ‘given’ to Aaron and his sons’.
‘The lord speaks unto Moses’
As part of the Passover feast, the Jews are to eat only unleavened bread and
bitter herbs, in memory of the time they were preparing to escape Egypt, and
did not have time to cook, or allow their bread to ‘rise’.
In the tabernacle there are to be ‘2 silver trumpets, each of one piece.’
The Ark of the Covenant is a tent with a cloud above it. It is sent out ahead to
the ‘promised land’ to drive out the inhabitants a.k.a ‘enemies’ of the Jews.
People are burned by ‘fire of the lord’ when they displease the lord.
Israelites complain that they only have manna to eat, and no melons, garlic, or
leeks. They grind manna up and make bread that tastes of oil.
Moses complains to god of his burden. Moses asks god to kill him if he is wrong.
‘Why is he responsible for them (the Jews?). They are not his children. He did
not conceive them.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The people demand flesh, so god promises to send flesh for one whole month,
so much that they will eat so much that they will become sick of it and come to
hate it.
The Jewish army at this time has 600,000 footmen.
God descends as a cloud on 70 elders who prophesied.
Joshua is called the ‘servant’ of Moses. Earlier he was called ‘minister’.
A wind brings quail. The people gather the quail to eat.
The Lord smites people who lust with plague. Maybe the quail brought avian
Moses is described as ‘most meek’. Of course the meek shall inherit the earth.
The meek are so meek and humble that it is O.K for them to murder thousands
of their own people. Because they are so meek!
Miriam, (Moses’ wife?), becomes leprous after a cloud ascends after god’s
criticism. The cloud is present for 7 days
This story is a repeat, with more details than earlier given. The Heads of each of
12 tribes are sent to scout out Canaan. Oshia, son of Nun, is renamed Joshua by
Moses. Joshua is sent to spy out / reconnoiter the Promised Land, along with
the other spies. They bring back fruit, grapes, pomegranate, and figs. They are
gone for 40 days. Only one man, Caleb, wants to attack the inhabitants
immediately, based on their scouting. The rest are scared to attack, and so they
lie about giants, compared to which their own men are grasshoppers in
comparison. They claim that all the cities are walled, and that the ‘land eats
people up’.
The people ‘murmur’ against Moses again, complaining that …’would to god we
had died in Egypt / the desert’… ‘Let us return to Egypt’. But Joshua and Caleb
call on the people not to fear, telling them that the Promised Land is in fact a
land of milk and honey. In response, the people stone Joshua and Caleb. God
wants to disinherit them again, and sends plague to kill them, but Moses
negotiates with god again, and manipulates god, telling him how embarrassing
it would be for god if god kills his own chosen people after delivering them out
of slavery, and how the Egyptians would laugh at god and mock god.
Lepers, and anyone considered contagious, or who had weeping sores, or was
dying, were all exiled out of camp.
God / Moses reminds the Jews that … ‘I have separated you from other
people…Ye shall be holy / mine…’
God decides the Jews should stone to death any person with a ‘familiar spirit’.
Remember that Socrates often referred to his own ‘daemon’ or ‘familiar spirit’,
which advised him on moral matters.
Moses / God reminds the Jews of all the horrible, beastly things they used to do,
and which the inhabitants of the promised lands still do. He tells them that this
is the reason he is giving the, the Jews, their lands and possessions. It is a
warning not to return to the old ways, or to copy the practices of those living in
the lands promised to the Jews, or bordering them.
An interesting new command is given to ‘burn alive any priest’s daughter who
‘whores’ herself ‘. It was common in the ancient world for young women to
dedicate themselves to a temple, to a priestess, or priest, to a god or goddess,
for a few years, before marrying. They would be temple prostitutes. Their
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
actions would be holy, as sanctified by their service of the divinity. The
proceeds of their prostitution would be given to the temple and dedicated to
the goddess / god. This practice was continued until recently among some Irish
Catholic Nunneries. References are made throughout the bible to the practice,
which appears common later, during the reign of King Solomon, in the bible.
The first official racial purity laws are introduced. ‘Take only a virgin wife from
among your own peoples’.
Priests must be physically perfect to approach the sanctuary.
Do no kind of work on the Sabbath
The Jews must ‘dwell in ‘booths’
Lamps in the tabernacle are to burn continually.
A blasphemer, whether Jew or visitor, is to be stoned to death. No one can be
allowed to challenge the authority of the Zionist leadership. Today the Zionists
have managed to have laws introduced that effectively punish anyone for daring
to challenge any Zionist propaganda, or seek to interrogate the actions of their
leadership. The modern term for this ‘blasphemy’ is ‘anti-Semitism’.
The eternal problem for the Jews is repeated here. You can chose to submit,
and be loved by god, or not to submit, and be hated by god, and suffer his fury.
God offers no neutral ground to the Jew. What this is really saying to the 12
tribes of Israel is that they have been chosen by the 13th tribe, the Levites, the
Zionists, as the means to their own ends. If the Jews obey and submit, then
they will enjoy the privileges of being the Zionist’s ‘chosen people’ and allies.
Any time they cease obeying, and cease submitting, they will be punished. They
have been punished over and over in the bible, and later history, every time
they failed to do what the Zionists ordered them to do. The last time they
‘strayed’, for failing to bring about a pseudo- Marxist revolution in Germany,
they were punished by the Nazi’s, as proxies for the Zionists. The Zionists
manipulated the Nazi’s into persecuting the Jews, by making the Jews appear to
be a dangerous enemy of National Socialism. And then the Zionists exaggerated
the actual suffering, to produce Zionist propaganda, and to scare the Jews back
to the Zionist’s fold, and to Israel.
If any Jew challenges the Zionist objectives in the U.S, Europe, or Israel, they are
demonized and annihilated. If you fail to submit to god, meaning the Zionist
agenda, you will end up ‘eating the flesh of your sons and daughters’. The
Zionists called for three world wars. Two of them occurred EXACTLY as they
described in 1885 at their Zionist Congress in Geneva. The third is to be a war
starting against Syria and Iran, in which the Zionists will ensure that all
opposition to their agenda, in the U.S and Europe and Russia, will be wiped out,
by getting all their competition / enemies / opponents the Christians and
Muslims, to fight and destroy each other. Shit I don’t really care.
Unless you are willing to go vegan, and adopt something like my Eden Protocols,
it does not matter who kills who, and who enslaves who. It will just be the same
old shit with new uniforms. But I doubt the New World Order has the same
good intentions and will to justice that I have, and so while there is time to offer
an alternative, I will try to delay the success of the Zionists, by informing you of
the reality of the situation, TROONATNOOR. Of course the Zionists will seek to
punish and murder people like me for our ‘blasphemy’.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
There is no escape for the children of Israel from the covenant. But when god
punishes them, he will never allow them to be totality destroyed. He will always
ensure that a ‘remnant’ remains. This way he can keep tormenting them until
they submit to his will, and worship only him. The Zionists have decided to use
the 12 tribes as their own tool, to advance their own agenda of world
domination and enslavement of all non Zionists, and they will stick with them.
They have invested too much in them. They are too useful. The main tool for
world domination is finance, through the central banks, but the Zionists still
need a ‘City of the Sun’ from which to orchestrate their final war. There are
more Jews outside Israel than inside it, but they still need some base to operate
from. Remember there are only about 8 million Israelis. They get 20% of all the
U.S foreign aid. They are committing genocide against their old biblical enemy
the Palestinian people. Compare a map of Palestine from 1946 to a map of the
Palestinian territories today, and the evidence will be clear to you.
The old idea of ‘an eye for an eye’ is repeated. ‘Breach for breach, blemish for
blemish, eye for eye, life for life…’and so on. The Jews are to punish the
perpetrator 7 times over for the ‘value’ of the sin.
We get a huge number of repeats. Over and over the same stories and details
are repeated. They are again repeated later. This is one reason why the bible
appears so long. This is a big deterrent to most people ever attempting to read
it. The repetitions lead many people to believe that the words and numbers are
really encoded, encrypted, secret messages, which you need the right ‘key’ to
A new ‘jealousy’ offering is introduced for husband to make to priests. If a man
suspects his wife of adultery, he can gain peace of mind, or the truth, via a
placebo effect. The priest tells the wife that she must tell the truth, or the drink
that she will be compelled to drink after her ‘confession’ or ‘denial’ will cause
‘thy thigh to rot, thy belly to swell’. Now if she believes in the priest’s power,
she will fear lying, and will tell the truth. Thus the husband will be confirmed in
his jealousy. Whether she does or does not believe, as long as the husband
believes that she does, he will be satisfied with her response, and consoled and
relieved when she denies adultery. Thus the priests succeed with their ‘law of
jealousies’, and …the spirit of jealousy’ is overcome.
The story of Exodus is again repeated. ‘Upon their (Egyptian) gods God
executed judgments’. Again god is acknowledging the existence of other gods.
He does not yet refer to them as false gods, or mere idols of wood and stone.
That comes later.
Details are given of each camp made during the 13 tribes’ wanderings in the
Aaron is 143 when he dies in the 40th year of their wanderings.
The 13 tribes Cross the river Jordan. Moses / god tells the Jews to ‘dispossess its
inhabitants…I have given it to you… If you do not kill them all, I will do unto you
as I thought to do unto them.’ This is how the Zionists push the Jews to
genocide. Either be our tool for our Zionist agenda, or you can go to hell. And
we will destroy you each time you stop serving our agenda. We will leave
enough of you alive to serve us later. However if you fail to murder on
command, we will murder you.
God defines the borders Israel is to have, with ‘Canaan, and the coasts thereof.’
Eleazor and Joshua are to divide the land among the 12 tribes / princes of Israel.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The Zionists, the Levites, the 13th tribe, the priest class, are to receive 48 cities
and suburbs for their own use, around the cities.
6 cities are to be set aside for the refuge of those who have committed
accidental unintended death. The avenger of the victim shall otherwise kill the
perpetrator. The perpetrator must live in exile in one of these 6 cities until the
death of reigning high priest. After this time the person may return, and is not
to be punished / avenged.
New inheritance laws prevent a person in one tribe from inheriting wealth from
another tribe, thus keeping the wealth within each tribe. In other words the
wealth of the Zionists is to remain in the 13th tribe, to accumulate there. The
Zionists are to become wealthier and wealthier.
Numbers (The fourth book of Moses)
A blasphemer (Anti-Zionist), whether Jew or visitor, is to be stoned to death.
One of the first acts of Joseph Stalin, upon gaining control of the Russia, was to
make anti-Semitism punishable by death. Our good old Uncle Jo Jo was a Golem
bought and paid for by the Zionist Central bankers. Rothschild was a key
financier of the Russian Revolution. Most of the leaders of the revolution had
been Jewish, and most of his government were too. His mother was Jewish.
Stalin had around 1 million people killed each year for 70 years. During WWII
you had an option. Fight against the invading Nazi forces without a weapon (you
were to wait until your untrained comrade died and pick up his weapon), and
probably die, or be shot by your own officers, for certain. Of course even during
WW1 in the British Army, you either ran into German machine gun fire, or got
shot in the head by your own officers. Remember that, slaves in uniform. In
WWI, the Italian government not only shot you, but withdrew all government
protection for your family. Police would virtually encourage people to rape your
wife and daughter, steal everything you owned, and burn down your house.
Typical for a Vatican nation. Fates worse than death.
First I want to make it clear, I use the terms ‘Jew’ and ‘Gentile’ always with those
inverted commas. I do not make the same distinction myself in daily life. A
person is only a ‘Jew’ by self-definition. I never define people by these terms.
To me there are only people. Some people define themselves as ‘Jewish’ and
thus, reflexively, define others as ‘Gentiles’. They defined themselves as
‘Jewish’. The ‘Gentiles did not’. Remember that. Anti-Semitism is a monstrously
racist concept. It is about slavery.
The only people who can be pro or anti-Semitic are those who subscribe to the
‘racial’ classification system in which there are races, and Jews, and Gentiles. I
do NOT subscribe to such ‘racist’ dogma. So I could NEVER be describe by any
sane, fair, informed person, as anti-Semitic. So what if a ‘Jew’ is ‘pro-Semitic’. All
good and fine. Some people are proudly German or French. But then you realise
it is not just pride, and nationalism, or patriotism. For that term, Semitism,
reflexively defines all of us that the self-defined ‘Jew’ has excluded from the
human race as cattle, without human rights. Read your Old Testament. Read
the Torah. Read the Talmud. I am anti-slavery. I am anti violence. I am anti
injustice. Thus I am, automatically, without any racism or ulterior agenda, antithe-
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Most Jews resisted the Zionist 13th tribe’s attempts to enslave them. They
were rarely ‘Semitic’. They were rarely ‘exclusive’ and ‘racist’. For most of their
biblical history the ‘Jews’ assimilated very nicely into their communities, and so
the distinction of ‘Jew’ / ‘Semitic’ was lost. They ‘intermarried’. The adopted the
local gods and customs. This is documented over and over again in the Old
Testament. It really pisses off the 13th tribe, the Levites, the Zionist’s. The
Zionists are happy to have their ‘chosen people’ the 12 tribes of Jacob,
destroyed, so that they can then regain control over ‘the remnant’. They
promise to do it again. So please, my friends living in Israel, do not let them use
you as their tool. They are quite happy to sacrificed most of you again, as a
‘burnt offering’. In WWII it was gas chambers and fire bombings. In WWIII it will
be nukes. Probably your own nukes. Go out into the streets today and start
asking questions, and see how quickly you are defined as a ‘blasphemer’, and
threatened, if not immediately locked up and tortured.
Until you identify yourself as a ‘Jew’, to me you are just a friend. A human. A
potential ally. A frustration and a joy, like all other humans on this planet. There
are lots of opportunistic, nasty people of all ethnic backgrounds, nationalities,
and religions. It would be absurd to claim the Zionist bad guys are any worse in
principle. Only they are worse in reality, as they have the most power. The
power of Alchemy. The Power of the Golem. The Golem is the C.I.A and Mi5 and
Mossad, and everyone who is willing to sell their soul for wealth and power. You
cannot seduce someone who does not want to be seduced. The Zionist is just
better at the game of power. The Zionist found the philosophers stone, the idea
for the Central Banking system, and it feeds its Golem, those who aspire to ever
greater wealth and power, with the paper money and instructions that come
with it, that it prints itself, on the Central bank printing presses.
Honestly, because the Bible and Talmud and all the information available to me
are contradictory, and ambiguous, I cannot say if the Zionists are the good guys,
in terms of my own Eden Protocols, or just another bunch of selfish
opportunists. So I say this, if any Zionist out there appreciates my potential,
then make me an offer. Explain to me your real objectives. Let me decide if I
want to join you or not. Of course once you make an offer, I realise the deal. It is
an offer you cannot refuse, if you value your life. Me, I am free to choose. I am
pretty Zen. Like Marcus Aurelius, or Buddha. I am even more like Voltaire,
Ecclesiastes, Schopenhauer, and that gang. So make me an offer. If I don’t like it,
send me off to my next lives. I, like everyone, have nothing to lose.
We are all going to die within the next 100 years. In an eternity of time, 100
hundred years is a ‘sneeze’, a ‘hiccup’, a spark in an eternal field of darkness. Or
it is just a ‘bridge’ between an infinite span of eternity of next-lives. Do not let
people scare you into eternal slavery for all your next lives. They can only
control you through fear. They have controlled the ‘Jews’ through fear. They
began controlling us all through fear, when they invented ‘hell’, and then ‘the
terrorist’. THEY are the terrorist. Stop letting fear ruin every moment of this life,
and every next life to come. You have NOTHING to fear. O.K, a little pain and
inconvenience. But that’s life, folks. Ask any Stoic. And life is risky. Ask
Nietzsche. And take his advice. Start living dangerously. Blaspheme. We all
need to catch Zionist Tourette’s Syndrome. We need to remember the
Bhavagad Gita. Remember Shiva. Dance off our chains. You cannot control
people who will not submit. And people who are aware cannot be tricked. There
are so few of them, the masters, and we, their cattle, are many. Ever watched
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
cattle being led to slaughter by a few men? You wonder how they could allow it
to happen. It is conditioning. It is priming.
Take a baby elephant, and chain it to a tree. Later you can replace the chain
with a rope. Later you can ‘chain’ it with a piece of string to a sapling. It has
been primed and conditioned not to try to escape. Watch a lion tamer’s lion
flinch like a small child being threatened with a slap by its parent. That lion
could eat that lion tamer up. It could slash the lion tamer to pieces in an instant.
But it has been conditioned to fear the lion tamer since birth. We have been
conditioned to fear authority, terrorists, and to chase after little pieces of
worthless paper, like mice. We are all the Zionist’s Golem. We are the cattle
being lead to slaughter by a few men. We are the lion flinching when our
masters wave their hands. We are the powerful elephant that lets itself be
‘chained’ to a sapling by a piece of string.
No one can be allowed to challenge the authority of the Zionist leadership.
Today the Zionists have managed to have laws introduced that effectively
punish anyone for daring to challenge any Zionist propaganda, or seek to
interrogate the actions of their leadership, whether the Zionist operations are in
Germany, Britain, Israel, or the U.S.A. The modern term for ‘blasphemy’ is ‘anti-
The modern form of this law is the U.S Patriot Act, and the laws against
publishing ‘Mein Kampf’ or speaking up about the control of the U.S, German,
and British media, finance, medical, and intelligence industries by the Zionists.
Zionists are free to imprison you without charging you for any crime, and then
torture you until you say whatever they want you to say. ‘Blaspheme’ in your
profession, and you will be ex-communicated. Blaspheme as a member of the
U.S military or intelligence agencies and you will be murdered or defined as
Criticism of Stalin and Bolshevism was illegal in Russia and its sphere of
influence, the U.S.S.R and The Warsaw Pact countries. Blaspheme against Stalin
in that realm, and they sent you to the gulags, the labor camps. And guess what.
Stalin also imposed the death penalty for anti-Semitism. Criticism of Nazism
was illegal in Germany, France, and the occupied countries. Blaspheme against
Hitler and Nazism, and you found yourself in a KZ, a labor camp. Criticise the
British in South Africa during the ‘Boer war’ and you and your entire family were
sure to die of disease and starvation in one of Lord Kitchener’s death camps.
Criticise Marcos in the Philippines, and you got shot. Criticise Pinochet in
Argentina, and you and your family went ‘missing’. Blaspheme in the lands
controlled by the 13th tribe, the Levites, Moses’ and Aaron’s private Zionist
corporation, and you got stoned to death. Now each criminal power had its
own locus of power within which they could punish you for challenging their
power and authority.
Ask Ernst Zundel, who spent 8 years in prison, without ever being charged with
anything, though officially he was suspected of ‘inciting racial hatred’. He had
merely raised questions about the official Holocaust narrative. He had traveled
to Auschwitz and proven that there were absolutely no residual traces of Zyklon
B. It is a fact admitted by Soviet authorities that the buildings which todays
visitors to Auschwitz are told were Nazi gas chambers, were built after the end
of WWII by Russians, following Stalin’s orders. They were meant to demoralise
East Germans, and to demonise the only real threat to Bolshevism, National
Socialism, a.k.a Nazism. There has NEVER been any evidence found to indicate
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
any mass extermination of any people by means of gas chambers. The only
facilities for burning bodies ever found exist in the exact numbers required for
cremating the victims of illnesses suffered at the camps. These are facts. But I
could be arrested and held forever, without any charges ever being laid, simply
for repeating them. You wonder why I have doubts about publishing this book?
Why I feel ill just thinking about what I am writing?
Is it wrong to hate those who hate peace, freedom, justice, and beauty? It
makes no difference to me how these people define themselves. I see only
people for truth, justice, freedom, and beauty, and people who are against it.
And I do not even hate them personally. I only hate what they stand for. No-one
has free will. It is insane to blame the victims of their own inherited wills. Their
holistic inheritance. Their socio-economic-cultural-historical-geographicalgenetic-
social inheritance.
Ezra Pound, a true genius who mentored 4 Nobel Prize winning authors,
including Hemingway, was imprisoned for speaking up about Zionism. He was
never tried. He was, however, held in prison on ‘suspicion of treason’. The
government had their psychiatrists define him as insane, and thus ‘incompetent’
for trial. Why? Because they had no legal grounds at all to try him, let alone
convict him, of ANY crime. He spent 8 years in prison also. 50 television hosts
who hosted him on their television programs had their programs taken off the
air shortly after, by the heads of their Networks. Remember who owns the mass
media. Zionist Central Bankers. The director of the C.I.A stately clearly that the
C.I.A and Zionist Central Bankers do not allow anyone on television that they do
not completely control. This means that everyone on television is a C.I.A asset.
Any television personality who does not toe the official line soon finds out who
owns the mass media.
Ever wonder why so many of the sexiest stars of the big screen light up
cigarettes, for no reason at all? I have written all about this in my other
So what does it tell you, friend, that today, if you speak up against Zionism in
Germany, The U.S, and many other countries, you can be put in prison, lose your
job, be blacklisted out of your profession, and worst of all, arrested and
imprisoned indefinitely without any trial, and then tortured. What does it tell
you about the Zionist sphere of influence? Are you living in America, the land of
the free, or a colony of the Zionists, the land of the freedom of the Zionist Jew
to enslave the Gentile, and consume the Gentile’s wealth?
Of course, if you, my friend, happen to be Jewish, the same laws apply to you.
Just try to question your own government about its 300 nukes or its murdering
of your neighbors and see where it gets you. The laws apply whether Jew or
visitor. We, the gentiles, are only ‘visitors’ upon an earth. The god of the Levites,
your priest class, your beneficiary class, your slave masters, the 13th tribe, has
given you and all of us to this 13th tribe to rule and enslave. You, my friend,
unless you are a member of that 13th tribe, are actually worse off than the rest
of us Gentiles. For we have no covenant with the Levite’s god. You do.
The god of the bible / Torah made you the original ‘offer you cannot refuse’. He
warned you to either submit to the 13th tribe 100%, or be punished and
We Gentiles, however, were always free to choose to follow the Zionists and
submit, or not to. It appears that most of the world has in fact chosen to submit.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
We call it ‘credit’. Any time we buy something on credit we have implicitly
granted the Zionists our submission. This is how the Zionists gained control.
They offered you a deal too good to be true, and you took it. It was a trick, of
course, but you were willingly seduced by the chance to consume things you
had not consumed, and to pay for them with money you had not yet earned. It
is called living beyond your means. The Germanic first founders of The U.S.A
were against this. They were against credit. They were against the Federal
Reserve banking system. JFK was also. Until recently, most Germans tended to
live within their means, and to save for future purchases. But today young
Germans, like most Americans, prefer to consume now and pay later. Oh they
will pay later. They will pay from their birth to their death, and inherit debt in
their next lives as well! A deal with the devil?
I do not blame you any more than I blame the average American, Australian,
German, or Brit. Our governments are all either knowing conspirators,
opportunistic mitlaufers, or simply dupes. So please, do not let the Zionists
define me as anti-Semitic. Most of the Jews, like most of the Americans,
Australians, Germans, Brits, Greeks, Spaniards, French, Libyan, Iraqi, Russian,
Chinese, Japanese, and Korean etc. etc. are misinformed victims.
We have to start blaspheming in such large numbers that the Zionists cannot
stone us to death, and must start dealing with us as people, rather than ‘cattle’.
So wise up, please, and save yourselves, and us, before it is too late. You may
inherit the earth, but as JFK warned, it will be ‘ashes in your mouths’. Do not
think that China and Russia are going to let the Zionists fulfill their plan without
responding with Armageddon. Do you think they are bluffing? What did most
people think before WWI started? The war to end all wars? Remember who
used the first atomic bombs. Remember who firebombed Japanese and German
civilians, and then Vietnamese, Yugoslavian, and Iraqi civilians.
Moses was not Jewish. At the first sign of the Jews resistance to his tyranny, he
had thousands of you Jews butchered. You did not want to commit the
Canaanite holocaust any more than you want to murder Palestinian mothers
and children. However he threatened you with utter destruction if you would
not, as your 13th tribe, the Zionists, do to this day. Joshua led you to commit
the genocide. The Zionists even arranged for you to suffer in Nazi Germany,
simply to get you to and the whole world to follow them in grounding the state
of Israel. You were offered up as a ‘burnt sacrifice’. You will be again if you do
not listen to people like me, and all those who have informed my arguments in
Read the bible. Or read to / listen to, the following ‘compressed’ version. I have
excluded nothing of importance, by deliberate act or omission. The facts,
though it is rarely the case, in this case, can speak for themselves.
Few people have ever read any of the official unabbreviated bibles from
beginning to end. Further, there are many versions of the bible, and so it is
common to come across biblical ‘quotes’ that are not in the bible that you have
read. I have been quite surprised when reading the bible, at what it contains.
Shocked too. Often appalled. Often puzzled and confused.
What puts off most people from attempting to read the bible from front to back
is its sheer length. However most of the content of the bible is pure repetition.
Most of the content is repeated over and over in different places, with only a
few changes of expression. And so you can easily ‘compress’ a bible simply by
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
only stating a particular story or ‘history’ once. If you paraphrase the content of
the bible, you end up with a quite short, interesting, surprising, and occasionally
poetic, often entertaining, and even enlightening set of stories, parables, and
even wise sayings.
BASIS OF THEIR OWN AUTHORITY AND POWER is that it is defined as the
expression of a god, and that god’s prophets. It has been used and abused as a
source of ‘transferred authority’ by thousands of political leaders, Kings,
prophets, and founders of religions and states. If you can convince people that
the bible is the word of a god or people who communicated with and for that
god, then the bible has authority. If you can then convince people that the bible
says, or means, what you want it to, then what you want automatically becomes
the will of a god, as expressed in the word of a god and his prophets. In other
words people will listen to you, and do what you want them to, if they can be
lead to believe that what you say, what you command, is written in the bible,
and thus the command of a god.
And so many people have used the bible as the source of their own worldly
authority. They have used it to enslave people. They have used it to compel one
man to kill another man, another woman, a child, and even to commit genocide
of entire peoples. They have used the bible to justify rape, murder, and theft.
They have used the bible to justify slavery. They have used the bible to justify
denying over half the population human rights to study, work, vote, and express
I read through the entire version of the bible I had in order to avoid missing out
on the potential wisdom that might be contained in it. What I discovered is that
most of what people THINK is in the Bible is NOT in the bible. What most people
‘think’ comes from the Bible, actually comes from the mouths and pens of
priests and other people with their own motives and vested interests. They gain
‘transferred authority’ for their own arguments by placing them in the context
of the Bible. However these arguments, against suicide, for example, are
nowhere to be found in the Bible itself. Further, when you read the bible, you
are shocked to find that the ‘God’ you imagined is not the god that is described.
It would be hard for any decent, reasonable, good person to find the god of the
Old Testament WORTHY of your love and respect. Of course he only demands
you FEAR him.
And Moses? That most respected of figures? What of him? What can you say
about a man that commands you, in god’s name, not to kill, and then orders
thousands of his own people butchered to death merely for worshiping a golden
calf, after he left them alone 40 days. His god commands us not to kill. And then
the same god commands his people to commit genocide. To ‘rip apart’ pregnant
women. To murder every man, woman, and their ‘little ones’. To kill many of
their animals even. To allow only the virgin girls to live, so that they might be
continually raped as sex slaves.
What can you say about the supposed miracles described in the Old Testament?
Even the greatest skeptic like Hume would be open to believing the evidence of
his own senses. And yet god’s people do NOT appear to have found them all too
convincing. For within weeks of such amazing miracles, they had returned to
their earlier gods. I think it reasonable to assume that if the miracles had
actually happened as described, that the people would have shown much
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
greater commitment. It appears that their behaviour must imply that the
miracles never happened as described.
Today the bible is used to get taxpayers in the West to pay for Zionism, the
continuation of the Biblical genocide described in the Old Testament and
Talmud, the result of which is to be the enslavement of the entire world
population by the thirteenth tribe of Israel, the children of Moses and Aaron,
the Levites. It is these Zionists whom Nazi Germany attempted to defeat in their
quest for total world domination. John F Kennedy was the last person in power
to attempt to defend you from the Zionist New World Order plan to enslave
you. They murdered him for this. 6 months after he signed the Presidential
order that would dissolve their Federal Reserve Bank, and threaten their superstate,
the Zionist-Central-Banksters New World Order, with headquarters in
Switzerland. Unless you all unite, today, and give your informed consent to an
ALTERNATIVE new world order, one based on justice and informed consent, you
will soon be living in the New World Order that the Zionists, since Moses, have
been working towards. Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ got most of it right, when it came
to the Zionist conspiracy.
Nazi Germany stood more or less alone against the Zionist New World Order.
The Zionists owned and operated the Bolsheviks, financing and building their
war machine, financing the British military, and then tricking the U.S population
into fighting for them in Europe.
Fuck I realise how dangerous it is to write this, and how brainwashed and
primed most of you are to completely reject what I have to say, even before you
have heard a single word of my argument. Shit, how many of you have read the
bible, or Mein Kampf? Yet how many of you respect the bible, and condemn
Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ without having ANY idea of what is in either of them?
The ‘dupes’ of this many thousand year conspiracy are the ‘Christian
fundamentalists’. They appear to be using the bible to promote a longed for
‘end of days’, an ‘Armageddon’. They imagine that a last world war, led by
Israel, will lead to a longed for ‘new’ kingdom of heaven and earth. Few of
them ever read the bible. For they would have realised that they, as Goyim, are
to be the slaves of the Levites, as much as the other 12 tribes of Israel, the socalled
Moses made clear that the 12 tribes of Israel, the so-called ‘Jewish people’ are
merely the tool of the Levites, when he massacred them for failing to submit to
his chosen people, the 13th tribe, the Levites.
My comments are not anti- Semitic. Most of the supposed ‘Jews’ have
themselves been the victim of their oppressive Priest class, the 13th tribe, the
Levites. It is this group that is hell-bent on world domination, and the
enslavement of everyone else. Their god has promised them this right to
enslave all of us. These are the ‘Zionists’. To call them ‘Jews’ is a misnomer.
They will claim they are Jews. They will claim that I am being anti- Semitic.
However I love all people. Most of the people society defines as ‘Jewish’ are no
more Moses ‘Chosen people’ than the rest of us. They were simply the first 12
tribes to be enslaved by Moses, who kept them in line by force.
Today the rest of the nominally ‘Jewish’ people, and the Christian
fundamentalists, and the Islamic fundamentalists, and most of us, are kept in
control by less obvious means. Moses does not have to come down from his
mountain and murder us to keep us in line. The Levites have much more
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
unobtrusive means to ‘herd’ their ‘cattle’. We are being ‘managed’ like farm
animals, in the interests of a tiny minority of powerful people. For better or
worse. This is the true ‘New World Order’ conspiracy.
I have my own proposals for a New World Order. I hope you get to consider
them before the Old ‘New World Order’ conspiracy has complete, and open,
control of the world. You may not like my alternative, but it is the only
alternative that is going to be able to defend you from slavery to the Zionist’s
New World Order. Hell, it is probably already too late. So please read my books
and save copies somewhere. Maybe one day you will have a chance to regain
your freedom. Who knows? Maybe aliens will step in and help us. Maybe this
final crises will be the chance for a new world order worthy of the likes of a
Jesus, Buddha, or Jain.
I will here repeat the same question that the 12 tribes of ‘Israel’ put to Moses.
Like in old Germanic law, each person was considered free and equal according
to the law of the 12 tribes, before Moses assumed his position as their dictator.
As Milton has Lucifer argue with God, the Jews argue with Moses, asking him
why, if everyone was equal, and each equal before god, and each a priest in
their own right, need they, should they, submit to any other priest, let alone an
entire priest ‘class’, the 13th tribe, the Levites?
In Milton’s ‘Paradise lost’, God throws Lucifer out of heaven for challenging his
self-claimed authority. In the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament,
and the bible, Moses slaughters thousands of ‘Jews’, each time they challenge
his authority, and that of his true chosen people, the Levites.
Moses’ brother Aaron, and all his male children, are to enslave the entire world,
by god’s authority, which is really only Moses’ authority, unless god really did
speak to him. What do YOU believe?
Remember, if you imagine yourself ‘Jewish’, that my anti- ZIONISM is not
directed at Jews at all. It is directed against the Zionism of the 13th tribe, at the
Levites, who are the enemies of ‘Jews’ as much as the enemies of the ‘Goyim’,
the rest of us. Abusing me as an ‘anti-Semite’ under the world-wide laws that
the Levites have already had imposed upon us, is the equivalent of abusing me
as an anti-Nazi.
I never planned on writing this introduction as it stands. However I will keep it
as it stands. For I am a philosopher. My ambitions are truth, beauty, and
compassion. I have worked out a set of protocols myself. Perhaps they
converge at many points with the protocols of the Zionists. However mine are
not secret. I have nothing to hide. And I am always suspicious of people who
hide their holistic intentions. What do they have to hide? What is it that they
fear me understanding? If their motives were truly good and honorable, then
surely they would, like me, publish them openly, for all to consider?
Please read the bible first. I have offered up a compressed version of the King
James Bible, without leaving anything out. Following this is a compressed
version of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’. Please, before you do what your slave masters
have been priming and conditioning and brain washing you to do, just quickly
read this. What do you have to lose? You are doomed to lose your freedom if
you do not. You are doomed to real slavery. Maybe it will be good for you.
Maybe it is the karma that the universe feels you will need to experience. For,
fairly put, most of you have been slave masters for most of your lives. You have
been exploiting your power over those with less power than yourselves. Almost
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
everyone, no matter how poor, exploits their power over animals. So maybe the
Zionists are part of the dialectic.
They imagine they are going to gain control and enslave you. But they are
probably going to learn through their own karma what they are going to be
indirectly teaching you. So ignore me. Be enslaved. Learn what it is like to be
treated ‘like animals’ by humans. Learn your lesson. Then when you are ready,
someone like me, with books like my TROONATNOOR, with ideas like my Eden
Protocols and my ‘Optimal Ethics Generator’, will appear on the scene to guide
you forward once more. You are about to enter an abyss. The Zionist new world
order. Just another horrific experience necessary for us to learn how to ‘play
nice’, to learn some humility and compassion. It won’t last that long. Maybe a
few thousand years.
Or maybe the Zionists really will implement the equivalent of my own Eden
Protocols. Maybe the new world order will be based on TROONATNOOR, and
something like my ‘Optimal Ethics Generator’. Anyway, the masters will be able
to read my books if they like. Who knows, maybe todays leadership of the
Zionist world order will be overthrown by some of their own people. People
who understand what people like me understand. The last laugh may be on the
Zionist new world order masters.
To you all, to every sentient being, I hope for a good death, and happy next
Note that there are many different ‘versions’ / ‘translations’ / interpretations of
biblical writings. The following mostly come from The King James version. And
so some things that are in your bible may not be here, and some things here
may not be in your bible. I do not have time to compare every version of the
bible that is out there. Any acts or omissions the writers of the King James Bible
are theirs, and not mine.
Deuteronomy (The last of the 5 books of Moses)
End of the written Torah, the fifth book of Moses, Called Deuteronomy.
God tells Moses to …’take you wise men of understanding from among you and
make them Judges. They are to Judge without prejudice. The rich and powerful
and the poor and the powerless are to be treated equally under the law.
Moses complains to god that … ‘I cannot bear the burden of judgment alone’.
Moses warns listeners what happened the last times Israelites refused to invade
Canaan, the ‘promised land’.
God tells Moses to … ‘give Ammon to the sons of Lot. In other words do not
invade Ammon. They are to pass by Ammon.
Moses reminds the Jews that …’We destroyed men, women, and little ones of
all cities of the Ammorites, Midianites, and Oggites…utterly destroying all the
men, women, and children…Except Ammon and places god had forbade us…’
I guess that Moses thought Ammon was too strong to risk attacking it, so he
chose his battles wisely.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
All the cities of the plain, of Ogg, including the Giants, are slaughtered by the
Moses praises god …’What god is there of heaven or earth that can do as you
God tells Moses to order Joshua to repeat the earlier genocides on the people in
the promised lands.
Moses reminds his people how the Baal Peor worshippers were destroyed.
‘Therefore do not add or subtract a single word from my statutes’. Of course
later we find the Jews doing just that. Changing his laws. In the end, according
to most scholars, the 12 tribes murdered Moses. This is of course ‘traditional’
for all ancient heroes. They fight for ideals, they die or are murdered, and their
murderers then go on to idolise them as heroic god-men.
Moses praises himself indirectly, describing his chosen people as…’a wise and
understanding people’. He asks the rhetorical question …’who has statutes so
righteous as those of Israel?’
More flashbacks to earlier events. Describes how the …’Mountain burned with
thick darkness and clouds…and the voice of god commanded Moses… giving
him the 10 commandants…and other statutes…’
God is angry with Moses, and as punishment Moses will never cross the Jordan
River, and enter the Promised Land.
‘The Lord thy god is a consuming fire, even a jealous god, therefore do not
provoke him by idolatry…do not worship gods of stone, wood, and metal that
do not see, hear, smell…’. This is the first time god seems to deny that the other
gods are real gods.
God reminds them that he will be a merciful god, unless they anger him.
Moses seeks to establish his authority as the spokesperson for god. ‘Did ever a
people hear god speak out of midst of fire and live?’
Again god changes his position vis a vis ‘other’ gods, who now are not gods at
all, but idols of wood and stone. Moses tells the Jews that their god is now the
exclusive and only god that exists. ‘He is god. There is none else beside
him…there is none else…’
Moses seems to spin the story here. Remember that he threatened any person
or animal with death if it merely stepped foot on the mountain. Now he claims
…’You were afraid to go up the mountain due to fire…I went up’. As if he was
brave, and they were too scared to. Of course they all would have literally ‘died’
to go up the mountain and see and speak with god. Who would not have
wanted to?
Moses reminds us again that their god is a ‘jealous god’. You either love him
and submit to him completely, or you fail to submit 100%, and thus by definition
prove that you utterly hate him, and he will hate you and punish you and all
your family to the 3rd and 4th generations. God is all love and hate. He
demands 100% submission to his will. He defines anything less than 100% as an
expression of total hatred for him. It is all or nothing. Of course Moses and the
Priests will tell you what his will is. You are to submit to the priests 100%, body
and soul, every second of every day, doing exactly what they tell you to. Or
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The rules and warnings of Moses are repeated for the umpteenth time, just in
case you were not paying attention the other times.
Do not desire what belongs to others. This means of course that it is a sin to
envy what someone else has. Envy is covetousness.
Fear god and so observe his commandants. Submit. And you are promised
cities, homes, goods, vineyards etc. that you have not built or worked for
yourselves. In other words you will become the beneficiary class. The slaves
will produce all your goods for you. The slaves will provide all the goods and
services that you desire. You will be their masters. You will order them about.
They will do your bidding. (And you shall be as gods!).
Do not worship the other gods of those around you, or god will destroy you
from the face of the earth. He is a jealous god. Just in case you failed to get that
any of the other times it was stated!
Moses tells his people that …’Genocide is righteous’. They shall destroy the
…’7 nations greater than thou’. The Jews are to …show no mercy, no pity’…
they are to… ‘Utterly destroy’ these 7 nations…’so they cannot turn you away to
worship other gods’.
Read between the lines and we find that god is not only jealous, but fears the
competition. God will utterly destroy everyone whose ‘god’ is in competition
with him. Now of course there never was a god. Moses merely invented him to
gain the transferred authority of speaking for an all-powerful god. Moses is
basically saying that his people are to utterly extirpate any nation with a
competing ideology or religion to his own, Zionist, 13th tribe Levite ideology /
Consider the ‘7 nations greater than thou’ in the present day context. What
happened to Iraq? What happened to Palestine? What happened to Egypt?
What happened to Sudan? What happened to Libya? What are the Zionist U.S
forces planning to do to Iran and Syria? Remember that Israel is a nation of only
8 million people. All of these ‘7 nations’ are ‘greater’ than the modern state of
Moses tells us that god has promised that …’As a consuming fire I shall destroy
them for you…’ God shall …’drive them out for their wickedness, and not your
righteousness… for thou’ art a stiff necked, rebellious people since the day I
knew you.’ See, you 12 tribes of Israel, your ancestors never did allow
themselves to be totally enslaved by these Zionists who today have tricked you
into serving their interests. I am on your side. There is nothing anti-Semitic
about wanting to help Jews free themselves from their current slavery to their
Zionist masters. The Semite’s Zionist masters are the same as they have always
been. These slave masters are as happy to offer the 12 tribes of Israel up as a
‘burnt offering’ to achieve their ends, as they are to offer any gentile / goyim.
The story is repeated again of Moses spending 40 days and 40 nights fasting on
the mountain. He comes down to find his chosen people worshiping god in the
form of a golden calf. Moses gets angry with Aaron his older brother. It was
Aaron who had the idea. So Moses goes back up the mountain and appeals to
god for another 40 days and 40 nights, appealing to god’s pride. For Moses says
that it is god who wanted to punish them, not himself. But of course it was
Moses who orders the slaughter of thousands of his own people as punishment
for the golden calf incident. His own brother, the priest, he forgives, of course.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Moses appeals to god’s vanity …’what will the Egyptians and their gods say if
god kills his own people?’
Moses throws down the two tablets which are supposed to be engraved with
the 10 commandments. Maybe there was really nothing on them and he was
avoiding anyone realising that?
I never realised that the golden rule, which in biblical terms I always associated
with the New Testament, and Jesus, is actually repeated several times in the
Torah, the Old Testament, by Moses. Of course the number one commandant is
‘To fear the lord thy god’ … god of gods and lord of lords. But after this, comes
the commandment to … Love thee the stranger. Moses warns us to …’Keep his
commandants / judgments / statutes’.
This is a bit confusing, really, given all the genocide, rape, enslavement, and
theft of ‘strangers’ that is documented before and after this supposed
commandment to ‘love’ the stranger.
The story of the ground opening up and swallowing some of Moses more
recalcitrant, less submissive followers, may be a ‘narrative’ or ‘spin’ designed to
cover up for the fact that many of his followers just took off during the night,
with all their gear. For why else would god have the ground swallow them
whole, with all their possessions? Surely if you were going to punish people, it
would be wasteful to destroy all their stuff, especially when you are wandering
around in the desert with little access to goods. When Moses had thousands of
his followers slaughtered to make a point about worshiping golden calves, he
didn’t destroy all their goods as well.
‘Don’t serve other gods’. Again they are ‘other gods’, and not fakes of wood and
Moses promises his people, the Jews, that …’Everywhere the soles of your feet
step, the land shall be yours’. In other words they shall enter a country, say
Germany, or the U.S, and they shall end up owning it. Want to compare
statistics for wealth and property distribution among known Zionists and the
general, non- Jewish populations in each country in which Jews live?
Moses warns the 12 tribes that his choosing them is both a …’Blessing and a
curse’. You 12 tribes, you Jews, most of whom I am extremely fond of, as Hitler
once had been, either submit to be the chosen people, and be rewarded, or do
not, and be cursed and punished..
Remember that Henry the Eighth was the same. You either submit to his
arbitrary rule, and accept his adultery and sinful divorces, or he will have you
burned alive. If you decide that you do not want to be ruled by such a man, and
try to leave England, then you shall be punished as a traitor, and burned alive.
Submit to his whim without question, or be burned alive. Now no-one could
blame the English, or the Jews, for submitting to their tyrants.
All prophets are warned to be careful about making predictions, for the …’ false
prophet shall die if what he prophecies does not happen’.
God tells his people to …’Utterly destroy all temples / altars / groves / idols of
other gods’. Again her calls them ‘other’ gods, as if they are just as real as
himself, and he is simply jealous of them’.
‘You can eat flesh thy soul lusts after, but not the blood, for it is the life…pour it
on the ground…do not eat the life with the flesh.’ This is a repeat of one of the
rules about what things are ‘clean’ or ‘kosher’. I still feel that it is ambiguous
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
enough to mean that we are not to eat things with blood. Remember that
‘meat’ used to refer to all forms of food. It was not until recently that we used
the term to refer to the flesh of animals.
‘Take heed not to forsake the Levite (priest)’.
After Moses has slaughtered thousands of the 12 tribes for dancing around a
golden calf, Moses warns his people that the non-Jews of the other nations …
‘have burnt (sacrificed) their own children to their gods’.
Moses warns his people not to add to or remove any of the laws, regulations,
commandments, and rules that he has given them. ‘Thou shallt not add thereto
nor diminish from it’. The ‘Mosaic’ law is to be the final law. The end of history.
The last word of god. The final word. Of course if you read the Talmud, and
later chapters in the Old Testament, you will see that the Levites, the 13th tribe,
the Zionists themselves, make many additions and alterations to the law that
Moses expresses in the Torah, which are claimed to be the very word of Moses
himself. Even though, of course, his own death and burial is described in the
last of the 5 books of Moses, a.k.a ‘Torah’.
‘Do not harken to a prophet of other gods … put such a prophet to death’.
‘Kill your own brother if he tempts you to worship another god’.
Again we suffer many repeats, with some new additions. Jews are to have no
tattoos or scarification. There is a reference to a a mark on their forehead.
More foods are defined as clean or unclean. To be clean, an animal must BOTH
…’cheweth the cud AND divide the hoof’ if it is a land animal. If it lives in the
sea, then it must …’have BOTH scales AND fins’. A whole bunch of fowls / birds
are defined as unclean.
You can sell an animal that died to a stranger / foreigner, but may not eat it
yourself, for it is unclean.
Every 7 years Jews are to honor the ‘lords release’. This means that you have to
release any other Jew of any debt they have to you. This includes bonded
servants, who are to be freed from their bond as part of the ‘lord’s release’.
They are to be rewarded for their service. If they choose to leave, they may.
However if for some reason they choose to stay, you are to … ‘place an awl in
their ear’…, after which they are then your PERMANENT servant a.k.a slave.
Now remember that the western world ‘freely’ accepted the Federal Reserve
System, and chose to become indebted to the Zionist Central banks. The U.S
went against their founding fathers decision to ‘live within their own means’.
Thomas Jefferson stated clearly that the price of Liberty would be economy. He
stated that if we did not live within our means, we would end up as slaves to the
banks. Like most other traditional Germans, Jefferson warned us to save for
future purchases, and buy them when they could afford them, rather than
taking out credit to consume things now, and pay for them later. Jefferson and
the other founding fathers also agreed that the U.S would never become
involved in ‘foreign entanglements’. It is war that gets nations into debt. Even
Plato was of the same mind, for the same reasons, for his ‘Republic’.
At any point in time you could have refused to take out loans, to use credit
cards, and so on. I used the past tense of ‘could’ have. Now it is too late. Each
U.S citizen, at birth, inherits a 50,000 U.S debt, which they will never be able to
pay off, because the interest will continually accumulate, and they will never be
able to earn enough to pay it all off. From the Zionist’s point of view, they are
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
well within the bounds of their own law and ethics. It is not their fault that
every king and then citizen was greedy, and impatient to consume and enjoy
things they had not yet earned or paid for. Like the author Hemingway, I
observe the principle of wanting to know exactly what something is going to
cost me, and only allowing myself that thing AFTER I have earned enough to pay
for it. Now I would not be surprised if, soon, each child born in the U.S will have
a chip placed in its ear, to define it as the property of the Zionist New world
order, and that its one world bank account will be DEBITED with the equivalent
World Monetary Fund ‘Drawing Rights’ of U.S 50,000 dollars.
Jews are commanded to be charitable to their family, the poor, and the needy.
‘Open thy hand wide to family, poor, and needy’.
Don’t plant groves of trees near to the Temple.
Anyone who worships the Sun or Stones is to be put to death, if at least 2
witnesses catch them at their nefarious deed. It is these two witnesses who
must cast the first stones. Now this might have been well intentioned on the
part of the writers of the ‘Mosaic’ law, however my experience with people is
that the malice in their hearts would lead them to enjoy casting the first stone,
rather than giving them pause before making accusations.
Now we have the clear statement of the Zionist’s new world order. It is the 13th
tribe, the Levites, the Priests, who are to be the ‘final judges’ of everyone on the
planet. And anyone who fails to carry out their wills, their sentences, their
decisions, their laws, must be killed. In fact anyone who merely presumes to
question their authority or wisdom is to be put to death. This of course includes
the people like me who are trying to save you all. When they are in complete
power it will be too late for YOU to challenge them. And we are not talking
more than a few years at the most.
‘You may not set non-Jew as king’. In other words the New World Order must
be ruled by a Jew.
However, in an attempt to prevent corruption, this king …may not multiply
horses, wives, or wealth’. This is a real far-fetched proposition. A truly honest
King. It has never happened that a ruler has not opportunistically taken
advantage of their power to accumulate personal wealth. Who would choose to
be King under this condition? Can you name me one Zionist who lives humbly
and consumes only what they produce with their own hands?
The Levites, the 13th tribe, the Priests, the Zionist rulers, are to be given the
best of the best of everything. The shoulder, and the 2 cheeks of the Ox. The
first fleece of the lamb. The first harvested corn.
‘Israel shall be raised up a great prophet that shall speak in god’s name’.
The Jews fail to drive the ‘Jebusites’ out of Jerusalem, (Jebusi), and so they share
it with them. In other words Jerusalem was NEVER a purely Jewish city. It was
ALWAYS a shared city, from the beginning. Jebusites dwell with the children of
Judah there to this day. You can speak to Jewish people who lived in Jerusalem
and Palestine before 1946, and they will tell you that the Jews and their Muslim
neighbours got along so well that they would even babysit each other’s children.
It is Zionism that is the problem in the Middle East. NOT religion. The Zionists
have deliberately bred hatred and violence between Christians, Muslims, and
Jews. It is the age old story of ‘divide and conquer’.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Some Canaanites in Giza cannot be driven out so they are left in Giza, and
forced to pay tribute to the Jews.
The tribe of Menassi also share with the tribe of Ephraim (Caananites) at first.
Later when they gain strength they force the Canaanites to pay them tribute.
7 tribes still in Shilo in Canaan…had not yet invaded the rest of the ‘promised
lands’ as commanded by Moses / Joshua / god…these included forested
mountain areas…Joshua had divided this land among the tribes, based on their
reports after 3 from each tribe sent to spy out the land…
Dan takes more than Joshua had ‘given’ him as his portion. Dan…’Slaughters’ ‘a
coastal city’ he decides, independently, that he shall take.
Jews on other side of Jordan, in Gilead, build an altar and make offerings to god,
against Moses’ / god’s law that offerings might only be made in the temple.
No-one knows where it is in Moab that Moses’ sepulcher is located.
Moses is the last person to ever see god ‘face to face’.
Note that many of the stories that have already been repeated over and over in
the first 5 books, make up much of the ‘bulk’ of the rest of the Old Testament,
and even New Testament. Either they are encrypted, coded information, the
editors were too lazy to bother about ‘reader burden’, or this ‘burden’ was
deliberately inflicted upon potential readers to prevent them bothering to even
try to read the bible from cover to cover.
The First book of Samuel (first book of the Kings)
Michael, his wife, finds David vain and base, after his dancing through the
streets like a commoner. Michael has no children by David. David’s house is
made of cedar, while the arc of the covenant / tent of the presence of the lord
i.e. god’s house, is a mere tent! David finds this inappropriate. The Lord of
hosts instructs the prophet Nathan to tell David to build ‘him’ a ‘house’… God to
be father to son…thy throne shall be established forever…David announces that
he will not return to his own house as long as the covenant resides in a mere
tent i.e. until a fitting house for the ark of the covenant is built.
David / Jews chosen by god to ‘make him a name’.
David smites / slays 22,000 … takes enemies chariots and ‘hocks’ most of them…
defeats various kings, and Syrians…18.000…philistines etc.
David Judge / King of all Israel.
Ammonites / Syrians fled in battle. 40,000 horsemen and 700 chariots…
‘smitten’ by David… Syria broke its coalition with Ammon… Israelites ‘destroy’
the children of Ammon.
David sees a woman, the wife of Uriah the Hittite, washing herself. David
instructs his servants to bring her to him. He lays with her. She conceives a child
to David. David plots to get her husband Uriah killed, by arranging the battle
lines so that he would be vulnerable, and left alone to be killed by the enemy.
David then takes Uriah’s widow as his wife. These actions ‘Displease the lord’,
who sends Nathan his prophet to speak to David. King Henry the Eighth
referred to this to justify his divorce of his first wife, Catherine of Aragon.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
There is an angry outburst as Nathan speaks for god, communicating god’s
anger with David for these acts. The wife and child die as punishment for
David’s crime. David fasts, hoping god will be appeased, but god carries out the
‘punishment’. Of course the Levites are always god happy to punish the
innocent for the crimes of the guilty.
‘I shall go to him, but he shall not come unto me’…
David has a new son, Solomon.
All the children of Ammon are ‘cut up’ and ‘passed through kiln’. This may be a
reference to ‘dividing and conquering’ all the peoples of the earth, and making a
‘burnt offering’ of them, such as would occur in a nuclear war.
King David’s son Amnon tricks his sister Tamar (King David’s daughter, who is
‘most beautiful’) into being alone with him, so he can force / rape her. After this
Amnon hates her as much as he previously loved her. When King David hears of
this he is ‘very Roth’. You may have heard of a famous family who are the
‘shield’ (Schild ) of the ‘Roth’ a.k.a Roth-schild i.e Rothschild.
Absolom (a woman) plots to have the servants kill Amnon after getting him
drunk. Absolom flees for 3 years. David is comforted that Amnon is dead, and
is not angry with Absolom. Absolom returns. Absolom conspires to usurp King
David’s throne. She, Absolom, acts as a Judge, ingratiating herself with the
Saul sends out assassins 3 times to kill David, but each time they fall to
‘prophesying’ and will not kill David.
Jonathon loves David as he loves his own soul.
Saul orders Jonathon to bring David to him so he can kill him.
David flees, getting bread and the sword of Goliath from the Priest Ahimelek in
Nob. He retreats to a cave where he is joined by malcontent Benjamites who
take David as their Captain. The prophet Gad tells David to go to Jessie’s people
in Judah.
King Saul orders Duic the Edanite to kill 4 score and 5 priests and to ‘smite’ their
city of Noh. All the members of the house of Ahimelek are killed as punishment
for conspiring against Saul, male, female, sucklings, and infants included.
Saul is jealous of David’s fame and popularity. For the people cheered, after
David killed Goliath, that ‘Saul killed the thousands, and David killed the tens of
David leads the slaughter of the people of Keila, and then takes the city.
Saul plans to attack and kill David, but David escapes with 600 of his own men
into the wilderness of Zif, in a wood.
Jonathon and David make a covenant. David will be king, and Jonathon his first
prince / second in command. David moves to Iraq, to the wilderness of Mayon.
Saul takes 3000 of his best men to go and kill David. David has a chance to kill
Saul, but cannot bring himself to do so. Later David bows down to Saul, calling
him ‘My Lord’… ‘The Lord’s anointed’… and Saul calls David ‘Son’ and blesses
Saul gets David to swear an oath never to kill his seed. In return Saul
acknowledges David as the next rightful king of Israel, the first in the line of
succession. Saul dies.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
David takes 2 wives, Abigail the widow of a rich man who had warned David of
her husband’s earlier plans to attack David, and Michael, whom Saul had
promised to David.
David flees again, to the Philistines, fearing Saul is going to kill him. Saul
commits genocide on the Philistines. David fights on the side of the Philistines.
Saul uses a ‘familiar spirit’ (like a ougi board) to speak to the dead Samuel.
Samuel warns Saul that … ‘The lord hath become thine enemy, and given Israel
to David and the Philistines. The host of Israel will be delivered to the
Philistines. Saul and his family / house will be killed tomorrow’.
David fights alongside Aykish, though the princes of the Philistines do not trust
Aykish. David ‘trusts him totally’ … ‘as an angel of god’.
David returns to the land of the Philistines, as he does not want to fight against
Saul. On return to Zischlag, his own city, David finds all the people have been
taken captive by the Amelekites. The people want to stone David. David takes
600 men, then 400, after smiting the Amelekites, freeing his 2 wives, and the
rest of his people.
Saul’s sons, including Jonathon, are killed. Saul is wounded and falls upon his
own sword. The Israelite’s flee. Saul’s armour is sent to the temple of Ashteroth
on Mount Gilboa. Bodies are stuck on the city walls.
Second book of Samuel (Second book of the Kings)
An Amelekite claims that he himself killed Saul, at Saul’s request. David orders
the Amelekite to be killed, even though he has brought Saul’s armour and crown
to him. ‘Oh how the mighty have fallen’.
The house of Judah follows David. The rest follow a son of the house of Saul. In
other words the 12 tribes are divided into two groups.
David demands to be given Saul’s daughter, Michael, to be his wife, as Saul had
promised. Of course this would give David rule over the entire 12 tribes. This
must be a flash-back as in the first book of Samuel David is already married to
The son of Saul is killed and beheaded. The head of Saul is brought to Saul, by
men who expected to be rewarded for this, and instead David slays them.
David is 30 years old when he is anointed King over Israel, in Hebron, then
Jerusalem. He reigns 40 years and 6 months.
Reference is made to ‘Bayal Pereshem’.
There is a battle with 30,000 at which David defeats the Philistines.
David sends for the ark of god. He faces the question of how to have it carried.
Because God had smitten Azza for merely touching the Ark of the Covenant.
David must have found a solution, for he has the Ark carried through the streets
in a great musical procession. David dances with joy before it, among the
commoners. This is what angers Michael, the daughter of Saul, his wife, in the
first book of Samuel.
David gives all his people wine, bread, and meat.
Reference is made to the ‘Sons of Belial’.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The book of Obadiah
God appears in a vision to Obadiah stating clearly ‘AS THOU HAVE DONE, SO
SHALL IT BE DONE UNTO THEE’ which is the best quote from the bible to
encourage people to act according to the golden rule, as expressed in Leviticus
18:19 ‘LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR AS THYSELF’ … and later in The New Testament
The book of Joshua
Remember that Moses was punished by god, and will not see the Promised
Land. The story now continues with Joshua, who was first referred to as Moses’
Joshua, son of Nun is now in charge of the 12 tribes. God speaks to him about
the Promised Land and the inheritance of the Jews. Joshua prepares the ‘vittles’
of Moses. The story begins with a miracle similar to the one Moses performs.
This time it is the river Jordan, and not the Red Sea that parts.
Joshua and the Israelites cross the river Jordan (like Moses and Red Sea) without
getting their feet wet. The Jordan River is ‘heaped up’ on either side, as the
Levite priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant step into the river. The river
stops flowing. 40,000 battle ready men cross the dry river-bed. The river begins
flowing again only after the priests have crossed over to the other side of the
river. This is of course great ‘proof of god’s power.’ Even the greatest skeptic
like David Hume would believe his own eyes and feet, and find his atheism very
deeply challenged!
The Jews born in the wilderness had not been circumcised. So far only Moses
has been circumcised. As an Egyptian, he would have been circumcised as an
infant, like all Egyptians. So I am dubious of claims he was over 40 years old
when he was circumcised. Joshua calls for all the males to be circumcised with
sharp knives. The result is a … ‘hill of foreskins’.
There is no more manna (Probably a reference to mushrooms, including ‘magic’
mushrooms’). The Israelites now eat the fruits of the land of Canaan.
The sun stands ‘still’ an entire Friday, so that Joshua can go on murdering, and
finish his genocide, before sunset, and thus honor the Sabbath!
In 1982 the Israeli military simply light the night up with flares, so that the
Israeli’s can go on murdering thousands of Palestinian women and children,
along with the old and young men, throughout the night. Flares to light up the
skies, and ‘full spectrum dominance’ of the mass media to keep everyone else in
the dark, so they can go on with their genocide of the Palestinian people, in
broad daylight. You won’t see or hear a thing about it. You will sympathise with
the poor Jewish victims of WWII, which have been completely exaggerated and
defined as a holocaust that the mass media have burned into your brain.
If you still doubt what Hitler warned us about in ‘Mein Kampf’, that the Zionists
control the mass media, then please do a tiny bit of web browsing and allow
yourself to see the truth. The C.I.A and Zionists control the mass media. They
thus manufacture public opinion and manufacture YOUR consent. Of course
many of your favorite ‘public opinion’ leaders have been bought and co-opted
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
by the Zionists. Anyone who values wealth and power, and seeks privilege and
status, more than they seek justice, and truth, is bound to be tempted by the
Zionist’s into becoming just one more of their ‘Golems’.
More genocide. ‘Fenced cities’. Mekeeda is wiped out by the Jews in an act of
genocide. Then the Litna, the Eblon, the Laykish and Giza suffer the same fate.
Then it is the turn of Hebron, and then Diebe. ‘All the souls therein are utterly
destroyed / slaughtered.’ The Jews ‘Destroy all that breathes’. Hazor suffers
genocide, and is ‘burned to the ground’. This is all … ‘As Moses had
commanded’. Goshem is next. Then Lebanon. All the Kings and their cities and
their people are destroyed. Only the Hivites of the city of Gideon are NOT
utterly destroyed.
The ambassadors of the Hivites of the city of Gideon play a clever trick on
Joshua, and get Joshua to swear an oath not to ever attack them. They put stale,
weeks-old bread, wine, water, bread, oil, fruits and so on in their luggage, cover
everything with the dust of several weeks journeying, and then allow Joshua to
assume that they have been traveling for weeks, and thus from territories
outside of the lands Moses had ordered Joshua to invade. This is one of the truly
inspired stories of the bible that make parts of it truly worth reading. The Jews
display their Hollywood talents in many parts of the bible. Though most of it is
mere repeated ‘padding’.
The lists of the holocaust committed by the Jews in the bible, long before that
word became associated with Jews as ‘victims’, and not including the 2 earlier
genocides on the other side of the river Jordan, are listed, and include: Saidon,
the Amorites, Ogg (the remnants of the ‘giants’), the Hittites, the Amorites, the
Jebusites, the Hivites, the Caananites, and the Pervisites, among 31 other Kings
along with their people.
The Jews proudly proclaim this, and document this, in the most revered,
respected, and honored book of most Western European, British, and American
people. And they banned ‘Mein Kampf’ for merely stating that Hitler wished to
‘remove the biological basis of Jewry in Europe’. Remember Hitler began by
expelling Jews. These Jews were then sent back by Australia, Britain, and
America. No-one wanted them.
Do not forget that the Jews had openly declared war on Germany, and the Nazi
party, long before the Nazi’s implemented any anti-Semitic laws. The main
motive for the Nazi’s was to get rid of the Jewish Zionist domination of the
German banks, media, and professions. The reason Hitler went ‘Nuclear’ on the
Jews was that, although he admitted that many Jews were good people, he
could not afford to take any risks with public opinion, and so he made his
message and policy simple. All Jews must be removed from Germany to prevent
the excessively powerful and influential among them from dominating the
world. He failed. Today they do dominate the world. They control the media and
finance. They manufacture public opinion. Together with their U.S ‘Golems’,
they blew up the WTC, Twin Towers, Building 7, and the Pentagon.
The Jews were only a few percent of the total German population but had
excessive influence on the German central bank, the Reichsbank, and owned
most of the private banks, most of the mass media including newspapers, movie
production, and publishing, and dominated the legal, and medical professions.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
JFK’s grandfather was the U.S ambassador to Germany in the 1930s, and he
openly reported these facts in his reports to his masters in the U.S. Jews made
themselves the enemies of the Nazi’s, not the other way around. Hitler had no
plan to invade Britain. He had allowed the British to escape from Dunkirk,
ordering his Generals to let them go unmolested. The French made no real
attempt to resist the Nazi’s. If the Zionists and their allies in the U.S had not
become involved, and financed and armed the Bolsheviks, whom they had
brought to power, then WWII would have been short and relatively painless.
Hitler would have had the ‘buffer’ lands and ‘lebensraum’ he felt Germany
needed to survive, and that would have been the end of it. Remember that the
original Bolshevik party was made up of Jews. Even Stalin’s family background is
Jewish. His surname literally translates from Ossetic to English to mean ‘Son of a
Jew’. The Communists were founded by Jews, then financed by the richest
Americans, who were and are Zionist Jews. 1Million Jews were allowed to leave
U.S.S.R after WWII. Stalin made anti-Semitism a capital offence. Just like it says
in the Old Testament!
98% of the U.S population were against U.S involvement in WWII. As late as two
years into WWII, over 75% of Americans were against U.S involvement in the
war. Over 50% of the U.S population at the time were of German origin. In the
1780’s the constitutional convention actually failed by only one vote to make
German the official language of the United States. And the U.S constitution
makes no allowances for U.S involvement in foreign wars. The ‘founding fathers’
never meant for the U.S to become involved in foreign wars at any level. This is
why the ‘war office’ was renamed ‘The Department of DEFENCE’.
Roosevelt stated on the public record that he was waging war on the Japanese
and Germans by every means except actually declaring war. Britain and France
declared war on Germany, and not the other way around. Check out how many
times the Jewish people have been ‘kicked out of’ countries, whether Britain,
France, Spain, Egypt, or Russia, over the course of the last 2000 years. The Jews
version of the ‘Exodus’, in this context, is suspect. Probably they were also
kicked out of Egypt.
The Germans were the last nation to want to evict the Jews. The constant
repetition of the theme surely warrants open-minded investigation. Germany
had welcomed the Jews that had formerly been kicked out of those other
countries. But then they learned why those other countries had kicked them
The Germans were no better than any other nation in WWI, but certainly no
reasonable, informed person today would ever imagine that they can rightly be
held 100% responsible for WWI. But they were. They had a massive amount of
territory taken from them, separating millions of Germans from their
‘fatherland’. The world ignored plebiscites / referendums in which the people
expressed virtual consensus when asked if they wished to remain a part of the
German state.
Even more land is ‘promised’ to the Jews, by their god. However Joshua is now
old, and they have yet to conquer and exterminate all the peoples of the
‘promised land’. Joshua divides the ‘promised’ lands among the 12 tribes of
Israel as God / Moses had commanded. This division of other people’s land,
which is to be taken from them through the means of complete genocide, is
detailed geographically in the Book of Joshua, by city, village, river, spring,
mountain, and sea coast.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Four-score and five = 85 i.e ‘score’ = 20
As Joshua is dying, he warns the Jews against intermarrying with non-Jews.
However Joshua tells the people that it is their choice which gods to or lord to
worship. Ah, but with a catch, the original Catch 22. They can chose to worship
other gods, however …’if they fail to submit to the one lord, they shall be
cursed, in all they do, till they are totally destroyed, consumed, perished’.
Joshua follows this warning with a long list of threats, curses, and threatened
suffering…including that they shall end up eating their own children / family
during sieges by their enemies, various plagues, debts, innumerable diseases,
and every imaginable known and unknown calamity…they shall be scattered
among all the people of the world to worship other gods of wood and
stone…live in fear…and be sold in Egypt as bondsmen/women.’ So. Yep. That’s
free will for you. About as free as it gets!
Now there is no proof that the Jews ever took any of the original lands of Israel
by force. The only evidence available, the only historical document of any kind
to support any of the stories in the bible, refers to the purchase of land in the
area, similar to the purchase of land in Palestine, for the founding of a Jewish
homeland, by Rothschild in 1946. And so these stories may be intended to
construct a myth of Jewish racial purity. Hitler did not invent the racial purity
laws. The Egyptians and then Israeli’s did. Even today to be defined as a Jew,
you must be able to prove at least three continual generations of Jewish-ness on
your mother’s side of your family. And if you are male you have to be
Now we come to the famous battle of Jericho. And a famous instance of the use
of the number 7 in Jewish writings. An angel tells Joshua to blow their 7 horns
7 times as they circle the city, once a day, for seven days, as 7 priests carry the
Ark of the Covenant before the procession. On the 7th day they are to shout
one last time, and the walls will come tumbling down. They do this. The walls
come tumbling down. And I guess Elvis Presley and all the Sunday-school
teachers did not think it merited mentioning, but guess what the Jews did then?
Go on, take a wild guess. Those poor victims the Jews. I will quote the bible for
you. ‘They killed every living thing’ except for Rahab and her kindred who had
helped Joshua’s spies. And this is what happens to anyone who challenges the
Zionists propaganda, let alone their ambitions. Of course all the gold, silver,
and treasures, were to be the property of the Zionists Levites, the 13th tribe,
the priests, the descendants of Moses’ older brother Aaron and his family.
The ‘Ayai’ (Ammorites) repel an attack of the Israelites and the Jews became
fearful. They are of course not used to resistance. Like Mohamed after them,
they probably attacked and slaughtered all the previous cities while everyone
was sleeping.
Joshua complains to God… ‘Why bring us here to die?’ God explains to Joshua
that he was punishing his people for the crimes of some Israelites who had kept
some gold / silver for themselves, instead of giving to the treasury of the ‘house
of the lord’…after the genocide of Jericho. God had told Joshua to kill those
people … to burn them and all their property… but to keep the gold, silver, and
precious jewels and give it to the priests. Guess who do all the speaking for god?
Go on, guess? No conflict of interest there! Of course you can trust the priests.
Who are we to question the will of god? If god wants to make the priests the
most powerful and wealthy people in his world, then who are we to question
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
There is a search of all the Jews involved in the genocide of Jericho, and those
found with the missing treasure, who had taken the spoils god intended for the
priests, are taken to a valley where the Israelites stone them and burn them to
death. Challenge the right of the world’s central banks, the Jewish owned
‘federal reserve banks’, and you cannot expect to live for long. Look what
happened to the U.S president Kennedy, the Libyan president Gadhafi, and to
the Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, and what is going to happen to Iran, and
then Russia. Remember the fact that the Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank,
but it has been impossible for anyone other than the original owners to buy
shares in it, because they will not sell them to you. Rockefeller even put his is a
special trust so that they could never be sold. So the original people who set up
the scheme would be ensured that the Fed would always be under their control,
and always used to serve the objectives of the few Zionist Jews who set the
scheme up. The owners of the Fed, like Rockefeller, and Warburg, also own
private stock in at least 5 other central banks around the world. It is a tightly
knit system of central banks.
So back to the start of WWIII. Whether this is a fast-forward prophecy, or just a
case of history repeating itself?
Joshua attacks the Ayai again, killing all the people, but this time taking their
cattle, and taking spoils for the fighters. Joshua used a clever trick which played
upon the Jews earlier failure. Last time they attacked then ended up running
away in disarray. So this time Joshua has his men pretend to do the same thing.
He wants to lure the city defenders out to chase after them. The plan works.
The defenders open their city gates, abandoning their positions and
organisation, and run out after the attackers. Joshua and his men ambush them
with 5000 men and set fire to the city. 12,000 Ammorites of Ayai are murdered
and the city is burned to the ground. That is pure genocide. That is burned earth
policy. This is what we have to look forward to in the near future.
The ‘big 6’ now ally themselves against the Israelites. The seventh, the Hivites of
the city of Gibeon, if you remember, had tricked Joshua into swearing an oath
not to attack them.
However the ‘big 6’ attack the Hivites in their city of Gibeon upon hearing news
of the alliance. Joshua attacks the attackers. ‘God strikes down more of them
with hailstones than could be struck down by the sword’. ‘The land is destroyed
by brimstone and fire’. This is ‘evidence of god’s anger’, ‘God has cursed that
land in his wrath’. The land of the big 7 had been promised to Abraham, Isaac,
and Jacob. And in line with standard ENRON accounting principles, Joshua
simply took that land onto his ‘balance sheet’ as already his possession. The
people living on it were just some ‘numbers’ that their ‘accountants’ would
‘clear up’.
‘Put away strange gods from among you’. I really find it hard to believe, that if
all the miracles described really happened, that the people would not be 100%
behind the new god that had performed the miracles for their benefit. Surely
the greatest atheist would have become a true believer by now?
Joshua sets up a stone by an Oak, by a sanctuary of the lord, as a ‘witness’ to
their decision to worship ‘the lord’.
At age 110 Joshua dies. Also the high priest Eleazor, son of Aaron dies. And so
all the original leaders of the Jews are dead. Moses their dictator. Aaron the
head priest. And Joshua, their General. What is to become of the Jews? Will
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
they remain loyal to the god that has performed so many miracles on their
behalf, and given them so much land, giving them success in their genocidal
The book of Judges
The Jews follow other gods, including Baal and Asteroth, making the lord
furious. And so the hand of lord is against them. God gives them a judge who
delivers them out of the hands of their oppressors. But this judge dies, and the
people fall into even greater corruption, and rebellion. They worship other
gods. They defile their racial purity and intermarry with non-Jews. They serve
Baailim in the groves. And so the Israelites are enslaved for 8 years. Then they
are freed for 40 years. They do evil again. The Lord sends Ammon and Amalek
to smote Israel. The Jews are enslaved 18 years by the Moabite Egglon. But a
Jewish hero, Ehab emerges and saves Israel. Ehab murders Egglon, and frees
them from slavery. The Israelites slay10,000 Moabites during their escape. The
Jews enjoy 40 years of peace afterwards. But on Ehab’s death, the Israelites
again rebell, and the Lord delivers the Israelites to their enemies again, who
enslave them.
A female judge at the time, Deborah, attacks Sisera, who has 900 iron chariots.
Story of Israelites drawing out the Benjamites out of their city onto the
highways where they are ambushed by 10,000 chosen men…The Lord smites
25,100 children of Benjamin. Gidea is ambushed and smitten. I guess the oath
Joshua had sworn is no longer valid? The Benjamites attacked, but turned and
saw Gidea in flame and smoke. Of the encircled Benjamites (18.000 fell)…then
5000 then 2000…25,000 men of valor of Benjamites killed that day… Israelites
(11 tribes) swore never to give their daughters to the Benjamites (12th tribe) …
The Jews utterly destroy Jabesh Gillean…only 400 virgins spared so they could
be given as wives to the Benjamites? Stole daughters of Shilo at annual festival,
be wives of Benjamites…
Deborah unites the tribes of Israel again against Sisera. Deborah, Barek, and
Isaka lead Israelite army against Amalek…’I arose, a mother in Israel’…
Sisera killed by a woman, Jaal, wife of Hiiva, a Keenite, who hammered a nail
into Sisera’s temple / head, then head cut off.
Afterwards Israelites enjoy 40 years rest. By now you are familiar with the
number 40. Many scholars believe it is a clue to encrypting an encoded meaning
in the bible stories.
But after this Israelites again return to evil ways, and they are enslaved by the
Midianites for 7 years. The Lord sends a prophet. An angel appears to Gideon,
son of Jo-ash. Gideon secretly cuts down a grove of Baiilim and an altar of Baal
by night. Gideon challenges Baal’s followers … ‘let Baal appear and protect own
altar, if truly a god’… Gideao asks The lord for sign…Dew should fall on a fleece,
but not around it….then next night the dew should fall only around the fleece,
and not on it…to prove the lord was with him…
There is going to be a battle. God wants to make a reputation. He wants to
perform a miracle so all the world will hear his name and know his greatness.
God says that the attacking army is too big to prove anything about his own
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
power. At first the Jews want to send 32,000 troops. But god says that is too
many. He asks 22,000 of them to leave the field. But still too many are left
over. In the end he decides that 300 is the right number. Gods plan is that 300
of his people should defeat the Midianites and Malekites as a sign of god’s
power. He wants this to be known as a miracle. This is all revealed to Gideon in
a vision / dream. It inspires Gideon with confidence, as sign of victory.
In the vision god tells Gideon to blow trumpets around the enemy camp in the
night, to break pitchers, and to ‘call out’… ‘the sword of the lord of Gideon’.
After this little show the Midianites flee, terrified. The Ephramites are attacked.
The 300 Jews defeat a host of 120.000 and capture two kings. Two Princes of
Midian are killed, but none of the 300 soldiers are even injured.
On the way back from this miraculous victory, locals on the route refuse to feed
the hungry soldiers. So the soldiers curse them.
Gideon was asked to rule over those who were saved, as a judge. But Gideon
says ‘The lord shall rule you’. Gideon makes an idol … an Ephod…which the
people come a-whoring to.’ It is made from the earrings of the Ishmaelite kings
he had killed. Gideon dies and the people make Baalith, Baal Peerith, their god.
70 sons of Jerobaim, judges, men of Sheekem, are killed on the same stone, and
one Israelite King …Abimilek…is elected. A few years later King Abimilek is killed
by a woman during a seige. She throws a rock down from the tower she is
The Israelites are enslaved 18 years after again returning to worship Baal and
Baailith, Asteroth, and other gods. ‘Go and cry to the gods you have chosen…let
them deliver you’. After this they put away these other gods and encamp.
Jepther, a judge of Israel, makes an oath to god. He swears … ‘I will offer as a
sacrifice the first thing I see after you give me victory’. Sadly the first thing he
sees after his victory is his virgin daughter, his only child. He sends her for 2
months to the mountains to ‘bewail her virginity’ and then kills her to honor his
oath. Who would NOT want a Jew as a father?
Israel is now ruled by single judges, for periods of 7,8, and 10 years.
Again, surprise surprise, the Israelites do evil. And surprise surprise, this time
again they are punished with 40 years of defeats (rather than the usual 40 years
of peace!)
Micah consecrates a Levite as his priest.
The Danites, the tribe of Dan, go on a reconnaissance mission to spy out the
promised lands that they had not yet invaded. They see a peaceful, abundant
place. Probably the same thing the Zionists saw when they came to Germany!
They send 600 men. They hear of Micah, his idols, graven images, molten
images, Teraphim, and Ephod. They take the Levite with them, along with the
ephod / idols.
In typical Zionist fashion, the Danistes ‘smite’ all the ‘quiet’ ‘carefree’ people of
Layish and burn their city to the ground. They build the city of Dan there, and
set up Micah’s graven image to worship. Ever heard of Dresden? Of the
hundreds of thousands of non-combatants, mostly civilian refugees, who were
burned to death in fire bombing raids of NO military significance? Kurt
Vonnegut saw fighter planes shoot down the few survivors of the fire bombings.
Ask yourself why the U.S and British carried out such a war crime. Perhaps as a
‘burnt offering of a sweet savor unto the noses of the Zionists? In the good old,
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Old Testament, volcano god style? You think this is anti-Semitic? To warn the
good people of Israel, mostly Jews I imagine, that the Zionists are planning to
offer up Israel as the next burnt offering, as they did the Jews of Europe during
WWII, and the people of Dresden?
Jebus = Jerusalem
Repeat of the story of Lot? Bethlehem locals want to sodomise a traveler /
stranger. The good man who has offered shelter to the traveler tries to do a
deal with the men, offering them his concubine, to do with as they like. They
take him up on the deal, and ‘abuse her all night’. That night he cuts her into 12
pieces to be sent to each of the 12 coasts of Israel.
A Levite’s son stays with his father-in-law’s concubine after she goes home
without his permission. The Levite (and concubine?) then go to Dibia. In Dibia
they can find no-one who will offer them a room for the night. They are left
waiting in street. An old man offers them shelter, and they accept. But later
that night some men of the city, ‘sons of Belial’, demand of the old man that he
bring the Levite out so ‘we may know him’. In biblical speak this means to have
sex with him. The old man offers his virgin daughter and his concubine. The
concubine was abused by them all night. Levite explains why he cut up the
concubine. He sent out the 12 pieces to unite the 12 tribes of Israel against the
city…against Gidea and Benjamin. 22,000 Israelites killed on the first day. 2Nd
day Benjaminites destroy 18.000 Israelite soldiers.
An angel of the Lord appears at Menoa, and gives instructions to someone’s
wife. And angel ascends in flame on an altar. A child is born to the wife. His
name is to be Samson. At this time there are no Kings in Israel, only Judges.
Samson becomes a Judge in the camp of Dan. Samson wishes to marry a
Philistine. They have dominion over Israel. His wife is threatened with death if
Samson would not reveal the meaning of Samson’s riddle. ‘What is sweeter than
honey or stranger than a lion?’ Samson had earlier in his life killed a lion which
had honey in its carcass. 30 men are killed to honor a pledge. Angry at wife. Her
father gave his wife to another man.
Saul offer Samson his younger daughter. The Philistines burn a wife and father
to death to appease Saul’s’ anger? Samson’s own men, 3000 Israelites, come to
bind him and deliver him to the Philistines to kill him. Samson slays 1000
Philistines with the jaw-bone of an ass after he breaks his bonds. Water appears
in the jaw bone. He drinks it and is refreshed. For 20 years Samson a Judge of
Israel under the Philistines. They conspire to kill him.
He carries a doorway up a hill. Delilah is paid 1100 pieces of silver to discover
how to bind him, and the source of his power. Samson mockingly lies to her 3
times, and 3 times she tries to bind him and fails. He breaks his bonds twice.
Eventually he gives in to her and tells her the secret of his power. The secret is
his long hair. He has never shaved his head. He is a Nazarite (which is probably
what Jesus was, rather than a Nazarene, which is impossible as Nazareth did not
exist at the time of Jesus’ birth).
As he sleeps in her lap she shaves his head. They then blind him, and bind him
in brass in the dungeon. But over time his hair grows back. The Philistines
praise their own god for this victory over Samson. This would of course enrage
Samson’s own, very jealous, very angry god. The Philistines bring Samson out to
make fun of him during their celebration of their own god. This is akin to
making fun of Samson’s god. Samson asks them to let him rest by the central
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
pillars of the house. Samson pushes on the two middle pillars of the house. The
house falls, killing everyone inside, more than he had killed previously in his
entire life. Micah takes Delilahs’ 1100 silver Shekels and makes an Ephod and a
Here I want to make a special note about twin pillars. Ancient religions across
the world placed twin columns or ‘colonnades’ at the entrances to sacred sites,
including churches and temples. They were named Jackin and Boaz, according to
the Old Testament. These words refer, respectively to the sexual arousal and
satisfaction of, the male sexual organ. They are symbols of potency and power.
That is why the WTC was built with the ‘Twin Towers’. They were built as a form
of sympathetic magic. Most people are familiar with the idea of ‘voodoo dolls’,
and the hanging of your enemies in ‘effigy’. They are meant to work by the
same principle. You destroy the ‘symbol’, in the hope that this will bring about a
destruction of what is symbolized.
The book of Ruth
During the period of Judges, when there are no Jewish Kings. Marlon a biblical
name. References made to Bethlehem, and a bitter Naomi. Ruth the Moabite is
her daughter.
The first book of Kings
Hannah is dearer to her father than his 10 sons. This is an amazing thing to write
given the times. Even Mohamed refers to having a daughter as a terrible,
shameful, horrible event! But Hannah is barren. Hannah prays to the lord for a
boy-child. Samuel is born as a result. Hannah brings Samuel to Shilo, to stay and
serve god. The Lord visits Hannah so she conceives.
Women hang around the tabernacle. Men ‘know’ them. To ‘know’ someone in
the biblical sense means to have sex with them. This is a reference to the
common ancient practice of ‘holy whores’, in which young unmarried girls
would serve as prostitutes in the temples, and give all they earned to the
temple, to the goddess, for the maintenance of the temple. God is angry with
Ely and the priests, warning them that he will replace them and punish them.
The Lord appears to Samuel, warning him that god will judge Ely’s house. God
will punish and destroy Ely’s house as punishment for his son’s iniquities which
Ely did not correct. For example, Ely did not prevent his son’s corruption.
God slaughters 54,000 philistines by plague, as a few had peered into the tent /
The Lord tells Israel to stop worshiping other gods such as Asteroth. The
Philistines attack but the lord smites them with thunder and the Israelites follow
them and slaughter them. The cities that the Philistines had taken from the
Israelites are returned to them. They make peace with the Amorites. Samuel
makes his sons Judges, but they prove corrupt, take bribes, and so the people
demand a king (to judge us). Samuel warns them how terrible that king will
likely be. That king will abuse and exploit the people as servants and sex toys.
But the people insist, and persist in their demands for a king. The Benjamite
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Saul is tall, and good. The Lord tells Samuel that a man will come to him, and
that he should anoint this man as King, though he be humble. Saul was the least
son of the least tribe of Israel.
Israelites again display their wickedness. ‘Vain things cannot deliver profit or
Saul attacks the Philistines. 30,000 chariots, 6000 horses and as many soldiers
as sand in the desert, attack the Israelites.
During the second year of his reign, King Saul makes a sacrifice at the wrong
time and place. Samuel tells Saul that god will punish him for this. Saul will reign
no longer. Jonathon, Saul’s son, the hero of the battle, eats honey, after Saul
has made an oath that no-one would eat anything until the end of the day. But
the people will not let Jonathon be killed, as Saul intends to, for having made an
oath-breaker of Saul.
Saul commits genocide, in the good Jewish tradition established so far. Saul
murders all the humans and animals of the Amelek nation…babies, all women
and men were ordered to be murdered…all their livestock / cattle /animals
too…god had commanded ‘slay both men and women, infant, suckling, Ox,
sheep, Camel, and Ass of Amelek’… ‘Utterly destroy’. An Israeli army of 200,000
footmen, +10,000 invades Amelek.
But the Israelites failed to kill all the Amelek livestock, planning to sacrifice the
best of them to god. This angers god…God says that it is better to obey than to
sacrifice…Disobedience is the greatest iniquity…Saul had rebelled…Saul had not
obeyed…so god rejects Saul as King…Saul did what his people wanted, obeying
the people and not God… Lord regrets that he had ever made Saul King over
Samuel tells Saul that he is no longer King. But Saul repents and begs to Samuel,
who ‘forgives’ him, fearing Saul would otherwise kill him. Samuel hacks the king
of Amelek to death.
Canaanites living among the Amelek had been warned to leave…the same
Canaanites who were descendants of those who had helped the Israelites after
they had left Egypt.
Samuel sent by the Lord to Bethlehem (where King David was born, and where
Jesus claims to have been born!) To sanctify David, a youth, the son of Jessie, as
the new King.
Saul’s advisors recommend Saul send for a harp player, to ease his heart and
calm him. David comes to Saul’s court as harp player and cup bearer. Saul
makes him his armour bearer as well. Saul loves David. David’s playing does
indeed ease Saul’s heart.
The Philistines gather for war, bringing their ‘giant’ Goliath as their mascot. The
Philistine’s leader issues a challenge. If any Israelite can defeat their champion,
the giant Goliath, in battle, the Philistines will serve Israel, and vice versa. David
tells Saul that … ‘the lord has delivered me from a bear, and a lion, (which he
had killed to save his sheep while he was a shepherd), and he will deliver me
again… ‘The battle is the Lords’…David sent a stone flying, it ‘hit / sunk into’ the
Philistine. David then ran and cut Goliath’s head off with Goliath’s own sword.
The Israelites chased the Philistines back to their camp and ‘spoiled’ their tents.
Saul becomes envious of David, as the people shower David with most of the
praise for the victory of the Jews over the Philistines. The people have been
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
chanting … ‘Saul killed the thousands, David killed the ten thousands’. Saul’s
first impulse is to spear David with a javelin. Instead he sends David out as a
Captain, hoping he will be killed in battle. He offers David his daughter Michael
as a wife, demanding a dowry of ‘100 skins of the Philistines’, hoping David
would be killed in the attempt at getting them. But David brings 200, even
though as the son-in-law of King Saul, he has become a huge target for their
enemies. Killing the Kings son-in-law would have made them famous. That had
been Saul’s plan. David becomes Saul’s arch enemy. However Saul’s son
Jonathon loves David, and warns him when Saul orders his sons to kill David.
Jonathon pleads with his father King Saul until Saul gives in and vows he will not
kill David. But an evil spirit enters Saul, and again Saul tries to kill David. He
sends assassins. Michael, his wife, warns David, and he escapes. She makes an
image of David.
The Book of Amos
Amos is supposed to have prophesied, 2 years before a massive Earthquake,
that …’ The lord warns of fire and punishment’. Thus a natural disaster can be
ascribed to god, as proof of his power, to turn the people back to justice and
Like in the Koran, references are made to ‘Djinns’ and their ‘snares’.
The Jews are warned against ‘transgressing in oppression and crushing of the
poor…’ The Jews should not …’afflict the just, take bribes, or deny the poor
justice. Amos is, possibly retrospectively, given credit for having predicted the
natural disaster, and having warned the people that if they did not start
behaving, god would punish them. As such, this retrospective revisionism
allows the priests to claim that god sent the disaster as punishment for their
failure to take the warning of two years earlier to heart.
If the bible was not full of genocide, rape, ‘ripping apart’ pregnant women,
slavery, theft, and tyranny, and a really infantile god, then I would have to say it
was inspired by good will and compassion. It remains to be seen what the
Zionists are actually going to do with their new world order. I mean they already
have it. We have been living under their rule for centuries already. Only now
they will soon have absolute power. Whether or not they will announce the
fact? Remember that true power is always unobtrusive, unseen, and invisible.
The Book of Daniel
God let’s Daniel see the dream King Belshazzar of Babylon has, and allows him
to interpret it. King Nebuchadnezzar had ordered all his supposed wise men
killed if they could not first tell him what he had dreamt, and then what it
meant. Daniel knows the answers to both questions. He is made Governor /
ruler of Babylon and over all the other supposed wise men. The King sets up a
golden idol. He commands all to worship it. 3 Jews who would not worship it a
are cast into a fire / furnace…but the fire does not harm them at all… a fourth
person in the fire is an angel / god. And so the king decrees that no-one in his
empire may speak against the Jews god.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
This is perhaps the first instance of laws of blasphemy a.k.a anti-Semitism being
adopted by a non-Jewish nation. Today the power of the Zionists extends over
Germany and the U.S. More or less over ‘the Germanic peoples’ of the world. It
is they that were always the only real threat to Zionist domination of the Jew
and non-Jew, the Gentile.
The king has a vision of a huge three that reaches to heaven. In the dream he is
ordered to cut down the tree and leave only the roots. Daniel interprets this to
mean that the current King will be replaced by new king. ‘God gives Babylon to
anyone he wishes’. And it has been repeated time and time again in the bible
that god wishes that the entire world be ‘given’ to the 13th tribe of Israel and
the 12 tribes of the Jews.
Show mercy to the poor.
The king will dwell with beasts…driven from men…he will eat grass…til he
recognises God as the Lord… in 7 days…then he shall regain his power and the
roots of his family/people shall survive.
But the son of the old King, Belshsazzar, is again worshiping idols. A message
appears on a wall. But no-one can read / interpret the message. .Nim, Tiko,
Daniel is made the third most powerful ruler in the kingdom. That night King
Belshsazzar is slain. Daniel’s interpretation of what was written on the wall
proves true. The kingdom is broken up. The new King places Daniel above the
120 princes of the realm. These 120 princes conspire against Daniel. They trick
the King into signing a new law, which will make it a capital offence to worship
any god other than the King himself. And so we come to the famous story of
Daniel in the lion’s den. For Daniel worships his own god. It appears that the
King realises he had been tricked, but is smart enough to outwit the 120 princes
conspiracy. The King promises Daniel that his god will save him. Read between
the lines and it is clear that the King has arranged for the lions to be well fed,
drugged, or muzzled in some way, so that they will leave Daniel in peace. In the
official bible version …’angels shut the lions’ mouths’. The King then turns the
tables on the conspirators, and places them and their wives and families in the
lions’ den, where they are devoured!. The King has it proclaimed throughout
the entire Persian Empire that Daniel’s god is the living god. God is thus
officially recognised throughout empire. So Daniel prospers in the reign of
Darius, and in the reign of Cyrus the Persian.
Which is interesting. As far as historians are concerned, a famous Alexander
conquered the entire Persian Empire, leaving Darius to be killed by his own
men. After Alexander’s death one of his own Generals inherited that part of the
empire where the Jews like Daniel would have been living.
We are given a hint about ‘the last days’ and ‘Armageddon’. ‘One like the son of
man…given an everlasting dominion and indestructible glory…
References are made to Saints…Latter days…Persia, Greece…Darius the Mead…
Names written in a book.
Daniel has a great book of names…sealed until the end.
Many of those that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake…some to
everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt…in 1290 / 1335
days after the ‘abomination that maketh desolation’ is set up… from the time
that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away.’
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
My interpretation, as The Philosopher-Prophet of The Eden Protocols, is that the
last line refers to a martial law that will stop anyone from going to work.
The Book of Ezekiel
Lot was destroyed as the people were proud and did not care for the poor and
needy. God liked to speak in riddles and parables to the prophets.
If you profit from usury or increase, fail to feed the poor, fail clothe the naked,
fail to execute true judgments… if you gather spoils by violence… your soul will
die. The righteous shall live. He shall not die. God will punish the sons for the
sins of their father. The father will die. Do no oppress the poor and needy, or
defile they neighbors’ wife. (Sadly I don’t think she would let me anyway!)
Do not profit from usury and increase. Can you believe this is in the Old
Testament? What is more ‘Jewish’ in the public mind, than the Jew as the
money lender, the ‘shylock’, the banker, the opportunist, the financier? Clearly
the people who run the worlds banks and finance systems are NOT Jews at all.
They are ZIONISTS. They do NOT follow the Mosaic Law. This must be a clear
sign to those ‘Jews’ who DO observe the Mosaic Law, the laws in the Old
The earth shall shake, mountains fall, fire and brimstone rain from the sky…and
they shall know that I am the Lord. I cannot think of a better way to describe
either a volcanic eruption, or a nuclear explosion. Which do you think it will be?
Guess again. Apparently the Zionists have already produced earthquakes,
typhoons, and tidal waves, using new technologies.
Remember that the head of the C.I.A admitted that they controlled the mass
media, and that most, if not all, terrorist attacks in the world, were all carried
out by the C.I.A, the American Government, or Mossad. More on that later.
The Book of Jonah
God tells Jonah to go to Nineveh, as a prophet, but Jonah does not feel like
dying as a martyr, so he takes a ship to Tarshish. God sees this, and causes a
great storm to start up. The sailors on Jonah’s boat cast lots to see who the
gods are angry at. Jonah picks the short straw. They force him to explain why
god has caused the storm. Jonah admits that it was him that made god mad.
Jonah tells them they should throw him overboard, however they are too kindhearted
and will not. Eventually the storm rages so bad that they give in and do
what he says, throwing him overboard. Immediately the sea calms and is still.
Jonah spends 3 days and nights in the belly of a great fish. Jonah prays to god
and the fish spits him out onto dry land. Once Jonah is in town, he begins his
missionary work. He prophecies that in 40 days Nineveh will be overthrown if
they do not convert to his religion, and worship his god. They all fast and repent
to god and the threatened calamities do not occur. But for some reason Jonah
is angry at god for sparing Nineveh.
Jonah’s spiel is a whopper. You make people believe that if they do not do what
you demand, that terrible things will happen. So they do what you want, and
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
the terrible thing does not happen. What fools they are, you think, for falling for
such specious sophistry. You wouldn’t, would you? Or would you?
Why on earth did you give your tacit approval to your governments giving
themselves, without any legal right according to the U.S constitution, the right
to detain you without charging you, for as long as they want? Didn’t they say
that they needed you to accept the Patriot act, in order to protect you from
something THEY said was going to happen if you didn’t? Huh?
And what do you think will be the next BIG threat that they will offer up to scare
you into absolute, total submission to their coming, planned, already set in
motion, state of emergency and martial law?
Hmmm…. Now let’s see. Maybe world war three? Get inside and lock the
doors, because Chinese and Russian nukes are on their way? Why would they
do that? After Putin and the Chinese clearly stating that if the U.S invade Iran,
that the Chines and Russians would defend Iran? And what is that? You just
invaded Iran, to protect the U.S and Britain from an ISIS attack?
The Book of Micah
Israel has again turned corrupt, unjust, and mercenary…therefore god will
destroy it. Seriously, my Jewish friends in Israel, with all the love in my heart I
beg you, stop your masters turning your beloved homeland, that you have so
loving cultivated and turned into a garden, into ashes. The god of the bible is
not YOUR god. He is the god of your masters. Zion is the sun. Zion is the center
of the universe. Zion is the Zionists.
Later peace returns, and each shall walk in the name of their own god…and
Jerusalem their god and world peace and tolerance…
The Jews shall beat into pieces many people … the remnants of the Jews shall
live among the gentiles as lion among sheep, to slaughter at will…The Gentiles
shall be delivered up unto the remnant of Jacob, as a young lion among the
flocks of sheep whom if he go through he both treadeth down and teareth in
pieces and none can deliver.
What could I add to that little gem of Zionist prophecy? Are you listening yet?
Still think you might not want to revisit ‘Mein Kampf’. Maybe actually read it,
rather than take the Zionist’s description of it without checking for yourself?
Out of Bethlehem a King of Israel shall come…a man…’The peace’… he will
deliver us from the Assyrians.
Micah, as prophet, speaks out against wicked balances, deceitful weights,
deceit, and wickedness.
God demands you do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly.
However the judges are corrupt, demanding bribes.
Things are so bad that the men of a man’s own house are his enemy.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The Book of Nahum
The Prophet Nahum / Habakkak has a vision of Nineveh. In the vision god says
‘write the vision’…’I raised up the Caldeans to rule the world as my tool…to
correct the Jews’.
Death is, like hell, insatiable.
Zephaniah has a vision…god will destroy all things … destroy Baal…punish…day
of wrath and desolation, trumpet, and alarm, darkness…for sin…total land
devoured by fire of his jealousy…a speedy riddance of all who dwell in the
land…All nations / men will worship god…desolation…all gods will be
famished…till all people’s worship me.’
Does this sound to you much like a nuclear war followed by famine? Who
except this god’s self-defined ‘chosen people’ would want a nuclear war? Oh,
except for all those U.S Christian fundamentalists who put the Bush family in
The Book of Haggai
Haggai is a prophet of Darius’ time. Could not have been much of a prophet if he
did not see Alexander coming!
The Book of Hosea
God told him to take a whore, an idol worshipper, to wife…Gomer…I will have
mercy not on Israel…only on Judah…no truth or mercy in the land…Backsliding
Israel…play the harlot…priests murder by consent like troops of robbers. They
shall be wanderers among the nations…
‘There is no Saviour besides me’
God’s threat to Sumeria is that …’their women with child shall be ripped up …
their infants shall be dashed to pieces’.
I shall redeem them from death / the power of the grave…Oh death I shall be
thy plagues…Oh grave I shall be they destruction…
The Book of Isaiah
The prophet Isaiah, son of Amos, prophecies that …’ the spirit of the lord, of
wisdom and understanding shall come upon him… a descendant of Jessie …he
shall judge with equity…the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall
lie down with the kid…the wolf shall dwell with the lamb and the calf and the
lion…and the bear and the cow…their young ones shall lie down together…and
the little child shall tend them…and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.’ Now
this gives me hope. This is the return to the vegan Eden we were kicked out of.
Now if I was a descendant of the father of David, I might wonder if Isaiah was
talking about me. You Christians out there will say that Isaiah is here talking
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
about your Jesus. Which would explain why the New Testament writers called
translated the Jewish name Yeshua / Joshua into Jesus, and why he is not called
‘Emmanuel’. Of course later God speaks and says ‘This is my son, with whom I
am well pleased’, which is as about as close as you could get to calling Jesus
‘Emmanuel’, which translates to ‘beloved of God’.
Isaiah prophecies the total destruction of Babylon…with fire. Ever seen a
nuclear bomb go off?
A repeat of the story of the Dead Sea parting … the Lord of hosts has sworn it…
‘Rejoice not thou Palesteiner…I will kill thy root…thou art dissolved…and the
fiery dragon shall slay thy remnant…
If I were Palestinian I would get the hell out of Palestine by the next available
means. All you people out there, demand of your government that they allow
Palestinians to immigrate to your country. There are not that many of them.
They deserve a break. Otherwise you are damning them to fire bombing, and,
probably, Trident missile attacks from U.S submarines. Of course the U.S will say
it was Iranian submarine-fired missiles which were intended by Iran to strike
Israel, but missed, and hit Palestine. Oh please let me be wrong this time.
‘Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we shall die’. This is the source of that
famous line. And for once I think it is correct. So party hearty people, for the fire
breathing dragons are right now preparing to breathe their fire. Wherever the
shit hits the fan, which will probably be in Iran, Palestine, and Syria, it is going to
cover the whole world, and YOU. Hope you like eating shit, because that is what
the Zionist cooks, with their Mossad and C.I.A and central banks are all
preparing for us.
‘Leviathan the serpent, the dragon in the sea’. Ever heard of the ‘Trident’
missile, which is launched from submarines? The same ones waiting right now
to fire missiles across Russian territory and into Iran? Ever seen a trident missile
explode? Like a fire breathing dragon coming out of the sea, maybe?
References are made to Mt Zion, as Jerusalem, the home of the lord of hosts.
References are made to fires and earthquakes that will destroy entire cities.
The Old Testament itself describes the 13th tribe, the Zionists as …’deceivers
who trust in oppression’.
You Jews were always … ‘a rebellious people’. You would not accept being
enslaved by the Zionists, the 13th tribe. You constantly turned away from them.
So come on, turn away again. Rebel. They are leading you to slaughter. Rebel.
This may be your last chance. Sure a ‘remnant’ of you may survive the coming
end to WWIII, but is that the best deal you think you can get?
Be warned. ‘The sun will burn 7 times brighter’. There shall be flame of
devouring fire and hail stones. Tophet (hell) will open wide. The breath of the
lord like brimstone kindles the fire prepared for it. You shall … Dwell with
everlasting burnings” in hell.
References are made to unicorns and dragons. Remember that this is all in the
book that you are asked to swear on in court in the U.S!
We get a whole load of repeats, as typical of the bible. This is why my
‘compressed’ version can be so short.
All these earthquakes, fire, brimstone, and weapons whose explosions burn 7
times brighter than the sun are all a reference to the destruction of you, my
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
friends, the 12 tribes of Israel, by the 13th tribe. Oh, a few ‘remnants’ of you
shall go on to inherit the earth. But what exactly will be left? Remember the
13th tribe have already prepared their underground cities. Have they sent you
an invitation and directions yet? Really? Does that not concern you? Do you
have that much faith in your leaders? Can’t criticise you. I only just woke up
myself. And about 300 million Americans are still asleep.
The 185,000 strong army of Assyria, Seneccera, is ‘smitten’ by ‘an angel of the
The lamb of god…the intercession…the redeemer… will die for our
transgressions. This seems to be what the character Jesus is portrayed as in the
New Testament.
Yet I shall gather others to him. His house shall be called the house of prayer for
ALL people…besides these that are gathered to him.
Fasting is meant to be about helping the poor.
‘Undo others’ heavy burdens. Let the oppressed go free. Cover the naked.
Break every yoke. Feed the poor. Bring the homeless to your home’.
None call for justice or truth.’ If this is what defined the Jews, and the bible,
and the Christians, and the Muslims, in reality, then hey, I would happily
consume the noble lie of god and religion. But sadly, this is not the case.
‘The nations that will not serve you will be wasted. The gentiles are your
inheritance. Ye shall eat the riches of the Gentiles’.
No Jews will need to do manual labor. The Jews will be the priests and
ministers! How many of you, outside of Israel, where they work the new,
mostly dark-skinned immigrants hard, have seen a Jewish person doing manual
labor? Seriously!
God’s motive, and the ways Jews seek to manipulate him is … ‘to make thy self a
glorious name’…thus he does miracles…
‘The wolf and the lamb shall feed together and the lion shall eat straw like the
bullock…they shall not hurt or destroy all my holy mountain’…
‘I shall make a new heaven and a new earth…all flesh shall come to worship
me…to my holy mountain Jerusalem…I shall take new Priests from them’.
Seriously, where do I apply? I guess Jerusalem.
…their sworn shall not die nor shall their fire quench the carcasses of the
unrighteous dead that have transgressed.
The Book of the prophet Jeremiah
The word of the lord came unto me…The Lord said unto me…I have put my
words in thy mouth… (thus Jeremiah, like all prophets before and after, claims
that god is speaking through him, and thus we should listen and obey, for he
speaks with the ‘transferred’ authority of god) …speak to all people that I
command thee…they shall fight against thee, but ye shall prevail…as I am with
thee…your own swords have destroyed your prophets…It shall come to pass,
sayeth the lord… the Jews are a perpetual backsliding people / nation…I will
destroy them, but not totally…I will not make a full end of them…god will send a
powerful enemy to almost totally annihilate them…as punishment for their
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
backsliding…you have forsaken me…priests and prophets deal falsely…priests
rule via false prophets…there is no justice for the needy / poor…there is much
oppression, covetousness (envy or greed), corruption, slander, swearing falsely,
adultery, revolt and rebellion… the Jews are a stiff necked people … they ignore
and kill my prophets… The Jews live by lies, deceit, slander, hypocrisy, and
treachery… Israel’s ‘heart’ is uncircumcised…
Glory not in wisdom, riches, or might…glory only in justice, loving kindness,
righteous judgment…in these things I delight…
BUT (as Freud and I predict!) ‘Pour out thy fury on the heathen’.
Jeremiah (in very hypocritical style) calls on God to punish his persecutors and
their wives and children … wishes he had never been born, that he had been
killed at birth…
References made to Tophet in the valley of the son of Himmon, and the sacrifice
of children by fire? OR is it merely ‘walking the fire?’
During a siege, friends, brothers, daughters, sisters, and sons shall all eat each
other. Imagine how hungry we are all going to be after the nuclear bombs rain
down on us!
Caldeans and Babylonians will take the remnants of famine and the sword…god
will first send them into captivity…
Judge the cause of the poor and needy (free access to legal justice)…were this
not to know me? As opposed to oppression, injustice, exploitation, selfishness,
God’s servant… Nebucchadnezzar…obey him … submit to god’s will … you will
endure 70 years of captivity…be peaceful… submit to the King of Babylon…
Jeremiah was imprisoned by the Jewish King of Judah for prophesying the
defeat of Judah, and its captivity, and for advising the Jews to accept this
passively, and submitting to Babylon, as being part of god’s plan for them, as
god’s will.
Jews not to enslave Jews more than 7 years. After 7 years all servants are to be
set free. However Jeremiah prophecies that later in Jewish history the laws will
be changed, and they are forced to go back to their masters after the 7 years
are up. For this god will punish Israel.
The book of the prophet Ezekiel
‘And ye shall know that I am the lord’…. Ezekiel warns the Jews that god is
planning to smite them, to destroy them, to visit famine, pestilence, and ‘the
sword’ upon them. But a remnant shall escape. But they shall be a prey and a
spoil to the worst of the heathen.
This is clever spin-doctoring. The priests take credit for the future natural
disasters which are bound to take place, based on statistical chance, in advance,
as punishments from god for the people not submitting and obeying the priests.
Then when the predictable tragedy strikes, the priests can remind them that
they had warned them, and remind them that it is punishment for not obeying
the priests, and that if they didn’t want it to happen again, they had better start
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
obeying the priests, paying tithes, making sacrifices, making donations, and so
on. Send money now to avoid disappointment!
Ezekial criticises the Jews for using incense, worshiping idols and going awhoring
after false gods. He mentions Tammuz and sun worship as two of the
main offenders. Remember that Moses means ‘missionary – disciple of the
Priests at On’, and that ‘On’ is what the Greeks call ‘Heliopolis’ a.k.a ‘The city of
the Sun’. Zion probably translates to ‘City of the Sun’ in ancient Hebrew.
Ezekiel warns that god will have the Jews enemies slay the Jews old and young,
female, and little children, in a jealous rage. But later god shall gather the
remnants of the Jews, and return them to Israel. This is clearly why the Zionists
first provoked Hitler, then constructed the myth of the holocaust, to justify to
the rest of the world the idea of giving Palestine to the Jews, as a sort of
realisation of the will of god as expressed in bible books such as Ezekiel.
References are made to ‘vain’ prophecies’. This alludes to lots of earlier and
current prophecies and warnings. The false prophets claimed that ‘The lord said
it’, but it did not happen. But god claims that he himself had caused the false
prophets to speak falsely, so that it became a sort of byword among Jews that
the prophets lie.
The Book of Joel the prophet
Just padding of repeats. Adds nothing to the bible.
First book of the Chronicles
X begat Y who begat Z, and so on. Lots of begetting. As god had commanded.
The Jews went forth and multiplied. And in this book gives the detailed family
trees and genealogies of the various ‘houses’ of the characters of the bible.
Their possessions, lands, cities, suburbs, castles, habitations, and so on, are also
Fear the lord above all gods.
This book repeats the stories that have already been repeated ad nauseam in
earlier books.
Nathan was a prophet through whom god spoke to King David. When King
David ordered a census, god punished him by killing 70,000 Jews by plague. God
calls King David’s son, Solomon, ‘son’. ‘I will be his father and he will be my son’.
(Jesus, as a descendant of David, is called ‘son of god’, and refers to god as his
Sol means Sun in Latin. It is the source of life as we know it. Om is the holy /
sacred word in Hinduism. It is by this word that the world is created. It is the
creative force of life as we know it. On is translated by the Greeks into
‘Heliopolis’, meaning, ‘City of the Sun’. Many scholars believe Solomon really
refers to the Sun. In fact all his wives and concubines, in number, add up to the
number of stars visible to the naked eye in the Northern Hemisphere. Otherwise
it is hard to believe that one man could service so many women. And so the
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
story of Sol-om-on is really another example of the astrological basis of the main
world religions.
God decrees the ‘eternal rule’ of the house of David. The temple is described as
a ‘house of rest’ for god, with a ‘footstool for the lord’. And so most churches,
temples, and sacred sites, even today, are built facing the east, so that the sun
rises up at their entrance, and then travels overhead, finally ‘resting’ on the
most holy, sacred place in the church or temple. This ensures that the sun will
eternally rise, and rule over us. The alternative would be darkness. And death.
For the sun is the basis of life on this earth as we know it. The candles in the
church are a form of sympathetic magic. They are symbolic suns. By lighting a
candle, we hope that life will imitate our art, and the sun will continue to shine.
To rise anew each night from its death, resurrected.
At the entrance to the temple, as in all ancient religious architecture and the
entrances to sacred sites in India, japan, Egypt, Arabia, Rome, and among the
ancient Babylonian-Canaan-Assyiran, were twin pillars. The Old Testament, in
Kings 1, 7:21, refers to these ‘twin towers’ as Baoz and Jackin, which in
Hebrew, mean ‘Eagerness and strength’ and ‘God makes him firm’,
respectively. The phallic nature of the pillars, and the obvious references to
sexual arousal and virility cannot be missed. I believe that the Twin Towers were
first built as a modern ‘Boaz and Jackin’, in order to be destroyed, as a symbolic,
ritual, magical castration of all the men of the Goy. I would suggest that the 911
attack, even the date, were all chosen as a form of sympathetic magic.
A ‘voodoo’ doll attack on the Goy by the Zionist Central Banksters, the masters
of the New World Order. Depopulation is high on their agenda. GMO products,
which the European Union banned, and which had never been independently
tested in the U.S, have been proven by French experts to destroy fertility in rats.
I suggest a clear link. The N.W.O elites hope practice sympathetic magic in the
hope that life will imitate (their) art (ifice). Like imitating the sound of rain was
meant to induce rain. Or mating in the field was meant to induce soil fertility,
and a bountiful harvest. Or carving a sun symbol on a cave was meant to ensure
the sun would rise each morning.
Or the Priest, dressed as a penis, and ‘anointed ‘with oil, entering the entrance
to the church through the pointed arch with the ‘rose’ clitoris above it, a
symbolic vaginal opening, was meant to ensure the fertility, and reproduction,
of the people and nation. In fact the term ‘Christ’ comes from ‘Christos’,
meaning ‘anointed one’. All kings were ‘anointed’ with oil, as a symbolic gesture
of fertility, vitality, and potency. The word ‘semen’ comes from the Hebrew
‘Shemen’ which referred to any oily substance, including semen, and the oil that
was used to anoint kings and high priests. And don’t forget that priests are
trained in the ‘semen-ary’. The symbolic placing of oil on the Kings head was
meant to ensure he, and his kingdom, would remain potent and powerful. Life
should follow the example of the art (ifice). It was a symbolic ejaculation.
Fire falls down and consumes the sacrifices made in the temple. King Acer puts
a prophet into prison as he does not like his prophecy. King Acer suffers foot
disease and dies. Acer’s successor King Jehoshaphat hates and imprisons the
prophet Micah for prophesying against him, claiming that God has told Micah
that god has sent a lying spirit to lie to all his ‘other’ prophets so that they
should mislead the King.
‘Thy name is in this house’. The temple as the ‘house of the name of the lord’.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The spirit of The lord appears in the midst of a group of people in Judah,
Jerusalem, before Jehoshaphat. He sends singers out before his army against
Ammon / Moab on Mt. Seer. The Ammonites and Moabites attack each other.
None escape. Three days are spent gathering in the booty and spoils of war.
High places are built (to honor other gods). This is very naughty. Note that
naughty used to mean evil. And silly used to mean holy.
The priests refer to worshiping other gods as ‘to go a-whoring’ to other gods.
King Jehoshaphat suffers over 2 years as ‘The Lord smites him in his bowels’. He
then dies, it seems, of colon or stomach cancer. All except his youngest son are
taken captive by their enemies.
The Book of Josiah
The Prophetess Howdah…’My wrath is kindled against this place and shall not
be quenched’…’they shall become a desolation and a curse’…But the current
good king will die before god punishes him…this king shall not see the evil that
god will bring against his kingdom’. At this time the ‘Book of the Covenant’ was
found in the Temple…all vessels and idols made to other gods were removed
from the temple… to Baal, moon, sun, planets, and all the host of heaven ‘. Of
course polytheism was typical of the period, with people worshipping the sun
and stars, and meteors, like the one Muslims do not realise they are making
pilgrimages to Mecca to walk around and bow before.
In ancient times, as late as the time of Mohamed, it was typical that the main
temple would contain statues of all the regional gods, notably the sun god, the
moon god, Venus, Uranus, Mars, Neptune, and so on, such as the Parthenon in
Paris. The Jewish priests had become Idolatress Preists and sodomites. They had
become incense burners and altars builders.
And so the Jewish priests have …’Toptheth defiled, so that that there can be no
more ‘passing through fire to Mollek’.
The Jewish priests defile the altars / idols to Ashtoreth, Bethel, and Nokom,
which had been built by King Solomon. This is odd, considering god had called
Solomon, ‘my son’.
All the priests of each god are slain at their own altars supposedly in accord with
the newly ‘discovered’ ‘Book of the Covenant’. Workers with familiar spirits
(such as Socrates claimed to have) and wizards, are ‘put away’. The people are
‘Turned to ‘The Law of Moses’ ‘like none before or after’. Thus strict orthodoxy
is introduced for the first time. The Jews are to live according to strict Mosaic
Law. God threatens … ‘I will cast off this city of Jerusalem and Judah’.
Josiah dies in battle at Megiddo and Pharaoh’s son reigns over the Jews.
Jerusalem is made a tributary of Egypt, meaning it is now to pay poll taxes and
protection money. More or less what federal taxes are to U.S citizens, no matter
where they live in relation to Washington D.C.
Jerusalem, however, has returned to its ‘evil ways’. Judah is destroyed according
to god’s will for the sins of Menasi, who had filled Jerusalem with ‘the blood of
innocents’. In other words the failure of god to protect his people is ‘spun’ as
punishment for some past person’s sins. You solve the problem of why an
omnipotent and just god lets his people be defeated and die in disasters. You
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
also get to ‘fulfill’ a prophecy, and thus increase the transferred authority of the
priests and present day prophets.
Nebuchadnezzar removes all the treasures of Solomon, from all of Jerusalem.
He takes 10,000 captives, including all the soldiers, craftsmen, princes, and
anyone who was considered good ‘human capital’, who possessed any skills,
talents, beauty, or great physical prowess. Only the ‘poorest sort of people’ are
left behind to populate Jerusalem. All the best people are taken into captivity.
The priests define this event, as always, as the fulfillment of a prophecy and the
will of god, further proof of his power, and commitment to the Jews.
Commitment to punishing them when they failed to do the priests will. Every
great house and the house of god is burned down. All the valuables are taken,
including the pillars and decorations of the temple. When they got to Babylon,
all the Jewish priests were killed.
And that is something to think about. If all the Jewish priests, the 13th tribe, the
Levites, were killed, then who is it that later is ordering the Jews around,
pretending to be Jews? A good question? Ever heard of the Zionists? A not-
Semitic people. From the Caucasus region of Southern Russia. As white as any
German. This ethnic group converted to Judaism around the 9th century C.E.
Current Era. They are not Jewish. More about this group later.
The Book of Ezra (The Priest)
Cyrus, King of Persia, decrees the rebuilding of ‘The House of God’ in Jerusalem.
‘The Lord god of heaven has given me rule over all the nations of earth and
charged me to build the house of the lord in Jerusalem’. Around 42,000
Captives (and their 7000 servants), including about 200 ‘singers’, that had been
taken by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, 40 years earlier, were sent back to
Jerusalem after a ‘Sabbath’ of 40 years. Many present at this re-building of the
temple had seen the original temple, and are joyous at seeing the foundations
being laid for this, the 2nd temple. But King Otto Xerxes, the succeeding King of
Babylon / Persia, has this work halted when he comes to power. The Jews are
seen as a threat to Persia, after their history of rebellion. After Xerxes dies, the
succeeding King Darius later discovers the original decree written by Cyrus, and
decrees that materials be provided to continue the rebuilding. He further
decrees it a capital offense for anyone to hinder the rebuilding project
(complying with the Prophecy of Haggai). So the Temple was rebuilt. King
Darius also decrees that the Priest class is now exempt from all taxation.
The question of racial purity once more raises its ugly head. Over 40 years of
captivity the ‘Jews’ have intermarried with other ‘peoples’…so that the
‘remnant’ of ‘Jews’ is now ‘polluted’. Does this sort of talk remind you of
someone famous? But the bible is good and noble and everyone honors it?
All other peoples are seen as unclean ‘abominations’. That means you and me.
Most of the human race in fact. We are all ‘abominations’, according to this
bible which is so venerated and respected.
And so the Jews are warned… ‘Do not join in affinity with these abominations’.
All the males are gathered together, during heavy rains. Ezra, the priest, warns
them … ‘You have transgressed and take thee strange wives’…’separate
yourselves from these wives and your offspring with them’…Among the
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
‘transgressors’ were Priests and singers. And so the Jews had to divorce their
wives and children.
Athelia, Queen of Judah / Jerusalem, is killed along with all the potential
claimants to the throne, including the children of the previous king. All except
one, that is. One called ‘Jeho-savia’, can you believe it? When Jehosavia is
proclaimed King, Athelia is slewn by the horse gate. ‘God save the King’.
Nathan, the priest of Baal, is slain upon his own altar. Baal’s temples are
destroyed. But later, again and again, the Jews return to worship Baal. Again
and again this ‘backsliding people’ return to their ‘wicked ways’ and ‘go awhoring
after other gods’, and worshiping idols in groves.
King Jehoieda lives 130 years.
After a small number of Syrians defeat a large Jewish army, King Joash is slewn
by his own servants, as ‘god’s will’.
A new law does away with the older tradition of punishing children for the sins
of their father.
Judah and Israel involved in repeated civil wars.
Jericho = ‘city of palm trees’
Israel in Sumeria. i.e Jewish men and women brought as bondsmen and captives
into Sumeria.
King Menasi reigns 55 years. He sets up groves and altars to Bailim, and has his
people ‘walk the fire’. This angers god who punishes his chosen people by giving
the Assyrians victory over them in battle. But Menasi humbles himself before
god, and god forgives him.
In the valley of the Son of Himon, the children are caused to ‘pass through the
fire’. I am not sure if this refers to fire walking, or sacrificial burnings.
King Josiah again purges Judah and Jerusalem of heathen gods and practices.
He rebuilds the house of the lord. During the rebuilding he finds a book of
statutes containing the Mosaic Law.
Holda the prophetess ‘thus spake the lord’ god of Israel’, I shall bring all curses,
wrath unquenchable…But for the sake of Josiah I shall wait until after Josiah’s
death…he will die before god takes vengeance on his people. This seems to be
a repeat of earlier books.
Nebuchadnezzar, King of Caldeez, sacks and destroys the temple, and
Jerusalem, and holds the Jewish captives for 40 years. All this is defined as the
fulfillment of earlier prophecy, and punishment for the past deeds of Jews.
King Menahim punishes the cities of Tifsa and Tirza, and the coast, that would
not submit to him, by ‘ripping up’ all the women of those cities.
There are constant conspiracies as Jewish kings are murdered by their own
captains, servants, and children. Sort of like the war of the roses and King Henry
the Eighth in England.
Every nation makes gods of their own. These include Nirgal, Ashima, Tiphaz,
Ziphod, Beham, Hifna, and Iva.
King Hezakaiah of Judah destroys the groves. Moses had made a brazen serpent,
where incense burned, long ago, but Hezakaiah destroys it as ‘evil’. God is
referred to as ‘The living god’. The plan is to keep Judaism centralised on the
temple in Jerusalem. It is prophesied that the Assyrian King, who occupied
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Jerusalem, would return to his own land and die by the hand of his own sons.
Surprise surprise, but this happens. Or was it, had already happened, at the time
this book was written? Over 185,000 Assyrian soldiers are ‘smitten’ by an angel
of god. II have been smitten a few times by pretty girls. But as Morrissey warns
us, after all, ‘Pretty girls make graves’.
The Prophet Isaiah, son of Amos, prophecies that Babylonians will take all the
wealth of Hezakaiah and make eunuchs of his sons. ‘God will wipe Jerusalem
like a dirty dish’ … they shall be a prey for their enemies…for King Menasi’s sins.
These sins include the building of altars to Baal, the planting of groves, and the
construction of graven images to all the hosts of the heavens, including the sun,
the moon, Venus, mars, and Uranus. He also had his children ‘walk the fire’. So I
guess that refers to fire walking.
At this time the priests take money for repairs to the temple, but make no
repairs. ‘Fines’ paid for ‘sins’ and ‘trespasses’ now belonged to the Priests. How
many dodgy ‘gurus’ are there in the world that collect money for building
temples that never get built?
One of the 70 sons of the King is found alive and raised by a woman.
King Jehu reigns over Israel and Sumeria for 28 years. He is succeeded by
Jehoash, aged 7.
King Solomon, the son of King David, was said to have asked god for wisdom,
rather than wealth. However the bible clearly implies that he was quite ruthless
in collecting taxes from his subjects, and lived in greater luxury than any king
before or after him.
King Solomon’s ‘wisdom’ tale involves two women who both give birth to sons
at the same time, in the same room. Sadly one of the babies dies. We are told
that the mother now claiming to have given birth to the child in fact swapped
her dead child for the live child, during the night. Now both mothers appear
before Solomon, who much decide who the real mother is, and / or which
mother he should allow to raise the baby. He assumes that the best mother,
who may or may not be the real mother, is the one that would have the child’s
own interests at heart, and would give it up rather than kill it. And so he tells the
women that if they cannot decide, that he would cut the baby in half, and give
each woman half. One woman than gives up her claim to the child, so that it
might live. The other woman is overjoyed, but then Solomon reveals the
purpose of his judgment, and orders that the child be given to the other
woman, who is either his real mother, or at least will do what is best for the
Judah and Israel enjoy prosperity and peace all the days of King Solomon. All the
kings of earth come to hear his wisdom on all subjects. God had told David his
son would build God’s house, and so Solomon has it built. A Levy is imposed on
all Jewish citizens to pay for the construction. 30,000 men are sent to Lebanon
in shifts of 10,000. They are to work 2 months on, and then return to their
homes and for 2 months, in a continual cycle. Stones are bought for the
foundations. He orders timber from Hiram. Cedar is used for all structural
elements of the building. The walls and floor are covered with Fir. The building
begins in the 4th year of Solomon’s reign.
In the 480th year after the exodus the construction of the temple begins. It
includes an ‘oracle’, the most holy place. This is similar to the Oracle to Apollo
at Delphi, whose purpose was for interpreting dreams and telling the future.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
One of Apollo’s epithets was as god of oracles. The oracle is the ‘holy of holies’,
for it is where the priests commune with god. The oracle is carved in cedar. Not
a single stone of the structure is visible. It is completely overlaid in gold. The
entire house and altar is overlaid with pure gold. Winged cherubim are carved
out of Olive tree wood. Their wings touch in the center of the altar, and each
touches the wall on its side. There are also cherubim, flowers, and palm trees
carved in gold. The doors are made of fir. The construction takes 7 years. It is
interesting that Solomon spent 13 years on the building of his own house, a
holiday house in Lebanon, and a house for the Pharaoh’s daughter, whom he
has married.
The Ark contains only the 2 stone tablets of Moses. It is designed to be a
permanent house for god to dwell in. ‘For the name of god’. ‘There is no god
like thee’. Jews are to face the direction of the temple and pray, when they are
too far away to visit it. This reminds us of Mohamed and his Muslims, who are
to face Mecca and pray, when they are too far away to visit Mecca itself.
Elysha, prophet of Israel, Man of god, heals Naomin of leprosy. He tells her to
wash in the Jordan River of Israel 7 times. Elysha’s servant lies to Naomin. The
servant asks her for silver, clothing, and so on, in Elysha’s name, lying that he
had changed his mind. This servant and all his seed are punished for this
deception with leprosy. They are cursed by Elysha.
Elysha’s servant drops the iron head of an axe into the river while cutting down
a tree. Elysha performs the miracle of making it float to the surface.
Elysha curses the Syrians besieging Jerusalem to blindness. He leads many of
them astray to Sumeria. During the siege, the Jews had been so hungry they
were reduced to cannibalism, as Elysha had prophesied, and as had been earlier
prophesied by earlier Jewish prophets.
The Syrians flee. The Jews attack the Syrians, and ‘dash children to death
against rocks’ and ‘rip up’ pregnant women.
The Jews return to their evil, rebellious, idolatrous ways. In other words they
‘repeat’ what they do over and over in the bible. They ‘walk in the way of Ahab’.
Ahab’s house is prophesied to fall. Jezebel is to be eaten by dogs. Jeehu, son of
Jehosophat, is anointed the new King of Israel.
King Ahab of Sumeria has 70 sons. Jehu kills all Ahab’s ‘great men’ and his 70
sons. Or so he thinks. In fact one survives. Jehu tricks all Baal’s worshipers to a
festival, and murders them all. Jehu destroys the religion Baal in Israel. But
there are still golden calves in Bethel and Dan. Jehu was doing well, but then he
‘backslides’ as the Jews of the bible are constantly doing, and Jehu sins again
and is smitten. And not in a nice way.
Elijah, prophet of god, prophecies that god will destroy the house of Ahab,
including ‘All who piss against the wall’, for wickedness and idolatry. It seems
the lack of public toilets has always been a problem!
Ahab fasts and humbles himself before god so well that god rewards him by
delaying the destruction of his legacy and family until after Ahab’s death. The
supposedly just god will punish Ahab’s sons, family, and followers, for Ahab’s
sins. The law about ‘the sins of the father being visited upon the sons’ comes to
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Jehosophat is now King of Judah. The king of Israel has 400 prophets. The
prophet Mikayah prophecies things that the King does not like to hear. The
other 400 agree in favor of the King. Mikayah lauft mit.
But god has a plan to ensure that all the prophets will be full of a lying spirit
sent by god to promise the King victory, and thus trick the King to go to death in
battle, which he is doomed to lose, at Raymoth Gilead.
Todays ‘prophets’ are the mass media that is controlled by the C.I.A and the
Zionist central bankers. They tricked us into invading Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya,
and the Sudan, like they tricked the British and French and then U.S.A into
WWII, and like they are now tricking us into invading Iran and Syria. Those
‘prophets’ like me who are telling you things you don’t want to hear, are, as
always, ignored, mocked, and punished for trying to find, and explain, the truth
to you all.
The King of Israel disguises himself, after the King of Syriah sends all his 32
captains to assassinate the King of Israel. 1 archer hits the King in his Chariot,
and the king bleeds to death. The Israelites are told to return to their own
homes. Ahab had an ivory house.
Jehosophat, son of King Acer, reigns as the new King in Jerusalem. He does
what is right in the eyes of the lord. He makes peace with the King of the
It will not surprise you, after so much repeated ‘backsliding’, that the King of
Israel again returns to worshiping Baal, and so on.
References are made to Baal (Bayal) Zeebob, the God of Ekron.
God destroys a captain and 50 men. The fire of god comes down and consumes
them. This happens 3 times, as proof that the god of Israel is lord, and not Baal.
So I guess we can expect 3 nukes to hit Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine … or
will it be Israel itself?
The lord is god and there are no other gods. Solomon prays to god to answer
the prayers of non-Jews who came to the temple to pray to him. God promises
that his eyes and heart shall be here in the temple, for eternity, as long as the
Jews do not forsake their god.
Israel shall be a proverb and a byword among all people, if you serve and
worship other gods. Such evil will befall them that the whole world shall know
of it. Can you think what evil the Zionists have planned for Israel? Hear of a
thing called ‘Armageddon’. Ever look for it on a map? Guess where it is
located? Where are the most powerful and wealthy Zionists right now? In
Israel? Or close enough to their underground cities in the U.S, and far away
from the fall-out zones of nuclear bomb strikes in and near Israel?
Pharaoh takes Giza from the Canaanites and gives it to King Solomon as a dowry
for his daughter. The non-Jews Solomon had not butchered were made bond
servants / slaves. Solomon builds the navy of Farshish and Hiram. Solomon is
the richest king ever. He owns 1400 chariots and 12,000 horsemen. Silver in
Jerusalem is as prolific as stones. Solomon loves many ‘strange’ women god had
forbidden. He has 700 wives and 300 concubines. In his old age, his wives and
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
concubines turn his heart away from his one god, to their own many gods, such
as Ashtoreth and Milkon. He builds temples to Kimosh and Moleks, and to all
the other gods of his wives and their people’s. Twice god appears to Solomon to
warn him that his son will inherit only ONE tribe of the entire kingdom. God is
letting them keep that one tribe only in order to honor gods’ promise to David.
But the rest of Solomon’s kingdom will be lost. God stirs up enemies from
among Solomon’s servants, to conspire against Solomon.
Ten of the 12 trbies are to go to Jeraboah. Solomon tries to thwart god’s plan
by killing Jeraboah, who flees to Egypt. Solomon dies. His son Rehaboah reigns.
The people, fed up with Solomon’s the heavy taxation that had funded
Solomon’s extravagantly lavish and wasteful lifestyle, demand that Rehaboah
reduce the ‘burden’ Solomon had put upon them. They demand lower taxes, to
make their heavy yoke lighter. So it appears that the myth of Solomon as having
been modest was unfounded. He had been very greedy, and ruthless.
Rehaboah appears to have inherited his father’s lack of concern for the welfare
of his public, and instead increases taxation to spite them, against his own
counselor’s advice. In fact he taunts them, saying …’I will increase the yoke and
chastise you with scorpions, where Solomon had merely whipped you’.
Israel rebels against King Solomon. They stone the Kings representatives. Civil
war threatens, but god speaks to the people, telling them not to attack.
Again we find Israel ‘backsliding’ and ‘going a-whoring after idols’. Israel ‘makes
groves’, worships Baal, and enjoys more than the occasional bit of sodomy,
provoking god to anger. God warns that …’They shall be thrown out of the
Promised Land as punishment, and scattered among the nations’. This is one
reason many orthodox Jews consider Zionism, the foundation of Israel, to have
been wrong, and still oppose the Zionist agenda of a Jewish state, let alone its
expansion to include the ‘promised land’ as described in the Old Testament,
extending from the River Euphrates to the River Nile, and over most of modern
day Iraq.
King Ahab of Israel worships Baal, marries Jezebel, and plants groves. The
Prophet Elijah comes on the scene. There is drought. Elijah tells King Ahab (not
the whale hunter Ahab!) To go to the river Jordan to be fed by ravens, and so
on. Elijah brings a boy back to life. Jezebel slays the prophets of the lord, and
would slay them all, but Obidiah saves 100 of them. He feeds them in a cave.
There are 450 prophets of ‘Baal, of the grove’. Remember that in many ancient
European lands, including among the Germans and the Druids, groves of trees
were considered sacred. Charlemagne beheaded 10,000 Saxons who would not
cut down their sacred trees. The druids experienced a similar fate, with most of
them being massacred on their sacred island. But oh, don’t forget that French
Catholics murdered around 10,000 Protestants on the site where the Eifel tower
now stands.
Elijah challenges the 450 to pray to Baal to light a fire under a sacrifice, as proof
of his existence and power.
I myself proposed a huge public event where all the people of the earth who
believed in the god of the bibles would pray to god to light one single match, as
proof of his existence.
Elijah builds a trench filled with water around the altar, and then re-builds the
altar in the name of the lord. He lays wood under the altar and prays to his god.
Fire falls from god and consumes the sacrifice, evaporating the water in the
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
trench. If you ask me that was some sort of ‘naphtha’ flash. That explains the
water. You throw a few chemicals and metals in the water and they explode in a
wall of consuming flames. Just one more trick of the magicians.
Elijah and his butchers then then murder the 450 prophets of Baal. I hope he
used stones, as god had commanded in the Mosaic Law!
References are once more made to earthquakes, smoke, and fire, as befits a
volcano god. Elijah is on the run, when the voice of god speaks out to him from
a cave, ‘what doeth thou here Elijah?’ Only 7000 Israelites had NOT bowed to
Baal. King Ahab has had his eye on a choice piece of real estate, a vineyard. It
has really taken his fancy. But he can’t just take it now can he? In steps Jezebel
(the daughter of Uriah the Hittite?), who sees her chance to ingratiate herself
with the King. Jezebel promises to get that vineyard for King Ahab. She and her
husband get 2 sons of Belial to accuse Nabor the Jezraelite, the legal owner of it,
of blasphemy. The people stone Nabor to death. King Ahab takes possession of
his new vineyard/
How many people who have sought to draw your attention to the master plan
of the Zionists, with their private Central banks, with their private intelligence
agencies known to us as Mossad and the C.I.A, and their massive conspiracy of
opportunistic hangers-on, have been publicly denounced as ‘anti-Semitic’ and
ruined? How many have been murdered? Of course King Henry the Eighth had
people burned alive for ‘Heresy’. In fact the author of ‘Utopia’, Thomas More,
personally had many ‘blasphemers’ murdered. It is nothing new, or particularly
However today under the ‘Patriot Act’, being anti-Semitic is the equivalent of
being a suspected terrorist. And under the current U.S laws, if anyone
denounces you as ‘unpatriotic’, as an anti-Semite, they can lock you up
indefinitely, for what you might call ‘future crimes’. If you will not submit to the
hegemonic social reality, in which the U.S and Israel are the victims of terror,
rather than the perpetrators of terror, which they definitely are, a fact which
many people have already proven, and which I will also demonstrate to you
later, then you are defined as a blasphemer, as a terrorist.
You do not have to do anything. They can assume you are going to do
something, and imprison and torture you indefinitely, until you give in, lauf mit,
become a team player, and renounce your past criticisms, and submit to the
hegemonic social reality that the Zionist, C.I.A controlled mass media have
conditioned us to believe. The C.I.A and Mossad will probably use you in their
next false flag, U.S-Zionist-Mossad-C.I.A terrorist operation. Your family will be
saddened to hear that your passenger jet has been blown up by terrorists, with
you either as a passenger, or a terrorist.
The Prophet Elijah smites the water (of the river?) with his cloak and it parts,
letting him and all the people with him pass across the dry river bed. Of course
this sort of thing will not surprise anyone who has read the previous books of
the bible. This is the traditional way for Jews to cross rivers and seas. They have
no need for boats. Their god simply parts the waters and lets them cross
without getting their feet wet!
Chariots and horses of fire appear and take Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind.
Apparently Elijah leaves his coat behind, because the next time the Jews need to
cross a river their prophet Elysha takes the now-in-heaven Elijah’s cloak, smites
the waters with it, and they part once again. Elysha ‘healed the waters’.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The prophet Elysha is taunted by children who appear in the road before him,
mocking him… ‘Go up, bald-head’. Do they want to see another Prophet flying
up to heaven on a whirlwind? This prophet is not patient with children. He
curses the children, and bear appears in the road and tears 42 of them to
pieces. I wonder if there was some real incident with a bear and children, that
this story takes advantage of, or if the story really has some encoded message.
Which do you think?
There is a new census. The King of the Moabites rebels. The King of Edom,
Judah, and Israel, form an alliance against the Moabites.
The Prophet Elysha calls for a minstrel who god speaks through.
A drought ends, and Edom is filled with water, but it is ‘red as blood’
The Israelites smite the Moabites. The Israelites fell all the trees, and fill all the
wells. Apparently god said this was to be done. The King of Moab, hoping to
appease the angry god of the Jews, offers his own first born son as a burn
offering upon the walls of his own city. The Israelites return home.
At this time the Prophets had wives. Elysha performs a ‘miracle of oil’.
A (previously) barren woman conceives, but the child dies. Elysha performs
another miracle, by bringing the child back to life.
While ‘on the run’, living in the cave, 100 sons of the prophets feed on 20 loaves
and 10 ears of corn. A precursor to some New Testament stories!
Book II of The book of Samuel
A civil war among the Jews results in 20,000 dead.
Forest oaks kill more men in the civil war than King David’s warriors. King David
deals gently with Absolom, his own son, who is stuck in an Oak, and killed by
Jacob and his men. King David ‘shut up’ his son’s widows and concubines until
their death.
There is a 3 year famine. In the past the Israelites had sworn never to harm the
Amorites, but Saul slays the Gibeonites, who represented the last remnant of
the Amorites). For breaking his oath, god punishes Saul. King David asks god
how he is to make good for Saul’s sins, which god tells King David the famine is a
punishment for. This leads to King David hanging 7 sons of Saul to appease god,
during the first days of the barley harvest. God is appeased and grants King
David victory in many battles.
David conducts a census of the divided Kingdom of the Jews. There are 800,000
Israeli males over 20, and 500,000 males over 20 in Judah. For some reason god
does not like this. It fact it angers him. He is displeased. God speaks to King
David through Gad, David’s seer. Gad, his seer, tells David that god is offering
him 3 choices. Yes, by gad, David gets to choose his own punishment. What is
behind door number one? 7 years of famine! And behind door number 2? 3
months of military defeats! And door number three? 3 days of pestilence!
Decisions decisions! David chooses pestilence, and 70,000 Jews die in three
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Book III of The first book of Kings
Old, cold King David takes a virgin as his personal ‘bed warmer’. Solomon, his
son, is supposed to become the next King, but an usurper named Adenija, claims
the throne. Solomon rides King David’s mule. God save Solomon. Solomon has
Adenija killed when he challenges Solomon’s legitimacy, and therefore right to
the throne. Solomon has others killed to avenge their earlier acts. Solomon
marries Pharaoh’s daughter. Gibeon is the highest altar at time of Solomon.
Solomon prays for wisdom and understanding, rather than riches or long life.
This pleased God, who rewards Solomon with greater riches than any man
before or after. Solomon, of course, would not dare contradict god’s will, by
sharing these riches among his subjects. Oh no. Solomon is so humble that he
submits to god’s will, and enjoys more wasteful luxury than any man before or
since. Very pious King, that Solomon!
Ecclesiastes (The preacher)
This is the most philosophical of all the books in the bible. It’s pessimism and
stoicism is worthy of a Buddha, A Lao Tzu, Marcus Aurelius, a Schopenhauer, a
Voltaire, a Celine, any stoic or any existentialist. It is thus unlike the rest of the
Bible. For Judaism, as compared to all the other world religions, is defined by its
optimism. It is the only religion that affirms life. Ecclesiastes, like all the
religions of the East, affirms death as superior to life.
Ecclesiastes is apparently one of King David’s sons. Not merely a descendant of
King David, but one of his actual sons. He was born to wealth and privilege, like
the Buddha. He has … ‘rejoiced in all possible joy, pleasure possible, but has
found that all is vain and without profit…therefore I hated life…all is vexation /
vanity…all my works will possibly be inherited by a fool…what hath man of all
his labors?’
‘All is vanity (in vain) and vexation of the spirit… there is nothing new under the
sun…the eye and ear are never full…greater wisdom produces greater
grief…pleasure is vanity…there is no profit under the sun…knowledge leads to
sorrow…the fool ends as the wise man, so what value is wisdom?…all his days
are sorrow, travail, and griefs…all he builds he loses, along with all his great
works, wealth, power, delights, and servants … ‘What do his labors profit a
man…there is no good in them but to rejoice and do good in life…man has no
pre-eminence over beasts…all return to dust…all things we earn earns us the
envy of others…it is better to be dead than alive…it is better never to have been
born and had to live and die…he who desires abundance is never satisfied by
increase…the day of death is better than the day of birth…the heart of the wise
is in the house of mourning…time and chance decide everything, it is not a
question of wisdom, vice, or virtue.
Ecclesiastes is the most poetic of all the books of the Bible. In fact it is the
source of a famous pop song. ‘For everything, there is a season, and a time for
every purpose under heaven. A time to reap. A time to sow. A time for love. A
time for hate. A time for peace. A time for war. A time to cast away stones. A
time to gather stones together.’
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The Book of Nehemiah
Nehemiah is the cup bearer to King Otto Xerces. References are made to Ezra
and the rebuilding of the temple and Jerusalem. Nehemiah has a vision in which
god warns the Jews. ‘If ye transgress I shall cast thee out and scatter thee
among the nations’. There are new racial purity laws, after a new covenant not
to marry non-Jews. All the ‘mixed multitude’ are separated from the racially
pure Jews. The gates of the city are from now on to be shut on Sabbath.
Nehemiah smites some Jews for ‘defiling’ their racial purity.
The Book of Esther
Bashtai wife of Persian King Hesuairus, ignored kings summons to appear at
celebration…law throughout land that female must submit to the husband…and
law to seek out most beautiful maidens in land so king could chose new wife
and many more concubines…Queen Esther, Mordecai’s daughter in law, loved
above all others…Hamon the Agadite, who had been promoted to top prince by
Hesuairus, ‘roth’ at Mordecai as he would not bow or give reverence to him, …
plan to kill him and all Jews on 13th of Adar (December)…i.e. 1 day …and
dispossess of property…(like Nazi’s did)…Esther told of plan / decree of Hamon,
but on-one allowed to approach king without an invitation…unless king held out
scepter to…otherwise automatic death penalty for approaching King…but
Esther took the risk and approached with an invite…the king spoke to her…she
petitioned king … Mordechai did not move out of way for Hamon as he passed
the gate…this is what made Hamon ‘roth’…Mordecai had warned Esther, and
King, of conspiracy to kill King, which had saved the kings life…fact noted in
Kings Chronicles…which king had had read to that night…king desired to honor
Mordechai the jew…Hamon had to bring him horse and clothes and lead him
through the city…thus Hamon’s plan to hang Mordechai the next day were
Esther petitioned king for life of the Jews…king asked who had decreed their
death…King roth at Hamon…Hamon begged Esther on her bed…king found him
there…roth…ordered Hamon to be hanged on gallows Hamon had had built to
hang Mordecai on…( ‘hoisted by his own petard!’)…King gave his ring to
Mordecai and set him over the house of Hamon…gave house of Hamon to
Esther… n.b King Hasuairus ruled from India to Ethiopia, 127 provinces…decree
given at Shoosham palace to reverse Hamon’s decree…to protect Jews /
defend…fear of the Jews fell upon all the lands…i.e Jews empowered to destroy
all their enemies…Mordecai waxed greater and greater… more powerful…and
Jews killed their enemies throughout the empire…including 500 men in
Shoosham…10 of Hamon’s sons hanged and 300 men…In provinces Jews killed
75,000 of their enemies, on the 13th… the Jewish holiday of Purim was
celebrated on 14th and 15th of December throughout entire empire from India
to Ethiopia, in all 127 provinces of King Hasuarius i.e. Persian / Indian empire.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The book of the Proverbs of Solomon.
Solomon shares his wisdom and ethics with us. He speaks of discretion, justice,
equity, charity, mercy, truth. Solomon tells us not to lust after a woman who is
not your wife. Solomon is no hypocrite. He marries 700 women, and has 300
concubines. No adulterer our Solomon. No. If he fancies a girl, he just sends his
men out with whips to collect more taxes from the poor, and adds the girl to his
harem. But you, poor reader, you should only lust after your wife. I am sure
she simply adores Solomon’s wisdom.
So Solomon speaks against adultery and whores.
Solomon sounds a bit like Jesus, when he tells us that …’If your enemy is hungry,
get him bread to eat. If your enemy is thirsty, get him water to drink’.
Solomon is very stoic, almost a Diogenes, when he argues that it is …’better to
live in the wilderness than with a mean brawling contentious woman in a wide
house’. Schopenhauer could not have put it any better! ..
Solomon is all for corporal punishment. He writes that it is …’best to beat the
student, or your son. The rod brings wisdom’. The same applies to teaching
servants their place, for …’a servant will not be corrected by words..’
‘Hell and destruction are never full, as a man is never satisfied’. He would know.
Richest man ever, before or since.
Perhaps Solomon is warning people like me when he writes that …’a fool
uttereth his entire mind’…
In Hebrew YWH can refer to the release of sexual energy during orgasm. It can
refer to divine creativity. Remember volcanoes represent both explosive energy,
and the creation of new land. New earth. Volcanoes are creating new land this
very minute, like a god of creation. Anyone who has ever had a full body orgasm
can relate to the earth trembling, ‘explosions’ and ‘eruptions’. And the result is
often conception, and the creation of new life. So the idea of YWH representing
both a volcano god, and a god of creation, who creates both the earth, and life,
is easy to follow.
And don’t forget that sexual union is often referred to as ‘Hieros Gamos’, and
was part of most ancient religious rituals. Today it has been formalised into a
merely symbolic sexual act, as the priest, dressed as a penis, ‘enters’ the church,
which is a symbolic vagina and uterus. Catholics even ‘lubricate’ themselves
with ‘holy’ water. Look up as you enter a cathedral, at the ‘rose’ that rests just
above the pointed archway entry. It is a symbolic clitoris. The columns are all
phallic. The domes are all womb-like. The term ‘dome’ derives from the Latin
for ‘domus’, meaning ‘presence of the divine’. Of course human life begins in the
womb, so it is the closest thing to creation and divinity you could name. The hall
cathedral is a symbolic vagina. All that is missing today are the holy whores.
Today’s ‘whores’ for the Zionist Priesthood are the politicians, lobbyists, and
media personalities.
Yahweh made the earth to tremble and broke it…People fell into the lower part
of the earth…god writeth his name across the sky YAH (Jamaican’s call god
YAH…the male half of Yahweh!)…thou breakest the head of the dragon
(leviathan) in the waters… the field of Zoan (red sea?) … God sent evil angels
among them (the Egyptians)…David was a shepherd…god judges among the
gods…the living god…vs gods of wood and stone…
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Zion = city of god…singers and musicians…the pit be digged for the wicked…fear
god above all gods…for they are only idols…the hills melted like wax in the
presence of the lord …make a joyful noise…(including trumpets)…for thy name’s
sake…Moses appeals to god’s sense of reputation i.e pride / vanity / honor…the
pains of hell…Basheth their little ones against the stone …(kill the babies in
The Book of Job (of Uz)
Job has 7 sons and 3 daughters. He is the greatest,, most wealthy of all men of
the East. The Sons of god and Satan appear to the lord. God boasts to Satan
about Job…how good and righteous he is. Satan goads God on … ‘take his good
luck away and he will curse you’. God falls for Satan’s trick / challenge. God
tells Satan he may do anything he wants to Job except kill him, to test his love of
god. Satan comes from walking to and fro among the earth. God calls his sons
and Satan to an audience again. Satan repeats his goading. But so far Job is still
praising god…though has lost his wealth…though job regrets being born, and
curses the day he was born…and, narcissist that he is, Job thinks that the total
universe should curse the day he was born…’why died I not at birth?’…’had I not
been’…’at death the servant is free from his master’… He longs for death but it
cometh not…’man is born into trouble’…he prays for death…why hope? Why
prolong life? At the time of death, no matter how great you were, your success
and satisfaction will die with you.
Wise men tell then tell Job that he, Job, must be at fault, for god is just. But Job
argues that god cannot be just, for he destroys the innocent and the wicked
alike…my soul is weary of my life. Job asks god the question billions of people
have asked since Job. Why oppress thy own creation?…why did you give me
life? Job is ready and willing to give up the ghost. Job claims he is the innocent
victim of injustice. Job asks that eternal question of … ‘why do the wicked, cruel,
evil, and unjust flourish?’ Job notes that the wicked live good long lives and
even enjoy quick, easy deaths. Job claims he himself was generous, charitable,
just to strangers and to poor, widows, and orphans. That is his self-definition.
But he had his house steps washed with butter. Still Job claims that he never
did anything wrong, and was the best of men.
Job believes in bodily resurrection on the Day of Judgment, the end of days.
The earth shall vomit the dead and be buried up again.
Job argues what Plato later argues, that ‘to depart from evil, that is
A younger man, Elijhu, responds to Job’s questions. God is god. God has no
need to justify himself. God keeps man’s soul from the pit…delivers man from
going down to pit…if can find one man in 1000 to redeem the 999…god will
bring man’s soul back from the pit. Elijhu warns us against judging god.
In the end Job acquiesces to his fate, and he is rewarded. God has not lost face
to Satan. But those who lost their lives are not rewarded or compensated. And I
can only wonder if Job would have held out so well until the end, if he had
realised that God was making him suffer so much just to win a bet with, of all
people, Satan. Truly the god of the Old Testament is vain.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
I shall give yee the heathen for an inheritance. That’s us folks. Make sure you
take good care of your daughters and sons, so they make good slaves for the
Zionist Jews.
‘The wicked shall be turned into hell. .. Into the pit they dig for themselves…they
shall have their portion in this life’. This means, if you happen to be among the
lucky beneficiary classes, that you should enjoy the luxuries and privileges you
have, because that is all you are going to get. After this life it is going to mighty
hard for you!
“Hail-stones and coals of fire…lightnings…the foundations of world revealed /
discovered…the blast of thy nostrils.’ This is what the unfaithful have to look
forward to.
‘My god, my god, why hath thou forsaken me’…’they pierced my hands and my
feet’ … the meek shall inherit the earth… Most people associate these lines with
Jesus of the New Testament, but they all occur in Psalms as well.
‘Let them go down quick into hell’…
The bible warns us all that Israel shall judge and rule over all the nations. How
will it achieve this? Divide and conquer. The bible states that ‘all (gentiles and
Jews) shall oppress each other. We shall grind the face of the poor. We shall
descend…into hell. We deny the poor, the widows, the orphans, the powerless,
access to legal justice. The underprivileged are exploited / abused… and denied
legal protection.
A vision appears to King Isaiah. 6 winged seraphim appear. They touch their
lips to hot coals. God speaks to Isaiah. ‘A virgin shall conceive and bear a son
named Emmanuel. The name means ‘with whom god is pleased’. Thus god is
said to have said to Jesus ‘This is my son, with whom I am well pleased’.
If you are familiar with the U.N plans for the U.S, in which most of the land will
be emptied of humans, and turned into nature parks, the following will not
come as a surprise. “Farmlands, orchards, and vineyards shall be left unkempt
and wild.
God, the prince of peace …the mighty…the government shall be on his
shoulders…the everlasting father…establish it with justice…through the seal of
the host.
But before this, things are going to get really bad. ‘Each shall eat the flesh of his
own arm’. There will be famine.
And then the good news. After the final battles, when the New World Order has
been imposed upon the world by the Zionist tyrants, the Jews who survive, the
‘remnants’ shall return, and we shall have the new Eden. It will be the paradise
that my own Eden Protocols are designed to produce. As a metaphor…’a little
child shall lead the bear and the lion…the lion shall eat straw like the Ox, and lay
down with the lambs…’ Yes, as I hoped, the New World Order will be vegan. But
I am a little disturbed by the prospect of being ruled like Moses ruled his people.
And I cannot imagine that a super-rich powerful elite, after having lived with
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
every possible luxury and pleasure imaginable, with complete power over
everyone, to abuse as they wish, will suddenly become nice and full of goodwill
and generosity to the survivors they will rule over. I really do not expect equality
and informed consent. So I am ambivalent about the coming new world order. I
mean, it is here already, just not yet declared. And before they manage to
complete their plans, there is going to be a hell of a lot of suffering and violence.
I offer you the alternative. I have NO power whatsoever to get you to even
consider it, let alone to compel you to reason. I will be ambivalent at your
demise. It could have been so much better. But really I cannot blame the
tyrants. When did democracy ever lead to justice and equality for all sentient
beings? When did humans display anything like the compassion, generosity,
charity, and honesty that the prophets demanded of them?
Anyway, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I did my best. I absolve myself of any
responsibility, as I have acted as far as my response-ability has allowed. I have
always been victimised for trying to help. To think of all the good things I could
have been doing for myself, when instead I have devoted my life to making this
world worth reproducing. My neck, shoulders, back, eyes and head ache from
just writing this.
Anyway, good luck to us all. May the better ‘man’ win. And may he be
compassionate and humble after ‘his’ victory. With all sentient beings. Even you.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The NewTestament
The ‘Gospels’: The ‘Good News’
So, what’s the good news? Well, you remember that, since we were kicked out
of Eden, God has been punishing all human kind for the sin of Adam and Eve.
They dared disobey him. Not long after that he threw a tantrum, lost his
patience, and simply drowned everyone except Moses and his family. So we
began again, a new civilization founded upon incest. But it is now 4000 years
later, and God has moved on. He is in a forgiving mood. As long as we too show
forgiveness, he is willing to forgive us. In fact he promises to treat us how we
treat each other. The original ‘fair deal’.
We are now entering the age of Pisces. Yes, 60 to 70 years ago, as prophesied in
The Old Testament book of Isaiah, God incarnated himself as the Avatar Jesus,
and allowed himself to be killed as a ‘sin sacrifice’. The ultimate blood sacrifice
to end all sacrifices, and pay off all our debts. Our karmic slates have been
wiped clean. And now all the people of the earth, whether Jew or Gentile, have
been welcomed by God, in the form of Jesus, to re-join God’s family, and enjoy
his love and beneficence.
The Mosaic Law is now void. You can work on Sunday. You can eat what you
like. Preferably a vegan diet, as in the Garden of Eden, and in the new Eden, the
kingdom of heaven on earth, which we are told we are on the threshold of.
(What they don’t say is that we’ll have to wait about 2000 years, until the
dawning of the Age of Aquarius to enjoy it). Yes the New Heaven and Earth
could arrive at any moment now, so stay alert. Cease from malice, jealousy,
envy, greed, and lust. Treat even the lowest among you, as if they were Jesus,
and therefore God, himself. Treat everyone as you want god to treat you. Share
all your possessions. Give according to your ability. Take only according to your
need. Feed and clothe and help those who cannot work and provide for
themselves. But those who will not work, out of sheer laziness and selfishness,
they shall not be allowed to eat. No freeloaders welcome! Make no oaths of
loyalty to any state. Yes folks, the One World Government. Take no part in any
war. Return good for evil. Love your enemy. Treat all people as one big, global,
family. There is no longer ‘Jew’ nor ‘Greek’ (Goy-Gentile). We are all now simply
children of God. Citizens of the New World Order.
Of course the Jews deny that Jesus is the son of God, the ‘redeemer’ prophesied
by Isaiah, and maintain that ‘the Mosaic law’ is still valid. They expect their
‘redeemer’ to be like Joshua in the Old Testament. The name Jesus derives from
Yeshua / Joshua. And so the Jews that did not accept Jesus as Christ and
Saviour, as the new Joshua, as Emmanuel, continue to make a distinction
between Jew and Gentile. The Jews are human. The Gentile is no more than a
beast. And to be treated as such.
But the Gospel writers continue to push on with their own position, that Jesus is
the ‘redeemer’ Isaiah spoke of. So it continues to describe the Communistic
lifestyle we are supposed to adopt. Dissolve the traditional family ties. Avoid
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
marriage if you can. But if you cannot still your lust, then marry. And never
divorce. Never commit adultery. Remain sober. Reject all worldly desires and
ambitions like a Buddha. Long for death when you shall once more be ‘beings of
The entirety of the Mosaic Law is now satisfied if you ‘love one another as you
love yourself’. If you treat the lowliest among you as if they were Jesus Christ
himself. God. Just as in the Bhagavad Gita. If you are a slave, then obey your
master as you would obey god. Children are to obey their parents. Wives are to
submit to their husbands in all matters. The husband is to submit to the newly
found Church on all matters. Some translate ‘Islam’ to mean ‘submission’. In
fact each of the four religions founded by the Zionists demands complete
submission. Of course the secular religion of the Zionists, Marxism, was also a
dictatorship, no less than the Catholic Church, or Islam is. That is the whole
point of religion. The enslavement of humanity by the 144,000 Zionists. Religion
derives from Religionare, to bind. The word ‘Church’ derives from the German
Kirche and Scottish Kirk, which derive from the Ancient Greek deity Circe. She
got her victims drunk on wine, hypnotised and mesmerized people, then fed off
of them, just like every ‘Church’ has since.
Paul admits that death is better than life, but while you live, serve God. Serve
god by serving each other, just as Krishna, and the Bhagavad Gita, and Buddha,
all teach. Still your own desires. This is the basis of the Eastern religious
philosophies of Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. It was the basis of the
teachings of The Priests at On. It was the basis of the teachings of Zarathustra.
Those who observe this new law shall be judged favorably on the Day of
Judgment, and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Anyone who dies
before this Day of Judgment will be bodily resurrected in order to be judged.
Those who are judged unfavorably shall be sent to suffer eternal pain, misery,
and humiliation in the fires of Hell. So I guess it is not all good news! Oh, unless
you like a bit of ‘schadenfreude’, and look forward to the delicious idea of your
enemies, all those you feel must have signed a pact with the devil in order to
enjoy better luck than you, suffering the eternal torments of hell!
Please take a moment to consider how the social system that most closely
observed the New Testament’s call to communism, the Soviet system of the
U.S.S.R, also rejected Paul’s new Cult of Christianity. While the nation that
claims ‘In God We Trust’, though intended by those who landed on Plymouth
Rock to be a communist paradise, demonized communism and its followers as
much as the Soviets did the Church. That nation required an oath of allegiance
to be spoken even by its children. That nation has continued to wage war on the
entire world, forcing its son’s into battle via conscription. All in direct violation
of the New Testaments explicit condemnation of such things. Oh the irony!
The books of the New Testament are made up of the writings, the ‘Gospels’, the
‘Good News’, of Matthew, Mark, Luke, Paul, and John. The first ‘gospels’ were
written around 60 to 70 years after their ‘god-man’ Jesus offered us his code of
ethics. The accounts of the supposed death of Jesus are contradictory, and if
you read between the lines, it would appear that he never actually died, neither
after being hanged from a tree, hanged from a cross, nor crucified.
However he apparently ceased his public speaking tour. His message was so
simple you could put it into one sentence. However Paul felt compelled to add
projections from their own self-loathing and sexism. He also felt he and his new
Priest class should have immunity from secular law.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
But Paul himself could not bring himself to obey the one commandment that
Jesus had replaced all the thousands of rules of the old Mosaic law of the Old
Testament with. The call to repay evil with kindness, love, charity, and
forgiveness. Paul went so far as to pray to god to avenge him, Paul, for some
‘slight’ he had suffered at the hands of one of his ‘competitors’ for dominance of
the new Cult of Christianity. And so the new cult was doomed from the start. It
went on to make a mockery of the teachings of Jesus. Jesus himself pretty much
predicted this. Probably why he never bothered to hang around to help with the
new ‘religion’. But he promised that he would return to judge everyone. Those
who ‘loved one another, like Jesus had loved us’ would enter paradise with him.
The rest would be condemned to eternal hell-fire.
So it is now left to human nature to do its best and its worst with the original
ethical teachings which have been ascribed by the Gospels to a character called
‘Jesus’. There is no evidence this person ever existed. There is every reason to
suspect that if he had lived, that he did in fact survive his ‘death’. We have no
reason not to hope the best for him. That he left the public eye, and went off to
live a happy life with Mary Magdalene. She was, in his own words, the only truly
‘faithful’ among his supposed followers. She was wealthy enough to let them
both enjoy a happy, comfortable life together.
So now let us go to my ‘compressed’ version of The New Testament. You have
had access to many translations of the full text and probably never read it from
cover to cover. So take a few minutes to read this compressed version. I have
simply removed the constant repetitions, which is what compression is about. If
you define yourself as ‘Christian’, it will probably inspire you with enough
curiosity to read the full version. If you don’t, then it will give you insights into
what you have been (not) missing.
The Marxists among you will find strength in the words of the ‘original’ Marxist,
Jesus. The next time you witness a ‘baptism’, are asked to ‘swear an oath of
allegiance’, or even to ‘swear’ on a bible in court, or to allow yourself to be
conscripted into military service, you might reflect on what you have just read. I
will add lots of interesting commentaries on the Bible, to place everything in
Note that even I find many of the predictions for ‘the last days’ appear to apply
to the present. And they WERE meant to. For we are now entering the End Days
of the age of Pisces. Look out for robots and interactive service providers that
require the use of credit cards, personal I.D cards, and especially ‘microchips’
implanted in the hand or forehead, to make transactions.
I believe that the Cult of Christianity, like the Islam and then Marxism that
followed it, are the products of the 144,000 Zionists who were behind WWI,
WWII, 911, and the coming WWIII. They are the New World Order. Read my
‘compressed’ version of the Old Testament, as contained in ‘Dein Kampf’ if you
doubt this.
Paul’s letters to the Galatians…walk as children of light…don’t get drunk…wives
submit to husbands on everything as man submits to the church / god…Paul
says ‘obey’ parents…and also slaves obey masters as if the masters were god!
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Paul’s letters to the Philippians…Paul would prefer to be dead, but lives to
continue his work… Let each esteem each other better than
themselves…serve…be humble…look to benefit others as if they were
yourself…will and do good without grumbling / complaining /
murmuring…Christ shall change our vile body…
Paul’s letters to the Colossians…Paul expresses his opinions against inordinate
affection and ‘talking dirty’…obey your masters / parents in all things! Mortify
your members (reference to your sexual organs!). Covetousness is
idolatry…anger, wrath…there is neither Greek (Gentile) nor Jew, slave nor free…
Letter to the Thessalonians…the dead who sleep in Jesus shall be raised first, on
day of judgment…be sober, children of the light, of the day…render good for
evil…if any will not work, then neither shall ye eat!…this admonition was
necessary as many of the new followers who joined the new religion were lazy,
and failing to contribute to the communal efforts…people should be shamed
into contributing…
First epistle of Paul the apostle to timothy…suffer not a woman to teach or
usurp authority…women to be shame-faced…let a woman learn in silence and
subjection…blames Eve not Adam…the man must rule his own house in
subjection to the church…A Bishop and Deacon may only have one wife….seems
to indicate that in the latter days, the end of days, we shall cease marrying, and
become Vegans…bodily exercise profitest little… the love of money is the root
of all evil…
Timothy 2…The Asians oppose Paul’s leadership…i.e. the Greeks…II Timothy
4…Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil…may god reward his according
to his just deserts! This is another example of Paul’s hypocrisy in terms of
forgiveness and charity, the basis of Jesus’ new law and teachings.
…to the Hebrews…Jesus was a blood offering for all mankind…for the remission
of all our sins. It is impossible to please god without faith…He prefers that we
believe without seeing any evidence or justification for that belief!!!
…’do not swear by god, say only yey or nay’… your failure to help the needy, or
to prefer rich people over the poor , means that your religion is in vain … faith
without works is dead…visit the widow and the orphan… and the prisoner.
Be obedient children. Lay aside all malice and envy. Submit to the authority of
your masters. Wives must live in subjection to their husbands. Be meek and
quiet. Obey. Call your husband ‘lord’. Females are ‘the weaker vessel’. Charity
shall cover many sins.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Fast in secret, not openly. Don’t lay up treasures on earth ‘where your treasure
is, there shall your heart be also’…you cannot serve god and Mammon…Judge
not, lest you be judged by the same standard…Do unto others as you wish them
to do unto you (The Golden rule)… Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing
(Catholics ‘and other Priests)…’by their fruits ye shall know them’…’I will have
mercy and not sacrifice’… Be ye as wise as serpents, and as peaceful as
doves…(doves are vegan!)… Ye shall be hated for my sake…Don’t go among the
Gentiles, only among the lost sheep of Israel…I have come to set people against
each other…I don’t bring peace, I bring the sword… Jesus will cast people into
the fire…with a wailing and gnashing of teeth… on the day of judgement…A
prophet is not recognised in his own house / country… 5000 people eat 5 loaves
and 2 fishes, leaving 12 baskets of leftovers…a similar scene is repeated later (As
Tolstoy and I agree, the reference to the ‘baskets’ implies that many people had,
of course, brought food for themselves, why would they leave home for a trip
without food, and then, following the example Jesus and his followers set, they
also shared what they had brought i.e. they had brought more than enough for
themselves!!)… there may be no divorce, unless a wife is unfaithful, and
commits adultery…(and then of course it is adultery for any man after that to
then have sex with her!… no mention of what happens if the HUSBAND has sex
with an unmarried woman… if the divorced woman remarries it is adultery for
herself and her new husband to have sex… it is sin…therefore divorced wives
may not remarry… The metaphor to ‘strain at a gnat, while swallowing a
camel’…refers to the hypocrisy of the ‘teachers of the Old law’, the Jewish
priests, who are referred to as Ye generation of vipers… who are beautiful on
the outside, like a whitened sepulcher, but are nothing but dry bones on the
Whoever does the will of god, she is my mother, my brother, my sister…he that
has will have more…and he that has little, even that little shall be taken from
him (referring to wisdom and understanding, not wealth etc.!)… (Irony of calling
Peter ‘the rock’ on which church shall be built, when in other parables it refers
to arid land upon which seeds of wisdom are wasted!)… Jesus warns Peter that
he will be quick to accept Jesus and his words, but that he will also prove quick
to deny them when they prove inconvenient… Simon called Peter will deny
Jesus thrice before the cock crows… Simon called Peter was a fisherman…All
demons recognised Jesus as god…Also god speaks ‘This is my son, with whom I
am well pleased’, thus meeting the prophecy regarding ‘Immanuel’ (beloved of/
son of god) … who is to be born in Bethlehem according to the prophecies of the
Old Testament.
It is doubtful that if Jesus’ disciples really had witnessed all the miracles they
claim to have, that they would have forsaken Jesus, denying him. It is hard to
imagine such unbelief in people who had witnessed people being raised from
the dead, healed, walking on water, stopping storms, turning water to wine,
multiplying bread and fish, and so on. Let alone that they would conspire
against him. In fact it is the Sun that walks on water (sunset and sunrise), and
that turns water (rainwater) into wine (through the miracle of photosynthesis
the sun, after rain, allows the grape vine to flourish and produce wine grapes).
The cock crows at dawn, when the sun rises. It is thanks to the sun that fish
multiply, and grain grows, allowing bread to be made.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Herod thought that Jesus was the resurrected John the Baptist, whom he had
had be-headed at his wife/concubines request.
It is noteworthy to consider the Jewish Hygiene laws…Jews must wash their
hands before eating…they must also wash any pots, cups, pans and other
utensils. This is the source of modern European / American notions of Hygiene
which the traveler to many parts of Asia finds, to their sensibilities, appallingly
What comes out of the heart of a man defiles him, not what enters through his
The miracle of loaves and fish is repeated, this time with 5 loaves and 2
fishes…this time they feed 4000, and after everyone is full, they are left with 7
baskets of bread and a few fish as leftovers. In the first ‘miracle’ it was 5000
that were fed, after which there remained 12 baskets of leftovers.
Jesus says, to Peter ‘Get thee behind me Satan’, after Peter says to Jesus ‘Thou
art the Christ’… Seems to me Jesus is trying to warn us about the Catholic
God speaks, saying ‘This is my beloved son’. Remember that the name
Emmanuel means ‘beloved/son of god’
We are told that Elijah is indeed come (as prophesied).
All things are possible to they that believe.
Jesus will be killed and rise on the third day (like Jonah)…
Jesus says that ‘The first must be the last…and the servant of them all’, after he
hears his disciples arguing about who should be the number one disciple…
If you receive a child, you receive god.
It is much better to cut off a limb if it offends, and to enter heaven / the
kingdom of god without it, than to be cast into the hell-fire, where fire cannot
be quenched.
Moses had allowed divorce, but Jesus said ‘What god has joined let no man tear
asunder’… remarrying is adultery… (at least for the wife, no reference is made
to the man )…
No-one but god is goodness
It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man
to enter the kingdom of god…Ecclesiastes
You will be repaid 100 fold in heaven, what you sacrifice on earth (This is
repeated over and over in the Koran, with the ‘return on investment’ often
much larger!)
Many of the first will be the last, and the last will be the first.
If ye shall be first, ye must serve, not rule.
Jesus repeats his famous cursing of a fig tree that he has come across. It does
not bear figs. The fig tree dries up and withers away. (After decades I
understand this to mean that Jesus is cursing hypocrites. You shall know them
by the fruit they bear means you will know who is good and just by their actions,
rather than their outward appearance and mere show / impression
management. Those Hypocrites receive Jesus’ curse in advance.
Yee have made the temple a den of thieves
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Mark contradicts other statements that god says only to pray ONE prayer, the
lord’s prayer, and NOT to pray for what you need, as god already knows it. The
idea that to assume god does NOT know what you need, and will not
automatically provide it, is an insult. But here Mark says ‘pray…believe you will
receive, and you shall have whatever you pray for’ (which is what made OSHO
so popular!)
The husband is like the farmer who plows and sows, taking care of his farmland,
and his crops. Animal husbandry is about breeding and caring for cattle. In the
universal sense it is about a man ploughing his wife’s furrow, planting his seed
after much grunting and groaning effort, and then taking care of the children
that this husbandry produces.
‘The stone that was thrown off as unworthy shall become the cornerstone’.
ABBA = father. Thus AB- RAM means ‘father of the RAM’, a reference to the
astrological constellation of Aries, ‘the RAM’.
Before the cock crows twice you shall deny me thrice
Judas kisses Jesus, the bible says, to identify him to his captors. But he was living
in a small town, and already quite famous. In reality this is probably a reference
to the astrological sign of Scorpio which the Sun had to travel through to
complete the Age of Aries, the Ram, and bring in the Age of Pisces, the fish,
which Jesus’ story is all about. The scorpion leaves a bite mark that looks like a
kiss, on its victim.
Jesus is condemned to death for blasphemy…for claiming to be Christ…3 times
Peter denies he is a disciple of Jesus… ‘I know not this man of whom you
Barabbas is a murderer and terrorist rebel leader. He is chosen by the people as
the ‘pass-over release’ … people call for Jesus’ crucifixion… mocking him as king,
then Jesus is lead out to Golgotha…’the place of the skull’…
Remember that this crucifixion story occurs just before ‘Pass-over’, which was
celebrated by the Egyptians as the celebration of when the Sun ‘passes-over’ the
equator on its return journey back to the Northern Hemisphere.
Mark says Jesus was offered wine and myrrh…but Matthew says he was offered
vinegar and gall, while on the cross…( Roman law stated that the crucified was
to be offered an opiate to alleviate their pain / euthanise them. Crucifixion not
meant to be overly cruel. In all the stories Jesus refuses the drink. And thus he
survives the crucifixion long enough for him to be taken down.
Pilot does not wish any harm to come to Jesus. He is very reluctant in
sentencing him. When he writes ‘king of the Jews’ in 3 languages, on the cross,
it is not in mockery as many believe, but as a way to clearly identify him for his
followers to ‘save’.
Mary Magdalene and his Mother, Mary, along with a woman named Salomi, and
other women, follow Jesus to Golgotha, where he is crucified, on the Friday, the
day before the Jewish Sabbath. He is crucified on the third hour. In the
afternoon. There is darkness from the 6th hour to the 9th hour. After only 6
hours on the cross, Jesus ‘gives up the ghost’, but not before calling out ‘E-loweye,
E-low-eye, Lar-mar, Sa-bach-than-eye?’, (Lord, Lord, why hath thou’
forsaken me?) at which moment the veil in the temple (which separates man
from god) rips from top to bottom, as a symbol that man is no longer
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
separated from god by sin. The Centurion who was ‘guarding’ him calls out
‘truly, this man was the son of god’.
A rich man named Joseph, a follower of Jesus, goes to Pilate and asks for his
body. It surprises the Romans to learn that Jesus is already dead, so soon after
being ‘hung’ on the cross. But the Centurion mentioned earlier confirms Jesus
‘death to Pilate. Pilate ‘marvels’ that Jesus could possibly be dead so soon. But
he allows Joseph to take the body down and place it in a new tomb at his own
expense. Mary Magdalene and Jesus’ mother both ‘behold’ where Jesus is laid’
in the tomb.
Mark calls Jesus ‘Elias’.
Jesus is laid in tomb, and no-one returns until after the Sabbath, on Monday
morning. So we aren’t told what happens to Jesus from around 9p.m on Friday,
to Monday morning, when others return they find the stone has been moved
and the tomb is empty. An unknown man tells them that ‘Jesus is risen’.
Jesus first appears to Mary Magdalene.
The Angel Gabriel verifies / orders the gospels of Matthew and Mark. Zacharias
and Elisabeth are barren, but they conceive John the Baptist, through the spirit
and power of Elias (God), to prepare the way for Jesus, who is conceived 6
months later to Mary, a cousin of Elisabeth.
The not-yet-born John the Baptist ‘leaps for joy’ in the womb of Elisabeth, at
Mary’s news that she is pregnant. Elisabeth names her son John. This goes
against the traditional practice of naming the son after the father. Thus John the
Baptist would normally, in keeping with tradition, have been named Zachariah.
Caesar’s worldwide poll tax leads to Mary traveling to her birth-place,
Bethlehem, where she is ‘registered’ / counted. Jesus is born here, and
circumcised. A light to lighten the Gentiles and to lead Israel. (While in other
books of the New Testament Jesus tells his disciples only to preach to the Jews,
and not the Gentiles)
Anna is an 84 year old prophetess.
The Jewish Priests ask Jesus, hoping to get him to admit to his ‘blasphemous’
claims of being the son of god, ‘Are you the son of god’. He answers only …’ Yee
say it’. In this way he avoids giving them a pretext for condemning him to
death. (After earlier encounters in which he had managed to sneak away before
they could rile the mob up to stone him).
(You may recall that, as a 12 year old boy discussing Mosaic Law with the
priests, he says to them …’I am about my father’s business’ And in other books
of the New Testament he angers the Priests by saying that he is the son of god).
Luke has Jesus on the cross only from the 6th hour to the 9th hour, which limits
his suffering to 3 hours.
Luke has Jesus call out ‘Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit’, rather than
Matthew’s ‘Lord, Lord, why hath thou’ forsaken me’.
Jesus appears before 11 disciples (now Judas has taken off). But none of them
recognise him by his appearance or by his voice. They see him, and speak to
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
him, as if he was a complete stranger to them. He says … ‘handle me’… ‘See my
hands and feet’ … and then he disappears. (You’d have to wonder if someone
was pretending to be the arisen Jesus, either because he was dead, or because
he had decided to put some distance between himself and the Jewish Priests
who wanted him dead).
Revelations (of John, re: the end of days)
…even now there are the many anti-Christs…we are living in the last
days…whoever denies Christ is an anti-Christ….be as little children …now we are
the sons of god. Love in deed and not merely in word.
….All the competing / alternative apostles are ‘liars’…e.g. Nikolaitins…bayalim,
bayalat… A jezebel prophetess? Those who say they are Jews but are the
synagogue of Satan (The New World Order leaders converted to Judaism in the
9th Century. They are Khazars. Not related to the Israelites.)
All creation was created for god’s pleasure … We are told to feel shame about
being naked. A vision is seen concerning 24 elders, 7 flames, and 4 bizarre
References made to a Book with 7 seals. It contains 144,000 names. These are
the Zionists who will control the New World Order. God and Jesus appear at
same time! 7 angels with trumpets…after the first trumpet sounds there is
…destruction…a burning star named ‘wormwood’ falls to the
earth…volcanoes…a bottomless pit is opened up…locusts like scorpions, all
without the ‘seal of god’ on their forehead’ (GMO, genetically modified
organisms not made by god) will torment the living for 5 months so badly that
they will yearn to die, but they can’t…The Beast Apollonian AbAdam is released
to kill the people…fire, smoke, and brimstone…weird ugly nasty beasts will kill
men…there will be a war in heaven between the angels and the dragon /
Satan…here will be flood-breathing dragons… and many beasts…there will be a
bizarre rule of beasts for 42 months…the mark or number of the beast will be
present on the forehead or in the right hand (look out for a chip implanted in
the right hand, which many U.S border guards already have
received!)..666…600, 3 score and 6… This mark (chip) will be required to buy or
sell anything… Idols shall be brought to life (look out for robots!) which could
speak, and cause anyone who would not worship the beast (submit to the New
World Order!) will be killed… a reference is made to someone who was
wounded by sword but lived…Angels with scythes will begin reaping the ripe
harvest of the wrath of god… pressing down the grapes of wrath … blood / wine
press…’It is done’ … 7 plagues of 7 angels…
Armageddon is a place, a great city. The name of the city, Armageddon, means
‘angels gathered together in one place’ (LOS ANGELES) in Hebrew…Babylon shall
fall, leaving no trace…revenge on Babylon for the persecution of the
prophets…the rejection of the new cult … there shall be a rule with the rod of
iron (The U.S Congress podium is flanked by ‘fasci’, rods, arrows, and an Axe tied
together in a bundle, the symbol for Fascism / corporatism, the New World
Order) …first devil 10,000 years in hell…If your name is not in the book of life,
you shall be cast into the fire..
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The Old earth and heaven are now gone, and a new heaven and earth appear…
a New Jerusalem…no more death or sorrow, or pain. ‘It is done’. ‘I am alpha and
omega, the beginning, and the end…the faithful shall have the tree of life…the
river of life…which flow from the throne (of god) …HIS name in their foreheads
(micro-chipped population)…eternal life….all this shall ‘shortly’ be done…’ I
come quickly’ (Jesus)…
The Messiah would be a Jewish descendant of King David, Born in Bethlehem, as
prophesied under the name ‘Emmanuel’ i.e. ‘God with us’. Herod plans to kill
all boys under 2 years of age, so Jesus is taken to Egypt until Herod is dead.
Jesus is taken to Nazareth to fulfill prophecy ‘He shall be called a Nazarene’
(note Nazarites wore hear long, like in modern depictions of Jesus, though Paul
said it was unmanly, and made every male wear their hair short!)…
John the Baptist was preparing the way for Jesus as prophesied… he I.D’s
Jesus…a dove alights upon Jesus after he is baptised…though Jesus then says
that Jesus himself will baptise with fire, and the holy ghost, which is why some
sects today do NOT baptise… god calls out ‘This is my beloved son (Emmanuel),
with whom I am well pleased’… Jesus is tempted for 40 days and 40 nights in
the desert by Satan… Jesus goes to Galilea to fulfil a prophecy…there he collects
his disciples… Don’t hate….Don’t lust after another’s wife… the emotion /
desire condemns even without the act…. it is adultery to sleep with a divorced
woman…love your enemies and do good to those who hate you…give what the
thief even more than he asks without resistance…turn the other cheek…pray
and give alms in secret (don’t let your left hand know what your right hand
does)… The only prayer that you should now pray is the ‘Lord’s prayer’ i.e. ‘Our
father, who aren’t in heaven…..etc…’ … God knows what you need before you
ask, therefore it is wrong to pray to god to ask for anything…only pray the Lord
’s Prayer… The point is to humbly accept everything that god has decided to
send your way. Who are you to judge god and ask him to reconsider? He knows
what is good for you. You must submit to his wisdom, and not strive for more
than he sends you.
For John, baptism is for the remission of sins. To ‘wash away’ our ‘sins’. But this
is blasphemy, as only God can, according to Jewish, Mosaic Law, forgive sins.
Give away anything that you don’t truly need. If you have 2 coats, give one to
the poor.
Do violence to none.
John is put in prison for implicitly criticizing Herod and his wife when he fails to
acknowledge Herod’s marriage as legitimate. This infuriates his wife, who
demands Herod give her John’s head on a platter.
John gives Jesus’ genealogy in detail. Jesus son of…who was son of…Adam…
son of god… (Thus are we all sons of god!)
Jesus refused to do any miracles for the priests, angering them. They plan to
throw him down the mountain to kill him, but he moves off before they can act
on this plan.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Jesus sends the beneficiaries of his miracles to report to the priests, but never
performs any for them in person.
The priests define the act of forgiving people of their sins as blasphemy. For only
God can do that.
Levi, a rich customs official, becomes Jesus’ disciple. He changes his name to
Jesus heals someone’s hand on the Sabbath, angering the Jewish priests who
criticise him for ‘working’ miracles on the Sabbath, the day of rest. Jesus also
lets his disciples collect corn from a field, on the Sabbath. Working on the
Sabbath carries the penalty of death by stoning, under Mosaic Law.
Jesus warns the people about hypocrisy. ‘Forgive and ye shall be
forgiven…judge not and ye shall not be judged … in the same way you treat
others, you will be treated (as you do to others, so shall be done unto you!)…
Remove the beam from your own eye before worrying about the mote in your
brother’s eye’. (Worry about the goodness of your own actions, before worrying
about criticising other people).
Jesus criticises his followers’ hypocrisy again, saying ‘Why call me lord, and do
not what I say?’
Here Jesus says ‘He who is not against us, is for us’. (But later he says that ‘he
who is not with me is against me!’)
The priest and the Levite see a man who has been robbed, and needs their help.
But they walk on by, not helping him, but the (good) Samaritan (a Sumerian who
is not Jewish, and therefore not required to help by Mosaic Law) stops and helps
him. This is another allegory of hypocrisy. Those claiming to be good and holy,
members of the ‘chosen people’ do not do good as god demands of them,
whereas a man the Jews define as ‘gentile’ and ‘beast’ and excluded from God’s
covenant, he actually does as god wills, and is good. Samaritan = Sumerian (who
had no dealings with Jews)
Jesus states that ‘Two commandants lead to eternal life. Love the lord thy god.
And love your neighbor as yourself.’
But what is so revolutionary about his comment is that Jesus states that ‘Your
‘neighbor’ is ANYONE in need of your help’. (Not just a fellow Jew. Thus ‘love
they neighbour’ takes on a universal, rather than exclusive, meaning. It applies
to Gentiles too. This is what really gets the Jewish priests riled up!)
Jesus tells us ‘Give your enemy love. If thief takes your coat, offer him your
jacket also’.
Jesus warns / promises that … ‘all lies / corruption will be revealed’.
Jesus reminds the fortunate that ‘Much will be required of he who was given
much’. Mohammed repeats the warning many times in the Koran. If you are
lucky, it is a test from god, to see if you are truly faithful, and will share god’s
blessings with the less fortunate.
Jesus recognises that he brings contention and conflict with him, by doing away
with the Jewish Mosaic Law, stating ‘I will bring fire and division, not peace. My
house will be divided.’
Jesus tells his followers that ‘To be a disciple one must renounce everything
else’, including your own family, wealth, and status.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Jesus warns the lucky that ‘The rich man will be tormented in the flames of hellfire’.
But when, in his parable, Lazarus dies in poverty, he goes straight to the
bosom of Abraham in heaven.
Moses and God appear!
Jesus claims that if the Jews would not believe Moses and the prophets, then
they would not be persuaded by one who rose from the dead.
Jesus teaches / preaches in the temple. The priests ask him by what authority
he teaches.
Those worthy of heaven do not marry.
Satan entered into Judas.
Jesus warns Peter that he will deny that he knows Jesus 3 times in Jesus’ own
Simon called SEETHUS = stone (re: Simon called peter=stone)
At a wedding Jesus turns water into wine.
Jesus tells the money changers they have turned the temple into a ‘house of
The 2nd miracle of this book is possibly co-incidence. When a father left his son
earlier that day he had a fever. His son’s fever breaks about the same time that
Jesus tells him his son is healed.
The Jews want to kill Jesus for healing a man on the Sabbath. They even want to
stone the man he healed to death, for picking up his own sick-bed and carrying
it off with him, on the Sabbath.
Jesus claims he is the son of god, and the Jews hate him more and more.
Jesus says honor the father as the son-in-law
Jesus promises that the evil will be resurrected to damnation, and the good to
Jesus tells his disciples that they must eat his flesh, the bread of life, and drink
his blood, so that they might live forever, and ‘dwell in me’. (This sort of ‘eating
the god-man’ is traditional in all ancient cultures. It obeys the laws of
homeopathic magic. By consuming part of a person, even the left-overs of their
meal, you become one with them. The Aztecs of South American practiced the
same rites as the Catholic Church, long before Columbus, with the same
intended outcomes and meanings).
Jesus tells those about to stone an adulterer that ‘ye that have committed no
sin, cast the first stone’
When again challenged by the Jewish Priests Jesus states that …’I and my father
are one… I said, ye are gods and I say only I am the son of god’…
Lazarus is dead four days. He and his sister are close friends of Jesus. (Making
them unreliable ‘witnesses’!) Lazarus’ body lies in a cave tomb. The Jews
planned to kill Lazarus for ‘disrupting the peace’, after he is resurrected and
announces this to people. (Or was the charge ‘fraud’?).
The Jewish Priests fear that Rome attack Jerusalem if people believed and
followed Jesus. For Jesus claims to be the one and only King. A direct challenge
to Roman rule. Thus they decree that Jesus must be found.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Jesus tells us to ‘HATE LIFE’, and thus gain everlasting life. We must ‘HATE
EVERYONE’. (Note that Buddhism is based on the idea of rejecting this world).
Jesus tells us ‘Be children of light’. (Which Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan tells us
we all are!).
Isaiah had prophesied that the disciples and the people would not believe in
Jesus. Many who do believe are too scared to do so in public. Jesus offers ‘Life
Jesus knows his time has come. The Devil enters Judas’s heart. Jesus knows.
Jesus came from and returned to the father.
Jesus washes his disciple’s feet… ‘If I your lord and master wash your feet…you
do so… the servant is not greater than the lord’. (In other words do unto others
as I have done unto you. Surely you are no better than Jesus, to refuse to serve
others you consider beneath you?)
Jesus says that everything that is happening, and will happen, is all …’So that the
scripture shall be fulfilled’… ‘And that you shall believe that I be he’… (The
prophesied messiah).
Jesus give the new, universal, over-riding law to ‘Love one another as I have
loved you’.
Simon Peter claims that he would lay down his own life for Jesus, and Jesus
replies ‘You shall deny me thrice before the cock crow twice’
Jesus states that …’The father dwelleth in me, and I in the father ‘. (The idea of
a hologram, consistent with Buddha’s teachings of a hologramic universe, and
which many theoretical physicists are happy to validate)
Jesus says ‘Ask anything in my name, and I shall do it’. (This contradicts other
gospels that warn us never to ask god for anything!).
Jesus promises that … ‘I will send you the spirit of the truth…as a comforter…it
shall dwell in you…’
Jesus states ‘I am in my father, ye in me, and I in you’. (Again the idea of a
hologramic universe, and ‘god in us’ and ‘You am I’ of Hinduism and Buddhism).
Jesus promises ‘Love me by keeping my commandments, and my father will love
The Holy Ghost = the comforter … he, the spirit of truth
Rejoice as I go unto the father
The world hates you as you are not of it
Jesus tells those looking for him that he is Jesus, and to take him to the priests
for trial. (In this version there is no Judas kiss!)
Simon Peter cuts off part of the ear of high priest’s servant with a sword.
Caiaphas the High Priest states that it is political expediency that Jesus should
die to save the people / nation, from a Roman reaction to his claims that he is
the one King. But they do not have the legal power to impose death penalty,
under roman rule. So they must get Pilate to have him impose their death
sentence upon Jesus.
‘I come to bear witness to the truth’
Barabbas is defined as a robber.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Pilate finds no fault with Jesus (which is interesting as the high priest claims that
he is acting in the interests of the people, to prevent problems with the Roman
authorities.) Pilate wants to release Jesus. But the Jews cry out that Jesus
‘speaketh against Caesar. They call out that ‘we have no King but Caesar’,
distancing themselves from Jesus and his claims.
At the 6th hour Jesus begins his trip to the cross, as the rest of Israel begins its
preparations for Passover. Some Jews carry the cross for him in this version. He
is not forced to carry it himself. Pilate writes ‘Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the
Jews’ on the cross in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, so that his followers can readily
identify him. It seems people have trouble recognising him. Remember there
was no television, not even photography, way back then.
Remember that the Jews celebrate the ‘Pass-over’ festival in remembrance of
the night the angel told them to sacrifice a lamb, and mark their doorways with
its blood. And so Jesus, the Son of God, the ‘Lamb’ of God, is to be the last
‘blood sacrifice’ that will end the need for any further sacrifices. By killing
himself, like Odin in the Nordic religion, ‘sacrificing himself to himself’, he
redeems his own promise that he will end his punishment of humanity for the
sins of Adam and Eve, by paying the ultimate price himself.
Pilate orders that Jesus be crucified in Golgotha, so he remains close to the city.
Soldiers rip Jesus’ clothing to fulfill a prophecy. In this version Jesus is offered a
Vessel of vinegar, in mockery. But this would have been a violation of Roman
law, and is completely inconsistent with Pilate’s unwillingness to harm Jesus,
and the presence of a devout follower of Jesus, a Centurion, who never would
have allowed his sub-ordinates to break the Roman law in this way, let alone to
mock Jesus.
Jesus cries out ‘It is finished’, bows his head and ‘gives up the ghost’. And so we
now have three different versions of what Jesus is supposed to have said when
he ‘died’ on the cross / being hung from tree.
The other two crucified victims have their legs broken, but Jesus’s legs are NOT
broken. A soldier pierces his side, and blood and water flow, to fulfill a
Pilate lets them take Jesus’ body down at the 9th hour (so in this version, like
other, Jesus is only on the cross for 3 hours, after having had his cross carried
for him all the way by fellow Jews).
Note that under Roman law, which can be verified by historical documents,
victims of crucifixion were given a sponge soaked in an opiate liquid which
facilitated a speedy, painless death. The victims were tied up on, and NEVER
nailed to, the cross. The cross was’re-used’ many times. Wood was an
expensive commodity in Jerusalem. It is located in the desert. Nailing someone
to the wood would have damaged it, and made it hard to remove the bodies.
Most of the bible accounts refer to Jesus being ‘hung upon’ a cross or a tree.
The two men crucified next to Jesus in the bible story drink the opiate. But Jesus
refuses. In one of the Gospels, the opiate is replaced with vinegar. Jesus is
offered a sponge soaked in vinegar as an act of mockery and cruelty. But this is
inconsistent with Roman law. It contradicts the other facts given which show
that Pilate did not want to harm Jesus. No Roman had shown any malice
towards Jesus. Only the Jewish Priests are depicted as malicious. When Pilate
writes ‘King of the Jews’ in Latin, Greek, and Aramaic, he was not mocking him.
He was probably identifying him so his followers could quickly find him and help
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
him. The centurion called Jesus ‘the son of god’, and so he must have been a
follower. Pilot bore no malice towards Jesus. He did not want him crucified. He
orders that the rich follower of Jesus be allowed to take Jesus down from the
cross after only 3 hours. The other two have their legs broken. I do not know if
it was custom for all Jews to be taken down before the Sabbath. But this would
make the choice of Friday as the day of crucifixion interesting from the point of
view of a conspiracy.
They wound Jesus’ body in linen.
It is interesting how Jesus, after coming back from the dead, says to Mary, his
mother, ‘behold thy son’ and to a disciple he says ‘behold thy mother’. This is
consistent with the Gospel of Thomas, which claims that Thomas is Jesus’ twin.
We shall consider such ‘Apocryphal’ gospels later.
Joseph of Arimethea is the rich man who requests the right to take Jesus off the
cross and to his own crypt.
Mary thinks the resurrected Jesus is the gardener. She does NOT recognise him.
He has to convince her with arguments. Again it seems that someone else is
pretending to be the resurrected Jesus, either because Jesus is dead, or had
‘done a runner’ with Mary Magdalene, who also is not mentioned again, after
Jesus’ death.
The man claiming to be the resurrected Jesus shows the disciples his hands and
side. They do not recognise him. This man says to Thomas, ‘blessed are those
who believe without seeing’. This man claiming to be Jesus goes away, but
returns again later. They don’t recognise him this time either. They are fishing.
He performs some miracle, and suddenly they accept that he must be the
resurrected Jesus, but none of them actually call him by that name.
This man claiming to be Jesus asks them to ‘Feed his sheep’.
Acts (of the Apostles)
Jesus returns to earth for 40 days after being crucified. Again that number, 40.
Judas’ bowels burst in the ‘field of blood’ that Judas has bought with his 30
pieces of silver.
They need to replace Judas, and so Matthias replaces Judas.
Miracles of ‘speaking in tongues’ occur. The disciples, now missionising around
the world, could not speak to anyone in their own languages, of the works of
god. So God grants them ‘the gift of tongues, as a fulfillment of the prophecy of
Joel in his ‘last days’ visions.
Show mercy and compassion. Do not oppress the weak and unfortunate. Do
not think evil of your brother or neighbour. Do not suspect others in your
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
My name shall be great among the heathen … the lord of hosts…the day shall
cometh that it shall burn like an oven…the wicked shall be ashes…I will send you
Elijah the prophet before that day.
Galatians (Epistle of Paul to the Galatians)
Deliver us from this present evil world. Paul curses any other Gospel giver,
meaning the other missionaries competing with him for members. This is of
course a direct violation of the one law that Jesus said was key to being
Christian. Ironically Paul repeats it here. All the law is met by loving one
another as thy self.
As ye sow, so shall ye reap. This is Paul speaking. So I wonder why he wants to
reap curses?
Take every opportunity to do good, especially to other members of your own
Epistle of Paul the apostle to the Ephesians (i.e. At Ephesus)
The good we do is predestined by God therefore we have no grounds for pride.
Gentiles now have the inheritance of the Jews. This is what the Jewish Priests
cannot accept. They are not happy about having to share their inheritance.
Jews and Gentiles are now one body, according to Paul. And so there are no
longer Jews and Gentiles, just humans.
There is one body. One spirit. One god in us all.
Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath. Do not go to sleep angry with another,
forgive each other before going to bed.
Give the criminal honest work to do. Do NOT punish anyone. Forgive. Bear no
malice. As god has forgiven you. Surely it is a key indictment of our society that
we judge each other, punish each other, and imprison each other. Therefore we
do not deserve God’s forgiveness. We shall reap what we sow. We shall be
judged by the same measure by which we judge others. Most of us are doomed
to hell. But you can’t complain. You were warned. Over and over and over and
over again!
Corinthians (Paul’s letter to the Corinthians)
Paul seems to glorify himself. He lists all his sufferings and sacrifices. He clearly
needs to legitimate his own authority as head of the new Cult. His only other
source of authority is his own story of his vision on the road to Damascus. He
relies on his willingness to suffer and sacrifice as evidence that he is in fact
worthy of the position he claims for himself. .
Be foolish in the eyes of this world, as the wisdom of this world is foolish
Greeks employ reason. Jews seek for signs.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Paul reminds us that Christians were great fornicators. They had a reputation for
fornication, according to Paul. Paul mentions Appollus, one of his competitors
for control of the early cult.
‘Paul admonishes his colleagues, saying ‘Do not take your brethren / brothers to
court, as the unfaithful will judge the new cult by their behavior’ This comment
of his here has been used by the Catholic church ever since to avoid legal
justice, claiming that the secular courts have no jurisdiction over them. Paul
states that ..’It is better to suffer whatever your brother does unto you than to
make his actions public in the court’. So if a Catholic priest rapes you, it is wrong
of you to seek justice, as this will ruin the public’s confidence in their Priests,
and threaten the authority of the Church.
Your body is a temple. Do not fornicate.
Paul says…’It is good for a man not to touch a woman, like I’. He is making a
virtue of necessity. For it is well understood by bible scholars that Paul was
homosexual. ‘But marriage is compromise, if you cannot contain yourself like I’.
‘Each own each other’s body’. In other words monogamy is the rule. Paul was a
faithful Jew, fearful of God’s wrath for his own homosexuality. So he represses
it, and uses this ‘thorn in his side’ as a constant reminder of his weakness, and a
source of humility.
‘The unmarried careth for the total world. The married careth for his wife. It is
well to marry, but better not to’
If you are a servant, then remain so. Abide therein with god. Note that after the
Catholic Church gained power, the former common practice of ‘manumission’,
of setting slaves who worked hard and performed some valuable service to their
masters, free, more or less ceased.
Paul reminds us that Moses had 23,000 of his ‘chosen people’ killed, for
The head of the woman is man. The woman must cover her head. This is of
course what Mohammed enforced upon Muslim women. Woman is the glory
of the man. Man is the glory of god. Woman was created for the man.
Long hair is a shame for a man. Of course Paul must be forgetting that Jesus, as
a Nazarite, wore his hair long. In most depictions of Jesus and his disciples,
including Paul, they all wear their hair long, and look quite feminine.
When Paul states ‘I am to you what Jesus is to me’, I cannot help but feel that
Paul has not taken his own counsel regarding pride and humility to heart, any
more than he has taken Jesus’ own teachings to heart.
Paul defines charity as patience, the absence of envy, kindness, and thinking no
evil of others. He says that charity beareth all, hopest, and curest all things, and
never fails.
Without charity you are / have nothing. But then why does Paul have so little
charity for those he prays to god to curse. Even though the Jesus of the Gospels
tells us never to pray for anything.
Charity, faith, hope. The greatest is charity
Paul says it is shameful for women to speak in church. She can ask her husband
when she gets home if she has questions.
Paul states that ‘If Jesus was NOT resurrected, then all Christianity is in vain’.
But this is nonsense. The message of Jesus, like that of Buddha, Krishna, Jain,
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Zarathustra, and all the other ‘prophets of love’ is pure reason. It does not
require any external authority other than good sense and reason.
Paul says that it is the spiritual body that shall be resurrected, not the
corruptible, mortal body. Paul refers to Appolus ‘our brother’ (who is he?)
Let anyone who does not love Christ be anathema. This is why Christianity is a
cult. It excludes non members. It teaches its members to reject non members.
Corinthians II (second Epistle of the Apostle Paul to the Christians
in Corinth)
Again Paul reinforces the cult mentality. ‘Be ye separate. Exclude yourself from
non-cult members!’
Paul’s makes references to Manna to justify his new cults’ communism. He
reminds us that the Israelites all collected as much as each could, but no matter
how little or how much this was, it proved sufficient for their needs, with none
left over. Therefore Paul tells his followers to share their own abundance with
those who lack. This is the redistributive, Marxist, basis of Paul’s church, the
Catholic Church.
Paul refers to the thorn in his side which gives him humility… ‘I therefore glory
in my infirmities’ … ‘When I am thus weak, I am strong’.
Saul (later named Paul) has participated in the stoning of Steven. In Jerusalem
priests want to scourge Saul/Paul, but as he is a free-born roman citizen they
are forced to free him. The high priest wants to hit him, but has to restrain
himself, as, as a Roman citizen, Saul has the protection of Rome. And so they
dare not strike him. Saul/Paul demands that the priests should explain
themselves. Centurions save Saul/Paul, bringing him out of the temple and to
the castle.
40 Jews conspire with the priests, giving an oath to kill Paul. Paul is warned of
the plot. The chief captain of the Centurions sends Paul to Governor Felix with
an escort of 200 soldiers, seeing no reason for the Priests desire to kill Paul (like
in case of Jesus!)
The Jewish High priest charges Paul with sedition and heresy, as a cult leader,
before the Roman Governor Felix. Paul denies the accusation. He denies any
evil doing, or causing any tumult. But Felix’s wife Drusilla is a Jewess. They keep
Paul in prison for 2 years, just like they would under the Patriot act in the U.S, if
you rock the boat, or in Germany, if you question anything the Zionists say. It is
the Jews who complain against Paul without any proof. Festus wants to please
the Jews and to let the Jews try him. Only Paul is a Roman citizen, and so Paul
appeals to Cesar as the right of every Roman citizen to a trial by a Roman court.
King Agrippa interviews Paul about why the Jews have placed a death sentence
on Paul. He asks Paul what crimes they have charged him with. Paul replies that
his crime is to claim that the Old Testament prophecies concerning a Messiah, a
new Joshua, a Saviour, the ‘Redeemer’, have been fulfilled. King Agrippa sees
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
no reason to keep Paul in chains, let alone for a death penalty. Paul is sent
sailing to Italy to Julius Cesar. But Paul is stranded on the island of Melitta 3
months. While on the island he is bitten by a viper whose bite is usually lethal.
But Paul doesn’t flinch at all. The locals consider Paul a god, because of this. Paul
finally arrives in Rome where he lives and preaches freely for two years. Thus it
is ironic that the Romans who show so much tolerance to Paul are later the
victims of his own intolerance. His cult goes on to gain power, and to harass,
victimise, mob, and demonise, anyone who disagrees with their views. Cesar
notes that the new cult is spoken against everywhere that it had appeared. But
Roman law is tolerant of all religions. There is religious freedom.
Sadducees did not believe in the resurrection, nor in spirits or angels.
For some reason Paul talks of the ‘Gift of the holy ghost through baptism’, long
after Jesus, in the Gospels, has stated that baptism by water is no longer valid.
By now Paul’s new cult can claim over 3000 disciples. Paul states that each gave
each according to his need, sharing all things in common. All those who believed
each gave up their own property. Thus it is clear that the cult of Christianity as
Paul envisages it is communist. None of the members are allowed to have
private property. They are expected to sell off all their own property and bring
the money to the Apostles for redistribution. Thus we have the source of Marx’s
motto ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his need’. It is
typical that when you steal someone else’s ideas, you discredit, even demonise
them, to avoid people making the connection, and realising where you stole
your ideas from. The Christians are to possess all things in common. When one
of the new cult members, Ananias, at his wife’s request, keeps some of their
own property for their own private use, both of them suddenly die. Just like
happened during Stalin’s time among the Marxist ‘noble savages’ of the Soviet
Paul sets the Hour of prayer as the 9th hour.
New miracles are performed by Peter and John, by the power of God / Jesus,
once more granting Peter authority.
Paul states that as far as he knows, Pilate had been ‘determined’ to let Jesus
Paul says that Jesus was ‘Hanged on a Tree’. Neither hung from, nor nailed to, a
cross. So we have at least three conflicting stories about how Jesus is supposed
to have died. The Talmud has more ghastly versions of how they murdered
Moses prophesied that a prophet like himself would come after him. He warns
us that all who do not listen to this new version of himself shall be destroyed.
Remember Moses killed over 10,000 of his own people when they could not
submit to his will. Paul said the number was 23,000.
Peter and John are ordered by the Jewish Chief priests to stop preaching about
the resurrection of Jesus.
Paul tells us that the original number of Jews who went to Egypt was 95 (four
score and 15). From these few came the hundreds of thousands who escaped
Egypt in the Exodus.
Moses spent 40 years in Egypt and 40 years wandering in the desert. He also
spent 40 days on Mt. Sinai. Jesus spent 40 days on earth after his resurrection.
The number 40 is repeated over and over in bible.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Reference is made to a God called ‘Rinfan’
Paul, like Jesus, talks of being uncircumcised in the heart and ears.
Paul reminds us of all the persecuted and slayed prophets of the Old Testament,
and how the Jews were then, and in his time still, a stiff necked people.
Stephen is stoned to death for preaching. There is a great persecution of
Christians by Saul of Tarsus, before his change of heart, and name, to Paul. He is
empowered by the Jewish High priests to arrest Christians. Then he has a vision
which blinds him, according to his own report, on the road to Damascus, where
he had planned on persecuting more Christians. But miracle of miracles, his
self-diagnosed blindness is cured by a miracle! I guess this sort of rubbish is
what inspired John Smith, the founder of the Mormons, to try his own
outrageous lies. People are so gullible! Paul claims that he is full of god. He
becomes a famous convert when he is baptised. Even though the gospels say
Jesus was against baptisms. Jesus was to be the last baptism. Now the famous,
self-defined man of god, granted all the authority his ‘miraculous’ blinding and
renewed sight could give a man, goes on to preach Christ in the Synagogues.
Paul probably really wants to believe in Christ, because he would then be free of
a dilemma. He is homosexual. As a Jew, he is damned. But as a Christian, he is
Saul /Paul escapes persecution by being lowered in a basket from a wall, as his
enemies are waiting for him by the gates to slay him.
Peter and John go to Sumeria, to the Samaritans. There they lay hands on
people and give and receive the Holy Ghost.
Tabitha (Dorkus)…a ‘good woman’…dies… Simon / Peter brings her back to
life…in Joppa.
Simon/Peter says of Jesus a.k.a, the one ‘They slew, and hung on a tree’. And
so now we have a fourth version of Jesus’ death. This time is he killed first, then
hung on a tree.
Now all people are the chosen people. The gift of the Holy Ghost is now poured
out on Gentiles and Jews alike. Peter goes into a trance (maybe after eating
magic mushrooms) and sees a vision…hears a voice. That voice says ‘arise Peter,
slay and eat of ‘unclean’ animals’. I guess the local Pork vendors association
were advertising their products. Don’t forget that St. George was a Pork
merchant before going onto fame as a dragon slayer!
Peter and Paul preach that ‘God hath granted also the gentiles salvation’. The
idea is an unpopular notion for the Jews. They are no longer special. No longer
the chosen people. They no longer have the right to enslave all the Gentiles.
Imagine some guys going around Nazi Germany telling all the S.A and S.S that
now Jews are to be considered Aryans.
The first time the term ‘Christian’ is used is at Antioch.
Herod kills James. This pleases the Jews. Herod seeks to kill Peter too. He
imprisons Peter. But an angel / light appears and frees Peter from his chains and
leads him out of prison. I wonder if he slipped the warden some magic
mushrooms, or simply bribed him.
Reference is made to the 7 nations in the land of the Canaanites. These are the
‘big 7’ that were, mostly, murdered during the holocaust the Jews committed
under Moses and Joshua.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
God speaks to them, saying ‘I have sent thee to be a light to the Gentiles, to the
four corners of the world’.
Peter / once called Simon, and Paul / once called Saul, come to the decision
that circumcision is not required of gentiles. Note that Hitler’s dad changed his
own name from Schickelgruber to Hitler. Maybe we should be wary of people
who change their names? Heil Schickelgruber? Just does not have that cache
now does it?
In Athens Peter says ‘God does not dwell in temples made by man.’ I wonder
why all the expense of building St. Peter’s then?
God has tolerated idolatry up to this point, but now he will no longer put up
with it? I wonder if Peter or Paul ever read the Old Testament?
Emperor Claudius orders all Jews to leave Rome. I wonder why? Were anti-
Semitic Nazis to blame? Surely there can be no valid reason why, over and over
again, nations kick the Zionists off their own property? No, of course not. It is
just unfair discrimination without any grounds at all. Funny how Rome did not
become the world’s first New World Order until the Christians gained power!
Saul, on the road to Damascus to persecute Christians, suddenly sees a light
appear, brighter than the sun. He tells us that many other people also see the
light. But only Saul / Paul hears Jesus speak … ‘why do you persecute me?’. I
guess they ate some of the wrong sort of mushrooms?
Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans
Paul speaks of sodomy / homosexuality. Finally getting these ‘urges’ off his
chest, and coming out of the closet?
Paul informs the Jews, perhaps to appease their wounded egos, that ‘Jesus will
render unto you according to your deeds… to the Jew first, and then to the
Gentiles’. That should be considered a warning, but all those living in denial
strangely appear to look forward to ‘reaping the harvest they have sown’.
Paul reminds his flock that ‘Gentiles who act righteously without the law have
the law in their hearts’.
Paul reminds his followers of what Jesus constantly iterated. That is a question
of actions and not appearances. Therefore it is not circumcision of the penis
that matters, but circumcision of the heart! He, as a Jew, reminds everyone that
Abraham was righteous via faith before being circumcised…therefore
circumcision is not required.
Faith brings grace.
Paul explains how the death of Jesus could possibly atone for the sins of all
mankind. He makes sense for once. He reminds us that it was one man’s sin /
disobedience /offense through which sin had entered, and death had reigned
over all men. Actually it was God who decided that. And it is Paul who forgets
that two people did the dirty deed. Adam and Eve. But women don’t count in
the mind of Paul. Therefore one man’s righteousness and death was enough to
provide for the salvation of all men, from that one man’s sin / offence /
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Only fair, really, God made the mistake, and decided the punishment, so he had
to sacrifice himself to himself to correct his original mistake. It is really god
atoning for his own sin.
Ye are not under the law, but under grace. Ye are dead to the law and alive to
the spirit.
Paul notes that the body has its own will, leading it to not do what the mind
wills, In other words he accepts what Mohammed also accepts, that we have
no free will. In Paul’s case the obsession is with his own homosexual desires. He
grants himself absolution. He reasons that ‘I cannot chose what my ‘limbs’
(penis) wants. In other words his homoerotic thoughts and arousal are not
within his control. And this would normally, under the Old Testament law,
condemn him not only to being stoned to death, but to eternal death, and
exclusion from God’s grace. He argues that his ‘Carnal body must die, to let the
spirit live’. In other words he must repress his own sexuality to avoid damnation,
and losing his soul. And therefore all of us must also hate ourselves, and repress
our sexuality. Wouldn’t be fair if we got to have fun when he was denying
himself any fun, would it now?
All who are received by ABBA/ the father, are now children of god, and heirs, if
they share in Christ’s suffering. Mere adoption does not bring redemption…we
are accounted as sheep to the slaughter, to die for him all day long!
God tells Paul that ‘The Elder shall serve the younger…I will have mercy and
compassion on whom I will (both Jews and gentiles)’
‘I will call them my people which were not my people (referring to us, the
Gentiles), the children of the living god’
Jews sought not by faith, but by law. By grace and not by works.
If you love your neighbor as yourself you fulfill the law.
Serve your masters as I gave them power over you.
It is not for you to judge, but for god to judge.
Paul makes reference to Isaiah: A root of Jessie (and thus King David who was
Jessie’s youngest son) shall rule over the Gentiles.
Insights and commentaries
People are given an ‘official’ interpretation / misrepresentation of the bible long
before they actually read it for themselves, if they ever do, as children. An
authority figure falsely asserts that the Bible says so and so, and means so and
so. They assert that Jesus affirmed the Law of Moses, the Mosaic Law. But in
fact Jesus ANNULED the written law of Moses. Jesus made it clear that if you
want to enter the kingdom of heaven you must rise ABOVE the scribes and
Pharisees, and their hypocrisy. They are all like the fig trees Jesus curses. You
must attain to the eternal law. After John, a new law annuls the old. Jesus
states that this is the whole law, to treat others as you wish to be treated.
The Talmudic Rabbi’s mocked Jesus and his message as ‘beyond human nature’.
While Marxists claim we are all ‘noble savages’, and basically good, the Rabbi’s
claim that the communism, humility, selflessness, and goodwill that Jesus
demands of us are just not compatible with human nature.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Jesus’ teachings are very Zen. I’ve explained this comment in my ‘The mystery of
the dream and the dreamer’. Jesus tells us we are to accept what the universe /
God gives us. We are not to pray to god for anything. That would be to assume
god is not all knowing, and beneficent. To assume god does not know what we
need, and will not automatically provide it. To complain to god is to assume we
know better, or that he does not care.
Tolstoy argues that, far from being impossible, the precepts Jesus taught would
actually lead to a more genuine, fulfilling, satisfying and rewarding life.
However for him it is all theoretical. He can talk about being a slave as if it were
fine and good, but he never in his life had to submit to a slave master. He was
rich and lived the easy life. He never had an experience of being anything like a
slave. He never had to be the victim of other’s malice and contempt. Like the
Marxist writers, he could assume people were ultimately noble savages. He
could imagine that working all day and night, watching your wife, sister, and
daughters being raped, and submitting to any humiliation the ‘boss’ could think
up, would be O.K, just as long as he gave you just enough to eat. You would
survive! As if that is enough to justify a life. Of course the slave master would
give you just enough to protect his human capital, and ensure it reproduced and
multiplied, and his investment grew.
Basically we are to treat everyone as if they were Jesus. As If they were god. Not
act as if we were god, and go around judging everything and everyone, and then
imposing our judgments on other people and things. Very Zen. If we want to be
forgiven, we must forgive. If we want compassion and mercy, we must act with
compassion and mercy. We will get the justice that we give. That is what I call
‘virtual Karma’. It is not a prediction. It is a basic fundamental law of physics. The
law of equal and opposite reaction. You will get what you give. Any violence
you commit, will come back and bite you in the arse. You cannot demand others
treat you differently to how you treat them, so treat them all well. This includes
animals. You cannot take part in any acts of violence and then pray to the Lord
for peace and prosperity.
Tolstoy reminds us how fighting evil with evil has proven ineffective. Judgment
and punishment have never been efficacious at eliminating violence and
injustice. All past attempts to fight evil with evil, to bring peace through war,
and so on, have proven failures. Thus it is the Mosaic law, man’s laws, what
Tolstoy calls ‘Toga’, that are absurd, impractical and laughable. It is in fact Jesus’
teachings which are the only sound, viable, rational, practical, realistic solutions
/ response to evil.
If armies were meant to defend us, then consider how many of us have died in
this ‘defense’? How many would have died if we had simply surrendered?
What do Kings do with their people? Do they kill them all like the Old Testament
Jews? Who told them to kill all those people? It was Moses.
The rain falls upon the good and the evil alike. We have no right to make
arbitrary distinctions. If god does not, then who are we to? Very Zen.
Never swear upon the name of the lord, or the bible, for any reason. Take no
oaths of allegiance to any nation / army … for it is forbidden to divide man into
nations and factions…
Tolstoy notes how any advantage we gain in this life, is at the expense of a
disadvantage to another. This means any other person’s advantage, and there
are many more of them, must come at a cost to us. You do the math.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Do no evil to each other and there will be no evil. This must include the evil we
do to other animals also.
Tolstoy was among many who noted that the nativity scene people celebrate at
Christmas is nowhere mentioned in the Bible. The only other place the term
that is translated to mean ‘manger’ appears in the bible, it refers to the wellfurnished
guest rooms of a large, rich person’s house. The nativity scene as we
know it is an invention. Like laws against suicide. The bible never once makes
any reference to suicide as a sin or crime.
Boethius, argues a-la Shakespeare’s’ ‘nothing is neither good nor bad but
thinking makes it so’. In a Zen fashion, it is our judgments which produce our
suffering, not the world.
Boethius argues that the criminal is already miserable or they could never have
committed their crimes. And so we have no need to punish them. We have no
need for vengeance. In fact attempting to correct their vice by punishment is
doing them a favor, for you lead them to virtue, and thus happiness. Whereas if
you really want to pay back their evil with evil, leave them vicious, and
After reading Boethius, and considering his arguments I came to a very Zen idea.
If will was free, it could act independent of any considerations of gain, of
consequences, of costs, benefits, potential outcomes, or expectations. This is
pure Zen. So if you want free will, you must free your will of all judgments of
good and evil. Of all ‘gaining ideas’. You must ‘cease striving’. Then your will will
be free to accept what is, and work with it. You will avoid a whole lot of worry,
fear, anxiety, disappointment, false hope, anger, and hatred. In fact all the
things that add psychological, and hence physical, psycho-somatic, suffering to
whatever physical pain you experience.
The New Testament as we know it was created by a committee
In 325 C.E, after murdering his wife and elder son, Constantine set off to his
palace in Nicea, in modern day Turkey, to once and for all settle the disputes
regarding the New Bible that had raged between the two major cults of that
time, the Pauline, and the Arian, and thus determine the ‘official’ content of
‘The New Testament’, and the ‘official’ beliefs of all Christians. An ‘official’ bible
was put together from the wide range of often contradictory ‘gospels’ in use at
that time, among the wide range of Christian ‘sects’. During this process
‘gospels’ were often re-written over and over until the participants at the
conference could come to some level of compromise. The result has become
known as ‘The Nicean Creed’. It is this that is taught as official church doctrine,
and upon which the ‘beliefs’ of Christians are based. It is a bible written by a
committee. And not by god. Not by Jesus. Not by his disciples. But by
As early as the third century C.E, Celsus criticized the early church leadership,
stating, “You utter fables, and you do not even possess the art of making them
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
seem likely… You have altered three, four times and oftener, the texts of your
own Gospels in order to deny objections to you.”
It was in fact not until 180 C.E that history attributes four gospels to Matthew,
Mark, Luke, and John, in the writings of Irenæus of Lyons. Originally these
gospels were not attributed to any particular authors.
The bible is full of so much repetition that the reader must wonder whether the
authors of each part had actually been aware of the contents of the other parts
at the time they wrote their own contributions. The gospels of Matthew and
Luke repeat around 90% of the gospel of Mark.
The oldest, and shortest gospel, which is attributed to Mark, begins the story
with John the Baptist’s meeting with Jesus. It was written 70-80 years after the
events it claims to describe. Why would he wait so long to write down such a
momentous report?
John, aged around 90, supposedly describes a crucifixion which occurred around
80 years earlier, in his gospels, written around 110 C.E. Why believe this later
description, when earlier ones speak of Jesus being ‘hanged’ on a tree?
Translation errors are abundant in the Latin and English versions of the New
Testament. Simon Magus a.k.a Simon Zelotes (the Zealot) a.k.a Simon
‘Kananites’, (the fanatic) was a commander of the anti-roman Jewish freedom
fighters. The English version translates this to Simon the Canaanite!
Judas ‘Iscariot’ (Sicarius or assassin), was likely a member of a terrorist group
called the Sicani ( Sons of the Dagger), Sica, meaning curved dagger. Sicarius
was translated into Greek as Sikariotes, then later into English as Iscariot.
Jesus completely overlooked by every historian?
Among the 40 or so historians who documented the events in the region during
the dates the Gospels describe, not one mention is made of any Jesus, or any of
the historical and biblical events the gospels claim to describe.
The historian Philo, living in or near Jerusalem during the times the gospels refer
to, made no mention of any Jesus, or of any murders of baby boys by Herod.
Philo , nor any official Roman, Greek, or Alexandrian writer, neither Philo-
Judæus, Seneca, Pliny the Elder, Arrian Petronius, Dion Pruseus, Paterculus,
Suetonius, Juvenal, Martial, Persius, Plutarch, Pliny the Younger, Tacitus Justus
of Tiberius, Apollonius, Quintilian, Lucanus, Epictetus, Hermogones Silius
Italicus, Statius, Ptolemy, Appian, Phlegon, Phædrus, Valerius Maximus, Lucian,
Pausanias, Florus Lucius, Quintius Curtius, Aulus Gellius, Dio Chrysostom,
Columella, Valerius Flaccus, Damis, Favorinus, Lysias, Pomponius Mela, or
Appion of Alexandria, make any reference whatsoever to the events supposedly
described in the Gospels.
The historical ‘evidence’ to support the Gospels consists entirely of a mere two
passages in the works of a Jewish author which have since been ‘outed’ as
forgeries, and two disputed passages in the works of other Roman writers.
A few of the more obvious inconsistencies in the Gospels and Old Testament
Jesus (Jeshua / Joshua) is prophesied to be named ‘Emmanuel’. So why is he
named Jesus?
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Mark has Jesus crucified on the third hour, while John says it was the sixth hour.
Matthew describes an angel sitting outside Jesus’ tomb, the stone having been
rolled away. In Luke, Jesus’ friends arrive to find an empty tomb, after which 2
men share the news of Jesus’ resurrection with them.
Matthew has Jesus tell us to honor our mother and father, and yet we are not to
call any man on earth ‘father’. Luke has Jesus tell us that Jesus said that none
may become his disciple unless he hate his own life, mother, father, children,
sisters, and brethren.
A character in Genesis claims ‘I have seen God face to face, and my life is
preserved (Gen.32:30), and yet John tells us that Jesus said ‘No man hath seen
god at any time’.
Matthew 1:16 states that Jesus was the son of Joseph, who was the son of
Jacob. However Luke 3:23 states that Joseph was the son of Heli. Consider,
please, that Heli in Greek means ‘Sun’. Thus ‘The city of the Sun’ translated to
‘Heli-opolis’. If you doubt for a moment, after reading this book from end to
end, that references to Jesus are not references to the Sun, and references to
his 12 apostles are not references to the 12 signs of the Zodiac, then I have not
finished my task yet.
Abraham married his half-sister Sara, whom he later pimps out to the Pharaoh
in return for great wealth, though claiming he fears Pharaoh will otherwise kill
him to possess her. The story repeats in the Old Testament with another
patriarch pimping out his wife. However, the bible clearly states; “Cursed be he
that lieth with his sister, the daughter of his father, or the daughter of this
mother…” in Deuteronomy 27:22 , and “… if a man shall take his sister, his
father’s daughter, or his mother’s daughter…it is a wicked thing….” in Leviticus
20:17. And yet “… God said unto Abraham, As for Sara thy wife…I bless her, and
give thee a son also of her…” in Genesis 17:15-16
Now we are all familiar with the paraphrasing of Matthew 26:52, which warns
that he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. We are familiar with the
teaching of ‘turning the other cheek’. Then what are we to make of “Think not
that I [Jesus] have come to send peace on earth: I come not to send peace, but a
sword.” (Matthew 10:34). And Luke 22:36 “…and he that hath no sword, let him
sell his garment, and buy one.” ? “For I [Jesus] am come to set a man at
variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the
daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his
own household.” (Matthew 10:35-6). Jesus in fact goes so far as to state that “If
any man come unto me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and
children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my
disciple.” (Luke 14:26)
The ‘Jesus’ story as a re-run of a universal archetype
Few people are informed about the complete lack of originality in the story of
Jesus. Everything written about him was also written about dozens of earlier
‘savior’ figures. I have documented more of these similarities in ‘Religion’.
A Virgin birth fulfilling a prophecy. The savior’s parents fleeing their home to
escape a tyrant seeking to defy that prophecy by ordering all the male children
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
under age two to be killed. Angels and wise men announcing his birth, and
bringing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The savior lives a humble life,
until at age 30 he begins performing miracles, raising the dead, giving the blind
sight, and healing the sick. He is crucified between two criminals. He dies and is
resurrected 3 days later, after which he ascends to heaven.
The first known example of this archetype is Virishna, and dates to 1,200 years
B.C.E, over a millenia before the supposed birth of Jesus ‘Christ’. And then we
have Khrishna of Hindostan; Buddha Sakia of India; Salivahana of Bermuda;
Osiris and Horus of Egypt; Odin of Scandinavia; Crite of Chaldea; Zoroaster of
Persia; Baal and Taut of Phoenicia; Indra of Tibet; Bali of Afghanistan; Jao of
Nepal; Wittoba of Bilingonese; Tammuz of Syria and Babylon; Attis of Phrygia;
Xamolxis of Thrace; Zoar of the Bonzes; Adad of Assyria; Deva Tat and
Sammonocadam of Siam; Alcides of Thebes; Mikado of the Sintoos; Beddru of
Japan; Hesus or Eros, and Bremrillahm, of the Druids; Thor, son of Odin, of the
Gauls; Cadmus of Greece; Hil and Feta of Mandaites; Gentaut and Quetzalcoatl
of Mexico; Universal Monarch of the Sibyls; Ischy of Formosa; Divine Teacher of
Plato; Holy One of Xaca; Fohi and Tien of China; Adonis, son of virgin lo, of
Greece; Ixion and Quirinus of Rome; Prometheus of the Caucasus; and
Mohammed or Mahomet, of Arabia.
The Egyptian ‘Christ’
Horus was the Egyptian ‘Sun’ of God. Jesus was the Light of the World. Horus
was the Light of the World. Jesus said he was the way, the truth and the life.
Horus said he was the truth, the life. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the ‘house of
bread’. Horus was born in Annu, the ‘place of bread’. Jesus was the Good
Shepherd. Horus was the Good Shepherd. Seven fishers board a boat with Jesus.
Seven people board a boat with Horus. Jesus was the lamb. Horus was the lamb.
Jesus is identified with a cross. Horus is identified with a cross. Jesus was
baptised at 30. Horus was baptised at 30. Jesus was the child of a virgin, Mary.
Horus was the child of a virgin, Isis. The birth of Jesus was marked by a star. The
birth of Horus was marked by a star. Jesus was the child teacher in the temple.
Horus was the child teacher in the temple. Jesus had 12 disciples. Horus had 12
followers. Jesus was the Morning Star. Horus was the Morning Star. Jesus was
the Christ. Horus was the KRST. Jesus was tempted on a mountain by Satan.
Horus was tempted on a mountain by Set or Sut.
Remember that both Horus and Jesus represent the sun. Their ‘birth’ is
announced by Venus, the morning star, also known as Lucifer, the light bringer.
They have 12 disciples, the 12 signs of the Zodiac, and also the 12 hours of the
day. They ‘die’ at sun-set. They are new-born at dawn, sun-(a) rise (n).
The Roman ‘Christ’
Mithra was said to be the son (Sun) of god who died to save humanity and give
them eternal life. One classic symbol of Mithra was as a lion with a snake curled
around his body, while he holds the keys to heaven. This is Nimrod symbolism
and the origin of the story of St Peter, one of Jesus’ 12 disciples, holding the
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
keys to heaven. Peter was the name for a High Priest in the Babylon mystery
school. After an initiate of the cult of Mithra had completed the ritual, the
members had a meal of bread and wine in which they believed they were eating
the flesh of Mithra and drinking his blood. Mithra was visited by wise men at his
birth who brought him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Sunday was the
sacred day for Mithra worshippers because he was a Sun God and they called
this The Lord’s Day.
The ancient Greek ‘Christ’
Dionysus was a Sun God born to a virgin mother on December 25th. He dies so
our sins can be forgiven. His epithets include, The vine, Our Lord, the Savior, the
Judge of the Dead, the Deliverer, the Born Again and the only begotten Son of
God. Above the head of Dionysus were the words: “I am Life, Death, and
Resurrection, I hold the winged crown (the Sun).”
The ancient Babylonian ‘Christ’
Tammuz, the son of Queen Semiramis, was crucified with a lamb at his feet and
placed in a cave. When a rock was rolled away from the cave’s entrance three
days later, his body had disappeared.
Biblical symbolism and the most ancient art of astronomy
Once you see past any literal understanding of the Bible, you are free to
comprehend its true meaning, to the inner circle of the cult.
Consider the sun moving through the 12 signs of the zodiac. Thus we have a
God-man, and his 12 disciples, common to so many ancient religions.
Consider how the traditional birthday of the sun is December 25th. The sun
ends its Southern journey across the sky, the days becoming shorter and
shorter, at the winter solstice occurs on the 21st / 22nd of December. This is the
shortest day of the year. Three days later, the sun appears to begin its northerly
journey once more, and the days become observably longer. And so the sun is
said to have died on the 21st/ 22nd, and then arisen, been re-born, on the 25th.
Thus our god-man dies, to be reborn 3 days later. In most graphic depictions of
the zodiac we see the sun at the center of the 12 signs, mounted on a northsouth
/ East-west cross. For example, Jesus, Horus, and Tammuz all ‘die’ on a
‘cross’, and ‘rise’ from the death 3 days later to assume their rightful power.
The notion of a virgin birth may seem to us to represent a birth free of sin, but
there is another more compelling reason, which predates the notion of sin. The
astrological calendar is known to have originally began in the constellation of
Virgo (the Virgin), and the so sun-god came to be “born of a Virgin.”
All the other epithets applied to the various god-men also clearly apply to the
sun itself. The sun is the “Light of the World.” The sun “cometh on clouds, and
every eye shall see him.” The sun rising in the morning is the “Savior of
mankind.” The sun wears a corona, a “crown of thorns” or halo. The sun “walks
on water.” The sun’s “followers,” “helpers” or “disciples” are the 12 months and
the 12 signs of the zodiac or constellations, through which the sun must pass.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The sun at 12 noon is in the house or temple of the “Most High”; thus, “he”
begins “his Father’s work” at “age” 12. The sun enters into each sign of the
zodiac at 30°; hence, the “Sun of God” begins his ministry at “age” 30. The sun
is hung on a cross or “crucified,” which represents its passing through the
equinoxes, the vernal equinox being Easter, at which time it is then resurrected.
Similar arguments apply to the Christian cult’s adoption of fish symbolism, and
the idea of the disciples as ‘fishers of men’. The fish was also the sign of the
Nimrod/Tammuz, the god-man, father-son, of Babylon, which predates Jesus,
and of the Ancient Greek Pythagoreans. The fish symbol has mathematical
significance related to ‘Phi’.
At the time Jesus was supposed to have been born, the Earth was entering the
astrological house of Pisces. A new age was being born. The age of Pisces.
The end of the world, or the start of the ‘New Age’, the ‘Age of Aquarius?
When the gospel translators translated the Greek aeon as world, they produced
the idea of the end of the world. But in fact aeon means age. We are not facing
the end of the world, but the end of the age, the 2,160 years of Pisces. We are
in fact entering the Age of Aquarius. It is this ‘aeon’ that astrologers all over the
ancient world predicted to be a new age of peace and enlightenment. The
Mayans predicted this new age to begin in 2012.
3 hours of darkness after the god-man dies
“And it was about the sixth hour, and there was darkness over all the Earth until
the ninth hour. And the Sun was darkened…” Luke 23-44,45
The Hindu Krishna, Buddha, the ancient Greek Bacchus, Mercury, and the
heroic Hercules, the ancient Germanic ‘Baldur’, the Mexican Quetzalcoatl, the
Iranian Zoroaster, the Egyptian Osiris and Horus, and the Babylonian
Adonis/Tammuz, like so many other ‘Christs’ who pre-date Jesus, all die,
descend into ‘hell’, and rise from the dead after 3 days. It is clearly a reference
to the Sun reaching the ‘end’ of its journey south, appearing to have ‘ceased’,
and then beginning its ‘return’ journey 3 days later.
Easter, the vernal equinox, is the ancient day of celebration of the renewal of
nature and fertility. This is the day where the hours of daylight equal the hours
of night, in the Northern Hemisphere. Thus we get the 12 steps of Horus, the 12
hours, at this time. So it makes sense that Jesus and Horus are both born at this
time of the year.
After this day the days become longer than the nights. Symbolically this
represents the victory of light over darkness, of life over death. Celebration of
Easter is a universal rite among all cultures and religions.
The Church adopted the earlier celebrations surrounding the spring equinox.
Thus their god-man, like so many others, dies and is resurrected in spring, in
tune with the renewal of nature which occurs at this time. The god-man who
most directly preceded Jesus among the Romans, was the sun-god Mithra,
whom they celebrated as being crucified and was resurrected on March 25th. It
is in fact the cult of Mithra which the new Roman Catholic Cult of Christianity
based most of its holy days and celebrations on. It simply adopted the then
current beliefs, rituals, and beliefs, to the new cult, which had gained favor with
the Emperor due to his desire to centralise his power under one universal
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Sun day, celebrated by the Romans in honor of Mithra, their sun god, was
adopted as the ‘Sabbath’ of the early Roman Catholic Church in 364 A.D. Note
that Christian churches are built east to west with the altar to the east, so the
congregation faces east, and thus the rising Sun.
Jesus ‘turning water into wine’
The New Testament Wedding at Cana, in reality, refers to the ancient spring
fertility rites known as ‘The Marriage Festival of Canaan’, the symbolic marriage
of the Sun-god and the earth-goddess. The sun marries with the earth to
produce wine from the water that falls on the soil. This is of course all that can
be observed of the production of grapes. Grapes require sunlight, soil, and
water. And so it is the ‘sun-god’, the son of god, who ultimately turns water into
wine (with the help of the earth-goddess!)
Ra was a Sun God in Egypt. His full name was Amen Ra. That is why we say “Amen”
after our prayers.
Jesus was a ‘master’, but master carpenter?
The English miss-translation ‘carpenter’ resulted from the Greek translation ho
tekton, which was a translation of the Hebrew ‘naggar’. These designate a
master craftsman, not just in carpentry, but in any pursuit. The story of Jesus in
the Temple at age 12 arguing with the priests would imply that Jesus was in fact
a master teacher / scholar, rather than a carpenter. The translation is probably
motivated by a desire to present Jesus, like all the god-men who had preceded
him, as a person of humble background, to appeal to the working classes, and
encourage humility in all the slaves.
The forgotten manuscript
In 1958, a manuscript was discovered at a monastery at Mar Saba, east of
Jerusalem, which shows how the Jesus story was rewritten by the Church
whenever it suited them at the time. It was found by an American, Morton
Smith, Professor of Ancient History at Columbia University, and it included the
content of a letter by Bishop Clement of Alexandria, Egypt, an early Christian
father, to a colleague called Theodore. It also revealed an unknown segment of
Mark’s Gospel which had been suppressed.
The manuscript makes references to the effect that Jesus was understood to
have engaged in possible homosexual practices involving the ‘rich young man’
mentioned in Mark’s Gospel.
Bishop Clement, upon confirming a charge made against the church that it had
suppressed part of the Gospel of Mark, which would indicate that Jesus had
engaged in homosexuality with the ‘rich young man’ in Mark’s gospel, stated
that anything which contradicts the official church view must be denied, even if
it is true…’For even if they (critics) should say something true, one who loves
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
the Truth should not, even so, agree with them… To them one must never give
way; nor, when they put forward their falsifications, should one concede that
the secret Gospel is by Mark – but should deny it on oath. For not all true things
are to be said to all men.”
There are too many ‘apocryphal’ gospels to mention here. The fact is that at the
council of Nicea, in the 4th century C.E, more documents were excluded from
the official bible we have inherited, than were included. And those that were
included, were blatantly edited. The Vatican admits this. It is no secret among
bible scholars.
The number 12
The Sun travels through the 12 signs of the zodiac, during the 12 months of the
year. Horus takes 12 steps across the sky. Hence our word ‘Hours’. Most
mystery schools have adopted this 12+1 symbolism. Thus we have King Arthur
and his 12 knights of the round table. We have Jesus, and man of the earlier
‘god-men’ having 12 disciples. We have Himmler and his 12 SS knights. (Today
you can still visit Wewelsburg, near Paderborn in Germany, and see the
chamber with 12 stone ‘seats’ in a circle around one ‘seat’, with a large stone
swastika relief in the floor, representing the sun). We have the book of
revelation’s with its female figure with a crown of 12 stars. The Babylonian
goddess Semiramis (Egyptian Isis) has a halo of 12 stars. The EU flag has a circle
of 12 stars. We have the Scandinavian / old German 12 Drottars and the god
Odin. Jesus starts his ‘career’ at age 12. Jewish boys become ‘men’ at age 12.
Jewish girls become ‘women’ at age 12. There are 12 semi-tones in an octave.
Many buildings and statues of ancient cultures were built in proportions based
on the number 12. 12+1=13, considered the most holy of numbers. Remember
that there are 12 tribes of Israel, plus the Levites, who are to be the priests /
judges / dictators of the Jews, and later of the entire world. The original
manifesto of The New World Order.
The numbers 7 and 40
One thing you will note if you read the entire bible, is the repetition of the
numbers 40 and 7. 7 is of course the ‘Sabbath’. Genesis says God created the
world in 6 days, and on the seventh day he rested,. There are seven churches of
Asia, seven golden candlesticks, seven stars, seven lamps of fire, seven seals,
seven trumpets, seven angels, seven thunders and the red dragon in Revelation
with seven heads and seven crowns. The story of Jericho has Joshua marching
his army around the city for seven days, accompanied by seven priests carrying
seven trumpets. On the seventh day they circle Jericho seven times and the
walls come tumbling down. In the story of Noah, seven pairs of each animal go
into the ark and seven pairs of each type of bird. There are seven days between
the prediction of the deluge and the rain and seven days between the sending
of the doves. After the flood Noah begins his seventh century. Many of the
names for the symbolic deities, such as Abraxas of the Gnostics and Serapis of
Greece have seven letters.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
Then there is 40. Adam enters Paradise when he is 40 years old. Eve follows 40
years later. During the Great Flood it rains for 40 days and 40 nights. Seth is
carried away by angels when he is 40 and is not seen for 40 days. Moses is 40
when he goes to Midian and he stays for 40 years. Joseph is 40 years old when
Jacob arrives in Egypt. Jesus goes into the wilderness for 40 days. After his
resurrection, Jesus spends 40 days on earth.
Ancient Arabic literature also features a continuous repetition of the number
The powerful vibrational frequencies of numbers and symbols
Certain numbers, symbols, and colors, have become defined as ‘holy’ or
‘magical’ or ‘powerful’, universally, among all known cultures, across all
recorded history. They are said to resonate with particular frequencies, and to
resonate with every living being at a sub-conscious level. Thus we get certain
‘chants’ such as ‘Ah (Alpha or the beginning)-oh (the middle)-Om (Omega or the
end / last). E-loh-im in Hebrew/Palestinian. Dawn, Midday, and Sunset. Alpha is
considered the beginning, and Omega the end. Many ancient monuments have
been built upon the intersection of supposed ‘lines of power’. Thus we get one
newer cult building the shrines to its gods and god-men upon the ruins of earlier
cult sites, finally with ‘modern’ churches and mosques being built over their
The idea that certain numbers or syllables / words were magical or powerful is
known to most of us in the phrase ‘abbra-ca-dabbera’. Viking runes are another
example. The color purple was exclusive to members of royalty, and wearing it
could get you killed if you were not royalty.
King Solomon
The Levites describe a King Solomon and his temple, in what we call the Old
Testament. However there is no other reference in any historical texts to any
King Solomon, nor of the Exodus of the Israelites, nor of the Egyptian army
following them and being drowned. There are many known ancient documents
written by well-known figures such as the Greek Historian Herodotus (485-425
B.C.E), who had personally traveled and researched the lands and history of
Egypt and the Near East, who are completely silent upon any of the events the
Old Testament claims to be a record of. Such writers had no known reason for
any anti-Semitic bias.
The three syllables in Sol-om-on are all names for the Sun. Today we speak of
the Sol-ar system. Akhenaton is perhaps the most famous of ‘The Priests At On’,
a.k.a Heliopolis a.k.a ‘The city of the Sun’, although one way the term ‘Moses’
was used, in Egyptian, was to indicate someone was a ‘Missionary’ of the
Priests at On!
Manly P Hall wrote that Solomon and his wives and concubines were symbolic
of the planets, moons, asteroids and other receptive bodies within his house –
the solar mansion. Solomon’s Temple is symbolic of the domain of the Sun.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
The city of Nazareth
The Gospels tell us that Jesus was born in Nazareth, in Bethlehem, after his
parents were forced to travel back to their birthplace to be entered in the
Census and pay the poll-tax ordered by Herod. However there is no historical
record of any place called Nazareth. It is not mentioned anywhere, by anyone,
until the 4th century C.E. It probably derives from the term ‘Nazarene’, or
Some more interesting Bible and Talmud stuff
Torah = ‘the law’ in Hebrew. The term was first used by Ezra (the priest) to refer
to first five books of Moses.
The Talmud states that ‘where a fetus ‘pursues’ a woman, she may abort it’.
The bible makes no reference to suicide, either for or against. It is an invention
of the priests to define it as a sin. Jesus says nothing on the matter. Nor does
Moses. If you want to claim that ‘thou shall not kill’ implicitly includes killing
yourself, then think again. For Moses kills an Egyptian and flees Egypt for a time.
Moses later orders thousands of his people killed for dancing around the golden
calf. Moses orders his people to commit acts of genocide, over and over again.
Jesus demands that you love each other. He tells us not to pray anything other
than ‘The Lord’s prayer’. And before you pray you must reconcile yourself with
anyone you are angry with, or is angry with you. You may never define your own
anger as just and another person’s anger as illegitimate. Jesus stated, as a
categorical imperative, ‘Do not be angry’. The popular mis-quote adds ‘without
a cause’. But Jesus never said that. He said clearly that there is no legitimate
reason to be angry with anyone. You must love your enemy. You must be at
peace with everyone before you begin praying. Jesus demands unconditional
forgiveness. This is how you become worthy of God’s unconditional forgiveness
for yourself. And this is pure logic. When everyone forgives everyone else, then
all is forgiven.
Jesus says he is to be crucified according to Mosaic Law, so that in dying he
fulfills it, once and for all time, and thus annuls it.
The Talmud, Christian Zionism, and hiding secrets in the open
The best place to hide something is right out in the open. People look in all the
dark corners, and through all the locked drawers, safes, and jewel boxes. The
look right past things that are out in the open. Especially if you are masters of
spin, and have the power to define reality. The mass media defines reality for
most people. If you control the mass media, you get to define reality, as far as
our political system requires you to. You have had the Old Testament on your
shelves for centuries. The Torah has been translated into your language for
centuries. The Federal Reserve System has been around for centuries. The
Zionist’s have been working at their plan, mostly openly, for centuries. But you
have been looking for your ‘boogey’ men elsewhere. The facts have been staring
you in the face, but your attention has been mis-directed by the magic masters
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
of the mass media. You missed the trick being set up. Now you look in the
wrong places to work out what is going on. You look where the mass media
direct your attention. You consume the mass media definitions of who is the
terrorist, who is the threat, who you should be scared of, who you should be
Most people with a Judea-Christian-Muslim background are familiar with the
Old Testament. But to focus exclusively on it would be overlook a possibly even
larger part of the Zionist story. And overlooking it is exactly what the Zionists
want you to do. Because when you take a look at their Talmud, you will see that
the Zionists are not Jewish at all. They have no connection to the 12 tribes of the
Old Testament, or their leader, Moses. The Zionists have played a successful
trick on all the Christians of the world. That is how they got the Christian
fundamentalists in the U.S to support them.
Remember that Reagan was a self-professed ‘Christian Zionist’. Reaganomics
was all about printing money and spending money you didn’t have. It almost
succeeded at bringing the world to financial collapse. Most of the debts that the
U.S people have today were inherited from the Reagan years. It was impossible
for any president after Reagan to ‘balance the books’ and ‘correct’ the markets,
without a massive worldwide economic meltdown and collapse. We saw it
happen in the last stock market crash. In order to stop a complete meltdown,
Obama’s bin Lie’in had to let the Zionist Central banks print 15 Trillion U.S
dollars, to keep the ponsy scheme from collapsing. Not that the Zionists do not
want a total collapse of the world economic system. They do. They just want to
time it perfectly. It is coming. The house of cards petro-dollar Central banking
ponsy scheme known as the U.S dollar is going to fall. When the Zionists want it
It is of interest that the U.S public never realised that the huge bailout of A.I.G
was actually a bailout of many private banks which were not officially bailed
out. Those banks got their money back through A.I.G. Of course the other ‘too
big to fail’ banks and companies were also bailed out. The poor got to see the
truth about welfare. It goes to the rich, and not the poor.
The first five books of the bible are considered to have been written by Moses.
Actually written. They are called the Pentateuch. They contain the ‘Mosaic law’.
Other books were later added, to make up the Old Testament as we know it.
But the Pentateuch, the five books of Moses, form only a part of the Jewish
‘Torah’. Many of us are familiar, from Hollywood war films, with the Japanese
‘Kamikaze’ war cry of ‘Tora, Tora, Tora’. It is also the war-cry of the Zionist,
whether Jew or Gentile.
The tradition among the Levites, the Priest class, the 13th tribe, is that at the
time Moses was receiving the 10 commandants, up on the Mountain, down
below, the Levites were receiving their own messages from god. These form an
oral tradition known as ‘The Talmud’. The word ‘Talmud’ more or less translates
to ‘mouth to ear’. While the books of Moses were said to have been actually
written down by Moses, the Talmud was only written down around 70 C.E,
basically around the same time as the first ‘Gospels’ of The New Testament
were being written down.
The ‘interpretations’ given in the Talmud are given precedence by modern Jews,
over the Mosaic Law contained in the five books of Moses. Moses claimed the
transferred authority of being the spokesperson for god. The Talmudic writers
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
claim the same authority. However their ideas often conflict on the most
important matters. In the Mosaic Law, lending money for interest, or ‘increase’,
is a sin. It is the sin of ‘usury’. The Talmud also overrides Mosaic Law when it
comes to the manumission of slaves, and bonded servants. Mosaic Law
commands them to release any slave or servant after 7 years’ service. The Jews
were among the biggest slave traders, and among the last to stop trading slaves.
Anyone who does a deal with someone who defines themselves as ‘Jewish’
should be aware that when a self-defined Talmudic Jew makes a promise to a
non-Jew, they are automatically, implicitly, in their hearts, holding their fingers
crossed behind their backs. They are not liable, according to their own system of
ethics, to honor any contract with a non-Jews.
Further, the Talmudic writers have employed an ingenious scheme for
expressing their true opinions, and the true Talmudic law, without facing
immediate expulsion from the Gentile community. For no Gentile would accept
the true teachings of the Talmud. The Talmud pretends to be offering mere
interpretations and commentaries by famous Talmudic Rabbis, rather than
clearly stating any one Talmudic ‘position’.
They avoid letting Gentiles know their true law and intentions. So where the
Talmudic teacher and then student knows definitely which interpretation is the
official one, say, that a Jew is not obliged to honor any contract with a non-Jew,
or that the non-Jew is not a human and therefore has no human rights, or that it
is O.K to rape a 2 year old girl, if a Gentile confronts them, they can show the
Gentile the ‘alternative ‘ interpretations, written side by side with the ‘nasty’,
completely unacceptable one, which say, no, the Jew must honor all his
contracts, may not rape 2 year old girls, and must treat all people equally. But
the Talmudic teacher and then their student know exactly which interpretation
is the real, official, Talmudic one. The other ‘interpretations’ expressed in the
Talmud are for Gentile eyes. They are typical impression management, like
almost every official document of every government or organisation I have ever
dealt with. So no anti-Semitism here. I am against or for things in principle.
Based on principles of truth and justice. I am a sentient being. I do not act or
think on the basis of being human, or white, or European, or German, or a
member of a particular religion, tribe, or SES group.
O.K, sure, our own legal codes are similar, allowing loop-holes for the rich and
powerful so they do not have to obey the same laws as the rest of our rabble,
and Judges get to decide on which ‘interpretation’ to make themselves, when
setting precedents, or which past interpretations to use, when formulating their
judgments. Of course there has always been one law for the rich, Gentile or Jew
alike, and one for the poor, Jew or Gentile alike.
The Talmud includes details on how to make magic charms and amulets for
protection. This sort of magic, witchcraft, or sorcery is explicitly banned by
Mosaic Law
More sinister, though, are the laws relating to non-Jews. The Talmud allows a
Jew to stab a Gentile, a non-Jew, even on the Sabbath, during the festival of
Purim, at which Jews are cleansing themselves of any guilt for their actions in
the previous year. This is a massive statement. Given that the Jewish Priests
wanted to stone Jesus to death for bringing Lazarus back from the dead, on the
Sabbath, and even to stone Lazarus to death, for getting up off his death bed
and carrying it away. The message is that killing a Gentile is a good thing. It has
priority over all the law. The Mosaic Law, and Jesus’ new law, both state that
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
the priority is charity, to love one another. Just compare the difference here
between Zionism and Mosaic Law, and Christianity.
The Talmud defines all non- Jews as mere ‘cattle’. That is what the term ‘Goyim’,
which even Freud used to describe non-Jews, means.
To illustrate the power of the Zionists, John Paul II officially cleared the Jews of
any guilt for the death of Jesus. However if you read the New Testament it is
perfectly clear that the Roman Pilate does not want to kill Jesus, and he is only
doing it because the Jewish priesthood is insisting. Pilate even lets Jesus’ people
take him down from the cross alive, and to take him away to freedom. I will
explain that later. The Vatican in fact has plans to censor the Gospel of John, to
remove anything that might be considered ‘anti-Semitic’. So expect the new
Hollywood version of ‘The Passion of Christ’ to show the Jewish priests
desperately fighting to prevent the Romans from taking Jesus and killing him.
They will fight and fight, but they just will not be able to convince the Romans
not to kill Jesus. Pilot will be the bad guy. I wonder what motive they will ascribe
Many people rightfully connect the legalization of abortion with the Jews. The
Talmud says a fetus is not a person until it is born. It may be killed at any time
before its birth. Even a fully viable 9 month fetus, on the verge of being born,
may be killed. The only condition that needs to be met is that the mother does
not want it. If it is ‘pursuing’ the mother.
Rabbis and Jews are considered to be above suspicion when it comes to
sodomy. Just like Catholic priests! In fact if a victim informs on a Priest or Rabbi,
the victim is by definition lying. Accusing a Rabbi of sodomising you is
considered, by the Talmud, to be a worse crime than raping a child.
The holocaust victims are defined by Talmudic Rabbi’s as reincarnated Jewish
sinners. Many currently living Jews have been identified by Rabbis as the
reincarnation of famous biblical figures.
The Holocaust industry
Question any point of ‘fact’ that the ‘Holocaust industry’ spews out, and you are
immediately shouted down as a ‘holocaust denier’. That would be the
equivalent of shouting down, and silencing, anyone who was not a theist, as a
‘god denier’.
Let’s start with some facts that might open your mind a little. The entire
German military killed around 1 million enemy soldiers during WWII. In its entire
field of operations. Including every bomb thrown and dropped on the enemy.
Every torpedo. Every rocket. The Germans suffered total losses of over 6 million
people. And still we are to believe, though few Jews or historians today accept
the figure, that the Nazi’s killed over 6 million Jews, a large proportion of whom
were actively contributing to the war effort through forced labor in the labor
Do you believe he supposed survivors of death camps who testified to having
seen Jews being thrown alive into a cage with a bear and an eagle, to be torn to
death? Do you believe reports of 7 train loads of Jewish hair destined to be
made into mattresses? Do you believe the story of the ‘survivor’ who managed
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
to survive 9 different death camps? Do you believe his descriptions of the 9
death camps? Prisoners being mass murdered via electrified floors? The ‘bear
and eagle’ and ‘electrocution’ stories were officially accepted during and after
the Nuremburg trials. They initially formed part of the whole ‘Holocaust’
narrative. Like the figure of 6 million murdered in Auschwitz was official until
the Zionists had to begrudgingly admit this was an exaggeration. Do you think it
was a co-incidence that the same 6 million figure was being published by Jewish
owned newspapers around the world even before WWI? Decades before Hitler.
Not a single serious historian today accepts the 6 million figure, or the stories
about bears, eagles, and electrified floors. The last serious researcher who
visited Auschwitz was later imprisoned in Germany for over half a decade,
simply because that researcher reported the fact that there were no traces of
Zyklon B to be found anywhere on the Auschwitz site. And scientists agree that
Zyklon B traces would have been discoverable, even at this late date.
The term ‘Holocaust’ was first used to describe all the horrors of the 20th
century, which was referred to as ‘The holocaust age’. ‘Caught in the Holocaust
that was Dresden’ was the title of a Marvel comic of the late 60’s. The comic
dealt with the deliberate fire-bombing of a city packed with civilian refugees by
Churchill and Roosevelt. Only in 1977 was the term appropriated by the Zionist
media machine, to refer exclusively to the suffering of Jews during WWII. The
first big media campaign was the famous 1978 TV series ‘Holocaust’, which
purported to show the truth about the Nazi’s treatment of Jews in Germany,
France, and the other occupied territories.
Did the Jews really suffer any more than any other group during WWII? 55
million people died as a result of WWII, during the same period as the putative
murder of the Jews by the Nazi’s.
Today no-one is allowed to question the ‘official’ history that was written by the
victors, and by the Jews. Remember the ‘official’ narrative that gave Germany
100% guilt for WWI? No serious historian would support that ‘official’ version of
history. Today to even question the ‘official’ version of what happened to Jews
in German occupied territories during WWII is considered distasteful to most
people. And to do so is defined as ‘heresy’ by the establishment, and the Jews.
In Stalin’s U.S.S.R to do so was a crime. A crime which carried a death penalty. It
is considered ‘heretical’ to challenge the Zionist Orthodoxy. As soon as a person
even begins to voice any skepticism about the wildly exaggerated stories and
statistics offered by the Zionist propaganda machine, they are automatically and
reflexively shouted down. They are defined as a ‘denier’. Not as a questioner,
or as a well-intentioned skeptic.
Implicit in the term ‘denier’ is that they are denying the truth. It is a loaded
term. Implicit in the term ‘denier’ is that the facts are clear, obvious, and
beyond any question, and thus anyone who raises any doubts is seen as willfully
denying the facts, and their motives are immediately questioned. They are
labeled as anti-Semitic.
The Zionists have always been so good at manipulating public opinion that even
Adolf Hitler, until very late in his life, found anti-Semitism to be completely
irrational. He describes how expressions of anti-Semitism on the part of people
he was talking too made him feel physically ill. He, like us all, had been
conditioned to have this reflex response to any criticism of Jews. He had, until
after experiencing life as an adult in Vienna, considered it completely un-
German to be anti-Semitic.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
I must have the right to skepticism. We must all have the right to doubt ‘official’
historical ‘facts’.
An entire ‘holocaust industry’ has emerged, which provides a range of political
and financial benefits to the Jews and Israel. Ask them, they will be the first to
admit it. Has any other ethnic group managed to get millions of taxpayers’
money to build a memorial to their own suffering during WWII?
A nation of around 8 million with so much power over the greatest world
power? Ask any politician in the U.S. They will be the first to admit that no-one
will get any campaign financing, let alone stand a chance at being elected,
unless they are pro-Israel. Not neutral. Pro. In other words NOT to be PROSemitic,
makes you automatically anti-Semitic, to the Zionists. No politician or
prospective politician, or ambitious military or civil public servant, would dare
risk speaking out against the Israeli occupation of Palestine, or the human rights
violations and war crimes committed by Mossad and the Israeli military. This is
not natural and normal. It is something that must demand our interrogations
and investigations.
The Soviets admitted that THEY constructed the gas chambers now put on show
as Nazi gas chambers. Every one of them. There is not a single gas chamber
anywhere in the world that was built by the Nazis. And there is no evidence
anywhere that the Germans or Nazi’s ever destroyed a single one of their labor
camps or concentration camps until long AFTER occupation by the Soviet and
Allied powers, and under orders of those occupational powers.
The Soviets built the gas chambers which the public are paraded around with
the deliberate intention of criminalising their main competition, the National
Socialists. They were built for propaganda purposes. For re-education
purposes. To break the spirit of the Germans in East Germany. To destroy the
morale of the German nation. To demoralise the Germans. To discredit National
Socialism, at the time the only real competition for the Marxist Zionists, to the
whole world.
And never forget that Marxism was disingenuous on the part of the Jews who
founded it and organised it. The point of Marxism, as Hitler explains in ‘Mein
Kampf’, was to discredit and undermine any attempt at raising working
conditions for the masses. It was part of the typical ‘Dialect’ approach of
Zionism. Set up opponents. Wait till they destroy each other. Then walk in and
take control of a divided, weakened world.
Free market capitalism has rarely been sought, let alone attained. The Zionists
are Fascists. Corporatists. They believe that they should rule through a group of
corporations, without any public accountability. They talk of capitalism but their
words are as empty of integrity as any of their Marxist writings. Social
democracy, with a fully functioning, Adam Smith style free, transparent,
competitive, commons regulated market, has never been attempted. It is my
ambition. The Zionists fear it will work, and deprive them of prospective power.
The Zionists intend to discredit both Socialism and Capitalism. They made sure
the Soviet system failed. They are ensuring that the capitalist system as we
know it will fail.
But in fact true communism, as Jesus preached, and true capitalism, as Adam
Smith promoted, have NEVER been tried. In fact the true synthesis of both
would be the Social Democracy I promote with my Eden Protocols in my
TROONATNOOR books. But I fear the Zionists have already come too far with
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
their plans, and I will have to wait many thousands of years for a chance to
prove to you that there is a better way to be. A lifestyle without violence,
injustice, or cruelty.
I hate to have to talk about the Nazi reign of terror. Not just because I risk
losing my ‘freedom of speech’ and any chance to gain your trust, and get you to
read my books. But because it is so easy to be mis-represented by our common
enemy. But I must persist, or I would not be able to claim to be an authentic
philosopher. I am not about public relations and popularity. I am about truth,
justice, and freedom.
The only official records that exist, from a nation defined in the world’s mind by
‘organisation’ and ‘record keeping’, are official International Red Cross camp
records of 75,000 deaths over the entire life of Auschwitz. The deaths were
from Dysentery and Cholera. Most of the documents I have managed to gain
access to refer to the deaths as undesirable, as representing a loss of
manpower. That said, I have seen copies of documents ‘purported’ to have
been written and signed by Hitler which indicate that he really did set out to
exterminate Jews at death camps.
Correct me if I am wrong. Don’t just assume it. Find documents to contradict the
following. Because everything I claim is well documented, if you bother to
check. For example 370K deaths were registered by the International Red Cross
in all the German Concentration camps combined. This figure includes Gypsies,
Homosexuals, and criminals. Independent monitoring by the International Red
Cross stated that the prisoners were treated well.
It was only near the end of the war, when supply lines were cut, that disease
and starvation occurred. Between 50 and 300,000 Jews were reported officially
to have died in prison camps in Nazi Germany. Note that the barracks were
heated in winter. Jews were the best doctors in Germany. How is it that 4.5
million Jews could survive the war, if 6 million had been killed? Were there
more Jews in the world in the 1940s in the German occupied territories than
there are in the U.S today? Where are the records to prove the Jewish claims of
the holocaust? Does anyone dare publish records to the contrary? Would
Angela Merkel even allow it?
Corpses in the famous photos used to ‘document’ the Nazi war crimes, and
which are today on show in the memorial in Washington, were actually Russian
prisoners of war who had died of disease and malnutrition near the end of the
war, after the Russians and Allies had cut all the German supply lines. Jews who
died near the end of the war were cremated. Even ex-inmates admitted this
fact. There were not enough chimneys to have made it possible to conduct the
mass exterminations that were claimed after the war. If you want to argue that
the Nazi’s destroyed them, then show me the remains. None were ever found.
The Nazi’s kept immaculate records of the concentration camps. They were as
proud of them as of any other of their actions. The doors to the supposed gas
chambers in Auschwitz that visitors are led through had glass panels in them.
Remember that the U.S placed ‘Japanese’ citizens in prison camps for no valid /
legal / justified reason. In fact it appears they were treated worse than the Jews
in the Nazi camps. There was a swimming pool at Auschwitz KZ. The in-mates
had a theatre, a library, kosher food, medical care, and children’s playgrounds.
Germans donated shoes, allowing that famous mis-leading photo of a pile of
shoes at the gas chambers.
911 (Five minutes to midnight?)
There were in fact no gas chambers. There were just a few crematoriums. And
some de-licing chambers common to prisons and camps around the world at
this time. This is a fact you can determined for yourself. Go and visit Auschwitz.
There are none of the blue staining on walls that Zyklon B would have produced
if it had been used. Not in the supposed gas chambers (which historians admit
were built under the orders of Stalin, and not Hitler, and after WWII, not during
WWII) In fact no trace of Zyklon B had ever been found by anyone in any of the
remains, footpaths, structures, or even dirt, within or around the Auschwitz
camp. In any case you can not gas thousands of people at a time.
I admit that I have also seen other documents that appear to indicate that the
Nazi’s only sent a fraction of the most potential productive Jews to labor camps,
and had anyone they considered unproductive exterminated. Of course the
Nazi’s, like their mentors in the U.S and other Nordic nations, did euthanise
many people considered to have a quality of life not worth living, and who
imposed a great burden on society.
Keep in mind that the Nazi’s, like Stalin, made a lot of money hiring out their
labor camp inmates to private industry. In fact Grandpa Bush made a lot of
money from his shares in I.G. Farben, which used slave labor hired out to it by
the Nazis.
Stalin, like Lenin, and Trotsky, and most of the Communist Party leadership, in
Russia, and around the world, including the ‘Commissars’ that actively pushed
for the invading Soviet soldiers to rape and murder Germans, from 8 to 80, were
all Jews. Stalin (Man of Steel) was born Joseph Djugashavili. His family name is
Ossetic. In the Ossetic language Djugashavili means ‘Son of a Jew’. It is a
documented FACT that the buildings that today’s tourists are shown at
Auschwitz were built by Soviet builders, on the orders of Stalin. Most of the
photos that are used as ‘evidence’ of a mass murder of Jews are of Russian
prisoners of war who died from diseases like cholera, and malnutrition, after the
Allies destroyed the German supply lines. Even Germans were starving at the
time. Most of the highest Nazi ‘war criminals’ were recruited by the C.I.A to
work in the U.S.A. These facts are well documented. Stalin killed more Russians
than Hitler did. Fact.
I honestly suspect that many documents that refer to the extermination of Jews
were written after the Nazi’s were already in prison. ‘Mein Kampf’ does NOT
mention killing a single Jew. It refers to removing the biological basis of Jewry
from Europe. That is the closest to any intimation of violence towards the Jews.
The father of Zionism, prior to WWII, stated that ‘It is essential that the suffering
of the Jews become worse’ in order for Zionism to further its political ambitions,
including the establishment of a new Jewish state in Israel. It is a fact that most
of the leading Marxists, the self-declared en