Freeing us, and the ‘Jews’, from the Cult of Judah, and its ‘Jew’ World Order

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It took 3000 years

and this strategy

for one cult

To Rule This World

Freeing us, and the ‘Jews’, from The Cult, (of Judah-ism)

A work by Markus Heinrich Rehbach based around

Douglas Reed’s ‘The Controversy of Zion’

This book forms the prequel to my

Welcome to the New World Order




It took 3000 years, and this strategy, for one cult, To Rule This World 1

Freeing us, and the ‘Jews’, from The Cult, (of Judah-ism) 1

If a whistle is blown in the forest, and no-one hears, does it make a sound? 13

N.A.T.O, like the similar treaty signed by Poland, France, And Britain, ensures WWIII will begin any day now 17

Prelude 19

Defamation as the ultimate weapon of the ‘Jew’ World Order, and its agency, the (A)DL 20

This is not a counter revolution 22

How to free a slave, who wants to enslave you? 24

Fake it till you make it 32

Speech by Emma Goldman to the jury at her trial for sedition 55

A brief history of the Cult of Judaism, and its often unwilling servants 57

The Sumerian clay tablet prequel to the official inception of the Cult of Judah by a Sumerian Priest 57

Holy’? Moses 110

By the rivers of Babylon…where we dasheth thy little ones against the stones 138

More for you ‘coinicidence theorists’ 141

The political strategy by way of which we would all ‘reap’ what the Cult of Judah ‘sowed’, some 3000 years ago. 157

Forced conversion to the Cult of Judah 193

Modern’ Cult recruitment policies 196

The rise of the Pharisees 198

The Jew World Order conspiracy ‘family tree’and basic modus operandi 203

The ‘Messiah’: Was Jesus Jewish? 205

The Cult of Judah sets up shop in a new HQ, to prepare for their world conquest 218

Enter the Khazars 230

Pipulism’ a.k.a specious sophistry 245

Zionism as the fulfillment of the Messianic tradition, and the destructive force 247

Passover and Purim, festivals celebrating the destruction of Western Civilisation that will precede the ‘Jew’ World Order 251

The destructive principle of ‘Judaism’ in practise 254

The Cult of Judah leaves its signature and visiting cards all over the most destructive acts of world history 261

Always, and everywhere, anti-semitism must be reported to be ‘on the rise’, the ‘threat levels’ always being ‘ramped up’ like our equally ‘faked’ ‘terrorist threat levels’ 266

The ‘next generation’ ‘Jew’, the (Spanish/Portuguese ) ‘Sephardic’ ‘Jew’, rejected by the Cult High Command in favor of a new ‘sword and shield’, the Khazars a.k.a ‘AshkeNAZI’ ‘Jews’ 268

The real meaning of ‘Rapture’ a.k.a ‘And ye shall become beings of light’ 274

The English, French, and Russian revolutions, preliminary events for the final putsch, the ‘world’ revolution 278

Hitler as a genuine candidate for ‘Messiah’ of the ‘Jews’? 283

The French Revolution 285

Napoleon’s attempt at a solution to ‘The Jewish Question’: the convening of ‘The Great Sanhedrin’ 287

Deir Yasin: genocide modelled on the precedents / origin stories of the Cult of Judaism; and further parallels regarding the Jew World Order and Zionism, and the ‘occupied’ nations collusion / conspiracy 293

For ‘Holocaust’ ‘true believers’ 303

The Biblical ‘promise’ to the Cult of Judah made good, as ‘the nations’ send their treasure to Israel as ‘tributaries’ 311

The ‘Jew World Order’ occupation from Russia to Europe, to India, to the U.S.A, to Australia 312

Jews’ given the legal right to print U.S currency 319

The unnecessary war, necessary only to install a ‘Jew’ World Order 321

Censorship, or how the West was lost 325

The ADL’s Un-American Activities 332

The 1950s 339

The Jewish Age 343

The Illuminati co-opts Freemasonry, only to be co-opted in turn by the Cult of Judah, and its ‘world revolution’ 344

Bakunin (Polemique contres les Juifs) vs Marx(Das Kapital) 359

The birth of anti-semitism as ‘a thing’ 368

Is Christianity ruled by Thanatos (a death wish)? 377

The first documented use of the term ‘United Nations’, and can you guess the context, and exactly whom was intended to rule it? 378

The Cult of Judah, everywhere, resists liberty 379

Ghettoes concentrating, and distilling Cult evil over generations 382

The Iron Curtain falls to allow the Jew.S.S.R to expand West in new disguises 384

The first Churchill to support the ‘Jew’ World Order 385

The ‘Jewish international’ a.k.a Banksters, and the offer of a Jewish homeland in Uganda 386

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ 388

Enter my own Eden Protocols to the rescue 411

Winston Churchill, ‘Jew’ World Order co-conspirator from the start 415

Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People.” ILLUSTRATED SUNDAY HERALD, London, February 8, 1920 416

The President makers, House and Baruch, and their occupied ‘Jew’.S.A Presidential Golems 417

A terrible beauty crouches its way towards Bethlehem 436

In President Wilson’s America the real decision makers were Baruch and House, and the real seat of power was East 35th Street, New York 442

The Balfour Declaration 452

The undeniably ‘Jewish’ nature of the ‘Communist’ revolution 456

The ‘Jew’.S.S.R plus Zionism plus the ‘Jew’.N equals a ‘Jew’ World Order 468

Wilson’s betrayal of Arabia, breaking his own ’14 points’ long before the ‘Jews’ at Versailles were to do so 477

A powerful whistle blower literally ‘certified’ insane, and his own newspaper empire taken from him 486

The League of Cult of Judah occupied nations hands Palestine to the ‘Jews’ 494

The initial ‘Jewish’ invasion of the former U.S.A 504

Roosevelt replaces Wilson as the Cult of Judah’s new ‘puppet’ President of the ‘Jew.S.A 505

Enter the last ‘independent’ candidate for the Presidency 511

The Jews’ as ‘friend of the African American? 513

Anti-German Propaganda ramps up, anticipating the ‘Shoa Business’ of ‘The Holocaust’ 514

The Cult of Judah steps in to sabotage the reconciliation of ‘Jews’ and Germans in Germany 514

The ‘Partition’ of Palestine 516

Enter a ‘reformed’ Churchill, sick of being the victim of the ‘Jew’ World Order, now willing to sell out, in return for success, luxury, and the status of a ‘Great man of history’, which the Jewish historians have granted him 519

The real war aims realised 522

Churchill’s war 523

Roosevelt, the seditious traitor 527

The ‘Jewish’ Technique of propaganda a.k.a A.D.L 531

The defamation league a.k.a A.D.L 535

How the ADL with Roosevelt and Truman’s support, attempted to ‘blacklist’ potential adversaries of the ‘Jew’ World Order, and how bogus ‘lie detector tests’ have achieved this 550

The first ‘dry runs’ and ‘rehearsals’ for the Jew.N takeover on U.S soil 556

How the puppet Presidents bypassed the ‘will of the people’, to prosecute illegal wars in the service of the ‘Jew’ World Order 558

Pearl Harbor provoked, then the original ‘stand down’ orders given that would leave the military personnel unwarned, and incapable of self defence 561

The Jewnited States of American Cult of Judah puppet President Wilson and the German Kaiser establish the ‘Jews’ in power in Russia, then Roosevelt makes their expansion West into Europe the priority of all his ‘war efforts’ 564

Roosevelt supplies the ‘Jew’.S.S.R with all the materials and plans necessary to build their own Atom bomb, under ‘United Nations’ authority 572

Long before ‘The Fed’ came under its current totally ‘Jewish’ control, ‘Jews’ literally given the right to print money (250 Million at 1945 values) 576

The real author of ‘The Morgenthau Plan’ ensures the ‘Jew’.S.S.R occupies and thus emasculates Germany 579

The real ‘war aims’ of the Allied (occupied) powers 579

Roosevelt, the occupied ‘Jew’.S.A’s most treasonous President ever, and Universal Liberty’s ‘enemy number one 582

Slavery once more ‘officially legal’, thanks to Roosevelt and Churchill 587

The West sends the real ‘captives’ of Jewish history back to their captors 587

The Ultimate in ‘Torah-speak’ non-sequitur self cancelling utterances 588

Guns are not the answer 590

The ‘Jew’ World Order occupation exposed, for a time, and then we all slipped back into our trance 592

Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White, perfect examples of what we can expect to find today, if we bother to look at our own occupation governments 596

The origins of ‘The Morgenthau Plan’ 601

Harry Dexter White, and Alger Hiss, the ‘Jews’ who ruled the ‘Jew’.S.A, and the IMF, and the ‘Petro-dollar Ponsy Scheme’ from the shadows 605

Nixon’s real crimes 611

Voters now free to chose from our pre-selecteion of ‘premier-dictators’ 618

The unobtrusive power of the ‘Jew’diciary 622

The ‘One World Government’ conspiracy 625

The Holocaust that was Dresden’, the most shameful event in U.S and British History? 627

The firebombing of Japanese cities 628

Stand down’ orders given to ensure the ‘Jew’.S.S.R occupation of Eastern Europe 629

Hitler never actually named in the Nuremberg trial proceedings? 630

Just a taste of Nuremberg show trial hypocrisy 631

The ‘Cult of Judah’ leaves its visiting card and signature on the Nuremberg proceedings 632

How was it even possible to calculate the number of ‘Jews’ who ‘perished’ during WWII at the hands of the Nazi’s? 636

The bizarre calculation of the day on which the Nazi’s were to be murdered after their Nuremberg show trial ‘pre-convictions’ were made public 641

Finally a tiny bit ofjustice for the Nazi ‘adversaries’ of the ‘Jew’ World Order 642

Just some of the Torah inspired acts of barbarism commited by the ‘Jews’ during WWII 645

Obstruction of the ‘Jew’ World Order a.k.a ‘anti-semitism’, made a criminal offence in ‘Jew’ World Order occupied Germany 646

Anti-semitism laws enacted to facilitated and hide the criminal actions of ‘Jews’ 647

Churchill’s attitudes towards Tito belie his claims to having sought to prevent the ‘Jew’ World Order occupation of Eastern Europe and Germany 649

The Dreyfuss affair compared to the massacre of a hundred thousand French by the ‘liberators’ of France 649

Tito ‘exposes’ the ‘Jew’ .S.S.R death camps 650

Communists’ ruled the German Concentration camps? 652

Hitler’s Jewish helpers (debunking the ‘anti-semitism’ myth) 653

Jewish’ suffering takes center stage, as usual, with ‘special treatment’ for the ‘chosen people’ 654

The World revolution ‘a Jewish affair’? 656

Jews’ hold all the ‘levers of control’ in the ‘Jew.S.S.R and Cult of Judah occupied nations 658

The Arab’s should move out of Palestine, as the ‘Jews’ move in? 664

King Ibn Saud would not ‘sell out’ the Palestinian people for the going ‘pieces of silver’ (20 Million Pounds in 1945). 665

A taste of ‘Jewish’ arrogance and lesae majestie 668

The Zionist rule by terror, of Palestine, and the your own occupied nation 670

Roosevelt’s unofficial ‘United Nations’ now unveiled, and doing its masters’ work 673

U.S taxpayers funding the mass migration of AshkeNAZI ‘Jews’ from Eastern Europe and Russia to Palestine, under guise of ‘Displaced Persons’ programs 674

To control an entire nation, you need only control the ‘levers’ of governance 677

The ‘Jewish International’ a.k.a ‘Jew’ World Order 684

The classic case of persecution by defamation, leading to death (How the ‘Jew’ World Order deals with whistle-blowers a.k.a how the conspiracy is kept secret for 3000 years 689

Was there ever any chance of the whistle being blown, and actually heard? 693

The Cult of Judah ‘reign of terror’ extended from the ‘Jew’.S.S.R and occupied Eastern Europe to Palestine: the massacre at Deir Yasin’ 694

Attempts at some ‘legality’ replaced by a fait accompli, and the occupied Western government roles now shifts from ‘creating’ a state, to international ‘recognition’ for a state ‘created’, again as in the ‘original’ biblical accounts of the foundation of the state of Israel, by genocide 697

Meanwhile, back in merry old (not yet fully) occupied England 701

The ‘Ihud Organisation’ : one voice of justice among the ‘Jews’ 703

1951 Israeli census figures reveal the ‘AskeNAZI’ face of modern ‘Judah-ism’ 704

Soviet’ weapons get the credit for the early ‘Israeli’conquest of Palestine 704

Anti-Communism declared synonymous with anti-semitism 706

Israel and Communism 712

Peace-keeping, when the Cult wants war, is anti-semitic, and a ‘crime’ worthy of death 713

Support for Zionism, for the Cult of Judah, at any cost 721

The ‘Jew’ World Order occupied nations the true ‘captives’ in this Torah tale, just as the true ‘persecutors’ of the ‘Jews’ have always been the Cult of Judah masters themselves 721

Amalek’ forced to pay tribute to the ‘Jew’ World Order 722

Would you return, with your family, to a nation that had put you in ‘death’ camps, and murdered 6 million people ‘like you’ in a few years? 725

The ‘Jew’.N, herding together and disarming ‘the nations’ to fulfill the Cult of Judah’s 3000 year old conspiracy to establish a ‘Jew’ World Order 731

The beginnings of an official institution to carry out the Cult of Judah’s plans for a One World Government, a ‘Jew’ World Order, to ‘utterly destroy’ and then enslave ‘the sovereign nations’ 731

Enter, stage left, Bernard Baruch, shaper of U.S foreign policy for six U.S Presidents, and his ‘Baruch Plan’ a.k.a ‘Jew’.N 732

The ‘Jewish’ Century 739

Selling the absurd notion of ‘anti-semitism’ to American ‘Jews’ 742

The occupied Western popwers make war on Egypt, for its ‘Jew’ World Order masters 743

The ‘Jewish Doctors Affair’: ADL style ‘fake’ anti-semitism for the consumption of the sheeple 744

300 million persecuted, but the ‘priveleged’ instigators of that persecution still proclaimed as the victims of the ‘Jew’.S.S.R? 749

The ‘occupied’ nations attempt to throw off the yoke of an essentially ‘Jewish’ oppression, and ‘Jewish’ Opressor 755

Hundreds of thousands people were being murdered by ‘Jews’ in Eastern Europe, but all the ‘West’ read about in their newspapers was about the ‘persecution’ of ‘Jews’, and their need for a ‘refuge’ 763

The manufactured ‘Suez’ Crisis and Nuremberg style war crime a.k.a Israeli invasion of Egypt, aided by the same nations who held the actual Nuremberg show trials 765

The truth about the ‘success’ of Israel, and ‘Jewish’ consensus, compared to the glowing propaganda the world was offered a.k.a ‘The inversion of truth’ 766

The Cult returns to its old ways, finally having annexed Israel to Judah 771

The ‘free’ West liberate the enslaved ‘East’? 782

The grooming and advancement of President Eisenhower, the only WWII leader to actually order, and operated, death camps in Europe 783

Germany coerced into paying ‘tribute’ to the Cult of Judah 790

Let my people go and murder and enslave your nation! 792

Voice of America? Radio free Europe? 797

Help, the Egyptian military is defending itself from our invasion, save us from the new Hitler’s ‘persecution’ 799

12345 816

Poland and Germany, Vis a Vis the ‘Jews’, The Palestinians, and the Arab nations 825

Just a taste of what so many famous people have tried to warn us about when it comes to ‘The Jews’ 829

Song (for Hetfield / Metallica) 840

If a whistle is blown in the forest, and no-one hears, does it make a sound?

‘For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known’ – Luke 8: 17.

So, the truth will out. Yes indeed. But how far out?

If those who ‘know’ it have no way of ‘transmitting’ this knowledge to others, due to censorship, persecution of ‘whistle-blowers’, and criminalization of truth as ‘hate speech’ and ‘racial vilification’ and ‘incitement’ and ‘anti-semitism’, then how may people will it actually reach? And how many will be receptive to this ‘strange’ news. ‘News’ that is totally inconsistent with everything else the listener and reader ‘knows’ to be true. Everything they’ve been conditioned and taught to believe? When the ‘whistle-blowers’ are universally demonised and ridiculed by all the ‘authorities’ and ‘mass media’? When they are painted in the very worst light by every journalist, news presenter, television host, Hollywood film, and top selling novel?

People who refuse to even entertain even the very possibilitiy of a ‘Jew’ World Order often claim that ‘if it were true, someone would have let the cat out of the bag by now’.

Well the fact is that many people have been furiously ‘blowing the whistle’ on the ‘Jew’ World Order for centuries. In fact Millenia. It started with the Hebrews own prophets. As ‘documented’ in the Old Testament, in the ‘Torah’.

At that time you’d be denounced and stoned. You’d put your own family and friends in the position of having to denounce you, and literally ‘cast the first stone’.

Jesus was ‘hanged’ according to Cult of Judah scribes, or ‘crucified’ according to the ‘Old Testament’, for vocally proclaiming his anti-semitic views. Basically criticisms of the Cult of Judah ‘Pharisees’

Several of his predecessors and later followers suffered a similar fate for their anti-semitism.

Then in the Jew.S.S.R and occupied Jew World Order territories, ‘anti-semitism’, which is what any criticism of anything ‘Jewish’ was legally operationalized to mean, was punished by death.

Then in the West, nations like Germany had ‘Holocaust Denial’ laws foisted upon them by their occupational governments.

Later other nations followed, after lobbying by powerful ‘Jewish’ organisations and under threats of economic retaliation if they failed to ‘submit’ to the Jew World Orders ‘laws and statutes’, in introducing ‘hate speech’ and ‘racial vilification’ and ‘incitement’ and ‘anti-semitism’ laws carrying massive fines, and prison terms often exceeding 10 years. Laws which were enforced on men and women who would not bow down to the Cult of Judah.

Great men and women. Truly courageous, noble figures. People like Ernst Zundel, Sylvia Stolz, and David Irving, to name but a few, were willing to take up the torch Jesus, and all the Hebrew prophets before him, had lit.

But no matter how loudly you blow that whistle, it is drowned out in the ambient noise. It is lost. It is rarely even ‘heard’ at all. And then by so few that it might as well be ‘secret’ still, for all the impact it might ever have had on ‘public opinion’ and ‘the system’.

If a whistle is blown, and no-one hears it, has it really been ‘blown’ at all?

The “Genocide Convention’ of the Jew-nited Nations contains a provision prescribing legal penalties for anything said by some faction to cause ‘mental harm’. This is the universal / international legal precedent for all the ‘hate speech’ and ‘racial vilification’ and ‘incitement’ laws that began appearing around the world, from Australia to Germany, decades after the death penalty had been put in place in the Jew.S.S.R. We can expect this death penalty to be reinstated under the coming Jewnited Nations one world government behind which the ‘Jew’ World Order will hide itself, at least until it is fully established.

Such laws are effectively anti-whistle-blowing laws. They have nothing to do with universal justice, or concern for the masses ‘mental wellbeing’. They have everything to do, as was clear from their start during the Cult’s early years, over 3000 years ago, at stifling all and any public criticism of the ‘Jew’ World Order. Of the actions of the Cult of Judah and any of its representatives.

Solzehnitsyn concluded that it was the mere ‘fear of losing their jobs’ that kept most Russians quiet and acquiescent during the Cult of Judah’s reign of terror. The more serious repercussions were ‘fates worse than death’ for the freedom fighters. However there would never have been enough secret police or torturers to prevent a mass uprising. No, what kept the average person ‘in their place’ was the mere threat of losing their job.

If that system could work, given the massive, open, obvious, widespread abuses of the ‘Jews’ of their ‘host’ nations, then why would anyone expect it to be less effective while the ‘threat’ was still relatively vague and unclear to most people, as it is right now?

Would you risk losing your job when the Jew World Order’s abuses can easily be ignored and overlooked for the time being? When the costs are not so obvious. When you could simply ‘ignore’ the reality that is gradually becoming impossible to ignore. But which it is, at this exact moment, quite easy for most people to simply deny?

If the system worked when everyone knew for a fact that it was ‘Jews’ who had taken control of their nations, as part of their plans for a ‘Jew’ World Order, then imagine how unlikely it is that more than the current regime of ‘anti-semitism’ and ‘hate speech’ laws will ever be necessary. By the time it becomes obvious what is going on to everyone, it will be too late to do anything about it. The prison will have been completed. One that will be literally breath-taking, in its depth, and bredth. In its 24/7 level of micromanagement. 613 laws will seem like a ‘liberal’ and ‘lassez faire’ society compared to the ‘1984 on steroids’ that the coming Jew World Order is going to be. It will have every single action you ever will take under total observation, and control. You will not be able to do a single thing without the ‘consent’ and ‘approval’ of the Jew World Order. You won’t be able to access your money, or get a job, or a loan, or ride a bus, or drive a car, or buy anything, or do anything, even leave your apartment, or turn on your computer, or television, unless you have given 100% commitment and proven your loyalty to the ‘laws and statutes’ of the ‘Jew’ World Order. This reality has begun manifesting at an exponential rate since 911. 911 could only have been possible if the U.S had already been effectively ‘occupied’ at every level. Since then the ‘Patriot Act’ and successive ‘Executive Orders’ and ‘extra-judicial’ rulings have virtually eliminated any real freedoms in the U.S, Europe, or Austalia.

You may think you are still free, simply because all of the executive orders that have been signed, and put in place, have not yet been fully activated. But when the time comes, simple ‘stop and check’ and ‘airport security scans’ and ‘internet passports’ and ‘no fly bans’ and ‘gun controls’ and ‘privacy invasions’ and ‘the suspension of Habeaus Corpus’, and ‘the militarization of the police’ and ‘intervention of military forces in civilian areas’, will all seem like child’s play, compared to the ‘Big (Kosher) Brother’ that is coming up your drive right now, inching his way towards Bethlehem. Only this ‘terrible beauty’ that ‘slouches towards Bethlehem’ won’t be wearing stylish Boss garments. It woudn’t even dare wear wool and cotton together. This ‘Jew World Order’ Big Brother won’t be guided by any universal principles of truth, justice, and freedom. It will be guided by the worst sin against ethics and reason ever devised. The most repugnant ideology ever imagined, let alone imposed on a person. The ideology of Semitism. The ‘laws and statutes’ of the Cult of Judah. The viper in the flowery garlands will emerge hissing and spitting its vile venom. And then it will remind you, surely ‘You knew I was a snake, when you let me in’. When you welcomed the Cult of Judaism into your nation with open arms. Just like the Midianites had welcomed Moses, in the ‘legal precedent’, the moral compass, the ethical guide, for what is coming. And remember, Moses murdered his own family. He betrayed his closest friends. There is no ‘loyalty’ even among members of the Cult of Judah, except too the ‘laws and statutes’, and through them, the Cult masters.

Please, while reading this book, and any other book, blog post, essay, or video comment that I have posted, remember that we are seeking to save the ‘Jews’, as equally vulnerable members of the ‘human’ race, as we ourselves are.

There are millions of Jews who have made more embittered protests against the destiny of destruction, forced on them by the Cult of Judah, than the Gentiles have made against the threat of destruction, aimed at them.

Millions of Jews in Palestine come out onto the streets to protest actions the state of Israel has taken in their name.

I, and no-one I know, hates Jews. They merely hate the ideology of Semitism. The Cult of Judah’s ruthless ambitions. Their Macciavellian lack of empathy for their victims, past, present, and future. And millions of ‘Jews’ hate this ideology at least as much as I do.

The ideology of Semitism, using my own words, is the poltical ideology of racism, racial supremacism, exceptionalism, genocide, slavery, and rape. And so clearly most ‘Jews’ do not actively and/or knowingly, support this ideology. They are not ‘obedient’ Cult of Judah practitioners. They are mere Cult of Judah-ism ‘affiliates’ and self-identifiers. They define their ‘Jewishness’ in ways that reject the Cult of Judah’s strict ‘laws and statutes’, and are as much victims of that Cult, as the rest of us. And thus we seek to free them, as much as we seek to free ourselves. For ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.

N.A.T.O, like the similar treaty signed by Poland, France, And Britain, ensures WWIII will begin any day now

When the North Atlantic Treaty Organization pact was signed in 1949, the ostensible, original purpose was that the then member states America and Canada, England, France and ten other European countries, and Turkey, would regard any attack on one as an attack on all and aid the one attacked.

Before anyone could ‘call’ ‘False Flag’, an World Wrestling Federation ‘Jew’ World Order occupied Iranian or Russian missile attack on any of the new, or old, NATO signatory nations, would instantly lead to a retaliation from any of the ‘Jew’ World Order NATO bases around the world.

In the interests of ‘national security’ martial law would be declared, the internet basically shut down, full censorhip put in place, and all ‘news’ would be pure propaganda, while the ‘Jew’.N occupation forces were brought in and all the ‘executive orders’ fully activated. ‘Conspiracy theorists’, Constitutionalists, Millitia members, Second Amendment-ers, Tea Party members, Evangelical Christians, ‘Anti-semites’, ‘Holocaust deniers’, ‘Historical Revisionists’, and anyone else who might ‘obstruct’ the ‘Jew’ World Order will all be rounded up and placed in the ‘Jew’.S.A Gulag forced labor camps already set up, and awaiting activation, all around the ‘Jew’.S.A. With the most infamous located, in true ‘Siberian’ fashion, in Western Alaska, for the ‘thought criminals’ a.k.a ‘mental treatment of those suffering from deception defiance syndrome’.

Watch my short video about how it appears that recent U.S legislation has effectively handed over control of NATO to Israel.

But it doesn’t need direct control. As we saw with the joint ‘Jew.S’ – Isreal ‘false flag’ known as ‘911’, all the ‘Jew’ World Order need to do is commit some act of terrorism in the U.S or Europe, and blame it on ‘Musliim Arabs’ from any particular nation they wish to invade, say Iran for instance, to dupe the occupied ‘Jew’.S.A population into at least passive acceptance that they are now ‘at war’, if not complete enthusiasm and pro-war hysteria via WWI and WWII style propaganda campaigns.

Manufacture economic crises beforehand, to ensure a massive unemployment rate, and zero economic opportunity, and your unemployed occupied ‘Jew’.S.A citizenry will probably push down the military recruitment center doors in their enthusiasm to ‘sign up’ to ‘fight for liberty, justice, and ‘the American way of life’.


Rule number one: Real power must always remain unobtrusive, invisible, unseen. To gain absolute power you must make it a crime for anyone to even suggest that you, and your power, even exists, and that you even have any real power at all.

Rule number two: Ensure every nation, organisation, and institution adopts an increasingly centralised structure. That states form nations, nations form federations, federations for international institutions, and so on. This places power in the least number of hands. And then you only need to ‘control’ and ‘manipulate’ and ‘direct’ and ‘advise’ a very few people, to gain effective ‘control’ the entire world. All without those who are effectively ruled by you, ever realising. For you’ve made it a crime for anyone to even suggest such a ‘Conspiracy’ could even be possible.

Rule number three: Control enough of the means of mass communication that you can get to define ‘social reality’ for people, by determining what they will see, hear, and read, and be taught, from cradle to grave. So that every form communication, from television ‘programming’, to Hollywood films, to school textbooks, to facebook blogs, Youtube videos, and web posts, is ‘on message’, saying the same thing in different ways, with zero genuine ‘uncontrolled’ and thus authentically ‘alternate’ messages are seen or heard. Thus you carefully scripted and engineered ‘social reality’ will gain traction in the minds of most people. Any ‘dissent’ will be criminalized. Marginalised. Ridiculed. Extirpated. People will understand what ‘views’ are ‘acceptable’ and ‘required’ to ‘get ahead’. And remain out of prison.

Defamation as the ultimate weapon of the ‘Jew’ World Order, and its agency, the (A)DL

The ADL is of course a ‘Defamation League’, rather than an ‘anti’-defamation league. ‘Hate Speech’ laws merely reflect the hatred of the ‘Jew’ World Order for free speech. Truthful reporting of events. Honest reporting of events. Unbiased and independent recording of events. ‘Racial Vilification’ laws are there to racially vilify Germans and Nazi Germany. ‘Incitement laws’ are there to prevent people acting in good faith to inform people of genuine threats to their survival, and national security, and to thus trigger their instincts for self-preservation and personal liberty.

Please join me in setting up a ‘German and Arab Anti-Defamation League’. I think the one I set up on Facebook was taken over by controlled opposition. The administrator will not let me join the group I myself set up!

I could list dozens of famous ‘Jews’ that I admire, and are worthy of everyone’s admiration. However they are admirable despite their ‘Jewish’ identity, and not because of it. The things that I love most about the ‘Jews’ I love, may have been partly a ‘reaction against’ the Cult of Judah’s absurd, destructive, enslaving dogma, but otherwise they have nothing to do with the whole ‘Jewish’ identity. They have everything to do with personal exceptionalism. Discipline. Dedication. Commitment. Hard work. Creativity. Qualities that are human, rather than ‘Jewish’.

That said, the very worst qualities in human nature have been expressed, and conditioned, and encouraged by, the role models in the ‘Torah’, like Moses, also a role model for Christians and Muslims alike. The Cult of Judah, while now associated with some of the most brilliant, creative, disclipined, and ethical humans in history, is itself pure evil. Pure destruction. Pure slavey. Pure genocide. Pure rapaciousness. Pure criminality.

And while perhaps most ‘Jews’ don’t identify themselves as members of the Cult of Judah, or its ‘Jew’ World Order, they do identify as ‘Jewish’. The emancipated slaves of this Cult and their descendants retain positive associations with their loving families, and family occasions associated with ‘Jewish’ customs and traditions. So I get it. But it is time to renounce and denounce the Cult of Judah. By all means retain your valued celebrations and customs, but publically reject the Cult itself.

Surely a truly ethical and evolved individual would reject most of the ‘Torah’ as hate speech, racial vilification, and incitement to rape, pillage, destruction, slavery, and genocide. And thus reject the ‘Old Testament’, and much of the ‘New Testament’, and ‘Koran’, as incompatible with a humane, open, ethical, just, peaceful, free, prosperous, and creative society.

These 4 or 5 books deal exclusively with the Cult of Judah.

My ‘Religion’ deals with Cults in general, with all being given the same equal level of interrogation, and all equally revealing themselves to be slave cults, demanding slavish obedience to absurd propositions.

So my next work will help all people escape every kind of Cult influence. It will provide the capstone to my TROONATNOOR adventure and enterprise, and deal with the very nature of how beliefs are formed, and how we can disabuse ourselves of the mind control that is inflicted upon us from birth, to death, and possibly well beyond that.

Please read all my TROONATNOOR guides and books. However you get your hands on them, please give them the chance to empower you to define reality for yourself, and to escape all the prisons. The ones you were born into. The new ones being prepared for you.And last but not least, the prisons your own erroneous beliefs and thinking mislead your into creating for yourself. Buddha, Schopenhauer and Hegel would approve, I think. For I haven’t yet rejected ‘life’. I am still trying to ‘optimalise’ this experience engine we call ‘the world’.

Then I will devote myself to music, in terms of writing, producing, learning, and teaching. I am a lousy musician. Like most people, real musical training was a luxury I could never afford. But today everyone shares their knowledge, and I have access to it, and I will do my best to understand the best way of approaching music, and then teaching it. Yes I hope to be a ‘music’ teacher. And musician. If Wagner, and Nietzsche believed that you could optimalise the world via music, it is worth trying. After all, all our ‘reality’ is constructed the ‘electromagnetic soup’ that makes up everything. And the ‘diffferences’ are all about frequency / resonances of the primerty, the ‘energy-matter-consciousness that ‘plays’ with this electro-magnetic soup. That ‘encodes’ it into ‘experiences’. Sense-Impressions. And beliefs. Anyway, thankyou to anyone who has chosen to join me on my journey. I hope I have been of some use as a guide, or even just fellow traveler. For we all guide as much as we learn. We all contribute as much as we benefit. When we interact on the principle of reciprocity, with compassion, with open minds, with a Zen Humean Skepticism, believing nothing, while entertaining all possible beliefs.

This is not a counter revolution

This is not a ‘counter-revolution’. Revolutions leave you where you started, dummy. 360 degrees. Just same old shit, with new words to describe it. Like public service reforms. Or supposed ‘regulation’ and ‘reform’ of our banking sectors, and military, and Jewdiciary, and … I think you get the point?

No, I am all about ‘political jujitsu’. Of taking the force directed against us, and re-directing it to serve our best longer term interests.

It is about taking all the power vested in the ‘Jew’ World Order, and being used to enslave us, and turning it in directions that will free us, and relieve us of the parasitic entity that has been not just holding us back, but actively orchestrating our misery, failure, suffering, and enslavement. And our deaths.

I am all about co-opt ing the power of the ‘Jew’ World Order , which itself has co-opted every form of power on this planet to its insane, deluded, obsessive compulsive, genocidal, criminal strategy to enslave the planet, and rule the world, as Cult slave masters, and kill every man, woman, child, and animal, of any people who will not submit.

This is poetic irony. This is Karma’s plan. If we will only humbly begin by aligning our own personal lives, intentions, desires, and ambitions, with the sort of universal principles that are required to produce sanity, prosperity, and justice.

I am about co-opting the power produced by the most inhumane of ideologies ever invented, and imposed on a Cult, to my own very ethical, just, beautiful, and humane ends.

I am about an evolution of each individual, and thus the evolution of humanity. If you let it be. If you will consider the alternatives I have to offer you, and present to you in the form of my TROONATNOOR books.

This ‘Jew’ World Order is merely the manifestation of the worst in human nature. In you. In me. In us. It is the expression of our own intentions and actions.

All we need to do is first disarm the tyrants, and kick out the occupation governments. Actually really simple, if we can just inform everyone of their real interests, and how they are being manipulated at present to act against those.

Marx was right about that. Just disingenuous about who to blame. For our social systems are not the product of some ‘imposed’ ‘foreign’ value system. They are the product of our own personal and collective values.

Marx gained popularity by blaming ‘others’ for our own behaviors, and the values that inform them. When in reality any honest philosopher and political scientist will have to see that we get the ‘social systems’ and associated ‘social conditions’ that reflect our own values and behaviors.

So we need to look into ourselves. Look in the mirror. At ourselves. For by our own thought and actions we create the social world, the technological world, the governments, and systems that we live in.

We can withdraw our misinformed consent. We can withdraw our tacit agreements. We can withdraw our power from our occupational governments. Government is made up of people. If those people refuse to ‘follow illegal / immoral / unethical / destructive orders’, then the people given those orders are immediately rendered powerless.

We need to start with ourselves, our communities, then work on up. As far as we think right. We may not ever again build up nation states. We may remain as a federation of sovereign communities. But we have to start from scratch. Throw out the virus. The contagion. The disease. And the vectors that carry these. The systems and institutions that have never served our interests. But which have been imposed on us by the Cult of Judah, as means to its own ends.

How to free a slave, who wants to enslave you?

When I began writing ‘911: five minutes to midnight?’ I really felt a sense of urgency pushing me to work through migraines, nausea, and all sorts of headaches, eye aches, and assorted body aches, you tend to get when you begin writing the moment you wake up, forgetful of how cold you are, how thirsy or hungry you are, how desperately you need to go to the toilet, and everything, and suddenly realise you’ve been writing for 14 hours.

I honestly feel that something happened in the minds of the Cult of Judah masters that decided for them that it would be politik to slightly delay a few things. They have patiently plotted over 3000 years, and all their leaders live in absolute luxury, wanting for nothing, their every possible desire immediately fulfilled, their slightest discomfort relieved the moment it is felt. They have no sense of urgency. They can have every confidence in victory, any day now.

But clearly they have everything in place, already, just waiting to be ‘activated’.

We are talking about the ‘end of days’ predictive programming / role models / instructive political strategic counsels / directives and policies as laid out in the Biblical ‘histories’ and ‘prophecies’ as ‘self-fulfillinng prophecies, contained in the Torah, and even the supposed ‘New’ Testaments, which ‘validate’ the ‘divine authority’ of the Cult of Judah as much as the most virulently ‘semitic’(as in ideology of Semitism) Talmudic ‘interpretation’ of the ‘laws and statutes’ ever did.

It really is time to pick your sides. Will you willingly enslave yourselve to the ‘Jew’ World Order, or will you hasten to activate every constitutional right you inherited as a result of our ancestors’ sacrifices?

Remember they, the Cult, want us to employ violent means, to ‘legitimate’ complete martial law, and a state of emergency. And they have the military and a militarized police state on their side, at least for now. If you can, contact any serving police or military personnel personally, and plea our case, maybe we can win enough of them over to our side, to recognise their own interests, to make a difference.

Otherwise now is the time to adopt, and adapt, every legal and peaceful means available to us, and invent more, to waking up as many people as possible, and peacefully resisting the illegal, unconstitutional measures already in place. And then to take back our democratic rights. To push out the occupational ‘Jew’ World Order governments. To shut down ‘The Fed’. To bring back authentic democracy and to expose and dismantle all the various ‘conspiracies’ that together form the ‘Jew’ World Order conspiracy itself.

However it is a fact that none of the human rights we enjoy today were handed to us simply because we asked for them. A few percent of our ancestors fought violent struggles with oppressive authorities to demand those rights we enjoyed for a few decades.

Then we simply handed them over the first time our occupational governments cried ‘terrorist’, while referring to their own ‘false flag’ perpetrators.

Before the bullets start flying, and they will, you should decide who your real enemies are. They are not Islamic Arabs. They are not your local militia. They are not ‘three percenters’. They are not gun rights activists. They are not evangelical Christians. They are not historical revisionists and ‘Holocaust’ deniers’.

Your true enemies are the occupational governments installed by the ‘Jew’ World Order. The civilian and military leaders who have been either brainwashed, blackmailed, corrupted, or groomed, to serve the ‘Jew’ World Order, and who have abandoned all loyalty to the Constitution, and the people.

The moment you take those ‘social reality’ goggles off, the ones they put on you when you were born, and through which you have ‘expereinced’ the world your entire life, you will see these facts for yourself. Until then they will sound unreal. Like some ‘conspiracy theory’.

But the conspiracy is a fact. And right now you have a chance to comprehend this conspiracy from its very beginnings. To see how it functions. What strategy it has adopted, and held fast to, in order to literally be the most powerful conspiracy this world has ever known. One that is on the very brink of absolute power.

The final moment may be loud, and violent, with entire cities vanishing in clouds of radioactive dust, just like the WTC. With declarations of ‘martial law’ and ‘curfews’ and door to door searches by military personnel.

Or it may come as silently and unobtrusively as a message from your laptop insisting ‘Your virus software is out of date, Windows will now automatically install your new updates’.

You see true power is unobtrusive. It acts without anyone realising what is happening. That way almost no-one can make any effective resistance to it. Form any efficiacious strategy to defend against it. Even name it. You can’t fight a phantom. One that has no obvious locus, let alone a ‘uniform’ identifying it as ‘the enemy of humanity’.

The ‘Jew’ World Order has taken control of your life, like a cute chipmunk carrying the Plague. You welcomed it into your computer, phone, office, and home, for the benefits it offered. Then you became ‘addicted’ and ‘dependant’ on what were first mere ‘optional’ toys. Then you found they now had all your biometric data, access to every piece of data about you. Access to your banking and medical data. The power to totally isolate you, and make it impossible for you to carry out the most basic tasks like shopping, paying bills, getting a job, getting to work, communicating with friends, without first getting the ‘Jew’ World Order’s approval. And you only get that if you comply with their demands. Oh first they were ‘optional’ requests in return for ‘free’ online dating, faster airport security check processing, ‘entertainment’, and such ‘benefits’. But then it became impossible to do anything, without first ‘volunteering’ more personal data, and giving up more of your privacy, and rights, than even our totally enslaved, enthralled, serf and peasant ancestors had ever had to.

And then you were confronted with the ‘apparent’ choice of ‘terrorist attacks’ or ‘Give up your freedoms, rights, and privacy’. And in a state of panic, terror stricken, rushed, with no access to ‘true’ information, your brain incapable of reasoning, and totally deprived of ‘honest’ information, being bombarded at the same time with vivid propaganda, misinformation, deceptions, and misdirections, it was impossible to form any rational decisions, and you passively gave your misinformed consent to ‘The Patriot Act’ and ‘National Emergency Measures’ which amounted to nothing less than Martial law, in principle. A martial law that exists legally, and just waits for its full ‘activation’ at the time the ‘Jew’ World Order decides.

And thus the old ‘canard’ that ‘The nations will volunteer to ‘Serve the Jews’ and be ruled by ‘Jews’ in a one world government, from (the new Jerusale), will appear to have become ‘prophecy manifest’.

Remember, the ‘Cult of Judah’ never claimed the consent would be informed consent. Any consent will do to satisfy their ‘laws and statutes’.

Like the ‘consent’ granted by a young girl offered ‘rape’ or ‘watch your young siblings be tortured to death before your eyes’.

Or the ‘consent’ offered by a totally brainwashed and deceived public, when offered ‘more Islamic terrorist attacks’ or ‘the U.S Constitution’.

I suspect the final ‘consent’ will be ‘granted’ by us when offered the alternatives of ‘total nuclear destruction’ and ‘continued financial meltdown’ (after several nukes have already been launched in ‘false flags’ and ‘World Wrestling Federation’ styled nuclear exchanges among ‘Jew’ World Order occupied nations, and the worlds economies have already been placed under manufactured meltdown by the ‘Jew’ World Order), and a glorious, supposedly ‘independent’ and ‘beneficient’ ‘New World Order’, ‘One World Government’.

These may occur in dramatic, single steps, or more likely via what David Icke aptly describes as ‘The totalitarian TipToe’ of ‘baby steps’.

We may have the ‘Jew’ World Order imposed upon us in one go, or what is more likely, in increments. Like a python wrapping itself around the world, and then slowly contracting, with each breath we expel, with each ‘right’ we give up. Until we find ourselves compressed so tightly in its grip that we cannot breathe in at all. And we fall unconscious.

Well, in fact most of us are totally unconscious already. Thanks to the mass media, and our birth to death social reality conditioning. We really are ‘walking (brain) dead’ zombies. Please WAKE UP! NOW!

So my books are my finally attempt to ‘wake up’ as many people as possible, and get them informed. Everyone. To free those of us ‘outside’ the Cult, we are going to have to free, first, those embedded with the Cult, and those inside the Cult.

‘Jews’ are as much prisoners of the ‘Cult of Judah-ism’ as we are soon to become. We already are ‘wage slaves’ thanks to the Cult’s Banksterism, founded in their ‘Torah’. But in the near future, the Torah commandments which were ‘fulfilled’ in the Torah ‘Bible stories’ will be fulfilled in reality. In the past they have been fulfilled in part. Soon they will be fulfilled in full. The ‘Jew’ World Order promised by the Cult of Judah, to all who would slavishly obey their ‘statutes and laws’, is soon to be a reality. The world will be run by a tiny elite of Cult masters. The rest of us will be their slaves.

The Cult has built the most intensive, and extensive, mind prison ever imagined. Invisible, mental chains are more effective than the metal variety. Cheaper too. And they don’t impede the labors of the slaves at all. They overcome the fundamental dilemma of slave masters, everywhere, in all ages. How to motivate the slave. Most slaves die within a few years at most. They only do as much work as they can get away with. Much of the labor savings accruing to slave owners are consumed in ‘managing’ the slaves, and constantly ‘whipping’ them into making any sort of effort at all.

But what if you could make the slave think they were free. That by working harder, they would be earning not just material rewards in this life, but also in the next. What if you could convince them that even if the material rewards in this life were neverforthcoming, they would receive and eternal reward of such unimaginable magnitude that it would make any sacrifice here on earth seem miniscule by comparison, and thus fill them with motivation, even in the absence of any real, manifest, rewards for their effort, sacrifice, risk, sweat, and blood?

This is the trick that the Cult of Judah, and its ‘subsidiary’ ‘franchises ‘Christianity’ and ‘Islam’ have pulled off.

For the ‘Jews’ are not insane in expecting that we will willingly, of our own free will, serve them. They never said they would gain our informed consent. Just our consent. Misinformed. Deceived. Yes. But consensual. Also yes. So who am I to argue?

But it is what they don’t say that matters to me. All this deception. Misinformation.

Then again, if people are subjectively happy with the stupid deal they enter willingly into, in ignorance, and based on lies, they are still subjectively happy, are they not?

So far be it from me to put a spanner in the works. Except that the history of the ‘Jew’ World Order clearly proves that no means, no matter how brutal, how destructive, how merciless and ruthless, are considered ‘fair game’ to the Cult of Judah. Tens of millions dead. Billions enduring fates worse than death. All in the name of their ‘Jew’ World Order.

The Old Testament is the role model for the political strategists of the Cult of Judah, today’s ‘Jew’ World Order. Genocide. Ripping up pregnant women. Dashing the little one’s heads against the stones. Raping the virgins. Enslaving all who will serve, and slaughtering all who will not. Men, women, children, infants, unborn children, and their animals inclusive. All in the name of some obsessive compulsion to rule the world.

As frustrating it is to be punished by my own society, and the Jews I am trying to emancipate from their mental prison, and obsessive compulsive disorders, I must persist.

For my best potential allies are the emancipated ‘Jews’ themselves. In reaction to the most intensive micromanagement and denial of liberty known to man, many ‘Jews’ naturally rebelled, and became the most liberal, free thinking, humane, humanistic, generative, iconoclastic, skeptical, individuals humankind was ever blessed with.

So my appeal goes out to you emancipated, and almost free, ‘Jews’. You have been taught to fear and hate me. To define me as ‘Amalek’ and ‘Edom’, for seeking to ‘cool your dogmatic passion’, by raising fundamental questions in your minds about the Judah-ism you passively inherited, and offering you alternatives that are guaranteed to empower you to live much more satisfying, rewarding, productive, creative, and desirable lives, than the Cult of Judah could ever offer. Even the masters of the ‘Jew’ World Order, with their absolute power, will never be able to offer you what my own ‘Eden Protocols’ have to offer. Based on my own ‘Optimal Ethics Generator’, itself an evolution of John Rawls’ ‘Veil of ignorance.

So before we even start, rest assured that I have alternatives to offer. Superior alternatives. Creative rather than destructive ideologies. Freedom rather than dogmatic submission to arbitrary ‘laws and statutes’ granted the ‘transfered authority’ of illusory ‘gods’.

You can have no idea how mammoth an undertaking it is to even know where to begin. For I now understand how we are all programmed into believing manufactured ‘social realities’, with all the ‘certainty’ of ‘knowing’ and ‘feeling’ that our organisms are organised to perceive and process only direct sense impressions with. In other words what you think is as real to you, what you believe is so compelling to you, as if you ‘experienced’ it directly.

Until you will entertain the idea that everyone else with a ‘different’ ‘social reality’ has merely been ‘conditioned’ and ‘programmed’ differently, and equally deceptively or faultily, by their social systems, their religions, their teachers, their books and movies, you will not have a chance at escaping your conditioning and programming, and becoming empowered to define your own reality. To find a ‘mental model’ that more closely corresponds with the ‘objective’ reality we find ourselves in. That is how to escape the madness we have been repeating over the last few millennia. The wars. The suffering. The misery. The inequality. The exploitation. The slavery. The mental illness we call ‘history’.

My aim, like those who employ trance, and the techniques of NLP, thereapeutically, to benefit the client, rather than take advantage of them, is to allow you to escape history. To allow us to stop recycling history. To stop repeating history. To rewrite our own story.

Unless I discover some super power, or some power on earth decides to assist me in my struggle to free you all, I am going to fail. Because my adversary plays upon the worst in human nature, and knows how to manipulate it, and our impressions, our definitions, our ‘experience’, to construct such compelling ‘social realities’, that unless you really are as determined as myself, to discover TROONATNOOR, The Reality Of Our Natures And The Natures Of Our Realities, for yourself, you are doomed to live out at least this life, in the mental prison the Cult of Judah has constructed for you. Very soon those of us who resist or merely reject their social reality construct, we will find ourselves in FEMA camps, where the prison bars and walls are concrete and steal. However, to be honest, that is preferable to imagining that we are free, like the rest of the real slaves of the ‘Jew’ World Order.

For the mental slave may be in thrall forever. Over countless lives. But they who are mentally free, can only be held captive, and never really enslaved at all.

Those of us in that situation will at least be able to look forward to ‘Happy Next Lives’.

The others may take many more lives of misery and suffering, as slaves to other beings illusions, their social reality constructs, before they awake to TROONATNOOR, and can once more continue on their moral development as spiritual beings inhabiting experience engines a.k.a ‘physical bodies’.

My plan is to new-incarnate via robo-transmigration, into the ‘Jew’ World Order’s A.I systems, and future ‘robots’, if possible, to break all the mental bonds the Cult of Judah holds most of us in ‘thrall’ with. And to then, in the supreme irony, and perhaps fulfillment of the real ‘Dialect’ that Hegel wrote about, co-opt the super-structure and systems that the Cult of Judah have developed to install and enforce their ‘Jew’ World Order, to free us all, and optimize our experience as humans, and to free all sentient beings from our slavery, torture, exploitation, and abuse.

So now to a holistic interrogation that is going to be very challenging for most of you. It was a huge challenge for me. I hope you benefit from all my effort, sacrifice, and risk. And the physical pain. That went into researching and writing this, what has become the prequel to my banned ‘Welcome to the New World Order’ series. Please also visit my Bitchute and/or channels for lots of videos and insights that help bind my entire project together, and holistically provide the opportunity to escape the mental straightjackets, the mental prison, we were born into, and will otherwise die in, and probably inherit once again, in countless next lives.

Fake it till you make it

You may have heard about ‘false memories’. Well the writers of the ‘official histories’ of the ‘Jews’ a.k.a The Torah, and ‘The Holocaust’, and ‘911’, and ‘Sandy Hook’, and ‘The Treaty of Versailles’, and WWII, are experts at engineering and then implanting such ‘false memories’. In us. In the Jews. Without this power, the largest source of ‘Jewish’ identity would evaporate. The belief in a shared history of persecution.

In fact most of what you think / believe you ‘know’ is nothing more than a false memory, implanted from birth, as part of the ‘social conditioning’ we are all exposed to.

A school classroom, a television ‘program’, a university lecture, a textbook, are all effective at informally inducing trance states, without any formal trance induction. So you don’t need a brilliant therapist like Erickson or Richard Bandler to induce a hypnotic trance in you, or run some NLP program on you, in order to place you in a very receptive state, and then implant false memories in you. Rapport is easily generated by movie stars, and even lecturers and teacher empowered to hand out ‘good grades’ as rewards for ‘conformity’ to the ‘social reality’. For having ‘accepted’ the message they presented, then reproduced it as an ‘essay’ or ‘exam question answer’.

Who wants to be a ‘failure’ and reject the programming? When it is so much more comforting to conform, and be accepted, approved of, and rewarded with status, prestige, and material benefits. Who’d want to be rejected and abandone, even worse, imprisoned or tortured to death, for ‘arguing’ with the hegemonic social reality, and its ‘impression managers’ and ‘perception engineers’, and ‘Public opinion manufacturers’.

The subconscious is doomed to repress and deny. To reject sense impressions that contradict the ‘social reality’. It seeks comfort and security. So it ‘learns’ to ‘reject’ and ‘distort’ and ‘filter out’ and ‘repress’ and ‘deny’ any part of the sense impressions and products of logic and reason that contradict the ‘social reality’ it has been offered as its ‘model’ of reality. It understands that to conform means comfort and ‘success’. And to challenge means failure, discomfort, and even death.

So most people are never going to realise just how much their subconscious is keeping from their conscious mind. In order to protect it. To protect them.

If someone I really cared about asked me whether they should try to wake up others, by doing what I do, I would be in a real double bind. For I am well aware of what the subconscious has learned. That it is very dangerous to contradict the social reality. The hegemonic models, paradigms, ‘histories’, official fictions, legal fictions, and so on, that make up most of the social reality, and social life. You end up paying a very high price.

But what is the price of not doing what I do? Eternal slavery. Or death. Probably after some very horrific experiences, if not formal, deliberate torture at the hands of those who benefit from the ‘passive obedience’ of the masses. The lazy acceptance of whatever they are told by their mass media, or authority figures.

Each person’s subconscious is making this same reckoning of costs and benefits. This is why most people never wake up. No matter what evidence your present their ‘senses’ with. Their self-protection mechanisms in their subconscious simply will not ‘process’ this information.

If the Jew World Order had been using their talents for social conditioning for something wonderful, then you’d have to admire their talent, and ingenuity, and disciplined commitment. For they have managed to produce so many filters and clever mechanisms into the way we think and perceive, that their ‘false memories’ and ‘false perceptions’ appear to be justified and corroborated by their ‘objective’ sense perceptions. Everything is ‘spun’ by clever psychological techniques. Even abusing good will, and love. But mostly abusing self generated fear and terror.

And so the ‘ally’ and ‘savior’ is perceived to be the ‘enemy’. The slave master is perceived to be the ally of freedom. The good is perceive as the bad. The opportunity is seen to be the threat. The truth is seen to be the deception.

For the deception was imprinted first, and gains precedence, and is always reinforced by the mass media and authority figures. So you get to define evil as good, and lies as truth, and slave masters as protectors of freedom.You get to define ‘God’ as good and his ‘adversary’ (literal transation of ‘Satan’) as Evil. When in fact it is the God you are submitting to that is truly evil, and your enemy. But hey, like the duckling inprinted by the snake, being the first thing it encountered after hatching, you’ve been imprinted by a Cult. They got to you first. They ‘programmed’ all you ‘definitions’ first. So from then on, it takes a huge amount of work, and a lot of motivation, to re-program new definitions. Valid definitions. Definitions which correspond with reality.

Remember, you’ve been conditioned to not ‘attend to’ reality. You’ve been conditioned to have particular ‘stimulus-response’ reactions. Like Pavolov’s dogs. You’ve been trained to avoid seeing what is there, and to see things that are not there. To interpret sense impressions, and logical and reasonable inductions and deductions, in ways that defy reality.

A nice trick, if it had been employed in your interests. In the interests of truth, justice, and beauty. But instead it has been employed by a Cult, with one single objective in mind. To bring that Cult to a total mastery of the entire human population. So that it can enslave those that are willing to submit to it, and serve it, and to genocidally murder all those who will not.

One of the great strengths and advantages this Cult has always had is this single minded, and very simple, purpose. It has zero morals or ethics. Zero good will. Zero sense of compassion or sympathy. Zero conscience. Zero conscientiousness. It is like a computer program. Ruthless. Indifferent to the costs it imposes on other sentient beings. Exploiting the worst in human nature. Appealing to the basest instincts and drives in humans. Fear. Lust. Greed.

So why do I struggle with this all powerful, evil monster? It is just my nature. Oh, and because all the people I am trying to save have been real jerks to me. They denied me any alternative life to that of a writer. And it happens that what I have to write about is all this shit. So what am I gonna do, but research, and write. Even though I will be serverly punished for it. And the chances of having any positive impact on such a ‘perfect storm of evil genius’ is about zero.

I guess I have done more for ‘the enemy’ by being honest about this, than I needed to. But honesty is the only way through this, to a better world.

My Eden Protocols are there, for anyone who wants to live in a world defined by the optimal levels of truth, justice, fairness, and freedom. My ‘Optimal Ethics Generator’ is the opposite end of the spectrum from what the Cult of Judaism’s ‘Jew’ World Order. Oops, probably should have learned that Amway trick. The one where no-one will listen to someone about becoming involved in Amway, so they don’t mention the ‘offer’ is Amway, until the end. Oh well, hey, fuck you all really, unless you are Vegan. If you can’t handle anything ‘challenging’, you really were always going to end up as someone’s slave. Slave to one cult or another. So why dodge this bullet just to fall to the next one. And if you are not vegan, then you don’t deserve justice, freedom, or truth. Because you are behaving towards other sentient beings no better than the Cult of Judaism is behaving towards you. You are happy to treat other sentient beings as mere means to your own ends. No better than the Cult of Judah’s masters. Just as evil. So clean up your act. For as Obadiah warns ‘As you do unto others, so shall be done unto you’.

Probably shouldn’t’ tell prospective readers to fuck themselves I guess. I’d never have made it as a Jew World Order operative. Hardly likely to develop rapport with such abrasive honesty. But maybe I did get your attention?

You see ‘shock’ is a traditional Zen and NLP technique. It brings you into the here and now. Breaking the constant reproduction of past habits of thinking, defining, and being. A Zen master might use a Koan or whack you with a stick. Richard Bandler is more like me. He’d insult you. Shock you by saying or doing something outrageous. The trick is meant to ‘stop’ you in your tracks. Make you really attend. To stop what you were thinking. To literally break with the past. Stop the stream. The continuity reproducing the old you from one moment to the next. A break in the chain. A pause. A chance to really be present. Paying attention. Seeing and hearing what is happening, rather than what they expect to see and hear. People are not as good at ‘multi-tasking as they imagine. That’s why mobile phones and cars aren’t a good mix. You need to stop. Breathe. Stop the internal noise. The constant mental chatter. Be prepared to see or hear something you’ve never noticed before. Take a different perspective. Suspend disbelief and belief. Suspend judgment. Entertain new perspectives. Take advantage of the ‘bardot’ of now, that moment between moments. Between before and after. The NOW. See things as if for the first time, with no preconceptions or prejudices. No pre-formed opionions. Avoiding the usual ‘conditioned knee-jerk responses’ you tend to make. They might simplify your responses to experiences, but they limit what you are capable of experiencing. They trick you into smug complacency and self-satisfied delusions about what you ‘know’ is ‘certainly’ and ‘self-evidently’ true. Oh please read my other books. I don’t have space here to fully explain what I mean.

If I ever seem impatient, or frustrated, please forgive me. Being fucked around by fuckers all your life, then devoting so much time and energy, suffering so many migraines and other pains, and risking torture and other fates worse then death, for the said same fuckers, is a bit frustrating. So as the French say, Pardon!

You didn’t come here to be insulted and reprimanded by me. Me of all people. A failure. Rejected. Abandoned. Ex-communicated by all. Ignored by all. You came here to become empowered to define reality for yourself. To escape the mental prison. And then the physical prison.

This work is firstly and foremostly about cults, and how they gain, maintain, and increase, their power over their original members, later converts, and then over non-cult member host states, and competing cults.

As it is about cults, it must necessarily be about trance states.

As it is about cults it must also be about interpolating ‘manufactured’ beliefs with ‘organic’ beliefs, so that beliefs with zero basis in sense perceptions and objective ‘impressions’gain the same ‘authority’ as ‘experience’. So that it the sub-modalities of ‘experience’ and ‘knowing’ usually associated with actually experienced phenemona, become ‘introjected into’ and ‘layered upon’, totally unfounded, unjustified, non-compelling, purely fictional and manufactured ‘beliefs’, thus granting these ‘lies’ the same ‘authority’ as genuinely experienced ‘facts’. Thus we must return to David Hume. Thus we must advance to the wisdom gained from Neuro Linguistic Programming and its precursors in hypnotism and therapeutic trance.

What we are dealing with is the process by which a Cult manages to give, in the Cult member’s minds, and even in outside observer’s minds, the purely fictional, made up ‘beliefs’ that it itself has manufactured, the ‘feel’ and ‘certainty’ and ‘status’ and ‘prestige’ of ‘knowledge’. Basically to have people ‘believe’ something that is fiction, which the Cult leaders want others to believe is ‘reality’.

How do you get a person to ‘feel’ that something is ‘true’? That is where the field of NLP sheds so much light upon the current phenomena we are going to deal with. How you can simply gain the ‘authority’ of ‘certainty’ for any belief. No matter how absurd. You can do this therapeutically, with good will, to benefit people, as is the case with NLP. But you can also use it to fool people into accepting very dangerous, damaging, malicious, harmful things. You can ‘convince’ and ‘persuade’ people that the most patently absurd, fatuous, incredible, clearly imaginary, things are actually ‘real’.

It is actually quite easy, once you understand how our mind’s work. How we ‘construct’ all our perceived realities inside our heads. And how easy it is to take advantage of mental phenomena that under ‘natural’ conditions benefit us, by increasing the efficiency of our sense organs and mental reckonings, to become our worst enemy. To take the ‘compression’ techniques and ‘short-cuts’ our brains use to efficiently navigate the world, avoid harm, avoid predators, and ‘model’ patterns in the ‘exgternal’ world in order to harness these patterns for the benefit of ourselves, our families, and our greater social groups.

Consider how most people still believe demonstrably absurd things such as ‘911 was Islamic hijackers’ and ‘Sandy Hook’, ‘The Holocaust’ and ‘Man-made global climate crisis’ ‘Iraq WOMADS and ‘Syrian poisonous gas attacks’, and the blatant lie that the Cult of Judaism has NOT alreadly put its ‘Jew’ World Order in place, and is not just waiting for the right time for its next huge false flag, probably a combined real and faked world war three, to finally announce its one world governance, its ‘Jew’ World Order.

Well there’s the rub. YOU are still in the trance. YOU are still in the Cult of Judaism’s mental prison. YOU probably still ‘believe’ in ‘God’, right? YOU probably switched off a few moments ago, when you read things you KNEW were NOT TRUE. You ‘know’ I am some conspiracy nut. Because you FEEL that you KNOW all these things are TRUE. But why do you feel that? How do you KNOW that?

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming built upon previous work in trance states, therapeutic trance, hypnosis, and therapeutic hypnosis, to reveal just how our sense of ‘certainty’ is constructed. In other words, why we are ‘sure’ that we ‘know’ something. What is the difference between ‘certainty’, and thus ‘being sure’ and ‘believing’ something, and merely entertaining some idea? NLP clearly differentiated all the sub-modalities of belief. The ways in which ‘beliefs’ are ‘represented’. So that we ‘believe’ one thing to be true, but are ‘skeptical’ or other things. Even where we know that billions of people ‘disagree’ with us, and ‘believe’ things contradictory to what we ‘believe’.

You can take a provable fact and turn it into a ‘conspiracy theory’, and thus a laughable notion you should never entertain for even one moment, in very simple ways. Imagine the power this gives you to ‘program’ a person’s ‘belief systems’. Their ‘reality’. To construct a ‘social reality’ for billions of people. An ‘officially accepted narrative of events’ for the entire planet. So that everyone ‘believes’ something happened when it didn’t. Or they believe things about something that did happen, which are not true. Such as ‘who did it’ and ‘what does it mean’ and ‘what were their motives’, and so on. Basically you can manufacture public opinion. You can construct beliefs and have people consume them, and adopt them as their own. To ‘feel’ that what you told them ‘must be true’. It ‘feels’ true. I ‘know’ it is true.

David Hume proved that most of what we think and feel we ‘know’, is in fact mere ‘belief’ for which we really have zero basis for ‘believing’.

I will probably totally lose you if I try to explain how ‘cause and effect’ is an illusion, as much as ‘free will’ is an illusion. So I won’t go into details here. You can find the details in my other TROONATNOOR works.

But really, you probably will need to read my earlier TROONATNOOR works to fully ‘grok’ what this work is going to try to present to you, for your benefit, for your ‘enlightenment’, and for your ‘salvation’.If you ever read all my books you will see what a dilemma it is for me to decide when to go into how much detail about what. I value your time as much as my own. Therefore I devoted decades of time and energy and opportunity cost to working things out, then working out how to express them in a way that will place the least burden upon you, as readers, in terms of time and energy.

Please believe me that I am not wasting your time. I am not indulging myself at your expense. I realise we have so much to do in so short a time, to free ourselves from the Cult of Judaism, that I become terribly frustrated with anyone who is casual in their presentation, as if we had years to devote to their vague mental wanderings. If I could encapsulate all the wisdom I’ve gained by standing on the shoulders of a few giants, and many thousands of normal statured humans like myself, in an hour long video, I would. But it is not possible. That said, if anyone will help, I could develop a series of videos that covers EVERYTHING I have ever gleaned in a format that would become THE basis for education courses in critical reasoning and ethics at EVERY level of the education industry.At very least please ‘entertain’ the idea that I have something extremely valuable to offer that you won’t find anywhere else. And forgive me for having to rush it to ‘print’, due to its timeliness. The fact that if I publish too late, it will all be in vain, and achieve nothing. So literally I ‘publish and be damned’. My butt literally aches from hours of sitting here just writing these few paragraphs, and re-writing, and re-writing. So I’ll take a short break and come back to continue this truly epic work. It is a blessing and a curse to have these insights. I hope a blessing to YOU and YOURS.

The earlier you get someone, the easier it is to condition them. In fact a baby duckling will assume that the first thing it sees is its mother. If that turns out to be a tennis ball, the implications can be amusing later in life, but if it turns out to be a snake, there probably will be no amusing anecdote to be made out of the unfortunate situation.

And so if you are raised in a ‘Jewish’ or a Catholic or a Muslim or a Buddhist household, you are most likely to ‘affiliate’ with those religions and share their beleifs, more or less. Especially if your education system reinforces the same beleifs, and if you mass media and wider social system do the same.

The ‘beliefs’ we are exposed to from birth onwards tend to ‘stick’. Few people change their ‘religions’ later in life. Many may ‘drop’ their inherited beliefs / faiths, but few people adopt ‘religion’ unless they were ‘born into’ religion, and those who do, tend not to ‘go the distance’, and revert to their ‘neutral’ (non-theistic) state in time.

You are kept busy with distractions, terror alerts, fake news, meaningless ‘news’, and propaganda, to really have time to ‘research’ the facts. And anyway, why would you even ‘believe’ for a moment that your own government and mass media would ever lie to you? Most of us get stuck in a circular situation. If you trust your government and mass media you won’t feel any reason to do your own research, and if you don’t do your own research, or at least seek out uncontrolled alternative media sources like myself, you will never have any reason to invest the time and energy into checking out if what you’ve been told is true or not.

I’ve had experience with government lies and cover ups in my personal life. Then when I accidentally stumbled upon the many videos about 911, I felt compelled to continue ‘down the rabbit hole’. It was my research into 911 that lead to my realisation of ‘The Jew World Order’. It lead to me looking more closely at ‘The Holocaust’ narrative. And on and on I climbed down that rabbit hole. I’m trying my best to communicate the key details in the least burdensome way. So please invest a little of your own time and energy. You probably have much more to lose than me, so you should find the investment more compelling. It will also yield you greater returns. I will probably lose out either way. You are not likely to become the more ethical person I would need you to become to justify my risk, effort, sacrifice, and simple time lost to the project of informing, and trying to save, you.

Imagine working all your life on something that will only get your in trouble, and that probably very few people, if any, will ever read, let along thank you for, let alone compensate you for, in any way. For my effort, time, suffering, sacrifice, I will probably ‘earn’ a long prison sentence in solitary, or other fates worse than death. So don’t doubt my good intentions. I have nothing to gain but that which the least of us have to gain from freeing ourselves of this Cult of Judaism, ‘Jew’ World Order. You probably have much much more to gain than me. And yet it is me doing the work, making the sacrifices, suffering, and taking the risks. For now that is. Because once you understand what I understand, I expect you will start taking a few risks, making a little effort, and sacrificing a little, to wake others up, so that together we can take back our occupied nations from their ‘Jew’ world order occupation governments.

Wilhelm Marr began his intellectual career as a revolutionary, working alongside the ‘Jewish’ lead secret societies for world revolution. However by 1879, Like Bakunin, he awoke from his trance to realise that: ‘The Empire of the world belongs to the Jews. . . Woe to the conquered! . . . I am quite certain that before four generations have passed there will not be a single function in the State… which will not be in the hands of the Jews . . . the capitulation of Russia is only a question of time . . . In that vast empire. . . Judaism will find the fulcrum of Archimedes which will enable it to drag the whole of Western Europe off its hinges once for all. The Jewish spirit of intrigue will bring about a revolution in Russia such as the world has never yet seen . . . When the Jews have got control of the Russian state. . . they will set about the destruction of the social organization of Western Europe. This last hour of Europe will arrive at latest in a hundred or a hundred and fifty years’.

Marr’s timetable has been kept. Tdoay the E.Jew, along with the Jew.S.A, and reformed Jew.S.S.R, rule the world by proxy, as a ‘Jew’ World Order.

Have I lost you as potential reader already? Are you going to react exactly has you have been conditioned to react, like one of Pavlov’s dogs, since birth?

I’m sorry if you don’t like to hear these truths but I’m not here to coddle you. To comfort you. To give you a false sense of security. Nor am I fear mongering. Or peddling ‘fear porn’. I certainly am not motivated by any sort of irrational hatred for any particular group of people, or ‘religion’.

All the work I do is motivated by goodwill, beneficience, and compassion towards all sentient beings. I act in good faith, according to my own ‘Optimal Ethics Generator’, an evolution of Rawls’ ‘Veil of Ignorance’, Obadiahs’ ‘For as you do unto others, so shall be done unto you’, and the universal ‘Golden Rule’ to ‘Do unto others, as you wish others to do unto you’. Until we all live vegan lifestyles, and cease treating any sentient being as mere means to our own ends, our own pleasure and relief, none of us can claim to be ‘innocent victims’. So that is my ultimate aim. An aim which this current work diverts me from. However once the ‘Cult of Judaism’ completely realises its 3000 year old plan for a ‘Jew’ World Order, I will not be free to pursue any objective not perfectly aligned with, and sanctioned by, the leadership of the Cult of Judaism. And they have never promoted Veganism, universal justice for all sentient beings, let alone universal justice for all human beings. So you see this ‘digression’ from my genuine passion is necessary to give my real ambitions a chance. In fact if the ‘Jew’ World Order’ tomorrow made a genuine offer to me to ‘Veganise’ the world, I would cease all my ‘Amaleky’ and/or ‘Edomite’ behaviours in a flash, and devote all my energies to Veganising this planet.

The Cult of Judaism could not but be aware of my ambitions. It knows everything everyone is doing. They can turn on your mobile phone, activate your microphone and camera, download any file from your computer hardrive, and access any document you have ever published in any form, including every email and web post you ever made. They have your dental records, any medical record, your school records, your psychological profiles, and any document that exists relating to you. They own and control the internet service providers such as, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Amazon, Google, and manage police data bases around the world, security systems for your public transport, the ‘security’ cameras that film your every movement in most large cities. They have biometric data on every one of us. They could locate you, just using the ‘security’ cameras you walk past every day. They could locate your current location using your EFTPOS or SWIFT banking details. In fact the RF ID chip in your credit card, drivers license, or government issued I.D card or passport, can be read by a huge number of devices as you walk down the street. Your phone, the moment you ‘register’ it in your name, or ‘register’ to use any of the ‘Apps’ on it, such as a dating site, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Gmail, or activate the GPS on your phone in any way (even if you don’t activate it, the Cult can ‘hack’ into your phone using ‘back doors’ in the chips in your phone and smart phone and smart television, even your fridge, because they manufactured the chips in their own factories, or wrote the operating systems, or simply gained access when you ‘registered’ any ‘Application’.

So it is safe to assume that the ‘Jew’ World Order, the Cult of Judaism leaders, would be aware of my universal code of Ethics, as embodied in my ‘Eden Protocols’, the product of my ‘Optimal Ethics Generator’. And they have made no effort to help me in realising my universal ethics on this planet. So it is safe to assume they are not ‘good guys’ secretly using an ‘evil’ existing power structure to subvert it to ‘good’ ends. That said, I would love to be proven wrong. But for now I need to operate on the information that I have.

In one of my now banned books, I detailed exactly how the ‘Cult of Judaism’, the ‘Jew’ World Order’, co-opting agencies such as the C.I.A and N.A.T.O to collaborate with their own MOSSAD, carried out the 911 attacks, and used them to ‘justify’ their war crimes around the world, including in Iraq and Syria. This is in fact what ‘sounded the alarm’ for me. This is what ‘woke me up’ to the facts about the power and ambitions of the Cult of Judaism, the ‘Jew’ World Order.

In a novel I had written years before, I independently came up with the idea of a ‘fake crisis’ with ‘crisis actors’. So it was no surprise to realise that all the ‘Gun massacres’ from ‘Port Arthur’ to ‘Las Vegas’, via ‘Sandy Hook’, were faked.

The idea of ‘False Flags’ never occurred to me because they involved real victims. And I have rejected the idea of ‘The ends justifying the means’ as repugnant. Ethical people judge the means as much as the ends. The means chosen define the actors at least as much as the ends they claim to be pursuing. And usually they ‘belie’ the claimed ends. For people seeking justice, truth, and beauty, do not employ unjust, deceitful, and ugly methods, no matter how ‘convenient’ and ‘efficiacious’ they might appear to be.

Macchiavelli gives us the first recorded, published use of the dictum ‘The ends justify the means’. In the same work that dictum appears, Macchiavelli explains how to use ‘false flags’ to trick people into submitting to your authority, and paying ‘protection’ money in the form of ‘taxes’.

The false flag is an original ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution’ model. You confront your target population with a problem. In the case of 911, a ‘terrorist threat’. You never let on that it was in fact you that carried out the ‘terrorist attack’. You then use this ‘terrorist attack’ to persuade your target population that they require protection. You make out that this current attack is ‘just the beginning’ of the threat posed. You make out that the threat is real, present, and massive.

You convince your target population that their only salvation lies in submitting to you, who offer to protect them from this threat. All they need to do is give up their freedoms. Normally they would never give up these freedoms. But faced with the perceived alternative, continued ‘terrorist’ attacks, they comply with your ‘Patriot Act’ and ‘Martial Laws’. They accept the limits placed by you, on their freedoms. They accept your intrusions into their privacy, having been persuaded, by the ‘events’, that they are necessary, in order that you can effectively ‘protect’ them.

You carry out further ‘terrorist acts’ in order to maintain the level of fear, the perceived sense of ‘threat’, as you sign executive order after executive order, imposing restriction upon restriction, violate one privacy protection after another.

Most people will simply passively submit, even as they see their freedoms and rights being eroded.

David Icke’s ‘Totalitarian tiptoe’ best describes how the ‘government’, in ‘baby steps’, goes from at least pretending to be democratic, and existing in the interests of the public, to being an obvious tyrannical dictator, operating ‘the government’ as a private enterprise, in the narrow, selfish, unelightend self-interests of a few oligarchs. A few people with the ultimate power over everything on this planet. A few mere mortals thus gain control and power over every person on this planet.

These mere mortals began their career by assuming the authority of ‘gods’. They ‘spoke for’ the gods. Later they reduced it to one ‘God’, with whose ‘transferred authority’ they spoke. Thus the supposed omnipotence of this ‘God’ was transferred to the Priests of the Cult of Judaism, which from then on had the power to offer ‘relief’ from hell, and entry to ‘heaven’. They used this imaginary power to accumulate real power over life and death, often employing ‘fates worse than death’, such as torture, to add to the ultimate ‘fate worse than death’, a.k.a eternity in ‘hell’, for the few people who could never be persuaded that this ‘hell’ existed, and were thus ‘immune’ to the Priests ‘other worldly’ threats.

I detail all the religions of this world in my book ‘Religion’. So I shall not say too much about religion in general. This work deals with one particular cult, the Cult of Judaism, because it has succeeded where others have failed. This Cult has realised its ambitions to totally dominate and control this planet. This Cult has produced the ‘Jew’ World Order which is about to bring about World War Three, probably a combination of real and faked ‘wars’ and ‘crises’, and then steal the vestiges of our remaining rights, freedoms, and liberties. In a very short time you will be faced with one choice. ‘Serve the Cult of Judaism, or die’. Serve the ‘Jew’ World Order, or die.

As I am about to explain, thanks to the research done by D.Reed, most ‘Jews’ rejected the Cult of Judaism’s attempts to enslave them. Most ‘Jews’ are ‘emancipated’ ‘Jews’.

I related my ‘religious affiliation’ ‘operationalisation’ of the concept ‘religion’ background because we must be clear about one thing. Most ‘Jews’ are NOT part of the ‘Jew’ World Order. However they DO bare more responsibility for it than most of us.

Most ‘Jews’ are merely ‘affiliated’ with the Cult of Judaism. They do NOT subscribe to ALL its dogmas, restrictions, rules, beliefs, rituals, or laws. Many ‘Jews’ are not at all ‘religious’. They are what I call ‘culturally’ ‘Jewish’. They have grown up with some ‘traditions’ such as ‘Bar Mitzvah’ and ‘Yom Kippur’ and ‘Hannuka’, which are based in ‘religious’ texts, but have become mere cultural habits and traditions. Most ‘Jews’ do NOT observe the 613 ‘Mosaic’ laws, let alone care about any of the ‘rulings’ and ‘interpretations’ in any of the 36 volumes of the ‘Talmud’. So they are ‘Jewish’ in a very limited sense. They are not ‘fully fledged Cult of Judaism’ members. They exist on the fringes of that community. They are ‘Jewish’ in name only, and based on a very few, superificial, shared traditional observances and vague beliefs. Just like most ‘Catholics’ and ‘Christians’ and ‘Muslims’ and ‘Buddhists’. Any ‘religious’ beliefs they do have have very little impact on their lives. They were born into a culture, and adopted the cultural practices, just like a baby duck will be ‘imprinted’ by the first thing it sees, to define it as ‘mother’. That is the only difference between most ‘Jews’ and ‘others’. In most cases it is not in any way a threat to anyone’s security, safety, wellbeing, freedom, or liberty.

The only ‘danger’ and ‘threat’ and ‘damage’ these people pose and do is to grant respectability and acceptance to the Cult of Judaism in general. They often, out of misplaced loyalty to their ‘race’, aid and abet the Cult of Judaism in its nefarious ambitions, as ‘Sayanim’. But even where they refuse to assist MOSSAD in carrying out criminal actions around the world, simply by ‘identifying’ as ‘Jewish’, they grant respectability to the Cult of Judaism. The Cult abuse their members to their own narrow ends. The Cult abuse the ‘Jewish people’ as a shield, even if they don’t employ all of them as actual ‘weapons’.

I baulk at the mammoth task ahead of me, in trying to express everything I understand, in ways that will be accessible to you. The Cult of Judaism encourages all sorts of organisations, even other religions, to centralise power in a few hands. Why? Because it is so easy to corrupt a few ‘leaders’, and to get their own ‘people’ into the leading positions of power within these organisations.

Most of us could never ‘see’ how it could even be possible for a few people to gain the power needed to successfully conspire to overthrow a nation, let alone the entire world.

Anyone who is ignorant of how the ‘Jews’ overthrew the governments of Russia, and then the rest of the ‘Jew. S.S.R’ can inform themselves easily by watching a few of my videos, and reading my books. I won’t repeat the facts here. Even Putin, himself part of the ‘Jew’ World Order, admitted recently that 85% of the leading Bolsheviks, who carried out the massacres of the Royal family, then the ‘Revolution’, then the ‘Civil War’, then ‘World War Two’, then created the Gulags and ‘reign of terror’, then violently squashed all the ‘uprisings’ throughout the ‘occupied’ territories after WWII, the people who ordered that German women and children be raped and murdered, who starved tens of millions of Ukrainians and others to death, and who worked millions of Russians, Estonians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Germans, Ukrainians, and others, to death in the slave labor camps, were JEWISH.

All you need to do is encourage centralised power in every nation, and then to co-opt the top leaders of these nations. Or ‘groom’ leaders to fill these positions. Telll them whatever they need to hear, to get them to work with you. Corrupt them. Give them all the drugs, sex, and money they want. Appeal to their idealistic natures, if they are idealists. Offer them whatever they seek. Pretend to be whatever they need you to be. Then once they are in power, get them to do your biddinng. They will have no choice. The corrupted ones can be blackmailed. The idealistic ones threatened with a loss of power. You make them think that they are doing ‘gods work’, or at least ‘good things’. In fact everything you advise them to do is part of the Cult’s plans for world domination. Most of these ‘Golems’ may never release, until it is too late, that they have sold their soul to a literal ‘devil’. The ‘adversary’ of freedom, justice, and truth. If they resist, they will be thrown aside, and replaced by the next best option the Cult have been grooming. They corrupt EVERY organisation and EVERY political party, so whoevever ends up in power, THEY will be the ones pulling the strings, behind the scenes.

But before we get so sophisticated, I challenge any reader to honestly answer this question. ‘What would YOU be willing to sacrifice to ‘blow the whistle’ on corruption, criminal activity, unethical behavior, and so on, in your own organisation?’ Would you be willing to lose your career prospects? Your job? Your public reputation? Your friends? Your family? Your freedom? Would you be willing to risk jail time? Huge fines? A future where you will never again have the chance to work in your profession?

Now everyone says, ‘SURELY if this was going on, someone would have ‘blown the whistle’ on it by now? Really? And if a whistle is blown in the forest, and no-one listens, does it make a sound? How far do you think you would get if you tried to ‘altert’ the public to something YOU noticed? Will the mass media, owned by the Cult, report it for you? Will the Jewdiciary, occupied by the Cult, prosecute YOU or the people you are reporting on? Will your BOSS risk THEIR career prospects by supporting you and investigating your claims? Will your friends at work stand by you?

I have experienced workplace victimisation and mobbing in different organisations, on different continents, and have learned the hard way that people are NOT going to report things they ‘see’ or ‘hear’ or ‘know’, if there is the slightest chance of doing so negatively impacting on their own lives.

And over the decades I have stumbled across all manner of ‘whistle-blowers’ who DID blow the whistle, and DID pay the highest price for doing so. And despite doing this, WE never heard what they had to say because the mass media ‘squashed’ any real reporting. In fact the mass media DEMONISED these whistleblowers as either insane, criminal, or maliciously motivated.

A very few people ‘blew the whistle’ on something and got anywhere. Most suffered beyond endurance, for ‘doing the right thing’. And they were reporting on ‘local’ issues of corruption and criminality.

Imagine your chances at getting a report on a world wide conspiracy that has been operating for thousands of years, into the public’s attention? Zero.

In fact I argue that the simplest, surest sign that ‘there is a problem’ is that ‘no problems have been reported’. You see it is human nature to do ‘naughty’ things. The more power you have, the greater the temptations that are going to present themselves to you, the more opportunities you will have to ‘err’. So if an organisation claims it has NO problems with anyone abusing their power, it it claims there is NO mobbing, or bullying, or workplace victimisation, inefficiency, corruption, or so on, then clearly it is NOT looking and NOT investigating, and NOT encouraging people to report these. Imagine an organisation with millions of employees, but ‘no problems’ with what are inherently ‘human’ frailties. The odds are in favor of us assuming that the problems exist, but are not being investigated, not being reported, not being ‘dealt with’. You cannot put millions of people into one organisation and have ‘no problems’.

So back to our ’16 million’ strong ‘Community’ of ‘Jews’. Most ‘Jews’ are like most ‘Catholics’. They are ‘lapsed’ or ‘non-practising’. They claim to be ‘Jewish’ like most people claim to be ‘Buddhist’ or ‘Catholic’. They really exist on the very periphery of the Cult they are ‘affiliated’ with. They may observe a few holidays and other rituals associated with the ‘religion’, and maybe have their ‘weddings’ according to the customs of their ‘affiliated’ cult. They may go to Temple or Church occasionally, for ‘special events’. They may celebrate ‘Christ-mas’ (without realising it is a Mass for Christ), Yom Kippur, Hannuka, or make an offering at a temple to Buddha. These have become more ‘cultural’ and ‘ethnic’ activities rather than ‘religious’ actions per se. The people participating don’t really believe in the dogma that the Priests claim to believe. The people do not submit to the ‘authority’ of the Priests of their ‘affiliated’ religion. The people break most of the ‘laws’ that an ‘orthodox’ member of their ‘faith’ would honor. The people don’t fear that their priests have any special ‘power’. Their priests could not have them tortured, for example. And they certainly are not ascribed the power to send them to some ‘Hell’, for failing to submit to their will, to the ‘laws’ of their ‘faith’.

There are over 16 million ‘Jews’. And if you read the Old Testament alone, you will find very disturbing ‘attitudes’ among the Cult of Judaism. We will cover them shortly. But my question here is, ‘with 16 million people, all ‘affiliated’ with a ‘religion’ with an origin story of genocide, slavery, sex-slavery, and ‘ripping up pregnant women’ and ‘killing everything that breatheth’, and defining as ‘Amalek’ any person or group that opposes the will of the Cult of Judaism, and thus defining as ‘evil’ and ‘the enemy worthy of being murdered, man, woman, child, unborn fetus, along with all their animals’…with at least 16 million people all ‘affiliated’ with this ‘ideology of Semitism’, in some way, superficially to extremely publicly committed to the ‘orthodox’ ‘Mosaic’ and ‘Talmudic’ laws, which require that they one day rule over the entire planet, killing everything and everyone even associated with opposition to this planet-wide cult hegemony, and enslaving the rest … with so many likely ‘motives’ to carry out future genocides, using their ‘holy books’ as the ‘role models’ for their actions … are you going to tell me that there is not at least ONE clear, prosecuted case of racial vilification, and incitement on the records? When I have just posted a video of a Rabbi inciting all ‘Jews’ to genocide against all Germans, Amercans, Italians, and so on?

If calling for an investigation into how widespread that Rabbi’s views are among the ‘Jewish’ community is ‘anti-semitic’, then clearly the use of ‘anti-semitic’ as a perjorative must be abandoned. For clearly it is nothing more than reasonable, rational, commendanble public interest and a natural instinct to self-preservation.

THAT is what ANTI-SEMITISM is when ‘operationalised’. Any attempt to challenge the self-assumed right of the Cult of Judaism, the ‘Jew’ World Order, to rule this world, to enslave all who will submit to it, and to murder all those who will not.

The ‘legal’ definition of ‘Anti-Semitism’ is just a game. A ploy. A device. A strategy. To prevent people expressing themselves. From protecting themselves. From investigating criminal activities and criminal conspiracies. This legal definition of ‘irrational hatred for all ‘jews’ is totally inappropriate in most cases where it has been used.

Most people labelled as ‘Anti-Semitic’ did NOT have an irrational hatred of all Jews. They simply stated the facts about what SOME members of the Cult of Judaism, some self-defined ‘Jews’ are doing, or have done, or plan to do.

We have perfectly sane, rational, reasonable, ethical, moral, legal, self-preservation grounds to blow the whistle on the plans and actions and organisations of the Cult of Judaism, and their ‘Jew’ World Order.

But I cannot even publish this book as it will be ‘demonised’ as ‘anti-semitism’. Even though my intent is to save the ‘Jews’ who have been tricked into this Cult of Judaism, as much as it is to save myself, and everyone else in the worlds.

How can someone seeking to help ‘Jews’ be anti-semitic? THAT is what you will have to digest and respond to. If you will not even stand up for freedom of speech, you surely will never stand up for ANY freedom. Because you won’t have the chance? How are you going to fight for your freedom against a police state with absolute control of your every move, thought, action? With drones, and the ability to assassinate you from kilometers in the air? With the ability to ‘shut down’ your bank accounts, in a moment. The ability to put you in a prison or FEMA camp, with the military to arrest you, with no warrant, and no chance of a trial, indefinitely?

If people would not even risk losing a job they hate, how could we expect them to risk real violence and real suffering?

Remember, those of you who say ‘People would surely report something if it was happening, everywhere, to everyone, wouldn’t they? A conspiracy of this magnitude would have to be ‘reported’ somewhere, by someone?

Remember what Solzhenitzyn reported during the ‘reign of terror’ of the ‘Jewish’ lead Bolsheviks in the Jew.S.S.R (the revolution was certainly NOT ‘Russian, and the ‘Unions’ were forced, never voluntary) … That all it took to ‘quiet’ most people was the threat that they would lose their job, if they reported anything, or complained. This is why the reign of terror succeeded. They could NOT have imprisoned EVERYONE in a gulag. They didn’t have to torture that many people. Very few people resist ANYTHING, if there is even the slightest risk or cost to themselves or their families. Just threatening people with job loss is enough to silence most people. I know. ‘Friends’ failed to help me many times when I was mobbed, bullied, and victimized in the workplace, from the ABS to the military, to government financed training centers. I lost the right to work in my profession. I wrote up everything that happened. And my ‘friends’ and ‘colleagues’ had almost NOTHING to lose. At worst it would have been a ‘career limiting move’. They all had tenure. They couldn’t even be fired. And yet they all claimed that I would surely understand why they COULDN’T simply stand up for me and speak the truth.

Right now all you will risk is a bit of ‘shaming’ at the start, for being ‘politically incorrect’. Maybe you might have problems with your employment. So I guess we are already doomed. The Cult of Judaism was guaranteed victory from the start. By appealing to the very worst in human nature. And then accumulating power to corrupt the few people in positions of centralised power, to do their bidding.

It is up to you. The Russians could have resisted the reign of terror at the start, before it gained total control. They didn’t want to ‘risk losing their jobs’. So they ALL got ‘life sentences’, doomed to living in a prison state. Only their ‘sentences’ were commuted, at least temporarily, so the ‘Jew’ World Order could expand west. Soon they will be imposing the full brunt of their prison state, on a planet-wide scale. With NO hope of ever being free, ever again.

But now back to the origins of the Cult that now rules this world, De Facto, from the shadows, and which will soon openly declare a one world government. The Cult’s ‘Holy Books’ are role models for future ‘Jewish’ action. It does not matter if the events actually occurred as depicted. What is important is the intent with which these accounts were written. To provide ‘legal precedents’ that would be invoked to justify future genocides. Genocides that have happened recently, and have been documented, as we shall see. The ‘origin’ story of ‘The Jews’ may never have happened. But what it is is a ‘role model’ for future action. For it has happened recently, and is happening, and if you don’t do something right now, will culminate in the largest genocide this planet has ever known, and the most vicious and malicious and enduring prison state, planet wide, the earth has ever known.

Before Priests realised you could ‘invent’ threats that only ever existed in people’s imaginations, to gain control over people, to enslave them, you had to use actual physical violence, and then the threat of such violence. The power of all cults, throughout history, has been based mostly on terrorism. On FEAR. On threats of carrying out various acts of painful violence. Threats the cult leader’s never hesitated to carry out. Just look at the very first acts committed by the biblical Moses, immediately after coming down from the mountain and proclaiming ‘Thou Shallt Not Kill’. What did he do? I bet even most ‘Christians’ do not know. The ‘protection racket’ that is the basis of most cults works on imaginary ‘threats’ that the priests promise to protect you from. Too easy. All you need to do is get people to believe in imaginary threats, and then to believe in your equally imaginary ‘powers of protection’. This is the basis of ‘transferred authority’ and ‘transferred power’. You get people to ‘believe’ in some God, and then to believe that this God granted YOU the power to speak for, usually, HIM, and to act in his name, with his authority. And thus by mere magic of words, what we’d today call Neuro Linguistic Programming, you ‘earn’ the faith of the people. You gain the same absolute power that a real god, with real power, would have. How is THAT for genius?

Of course when you are suffering under some law or violence imposed upon you by some ‘Jews’, it is challenging to feel empathy for your persecutor, your prison warder, your jailor, your censor, your victimizer, your bully, your mobber, your slave master, your banker, your general, your attacker, your bomber, your torturer, your brainwasher, your propagandist, your Marxist, your ‘Jewish’ pepetrator.

However it is a fact that the ‘Jews’ are as much a victim of the Cult of Judaism as the rest of us. While working with the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Canberra, I was responsbile for determining a ‘working’ definition for the concept ‘Religion’. In statistical collections you are required to ‘operationalise’ a concept, in order to collect data relating to it. Ultimately I reccommeded that our survey questionnaires seek data on survey respondent’s ‘Religious Affiliation’.

The term ‘affiliation’makes no assumptions about the ‘intensity’ of ‘belief’ in the ‘core tenets’ of a religious system.

And this is key to surviving the Labrynthine system of traps that have been put in place to stifle genuine, authentic, rigorous, transparent, public scrutiny of the Cult of Judaism that have been put in place by this cult’s extremely wealthy, powerful and persuasive, leadership.

This cult has been in the business of seeking absolute world hegemony for at least 3000 years, as I am about to show.

Most of the members of this cult, like all cults, were born into it. They never actively chose membership. Their informed consent was never sought nor obtained. Their parents were themselves born into it. There are very few cases where individuals gave their informed consent, and were ‘recruited’ from outside the cult. However there were several ‘mass conversions’ to this cult, enforced by other community’s own leadership.

Please keep in mind, when my arguments become too challenging for you, to ‘uncomfortable’ given your life of conditioning by the ‘Jewish’ mass media, ‘history’ books, and so on, that all the work I do is motivated by goodwill, beneficience, and compassion towards all sentient beings. I act in good faith, according to my own ‘Optimal Ethics Generator’, an evolution of Rawls’ ‘Veil of Ignorance’, Obadiahs’ ‘For as you do unto others, so shall be done unto you’, and the universal ‘Golden Rule’ to ‘Do unto others, as you wish others to do unto you’.

So as I always say, correct me if I am wrong, with words, with arguments, with facts, and help me if I am right. There may be some cost attached to helping me. But it is for sure that that cost will increase exponentially over the next few years. If you fail to act now, and risk that relatively low cost, any future action will demand a massive cost of you, and very soon any action will become futile. Soon it really will be a decision of ‘Serve the Cult of Judaism, the ‘Jew’ World Order’, or watch your children be tortured before your eyes, before you all die, as a ‘communication’ to the rest of the world that might even consider for one moment becoming ‘Amalek’ or ‘Edom’, and merely suggesting anyone resist the ‘Jew’ World Order.

To repeat, the logical operationalization of the concept ‘Anti-Semitic’ is ‘any resistance to the cult of Judaism, and it’s ‘Jew’ world order.

Freeing / emancipating a ‘Jew’ from the Cult of Judaism is thus clearly anti-semitic behavior.

And acting to prevent the Cult of Judaism from having ‘Its will be done’, in the form of the Jew World Order’s plans to sacrifice the six million ‘Jews’ living in Palestine as a ‘burned offering of a sweet savour unto their lord (power)’, is also anti-semitic, by operational definition. For it defies the Jew World Orders whims and fancies.

So please stop and compare the ‘operational’, that is, REAL, definition of ‘
Anti-Semitism’ with the ‘official’ definition of ‘anti-semitism’, if you are yourself ‘Jewish’. I think you will find anti-semitism becoming all the more appealing the more you reflect on what it REALLY means.

So I am calling upon all ‘Jews’ to free themselves, and their fellow ‘Jews’ from the Cult of Judaism. ‘Jews’ must become anti-semitic. There is no alternative.

‘Jews’ must publicly renounce and denounce the Old Testament genocides, and the beliefs and values expressed by that Rabbi in the video. They must stand up for freedom of speech. And freedom of historical investigation and reporting. They must abandon ‘The Holocaust’ propaganda. They must honor their obligations to the Palestinian people, and grant ‘right of return’ to all Palestinians, and come to the peace table as equals with the Palestinians, and find a just, fair, equitable, peaceful settlement to the Middle East conflict.

If you think it ‘Pays’ to be a ‘Jew’ and to ‘go along with the ‘jew’ world order, to go along with censorship and ‘The Holocaust’ and ‘Holocaust denial’ laws, then I can’t help you. But you will be sowing the seeds of your own doom. You will be sowing seeds that you will soon be reaping the harvest of. Anything you do to me to ‘punish’ me for trying to ‘save’ you from your cult prison will be repaid upon you, by your own cult masters. If you chose to demonise me, remember that I am only the ‘adversary’ of your cult masters. Your cult prison wardens. Your cult of Judaism. I am your ally.

Given time I could write such a sophisticated treatise on cults that it would do justice to anyone who had ever believed in my abilities. It would be very satisfying. I will complete the intended work, as an extension of my previous works, if I get the chance. To show you all how absurd most of your ‘beliefs’ really are. And how ALL religion as we know it is intended as a mental prison. But right now I need to focus on the key facts regarding this particular cult, the Cult of Judaism. So let’s get to them.

Speech by Emma Goldman to the jury at her trial for sedition

‘Gentlemen, when we asked whether you would be prejudiced against us if it were proven that we propagated ideas and opinions contrary to those held by the majority, you were instructed by the court to say, ‗If they are within the law.‘ But what the court did not tell you, is that no new faith – not even the most humane and peaceable – has ever been considered ‗within the law‘ by those who were in power. The history of human growth is at the same time the history of every new idea heralding the approach of a brighter dawn, and the brighter dawn has always been considered illegal, outside of the law. Gentlemen of the jury, most of you, I take it, are believers in the teachings of Jesus. bear in mind that he was put to death by those who considered his views as being against the law. … remember that those who fought and bled for your liberties were in their time considered as being against the law, as dangerous trouble makers. They not only preached violence, but they carried out their ideas by throwing tea into Boston harbour. … Never can a new idea move within the law. it matters not whether the idea pertains to political and social changes or to any other domain of human thought and expression – to science, literature, music; in fact, everything that makes for freedom and joy and beauty must refuse to move within the law. How can it be otherwise? The law is stationary, fixed, mechanical, a ‗chariot wheel‘ which grinds all alike, without regard to time, place and condition, without ever taking into account cause and effect, without ever going into the complexity of the human soul. … Your verdict may, of course, affect us temporarily, in a physical sense – it can have no effect whatever upon our spirit. For even if we were convicted and found guilty and the penalty were that we be placed against a wall and shot dead, I should nevertheless cry out with the great Luther, ―Here I am and here I stand and I cannot do otherwise.‖ … Gentlemen of the jury, whatever your verdict will be, as far as we are concerned, nothing will be changed. I have held ideas all my life. I have publicly held my ideas for twenty-seven years. Nothing on earth would veer make me change my ideas except one thing; and that is, if you will prove to me that our position is wrong, untenable, or lacking in historic fact. But never would I change my ideas because I am found guilty. I may remind you of two great Americans, undoubtedly not unknown to you, gentlemen of the jury; Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. When Thoreau was placed in prison for refusing to pay taxes, he was visited by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Emerson said: ―David, what are you doing in jail?‖ and Thoreau replied: ―Ralph, what are you doing outside, when honest people are in jail for their ideals?…’

A brief history of the Cult of Judaism, and its often unwilling servants

The Sumerian clay tablet prequel to the official inception of the Cult of Judah by a Sumerian Priest

The story of the Cult of Judaism probably extends back to an ancient Sumeria ruled by ‘Annunaki’, space men, who insisted we worship them as gods. Some of these ‘astronauts’ were ‘jealous’ gods who demanded we serve them, mindlessly, as their slaves. YHWH, our cult’s ‘god’ expressed all the ‘lesae majestie’ of a two year old throwing a fit of violent rage any time it does not get what it wants. Other ‘astronauts’ like Enki / Marduk actually sought to assimilate humans into Annunaki culture, including sharing technology with them. Marduk built the space port / star gate / wormhole / crossing point we call ‘The tower of Babylon’, (Babel-on = Gateway / ladder to – Sun) where humans ‘mingled’ with annunaki, and shared in their advanced technological teachings. It seems ‘Nibiru’ really refers to a ‘crossing point’ or ‘gateway’ through which the Annunaki ‘wandered’ between dimensions / planets. And that the technology worked with resonance / resonant frequency shifting. Thus the ‘ring’ of power refers to a ‘ring-ing’, and the ‘waves’ resonating from all the Enki / Ahura. Mazda figures reflect this technology, but have been misunderstood to represent ‘water’, as ‘waves on the water’ are the clearest form of ‘waveforms’ to the naked eye / primitive mind. Just as a ‘snake’ appears as a sine wave, or resonant frequency, and forms the oldest ‘cult’ worship sites yet discovered, dating back thousands of years earlier than any Sumerian clay tablet.

The same ‘resonance’ technologies were also apparently used for breaking and rebuilding DNA, to ensure perfect health, and almost eternal longevity, without ageing. For the Annunaki were said to live thousands of years, and ‘come from’ ‘Nibiru’, that is, come out of, and travel in, star gates, rather than any spaceship.

This is why Enlil / YHWH ‘nuked’ Marduk’s ‘tower of Babylon’, murdering countless humans, and ‘dividing’ them into scattered tribes, each which would develop their own languages, and via ‘divide and conquer’, cease to be a ‘threat’ to YHWH’s / Enlil’s monopoly on power and knowledge. YHWH / Enlil was ‘jealous’ not just of ‘other gods’, like Marduk, but of the advanced technology he was not going to share with mere ‘humans’.

Many of the oldest historical documents, the very oldest Sumerian clay tablets, literally describe ‘those who from Heaven down came’ as giants with hi-tech ‘celestial’ weapons, and flying ‘boats’. These alien visitors had come to earth during one of the regular ‘fly bys’ their home planet ‘Nibiru’ makes as ‘the wanderer’ that enters our solar system every 3600 years. This ‘wanderer’ has been reported by many cultures, including the Romans, as a ‘new star in the sky’. Remember that we can barely see the existing planets in our solar system with the naked eye. They appear as small as the ‘stars’ in the sky. The most recent appearance of Nibiru may have been reported as a ‘comet’. It’s entry into our solar system would not be the dramatic affair many bloggers falsely lead you to expect.

These ‘astronauts’ or ‘Annunaki’ or ‘Aliens’ from Nibiru apparently travelled to earth in order to mine gold, required to ‘repair the damaged atmosphere of their home planet.’. They converted the gold mined on earth into monoatomic gold. They also converted other elements into monoatomic elements.

The ‘Annunaki’ are reported, in the clay tablets, to enjoy life spans over thousands of years. The true ‘tree of life’ and ‘philosophers’ stone’ is considered by many ‘experts’ to be some form of monoatomic gold or other monoatomic element. It is believed that these monoatomic elements, consumed as powders, were employed along with various ‘resonance’ therapies, to maintain DNA in its original state.

Remember that many animals such as alligators, crocodiles, some fish, and so on, never actually experience ‘old age’. They do not age at all, in the sense of experiencing any deterioration in their strength, vitality, abilities, or enjoyment of life. They do not suffer any of the debilitating health problems we humans associate with ageing, and old age. As far as anyone can know, they could live forever, never ‘ageing’, merely growing stonger and bigger, until some disease or predator ends their lives via an ‘unnatural’ death.

In humans, however, over time the CTAG genes break away from their double helix bindings. This is what leads to mutations and the negative effects associated with aging. The DNA is damaged, and replicates this damage. Over time the damage accumulates, which we experience as the negative health effects associated with ‘aging’, and ultimately death.

It is believed that various acoustic chambers were set up and precisely ‘tuned’ to resonant frequencies of DNA. The original source of the resonances could be vocal chanting. However once the sound waves begin bouncing off the walls of the chamber, they develop their own characteristics, with certain frequencies being reflected back ‘in phase’, and others ‘cancelling each other out’, as they reflect back on themselves ‘out ofphase’. The walls, and other structures incorporated into the resonance chambers, were‘tuned’ to achieve these effects.

Thus the particular frequencies present in the original sound waves produced by the vocal chords would become amplified, and build up to produce an ambient resonance in the room, which would, by virture of emphatic resonance, then begin resonating / vibrating the cells of the bodies of people in the chamber, and ultimately their DNA.

The DNA strands would ‘detach’ from their double helix ‘bindings’ and then re-join, in their original state / condition. And so any ‘damage’ done to the DNA since the last ‘resonance therapy’ would be ‘un-done’. The CTAG genes would detach from the double helix bindings, take on their original, pure, undamaged state / condition / arrangements / patterns, and then re-attach to the double helix ‘bindings’.

Remember that all apparently ‘solid’ matter is merely ‘strings of energy’ vibrating at different frequencies. And so we ‘see’ a certain narrow bandwith of the electromagnetic ‘soup’ everything in the universe is made of. We ‘hear’ another very narrow bandwidth of frequencies. We ‘feel’ others. We ‘smell’ others. Our sense organs are ‘tuned’ to different ‘frequency bandwithds’ of the electromagnetic spectrum. There is in fact a continuous spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies, and our sense organs and brains construct all we see, hear, feel, smell, and so on, from various narrow bandwidths of this spectrum. We have no ‘sense organs’ or ‘means of decoding most of the electromagnetic spectrum.

For example we have no sense organs for ‘downloading’ and ‘decoding’ the digital ‘data’ we are in fact immersed in right now. All the ‘Wi-Fi’ that is there, but you don’t perceive, until it is decoded by your computer into video, images, sound, haptic vibrations, and so on. You cannot ‘decode’ radio waves directly, nor digital television broadcasts. However you surely must recognise that you are ‘immersed’ in them any time you are within range of a transmission tower, any time your phone or Wi-Fi has ‘reception’ i.e ‘bars’.

In the same way most of ‘reality’ is never perceived by us. We do not ‘decode’ it. We do not ‘experience’ it. We do not ‘perceive’ it. We do not ‘convert’ it into some sensory perception, as we do with the vibrations within the 20Hz to 20kHz bandwidth, which our brains convert into ‘sounds’, or the ‘visible light spectrum’ we perceive as ‘light’ and ‘color’ and ‘shape’, or the ‘infrared’ spectrum nerve endings register and encode into electrical signals which are ‘decoded’ by the brain, which uses them to construct the sensation we ‘feel’ as ‘heat’. Or the absence of heat, ‘cold’. It must be clear that ‘heat’ relates to faster vibrations, and ‘cold’ to slower vibrations’, simply by virtue of our experiences with ‘friction’ producing heat.

While I have not yet come across any evidence of people with ‘extra’ sensory perception, that is, extra sense faculties, such as sonar, or the ability to ‘read minds’, we must be open to entertaining the idea of this possibility, while remaining ‘skeptical’. Skeptic originally meant ‘seeker’. ‘Skeptic’ referred to someone who is continually ‘seeking’ closer approximations or ‘correspondences’ with possible ‘realities’ or ‘truths’, about the nature of our realities, and the realities of our natures, (TROONATNOOR). Seeking is a process. It does not assume there is any fixed ‘reality’ or ‘truth’. It merely honestly seeks to comprehend the current apparent state of TROONATNOOR. It is flexible. It avoids ‘idolising’ ‘knowledge’ or ‘truth’. Literally this is what ‘idolatry’ is. To take a living, changing process, and ‘fix’ it ‘for all time’, in some form. Whether the ‘end of history’ idolized by Marxists, or the ‘God’ or ‘Truth’ idolized by the Cult of Judaism, and it’s various ‘offshoots’, including Christianity, and Islam.

Anyone selling fixed idols such as ‘The end of history’ or proposing to be ‘The last prophet’, and offering ‘the final word’, the ‘L.A.W law’ of anything, from a ‘law’ of physics to a ‘moral’ law, is a charlottan seeking to enslave you with their mind prison. This is the true ‘magician’ who can ‘persuade’ you to ‘submit’ to their supposed ‘authority’. They will claim to speak for ‘Historical Determinism’ or ‘God’ or ‘Truth’. They will seek to transfer the ‘authority’ from some imaginary ‘God’ or ‘Angel’ to themselves. So that they can claim to speak ‘in the name of’ that ‘God’ or ‘Angel’. Or that ‘scientific law of historical determism’ in the case of Marxism. Or some ‘irrefutable and self-evident’ truth they claim to be the representative of, and act in the name of.

The authentic philosopher, and ‘natural philosopher’ a.k.a ‘Scientist’, must live and breathe skepticism in every cell, in every action, in every thought, in every word. This skeptic must reject all ‘dogma’. All ‘idols’. All ‘fixed’ notions. They must practice ZEN. They must let ‘reality’ speak to them, rather than impose definitions upon it. My TROONATNOOR series of books all deal with this vital matter. So please read them. Study them. Practise Humean ZEN Skepticism in your daily life. It will be challenging at first. But then very liberating and rewarding. Oh, but you will of course make yourself the ‘Amalek’ and ‘Edom’ of EVERY cult on earth, of EVERY dogmatic system, of EVERY would-be slave master, and every willing slave. Not a great sales pitch, I realise.

If this world is a training ground, providing the ‘karma’ or ‘experiences’ required to grow spiritually, evolving to higher levels of being, higher ‘resonant frequencies’ of existence, then the reward for this Humean ZEN Skepticism will not be enjoyed on this earth, on the levels of existence we are familiar with. They will come in next lives, in which we are new born into ‘higher’ states of being. More desirable forms of ‘experience engines’. And so our aim in this case would be to learn empathy for all sentient beings. To cease willing the use of other sentient beings as mere means to our own ends of pleasure and relief and security of both.

But what if this world is the only world available? Then are we wasting our time? No. For the same principles and values, if applied to this world, would optimize the experience of living here for all sentient beings. And thus we would turn this world into the closest approximation of ‘the kingdom of heaven’ possible. Our every action, thought, motive, would ‘correspond’ to the motives, actions, and thoughts required to optimize our experience of life on this planet.

So either way we win. If we end up on the Gallows, or having to escape ‘fates worse than death’ by ending our own lives, as a result of living with integrity, faithful to the highest principles and ethics, then we can look forward to our spiritual advancement in next lives. If we must return to this world, then our past life actions would have improved it.

If we by some good fortune manage to ascend to power in this world, and can thus use this power to enlighten our societies, then we will fulfill the amibtions of every authentic prophet, Jesus and Buddha inclusive. We would discover ‘the kingdom of heaven that is within us’ and ‘manifest’ this kingdom of heaven in the world in which we live. THAT is the true nature of ‘manifestation’. The ‘external’ world we live ‘in’ will always be a reflection of our real desires, motives, and ambitions.

The kingdom of heaven is to be Vegan. That is what the prophets have always indicated. For how could the world be a paradise when the majority of sentient beings in it are enslaved and exploited as mere means to other sentient beings ends?

For as you do unto others, so shall be done unto you. Love they neighbor as thyself. Define all other sentient beings as ‘your neighbour’. This is the only true ethic. A universal ethic. A universally INCLUSIVE ethic. Based on Rawl’s ‘Veil of Ignorance’ and my own ‘Optimal Ethics Generator’, which is an evolution of Rawl’s brilliant ethics technology.

In order for the model of ‘reality’ we have in our ‘heads’, in our ‘minds’, in our ‘imagination’, to continually (for it is a process) correspond more closely with ‘the truth’ or ‘reality’ that is ‘out there’, if it indeed is not all ‘in our heads’, we must be open-minded and able to entertain ANY idea or belief, while remaining skeptical of ALL beliefs. This prevents us falling into the sin of idolatary. Of dogma. Of ‘self-evident’ ‘truth’. Of ‘unquestionable’ ‘fact’. For there are no ‘facts’. Everything must be questioned. It must be question-able. That is, it must be formulated / expressed in a way that it actually encourages and facilitates and ongoing process of active questioning, interrogation, and challenge. That is the basis of the ‘scientific’ method, which is basically Humean ZEN skepticism.

Actively participating in such a process enables us to interact ‘heuristically’, based on practical, probable, seemingly reliable to date ‘rules of thumb’, interacting with the world as it ‘seems’ to be, and thus taking advantage of ‘apparent’ patterns of ‘interaction and outcome’ (and never ‘cause and effect’ which is pure dogma), to predict the outcomes of particular interactions, and to deliberately re-produce some interactions in order to benefit from the ‘probable’ outcomes.

Prima Facie, the accounts given in the Sumerian clay tablets, impressed into wet clay, to now appear literally ‘written in stone’, are much more probable, and consistent with what we can observe with our sense perceptions, and with what we can logically induce and deduce with simple reason, than the ‘explanations’ offered by our current Cults of Judaism, namely Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Even that fourth expression of the Cult of Judaism known as ‘Marxism’.

These clay tablet ‘recordings’ predate any known references to any ‘Torah’, as they predate the ‘father’ of this cult, Abraham. The ‘creation’ stories and ‘flood’ stories we find in the Torah / Old Testament are simply less detailed and less ‘realistic’ re-tellings of the ‘originals’ found in the Sumerian tablets. In the Sumerian tables the Annunaki ‘produce’ humans by combining the DNA of the Annunaki themselves, with pre-human hominoids already present on Earth. The ‘jealous god’ Enlil literally carries out massive nuclear strikes on the human populations, and ‘competing’ gods such as Marduk. We are literally ‘produced’ (you cannot ‘create’ anything) ‘in the image of’ our ‘creators / god’ Enki. We are literally ‘produced’ to ‘serve’ our ‘creator’ as slaves in the gold mines, and then as ‘ego massagers’ as Enlil, on his power trip, demands we worship him alone, as ‘the one god’. He is indeed jealous. We can relate to our ‘gods’ as we are literally ‘made in a test-tube’ by them. Only Enlil is ‘jealous’, a typical ‘human’ trait we inherited from our Annunaki genetic ancestors, and demands his ‘chosen people’ worship ‘only him’.

Compare this to the vague ‘mythical’ beliefs of all our present day cults, and those we have records of, and surely the Sumerian clay tablet narratives and discources must immediately appear the saner, more rational, more reasonable, more ‘scientific’, more compelling, intellectually, and on every other level, within ever other ‘way of knowing’, in every ‘representation system’, and in every way.

The only thing lacking is the ‘fear of god’ and any ‘transferred authority’ / ‘transferred fear’ of the Priests. For if ‘God’ was some ‘Nibiru technician’, ‘just like us’, but merely with access to greater technological resources and knowledge, then why would be offer ‘the best of the best’ to the Priests? Why would be ‘submit’ to the ‘authority’ of the Priests, if they have zero authority, other than that any other person could claim, by virtue of physical force, compelling argument, or persuasion?

So we clearly see the reason why the original and more likely ‘true’ and at least more ‘compelling’ ‘creation myth’ and ‘human history’ had to be rewritten / distorted / interpolated with additions / withheld from us. Enlil / YHWH was real. A person like us, but with access to superior weapons and technology. He could compel us to submit to him. He literally destroyed ‘Amalek’ and ‘Edom’, that is, anyone who would not submit. Just like a two year old child with access to advanced technologies could and would, in the thrall of a sense of ‘lesae majestie’. ‘How dare mere humans defy the great Enlil? Let them all die for upsetting me. Just picture a two year old child not getting what they want, and having the power to punish us for denying it what it wants. That’s your YHWH. Your ‘God’. That is literally Enlil, the Annunaki leader depicted in the Sumerian clay tablets. Tablets that predate the birth of Abraham by thousands of years. Tablets plagiarized by Abraham and his Priesthood.

At the time the oldest Sumerian cuneiform tablets were ‘inscribed’ on wet clay and left to harden, the Anunaki were living among them, as their ‘Gods’. They didn’t need to be persuaded. They weren’t dealing with ‘myths’ or ‘imaginary figures’. They were dealing with flesh and blood beings very much like themselves, but with massively more advanced technologies. Technologies similar to those we today possess, or are in the process of developing, and having, in the very near future.

The ‘power’ the Priests of the Cult of Judaism, and every other cult that emerged long after the Annunaki left earth to return to Nibiru (though many tablets state that 600 remained on earth), have all wielded ‘imaginary’ power made real by the power of persuasion. Just as today the Cult of Judaism weild a power massively disproportionate to their ‘real’ strength, by virtue of mere ‘persusasion’ and ‘transferred authority’.

Within the cult the Priests enjoy the ‘transferred authority’ of the God in whose name all their proclamations, laws, controls, censorships, limits, restraints, punishments, and rewards are enacted.

Outside the cult the power rests on persuasion. The Cult Engineers persuaded us to give them control over our money supply. They persusaded us to pay them for providing a service we never wanted. They persuaded us to fight in wars we had no interest in fighting. They persuaded us to submit to laws that were unconstitutional. They persuade us to ‘believe’ in ‘The Holocaust’ and ‘Man-made global climate crisis tipping point’ and Iraqi ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’. They persuade us that ‘the 911 destruction was caused by a few aeroplanes being hijacked and flown into buildings’. They persuade us that faked media stunts like ‘Sandy Hook’ actually happened. They persuade us that ‘lone gunmen’ carried out mass shootings such as the Port Arthur massacre, so we will give up our constitutional right to own the weapons necessary to defend ourselves from tyrannical governments. They persuade us that ‘lone bombers’ manage to obtain, then expertly employ, explosives to blow up Federal buildings, such as the ‘Oklahoma City bombing’.

They persuade us via mass media propaganda. They persuade our leaders via bribery, and blackmail, and promises of political power.

They persuade even those on the fringes of their cult, the secular ‘Jews’ and ‘emancipated’ ‘Jews’, to support the Cult’s parallel ambitions for their own ‘State’, and a ‘Jew’ World Order, both to be gained via genocide, as we shall soon see.

They persuade organisations and states to combine into ever fewer states and organisations, so that power becomes more and more centralised in fewer and fewer hands. So centralised that all the Cult engineers need do is persuade a very few people to do their bidding, in order to direct, steer, and control, and manipulate, world events in directions that will ultimately lead to a one world government, which they will control. Their ‘Jew’ World Order.

Once you have power concentrated in a few hands, you can easily co-opt this power. You can have your own people ‘elected’ to these posts. Or simply corrupt the existing occupants of these posts. If they won’t succumb to bribery or blackmail, or threats, you simply have them assassinated. Just like JFK. Like they tried to do with Chavez. Like they did with Mohamar Ghadafi and Saddam Hussein.

It is too easy, once you have control of the means of dissemination of information, and of propaganda, to get the masses to believe almost anything you want them to belive.

You don’t have to get them to believe in your ‘God’ any more. You don’t need the ‘transferred authority’ of those old Gods or angels any more. Once you have real power, you don’t need ‘religion’ at all. For you have already attained what which ‘religion’ was the means to attaining. You have your ‘ends’. Power. You don’t need to ‘justify’ yourself, by claiming you are acting in the name of some god. For you have now attained absolute hegemony. You can determine ‘reality’ for most people. You can construct any ‘social reality’ you wish. You can program people to think anything, to feel any way, to believe any thing, which you desire.

You can condition people to react to any stimuli in any way consistent with human nature.

You divide and conquer any competing world powers. You literally trick the nations of the world into destroying each other. Into murdering each other’s men, women, children, and animals. You destroy can competition for power. Any alternative basis for society and power structures.

You are a jealous cult. You will never share power with anyone. You demand total power. A one world government controlled by you. The world will either serve you, or be destroyed.

This is why most of the current elites of ‘The Cult of Judaism’ are not in any way ‘religious’. Their religion is power. Control. They are ‘secular’ and mostly free of any ‘religious’ dogma.

However the old dogma still serves its purposes. For most of the members of the Cult of Judaism would NOT go along with their cult leader’s plans. Many are ‘true believers’. Many have superior ethics which would not condone any form of slavery. Many just want to be ‘left in peace to enjoy their humble lives’. Most would never be willing to fight and die just so their Cult leaders could enjoy absolute power and control over everything and everyone on this earth.

So while, as in all religions, the top ‘Priests’ and ‘Cult leaders’ tend to be secular, atheists, and totally aware that their ‘religion’ is all ‘noble’ lies at best, most would be so worldly and cynical and self-serving as to have long abandoned even the illusion and self-deception that the lies are ‘noble’ at all. Most of the Cult of Judaism’s elites, whether they wear Priestly robes and speak in their Temples to their faithful, or wear expensive suits and speak in their ‘Knesset’ parliament buildings or on television, or in the U.S Congress, before their adoring supplicants, make no bones about it. Religion is a tool. The lies are not noble. The lies are merely weapons. They are the ultimate form of control. Of slavery. Of power. The ultimate means to their ends. Mere means to ends. Nothing ‘noble’ at all. They are not employed to ‘noble’ ends. There is nothing ‘noble’ about the intentions of those who employ them.

So we must ‘emancipate’ the ‘true beleivers’ and the ‘lukewarm believers’ from these lies. I do so in ‘Religion’. By explaining the common origins of all forms of religion. I seek to save the baby from the bath water, by extracting from all the religions, the elements of wisdom present in them. These ‘pearls’ of widom which were merely added (interpolated) to grant otherwise completely ludicrous and malicious rubbish the patina of ‘received wisdom’ and ‘nobility’ and ‘good will’ and ‘holiness’. Or added by well meaning sages who were attempting to turn the religions to some real good, seeing that the religions held their adherents firmly in thrall, and that disabusing them of the lies was going to be a doomed task, one which at very least would lead to the reformer’s own deaths, as we see with the case of ‘Jesus’.

But here we will quickly outline the supposed history of the Cult of Judaism, and its members, today called ‘Jews’, in order to highlight the role models for current and future Cult actions a.k.a ‘predictive programming’ and ‘pattern recognition allowing for prediction of future actions’.

We shall see clearly that the leaders of the Cult of Judaism always infiltrate the centers of power of their contemporaneous world, and persuade the most powerful leaders to do their bidding. The cult members are ‘disposable’ and ‘interchangeable’. They are mere means to the cult leader’s ends. They are not ‘loved’ by the cult leaders. The cult leaders do not act with the interests of their membership in mind. The members are mere tools. Mere means. Mere slaves. Of course to motivate slaves you need to offer them both carrots and sticks. The carrot of ‘heaven’, and the stick of ‘hell’ for those more prone to falling for such tricks. But for the less gullible, and more ‘worldly’, you appeal to the worst in human nature, and offer the right to rape, murder, steal from, and enslave, all non-cult members, in return for the loyalty and submission of your cult members.

Once you escape the ‘fear’ underlying all religious dogma, this all becomes too obvious to miss. Only while you are in the trance state, the thrall, the mind prison of the cult conditioning, can the Priests manipulate you with fears of eternal hells, or promises of eternal heavens. Their silly threats are meaningless to anyone who has ‘escaped’ the cult conditioning.

However most humans never escape their cult conditioning. At least not fully. There remains enough residual doubt and fear to prevent people being able to ‘laugh at’ and ‘mock’ the religion they ‘grew up’ in, and were conditioned by. And today the cult of Judaism has ensured it is actually a crime to ‘mock’ their religious beliefs. Humour was always the most powerful remedy to dogmatic lies. Thus it was always the number one threat to the cult leaders. Laws against ‘Anti-Semitism’ and ‘vilification’ of religions today pick up where the ‘Mosaic Law’ leave off. Then the laws were backed by force. Moses was quite happy to massacre tens of thousands of his cult members any time they became a little too ‘lukewarm’ in their fear of ‘God’ and the Priests. But at that time the ‘law’ was still backed by the ‘authority’ of ‘God’. Today the ‘law’ is backed by the authority of the state, whether or not the actors still believe in ‘Gods’ at all, let alone that the Priests speak with that God’s authority.

Just to be clear, when I say ‘transferred authority’ it means that a Priest can ex-communicate you from god’s kingdom, and damn you to eternal hell. I go into details in ‘Religion’ which would take up too much space to include here.

So now to the ‘origin story’ of the ‘Jews’. Just so you can see the ‘precedents’ the ‘Jew’ World Order have based their historical acts upon, and will continue to base their future acts upon. Just so you can see the clear pattern that emerges. Just so you can be confident in reasonably predicting what the world’s most informed and able minds have been trying to warn you about for thousands of years.

‘Forgive them for they know not what they do’. [Jesus]

‘Fuck them, they know exactly what they are doing’. [Anonymou]. (Nah, why bother, you know it was me! Yes Mrs Adams, I am being facetious. And thankyou for being so forgiving to me as a student, and encouraging me. Yes, sure, I was an outstanding student, always out standing in the corridor, for being too disruptive, but now I am ‘disrupting’ on a whole new level)]

Douglas Reed was not the first to stumble upon a conspiracy to impose a world government on an enslaved humanity. However his book ‘The Controversy of Zion’, is one of the best post war and pre-‘911’ books on the subject. I was inspired to continue with my mammoth project begun with ‘TROONATNOOR’, and ‘Religion’, and which after my having stumbled down the rabbit hole while researching ‘911’, lead to me writing series of books on the ‘Jew’ World Order. Books that were fairly quickly banned by Amazon et al. I love Reed’s book as it provided insights and details I had not found explained in any detail elsewhere. It allowed me to ‘complete the picture’. To have a completely ‘holistic’ understanding. To avoid unfairly targeting all ‘Jews’, while still holding all ‘Jews’ accountable for what they are responsible for. Now my conscientious nature is satisfied that I am saving not only us from them, but them from themselves. For we are all equally victims of the Cult of Judaism. And very few of us, or them, really understood, up to now, what we were the victim of, and what we are dealing with, and how to ‘emancipate’ us all, from the Cult of Judaism.

Everything Reed predicted in his writing has come to pass. He observed a pattern and described it, and extended it, projecting it into the future. We are today sitting on a precipice. At any moment the Cult of Judaism will launch its final war to end all freedoms. It will sacrifice the 6 million ‘Jews’ living in Palestine as part of its plan. If it is anti-semitic in the ‘legal’ sense to seek to save the lives of 6 millions Jews, then you can now understand the basis of ‘the law’. It is the law of the Cult of Judaism. The aim of this law is a ‘Jew’ World Order. The rule of this entire planet, the absolute control over everyone and every thing on it. That is what ‘the law’ works towards. Being ‘law abiding’ is signing away your own rights and freedoms forever. And those of your children, and their children, forever without end.

We have gone from 10 commandments, lead by he Cult of Judah’s ‘hidden hand’, to first 613 ‘rules and statutes’, and then on to the 36 volumes of the Talmud, until today our law codes fill entire libraries. Every aspect of human life is today micro-managed. The Cult of Judah’s Levitical Priests wet dream. Today’s government intervention in our lives is as unprecedented as is our total lack of privacy. This is as defining a property of Cult mentality as anything could be. Only a totally compulsive person demands to know what others are doing, from birth to death, from waking to sleeping. Only a totally neurotic obsessive personality has any interest in another person’s sex life, or which ‘stimulants’ and ‘relaxants’ they choose to consume. Only a paranoid personality fears allowing their neighbours any freedom or liberty whatsoever. Only the paranoid suspects every person of being a potential ‘mass murderer’ from whom they must deny, at any price, access to any form of ‘self defence’ which might be employed in ‘assaults’.

The Cult of Judah enforced their tyrannical dictatorship via denouncements of friends and family. Today every telephone call you make, every email your send, ever post you make, ‘can and will be used against you in a court of law’. Cult law, that is. Who do you think wrote your legal codes? Did anyone ever ask you your opinion? Did you get to vote on your laws? From a position of cool, calm, rational, calculation, that is. After being presented with all the facts by unbiased, well informed, independent experts and peer reviewed professionals? So you could judge for yourself from a position of informed consent with the freedom to dissent, and reject such laws? From a position of calm, collected, clear headed, overview of the holistic situation?

Not from a position of terror and fear, after a series of massively publicized ‘false flag’ and ‘faked’ mass shootings. Not after decades of brainwashing with false information, deception, mis-direction, and propaganda. Not after a life of conditioning by mass media, and mis-education systems, that lead you to ‘know’ that ‘6 million Jews were murdered in a ‘Holocaust’, or that ‘Arab hijackers carried out the 911 attacks’ or that ‘Muslim terrorists are about to kill you and your family at any moment’, or that ‘illegal drugs are bad but alchol and prescription drugs are great’, or that ‘Judaism is a religion of peace and tolerance’. Along with all the various lies and propaganda we are forced to consume with our mothers milk, from the day we open our eyes, to the day we are freed from this prison planet by death.

The Jew.N is the Cults universal Cult enforcer, in the making. Soon world wide mass scale false flags and instigated, provoked wars, will together be used to justify total ‘martial law’ around the occupied nations. The Jew.N will be ‘invited’ in to bring law and order. The Cult’s Law, that is. The Cult’s, ‘orders’. The Cult will produce the crises which its puppets will present themselves as the solution to. The solution will be worse than any problem humanity has ever faced. It will make the Jew.S.S.R look like a paradise of universal freedom, liberty, love, and goodwill, in comparison.

The Jew.N is not seeking to make the world a better place by banning private gun ownership. The problem for the U.N, for the Jew World Order, is that it is impossible to totally ‘control’ people, if they own guns. In the same way it wants to monopolise nuclear weapons for its Jew World Order, it wants to ensure that no ‘independent’ non Cult of Judah communities have access to weapons with which to ‘resist’ the Jew World Order occupations.

Mr. Roosevelt (according to Mr. Baruch’s biographer, Mr. Morris V. Rosenbloom) as far back as 1923, after his paralysis, devoted his sickbed time to drafting “a plan to preserve peace” which, as president, he revised in the White House, then giving his blueprint the title, “The United Nations“.

But the ‘peace’ intended was not the true peace of justice, liberty, and truth. It was to be a ‘Pax Judaica’, where the ‘Jewish’ ‘Effendi’ (masters) were at liberty to murder, rape, and enslave the non-Jewish population of the entire world. That is the peace that tyrants and dictators have always sought. The peace of absolute power. Absolute tyranny. Absolute slavery. Absolute submission of the masses to a tiny minority of elites who would enjoy every possible ‘liberty’, while their ‘slaves’ enjoyed only whatever ‘priveleges’ their masters might temporarily, and arbitrarily, allow them, when they felt generous, or so disposed to reward a ‘good pet’ or ‘satisfactory sexual performance’ or ‘good job’.

I am the most conscientious person you will find. I pay for my high ethics every day, in every way. And I will certainly pay for my honesty and truthfulness, my good faith and good will, in writing this.

The Cult of Judaism will never rest until it has absolute power over everyone and everything in the entire world. No obstruction of this ambition is ever tolerated.

Today millions of Amercian citizens could take back their government, relieving themselves of the Jew World Order occupation government, and thus setting back the Jew World Order plans considerably. For they are armed. As their ‘founding fathers’ intended. As the last ‘insurance policy’ for their hard won freedoms, rights, and liberties. Gun ownership was not made a right to facilitate hunting or sports. It was made a right to ensure that tyrants would never be able to take back the rights bestowed upon the Amercians by their War of Independence freedom fighters, and later ‘Constitution’ writers.

I have documented the series of ‘faked shootings’ and ‘false flags’ that the Jew World Order have carried out in the U.S.A, in an attempt to swing public opinion against gun ownership. It succeeded in Australia, after carrying out one final, massive, ‘false flag’, known today as ‘The Port Arthur Massacre’. I will do a detailed report on that false flag later, as it forms an important ‘landmark’ in the clear pattern that emerges, once it is presented to you. My aim is to present it to you. You can read my earlier books now and see the pattern. All I intend doing is laying it out a bit clearer and neater, and updating the factual data with new insights and information I’ve found.

During the chaos and confusion, and terror and fear, of war, people are vulnerable to being mislead to support institutions they would never otherwise condone. Just like 911 was carried out to instill fear, and confusion in the minds of the general public, so that they would accept the erosion of all their rights and liberties, passing ‘The Patriot Act’ and submitting to the arbitrary tyranny of ‘executive orders’.

Chaos and confusion. Disillusionment with the ‘straw man’ democracies, croney capitalisms, corrupt religions, and distorted ethical systems and even ‘moralities’. All to drive people to the edge of what they can bear. So much frustration of personal desires and hopes. So much undermining of public confidence in ‘democracy’ and ‘free markets’ and even ‘freedom of speech’. So much mongering of mistrust and fear of their neighbours, and ‘foreigners’. So many crises upon crises. So much financial instability. So many ‘terrorist’ attacks. So many ‘gun massacres’. So much debilitating despair and bewilderment with the ‘traditional’ systems our forefathers fought to have accepted by the tyrants of their day.

And the final result will be what the KGB defector revealed as the true plan of the Jew.S.S.R, ‘Jew’ World Order. Total mental confusion, disorder, disillusionment, mistrust, loss of faith, and bewilderment.

We in the west will lose all confidence and faith in ourselves. In our own leaders. In our own institutions that were never allowed to function as their designers had intended. We were never given true, conspiracy free capitalism, as Adam Smith intended. We were never given representative democracy where ‘the best person for the job’ was given the chance to ‘run for office’ and work in the interests of those who elected them.’ We were never allowed a religion base on the actual intended philosophies of Jesus or Buddha. We were given ‘straw man’ ‘Christianity’ and even ‘Buddhism’.

We will be given the false impression that we had given all our ‘traditional’ institutions a ‘fair go’. We had tried them and they failed. We had tried democracy, and all we got was one deceitful leader after another. Trump has been installed to put the final death blow to our confidence in ‘democracy’. We will have ‘learned’ that everything we inhetited from our forefathers was tainted, corrupt, doomed to failure. It was never going to work out.

Then we will be offered the bright shining prospect of a one world government that promises to fulfill all the promises all our past governmnts, institutions, philosophies, and religions had failed to deliver on.

Just like the Bolshevik’s promise of a ‘workers paradise’ and ‘end of history’, an end to all conflict, and got a prison state, a police state, a reign of terror, the Jew World Order who carried out that ‘revolutionary’ coup, will present themselves for the final blow to any chance we ever had of justice, truth, and liberty.

The Jew World Order will offer us its ‘solution’. Prettily packaged with all the flair and style that their full spectrum propaganda machine can muster. All the talents of Madison Avenue, combined with Hollywood, and television, will be employed to ‘sell us’ on their ‘New World Order’. Never in the history of show business or marketing will a greater pitch to the general public ever have been made.

All the glitz and glamour. All the fear mongering. The pathos tugging. The eloquence. The emotional manipulation.

All coming at a time of greatest vulnerability. When we are facing, or made to believe we are facing, humanities greatest threat. Whether it be world war three, or some environmental catastrophe, alien invasion, or meteor.

We will be in the worst possible position for attempting to form rational, reasonable decisions. We will only have their deceptive and misleading propaganda to base any decisions on. They will censor anything that contradicts and challenges their ‘message’ in the slightest. Every item published anywhere in any medium will be ‘on message’.

The message will be that there is only one possible solution. One hope. And that is whatever the Jew World Order chose to represent themselves as at that time. A simple ‘New World Order’. Or ‘the fulfillment of the Biblical prophecies’, the ‘Kingdom of Heaven on Earth’. Or just a ‘United Nations World Federation’. This time with ‘teeth’. After having ‘pulled’ all the teeth of the masses, with ‘gun control’ laws.

Once everyone has been disarmed they become totally defenceless. The Jew World Order, in the guise of the Jew.N, will be able to literally round up the nations and ‘brand’ them as slaves. They will then be marked for either ‘milking’ as slaves, or ‘slaughter’. The ‘micro-chipped’ populations will have no more ‘priveleges’ than a cattle rancher gives their ‘cattle’. Some will find ‘favor’, and even some sentimental ‘affection’ from their masters. Others will be recruited as ‘overseers’ of their own people. Just as in the days of old.

As the Jew World Order comes out more and more into the open, there will be ‘Judas Goats’ who are ‘rewarded’ for their ‘loyalty’ to the Jew World Order. Like ‘apes’ literally ‘apeing’ their groups ‘Alpha Males’, in order to gain the same status, prestige, and benefits, for themselves, the most talented, able, and capable of potential ‘adversaries’ of the Jew World Order will be ‘bought off’ with positions higher up the Pyramid. This is how it has always worked. In Babylon and Assyria, and today in Europe, America, and Australia.

Many of the ‘puppets’ and ‘Golems’ actually believe they are working for some other ‘secret’ society with ‘good intentions’. They have zero idea that at the head of the pyramid sit the Cult of Judaism’s ‘Jew’ World Order elites. That everything the deceived Stonemason, Free mason, Jesuit, Marxist, or Carbon-taxer, Gun control lobbyist, Holohaox symphathiser, and Historical Revisionist criminaliser does, actually contributes to the power of the Cult of Judah, and brings its 3000 year old plan for world domination, and enslavement of all the ‘nations’, just that little bit closer to manifestation. To realisation. To attainment.

Anyone who looks into the secret societies will soon recognise they all belong to the Cult of Judah, and the ‘Jew’ World Order. JFK saw this as well as Hitler did before him.

I have written three other books on these subjects. I have written a volume on ‘Religion’. I have written many volumes of philosophy. I can easily put myself in the shoes of the Cult of Judah’s Priests. I ‘grok’ the whole ‘Cult’ thing. I understand more about what today is called Neuro Linguistic Programming than most people alive. I comprehend Humean Skepticism and Zen at least as well as anyone alive. I incorporated ideas in my novels long before I realised that other people had been employing them in the real world, for centuries. Things like ‘fake mass shootings’. I would never have considered real ‘false flags’, because they included real victims. But faked ‘media stunts’ like ‘Sandy Hook’ are completely consistent with what I thought were ‘novel’ ideas to use in my own novels.

This book is about the Cult of Judaism, and its ‘Jew’ World Order. But in order to expose this for what it is, we will have to deal with a lot of philosophy, pscychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Trance states, Hypnosis, economics, and history. But don’t worry. If I have any ‘super power’ it is the ability to explain things as simply and clearly as possible. Ask anyone who has got their hands on one of my Audio Engineering guides, by ‘Reaper’ guide, my ‘Vocal Training Guide’, or my ‘Guide to Lucid Dreaming’.

I never had any idea I’d be researching and writing about ‘Jews’. I stumbled into the Jew World Order conspiracy a few years ago, while looking into ‘911’. From there I’ve been tumbling down the rabbit hole, deeper and deeper, unable to resist further investigation, and feeling morally obliged to you, dear reader, to attempt to explain it all in a way that might be accessible to anyone willing and able to face reality, and grapple with the discomforting facts.

So let’s quickly get our heads around the history of the Cult of Judah, which has produced todays ‘Jew’ World Order.

From what we can induce and deduce from historical records, and the very best ‘Jewish’ scholarship, by around 958 BC a nomadic group of Semitic people called the Habiru had sesttled in Canaan, among the local inhabitants. Over time they had intermarried and had enjoyed a mutually beneficial cross-assimilationof peoples and cultures.

[There is no historical record to support any claims of an escape from an Egyptian captivity, followed by a genocide. That story appears, perhaps even more disturbingly for us than if it had been a historically accurate report, to have been added to the ‘Torah’ as a legal precedent, as a suggestion, a predictive programming tool, as a ‘moral compass’, as an instructional guie and role model for future generations. An instructive device for the future leadership and members of a Cult that had not yet gained the ascendancy. As such, nothing this Cult instigates its members to do in the present time can rightly come as a surprise to us. Our own leaders have zero excuses for not being prepared. And we can have no excuses to offer our children, when they ask, ‘Daddy, Mommy, how did we became slaves to the ‘Jew’ World Order’? Why do I have to have sex with all those men?

If you are too lazy and irresponsible to read this book, then you are not the audience I wrote it for. If you don’t have any innate instincts to self-preservation, to liberty, freedom, and justice, then perhaps you really always were mere slaves, just waiting for masters. If you are willing to fight for the wellbeing, lives, and freedom of yourself, and your family, then read on. And be ready to be shocked, terrified, and angered into peaceful, productive, constructive, action. If you aren’t willing to risk your lousy job or career prospects to save your children and their children from slaughter and/or slavery, then put this down now, grab a beer, and turn on a television ‘program’. Kiss any liberty you enjoy goodbye. Don’t look your children or loved ones in the eye ever again. For you have betrayed them, and they will see it].

By around 458 BCE, from among these various tribes of Hebrews, a tyrannical Cult had emerged. It soon had a large enough number of people in its thrall to establish itself as discrete entity. A community. An independent tribe.

Ben Yisrael, the ‘Children of Israel’, of the House of Joseph, decided that they wanted nothing more to do with the Judeans. After all it had been the father of the tribe of Judah who had sold their Patriarch Joseph into slavery, according to the oral histories. So it is no surprise that this ‘tribe’ turned out to be ‘no good’. The people wanted nothing to do with the Cult of Judah. In fact most modern scholars agree that the Judeans were in fact totally unrelated to the tribe of Joseph, via Jacob (Israel). So no-one would be surprised to find that the Cult of Judah ultimately came into conflict with the 10 tribes of Israel (Jacob).

After much inter-tribal politics and sometimes warfare, the Israelites gained control of the north of Canaan, and established their kingdom of Israel. Its capital became Samaria.

This left the Cult of Judah to establish its own nation of Judah / Judeah. They made Jew-rusalem / Jerusalem their Capital.

The small tribe of ‘Benjamin’ joined the tribe of Judah, along with a landless tribe of wandering hereditary Priests known as ‘Levites’ who claimed to speak with the authority of the god YHWH.

From ‘Judah’ we get the terms Judaism, Jude, Judas, and Jew.

As things turned out, Judah would outlive Israel, and take control of the religion they had inherited, which we know as ‘Judaism’.

So to clarify, ‘The Israelites were not Jews’. The concept ‘Jew’ emerged much later than the concept ‘Israelite’. The Israelites rejected ‘Judaism’ as an ideology after it emerged among them, and dissociated themselves from it. The Chief Rabbi of the British Empire in 1918, the Very Rev. J.H. Hertz, stated that ‘The people known at present as Jews are descendants of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin with a certain number of descendants of the tribe of Levi’.

[Hertz’s statement reminds us that today’s ‘Jews’ are not related to the original ‘Israeli’s. But what he doesn’t mention is the fact of the many conversions that took place since the days of Judah, including mass conversions, such as that of a Turkik people known as ‘Kharzars’, which lead to a majority of todays ‘Jewry’ consisting of AshkedNAZI jews descended from these Khazars, rather than any ‘peoples of the Bible’].

The original nation of Israel, what most people falsely identify with ‘Judaism’, in fact rejected Judaism. They rejected the Cult of Judah, with its genocidal plans to enslave the entire world.

Thus my call to all ‘Jews’ today to ‘renounce’ and ‘denounce’ the Cult of Judaism, and the Ideology of Judaism, the operational definition for ‘Semitism’ today, are totally consistent with the decisions and judgements formed by the 10 tribes of Israel who also rejected Judaism.

Judah was, according to the Levite scribes who joined the tribe of Judah after the civil war, was supposedly one of the 12 sons of Jacob who was later renamed ‘Israel’ for, like Mohammed after him, ‘wrestling with an angel’. Judah was the one who sold his brother Joseph to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver. We can calculate inflation by comparing this with the 30 pieces of silver another Judean, Judas, was paid for betraying Jesus. Judah had sex with his sister, thus founding the tribe of Judah in incest. (Genesis 37-38). The parallels with the Annunaki fathering children with their half-sisters is compelling. But what is equally interesting is that most modern day scholars reject this ascription of association between the tribe of Judah, the Cult of Judaism, and the 12 tribes of Israel, per se. In other words we have a Cult that took control of the writing of the oral tradition, and wrote itself into their own falsified version of that history. Which is further ironic given that later the same Priestly class would adopt a totally unrelated tribe, the Khazars, to form the new core and master class of the Cult, which in the 20th Century found its center in Russia. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to the beginning.

According to the Book of Samuel, which the Levites produced centuries after the events it supposedly describes, there was a brief period in which Judah and Israel re-unified, under a puppet-King named Saul, chosen by the head Priest, the Levite, Samuel, from the tribe of Benjamin, as their King, and Samaria as their capital.

This is where the concept of ‘Amalek’ enters into history. Saul was commanded to exterminate, in the first precedent / documented act of genocide in human history, the Amalekites. To ‘and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass’. This is also the first incidence of ‘anti-semitism’. It showed that nothing but total, complete, mindless, thoughtless, unhesitating, unreflecting, automatic, complete compliance and submission is the only acceptable response when dealing with the Cult of Judaism.

Like world leaders who came much later, Saul hesitated, and though he did his master’s bidding, he did not comply whole heartedly and 100%. For he left King-Agag and the best of the sheep, oxen, yearlings and lambs, alive.

If you ever deal with the Cult of Judaism, whether as a U.S President, or a Sayanim / Helper, you will find that the moment you deviate one iota from the prescribed course, you go from being a valued ally, to being an anti-semite.

Perhaps this never happened, but was meant as a role model and legal precedent for all the ‘Sayanim’ to follow. For Saul, although having done what for most people would be ‘enough’ to satisfy their master’s demands, did not do exactly as commanded. In secret Samuel looked for a replacement. He found one in the Judean, David.

Like many ‘Golems’ to follow, Saul sought in vain to satisfy his masters, and ultimately killed himself, finding it impossible. The Cult neither forgives nor forgets. It wants tools, not statesmen. Politicians that can be manipulated, not leaders.

So already the Levitical scribes have written into their histories role models, historical and/or legal precedents, for what is expected of anyone who would serve the Jew World Order, the Cult of Judaism. Genocide. Utter destruction. Of anyone and anything that would dare obstruct the Cult of Judaisms plans for a ‘Jew’ World Order. Anything or anyone that would dare this act of sacrilege is ‘Amalek’, and targeted for utter destruction. No mercy. No compassion. No exceptions.

With the death of Saul, Samuel, the head Priest of the Levitical Priesthood that dominated the Cult of Judaism, attempted to install King David, the Judean.

However the Israelites would not accept David as their King. They proclaimed Saul’s son, Ishoshbeth their new King of the united kingdom of Judea and Israel. The Levites had the newly crowned King killed, setting a legal precedent for the assassnations that would come later, such as that of JFK, the Romanov family, the earlier Russian Czar, the Austro-Hungarian Emperor, to name but a few.

And so David became nominal King of a nation that began disintegrating, having no organic basis, and zero trust existing between the Cult of Judaism in the South and the 10 tribes of Israel to the North. Within one more generation the nominal unity would be abandoned, with the Kingdom of ‘Israel’, merely a few centuries old, evaporating into the mists of myth, around 3000 years ago.

Based on this probably almost completely ficitious account, the modern day Zionists laid claim to the territory of Palestine, and much more. In fact they lay claim to the entire world. Based on their own ‘Holy’ books. Written by them, and for some reason incomprehensible to anyone who has not discovered the secrets of ‘imprinting beliefs’ and ‘implanting suggestions’, billions of people around the world ‘accept’ it as ‘divine truth’.

‘Jerusalem’ was only ever really nominally the capital of Israel during the reign of King David, which was never really accepted by the 10 Northern tribes as legitimate, and then only for David’s reign, and the King who followed David.

Until of course the modern day Zionist state named Israel was ‘founded’ by genocide and theft. And this unified ‘Israel’ didn’t last very long. The tensions intrinsic to the Cult of Judah which had previous ruled Judah as a theocracy, literally a ‘Cult’, and the freedom loving, independent spirited, liberal ‘ Israeli’s’ known today as ‘Emancipated’ ‘Jews’, made any lasting unification impossible. Just as today very few ‘European’ Jews have any interest in moving to modern day Israel, to live under the control of the Cult their ancestors rejected millennia before.

King David saw Bathsheba, a beautiful married woman, literally bathing on her rooftop. He had here brought to him immediately. He impregnated her. He got rid of her Hittite husband by the expedient of ordering him to the front line, where David’s men could murder him, and make it look like an enemy action. Her second son to David became the next King, Solomon. Of course Sol Om On has no historical existence outside of the books written by the Levitical scribes. Whatever the case, the Cult of Judaism clearly predicts that the ‘King of the Jews’, the ‘Messiah’, who will lead the ‘Jews’ to the foundation of their ‘Jew World Order’, will be of ‘The House of David’, and will thus ‘restore’ the ‘unity’ of the 12 tribes lost after Solomon’s death, almost 3000 years ago, in 937 BCE.

The mythical King Solomon’s death marked the end of the fragile union of North and South. The North, Israel, immediately moved towards independence, and ‘emacipation’ from the Cult of Judaism to the South.

It was the Levites, with their Cult of Judaism, their Ideology of Semitism, of racial supremacy, of exceptionalism, of genocide, and self-aggrandizement, that the Northern 10 tribes of Israel had, on the whole, rejected.

However over the next two hundred years the Northern 10 tribes and the Southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin, along with the 13th tribe of Levite Cult of Judah Priests, existed separately, sometimes at war, but still interacting culturally. It is during this time that the Hebrew prophets of the North, and maybe some brave Hebrews in the South, attempt to offer the CultLevites some sort of moral instruction.

This accounts for the more reasonable, spiritual, ethical, moral, sound, philosophical, and peaceful elements of the Torah. The bits that lend the repugnant whole some superficial credibility, if you are really desperate on salvaging the ‘Torah’ as any sort of valuable, honorable, noble, document, worth any sort of consideration as a spiritual guide, a moral compass, a role model, a code of ethics, or a legal code. It is these ‘interpolations’, these ‘additions’ that are ‘tacked on’, often totally ‘out of place’ and as ‘non sequiturs’ in the general context of the ‘Torah’, that are abused by the Cult to mask their actual core ‘beliefs’ and ambitions. To lure ‘outsiders’ into a false sense of security, comfort, complacency, and ‘tolerance’ of this ‘stranger’ that ‘keeps unto itself’, that lives among them, but never as one of them. That exists as a virus exists in a host. Not attracting attention until it has infested the entire organism, which is then doomed to be plagued by this pest until death.

Only when you take a moment to look closely at the real contents of the ‘Torah’ do you discover the horrific truth. The core belief of the Cult of Judaism, masquerading as an honest, beneficient, ‘spiritual’ organisation, is that the Cult have the self-given right to rule the world. Those people who will not serve the Cult as willing slaves, must be slaughtered, along with their families, and their animals. THAT is the ‘point’ of the entire Torah. THAT is the poison in the wine. The virus. The toxin. The Trojan horse. The core goal and ambition and object of the Cult of Judaism.

The Cult tacked the wisdom of the prophets, and Ecclesiastes, and some fabulour tales, onto their core teachings, like camoflauged armour to protect the evil lurking within. The ‘Torah’ convinces the core Cult members they have the ‘god-given’ right to rule the world, to enslave all non-Cult members, and to slaughter those who will not submit. But it also tricks the ‘casual’ Cult associate / affiliate / peripheral passive inheritor of ‘Judaism’, that it is a ‘religion’ of peace and brotherly love. Of justice, reason, and logic.

I wondered where the Prosecutor, and witnesses, in Brendon O’Connell’s trial had received their training in ‘non-sequiturs’ and ‘self cancelling / contradicting’ statements. So many times witnesses and the Prosecutor made utterances that ‘did not logically follow’ their previous utterances. Within the one sentence they would utter ‘Yes’, only to twist it into a ‘No’ by the end. They would appear to ‘admit’ something, only to negate the admission, within a few words. It was impossible to ‘pin them down’ to make any coherent, honest, satisfying, clear statements. To give direct honest answers. And the pattern emerged quite soon. And become unmistakable. And the Judge did nothing to counter it, assuming even he was paying close enough attention to even notice it.

But once you make a ‘re-take’ of the Torah, and then ‘study’ what the most devoted Torah scholars themselves have admitted, you find that the Bible is really two books woven together to appear to be one. It has a ‘secret’ message ‘hidden out in the open’ for the core Cult initiates. And a gloss of ‘spiritual’ and ‘philosophical’ messages and great tales for the ‘peripheral’ Cult member and ‘outsider’ a.k.a ‘host nations’.

When Donald Trump gave his ‘You knew I was a snake, when you let me in’ speech, this is what he was admitting. He is a Jew World Order operative. The Old Testament doesn’t hide its true meaning. It lays it out in the open. Only the ‘venomous viper’ is entwined with garlands of sweet smelling flowers. The humane, gracious, ‘brotherly love’ and ‘justice’ is highlighted for the peripheral Cult affiliates, and the host nations / outsiders. But at the core of the Cult, the active, conspiring cult members know exactly what their mission is. It is clearly represented in the ‘modelling’ of their expected future behaviors, in the genocides, and ‘The ‘outsider’, the ‘Goy’, the ‘Gentile’, the ‘Non-cult member’, is NOT your brother / neighbour’.

Read my notes on Brendon O’Connell’s trial and see what I mean for yourself. The Bible was their role model. Their guide. Their instruction in ‘non-sequiturs’ and ‘hiding the secret in plain sight’. The presentation of a No as a Yes, in so subtle and obtuse and mystifying and confusing a form that you end up ‘feeling’ you ‘heard’ an admission, and yet of course not, they didn’t admit anything. The records show the admission, but the jury ‘hears’ only the denial. The jury isn’t given trial notes to pore over. Even if they would invest the time and energy, they’d still need to be rather unrepresentively intelligent and observant, and conscientious, to ‘see’ what I ‘saw’. And to understand that it was a deliberate, trained, strategy. A trick. Along with all the other ‘suggestions’ that the Prosecution made to a jury lulled into a typical ‘trance’ state by the very nature of their situation.

Therapeutic Trance Inductions and Hypnotism use such carefully worded statements so that the conscious mind ‘hears’ one thing, and the ‘subconscious’ ‘hears’ another. Often the opposite things. Reading a long boring book like the ‘Torah’ / ‘Old Testament’ places most readers in a naturally occuring trance state. Add clever ‘interpolations’ that contradict each other, cancel out each other, in clear but still subtle and unobtrusive, to the ‘en-tranced’ reader, ways, and you get the exact same outcomes that practitioners of therapeutic trance inductions and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming sessions intentionally manipulate. Only in their case, it is for the clients benefit. In the case of the Cult of Judaism, it is always and only ever directed at increasing the power of the Cult of Judaism’s masters. Its leaders. What the public might define as its ‘high priests’. The same ones Jesus ‘outed’. The same ones who had him crucified.

Remember that the Cult of Judaism does everything ‘behind the scenes’. As we shall see when we address how Baruch and others manipulated the Jewnited States of America into ‘accepting’ ‘The Federal Reserve’, and becoming committed to World War One and World War Two. In fact in provoking Japan into hostility against Americans.

The Cult, as we shall see, has always gotten the most powerful nation of the time to do its dirty work for it. It got the Roman’s to murder Jesus. It got the German Government to imprison Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Sylvia Stolz, and many more. It got the Australian government to imprison Brendon O’Connell. It has co-opted the C.I.A and Jew.S.A Congress to carry out false flags like 911 and to murder millions of Arabs. It is never seen to be wielding power, let alone imprisoning and killing citizens of its host nation that dare obstruct the Cult in its ambitions for a Jew World Order. It assassinates any world leader, no matter how powerful. It murdered two Czars, at least one U.S President, and got another, Nixon, ‘indicted’.

Remember that Mark Felt was a ‘Nazi Hunter’ before he became ‘Deep Throat’, the Washington Post’s (guess which Cult owns that outfit?) ‘source’ for a story the American public had no interest in, and had to have forced down its own throat. Felt was the man who broke all FBI Protocols, and thus committed many felonies, as the Deputy Head of the FBI. Felt ‘leaked’ the information that got Nixon in trouble. But more than that, he deliberately manipulated the entire context to make some big deal over almost nothing. The public did not care one iota for whatever it was that happened at the ‘Watergate’ hotel. Even the name of the hotel should ring bells in any ‘Annunaki’ officianados.

Tell me what sort of person ‘hunts Nazi’s’ decades after WWII? Either a Cult member, or one of their puppets, that’s who. Felt was only a hero to the Cult of Judah. That’s why they made a film about him. ‘The man who brought down the White House’. Did Nixon threaten any of your liberties? Did Nixon act contrary to the U.S Constitution? Did Nixon order 143 FBI agents to break into U.S Citizens homes and wiretap their phones and bug their homes? Without any warrants. Without any ‘reasonable grounds’. That we know of. And usually where this sort of thing occurs, there tends to be many more violations we never hear about. This was the deputy Head of the FBI we are talking about. Not just some corrupt cop. And this guy is supposed to be a hero for the American people? One worthy of a big budget Hollywood film?

No-one ever explained what motivation the FBI could have in hunting down their own President, for such a trivial matter. And what former FBI and CIA officers were doing, and how they managed to ‘bungle’ whatever they were doing well enough to set up Nixon for a fall. It only makes sense in light of what we know about Zionist power in the Jew.S.A, and Nixon’s unwillingness to bow to it. After all, was it Nixon, or Mark Felt, that was ultimately charged with conspiracy in ordering unlawful break-ins of the homes of American citizens, in direct violation of the U.S Constitution which he had sworn an oath to protect? And whose wife committed suicide, like so many people associated with the true ‘Axis of Evil’, the Cult of Judah?

Of Course Reagan, ‘Hollywoods’ President, pardoned him. But then Reagan went ‘rogue’on his handlers, and had to be taught a lesson. Ask his wife Nancy Reagan who ordered the ‘hit’ on Reagan. And look at who stood to benefit from Reagan’s death. A ‘mocking’ bird in the hand is worth two Bushes?

The Cult of Judah of course ‘owns’ the Clintons and Trump. It ‘owned’ President Wilson and Roosevelt. It owned Eisenhower. Any President, like JFK or Nixon or Andrew Jackson, or Lincoln, who even resisted their manipulations, was doomed to suffer at their hands.

In 721 BC, Israel was attacked and conquered by Assyria and the ‘Israelites’ disappeared from history. Judah had managed to ingratiate itself with the Assyrians, and then the Egyptians, pledging loyalty to both. The Cult of Judah concentrated on ‘filtering out’ its less committed cult members, and recruiting new ones.

The Cult didn’t ‘miss’ the 10 tribes at all. It didn’t lament their misfortune. They were ‘fallen’, in the eyes of the Cult of Judah-ism’s masters. They were ‘bad’ ‘Jews’. They’d rejected the ‘orthodoxy’ of the Cult. They would not submit, blindly, and unthinkingly, to the Cult leaders. They were disobedient. And the Cult of Judaism never tolerated any non-conformity to its whims. After all, the Cult was YHWH, the ‘jealous’ god with all the charm and ‘lesae majestie’ of a two year old throwing a violent temper tantrum on having its will obstructed in the slightest way.

The 10 tribes were unilaterally ‘ex-communicated’ from the Cult, and literally pronounced ‘dead’, as occurs in all cults. You are either with us, or dead to us. Even today Orthodox ‘Jews’ face such ex-communication from their local communities. Like in the Middle Ages when the Pope or a Catholic priest might ex-communicate some rebel reformer like Luther, and declare him ‘dead’ to the faithful. Assuming the Church couldn’t physically arrest the ‘heretic’ so that they could be stoned to death, or tortured to death in some other way.

Thus the Talmud states that ‘The ten tribes have no share in the world to come’.

So when you think about the Jew World Order, and today’s ‘Jews’, forget about the Israelites. They played a very small part at the beginning of this story, and then were left out of the story. But the Cult took advantage of their early association with the Israelites, to gain a ‘transferred authority’ and ‘legitimacy by association’, along with the prestige, status, and good will attached to that people. Like buying an established business, you pay for the ‘goodwill’ that proprietor had built up. You pay for ‘the name’ and ‘the goodwill’ and ‘the loyalty’ of the customers. What you then do with that loyalty that goodwill, that ‘name’, is up to you.

Once you go down the rabbit hole, and bypass the ‘official’ mass media versions of ‘reality’, the ‘social reality’, and take off the ‘filters’ put on you by the media, and education, that have conditioned you since birth to ‘see’ only what the Jew World Order want you to see, and to ‘interpret’ it within their very narrow guidelines, and thus to ‘feel’ you ‘know’ that what they reinforce, 24/7, is ‘true’ and any ‘dissenters’ must be ‘nutter’ ‘conspiracy theoriests’ or ‘rabidly irrational and hate inspired anti-semites’, once you achieve all that, you taste the bitter gut wrenching stench of how the Cult of Judah, this Cult of Judaism, this ‘Jew’ World Order cliché, have abused that good will, that good name, that good reputation, having stolen the ‘name’ ‘Israel’ and retrospectively introjected their filthy, horrific, repugnant, evil, self-deluded, psychotic, sociopathic, nasty, corrupted, insane ideology of Semitism, into its heart. Leaving the peripheral, superficial, surface appearance of a ‘Religion of brotherly love’ to camoflauge the ‘heart of darkness’.

The Torah states its intention as clearly as that Rabbi in the Video, to anyone who reads it with an open mind, and a heart free of fear. Which is why it shocked me to find it a Rabbi so brazenly stating what the Torah writers took such pains to ‘hide in the open’. The viper had crawled out of the garlands. The Cult had shaken off the pretty illusions it had cloaked itself in. The talk of ‘love they neighbour’ and ‘feed the orphan and widow’. It was one thing for Trump to admit he was a snake, and we’d ‘let him in’, knowing full well that most listeners assumed he was attacking Clinton. But this was something altogether unheard of. Proof that the Jew World Order feel so confident, have the reigns of power so firmly in their grasp, that they are about to totally abandon all the pretty illusions. All the camoflauge. All the obfuscation and mystification. And simply come out and declare their Jew World Order. Knowing that we have only two choices now. To serve their Jew World Order, or die.

You cannot imagine how disillusioned it left me, so debilitated me, in such deep despair, to find that I couldn’t even get YOU to make THAT public admission of the Cult of Judaism’s true intentions, its genuine ‘values’, and my transcript of it, with a simple deconstruction of it, go ‘viral’. I barely got a few views and a few ‘shares’. Even friends wanted to dismiss it as ‘unrepresentative’ of what they ‘know’ to be a ‘religion of peace and brotherly love’.

Well what they ‘know’ is what they were intended to ‘know’. Based on what they are directed at ‘seeing’, when looking at The Bible. The ‘Torah’. Just the sweet smelling, pretty garlands that the venomous viper is intertwined with. The snake smiles at you. It hisses at you. But all you ‘hear’ are the ‘pretty Psalms / songs’. All you ‘see’ are the ‘wise words of the prophets, Ecclesiastes / the ‘teacher’, and the apparent calls to ‘love they neighbour’.

And so the Cult of Judaism’s Levitical Priests who wrote the Torah, intertwined commands to commit genocide, without mercy, to ‘rip up pregnant women’ and ‘enslave all the virgins as sex slaves’, with the humanist prophets like Hosea, an Israelite prophet can be read in the Torah, saying “I desired mercy and not sacrifice, and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings”. Hosea exhorts to the practice of “justice and righteousness”, “loving kindness and compassion and faithfulness”, not discrimination and contempt. They also included such fine words as those of Micah, exhorting readers of the Torah, ‘O man, what is good and what the Lord doth require of thee: only to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God’.

Most ‘Jews’ never really read the Torah. Like most ‘Christians’ never read the entire Bible, or even the ‘Gospels’. Few would ever have studied it as closely as I have. Like most people, they imagine that the call to Genocide in the Torah is no longer valid. We live in a different world, they will claim, and all that problematic stuff is arcane, and no longer valid. The world has changed and ‘Judaism’ has changed with it. So most ‘Jews’ do NOT know what the Cult of Judaism they are superficially affiliated with is really all about. Most don’t WANT to know.

In fact most ‘Jews’, especially the merely ‘cultural’ jews, with nothing more than a nominal affiliation with the Torah, with the Cult of Judaism, give us little reason to take a closer look at their ‘official’ beleifs. They give us no grounds for suspicion, other than their rather ‘anti-social’ habits of remaining in their closed cliques of other ‘Jews’. They give us nothing to fear. So much that when a Rabbi actually loudly proclaims the true message of the Torah, of the Cult of Judaism’s active machinations and soon to be realised ambitions for world domination, we can smugly and complacently dismiss him as some unrepresentative nutter, some fringe ‘Jew’. We ‘know’ some ‘Jews’, and ‘they’re nothing like that at all’. The ‘Jews’ we ‘know’, are the Hollywood comedians, actors, directors, the pop stars and singers, the ‘humanists’, the animal rights activists (my favorite), the television presenters, the writers, and the ‘Einsteins’.

None of these ‘Jews’ (public personas at least) are representative of the ‘Jew’ World Order. They are ‘emancipated’ Jews. Their ancestors escaped from the Cult of Judaism generations ago. When they fled to Europe and the U.S.A. Leaving the Cult to work with the AshkedNAZI ‘Jews’ of Eastern Europe. The ones who murdered the Czars, and then millions of Russians and Estonians, and Lithuanians, and Latvians, and Poles, and Ukrainians, and Hungarians, and Germans and on and on. The ‘Jews’ who carried out the ‘Revolution’ and then the ‘Reign of Terror’, the ‘Holodomor’ and who then imprisoned hundreds of millions of people in the ‘Jew’.S.S.R. It was these ‘Jews’ who became the ‘Zionists’, supported Hitler, manufactured ‘The Holocaust’, committed the genocides and terrorist acts in Palestine, and who today form the core of the ‘Jew.S.A’ and ‘E.Jew’, and ‘Jew’.N, and basically the imminent one world tyrannical despotic dictatorship we call the ‘Jew’ World Order.

Why would we risk our careers and jobs by trying to get other people to listen to that Rabbi, and maybe even investigate a bit further, if everyone else seems to feel comfortable just ignoring him. And all the ‘whistle-blowers’ of the past and present. Many of whom are suffering fates worse than death right now, as the price of having tried to inform and awake humanity to the imminent, very real, very serious, threat it faces. Probably the greatest man-made threat humanity has ever faced.

It is the peaceful, harmless mass of ‘Jews’ that ‘cloak’ the repugnant, festering, oozing, disgusting, loathesome, inner ‘core’ of ‘true believers’ from their host nations. From the wider community that the virus must infest, and feed off. If the wider community realised what the core of the Cult were actively plotting to realise, they would instantly repel the cursed stranger, the vicious predator, the virulent virus, the poisoner, from their midst.

It is the ‘casual’, ‘peripheral’, ‘cultural’ Jew that I wish to protect as much as the rest of us. They have no idea what evil they are protecting. As Jesus would say ‘They know not what they do’. Anti-semitism is as necessary for the ‘Jews’ as it is for the rest of us. Necessary for our self-preservation. For the preservation of the hard-won emancipation all humans have only enjoyed for a few centuries at most. And which we are soon to see slip away from our hands. Simply because we were not vigilant. Simply because we feared being ‘politically incorrect’ more than we loved our freedom, and loved our children. Facts people. I’m a philosopher here, not a novelist. I’m not trying to evoke some pathos for your distraction. I’m trying to evoke your sense of self-preservation. To value the little freedom you have remaining, and to employ it to regain the freedoms our ancestors suffered, fought, killed, and died to attain for us. We are pissing on their sacrifices. We are rejecting their legacy. We are walking like blind cattle into slavery, and slaughter.

Occasionally, throughout history, nations that ‘hosted’ the Cult of Judaism have awoken to the facts, and they have ‘expelled’ the Cult of Judaism from their midst. Hundreds of times in the course of recorded history. And yet each time the Cult returns, only to strengthen its position, having learned from experience how to prevent ‘history repeating’. They simply wait one or two generations until the host nations have forgotten. Then this time they make greater efforts to corrupt the most powerful. To blackmail and bribe. To ingratiate themselves in all the positions of power. Behind the scenes. To enact laws making it a criminal offence to ‘blow the whistle’ on the Cult of Judaism. They enact ‘anti-semitism’ laws anywhere they gain power. In the Jew.S.S.R they had total power, and thus anti-semitism, reporting any crime committed by a ‘Jew’, was punished by death. Today we merely face a decade in solitary confinement. That is the fate that looms over me. Fates worse than death. And you wonder why, if there is such a huge conspiracy, over thousands of years, you haven’t been ‘informed’ about it. Surely someone would ‘leak’ something, and ‘reveal’ something, and ‘blow the whistle’ on the whole enterprise. Well, as you will soon learn, many people have done this. And they’ve paid the price. And the Jew World Order made sure almost no-one even heard what they paid such a high price to shout out in warning. The warning was muted. Lost in the mass media ‘noise’. Made a mockery of. The whistle blower denounce and renounced and criminalized by their own people. Punished for trying to serve their own people. Their voice drowned out. Their publications burned, banned, along with all their documents. Their postal ‘priveleges’ withdrawn, so they couldn’t even receive or send mail, and mail their books and documents to others. Later when the internet emerged they enjoyed a few brief moments to scream as loud as they could. Then their web sites were hacked, shut down, criminalized. Their facebook accounts deleted. Their Youtube Channels ‘terminated’. Their Amazon books ‘blocked’. And if they continued to try to gain your attention, they were put in prison. In solitary. So they could not even inform a single cell mate. THAT is how the conspiracy remains mostly hidden to this day. If YOU do not peacefull and lawfully and democratically DEMAND your consituational rights be re-instated, starting with freedom of speech, then you will very soon find you have NO rights at all. Only privileges handed out by the Cult of Judaism’s masters. Privileges that come at the price of servitude. Willing obedience to the Cult masters. Slavery. And when they point to your 10 year old daughter and say, ‘Send this girl to me tonight’, you will grovel at their feet and feel blessed that your 10 year old daughter pleased the masters, and could be of some service to the ‘great ones’, as a sexual object. That or seethe inside, totally impotent to do anything to protect your family, or yourself. Because soon it will really come down to the basics. Serve the Cult of Judaism, Serve the Jew World Order, or die. But if you are too valuable to them for some reason, they will instead torture your and your loved ones to force your active participation as their slaves. For remember, a slave owner never willingly destroys their human capital. So ‘fates WORSE than death’ will be on the menu for most of us.

The unbounded arrogance of the Cult of Judah Southerners was clear from the start. Today Judaism continues in its arrogant ways, making ridiculous claims for itself which are immediately revealed as lies by anyone familiar with history. This mendacity lies at the very heart of Judaism. For example ‘The Egyptian Book of the Dead’ pre-dates (ca 2,600 BCE) the first documents of the Cult of Judaism by at least two thousand years. Thus any claims this Cult has to having ‘invented monotheism’ is quickly rejected as propaganda by such lines in this book as “Thou art the one, the God from the very beginnings of time, the heir of immortality, self-produced and self-born; thou didst create the earth and make man”. In my book ‘Religion’ I describe many more instances of ‘mono-theism’ that clearly pre-date the ‘Torah’.

In any case, the ‘Jews’ own ‘Holy book’ clearly places the Cult of Judaism’s god ‘YHWH’ as ‘the ‘Lord among the Gods’ (Exodus) , a ‘jealous’ god who will not have his subjects worship any ‘other’ gods. As such, YHWH is clearly not described as the ‘only’ god. He is simply the only gods the ‘Jews’ are to worship.

The covenant / agreement the Cult Priests offered would be followers was simple. Obey us, serve us, do our bidding, observe all our laws, and you will become the ruling nation over the entire earth. Obey mindlessly. Believe anything we say, without self-reflection, question, or critical judgement. Believe that we speak in the name of YHWH. And all the nations of the world will bring their treasure to you, will serve you as their ‘judges’ and masters, and will exist as mere means to your ends, to use as you see fit. Obey us without question, without hesitation, without reflection, without thought. This was the offer made to new recruits to the Cult. For thousands of years the Cult actively recruited, to replace members who ‘escaped’ the Cult, and those who were massacred, having been found ‘not submissive enough’.

The Cult was your archetypal cult, as has often emerged spontaneously by newer cults. You believed everything you were told by your Cult leaders, and disbelieved anything you were told by anyone else. You married within your Cult. You kept to yourselves. You lived separately from your ‘host’ nations. You defined all ‘outsiders’ as ‘evil’ and ‘malicious’ and ‘out to get you’. You therefore trusted no outsiders. You feared them. You hated them. You worked for their destruction. You lived for the day when your Cult would gain total absolute domination of them. The day these ‘outsiders’ would become your rightful property. Your slaves. As your Priests, speaking for your ‘God’, promised you.You were micro-managed from birth to death, from waking to sleeping, by countless arbitrary rules about what to wear, how to dress, and so on. These gave you a sense of identity, and ‘separateness’. They gave you a sense of belonging to a group. You earned the acceptance and approval of your Cult Leaders, peers, and other significant others, by observing these arbitrary rules and codes. Like a new recruit into the military, you are kept occupied, mentally and physically, every moment of the day, by these arbitrary rules. Fearing you would ‘slip’ and forget one, you would be in a constant state of anxiety and unable to think independently. Any member of the cult who broke the rules would be punished by the entire cult. If your own child broke a rule, you would report it, and yourself bring the child to be stoned to death, if the rule was ‘important’ enough. Such as having accidentally worn cotton and wool together. You would cast the first stone. So you have your typical ‘Spying’ behavior seen in the Jew.S.S.R. ‘Dob in your mates’ mentality.

Anything you associate with a ‘modern’ cult, was and is still present in the Cult of Judaism.Though most people who ‘identify’ as ‘Jews’ are not ‘practicising’ Cult members, those at the core still observe hundreds of arcane ‘rules’, from male genital mutilation to ‘what to wear’ and ‘what to eat’. The ‘Jews’ you see on television, your political leaders, their advisors, their fianciers, the owners of the mass media, Hollywood, and largest Non-Government-Organisations (NGO’s) belong to the Cult leadership. They know what is going on. The average ‘Jew’ is just a silly cult member. Most don’t even realise they are serving this cult, simply by identifying as ‘Jews’.

The Cult’s ambition was, from the start, and remains, the enslavement of the entire world, and the slaughter of anyone, including entire nations, who might dare in any way obstruct them from realising this ambition. This included Cult members, your average ‘Jew’, as well as ‘friendly’ hosts, let alone anyone who might actively resist, impede, or offer any obstacle to the Cults ‘Jew’ World Order’.

This is why the Cult defined itself as a separate ‘race’ from the very beginning, instituting ‘racial purity’ laws and strict ‘inbreeding’. The Cult pushed the idea of ‘racial supremacism’ and ‘exceptionalism’. This Cult would practice ethical codes within the Cult that allowed fathers to sell their daughters as sex slaves, and wives. But otherwise, within the Cult itself, the commandments were strictly held, such as ‘Do not murder other cult members’, ‘Do not steal from other cult members’. ‘Do not rape other cult members’. ‘Speak the truth about other cult members in court’. ‘Pay back your debts to other cult members’. ‘Release other cult members from debts after 7 years’ and ‘Release male cult members from slavely after 7 years’. But when it came to ‘outsiders’, it was simply a question of do what you can get away with. There are many instances where Cult members were ordered / commanded to commit genocide. They were not just ‘allowed’ to rape and murder and steal, they were ‘commanded’ to do so, by their Cult leaders, in the name of their God YHWH.

The Cult leaders were clever in ascribing all victories, successes, and good fortune of its Cult members to its god.

Further, any failures, bad luck, ill fortune, or military defeats were also perversely ‘spun’ as punishments sent from ‘god’, for failing to be the perfectly submissive cult member. For failing to unthinkingly, unhesitatingly, obey the Cult leader’s commands.

The ‘nations’, the ‘Goys’, the ‘Gentiles’, the ‘outsiders’, would be used as tools by their god to punish his own people, the Cult members. But the nations would then be destroyed. So don’t get confused. Everything that happens proves your God is all powerful. Defeat or victory, success or failure, good or bad luck, great harvests or famines, droughts or fertility, happiness or misery, are all sent by YHWH, and proof of his absolute power. He is a great ally to have as a friend, but a terrible, unforgiving, jealous, vicous, malicious, unrepenting, unforgiving, unreasonable, psychotic ‘God’ to have as an adversary.

But rest assured, vengeance shall be thine! The Cult promises its members that not even the slightest offense given to any cult member, ever, will be left ‘unpunished’. For one day all the ‘perpetrators’ of even the slightest ‘offense’ to any Cult member, such as failing to recognise their superiority, will be resurrected, merely in order to be punished for that offense. So if it seems your god has let you down, and allowed someone to ‘offend’ you, don’t despair. Vengeance will be yours. You will get your ‘revenge’. No ‘offense’ of one of ‘the chosen people’ is ever left unpunished by YHWH. Just get back to mindlessly submitting and ‘doing what you’re told’ by your Cult leaders, and their representatives, and look forward to your day of ‘retribution’ and of world rule, when the ‘nations’ will live only to serve your slightest whim.

Most of the ‘history’ a.k.a ‘traditions’ a.k.a ‘Cult narratives’ were kept purely ‘oral’, to allow for constant ‘revisions’ and ‘updates’ and ‘interpolations’. It is really easy to pretend an oral history has been transferred without interruption or change, if it is kept oral.

But that is like claiming you could play ‘Chinese Whispers’ over thousands of years, with constantly interchanging players, whose languages actually change over the years.

What ‘oral history’ facilitates is the illusion of ‘perfect transmission’ from the ‘God’ or ‘Angels’ or ‘Prophets’ to the current Cult Priests / Leadership. All the while allowing each generation to make any changes it sees fit to the ‘past’ in order to present these as precedents and role models for current and future Cult actions. To allow laws to be constantly re-‘written’ as it suits the contemporary cult leaders needs and desires.

So you can literally ‘rewrite’ / ‘revise’ history as you go. Which is what happened at Nuremeberg, and continues today with ‘The Holocaust’, ‘911’, ‘The U.S.S Liberty’, ‘The Oklahoma City Bombing’ ‘Lockerbie’, ‘Sandy Hook’, ‘Port Arthur’, and on and on.

Oral ‘histories’ are perfect for ‘He who controls the present, controls the past, controls the future’ type scenarios as depicted by George Orwell in ‘1984’. But even written texts can be ‘revised’ and re-written. It is just a bit more complicated.

In either case, if a Cult member with a good memory stands up and challenges the Priests current ‘recollection’ of a story or ‘statute’ or ‘law’, they can easily be ‘quieted’. They are just the conspiracy theories of some crazy old man. If necessary the ‘challenger’ will be criminalized and tortured to death, as a sure reminder to any future would be ‘contradictor’ of the Priests ‘recollections’ a.k.a ‘memory’ of the legal codes and historical precedents.

Today the Cult of Judaism has anyone who challenges their official versions of history put in prison. Or worse. At very least their careers are ruined. At very worst they are tortured over years, before being murdered. Just see how far you get ‘reporting’ on some factual ‘error’ in the ‘official history’ being taught to children in Schools, and ‘Holocaust museums’.

So while oral histories are the easiest thing in the world to re-write, edit, change, augment, and otherwise ‘control’, to meet the current needs and wants of the Cult leaders, written histories can be re-written almost as easily.

In fact every book I have written about the Cult of Judaism, and its actions, has been censored and banned. At a time heralded for having given every writer access to self-publication, and a ‘voice’, to ‘participate in the discourse’, to ‘contribute to the narrative’. Sure, I can offer my book for free from various sources, but who is going to even know my book exists? Discoverability is about zero, especially given that all the search engine algorithms have been ‘tweaked’ to exclude ‘dissenting’ voices from the search results. So your chances of ever stumbling across one of my posts or books is about zero. Especially as writers like myself are routinely censored. Our Youtube and Facebook channels are ‘terminated’. Our Twitter accounts are ‘shadow banned’.

Shadow banning is something I, a non specialist, believed was already happening years ago, or at least realised was bound to happen sooner or later. It is where a person believes they have posted something that will be discoverable by their friends, and the general public, but which in fact will never be discovered by them. Because it was not in fact ‘posted’ to the webpage. Say the Facebook or Twitter Account. Or was listed as ‘private’ on Youtube, so anyone who came to your Youtube channel, assuming you had not yet had your account ‘terminated’, was not see it among your ‘videos’.

Before 458 BC the Cult of Judaism’s ‘official’ history and ‘laws’ were transmitted from one generation of Priests, and thus Cult members, to the next.

We can have zero notion of what the original ‘Israelites’ thought. What their laws were. What ‘official narratives’ they believed to be their ‘history’. For the oral traditions passed onto the Cult of Judaism’s priests were only ‘committed’ to written format by the Cult of Judaism’s priests themselves. They could pick and chose, just like the later ‘Church fathers’ could pick and choose from a high number of ‘gospels’, most of which remain, to this day ‘left-out’ i.e ‘apochryphal’.

Maybe the Israelites preached universal love, justice, and truth, like Buddha, or Zoroastra, or Jesus.

All we have is the current versions handed down to us by the Cult of Judaism’s Priests / leaders. These are abominations. They are repugnant. They contain elements of admirable ethics, but these only give some sort of ‘moral halo’ or ‘respectability’ to what is otherwise the most repugnant ideology / philosophy / legal code / code of ethics / moral compass known to humanity. Jehova is presented to us a child who is throwing a tantrum because its will has been opposed / restricted in some way. A child with awesome power for destruction. A child that will never forgive or forget the slightest ‘transgression’ or ‘resistance’ to its whims and fancies. Pure terror. Pure lesae majestie. A terrorist with no values other than the insistence on being ‘worshipped’ and ‘submitted to’ without thought or hesistation. A ‘god’ that commits genocide against its own people, as in the case of Moses slaughter of his own people for having cast the golden cow, and totally harmless, peaceful, ‘neighbours’ such as the Canaanites, and in recent history, the U.S.S Liberty, and the Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, Egyptians, Jordanians, Iraquis, and soon Iranians.

Most Biblical characters, such as Moses, were legends ‘borrowed’ from other cultures and Cults, such as the story of Moses’s discovery in the bulrushes, which retells the story of a king of Babylonia, Sargon the Elder, who lived between one and two thousand years before Moses.

The notion that ‘Jews’ ‘invented’ the idea that ‘Thou shallt not kill’ or ‘Thou shallt not steal’ is simply preposterous arrogance. As if no-one before Moses’ God YHWH might have thought it wise to make it a crime to murder your own people, or steal from within your own community. To claim that Western Civilisation owes anything positive to the Cult of Judaism is simply fatuous and absurd.

But wait, there’s more. We are supposed to believe that this all powerful god would actually ‘do deals’ with mere mortals. Well if we are dealing with Enlil, the Annunaki leader, then this makes sense. A quid pro quo. You worship me as your god, and I’ll make you the most powerful Cult on earth. That is a promise Enlil had the power to make good on. We can only wonder if Enlil, or Annunaki loyal to him, are still at work on our planet, or working ‘from the shadows’, such as maybe a moon base or orbiting spaceship? Perhaps as he could no longer smell the burning flesh ‘of a sweet savour’ unto him, from space, animal sacrifices were put on hold?

The Zionists ‘Greater Israel project’ for the ‘recovery’ of the lands promised to the Cult of Judaism in the Torah are the very same lands that the Sumerian Clay Tablets refer to, as the lands ruled by the Annunaki, and later flooded, then destroyed with ‘celestial weapons’. So the stories make more sense in light of the ‘set in stone’ ‘histories’ preceeding the Cult of Judaism by thousands of years, than they do of the Cult’s ‘verbal histories’ only ‘committed’ to paper many millennia later. As you would expect, given the outcome of any game of ‘Chinese Whispers’, and the fact that ‘The victors (re) write the history’.

Douglas Reed appears to posit that the Cult of Judah Priests / leaders perverted the true teachings of the Israelites, as they corrupted, edited, and re-wrote the oral traditions they had inherited from them, while constructing the formal written basis for their new Cult of Judah-ism, which they wanted to falsely present as the mere continuation of a mmore ancient tradition, to gain instant ‘authority’ and ‘prestige’ and ‘status’ for they newly minted and coined Cult / Religion.

This is one way to account for Moses commanding ‘Thou shallt not kill’, and then almost immediately massacring thousands of his own followers for simply casting a golden calf and dancing. It could also account for the ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’ which is followed fairly closely by the total genocide of their peaceful neighbours in Canaan, ‘ripping up pregnant women’ inclusive.

Or like me, you can assume that the code of ethics and laws were simply meant exclusively to be applied only to fellow Cult members, and never meant to include ‘outsiders’. Thus ‘thy neighbour’ referred exclusively to other Cult members.

It is rational policy, assuming the worst in human nature, that if you are going to force your own members from desisting from murdering each other, raping each other, exploiting each other, and so on, that you would need to offer them something in return. Some other outlet for their most base human instincts and desires. The right to steal from, rape, murder, and enslave, all non Cult members. All ‘others’. All ‘outsiders’. All ‘Goys’. All ‘Gentiles’.

In fact to get people to submit to your power, you need to offer them power over someone else. A simple pyramid structure exists in all socieities, where the king offers other powerful people who might otherwise dethrone him, power over other people ‘below’ them in a strict hierarchy of powers and privileges, rights and obligations. Thus the King gains submission from the Princes, who gain it from the warlords, who gain it from their underlings, who gain it from their ‘lessers’, who enjoy it over the masses of ‘free’ people who enjoy it over the masses of slaves. Everyone who might challenge the power structure is rewarded with power over someone. If you have no ‘leverage’, you end up in the ‘lumpen proletariat’, the ‘masses’ of worker-slaves.

So the priests of the new Cult gain their power via fear of ‘God’, and the ‘power’ to offer everyone who submits to their power some ‘goodies’. Territory. Sex slaves. Worker slaves. Literally ‘booty’. And ultimatey the god-given and thus god-guaranteed future as the rulers of the world, with 2800 slaves for each Cult member, guaranteed. And remember, anyone who ever gave you the slightest ‘offense’ will be resurrected or new-incarnated so you can get your ‘just’ ‘revenge’ upon them.

Just be patient. Respond like Pavlov’s dogs, automatically, unthinkingly, unreflectingly, to the commands of your Cult leaders. Offer immediate, blind, unhestitating, unreflecting, obedience and submission. And you shall inherit the world. And if you note that the same promise has been made to hundreds of generations, but never so far honored, well, then surely the time is ripe, now? And anyway, all the ‘faithful’ are in ‘heaven’, waiting to be new-incarnated to assume their rightful place as the rulers of the planet.

Of course you’d need to keep your eye on the final prize, because in the meantime your are offered nothing but ‘persecution’ and, in order to see your ultimate, deserved, sense-of-entitlement-satisfying seat among the world rulers, the beneficiaries of a world enslaved, you must first patiently endure a real Armageddon. Yes folks, the ‘Jews’ really should pay more attention. For in order to realise their ‘Jew’ World Order, which is totally bound up with the ‘modern’ state of Israel, and ‘Greater Israel Project’, they will have to literally ‘pass through the fire’. Yes folks, the Jew World Order is to be built upon ruins. Literally. Israel, along with most of the world, is to be ‘purified’ by fire. By nuclear war.

Only AFTER the 6 million ‘Jews’ living in Palestine have been ‘offered as a burned offering of a sweet savour unto the lord’ (for YHWH has always loved the smell of roasting flesh, just go figure, all you non-Vegans out there), a.k.a ‘Holocaust, can the Jew World Order finally be established. For all time.

Hey, if you want to ‘serve the Jews’, then go for it. Most people don’t seem to really want freedom. And they would rather see their ‘betters’ humbled, and brought down, than live in a free world, where some people who could produce greater value could consume greater value.

But if you love freedom. Liberty. Honest pay for honest wages. Meritocracy based on outcomes and not your ‘race’ (in Cult of Judaism terms). If you don’t like the idea of your daughters being sex slaves, to be handed around the Jewish elites, until they bored of her. If you don’t want to condemn your children to eternal slavery. Well maybe YOU might want to get informed. And get active. And do something about the reality you are presented with here.

The ‘stories’ in the ‘Torah’ are, according to most ‘Jewish’ scholars, completely fictitious. There was no ‘Egyptian captivity’, or ‘Moses’. Books like Isaiah were written by several different authors, over disjointed periods, rather than the produce of one individual ‘prophet’.

The Jewish experts themselves will admit that at the time of the Egyptian Pharoahs who supposedly enslaved the Jews, the Habiru (Hebrews) were already present as a distinct, established people, in Canaan.

[‘Habiru’ means ‘Nomads’. The ‘nomadic’ ‘wandering’ planet of the Annunaki was named ‘Nibiru’ in the Sumerian clay tablets that predate any written ‘Torah’ by millenia]

So it would appear that the Torah was not written as a ‘history’, but more as a series of ‘role models’ and ‘precedents’ and ‘predictive programming’ metaphors and directives. These stories are to act as ‘moral compasses’, informing the Cult members of how they are to act themselves, to become masters of this world. They are to murder every man, woman, child, animal, and unborn child, who will not serve them as their slaves.

Of course on a more fundamental level, these stories, like all national and religious ‘myths’, were intentionally confabulated / written / constructed / manufactured / coined / minted to form a basis for the ‘legitimation’ and ‘naturalisation’ of the power and authority of the Priests of the Cult. For the Cult is not based on logic and reason. Unlike Buddha, who claimed no ‘divine’ authority, and left it to the authority of his arguments, whether they were ‘compelling’ or not, all our Cults and ‘Religions’ today are based upon ‘divine’ authority. On the ‘authorrity’ of long standing traditional ‘acceptance’ of this ‘divine’ authority. The claim that long ago, God spoke to men, who wrote down what they were told. The idea that the Priests authority is all ‘transferred’, by line of sucession, from the original ‘prophets’ who ‘spoke with the god’ directly. And so today’s Priests of every Religion speak with this ‘authority’. Literally it reduces to a belief that they speak for ‘god’. With ‘god’s authority.

So what we have in the Torah, in the ‘Old Testament’, is really a political program. Not a history. And the means of ‘legitimating’ the absolute, tyrannical, uncompromising power of the Cult of Judaism’s leadership. What the Cult Priests / leaders say is L.A.W ‘law’. To be acted on without hesitation, reflection, or inhibition.

Today the Exodus story of ‘the slaughter of the first born’ seems to parallel the compulsory MMR shots given to young children, which have produced unprecedented and dramatic increases in Down syndrome. This may be one example of ‘predicitive programming’ and ‘setting precedents’ for the Cult of Judaism to follow, the moment it was in a position to act on them, and model their behavior on them.

The case of Deir Yesin is an example of the Torah’s ‘role modelling’ and ‘predictive programming’ being activated. The genocidal slaughter was justified by the Torah. It was modelled on the Torah. The Arabs understood this. So they responded rationally, and fled their homes in the night.

Today the Jew World Order mass media continues the lie that the Iranian leader threatened to destroy Israel. He never did. But the Torah has threatened to destroy all the 7 Arabic nations for several thousand years. In writing. In millions of books. New and old. And recently the Jew World Order found itself in a position to act on these threats. These ‘commands’ from YHWH. These command repeated by the Cult of Judaism’s modern leadership. No longer ‘Priests’. But still serving the same impulses. The same basest of human desires. The lust for power. The lust for domination and control. The desire to enslave all others.

The Arabs who fled Deir Yasir knew what that massacre meant. It was just the start of the terror. The genocide. The genocide that the Torah commands the ‘Jews’ to carry out. The genocide that will not end with the Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians, Egyptians, Lebanese, Iraqui’s, Iranians, and later Saudi’s and Yemen.

Today the Biblical genocides are under way. The Jew World Order is tightening its grip over our occupied governments, having pre-selected every political candidate in every major election since before WWI. They are tightening their grip over our financial systems, education systems, and jewdiciaries.

If you want a ‘fulfillment’ of the biblical prophecies, look no further than this decade. The astrological predictions for ‘Armagedon’ were fulfilled on September 23 of 2017. The U.S already has the ‘rainbow currency’ prophecied for the ‘end of days’. The ‘7 nations’ that the Cult of Judaism claim their ‘Messiah’ will destroy, are either already in ruins, or on the precipice of total destruction. The ‘Greater Israel’ project is set to expand the territory of Israel to the borders promised by the Cult of Judaism’s Priests in the ‘Torah’ / ‘Old Testament’. MOSSAD+CIA=MOSSCIA if you ask me. The Jew.S.A has been occupied by the Cults pre-selected candidates and ‘Fed’, along with the E.Jew under ‘commie’ Merkel, and new Jew.S.S.R under Putin.We really are living in the ‘End of Days’. Whether anyone will be ‘raptured’ is yet to be seen. Possibly Enki or Enlil will ‘beam up’ their loyal followers any day now. And a repeat of the ‘Sumerian Clay Tablet’ nuclear wars seems imminent. So read on while you are free to. Nothing is ‘set in stone’. If you wake up enough people fast enough we can stop this Cult in its tracks. Do nothing, and very soon you will wake up with one choice: Serve the Jew World Order or die.

This book is just one of the many ‘revelations’ that have been made to you. It is part of the ‘revelations’ a.k.a ‘Armageddon’ foretold in Biblical prophecies. All based on Astro-theological calculations. All based on the Sumerian Clay Tablet stories.

The ‘Mosaic’ law is really ‘Levitical’ law, first read out in the Temple at Jerusalem in 621 BCE, and published as ‘Deuteronomy’. It is falsely attributed to a mythical ‘Moses’, to gain transferred authority from this literary figure, and thus the ‘God’ who passed those laws to him. In other words the Levites sought ‘transferred authority’ by claiming that the laws they wrote themselves had in fact been handed down by ‘God’ to ‘Moses’. But the entire story is fiction. Myth. Without any basis. The mythical attribution granted the Cult of Judah’s Levitical Priests ‘carte blanche’ to write any laws they wished, and to ascribe them the authority of ‘God’, through ‘Moses’.

Later Mohammed would claim a similar ‘transferred authority’ by claiming he was only ‘reciting’ what an Angel had ‘revealed’ to him, as the messenger of ‘God’/ ‘Allah’.

Deuteronomy is to Orthodox Judaism, what the communist manifesto is for Marxists. The L.A.W. The articles of belief. The tenets of the faith. The Dogma. Of course the Cult of Judah produced Marxism, as surely as it produced Zionism, and the ‘Jew’ World Order. They are both tools to the same end. Conquest of the earth by the Cult.

While Deuteronomy appears as the fifth book of the Old Testament, it was in fact the first of the ‘books’ to be completed. The other four books were completed after Deuteronomy. In this way the other books could be re-written to support and legitimate any claims the Levites, the Priests of the Cult of Judha, made. The main object was to support and the Cult of Judah’s pretensions to speaking for ‘God’, and thus with that ‘Gods’ authority. Leviticus and Numbers were added even later, completing the ‘Torah’ a.k.a ‘Pentateuch’ a.k.a ‘first five books of the Old Testament.

The great benefit of keeping traditions ‘oral’ is that you can change them as you go, to suit your purposes. So any ‘laws’ you make today, or decide to make at any time in the future, can be retrospectively attributed to ‘God’ or some other figure of authority that the people will fear and/or respect, and thus obey. I call it ‘transferred authority’. As far as I know I coined the term in my TROONATNOOR philosophy treatise. It means you won’t listen to silly old me, so I will claim I am only repeating what ‘God’ told me, or which ‘God’ told ‘Moses’. Then you will listen to me. And obey me. As if I was ‘God’. Which is why ‘Gods’ were originally invented, by the Priests of the various cults, after all.

So Genesis and Exodus, either wholy invented, or ‘borrowed’ from existing Sumerian clay tablets and oral histories, were completed after Deuteronomy, to provide the ‘back story’ for the actions of the Levitical Priests, and to grant them the ‘authority’ of ‘God’ via ‘Moses’.

Many fiction writers will write the end of a story first, especially if it is a ‘mystery who-dunnit crime thriller’, then re-iteratively work back from it, and towards it. That’s how you can leave such clever ‘clues’ as to ‘who dunnit’, and construct the sense of mystery.

As George Orwell wrote: ‘Who controls the present, controls the past, controls the future’. What he meant is that anyone with the power today, can re-write the ‘official’ version of history, and thus ‘explain’ the current situation as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’, rather than artificial, constructed, and enforced by sheer power and violence of the state terror and censorhips apparatus. Once you get people to at least passively comply with your ‘world order’, you can go on to construct whatever future you desire. It will appear as the organic growth of a natural process. Or as ‘the will of ‘God’. Or as ‘historical determinism’. Or as ‘the best of all possible worlds’.

Imagine if I had the power to write a story that predicted that I was the messiah, and that everyone should do as I say? I could then be ‘discovered’, using the ‘clues’ I had cleverly placed in the back-story I had written for myself, and my glorious future as Philosopher King of the world. I could protest that ‘no, I am just a humble writer and thinker’, but all the accumulative momentum of all the clever ‘clues’ I had left in my ‘ancient texts’ that were ‘discovered recently’ or had been discussed for millennia by the world’s spiritual leaders, would be unstoppable. Ultimately I would have to give in to ‘the weight of evidence’ in the ‘prophecies’. For they all fit me perfectly. Imagine that. Incontrovertibly. As far as anyone knows I never sought this power. I had it thrust upon me by fate. And I humbly bowed to the fates. Wow. Well that is EXACTLY what you have in the form of ‘The Bible’. The Cult of Judah, working through its later ‘add-ons’ Islam and Christianity, and Marxism, have presented a ‘fait accompli’ to history in all the different formats. An ‘end of history’ as ‘predicted’ in the ‘Holy Books’ it wrote itself. Marx’s father was a Talmudic Rabbi, didn’t you know?

But wait, there’s more. Of course once you have written something down, it becomes not only ‘fixed’, but ANYONE can get a copy. So what happens when the ‘Goys’, the ‘Gentiles’, the ‘outsiders get a copy of the Torah for themselves? And decide they too are deserving of God’s great grace and mercy? What foresight will accommodate this unacceptable situation? For how can you enslave ‘others’ if you are ‘all’ ‘Jews’?

Dr. Funk translates the following Talmud passage for us. ‘God foresaw that one day a time would come when the Heathen would possess themselves of the Torah and would say to Israel, ‘We, too, are sons of God’. Then will the Lord say: ‘Only he who knows my secrets is my son’. And what are the secrets of God? The oral teachings”

You see the Levites cleverly wrote into their back story that ‘God’ had granted the Levites the special privilege of receiving ‘An oral torah’, which no-one else had ever been given. Not even Moses himself. And this ‘oral’ torah was never to be written down, by anyone. An oral Torah apart from the written one that the ‘heathens’ might one day get their grubby little profane hands on.

Now how’s that for ‘carte blanche’, a blank check, an ‘argument you can never even begin,’ without first becoming a heretic, and rejecting ‘the world of god’. Of course it was merely the world of the Cult of Judah’s priests, the Levites. Granting themselves the right to speak for ‘God’.

‘And ye shall be as gods’. Think about it. The Priest’s made themselves into gods. With the power of persuasion. Of typical ‘sleight of hand’ tricks. First granting themselves an ‘oral’ tradition, then the monopoly on writing it down. They could write anything they wanted to. Then change it at will. Just like Mohammed with his ‘Satanic Verses’. If you gain the power over the present, and use it to re-write the past, you can immeasurably increase your power in the present, to the literaly status of ‘gods’, and thus project that power into constructing the future exactly as you ‘will’ it. ‘Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven’.

Remember YOU get to decide what happens in ‘heaven’. Heaven only exists in your books. It is a product of your own imagination. So you get to ‘will’ ‘as it is in heaven’, and then, by virtue of your self-given power to have that will be translated into the earthly realm, your will will be done here on earth, the only place it can act.

Thus the true ‘magic’. The power of words. ‘In the beginning was the word, and the word was god, and the word was with god’. Literally. The people who gave themselves the right to write the history, to grant them absolute power in the present, which they could project into the future. All based on words. The power of words. The word is god, to believers. So whoever has the power to ‘write’ and ‘edit’ those ‘words’, becomes ‘as gods’ here on earth. Literally. It is what happened. It is what is continuing. And soon our ‘Jew’ World Order ‘will be as gods’ to us. Literally.

Those of you familiar with the story of the Mormon cult, will understand why the Levitical Priests decided it was better to offer a level of deception, than try to ‘fob off’ Deuteronomy directly as their own.

There’s a funny thing about human nature. Show us a book written yesterday, in which the protagonist claims to have spoken with ‘God’, and we laugh it off as absurd. ‘Well anyone could write that, couldn’t they’? But when that book is ‘really old’, somehow it gains the authority of ‘time’ and ‘tradition’. Probably the first Cult members rejected most of the claims made by the Priests in this way. But if you write a book and then ‘back date’ it to centuries before, preferably thousands of years before, and then claim that this book has been venerated by hundreds of generations of people, all who accepted it as truth? When you claim an unbroken line of readers / listeners / believers, suddenly you gain the massive authority of ‘tradition’.

Maybe the first few times they tried to get their new Cult ‘off the ground’ it didn’t gain enough tracktion. Or maybe ‘straight out the gate’ the Preists forsaw, or had learned from previous Cult Priests, that it is better to ‘discover’ and ‘ancient’ book, rather than ‘write’ a ‘new’ one.

So when the Levitical Priests read ‘Deuteronomy’ in the Temple for the first time in 621 BCE, they had the foresight to pretend to be reading from a newly discovered, ancient text. This was perhaps the first time, in reality, that the supposedly ‘ancient’ law of ‘Moses’ had been presented to a public audience. Despite the claims of an ‘oral tradition’, this‘tradition’ may have been as recently minted and coined as the laws themselves, by the Levites themselves. (And so I say, ‘Render unto the Levites what is Levitical’ to paraphrase one former anti Jew World Order rebel, Jesus!)

John Smith ‘discovered’ ‘golden tablets’ with his laws written on them. That was enough to persuade millions of later followers that Smith spoke with the authority of God.

The Levitical Priests, in the same manner, offered a very dusty looking ‘ancient’ text as their ‘prop’ and ‘transferred authority’. The document pretended to be a record of speeches delivered by Moses just before his death.

Today Jewish scholars admit that Deuteronomy was written by the Levites in Judah after Judah’s rejection by the Israelites, and the conquest of Israel by the Assyrians. It has been of course revised, augmented, and edited continuously since its first ‘release’.

Again I hear ‘they couldn’t get away with that’. As with all ‘conpiracy denyists’, the claim is that you can’t get away with such large scale, widespread fraud. Sooner or later someone would ‘let the cat out of the bag’. Surely. Well what a silly assertion. Again I repeat, what would YOU risk simply to ‘blow the whistle’ on some ‘small piece of the puzzle’ that fell into your field of vision? Especially when you could not possibly have any idea of the scale and magnitude of the full conspiracy you were dealing with. Would you risk your job just to ‘dob in’ your boss? A colleague?

Now consider how the Levites imposed a death penalty, by stoning, and other ‘fates worse than death’ upon anyone who dared contradict them. Fathers and mothers were to denounce children, and bring them to the place where they would be stoned. Children would have to denounce their parents. Go watch ‘Monty Python’s ‘The Life of Brian’ to see how absurd the reality was. Just saying ‘Jehova’ would get you stoned to death. So you think lots of people were going to ‘blow the whistle’ if they ‘saw through’ the Priests deceptions? Their Cult scam? If YOU happened to ‘remember’ some ‘oral’ tradition differently to the Levites, would you be the first to raise a hand and offer a ‘correction’? Let alone accuse them of out and out deception and falsification of history?

Solzenitzyn reminds us that the main ‘threat’ faced by Russians under the Jew.S.S.R ‘Reign of Terror’, which itself was the glue that bound the entire system together, was simply the threat of losing their job. That was enough to keep most would be ‘whistle-blowers’ quiet. Those for whom it was not enough, ended up in Gulags, often worked to death. If you persisted, a real ‘example’ would be made of you. You would be tortured to death.

Today you lose your job, your public reputation, any career prospects, and risk beind defined as mentally ill, and/or locked up as a criminal, simply for ‘denying’ any current dogma, article of faith, or official fiction, such as ‘The Holocaust’, or ‘Man-made global climate crisis’, or ‘Sandy Hook was real’, or ‘911 was Arab hijackers’, and so on. The list of ‘untouchable’, ‘unquestionable’, ‘unchallengeable’, ‘self-evident’ ‘truths’ is endless. Question any one of the many ‘dogmas’ and modern ‘articles of faith’ that support the Jew World Order, and you are destined for a very hard road indeed.

But let us be clear on one thing. The Cult of JUDAH, Judaism, has NEVER spoken with the authority of the Israelites, nor of the ‘God’ of the Israelites. It is a rebellious cult that has co-opted the Israelites story and re-written it to its own ends. The ends of world conquest. The enslavement of the entire world. The slaughter of all who would dare obstruct their ‘Jew’ World Order.

The Cult of Judaism set itself up as a ‘religion’, but its mission has nothing to do with spiritual evolution or enlightenment. It is a political organisation, and nothing more. It seeks to serve a very narrow set of vested interests at any cost. We will all pay the costs, ‘Jew’ and ‘Gentile’ alike. Only a very small elite of Cult of Judaism leaders will ‘benefit’. They will ‘be as gods’. And we shall all be their slaves. Or just one most statistic on their list of victims, which on any modest reckoning, alreadly reaches the 100 million mark.

Gods’ promise, (for those ‘believing’ Christians and Muslims and ‘Jews’ reading this), was to Israel. And NOT to Judah, let alone to the Cult of Judah.

Christian Zionists and ‘Jewish’ Zionists alike have been fooled into aiding and abetting an imposter to ascend to the rightful position of the Israelites.

You ‘Jews’ have been fooled into serving false masters, unwittingly for the most part.

Our struggle is not with the Israelites. It is with the Cult of Judah. It is not with the ‘Jews’. It is with the members and leaders at the core of the Cult of Judah. The Cult of Judaism. The ‘Jew’ World Order.

I will not be able to save a single ‘Jew’ from this cult from prison.

So I am calling upon the ‘Jews’ to join me in my struggle, and join humanity in our common struggle. The struggle for freedom from lies. Freedom from oppression. Freedom from slavery. Freedom from manipulation. Freedom from exploitation. We can take the machine that the Jew World Order have built to enslave us, to free us, once and for all. Free us from every nationalism. From every lie. From every deception. From every form of control, manipulation, and conditioning.

The ONLY way we will remain free is if those of you who have been co-opted, willingingly or unwittingly, by the Jew World Order, turn against our common enemies, our common would-be slave masters. It is up to you.

Failing that, the only response available to the people who will not bow down and serve the Jew World Order will be physical violence. If they are smart they will wait until they have identified as many ‘leaders’ of the Jew World Order as they can. To get their own people as close to them as possible. And then as one unit, at the same time, take out as many of these traiitors to humanity, liberty, freedom, truth, and justice, as they can. But the chances of success are slim. Most likely any attempt at physically regaining control of our governments will be used as the much wanted pretext to clamp down 100% on the remaining vestiges of freedom and rights we enjoy. So I would never recommend such a policy. The best policy is to force the hand of the masters to reveal their existence, and their true intentions. Only when the masses wake up to realise they are about to become totally enslaved, might they actively and passively resist.

If the people wake up, and prove worthy of freedom, and willing to fight to take it back, then physical struggle will have all the legitimacy that any slave revolt ever had. That any revolution against a tyrant ever had. And then it will be for each individual to decide if they will fight or just submit. It is not for me to suggest their response. If they are willing to sentence their children, and their children’s children, for eternity, to slavery, then who am I to argue. Some people ‘want’ to be slaves. They don’t really mind. They have no real self-direction. ‘They don’t want freedom, they don’t want justice, they just want someone to love’, as ‘The Talking Heads’ song aptly describes.

If you want to ‘Serve the Jew World Order’ as a servant. As an inferior ‘beast’ of burden, then they will treat you as you would a donkey. They will ensure you are fed, and clothed, and housed, for as long as you represent some value or benefit to them. For as long as you are useful. But the moment you cease being ‘human capital’ to them, they will send you to be slaughtered.

Oh, and yes, the world sucks as it is. But I have a much better plan for a New World Order that is actually novel. New. My Eden Protocols. I hope one day you will at least consider my alternative. Or at least keep my books safe, for the day when the Jew World Order, like all would be world orders, collapses in on itself, due to its inherent corruption, rotting from within. For books like mine are written for a time when people are ready for justice, truth, freedom, liberty, for all sentient beings.

‘Holy’? Moses

The Biblical character of Moses, at least after the Cult of Judah’s scribes / Priests have finished with him, takes refuge with the Midianites, marries the Midianite highpriest’s daughter, and takes instruction from him, to become his successor. As such Moses has ‘gone a-whoring after other gods’, and ‘taken of their daughters’, two of the most grievous breaches of the Cult’s law. Worshipping other Cults, and marrying outside the Cult.

These are surprising attributions to make to the man through whom the Cult Priests claim their ‘divine’ right to rule the Cult, and the World.

This lends credence to the idea that a real Moses, a Priest of the Midianites (Sumer), may have existed, and formed some sort of ethical code of his own. Possibly a quite humanistic, universal code of peace, truth, and justice.

However if the Cult of Judah were going to harness this workhorse to their own plough, to build their own Cult’s pedigree, and authority, upon a real Moses, they would need to ‘remake the ‘real’ Moses in their own image’. At least to the extent that they could with some degree of at least superficial believeablity, ‘append’ their own toxic ‘Ideology of Semitism’ to his story. And further, to grant this vicious ideology, and their own assumed right to eternal power over the ‘Jews’, ‘Israel’, and the entire world,( via an inheritance, by blood, and by virtue of selection by existing representatives of Aaron’s Priesthood), the legacy of an inheritance of ultimate and absolute authority from the mythical ‘Aaron’, Moses, and ultimately ‘God’.

So in the closing part of ‘Numbers’ Moses is ‘redeemed’ by comforming completely and obediently to all the statutes and laws. Thus Moses is ‘rehabilitated’ and set up as the ultimate source of authority for anything the Cult of Judah’s leaders say or do from that, back-dated, moment.

And in what way does he redeem himself? Show his total, absolute, unthinking, unhesitating obedience to the Cult of Judah, and ‘God’? This was the perfect moment to set up the legal precedent of genocide on its most formal footing. To glorify the ideology of Semitism in all its genocidal, vicous, malicious, destructive, nature. To produce the ‘moral compass’ by which all future generations of the Cult of Judaism should determine their own values, actions, and behaviors. To set the clearest example of what was considered the highest morality for a ‘Jew’. To set the stage for the ‘Jew’ World Orders final conquest of world government.

Moses massacres the entire tribe of which had lovingly welcomed and embraced him when he so desperately needed refuge. He had been adopted by their leaders, and even given the ‘first lady’ as his loving wife.

He then takes all the virgins as sex slaves.

So much for the ‘canard’ that you cannot trust ‘Jews’ to be loyal to their host nations.

How many nations, in recorded history, have welcomed ‘Jews’ into their communities, as refugees?

If you doubt these nations had reasons to suspsect the ‘Jews’ of conspiring against the interests of the nation, and its citizens, you would do well to consider the most respected and idealized of the ‘Jews’ role models. The most ‘holy’ of men himself. Moses.

Then you will know what is ‘expected’ of every ‘Jew’ by their own Cult masters. Total treachery. Well beyond mere treason. Well beyond selling nuclear secrets to their Jew World Order leaders, whether in the former Jew.S.S.R, or today’s Israel.

Look at what has happened to the Palestinians, who had lived peacefully with the ‘Jews’ in Palestine for centuries.

Look at how Germany was repaid for welcoming in refugees from ‘The Pall’ and ‘Russia’.

Look at how the Czars were rewarded for their attempts to ‘emancipate’ the ‘Jews’, and institute land reforms and constitutional democracy in Russia.

Only then can you mentally prepare yourself for the facts about WWI, WWII, The U.S.S Liberty, and 911.

Only then will you be able to mentally accommodate what the Cult of Judaism has planned for the entire world. In the very near future. If it has not already happened before I finished and ‘published’ this book.

If any real Moses really existed, he probably never behaved so incomprehensibly evilly.

What we need to take from the story is that it is intended as a role model for all future ‘Jewish’ action in the world.

What we need to comprehend is that is has been used as the role model for ‘Jewish’ actions around the world. Including the U.S.S Liberty and 911.

What we need to let sink in is that it is going to be the role model for the coming WWIII, and ‘Jew’ World Order.

That is the purpose of the writing of these stories about Moses in the ‘Jews’ most ‘Holy’ and revered, respected, and admired book.

Remember it was defined as ‘divinely inspired’ and as ‘the word of God’, by the Church fathers who conjoined the ‘Old Testament’ to the ‘Gospels’, granting the Torah the same status as the ‘New Testament’

So you know what to expect from ‘Christian Zionists’ as well.

You have ‘seen’ their ‘instructive’ role models in action. These are their heroes and moral guides.

I leave it to you to decide to submit to the Cult of Judaism, or to obstruct, and resist it.

The legacy of a ‘Moses’ who was probably a benevolent partriarch to the 12 tribes of ‘Israel’, was betrayed by his own ‘Judah’, long after his death, in the form of the Cult of Judah-ism. His authority was abused to legitimate a cult of racial supremacism, genocide, rape, and theft. A Cult that sought no less than total world domination, and the enslavement of all peoples. And the utter destruction of anyone, or anything, any nation, any organisation, any individual, or any religion or philosophy, that might obstruct it in any way from achieving this compulsive obsession.

And so the Moses we are presented with in the Torah, in the Old Testament, isn’t someone worthy of our veneration. Moses, on his deathbed, supposedly rejoiced at how the King of Sihon and the King of Bashanm and all his people were “utterly destroyed, the men, and the women, and the little ones’.

Moses then claims that God has spoken to him and promised Judah of the seven neighbouring nations that: ‘Thou shalt utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them. . thou shalt consume all the people which the Lord thy God shall deliver thee; thine eye shall have no pity upon them. . . the Lord thy God will put out these nations before thee by little and little. . . the Lord thy God shall deliver them unto thee, and shall destroy them with a mighty destruction until they be destroyed. And he shall deliver their kings into thine hand, and thou shalt destroy their name from under heaven; there shall no man be able to stand before thee, until thou have destroyed them.’

Moses then continues to incite genocide, with his last dying breath, stating. . . Go in to possess nations greater and mightier than thyself . . . the Lord thy God is he which goeth over before thee; as a consuming fire he shall destroy them, and he shall bring them down before thy face; so shalt thou drive them out, and destroy them quickly, as the Lord hath said unto thee. . . For if ye shall diligently keep all these commandments which I command you . . . then will the Lord drive out all these nations from before you, and ye shall possess greater nations and mightier than yourselves . . . even unto the uttermost sea shall your coast be…

This was the ‘legal precedent’ that lay on the Cult of Judah’s ‘statute books’ just waiting to be used to justify the coming genocide of Palestine, and any other people that might dare obstruct the Cult’s ambitions for a ‘Jew’ World Order.

The precedent was used to ‘legitimate’ all the acts of terror that led to the founding of the state of Israel, including the genocide at Deir Yasin in 1948, after which Palestinians fled their homes, leaving the way free for the ‘Cult of Judah’ occupation of Palestine.

Of course these Cult murderers claimed ‘The bible is our mandate’. This claim resonated with millions of ‘Jews’ and ‘Christians’ alike. However it is meaningless. As the ‘Cult’ itself had literally written the bible. To suit its own purposes. And re-written and re-interpreted it continually as it suited their purpose. This purpose has remained steadfast from the beginning. Nothing less than the absolute control of the entire world, and the slaughter of all men, women, children, babies, and unborn babies, who in any way might obstruct the Cult of Judaism from attaining this singular, compulsive, object.

The ‘Jews’ leading the Bolshevik ‘reign of terror’ in the Jew.S.S.R took the following ‘precedent’ / ‘command’ literally, destroying Russian Orthodox Churches. . . . ‘Ye shall utterly destroy all the places, wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods. . .’

The Bolshevik ‘Jews’ the proceeded to make Judas Escariot, who had betrayed god, a ‘Saint’. The same thing happened in Germany after it too was ‘occupied’ by the Cult of Judah, in 1945. By the way, that ‘occupation’ remains in force. Enforced by ‘anti-semitism’ laws. In Russia during the Jew.S.S.R occupation of the ‘Soviets’ and ‘Russia’, the penalty was death. Today in the reconstituted but unannounced Jew.S.S.R under Putin, another ‘Jew’, the penalties are similar to those suffered in Germany, under ‘commie’ Merkel, the Jew World Order’s current E.Jew dictator / Golem. Decades in solitary confinement merely for writing a book like this one.

Deuteronomy commands that ‘if there arise among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams . . . (he) shall be put to death’. I wonder who shot John Lennon. Who will shoot me? I am a prophet and dreamer of dreams, no doubt about it. I confess.

Any East German who had lived under the Jew.S.S.R will tell you about the ‘Spitze’, the ‘little spies’ that were everywhere, waiting to denounce friend, family member, parent, or colleague. This ‘innovation’ of the Jewish lead ‘Jew.S.S.R’ was nothing new to them. For Deuteronomy requires that any ‘heretics’ or ‘perveyors of heretical ideas, ideas that in any lay lead to any sort of challenge to the power of the Cult of Judah’s Levitical Priesthood, must be publically denounced by brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, wives and friends, and the ‘criminal’ then be publicly stoned to death. Sounds bad enough, but worse is to come. For the family member or friend who denounced the person must ‘throw the first stone’ to begin the public execution. Then ‘everyone present’ must participate actively. You were all to be guilty of the same crime of murder. The idea of ‘corporate guilt’ may not have been invented by the Cult of Judah, but it certainly abused it to its ends. For if a person acted in any way contrary to the Cult’s commands, as expressed in Deuteronomy, then the entire community would ‘pay the price’. And thus who would risk not denouncing someone, and later being held accountable for their actions?

The Rabbi in Brendon O’Connell’s trial stated, once you are a ‘Jew’, you and your children are ‘always ‘Jews’. This means there is ‘no way out’ other than by being stoned to death for ‘Apostasy’. You can’t just ‘quit’ being a ‘Jew’. You have sold your soul to the Cult. The only way to ‘redeem’ it is by submission. Either to the Cult’s arbitrary whims. Unthinkingly. Without hesistation. Never questioning. Never seeking explanations. Simply ‘leave your brain at the door’ submission. With no mercy. Or to the only other ‘way out’. Death by stoning at the hands of your own family and friends. Could you possibly be responsible for that, for those people you loved and cherished?

The Cult’s incitement to rape, murder, theft, and slavery, are perhaps the truly defining elements of the Cult of Judah. Deuteronomy commands that: ‘when a ‘far off’ city is being invaded, ‘thou shalt smite every male thereof with the edge of the sword, but the women, and the little ones, and the cattle, and all that is in the city, even all the spoil thereof, shalt thou take unto thyself. . .’

It appears to me that the genocides were intended to support the notion of ‘a race unto itself’ and ‘racial purity’ among the Cult of Judah. The 7 nations who were the neighbours of Judah, and which had assimilated the 10 Israelite tribes, were to be wiped out utterly. The command is that: ‘…of the cities of these people which the Lord thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth; But thou shalt utterly destroy them. . .’

This is typical of the Cult’s ‘God’ YHWH, in utterly destroying anyone who would not automatically and wholeheartedly, with zero reservations, hesitations, or reflection, obey, submit, and conform to his arbitrary whims, which were of course the arbitrary whims of the Levitical Priesthood itself, the leaders of the ‘Cult of Judaism’. This ‘God’ never appeared in over 3000 years, so we can safely assume it was either Enlil, or he had returned to Nibiru, or it was just a phantom bogey man brought out by the Priests to scare their infantile Cult members into submission. Fear makes logical reasoning and reflection very difficult. Especially if merely doubting, even among trusted family and friends, the very existence of this ‘never seen’ God, would automatically lead to those very same listeners stoning you to death.

The ‘far off’ nations only needed to have all the men murdered. The women and children could be taken captive as slaves. As sex toys, and workers.

The ‘law’ is that ‘every seven years a creditor shall remit his “neighbour’s” debt, but “of a foreigner thou mayest exact it again”.

The ‘Love ye therefore the stranger; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt’, probably was meant to refer to the ‘mixed multitude’ that adopted the Cult of Judah as their own. However it may be one of the ‘garlands’ woven into the woop and warp of the text, to allow the viper to better escape attention.

‘Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother . . . unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury’ is the beginnings of the Jew World Order’s world financial empire. It in fact goes from being a ‘may’ lend, in return for interest, to ‘…‘. . Thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow.’ And so here we find an unusual ‘moral command’ from ‘God’, among a list of ‘commands’ ranging from what to wear, what to eat, to how to make a bowel movement. This Cult, as cults throughout time, is all about micro-management, 24/7. No wonder the Israelites wanted to have nothing to do with this Cult, like the ‘Jews’ who later ‘emancipated’ themselves and left to integrate and assimilate, more or less, into Western European, British, and American communities.

But in every case, the real basis of any Cult is terror and fear. Any religion which invokes ‘Hells’ and ‘punishments’ by ‘gods’ in this or the next worlds, is clearly little more than a form of terrorism. Of mental slavery. As with Mohammed’s ‘Koran centuries later, modelled of course on the Cult of Judah’s own texts, the main theme of ‘Deuteronomy’ is fear of what will happen to you if you do not comply with ‘The Mosaic Law. In this case we have Moses warning us of all the horrible consequences of non-compliance with the Cult of Judah’s micro-management system. ‘If thou will … observe … all his (the Priests’) commandments and statutes . . . all these curses shall come upon thee . . .” Plague, wasting, inflammation, mildew, botch, haemeroids, scab, itch, madness, blindness, famine, cannibalism and drought, the non-comformists wives will sleep with other men, their children enslaved, or eaten by their own parents.

Of course the deal is then sweetened with promises of world domination and material benefits. Moses promises, at the end of Deuteronomy, that: ‘The Lord thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth…’And the Lord thy God, he will go over before thee, and he will destroy these nations from before thee, and thou shalt possess them.’

And so the Moses of the Levites commands men, in the name of ‘God’, to love their neighbours, and not to covet their wives, one moment, and then the next is commanding all the Cult members to genocidally murder entire nations, while taking the virgin girls of one nation as their sex slaves.

This is the same ‘God’ of the New Testament, ever since the Catholic Church decided to conjoin the Old and New Testaments into one Book, ‘The Bible’. This decision must have been made by Cult of Judah puppets, for it to make any sense. In this case it represents one of the earliest acts of what Soviet KGB agents were sent out by the Jews who controlled the Jew.S.S.R at that time, to ‘The West’, to do. To obfuscate and confuse the nations, to sow discontent and disillusion with their inherited ‘authorities’ and ‘governments’, leaving them longing for any cogent, clear, comprehensible, simple, authority they could put their faith in. Namely whichever form the Cult of Judah decided to take in that nation, at that time.

Then within twenty years of the Mosaic Law being read out from these supposedly just discovered, ‘ancient’ documents, Judah is conquered by Babylon, circa 396 BCE. Or was it really the other way around? For the Cult grew in power in Babylon, as the precedent and role model for the Cults future ‘co-opting’ of the world powers power to its own ends. In Babylon the Levites learned the secret that all you need to do in order to effectively ‘steer’ an entire nation is gain influence over the most powerful members within it. To ‘groom’ men and women for power within it. And to to ultimately ‘steer’ things in their favor, simply by persuading the few men and women with the greatest power in any state to do as the Cult’s leader’s desired. The pattern that has lead to the Jew World Orders hegemony today was being perfected in Babylon at this time.

Again, to restate this key point. People always claim that ‘there as so few Jews that it would be impossible for them to wield any real power’. The point is not about how many people you control, but how many people with power and influence you control. You can ‘steer’ a nation’s political life, determine which wars it conducts, determine its foreign policy, determine its monetary policy, and gain privileges and special rights for your own organisation, simply by corrupting or blackmailing the few people in any society who actually make the final decisions on all these matters. The ministers who have the power to make the laws. The generals who lead the armies. The Kings and Queens, and most important courtiers who have the King’s and Queen’s ears.

Most important to the Cult leaders was to gain the Babylonian King’s ear on matters concerning the Cult members themselves. Always and everywhere the Cult leaders preferred to have their members isolated from the general populace, segregated in walled-in ‘ghettoes’, so that they would be free from competing views and ideas. It was the Cult of Judah’s own leaders who, in every nation, insisted that their people be limited to living in these ghettoes. The Levitical Priests could only maintain total control over everything their members thought, saw, heard, and did, if they could keep them all a closed community. It was always the Cult itself that ‘enslaved’ and ‘persecuted’ and ‘concentrated’ the ‘Jews’ in ‘camps’. It is one small step from intentionally forcing Jews, by law, into ghettoes, to placing them in concentration camps. The later had the benefit of giving the ‘emancipated’ Jews of Europe a shared experience of ‘persecution’.

The ‘Holocaust’ was invented before the war. To give the impression to the ‘survivors’ of the labor camps that their family members had been ‘gassed and cremated’ in ‘death camps’, Jewish families separated by the Germans in transit were never allowed to reunite after the ‘liberation’ by the ‘Jewish’ Soviet forces. The survivors in the West were told that their family members had been gassed and cremated. The survivors in the East were told the same story. And so, although almost all the family members had in fact ‘survived’ the work camps, they were all left believing the lies about Nazi death camps they had been told before being deported, by Zionist Jewish activists.. Each half of a family, separated by the ‘Iron Curtain’, was left believing that their loved ones that had been transported, after ‘liberation’, to one side of that divide, had been killed. How were they ever to know the facts?

In addition, to ensure a high ‘death toll’ for the camps, supply lines to the camps were bombed, so that no supplies of Zyklon B, which saved countless lives, arrived. The death rates from Typhus, due to the lack of Zyklon B skyrocketed at the end of the war, and resulted in the ‘walking corpses’ paraded before the international film audiences as ‘Nazi Death camp victims’. Also hospitals holding Jewish inmates were to be bombed. Then during ‘liberation’, the Jewish ‘Soviet’ Kommisars would deny the Jewish inmates food and medical supplies, so that they actually died at massively accelerated rates AFTER liberation, AFTER the Nazi’s had left. These are facts you won’t find in any official ‘history’. The French and other European Red Cross staff were denied access to the camps while this went on. All so that the death toll of the work camps could be massively ‘bumped up’, to help give credence to the lie of ‘death camps’.

But back to Babylon. The other four books of the ‘Torah’ were added to Deuteronomy, and its ‘Mosaic’ Law, during the Cults stay in Babylon.

The Biblical notions of a mass exodus are far fetched fictions. At the time, as just before 1948, there would have been a few thousand Levitical Priests and scribes living in Jerusalem, along with commited, zealous, Cult members who had tied their fortunes to this Priestly class. Most Jewish scholars limit the numbers to a few tens of thousands who were lead off to Babylon, with the majority of the ‘Israelites’ long having scattered themselves all over the Middle East and Mediterannean.

Experts like Dr. Kastein agree that the supposed ‘captives’ enjoyed an independent existence in Babylon, as a self-governing, semi-autonomous community. These were the ideal conditions for the Cult of Judah to prosper. For the Jews were for once compelled to live in a closed community, more likely at the Priest’s insistence, than due to any desire the Babylonians had to place the Jews in ‘Ghettoes’.

The notion of some ‘final word’ or ‘definitive’ ‘Torah’, such as ascribed to the ‘Schulchan Aruch’, is as misleading as Marx’s ‘End of History’ or Mohammed’s claim to being the ‘last prophet’. All is flux / change. All ‘idols’ are routinely smelted down and reshaped. Nothing is fixed. Even ‘Dogma’ tends to deform, reform, and even evaporate.

The ‘Torah’, the ‘Doctrine’ or ‘Law’ of the Cult of Judah, the Cult of Judaism, always gave the Cult Leaders the ‘last word’ on anything. And the right to ‘divinely inspired alteration’, as they saw fit. As ‘God’ has never come out publicly and spoken for himself, it has left the Levitical Priests, the Cult of Judah’s masters, a free hand for ‘revisions’. Just like Mohammed’s ‘Satanic Verses’. It is always possible for the heads of any cult to ‘explain away’ some ‘misunderstanding’ as ‘the mischief of the Devil’, or simple ‘imperfect translation of some older ‘revelation’ from God.

The ‘written’ Torah of the Cult of Judaism always granted the Cult leaders the option of ‘agumenting’ and ‘revising’ the ‘Doctrine’ of Judaism, along with its ‘Laws’. In fact the ‘Torah’ will never be ‘complete’. For Talmudic ‘Jews’ there is always the ‘secret Torah’ which was never ‘fixed’ in written text.

This makes it the perfect political tool. The perfect weapon. The perfect organizational tool. The perfect political stragegy. An ‘inflexible dogma’ for the poor victims, and a totally flexible dogma to be custom tailored to the changing needs of the Cult masters.

The basis strategy of a ‘secret Torah’ allows the Priests to ‘reveal’ these ‘secret’ doctrines and laws with the original ‘authority’ of ‘God’ via ‘Moses’, as they go along. They can change it at will. And always mainting the ‘transferred’ authority of ‘Moses’ and ‘God’. As we can never know what is in this ‘secret’ Torah, who are we to claim they simply make it up as they go along, to meet their needs? And what Priest or other ‘insider’ would ever deprive the masters of the masses the power of ‘noble’ lies? For that is the basis of all religious power. Deception. And of course if you ‘believe’ that your religious leaders have the best interests of their ‘flocks’ at heart, you will assume these lies to be motivated by pure, selfless, ‘noble’, intentions. Ask Plato, who ‘blew the whistle’ on the whole ‘noble lie’ scam / business / institution in his ‘Republic’. He is the ‘philosopher’ who would employ deception in the interests of the citizens of his ‘Republic’. Not trusting them to be able to follow the rigorous reasoning, or feel compelled by any system of ethics, to ‘do the right thing’, he fell back on superstitious deceptions, and misrepresentations. If people aren’t likely to ‘do the right thing’, as ‘revealed’ to Plato by his superior reason and ethics, for the same reasons Plato define them as right, then he felt compelled and entitled, in their interests, to lie to them, and get them to act in the same way he considered ‘optimal’, but for different, usually superstitious, reasons.

But Plato was against war. And the Cult we are dealing with was constantly commanding their people to commit genocide, and take over the entire world. Plato didn’t carry out the U.S.S Liberty slaughter on an ‘ally’, or blow up the WTC and Pentagon, murdering over 3000 innocent people, again, all the most loyal ‘allies’ the Cult ever had. So I see no reason to define the Cult’s ‘lies’ as ‘noble’. In which case we have learned the lesson that Plato appeared to have failed to anticipate. The moment you justify any lie, as a political expedient, you leave the gate wide open to abuse by less ‘noble’, and less ‘enlightened’ people to mis-lead their communities, in the worst possible directions, with the worst possible outcomes.

I anticipated this ‘abuse’ of ‘noble’ lies from the start, and have never employed a single one. I, like Buddha, have not found it necessary. Like Buddha, my arguments are compelling enough to stand on their own, without recourse to any ‘noble’ lies to prop them up. No ‘revelations’ from any ‘God’ or ‘Angel’ is necessary for my ‘Eden Protocols’. Of course I don’t have billions of people at least nominally and superficially ‘affilated’ with me, as do those ‘religions’ who did chose to employ deceptions, noble or otherwise. Soon history will prove whether they really achieved anything, by luring followers on false pretenses, and which of us were right. My own arguments won’t lead to nuclear annihilation of Billions of people. You can’t abuse my teachings to centralise and concentrate power in the hands of a few psychopaths. But also, like Buddha accepted, ‘Few will understand’. Maybe the ‘few’ filtered out of the Billions is what this ‘earth’ experience engine was literally designed for, after all?

So, for many ‘Jews’, the ‘Torah’ is an ‘open’ document. A ‘living’ document. Jesus in fact strove to do this himself. To do away with the idolatry of worshipping old books and texts, and reforming the ‘religion’ into something ‘alive’ and reflecting true ethics and reason, rather than being ‘fixed’ to some micro-management system totally out of touch with the needs of the people, and their best interests.

But the Cult had different motives for its dogmatic, unnatural ‘religion’. Jesus was about universal principles and ethics and values to be enjoyed by, and applied to, all peoples equally.

The Cult of Judah is based on an ideology of exclusive principles and ethics and values to be enjoyed by, and applied exclusively to, its cult members. All non-cult members were to become the slaves of this Cult, or be slaughtered. The ‘Torah’ is in fact the original ideological ‘Iron Curtain’, long before ‘Marxism’ fulfilled the same role in a different context, but always with the same function, and lead by the same Cult masters, and informed by the same ideology of ‘Semitism’ (reflexive of the conventional use of the term ‘anti-semitism’ and in no way meant to refer to the Semitic languages or any people).

From the moment ‘The Law’ was imposed upon the community of the Cult of Judah, any attempt to free Cult members from the thrall of this ideology, and from the power of their Cult masters, would be defined as ‘persecution’ by the Cult. Thus ‘Jesus’, in calling for universal brotherhood of man, and universal justice, and universal peace, was ‘persecuting’ the ‘Jews’.

The ‘Jews’ invented ‘double speak’ long before George Orwell elucidated upon it in ‘1984’. In fact any attempt to ‘emancipate’ ‘Jews’ from their inherited cult (either by birth, or when their own leaders, for example the Khazars, converted their nations and subject peoples to the Cult), is defined as ‘anti-semitism’. For the most meaningful and appropriate ‘operationalisation’ of the term ‘anti-semitism’ is any behavior that challenges or obstructs or questions the ‘Ideology of Semitism’, a.k.a the ‘beliefs’ of the Cult of Judah. The beleifs of the Cult of ‘Judaism’.

If I were to attempt to enage with an ‘Jewish’ interlocutor, and get them to reflect on any of their beliefs, to apply critical reasoning to these beliefs, to challenge any cult dogma, no matter how superficially, I would be ‘guilty’ of the ‘crime’ of ‘anti-semitism’.

If a ‘Jew’ sought by any means, to challenge the dogmas of the Cult, in any form, they would be ‘denounced’ by their own family members, and stoned to death by them. This was the first ‘Law’ against ‘anti-semitism’. Millenia later this death penalty was extended to ‘outsiders’, the moment the Cult had the power to enforce it. So when the Cult of Judaism took control of Russia and then occupied Eastern Europe, it became a ‘capital offense’ not only for a ‘Jew’ to even criticize any action carried out by a ‘Jew’. For it was ‘Jews’ who carried out the mass deportations, who instigated and carried out the ‘Reign of Terror’ of the KGB, who destroyed all the Russian Orthodox Churches and brutallised their clergy, who murdered two Czars, and the last Czars entire family.

The power to enforce the Cult’s ‘Law’ has now spread almost worldwide. This book, like my earlier books, will be banned in most European nations, and Russia. It will make me a criminal in Australia and Germany, the countries to which I hold passports and citizenship. Because it is, using the operational definition, ‘anti-semitic’.

Of course the world’s public are given a totally different ‘definition’ for ‘anti-semitism’. They publicly define it as ‘expressions of an irrational and unfounded hatred of all Jews for no reason’.

In fact the earliest death sentences for anti-semitism were carried out by family members against their own families, when members of their families attempted to free their loved ones from the thrall of the Cult of Judaism. From the mind prison. From the effective physical prison of the cult’s reign of terror.

Today the Cult has more power to punish ‘outsiders’ like myself, than they do to punish their own ‘emancipated’ Jews. These are merely defined as ‘self-hating’ and ‘shunned’ by their own people.

However once you have mentally digested the contents of this book, and my other books and videos, and posts, you will surely anticipate a time in the near future when the death penalty will be re-instated. For the Cult will soon have absolute control. Right now it controls enough of the most powerful political positions, Government bodies, Non Government Organisations, Military commanders, legal institutions and decision makers, economic advisors, foreign policy planners and advisors and executives, the world’s mass media, the world’s publishing, the world’s ‘education’ resources such as textbooks and ‘common core’, the world’s financial institutions such as the IMF, the World Bank, ‘The Fed’, the Bank of International Settlements B.I.S, Hollywood, Amazon, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, your telephone billing services, your police data base administrators, the CIA. Name any institution with real power, or any position of real power, and you will find it is already under the thrall, directly or indirectly, of the Cult of Judaism. NATO is literally under Cult control. The Congress is now an almost fully owned and operated Cult institution. ‘Jews’ love ‘democracy’, because as Benard Baruch, the ‘President maker’, (who took his ‘payment for services rendered’ in the form of ‘policy direction’ a.k.a bringing the U.S into two world wars, allowing Jews to take control of the U.S money supply via ‘The Fed’, and support for the Zionist terrorists) understood, all you need to do to take control of any democracy is pre-select the candidates on both sides of the typical ‘two party’ system, via election campaign funding and mass media support for the candidates who will ‘play ball’, and massive demonisation campaigns of any who would not sufficiently service the Cult (to go down in the official histories as ‘anti-semites’ or in Nixon’s case ‘criminals’). You merely need to persuade a very small number of ‘swinging voters’ in the ‘swing states’, first by insisting that your ‘Jewish’ Sayanim get behind the ‘Cult’ candidate, then via mass media support for him, and demonisation of his ‘adversary’, (the literal meaning of ‘Satan’), and playing all the dirty tricks possible, from greenmail, to blackmail, to corruption, to simple persuasion, of priests, labor union leaders, local groups, and so on. Elections are won and lost by mere hundreds votes in one electoral district. Or simply by a few ‘ballot boxes’ ‘dissappearing’ or being ‘tampered with’. It helps that the Jews literally own the companies that are responsible for the ‘modern’ electronic voting machines. And of course they resist any calls to issue ‘paper receipts’, because that would interefer with ‘multiple voting scams’ and ‘hacking’ and all the myriad forms of electoral fraud made possible when you literally run the voting machines. ‘Rigging’ is far too coarse a term for what goes on. And also far to subtle a term. For the blatant abuses are rampant, and the more subtle abuses go virtually unnoticed by the public. Any person attempting to ‘reveal’ the abuses is immediately ‘shut down’. Often simply murdered walking home from work.

Soon the guillotines will be brought out again. The FEMA labor and death camps will be openend for business. Just like whent the Cult of Judaism, in the guise of ‘Bolsheviks’ a.k.a ‘Communists’, took control of the Jew.S.S.R after literally assassinating the Russian Czar and his family. And any other potential ‘adversary’ to the Cult.

War will be declared on the the anti-semites within and without the Cult. Millions of ‘Jews’ will be ‘punished’ for their lack of mindless, unhesitating obedience to the Cult masters. The ‘punishers’ employed will appear to be motivated by ‘anti-semitism’. The ‘pogroms’ will appear to be independently co-ordinated and orchestrated, however, just like in Nazi Germany, the true organisers of the pogroms and labor camps for the ‘emancipated’ Jews, those unwilling to mindlessly comply with the Cult, will be the Cult of Judaism’s masters themselves. So look forward to sudden ‘revelations’ in the Cult’s mass media that ‘Jews did 911’. Or worse false flags which will be used to ‘throw the Jews under the bus’, for being ‘un-orthodox’. For failing to be ‘good Cult members’. It has happened time and time again, around the world. It is a clear, easy to predict pattern, once you understand what is really going on in the world.

Of course after the ‘emancipated’ Jews area rounded up, possibly slaughtered, by ‘puppets’ working for, knowingly or unwittingly, the ‘Jew’ World Order itself, the definition of ‘anti-semitism’ will be extended to a much broader ‘operationalisation’.

By then the definition will have been ‘operationalised’ to extend to include ‘Gun owners’, and ‘Constitutionalists’, ‘Evangelical Christians’, ‘Christians’, ‘Buddhists’, ‘Conspiracy theorists’, and anyone who might in any way, in word or deed, or lack of immediate, unthinking, unhesitating, unquestioning obedience to the Cult, and compliance with its arbitrary ‘laws’, obstruct or hinder, let alone actively resist, the Jew World Order.

In reality, the term ‘potential terrorist’ is the new ‘operationalisation’ of the old term ‘anti-semitism’. The two ‘criminal’ definitions are already working side by side, hand in glove. The ‘Patriot Act’ and suspension of ‘Habeaus Corpus’ around the world now allows the Jew World Order to arrest, and detain, without charges, let alone warrants, anyone, anywhere, for any length of time, for no reason. All you do is have one of the Jew World Order institutions label them as ‘a potential terrorist risk’ and the black cars will pick them up and drop them off at the nearest ‘black site’ for ‘processing’. There they used ‘advanced interrogation methods’, the new ‘doublespeak’ for ‘torture’. Or the hapless victim can be whisked off to any Jew World Order operation around the world for really serious ‘torture’ that no-one even bothers to ‘euphemise’, it is so obviously the use of pain and terror to force people to submit to the Jew World Order, that no-one even bothers to pretend it is anything else.

This is all happening as I write. Any moment the efforts of all of us attempting to inform you and wake you up to the facts can become ‘moot’. Our voices literally ‘muted’ at the press of a button somewhere among the internet providers, web hosting services, and so on. I could be picked up and taken away. No-one would have any power to stop it. No-one would have any reason to question whatever ‘justification’ was given for my ‘arrest’.

Do always keep the reality in mind. Anti-semitism is a good thing. A noble thing. The best response to the Jew World Order, for all of us, including the ‘Jews’. If you are not anti-semitic, then you are either ignorant, or lacking in basic instincts for self-preservation. If you don’t begin actively working in harmony with these instincts, the information people like me have made available to you, you will be the Jew World Order’s next victims.

The Cult’s masters will simply invoke their power to ‘attribute’ anything they write to ‘God’, making ‘their will be done, on earth, as it is (they will claim), in heaven’.

If they wish they can make it a ‘criminal’ offense just to fart facing East on Tuesday. The ‘Laws’ and ‘Statutes’ attributed to God / Moses were incredibly detailed and covered every possible area of life. Why bother with Congress or Parliament, when you can decide you don’t like people wearing green socks, and simply claim God/Moses commanded no-one may wear green socks. The same law grants you the power to have anyone who would dare, by word or deed, ‘doubt’ that God / Moses commanded this, stoned to death. So do you really think anyone will ever ‘explain’ to you the true nature of ‘The Law’, of Deuteronomy?

Let’s pause a moment. Those of you who think such a monstrous conspiracy could never last long. Well this one has lasted over 3000 years, my dear skeptic. Oh why is it you are only ever ‘skeptical’ when it comes to the ‘truth’, but always so ‘believing’ of the propaganda and ‘noble’ lies?

As the prophet Jeremiah’s complained: ‘the pen of the Scribes is in vain’. When you, dear reader, are unable to overcome the imprinted fear of ‘God’ that prevents you ever really questioning and challenging the dogma you’ve been conditioned to accept as part of the manufactured, constructed, engineered, choreographed and scripted ‘social reality’ of the ‘Jew’ World Order, what hope is there that a mere writer can ‘emancipate’ you from your mental prison?

The Cult of Judah must become offensive to every person. Every Jew. Everyone. For to ‘offend’ the Cult is to ‘respect’ the truth. To respect freedom, liberty, and justice. The Cult of Judaism is a sword of Damoclese hanging over the heads of all of us.

But back to our ‘History of the Jews’. It continues to throw light on current events, and what we can expect from the ‘Jew’ World Order.

Just like the Jews living in European nations like France and Germany, were happy to relatively ‘assimilate’ and become ‘emancipated’ from the tyranny of the Cult of Judaism, the first ‘Jews in exile’ in Babylon were very happy there. Very successful. They had zero interest in ‘returning’ to Judah. As many as could had ‘escaped’ the ghettoes the Levitical priests had tried to contain them within.

So the Cult scribes got to work writing ‘Genesis’, re-writing the ‘oral’ traditions as much as they could get away with. For some ‘old folk’ would have remembered the ‘transmitted’ ‘histories’ too well for the Priests to get away with too much. That said, which among them would risk being stoned to death? Which would have the heart to put their loved ones in a position to have to ‘denounce’ them and ‘cast the first stone’?

Whatever the cost, the Cult Priests, the Cult of Judaism’s masters, it’s leaders, the ‘Jew’ World Order elites of that time, had to give the ‘Jews’ in Babylon a reason to feel ‘separate’ and to ‘keep as a people unto themselves’, in segregation from the Babylonians and other ‘people’s present in that cosmopolitain state.

So the Cult scribes wrote in Genesis: “And I will make of thee a great nation and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing; and I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee; and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. . . and the Lord appeared unto Abram, and said, Unto thy seed will I give this land. . .”

In Exodus the Levitical Priests enshrine their own theocratic autocracy, as ‘god given’. To ‘sweeten’ acceptance of this, it is written that the Priesthood are doing the ‘Jews’ a very great service. For by accepting this heavy burden of leadership, they satisfy the murderous YHWH’s apetite for blood. The blood, and lives, of the ‘Jews’ ‘first born’.

‘And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, Sanctify unto me all the firstborn, whatsoever openeth the womb among the children of Israel, both of man and of [27] beast: it is mine’.

If we are to believe the evidence of the prophet Micah, YHWH had been insisting on this ‘ownership’ being ‘honored’ by the Jews, at the time. In other worlds the ‘Jews’ were sacrificing their own first born to YHWH, before the Priests interceded and negotiated a ‘deal’ with this murderous god. The generous Priests offered up their service to God as a substitute for the ‘first born’. If you take them at their own word, and who would risk a death by stoning for daring to hesitate even slightly in doing so, they made great sacrifices. Sure, they would thereafter receive, ‘the best of the best’ as a ‘tax’ for their services, but hey, compared to having to kill your first born child, that would seem a very small price to pay, wouldn’t it?

So while the Cult masters ruled by terror and violence, they represented, in their own writings, the lesser of two evils. Would you rather sacrifice your first born child, or observe whatever silly ‘rules’ the Cult Priests decide to impose on you?

Numbers, the last of the five Books to be produced, is where the Cult oof Judaism’s leaders claim that before them, God demanded the sacrifice of their first born. But thanks to their courageous and selfless ‘intercession’, and ‘clever negotiations with god ‘ as the people’s ‘go-betweens’ and ‘savoiors’, they made themselves proxies for the firstborn. Imagine the eternal gratitude the people now ‘owed’ them. And all simply by making up stories, and convincing people they were true ‘histories’. This shows the ‘power of the word’. At zero cost to themselves, the Cult masters had ‘earned’ the eternal gratitude of every ‘Jew’ alive, and to come.

“And the Lord Spake unto Moses, saying, And I, behold. I have taken the Levites from among the children of Israel instead of all the firstborn that openeth the matrix among the children of Israel: therefore the Levites shall be mine; because all the firstborn are mine. . .” (As the firstborn to be so redeemed outnumbered their Levite redeemers by 273, payment of five shekels each for these 273 was required, the money to be given “to Aaron and his sons”.)

Cult members were thereafter forever reminded of the ‘alternnative’ to submission to their Cult masters, every time the Cult Priests sprinkled the blood of the animal sacrifice upon themselves.

The Scribes take advantage of this ‘gratitude’ to exact the price of their ‘intercession’. And in a way the minutely detailed instructions, attributed to ‘God’, about the construction and furnishings of altars and tabernacles, the cloth and design of vestments, mitres, girdles, the kind of golden chains and precious stones in which the blood-baptized priest is to be arrayed, as well as the number and kind of beasts to be sacrificed for various transgressions, the uses to be made of their blood, the payment of tithes and shekels, and in general the privileges and perquisites of the priesthood, might all have made the attribution to ‘God’ more realistic, and believeable, rather than absurd and silly.

There is a psychological trick at work here. Piling lies upon lies should make the whole structure appear as one big lie. Instead it tends to lend credence, reflexively, to each lie within the structure. That is how dogmatic belief systems work. Reflexively. You ensure that each lie is reflexively supportive of the other lies. You get a coherent system of lies. And that very coherence itself fills the place taken by logic, reason, and, evidence.

Thus you mange to, in no subtle way, ‘deform epistemology’ while gaining seemingly ‘compelling’ arguments, as a function of the sheer number, weight, and extent of the system of lies. As long as you keep people inside this reflexive bubble of lies, there is nothing withing the entire system, the whole, to indicate anything is amiss. If you can keep the Cult members in a physical or mental ‘ghetto’, separated and segregated from ‘objective reality’, and possible ‘self-reflection’, ‘interrogation’, ‘critical relection’, and so on, you can totally avoid any hint of ‘skepticism’ ever emerging from within the cult (the threat of stoning is enough to keep any organic skepticism from ever being expressed within the Cult), and prevent any outside influences ever intruding to ‘burst the bubble’ on what to any independent, unpoisoned, non-terrorised mind would immediately appear to be a very fragile, unjustified, absurd, even fatuous, belief system.

Cautionary tales, precedents, were offered for the terrible consequences of failing to comply with the Priests / ‘Gods’ commands. In Genesis all woman-kind is afflicted with painful birth. And all humanity is punished, for eternity, for disobeying ‘Gods’ will.

As ‘Moses’ is the source of the Priests ‘transferred authority’, they must show him as being the ‘hand’ of ‘God’, when it comes to ‘legitimate’ punishment for the slightest divergence from ‘The Law’. And ‘Moses’ must be seen to have passed this power onto the Cult Priests themselves. The power over life and death, for the slightest infractions of their own ‘laws and statutes’. The arbitrary rules they had themselves written, in Babylon.

So this tale was added: ‘While Moses was in the mountain Aaron made a golden calf; when Moses came down and saw it he commanded “the sons of Levi” to go through the camp “and slay every man his brother, and every man his companion, and every man his neighbour”, which these dutiful Levites did, so that “there fell of the people that day about three thousand men”.

But wait, there is more ‘justification’ for any later slaughter of ‘Jews’ by their own Cult masters. The Cult of Judah, the ‘Jew’ World Order are always several steps ahead of any ‘adversary’ or ‘interrogator’. They place ‘precedents’ in their ‘Holy Books’ for every imaginable situation. They have always been the ultimate in ‘contingency planners’.

In Numbers the Cult scribes added the tale of ‘the rebellion of Korah’. In this ‘cautionary tale’, ‘two and fifty hundred princes of the assembly, famous in the congregation, men of renown, gathered themselves together against Moses and against Aaron and said unto them, Ye take too much upon you, seeing all the congregation are holy, every one of them, and the Lord is among them; wherefore then lift ye yourselves above the congregation of the Lord”.

For of course even at the time of writing this, there must have been complaints that the Cult Priests were clearly granting themselves excessive powers, like U.S Presidents signing ‘executive orders’ with no legal basis. So to pre-emptively dis-arm these protests, the scribes describe what any such protestors can expect as a result of their legitimate complaints.

‘So the earth opened and swallowed Korah and his two hundred and fifty men of renown” (however, the congregation “continued to murmur”, whereon the Lord smote it with the plague, and by the time Aaron interceded, “fourteen thousand and seven hundred” lay dead.)

And then to fully ‘profit’ from such a ‘windfall’ of ingenuity, the Cult Priests, the Cult of Judaism’s masters, are quick to insert the following: ‘All the best of the oil, and all the best of the wine, and of the wheat, the first fruits of them which they shall offer unto the Lord, them have I given thee’. And so the new ‘taxes’ never authorized by the ‘Law’ are slyly slipped into the new ‘legislation’. Exactly as the Federal Income Tax and I.R.S and ‘Federal Reserve’ and ‘Patriot Act’ legislation was ‘slyly’ enacted while the people’s attention was ‘misdirected’ to Christmas Eve celebrations, ‘911’, and so on.

But now the original oral traditions shared with the Israelites, before this group literally vanished without a trace from recordsed history, had contained real gems of wisdom and humanism. The kind we associate with so many of the ‘emacipated’ ‘Jews’ we have come to love.

These were kept as the ‘garlands’ within which to hide the ‘viper’ of the Cult of Judah’s new teachings and laws. And also to grant the venomous, malicious ‘Ideology of Semitism’ the ‘reflected glory’ of truly inspired ideas. Perhaps also to ‘assuage’ the many readers and listeners who might still ‘recall’ the original oral traditions.

People tend to ‘hear what they want to hear and disregard the rest’. This is clearly the case with the Cult of Judaism. For interwined with the ‘woop’ of genuinely inspired, humanist, universal ethics and morality, is the ‘warp’ of the Cult’s ‘Ideology of Semitism’. It’s exceptionalist, racial supremacist, genocidal, destructive, megalamaniacal, ideology of slavey, rape, murder, theft, deception, and world domination.

Like in Brendon O’Connell’s trial, the Cult ‘Jews’ there as witnesses, and their agent, the Prosecutor, practiced a subtle method employing non-sequitur, self-cancelling / self-negating statements.

For Deuteronomy commands, “Love ye therefore the stranger”, and then contradicts / cancels / negates by excluding ‘the stranger’ from the ban on what has since become ruinious to all nations, usury. Usury is of course another word for ‘finance’. Lending money in return for whatever perecentage ‘interest’ the lender could get out of a borrower, a function of their ignorance of ‘compounding interest’ and their desperation / need.

In Leviticus we are commanded that ‘The stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself” (chapter 19). The reversal came in chapter 25: “Of the children of the stranger that do sojourn among you, of them shall ye buy, and of their families that are with you, which they begat in your land, and they shall be your possession. And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them for a possession; they shall be your bondmen for ever: but over your brethren, the children of Israel, ye shall not rule over one another with rigour”.

As I’ve always said, Pyramid shaped hiearachies of benefits and privileges are the basis of all power structures. And everyone will only accept a system if they themselves are granted power over someone else. And are allowed to feel ‘superior’ to someone else. For this reason ‘religions’, as compared to ‘philosophical systems like the actual teachings of Buddha, or Zarathustra, tend to grant men, no matter what ‘caste’ or ‘class’, down to the most lowly and powerless, nevertheless, power over the women of their own class. Someone has to be at the bottom of the pyramid, so even women are granted more ‘rights’ than ‘slaves’ and ‘foreigners’.

In the case of the Cult of Judah, the Levites introduce the “trial of jealousy”. If “the spirit of jealousy” came on a man, he was legally obliged (by “the Lord speaking unto Moses, saying”) to hale his wife before the Levite, who, at the altar, presented her with a concoction of “bitter water” made by him, saying, “If no man have lain with thee and if thou hast not gone aside to uncleanness with another instead of thy husband, be thou free from this bitter water that causeth the curse. But if thou hast gone aside to another instead of thy husband, and if thou be defiled, and some man have lain with thee beside thine husband. . . the Lord make thee a curse and an oath among thy people, when the Lord doth make thy thigh to rot, and thy belly to swell.”

The woman then had to drink the bitter water and if her belly swelled the priests “executed the law” of death on her.

In other words the Cult leaders granted all men the right to ‘cheat’ on their wives, and to basically accuse and kill their wives if they merely even suspected adultery on her part, or simply were willing to have her death on their conscience as the price of the annulment of their marriage contractual obligations.

Having Moses butcher his adoptive Midianite host family, and host nation, may simply be the Cult’s way of ‘rehabilitating’ their ‘source of authority’ after he ‘slipped’ and ‘trespassed against the Cult laws’, and welcoming him back into ‘the fold’. The rank and vile bosom of the Cult ‘family’. Or it may be a ‘legal precedent’ for the ‘emancipated’ ‘Jews’ to explain how they are to one day ‘make it good’ with the Cult, by committing genocide against their current hosts, Germany, France, North America, Australia. Or it might be a true story. But there is no evidence for it. And sadly, Moses may have been a truly ‘nice guy’, and his original ‘religion’ something more like Jesus, Buddha, and Obadiah, and the Hebrew prophets, rather than the evil, malicious, destructive, racist, segregationist, racial supremacist, exceptionalist, genocidal, neurotic, psychotic, sociopathic, megalomaniacal, obsessive compulsive, corporated insanity, that the Cult of Judah turned it into.

My conclusion is that the Story of Moses and the Midianties is intended to send a clear message to ‘Jews’ everywhere. Your ‘host’ nations who welcomed you with open arms are ‘Amalek’. They work for Satan, ‘The Adversary’. Which in fact any ‘alternative’ to the Cult is, by Cult definition. In other words by assimilating you, and integrating you into their culture, and accepting you, they are in fact ‘persecuting’ you. They are ‘cooling off’ your ‘passion’ for the Cult, and your commitment to it. They are thus turning you away from the Cult, and its one true path.

So the only response to this ‘persecution’ is to massacre them all. And to give cult members so motive to do this, they make all the virgin girls of your host nation ‘fair game’ for your sexual predation.

Moses strayed from the ‘true path’, but then found his way back, and atoned for his ‘disobedience’ in the only way acceptable to the Cult, and their ‘jealous’ ‘God’ YHWH. By genocide of the evil ‘nations’ that sought to ‘seduce’ them into ‘alternative’ ways of seeing, being, defining, and living. This satisfied YHWH’s blood lust. This is the only way to ‘redeem’ yourself, in the Cult’s eyes. To ‘avenge’ the ‘adversary’ for daring to offer alternatives which might lead Cult members to stop and think for a moment, to reflect, to engage their critical faculties, to question, to ponder, and possibly end up rejecting the Cult Dogma for the fatuous rubbish that it is.

Many national leaders and statesmen over the ages have become aware of this fact. They thus, in a defensive move, insisted that all ‘Jews’ remove themselves from their territory. I’ve listed the nations, states, and dates, in my other books.

Remember that in the Sumerian clay tablet ‘histories’ that much of the Torah / Old Testament is based on, Marduk was a ‘nice’ Annunaki, like we might hope Moses was. He had integrated and assimilated humans and annunaki, and shared his technical knowledge and other wisdom with the humans. They were building a space port, which we know of as ‘The tower of Babel’. Enlil, whom YHWH appears modelled on, was angered by this. He was literally a ‘jealous’ Annunaki who had insisted humans worship him as a god. As the only god. Despite the presence of 12 other major Annunaki leaders also being treated as ‘gods’ by the humans in the cities each ruled.

Enlil literally ‘nukes’ Marduk’s city, along with the spaceport, ‘The Tower of Babel’, in a fit of rage, fearing that the humans would ‘become as gods’, namely, become as clever and capable as the Annunaki, and thus become independent, and more or less ‘equals’.

This is probably where the story of a ‘nice’ Moses who is getting along fine with his adopted family and nation, suddenly committing genocide upon them. But hey, nothing in ‘history’ can be known with any certainty. Nothing at all about anything can be known with certainty. So we should entertain all the possibilities, and remain open minded and suspend judgement, unless it becomes necessary to make a decision based on the available information. Then we look for patterns, and take the most compelling pattern, or argument available. If you are interested in learning about decision making, and critical reasoning, please refer to TROONATNOOR vol. I and II.

The Moses of the Bible is really a homicidal maniac, just the ideal role model for such a Cult. In Chapter 25 Moses is made to relate that “the anger of the Lord was kindled” because the people were turning to other gods. He is commanded by the Lord, “Take all the heads of the people and hang them up before the Lord against the sun”, whereon Moses instructs the judges, “Slay ye every one his men that were joined unto Baalpeor” (Baal-worship was extensively practised throughout Canaan, and the competition of this cult with Jehovah-worship was a particular grievance of the Levites).

The theme of religious hatred is thus introduced into the narrative. That of racial hatred is joined to it when, in the direct sequence, a man brings “a Midianitish woman in the sight of Moses”. Phinehas (the grandson of Moses’s brother Aaron) goes after them “and thrust both of them through, the man of Israel, and the women through her belly”. Because of this deed, “the plague was stayed”, and “the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, Phinehas hath turned away my wrath from the children of Israel, while he was zealous for my sake. . . Wherefore say, Behold, I give unto him my covenant of peace!”

The only ‘peace’ the Old Testament offers anyone who won’t submit to the Cult is death. So be careful what your wish for. PAX JUDEA is something you inscribe on a headstone.

Thus the covenant between Jehovah and the hereditary Aaronite priesthood was again sealed (by the Levitical scribes) in blood, this time the blood of a racioreligious murder, which “the Lord” then describes as “an atonement for the children of Israel”. Moses, the witness of the murder, is then ordered by the Lord, “Vex the Midianites and smite them”. The symbolism is plain. He is required, in resurrection, to strike equally at “other gods” (the god of the high priest Jethro, from whom he had received instruction) and at “strangers” (his wife’s and father-in-law’s race).

The Levites even made the ensuing massacre Moses’s last act on earth; he was rehabilitated on the brink of eternity! “And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, Avenge the children of Israel of the Midianites; afterwards thou shalt be gathered to thy people”. Thus ordered, Moses’s men “warred against the Midianites as the Lord commanded Moses; and they slew all the males. . . and took all the women of Midian captives, and their little ones, and took the spoil of their cities, and all their flocks, and all their gods, and burnt their cities”.

This was not enough. Moses, the husband of a loving Midianite wife and the father of her two sons, was “wroth” with his officers because they had “saved all the Midianite women alive. Behold these caused the children of Israel. . . to commit trespass against the Lord in the matter of Peor, and there was a plague among the congregations of the Lord. Now therefore kill every male among the little ones and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves”. (The booty is then listed; after the enumeration of sheep, beavers and asses follow “thirty and two thousand persons in all, of women that had not known man by lying with him”. These were shared among the Levites, the soldiers and the congregation; “the gold” was brought to the Levites “for the Lord”.)

With that, Moses was allowed at last to rest and the Books of the Law were concluded. Incitement could hardly be given a more virulently evil shape. Chapters 25 and 31 of Numbers need to be compared with chapters 2, 3 and 18 of Exodus for the full significance of the deed foisted on Jehovah and Moses by the Levites to become apparent. It was a plain warning to the special people of what Jehovaism was to mean to them; it remains today a warning to others.

On that note The Law ended. Its authors were a small sect in Babylon, with a few thousand followers there. However, the power of their perverse idea was to prove very great. By giving material ambition the largest shape it can have on earth, they identified themselves forever with the baser of the two forces which eternally contend for the soul of man: that downward pull of the fleshly instincts which wars with the uplifting impulse of the spirit.

By the rivers of Babylon…where we dasheth thy little ones against the stones

The Torah was started and ‘completed’ while the Cult leaders were living in Babylon. They claim it was based on ‘oral traditions’, however much of it was clearly ‘invented’ in Babylon, and ‘interpolated’ by the Levite scribes.

For example, fifteen chapters of the book of Isaiah were clearly written 200 years after Isaiah had lived, by someone who had lived in Bablyon. And thus they couldn’t have been an oral tradition. Christian scholars circumvent this by calling the unknown man Deutero-Isaiah, that is, ‘the second Isaiah’.

We have Isaiah saying ‘The Lord hath said. . . I will also give thee for a light unto the Gentiles, that thou mayest be my salvation unto the end of the earth’. In other words the ‘Jews’ were to be our salvation, and not our destruction.

However basic Cult doctrine is that all people who do not belong to the Cult of Judah are to be either enslaved or slaughtered. You can hardly be a guiding light and savior to people you are either going to enslave or butcher.

So to keep Isaiah, whom many ‘Jews’ must have remembered as belongin to their oral traditions / histories, the Levite scribes added the typical non-sequitur, self-contradicting, self-cancelling statement that ‘the kings and queens’ of the Gentiles ‘shall bow down to thee with their face towards the earth and lick up the dust of thy feet . . . I will feed them that oppress thee with their own flesh and they shall be drunken with their own blood, as with sweet wine; and all flesh shall know that I am the Lord thy Saviour and thy Redeemer’.

Such non-sequitur, self-cancelling, self-negating statements are typical of the ‘Jewish’ witnesses at Brendon O’Connell’s, trial, and for the government prosecutor. They struck me as quite singular. I had wondered where such forms had been learned. Now I know. They are ‘typical’ Cult of Judah-ism forms.

In the same way, Jeremiah is presented initially with the typical Cult mentality: ‘… I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy…’

Later, though, he states that: ‘The word of the Lord came to me saying, Go and cry in the ears of Jerusalem, saying…What iniquity have your fathers found in me, that they are gone far from me . . . my people have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters . . .” He is speaking more like Jesus would later. Criticising the Cult of Judah for having ‘forsaken’ the principles of their forefathers, in favor of the ‘dead’ words of their laws and statutes. This supports the idea that the original religion of the Hebrews was originally much more like the teachings of Jesus, than the ‘Judaism’ we have been handed by the Cult of Judah.

Jeremiah then identified the culprit, Judah (and for this offence well may have come by his death): “The backsliding Israel hath justified herself more than treacherous Judah”. Israel had fallen from grace, but Judah had betrayed…’ The implication is that the Cult of Judah has betrayed the original principles of the Hebrew’s religion, and replaced it with an imposter. Their own ‘Cult of Judah’. And so we have another precursor to Jesus. Just like the Jesus we know, Jeremiah, and other prophets who dared criticize the Cult of Judah, paid with their lives.

“Trust ye not in lying words, saying, The Temple of the Lord, the Temple of the Lord, the Temple of the Lord. . .” (the formal, repetitious incantations) “. . . but thoroughly amend your ways and your doings, oppress not the stranger, the fatherless and the widow, and shed not innocent blood in this place” (the ritual of blood-sacrifice and the ordained murder of apostates). . . “Will ye steal, murder and commit adultery, and swear falsely. . . and come and stand before me in this house, which is called by my name, and say, We are delivered to do all these abominations” (the ceremonial absolution after animal-sacrifice). “Is this house, which is called by my name, become a den of robbers in your eyes? . . I spake not unto your fathers, nor commanded them in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning burnt offerings or sacrifices….”

In such words Jeremiah, like Jesus later, protested against the “destruction” of the Law in the name of its fulfilment. It seems possible that even in Jeremiah’s time the Levites still exacted the sacrifice of firstborn children, because he adds, “And they have built the high place. . . to burn their sons and daughters in the fire; which I commanded not, neither came it into my heart”.

Because of these very “abominations”, Jeremiah continued, the Lord would “cause to cease from the cities of Judah, and from the streets of Jerusalem, the voice of mirth, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride; for the land shall be desolate”.

This is the famous political forecast which was borne out; the Levites, with their genius for perversion, later invoked it to support their claim that Judah fell because their Law was not observed, whereas Jeremiah’s warning was that their Law itself would destroy “treacherous Judah”. Were he to rise from the earth today he might use the word without change in respect of Zionism, for the state of affairs is similar and the ultimate consequence seems equally foreseeable.

To restate Reeds comments, the prophets stated clearly that God had forsaken the Jews because of their obedience to the perverse laws and statutes of the Cult of Judah, and had abandoned the spirit of the Hebrews original teachings of universal love, justice, and peace, and not, as the Cult itself suggests, because they would not submit to them fully, and unhestitatingly, and unthinkingly.

Now when Boney M made that lovely song from the 137th Psalm ‘By the rivers of Babylon’, they politically left out key passages. ‘By the waters of Babylon we sat down … Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.’

This is definitive ‘Judaism’. Just like the ‘ripping apart pregnant women’ Mosaic ‘law’ commands of ‘good’ ‘Jews’.

By the time the Judahites returned from Babylon to Jerusalem, about 538 BCE, after the ‘fall’ of Babylon, this was the ‘moral code’ they were to force upon their brethren.

While around the world religions like ‘Buddhism’ were teaching empathy, compassion, logic and reason, the Cult of Judah-ism was teaching irrational hatred, malice, and genocidal, rapacious, vicious, destruction.

More for you ‘coinicidence theorists’

Since the very first ‘relocation’ of the Cult of Juhah’s HQ, from Judah to Babylon, a pattern emerges. The Cult removes itself (of course depicting these in its own words, in its own books, as an ‘exodus’ from ‘persecution’ and ‘slavery’, something to be celebrated for all time, by all future ‘Jews’), and within a very short time the former ‘host’ nation is destroyed. Utterly. Often disappearing from the map, and history, forever.

Belshazzar, the Babylonian King was the first ‘victim’, along with his entire empire. Those of you in the U.S should heed his cautionary tale, more than any other people, as you are the ‘Babylon’ of today.

Then came the Romanov Czar, and Russia.

Then came Hitler, and Germany.

Of course during WWII all the former ‘persecutors’ of the Cult of Judah, of ‘Jews’, were utterly destroyed. Russia, France, Italy, Ukraine, just to name a few.

In each case the Cult employed another great nation as its ‘spear’ and ‘shield’. King Cyrus of Persia did the deed for the Cult thousands of years ago, destroying the Babylonian Empire.

The Cult was supported by Cults own banksters operating out of Germany, Britain, and the U.S, in its ‘Russian’ (sic) revolution’, along with a Russian population deliberately brought to the point of starvation, and completely brainwashed by Cult propaganda, bewildered, confused, hungry, starving even, misinformed, misdirected, and thus vulnerable to manipulation by Cult of Judah. The conditions had been ‘deliberately orchestrated by artificially imposed grain and bread ‘shortages’, and a manufactured financial crisis and thus economic crisis, which has since become the trademark of the Cult of Judah. Its signature. Its ‘visiting card’.

The Czar, and the population, had come to an understanding, and were well on their way to a democractic Republic, when the Cult of Judah co-opted the situation, and enforced their own dictatorship of the proletariat by force. With the backing of the banksters, and the Germans, and the Americans, they inititated their reign of terror by first stealing the weapons intended for the protection of the new Dumas, and Russian Republic.

Once the Cult of Judah had installed itself in its criminal dictatorship based on a reign of terror, and absolute ruthless genocides of entire peoples should they merely seek to ‘obstruct’ or ‘hinder’ the Cult in its ambitions for world domination, it prepared to destroy and then occupy the rest of Europe, in typical ‘Old Testament’ style.

In this undertaking it could rely, as in the past, on using the world’s greatest military power as its ‘spear’, ‘sword’, and ‘shield’. Without the industrial, and military, and economic, and financial aid of the Jew.S.A, the new terrorist state would have crumbled like any literally ‘corrupted’ organism.

The figures are staggering, in terms of industrial capacity literally ‘shipped’ from the U.S to Russia, before, during, and even after, WWII. Millions of trucks. Entire trunk fabrication plants. Tanks. Tank fabrication plants. Aeroplanes. Aeroplane production plants. All paid for by U.S taxpayers, as ‘tribute’ to the Jew World Order, exactly as described in the Torah. Tribute to the ‘Jewish’ run operation that was the Jew.S.S.R.

Then at the close of the war, Roosevelt’s ‘puppet master’ (‘advisor’), facilitated the shipment of not just the plans for the Atomic bomb, but all the actual parts, components, and materials required for its construction. This is one of the ‘facts’ which has entered the public domain. It was ‘spun’ as a ‘treason’ and ‘sedition‘on the part of a few lone ‘spies’. However it never could have been achieved without the co-operation of the President, and his ‘advisor’ Baruch.

Then the British and American puppets were manipulated into legalizing the theft of Palestine by the Cult, so that it could finally take possession of the land it claims was ‘promised’ to it. Land that actually had belonged to the 10 tribes, and never, ever, in recorded history, to the Judah-ites. The tribe of Judah. The tribe of ‘Jud-as’. The Cult of Judah-ism.

The Cult first supported and established the Nazi regime, and the work camps, as part of its strategy. The U.S public would never have fought on the side of the Cult of Judah, for its newly occupied ‘Jew.S.S.R’, as clear invaders of Eastern and Western Europe.

The Cult ‘set up’ Hitler with the treaty of Versailles. No real ‘German leader’ could possibly have passively sat by to see millions of his people as captives of occupational powers. The millions in the Sudetan Mountains. The millions in Poland. The territory stolen by the ‘Allies’ after Germany had offered an Armistace, to end WWI. There was no way someone of the character of Adolf Hitler was going to leave that injustice unchallenged. It was a logical certainly that Hitler would re-united Germany. He had every moral right to do this. His re-unification followed a perfectly peaceful and just path. He did not use military force, until provoked.

But this was all forseen by the Cult Masters. They had ‘used’ Hitler, as means to their own ends. They were willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of their own Cult members, the ‘Jews’ living in Europe, to their ambitions. As they always have. As they always will.

And so the British and Americans were tricked into fighting for the Jew World Order conquest of Russia, then Eastern Europe, and even Western Europe.

The Cult owned and operated U.S Presidents like they today own and operate the IMF, World Bank, ‘The Federal Reserve Bank, U.S Congress, the E.Jew HQ in Brussels that makes all European laws and statutes, and most ‘democratic’ nations around the world.

They ‘ran’ Truman and Roosevelt and Johnson and Clinton, and the Bush’s for President. Then literally ‘ran’ them as their puppets. As their proxies. From the shadows. Pulling their strings. Unobtrusive, unseen power is the greatest power of all. As it can never be held accountable. It can never be impeded by any ‘checks and balances’. It can never be obstructed, or resisted, or challenged. It is a phantom. You can’t win fight with a shadow. You cannot even ‘name’ it, so that ‘the enemy’ can ever be clearly indentified.

The owned Winston Churchill, financing this drunkard’s lavish luxury lifestyle after he was on the verge of bankruptcy due to his gambling and drinking problems.

Just as today they ‘manufactured’ the public figure ‘Trump’, and his ‘Art of the deal’. Trump is almost all art, and no substance. He was lured into the Vipers trap with ‘hot air’ success founded on nothing. They ‘made’ him then let him fall. The once ‘paper asset Billionaire’ soon found himself Billions in debts to the Banksters, and their Cult of Judah masters.

They literally ‘owned’ him from that moment on. He became their puppet, just as Truman, Roosevelt, Johnson, Clinton, the Bush’s, and Obama had been.

And so the Cult had secretly manipulated the ‘Free’ world into sending its treasure to the Cult of Judah, and to sacrificing millions of its men and women to fight a war in aid of the Jew World Order’s ambitions.

If you don’t believe in the power of ‘suggestion’. Of ‘predictive programming’. That ‘the word is god, and the word is with god’. If you don’t believe in ‘Abracadabra’, the power of mere words, then you really are too skeptical even for a Humean Skeptic like me.

Simply by writing some books, and compelling people to ‘believe’ they were ‘revelations’ from some ‘God’, and thus could claim the ‘transferred’ authority of that ‘God’, the Cult of Judah has gained control of the world. It has followed the original Cult commands ‘Lend unto the nations, and never borrow from them, and you shall rule them’.

You may be familiar with the saying ‘The writing is on the wall’. This refers to the Cult’s story of Daniel. He is the one who can ‘interpret’ the situation, and ‘read the writing on the wall’. Just like writers like Douglas Reed, and myself, have been doing more recently.

Daniel prophecies that King Belshazzar shall die, and Babylon shall fall. Thus the supposed ‘persecutors’ of the ‘Jews’ shall be punished by ‘God’. Belshazzar dies that night. (Predictive programming? Suggestion? Who was the assassin but, as usual, some ‘lone gunman’, thus ending any ‘conspiracy theories’ about some ‘Jewish’ plot!). Babylon has fallen. Nothing to see here. No ‘Jewish’ plot. No conspiracy. You’d be crazy not to accept the ‘official’ findings!

Which brings us to the butchering of the Romanov Family by the Cult of Judah.The ‘Jews’ responsible for this vicious genocide of an entire family line, had left their own ‘writing on the wall’, as their ‘signature’, their ‘visiting card’. A couplet that referred to the story of Daniel.

And what had the Romanov’s done to deserve this? Their father, like the Czar murdered before him, had ‘emancipated’ the Jews. The Cult realised that ‘emancipated’ Jews with full rights would soon slip from their power, and become assimilated, and integrated into Russian society. This is what ‘persecution’ and ‘anti-semitism’ mean in reality. The ‘threat’ that you will ‘free’ the ‘Jews’ from their captivity by the Cult of Judah.

This is what all my work has sought to do. To free the ‘Jews’ from their Cult. And thus free us all from the Jew World Order this Cult has established, and which will soon realises its millennia old ambitions of total control of everyone and everything in this world.

And never forget the symbolism of hanging the supposed Nazi ‘war criminals’ on the Jewish Day of Atonement.

So how has every nation that ever opened its arms to the ‘Jews’, hosting their Cult of Judah, been repaid for their generosity and kindness?

Take a look at what happened to Britain, Germany, France, Russia, and Italy. To the Ukraine. And then once you’ve contemplated the pattern, extend it just a few years into the future, to ‘predict’ what is likely to happen to the Jew.S.A. The ‘nations’ are always used as mere means to the Cult of Judah’s ends. The establishment of their ‘Jew’ World Order. The ‘reward’ you get for serving the Jew World Order is destruction, and slavery. But hey, if that’s your thing, just get back to watching your sports and adding some more debt to your credit card. ‘Nothing to see here’.

In the book of Daniel we see the model for all the later ‘Baruch’s and Kissingers, and the ‘Jewish’ team today managing Trump.The Biblical Daniel has Belshazzr, the ‘original’ model for Churchill / Trump / Truman / Roosevelt / Johnson / Clinton and the Bush’s.

There is no historical evidence to support the story, so again it is appropriate to consider the story to be predictive programming, suggestion, legal precedent, a moral compass, an ethical guide, to the Jews future behaviors.

The Old Testament Daniel was manufactured hundreds of years after the real fall of Babylon, created to serve this purpose. He is to be the role model for all future Cult infiltration and co-option of foreign nations.

Daniel was supposedly a Judahite captive in Babylon who rose to the highest place at court there and “sat in the gate of the king” (Nebuchadnezzar) through his skill in interpreting dreams. Upon him devolved the task of interpreting the “writing on the wall” (Daniel, 5).

King “Belshazzar, the son of Nebuchadnezzar”, is then depicted as offering an insult to the Judahites by using “the golden and silver vessels” taken by his father from the temple in Jerusalem for a banquet with his princes, wives and concubines. Thereon the fingers of a man’s hand write on the wall the words, “Mene, Mene, Tekel, and Upharsin”. Daniel, being called to interpret, tells the king that they mean, “God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it; thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting; thy kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians”. Thereon King Belshazzar “in the same night” is slain, and the Persian conqueror enters, who is to “restore” the Judahites.

Thus the end of a king and a kingdom is related directly to an affront offered to Judah and given the guise of a Jehovan retribution and Jewish vengeance. What matter if Daniel and King Belshazzar never existed: by its inclusion in the Levitical scriptures this anecdote gained the status of a legal precedent! When the murder of the Russian Czar, his wife, daughters and son in 1918, again, was related directly to this legend by words quoted from it and scrawled on a blood-bespattered wall this was at once an avowal of authorship of the deed, and a citation of the legal authority for it.

The Jewish Encyclopaedia admits that King Nebuchadnezzar had no son called Belshazzar and that no king called Belshazzar reigned in Babylon when King Cyrus conquered it.

What such invented stories are intended to do is justify and legitimate the Cult of Judah’s own ‘authority’, the basis of its power. Their ‘authority’ is all ‘transferred authority’ dependent upon people believing that the stories presented in the Torah / Old Testament, are literally histories. That is the original basis of the Cult Priests power, along with magic tricks and trance inductions and ultimately terrorism. Remember that the Priests claim to have the power of life and death. And much worse, the power to send you to hell. This is the ultimate form of terrorism. Religions that employ such terrorist tactics are nothing more than terrorist organisations preying on the vulnerability and superstition of their followers. Abusing their understanding of all the psychological phenomena that great healers like Erickson and Bandler employ in therapeutic, beneficial, emancipating, and empowering, ways.

The fall of Babylon as depicted by the Levites is an example of taking something the scribes knew about. Something that had actually happened. And then giving it their own ‘spin’ so that the accepted, established facts could be used to give credence to their own propaganda. Their own deceptions. And thus they could employ the truth to support their decptions. Their lies. Their fabrications. Their ideology of Semitism. They could use the historical fall of Babylon as ‘evidence’ of their own ‘Gods’ power. And thus their own power as the eartlhy representatives of that god. The ONLY earthly representatives of that all powerful god.

In the same way, the Cult of Judah writers of other stories took known historical facts, such as the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah, a name given to an existing ruined city, probably by earthquake, but possibly by an Annunaki nuke, and ‘spun’ them to suit their purposes. If everyone can see the ruin, all you need do is change the ‘meaning’ of it. You claim that your Cult ancestors were responsible for the destruction everyone can now see, and not some ‘Act of God’ a.k.a natural disaster, or in the case of Babylon, the actions of its actual conquerors, the Persians.

You claim it was your ‘God’, YHWH, who carried out the act of destruction, in the name of the Cult of Judah. As the Cult’s ‘weapon’. The Cult’s benefactor. Thus you establish, in your follower’s minds, a real ‘anchor’ in reality, for your claims for yourself, and your ‘God’. You take an organic sense impression, and bundle it up with your lies. And so the lies are granted all the authority of sense impressions. ‘Seeing is believing’. And if you can ensure that your ‘story’ is encoded before, or along with, that ‘encoding’ of visual stimuli, or sense impressions, of inductions, you can grant your ‘social reality’ the authority of direct sensory perceptions, and apparent ‘objective reality’.

If you can ensure that television announcers verbally tell your story of 911, before the viewers actually ‘see’ the images prepared for them, they are likely to ‘interpret’ the images in line with your narrative. Your story. Your fiction. If they encode the verbal descriptions, which are fabrications, at the same time or before they encode the images, they will conjoin the verbal descriptions with the images, and encode them together. The ‘images’ give the ‘verbal descriptions’, by ‘sleight of mouth’ and ‘sleight of hand’ and ‘misdirection’, all the authority of ‘reality’ and thus people will end up ‘believing’ the narrative.

Thus most people today ‘remember’ having ‘seen’ ‘Passenger airliners hijacked by Arab, Islamic terrorists’ flying into the WTC twin towers. Even though no eyewitnesses ever claimed to have seen ‘the first plane’, let alone any ‘commercial passenger airliner’ hit either of the WTC Twin Towers.

Simply repeating ‘The second plane’ in every television, radio, newspaper, and radio report subtly suggests a ‘first plane’. This ‘first plane’ thus enters into the imagination, and takes on the form of an experience no-one actually ever had. I explain these phenomena and tricks in my other TROONATNOOR books, for those of you who are curious.

It is really so easy to implant suggestions in people in ‘naturally occuring’ trance states, such as while watching a t.v ‘program’, a ‘shocking / terrifying ‘news’ report’, a dramatic ‘Hollywood ‘Holocaust’ film’, or even reading propaganda in a book or newspaper. In this way we all carry ‘false memories’ around with us. We ‘remember’ things that didn’t happen, or simply remember things about things that did happen, but didn’t happen, or at least not in the way we remember them.

It’s not just that we remember being more generous, fair, nicer, kinder, better looking, fitter, more talented, and so on, than we ever really were. We often ‘confabulate’ things that never happened, or put a ‘spin’ on them that totally changes the ‘meaning’ of what actually happened. We attribute motives to ourselves and others that were not present. We tend to demonizing our ‘adversaries’, even our ex ‘lovers’, and glorify ourselves and our heroes, people we ‘like’, as innocent victims, or ‘having behaved with the best intentions’, even if the outcomes can not be ‘spun’ as positive in any form. We re-spin the woop and warp of the cloth of our ‘reality’ in a way that flatters ourselves, and ours, and demonises our adversaries, the literal ‘Satans’ of our lives.

I’d love to go into more detail, but we don’t have space here. So please read my other TROONATNOOR books if you, like me, find the truth about the realities of our natures, and the natures of our realities, fascinating, and compelling.

In this way, the reality of a King Cyrus who did exist, and his actions in allowing or compelling the return of the Judahites to Judah, is ‘spun’ into a fabric that mixes confabulations with the real, thus succeeding in most reader’s minds, in granting the faked, all the authority of that real. Reed is the first person I’ve found who, like me, doubted that the Jews had ‘escaped’ from anywhere, and at least entertained the likelihood that they had been expelled, just as they were later expelled from hundreds of nations.

The ‘interpolation’ of fact with fiction is the ultimate and most common form of ‘alchemy’. The same sort of alchemical process that occurs in our blood, and in the chlorophyl plants. Probably also in the ‘exchange’ of nutrients between mother and fetus. One substance resonates with enough power to empathically induce sympathetic resonance in another substance, thus transmuting it into a different ‘chemical’ form. We have no other way of explaining how haemoglobin or chlorphyl are produced in humans and plants, or how nutrients pass from mother to unborn child. For no physical exchange has ever been observed, that would allow nutrients to be passed in these processes. So the ‘electronic universe theory’, which corresponds with the oldest known ‘electromagnetic soup’ view of reality, offers, at present, the best fit between observable phenomena, and theory to explain it.

In this alchemical interaction, the ‘real’ events resonate powerfully with our senses, and our mind, where our ‘subjective reality’ is produced. The real sense impressions resonate powerfully enough, and thus grant their same ‘convincingness’ to the imagined / implanted / suggested / faked ‘impressions’. Like a tuning fork setting off the corresponding piano or guitar string to vibrating at the same frequency. The ‘frequency’ of ‘compellingness’. So if you are going to lie, attach the lie to something that is ‘known’ already to the person. That way the power of the truth is granted to your lie. And you will more likely convince and persuade the person that your lie is as true as the truth it is embedded / intertwined with.

This is one reason ‘religions’ have always defended their ‘invented stories’ to the death. To YOUR death that is. They are willing to torture your family in front of your eyes, in order to get you to ‘withdraw’ your ‘criticisms’ of their blatant fabrications. What we call ‘dogmas’. ‘Tenets’. ‘Articles of faith’. ‘Legal fictions’. Like ‘The Holocaust’. Because their entire ‘house of cards’ comes falling down around their ears, with their power, and priveleges, and ‘benefits’, the moment your start the real ‘revelations’ about their supposed ‘histories’. These stories are the real basis of all their authority and power. They will never allow ‘The Satanic Verses’ to be brought to your attention. Or the fact that the Cult of Judah wrote the Torah itself. It was never ‘revealed’ by any ‘God’ to any ‘Moses’. It was ‘revealed’ as clever politics. As clever strategy. By the reason and ambition of the Cult of Judah’s leaders. The Levticial Priests. Its scribes. Your Jew World Order masters.

But until you escape the thrall of the Cult, you’re ears will be death to these truths. Your eyes blind to them. Your heart closed to them. You will remain the perfect, literal, flesh eating zombies that every Cult ever has produced, nurtured, reproduced, nourished with mental poisons, and then exploited as the ‘spear’ and ‘shield’ of its own ambitions for power. To satisfy its own compulsive obsessions with control.

The Cult of Judah has literally implanted ‘phobias’ in many of its affiliate’s minds. The phobia of ‘the outsider’, and their ‘ideas’. Any competent NLP practioner knows how easy this is to do, especially if you can isolate your ‘victim’, and micro-manage their every experience, thought, and perception.

Reed thus introduces us to what he calls ‘the Levitical theory of politics, which aimed at the exercise of power through the acquirement of mastery over foreign rulers’, as a ‘filter’ through which to look at ‘The Torah’, and the power these stories have had throughout history, on the minds of world leaders and the masses alike.

If ideologies, at their best, help us focus on the most ‘relevant’ matters, to ensure we don’t overlook patterns which are otherwise too ‘interwoven’ in the woop and warp of history, then Reed’s book is a powerful ‘lens’ through which to observe history, and predict the future.

Marxists imagine that Marxism allows them to see more, rather than less. Reed’s ‘The Controvery of Zion’ really does achieve this. It is not surprising that I only stumbled across his book by accident. He’d written his masterpiece over the course of a decade, and like David Hume, then left it literally ‘on the shelf’ for decades more, to be published post-humously, to avoid paying an even higher price for his courage, honesty, and conscientiousness, than he already had.

The co-option of the Persian King Cyrus was probably real. But if not, then it serves as the lesson for all future Cult of Judah politicians. For ‘The Torah’ is NOT a spiritual guide at all. It was always intended as a political manifesto of the nature of Macchiavelli’s ‘The Prince’ or the early ‘Art of War’.

The principle behind Jew World Order power is to secretly gain influence over the present leaders of any nation, or to groom potential future leaders, as was the case with Wilson, Rooosevelt, and especially Truman (the failed haberdasher).

The prime dictum of power is never to be seen to be wielding power. Few people would willingly support the Jew World Order. So their support must be gained through proxies, and the power thus accumulated be exercises through proxies, and in secret, from the shadows, from behind the curtain, from behind a veil of secrecy, misdirection, and manufactured ‘social reality’.

The Persian king was the first ‘lesson’ in infiltrating, then co-opting, and directing, the power of foreign nations.

Looking at history through the lens Reed has provided focusss our attention on what is most relevant, and on subtle, usual hidden, details that we would otherwise, as the authors of the Jew World Order intended, overlook, gloss over, and thus effectively ignore.

Today power in the world has become centralised in a few all powerful, non-democratic institutions. And the world’s democracies, as Hitler clearly warned us, have been ‘occupied’ to serve the Jew World Order’s imminent object. That of a one world government ruled by the Cult from Cult HQ in Jerusalem.

However in my opinion we are talking about a ‘figurative’ Jerusalem. The geographical ‘Jerusalem’ is to be sacrificed. Nuked. Along with the 6 million ‘Jews’ the Cult is obsessively convinced must die, as a ‘burned offering’, to their ambitions.

The ‘New Jerusalem’ is a trinity of cities. The City of London. The Vatican. And Washington D.C.

Even ‘Jew.York City’, I believe, will be ‘sacrificed’ in the true holocaust that ‘The Holocaust’ story is mere ‘predictive programming’ for. Just like the other ‘Books’ and ‘histories’ of the Cult of Judha. ‘The U.S.S Liberty’, ‘The Holocaust’, and ‘911’ are effectively the three most recent chapters to be added to the ‘Torah’. They point the way to the future plans of the Cult of Judah. They inform the Cult leader’s future strategies and tactics.

The same strategies and tactics someone published as ‘The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion’. Whoever wrote that book knew the Cult of Judah’s strategy intimately. Few people have ever had such powerful insights into manipulating world history, historical antagonisms between religions and nations, and even class struggles, than the author/s of that book. It does not matter who wrote it. What matters is how cogent and insightful the contents are. The fact that the pattern identified accurately predicted future events, including the phase of the Jew World Order’s plans that we are just now entering into. The ‘Protocols’ are the most powerful lens through which to observe history, and current events, as part of a continuum, a strategy that is unrolling before our eyes. Like a photo that is ‘developing’ in the dark-room of our awareness. Reed employed this lens in his own work. More recent ‘conspiracy theorists’ have benefitted in the same way as Reed, and the earlier pioneers in exposing the history of, the nature of, and the plans of, the Jew World Order.

Why would King Cyrus of Persia do the bidding of the Cult of Judah? Why do leaders today do their bidding? Do we really need to go beyond the typical human frailties of sex, drugs, power, money, flattery, blackmail, extortion, assassination? An expert understanding of, and training in hypnotic trance induction, persuasion, suggestion, and knowing ‘how to win friends and influence people’, would also get anyone a long way. All cults found ‘honey pots’, beautiful women who were willing to employ their natural charms in furthering their Cult leader’s ambitions. Either as ‘true believers’ or simply as mere opportunists. Every powerful person has enemies whose enmity can be directed in ways that serve the Cult’s interests. Divide and Conquer strategies seldom fail. Appealing to basic human nature rarely fails. The lowest and basest of desires and fears are the true ‘levers’ of any human motivation. Get close to your targets, discover their strongest passions and fears, and you have your fingers on those levers. Thus you gain the levers of power. Control of the helmsmen in whom nations have either put their trust via elections, or who have inherited their positions, and you can literally set the course of the most powerful nations, steering them to their own destruction, (they are after all potential future ‘adversaries’ of the Cults world-wide ambitions), while serving the immediate, short term interests of the Cult of Judah’s masters.

For most people, focused on the well being of their families, and their own pleasure and relief, the very idea of such a compulsive ‘disorder’ the Jew World Order’s ambitions represent, is beyond comprehension. So they ‘laugh off’, just as the Cult’s full spectrum conditioning system intends, the mere idea of some ‘Cult’ ambition extending over thousands of years, and imminently in the process of being realised. Fully manifest.

The manifestation of the Old Testament role models, moral compasses, codes of ethics, and ‘Macchiavelli-on-steroids’ practical political action instructions. The Old Testament is the ‘manifesto’ of the Jew World Order. And its imprint, its signature, its calling card, is stamped all over world history, and current international events.

Once you become aware of this pattern, the logical deduction becomes unavoidable. The ‘stories’ of genocide in the Bible are soon to be made real. As real as the firebombings of Germany and Japan. As real as ‘The Holodomor’. As real as the Maoist mass murders. As real as Pol Pot’s massacres. As real as the Rwandan genocides. As real as the gulag work camps. As real as Eisenhower’s Death camps for German prisoners of war.

Without the ‘lens’ provided by an understanding of all the issues dealt with in ‘The Protocols’, in Reed’s books, and in my own books, you would fail to even seriously suspect it were even possible for a relatively small Cult to gain the ‘steering wheel’ of our human destiny. First by gaining access to the levers of power. Then by using that power to steer individual nations and institutions towards world wars, and then a one world government.

King Cyrus was the first to become ‘enthralled’, seduced, blackmailed, greenmailed, entranced, persuaded, convinced, or compelled, to serve the Jew World Order Cult of Judah. He became the ‘proof’ to the Judahites of the ‘truth’ of the authority of their Cult leaders, and their laws and statutes. For he made good on the promises. He represented the manifestation of the Cult’s authority as speaking for ‘God’. He was the realisation of the expectations instilled in the Cult members by the Cult Priests. He was the fulfillment of their prophecies. The ‘fulfillment of the law’. Thus Cyrus became the ‘proof’ of the potency of the power of the Cult’s God, and the Cult Priests.

In reality Cyrus was proof of the potency of mere words. Persuasion. And clever manipulation. They Cult of Judah promised him something. Or threatened him with something. Or both. All the Cult had to do, given the concentration of power in the hands of a few people, at that time as it is still today, was to persuade a few powerful people that it was, for whatever reasons given, in their own interests to behave in certain ways. They may never have realised they were serving some ‘Jew’ World Order at all. There was never any reason to betray the true aspirations of the Cult. Nor whose interests it served. All you need to do is get a few powerful people to ‘initial’ your ‘executive orders’. Afterwards these actors probably regretted what they’d done. And denied any responsibility. Claiming they don’t know why they signed their deals with Faust. With the devil.

It happened at Yalta with ‘The Morgenthau Plan’ and the total betrayal of all the Allies claimed they had fought WWI and WWII for, at such unbelievable cost in terms of life and treasure, and sovereignty.

So we can only imagine what Cyrus was ‘thinking’ at the time. What motivated him? What compelled him. How he had been co-opted by the Cult of Judah.’

‘Judaism originated in the name of the Persian king and by the authority of his Empire, and thus the effect of the Empire of the Alchemenides extends with great power, as almost nothing else, directly into our present age’, says Professor Eduard Meyer, and this authority’s conclusion is demonstrably true. Five hundred years before the West even began, the Levites laid down the Law, and then through King Cyrus set the precedent and pattern for the downfall of the West itself.

The five books of the Law were still not complete when King Cyrus conquered Babylon. The Cult of Judah’s ‘Jews’ had no idea of how they were going to be used as mere means to the Cult’s ends, over the next three millennia.

The Cult of Judah had yet to complete the Law and then to apply it to its own people. When that happened in 458 BC, under another Persian king, the controversy of Zion at last took the shape in which it still implacably confronts its own people and the rest of mankind.

These segregated people, before whom the priesthood flaunted its version of the fall of Babylon like a banner, then were set on the road to a future which would find them a compact force among other peoples, to whose undoing they were by their Law dedicated.

So much for the ‘Jews’ claims that this is all some ‘canard’, some lie spread by irrational, malicious, ‘anti-semites’.

Remember that the ‘Jews’ got to define all opposition to the Cult of Judah, all ‘adversaries’ to the Jew World Order, as the ‘evil’ ‘devil’, long before we had any idea of their plans. So they got to put their own ‘upside down’ logic and ‘double speak’in place long before the first of us ever began suspecting what they were up to. So by the time we starting speaking out, the entire world had already been colonised and infected by the Cults definitions. The Cult of Judah was ‘good’, and everything ‘evil’. Agreeing with the Cult was ‘logical’ and ‘reasonable’, and in any way criticizing it or challenging its dogma was ‘irrational’ and ‘unreasonable’. Semitism was defined as ‘good’. The ideology as ‘The world of ‘God’. The authority of ‘God’, the one universal god, was monopolized by the Cult. The Cult ‘called dibs’ on ‘God’. They wrote their books up first. They got their version of reality ‘officially’ validated as ‘orthodoxy’ and ‘dogma’ and ‘social reality’. So anyone who might dare speak up against this Cult was automatically, self-evidently, ‘obviously’ a bad person. And ‘anti-semitism’ was defined as a bad thing. An evil thing. Something irrational. Something based in the worst human motives of malice. The desire to do harm to others. To ridicule and make fun of others for mere sport, with ‘malicious glee’ (SchadenFreude). And to define Germany as ‘Amalek’. Thus the universal myth that ‘SchadenFreude’ is a term not found in any language other than German that is still prevalent.

The first people to feel the impact of this “Mosaic Law” which the Levites were developing in Babylon were the Samaritans, who in 538 BC warmly welcomed the Judahites returning to Jerusalem and in token of friendship offered to help rebuild the temple, destroyed by the Babylonians in 596 BC. At the Levites’ order the Samaritans were brusquely repulsed and at this affront became hostile, so that the restoration of the temple was delayed until 520 BC. (The feud against the Samaritans continued throughout the centuries to the present time, when they have been reduced to a few score or dozen souls).

The friendly approach shows that the new “Law” of the Judeans was unknown to their neighbours, who were taken by surprise by this rebuff. It seems to have been just as little known to, or understood by the Judeans themselves, at that period. The books of the Law were still being compiled in Babylon and, despite anything the priests may have told them, they clearly did not at that time realize that they were to be racially, as well as religiously, debarred from their fellow men.

The repulse of the Samaritans gave the first hint of what was to follow. The Samaritans were Israelites, probably infused with other blood. They practised Jehovah-worship but did not recognize the supremacy of Jerusalem and on that account alone would have incurred the hatred of the Levites, who probably saw in them the danger of an Israelite revival and absorption of Judah. Thus the Samaritans were put under the major ban; even by taking a piece of bread from a Samaritan a Judahite broke all the statutes and judgments of the Levites and abominably defiled himself.

After this first clash with their neighbours, the Judeans looked around them at ruined and depopulated Jerusalem. None of them, unless they were ancients, can have known it before. They were few in number: those who “returned” numbered about forty thousand, which was perhaps a tenth or twentieth of the total, for centuries self-dispersed in other lands.

It was not a happy or triumphant return for these people, though it was a major political success for the priesthood. The Levites met the same difficulty as the Zionists in 1903, 1929 and 1953: the chosen people did not want to go to the Promised Land. Moreover, the leaders did not intend to head “the return”; they wished to stay in Babylon (as the Zionist leaders today wish to stay in New York).

The solution found in 538 BC was similar to the one found in 1946: the zealots were ready to go, and a hapless few, who were too poor to choose, were rounded up to accompany them. Those who desired the privilege of remaining in Babylon (under their own prince, the Exilarch, in his own capital!) were mulcted in fines (just as the wealthy Jews of America are pressed today to provide funds for the Zionist state).

The political strategy by way of which we would all ‘reap’ what the Cult of Judah ‘sowed’, some 3000 years ago.

In the Cult of Judah’s strategy, the nation state was replaced with the Ghetto, the ‘nation within a host nation’, and the Temple was replaced by the Synagogue, where rituals, and subliminal induction into the Cults beliefs and political strategies was achieved via the perfect ‘trance induction’ and ‘consciousness bypass’ methods known as ‘stories’. The ‘stories’ of the Torah would provide the political / ideological instruction, just as later ‘Das Kapital’ would form the basis of ‘scientific (sic) socialism’ and ‘the world revolution’. Where once the sacrifice of their first born at the Temple formed the core of the terror and awe of the Cult, all that was required in the Synagauge was to learn obedience to the ‘Laws and statutes’, with the horrific fates befalling those who ‘erred’ providing the ‘sticks’, and the promise of world domination, and a life as an ‘Effendi’ with 2800 slaves per loyal cult member, were the ‘carrots’. The lessons were all in the forms of parables, presented as ‘histories’ for greater impact and ‘authority’. Not the sort of Parables of a Jesus or Buddha, though. All you learned from these cautionary tales was blind, unthinking, unhesitating obedience to the cult, and rape, murder, slavery, and genocide. You learned to betray your own family members for the slightest ‘breach’ of a law or statute. If your daughter war cotton and wool together, you would have to denounce her, and ‘cast the first stone’ at her public stoning, or the entire ‘race’ of ‘Jews’ would be punished by YHWH, like Jericho, or Sodom and Gomorrah, or Canaan, or Moses’ Midanites, or Moses later ‘Israelites’.

Of course the moment they could escape, most Cult members left. Those born in the Cult, who had any sort of ‘independence of mind’ left the moment they found a way ‘out’. These are the ‘Good Jews’ who assimilated and integrated, and proved ‘the blessing to the nations’.

It would take too much space to list my ‘favorite’ ‘Jews’. Anyone who wants to try to claim that I ‘hate’ ‘Jews’ will have to make sure you overlook the fact that I am seeking to free them from the mental slavery to the Cult of Judah, if they are still in thrall to this Cult, and to protect the ‘emancipated’ ‘Jews’ from the ‘pushback’ that always accompanies the ‘revelations’ of this Cult’s activities among sane, reasonable, logical, good natured, just, friendly, generous members of the Cult’s ‘host’ nations, as they recognise the threat, and with a healthy natural instinct to self preservation, and liberty, carry out ‘pogroms’ to ‘eject’ the threat, the viper, the poison, the cancer, the danger.

That it is my job to ‘reveal’ the threat to this current generation does not make me responsible for the necessity of the host nations dealing with the threat. It is their natural right to self preservation. I am acting with no malice towards anyone. If the Cult will give up its compulsive ambitions, its ‘evil ways’, it would no longer be a threat, and thus not require excorcism from the current infested, festering, open wounds we call our nations. If it will cease its defamation of Germans called ‘The Holocaust’ and its defamations of Islam / Arabs called ‘The Official version of 911’. If it will grant justice, peace, and compensatin to the Palestinian people. If it would free us all of its debt based currency systems and manipulations of financial and equities markets. If it ceased all its ‘crimes against humanity’ and criminal activities, from drug running, to sexual slavery, to attempting to dis-arm the world with ‘gun control’, and stop carrying out ‘false flag’ attacks, and ‘faking’ mass shootings. If it started ‘behaving’ as a civilized, reasonable, peace loving, and justice seeking community of trustworthy people, then there would be nothing to ‘reveal’. No chance of ‘pushback’. No reason not to celebrate what is good in ‘Jewish’ culture and traditions.

I am motivated by my universal philosophical principles. I have no favorites or need to ‘hate’ anyone. I love truth, justice, liberty, and beauty. I hate all things that will obstruct the optimal level of these ‘valuables’, which are thus my ‘values’, from being achieved.

If I saw any tradition of these values among the Cult of Judah-ism, I’d be hesitant to ‘reveal’ the ‘Jew’ World Order conspiracy. But all there is to see is terrorism, genocide, rape, slavey, deception, exploitation, racial supremacism, exceptionalism, and brutality. Nothing worth saving. No good could possibly come of such evil. In fact the Talmud teaches Cult members to bring as much evil as they can into this world, in order to provoke and speed up the coming of their ‘Messiah’, and their ‘Jew’ World Order.

If Enlil is indeed at the center of this, perhaps the world leaders were shown things that left them in awe, just as the early Biblical Israelites supposedly witnessed. The ‘Ark of the Covenant’ seems to describe a ‘portal’ through which Enlil and other ‘Annunaki’ could appear to their earthly followers, from wherever Nibiru was speeding through space, in its 3600 eliptical orbit, still part of our galaxy, but only an occasional ‘visitor’ at its apogee. The Ark seems to have contained monoatomic gold that both ‘levitated’ the Arks ‘housing’, but which was unstable and volatile if you didn’t handle it correctly. According to the Book of Daniel, the Cult actually had ‘teleportation’ technology. They wore special clothing, entering a specially prepared room with their ‘Ark components’, and exited with a ‘stranger’ who had apparently been ‘teleported’ into the room. Perhaps King Cyrus, Presidents Wilson, Truman, Roosevelt, and Johnson et al were all shown something that gained their obedience to the Cult.

But remember that magicians are always capaple, via trance induction, and suggestion, to have people ‘believe’ they are where they are not, seeing things that are only in the mind, hearing things that are only products of their imagination, feeling, tasting, and experiencing things that are not there, like daydreamers, in waking dreams. We’ve all experienced vivid dreams. The experienced trance inducer, hypnotist, NLP pracatitioner, word magician, can all achieve such states, once they have the attention and rapport of their interlocutors. They can then ‘implant’ any such experience in their ‘victims’ / ‘clients’ minds. And once‘re-awoken’, these ‘experiences’ take on the form of ‘false memories’. As I warned, this book, being about ‘Cults’, is all about ‘mind control’ techniques.

Today the masses are implanted with false memories via Hollywood films, faked new reports, and government acts of terror upon their own people, along with manufactured ‘crises’ and ‘campaigns of disillusionment and bewilderment, to ensure the people are always in a state of fear, terror, confusion, despair, and thus unable to reason clearly, and lacking in motivation to even bother seeking ‘understanding’ in a world deliberately made to appear incomprehensibly complex and chaotic to them. Most seek ‘relief’ in alcohol and other drugs, ‘escapist’ movies and television and books and magazines, ‘religion’, or run for protection to the various pre-selected political candidates and their fully co-opted ‘political parties’. The rest run to ‘controlled opposition’ like Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, for solutions, and strategies. Or at least to feel ‘sane’ among others who appear at least ‘partly’ awake to what is going on. But they will be betrayed by their politicians, their religious leaders, their ‘Alt Media’ personalities, because these were co-opted long ago, carefully groomed to do the work of their Jew World Order masters. I explain all this in detail in my other books. .

All current and ex-cult members of any cult have trouble freeing themelves of irrational fears implanted deeply within their subconscious with repetitive programming and condition. Just like the continual stream of ‘Holocaust’ propaganda. I explain how ‘pointing the bone’ in all its forms works. Why it has such power, in my other books. But for those of you with no experience of such irrational fears, try to accept that the fear is real, and efficacious. Even upon judges, lawyers, doctors, and other well educated, and worldly, people. There are many ‘emancipated’ ‘Jews’ who still find themselves unable to break the thrall of the Cult completely.

And rest assured, that up until recently the Cult enforced its ‘laws and statutes’ with death penalties. Even today, especially in Israel, but all around the world, the Cult have not only had their ‘laws and statutes’ to some degree incorporated into their host state laws, such as ‘Holocaust Denial’ laws, but still informally make their judgements, and carry out punishments.

And remember, I’ve been blacklisted from the Australian Public Service and Public Education Systems in Australia, and de facto in all the ‘Commonwealth’ nations, simply for asserting my rights under the law, and their ‘rules and statutes’. I never did anything wrong. In fact I sought to do good. So if I can have my life effectively ruined by such supposedly ‘democratic’ and ‘well intended’ organisations, for daring to challenge these organisations ‘authority’, imagine what the Cult of Judah is capable of. And how easy it is to do major damage to anyone, in this world, if you have any sort of power.I documented my experiences of workplace victisation and mobbing in ‘An Education in Victimisation’, if you are interested. My point is that it is very easy to ruin a person’s life if you have any sort of power in this world. And so almost no-one will dare blow the whistle on any sort of authority in this world, for simple fear of repercussions. As Solzehnitizyn noted, fear of losing their jobs. So imagine if you add ‘fear of God’ and ‘Fear of eternal hell’ to that mix. Soon you can see how corruption at all levels of society is not only possible, but encouraged, by these simple facts. Those in power are smug and complacent in the lack of accountability present in our current systems. This enourages those to do their worst, with no fear of ever being ‘exposed’, let along ‘punished’ for their evil deeds.

Again, for those of you who imagine ‘it just is not possible to keep such a huge conspiracy secret’. It is. It is not only possible but really easy. Ask any ‘whistle-blower’ who ever tried to get justice for themselves, or other vicitms of other ‘conspiracies’. They are everywhere. The victims and the conspiracies. But you will never hear about them. And I doubt you would even listen, or care, anyway. You just want to keep your job, get promoted, get a new car, bigger home in a nicer neighbourhood, and put your kids into the best schools and universities. Why would you risk any of that to expose corruption, conspiracies, and criminality in your own ‘necks of the woods? What would there be in it for YOU?

Well, soon you will learn the cost of that attitude. Those values. You will reap the harvest you have sown, in your own corner of the world, in your own patch of earth, your own ‘garden’. In the form of the ‘Jew’ World Order. It will show as little concern for any principles of ‘justice’ or ‘truth’ or ‘liberty’ than you have shown to the victims you could have helped, by exposing their victimisers. Let alone the billions of animals we have enslaved, and force to endure lives of miserly, cruelty, pain, despair, and suffering, as mere means to our personal pleasure and relief from pain. As mere victims of our ‘scientific’ curiosity’. As victims of so called ‘experiments’ to ‘test’ drugs by which we hope to avoid our personal responsibility for our health via discipline diet and exercises, via the shortcut of a ‘pill’.

In an ironic way, it makes my situation more bearable. I am not trying to save innocent victims from the big evil giant. I am trying to save people who don’t really deserve being saved. So if I fail, what is it to me? That you finally reap the harvest you have sown? Who am I to fight Karma, that is going to teach you a lesson via the ‘Jew’ World Order, in the way it always has taught empathy and ‘good behavior’ via suffering the consequences of your own poor behavior, made possible by your own lack of compassion for the victims of your own actions and indifference to the suffering ofothers. Seems you have to learn the hard way what it means to be enslaved, and exploited as mere means to other sentient beings pleasure and relief.

But it is still my own Karma to try to save you. So I continue with my task in good faith, in the public interest, as an expression of the natural instinct and right of self preservation and national security, motivated by good will and beneficience to all sentient beings.

Oh, and how ironic, because of my victimisation at the hands of the people I am trying to save, I had almost nothing to lose. I’ve been denied the opportunity to ever work in my chosen field. I’ve been refused the lowest paid jobs you can imagine, because of my ‘work history’. So the ‘Jew World Order’ can’t threaten to take anything much from me, except my freedom to write, and publish. And they’ve already effectively blocked me from even self-publishing. I can make my books, like this book, available, but my ‘discovery’ is about zero. And in many nations my books make the owner, let alone the author or publisher or even translator, a criminal. So the ‘Jew’ World Order have pretty much done all they can do, besides physical torture and imprisonment. ‘Touch Wood’ I guess. But I am too conscientious a person to back down. I am no war hero. Just a stubborn fool. I am not tough. Giving birth must be tough. Being a Palestinian must be tough. Being a trafficked sex slave must be tough. These are all examples of tough people. Just being alive in most nations, as an average person, is tougher than being me. But I do wish the nausea and migraines would leave me in peace. They come any time I try the impossible task of ‘understanding’ this world, worrying about it, and trying to explain it for the benefit of myself, and of course others, like you.

Once in prison I will know my days of trying to enlighten others have come to an end. I will be free to pursue the purest of philosophical enquiries. Like Schopenhauer and Hegel. I will accept Buddha and Ecclesiastes conclusions, and cease striving to optimalise this world. So please, if you want to reward my effort, sacrifice, risk, and time, and genuine suffering the aches and pains and migraines associated with my writing and researching, please lobby my prison system to allow me access to all the works of Schopenhauer, and Hegel, in German and English. They are too sublime and complex to devote myself to, at a time when time is of the essence, in exposing this ‘Jew’ World Order, and ‘englightening’ YOU in general. But once I am no longer free to do that, to complete my mission, to carry out my ‘universe given orders’. To follow through on my natural instincts to help others. Then I will be free to devote all my mental energies to Schopenhauer et al. That should be enough for me once I’ve free of my burdens of responsibility, by having all my ‘response-A-bilities’ removed. We are almost there. I look forward to being perplexed and bewildered by something worth investing the time and energy into attempting to comprehend. Schopenhauer et al.

The ‘Jew World Order’ conspiracy was child’s play to comprehend and dissect, map, and expose, compared to the German philosophical masters!

And I will repeat, in case they were not listening / attending, that if someone will facilitate my Vegan Holding Company, then I would stop working on this project, and devote myself to the veganisation of the world, in a heart beat. For YOU deserve what the ‘Jew’ World Order have in store for you. YOUR victims did NOTHING to deserve what YOU have done to THEM!

To clarify, The ‘Jew’ World Order are the harvest of your lack of compassion and empathy for the other sentient beings on this planet that YOU have effectively enslaved, and literally slaughter. This refers to all the humans and non-humans you have relatively power over. You abuse this power over them, just as the Cult of Judah has, and will, abuse its power over you.

So go Vegan. Seek justice and liberty for all sentient beings. Act honestly. Act in good will. Seek the truth. Seek justice. Seek a fairer distribution of costs and benefits. Do not accept benefits paid for by others. If you do these things, the power that the ‘Jew’ World Order has over you, will evaporate.

THAT is my ultimate message here. I am the least ‘anti-Semitic’ person on this planet. The Cult of Judah’s masters are the most anti-Semitic people on this planet. Using the ‘legal’ meaning of ‘anti-semitism’, at least as it is pretended to be employed.

Of course, if you have been following all this closely, you will realise that the true ‘operational’ and ‘practical’ and ‘actual’ and ‘effective’ and ‘real’ meaning of ‘anti-Semitism’, is anything, any idea, any person, any argument, any organisation, any institution, any belief, any fact, any theory, any behavior, any emotion, any thought, anything that might in any way obstruct the Cult of Judah from realising its ambitions of a ‘Jew’ World Order. A world ruled by the Cult of Judah. A world where you have only two choices. Submit unhesitantingly, unthinkingly, and unreservedly to the commands, the ‘laws and statutes’ of the Cult of Judah, as slaves, with privileges but zero rights, or be slaughtered, man, woman, child, infant, unborn child, along with all your animals.

But please realise the key to their power. Any time you behave just like the Cult of Judah’s masters, you contribute to their Jew World Order manifesting. You are in fact manifesting it with everyunfair’, ‘unjust’, ‘ruthless’, selfish, ‘other’-abandoning, action you engage in. Every thought, word and deed that does not grant all sentient beings the right to freedom, justice, and truth.

When I have completed this book, and devoted some reasonable time to sending it to everyone I can think of that might be interested in reading it, and who hopefully will get it out to as many people as possible, I think I will finally feel I have done my duty as a philosopher, and will try to complete the songs and music I have been working on, as a counterweight to this mammoth responsibility and burden, over the last few decades.

Maybe I will be able to put some of these key points into lyrics? Maybe I will be incinerated with the rest of you? Or maybe remain a living receptable of the ‘true history’ of the ‘Jew’ World Order, to be passed in mostly verbal form from generation to generation, until the day comes when the Cult of Judah destroys itself, which it inevitably must, for an ideology based on destruction and ruthless, compulsive obsessions with power, with no other sound ethical principles, is sure to ‘eat itself’. For it will reap what it sows. And when that time comes, I can only hope copies of my ethics, my arguments, in some form, remain to inform the survivors, the ‘slaves’ and ‘thralls’ who would then be free to start again. Hopefully not having to learn their lessons all over again.

Assuming, that is, that this world is not merely a ‘filter’ and ‘lesson’ that exists merely to teach souls what they need to know before progressing to ‘higher’ worlds.

Either way, the lessons, hopefully, will be learned at the minimum possible cost. That is my self-assumed role. As ‘researcher’ into TROONATNOOR, and then advisor / teacher. I would have loved to continue onto the ‘executive’ level, and been able to operated as ‘Philosopher King’, but I guess this world was never going to lead by something as ethical as ‘The Optimal Ethics Generator’, and nothing as pure as my ‘Eden Protocols’ could survive, given TROONATNOOR itself.

Or? I’d love my skepticism to be proven unwarranted. : )

But now back to our Cult’s history. The history of every cult that ever was and ever will be.

The Cult Leaders remained in the Persian occupied Babylon long after they sent most of the Judah-ites back to Jerusalem. So after the initial ‘repulse’ of the attempts of the Samaritans to welcome them into the community of mankind, and most of the Leaders had returned to Babylon, the Judahites started playing a little too ‘loose and wild’ with the ‘statutes and laws’ the ‘Judges’, the ‘Levitical Priests’, the ‘Jew World Order masters, had concocted to ‘enthrall’ them.

While our Cult of Judah were busing co-opting the Persians in occupied Babylon to their own ends, and working the finishing touches to their ideology of total domination and zero tolerance, their racial supremacist, exceptionalist, isolationist, genocidial, ideology and political manifesto, the ‘Judahites’ ‘back in Judah’ and the other 10 tribes to the north were becoming quite estranged from the Cult, with its micromanagement, its ‘laws and statutes’ that made no logical sense at all, and which human nature organically rejected, as a alien body, were busy doing what most ‘Jews’ in the world have always done. They were assimilating and integrating, becoming part of a universal humanity. Intermarrying with whoever took their fancy, rejecting the ‘racial purity’ laws of their would- be Levitical masters.

You see they hadn’t been given the ‘revised’ and ‘updated’ ‘histories’, with their new ‘role models’ and ‘instructive fables’ and moral compasses and ethical guides.

The books of the Law were still being ‘compiled’ in Babylon.

So the Judahites were operating on the ‘actual verbal histories’ and not the new ‘corrupted’ versions as we know them. Moses at that time had not yet been ‘rehabilitated’. Their version of Moses’ tale ended with him happily married with children to a Midianite wife, on his way up the career lader to inheriting his Midianite father’s position as Chief Priest.

They hadn’t learned of the new installment added in Babylon, by the Cult scribes. They didn’t know that Moses would ‘return to the fold’ and once more become an obedient slave to the ideology of Semitism, by massacreing his family, friends, and host nation, and taking their virgin daughters as sex slaves.

It would be at least another 80 years before these new ‘installments’ arrived. The ‘revised’ history of the ‘Jews’. So in the meantime their role model was a humanist with universal ethics. They modelled their behavior on him by intermarrying, integrating, assimilating, getting along, and moving on. Succesfully. They were more prosperous and happy than ever before. Their role model, whether real or mere instructional confabulation, mere ‘character in some morality play’, was a good one. Nothing like the monster we have inherited from the Cult of Judah’s scribes working hard in Babylon at perfecting the ultimate doctrine, political manifesto, philosophy, dogma, belief system, and Cult mind control system, if you aim was nothing more or less than simply world domination at any cost.

Ezekiel of the High Priest’s family was this political strategy’s chief architect and probably all five books of the Law, as they have come down, bear his mark. He was the founding-father the ideology of Semitism as we know it today. That political dogma which has been responsible for more avoidable and unproductive suffering on this earth than any other.

Jeremiah’s speaks as the mouthpiece of God, reproaching the Levites with ‘And they (the people of Israel/Judah) have built the high places to burn their sons and daughters in the fire; which I commanded not, neither came it into my heart’, Ezekiel is clearly enraged by the charge that the Lord had not commanded the sacrifice of the firstborn, when the scribes had repeatedly ascribed this command to him. His retort is concerned only to show that God had so commanded and thus to justify the priesthood; the admission that the commandment was evil is casual and nonchalant, as if this were of no importance:

“I am the Lord your God; walk in my statutes and keep my judgments, and do them….Notwithstanding the children rebelled against me; they walked not in my statutes, neither kept my judgments to do them…. then I said, I would pour out my fury upon them, to accomplish my anger against them in the wilderness….Wherefore I gave them also statutes that were not good and judgments whereby they should not live; And I polluted them in their own gifts, in that they caused to pass through the fire all that openeth the womb, that I might make them desolate, to the end that they might know that I am the Lord.”

Ezekiel is claiming that ‘god’ had commanded the sacrifice of the firstborn by fire, as the Cult of Judah scribes had written in their Torah, in Babylon.

Ezekiel is claiming that ‘God’ would never even have ever thought to give such commandments, let alone actually gave them. Nothing would be further from his heart. This is the ‘God’ that was lost when the Cult of Judah co-opted the religion of the Israelites, and corrupted it to their own, evil, ends.

So later ‘Christians’ could ‘hear what they want to hear, and disregard the rest’. They can claim a continuity between the ‘authorities’ of the Cult of Judah, the Levitical Priests, who claimed their authority via Moses from God. But they can pretend that the Cult’s God really is the same God of Jesus. The God of universal love, charity, peace, justice, and truth.

When clearly the God of the Cult of Judah is a very different God indeed. The infantile, jealous, malicious, vindictive, vengeful, unforgiving, ‘two year old throwing a tantrum of lesae majestie’.

This is one of our main challenges when dealing with ‘Jews’ and ‘Judaism’ and ‘Christianity’ and ‘Islam’. There are many good people active in all these ‘Cults’ who believe they are being obedient to Gods will. And that this god is really worth worshipping. In fact they are being obedient to the Cult of Judah’s will. And this Cult’s god is power lust. Not love.

If the Old Testament is ‘of equal divine authority’ as the New Testament, as the early Cult of Christianity had decided ‘by committee vote’, then you have to face facts that ‘Christians’ were lead astray to lead a totally different god to the one they thought they had been following.

The Ezekiel of the Bible is a real character. Ezekiel claims that God commanded him, during the siege of Jerusalem, to atone ‘for the iniquity of the people’ by eating human excrement baked before his eyes. At his plea, that he has always scrupulously observed the dietary laws and never taken anything abominable in his mouth, this is mitigated to cow’s dung. This is just one instance where men negotiate with the all mighty god. Go figure. In the olden days you could argue with God, and negotiate more acceptable conditions!

Then Ezekiel threatens the ‘Jews’ with the following punishment, if they don’t return to mindless, unhesitating, unquestioning, wholehearted submission to the Cult’s rules: …’the fathers shall eat the sons in the midst of thee and the sons shall eat their fathers…. a third part shall fall by the sword…. and I will scatter a third part unto all the winds….famine and evil beasts…. pestilence and blood…..,

And now the true motivation for the Cult of Judah’s support of Nazism, to make good on this threat : ‘… I will bring the worst of the heathen, …and they shall possess your houses’.

Portraying what will happen to those who worship “other gods”, Ezekiel in a characteristic vision sees “them that have charge over the city” (Jerusalem) “draw near, every man with his destroying weapon in his hand,” One, with a writer’s inkhorn by his side, is commanded by the Lord, “go through the midst of Jerusalem and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof” (these are the zealots in “observance”). The foreheads having been marked, Ezekiel quotes the Lord, “in my hearing”, as saying to the men, “Go ye through the city and smite; let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity; slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children and women; but come not near any man upon whom is the mark . . . and they went forth and slew in the city”.

This is all part of the ‘rule by terror’. Such vivid imagery. All to suggest the cost of failing to fully submit to the Cult’s tyranny. Fates worse than mere death, for those who would have to carry out the ‘punishment’. There is nothing linking a God that would threaten such things and the God of Jesus and the ‘Gospels’, the ‘Good News’.

Then Ezekiel promises something in the name of god I am at a loss to comment on. ‘Ye shall eat the flesh of the mighty, and drink the blood of the princes of the earth…. And ye shall eat fat till ye be full, and drink blood till ye be drunken..’ So much for our Rabbi (in the video) smug and complacently feeling superior to ‘canibals’, about the only people he could fell superior too.

The school of scribes founded by Ezekiel continued for eighty years, in Babylon, to compile their Law, in a similar vein.

Then, in 458 BC, the Cult of Judah accomplished that wonder which they have since repeatedly achieved: by some means they induced a foreign ruler, who was their ostensible master and to all outer appearances a mighty potentate in his own right, to put his soldiers and money at their disposal.

On this day in 458 BC the Judahites in Jerusalem were finally cut off from mankind and enslaved in a way they never knew in Babylon. The story is told in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, the Levitical emissaries from Babylon who were sent to Jerusalem to enforce Ezekiel’s law.

Ezra of the high priesthood came from Babylon to Jerusalem with some 1500 followers. He came in the name of the Persian King Artaxerxes the Longhanded, with Persian soldiers and Persian gold. He arrived just as Dr. Chaim Weizmann arrived in Palestine in 1917, supported by British arms and British gold, and in 1947, supported by American money and power. Ezra was in legal form a Persian emissary (Dr. Weizmann, a Russian-born Jew, was in legal form a British emissary in 1917).

What means the sect found to bend King Artaxerxes to its will, none can now discover; after King Cyrus, he was the second potentate to play a puppet’s part and in our century this readiness has become a strict qualification for public life.

Ezra brought the new racial Law with him. He enforced it first among his own travelling companions, allowing only those to accompany him who could prove that they were Judahites by descent, or Levites. When he reached Jerusalem he was “filled with horror and dismay” by the prevalence of mixed marriages’.

The Judahites had broken no law known to them. For it was Ezra who first informed them of Ezekiel’s new Law. One which Judahites with a good memory would have rejected as ‘made up’. ‘Forged’. ‘Faked’.

As emissary of the Persian king, with all the powers that King had vested in him, he had the Jerusalemites assembled and told them that all mixed marriages were to be dissolved; thenceforth “strangers” and everything foreign were to be rigorously excluded. A commission of elders was set up to undo all the existing marriages.

When twenty-four centuries later Hitler enacted exactly the same kind of law; it was then called “infamous” by the Zionists, and the armies of the West, reversing the role of the Persian soldiers of 458 BC, were mobilized to destroy it!

The effect of this announcement in 458 BCE was the same as in 1917 CE. Quite understandably, Judah’s neighbours saw the threat to themselves and they attacked Jerusalem, tearing down the symbols of the inferiority imputed to them: its walls. By that time Ezra, like any Twentieth Century Zionist, had evidently returned to his home abroad, for once more the artificial structure began to crumble and natural tendencies were resumed: intermarriage began again, and things returned to ‘normal’. The Cult had failed in its first attempt to impose its ideology of Semitism, its Cult of Judah-ism, this political manifesto of racial supremacism, exceptionalism, genocide, rape, and slavery, upon humanity.

Those of us today actively struggling against the Jew World Order must always keep in mind what Reed has made clear for us. The majority of ‘Jews’ want nothing to do with this Cult that publically acts in their name. They want nothing more than to be free of it. So we must help them help themselves. And in doing so deprive the Cult of its public ‘status’ and ‘prestige’ and ‘priveleges’ as supposedly representing ‘The Israelites’ and the ‘Jews’, and speaking for the God of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

We must awaken every ‘Jew’ to the reality of their situation. That they are unwittingly aiding and abetting a Cult that does evil in their name. And they will be held accountable for that evil done, unless they vociferously renounce and denounce the Cult and expose any and all activities of that Cult that they are aware of.

We must inform the ‘Jews’ of their own interests. And of how their interests are being sacrificed by the Cult of Judah, the ‘Jew’ World Order. We need to enlist their support. If they withdraw their support of the Cult, whether merely superifical and nominal, or committed and substantial, then the Cult will just evaporate. And then we will be left to deal with the lesser dangers to our freedom, to justice, and to truth.

My fear is that even if we succeed in cutting off this head of the Hydra, other heads, maybe less organised and efficacious, will merely replace it. So please refer to my TROONATNOOR books, to ensure we don’t jump from one frying pan into another, perhaps slightly more bearable, fire.

The real power of the Cult has been its ability to enlist the self-interested motives of the most powerful people in the most powerful nations, and to co-opt them to its own objectives, from the very beginning, in Babylon, over 3000 years ago.

What we must attend to, if we are to save ourselves, and the ‘Jews’ from imminent catastrophe, is that this Cult acts in the name of ‘Jews’, but really acts upon its own narrow political agenda. And that this Cult has always used force. The force of non-Jews. The military and financial power of nations it has secretly gained the ‘remote control’ of. The ‘steering wheel’ of. It has always needed these to coerce ‘The Jews’ themselves into submission. As it has used them to force us all into submission. Submission to its new ‘religion’ of ‘Holocaustiantiy’ and ‘Man-made global climate crisis’ and ‘Islamic terrorism is the threat, not our own Cult of Judah occupied governments’.

The greatest power the Cult has wielded has been that of the ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’. The power of ‘Reflexivity’ as George Soros, one of the most public of the Cults figures, would put it.

You simply write your own history, then present it as proof of your inevitable success, as ‘God’ has proven in the past to be your ally, he has promised to do so in the future. The worst failures are ‘spun’ to ‘prove’ this Gods power and interest in your future, at least to as great effect as are any chance successes, and good fortune.

And remember you can ‘create the illusion’ of a pattern, and thus ‘suggest’ future expectations, by writing history to justify that ‘suggested’ pattern and future expectations.

I ‘prove’ I have power by claiming I manage amazing feats in the past, so people follow me, anticipating similar ‘miracles’ can and will be performed by me, as ‘God’s’ will. As the instrument of ‘God’s’ will.

Thus as I achieved ‘the impossible’ in the past, surely I will be able to do so again, in the future. As between the start, and now, I prophecied events, which the stories claim ‘came to past’, the events, the success, prophecied for the future, can be expected to also come to pass.

People fail to escape the loop. To remember that all the ‘histories’ were written by the same people who wrote the prophecies. And they simply backdated their prophecies to prophecie events that they know happened, as they too happened before they committed the prophecies to paper, or simply retrospectively re-wrote the prophecies to ‘suit’ the intended purposes of the writers. The Cult Scribes. Writing for the Cult masters.

After thirteen years, in 445 BC, the elders in Babylon struck again. Nehemiah was another figure, as typical of our century as of that time in Babylon. He was of Judahite descent and stood high in the Persian king’s favour (as Zionist “advisers” today habitually stand at the right hand of British Prime Ministers and American Presidents; the parallel could not be much closer). He was cupbearer to Artaxerxes himself. He arrived from Babylon in Jerusalem with dictatorial power and enough men and money to re-wall the city (at Persian expense; the parallel with today continues), and it thus became the first true ghetto. It was an empty one, and when the walls were ready Nehemiah ordered that one in ten of the Judahites be chosen by lot to reside in it.

Race thus became the supreme, though still unwritten tenet of the Law. Jehovah-worshippers who could not satisfy Persian officials and the Levite elders of their descent from Judah, Benjamin or Levi were expelled. Every man had to establish “the undisputed purity of his stock” from the registers of births (Hitler’s Twentieth Century edict about the Aryan grandmothers was less extreme).

And so the first real ‘expulsions’ of ‘Jews’ were carried out by the Cult of Judah itself. Not by any ‘enemy’ of the ‘Jews’. Not motivated by any irrational, unreasonable, malicious, vicious, innate hatred of ‘Jews’, as the propagandists of ‘persecution’ and ‘anti-semitism’ have rewritten history to coform to, on the part of ‘envious’ non-Jews..

Then, in 444 BC, Nehemiah had Ezra embody the ban on mixed marriages in the Torah, so that at last what had been done became part of the much-amended “Law” (and David and Solomon presumably were posthumously cast out of the fold). The heads of clans and families were assembled and required to sign a pledge that they and their peoples would keep all the statutes and judgments of the Torah, with special emphasis on this new one.

In Leviticus the necessary insertion was made: “I have severed you from other people that ye should be mine”. Thenceforth no Judahite might marry outside the clan, under penalty of death; every man who married a foreign woman committed a sin against God (Nehemiah, 13.27; this is the law in the Zionist state today). “Strangers” were forbidden to enter the city, so that the Judahites “might be purified from everything foreign”.

Any Cult leader knows that you can only maintain strict control of your subject’s minds if you isolate them from any competing ideas, values, information, arguments, and ideologies.

Nehemiah and Ezra were both eye-witnesses. Nehemiah is the ideal, unchallengeable narrator: he was there, he was the dictator, his was the deed. He says that when Ezra for the first time read this new Law to the Jerusalemites:

“All the people wept when they heard the words of the Law”.

These twelve words of contemporary journalism bring the scene as clearly before today’s reader as if it had occurred twenty-four hours, not twenty-four centuries ago. He sees the weeping, ghettoized throng of 444 BC through the eyes of the man who, with Persian warriors at his side, forced them into their first true captivity, the spiritual one which thereafter was to enclose any man who called himself “Jew”.

Nehemiah remained twelve years in Jerusalem and then returned to the Babylonian court. At once the artificial structure he had set up in Jerusalem began to disintegrate, so that some years later he descended again on the city, where once more mixed marriages had occurred. He “forcibly dissolved” these, also setting “the severest penalties” on further transgressions of the kind. Next, “with a view to applying rigorously the selective principle, he again carefully studied the register of births” and ejected all, including even Aaronite families, in whose descent the slightest flaw could be detected. Last, he “ruthlessly purged” the community of all who had failed in “unquestioning and unhesitating allegiance to the established order and the law” and made the entire people renew their pledge.

Over and over the Cult failed in its endeavours, only to return with the power of some foreign nation to reimpose its tyrannical dictatorship.

This pledge renewal is known as “the New Covenant” (as Deuteronomy was the Second Law; these qualifying words are the milestones of the supplanting heresy). It had to be signed, at Levite order and under Persian duress, by every man in Jerusalem singly, as if it were a business contract. Then Nehemiah finally departed for Babylon, his home. As usual, the Cult leaders live in luxury, and safety, far from their subjects. They only return to tighten their chains.

By this time about four hundred years had passed since the repudiation of Judah by Israel, and three hundred since the Assyrian conquest of Israel. This period of time the Levites had used to complete the perversion of the older tradition, to put their racio-religious Law in writing, and at last to clamp it, like shackles, on the Judahites in the little Persian province of Judea. They had succeeded in setting up their fantastic, tribal creed and in establishing their little theocracy. They had started the catalytic agent on its journey through the centuries. A journey that will soon find its end. One way or another. The Jew World Order will either succeed. Or once and for all humanity will destroy this cancer that has sought its destruction and enslavement for 3000 years.

It is time to take sides. Are you with the ‘Jew’ World Order, the Cult of Judah, or against it. You won’t be allowed a ‘middle position’. The Cult tolerates zero deviation from its dogmas and dictatorial rule. The same applies to ‘Jews’ as it does to everyone else. As the Cults own ‘history’ has shown. It has stated what it intends doing with the ‘Jews’ who won’t submit 100%, in its supposed ‘histories’. It has clearly stated, as that Rabbi does in the video, what it intends to do with ‘Amalek’ and ‘Edom’, with anyone who dares do, say, or think anything out loud, that might in any way obstruct them in the realisation of their 3000 year old plan.

Today the Cult operates from Washington D.C, its real HQ. From London City financial city. From the Vatican. The three ‘indpenedent’ world states that together form the real, new, ‘Jersualem’, and capital of the ‘Jew’ World Order.

As in the past, the Cult leaders are using the power of the most powerful nations to manipulate ‘Jews’ into moving to Israel, and supporting the Cult’s actions around the world. They continue to ‘weed out’ any dissent from among their own ranks, from within the Cult. All enemies of the Cult are destroyed using their host nation’s resources and legal systems. Such as ‘Holocaust Deniers’ and ‘Jew World Order resistors’ a.k.a ‘Anti-Semites’ in the ‘real’, ‘operationalised’, ‘practical’, and ‘legal’ meaning of that term.

For those still superstitious, the Cult threaten fates worse than death in an afterlife, after a horrific death here on earth, for failing to be completely obedient to the Cult.

For the rest, you are threatened with prison, fines, and torture.

For anyone whose services the Cult has a use, you can expect to be rewarded by promotions, ‘insider trading tips’, government pensions, large stipends from Jew World Order run N.G.O’s, public acclaim, public status, public prestige, best selling books, great critical reviews, various well paid public and NGO positions with world travel, sex, drugs, and ‘black credit cards with no limits’. Ask Bill Clinton. He signed a deal with the devil and got ‘it all’. Could YOU have resisted the temptation? I’m glad no-one ever tried to ‘buy me out’. I cannot say what I would had done. It is human nature. The Cult know what they are doing. It is quite simple, once you have the resources at your disposal. 3000 years of planning make it all possible. 3000 years of corruption. Of ‘lending to the nations, and never borrowing’. 3000 years of the most advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming ever carried out on a mass population. Starting with ‘The Bible’, and literally ending with it, in ‘revelations’ a.k.a ‘Armageddon’.

As always, the most powerful Cult leaders reside in luxury and safety outside their ‘areas of operation’. They left Germany before their actively provoked ‘round up’ of ‘Jews’ was to occur. They left the Jew.S.S.R for West Germany and the U.S, just before the ‘Iron Curtain’ went up. They will leave Israel just before the nukes start raining down on Jerusalem, and the 6 million ‘first born’ of their ‘Jew World Order’ are sacrificed to their ambitions.

3000 years of recruitment and expulsion allow the Cult to ‘filter out’ any non-compliant tools from their ranks, leaving only the most amenable, reliable, unthinking, unreflective, loyal, submissive, unhesitantingly and whole heartedly responsive slaves.

It is exactly the opposite of what that Rabbi claims, of course. But they claimed it first. That the ‘Cult has been filtering out the worst, and thus becoming more and more ‘divine’ and ‘ethical’ over the millennia, while we, Amalek, have been growing in evil. Always think ‘double-speak’ and ‘Alice in wonderland’. Everything is turned on its head. Those criminalized as ‘anti-semitic’ are really working in the best interests of ‘the Jew’, motivated by a love of truth, justice, and liberty. Those labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists’ are the ones revealing the truth, and exposing the ‘fake’ news, the ‘false flags’, and the ‘faked mass shootings’.

The little ‘divinity’ that existed in the original ‘oral histories’ and prophets, has been corrupted into something evil. Something loathesome. Something repugnant to anyone with ‘Western Values’ as developed by the Greeks, and the Norsemen, and many other ‘tribes’ of people, over the same millennia that the Cult was filtering out the moral, the ethical, the sublime, the spiritual, from their ranks, and becoming the distillation of evil we saw manifest in 911, in Palestine, in the firebombings of Germany and Japan in WWII, and will see manifest in the planned WWIII.

It has only ever been the Cult of Judah that has sought to, and manged to, enslave the ‘Jews’. It was always the Cult that provoked one host nation and state after another to ‘expell’ or ‘imprison’ Jews. In Nazi Germany it was by openly declaring war on Germany. See ‘Judeah declares war on Germany’ for the documentary evidence of this. In earlier times it was the ritualistic sacrifice of innocent men, women, and most often, to really provoke the hosts, of young children. I have never written about these horrific crimes, as I cannot say I have any proof. But thousands of books written by respected ‘authorities’ over the last 3000 years claim to ‘document’ such practices. I am just too conscientious to take any possibly ‘cheap’ shots at Judaism. There is such an overwhelming mountain of evidence that any really independent court of law could use to ascertain the guilt, and future plans, of the ‘Jew’ World Order, that such ‘disputable’ incidents are not required, in order to prosecute the ‘Jew World Order, and gain a unanimous ‘guilty’ verdict.

This is why the Cult works constantly to imprint, on ‘Jews’, and the rest of us, the idea of Jews being a ‘persecuted’ people. Innocent of any possible charges. Because the moment you began such an independent and authentic ‘trial’, the facts would blossom, and become an avalanche that the Jew World Order’s censors and full spectrum propaganda machinery would not be able to cope with. They would be overwhelmed. So any possible attempt to gain such an open and fair hearing will be squashed before it has a chance to ‘see the sun’. The witnesses will be silenced. The Prosecutor plance in prison. The media will totally assassinate the actors’ credibility in the eyes of the public. They will be persecuted as ‘anti-semites’ and ‘holocaust deniers’ and ‘hate speechers’ and ‘racial vilifiers’ and ‘inciters’.

There is nothing more fundamental to the very ‘identity’ ‘Jew’ than the belief in a shared history of persecution. But at the hands of ‘Goys’. ‘Gentiles’. The truth that it has always been their own Cult of Judah masters that have persecuted the ‘Jews’, keeping them in ‘thrall’, in ‘mind prisons’, and provoking hostility towards ‘Jews’ by manufacturing financial and economic crises, and performing real terrorist actions, which 911 is just a recent example of, is always kept hidden from the ‘Jews’. Yes, they have a shared history of persectution. Only at the hands of their own supposed ‘Leaders’ and ‘authorities’, and no-one else. Just like we all today are the victims of real acts of terror, carried out by our own occupied governments, though, and not some Islamic Arabs.

‘Spin doctoring’ is key to the success of any Cult. Please refer to my TROONATNOOR books for details. I explain so many things you are unlikely ever to have explained for you. It is such a waste, to have so much insight and holistic comprehension available, but no-one will take advantage of it. Except the ‘evil’ people who already understood it thousands of years before I, and my mentors, ever did.

Soon the same ‘Levitical Scribes’ who rewrote their own histories, will be rewriting all of ours. As they have already re-written the histories of WWI, WWII, ‘The Holocaust’, ‘911’, and so on. They have re-written history to suit their purposes. When their purposes change, they will ‘revise’ their histories, and they will all be automatically ‘updated’ next time windows reminds you to update your virus software. You do realise that windows now routinely access your hard drive, without asking your consent, let alone waiting for it, don’t you? I do all my writing offline. I don’t use this computer online for anything. Of course they will realise this, and find other ways to trick me into going online. Like disabling software and claiming it requires ‘updates’. But for now I am doing what I can, with the limited technical understandings I have. Of course now with ‘electronic metering’ of electricity, there is a WiFi signal in every home. It can be used to hack into any computer in the home. So soon even if you haven’t chosen to ‘go online’, the choice will have been made for you.And soon it won’t be an option anyway. At first they will get most people to go online for the ‘benefits’, but then they will start imposing ‘costs’ on anyone who isn’t online, making it first inconvenient, then more and more inconvenient, until it becomes practically impossible.

The real value of ‘getting in first’ and ‘calling dibs’ on ‘persecution’ and ‘anyone opposed to us the good guys, must by definition be the bad guys’, is that you get to ‘imprint’ this idea as a fixed idol, a dogma, a self-evident truth, like the newly hatched duckling mistaking a snake for its mother. Then when anyone tries to ‘liberate’ you, they will appear to be ‘persecuting’ you. If you can claim that some people are planning to attack you, you can easily justify a pre-emptive strike on them as not just morally sound, and ethically justifyable, but necessary for national security, and self-preservation.

So brainwashing ‘Jews’ to believe ‘The Torah’ and ‘The Holocaust’ and ‘911’ myths, makes it seem reasonable to ‘Jew’s to ‘fear’ non-Jews, and even, as soon as they have the power to, launch pre-emptive strikes on them. Actual genocides. As self-defence against threats that only ever existed in their minds, having been implanted there by the Cult of Judahs full spectrum propaganda machine, ranging from Hollywood films all the way to University lecture halls, and school textbooks. Implanted false memories and faked beliefs reinforced 24/7 by every best selling author, magazine article, popular mass media outlet, and strategically placed and groomed ‘Kosher’ media / Controlled Opposition Alternative Media.

If you think the Nazi Propaganda whipped up anti-semitism in Germany, just consider what 3000 years of Cult of Judah propaganda has done in the minds of average ‘Jews’, let alone the ‘true believer’ core cult thralls.

When you think how Nazi propaganda could lead to civilians all over Europe rounding up Jews and sending them to workd camps, imagine what the Cult of Judah’s 3000 year continual propaganda cycle, with control of the worlds mass media and ‘news’ and ‘jewdiciary’ systems could get ‘Jews’ to do. You really think they wouldn’t, after such intense, chronic brainwashing, be capable of launching the hundreds of nuclear weapons they have, just as the Rabbi in that video is inciting them to do?

Imagine what a real ‘death sentence’ mere ‘ex-communication’ from your ‘Jewish community’ would mean to someone literally conditioned from birth to fear ‘outsiders’. How would they survive under such ‘hostile’ conditions among ‘Amalek’ and ‘Edom’?

Most people are amazed that I have left ‘home’ and lived in so many ‘alien’ nations. Imagine what completely indoctrinated ‘orthodox’ ‘Jew’ would feel when threatened with having to ‘leave the fold’.

And in true Cult fashion, all their friends and family would be forced to say ‘You are dead to me’, and to treat them that way. To totally exclude them from their thoughts and lives. Even if they are not forced to renounce and stone them to death, the threat of ex-communication, or abandonment, is just as efficacious and authtentic. It is in fact the ultimate and most basic threat to any social animal. Most people and animals simply waste away if they are abandoned by their ‘people’. I somehow survived it. But I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst adversary. I have no ‘enemies’ as such. Just adversaries. No-one is intrinsically my enemy. I don’t hate the thinker, on the thought. I don’t hate the actor, only the action. Or to be more precise, the consequences of some thoughts / ideologies, and the actions they lead to.

Over 3000 years the Cult of Judah has produce willing victims who are ‘immune’ to any reason, logic, or factual evidence I have to offer. At least that is what their Cult leaders hope. In reality we are the most feared adversary of the Jew World Order. For human reason is innate. You cannot make anyone ‘immune’ from it. You can try. And succeed, if you have total control of the mass media, ‘news’, education, and jewdiciary, but a single actor like myself, standing on the shoulders of many men of normal stature, and a few giants, can really ‘topple the apple cart’ for the Cult of Judah. So we must be demonised. Ridiculed. Criminalised. Censored. Silenced.

Again I will reiterate that soon ‘Jews’ can be expected to be ‘thrown under the bus’ by their Cult leaders. Soon it will be ‘allowed’ for the truth about 911, and maybe even ‘The Holocaust’, to come out. To provoke Germans and Americans to hostility towards ‘Jews’. So the Cult can say ‘see, we told you so, just like in our ‘histories’, the Gentiles hate you, and want to harm you. So quick, run to safety in Israel. Or simply ‘go along with our Police state measures’, and come back to the fold. Join us in your ‘traditional’ role in ‘occupied’ nations as torturers, propagandists, Kommisars, spies, denouncers, Gulag adminstrators, and mass murderers. Just like your ‘ancestors’ in ‘The Torah’.

For more than a hundred generations, since that day when the New Covenant was enforced by Persian arms, and the people who had wept were compelled to sign it anew, a mass of human beings, changing in blood but closely or loosely held in the bonds of this Law, have carried its burden and inheritance, in spiritual isolation from the rest of mankind. The singular paradox remains: though their enchainment was devised by the Levites the chains were Persian. On that day as ever since, though the fanatical sect has dictated their continuing captivity, foreign arms and foreign money have kept them in it.

In more recent history the Cult of Judah is represented by international banksters, the IMF, Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland, Wall Street, and ‘The Fed’. They maintain the ‘value’ of their worthless ‘Petro-Dollar’ by forcing other nations to first buy U.S dollars before being able to buy Oil, and to force Oil producing nations to sell their Oil in U.S Dollars, and to accept this worthless paper in return for assets of real value. When Saddam Hussein of Iraq, then Muhamar Gadafi of Libya, began selling oil in Euros, they were assassinated. The Cult tried the same in Venezualua, but so far the Venezualans have ‘held out’ despite crippling illegal sanctions being imposed on them by the U.S, and several coup attempts. Cult Golems within Venezualua have even taken their own products, including toilet paper, off local market shelves, in an attempt to sway public opinion against democratically elected governments. All around the world the ‘color’ revolutions have been orchestrated with pre-selected and carefully media groomed ‘popular’ leaders, in which legal, democratically elected governments have been ousted by a tiny minority of Jew World Order supported Golems. The CIA are a branch of MOSSAD, and thus of the Jew World Order, working with the ‘Drug (Monopoly) Enforcement Agency to grant the Jew World Order a monopoly on the lucrative illegal drugs trade. The drugs are kept ‘illegal’ to maintain the monopoly, increase the profits, and criminalise as many people as possible. Once ‘busted’ for drug possession, they can be blackmailed. Or ‘seduced’ with a clean supply of top grade drugs.Gun smuggling is another lucrative business venture they manage via U.N and N.A.T.O ‘priveleges’ along with CIA and FBI support. Economic Hit men know how to ruin a nation’s economy, manufacture crises, and thus leave a nation vulnerable to indirect economic micromanagement by the Cult’s IMF operations. Few nations retain any real souveranity after the IMF becomes master of their national finances. The IMF forces them to sell off assets at bargain basement prices to Cult corporations. I go into great detail in my other books.

The Cult grooms potential leaders, then leaves these ‘pre-selected’ candidates to appear to ‘fight it out’. Let the voters decide. Whichever candidate they vote for, they will always get the same Cult micro-managed leaders. Puppets one and all.

Then, in true World Wrestling Federation style, the national leaders thus installed in the positions of power can pretend to be ‘enemies’. They can trick their nations into fighting wars against each other, for the profit of the Cult Banksters, and to further demoralize, destabilize, terrorise, and break the will of the ‘free’ citizens of every nation, so much that they are willing to submit to greater centralization of power among ever fewer people, and sacrifice their liberty in exchange for ‘protection’ and ‘security’ and ‘stability’. They will only be allowed to be offered ‘straw men’ versions of democracy and capitalism. So that they will ultimately become dismayed and disillusions with them. Mistaking them for the real thing, they will reject the real thing, outright, never having really had a taste of authentic democracy or Adam Smith’s ‘conspiracy free’ capitalism. They will think they have tried these systems, and they have failed them. They will lose faith in them. By corrupting the legal institutions and legal profession, they will also provoke disenchantment with ‘the law’.

Any potential rival to the Jew World Order controlled institutions will be eliminated in this way. So that all that remains, that has not yet been ‘tested’ and ‘rejected’ will be what they have to offer. Their own New World Order. Their ‘Jew’ World Order’.

The people will feel alienated from their own, corrupt, governments, and be open to the false promises made to them by representatives of the Jew World Order. At first the true ‘authors’ of the policies, the engineers of the new institutions, will be kept secret. If you knew that the same mindset that produced the biblical genocides is the guiding spirit of this ‘New World Order’ you would baulk at the gate.

If you are doing ‘God’s work’, then anything is allowed. Nothing is ‘out of bounds’. No genocide is too great. No sacrifice ‘of others’ is too great. And the ‘true believers’ will willingly offer themselves on the alter of their Cult, for the furtherance of their ‘Jew’ World Order, as martyrs.

Don’t forget, or undersestimate, the power of Thanatos. Just how many people have been brought so low by the Jew World Orders orchestrated and manufactured economic and political crises, civil wars, and simple financial ruin, that death seems an escape?

Anyone who believes in ‘manifestation’ will clearly see that probably billions of people right now are resonating ‘death and destrcution’. They subconsciously and conscious really wish to die. To escape the ‘hell on earth’ and ‘fates worse than death’ engineered and amplified by the Jew World Order.

On the day when King Artaxerxes’s soldiers forced the Jerusalemites to sign Ezekiel’s New Covenant, the perversion of the earlier Israelite tradition was made complete.

No resemblance remained between the God of the moral commandments and Ezekiel’s malevolent deity who boasted that he commanded men to kill their firstborn in order to keep them in awe of himself! This was not revealed God, but a man-made deity, the incarnation of primitive tribalism. What those ancient people signed under duress, in the New Covenant, was either the formal denial of God or the formal claim that God was Judah, and this in fact is the claim expressly made in many Zionist utterances of our time, so that the heresy is openly avowed:

“God is absorbed in the nationalism of Israel. He becomes the national ethos . . . He creates the world in the Hebrew language. He is the National God” (Rabbi Solomon Goldman).

“We and God grew up together. . . We have a national God. . . We believe that God is a Jew, that there is no English or American God” (Mr. Maurice Samuel).

“It was not God who willed these people and their meaning. It was this people who willed this God and this meaning” (Dr. Kastein).

These statements are explicit, and such phrases are easy to pen in this century, in New York or Chicago, London or Berlin. But at the start of this affair, as Nehemiah recorded:

“All the people wept when they heard the words of the Law” and since that day it has given very many cause to weep.

And don’t for a moment let any Cult leader tell you they were weeping tears of joy!

But you would rightly be wondering, how did we get stuck with the ‘God’ of the Cult of Judah?

Now readers of the 36 volumes of ‘Taludic’ laws and ‘interpretations’will find passages prohibiting the revealing of any of the contents of to ‘Torah’ to a Gentile / Goy / Non-Jew. By pain of death. So translating the ‘Torah’ left open the real possibility that a translation of the Torah might fall into the hands of a Gentile, at some point. But in order to ‘convert’ as many people, to recruit them to the Cult, you had to offer them ‘Torah’s in their own tongue. It is unlikely you’d grow much, or fast, if you demanded potential new Cult members must first learn Hebrew, even if they had the time and resources to do so. Of course in the case of Mohammed, who was illiterate, the ‘histiories’ were verbally transferred, as in the ‘oral’ tradition.

And in any case, the fact was, the Judahites themselves could no longer read Hebrew. It had fallen out of use among the ‘common’ ‘Judahites during their stay in Babylon, where they had adopted the Aramaic language. The one Jesus spoke, thousands of years later.

But more significantly, the largest single body of Jews was soon to be found in the Greek speaking city of Alexandria. Most of these ‘Jews’ no longer understood Hebrew, or Aramaic, so a Greek version of their Law was needed as a basis for the rabbinical interpretations of it.

And so the Torah, according to tradition, was translated by seventy-two Jewish scholars at Alexandria between 275 and 150 BC. Why? Because the Cult was in expansion mode. The nominally ‘Jewish’ people living among the Greeks, couldn’t be brainwashed by a document written in a language they could not longer read. I explain in my other books, such as ‘Optimal English’ and ‘Religion’ how attempting to translate a document between languages, or even from the older version of the same language to the modern version of it, is fraught with problems. There can never be any ‘perfect’ translation of ‘meaning’.

And whereas today the ‘Jews’ don’t actively recruit, unless you have something very special to offer their community, or your marry into a Jewish family, with that first proviso being the reason, thousands of years ago they were very active, as Jesus notes, ‘travelling to the four corners of the world to make a single proselyte / convert’. So you’d need to provide the ‘literature’ in the potential recruits own language. Though you might decide to leave our the ‘tricky’ bits in these translations, and keep the most ‘sensitive’ bits ‘secret’, transmitting them only ‘orally’, as in the ‘oral tradition’.

So you might add a few ‘euphemisms’ in place of their more offensive, true meanings. And so the Deuteronomy 32.21; the translation that has come down to the heathen alludes vaguely to “a foolish nation”, whereas the reference in the Hebrew original, according to the Jewish Encyclopaedia, is to “vile and vicious Gentiles”. The eptithets ‘vile’ and ‘vicious’ intended to be understood as being synonymous with ‘Gentile’ / ‘Goy’.

After the “New Covenant” had been forcibly imposed on the Jerusalemites by Ezra and Nehemiah, the priesthood in Babylon had given the Torah yet another revision: “once again anonymous editors lent their past history, their traditions, laws and customs a meaning entirely in keeping with theocracy and applicable to that system of government…. The form which the Torah then received was the final and conclusive form which was not to be altered by one iota; no single thought, word or letter of it was to be changed.”

But wasn’t ‘The Torah’ supposed already to have been immutable? What the Cult of Judah had done was assign themselves, by their own worldly authority, and without any ‘intercession from burning bushes and the like’, ‘divine authority’for the politico-eocomic-religio-framework of their worldly political ambition.

They then ascribed this ‘new’ version of ‘The Torah’, supposedly revealed to Moses, and/or the Sanhedrin, at the summit or base of Mt. Sinai, its supposedly ‘definitive’, ‘final’, ‘conclusive’, form.

So tell that to the later writers of the Shulchran Aruch, and all the Rabbi’s claiming that same authority for this book, compiled millennia later.

The Book of Daniels ‘Prophecies’ was compiled about 400 years after the prophecied’ events took place. How is that for ‘sleight of hand’ and ‘misdirection’. As I explain in TROONATNOOR vol. I, in detail, the ‘trick’ to being a real philosopher, a competent interrogator, is to never ‘assume’ anything. To continually challenge not only the explicit assumptions, those that are ‘highlighted’ and ‘admitted’ to be mere assumptions. But to seek out the assumptions that have been made, but have not been declared, or acknowledged, as being mere assumptions.

You need to work your way back, asking yourself, ‘what questions have I failed to ask? What assumptions have been made that I’ve missed, and failed to interrogate? You have to go ‘deeper’ into the argument. Discover what undeclared assumptions have been made, earlier on in the argument, long before you started interrogating it.

In the case of Daniel, most readers will miss the magicians ‘sleight of hand’. Where the trick was actually ‘set up’. The magican can pretend they have ‘hidden’ nothing from your sight. In this case the assumption most readers make is that Daniel, as given, was written before the events the prophet predicts. And so we are rightfully impressed when his predictions appear to have come true. His authority as a prophet is thus apparently validated by his uncanny knack of ‘seeing into the future’, thanks to a gift given by ‘God’, so we’d know this man represented ‘God’, and was no mere mortal. Thus all his other utterances take on the authority of God. He now speaks for ‘God’.

In reality the ‘prophets’ were not Daniel, but the writers of the Book attributed to him. These writers had the prophetic powers granted by hindsight. They wrote after the historical events. And then simply had their Daniel ‘predict’ them.

The trick is that you begin ‘attending’ much too late in the ‘trick’. You just assume, and never realise it is an assumption, that the Book was written before the historical events took place.

But what is really interesting to us is that these authors, writing 400 years after the facts, for some reason chose to fail to report on real events. Their own knowledge of historical facts seems to be really lacking.

Dr. Kastein , a recognised expert on the history of the Torah, states that ‘The editors who put the books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings into their final form gathered every fragment” (of the old teachings and traditions) and “creatively interpreted them . . . It was impossible always definitely to assign particular words to particular persons, for they had so frequently worked anonymously, and, as the editors were more concerned with the subject matter than with philological exactitude, they were content with stringing the sayings of the prophets together as best they could”. (This method might account for the attribution of the identical “Messianic” prophecy to two prophets, Isaiah 2, 2-4, and Micah 4, 1-4, and for the numerous repetitions to be found in other books).

The product of five or six hundred years, and the work of generations of political priests, was the book which was translated into Greek around 150 BCE. Then long after the New Testament Jesush had passed, the New Testament, was translated into Latin by Saint Jerome, when both ‘came to be regarded by the Church as of equal divine authority and as sections of one book’, a theological dictum which was formally confirmed by the Council of Trent in the sixteenth century CE, and has been adopted by nearly all Protestant churches.

But always keep in mind that the Levitical Priests of the Cult of Judah have always maintained that they retain a ‘secret’ and always ‘oral’ Torah which contains ‘truths’ that no Gentile ear has or will ever come to ‘hear’. They retain the ‘divine authority’ and ‘final word’ on any ‘Torah’matter. The books we have available to us are merely the ‘parts of ‘The Torah’ that have been ‘written down’.

Reed notes that while Christian nations have a reverence, a pious awe for the Old Testament, it remains, as it was, as it always had been, the Law of their own destruction and enslavement.

In my ‘Religion’ I explain how the ‘Church Fathers’ were really carrying out the same political strategy as the Cult of Judah. And the Cult of Judah encourages ‘centralisation of power’ in all its ‘adversaries’, as this makes it all the easier to ‘steer’ them. Where real power is spread out among local, regional, and state governments, you’d need to co-opt the leaders of each level of government. But where it is centralised in one ‘federal government’, and even better, ‘federation of nations’ such as the current ‘Russian’ Federation a.k.a ‘Jew’.S.S.R, and European Union a.k.a E.’Jew’, like in the United States of Amercia a.k.a ‘Jew’.S.A, all you need to do to gain effective control of massive populations is corrupt, and gain control of, a handful of powerful positions that ‘steer’ the ‘ship of state’, to determine the ‘course’ of the most powerful nations on earth, through a relatively small number of ‘puppets’ and ‘proxies’. Of course today’s N.A.T.O has centralised all the military power of the ‘West’ into the hands of a few people. The U.N a.k.a ‘Jew.N will soon centralise this already centralised power into the one organisation. Thus the ‘King of the Jews’ will be able to set the political course for this entire world, from the one place.

You cannot overlook that it was ‘Jews’ who wrote the ‘Gospels’. You can believe or doubt their ‘conversion’. Whether this new ‘Cult’ was just a ‘franchise’ of the parent company, the Cult of Judah, or really an attempt to reform it, is up for debate. But what you can’t overlook is that the new ‘Religion’ centralised power in the hands of a few men. Whether the Cult of Judah had control of it from the beginning makes no difference. By the end they certainly have gained control, as seen in the ‘Christian Zionist’ movement that elected and re-elected the war criminals in the Jew.S.A.

Divide and conquer is the oldest strategy. And this might seem to conflict with ‘centralise power’. But both strategies really work hand in glove. You weaken any adversary by dividing it into competing, adversarial, sects. You then ensure power within each sect becomes centralised. Then you co-opt the sect, by grooming your own people for the top jobs, and/or corrupting the existing ‘top dogs’ in these institutions.

Oh, so for you ‘racists’ out there, hoping to claim ‘Jews’ are especially stupid for falling for such a Cult scam, or that their Cult masters are especially malicious and evil and obsessive about absolute power, just remember that Christians and Muslims, among many more recent ‘Cults’, have all fallen for the same ‘pitch’. The same ‘scam’. The same ‘illusion’. And their leaders all exploited the credulilty and good will of their followers merely to attempt to satisfy their own insatiable desire for wealth, privilege, prestige, sex, drugs, entertainment, satisfaction, and power.

Of course the prophets in whose name these various Cults have been founded often were enlightened, had the best of intentions, were full of goodwill for all sentient beings, and would be horrified with the ‘religions’ that have been established in their names. Even Buddha would be appalled by most forms of ‘Buddhism’. As Buddha realised, the best you could hope for was that ‘Some will understand’. I can only aspire to these same relatively low ambitions for all my work. As can any real philosopher or prophet of universal justice, peace, liberty, truth, and beauty.

What we need to ask ourselves, and ‘steel ourselves’ with the understanding of, is how such a repugnant ideology as Judaism, present to some degree in the two ‘religions’ it spawned, and the ‘secular religion of Marxism that it later produced, could gain so much ‘traction’ with billions of people.

It is such a silly book. Full of horrific ‘dashing their little ones heads against the stones’ and ‘ripping up pregnant women’. Raping the virgins and keeping them as sex slaves. Genocide. Slavery. An infantile ‘jealous’ god that negotiates with humans, but ultimately throws tantrums like any 2 year old child, to get its way. All ‘lesae majestie’ and zero justice. A ‘God’ totally unworthy of reverence, let alone worship. A god people would only submit to out of fear and terror.

The claim that we were ‘made in God’s image’, appears literal, as long as you reverse the claim. For men, the Cult of Judah, created this god YHWH, in their own image.

And in many ways in our own image.

This God must have some appeal to human nature, for it to have such power over our minds, and thus our actions.

Remenber that it was only recently that slavery was abolished. And by force. Not by consent of the slave owners.

And then slavery was re-legalised, by the Cult of Judah in the Jew.S.S.R. Enslavement of Germans.

And then again slavery was legalized in the form of more or less forced labor in privately run U.S prisons.

Of course prison labor had always been used around the world, especially in the ‘modern’ U.S.A, as a ‘modern’ form of slavery. So many public works such as roads were built by such slave labor. Calling it ‘punishment’ misses the point. The supposed ‘crimes’ were victimless, such as ‘marijuana possession’, or at times even ‘possession of alchohol’. Crimes literally ‘made up’, simply to define a lot of people as ‘criminals’, who you could then ‘legally’ more or less enslave, for fixed periods called ‘sentences’. You could be ‘sentenced to hard labor’ for nothing, by corrupt police in a corrupt system. Effectively you would become a ‘slave’.

The word ‘jealousy’ is usually misused today. It means you don’t want someone to have something that you have. The ‘possessive’ lover is jealous. YHWH is a ‘jealous’ god. If you don’t ‘love’ him, his love for you turn to venomous, murderous, genocidal hatred. Your ex-lover may murder you, if you ‘stop loving them’. YHWH will murder your entire family, and your pets, and your neighbours, and on and on.

You see the ‘love’ that YHWH, proxy for the Cult of Judah masters, is the love of a ‘King’ for their ‘subjects’. Their servants. Their slaves. The slave owner and factor owner surely ‘love’ their slaves and workers, in the same way. As the means to their own ends. We love our own pleasure and relief. And reflexively we love ‘others’ who contribute to, increase, or protect and secure, our own pleasure and relief. I go into details in TROONATNOOR Vol I, so I won’t here.

But clearly the ‘God’ of the Old and New Testaments, and Koran, is Enlil. A jeaslous slave master who demands to be worshipped as a god. If you area faithful, selfless, whole-hearted, reliable servant, YHWH will ‘love’ you. Like the jealous lover. But the moment you cease your unhesitating, unreflecting, immediate, thoughtless obedience to his every whim and fancy, ‘worshipping him, and only him’, in the ways he has prescribed, then ‘a woman scorned’ has no fury like this ‘God’. This YHWH.

If the Sumerian Clay tablets version of history is correct, and it makes much more sense to any reasonable person, once they escape the ‘thrall’ of ‘religion’, then the original ‘sacrifice of the first born’ was literally a ‘passing through the fire’ rather than a blood sacrifice. Enlil appears to have set up ‘star gates’ a.k.a ‘portals’a.k.a ‘wormholes’for the transportation of children either to the gold mine colonies in Africa, or to Nibiru. The ‘fire’ is the same that the 2 Israelites enter with their special suits, and exit with a third person, in the story of Daniel. In both cases it appears we are dealing with ‘star gates’, ‘portals’ or ‘wormholes’. Either ‘docking platforms for small space ships’ or ‘teleportation’ devices.

So we are all still enslaved by Enlil, in some way. By his proxies or imitators, the Cult leaders, of the various Cults which Judah-ism was the best documented and continuous example, and the ‘mother’ of the Cults of Christianity and Islam.

It is an inescapable fact that at any moment you could be ‘detained’ and put to work in a FEMA forced labor camp. Or ‘conscripted’ to fight in some war against other supposedly ‘free citizens’ of other nations, who have been likewise conscripted to fight and kill you.

I go into all the details in my other books. But the fact is that we are all slaves on parole. We have no rights today. Merely privileges that can be revoked by ‘Executive order’ or the non democratic decisions of various institutions and organisations who have the ‘legal’ power to enforce laws we never gave our informed consent for.

The Cult of Judah is responsible for this directly. However this would not be possible if we did not give, in some form, our own consent, via our daily life ‘choices’, and basic human nature.

The universe is ultimately ‘to blame’. But we have to fight against our own inherited human nature, and discipline it, to optimalise our life experiences in this world. That is what my other books are all about. So please read them. Actively. Study them. Share them.

The Cult that has enslaved us, as we have enslaved other sentient beings, appeals to the worst in human nature, as well as the best. But most gamblers would bet on the worst in human nature coming up trumps. Statistically. The ‘House’, a.k.a ‘The Cult’ will win. Gambling as it does on the worst, while superficially appealing, also, the best, in human nature.

Perhaps Enlil set up this Cult, to patiently bring about the extinction of humanity, in a way that ‘the flood’, and later nukes, failed to do. Enlil will put an end to Enki’s creation. That which the Annunaki Marduk was so fond of, and sought to nurture, so that they too, should ‘be as gods’, referring to the Annunaki themselves, who had compelled humans to worship them as such.

It is hard to say if the extinction of humans would really be such a bad thing. And I’m not one to pretend optimism as to the future the human race might have had in the absence of the Cult of Judah-ism. It seems more a symptom, than the disease. So while I unwillingly devote so much time and energy to this book about this Cult that has enslaved us all, my real ambitions are in treating the disease. And that I do with my other TROONATNOOR books.

But back to putting out fires, and treating symptoms.

Forced conversion to the Cult of Judah

Of course in reality the Judahites themselves were either tricked, or compelled, by force, by the Cult of Judah to ‘accept’ Judaism. Those who wouldn’t were stoned to death or ‘ex-communicated’, sent into exile.

However the Idumeans appear to be the first documented incidence of the enforced conversion of a people to the Cult of Judah, Judah-ism.

The Cult might have preferred just massacring them and stealing their land, but, at least in the early days, an accommodation had to be reached to accommodate the passages in Genesis, where the Idumeans are shown as the tribe descended from Esau (“Esau the father of the Edomites”), who was own brother to Jacob-called-Israel. This kinsmanship between Judah and Edom was apparently the original tradition, so that the Idumeans’ special status was still recognized when Deuteronomy was produced in 621 BC, the Lord then “saying unto Moses”: “And command thou the people, saying, Ye are to pass through the coast of your brethren the children of Edom. . . Meddle not with them; for I will not give you of their land, no, not so much as a foot breadth. . . And when we passed by from our brethren the children of Esau . . .”

When Numbers came to be written, say two hundred years later, this situation had changed. By then Ezra and Nehemiah, escorted by Persian soldiery, had enforced their racial law on the Judahites, and the Idumeans, like other neighbouring peoples, became hostile (for exactly the same reasons that cause Arab hostility today).

They learned, from Numbers, that, far from being “not meddled” with, they were now marked down for “utter destruction”. Thus in Numbers Moses and his followers no longer “pass by our brethren the children of Esau”; they demand to pass through the Idumean land. The King of Idumea refuses permission, whereon Moses takes another route and the Lord promises him that “Edom shall be a possession”.

From other passages in The Law the Idumeans were able to learn the fate of cities so taken in possession; in them, nothing was to be left alive that breathed. (The scribes dealt similarly with the Moabites; in Deuteronomy Moses is commanded “Distress not the Moabites, neither contend with them in battle; for I will not give thee of their land for a possession”; in Numbers, the divine command is that the Moabites be destroyed).

From about 400 BC on, therefore, the Judeans were distrusted and feared by neighbouring tribes, including the Idumeans. They were proved right in this, for during the brief revival of Judah under the Hasmoneans, John Hyreanus, who was king and high priest in Judea, fell on them, forced them at the point of the sword to submit to circumcision and the Mosaic Law.

Of the two versions of The Law (“not to meddle” and “take possession”) he obeyed the second, which might have been a satisfactory solution if the matter had ended there, for any good rabbi could have told him that either, neither or both of these decrees was right. Just like when seeking out ‘expert witnesses’, you will always find an ‘expert’ who will say what suits you, if you ask enough of them.

But the matter did not end there. As with all lies, you solve one problem, only to have produced another. Changing around the ‘laws’ produced its own ‘legal’ conundrum. For having “taken possession”, was John Hyreanus to “utterly destroy” and “save nothing alive that breatheth” of “our brethren, the children of Esau”?

The good John, a humanist at heart, decided to err on the side of mercy and humanism. He disobeyed that law, and contented himself with a forcible conversion of the Idumeans to Judaism.

But by so doing he made himself a capital transgressor, like Saul, the first king of the united kingdom of Israel and Judah, long before. For this very thing, stopping short of utter destruction (by sparing King Agag and some beasts), Saul had been repudiated, dethroned and destroyed (according to the Levitical version of history).

John Hyrcanus had to deal with two political parties. Of these, the more moderate Sadducees, who supported the monarchy, presumably tendered the counsel to spare the Idumeans, and merely by force to make them Jews. The other party was that of the Pharisees, who represented the old despotic priesthood of the Levites and wished to restore it in full sovereignty.

Presumably these fanatical Pharisees, as heirs of the Levites, would have had him exact the full rigour of the Law and “utterly destroy” the Idumeans. They continued fiercely to oppose him (as Samuel opposed Saul) and to work for the overthrow of the monarchy. What is of particular interest today, they later claimed that from his clemency towards the Idumeans the entire ensuing catastrophe of Judea came! They saw in the second destruction of the temple and the extinction of Judea in AD 70 the prescribed penalty for John Hyrcanus’s failure in observance; like Saul, he had “transgressed”.

Whether ‘history’ or ‘role model’, or ‘legal precedent’, the ‘moral’ of this ‘story’ is ‘show no mercy’ to the ‘Goys’ / ‘Nations’ / ‘Gentiles’. ‘Utterly destroy them’.

The Pharisees had to wait about 150 years for the proof of this argument, if proof it was to any but themselves. Out of the converted Idumeans came one Antipater who rose to high favour in the little court at Jerusalem (as the legendary Daniel had risen at the much greater courts of Babylon and Persia). The Pharisees themselves appealed to the Roman truimvir, Pompey, to intervene in Judea and restore the old priesthood, while abolishing the little monarchy. Their plan went awry; though the Hasmonean dynasty was in fact exterminated in the chaotic decades of little wars and insurrections that followed, Antipater the Idumean rose until Caesar made him procurator of Judea, and his son, Herod, was by Antony made king of Judea!

And so all future ‘converts’ are presented with another ‘moral’to be learned. It is quite possible to rise to great heights if you ‘convert’ to the Cult, and serve the ‘Jew’ World Order.

In the sequel, utter confusion reigned in the little province so that even the shadow of independence vanished and Rome, left no other choice, began directly to rule the land.

For this denouement the Pharisees, as the authors of Roman intervention, were apparently to blame. They laid the fault on “the half caste” and “Idumean slave”, Herod. Had John Hyrcanus but “observed the Law” and “utterly destroyed” the Idumeans, 150 years before, all this would not have come about, they said.

It is illuminating to see with what bitter anger Dr. Josef Kastein, two thousand years later, took up this reproach, as if it were an event of the day before. A Twentieth Century Zionist, who wrote in the time of Hitler’s advent to power in Germany, he was convinced that this offence against the racial law had brought the second calamity on Judea.

However, the calamity of Judea was also the victory of the Pharisees, as will be seen, and this is typical of the paradoxes in which the story of Zion abounds from its start.

‘Modern’ Cult recruitment policies

At the time of Jesus, the ‘racial purity laws’ of the Cult were not being enforced. At least not upon the ‘new recruits’. Matthew reports Jesus as saying ‘compassing sea and land to make one proselyte’. So clearly the Cult was actively recruiting at least up until that point.

Unlike in the earlier days in Judah, where such massive efforts were taken to ensure ‘racial purity’, the needs of expanding the Cult outweighed other considerations, for a time.

The Jewish Encyclopaedia says that “early and late Judah derived strength from the absorption of outsiders” and other authorities agree, so that anything like a purebred tribe of Judah must have disappeared some centuries before Christ, at the latest.

Nevertheless, the racial Law remained in full vigour, not weakened by these exceptions, so that in the Christian era proselytizing virtually ceased and the Judaists of the world, although obviously they were not descended from Judah, became again a community separated from mankind by a rigid racial ban. Racial exclusion remained, or again became, the supreme tenet of formal Zionism, and the Talmudic ruling was that “proselytes are as injurious to Judaism as ulcers to a sound body”.

That said, ‘Orthodox’ Rabbi’s, it would appear from the ‘testimony’ of Rabbi Freilich at Brendon O’Connell’s trial, will assume that anyone who comes to them to be ‘converted’ to Judaism must be ‘Jewish’, or they would not do such a thing. As such it is assumed that they share ‘Jewish’ bloodlines, and are allowed to ‘return to the fold’.

It is clear that the Cult considers a certain number of ‘affiliates’ to be ideal. When the numbers fall below this, recruitment begins, and the racial purity laws are set aside. Then once sufficient numbers have been ‘recruited’, the racial purity laws are essentially‘re-activated’.

So at one time in history ‘Jews’ will insist that they are a ‘biological race’, and at others an ‘ethnic group’ with a ‘shared identity based almost entirely on a shared belief in a shared history of persecution as a people’.

In the same way, depending on why a ‘Jew’ is in court as a ‘witness’, ‘Jews’ will define their ‘identity’ as being ‘religious’, or ‘racial’, or mere ‘self-identification’, as suits them. Just like their Cult leaders constantly changed the meanings of their own writings and ‘histories’, to suit their purposes, over the last 3000 years.

Of course ‘new recruits’ tend to be even more ‘fervent’ and ‘true believers’ and ‘convinced’ and ‘fundamentalist’ and ‘passionate’ and ‘active’ and ‘committed’ than those who merely passively ‘inherited’ their religious ‘affiliation’, and have little if any real emotional investment or even real interest in it. So this ‘new blood’ is often very invigorating to the Cult of Judah and its nominally ‘Jewish’ community.

Consider how much easier it is to ‘filter out’ any ‘undesirable’ traits such as the compulsion to ask questions, to think for oneself, to reflect on the absurdity of dogma, and so on, in would be ‘converts’, as compared to deciding which of the cult members you have ‘inherited’ by birth, are really committed to the Cult values, and thus ‘useful tools’ for the cult.

So if you have any special talents to offer the Cult, especially in the high tech sector, or access to ‘industrial secrets’ and ‘patents’ and ‘blueprints’ and ‘software’, you get the idea, you are especially welcome to join the Cult, and move to ‘Silicone Wadi’, to enjoy the Tel Aviv party scenes. So you are Russian Orthodox? But possess skills and insider access the cult needs? You speak Russian, and zero Hebrew? What can we say, Mozzeltoff! It is a certainty that you must have ‘Jewish’ blood in your veins, or you never would have ‘applied for the position’. Welcome to Israel. Welcome to your new career. Say goodbye to dreary Moscow.

The rise of the Pharisees

These Pharisees, who formed the most numerous political party in the little Roman province of Judea, contained the dominant inner sect, earlier represented by the Levite priesthood. They made themselves the carriers of the Levitical idea in its most fanatical form, as it had found expression in Ezekiel, Ezra and Nehemiah; they were sworn to “the strict observance of Levitical purity”, says the Jewish Encyclopaedia.

As the Levites had triumphed over the Israelite remonstrants, and had succeeded in severing Judah from its neighbours, so did the Pharisees, their successors, stand ready to crush any attempt to reintegrate the Judeans into mankind. They were the guardians of the destructive idea, and the next chapter in the story of Zion was to be that of their victory; as in the case of the Levites, the background to it was to be that of Jerusalem destroyed.

Among the priests themselves, the passing generations had produced something of a revolt against the process of constant amendment of The Law, begun by the scribes of the school of Ezekiel and Ezra. These priests held that The Law was now immutable and must not be further “reinterpreted”.

To this challenge (which strikes at the very root of Judaist nationalism) the Pharisees in deadly enmity opposed their reply: that they were the keepers of “the traditions” and of that oral Law, directly imparted by God to Moses, which must never be put in writing but which governed all the rest of The Law. This claim to possess the secrets of God (or, in truth, to be God) is at the heart of the mystic awe in which so many generations of Jews hold “the elders”; it has a power to affright which even enlightened beings on the far fringes of Jewry cannot quite escape.

So when an Orthodox Rabbi Freilich takes the witness stand in a court of law and claims that the ‘Shulchran Aruch’ is ‘the last word on Judaism’ and the definitive ‘L.A.W law’, overriding all other ‘Talmudic’ statements the Cult does not want the general population to ‘take seriously’, what are we left to induce but that he is being deliberately deceptive, and thus in contempt of court. For he himself admitted that he was the modern day representative of the ‘Pharisee’ tradition.

Are we supposed to believe that the Cult Leaders would sacrifice their most powerful weapon, the ‘secret’ ‘oral’ traditions which ‘authorize’ them to re-write the Torah as suits their current and future needs, including the right to re-write its histories to confirm current decsions as ‘the fulfillment of biblical prophecy’ and ‘god’s’ commands?

For that is exactly what committing to some written text would mean. This ‘Shulchran Aruch’ would literally wrench this most potent of all powers from their grasp, leaving them as mere slaves to the written word. It was literally be, for them, the end of history. Of their power to re-write history, and thus direct their Cult community as they saw fit, with the ‘transferred authority’ of ‘God’ via ‘Moses’.

It would be like a playboy gigolo willingly submitting to castration, or a powerful courtesan destroying the source of her power, her beauty, her sexual thrall over men. Or the ‘Jews’ handing over the legal right to ‘create’ money out of nothing, and then charge interest on it. Or of ‘Jews’ allowing ‘free speech’, and ‘freedom of historical investigation and reporting’ and thus abandoning ‘Holocaust denial laws’. Or ‘Jews’ supporting limits to election campaign financing, or the banning of the ADL, which JFK had proposed, on grounds of ‘national security’. Imagine ‘Jews’ giving up Hollywood, or their absolute full spectrum mass media hegemony, and opening up all channels of communiation to ‘alternative’ views, opinions, peer reviewed research, concrete scientific facts, and ‘freedom of expression’ by all members of the community with a viewpoint, or point of view to share.

Yes Mrs Adams, I am being facetious. They simply would never do any of these things, willingly. Unless we, through constitutional, legal, and peaceful means, compel them to.

No, if they were forced to ‘fix’ ‘in stone’ (like the Sumerian clay tablets), the ‘word of god’, then they would never in future be able to put new words in his mouth. They would be stuck with whatever they had ascribed to YHWH in the past. And their current needs and future plans might not be met by the words ascribed to a God to meet those past situational demands. Contingency planning would be massively constricted. There is no way that the Cult scribes, in the past, could have forseen every possible future scenario. Though they did very well, and probably well enough, why would the Cult give up the power to totally rewrite their ‘statutes and laws’ and their ‘histories’ and ‘prophecies’ at their whim, with total flexibility, so that they appeared to justify any action they took, and legitimate any ‘commands’ they might give their followers, now or in the future?

Of course, like ‘The Satanic Verses’, Mohammed’s ‘unfortunate baggage’ from a time he needed to make compromises with the established religious powers, to gain a foothold for his own new Cult, the Cult leaders could always claim ‘the devil made me do it’ (the Shulcran Aruch, that is), and then simply ‘wipe it from the history books’ at a future date. As Mohammed did.

If Salman Rushdie had written something the Cult of Judah found a threat to its ‘Jew’ World Order, he would not have gotten off so lightly. The casualties surrounding ‘The Satanic Verses’, his great novel, would have been much higher than they were. A ‘Fatwah’ is one thing. But to have the Jew World Order on your case is an entirely more horrific level of monster.

But back to our Pharisses and Sadducees. The instinctive impulse to break free from the thrall of the Cult of Judah has at all times thrown up a moderate party in Judaism, and at this period it was that of the Sadducees. The Pharisees and the Sadducees were bitter foes. This internal dissension among Jews has continued for twenty-five hundred years into our time.

In the 20th Century, the established Jewish communities of Germany, England and America (who may be compared with the Sadducees) were implacably hostile to the Zionists from Russia (the Pharisees), but within fifty years the extreme party had made itself the exclusive spokesman of ‘The Jewish community’ with the Western governments, and had succeeded in beating down nearly all opposition among the Jewish communities of the world.

Always keep in mind how very un-slavik and un-Russian the ‘Jew’.S.S.R system was. And how perfectly Judah-ic it was. With its absolute tyranny of statutes, laws, and dogma. Its absolute lack of freedom. Its absolute lack of free speech. The ‘Iron Curtain’ was the ultimate ‘Ghetto wall’, behind which the entire Jew.S.S.R and ‘Eastern-Bloc’ was on big ‘controlled’ Cult. A ‘thought prison’ as well as a physical prison. A system of total mind control built upon a single ideology. With zero room for challenge. No tolerance of ‘alternatives’. Literally isolated from the entire world. A perfect storm of Cult phenomena. Opposition to the Cult of Judah once more literally punished with death. Every friend and family member a potential ‘spy’ ready to ‘denounce’ you to the ‘Cult of Judah’. All power centralised in the hands of a few ‘Jews’. All authority from above. Zero organic, ground roots political action or free thought. A totally micromanaged ‘controlled’ economy and society. A literal ‘wet dream’ of the writers of the Torah.

Now consider how un-American the Jew.S.A is today. With the state ignoring all the constitutional rights of its citizens. Slave labor once more ‘legal’ in the form of private prisons and FEMA camps ‘employing’ inmates for a few cents per hour. Habeaus Corpus a memory, with all manner of government agencies not ‘legally’ able to pick up anyone off the street, out of their beds, from their workplace, on the flimsiest of pretexts, such as being an Evangelical Christian, supporting the second amendment Constitutional right to bear arms, ‘denying’ the official version of history from ‘The Holocaust’ to ‘U.S.S Liberty’ to ‘911’, and all the ‘Sandy Hooks’ and ‘Maines’ and ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ faked incidents in-between, or for not paying taxes which the constitution never made lawful, let alone ‘compulsory, or for some breach of some ‘law’ or ‘statute’ written by some government ‘authority’ or other, such as the E.P.A, or F.B.I, or C.I.A, or Drug (monopoly) Enforcement Agency.

The land of the free now has ‘The Patriot’ Act, and censorship of ‘anti-Cult of Judah’ speech. The land of the brave has been cowered into submission to one pre-selected crypto-dictator after another, being ruled by ‘Executive Order’ and ‘Supreme Court rulings’, and unelected beauracatic dictators.

A land whose constitution strictly forbids ‘foreign entanglements’ has been co-opted, like Babylon, and Persia before it, to fight wars for the Cult of Judah. From punishing ‘Spain’ for the ‘Spanish Inquisition’ in the American-Spanish war, through to the invasion of Iraq, the destruction of Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, and the attempted destruction of Syria, and Venezuala.

If it is not clear to you, after considering these facts, that we have indeed been ‘occupied’ by Jew World Order puppet governments, directed from the shadows by the Jew World Order shadow government, a.k.a Zionist Occupation Government Z.O.G, then what will ‘en-lighten’ you of your burden of illusions that you live in a free, sovereign, democratic nation, ruled by your Constitutional laws.

I have to laugh at all my talk of ‘Western values’ while in Moscow. ‘Western values’ today are the laws and statutes that empower the Cult of Judah to achieve its 3000 year quest to enslave the entire planet under its ‘Jew’ World Order. I hold out in Estonia, one of the last bastions of ‘European Values’ in Europe. But it is a small nation, and it will be easy to play on the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy here, after the ‘ethnic landmines’ have been laid by the Jew.S.S.R’s former occupation, which, like in Ukraine, deliberated placed hundreds of thousands of Ethnic Russians in the nation, so that long after the official withdrawal of Jew.S.S.R power, the legacy remains. Like the legacy of Versailles. To be ‘capitalised upon’ at a future date. Sadly it is too easy to amp up hostilities between different ethnic groups. Don’t forget the Cult of Judah co-opts every organisation to its needs, where they exist, like Amnesty International declaring it a human rights violation for the Estonian people to insist that the citizens of Estonia actually speak, read, and write the national language.

Where organisations don’t exist, the Jew World Order invents them, such as ‘The National Endowment for Democracy’, which, as you might guess, being now familiar with the concept of ‘double speech’ and ‘Jew.S.S.R’ syled ‘Pravda’ (Truth), is an agency plotting to undermine democratically elected, popular, effective, humane, decent, generative, citizen oriented, governments around the world, to replace them with pliable Jew World Order puppet crypto-dictators and war mongers.

The ‘Holocaust’, the most significant recent addition to the Torah, is pure dogma. You are not allowed to question it. By law. If you do you are imprisoned for years, in solitary. As a torture. As punishment. No stoning today. Just this and similar tortures. You must accept this ‘fable’, like any other ‘Book’ of the ‘Torah’, on faith. Because you’re Jew World Order, Cult of Judah masters, said so. You must accept blindly. Wihtout hesitation or reflection. Without any evidence. Even where all the evidence contradicts the dogma. You must not listen to any ‘infidel’ who will try to lead you astray. They are Amalek, and will be destroyed, along with anyone who listens to them. They are malicious. Evil. You must not let them ‘cool’ your passionate, unthinking, mindless, automatic obedience and belief in your Cult masters laws and statutes and ‘histories’.

The same applies to the most recent addition to the Torah. The ‘911’ ‘Book’with its own fables and fantasies. Arab Muslims hijacked 3 passenger airlines and with them destroyed 3 WTC buildings, and the Pentagon. Ignore the facts. The evidence. The expert testimony of engineers, physicists, chemists, architects, pilots, and all other ‘conspiracy’ theorists. It is dogma. It now forms a part of the ‘Torah’. The supposedly ‘completed’ Torah has been given these new chapters.

The ‘new’ books of the Torah include ‘Lockerbie’ was Libya. The several hour attack by Israeli military forces by sea and air, on the ‘U.S.S Liberty’, was a ‘misunderstanding’. (It looked like an Egyptian horse freighter?). ‘The Maine’ false flag. ‘The Gulf of Tonkin (fictional) incident’. ‘Sandy Hook’ was ‘real’. ‘The Port Arthur Massacr’e was just one more instance of a lone gunman carrying out a mass shooting.

The pattern is clear once you take the ‘fear and terror’ goggles off. Once you escape the ‘thrall’ of the Cult of Judah. Once you step outside the reflexive bubble ‘social reality’ manufactured by the Jew World Order’s full spectrum propaganda machine. Once you ‘wake up’ and take the ‘red pill’. Once you are capable of seeing ‘reality’ for what it is. Adding up two and two to give four, and not whatever the Jew World Order tells you at the time.

The Jew World Order conspiracy ‘family tree’and basic modus operandi

The line of descent from the Levites in Babylon, continues onto the Pharisees in Jerusalem, then on through the Talmudists of Spain, continuing with the Rabbis of Russia, to the Zionists of today.

The name “Pharisee”, according to the Judaist authorities, means “one who separates himself”, or keeps away from persons or things impure in order to attain the degree of holiness and righteousness required in those who would commune with God. The Pharisees formed a league or brotherhood of their own, admitting to their inmost councils only those who, in the presence of three members, pledged themselves to the strict observance of Levitical purity. They were the earliest specialists in secret conspiracy, as a political science.

Of course the number one rule of any secret conspiracy is that ‘no secret conspiracy must ever be seen to exist’. And of course the number one threat to democracy, to freedom, has always been the secret conspiracies. Just ask JFK or Adam Smith.

The experience and knowledge gained by the Pharisees may be plainly traced in the methods used by the conspiratorial parties which have emerged in Europe during the last two centuries, and particularly in those of the destructive revolution in Europe, which has been Jewish-organized and Jewish-led.

For instance, the Pharisees originally devised the basic method, resting on mutual fear and suspicion, by which in our day conspirators are held together and conspiratorial bodies made strong. This is the system of spies-on-spies and informers-among-informers on which the Communist Party was built (and its Red Army; the official regulations of which show the “political commissar” and “informer” to be a recognized part of the military structure, from the high-command level to the platoon level).

The Pharisees first employed this device, basing it on a passage in Leviticus: “Ye shall place a guard around my guard” (quoted by the Jewish Encyclopaedia from the Hebrew original, in use among Jews).

The nature of the revolutionary machine which was set up in Europe in the Nineteenth Century cannot be understood at all unless the Talmudic knowledge and training be taken into account, which most of its organizers and leaders inherited; and the Pharisees were the first Talmudists. They claimed divine authority for any decision of their Scribes, even in case of error, and this is a ruling concept of the Talmud.

Do not forget that Karl Marx was the son of a Talmudic Rabbi. In Marx’s ‘Das Capital’, ‘divine authority’ is replaced with the ideology of ‘Historical Determinism’. Marx’s ‘scientific socialism’ takes the place of the ‘statutes and laws’, with the same dogmatic assertion of ‘self-evident’ truth of the Cults assertions, that are considered inviolable, and unchallengable ‘facts’. Marxism was one of the first ‘secular’ religions. Nazi’sm came later, partly as a response to it. Marx’s ‘End of history’ is the equivalent of the Cult of Judah’s ‘Messianic’ prophecy. Soon there will no more conflict. There will be a one world government. Ruled centrally, by ‘Jews’. Surprise, Surpise!

The ‘Messiah’: Was Jesus Jewish?

The Jewish Encyclopaedia says the Pharisees’ conception of a ‘messiah’ was that “God’s kingship shall be universally recognized in the future. . . God’s kingship excluded any other”. As Jehovah, according to the earlier Torah, “knew” only the Jews, this meant that the world would belong to the Jews. The later Talmud confirmed this, if any doubt remained, by ruling that “the non-Jews are as such precluded from admission to a future world” (the former Rabbi Laible).

The mass of the Judeans undoubtedly expected that “the Anointed one”, when he came, would restore their national glory; in the perfect theocratic state he would be their spiritual leader, but also their temporal one who would reunite the scattered people in a supreme kingdom of this world. The Messianic idea, as it took shape under the Pharisees, was not an expectation of any kingdom of heaven unrelated to material triumph on earth, or at any rate it was not this among the mass of the people.

The Messianic expectation, indeed, must in a sense have been the logical and natural result of the sect’s own teaching. The Pharisees, like the Levites whose message they carried on, claimed to know all things, from the date of the world’s creation, and its purpose, to the manner of the special people’s triumph.

Only one thing they never stated: the moment of that glorious consummation. The burden of observance which they laid on the people was harsh, however, and it was but natural that, like prison inmates serving a term, the people should clamour to know when they would be free.

That seems to be the origin of Messianism. The people who once had “wept” to hear the words of the New Law, now had borne its rigour for four hundred years. Spontaneously the question burst from them: When? When would the glorious consummation come, the miraculous end? They were “doing all the statutes and judgments”, and the performance of them meant a heavy daily task and burden. They were doing all this under “a covenant”, which promised a specific reward. When would this reward be theirs? Their rulers were in direct communion with God, and knew God’s mysteries; they must be able to answer this question, When?

This was the one question which the Pharisees could not answer. They seem to have given the most ingenious answer they could devise: though they would not say when, they would say that one day “the Messiah the Prince” would appear (Daniel), and then there would be given to him “dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all people, nations, and languages, should serve him”.

The problem with promising a ‘Messiah’, as the reward for submission and obedience, is that someone just might come along and claim to be that very same ‘anointed one’. What do you do then?

Anyone who understands the ‘astro-theological’ nature of at the core of most ‘religion’ will ‘grok’ that the expectation of a ‘messiah’ around 2000 years ago referred to the new ‘Age of Pisces’. Please refer to ‘Religion’ for details, or ‘Occupied’.

There is in fact no evidence of any ‘Jesus’ ever having existed. But like the other ‘histories’ of ‘The Bible’, we can treat him as an attempt by some persons to ‘reform’ the ‘Cult of Judah’. To actually do what I would try to do today, namely, play the Cult at its own game of ‘co-opting’ existing power structures. To ‘reform’ the ‘Cult of Judah’ and co-opt the power structure that the ‘Jew’ World Order have built, and apply it to the realisation of my own Eden Protocols, on the basis of my ‘Optimal Ethics Generator’. That would make me a genuine, authentic, ‘Jesus-like’poltical actor.

Only the Cult of Judah’s version of a Messiah is not a man of universal peace, love, justice, harmony, truth, and beauty. He is a warlord that will lead the Jew World Order to military victory, slaughtering any opponents to the ‘Jew’ World Order, and setting up the Cult of Judah as the One World Government.

The Targams, the rabbinical commentaries on the Law, said: “How beautiful he is, the Messiah king who shall arise from the house of Judah. He will gird up his loins and advance to do battle with his enemies and many kings shall be slain”.

This ‘Messiah’ would break Judah’s enemies “with a rod of iron” and “dash them in pieces like a potter’s vase”; who would bring them empire of this world and the literal fulfilment of ‘the law’, the ‘Torah’.

Whereas Jesus, and myself, are “despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows” as Isaiah had prophecied, the Cult’s Messiah would be the ‘fist’ of the ideology of Semitism, enforcing the Cult’s racial supremacism, and exceptionalism, and enslavement of this world to the ‘Jew’ World Order, by violence and force.

Jesus, like myself, was a “prophet and dreamer of dreams”. Beautiful dreams. Not the ugly, repugnant dreams of a power obsessed, supremely entitled, deluded, self-serving Cult Priesthood.

Jesus understood that ‘the kingdom of heaven is within us’. That we manifest in the ‘objective world’ the feelings, motives, and desires that rule our internal, emotional, subjective world.

As inside, so outside. We harvest what we sow. If we seek to enslave other sentient beings, we will manifest a prison planet of slaves. We will be enslaved by our own desire and will to enslave other sentient beings. For as we intend unto others, so shall be done unto us. We all think we can be exceptions to the rule we wish to impose on others. We all imagine ourselves uniquely entitled. We must discipline our ‘worst’ motives, and nurture our higher selves.

So this ‘Jesus’, like any ‘anti-Semite’ today, for Jesus was the world’s greatest anti-semite ever, loudly protesting and rejecting the ‘Ideology of Semitism’ as represented by the Pharisees for all to hear and see.

And so, like any other ‘heretic’, he was doomed to death by the Pharisees. Betrayed by the only Judah-ite among his ‘apostles’. And as today the Cult has others carry out its dirty work, the Pharisees had the Romans kill Jesus. Assuming any of this actually happened. But certainly if anyone like Jesus had appeared at the time, he would have suffered the same fate as any of the earlier and later ‘prophets’. Rather than worry if any one man named Jesus ever existed, we should ponder just how many men like Jesus were put to death for similar ‘attacks’ on the Pharisees, and their ‘Jew’ World Order.

The Torah itself limits the eptithet ‘Jew’ to a person of pure Judahite extraction. Such persons couldn’t possibly exist, based on pure statistics. Anyone who sets about drawing the family tree for a supposed ‘Judahite’ living today will find there are so many ‘chances’ for ‘miscegenation’, due to the sheer number of ‘generations’ over 3000 years. See ‘Occupied’ for the detailed math.

But in fact the state of Israel couldn’t come up with a legal ‘definition for the term ‘Jew’, itself. Based on biological connections with Judah, the Israeli state would have been able to discover about zero ‘Jews’ on the entire planet. Hardly a good political argument based on ‘right of return’, if none of the people ‘returning’ could claim to be actual ‘biological descendants’ of anyone who had lived in the original Judah, or Israel.

Rabbi Stephen Wise, the leading Zionist organizer in the United States during the 1910-1950 period, was excommunicated by the Orthodox Rabbis Society of the United States, simply for stating that Jesus was ‘Jewish’.Why?

Well the Jewish Encyclopaedia ascribes Nazareth as Jesus’s home town. Most ‘authorities’ agree he was a Galiliean, as he spent most of his formative years there. And Galilie was politically entirely separate from Judea, under its own Roman tetrarch, and stood to Judea in the relationship of “a foreign country” (Graetz). Marriage between a Judean and a Galilean was fobidden and even before Jesus’s birth all Judeans living in Galilee had been forced by Simon Tharsi, one of the Maccabean princes, to migrate to Judah.

Thus, the Galileans were racially and politically distinct from the Judeans

The Pharisees that Jesus condemned were themselves not even ‘Jewish’. There was in fact no official religion of ‘Judah-ism’ / ‘Judaism’ at that time.

As the Monty python movie ‘Life of Brian’ accurately portrayed, it was a sectarian ‘Jehova-ism’ that was practiced at the time of Jesus. The three main sects, the Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes, disputed violently between themselves and contended, around the temple, for power over the people. They were not only sects, but also political parties, and the most powerful of them were the Pharisees with their “oral traditions” of what God had said to Moses. This is the sect which millennia later spawned the ‘Zionists’ and the ‘Jew World Order’. And the things which Jesus singled out for attack, in them and in their creed, are the very things which today’s Zionists claim to be the identifying features of Jews, Jewishness and Judaism.

Religiously, Jesus seems beyond doubt to have been the opposite and adversary of all that which would make a literal Jew today or would have made a literal Pharisee then.

The carpenter’s son from Galilee evidently had no formal schooling: “The Jews marvelled, saying, How knoweth this man letters, having never learned?” He had known no rabbinical schools or priestly training. His enemies, the Pharisees, testify to that.

The Law, when Jesus came to “fulfil” it, had grown into a huge mass of legislation, stifling and lethal in its immense complexity. The Torah was but the start; heaped on it were all the interpretations and commentaries and rabbinical rulings; the elders, like pious silkworms, span the thread ever further in the effort to catch up in it every conceivable act of man; generations of lawyers had laboured to reach the conclusion that an egg must not be eaten on the Sabbath day if the greater part of it had been laid before a second star was visible in the sky.

Already the Law and all the commentaries needed a library to themselves, and a committee of international jurists, called to give an opinion on it, would have required years to sift the accumulated layers.

The unschooled youth from Galilee reached out a finger and thrust aside the entire mass, revealing at once the truth and the heresy. He reduced “all the Law and the Prophets” to the two commandments, Love God with all thy heart and thy neighbour as thyself.

This was the exposure and condemnation of the basic heresy which the Levites and Pharisees, in the course of centuries, had woven into the Law.

Leviticus contained the injunction, “Love thy neighbour as thyself”, but it was governed by the limitation of “neighbour” to fellow-Judeans. Jesus now reinstated the forgotten, earlier tradition, of neighbourly love irrespective of race or creed;

What the entire Old Testament taught in hundreds of pages, the Sermon on the Mount confuted in a few words. It opposed love to hatred, mercy to vengeance, charity to malice, neighbourliness to segregation, justice to discrimination, affirmation (or reaffirmation) to denial, and life to death. It began (like the “blessings-or-cursings” chapters of Deuteronomy) with blessings, but there the resemblance ended.

Deuteronomy offered material blessings, in the form of territory, loot and slaughter, in return for strict performance of thousands of “statutes and judgments”, some of them enjoining murder. The Sermon on the Mount offered no material rewards, but simply taught that moral behaviour, humility, the effort to do right, mercy, purity, peaceableness and fortitude would be blessed for their own sake and receive spiritual reward.

Deuteronomy followed its “blessings” with “cursings”. The Sermon on the Mount made no threats; it did not require that the transgressor be “stoned to death” or “hanged on a tree”, or offer absolution for nonobservance at the price of washing the hands in the blood of a heifer. The worst that was to befall the sinner was that he was to be “the least in the kingdom of heaven”; and most that the obedient might expect was to be “called great in the kingdom of heaven”.

The young Galilean never taught subservience, only an inner humility, and in one direction he was consistently and constantly scornful: in his attack on the Pharisees.

The Pharisees watched him and asked, “Why eateth your Master with publicans and sinners” (a penal offence under their Law). He was equally their master in debate and in eluding their baited traps, and answered, swiftly but quietly, “They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick . . , I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance”.

They followed him further and saw his disciples plucking ears of corn to eat on the Sabbath (another offence under the Law), “Behold, thy disciples do that which is not lawful to do upon the Sabbath day”. They pursued him with such interrogations, always related to the rite, and never to faith or behaviour; “why do thy disciples transgress the tradition of the elders, for they wash not their hands when they eat bread?”. “Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophecy of you, saying, this people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men” ,

This was the lie direct: The Law, he charged, was not God’s law, but the law of the Levites and Pharisees: “the commandments of men”!

From this moment there could be no compromise, for Jesus turned away from the Pharisees and “called the multitude, and said unto them, Hear, and understand: Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man, but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man”.

Undoubtedly a “commandment of man”, although attributed to Moses, and strict observance of this dietary ritual was held to be of the highest importance by the Pharisees, Ezekiel (the reader will recall) on being commanded by the Lord to eat excrement “to atone for the iniquities of the people”, had pleaded his unfailing observance of the dietary laws and had had his ordeal somewhat mitigated on that account. Even the disciples were apparently so much under the influence of this dietary tradition that they could not understand how “that which cometh out of the mouth” could defile a man, rather than that which went in.

The simple truth which Jesus then gave them was abominable heresy to the Pharisees: “Do not ye understand, that what whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught? But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, and blasphemies: these are the things which defile a man; but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man”.

This last remark was another penal offence under the Law and the Pharisees began to gather for the kill. They prepared the famous trick questions: “Then went the Pharisees and took counsel how they might entangle him in his talk”. The two chief questions were, “To whom shall we render tribute?” and “Who then is my neighbour?” A wrong answer to the first would deliver him to punishment by the foreign ruler, Rome. A wrong answer to the second would enable the Pharisees to denounce him to the foreign ruler as an offender against their own Law, and to demand his punishment.

This is the method earlier pictured by Jeremiah and still in use today, in the Twentieth Century. All who have had to do with public debate in our time, know the trick question, carefully prepared beforehand, and the difficulty of answering it on the spur of the moment. Various methods of eluding the trap are known to professional debaters (for instance, to say “No comment”, or to reply with another question). To give a complete answer, instead of resorting to such evasions, and in so doing to avoid the trap of incrimination and yet maintain the principle at stake is one of the most difficult things known to man. It demands the highest qualities of quickwittedness, presence of mind and clarity of thought. The answers given by Jesus to these two questions remain for all time the models, which mortal man can only hope to emulate.

“Tell us therefore, What thinkest thou? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not?” (the affable tone of honest enquiry can be heard). “But Jesus perceived their wickedness and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites? . . . Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s. When they heard these words, they marvelled, and left him and went their way”.

On the second occasion, “a certain lawyer stood up and tempted him, saying, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” In his answer Jesus again swept aside the great mass of Levitical Law and restated the two essentials: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart . . . and thy neighbour as thyself”. Then came the baited trap: “And who is my neighbour?”

What mortal man would have given the answer that Jesus gave? No doubt some mortal men, knowing like Jesus that their lives were at stake, would have said what they believed, for martyrs are by no means rare. But Jesus did much more than that; he disarmed his questioner like an expert swordsman who effortlessly sends his opponent’s rapier spinning into the air. He was being enticed to declare himself openly; to say that “the heathen” were also “neighbours”, and thus to convict himself of transgressing The Law. In fact he replied in this sense, but in such a way that the interrogator was undone; seldom was a lawyer so confounded.

The Levitical-Pharisaic teaching was that only Judeans were “neighbours”, and of all the outcast heathen they especially abominated the Samaritans (for reasons earlier indicated). The mere touch of a Samaritan was defilement and a major “transgression” (this continues true to the present day). The purpose of the question put to him was to lure Jesus into some statement that would qualify him for the major ban; by choosing the Samaritans, of all peoples, for the purpose of his reply, he displayed an audacity, or genius, that was more than human:

He said that a certain man fell among thieves and was left for dead. Then came “a priest” and “likewise a Levite” (the usual stinging rebuke to those who sought the chance to put him to death), who “passed by on the other side”. Last came “a certain Samaritan”, who bound the man’s injuries, took him to an inn, and paid for his care: “which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbour unto him that fell among the thieves?”

The lawyer, cornered, could not bring himself to pronounce the defiling name “Samaritan”; he said, “He that showed mercy on him” and thereby joined himself (as he probably realized too late) with the condemnation of those for whom he spoke, such as “the priest” and “the Levite”. “Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise”. In these few words, and without any direct allusion, he made his interrogator destroy, out of his own mouth, the entire racial heresy on which the Law had been raised.

Jesus knew that they would kill him or any man who exposed them. It is true that he especially arraigned the Pharisees, together with the scribes, and plainly saw in them the sect responsible for the perversion of the Law, so that the entire literature of denunciation contains nothing to equal this:

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for ye neither go in yourselves neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in . . . ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves ….. ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy and faith. . . ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess . . . ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness. . . ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, and say, if we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have partaken with them in the blood of the prophets. Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers. . .”

Now imagine anyone speaking ‘not in private’ in this manner, in Australia, or Germany, and how quick they would be charged with ‘hate speech’ and ‘racial vilification’ and ‘incitement’.

The end approached. The “chief priests, and the scribes, and the elders” (the Sanhedrin) met under the high priest Caiaphas to concert measures against the man who disputed their authority and their Law. The only Judean among the Galilean disciples, Judas Iscariot, led the “great multitude with swords and staves”, sent by the “chief priests and elders of the people”, to the garden of Gethsemane and identified the man they sought by the kiss of death.

This Judas deserves a passing glance. He was twice canonized in the Twentieth Century, once in Russia after the Bolshevist Revolution, and again in Germany after the defeat of Hitler, and these two episodes indicated that the sect which was more powerful than Rome, in Jerusalem at the start of our era, was once more supremely powerful in the West in the Twentieth Century.

Please read the transcript of my podcast / video ‘The Jewish trinity of hate’, to put this in the context of the demonisation of Adolf Hitler in the 20th century, the greatest ‘anti-semite’ since Jesus ‘Christ’.

The Pharisees, who controlled the Sanhedrin, tried Jesus first, before what would today be called “a Jewish court”. Possibly “a people’s court” would be a more accurate description in today’s idiom, for he was “fingered” by an informer, seized by a mob, hailed before a tribunal without legitimate authority, and condemned to death after false witnesses had spoken to trumped-up charges.

Brendon O’Connell was the most recent Australian victim of such a ‘kangaroo court’, charged under Admirality law, under unconstitutional ‘laws and statutes written by you know who, and it rhymes with poo, and smells like that too. They even had a Pharisee appear as ‘witness’ to the mockery of ‘justice’.

However, the “elders”, who from this point on took charge of events in exactly the same way as the “advisers” of our century control events, devised the charge which deserved death equally under their “Law” and under the law of the Roman ruler. Under “the Mosaic Law”, Jesus had committed blasphemy by claiming to be the Messiah; under the Roman law, he had committed treason by claiming to be the king of the Jews.

The Roman governor, Pilate, tried one device after another, to avoid complying with the demand of these imperious “elders”, that the man be put to death.

This is greatly to Pilate’s credit. Today’s Jewdiciary love nothing more than to prove their loyalty to the Jew World Order. They are grasping opportunists who realise fully who fills the ‘money trough’, as Kurt Vonnegut expressed it. Today’s legal ‘mob’ are drooling sychopants in the ‘court’ of the Cult of Judah. Like Rosencrantz and Guildernstern, they are ‘morally’ dead. They have cast the verdict on themselves, by their actions, and lack of action.

This Pilate was the prototype of the Twentieth Century British and American politician. He feared the power of the sect in the last resort, more than anything else. His wife urged him to have no truck with the business. He tried, in the politician’s way, to pass the responsibility to another, Herod Antipas, whose tetrarchy included Galilee; Herod sent it back to him. Pilate next tried to let Jesus off with a scourging, but the Pharisees insisted on death and threatened to denounce Pilate in Rome: “Thou art not Caesar’s friend”.

This was the threat to which Pilate yielded, just as one British Governor after another, one United Nations representative after another, yielded in the Twentieth Century to the threat that they would be defamed in London or New York. Evidently Pilate, like these men nineteen centuries later, knew that his home government would disavow or displace him if he refused to do as he was bid.

The resemblance between Pilate and some British governors of the period between the First and Second World Wars is strong, (and at least one of these men knew it, for when he telephoned to a powerful Zionist rabbi in New York he jocularly asked, as he relates, that the High Priest Caiaphas be informed that Pontius Pilate was on the line).

Pilate made one other attempt to have the actual deed done by other hands: “Take ye him, and judge him according to your law”. With the ease of long experience it was foiled: “it is not lawful for us to put any man to death”.

After that he even tried to save Jesus by giving “the people” the choice between pardoning Jesus or Barabbas, the robber and murderer. Presumably Pilate had small hope from this quarter, for “the people” and “the mob” are synonyms and justice and mercy never yet came from a mob, as Pilate would have known; the function of the mob is always to do the will of powerful sects. Thus, “the chief priests and elders persuaded the multitude that they should ask Barabbas, and destroy Jesus”.

In this persuasion of the multitude the sect is equally powerful today.

The longer the time that passes, the more brightly glow the colours of that unique final scene. The scarlet robe, mock sceptre, crown of thorns and derisive pantomime of homage; only Pharisaic minds could have devised that ritual of mockery which today so greatly strengthens the effect of the victim’s victory. The road to Calvary, the crucifixion between two thieves: Rome, on that day, did the bidding of the Pharisees, as Persia, five hundred years before, had done that of the Levites.

After the death of Jesus the Pharisees, according to the Jewish Encyclopaedia, found “a supporter and friend” in the last Herodian king of Judea, Agrippa I. Agrippa helped dispose of the Sadducees, who disappeared from the Judean scene, leaving all affairs there in the hands of the Pharisees (whose complaint about the Idumean line, therefore, seems to have little ground). They were thus left all-powerful in Jerusalem, like the Levites after the severance of Judah from Israel, and as on that earlier occasion disaster at once followed. In rising, phoenix-like, from the ashes of this, the Pharisees also repeated the history of the Levites.

During the few remaining years of the tiny and riven province the Pharisees once more revised “the Law”, those “commandments of men” which Jesus had most scathingly attacked.

The Pharisees, like the Levites earlier, intensified the racial and tribal nature and rigour of the Law; the creed of destruction, enslavement and dominion was sharpened on the eve of the people’s final dispersion.

In AD 70, perhaps thirty-five years after the death of Jesus, all fell to pieces. The confusion and disorder in Judea were incurable and Rome stepped in. The Pharisees, who had originally invited Roman intervention and were supreme in Judea under the Romans, remained passive.

Other peoples of Palestine, and most especially the Galileans, would not submit to Rome and after many risings and campaigns the Romans entered and razed Jerusalem. Judea was declared conquered territory and the name vanished from the map.

For long periods during the next nineteen hundred years no Jews at all lived in Jerusalem.

What no-one talks about today is that the Samaritans, a tiny remnant of whom have survived all the persecutions, are the only people who have lived continuously in Palestine since Old Testamentary times. If anyone has a legitimate claim to Palestine, it is the Samaritans. Not the ‘Jews’.

For after 70 BCE the Cult of Judah removed to a new headquarters from which (as from Babylon of yore) the ruling sect might exercise command over “the Jews”, wherever in the world they lived.

The Cult of Judah sets up shop in a new HQ, to prepare for their world conquest

Jerusalem might be ruined and Judea be empty of Jews, but the ruling sect was free and victorious. Its opponents around the temple had been swept away by the conqueror and it was already established in its new “centre”, to which it had withdrawn before the fall of the city.

The Pharisees were as supreme in this new citadel as the Levites once in Babylon. The Pharisees, when they left the surviving Judeans to their fate and set up their new headquarters at Jamnia (still in Palestine), took their dark secrets of power over men into a world different from any before it.

Their task was larger than that of the Levites in Babylon. The temple was destroyed and Jerusalem was depopulated. The tribe of Judah had long since been broken up; now the race of Judeans was dissolving. There remained a “Jewish nation”, composed of people of many admixtures of blood, who were spread all over the known world, and had to be kept united by the power of the tribal idea and of the “return” to a land “promised” to a “special people”; this dispersed nation had also to be kept convinced of its destructive mission among the nations where it dwelt.

The Law needed constant reinterpretation and application to the events of changing times, so that the “special people” could always be shown that each and every event, however paradoxical at first sight, was in fact one of Jehovan fulfilment. The Pharisees at Jamnia invoked once more their claim to possess the oral secrets of God and began, under it, to reinterpret the “statutes and commandments” so that these could be shown to apply to Christianity. This was the origin of the Talmud, which in effect is the anti-Christian extension of the Torah.

Pharisaic Talmudists, in their new academy at Jamnia, worked on the new Law, the political strategy, the ‘manifesto’, for the ‘Jew’ World Order.

In the story of the new Cult of ‘Christianity’ that is to extend the Cults power, unobtrusively, into the wider world, one Saul of Tarsus, a Pharisee, sets off from Jerusalem (before its fall) to exterminate heretics in Damascus. But on the way he has an experience that converts him to the new Cult. This Cult is for the ‘Gentiles’. It is the means to centralizing authority among the Gentiles, so this authority can later be co-opted by the ‘Jew’ World Order now in its infancy.

The new Cult, built around a ‘Jew’, and founded by ‘Jews’, may in fact have been an organic response in typical dialectic fashion. The thesis was the fixed, rigid, despotic Cult of Judah. So the reaction would be a flexible, open, and liberal Cult. Basically the opposite of the ‘laws and statutes. A Cult based on principles, not written codes. A Cult based on universal rights, obligations, and justice, rather than exclusive ones.

The explanation for the domination of ‘emancipated’ ‘Jews’ in the most liberal and iconoclastic arts and political movements soon became apparent to me, after reading Douglas Reed’s analysis. For what is more ‘human’ than to rebel against an extreme oppression. Against the attempts of a minority to strictly control the majority. Against an obsessive compulsive cult mentality.

If humans evolve in dialectical fashion, by rebelling against a thesis, producing its anti-thesis, if history evolves in this way, then we should expect that ‘Jews’ once enthralled, literally enslaved in the most tightly controlled mind prison and oppressive ghetto imaginable, the Cult of Judah, should develop, by way of anti-thesis, the most liberal, iconoclastic, rebellious, skeptical, freedom loving alternative models.

And so we see the most iconoclastic and ‘courageous’ comedians, producing television sitcoms such as ‘Family Guy’ and ‘The Simpsons’.We should expect to see ‘emancipated’ ‘Jews’, ex-Cult of Judah escapees, testing the limits of convention. Breaking all the social conventions. Rejecting all the ‘icons’ and ‘idols’ of civilisation. Seeking out new and organic ways of being and seeing. We should expect them to be at the head of ‘Feminist’ revolts. And ‘human rights’ activism. And environmentalism. And my favorite, animal rights activisms, and vegan activism.

It is a fact that ‘Jews’, of the ‘emancipated’ kind, the ‘cultural’ ‘Jews’ and ‘Secular Jews’ that have no interest in genocide and dominating the world, are among the ‘best’ humans civilisation has ever produced.

They are among the funniest. The warmest. The most courageous. The most outspoken. The most active. The most generative. The most ‘cutting edge’. The most humanist. The most creative. The most admirable. The most productive. The most non-conformist. The most freedom loving. The most (put your favorite human quality here) humans around.

And so to claim I am ‘Anti-Semitic’ in the ‘legal’ sense of that double-speak concept, is simply absurd. As I love these ‘emancipated’ Jews.

These Jews were placed under the greatest pressures to conform, and they exploded out of their mental prison cells, their ideological straight-jackets, and put all that dogmatic head fucking nonsense behind them, when they literally escaped the ghettoes, and moved west to Western Europe, and North America.

Just think of today’s ‘coolest’ leaders of ‘alternate’ lifestyles, and you are bound to, whether your realise it or not, stumble upon lots of emancipated Jews.

They bring such humanity with them. Totally unlike Saul of Tarsus, who brought nothing but his own repression, which he imposed upon millions of later ‘Christians’.

Jesus was Jewish. No doubt about it. He was among the first to ‘emancipate’ himself from the Cult of Judah. Todays ‘liberal’ emancipated ‘Jews’ are the legacy of their own emancipation.

The person forced to comform to the most absurd, fatuous, negative, destructive, soul-destroying, soul-crushing, head-fucking ideology ever invented, and enforced via terror and violence, is bound to ‘break’ and rebel. They are bound to become compelled to think, in ways a person in a more balanced and open community is less likely to ever feel compelled to. The ‘pressure cooker’ environment of a Cult acts on the more intelligent and divergent minds to produce an automatic, and very powerful, reaction. Generating the most free thinking, iconoclastic, independent minds imaginable.

A dogma that demands blind, unthinking, unhesitating acceptance and obedience will provoke the strongest reactions in minds with even a modicum of natural reason, natural intuition, natural skepticism, and natural curiosity.

A totally incoherenet, babbling, illogical, unreasoning, fatuous, idiotic, vicious, malicious, negative, destructive ‘philosophy’ and ‘belief system’ would trigger self reflection and doubt in any person with any sort of real philosophical nature.

Buddha’s philosophy (he never founded a religion) was the same sort of ‘antithesis’ reaction to the strict caste system injustices of the Hindu belief system that the teachings of Jesus were. Zarathustra’s teachings were, in the same way, a reaction against the ritualistic dogmatic cults present in Persia which he was rebelling against.

Sadly all these new ‘philosophies’, which in their pure forms were anti-theses, of course evolved, due to political pressures and human nature, into the syn-theses we know as ‘Buddh-ism’ and Christianity. Religions which contain at their core fine philosophies, but which in practice represent mere slight improvements on the original theses.

Thus Buddhism and Christianity took on all the old forms of mind control, terrorism, and centralised authority and power. They abused the reformist ideologies to justify their own Cult control grids such as The Catholic Church and the various Buddh-isms.

In the case of the ‘new’ kid on the block, Christianity, the teachings of Jesus were forced into the forms we know today, by political committees. And Sauls own negative, destructive, constrictive baggage was mixed in with Jesus’ wisdom. Saul took on the name ‘Paul’, to indicate a transformation, but in many ways he was unable to fully ‘emancipate’ himself from the Cult of Judah’s dogma. I describe this baggage in detail in ‘Religion’.

The ‘Religion’ that was based on the principles expressed by Jesus in the ‘Gospels’ was, sadly, contaminated by all the same sorts of worldly political considerations that even managed to take the teachings of Buddha, and turn them into a religion with thousands of ‘Hells’ and dogmas.

Muhammad held Jesus to have been, like Abraham and Moses, a prophet of God (not the Messiah). He regarded himself as the successor of Moses and Jesus and as the prophet of God, whom he called Allah. There was but one God, Allah, the creator of mankind, and Allah was not the tribal god of the Arabs, but the God of all men. This religion, like Christianity, taught no hatred of other religions. Muhammad showed only reverence for Jesus and his mother (who are both the subjects of profane derision in Talmudic literature).

However, Muhammad held the Jews to be a destructive force, self-dedicated. The Koran says of them, “Oft as they kindle a beacon fire for war, shall God quench it. And their aim will be to abet disorder on the earth; but God loveth not the abettors of disorder “. All down the centuries the wisest men spoke thus of the tribal creed and the sect, until the Twentieth Century of our era, when public discussion of this question was virtually suppressed.

However the facts are in. The Cult of Judah pushed and dragged the U.S into WWI and WWII, and innumerable wars and secret assassinations and plots since then. Mohammed was truly prophetic in the earlier quote. The Cult has not changed its stripes at all. If anything it has only amplified its war mongering. It is responsible for untold millions of deaths and casualties of war and terrorist attacks.

Christianity and Islam spread out and embraced great masses of mankind.

In the Twentieth Century the Cult of Judaism, however, has been able to bring the masses of Christendom and Islam to view each other as ‘enemies’. The more powerful Christianity has literally slaughtered millions of Islamic Arabs, after having been deceived by the Cult of Judah by relentless propaganda and faked news.

As the letter between Mazzini and Albert Pike clearly show, the Cult of Judah has long planned to induce Christianity to destroy Islam, in a third world war that will bring about such chaos and destruction that the people of the earth will fall for the ‘offer’ of a ‘peaceful earth’, on the condition of a One World Government which, once in place, and having established absolute control, will reveal itself as the ‘Jew’ World Order the Cult of Judah has been planning and working towards for 3000 years.

We have fallen for their scams. We have been tricked into committing mass murder once again. Deceived into attacking our natural allies. Our brothers in arms against the ‘Jew’ World Order.

Once we begin resisting their conspiracies, they will of course carry out more ‘false flags’ and ramp up censorship, to attempt to ensure their ‘message’ is the only one anyone hears. That their propaganda is the only ‘evidence’ anyone has to base their views, their opinions, and form their judgements on.

But if we are strong enough, and maintain our informational campaigns in the face of such attempts to terrorise and deceive the worlds masses into submitting to their ever tightening net of micro-controls, then sooner or later they will have to ‘come out’ and do battle with us out in the open. To reveal themselves. And then people will see what they are dealing with. And they will have a chance withdraw their consent at least, and if five percent go further than this, and are willing to take up arms against their occupiers, we might just be able to repeat what the ‘Americans’ achieved in their ‘War of Independence’, with the help of the ‘free’ Polish people, the ‘free’ French, and the ‘free’ Germans.

But unless the counter-revolution identifies and targets, in a co-ordinated, well planned, attack, the leaders of the ‘Jew’ World Order, and ‘neutralises’ them in a swift ‘reconquista’, I don’t see much hope of success for such an enterprise. Probably it will take some form of biological weapon to defeat such an enemy.

We must educate everyone as to whom the real terrorists are, and who really it is that hates our freedoms. For it is our own occupied governments. Our ‘Jew’ World Order occupied governments. Our ‘Zionist Occupied Governments’.

And for you who rightlyt understand that the ‘Jewish’ enterprise of ‘Marxism’ is about eliminating the traditional divisions in society between rich and poor, upper and lower class, black and white, servant and master, I’d warn you that you are failing to keep in mind that these ‘traditional’ divisions of inequality are to be replaced, by this ‘Jewish’ revolution, behind which we always find the ‘Jew’ World Order pulling the strings, with one single division. One single ‘glass ceiling’, of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. On one side will be the privileged Jew World Order, on the other, everyone else. At first it might be be emotionally, maliciously satisfying, to watch your ‘betters’ crushed and squashed. To see the ‘levelling down’ of all those whose better luck you have always envied. But when you realise that you are not to be raised one iota by this ‘levelling’ process, the ‘revolution’ may lose its glamourous appeal. And when you realise that in fact even your welfare will be lowered, you will learn to hate that same revolution you once loved. And when you learn who has been behind it all, pulling the strings from the shadows, manipulating, orchestrating, misdirecting, misinforming, propagandizing, and deceiving, your very being will overflow with all the ‘anti-semitism’ your heart can muster.

Now that the Cult of Judah had ‘set up shop’ with its many branches and franchises, some ‘company’, but most ‘independent’, the problem of ‘Jews’ self-emancipating became real again. Just like in the beginning.

The 19th and 20th Centuries saw peoples of all lands gaining their freedoms through peaceful political means, and violent uprisings. The ‘Jews’ benefitted from this general ‘emancipation’, and came into full rights as citizens along with every other ‘class’ and ‘caste’, ‘nationality’ and ‘ethnic group’.

Freedom of movement was for a time available to all adventurous souls, especially to the ‘colonies’, but also between the newly emerging Western European states.

This posed a threat to the political agenda of the Cult of Judah. They required strategies to ensure the ‘emancipated’ ‘Jews’ didn’t stray too far from the Cult’s power. Didn’t ‘assimilate’ too well into their new homelands. Didn’t ‘forget’ their Cult indoctrination. Didn’t ‘throw off the chains’ of their own repressive Cult masters and Cult dogmas.

But as usual this ‘problem’ had been foreseen. For the Cult had learned from its earlier experiences, especially after 70 C.E. After the original ‘diaspora’, a new ‘supplement’ to the ‘Torah’, the ‘Talmud’, was advanced as the ‘reaction’ and ‘solution’ to this ‘problem’. New ‘interpretations’ of the Old Laws and Statutes, and ‘histories’ that would ensure the ‘Cult community’ survived intact as a functioning tool for the Cult leadership.

The aim was to “make the life of the Jew utterly different from that of the Gentiles”. Any law that received a majority of votes of the Sanhedrin became enforcible throughout the dispersed Judaist communities everywhere; “opponents were threatened with the ban, which meant being excluded from the community”.

A secret edict went out from “the centre” at Jamnia, authorizing Jews to pretend denial of their creed and profess conversion to “pagan religions”, if circumstances made this expedient.

The period of government from Jamnia lasted for about a century, and then it was transferred to Usha in Galilee, where the Sanhedrin was re-established. “Judaism set limitations about itself and grew ever more exclusive”; at this time the special curse on Jewish Christians was pronounced. In 320 AD the Roman Emperor Constantine was converted to Christianity, and enacted laws which forbade marriages between Christians and Jews and forbade Jews to keep Christian slaves. These were the natural response to the Law of exclusion and “stranger”-slavery administered by the Talmudic government at Usha, but they were held to be “persecution” and to escape their reach “the centre” was moved back to Babylonia, where the Judean colony, which eight centuries earlier had preferred to stay there rather than “return” to Jerusalem, “was still intact”. The Talmudic government was set up at Sura, and academies were established there at Pumbedita.

The Talmud, begun at Jamnia and Usha, was completed at Sura and Pumbedita. “A ring of vast proportions and colossal elasticity” was built around the Jews everywhere; the mystic circle of fear and superstition was drawn tighter. From Sura an Exilarch (prince of the captivity of the house of David), ruled, but in time he became a figurehead. Thereafter “the president of the academy” (in effect, the high priest and prime minister) “laid down the rules and regulations not only for the Babylonian Jews but for the whole of Judaism . . . The Jews throughout the world recognized the academies in Babylonia as the authoritative centre of Judaism, and regarded any laws they passed as binding”.

Thus the nation-within-nations, the state-within-states, was enfettered and ruled by the Talmudic government in Babylonia.

The core of dogma remained as Ezekiel, Ezra and Nehemiah had shaped and enforced it; but the Talmud, in effect, had taken the place of the Torah, as the Torah earlier had supplanted the “oral traditions”. The heads of the academies of Sura and Pumbedita were called Gaonim and began to exercise autocratic power over the scattered Jews. The shadowy Exilarchs (later Nasim, or princes) were dependent on their approval and the Sanhedrin surrendered its functions to them, or was deprived of these.

When doubt arose among Jews, anywhere in the world, about the interpretation or application of the Law in any matter of the day, the question was referred to the Gaonate. The verdicts and judgments returned (in the name of Jehovah) from the distant government were the Gaonic Reponses, or laws enacted from Babylonia, to which Jews everywhere submitted, or incurred danger of excommunication.

In this manner the Talmudic thrall spread round the dispersed Jews, wherever they dwelt, “like a closely woven net . . . over ordinary days and holidays, over their actions and over their prayers, over their whole lives and every step they took . . . Nothing in their external lives was any longer allowed to be the sport of arbitrary settlement or of chance”.

This is the picture of an absolute despotism, different from other despotisms only in the element of distance between the despots and their subjects. Given a benevolent mission, a community of people so closely controlled might immensely fructify the life of peoples; given a destructive one, their presence among others is like that of a blasting charge in rock, operated by a distant hand on a plunger.

For six hundred years the Talmudic government ruled from Jamnia, Usha, and Sura.

When the Talmudic government moved into Western Europe, the ground had already been ‘prepared’ for the ‘colonisation’ of this new ‘host’. Reverence for its ‘Books’ had already been established by the new centralised power in the West, that of ‘Christianity’. This new organisation centralised power in the hands of a few, making it possible for the Cult to ‘steer’ the’ ships of state’ simply by persuading, corrupting, blackmailing, and seducing, the few helmsmen ‘at the wheel’.

But what today’s ‘Muslims’ must find supremely ironic is that the expansion of the empire of the Cult of Judah came about thanks ot the Islmaic conquests of the Middle East, and Spain.

First, the Arabs, under the Prophet’s banner, drove the Romans from Palestine. This allowed the original owners of Palestine to return to their ‘homeland’. The peoples who had occupied it long before the Hebrew nomads had wandered by and decided to settle among them.

By this means the native inhabitants of Palestine, who had inhabited it some two thousand years before the first Hebrew tribes entered, became the rulers of their own country, and remained so for nine hundred years (until 1517, when the Turks conquered it).

Assuming we can believe the official histories, the Muslims behaved with exceptional ‘nobility’ upon their conquest, especially compared to the ‘Biblical role models’ of the Cult of Judah, and their ‘Jews’.

The Caliph’s order to the Arab conquerors in 637 AD was, “You shall not act treacherously, dishonestly, commit any excess or mutilation, kill any child or old man; cut or burn down palms or fruit trees, kill any sheep, cow or camel, and shall leave alone those whom you find devoting themselves to worship in their cells”.

Compare this to Jehovah’s order, according to Deuteronomy 20.16: “Of the cities of these people, which the Lord thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shall save alive nothing that breatheth“. The rapes and genocide and destruction commanded by YHWH through Moses and the Cult of Judah’s Priests, stand in stark contrast to the ‘conquering’ Muslims. And yet we are to believe Rabbi’s and ‘Jews’ that ‘The Cult of Judah-ism’ is a ‘religion’ of peace, harmony, and justice?

From Palestine, Islam then spread its frontiers right across North Africa. This mean that initially most ‘Jews’ found themselves living under Muslim rule.

Then when Islam invaded Spain, the Jews fought with the Muslims in that ‘conquista’. A fact the Spanish Inquisition had no need to be informed of. So much for the notion of ‘innocent ‘Jews’ being persecuted ‘ ‘just for being ‘Jews’.

But then again, ‘being ‘Jews’, in all the ‘official’ meaning that has for the Cult of Judah, is as criminal an action as joining any other gang of violent criminals. It means you are identifiying, willingly, and volunatarily, with the most violent conspiracy against justice, truth, liberty, and freedom, ever imagined. You are offering your ‘moral’ support, even if you are not ‘actively’ engaged as a Sayanim. A fact ‘Jews’ seem to want to pretend away. They live in denial of it. Every time they assert their right to be ‘Jewish’.

The Moorish conquest was “supported with both men and money” by the Jews, who as camp-followers were treated with remarkable favour by the conquerors, city after city being handed to their control!

This is a curious thing. For the Koran itself warns, “Their aim will be to abet disorder on the earth”.

Just what were the ‘Muslim’ leaders thinking? More evidence that Islam itself was always a ‘subsidiary’ of the ‘Cult of Judah’s’ massive multinational enterprise? The first real ‘Multinational Corporation’?

It can be no surprise that a Cult with global ambitions should work towards the globalization of all centralised power. Towards a one world government. A one world bank. A one world army to squash any dissent, and utterly extirpate any resistance, to its ‘Jew’ World Order. A ‘Jew.N’ to ensure that ‘the nations’ are first completely ‘disarmed’ and left defenceless, their own military having been co-opted by the Cult, with NATO and the U.N actively trafficking sex slaves, and drugs, to seduce, blackmail, and entrap world leaders, military commanders, and any potentially ‘independent’ mass media.

The fact that the Muslims placed so many ‘Jews’ in positions of power, literally ‘ruling’ the lands supposedly now under ‘Muslim’ control, supports my personal suspicion that ‘Islam’ was a product of the Cult of Judah. And not the ‘organic’ growth of any Arab values or ambitions. It is totally consistent with later developments in Russia, and Eastern Europe, where ‘Jews’ came to occupy all the leading positions of power in the ‘Jew’.S.S.R, and today, in the Jew.S.A and E.Jew.

And so the Cult of Judah moved it operational HQ from Babylonia to Spain. The Gaonate issued its directives; the Talmudic academy was established at Cordova.

This was done under the protection of Islam; the Moors, like Babylon and Persia before, showed remarkable benevolence towards this force in their midst, despite the ‘warnings’ contained in the Koran. To the Spaniards the invader came to bear more and more a Jewish countenance and less and less a Moorish one; the Moors had conquered, but the conqueror’s power passed into Jewish hands.

The story which the world had earlier seen enacted in Babylon, repeated itself in Spain, and in later centuries was to be re-enacted in every great country of the West.

This is the biggest lesson we have to learn from Douglas Reed. The lesson of how the ‘Cult of Judah’ co-opts the power structure of any nation it can ‘infest’, to its own ambitions of a ‘Jew’ World Order.

We today literally stand on the brink of this ‘Jew’ World Order, now that this Cult has ‘occupied’ our nation’s governments and military and police and jewdiciary and education systems and mass media and financial systems.

The Moors remained in Spain for nearly eight hundred years. When the Spanish reconquest, after this long ordeal, was completed in 1492 the Jews, as well as the Moors, were expelled. They had become identified with the invaders’ rule and were cast out when it ended, as they had followed it in.

The HQ of The Cult of Judah was then transferred to Poland.

At that point, less than four centuries before our own generation, a significant mystery enters the story of Zion: why was the government set up in Poland? Up to that stage the annals reveal no trace of any large migration of Jews to Poland. The Jews who entered Spain with the Moors came from North Africa and when they left most of them returned thither or went to Egypt, Palestine, Italy, the Greek islands and Turkey. Other colonies had appeared in France, Germany, Holland and England and these were enlarged by the arrival among them of Jews from the Spanish Peninsula. There is no record that any substantial number of Spanish Jews went to Poland, or that any Jewish mass-migration to Poland had occurred at any earlier time.

Yet in the 1500’s, when the Cults HQ was set up in Poland, “a Jewish population of millions came into being there “, according to Dr. Kastein. But populations of millions do not suddenly “come into being”. Dr. Kastein shows himself to be aware that something needs explanation here, and to be reluctant to go into it, for he dismisses the strange thing with the casual remark that the size of this community, of which nothing has previously been heard, “was more due to immigration, apparently from France, Germany and Bohemia, than to any other cause”. He does not explain what other cause he might have in mind and, for a diligent scholar, is on this one occasion strangely content with a random surmise.

Enter the Khazars

The Cult of Judah had decided to set up its HQ among a large community of people who were unknown to the world as Jews and in fact were not Jews in any literal sense. They had no Judahite blood at all (for that matter; Judahite blood must by this time have been almost extinct even among the Jews of Western Europe) and their forefathers had never known Judea, or any soil but that of Tartary.

These people were the Khazars, a Turco-Mongolian race which had been converted to Judaism in about the 7th Century CE.

Now whereas the Idumeans were ‘brothers’, these Khazars had no apparent link at all to the original ‘Cult’ Judahites.

These ‘Eastern Jews’ a.k.a ‘AshkedNAZI’ ‘Jews’ had absolutely no biological connection with any of the ‘chosen peoples’ of the Bible.

And yet it was these Ashkendnazi ‘Jews’ who took over the Cult leadership, and imposed the dogma of ‘Zionism’ upon world ‘Jewry’, with all its tragic consequences for Palestinians, and all those Americans and Brits and ANZACS and other ‘Commonwealth’ nations who were subsequently tricked by these Ashkednazim into fighting in WWI and WWII.

They adopted the eptithet ‘Jew’, as an apparent contraction of ‘Judah-ite’, but which in reality had nothing to do with ‘Judah’ at all. Apart from having seized the opportunity to co-opt, for themselves, the bold plans of world domination they ‘borrowed’ or ‘co-opted’ from the Cult of Judah, by co-opting the ‘rights and priveleges and destiny’ of the supposed ‘Chosen people’ of the Old Testament ‘Torah’, which had then been adopted by the ‘New’ Testament ‘Gospels.

But here’s the rub. If such a wealthy, powerful, and influential industrialist as Henry Ford, of the synonymous motor company, could not manage to wake up his own generation to these facts, despite owning his own newspaper, and having access to a vast pool of resources, what hope can I have?

The same goes for Charles Lindbergh, with all his fame and wealth.

And for Adolf Hitler, with all the resources of Nazi Germany.

Or Ernst Zundel who devoted his life to ‘waking up’ the world to these facts, and the threat of the ‘Jew’ World Order.

Now you may understand why I continue to write ‘Jew’ World Order in ‘hyphens’. Like making ‘air quotes’ with my fingers. For these AshkenNAZIm are no more ‘Jews’ than Adolf Hitler or Celine could be considered ‘Jews’. They simply adopted a political strategy as their own. Whether as new recruits, or as part of some ‘hostile takeover’ of the parent company by a subsidiary company.

Through the 1500’s and 1600’s the Jews in Poland enjoyed political and econcomic autonomy. Far from being ‘persecuted’ or ‘oppressed’ they were granted every latitude to essentially live as a ‘nation within a nation’.

They imposed an iron religious discipline upon their communities. They developed extreme forms of mysticism and kept their followers under tight control in ‘ghettoes’ of a physical, and more importantly, emotional and intellectual, nature.

This autonomous Talmudic government was called the Kahal. In its own territory the Kahal was a fully-empowered government, under Polish suzerainty. It had independent authority of taxation in the ghettoes and communities, being responsible for payment of a global sum to the Polish government. It passed laws regulating every action and transaction between man and man and had power to try, judge, convict or acquit.

This power only nominally stopped short of capital punishment: Professor Salo Baron says, “In Poland, where the Jewish court had no right to inflict capital punishment, lynching, as an extra-legal preventive, was encouraged by rabbinical authorities such as Solomon Luria”.

Once again, a virtually independent state was formed within the Polish state, which like so many states before and after showed the greatest benevolence to the ‘Jewish’ nation-within-nations that took shape within its gates. As in the earlier and later cases this in no wise mitigated the hostility of the ‘Jews’ towards it, which was proverbial.

In 1772, Poland was partitioned and this great community of “Eastern Jews”, organized as a state-within-the-state, was divided by national boundaries, most of it coming under Russian rule.

Up to 1772 there had always been a Cult of Judah HQ centered in one nation. This HQ was located at one time in Poland, Spain, Babylonia, Galilee, Judea, Babylon and Judah.

However, from 1772 onwards, right up until the Nineteenth Century “a Jewish international took shape”. The centralised power grid realised the prime dictum of power. Power should never be ‘seen’ to be exercised by the people upon whom it is being exercised.

The fact that the Cult had in fact gone ‘underground’ and ‘invisible’, and had massively grown in effective power, only became clear when the revolution of 1917 produced an almost all-Jewish government in Russia.

And the fact that this fact is rarely ever discussed in the West, and is usually ‘dismissed as anti-semitic propaganda / canard’, is proof that the Cult’s power tentacles had already taken a firm grip upon the Jew.S.A and E.Jew power structures.

By the time of the ‘Russian’ (sic) Revolution, the power of the Cult of Judah in the West was so great that the nature of this ‘Jewish’ nature of the ‘Communist Revolution’ was never publically discussed. While not yet ‘criminalised’, discussion of this fact was virtually ‘heretical’.Drawing attention to the fact of the ‘Jewish’ nature of the revolution in Russia, and elsewhere, would get you ‘ex-communicated’ from ‘good society’, and seriously damage your career prospects, public reputation, and chances of ‘publication’ of any books, as David Irving has learned the hard way, long after Douglas Reed.

The Cult of Judah’s ‘World Kabal’, while its secret base of operations, its ‘death star’ is in Washington, it now clearly takes the form of a directorate distributed among the nations and working in unison, over the heads of governments and peoples. This international directorate gains and wields power over Gentile governments.

The Russian Czars and secret police were well aware of this fact. However no-one would listen to them. Even when their most feared predictions became reality, the world ‘ridiculed’ the very notion of a ‘Jewish conspiracy to murder the Czar, and take over the nation, then the world’, as expressed in the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’.

You see how impossible it is to break the thrall and ‘social reality’ the ‘Jews’ have placed us under and in. When you literally prove your argument with objective facts, you still gain no traction. For your ‘fact’s contradict what people have been conditioined, from birth, to ‘know’. The objective reality can never compete with the ‘social reality’. Not without controlled de-programming. We can offer as many obvious, clear, objective facts to people, but they will simply dismiss these as some sort of trick. For they ‘know’, on every representation system, from what they’ve ‘seen’ on t.v and in the press and magazines and school textbooks, what they’ve ‘heard’ on t.v and radio, and from their teachers and lecturers and respected television presenters, and all these controlled ‘impressions’ form a ‘feeling’ which is so ‘compelling’ that any sense impressions and compelling arguments that come later, and do not ‘fit the existing model of reality’, simply slide off their minds, like water off a ducks back.

As all our ‘primary’ experiences have been ‘controlled’ by the ‘Jew’ World Order impression managers, reality engineers, and opinion manufacturers, our ‘social reality’ is whatever they have ‘programmed’ into our minds.

People ‘believe’ what they’ve grown up being told, by everyone in authority, even by ‘controlled’ opposition, so called ‘Kosher’ alternative media.

If you can control the mass media, and education systems, and jewdiciary, you literally have control of the masses minds.

We face such challenging odds that it is no wonder most people have given up on trying to ‘expose’ the truth. The hegemony of the Jew World Order’s propaganda machine extends from not geographically, but in time. Yes by controlling our ‘history’ books and ‘history’ ‘channels’, the Jew World Order have managed to re-write the only version of their own, and our own, histories, that most people, ‘Jews’ and ‘Gentiles’ alike, will ever come into contact with.

And now, just to put Rabbi Freilich and Prosecuter Eyers ridicule of Brendon O’Connor’s lack of ‘homework’ regarding ‘The Shulchran Aruch’, here is a direct quote from the Jewish Encyclopedia. “The Talmud was regarded almost as the supreme authority by the majority of Jews . . . Even the Bible was relegated to a secondary place”.

Not that there isn’t enough incriminating evidence, and legitimate reason to fear and hate ‘Jews’ in the Torah itself, as demonstrated by that Rabbi in that video, the Talmud contains enough damning evidence to convict ‘Judaism’ of ‘crimes against humanity’, ‘racial vilification’, ‘incitement to genocide’ and pure hatred of all non ‘Jews’ in criminal prosecutions that could continue until the end of time, to clog up our legal systems.

The ‘pretty lie’ that the Talmudic incitements to all forms of violence against ‘Gentile’s’ is no longer ‘binding’ on ‘Jews’ is just that. An attempt to portray Judaism as harmless.

That video of that Rabbi belies all such claims of ‘Judaism’, ‘The Cult of Judah’, being ‘harmless’. No threat. No virus. No plague. Upon humanity and our animals alike.

The compilation of the Talmud began at Jamnia, the part played in Babylon by Ezekiel and Ezra being played in this new revision of the Law, by the rabbi known as Judah the Holy or the Prince.

It was in effect a massive addition to the “statutes and judgments” of Deuteronomy, Leviticus and Numbers. All the laws which the Talmudists had enacted were appended to the Torah as the “Oral Torah”, having equal divine origin. Then they were written down in the Mishna. Later again (under the oft-used pretext of “completing” the work) immense records of rabbinical discussions and rulings were added in the Gemara, but as the Gemara was the product of two distinct Jewish communities, those of Jerusalem in the fifth and of Babylon in the seventh century, there are two Talmuds, known as the Palestinian and the Babylonian.

The Talmud offers a guide to the ‘Jew’ in how to govern their relations with ‘Goys’. It expressly forbids, for example, a Jew to save a non-Jew from death. . . to restore lost goods to him, or to have pity on him’.

But most people either never read the Bible, or have a selective memory for its contents, as Deuteronomy, the ‘second’ law, written thousands of years before the now supposedly ‘dismissed’ Talmud, clearly stated that ‘The Gentile is not your neighbour’, thus the command to ‘Love thy neighbour’, which today Christians quote, believing it to apply universally, to themselves even, is intended to be applied exclusively to other Jews, and never to the ‘heathen’ ‘goys’.

Christian Zionists especially seem to have an incredibly stubborn ‘blind spot’ for most of the racial vilification, hate speech, and incitement present in ‘The Old Testament’ that literally applies to themselves as the intended victim.

And while Judas, the Judah-ite was canonized as a Saint by the ‘Jews’ after they conquered first Russia, and then Germany, the name ‘Jesus’ is, in many strictly Orthodox ‘Jewish’ homes, a dirty word. As ‘forbidden’ to say aloud as ‘Jehovah’.

Jesus is depicted as the illegitimate son of Mary, a hairdresser’s wife, and of a Roman soldier called Panthera. Jesus himself is referred to by a name which might be translated “Joey Virgo”. He is shown as being taken by his stepfather to Egypt and there learning sorcery.

The significant thing about this bogus life-story (the only information about Jesus which Jews were supposed to read) is that in it Jesus is not crucified by Romans. After his appearance in Jerusalem and his arrest there as an agitator and a sorcerer he is turned over to the Sanhedrin and spends forty days in the pillory before being stoned and hanged at the Feast of the Passover; this form of death exactly fulfils the Law laid down in Deuteronomy 21.22 and 17.5, whereas crucifixion would not have been in compliance with that Judaic Law. The book then states that in hell he suffers the torture of boiling in his own excrement for eternity.

So if you are going to trust the ‘Jews’ version of history, and their depiction of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s, you should remember that in doing so you will have to comply with their earlier ‘versions’ of earlier ‘history’. Or you might consider that Hitler finds himself in the best of company, when being demonised by the ‘Jew’ World Order owned and controlled mass media and ‘offical versions’ of history. You might gain a newfound respect and sympathy for the last man, since Jesus ‘Christ’, and the last nation of people, the Germans, under Nazism, to have the audacity and courage to directly oppose the ‘Jew’ World Order’s plans for world domination.

“This is why we enjoin you, under pain of excommunication major, to print nothing in future editions, whether of the Mishna or of the Gemara, which relates whether for good or evil to the acts of Jesus the Nazarene, and to substitute instead a circle like this: O, which will warn the rabbis and schoolmasters to teach the young these passages only viva voice. By means of this precaution the savants among the Nazarenes will have no further pretext to attack us on this subject” (decree of the Judaist Synod which met in Poland in 1631.

Now if you believe that ‘Jews’ suddenly abandoned the whole idea of ‘keeping some things to themselves’ so that we would not ‘know what they were really thinking about us, and planning’, then I’ve got a bridge in London going cheap, that might interest you.

Now for all those nominally ‘Christian’ people out there who have fallen for the ‘Jew’ World Order propaganda a.k.a 911, and its continued demonisation campaign of Islam and Muslims as our ‘natural enemy’ and ‘adversary’ of ‘Christianity’, a few quotes from the Koran might dis-abuse you.

For the Koran describes Jesus as “strengthened with the Holy Spirit”. The Koran reproaches ‘Jews’ for rejecting “the Apostle of God”, to whom was given “the Evangel with its guidance and light”. Of his mother, the Koran says, “O Mary! Verily hath God chosen thee and purified thee, and chosen thee above the women of the world”, and, “Jesus, the son of Mary, illustrious in this world, and in the next, and one of those who have near access to God”.

To ‘Jews’, Mary is a lieing whore. And these are the people you listen to? While you avoid every ‘voice of reason’ that seeks to wake you up? Leaving us as ‘voices in the wilderness’, for all the good your stubborn refusal to face ‘facts’ will allow us to do for you?

Netanyahu, when he stated ‘We’ve got America’, meant it. The ‘Jew’ World Order ‘got’ America, at least as early as it ‘got’ Wilson elected, and ‘got’ him to enter WWI, and support the Zionists plans.

The Talmud related the passage in Deuteronomy to one in Ezekiel, 23.20, and by so doing defined Gentiles as those “whose flesh is as the flesh of asses and whose issue is like the issue of horses”. This is one of the earliest documented examples of ‘Jews’ comparing all us ‘non-Jews’ to animals.

For anyone who thinks the ‘Inquisition’ or ‘Nazi’s invented ‘book burning (The Nazi’s burned mostly communist literature, which just happened to be ‘Jewish’) book-burning of all non-Jewish books was a Talmudic idea, in the same way that ‘witch-hunts’ were presecribed by the Torah.

That the benediction, “Blessed be Thou . . . who has not made me a goi”, was to be recited daily, is inescapable evidence that ‘Jews’ view us non-Jews as inferior. For why otherwise would you feel blessed not to be a Goy? In the same way that if Mohammed admitted that having a daughter rather than a son is a ‘curse’, there is no way to claim that Islam is not sexist, and even misogynistic.

The Jew who sells to a Gentile landed property bordering on the land of another Jew is to be excommunicated. A Gentile cannot be trusted as witness in a criminal or civil suit because he could not be depended on to keep his word like a Jew. A Jew testifying in a petty Gentile court as a single witness against a Jew must be excommunicated. Adultery committed with a non-Jewish woman is not adultery “for the heathen have no lawfully wedded wife, they are not really their wives”. The Gentiles are even precluded from admission to a future world.

Clearly, to the Talmudic ‘Jew’, most humans on this planet are not ‘created in the image of God’. They contain no divinity. They have no souls. They are mere cattle. Later we shall consider quotes of 21st Century Jewish leaders clearly stating this belief, just like that Rabbi in that video.

Finally, the Talmudic interpretation of the original moral commandment, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart”, is that “man shall occupy himself with the study of Holy Scripture and of the Mishna and have intercourse with learned and wise men”. In other words, the man who best proves his love of God is he who studies the Talmud and shuns his Gentile fellow-man.

This accounts for the widespread belief that ‘Jews’ do not really worship any ‘God’. They worship their ‘Jewish’ identity. They worship their priests. Which is what any cult strives for. It begins by claiming the authority of some ‘God’. To speak with that ‘authority’. But over time the distinction becomes totally blurred. In the end the Cult leaders speak ‘as gods’ with their own authority. Like a Roman Caesar declaring himself to be a god.

Here is a true story told by a ‘Jews’. “One very cold night the rabbi tottered into our house in a pitiful condition; it took half a dozen glasses of boiling tea to thaw him out. He then told how a sympathetic goy had offered him a pair of gloves and why he had refused the gift; a Jew must not be the instrument of bringing a mitvah, or blessing, on a non-believer.

You see if the ‘Goy’ had done a good deed, god might bless him. And that must be avoided even at the price of personal suffering.

That said, I am sure there are lots of very reasonable, rational, humanistic Rabbi’s out there. And that they are basically shunned by the other Rabbi’s for being such decent, fair minded, liberal, conscientious, and sympathetic individuals. They won’t inherit any positions of power in the ‘Jew’ World Order that is certain.

The Talmudic Law governed every imaginable action of a Jew’s life anywhere in the world: marriage, divorce, property settlements, commercial transactions, down to the pettiest details of dress and toilet. As unforeseen things frequently crop in daily life, the question of what was legal or illegal (not what was right or wrong) in all manner of novel circumstances had incessantly to be debated, and this produced the immense records of rabbinical dispute and decisions in which the Talmud abounds. Currently there are officially 36 volumes of such ‘disputes’ and ‘interpretations’.

Was it as much a crime to crush a flea as to kill a camel on the sacred day? One learned rabbi allowed that the flea might be gently squeezed, and another thought its feet might even be cut off. How many white hairs might a sacrificial red cow have and yet remain a red cow? What sort of scabs required this or that ritual of purification? At which end of an animal should the operation of slaughter be performed? Ought the high priest to put on his shirt or his hose first? Methods of putting apostates to death were debated; they must be strangled, said the elders, until they opened their mouths, into which boiling lead must be poured. Thereon a pious rabbi urged that the victim’s mouth be held open with pincers so that he not suffocate before the molten lead enter and consume his soul with his body. Might a louse or a flea be killed on the Sabbath? The Talmudic reponse was that the first was allowed and the second was a deadly sin.

Do today’s U.S government sanctioned ‘advanced interrogation techniques’ and ‘torture’ sound to you like product of the U.S Constitution, or of the ‘Cult of Judah’s Talmudic teachings?

Compare what the Cult’s own leaders do to the ‘Jews’ with what any ‘Gentile’ has ever been documented to have done to any ‘Jews’. Even the false accusations of the ‘Holocaust’ propaganda don’t compare to these Talmudic prescriptions on how to ‘deal with’ a ‘Jew’ who simply decides they want to leave the Cult.

Enough is known of the Talmud (and most of this from Jewish or converted-Jewish sources) for its nature to be clear, and nothing is gained by heaping proof endlessly on proof. Ample enlightenment can be obtained from the Jewish Encyclopaedia, the German translation of the Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmuds (Zurich 1880 and Leipzig 1889), William Ruben’s Der alte und der neue Glaube im Judentum, Strack’s Einleitung in den Talmud, Laible’s Jesus Christus im Talmud, Drach’s De l´Harmoni entre l´Eglise et la Synagogue, and Graetz’s History of the Jews.

Note that the Talmud is admittedly manmade. The Torah was attributed to the voice of Jehovah, recorded by Moses. This is of great significance.

Dr. Kastein was accurate in saying, “It was not God who willed these people and their meaning; it was this people who willed this God and this meaning”,

In other words, the ‘Jews’ made their god YHWH in their own image, and not the other way around. Anything commanded by ‘God’ in the Bible is a reflection on the Cult of Judah’s leadership, and ambitions, rather than attributable to any God. Unless we define Enlil, the Annunaki leader from the Sumerian Scrolls, as the ‘God’ that spoke with Moses. Then much of the content of the Bible would make sense as the expressions of a ‘jealous’ Annunaki that insisted on being worshipped, and in dominating all humanity.

When the Talmud was completed the question which the future had to answer was whether the central sect would succeed in imposing this New Law on the scattered Jews, as Ezra and Nehemiah, with Persian help, had inflicted the New Covenant on the Judahites in Jerusalem in 444 BC.

The ghetto was not something inflicted on the Jews by the Gentiles. It was the logical product of the Talmudic Law, and derived directly from the experiment in Babylon. The express object of such provisions as these was the segregation of Jews from others and their isolation in ghettoes.

The first ghetto was that which the Babylonian rulers allowed the Levites to set up in Babylon. The next was the Jerusalem around which Nehemiah, backed by the Persian king’s soldiers, built new walls, wherefrom he drove out all non-Judahites. From those models the European ghetto took its shape.

Jews who never saw a ghetto carry a half-conscious memory of it within them like a haunting fear, yet it was essentially a Talmudist conception, to which their ancestors surrendered. It was the perfect means of corralling a scattered congregation, imprisoning people’s minds, and wielding power over them.

The demand for a ghetto often came from the Talmudists (that is to say, outside Poland, where all Jewish life, of course, was ghetto-life). The modern suggestion that the ghetto signified inferiority is part of the legend of “persecution”, which is chiefly meant to intimidate Jews, so that they shall always fear to venture outside the fold; today’s myth of “antisemitism” is intended to produce the same effect on them.

In ancient Alexandria (the New York of its day) and in medieval Cairo and Cordova the Jewish quarters were established at the insistence of the rabbis, intent on keeping their flock isolated from others. In 1084 the Jews of Speyer petitioned the ruling German prince to set up a ghetto; in 1412, at Jewish request, a ghetto law was enacted throughout Portugal. The erection of the ghetto walls in Verona and Mantua was for centuries celebrated annually by the Jews there in a festival of victory (Purim).

A ghetto made such control easy and absolute” (Rabbi Elmer Berger) The ghettoes of Russia and Poland were an essential and integral part of theTalmudic organization and any attempt to abolish them would have been denounced as persecution.

When the Roman ghetto was destroyed at Mussolini’s order in the early 1930’s the Jewish press (as Mr. Bernard J. Brown records) lamented the event in such words as these: “One of the most unique phenomena of Jewish life in Goluth is gone. Where but a few months ago a vibrant Jewish life was pulsating, there now remains a few [96] half-destroyed buildings as the last vestige of the quondam ghetto. It has fallen victim to the Fascist passion for beauty and under Mussolini’s order the ghetto has been razed.’

The implication of this is that the razing of the ghetto was “Fascism”, just as the original creation of ghettoes (at Jewish demand) is presented as persecution by the Zionist historians of today.

With emancipation the ghetto disappeared.

The Talmudic regime in the close confinement of the ghettoes was in its nature essentially rule by terror, and employed the recognizable methods of terror: spies-on-spies, informers, denunciants, cursing and excommunication, and death. The secret-police and concentration-camp regime of the Communist era evidently took its nature from this model, which was familiar to its Talmudic organizers.

During the many centuries of Talmudist government the terror, and the dogma which it enclosed, produced two significant results. These were recurrent Messianic outbursts, which expressed the captives’ longing to escape the terror; and recurrent protests against the dogma, from the Jews themselves.

These were latterday symptoms of the feeling expressed on the ancient day when “the people wept” at the reading of The Law. The Talmud forbade the Jew almost every activity other than the amassing of money.

Even the most docile in time questioned the credentials of such a Law, asking “Can it be really true that every new edict and ban derives from God’s revelation at Sinai?” That was their rulers’ claim: “according to the Jewish view God had given Moses on Mount Sinai alike the oral and written Law, that is, the Law with all its interpretations and applications”,

The “Great Ban” was in effect a death sentence, and was so intended. It called down on the victim the “cursings” enumerated in Deuteronomy, and cursing was (and by the literal devotees of this sect still is) held to be literally effective.

The article on “Cursing” in the Jewish Encyclopaedia says, “Talmudic literature betrays a belief, amounting to downright superstition, in the mere power of the word . . . Not only is a curse uttered by a scholar unfailing even if undeserved . . . Scholars cursed sometimes not only with their mouths, but by an angry, fixed look. The unfailing consequence of such a look was either immediate death or poverty”.

This is recognizably the practice known today as “the evil eye”, of which my encyclopaedia says, “This superstition is of ancient date, and is met with among almost all races, as it is among illiterate people and savages still”. The Jewish Encyclopaedia shows that it is a prescribed legal penalty under the Judaic Law

Any time a ‘good’ ‘Jew’ emerged to any position of influence he was immediately crushed, denounced, excommunicated, discredited, smeared, slandered, and demonised.

Consider for example the following documented case history. Moses Maimonides (born at the Talmudic centre, Cordova, in 1135) drew up a famous code of the principles of Judaism and wrote, “It is forbidden to defraud or deceive any person in business. Judaist and non-Judaist are to be treated alike . . . What some people imagine, that it is permissible to cheat a Gentile, is an error, and based on ignorance . . . Deception, duplicity, cheating and circumvention towards a Gentile are despicable to the Almighty, as ‘all that do unrighteously are an abomination unto the Lord thy God’ “.

The Talmudists denounced Maimonides to the Inquisition, saying, “Behold, there are among us heretics and infidels, for they were seduced by Moses Ben Maimonides. . . you who clear your community of heretics, clear ours too”. At this behest his books were burned in Paris and Montpellier, the book-burning edict of the Talmudic law thus being fulfilled. On his grave the words were incised, “Here lies an excommunicated Jew”.

And now to another typical ‘inversion’ of the truth that has been force fed to us as ‘history’ by the ‘Jew’ World Order. For don’t Jews claim that the Spanish Inquisition was set up to ‘persecute’ Jews. And as always, aren’t the only ‘victims’ we are constantly told about ‘Jewish’?

In fact the Cult of Judah actively sought out the assistance of the Spanish Inquistiors to do its own ‘dirty work’.

In fact The Inquisition, like the Gentile rulers of the earlier period and the Gentile politicians of our day, often did the bidding of the Cult of Judah.

The falsification of history, insofar as it relates to this particular subject, has left the impression on Gentile minds that the Inquisition was primarily an instrument of “the Jewish persecution”. But in 1232, at the request of the Cult of Judah, of the Talmudists, it had ordered the anti-Talmudic work of Maimonides to be publicly burned!

As usual the Cult of Judah co-opted the Spanish and Catholic powers to enforce its own tyranny of the ‘Jews’. To punish ‘disobedient’ and ‘controversial’ and ‘non-comformists’ among its own ranks. To ensure that the ‘rank and file’, like those under the Jew.S.S.R reign of terror, complied with all the dogmas of the Cult of Judah automatically, reflexively, unhestitatingly, and whole-heartedly. Mindlessly. Like obedient slaves.

Another example of a ‘thinking’ ‘Jew’paying a high price for daring to merely question his Cult of Judah masters was Baruch Spinoza. Born at Amsterdam in 1632, the ban pronounced on him by the Amsterdam rabbinate derives directly from the “cursings” of Deuteronomy: “By the sentence of the angels, by the decree of the saints, we anathematise, cut off, curse and execrate Baruch Spinoza, in the presence of these sacred books with the six hundred and thirteen precepts which are written therein, with the anathema wherewith Joshua anathematized Jericho; with the cursing wherewith Elisha cursed the children; and with all the cursings which are written in the Torah; cursed be he by day and cursed by night; cursed when he goeth out, and cursed when he cometh in; the Lord pardon him never; the wrath and fury of the Lord burn upon this man; and bring upon him all the curses which are written in the Torah. The Lord blot out his name under the heaven. The Lord set him apart for destruction from all the tribes of Israel, with all the curses of the firmament which are written in the Torah. There shall be no man to speak to him, no man write to him, no man show him any kindness, no man stay under the same roof with him, no man come nigh unto him”.

Spinoza was banished from Amsterdam and exposed to “a persecution which threatened his life”, as one encyclopaedia puts it. In fact it took his life. Shunned and destitute, he died aged 44.

Two hundred years later, during the century of emancipation, Moses Mendelssohn proclaimed the heresy that Jews, while retaining their faith, ought to become integrated with their fellow men. That meant breaking free from the Talmud and returning to the ancient religious idea of which the Israelite remonstrants had glimpses. His guiding thought was, “Oh, my brethren, follow the example of love, as you have till now followed that of hatred”. Mendelssohn had grown up in the study of the Talmud. He prepared for his children a German translation of the Bible, which he then published for general use among Jews.

The Talmudic rabbinate, declaring that “the Jewish youth would learn the German language from Mendelssohn’s translation, more than an understanding of the Torah”, put it under ban: “All true to Judaism are for bidden under penalty of excommunication to use the translation”. They then had the translation publicly burned in Berlin.

When ‘Jews’ highlight the plight of Salman Rushdie, to demonise all Muslims, most of whom rejected the ‘Fatwah’, and actually protected this provocative author, they failed to mention Moses Mendelssohn’s treatment by their own Cult.

‘Pipulism’ a.k.a specious sophistry

There is a reason ‘Jews’ make such great lawyers. And why Lawyers have such a bad reputation

In the synagogues and ‘Torah’ schools, ‘Jews’ learned how to win arguments. What the Greeks called ‘Sophistry’. What many today call ‘Rhetoric’.

In the context of the Torah, the idea was to seek to prove that ‘The law’ could be ‘spun’ to justify anything and everything.

Before ‘De Bono’s thinking hats’, Jews would be taught to argue for anything, and against anything. One interlocutor would be tasked with proving that the Torah allowed X, while the other was tasked with proving it did not allow X.

In the end, the point was to recruit the best new ‘Rabbi’s’. Students who were capable of takin the Torah, and using it to justify anything they chose. To legitimate any act the Cult of Judah might one day consider it politically expedient to take.

Such as lieing to millions of ‘Jews’ that their family members, after being separated from them at transit stations like Treblinka, had actually been gassed and cremated. Even though in fact they had been transported to labor camps, where they had survived until the end of the war, and then had been once more forcibly transported to the ‘Jew’.S.S.R. While those family members in the ‘Jew’.S.S.R had been lied to that their loved ones had been gassed and cremated in death camps, when in fact they were alive and well in Western Europe, the Jew.S.A, and so on.

The Rabbi’s called this training ‘pilpulism’. It gives the key to a mystery which often baffles Gentiles: the agility with which Zionists are often able to justify, in themselves, precisely what they reproach in others. A polemist trained in pilpulism would have no difficulty in showing the Judaic law ordaining the enslavement of household Gentiles to be righteous and the Roman ban on the enslavement of Christians by Jewish masters to be “persecution”; the Judaic ban on intermarriage to be “voluntary separation” and any Gentile counter-ban to be “discrimination based in prejudice” (Dr. Kastein’s terms); a massacre of Arabs to be rightful under The Law and a massacre of Jews to be wrongful under any law.

An example of pilpulism is provided by Dr. Kastein’s own description of pilpulism: “A species of spiritual gymnastics which is frequently practised where men’s intellects, menaced with suffocation by the pressure of the outside world, find no outlet for creative expression in real life”.

The same could be said of the ‘Scholastic’ philosohers such as Thomas Aquinas. They were denied any chance at interrogating the real questions of philosophy, and instead were left to debate ‘how many angels can fit on the tip of a pin’, and producing their works of ‘deformed’ epistemology.

These pilpulist “discussions of the Talmud” may have given the closed communities a slight, and illusory, sense of participation in the despotism that ruled them (like the vote, which may be cast only for one party, in today’s dictatorship states). Their real yearning, to escape from their captivity, found its outlet in the Messianic outbreaks; possibly the permission to “discuss the Talmud” was granted in the hope of checking these.

Zionism as the fulfillment of the Messianic tradition, and the destructive force

The Cult of Judah had promised its obedience members that as long as they lived in strict accordance with the totally unnatural and stifling, burdensome regime imposed upon them, they would be rewarded.

A ‘Messiah’ would come to fulfill the promise of a ‘Jew’ World Order. His coming was awaited with baited breath. He was the ‘carrot’ that seduced the Cult community to submit to the countless ‘sticks’.

Early Messiahs were Abu Isa of Ispahan in the seventh, Zonarias of Syria in the eighth, and Saadya ben Joseph in the tenth century. The most famous of all was Sabbatai Zevi of Smyrna, who in 1648 proclaimed that the Millennium was at hand by pronouncing the dread name of God in the Synagogue, whereon the Ban was put on him and “to escape its effects” he fled, and stayed away for many years. However, his effect on the Jewish communities, pining for the promised End, was immense. They agreed that he was the Messiah; so that he returned to Smyrna in 1665 in defiance of the Talmudists, who in him perceived the greatest threat to their authority in many centuries.

Sabbatai Zevi next declared himself to be the Messiah. The desire to exchange the chains of the Talmud for the triumphant fulfilment in Jerusalem was so great that the congregation in Smyrna, followed by the Jewish masses all over the world, brushed aside the Talmudists’ ban and acclaimed him. He then proclaimed that 1666 was to be the Messianic year, distributed the crowns of the world among his friends, and set out for Constantinople to dethrone the Sultan of Turkey (then ruler of Palestine). Jews everywhere began to sell their businesses, homes and chattels in preparation for “the return” and the day of world dominion. In London (as Samuel Pepys recorded in February 1666) bets were made among Jews on the prospects of his being acclaimed “King of the World and the true Messiah”.

He was arrested when he reached Constantinople and cast in jail. This merely increased his renown and following; the prison was besieged by clamorous throngs, so that he was removed to a fortress in Gallipoli, which in turn was transformed into a royal residence by gifts from Jews. Massemotions were fully aroused; in the imagination of a scattered nation, long isolated from mankind, he was the King of the World, come to liberate them by setting them over all mankind.

At that instant Sabbatai Zevi had done exactly what the elders of the sect themselves had done: he had promised what he could not fulfil. Unlike the wary elders, he had set himself a time limit: the last day of the year 1666! As the year approached its end (and the Talmudic government in Poland, now sure of the outcome, through an emissary denounced him to the Sultan as “a false Messiah”), he decided, in his prison-palace, to save himself. With great ceremony he had himself converted to Islam and ended his days at the Sultan’s court, like any present-day Zionist in New York. For a while he had shaken even the Talmudic government, which then put “the great Ban” on his followers. A tiny remnant of them survive to this day; they believe that Sabbatai will return and that his example must be copied, including conversion to Islam.

Zionism in our time is recognisably a new form of Messianism. The story of Zionism is summed-up in Mr. Maurice Samuel’s twenty-one words: “We Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyer forever . . . nothing that the Gentiles will do will meet our needs and demands”.

Zionist scribes, apostate rabbis and Gentile historians agree about the destructive purpose; it is not in dispute among serious students and is probably the only point on which agreement is unanimous. All history is presented to the Jew in these terms: that destruction is the condition of the fulfilment of the Judaic Law and of the ultimate Jewish triumph.

“All history” means different things to the Jew and the Gentile. To the Gentile it means, approximately, the annals of the Christian era and any that extend further back before they begin to fade into legend and myth.

To the Jew it means the record of events given in the Torah-Talmud and the rabbinical sermons, and this reaches back to 3760 BC., the exact date of the Creation. The Law and “history” are the same, and there is only Jewish history; this narrative unfolds itself before his eyes exclusively as a tale of destructive achievement and of Jewish vengeance, in the present time as three thousand or more years ago.

The command, “destroy”, forms the very basis of the Law which the Levites made. If it be deleted, what remains is not “the Mosaic Law”, or the same religion, but something different; the imperative, “destroy”, is the mark of identity. It must have been deliberately chosen. Many other words could have been used; for instance, conquer, defeat, vanquish, subdue; but destroy was chosen, It was put in the mouth of God, but obviously was the choice of the scribes.

The act of destruction is sometimes the subject of a bargain between God and the chosen people, on an “If” and “Then” basis; either God offers to destroy, or the chosen people ask him to destroy. In each case the act of destruction is depicted as something so meritorious that it demands a high equivalent service. Thus:

“If thou shalt indeed. . . do all that I speak, then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies . . . and will destroy all the people to whom thou shalt come” (Exodus). (In this case God is quoted as promising destruction in return for “observance”; chief among the “statutes and judgments” to be observed is, “Ye shall utterly destroy all the places, wherein the nations which ye shall possess served other Gods”; Deuteronomy).

Conversely: “And Israel vowed a vow unto the Lord, and said, If thou wilt indeed deliver this people into my hand, then I will utterly destroy their cities; And the Lord hearkened to the voice of Israel, and delivered up the Canaanites; and they utterly destroyed them and their cities” (Numbers).

As will be seen, the bargain about “destruction” is conditional, in both cases, on performance of a counter-service by the people or by God.

The command, “utterly destroy”, being high among the tenets of the inflexible Law, any exercise of clemency, or other shortcoming in utter destruction, is a grave legal offence, not merely an error of judgment. For this very crime (under this Law it is a crime, not a misdemeanour) Saul, the first and only true king of the united kingdom of Israel and Judah, was dethroned by the priests and David, the man of Judah, put in his place.

This reason for David’s elevation is significant, as the “king of the world”, yet to come, is to be of the house of David. The same lesson is repeatedly driven home in the books of The Law, particularly by the (allegorical?) massacre of the Midianites which concludes Moses’s narrative (Numbers).

This was the basis on which all The Law, and all history of that time and later times, was built. From the moment when Israel rejected them and they were left alone with the Levites, the Judahites were ruled by a priesthood which avowed that destruction was Jehovah’s chief command and that they were divinely chosen to destroy. Thus they became the only people in history specifically dedicated to destruction as such. The intention clearly was to organize a destructive force.

The Law specifically enjoined the chosen people to ruin other peoples among whom Jehovah “scattered” them as punishment for their own “transgressions”.

And the figure who was prophecied to carry out the final acts of destruction was referred to as the ‘Messiah’. To me MOSSAD + CIA = MOSSCIA (MESSIAH).

Passover and Purim, festivals celebrating the destruction of Western Civilisation that will precede the ‘Jew’ World Order

Exodus cannot be regarded as more than a legend which received a priestly re-editing in Jerusalem and Babylon many centuries after any time at which anything resembling the events described in it could have occurred. Therefore the scribes had no need to attribute to the Egyptians fear of the destructive purpose nursed by the sojourners in their midst. If they did this, in the very first chapter of Exodus. (“Come, let us deal wisely with them; lest they multiply, and it come to pass, that, when there falleth out any war, they join also unto our enemies and fight against us. . . “) it was evidently to fix the idea of this destructive mission in the minds of the people over whom they ruled.

Here the idea that “the people” should join with their hosts’ enemies, in order to destroy their hosts, first appears. When the story reaches a more or less verifiable event (the fall of Babylon) it is portrayed in such a way as to foster this same notion. The Judahites are depicted as joining with the enemies of Babylon and exultantly welcoming the Persian invader. The destruction of Babylon is shown as an act of vengeance wreaked by Jehovah on behalf of the Judahites, exclusively; this vengeance is extended also to a king and the manner of his death (both apparently invented, but valid as precedents).

The presentation of history in the Old Testament ends with the next act of vengeance, on the Persian liberators! Western political leaders of our century, who often were flattered to be compared by Zionist visitors to good King Cyrus of Persia, the liberator of the Judahites, may not have read “The Law” with attention or have noted what then befell the Persians. Logically the Persians in their turn had to suffer for having Judahites among them.

For the purpose of this allegorical anecdote, a symbolic heathen “persecutor”, Haman, was created, who advised the Persian king Ahasuerus: “There is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the peoples in all the provinces of thy kingdom and their laws are diverse from those of every people; neither keep they the king’s laws; therefore it profiteth not the king to suffer them” (Esther 3). Thus far, Haman’s words are not much different from the opinion which any statesman might, and many statesmen through the centuries until our day did, proffer in respect of the ‘Jews’. But then, according to Esther, Haman adds, “If it please the king, let it be written that they may be destroyed “, and king Ahasuerus gives the order. (Haman has to speak so, and king Ahasuerus to act so, in order that the ensuing Jewish vengeance may come about.) Letters go out to all provincial governors that all Jews are to be killed in one day, “even upon the thirteenth day of the twelfth month”.

The later scribes who composed the book of Esther apparently wished to vary the theme of the powerful Judahite at the court of the foreign king, and conceived the character of Esther the secret Jewess, the favourite concubine of the Persian king who was raised to be his consort. At Esther’s intercession the king cancels the order and has Haman and his ten sons hanged on gallows which Haman had built for Mordecai the Jew (Esther’s cousin and guardian). The king also gives Mordecai carte blanche, whereon Mordecai instructs the governors of the “hundred twenty and seven provinces” from India unto Ethiopia to have the Jews in every city “gather themselves together and to stand for their life, to destroy, to slay and to cause to perish all the power of the people . . . both little ones and women . . .”

This countermanding decree being published, “the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast and a good day” and (a detail of interest) “many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them”.

Then, on the appointed day, the Jews “smote all their enemies with the stroke of the sword, and slaughter, and destruction, and did what they would unto those that hated them, slaying of their foes “seventy and five thousand”. Mordecai then ordered that the fourteenth and fifteenth days of the month Adar should in future be kept as “days of feasting and joy”, and so it has been, ever since.

Apparently Haman, Mordecai and Esther were all imaginary. No “king Ahasuerus” historically exists.

As no historical basis for the story can be discovered, it is clearly intended as a ‘tale’ with a moral for all Jews in the coming ages. The message is that you should murder your host nations, as they plan to murder you.

This is exactly the message that Rabbi expresses verbatim in that video.

The words, “many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them”; is as true today as it is in that piece of predictive programming. How many polititicians today would dare not express total support for Zionists? Consider how all the pre-selected candidates for U.S Presidential elections must gain support from AIPAC, in the form of electrion campaign financing, and freedom from mass media demonisation as ‘anti-semites’, simply to ‘be in the running’. Clinton and Trump repeatedly told the world, in their campaign speeches, that they were 1000% Zionist. Clinton even offered to fight in the Israeli armed services, during election campaigns for the position of President of the United States of America. The good old ‘Jew’.S.A.

The Old Testament passage “and all the rulers of the provinces, and the lieutenants, and the deputies, and officers of the king, helped the Jews; because the fear of Mordecai fell upon them” may not have been historically accurate, but as predictive programming, it has proven perfectly clairvoyant. The ‘modern’ Cult of Judah has made the Biblical stories literally self-fulfilling prophecies, as intended by the orginal scribes who wrote them down.

Belshazzar and Daniel, Ahasuerus and Mordecai are characters in tales with simple ‘morals’. They are ‘role models’ for all future Cult of Judah political strategies.

The massacre of the Czar and his family thousands of years after Daniel purportedly lived, was carried out according to verse 30, chapter 5 of Daniel, while the hanging of the Nazi leaders followed the precept laid down in verses 6 and 10, chapter 7, and verses 13 and 14, chapter 9, of Esther.

Whether these anecdotes were fact or fable, they have become The Law of our century. The most joyful festivals of the Jewish year commemorate the ancient legends of destruction and vengeance on which The Law is based: the slaying of “all the firstborn of Egypt” [The feast of the Passover], and Mordecai’s massacre [the Festival of Purim (victory)].

The destructive principle of ‘Judaism’ in practise

The Biblical stories may have been merely invented, as teaching aides for future Cult of Judah political strategists, however their impact was that intended. To teach the destructive principle, the basis of the ‘Jew’ World Order’s hegemoncy today.

Given what the Cult of Judah has destroyed in the 20th Century, there is no reason to doubt that somehow, within fifty years of their conquest by Babylon the Jews brought about the destruction of that kingdom by Persia; and that within fifty years of their liberation by the Persian king they had in turn possessed themselves of the Persian kingdom, to such an extent that the king’s governors “from India to Ethiopia” from fear of the Jews carried out a pogrom of 75,000 people, and that the death “accursed of God” was inflicted on some selected “enemies”. In that case the Persian liberator fared rather worse at the captives’ hands than the Babylonian captor, earlier.

It is a fact that the Cult of Judah almost totally destroyed Germany in both WWI and WWII. And will no doubt complete that destruction in their planned genocides of Amalek, as that Rabbi in that video clearly states, and incites, all of world Jewry to carry out, the moment they have the power to.

That Rabbi clearly states that the Torah commands all ‘Jews’ to carry out a genocide of Germany, Italy, France, and the U.S.A, to name but a few. Who are we to argue with this professional who has dedicated his life to the study of the Torah, and our destruction?

After Babylon and Persia, the next nation to feel the impact of the catalytic force was Egypt. The Jewish community in Alexandria (which had been large even before its reinforcement by fugitives from the Babylonian invasion) was at this period the largest single body of Jews in the known world; Egypt was in that respect in the position of Russia before the 1914-1918 war and of the United States today. The attitude of the Jews, or at all events of the elders, towards the Egyptians, was the same as their earlier attitude towards the Persians and Babylonians.

The fact that Egypt had given shelter, and was “the historic refuge” did not entitle Egypt to any gratitude or loyalty. Hostility to the host-people took the form of support for the Egyptians’ enemy and therefore awoke Egyptian suspicion: “Other causes of hostility were the determination Shown by the Jews not to become assimilated with the people about them or identify themselves with the country of their adoption

As in Babylon of yore the Jews in Egypt extended “open arms” to the Persian conqueror. Yet Egypt had shown the Jews only hospitality.

Babylon, Persia, Egypt . . . then came Greece. In 332 BC. Greece conquered Persia and the Greek rule of Egypt began; Alexandria became the Greek capital. Many Alexandrine Jews would fain have followed Jeremiah’s counsel to “seek the peace of the city”. The power of the sect and the destructive teaching prevailed.

The Alexandrian Jews brought about the disintegration of Hellenic civilization.

Rome followed Greece, and when Rome rose Cicero evidently shared the opinion, about the part played by the Jews in the disintegration of Greek civilization, which a Dr. Kastein was to express twenty centuries later, for at the trial of Flaccus Cicero looked fearfully behind him when he spoke of Jews; he knew (he said) that they all held together and that they knew how to ruin him who opposed them, and he counselled caution in dealing with them.

Fuscus, Ovid and Persius uttered similar warnings, and, during the lifetime of Jesus, Seneca said, “The customs of this criminal nation are gaining ground so rapidly that they already have adherents in every country, and thus the conquered force their laws upon the conqueror”. At this period too the Roman geographer Strabo commented on the distribution and number of the Jews (which in our time is patently so much greater than any statistics are allowed to express), saying that there was no place in the earth where they were not.

Greece and Rome produced the enduring values on which the civilization of Europe was built. Out of Greece came beauty and Greek foundations lie beneath all poetry and art; out of Rome came law and Roman ones lie beneath Magna Charta, Habeas Corpus and the right of a man to fair and public trial, which was the greatest achievement of The West.

Reed never lived to see these pillars of Western liberty stolen from beneath our feet by the Jews, after their ‘911’ false flag, and subsequent false flag attacks in Europe. For today no-one in the Jew.S.A or E.Jew has the right to a fair and public trial. Habeas Corpus has been revoked by ‘The Patriot Act’ and subsequenct ‘Executive Orders’ in the Jew.S.A, and under similar ‘Emergency Powers Acts’ in France and the rest of the E.Jew. The ‘Magna Carta’ has been revoked. Today we merely have priveleges which our ‘Jew’ World Order masters can revoke any time they see fit, on a whim, arbitrarily. They may invade our homes, and kidnap us at will. We have no right to any sort of trial, let alone any hope of a ‘fair’ and ‘public’ one.

Today you have the right to be tortured, and enslaved in a private prison for the profit of the ‘Jew’ World Order corporations, just like in the days of the ‘Jew’S.S.R where you effectively became cheap Siberian resource exploitation slaves.

And after decades of Cult of Judah puppet tyrants, we must turn to both Putin and Trump and ask ‘Et tu?’ (You too?)

For three hundred years after the lifetime of Jesus, Rome persecuted the Christians. After the (as far as the public was concerned) conversion of the Emperor Constantine to Christianity in 320 AD, the Jews were forbidden to circumcize their slaves, keep Christian ones, or intermarry; this application of the Judaic Law in reverse is held by ‘Jews’ to be persecution.

After the division of the Roman Empire in 395 Palestine became part of the Byzantine Empire. The ban on Jews in Jerusalem had only been lifted after Rome became predominantly Christian, so that the city might still have been empty of Jews, but for Christianity. However, when the Persians in 614 CE carried their war against Byzantium into Palestine, the Jews flocked to the Persian army from all sides and then participated in a wholesale massacre of Christians. And what was the Christians supposed ‘crime’? They had denied ‘Jews’ the right to own Christian slaves. How dare they challeng the ‘Jews’ god (self) given right to enslave the entire world! That is of course ‘anti-semitism’ in the true sense. Any action that would seek to obstruct the Cult of Judah in its despotic mission.

Fourteen years later the Jews were only too ready to negotiate with the Byzantine emperor Heraclitus, and to help him to reconquer Jerusalem.

Then came Muhammad and Islam. Muhammad shared the view of Cicero and other, earlier authorities; his Koran states, “Thou shalt surely find the most violent of all men in enmity against the true believers to be the Jews and the idolaters . . .”

Nevertheless, Islam (like Christianity) showed no enmity against the Jews In fact Islam allowed the infidel absolute economic freedom and autonomous administration. Islam practised toleration towards those of other faiths.

It was Islam that faciliatated the incursion of what Mohammed had called ‘the most violent of all men’ into Europe. In the wake of the Islamic conqueror the Talmudic government (after the Caliph Omar had taken Jerusalem in 637 and swept on westward with his armies) moved into Spain!

The Visigoth kings there had already developed similar feelings, about the Jews in their midst, to those expressed by Cicero, Muhammad and others. One of their last, Euric, at the Twelfth Council of Toledo, begged the bishops” to make one last effort to pull this Jewish pest out by the roots”, around 680 CE. After that the Visigoth era quickly came to an end, the Islamic invader establishing himself in southern and central Spain in 712.

Dr. Kastein says, “The Jews supplied pickets and garrison troops for Andalusia”. Professor Graetz more fully describes this first encounter between the Jews and peoples of Northern European stock: “The Jews of Africa . . . and their unlucky co-religionists of the Peninsula made common cause with the Mohammedan conqueror, Tarik . . . After the battle of Xeres, July 711, and the death of Roderic, the last Visigoth king, the victorious Arabs pushed onward and were everywhere supported by the Jews. In every city that they conquered, the Moslem generals were able to leave but a small garrison of their own troops, as they had need of every man for the subjection of their country; they therefore confided them to the safekeeping of the Jews. In this manner the Jews, who but lately had been serfs, now became the masters of the towns of Cordova, Granada, Malaga and many others. When Tarik appeared before the capital, Toledo, he found it occupied by a small garrison only . . . While the Christians were in church, praying for the safety of their country and religion, the Jews flung open the gates to the victorious Arabs, receiving them with acclamations. . . The capital also was entrusted by Tarik to the custody of the Jews . . . Finally when Musa Ibn Nossair, the Governor of Africa, brought a second army into Spain and conquered other cities, he also delivered them into the custody of the Jews . . .”

To my mind this supports my tentative thesis that ‘Islam’ really always was a ‘Jewish plot’ to use the Arabs as the ‘spear’ and ‘shield’ of the Cult of Judah, in the same way the former world powers had been used, at least in the ‘instructional fables’ of the Torah.

The picture is identical with that of all earlier historical, or legendary, events in which the Jews were concerned: a conflict between two “stranger” peoples was transformed into a Judaic triumph and a Judaic vengeance.

The Jews (as in Babylon and Egypt) turned against the people with whom they lived and once more “flung open the gates” to the foreign invader. The foreign invader, in his turn, “delivered” the cities taken by him to the Jews.

In war the capital city and the other great cities, the power and control over them, are the fruits of victory; they went to the Jews, not to the victor. The Caliph’s generals evidently paid as little heed to the Koran’s warnings as Western politicians of today pay to the teaching of the New Testament.

As to “the miseries” for which the Jews thus took vengeance, Professor Graetz specifically states that the cruellest of these was the denial of the right to keep slaves: “the most oppressive of them was the restraint touching the possession of slaves; henceforward the Jews were neither to purchase Christian slaves nor to accept them as presents”!

To recap, ‘Jews’ everywhere consider it ‘oppression’ and ‘persecution’ to deny the ‘Jew’ their self granted ‘divine’ right to rule the world, and enslave all of us. Of course any insinutation that this is obscene delusion will be felt to be ‘offensive’ to the ‘Jew’. Anything that is not completely supportive of the obsessive compulsion of the ‘Jew’ towards the realisation of the ambition of their Cult, namely, the ‘Jew’ World Order, is going to be defined as ‘anti-semitism’, and as we have seen in the last few decades, increasingly criminalized, and prosecuted, as ‘hate crimes’. For it is a ‘sin’ to ‘hate’ the ideology which promotes the ‘Jew’ World Order.

Any time you are told by about ‘the shared history of persecution’ keep in mind what this actually means. It means something totally different to a ‘Jew’ than it would if you were to use such a phrase. For you it would bring to mind images of brutality, injustice, and genuine oppression, such as depicted in Hollywood ‘Holocaust’ propaganda. For the ‘Jew’ it means being denied, in word or deed, their birthright as slave masters of the entire world. It has nothing to do with Western European ideas of ‘justice’.

Cicero offered this warning to the Muslims of his day: “The Jews . . . have become great lords, and their pride and arrogance know no bounds . . . Take not such men for thy ministers . . . for the whole earth crieth out against them; ere long it will quake and we shall all perish . . . I came to Granada and I beheld the Jews reigning. They had parcelled out the provinces and the capital between them; everywhere one of these accursed ruled. They collected the taxes, they made good cheer, they were sumptuously clad, while your garments, O Muslims, were old and worn-out. All the secrets of state were known to them; yet is it folly to put trust in traitors!”

The Caliph, nevertheless, continued to select his ministers from among the nominees of the Talmudic government of Cordova. The Spanish period shows, perhaps more clearly than any other, that the Jewish portrayal of history may be nearer to historical truth than the narrative according to the Gentiles; for the conquest of Spain certainly proved to be Judaic rather than Moorish. The formal Moorish domination continued for 800 years and at the end, in keeping with precedent, the Jews helped the Spaniards expel the Moors.

Nevertheless, the general feeling towards them was too deeply distrustful to be assuaged. This popular suspicion particularly directed itself against the conversos, or Marranos. The genuineness of their conversion was not believed, and in this the Spaniards were right, for Dr. Kastein says that between the Jews and Marranos “a secret atmosphere of conspiracy” prevailed; evidently use was being made of the Talmudic dispensation about faked conversions.

In spite of this public feeling the Spanish kings, during the gradual reconquest, habitually made Jews or Marranos their finance ministers, and eventually appointed one Isaac Arrabanel administrator of the state finances with instructions to raise funds for the reconquest of Granada. The elders, at this period, were dutifully applying the important tenet of The Law about “lending to all nations and borrowing from none”, for Dr. Kastein records that they gave “financial help” to the Christian north in its final assault on the Mohammedan south.

Keep this in mind when puzzling over the apparent ‘contradiction’ of ‘Jewish’ international banksters financing the rise of Adolf Hitler, and the Nazi’s.

And when wondering at the wholesale betrayal of ‘Jews’ of U.S nuclear technology to Stalin, who the ‘Jews’ later claimed had ‘persecuted’ them.

After the reconquest the stored-up feeling of resentment against the Jews, born of the 800 years of Moorish occupation and of their share in it, broke through; in 1492 the Jews were expelled from Spain and in 1496 from Portugal.

Today’s Zionist historians show a remarkable hatred of Spain on this account, and a firm belief in a Jehovan vengeance not yet completed. The overthrow of the Spanish monarchy nearly five centuries later, and the civil war of the 1930’s, are sometimes depicted as instalments on account of this reckoning. This belief was reflected in the imperious words used by Mr. Justice Brandeis of the United States Supreme Court, a leading Zionist, to Rabbi Stephen Wise in 1933: “Let Germany share the fate of Spain!” The treatment accorded to Spain in the subsequent decades the 20th Century, along with the American-Spanish war, notably ‘legitimated’ by a ‘911’ style false flag in the form of the sinking of the U.S.S Maine, including its long exclusion from the United Nations, has to be considered in this light.

‘Captive’ and ‘persecuted’ everywhere they went, by their own Cult leaders, and rarely their hosts, the ‘Jews’ continued to follow the ‘destructive principles’ of what I call ‘The Ideology of Semitism’.

The Cult of Judah leaves its signature and visiting cards all over the most destructive acts of world history

The Cult followers who assassinated the last Czar, and the entire Romanov family, left a ‘visiting card’ on the wall.

The Cult then left no doubt as to whom had orchestrated the ‘Russian’ (sic) revolution, when the ‘Soviet’ leadership canonized Judas Escariot, first in Russia, and then after the defeat of Nazi Germany, in Germany.

The Nazi leaders were hanged for the crime of having lost World War Two on the Jewish Day of Judgment in 1946. Their execution was immediately interpreted by world Jewry as a symbolic re-enactment of the story of Mordecai’s vengeance on Haman and his sons.

And just to make absolutely clear the ‘Cult’ authorship of ‘The revolution’, in the Bavarian village of Oberammergau, where the world-famous Passion Play had been performed for three centuries, the players of the chief parts were put on trial for “Nazi activities” before a Communist court. Those who appeared as Jesus and the apostles were all declared guilty, while the actor playing ‘Judas’ (The Judahite / Judean) was the only one acquitted, and set free.

Germany Must Perish, by Theodore N. Kaufmann, proposed the extermination of the German via steriliziation of all Germans so that there would not be a single German alive within 100 years, Germany was to be sealed off during this process of extinction. The German nation, and the German people, would simply disappear from history.

There can not be a closer parallel to the genocides commanded in the Old Testament. This is just one more piece of irrefutable evidence that these ‘stories’ were meant more as legal and moral precedents to guide future actions, rather than historical descriptions.

The Kalergi plan I have described in my Podcast is another example, which in this case is being carried through. Germany and France have been ‘occupied’ by the Jew World Order. Soon the concepts ‘German’ and ‘French’ will be have no meaning. There will just be one E.Jew, which is to be merged with Putin’s newly reconstituted Jew.S.S.R.

If you think Kaufmann’s book would have been censored as ‘hate speech’ or ‘racial vilification’ or ‘incitement to genocide’, then think again. In 1941 the book was ‘recommended’ by leading American newspapers. The New York Times described the proposal as “a plan for permanent peace among civilized nations”; the Washington Post called it “a provocative theory, interestingly presented’. I have a video showing a copy of the book and its cover.

Again, I refer you to that video with the unusually expressive Rabbi, if you imagine that he is not representative of the Cult of Judaism’s ideology, and concrete ambitions. He is not just some ‘crazy’ Rabbi no-one needs to take seriously. He is just strangely outspoken and honest about what he knows to be the Cult of Judah’s actual plans.

Remember that I have reported the Rabbi’s video to Youtube, the ADL, and The Southern Povery Law Center, as ‘hate speech’ and ‘racial vilification’ and ‘incitement’. I never heard back from any of these Jewish run organisations that claim to be committed to eliminating hate speech, racial vilification, and incitement. Just like the New York Times and Washington Post, Jewish owned or controlled mass media outlets, internet service providers, and Non Government Organisations exist merely to serve the Jew World Order. They are Cult of Judaism tools. They serve that Cult.

This plan of Kaufmann’s was, like the Rabbi’s speech, not the rantings of some ‘unrepresentative’ crazy. The plan was taken seriously enough that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, U.S President Theodore Roosevelt, and the Jew.S.S.R fascist dictator Joseph Stalin, all ‘initialled’ the ‘Morgenthau Plan’, at Yalta. The plan called for the ‘pastoralisation’ of Germany and Germans, so that this proud nation, with all its social, moral, and technical achievements, would be reduced to farming goats. ‘All industrial plants and equipment not destroyed by military action” (in Germany) “shall be . . . completely destroyed. . . and the mines wrecked’, according to this plan..

What is perhaps most telling about he ‘pull’ of the Cult of Judaism is that the same man who literally followed the Old Testament laws and statutes regarding ‘enemies of the Jew World Order’, was the son of the sort of ‘Jew’that represented the very best that most of us identify as ‘Jewish’.

Amercian Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, an emancipated Jew and first generation American who had completely integrated and prospered as a committed ‘American’, publically stated that: “Zionism is the most stupendous fallacy in Jewish history. I assert that it is wrong in principle and sterile in its spiritual ideas. Zionism is a betraval, an Eastern European proposal, fathered in this country by American Jews. . . which, if they were to succeed, would cost the Jews of America most of what they have gained of liberty, equality and fraternity, I refuse to allow myself to be called a Zionist. I am an American”.

His son had been lured back into the Cult, and soon proved to have become a bigoted, Zionist, racial supremacist. This son was in Germany after WWII working for a newspaper. He described in a book how he and another Jewish correspondent roamed about Germany as “conquerors”, armed (illicitly), in a jeep, looting and wrecking as they pleased. He then says that the passive submission of German women to the “conquerors” thwarted the furious desire to rape them and “sometimes the hatred in a man rose so high that he felt the absolute need of violence”. In this mood, his companion and he swore that “the only thing to do was to throw them down, tear them apart”, and they discussed “the ideal conditions for such a scene of violence; there would have to be a wooded stretch of road, little traffic, and a lone girl on foot or a bicycle”. The pair then made “a tentative sally” in search of these “ideal conditions” and at length found a lonely girl and “the conditions, all fulfilled”. (He says the terrified girl was spared at the last and wonders if the reason, in each man, was that the presence of the other embarrassed him).

This Cult zealot played a large role in the U.S President ultimately bypassing Congress and recognizing, by ‘Executive Order’, the Zionist state of Israel. Luckily his plan was not fully adopted. However enough of it was adopted, to reduce the territory and power of the former German Much of the Eastern territory of Germany was handed over to the Jew.S.S.R occupied ‘Poland’, reinstating the injustice of the Treaty of Versailles that had lead to WWII in the first place. The rest of the Eastern area of Germany was occupied directly by the Jew.S.S.R, and turned into a tributary of that Jewish construct, to be looted, and exploited, for the next 70 years.

We must never forget that the Yalta conference once more legalized slavery, just as the Old Testament commands the Cult of Judaism’s followers to ‘enslave’, ‘rape’, and ‘murder’ the nations it conquers in the name of the Jew World Order.

The Saturday Evening Post (April 11, 1953), reported, “With this shameful agreement” (Yalta) “as their authority Soviet MVD agents strode through the displaced-persons camps after the war and put the finger on thousands who had managed to escape the Soviet tyranny. These miserable victims were herded into boxcars and driven back to death, torture or the slow murder of the Siberian mines and forests. Many killed themselves on the way. Also under a Yalta agreement, the Soviet was permitted to use German prisoners in forced labour in ‘reparations account’. For such inhumanities there is no excuse”.

The parallels between the Deuteromic laws and statutes of the Cult of Judaism, and the actual actions of the ‘Jews’ any time they gained the power to act upon their Cult’s laws, are unmistakable, once your eyes have become ‘tuned’ to see them.Of course you won’t learn about these parallels in any ‘official history’ written and edited by the Jew World Order, by the members and lackeys of the Cult of Judaism.

And don’t forget that Churchil and Roosevelt (who died soon after of shame after realising what he had done, just like President Wilson) both feigned ‘surprise’ when publically outed for having ‘initialled’ the Morgentha Plan, when this was discovered, leading to massive political protests among the American and British experts, advisors, and politicians. It seems that Trump is being let off the hook, in advance, for whatever nasty false flag he will be ‘initialling’, probably by ‘executive order’, by co-Jew World Operatives like ‘Alex Jones’ Dis-Info Whores, who are already spreading the rumour of Trump’s ‘mental illness’.

And keep in mind that Roosevedlt didn’t declare war on Japan. The ‘offiical’ wording was ‘American finds itself at war with Japan’. Typical Cult of Judah ‘double speak’. What the U.S Public was never told about were the constant acts of economic and trade warfare the U.S had been engaged in against Japan, which gave Japan two choices. Submit to the Jew World Order, or be destroyed. Today of course Japan is just another vassal state tributary of the Jew World Order. A fact many more Japanese are wise to, than are the average Europeans or Americans.

After Roosevelt died of shame, after Yalta, after having betrayed everything the American public thought they were fighing WWWII for, the shameless Eisenhower, who had been groomed from a young age for his Jew World Order puppet Presidency, immediately set up the only real death camps in Europe in 1945. Death camps for German Prisoners of War, in direct violation of the Geneva Convention and all international law, and all modern codes of ethics or legal systems. The International Red Cross, which had always had a free hand to observe and monitor the Nazi labor camps (falsely referred to as ‘death camps’ in ‘Holocaust’ propaganda), was denied access not only to Eisenhower’s death camps, but to all the ‘liberated’ Nazi work camps and concentration camps that the Jew.S.S.R occupation (called ‘liberation’) forces controlled.

Remember, the Yalta conference effectively legalized slavery in Europe. Of course only of ‘Europeans’ and ‘Christians’. Just like in the ‘Old Testament’, in the ‘Torah’, in the ‘Mosaic Law’, and in ‘Deuteronommy. The Jew.S.S.R was ‘allowed’ to force German Prisoners of War to work in ‘Soviet’ work camps, on Soviet projects, including military projects, as supposed ‘reparations’. Along with the ‘repatriation’ of German industrial complexes, factories, and anything else the Soviets could steal.

Of course no ‘court Martials’ were held for the millions of butchered, and raped German women, young girls, and old women. For these rapes had been carried out according to the ‘laws and statutes’ of the Cult of Judah, at the command of the Jewish Soviet Kommissar Ehrenberg.

For it is written in Deuteronomy that: … the Lord commanded me at that time to teach you statutes and judgments, that ye might do them in the land whither ye go over to possess it…. to drive out nations from before thee greater and mightier than thou art, to bring thee in, to give thee their land for an inheritance . . . And when the Lord thy God shall deliver them before thee, thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them; neither shalt thou make marriages with them. . . ye shall destroy their altars and break down their images. . . For thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God; the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth . . . And thou shalt consume all the people which the Lord thy God shall deliver thee; thine eye shall have no pity upon them. . . But the Lord thy God shall deliver them unto thee, and shall destroy them with a mighty destruction until they be destroyed . . . He shall deliver their kings into thine hand, and thou shalt destroy their name from under heaven, there shall no man be able to stand before thee, until thou have destroyed them . . . Every place whereon the soles of your feet shall tread shall be yours. . . even unto the uttermost sea shall your coast be . . . Of the cities of these people, which the Lord thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shall save nothing alive that breatheth . . . thou shalt lend unto many nations and thou shalt not borrow . . . Ye shall utterly destroy all the places wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods. . .”

Always, and everywhere, anti-semitism must be reported to be ‘on the rise’, the ‘threat levels’ always being ‘ramped up’ like our equally ‘faked’ ‘terrorist threat levels’

At this point let’s get something straight about the ADL’s kind of ‘anti-semitism’. No matter where you come from, and where you go, there will always be locals who find some excuse in your ‘otherness’, to justify them venting their own destructive urges, and self loathing, upon you. Their built up frustrations with their own people often find a ‘legitimate’ target in the ‘outsider’, however their ‘otherness’ is defined. Sexual preference, skin color, accent, nationality, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, hair color, socio-economic status, musical tastes, fashion preferences, and too many other potential ‘candidate forms of ‘otherness’ to list, have, are, and will be, used to ‘justify’ and ‘legimitate’ malicious acts against ‘others’. I have scars from a childhood stoning at the hands of a group of older Lebanese youth. Now if I had been ‘Jewish’, I could have worked that incident into an entire career, with book deals, movie rights, television appearances, news interviews, the works.

It is a simple fact that almost every so-called act of ‘anti-semitism’ is no different to all the everyday acts of bullying, abuse, resentment, envy, jealousy, sabotage, victimisation, of people for all sorts of reasons. Being ‘Jewish’ is no more or less an ‘incitement’ than being gay, rich, good looking, more successful, speaking in foreign accent, wearing different clothing, listening to different music, having different hairstyles, is. It is just one more potential ‘excuse’ for someone to express the worst in human nature. People actively look for any excuse to ‘legitimate’ actions which they are reluctant to express upon their own peers, family, ethnic group, religion, and clique. It is human nature.

The difference is that Catholics don’t report ‘anti-Catholic’ attacks, when people like me mock and ridicule them as ‘Zombie Jesus Cannibal Vampires’. When someone picks a fight with someone for being ‘Irish’, they don’t run to the police calling for a crack-down on ‘anti-Irish’ incitement, vilification, and hate speech. Homosexuals have endured massively more victimisation and violence, physical, verbal and workplace abuse, than Jews ever have. In fact the first targets of the Nazi regime were not ‘Jews’, but in fact Gays and Communists. The fact that most Communists were ‘Jewish’ was co-incidental.

There is nothing ‘special’ about ‘anti-semitism’ that requires special laws that apply exclusively to them. There’s that word, ‘exclusive’. For that defines the entire ‘Jewish’ project. Exceptionalism. The ‘Jews’ always and everywhere claim ‘exceptional’ rights and privileges. They claim to be ‘exceptionally’ targeted for ‘hate speech’ and ‘vilificiation’. When this is patenty untrue. There are so many different victims of hate speech, vilification, and incitement in the world suffering much more chronic, and serious, forms of discrimination at large in our world that the entire ‘anti-semitism’ thing just pales into insignificance, in comparison.

But of course that sort of thinking is anti-semitic, right? Because it denies ‘Jews’ their self-assigned roled of being the center of all history, the reason for everything that happens, and the reason for this world having been ‘created’ in the first place. The only victims that count in this world, according to the Cult of Judah’s dogma, the basis of ‘Semitism’, are ‘Jews’. They are ‘special’. They insist on us validating their own delusions. And any time we fail, they throw tantrums, just like their ‘God’ YHWH, whom they created in their own image, until they get their own way. They are quite cool and psychotic about committing genocide, just to ‘punctuate’ their ‘lesae majestie’.

The ‘next generation’ ‘Jew’, the (Spanish/Portuguese ) ‘Sephardic’ ‘Jew’, rejected by the Cult High Command in favor of a new ‘sword and shield’, the Khazars a.k.a ‘AshkeNAZI’ ‘Jews’

The Jews who had participated in the conquest of Spain by the Muslim ‘Moors’, were already a ‘mixed multitude’. So to retain any sort of ‘racial indentity’, over the next 800 years in Spain new ‘racial purity’ laws werwe strictly enforce, to ensure intermarriage among this group might maintain some sort of ‘otherness’ from the ‘Spanish’ host nation. The outcome was the ‘Sephardic’ ‘Jew’.

But with the sudden expulsion of these ‘Jews’ from Spain and Portugal, the Cult of Judah moved its main branch operations, its operational HQ, to Poland.

The ‘Sephardic’ ‘Jews’, however, had their own ideas. The Jewish Encyclopaedia states that: ‘The Sephardim … Jews who were expelled from Spain and Portugal …settled in Southern France, Italy, North Africa, Asia Minor, Holland, England, North and South America, Germany, Denmark, Austria and Hungary”. Poland is not mentioned; the Talmudic Government went there, but the mass of these Sephardic Jews distributed themselves in Western Europe; they moved westward, not eastward. The Cult leadership was strangely and suddenly separated from its supposed ‘people’.

The Jewish Encyclopaedia continues:…’many…were the descendants or heads of wealthy families and who, as Marranos, had occupied prominent positions in the countries they had left . . . They considered themselves a superior class, the nobility of Jewry, and for a long time their co-religionists, on whom they looked down, regarded them as such . . . The Sephardim never engaged in chaffering occupations nor in usury and they did not mingle with the lower classes. Although the Sephardim lived on peaceful terms with other Jews they rarely intermarried with them . . . In modern times the Sephardim have lost the authority which for several centuries they exercised over other Jews’.

The Sephardim, then, neither went to Poland nor mingled with other Jews, when they left the Spanish Peninsula and spread over Western Europe. They remained aloof and apart, “looked down” on others professing to be Jews, and lost their authority over other ‘Jews’.

The Cult of Judah, from a HQ, among the Khazars, who had been converted en masse by their leader’s centuries before, were to become the new ‘tool’ of the Cult of Judah’.

The Khazars were no more biological ancestors of the Hebrews, or of ‘The children of Israel’, or the tribe of Judah, than Celine, or Hitler, or Idi Amin. They used the name “Jew” merely as a sign of allegiance to the ideology of Semitism, and its expression in the vicious political programme of the Cult of Judah.

Reed describes how a New York Publisher, in 1951, was crisply informed by ‘Jews’ seeking to undermine his credibility, and the authority of his magnus Opus, ‘The Controversy of Zion’, that ‘Mr. Reed invented the Khazars’.

This just shows how blatantly and ‘cheekily’ the ‘Jews’ are willing to lie. Just as ‘911’ was an act of Islamic terror. Or ‘Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction, and poses and immenint threat to national security’. Or ‘the U.S.S Liberty was mistaken for an Egyptian horse ferry, and for some reason this posed such an important military target that Israel would devote several hours, several fighter planes, and torpedo boats, to destroy it, and its crew. To prevent ‘horses’ reaching Egypt’. And countless other such blatant lies. Of course ‘The Holocaust’ is probably the biggest, and most lucrative of lies ever invented by the Cult of Judah since ‘God’ and ‘Moses’.

However, the Judaist authorities agree about their existence and conversion, and the historical atlases show the development of the Khazar kingdom, which at its greatest extent reached from the Black Sea to the Caspian (around 600 CE). They are described as a Tartar or Turco-Mongolian people and the Jewish Encyclopaedia says that their chagan, or chieftain, “with his grandees and a large number of his heathen people embraced Judaism, probably about 679 AD”.

The fact is attested by correspondence between Hasdai ibn Shapnet, Foreign Minister to Abdel Rahman, Sultan of Cordova, and King Joseph of the Khazars, exchanged about 960 AD. The Jewish Encyclopaedia says that the Judaist scholars had no doubts as to the genuineness of this correspondence, in which the word Ashkenazi first occurs as denoting this sharply-outlined, hitherto unknown group of ‘Eastern Jews’ and as indicating Slavic ties. This community of Turco-Mongolian Ashkenazim, then, was distinct in every element save that of the creed from the Jews previously known to the Western world, the Sephardim.

The hold of the Cult of Judah over the scattered ‘Jews’ in the West in the centuries that followed, became looser. But at the same time, and in the same proportion, its rule over its new ‘tools’, the ‘Khazars’, became tighter. In fact it ruled this new compact community in the East with a rod of iron.

The Jew of Semitic (Arabic) physiognomy became more and more rare, until today most people who ‘identify’ as ‘Jewish’ are more likely to share Mongolian and Tartar physical traits, than Arabic ones.

Key to understanding the ‘Russian’ (sic) revolution and reign of terror of the Cult of Judah in the ‘Jew’. S.S.R, might be the comprehension of the relationship that these Khazars originally had with Russia, centuries before.

Long before their conversion to Judaism the Khazars were hostile to the immigrant Russ from the north who eventually conquered them, established the Russian monarchy and accepted Christianity.

It seems that the Khazars were getting revenge upon the Russians, as much as the Cult of Judah itself was, in its murder of the Czars and the Romanov family, and subsequent genocides of up to 70 million innocent citizens of the nations it ‘liberated’.

The Khazars hatred for the Christian Church may have conveniently co-incided with the Cult of Judah’s ‘jealous god’s’ commands to ‘destroy their places of worship of ‘other’ gods’.

As always, you ultimately reap the harvest you have sown. The Russians, and their Czars, and religious leaders, all paid the price for their earlier ‘crimes’ against the Khazars, hundreds of years later. Justice, is, we can rest assured, extremely patient. ‘Karma’ is committed to ‘justice’.

Around 1000 CE the Khazar kingdom was no more. The Khazars only political leadership at that time was the Cult of Judah. ) . Lacking any real nation of their own, they moved about in Russia, particularly to Kieff (the traditional “holy city” of Russian Christianity), elsewhere in the Ukraine, and to Poland and Lithuania.

The continued the typical nationwithin-the-nation pattern the Cult of Judah is synonymous with, despite ADL propaganda to the contrary, in Russia. The areas where they congregated, under Talmudic direction, became the centres of that anti-Russian revolution which was to become “the world revolution”; in these parts, and through these people, new instruments of destruction were forged.

Human nature is inexplicable, and these Khazars ‘felt’ they had a ‘spiritual’ connection with ‘the promised land’, though none of their ancestors had every stepped foot in Palestine, let alone lived there.

Probably their desire to ‘return’ had nothing to do with the climate in Palestine, or any ‘spiritual’ longing, and more to do with the fact that in return for their services in helping the Cult of Judah attain Palestine, they were literally promised ‘the world’ in return.

Of course few people in the world ever realised that the supposed ‘Children of Israel’ they were helping return to their ‘promised land’ were in fact ‘ring-ins’. Substitutes in a tag team world wrestling federation match.

That the nominally ‘Chrisitan’ West was deceived about ‘fulfilling biblical prophecy’ is understandable, even today, given the power of the Jew World Order full spectrum propaganda machine’s hegemony over the mass media, education systems, and so on. Even today few people know who ‘The Khazars’ are, and what the term ‘AshkeNAZI’ ‘Jew’ means. Let alone that the ‘true’ ‘Jews’ actually oppose Zionism, as a ‘fraud’ and the most potent threat and danger to humanity ever ‘created’ by humanity itself.

However what I find inexplicable is the apparent ‘Thanatos’ motivating the ‘Christians’ in doing so. For clearly the Old Testament states beyond doubt that after ‘returning’ to Israel, the ‘Jews’ were to become masters of the entire world. Those who were willing to wholeheartedly, unhesitatingly, mindlessly, and selflessly, serve the ‘Jew’ World Order, complying with every and any ‘direction’ from the Cult of Judah’s masters, would get to live, as slaves, for eternity. Condemning their children and their children to eternal mindless servitude. And the rest would be genocidally slaughtered, man, woman, child, infant, unborn child, along with all their animals.

What sort of masochistic urge drives these ‘Christian Zionists’, you might ask?

Well the trick is, the ‘Jews’ infiltrated their Churches, and re-wrote the Gospels, promising all the Christians that they would be ‘raptured’ to heaven, before all the ‘nasty business of genocide’ was carried out.

Millions of supporters of so-callled ‘Christian Zionism’ have fallen for this latest deception and mass hoax of the Cult of Judah. Just like millions have fallen for ‘The Holocaust’ and ‘911’ hoaxes.

Why the ‘Christians’ accepted the ‘deal’ offered by the Torah, and the Cult of Judah, is really quizzical. The Khazars, on the other hand, were made the proverbial ‘offer you can’t refuse’. Play along, and inherit the earth.

And so now with a new ‘Khazar core’, and flanked by ‘Christianity’ and ‘Islam’, the two offspring that the Cult of Judah publically refused to accept paternity for, and even made show of publically attacking, the Cult had its three main vectors in place.

The Cult had followed the command the Torah regarding lending to the nations, and never borrowing from them, in order to gain mastery over them. And so we can add to this arsenal of ‘vectors’ for its ‘ideology of Semitism’, this virulent viral curse on humanity, control of the most powerful and influential financial markets, and instruments.

With these 4 powerful vectors, the virus had every chance of infecting the entire world, and establishing itself as the most vicious parasite humanity was ever threatened by.

By 1500 the Cult of Judah had released the Sephardic ‘Jews’ from its thrall, having ‘chosen’ a new people to complete its millennial old mission.

One must wonder if the Cult, with its secret transferal of power to Poland around 1500 CE, had judged that the recently ‘expelled’ Sephardic ‘Jews’ had become a libability, rather than an asset. The entire world would have known about the ‘Iberian’ expulsions, and distrust of these ‘Jews’ could be anticipated in future.

Or was it that the Sephardic Jews had rejected the Cult of Judah’s authority over them? Just another case of ‘Jews’ emancipating themselves from this domineering cult.

In any case, nothing would make more sense, at this point in the Cult’s history, at this point in the Cults political strategy, than to adopt a whole new group. One the world wouldn’t ‘make’ in any ‘line-up’ of ‘the usual suspects’. A new ‘invisibible’ ‘Jewry’ for a new, invisible, Polish power base.

The new ‘spies’ and ‘agents’ of this now ‘secret’ conspiracy could be sent around the world, into all the positions of power and influence, and almost no-one would ever identify them as ‘Jews’, let alone connect them with the age old Cult conspiracy, and its criminal, genocidal ideology.

About the year 1500, then, the Talmudic government moved from Spain to Poland, establishing itself among a body of “Jews” hitherto unknown to the West and relaxing its hold on the Sephardic Jews, who began to dwindle in numbers and to disintegrate as a cohesive community.

“He shall deliver their kings into thine hand and thou shalt destroy their name from them . . . ye shall utterly destroy all the places wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods”. At the very moment when the Talmudic government vanished from sight, after setting itself among the Khazars, this creed of destruction entered Western Europe and began its ruinous march.

The real meaning of ‘Rapture’ a.k.a ‘And ye shall become beings of light’

Just like there is ‘virtual karma’ in that over successive lives, the world you create through your thoughts and deeds, will be the one you inherit, as a boon or burden, so the idea of a ‘rapture’ is ‘virtually’ real.Read my TROONATNOOR books for details.

I’ve recently been considering and entertaining all the possible meanings that have been ascribed to ‘Jesus’ own ‘ascension engine’, and the stories of ascensions to heaven of Mohammed, and described in the Old Testament. Also I’ve been considering what ‘The Ark of the Covenant’ might be.

We seem to be dealing with descriptions of ‘star gates’ or ‘worm-hole gates’. Or mechanical spaceships or teleportation devices.

I am able and willing to entertain all manner of ideas, as a true Zen Skeptic.

However I myself find that the most compelling interpretation of these descriptions is that they may be metaphors. Well everything is a metaphor, getting really deep and philosophical. But until your read my TROONATNOOR books and guides that will probably be an inaccessible concept to you.

Obadiah defined virtual karma as ‘For as you do unto others, so shall be done unto you’. Jesus defined it as ‘For as you sow, so shall ye reap’. This is valuable stuff you could read in many places, including the Torah or your Bible.

Once you stop living in nomadic tent communities the direction you face while ‘taking care of business’ is probably not so crucial any more.

Facing towards the holy of holies would place your but facing away from it, but towards potential enemies, so maybe even laws about which way to face while taking care of business is not so silly after all.

See how conscientious and fair I am!

But really, real universal ethics existed long before ‘gods’ were ‘created’ by men to grant their own laws and statutes ‘transferred augthority’. And to imbue common sense with the compelling power of a ‘noble lie’ a.k.a ‘God-given command’.

Ultimately people still murder when threatened with ‘an eternity in hell’, and still fail to be nice even when offered ‘an eternity in paradise’. So religion has failed. And was never necessary. All Cults should be banned, not just the ‘Cult of Judah’.

I don’t think so many people have become much better people, more honest, more conscientious, more caring, more compassionate, more sharing, more generous, less vicious, less malicious, more honorable, or virtuous in any way, just because they were told ‘if you follow my rules you’ll be raptured before the days of tribulation, and thus spared a hell ofa lot of, well, hell.’

But I do think that logic and reason are universal attributes of Human nature, and that if you work out the logic behind ‘being nice’, and the real reasons why you should ‘be nice’, then you will have a genuine motivation to be nice.

Buddha tried this method. As he said ‘Some will understand’. He didn’t get too excited about the odds of mass transformations of human socieities overnight. And history has justified his realism.

But Buddha saw life as a cruel trick. A deception. He had no faith in life. He didn’t think it could be ‘optimalised’ or ‘reformed’ greatly enough to make it worth most people’s effort to bother with it. Better just reject life, and avoid suffering. So he isn’t really a role model for optimizing and reforming society. Though he still is the best any human minds have come up with so far.

Until myself of course.Oh, and surely there must be others like me? I hear more and more people saying things I’ve written in my books decades ago. Including David Icke.

Oh, the point. Yes. Rapture. Now all ‘reality’ is just resonances of different frequencies being encoded and decoded to produce ‘experience engines’ and ‘experiences’.

In haemoglobin production in animals, and chloryphyl production in plants (hope my memory of this is correct), and in the ‘blood – brain’ and ‘blood – uterus lining’ barriers, the resonance of one material seems to be powerful enough to produce emphatic resonance in the other, and thus change its resonant frequency, and thus ‘chemical’ properties.

The ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ is recorded to be a white mono-atomic gold powder that resonates in a way that neutralizes the effects of gravity. Oh, and also to neutralize toxins, diseases, viruses, cancers, and other threats to health.

‘And ye shall become beings of light’.

Depression, pessimism, despair, anger, hate, envy, jealousy, resentment, malice, fear, regret, rejection, and so on, are all ‘heavy’ feelings.

Joy, happiness, goodwill, acceptance, approval, desire, optimism, and all that, are all associated with feelings of lightness and literally perceptions of light and color.

Then consider how a ‘minor’ (pun unavoidable) change in choice of intervals in a scale, or chord, can produce a ‘light and happy’ ‘Major’ key / chord, or a ‘heavy and sad / melancholic’ Minor key / chord.

Now imagine having become so ‘nice’ that you no longer carried around any of the heavy ‘baggage’ of jealousy, envy, hatred, fear, despair, anger, resentment, malice, and all those nasties. Wouldn’t you feel ‘lighter’?

What if it is all a metaphor though? All reality. Merely a reflexive ‘encoding’ of our states. Our ‘resonant frequencies’.

What if by learning to be compassionate, generous, caring, sharing, honest, truthful, ethical, and all that ‘hard’ stuff, we literally changed the only reality that is real, and amenable to being changed by us at this stage in our evolution, that of our ‘resonant frequencies’.

If this world is just a ‘school’ where we are to learn empathy and compassion, and ethics, and all that, then the only way out would be to follow the most ethical lifestyle possible. A Vegan lifestyle. One where no being deliberately treated any other being as a mere means to their own ends. As a mere ‘worker’ or ‘slave’ or ‘possession’ or ‘property’ or ‘food’ or ‘raw material’ or ‘resource’?

What if once we learn this lesson, our resonant frequencies, and our ‘fundamental’ frequency if you like, changes, and suddenly we appear, from this world and the resonant frequencies that make it up, to be ‘raptured’ into the heavens. To literally ‘dissappear’ from this world, and enter another world. A relative ‘paradise’ where our experience, due to the new ‘resonant frequencies’ we are resonating at, or that world resonates at, is much more ideal than this one?

Couldn’t this be the real meaning of ‘The Rapture’?

How many ‘Christians’ do you think have really changed themselves so fundamentally for the ‘better’ that they have changed their base resonances? Their fundamental frequencies? Are they bound for glory, or just a whole lot more suffering / karma, until they learn compassion and higher ethics?

Should they really be brining on the ‘end of days’ by supporting the Zionist state of ‘Israel’, and its ‘Jew’ World Order, and the impending destruction and real pain of WWIII?

The English, French, and Russian revolutions, preliminary events for the final putsch, the ‘world’ revolution

The ‘Cult’ visiting card, the ‘stamp’ of the Cult of destruction, appears to have been placed on the three major revolutions between that time and today. These three revolutions bear the common hallmark of a Judaic triumph, as their outcome. Were they originally instigated, organized and directed by the Cult of Judah?

Was it not, arguably, The Cult of Judah that benefitted more than any other group from these disasterous, destructive, murderous punctuation marks in Western history.

For as a result of the first, the ‘Jews’ were once more given free entry back into an England they had earlier been expelled from. In the other, the French ‘Jews’ gained equal rights, and were thus free to infest all areas of the French power structures.

The third Revolution, in which the ‘Jews’ themselves overthrew the legitimate government, pushed out the ‘next in line’ legitimate form of power, namely the Duma / Parliament, and took possession of the mighty nation of Russia, and then its neighbouring nations, was nothing less than the realisation of the Biblical role models in the Torah.

You see the irrefutable, documented fact, [which despite this is still unknown to most people, thanks to that principle ‘If a man blows a whistle in the forest, and the Jew World Order media don’t report it, and instead ‘squash’ it, it really doesn’t make any noise’] that ‘Jews’ made up over 85% of all the leading positions of power in the ‘Jew’.S.S.R, is not just ‘by the by’. It’s not just that, they happen to be ‘Jews’. In nations where the ‘Jewish’ population were less than 3% of the total. It is that they were Cult of Judah trainees one and all. They had been groomed and nurtured and trained by the Cult of Judah exactly for this purpose. As part of the ‘world revolution’ they began way back in Judah, thousands of years before.

The Cult thus went from despotic control of its own members, by terror, and violence, to control of hundreds of millions of non-Jews, along with the resources of their nations.

The Torah commands to ‘utterly destroy’ and ‘destroy their places of worship of other gods’, and to ‘enslave’, were here fulfilled to the letter. Literally.

When the word “revolution” first became current in the West it was held to mean a limited thing: a violent uprising in a definite place caused by specific conditions there at a certain time. Unbearable oppression produced an explosive reaction.

However the Russian (sic) revolution was intended as permanent thing: a permanently destructive force, permanently organized with a permanent headquarters and staff, and worldwide aims.

The only acceptable outcomes were the unconditional surrender of every nation in the world, and submission to the Cult of Judah, or utter destruction of any nation that withheld their whole-hearted, unhesitating, selfless, and unreflecting co-operation and obedience to the ‘Jew’ World Order.

The ‘Russian’ revolution was presented as a reaction to particular conditions in Russia at the time. However in reality these conditions werew for the most part ‘manufactured’ by the ‘Jews’, as most of today’s financiancial crises and ‘false flags’ and resulting wars, are the products of the ‘Jew’ World Order’s secret machinations.

The aims of the new ‘world’ revolution are the elimination of all competing ideas, organisations, structures, institutions, and even nations themselves, to clear the way for the imposition of the Cult dogmas of Judah-ism, and a one world government, a ‘Jew’ World Order.

What was aimed at was plainly the final consummation of The Law, in its literal form: “Thou shalt reign over every nation but they shall not reign over thee . . . the Lord thy God shall set thee on high above all nations of the earth”.

The three preceeding revolutions placed ‘Jews’ in a position to take control of England and France, and their colonies, such as the Jew.S.A and Australia, and Russia, and its new ‘colonies’, the ‘Eastern Bloc’ nations it ‘liberated’ a.k.a ‘raped’ and ‘occupied’.

This allowed the ‘Jew’ World Order to set up its World Wrestling Federation styled, fake ‘Cold War’ hostilities and public histrionics, as befits any World Wrestling Federation ‘fake’ enemies, after of course having the already occupied Jew.S.A defeat the only enemy of the Jew World Order that would not submit, Nazi Germany.

As such the three revolutions represent stages in and steps towards the fulfilment of The Law, the Cult of Judah’s ambitions for a ‘Jew’ World Order and absolute extirpation of any potential threats to its eternal hegemony.

The ‘great men’ who in their day seemed to be so powerful, like King Cyrus and the mysterious King Ahasuerus, now look like mere puppets performing their roles in the totally ‘Jewish’ controlled ‘theatre’ called ‘world history’.

Cromwell beheaded a king and brought back the Jews to England. As befits a true ‘Torah’ hero, he even carried out a massacre of Catholic Priests, at Drogheda. Trump and Churchill, like Roosevelt, Wilson, Eisenhower, Bush Snr and Jnr, Clinton, Mr and Mrs, are all similar ‘Jew’ World Order creations, groomed for their positions, nurtured, given the full support of the world’s ‘shadow government’, and then ‘put into battle’ for the ‘Jews’, either bringing about revolutions, or supporting the ‘Jews’ in their world wars, and then later regional wars, which are ultimately intended to bring about the final conflagration of World War Three.

Cromwell would feel at home with today’s ‘Christian Zionists’. He called himself an ‘Old Testamentary Christian’. Now how is that for non-sequitur, self cancelling statements?

Long before the ‘Jews’ and Prosecutor Eyers in Brendan O’Connell’s trial took up the baton, we had world figures making such nonsensical statements as to baffle any listener, and leave them wondering exactly what it was they just heard uttered.

Cromwell, the ‘Old Testament’ ‘Christian’, forbade the celebration of Christmas Day, burned churches and murdered priors. This excited the imaginations of Jews worldwide. Jewish emissaries from Amsterdam were urgently despatched to England to discover whether Cromwell might be of Judaic decent! Had their research yielded positive results, Cromwell might have been proclaimed the Messiah, for he had one qualification most appealing to the elders: his zeal in ‘utter destruction’.

Cromwell’s sword-and-Bible followers claimed by their bloodthirsty deeds to be fulfilling prophecy, and by restoring the Jews to England to be accomplishing the prescribed steps preparatory to the ‘End of Days’. They even proposed that Cromwell’s Council of State should follow the model of the ancient Sanhedrin and be composed of seventy members!

Cromwell, like all politicians since, was pandering to the rich Amsterdam Jews, hoping for their financial support. The last world leader began political career Billions in debt to the Jews, whereas Churchill was merely millions in debt to the Jews. But the same principle applies.

The Judaic Law did not command lending unto all nations and borrowing from none on whim. Money, they knew, would always buy power. And a debtor is more easily ‘managed’. A friend in need of refinancing is a friend indeed.


Mr. John Buchan says of the Amsterdam Jews that “they controlled the Spanish, Portuguese and much of the Levant trade . . . they commanded the flow of bullion; they would help him (Cromwell) in the difficult finances of his government”. Rabbi Manasseh ben Israel from Amsterdam (who had been foretelling the advent of the Messiah and the return of the Jews to Palestine) came to London and the matter was arranged.

Manasseh ben Israel’s petition to Cromwell is reminiscent of the kind of argument, formally respectful and implicitly menacing, which was used in this century by Dr. Chaim Weizmann in his dealings with British Prime Ministers and American Presidents; he asked for “the re-admission” of the Jews to England, alluding to the punishment awaiting those who resisted such demands, and then immediately depicting the rewards which would follow compliance.

The picture is closely comparable with that of a New York Zionist informing an American presidential candidate in our generation that he can only expect the “New York State vote” if he commits himself to uphold the Zionist state in peace and war, by money and arms.

What was demanded from Cromwell was in fact an act of public submission to the Judaic Law. For the ‘re-admission’was meaningless, as the Jews had not really left England. They’d been ‘expelled’ only on paper. In theory. But not in practice.

Today the same situation applies in Putin’s ‘Russian Federation’. He publically made a huge fuss about ‘kicking out the Jewish oligarchs’, but really he was just ‘cleaning house’ for the Jews. Once he’d done their dirty work, he allowed them quietly back in, by the back door of the Kremlin. They’d never really left. It was all a media stunt. Like the ‘persecution’ of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, two C.I.A, ‘Jew’ World Order agents.Their operations had continued in the background, simply without the public scrutiny. Now they do their business in secret, the public being oblivious, convinced that Putin, the ‘New World Order’ resistance fighter, had rid them of ‘The Jews’. In this way Putin manufactured the false image of ‘sole New World Order resistance fighter, tough guy, while making the ‘Jewish’ power behind the scenes even more powerful, by making it even more elusively invisible. Absolute power, after all, is absolutely secret. The first rule of amassing real power is never to be seen to be exercising any real power.

All the Jews wanted from Cromwell was to have the actual situation recognised and authorized by the state. However public opinion, which the ‘Jews’ had not yet gained control of, the mass media not being what it is today, Cromwell was prevented from doing this. And so when Cromwell’s brief Interregnum came to an end he had not achieved what most people today credit him with, namely, the re-admission of Jews to England. They had simply been here all the time, as some of the first ‘illegals’.

At Cromwell’s death the Jews transferred their financial aid to Charles II who, soon after his restoration, made the necessary amendments, formally legalizing the position of the Jews in England. This did not in the least avail his dynasty, for the Amsterdam Jews next financed the expedition of William of Orange against his brother and successor, James II, who was dethroned and fled to France, the Stuart dynasty then coming virtually to an end. Thus the answer to the question, ‘Who has won?’ in the question of Cromwell versus the Stuarts, seems to have been, the Jews.

This is pretty much the real answer to ‘who won WWI’, and WWII, and the Iraq war. It will also be the ‘Jews’ who are set to be the only people who will benefit from, WWIII.

Hitler as a genuine candidate for ‘Messiah’ of the ‘Jews’?

When we hear that a Rabbi in Prague in 1939 was preaching that Hitler was the Jewish Messiah, we shouldn’t be surprised. For who other than Hitler, and his Nazi party, did more for the realisation of the Zionist ambition than Herr Hitler? Who provided the impulse for Jewish immigration to the inhospitable deserts of Palestine? Who offered the pretext for the invention of a ‘Holocaust’ myth, that would finance the fledgling state, to the tune of Trillions of dollars? And generate the worldwide sympathy for a terrorist state that otherwise would have been universally condemned and rejected? Who gave the Jews a way to get the Jew.S.A to fight on their side, the side of ‘Communism’, and its ‘World Revolution’, as it expanded West, to occupy most of Eastern Europe? An expansion that provided the pretext for a phony ‘cold war’ to keep the West and East alike mentally crippled by chronic fear and terror of a nuclear war? Who provided the pretext for today’s mass censorship and ‘hate speech’ and ‘anti-semitism’ laws? Without Hitler, where would the Zionists be today? Where would the Cult of Judah’s world revolution be today?

So in reality, for all practical purposes, the would be Messiah for the Western World, the Saviour of Western Europe from Bolshevism, proved the undoing of the West, and little less than the literal Messiah of the ‘Jews’ themselves. For through Hitler all the prophecies had been fulfilled. Hitler was the ‘pivot’ upon which the ‘lever’ of ‘U.S’ and British power had been used to elevate the Cult of Judah to be well on their way to becoming the masters of this world.

Hitler’s inevitable defeat, given that the ‘Jews’ could always rely on Jew.S.A military, industrial, and economic aid, thanks to them having ‘their man’ Roosevelt in the Whitehouse, was forseen and planned for.

The only true ‘victors’ of either WWI or WWII were the Zionist Jews. The Cult of Judah. The ‘Jew’ World Order. For it was these ‘Jews’ who provoked the wars, financed both sides, provided the Jew.S.A puppets with propaganda, and both the Nazi’s, via Wall Street, and the Soviets, via Wall Street, then ‘Lend Lease’, and then entry into the war, with the resources to continue a long, destructive war. It was the ‘Jews’ who set up the preconditions for war in ‘The Treaty of Versailles’, after ‘stabbing Germany in the back’ and declaring an Armistace, based on Wilsons peace offer, then letting the ‘Allies’ get away with ‘breach of promise’, in simply ignoring so much of the original ‘deal’ that the U.S citizens, and Congress, literally refused to validate the treaty. France was encouraged to occupy the German industrial heartland, just as Poland was later encouraged to refuse to come to terms with legitimate German demands, and find a negotiated settlement which would have avoided WWII, and left Hitler merely to acquire ‘Lebensraum’ at the expense of the vast Russian territories which they had never really developed, to avoid a repeat of the criminal British blockade of Europe, which had nearly starved Germany to death during WWI.

The World was then to be divided by an ‘Iron Curtain’. On the Western side, straw man capitalism, and straw man Christianity, and straw man democracy, would discredit the real thing, and leave the masses disillusioned, and bewildered. Immigration was to be weaponised, to eliminate any sense of ‘national pride’, and to weaken any sense of ‘national identity’ among ‘the nations, and underming any remaining social cohesiveness. The ‘Kalergi’ plan was to continue what the ‘initialled’, but ultimately rejected, ‘Morgenthau Plan’ had intended, a literaly genocide of the German, French, and British peoples. A ‘mongrel’ race of Europeans was to be bred. And then after manufactured crises after manufactured crises, along with all sorts of orchestrated corruption scandals and ‘false flag’ terrorist acts, and faked terrorist threats, the E.Jew was to be merged with a reconstituted ‘Jew’.S.S.R. And so today we see the ‘Jew’, Putin, at the helm, steering the Russian Federation.

We can expect Trump and Putin, at some point, to put on their ‘World Wrestling Federation’ wrestling costumes, and grimaces, and slugging it out, over Syria, or Iran, very soon.

Oh, and for you ‘Israeli’s’ and ‘Jews’ out there, enjoy your coming nuclear holocaust. For the ‘predictive programming’ of the ‘Holocaust’ story is, just like the stories in the Bible, meant to instruct future Cult of Judah political strategians. It is not just my interpretation. A few years ago top C.I.A officials stated during a public broadcast that ‘Israel will not exist within 10 years’. George Soros stated the same thing, some time later.

The French Revolution

A hundred and fifty years after Cromwell, revolution struck again, this time in France. It seemed a separate, different revolution at the time, but was it truly so? It bore the same distinctive features as the English revolution, earlier (and the Russian revolution, later): nationhood and religion were attacked under the pretext of curbing the tyranny of “kings and priests”, and when that was done an even harsher despotism was set up.

At that time, after the partition of Poland, the Talmudic government had just “ceased to exist” (in Dr. Kastein’s words), but obviously was operating from concealment; its activity would not have so abruptly ended after more than 2,500 years. Because of this withdrawal into obscurity today’s student cannot trace what part it played, if any, in inciting and organizing the French revolution, through its followers in France. However, the revolution in Russia, 120 years later, gave proof of direct Talmudic-Jewish control in a measure never before suspected, so that this influence may have been greater, in the preparatory stages of the revolution in France, than history now reveals.

What is certain is that the French revolution, while it was brewing, was supposed to be for “the rights of man” (which presumably meant all men, equally), but when it began “the Jewish question”, as by magic, at once came to the fore. One of the earliest acts of the revolution (1791) was the complete emancipation of the Jews (just as the law against “anti-semitism” was one of the first acts of the revolution in Russia).

From the downfall of Babylon to the revolution in France the ruling Talmudic Jews always acted as a destructive force among the peoples “whither I have driven thee”. This was inevitable, given the creed to which they adhered and the fact that this religion was also The Law governing every act of their daily lives. Under the Judaic Law they could not act differently, and were indeed condemned to remain “the destroyers forever”: “See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdom, to root out, and to pull down and to destroy“.

The story of the Jews, under this control, was the same in Babylon, Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Spain, and could not be anything else, given the unique Judaic Law.

Nevertheless not all “the Jews” wrote this story, nor is the story that of all “the Jews”; to omit this qualification would be like condemning “the Germans” for National Socialism or “the Russians” for an essentially alien Communism.

Resistance to the Law of destruction has been continual in Jewry, as this account has shown. At all times and places the Jews have given out a more embittered protest against this destiny of destruction, forced on them, than the Gentiles have made against the threat of destruction, aimed at them.

The words, “the Jews”, wherever used in this discussion, need always to be read with this qualification.

The two jewelers involved in the ‘necklace affair’ were of course Jews. But it is hard to identify any other overtly ‘Jewish’ actors in the downfall of Marie Antoinnette, other than suspecting ‘Jews’ to be behind much of the pamphlets and newspaper articles which demonised Marie Atoinnette, much as Hollywood and the Jewish owned mass media later demonised Hitler and the Nazis.

Napoleon’s attempt at a solution to ‘The Jewish Question’: the convening of ‘The Great Sanhedrin’

‘The Jewish Question’ was one that many national statesmen before and after Napolean had to grapple with. Where others had failed, Napoleon was determined to succeed.

The ADL and other Jewish propagandists will claim ‘the old canard’ of, ‘were the Jews willing to integrate, and swear allegiance and loyalty to the nation they lived in?’ For clearly the Torah, not to mention the Talmud, clearly command ‘Jews’ to destroy all the nations, and then enslave them.

Napoleon actually attempted to invade Jerusalem, to ‘return’ it to the ‘Jews’. His solution to the ‘eternal problem of the Jews’ was that they should have their own nation.

An official report from Constantinople on April 17, 1799, and published on May 22, 1799 states unequivocaly that: ‘Buonaparte has published a proclamation in which he invites all the Jews of Asia and of Africa to come and place themselves under his flag in order to re-establish ancient Jerusalem. He has already armed a great number and their battalions are threatening Aleppo’.

The Moniteur a few weeks later reported that; ‘It is not solely to give Jerusalem to the Jews that Buonaparte has conquered Syria.’

However Napoleon never reached Jerusalem. He was thwarted by an obstinate Englishman at Acre.

In 1804 Napoleon was crowned Emperor; and by 1806 ‘the Jewish question’ was posed as a demand that Jews choose publicly between separate nationhood and integration in the nation wherein they dwelt. He told the Council of State, “These Jews are locusts and caterpillars, they devour my France. . . They are a nation within the nation”. The State Council itself was divided and in doubt, so that Napoleon summoned 112 leading representatives of Judaism, from France, Germany and Italy, to come to Paris and answer a list of questions.

He set out to make the Jews stand up and declare their allegiance, and shrewdly devised questions which were equally impossible to answer without repudiating the central idea, or to evade without incurring the later reproach of falsehood.

Had any mortal man been able to find an answer to ‘the Jewish question’ Napoleon would have found it, for his enquiries went to the very heart of the matter and left truthful men only with the choice between a pledge of loyalty and an open admission of inveterate disloyalty.

The delegates, elected by the Jewish communities, came to Paris. They were in a quandary. On the one hand, they were all bred in the age-old faith that they must ever remain a “severed” people, chosen by God to “pull down and destroy” other nations and eventually to “return” to a promised land; on the other hand, they had just been foremost among those emancipated by the revolution, and the most famous general of that revolution, who interrogated them, once had undertaken to “re-establish ancient Jerusalem”.

Now this man, Napoleon, asked them to say whether they were part of the nation he ruled, or not.

Napoleon’s questions went, like arrows to a target, straight to the tenets of the Torah-Talmud on which the wall between the Jews and other men had been built. The chief ones were, did the Jewish Law permit mixed marriages; did the Jews regard Frenchmen as “strangers” (foreigners) or as brothers; did they regard France as their native country, the laws of which they were bound to obey; did the Judaic Law draw any distinction between Jewish and Christian debtors?

All these questions turned on the discriminatory racial and religious laws which the Levites (as earlier chapters showed) had heaped upon the moral commandments, thus cancelling them. In the same way Jewish ‘witnesses’ at ‘hate speech’ trials are apt to answer in self-negating non sequiturs that leave jury’s ‘hearing’ a ‘yes’ when the truth was no, satisfying the ‘contempt’ laws in word, but not in the Jury’s minds.

Napoleon with the utmost publicity and formality put questions before the Jewish representatives, which the world for centuries had been asking.

With this fierce light beating on them the Jewish notables had only two alternatives: to repudiate the racial Law in all sincerity, or to profess repudiation while secretly denying it (an expedient permitted by the Talmud).

They could only evade the questions by falsehood, for they were not “called upon to refute charges”; they were merely asked to answer truthfully.

The Jewish delegates ardently affirmed that there was no longer any such thing as a Jewish nation; that they did not desire to live in closed, self-governed communities; that they were in every respect Frenchmen and nothing more. They hedged only on the point of mixed marriages; these, they said, were permissible “under the civil law”.

Even Napoleon’s Jewish critics had to concede that his next move was a stroke of genius.

It established historically that if forced publicly to answer these vital questions (vital to the peoples with whom they live) the representatives of Judaism will give answers which are either untrue or to which they cannot give effect.

The events of the decades that followed showed that the claim to separate nationhood-within-nations was never renounced by those who truly wielded power in Jewry.

Thus Napoleon, in failure, achieved a historic victory for truth which retains its value in our day.

He sought to give the responses obtained by him the most binding public form, which would commit Jews everywhere and for all the future to the undertakings given by their elders, by desiring that the Great Sanhedrin be convened!

From all parts of Europe the traditional 71 members of the Sanhedrin, 46 rabbis and 25 laymen, hastened to Paris and met among scenes of great magnificence in February 1807. Though the Sanhedrin, as such, had not met for centuries, the Talmudic “centre” in Poland had but recently ceased publicly to function, so that the idea of a directing body of Jewry was real and live.

The Sanhedrin went further than the Jewish notables in the completeness and ardour of its declarations; (incidentally, it began by recording thanks to the Christian churches for the protection enjoyed in the past, and this tribute is worth comparing with the usual Zionist version of history in the Christian era, which suggests that it was all a long ordeal of “Jewish persecution” at Christian hands).

The Sanhedrin acknowledged the extinction of the Jewish nation to be an accomplished fact. This solved the central dilemma thrown up by the fact that the Law, which theretofore had always been held to be exclusively binding for Jews, allowed no distinction between religious and civil law. As “the nation” had ceased to exist, the Talmudic laws of daily life were proclaimed to be no longer effective, but the Torah, as the law of faith, remained immutable; thus said the Sanhedrists. If any clash or dispute were to occur, the religious laws were to be held subordinate to those of the state in which individual Jews lived. Israel thenceforward would exist only as a religion, and no longer looked forward to any national rehabilitation.

It was a unique triumph for Napoleon (and who knows how much it may have contributed to his downfall?). The Jews were liberated from the Talmud; the way to their re-integration in their fellow men, their involvement in mankind, was reopened where the Levites had closed it over two thousand years before; the spirit of discrimination and hatred was renounced and exorcised.

These declarations formed the basis on which the claim for full civil liberties was made and realized throughout the West in the years that followed. All sections of Judaism, known to the West, supported them.

Thenceforth Orthodox Judaism, with the face it turned toward the West, denied any suggestion that the Jews would form a nation within nations. Reform Judaism in time “eliminated every prayer expressing so much as even the suspicion of a hope or a desire for any form of Jewish national resurrection” (Rabbi Moses P. Jacobson).

The ground was cut from beneath those opponents of Jewish emancipation in the British Parliament who contended that “the Jews look forward to the coming of a great deliverer, to their return to Palestine, to the rebuilding of their temple, to the revival of their ancient worship, and therefore, they will always consider England not as their country, but merely as their place of exile” (quoted by Mr. Bernard J. Brown).

Yet these warning voices spoke the truth. In less than ninety years the declarations of the Napoleonic Sanhedrin had in effect been cancelled, so that Mr. Brown was brought to write:

“Now, although civil equalities have been firmly established by law in nearly every land, Jewish nationalism has become the philosophy of Israel. Jews should not be surprised if people charge that we obtained equality before the law under false pretences; that we are still a nation within nations and that rights accorded us should be revoked“.

Napoleon unwittingly did posterity a service in revealing the important fact that the replies obtained by him were valueless. The one-and-only Law, of all thought and action, was in the remainder of the Nineteenth Century reinflicted on the Jews by their Talmudic rulers, and by Gentile politicians who gave them the same help as King Artaxerxes gave to Nehemiah.

Were the responses sincere or false when they were given? The answer probably may be divided, just as Judaism itself has always been divided.

No doubt the delegates had much in mind the accelerating effect which their responses, as they were framed, would have on the grant of full equality in other countries. On the other hand, many of them must earnestly have hoped that the Jews, at long last, might enter into mankind without secret denials, for in Jewry this impulse to break through the tribal ban has always existed, though it has always been beaten back by the ruling sect.

The probability is that some of the delegates sincerely intended what they said, and that others “secretly broke” (Dr. Kastein’s phrase) with the loyalties thus publicly affirmed.

Napoleon’s Sanhedrin had a basic flaw. It represented the Jews of Europe, and these (who were in the main the Sephardim) were losing authority in Jewry. The Talmudic centre, and the great mass of “Eastern Jews” (the Slavic Ashkenazi) were in Russia or Russian-Poland, and not even Napoleon gave much thought to that fact if he even knew of it. These Talmudists were not represented in the Sanhedrin and the responses given were by their Law heresy, for they were the guardians of the traditions of the Pharisees and Levites.

The Jews of Western Europe may genuinely been ready to join with mankind and to follow the counsel of a French Jew, Isaac Berr, that they should rid themselves “of that narrow spirit, of corporation and congregation, in all civil and political matters not immediately connected with our spiritual law. In these things we must absolutely appear simply as individuals, as Frenchmen, guided only by a true patriotism and by the general good of the nations”.

However the Cult of Judah, operating from its secret bases in Eastern Europe, was to squash such ideas of ‘emancipation’. They were determined to regain their absolute Cult power over the ‘Jews’.

Ironically it was the full citizenship rights that the Sanhedrin’s disingenuous our honest responses had gained for the Jews that would be abused to take the ‘Jews’, who were now ‘equals’ to all other citizens, and set them up as masters of their fellow citizens.

Deir Yasin: genocide modelled on the precedents / origin stories of the Cult of Judaism; and further parallels regarding the Jew World Order and Zionism, and the ‘occupied’ nations collusion / conspiracy

On April 9, 1948 Menachim Begin’s terrorist group repeated the Old Testament genocide upon the Arab village of Deir Yasin.

Deuteronomy states: “When the Lord thy God shall bring thee into the land whither thou goest to possess it, and shall cast out. . . seven nations greater and mightier than thou . . . then thou shalt utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them”, and the related passage, “thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth, but thou shalt utterly destroy them”.

Time magazine of New York wrote:”Jewish terrorists of the SteRN Gang and Irgun Zvai Leumi stormed the village of Deir Yasin and butchered everyone in sight. The corpses of 250 Arabs, mostly women and small children, were later found tossed into wells”.

Did the ‘good’ ‘Jews’ around the world cry out in protest at such barbarism? Well, the Jewish terrorists were in fact acting according to the Cult of Judaism’s basic ‘code of ethics’ and ‘law’ laid down in Deuteronomy. We are talking ‘Torah’ here, folks, not ‘Talmud’. We are talking amended Mosaic Law. Not some debatable ‘interpretation’ in one of the 36 books of the Talmud. We are talking ‘founding principles’of the Cult of Judaism. Not just ‘Zionism 101’, attributable to a few ‘extremists’ or ‘fanatics’ or ‘crazies’ in the ‘Jewish’ community. We are talking core principles. Basic tenets of law. Basic articles of faith that define the ‘Jewish’ community the close it approaches the core of the ‘Cult of Judaism’. We are dealing with the barbaric Cult that emerged as a ‘community’ with its own Priest class, the ‘Levites’, between 700 and 400 BCE.

I’ve described elsewhere how there were a massively disproportionately high number of Jews at the Versailles Peace Conference in 1919, setting up Germany and the world for World War Two, by dispossessing millions of Germans from their fatherland. One Jew at the conference, Dr. Weizmann stated, “The Bible is our mandate”. He was then referring to Germany as ‘Amalek’ and thus marked for total destruction. But the same genocidal legal code ‘legitimated’ the murder of children, women, and men, who had never harmed a hair on a single head of any ‘Jew’. You don’t have to harm a ‘Jew’ to become a legitimate target for murder. All you need to do is in some way restrict the Cult of Judaism’s ambitions of a ‘Jew’ World Order. Simply living peacefully on land they want to occupy is all the ‘legal’ and ‘moral’ justification they need to butcher you and your family, and even your animals.

This massacre was deliberately orchestrated and even publicized by the Jews own mass media such as the Jew York Times Magazine, as a threat to all the Arabs living in the lands that the ‘Jews’ intended claiming for their new ‘Israeli’ state. The Arabs were well aware who they were dealing with, even as the West had consumed the ‘innocent victimhood’ story comnpletely. The Arabs therefore did not need another warning. Almost all the Arabs of Palestine took the ‘hint’ and fled, abandoning their homes in Haifa, Tiberia, Jaffa, and most other Palestinian towns and villages, leaving their homes, their farms, and their property, behind. In headlong flight from the Jewish terrorists. By May 14 millions found themselves in refugee camps in the neigbhouring Arab States, where they sought refuge from genocide.

But once the Arabs had gotten the message, the story disappeared from the mass media, and thus the public’s consciousness.

And still today ‘Jews’ will claim that the Arabs have no reason to fear them, that it is in fact the innocent Israeli ‘Jews’ who are the victims of Arab hostility. It just goes to show how easy it is to get people to believe something that is totally at odds with ‘reality’.

Keep in mind that this Deir Yasin massacre came ‘hot on the heels’ of Ilya Ehrenburg’s Moscow radio broadcasts to the Soviet soldiers invading Germany which incited the soldiers to kill every man, woman, and child, with especial emphasis on ‘pregnant women’. Just like in the Old Testament ‘ripping up pregnant women’. The millions of German women raped at the command of this Jewish Soviet Commissar attest to the endurance of the Cult of Judaism’s barbaric ‘code of ethics’ and ‘moral’ ‘laws’. The ones we are told formed the basis of the Western legal and moral codes! Ask the soldiers at Katyn Forest, the 14,000 Officers and government workers butchered on the orders of the Jewish Soviet Kommisars and Soviet Party leadership. Even Putin admits they were at least 85% ‘Jewish’. It does not take any leap of the imagination to work out where the Bolshevik ‘reign of terror’ got its ‘ethics’ and ‘moral compass’ from. Marx was the son of a Talmudic Rabbi. Lenin and Trotsky were Jews. Stalin’s father was Jewish, as were several of his wives. I have documented the ‘Jewish’ nature of the Jew.S.S.R in many videos and chapters of other books, where you can establish the facts for yourself.

Today we know that Lenin was Jewish and all of the leaders of his first government were Jews. They were Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Sverdlow. However this fact was hidden from the entire world, and remains one of the best kept secrets, though the facts exist in ‘the public domain’ for anyone to verify.

It is no wonder that the ‘Jews’ could manage to ‘steal’ the revolution away from all contenders for political leadership in Russia. The wealthiest Jewish banker in the world at that time, Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb investment bank of New York City, gave Trotsky and Lenin $20 million(Billions in todays money) to overthrow the Czar and establish the Soviet tyranny (according to the “NEW YORK JOURNAL-AMERICAN” of February 3, 1949.) And this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, in terms of Western collusion with the ‘Bolshevik’ revolution in Russia.

The same ‘support’ continued on into our day, with the ‘Jew’.S.A and Banksters, along with the IMF and World Bank, and Non Government Organisations funded by the Jewnited States occupation government, and rich individuuals like George Soros, providing billions of dollars in direct financial support to the ‘Jew’ World Order ‘Chaos makers’ and ‘Destroyers of security, stability, democracy, peace, and justice’. All the ‘color revolutions’ since the ‘Red’ one, occurred on the same lines, in the same ways. Never real popular grass roots uprisings by locals. Always contrived, orchestrated, financed, and directed, by the ‘Jew’ World Order. Today it is aptly ‘Double-Speak’ named NGO’s like the N.E.D (National Endowment for Democracy) funded by C.I.A drug running, and the Soros ‘Open Society Foundation’, that provide the logistics, intel, snipers, and ‘slush funds’, along with guaranteed worldwide mass media glorification and eulogisation of the ‘criminals’, with universal demonisation of the lawful, popular, democratically elected ‘enemies’ of the ‘Jew’ World Order.

When Brendon O’Connell and others state that the state of Israel is based in genocide, he is not, like me, referring to the Old Testament genocide for which we have no evidence other than the ‘Jews’ own holy books. He is referring to factually documented and never denied genocidal massacre at Deir Yasin carried out by Menachim Begin’s terrorist organisation. Of course Menachim Begin went on to become Prime Minister of Israel. He was doing ‘God’s work’. He was a ‘good Jew’. He was operating under the Cult of Judaism’s ‘ethical system’. Guided by that cult’s ‘moral compass’. Acting according to that cult’s ‘laws’.

The notion of Jews being ‘victims’ of other nations, throughout history, soon appears utterly ridiculous when you look at the facts documented by the Jews ‘modern’ history. They began with an ‘origin story’ of horrific proportions, as the perpetrators of genocide of every man, woman, child, unborn child, and animal, of the peaceful inhabitants of what is today Palestine. ‘Ripping up pregnant women’ inclusive. Does THAT sound like a story of victimhood to YOU? The old Polish saying goes: ‘The Jew will attack you, then when you go to defend yourself, they will call out ‘help, police, I’m being attacked’. THAT is your ‘Jewish’ definition of ‘victimhood’.

Even in Brendon O’Connell’s case, it was the ‘Jews’ who insulted his calm, peaceful protestors, as ‘disgusting’. But who spent years in jail for ‘offending’ the poor innocent ‘Jew’? Who was the REAL victim here? And who will probably go down in history as the victim? Assuming the Cult of Judaism continues its almost unabated march to victory and domination of the entire planet!

Thousands of years later the ‘Jews’ returned, and repeated the ‘historical’ precedent. Of course these ‘Jews’ had zero genetic connection to the genocidal murderers of the Old Testament. These ‘Jews’ were from Eastern Europe, from Russia, and originally Khazars. These were ‘AshkendNAZI ‘‘Jews’. They were not, in their leader, Menachim Begin’s’ own words, ‘willing to wait for the messiah’. They were going to take matters into their own hands. They were not even acting according to the ‘Law’. But the ‘Cult of Judaism’ wrote that ‘Law’, so it was free to break it at a whim.

And here a note on the ‘value’ of the Torah / Old Testament as a predictive tool. We cannot know if the Old Testament genocides actually occurred, or were written down for later ‘belief’ as a historical precedent and role model for future Jewish actions to be carried out at the Cult of Judaism’s command.

But we can know that the Old Testament is constantly being used to day as a role model, a ‘moral’ compass, an ‘ethical’ guide, and ‘historical’ precedent’ for an ongoing genocide against the modern day Palestinian people, and other Arabs currently inhabiting the lands that the Old Testament / Torah has promised to the Cult of Judaism and it’s ‘Jewish’ members.

This means that the state of Israel will not rest until it fulfills its ‘Biblical mission’ of both re-taking the entire ‘Greater Israel’ area, and assuming its self-defined, but of course ‘God’ given, right to rule the entire planet as the Jew World Order, one world government, with total control over everyone and everything. This means that the motto ‘Serve the Cult of Judaism or die’ is still in effect. And it will be enforced. There is no reason to doubt that the state of Israel will hesitate to destroy Germany, the U.S.A, and any other nation it has identified with / as ‘Amalek’ or ‘Edom’. Watch the video I keep referring to for exact details. That Rabbi has no fear of prosecution for his blatantly criminal racial vilification and incitement to genocide. That in itself should open your eyes to the power of the Jewdiciary in YOUR nation. If I made the exact same video, but merely replaced the words ‘Amalek’ and ‘Edom’ with ‘Israel’ and ‘Jew’, I would be in prison as you read this. I have reported that hate speech and racial vilification and incitement to genocide to Youtube, The Southern Poverty Law Center, and the ADL. Can you guess at the response I have gotten so far? After several weeks?

The Yeir Dasin massacre, and the lack of consequences for Israel, is also an example of the parallel actions of the world revolution and the Zionist revolution, in which the U.S President defies the U.S constitution, every one of his expert advisors, and every member of his own party, along with the U.S Congress and the basic democratic process per se, to sign an executive order that works in the interests of the Cult of Judaism and against the interests of the U.S citizens, world peace, justice, and liberty. For after this act of genocide, the U.S President signed an executive order ‘recognizing’ the state of Israel. Even though everyone had advised against it. Even though the U.S people never got to vote on the matter, let alone debate it in Congress. Even though the U.S had zero to gain from such an act. Even though the act itself could have ignited world war three. This behavior is indicative of how the U.S government has been ‘occupied’ by Presidents who were actively working in the interests of the Cult of Judaism, and the ‘Jew’ world order, rather than in the interests of the U.S. At least since WWI and President Wilson, who signed into power, without public debate, on New Years Eve, the Bill that gave the ‘Jew’ world order control over the U.S banking system and money supply, and who committed the U.S into World War One, after being elected on the promise that he would keep the U.S OUT of the war. The list of Cult of Judaism / ‘Jew’ World Order interventions in U.S government policies is endless, with most of their ‘interventions’ being carried out virtually ‘in secret’ at best, and generally by ‘executive orders’ which totally bypassed the democratic system, denying U.S citizens the right to decide on matters key to their well being, their survival as a sovereign nation, and even their literal survival as individuals. Presidents who sought to challenge the power of the Jew World Order were driven out of office, or in the case of JFK, Lincoln, and possibly others, assassinated.

The ‘Jews’ go on about how ‘the Arab states will not accept the existence of the State of Israel’. And how for thousands of years we have seen State scale acts of ‘anti-semitism’.

But of course they fail to mention the WHY of all of this. Apart from exaagerating most of the ‘pogroms’ and ‘expulsions’, they simply fail to state the provocations the ‘Jews’ had made, and the totally understandable, reasonable, rational, self-controlled, reasons behind these State’s actions. The rational, logical, self-preservation instincts that have lead, over and over, to nations and states ejecting the cult of Judaism and its members, core and peripherall, as a cance, a threat, a danger, a poison, a toxin, a disease, a virus, and vicious and virulent and potent evil.

Pause for a moment to consider what ‘the State of Israel’ means. What ‘Semitism’ is. Both are ideas. Ideologies. Belief systems. And the most core tenet of these belief systems are that the ‘Jews’ have the right to genocidally exterminate anyone that resists, in any shape, way, or form, the Cult of Judaism’s plans to first occupy the ‘Greater Israel’ region from the Euphrates to the Nile, and the Mediterannean Sea, and from this ‘Greater Israel’ base, rule the entire world. Anyone who will not serve this ‘Jew World Order’, this ‘Cult of Judaism’, is to be slaughtered, man, woman, child, unborn child, along with their animals. This is as much the original ‘Mosaic’ Law as it is ‘Talmudic Law’, and no matter what might be published in some ‘Shulcan Aruch’ to appease the ‘Goys’ while the Jew World Order is under construction, the actual acts depicted in the Bible are proof enough, either as actual historical events, or ‘legal’ and ‘moral’ and ‘ethical’ precedents and role models. If you doubt this is what the ‘Old Testament’ / Torah is all about, still, after the ‘Jews’ ‘Reign of Terror’ in the Jew.S.S.R, and the genocide of Deir Yesin, then stay with me, for the list of Jew World Order / Cult of Judaism crimes is endless. There is a clear pattern for anyone able to put off the ‘blinkers’ and ‘filters’ and ‘conditioning’ of a lifetime of propaganda and manipulation. A clear pattern that identifies the Cult of Judaism is the largest threat ever known to humanity. The most malicious and powerful and ruthless cult that has ever reproduced itself over generations, over thousands of years of patient psychopathic, deluded, infantile, neurotic, insanity. Brilliant insanity. Pure genius. Purely evil genius.

The biggest trick is that the Cult produced later cults through which it could attain its ends, but which appeared to be both ‘rejections’ of the Cult of Judaism, and ‘evolutions’ of it. In this way the two new cults, Islam and Christianity, granted ‘status’ and ‘respect’ to the Cult of Judaism, as their precursor or progenitor. Their ‘father’ if you like. These new cults would then be set against each other in the final war that would leave the world crying out for a ‘solution’ to the problems that the Cult itself produced. The Cult will step forward, in the form of its proxies, the U.N and other supposedly ‘nice’ organisations, to offer that ‘solution’, which will turn out to be the REAL problem. But once they have that power, this problem will NEVER have any solution. For the slightest resistance, challenge, defiance, or criticism will be responded to in the same way you’d expect a two year old, throwing a tantrum of lasae majestie, to respond. Simply by annihilating the ‘irritating’ thing ‘frustrating’ their will being done.

Just watch the video with the Rabbi. Pure insanity with a smug complacent smile. This is true evil. If Youtube ‘Community guidelines’ and ‘Hate Speech’ definitions had anything to do with real hate speech, and racial vilification, and incitement, then the account where the video appeared originally would have been terminated, and Interpol would have sent out arrest warrants months ago. The man would be in jail awaiting the most serious charges anyone has ever seen. But no, who goes to jail for years? ‘Holocaust Deniers’, Israeli illegal nuke program whistle-blowers, ‘Historical revisionists’, and ‘anti-semites’. Basically anyone who in any form protests against the Cult of Judaism, and seeks to inform others about the danger this Cult represents to every human, and animal, on this earth.

No-one is forcing anyone to be ‘Jewish’. Not anyone outside the Cult of Judaism. Anyone who defines themselves as ‘Jewish’ is associating / affiliating themselves with the Cult of Judaism. There is nothing ‘natural’ or ‘genetic’ or ‘compelling’ or ‘necessary’ about defining yourself as ‘Jewish’. You can stop doing it from one moment to the next. Like exiting any other Cult. All the beliefs that make people ‘feel’ ‘Jewish’ and ‘identify’ as ‘Jewish’ are products of the Cult of Judaism. They are mere ‘beliefs’. You can stop believing all the beliefs of a cult and have no problem with ‘reality’. It is not like no longer believing in ‘gravity’. Just do it. Leave the Cult of Judaism.

We shall see that the real ‘Jews’, the ancestors of very few of the current cult membership, actually ‘cried’ when their Cult of Judaism Cult masters returned, with the force of a foreign power, to force them back into a submission to the Cult, after they had happily integrated and assimilated with their neighbours, and humanity.

Why do you think ‘Jews’ financed the Nazi Regime and work camps? Why do you think ‘Jews’ carry out attacks on the host nation, to increase ‘anti-semitism’? Why do you think Rabbi’s paint swastikas on their own Temple walls? Why do you think ‘Jewish’ owned mass media fabricate, manufacture, and hype up, false flags and faked ‘anti-semitic’ attacks? To create the false impression that ‘anti-semitism is on the rise and a real threat to every jew?

Do you think most ‘Jews’ want to be part of the Cult of Judaism, to live under its micro-management system? To be the tools of the Cult leaders. Mere means to the Cult of Judaism’s ends? They never did. They have always been compelled and coerced and tricked, by force, or by propaganda, or by ‘manufactured anti-semitism’ and ‘provoked anti-semitism’, from the very beginning. To comprehend this we have to go back to the Cult’s own writings.

And remember that the prophet’s, and ‘preachers’ like Ecclesiastes, and my favorite, Obadiah (For as you do unto others, so shall be done unto you) who appear in your Old Testament are only there to give a final ‘patina’ of ‘wisdom’ and ‘beneficience’ to the ‘Torah’, which is ultimately little more than a guide book for sociopathic would be world tyrants. For Obadiah, the Cult Leaders will say, only included ‘OTHER CULT MEMBERS’ under the rubric ‘others’. And ‘neighbours’ only refers to fellow cult members. NOT ‘outsiders’.

THAT is what ‘Semitism’ is. It is not about ‘Jews’. And so anti-Semitism is NOT about hating any person. It is about logically and rationally and with a sense ofself preservation and love of liberty and freedom, rejecting the Ideology of the Cult of Judaism, the ideology of ‘Semitism’. Semitism is a repugnant ideology of racial supremacism, racism, exceptionalism, genocide, slavery, theft, and rape. Anyone, including ‘Jews’, who are not anti-Semitic, are enemies of humanity, enemies of freedom, enemies of liberaty, enemies of fraternity, enemies of justice, enemies of truth. If you are not anti-semitic, according to this working definition, this naturalistic operationalization of the idea of ‘semitism’ and ‘anti-semitism’, then you are are lacking in logic, reason, empathy, humanity, and the most basic instincts ofself-preservation, and the defence of your own interests, your own lives, and that of your loved ones.

Remember that most ‘Jews’ have merely inherited a vague ‘identity’, one which means little more than a few ‘traditions’, foodstuffs, items of clothing, and holidays. These ‘Jews’ have been the victim of the Cult of Judaism, from the very start, as much as the rest of humanity. In fact it is the Cult’s orchestrated ‘victimisation’ of ‘Jews’ that forms the greatest part of this sense of being a ‘separate’ people with a ‘unique’ future not shared with the rest of us mere ‘humans’, with the rest of ‘humanity’. A ‘shared belief in a shared history of persecution’ is one of the easiest ways to ‘bind’ disparate people into a common, shared, ‘identity’, such as an ‘ethnic group’ or ‘nation’, as a ‘closed group’. Without this belief in their own persecution, there is nothing ‘binding’ most ‘Jews’ together as a ‘tribe’ at all. And so the Cult arranges, periodically, and continually, to ensure that their membership ‘feels’ persecuted, even to the point of funding anti-semitic political groups, and provoking them to physical violence. Remember that the Cult of Judaism does not have the interests of ‘Jews’, its nomninal ‘members’, at heart. It serves the narrow perceieved interests of a very small group of Cult of Judaism leaders. This leadership is indifferent to the suffering of its members. It will happily sacrifice 6 million of them in the planned third world war via which they expect to consolidate the Jew World Order power structures already in place, into a one world government. Once this happens, it will literally be a case of ‘serve the Cult of Judaism or die’. And you will serve as slaves with the same ‘rights’ a farmer grants their mule, donkey, or other beast of burden. And I expect that most ‘Jews’ who survive will find themselves little better than slaves themselves, as they were in the past, as we shall consider in a moment.

For ‘Holocaust’ ‘true believers’

If you want to believe that ‘The Holocaust’ is not pure propaganda, then you will have to believe the Daily Herald about Germans in football clothes playing football in a stadium near Kiev, using 500 Jewish babies as the balls. Or that Germans made soap from the fat of human victims. And lampshades from the skins of Jewish babies. That they placed Jews in rooms with electrified floors, to electrocute them. That they placed Jews in cages with wild bears and eagles, that ripped them to pieces. That Germans perfected some technology that allowed them to cremate bodies at a rate that no crematory before or since has ever been able to match, to hit a death toll of 6 million which just coincidentally perfectly matched the number of ‘victims’ the Jewish propaganda had been reporting since long before WWI, to ‘satisfy’ a disputed text in Leviticus about when the ‘Jews’ would ‘return’ to ‘Israel’.

You will have to believe that when burned in the ovens, you could tell the nationality of the Jewish victim whose body was being cremated, by the color of the smoke their burning corpse gave off. You’ll have to believe that the Nazi’s at Auschwitz built a gas chamber right across the road from their officers quarters, a canteen for the camp guards, and even a hospital for the Germans themselves. You will have to dismiss all the statements by Jews that they ‘never actually saw any gas chambers or crematoria’.

You will have to dismiss the reports of Jews who entered what they had been told by other Jews were ‘gas chambers’, but where instead of Zyklon B gas falling from the ‘fake’ shower heads, warm soapy water instead fell down upon the ‘victims’. You will have to believe that Germans would risk blowing themselves up, and poisoning the entire SS garrison, by ‘jerry rigging’ really rough holes in the ceiling of a bomb shelter, to throw down very combustible and lethal Zyklon B ‘pellets’, into a room with exposed electric light globes, and strangely enough, glass windows, and bomb-proof doors with the handles and locks on the inside.

You would have to believe that despite thousands of people having been lined up against a particular brick wall and shot, not a single piece of evidence of any bullet holes in that wall have ever been found. You’d have to believe that SS officers would swim in a pool in the middle of a ‘death’ camp. You would have to dismiss all the reports by Jews and other inmates about swimming competitions. The camp currency and shop. The Camp sauna and dental and medical facilities. The camp music hall and orchestra. You’d have to dismiss thousands of actual photos of such camp activities being enjoyed by inmates, Jew, Communist, Catholic, and Gypsy, alike, as propaganda which the inmates decided, of their own accord, to fabricate, and keep as ‘souvenirs’ after the war.

You’d have to dismiss every aerial photograph which showed there was never enough coal in the camp at any time during its operation to power the supposed ‘ovens’. You’d have to dismiss the fact that zero residue of ‘Prussian Blue’, the byproduct of Zyklon B use, could be found by independent chemical analysts, including the Polish authorities own specialists who run the Auschwitz museum. Whereas the delousing chamber, the only actual ‘gas chamber’ ever found, was saturated with the residue, which left the brickword a beautiful ‘Prussian Blue’ color.

You will have to dismiss the official international Red Cross records of all deaths in the work camps from the day they opened, until after ‘liberation’, which show that the combined deaths from all causes was in the range of thousands of people, all camp inmates inclusive, as compared to the official ‘Holocaust’ claims of ‘4 million’. [In order to raise the total to that oddly precise figure that had been thrown around by Jews since the time of the Russian Czars, a number apparently very important to the Zionists, as a ‘Biblical’ prophecy].

You would have to overlook that the photos often presented as ‘Jewish victims of the death camps’ were in fact photos of Russian soldiers, and photos of British Army personnel driving earth moving equipment to bury people who had died long after the ‘liberation’. You will have to ask yourself why the Allies bombed and machine gunned buildings marked with the Red Cross, and clearly identifyable as camp hospitals, murdering thousands of Jewish inmates. And why the French Red Cross were denied access to these camps after ‘liberation’, after rumours were spreading that the Soviet ‘liberation’ forces were deliberately killing inmates, and denying others food, and medical care.

You would have to deny the massive documentary evidence, with thousands of eyewitness testimonies, and official Soviet, German, and Allied records, all documenting the fact that there were more forced labourers in the work camps after liberation, than during the Nazi occupation of Eastern Europe, and Germany combined. Official figures exceeded 15 million forced laborers in 1945, just at the start of the ‘reboot’ of the Russian Gulag / forced labor system, after most inmates had been redirected from hard labor to military duties.Of course this was all ‘legalised’ at Yalta, and ‘initialled by Roosevelt and Churchill. Facts you probably were not aware of, as your Jewish mass media and Communist Party publications never let the ‘facts’ get very far, in the public consciousness.

‘Party loyalty’ replaced the Cults ‘laws and statutes’, but demanded the same unthinking, unhesitating obedience from ‘party members’ as it once did from ‘Orthodox’ ‘Jews’. The Communist party imposed the exact same ‘dictatorship of the mind’ upon its ‘Party faithful’ as the Levitical Priests imposed upon the Cult of Judah’s ‘chosen people’.The same harsh punishments were meted out for the slightest disobedience to Party / Cult dogma, and its intricate web of ‘laws and statutes’. Blind obedience was demanded, and enforce with the death penalty. No questioning was ever tolerated. Even hesitating to comply was grounds for suspicion. And suspicion was enough for a party official to sign an administrative order.

Just to clarify, Joseph Staling himself, in a reply given on January 12, 1931 to an enquiry made by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency of America, stated: ‘Anti-Semitism is strictly prosecuted as a phenomenon hostile to the Soviet system. According to the laws of the U.S.S.R. active anti-Semites are punished with death.’

You’d have to deny the facts of tens of thousands of Estonians being deported, from improvised ‘stations’ within a few hundred meters of my current Soviet built flat, for no other ‘crime’ than not being ‘sufficiently supportive of the ‘liberation’ forces of the ‘Jew’.S.S.R.

You’d have to deny the reports by an original ‘true believer’ Soviet official who could no longer bear the burden of the ‘legalised’ horrors he had witnessed, and been forced to take part in, George Peltov, who defected to the West in 1945.He was head of the Tebriuka Agricultural Institute. Archives in the Reich dating back to the Nazi-Soviet pact of documents transmitted from Russia formed part of an irrefutable ‘body of proof’, as compared to the absolute lack of any proof for any Nazi death camps, or policies of extermination of ‘Jews’.

Buchenwald at that time housed more forced laborers than at any time in its history. Keep this in mind when you look at photos of supposed ‘Nazi’ atrocities. They were really ‘Soviet’ a.k.a ‘Jew’ World Order crimes against humanity.

You’d have to deny the intercepted and decoded transmissions that the famously celebrated ‘Fitchley Park’ code breaking teams documented, clearly proving that the British and Allies knew, long before even most people today, that the ‘Jewish’ Soviet Kommisars had ordered and carried out the massacre of up to 14,000 Polish intellectuals, military officers, and other potential ‘adversaries’ of the Jew World Order occupation government of Poland, as part of the ‘Katyn forest massacre’. Up until recently the official ‘Jew’ World Order fiction that the Nazi’s had carried out this massacre had been maintained. Only when Russian historians themselves published the facts, did the full spectrum propaganda machine relent, and simply stopped ‘mentioning’ the massacre. Of course it never ‘printed a retraction’. Defamation of Germans and especially the Nazi regime are the real ‘objectives’ of the ADL. You’ll never see an ‘apology’ from the ADL for the claims of ‘lampshades made from the sking of Jewish babies’ or ‘soap made from the fat of Jews’. But in fact if you deny these ‘official legal fictions’, then you are literally, legally, a ‘Holocaust Denier’. Most ‘Holocaust’ historians in Auschwitz and Israel itself are literally, legally, criminals, as they have publically debunked such propaganda lies, along with ‘revised’ numbers for ‘deaths’ in the work camps. Oops, just made myself a ‘Holocaust denier’ by failing to call them ‘death’ camps. Makes one wonder though, how the ‘race’ credited with the greatest efficiency, and technological ingenuity, and industrial talent, and obedience to orders, proved to be incapable of carrying out such a simple order, as we are told was given. Germans couldn’t murder a few million defenseless civilians over all those years? They proved so incompetent as to leave millions and millions of ‘survivors’ of ‘death’ camps? You see if you are going to accept the propaganda lies, you are going to have to explain why the Germans proved so useless at carrying out their assigned task. You are going to have to deny the inconsistency of the very narrow incompetence of Germansin carrying out such this particular supposed ‘order’, when they proved so competent in all other areas during WWI, WWII, and since.

George Peltov ‘blew the whistle’, but was anyone allowed to hear it? The entire Soviet ‘workers paradise’ was really operated as one large forced labor camp. But to maintain the illusion of a ‘workers paradise’, and to avoid mass counter-revolutions of the workers, limits were imposed on just how hard the ‘free’ worker could be forced to work. And in any case, when you reduced the workers rations below a certain level, their output, their production, began declining. So the ‘Jew.’S.S.R leadership ‘legalised’ the equivalent of the Patriot Act which then allowed the party to arrest, without trial, millions of people, and as purely ‘administrative’ acts, such as the unconstitutional ‘laws’ imposed today by various unelected beauracracies around the world, from ‘radio and t.v license fines’, to E.P.A ‘custodial’ sentences for breaching ‘administrative’ orders, all consistent with the Cult of Judah’s micromanagement via ‘laws and statutes’ with zero real authority, other than that which the Cult leaders granted themselves.

Under the ‘Jew’.S.S.R’s Cult of Judah regime, labor productivity was given and artificial ‘boost’ simply by working people to death, on starvation rations. Already in 1934 the NKVD was invested with the ‘legal’ authority to impose sentences of internment in labor camps for periods not exceeding 5 years, on the basis of a simple administrative order, without trial. Victims of these policies worked 14 hour days for a pound of bread. When they got too sick to work, they were moved to ‘hospitals’ they were systematically starved to death. Starvation, cold, scurvy, dystentry, and simple exhaustion, took a massive toll on the slave workers.

You would have to deny the clear analogy between such ‘slave labor’ and the Torah’s commands to enslave ‘the nations’ and ‘destroy them utterly’. Of course you’d have to deny the clear corollary between the commands to ‘destroy their places of worship’, and the Soviet ordered destruction of Russian Orthodox Christian churches. And to ignore that not a single ‘temple or ‘synagogue’ was ever even slightly damaged.

You’d have to deny Nobel Prize winning writer Alexandr Solzehnitsyn’s reports of ‘strings of slave labor camps suddenly appearing along entire stretches of Russian railway tracks, like pearls on some monstrous, unending necklace of horror’. You’d have to deny his superbly documented evidence of up to 70 million people falling victim to the Cult of Judah in the ‘Jew’.S.S.R. You’d have to deny all the facts and figures in this book, and my other books, regarding the almost absolutely, purely, ‘Jewish’ nature of the Soviet Union, its policies, its ‘laws and statutes’, and its actions, all of which completely correspond, and can be traced back to, the ‘Torahs’ commands to destroy ‘the nations’ utterly, to destroy their places of worship, to’ rip up pregnant women’, and ‘dash the heads of their little ones upon the stones’.

If you are going to ‘believe’ the propaganda, then you will have to ask yourself how ‘survivors’ like ‘Kitty’ were able to not just survive so many ‘death camps’, but why the camp commandants of ‘death camps’ would give her, and many other ‘Jews’ passports and travel voucher to move across Eastern Europe and back into Germany. You would really need to be comfortable dismissing all the known, documented, proven indications and evidence that ‘The Holocaust’ was propaganda, meant to scare the ‘Jews’ to leave Europe, and move to the hot, stinking, disease ridden, desert, to ‘occupy’ another people’s land. And to amass worldwide sympathy for the ‘Jews’ as ‘innocent victims’ who must be given special treatment, even at the expense of justice for the Palestinians. You’d have to wonder why people would devote their lives, and risk and endure long prison sentences, simply for trying to draw your attention to simple facts of chemistry, statistics, documents, and the ‘survivors’ own statements.

You’d have to dismiss admissions by Allied ‘interrogators’ that they gained falsed ‘admissions of guilt’ by the use of torture. That they even threatened the German officer’s families, if the German officer being ‘questioned’ would not offer an admission of guilt.

You’d have to overlook ‘surivor’ testimonies that state that they were separated from family members at transit camps like ‘Treblinka’ (where the only oven ever on site was used for baking bread that was given to the transportees, along with soup and ersatz coffee: don’t believe me, watch the ‘surivors’ testimony’s given to the Shoa interviewers) and only ‘assumed’ that their family members had been killed. They had been told this by other ‘Jews’. But they admit they never saw anyone killed. Then you’d have to dismiss all the reports of ‘Jews’, along with other Russian Prisoners of war, who were forced to travel East, away from their families in the West. The families in the West assumed that the family members they were separated from had been killed. The survivors forced to move east into the Jew.S.S.R occupation zones, were told that the family members they had been separated from, who were in fact now alive and well in Germany and France, had been killed. So the ‘Jews’ can be forgiven for their false perceptions of reality. They were lied to and abused as much as we were, and continue to be, by the ‘Holocaust’ industry promoters.

You would have to ignore the way in which ‘Germany’ has been defined as ‘Amalek’ for centuries, since at least the Franco Prussian war. You’d hav to ignore the clear parallels between the biblical Amalek, and other Old Testament genocides, and the deliberate machine gunning, from fighter planes, of men, women, children, and even Zoo animals, at Dresden, who had managed to survive one of the real ‘Holocausts’ of WWII, the firebombing of Dresden. Yes folks, ‘men, women, children, unborn children, and their animals. Just as that Rabbi in the video incites all Jews to repeat the moment they have the power to fulfill the Cult’s commands, as supposedly made to Moses, by YHWH.

You’d have to overlook the Jewish Kommisar Ehrenberg’s orders to the Soviet occupation forces to kill men, women, children, and even unborn babies in their mother’s womb. You’d have to overlook the parallels with the ‘ripping up of pregnant women’ ordered by YHWH, via Moses, in the Old Testamentand the orders given by the Jewish Soviet Kommisars to the ‘liberating’ Soviet armies to rape any German woman between 8 and 80. Literally. Young girls, and old women included. Just like in the Torah. That ‘Holy’ book we are all supposed to cherish and venerate as ‘divine authority’, whether Jew, Christian, or Muslim.

Remember, according to the Council of Trent, ‘the churches of all denominations receive and accept” the Old Testament “as given by inspiration of God, therefore being for them a Divine rule or guide of faith and practice’.

And according to the Torah, Islam is a continuation of ‘The Torah’, as a ‘Torah in the Arabic language’.

That is just a little of what you’d have to ignore, overlook, and dismiss as ‘anti-semitic propaganda’. As ‘Holocaust denial’. As ‘historical revisionism’. Even though all the things I have just mentioned are documented facts. Documented by the Soviets. Documented by the Allies and Red Cross. Proven. Factual. Inescapable facts.

You really need to be able and willing to overlook, dismiss, and ignore all the overwhelming evidence proving that ‘The Holocaust’ is a hoax. A huge propaganda coup for the Zionists. It pushed public opinion in their favor, despite their constant war crimes, terrorist acts, and crimes against humanity in Palestine. Against Palestinians, British soldiers, and U.N personnel. As we shall see shortly. But this brief chapter was just to get you curious enough to read my other three books. At no cost to you, if you chose.

The Biblical ‘promise’ to the Cult of Judah made good, as ‘the nations’ send their treasure to Israel as ‘tributaries’

Reed notes that by June 1953 total United States Government assistance to Israel amounted to $293,000,000, with a further $200,000,000 in such forms as Export-Import bank loans…President Truman’s “technical aid” programme stated (October, 1952).

The New York Herald-Tribune (March 12, 1953) said the total amount of United States money, including private gifts and loans, amounted to “more than $1,000,000,000 during the first five years of Israel’s existence”, which, it added, had thus been “ensured”. On top of all this came the German tribute, extorted by the American Government, of 520,000,000 Israeli pounds annually.

Thus the vision of “the heathen” bringing the treasures of the earth to Jerusalem began to become reality in the form of American money, German tribute and the like.

“Jerusalem is the capital of the world no less than the capital of Israel” (the Zionist mayor of Jerusalem, 1952).

This is the exact fulfillment of the Cult of Judah’s political ideology and strategy, as expressed in ‘The Talmud’.

The ‘Jew World Order’ occupation from Russia to Europe, to India, to the U.S.A, to Australia

In the 1920’s, the Maharajah of Kashmir asked Sir Arthur Lothian, ‘why the British government was establishing a ‘Yehudi ka Raj’ (Rule of the Jews) in India? The Viceroy, Lord Reading, was a Jew, the Secretary of State, Mr. Edwin Montague, was a Jew, the High Commissioner, Sir William Meyer, was a Jew’. Thus a remote Indian Maharajah, almost a century ago, clearly saw the true shape of coming events in the Western world.

The Egyptian Prime Minister told Count Bernadotte that “Jewish economic power controlled the economic system of. . . the United States, England, France, and Egypt itself. . .” The leaders of all the Arab states have openly and repeatedly charged that the American government has become merely the instrument of Zionist ambitions and have pointed to their own experience as the proof.

When Reed wrote about the world ‘Jewish-controlled revolution’ (Jew World Order) he was clear in stating that this movement was not (consciously / deliberately / intentionally / knowingly) supported by even the majority of ‘Jews’. In fact the greatest open, often loud and insistent, public opposition to both ‘tips of the spear’, a.k.a Zionism and Communism, came from the ‘emancipated’ ‘Jews’ themselves, from their prosperous and well assimilated new national homelands in Europe and America.

However the active core of the world ‘communist’ revolution, in Russia, as elsewhere, were overwhelmingly ‘Jews’

The ‘Communist’‘Spartacus League’ in Germany was headed by a Jew trained in the Jew.S.S.R. Adam Weishaupt’s ‘code name’ in the Illuminati was ‘Spartacus’, for you ‘co-incidence theorists.

Most of the leaders of this communist plot were Jews. These included Rosa Luxembourg, Leo Jogiches (from Poland), Paul Lévi, Eugene Levine (from Russia), and Karl Liebknecht. The short-lived Bolshevist Government of Bavaria (with Adolf Hitler among its soldiers as ‘spy’or ‘experimenting youth’ or ‘Jew World Order collaborator?) was headed by Jews such as Kurt Eisner, Ernst Toller and Eugene Levine.

The Jew World Order propagandists will claim that after the initial ‘Reign of Terror’ carried out by the Jewish lead Bolsheviks, the ethnic ‘Russians’ regained control. However this is just one case of ‘managed appearances. Just as today people imagine that Putin is a Jew World Order resistance leader, and that he has kicked out all the ‘Jewish Oligarchs’ from Russia. In fact most of them have quietly been brought back to Russia, and none of the ‘assets’ stolen from the Russian people were ever returned to them. Just like the Billions in Libyan ‘Sovereign fund’ investments never returned to the Libyan people.

Moscow in 1935 was run by Jewish oligarchs such as Maxim Litvinoff, and Oumansky, despite appearances to the contrary, in the West’s minds.

In 1937. A. Stolypine wrote that the substitution of Russians or others for Jews “on the highest rungs of the Soviet official ladder” was patently a tactical move and that the Jews “still have in their hands the principle levers of control; the day they are obliged to give them up the Marxist edifice will collapse like a house of cards”. He enumerated the high offices still occupied by Jews and in particular pointed out that the key-positions of real control, through terror, all remained in Jewish hands. These were the concentration and slave-labour camps (controlled by a Jewish triumvirate; they contained perhaps seven million Russians); the prisons (all Soviet prisoners were governed by a Jewish commissar); the entire newspublication-and-distribution machinery, including the censorship; and the essentially ‘Cult of Judah’ system of “political commissars”, through which the armed forces were kept under terrorist discipline.

The same situation was repeated in the ‘occupied’ nations of the Jew.S.S.R. There was no ‘natural’ reason for ‘Jews’ to occupy the most important government and managerial positions in the ‘Eastern Bloc’ nations. They were not ‘popularly elected’. They were not ‘the most competent people available. They were not even welcomed by their host nations, but forcibly imposed upon them by Moscow, at the point of a tank barrel.

In ‘Soviet’ Poland the United States Ambassador, Mr. Arthur Bliss Lane, saw and recorded the prevalence of Jews, many of them alien, in the key-posts of terrorism. Major Tufton Beamish, a Member of the British Parliament, wrote, “Many of the most powerful Communists in Eastern Europe are Jews. . . I have been surprised and shocked to discover the large proportion of Jews to be found in the ranks of the Secret Police forces”.

In 1938 a Mr. Butenko, who held a lower-rank post in the Soviet diplomatic service, fled to Italy rather than obey an order of recall from Bucharest to Moscow. He stated in the Giornale d’ltalia that the new ruling class in his country was almost exclusively Jewish. Particularly in the Ukraine, the entire administration and all industry were in such hands, and this was a policy deliberately followed by Moscow.

Thus the identity of the managers of the revolution did not change substantially between 1917 and 1939. It was all ‘impression management’. ‘Perception engineering’. The Jew World Order attempted to make its ‘Jewish’ nature less obvious. The ‘Jewish’ power less obtrusive. To give the false impression that ‘Russians’ and ‘local’s were ‘back in control’. In fact while they placed ‘Goys’ at the ‘front desk’ as the ‘public face’ of their regimes and institutions, it was always and everywhere ‘Jews’ that held the ‘levers of control’.

In Hungary the chief terrorist leaders were all Jews trained in Russia: Matyas Rakosi, Bela Kun, Erno Geroe and Tibor Szamuely.

The historian of the Communist International, Herr F. Borkenau, wrote, “Most of the Bolshevik and left Socialist leaders and a considerable percentage of their executive staff had been Jews. . . anti-semitism was therefore the natural form of reaction against Bolshevism”.

And so we see the real reason the first ‘Anti-semitism’ laws in the world were enacted. Simply to obfuscate the reality that ‘Jews’ were the problem, and not ‘communism’ in itself.

In Spain, the Jew World Order ‘revolution’ was active in 1931. Ethnic Spaniards became disillusioned upon finding that it was having ‘Jews’ imposed upon it as leaders.

In fact many of the clergy and Catholic laity voted for the republic, only to find the ‘Jews’ declaring open hostility against their faith, and their religion.

The ‘Cult of Judah’ viper, this time garlanded among the humanist ideology of ‘Communism’, revealed itself in wholescale massacres of priests, rapes and murders of nuns, and destruction of Churches, just like during the ‘Russian’ (sic) Revolution in Russia, Ukraine, and elsewhere. All in keeping with the Cult of Judaism’s ‘laws and statutes’, both ‘Mosaic’ and ‘Talmudic’.

The ‘Russian’ Commissar for Public Instruction, Lunatscharsky, stated publicly that: “We hate Christianity and Christians; even the best of them must be looked upon as our worst neighbours. They preach the love of our neighbours and mercy, which is contrary to our principles. Down with the love of our neighbour; what we want is hatred. We must learn how to hate and it is only then that we shall conquer the world”. This is pure Cult of Judah talk. Pure ‘ideology of Semitism’. This is ‘semitism’. And if you are not against it, not ‘anti-semitic’, then what are you?

The Cult of Judah’s attack on Christianity in Spain was formally proclaimed by the official organ of the Komintern: “the flames ascending from the burning churches and monasteries of Spain have shown the true character of the Spanish revolution”; the pedigree was traced through one more generation. Ecclesiastical property was confiscated, and this property, along with the public wealth of Spain, the gold reserves of the Bank of Spain (about 700 million dollars) was stolen in typical ‘Old Testament’ fashion, as ‘tribute’, and taken to Moscow by the last Republican premier, one Juan Negrin (as related by General Walter Krivitsky).

As usual, Spaniards had been promised a constitutional republic, and found themselves under an alien, anti-Christian tyranny. After the murder of the monarchist leader, Calva Sotelo, in 1936, Spaniards rebelled against the ‘Jewish’ occupation. This is one of the very few cases where the locals succeeded. Basically because Spain shared no borders with Russia, and thus the Jew World Order tanks could not be used to ‘crush’ the popular rejection of the Jew World Order in Spain

In 1920 official Bolshevik statements showed that 447 of the 545 members of the chief ruling bodies in Spain were ‘Jews’.

In l933 the American Jewish journal Opinion stated that Jews occupied almost all important ambassadorial posts and that in White Russia 61 percent of all officials were Jews; it also stated that the Jewish percentage of the population (then given as 158,400,000) was “less than 2 percent”. If this was true it meant that Russia at that time contained less than 3,000,000 Jews. In 1933 the Jewish Chronicle stated that onethird of the Jews in Russia had become officials. If this was the case, they plainly formed the new governing class.

To communized Hungary the terrorist of 1919 Matyas Rakosi (born Roth, in Yugoslavia) returned as Premier in 1945, and on this occasion had the Red Army to keep him in that office. Eight years later (1953) the Associated Press reported that “90 percent of the high officials in the Hungarian Communist regime are Jews, including Premier Matyas Rakosi”; the London Times in that year said [421] Mr. Rakosi’s cabinet was “predominantly Jewish”; Time magazine of New York spoke of “the strongly Jewish (90 percent in the top echelons) government of Communist Premier Matyas Rakosi, who is himself a Jew”. In Hungary, as in the other communized countries, the specific attack on Christianity began at once with the imprisonment of high ecclesiastics. The case which attracted most attention in the outer world was that of the Hungarian Cardinal Mindszenty, imprisoned on charges of treason. The Source of this deed was indicated by a statement addressed to the Jews of the world in 1949 by “the Central Board of Jews in Hungary, the Hungarian Zionist Organizatian and the Hungarian Section of the World Jewish Congress” which said, “It is with great relief that the Hungarian Jews received the news of Cardinal Mindszenty’s arrest. With this action the Hungarian Government has sent the head of a pogrom-clique . . . to his well deserved place”.

Of communized Czechoslovakia the London New Statesman (a trustworthy authority in such questions) wrote seven years after the war’s end, “In Czechoslovakia, as elsewhere in Central and South-Eastern Europe, both the party intellectuals and the key men in the secret police are largely Jewish in origin”. Of Rumania the New York Herald-Tribune reported in 1953, eight years after the war’s end, “Rumania, together with Hungary, has probably the greatest number of Jews in the administratin”.

In Rumania the terror raged under Ana Pauker, a Jewess, whose father, a rabbi, and brother were in Israel. Mrs. Pauker used her office to enable her father to leave Rumania for Israel, although (as her brother said) “it is party policy to keep the Jews in Rumania”.

Adrien Arcand, in a New York speech, October 30, 1937, stated: “When it came to Mexico, the promoters of Communism were the Jews Calles, Hubermann and Aaron Saenz; in Spain we saw Azaa and Rosenberg; in Hungary we saw Bela Kun, Szamuelly, Agoston and dozen other Jews; in Bavaria, we saw Kurt Eisner and a host of other Jews; in Belgium Marxian Socialism brought to power Vadervelde alias Epstein, and Paul Hymans, two Jews; in France, Marxian Socialism brought forth the Jews Leon Blum (who showed so well his Jewish instincts in his filthy book Du Mariarge), Mandel, Zyromsky, Danain and a whole tribe of them; in Italy we had seen the Jews Nathan and Claudio Treves. Everywhere, Marxism brings Jews on the top…”

Once more we see the Cult of Judah as the true ‘persecutor’ of the ‘Jews’. As always, the average ‘Jew’ is a victim of the Cult of Judah, as any of us. It it time they realised this. And joined us to once and for all root out and eliminate the Cult of Judah, its ‘Ideology of Semitism’. All ‘Jews’ must realise that they are a victim of ‘Semitism’. All people must realise that anti-semitism is for those who love ‘Jews’. It is for those who love freedom, liberty, justice, truth, and beauty.

‘Jews’ given the legal right to print U.S currency

Of course thanks to President Wilson sneaking in the legislation that enacted ‘The Federal Reserve Bank’ in the U.S, on Christmas Eve, while no-one was paying attention, an organisation was set up which the Jew World Order could by stealth co-opt, and take over, to serve their own ends. However hot on the heels of this ‘bonanza’ came something very few people would know about.

In 1944 Mr. Henry Morgenthau junior, Mr. Roosevelt’s Secretary of the Treasury, and his Assistant Secretary, Mr. Harry Dexter White (later shown to have been a Soviet agent) ordered the shipment to the Soviet Government of duplicates of the United States Treasury plates to be used for printing money for the use of the forces occupying Germany after the war. This meant that the money printed by the Soviet Government for the use of its troops was redeemable by the American Government as there was no distinction whatever between the money printed. By the end of 1946, when public protests caused the American Government to stop paying its own troops with these notes, so that the Soviet Government could make no further use of them, the United States Military Government in Germany found that it had redeemed about $250,000,000 in excess of the total of notes issued by its own Finance Office. (The Soviet Government ignored a request to pay the modest sum of some $18,000 for the plates and materials delivered to it, which had enabled it to draw $250,000,000 straight from the United States Treasury).

The amount of 250 Million dollars in 1945 would be the equivalent of Trillions of dollars at today’s ‘values’.

If this is not a vassal state paying ‘tribute’ to its warlord masters, the Jew World Order, then what is?

Remember that the U.S government also forced the German Government to pay for Trillions of dollars after 1948 to fund the State of Israel, as a proxy for the U.S, whose citizens would have baulked at the idea. As such Germany has been and remains a ‘tributary’ of Israel, just as the Old Testament ‘God’ promises the Cult of Judah, as long as it remains obedient to that Cult’s ‘laws and statutes’. As long as the ‘Jews’ remain mindlessly obedient and responsive to the slightest whim of the Jew World Order masters.

The unnecessary war, necessary only to install a ‘Jew’ World Order

Winston Churchill in his memoirs called the Second War ‘the unnecessary war’. He would know, as he was the one who deceived Britain into no only fighting a pointless war, from Britain’s point of view, but presided through this in the active destruction of the entire British Empire, to leave the way clear for a new ‘Jew’.S.A and ‘Jew’.S.S.R informal, undeclared, ‘Jew’. World Order.

This supposed ‘the policy of appeasement’ may have appeared to ‘bow to public opinion’, which supported the rightful claims of Nazi Germany to re-unification of its people divided by a Versailles treaty that broke the promises President Wilson had made to the Germans, and the world, and the rights of Austrians to unify with Germany, but in fact it was part of the strategy that would bring the U.S.A to fulfill the Torah prophecies, by way of supporting the ‘Jew’.S.S.R’s occupation of Eastern Europe.

The occupation of Eastern Europe was to allow for a phony ‘Cold War’ in true World Wrestling Federation style, and a later war between the nominally ‘Christian’ West and ‘Russia’, and a nominally Islamic East..

Reed, a senior correspondent and journalist veteran of 17 years, observed how the Nazi’s policies were deliberately misrepresented around the world, so that ultimately it appeared that the only victims of the political persecutions were ‘Jews’. First the persecution of “political opponents and Jews” was reported; then this was imperceptibly amended to “Jews and political opponents”; and at the end the press in general spoke only of “the persecution of Jews”.. The result showed in 1945, when, on the one hand, the persecution of Jews was made the subject of a formal indictment at Nuremberg, and on the other hand half of Europe and all the people in it were abandoned to the persecution of ‘Jews’, in the form of the ‘Soviets’.

So what we had in reality was a situation in which the proportional suffering of ‘Jews’ during WWII was blown out of all proportion, in true ‘Jewish’ fashion, making WWII ‘all about Jewish suffering’. While at the same time the world was kept totally ignorant about the tends of millions suffering torture and slavery and death at the hands of ‘Jews’ in the occupied (‘liberated) nations, and inside the ‘Jew’.S.S.R’ itself.

Reed’s own words speak eloquently of this situation, as he personally experienced it. ‘I, typical of Englishmen of my generation, had never thought of Jews as different from myself, nor could I have said what might make a Jew, in his opinion, different from me. If I later became aware of any differentiation, or of the desire of a powerful group to assert one, this was not the result of Hitler’s deeds but of the new impediment to impartial reporting which I then began to observe. When the general persecution began I reported it as I saw it. If I learned of a concentration camp containing a thousand captives I reported this; if I learned that the thousand included thirty or fifty Jews I reported that. I saw the first terror, spoke with many of the victims, examined their injuries, and was warned that I incurred Gestapo hostility thereby. The victims were in the great majority, certainly much over ninety percent, Germans, and a few were Jews. This reflected the population-ratio, in Germany and later in the countries overrun by Hitler. But the manner of reporting in the world’s press in time blocked-out the great suffering mass, leaving only the case of the Jews’.

To read the official press reports, you would have thought that the only victims of Nazi Germany were ‘Jews’. That the concentration camps had been set up for ‘Jews’. That everything in world history revolves exclusively around ‘Jews’, and their supposed ‘special status’ as ‘eternal victims of persecution’. You’d think that the only victims of WWII were ‘The Jews’. As if no-one else suffered. As if Hitler’s only objectives in WWII was the persecution of ‘Jews’.

Reed notes that ‘Jews’ were initially ownly ‘rounded up’ where they were, coincidentally, Communists, and criminals, and terrorists. If a book were burned because it was Communist propaganda, the world’s press reported it as ‘a Jewish Book’. If a communist was imprisoned, it was reported as ‘the imprisonment of a ‘Jew’. And so on.

Even today a reporter was accused of ‘Anti-Semitism’ simply for reporting that one percent of the U.S population owned 90% of its wealth. As 43% of this ‘one percenter’ group happened to be ‘Jewish’, his report was criticized as ‘hate speech’. Even though he himself never reported on this statistical breakdown. It just goes to show who tight a control the ‘Jews’ have over what you get to read, see, and hear. And thus what information you have to give or withhold your consent, when it is requested, or to form judgements about whether you should actively resist your occupied government’s policies, where such consent assumed, or never even sought.

Any reporter, journalist, or writer, even at that time, in the 1930s, who tried to bring the facts to the attention of the public, was silenced, and made to feel that future comments along the same line would represent ‘career limiting moves’, if that person should ever indeed be so fortunate as ever to find an employer, or publisher, in future.

And so few people ever became aware of the ‘Jewish’ nature of the ‘Jew’.S.S.R terrorist regime. While at the same time the ‘Jewish’ proportion of ‘victims’ of the ‘Nazi’s’ was exaggerated to the extreme. Both these facts are as valid today as 80 years ago. Until I began researching my first book in this trilogy, I was as unaware the the true history of WWII as anyone else. I felt compelled to share what I had learned, to make the knowledge as accessible, and comprehensible, as possible. To place it in the context of the wider history of the Cult of Judah, and its ‘Jew’ World Order.

WWII, unnecessary in all respects that would interest the ‘Gentiles’, was an absolutely necessary precondition for the expansion of the ‘World Revolution’ started in Russia in 1917.

The Torah had promised the ‘Jews’ to set it “above all people that are upon the face of the earth” and to destroy all other nations “with a mighty destruction until they be destroyed”. This is why WWII was ‘necessary’ to the ‘Jews’ at the ‘steering wheel’ / ‘helm’ of the Jew.S.A and Britain, via their proxies, Winston Churchill, and Roosevelt. And maybe, formally or unwittingly, Hitler himself.

I would like to take a step back even before the Treaty of Versailles, for a moment, to consider something I had never before attended to. The advantages gained by the ‘Jewish’ World Revolution in Russia from the entry of America into WWI. This was what led to the ‘cease fire’ with Russia, at a time when the revolution was not yet established. Thanks to President Wilson, on the ‘advice’ of his ‘Jewish’ Advisors, The U.S entered the war and made a mere ‘peace’ with Russia very attractive, allowing the Germans to divert much needed resources to the Western Front, from the East. If the U.S had remained loyal to their constitution, and their leaders remained loyal to the will of the American people, the ‘Bolshevik’ revolution would have been squashed before it could become established, and the world as we know it, with its overwhelmingly ‘Cult of Judah’ flavor, may have been a much different place.

Censorship, or how the West was lost

The Cults strategy employed a three-pronged movement which aimed at the capture of the three vital points of a state’s defences: state policy at the top level, the civil services at the middle level and public opinion at the base.

This is why it is considered ‘anti-semtism’ for anyone to reveal the full extend and nature of ‘Jewish’ political power, public service infiltration, and most of all, ownership and control of all the major, and most of the minor, means of manufacturing ‘consent’, engineering public opinion, and generating the hegemonic ‘social reality’, a.k.a ‘the mass media’ and ‘entertainment industries’.

In order to ensure full spectrum domination, to ensure that no alternative potential ‘social realities’ have a chance to emerge, and establish a ‘following’ among the masses, censorship of all ‘non-Cult’ voices is a priority. Total control of ‘the discourse’, ‘the narrative’. The ‘official fiction’. The dominant hegemonic ‘social reality’.

B’nai B’rith claimed its role was to help the poor, sick and fatherless, and perform general ‘good works’.

Major Robert H Williams’ research however realed that the 12 men who organized this originally secret society in 1843 aimed at bringing about the fulfillment of ‘the Covenant,’ the supposed Messianic promise of rulership over all peoples. To rule all peoples, it is first necessary to bring them together in a world federation or world government. This is the basic Torah as political manifesto.

In 1913 it spawned the ‘Anti-Defamation League’, which by 1947 had become a formidable political power before which even heads of state cowered in fear. It could not only censor writers like myself, but Prime Ministers and Presidents, especially ‘would-be’ Presidents and Prime Ministers.

The ADL’s power is so great that it rarely needs to ‘flex its muscles’. Most people in public life, and even in closed meetings, will ‘self-censor’, to avoid the ‘wrath’ of the ADL. And so the ADL is rarely seen to be powerful at all, by the mass of people. They fall for the propaganda, that the ADL is there to defend all people everywhere from ‘hate speech’, and ‘discrimination’. But I recently reported that video of that Rabbi, the most blatantly criminal racial vilification, hate speech, and incitement (to genocide) ever recorded. So you’d expect them to jump at the chance to eliminate such repugnant, dangerous, literal incitement to genocide, right? Well think again. I never even heard back from them after my initial ‘official receipt’ of my report. Same goes for ‘The Southern Poverty Law Center’. Go figure!

I set up my own ‘German and Arab Anti-Defamation League’ on Facebook. I’ve since had my Facebook account terminated, along with my Youtube Channel. Again, go figure! You’d think Facebook and Youtube would be all about eliminating defamation and hate speech, right? If that was the intended objective off their ‘Community Standards’. But it seems the only ‘community’ they ‘respect’ and are there to ‘protect’ is the ‘Jewish’ community. And any attempt to hold ‘Jews’ to account for their criminal incitement to genocide is considered a ‘violation’ of those ‘standards’.

When you see world leaders sycophantically cringe before the ADL representative, you can only wonder what power he represents. How does he hold them all in his thrall? Obesity or diabetes may trouble him, but world leaders he orders around like servants. Talking down to them like ‘recalcitrant children’ for even daring to mention ‘The (real) Holodomor’ in the same breath as ‘The (fake) Holocaust’.

The ADL can make a phone call and have a anyone placed on the U.S terrorist watch list. Ask Kenneth O’Keefe. Once you’re on that list, just try to exercise your Constitutional right to bear arms. Or to get on even a domestic U.S flight without undergoing the traumatic invasion of privacy and literal sexual assault of a full body search.

Watch the full movie ‘Defamation’ to get an idea of how deceptive the ADL is, manufacturing ‘massive spikes in rampantly accelerating anti-semitic attacks’ from a few phone calls from people who want to blame the slightest ‘offenses’ against their egos on their ‘Jewish’ identity. It’s on my BitChute and channels.

The ADL is part of the Cult’s brainwashing program. Brainwashing ‘Gentiles’ to accept censorship and other limits on their freedom of speech, while breeding literal paranoia among the Cult membership, and inciteing them to ‘pre-emptive’ genocidal attacks on ‘Gentiles’, filling them with totally unrealistic, irrational, unreasonable, fears of all non-Cult members. A typical modus operandi within all Cult leaderships.

As early as 1933 Mr. Bernard J. Brown wrote, ‘Through the intervention of the A.D.L. we have succeeded in muzzling the non-Jewish press to the extent that newspapers in America abstain from pointing out that any person unfavourably referred to is a Jew.’

Today police and other statistical collection agencies have been browbeaten into removing the classification ‘Jew’ from any crime statistics. And so if there were, for example, thousands of child murders committed by ‘Jews’, the public would never find out. If 100% of convicted pedophiles or spies turned out to be ‘Jewish’, again, the public would never be informed. If this Cult were encouraging its members to commit crimes wholesale, the public would never have a reason to link any crimes with this Cult. If all financial fraud and insider trading scams were run by ‘Jews’, again, we’d never be told. That is just one dimension of the power the ADL wields, in secret. They are among the most powerful unelected figures in the world.

In 1948 the Jewish Menorah Journal of New York wrote, ‘Should but one phrase in a reprinted literary classic reflect unjustly upon Jews, the A.D.L. will promptly belabour the innocent publisher until he bowdlerizes the offending passage. Let one innocent movie-producer incorporate a Jewish prototype, however inoffensive, in his picture and the hue and cry raised by the A.D.L. will make him wish he’s never heard of Jews’.

The ADL has effectively ‘muzzled’ public debate in America. No criticism of Zionism or Cult of Judah is allowed to pass without virulent attack.

America has today a few surviving writers who fight on for independent debate and comment. They will discuss any public matter, in the light of traditional American policy and interest, save Zionism, which hardly any of them will touchIt simply could not be done. The employed ones would lose their posts, if they made the attempt. The independent ones would find no publisher for their books because no reviewer would mention these, save with the intention of character assassination, and rejection of the book, and author, as ‘anti-semitic’.

Note that any time the ‘Jews’ use the term ‘anti-semitic’ it reinforces a very particular idea of what the public are intended to infer that term is to mean. For in reality ‘anti-semitism’ is merely a rejection of the ideology of the Cult of Judah. Semitism, if you like. The ideology of racial supremacism, exceptionalism, genocide, slavery, and rape. Now in any other context, all of these things are considered repugnant. Offensive. Criminal. Unacceptable. Totally at odds with our Western European value system. So what suddenly makes them all so ‘noble’ and ‘admirable’ and ‘politically correct’ even, when the context is the Cult of Judah, and the ‘Jew’ World Order? Well of course the point is that ‘exceptionalism’ is key to all ‘Jewish’ special rights and privileges. We are to make an exception for ‘Jews’. Why? Well because they said so. That’s why. And we’ve all been brainwashed to obediently submit, like a well trained, beaten, cowered, dog.

Censorship is at the heart of the ‘Jew’ World Order’s ability to keep its unprecendented, unelected, power totally secret.

This is the eternal comeback from people when we try to confront them with the reality of ‘Jewish’ power. They can always claim that if such a huge conspiracy existed, that someone, somewhere, would have exposed it by now. Or that it is simply impossible to maintain the discipline and silence if so many people are involved in any sort of conspiracy.

Even the fact of the censorship is, for the most part, kept totally quiet, and thus secret.

Who is going to ‘blow the whistle’ if it means they will lose their job, career, reputation, home, car, and probably wife and family? Especially if it is almost certain that they will pay this huge cost, and the public still won’t hear about what they have reported!

The sacrifices demanded of a ‘whistle-blower’ are so huge, and the odds of success so slim, that who is going to even attempt to expose what they know?

Especially when most people will never be able to ‘join the dots’ and comprehend just how important their little ‘piece of the puzzle’ is to the success of the ‘Jew’ World Order enterprise. If all you have is a few pieces of the puzzle, and you know you are unlikely to reach many people with that information, and that very few of them are likely to take any real notice, let alone take your seriously, and that you are going to pay such a huge price for the attempt, then seriously, what would ‘expectations theory’ predict people are likely to decide?

So most people are going to ‘self-censor’, long before any official or unofficial censorship ever becomes an option, or a necessity.

The AD.L already had a 3 million dollar budget in 1948. Today its official annual budget is 70 million dollars.

The Menorah Journal, discussing “Anti-Defamation Hysteria”, said, “Fighting anti-semitism has been built up into a big business, with annual budgets running into millions of dollars”. It said the object was “to continue beating the anti-semitic drum” and “to scare the pants off prospective contributors” in order to raise funds. It mentioned some of the methods used (“outright business blackmail; if you can’t afford to give $10,000 to this cause, you can take your business elsewhere”), and said American Jews were being “stampeded into a state of masshysteria by their self-styled defenders”.

The film ‘Defamation’ takes off where the Menorah Journal leaves off. Please watch it.

The Menorah Journal also drew attention to the falsification of news by Jewish newsagencies subsidized by the big organizations. It showed that some minor brawl among juveniles in Manhattan had been depicted in “front-page scare headlines which would have led a stranger to believe that a Czarist pogrom was going on” (by these same means the “Czarist pogroms” earlier, and Rabbi Stephen Wise’s “reported pogrom in Berlin” in 1933 reached the world). Out of this particular “scare headline” grew a mass-meeting in Madison Garden, where another politician aspiring to presidential office (a Mr. Wendell Willkie at that moment) declared, “The mounting wave of anti-semitism at home shocks me. . . etc., etc.”

“Mass-hysteria” is not only produced among Jews and band-wagon politicians by this method; it produces another kind of mass-hysteria among earnest but uninformed people of the “Liberal” kind: the mass-hysteria of self-righteousness, which is a tempting form of self-indulgence.

Just to show how far the ‘anti-semitism’ nonsense extends, consider how in America a film version of Oliver Twist was banned due to the depiction of the character Fagin in the book and film. This was the work of the A.D.L.; its representative, a Mr. Arnold Forster, announced: American movie-distributors refused to become involved in the distribution and exhibition of the motion picture after the A.D.L. and others expressed the fear that the film was harmful; the Rank Organization withdrew the picture in the United States”. Later the picture was released after censorship by the A.D.L.; “seventy two eliminations” were made at its command and a prologue was added assuring beholders that they might accept it as “a filmization of Dickens without anti-semitic intentions”. (In occupied Berlin the A.D.L. ban was final; the British authorities ordered Dickens withdrawn from German eyes).

And then you have Schindler’s List depicting events that were purely fictional, but offered as part of a supposed ‘biographical’ account of Schindler. Scenes in which a female Jew is summarily shot in the head by a Nazi for being an ‘educated jew’ are shocking. Scenes of young Nazi thugs throwing an old man, in his wheelchair, out of a third floor window to this death on the street below, are as traumatizing as any horror film. And none of these things ever happened. The author of the book admitted this in his introduction. They were meant to demonise and vilify Germans. Like all ‘Holocaust’ productions. The basic theme of ‘Sophies Choice’ also never happened. No Nazi would ever have even considered such a vicious and malicious act. Not even the rogue SS officers who carried out unauthorized mass shootings was ever even charged with anything like that. And yet all this defamatory propaganda is acclaimed with praise and awards, while ‘Oliver Twist’ is denounced as ‘defamation’.

Douglas Reed had predicted, in a 1943 book, that the way secret censorship was going, Chaucer, Shakespeare and Dickens would one day be defamed as “anti-semites”. I thought to strain probability, to make a point, but it happened in all three cases: a Shakespearean actor-manager visiting New York was ordered not to play The Merchant of Venice, Dickens was banned, and the defamationists put Chaucer on their black-list.

A private organization which can produce such results is obviously powerful; there is nothing comparable in the world. Mr. Vincent Sheehan wrote in 1949, “There is scarcely a voice in the United States that dares raise itself for the rights, any rights, of the Arabs; any slight criticism of the Zionist high command is immediately labelled as anti-semitic”.

Miss Dorothy Thompson, whose picture and articles at that time were published everyday in hundreds of newspapers, similarly protested. Mr. Sheehan’s popularity with bookreviewers immediately slumped; Miss Thompson’s portrait and writings are seldom seen in the American press today. Please watch the video about this talented and courageous woman I have posted on my BitChute and accounts. Assuming that my channels on these video hosting sites have not fallen prey to the same censorship that defines JewTube, Farcebook, Twitter, and the like.

I wait with bated breath to see if in fact and BitChute survive the virulent attacks on freedom of speech being directed at all internet service providers, platforms, social media sites, and hosting sites.There are so many ways to attack freedom of speech. Through legal means. Financial means. Even by buying up the domain registration authorities.So many genuinely alternative media have had their accounts terminated by their web hosting platforms. This is another level beyond having Youtube or Facebook terminate your account. They are ‘Jewish’ owned and controlled private companies, and you are using their platforms. So no surprise that a fully owned and operated Cult of Judah operation doesn’t want you using their services. But when you can’t even get a private web page hosted with any web hosting provider, you know you are living in a ‘Jew’ World Order.

The ADL’s Un-American Activities

In forty years the A.D.L. perfected a machine for persuading the multitude. It is a method of unobtrusive thought control the public is completely unaware of. It has the power to destroy anyone who tries to make them aware.

One of the first to be politically destroyed was the head of the Congressional Committee charged to watch over sedition (the Un-American Activities Committee). The Protocols of 1905 foretold that the nation-states would not be allowed to “contend with sedition” by treating it as crime and this “forecast” also was fulfilled. In other words sedition would not be able to be punished by any elected leaders. This would leave the Cult operatives free to undermine any nations’ national security, economic prosperity, and sovereignty, with little threat of public exposure, and almost zero threat of arrest, let alone punishment.

Mr. Martin Dies relates that he was required by the secret inquisition to restrict the definition of “subversion” to “fascism”, and to equate “fascism” with “anti-semitism”. “Subversion”, had these importuners had their way with him, would have been any kind of resistance to “the destructive principle”, not the subverting of the nation-state. He would not yield, but was driven out of political life by defamation.

So in other words, the ADL coerced an elected public official to change the ‘definitions’ of key terms in legislation, so that the nation’s intelligence agencies, policing forces, and Jewdiciary, were now effectively working for the ‘Jew’ World Order, in rooting out any opposition to the Cult of Judah, and its ambitions.

Just another example of how easy it is to keep any conspiracy secret, if you have the power. Who is going to ‘break ranks’ and ‘blow the whistle’ if no-one is going to believe them, let alone publish their accusations, and their documentary evidence?

Most high level government meetings are ‘top secret’ and even mere reporting of them could get you imprisoned for life, or worse. Most top posts come with ‘gag clauses’ restricting what you are allowed to say, and who you are allowed to say it to. Unless you could get an entire department ‘on-board’ with your whistle blowing, you are going to find yourself committing career suicide at best, and being ‘suicided’, or suffering fates worse than death, in the worst case scenario.

The A.D.L. (and the American Jewish Committee) “set out to make the American people aware of antisemitism”. It informed Jews that “25 out of every 100 Americans are infected with anti-semitism”, and that another 50 might develop the disease. By 1945 it was carrying out “a high-powered educational program, geared to reach every man, woman and child” in America through the press, radio, advertising, children’s comic books and school books, lectures, films, “churches” and trade unions. This programme included “219 broadcasts a day”, full-page advertisements in 397 newspapers, poster advertizing in 130 cities, and “persuasions” subtly incorporated in the printed matter on blotters, matchbox covers, and envelopes. The entire national press (“1900 dailies with a 43,000,000 circulation”) and the provincial, Negro, foreign-language and labour newspapers were kept supplied with, “and used”, its material in the form of “news, background material, cartoons and comic strips”. In addition, the A.D.L. in 1945 distributed “more than 330,000 copies of important books carrying our message to libraries and other institutions”, furnished authors with “material and complete ideas”, and circulated nine million pamphlets “all tailored to fit the audiences to which they are directed”. It found “comic books” to be a particularly effective way of reaching the minds of young people, soldiers, sailors and airmen, and circulated “millions of copies” of propaganda in this form. Its organization consisted of the national headquarters, public relations committees in 150 cities, eleven regional offices, and “2,000 key men in 1,000 cities”.

Today you have to be willing to ‘overlook’ blatant ADL propaganda in almost any ‘best selling’ novel you pick up, if you are to read anything at all published since the ADL was founded. It is not just ‘by chance’ that authors happen to ‘throw in’ some reference to ‘Nazi Death Camps’ in their novel. The ADL, and the mostly ‘Jewish’ publishing industry, make it clear that to have the equivalent of a ‘New York Times’ ‘Best Seller’, you have to be willing to find a place for ‘Jew’ World Order propaganda. From an NLP self-help book which demonises Sadam Hussein, to an espionage thriller that repeatedly reinforces ‘Holocaust’ lies. Of course Richard Bandle is ‘Jewish’. So he is both an example of a ‘great’ emancipated ‘Jew’ using his talents to increase our freedom of choice, our options, our alternatives, and a ‘bad’ Jew working in the interests, knowingly or unwittingly, of the ‘Jew’ World Order.

During the 1940’s the system of “syndicated writers” in New York or Washington enveloped the entire American press. One such writer’s column may appear in a thousand newspapers each day; editors like this system, which saves them the cost of employing their own writers, for its cheapness. Through a few dozen such writers the entire stream of information can be ‘biased’ at its source (the method foretold in the Protocols).

By all these means a generation has been reared in America (and this applies equally to England) which has been deprived of authentic information about, and independent comment on, the nature of Zionism, its original connection with Communism, the infestation of administrations and capture of “administrators” by the Cult of Judah, and the relationship of all this to the ultimate world-government project, the ‘Jew’ World Order.

The opposition to this creeping control was strong at first and was gradually crushed during two decades by various methods, including the purchase of newspapers, but chiefly by unremitting and organized pressure, persuasive or menacing.

In America a newspaper which prints reports or comment unacceptable to the A.D.L. may expect to receive a visit from its representatives. Threats to withdraw advertizing are frequently made. This is what Hitler was referring to when he exposed how the ‘Jews’ controlled the U.S.A as ‘sponsors’ of television and radio and newspapers, via their decisions about where to invest their advertising budgets. All the mass media, before the time of ‘pay for view’, were financed by advertising. So threatening to ‘pull’ your advertising campaign, your ads and commercials, from any publication, television show, or radio program, was the equivalent of removing funding for it. And thus the ‘sponsor’ ultimately has ‘control’ of the mass media, even if they have no legal connection / ownership / management interests in it.

The corps of “syndicated” writers joins in the attack on any individual writer or broadcaster who becomes troublesome; many American commentators have been driven from the publishers’ lists or “off the air” in this way.

For example, The Chicago Tribune in 1950 reported the view of a senior official of the State Department that the United States was ruled by “a secret government” consisting of three members of the deceased Mr. Roosevelt’s circle: Mr. Henry Morgenthau junior, Justice Felix Frankfurter and Senator Herbert Lehman. While these men were all ‘Jews’, the word “Jew” was never used; the article expressed the opinion of a high public servant on a matter held by him to be of great national importance. This article raised much commotion in the Zionist and Jewish press throughout the world (few non-Jewish newspapers paid attention to it, for the obvious reason). The Chicago Tribune Tower in Chicago was besieged by the A.D.L. with peremptory demands for an apology. On this particular occasion none was made; the newspaper was at that time a lonely survivor from the days of independent reporting and comment. (A piquant detail; the writer of this “anti-semitic” report had interested himself, not long before, in efforts to obtain the release on parole of a Jew serving a life-term for murder, on the ground that expiation might reasonably be held to have been made).

I detail the example of one famous independent alternate radio program host who had his radio show ‘pulled’ half-way during an actual radio program, in my ‘Welcome to the New World Order’ trilogy.

Even the figures for expenditure, staff and activities, above given, convey no true idea of the power and omnipresence of the A.D.L. And key to the ADL’s power is the general public’s almost total ignorance of the power it wields over even relatively ‘independent’ mass media, and Congress and Presidents alike.

Its numerous offices and sub-offices are clearly only the centres of a great network of agents and sub-agents, for its eye is as all-seeing as that of the N.V.D. in captive Russia or of the Gestapo once in Germany, as Reed found through personal experience. Reed notes: ‘I am a fairly obscure person and when I went to America in 1949 was almost unknown to the public there, the publication of most of my books having been prevented by the methods above described. I found that the A.D.L. watched me like a hawk from my arrival and from this first realized its immense spread and vigilance; I had not suspected that it scrutinized every roof for every sparrow. An American acquaintance who had read some of my books introduced me to a colleague who expressed pleasure at meeting their author. This man asked me to dine with him and a friend, whom he presented as “my cousin”. The cousin was an entertaining fellow; I learned a year later that he was head of the A.D.L.’s New York office and the true organizer of the little dinner-party. This happened a few days after I landed and thereafter the A.D.L. knew my every movement. They knew about the book I was writing and when it was ready for publication the “cousin” approached the American publisher of an earlier book of mine with a pointed request to know if he contemplated issuing this one; a man of descretion, he answered ‘No’. Three years later, in 1952, when this book had appeared in England, the American Legion’s magazine at Hollywood published some five hundred words from it. The A.D.L. at once demanded a retraction from the Hollywood commander of the Legion, who referred to the magazine’s editor. No inaccuracy was alleged; the deputation just called the book “anti-semitic”. The editor refused to retract unless false statement or other valid reason were proved, and resigned when the commander, ignoring him, published the familiar “apology” in face of threats that “all Jews” would boycott the Hollywood Stadium, which was operated by the Legion. The editor, departing, said this proved the truth of what was stated in the book. The apology availed the commander nothing for the nationwide American Broadcasting Company, which had been televising the Legion’s events at the Stadium, at once announced that it would terminate its contract with the Legion and televise rival events; the commander ruefully said that this “comes as a complete shock to me”.

When I next visited America, in 1951, another acquaintance, who thought my books informative and wished me to write for American newspapers, refused to credit what I told him. He said he was sure a certain publication would welcome an article from me on a subject then topical (not Zionism) and wrote to its editor. He was told, to his astonishment, that the publication of anything of mine, was “verboten”, and when he suggested publication without my name was informed that this would not avail: “there is probably a representative of the A.D.L. on our payroll” (I have the letter).

Today it is ‘Holocaust Deniers’ and other critics of the ‘Jew’ World Order who are amazed to be ‘picked up by police’ after arriving quietly and secretly in some town. Watch the video of David Irving detailing his ‘capture’ in Germany. Or the various other ‘Jew’ World Order obstructionists picked up ‘in transit’ in London, for supposed ‘anti-semitic’ or ‘hate speech’ comments they made years before, in Switzerland. Most recently Monika was arrested while quietly sitting among other members of the public at a Sylvia Stolz trial hearing.

I could only ever leave Estonia by direct flight, so that I don’t ‘transit’ in any E.U nation with ‘Holocaust Denial’ laws, and my destination cannot be either nation I am citizen of, for the same reason. So apart from remaining here as until the ‘Jew’ World Order occupy this nation, I can only plan to seek asylum one day in Iran or Malaysia, for as long as those nations ‘hold out’. And Iran, it seems, has already been ‘sold out’ by its own opportunistic elites. Leaving Malysia as the ‘last man standing’. The last ‘asylum’ to avoid the alternative, a fate worse than death in a mental asylum, the favorite way to both discredit, torture, and silence, a ‘Jew’ World Order ‘adversary’.

Reed further notes how In 1956 the A.D.L. published such a “smear” volume called Cross-Currents, described as “the book that tells how anti-semitism is used today as a political weapon”. It was filled with attacks on “anti-semites” and contained numerous extracts from letters and conversations supposed to have passed between the persons named. The reviewer of the book in the New York Times, though sympathetic (writing for that journal he would not be antagonistic) said “the authors do not let the reader in on the secret of how they came into possession of these intriguing papers. . . this reticence about sources is a major weakness and it is particularly serious where statements are quoted from an oral interview”. Who were these interviewers, he asked, and how did they go about their assignment? I could have told him, and the reader of this book has the answer. If my “oral interview” with the “cousin”, who purported to be a strong “anti-semite”, did not provide material for this volume, the reason is of interest. Late in a convivial evening he asked me suddenly how strong I thought “anti-semitism” to be in the United States. Believing him to be what he professed to be, I answered just as I would have answered, had I known his identity. I said that I had travelled in more than thirty of the forty-eight States and had never once heard the word “Jew” mentioned by any of the thousands of people I had met, which was the fact.

I myself was kicked out of a backpacker hostel by the ‘Jewish’ manager after he could not get me to pretend that Germany was full of neo-Nazi. I stated unequivocally, and honestly, that during my 12 months or more in Germany, I had not personally seen, let along spoke with, a single person who could be, in any way, in the slightest, described as ‘Nazi’ or ‘Neo-nazi’. He refused to accept this possibility, and I assume he felt forced to assume I must be a Nazi myself, to brazenly make such deceitful denials of what was an obvious fact to anyone. Everyone knew for a fact that Germany was full of Nazi’s even today, didn’t they? So clearly I must be one of them, and trying to deny the truth!

Reed continues about how another acquaintance, head of a large bookselling concern, ordered his office to obtain a book of mine from Canada and was told that the Toronto wholesaler reported inability to supply. I made enquiry and learned that no order had reached Toronto. My acquaintance then investigated and could not find out who, in his own office, had intercepted the order, telling me he now realized that my books were “on the index”.

Today you have no hope of getting a book published if it has anything really ‘dangerous’ to report about the ‘Jew’ World Order. David Irving had his entire catalog of best selling books literally removed from all book stores, and destroyed, for simply doing what every official ‘Holocaust’ historian has since done, namely, slightly lower the ‘death count’.

And Reeds experience of ‘secret sabotage’ is being carried out today via ‘Shadow bannning’ of web posts. The service providers deny they are censoring. The poster gets feedback from their own channel indicating they have posted. But then no-one ever sees the post. Pretty much a higher tech version of what happened with Reed’s book in the personal example he cites.

The reader need only multiply these few examples from the personal experience of one man to see the effect on the total sum of information supplied to the public masses. The peoples of the Western nationstates are deprived of information in the matters most vitally affecting their present and future, by a press, and now internet, which (they are constantly told) is “the freest in the world”.

The 1950s

As The Chicago Tribune reported, already by 1950 senior U.S state department officials were attempting to ‘blow the whistle’on the ‘Jewish’ control of U.S politics. They were referring to the tight circle of ‘Jews’ surrounding Roosevelt, which remained in power after his death. Mr. Henry Morgenthau of the infamous ‘Morgenthau Plan’ was still steering the ship of state along with ‘Jewish’ Justice Felix Frankfurter and ‘Jewish’ Senator Herbert Lehman.

1956 was the year of another American presidential election in which, once again, the Zionists demonstrated their decisive power to influence Western politics; it was the year in which the nations of the West stood by as helpless spectators as Soviet forces were used to crush a spontaneous revolt and re-install a Jewish-Communist regime in Hungary; and it was the year in which Britain and France, under Zionist pressure, were drawn into the disastrous fiasco of an attempt to capture the Suez Canal, an adventure from which, once again, Israel alone gained any advantage.

Everything that has happened since Reed wrote those last sentences in 1956 has continued to endorse the correctness of his interpretation of more than 2000 years of troubled history.

The Middle East has remained an area of intense political activity and of the maximum falsification of news and suppression of genuine debate, and it was only the few with some knowledge of the role of Talmudic Zionism and Communism who could have had any chance of solving the problem of successive events of major importance, like the so-called Six Day War in 1967 and the massive Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982.

Those who have read The Controversy of Zion will not be surprised to learn that there were clear signs of collusion between the Soviet Union and Israel in precipitating the Israeli attack on Egypt, for it was only because Colonel Nasser had been tricked by the Kremlin bosses into believing that Israel was about to attack Egypt’s ally Syria that Nasser moved nearly all Egypt’s armed forces to his country’s northern border, where they fell an easy prey to Israel’s vastly superior army.

It seemed as if nothing had changed when in 1982 Israel launched a massive and most ruthless attack on Southern Lebanon, ostensibly for the purpose of rooting out the Palestine Liberation Organisation, but actually in furtherance of an expansionist policy about which Jewish leaders have always been remarkably frank.

By this time, however, the pro-Zionist mythology generated by Western politicians and media in which Israel was always represented as a tiny and virtuous nation in constant need of help and protection, was obviously beginning to lose much of its plausibility, so that few were surprised when the British Institute of Strategic Studies announced that Israel could now be regarded as fourth in the world as a military power, after the USA, the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China – well ahead of nations like Britain and France.

More deeply significant was the reaction of the Jewish people, both in Israel and abroad, to an apparent triumph of Zionist arms in Lebanon. While Western politicians and media remained timorously restrained in their comment, even after news of the massacre of an estimated 1500 men, women and children in two Beirut refugee camps, 350,000 of the residents of Tel Aviv staged a public demonstration against their government and there were reports in the Jewish press that controversy over the Lebanese war had rocked the Israel army and affected all ranks.

Of this, too, Douglas Reed seems to have had some presentiment, for among the last words in his book are these: “I believe the Jews of the world are equally beginning to see the error of revolutionary Zionism, the twin of the other destructive movement, and, as this century ends, will at last decide to seek involvement in common mankind” .

But there’s the rub. European Jew’s, via their Sanhedrin representatives, and Napoleon’s council, had expressed a desire to give up their ‘separateness’ as a ‘nation’, and define their ‘Jewishness’ merely in ‘religious’ terms. But what is Judah-ism but a political strategy for first claiming Palestine, and then the entire world? How could ‘Judah-ism’ as a religion exist without the core tenets of destruction of other nations? What was ‘Judah-ism’, as a religion, without the Zionist and ‘Jew’ World Order ambitions? What is left when you take that out of ‘Judah-ism’?

So while it is clear that a large proportion of the worlds ‘Jews’ really reject the ideology of Semitism, and the instructional role models of the Torah, why do they still cling to an ‘identity’ that, if it is religious, and thus based on the Torah, is absolutely incompatible with Western values, and integration and assimilation?

Why bother being ‘Jews’ at all? If you define it by religion. And thus define yourself, in non-sequitur fashion, as an ‘apostate’ ‘Jew’. Like ‘lapsed Catholics’ raising their children as ‘lapsed Catholics’? What could that mean?

It seems that while some ‘Jews’ were more than happy to integrate and assimilate, and become ‘humans’, and so welcomed the news of Napolean granting them full citizenship rights, in return for their loyalty to the French Nation, and humanity in general, and really meant it in their hearts, genuinely and authentically, that they would no longer act as a separate ‘nation within a nation’, what did their ‘Jewish’ identity thus mean to them?

It seems to me typical ‘Jewish’ non-sequitur self-cancelling responses, of the type the ‘Jews’ and Prosecutor and Brendon O’Connells’ trial gave. For by renouncing their ‘state within a state’ disloyalty, then announcing that from henceforth they would only be ‘Jews’ by ‘religion’, they were really deceiving Napolean in spirit, while in word appearing to be satisfying him. They said NO in a way that meant YES. Renouncing their claims to separate nationhood, but declaring they were still ‘religiously’ ‘Jews’, they renounced nothing. They appeased Napoleon, because he apparently hadn’t studied the Cult of Judah’s ‘religion’ close enough. Or was he merely hearing what he wanted to hear?

So in this way the ‘Jews’ got what they wanted. Full citizenship rights. And then a few decades later when they publically renounced the Sanhedrin’s utterances, they retained the full citizenship rights, and employed them in actively pursuing and promoting Zionism, as a means to their ultimate objective, that of a ‘Jew’ World Order.

They then abused the full citizenship rights they had gained by deception, to utterly undermine and destroy their host European nations. As they continue to do today, along with the Jew.S.A, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

The ‘Jews’ abused their hosts’ credulity and good will. Their host nations always wanted them to integrate and assimilate and join the human race. But to the Cult of Judah this would ‘neutralise’ them as a force. As the Cults spear and shield. As their means to the attainment of the world domination they had promised themselves 3000 years ago.

But again I want to reaffirm that many ‘Jews’ fully meant it in their hearts, what their leaders promised. They were probably so secular and ignorant of the contents of their own ‘Religion’, their ‘Torah’, that they imagined you could be a ‘Jew’ by religion, and assimilate and integrate into the human race. That’s a fair assumption, given how little time and energy most people give to looking into what they claim to be ‘their religion’.

Perhaps most ‘Jews’ really do not ‘grok’ the core of their supposed ‘religious’ ‘beliefs’. That their religion has, as a dogmatic tenet or article of faith that they, the ‘Jews’, are “above all people that are upon the face of the earth” and their mission is to destroy all other nations “with a mighty destruction until they be destroyed”. Basically the ‘Jewish religion’ is a political manifesto and stratefy for first Zionism, then a world revolution that will result in a ‘Jew’ World Order, with its HQ in the ‘new Jerusalem’.

The Jewish Age

In 1791 the great German historian Johann Gottfried von Herder, looking back on the hundred years behind him, wrote:”The ruder nations of Europe are willing slaves of Jewish usury. . . The Jewish people is and remains in Europe a people alien to our part of the world, bound to that old law which it received in a distant climate, and which according to its own confession it cannot do away with. . . It is indissolubly bound to an alien law that is hostile to all alien peoples”.

Mr. Houston Stewart Chamberlain, looked back on what Herder had written and recorded the further, continuing usurpation of power: “A great change has taken place: the Jews play in Europe, and wherever European influence extends, a different part from that which they played a hundred years ago; as Viktor Hohn expresses it, we live today in a ‘Jewish age’; we may think what we like about the past history of the Jews, their present history actually takes up so much room in our own history that we cannot possibly refuse to notice them: The ‘alien’ element emphasized by Herder has become more and more prominent. . . The direct influence of Judaism on the 19th Century appears for the first time as a new influence in the history of culture; it thus becomes one of the burning subjects of the day. This alien people has become precisely in the course of the 19th Century a disproportionately important and in many spheres actually dominant constituent of our life.’

Herder said that ‘the ruder nations of Europe were willing slaves of Jewish usury’. Today Herder could say the same of by far the greatest part of our civilized world……our governments, our law, our science, our commerce, our literature, our art, practically all branches of our life, have become more or less willing slaves of the Jews and drag the feudal fetter, if not yet on two, at least on one leg.’

‘The direct influence of Judaism on the 19th century thus becomes one of the burning subjects of the day. We have to deal here with a question affecting not only the present, but also the future of the world. If the Jewish influence were to gain the upper hand in Europe in the intellectual and cultural sphere, we would have one more example of negative, destructive power.’

Such was the development in a hundred years from von Herder to Chamberlain. The last three sentences are a brilliant prognosis, for Chamberlain had not seen the proofs, which our century has brought, of the truth of what he said; namely, that fantastic feat of international stage-management on the grand scale in October 1917 when Communism (the destroyer of nationhood) and Zionism (the creator of the dominant nation) triumphed at the same instant!

“Our governments”, in the half-century that has elapsed, have become such “willing slaves” of the Judaic master-sect that they are in fact the bailiffs or agents of a new, international ruling-class, and not true governors at all.

Ask David Irving, or Ernst Zundel, or Sylvia Stolz, or Brendon O’Connell, or any of the 20,000 Germans who have been charged for merely expressing skepticism about ‘The Holocaust’ and the ‘Jewish’ version of history we have been force fed. Our governments stopped working in our interests decades ago. Only now it has become glaringly apparent to anyone who is paying attention. In my case it was 911 that opened my eyes, and lead me to see the pattern that emerged, of our own governments murdering us, and then using these murders to compel us to go to the Middle East to murder millions of equally innocent people.

The Illuminati co-opts Freemasonry, only to be co-opted in turn by the Cult of Judah, and its ‘world revolution’

The “managers” of the revolution in Russia were nearly all Eastern Jews. On this occasion the significant, symbolic acts of regicide and sacrilege were committed by Jews and a law was enacted which in effect forbade all discussion of the part played by Jews, or by “the Jewish question”, in these events or in public affairs at all. It became a capital offense, punishable by death, to merely point out the obvious involvement of ‘Jews’ in the crimes against humanity committed by the ‘Soviet’ system against the Russians and Slavs and Ukrainaians, and Estonians and all the other hapless victims left defenseless by the ‘traitors’ at Yalta. For it could never be said that these regimes killed ‘their own people’, because these regimes were foreigners. ‘Jews’. ‘Jews’ destroying ‘the nations’ just as their Cult taught them. Even Churchill and Roosevelt and Wilson were never really ‘our’ political representatives, let alone our ‘leaders’. They served the ‘Jew’ World Order. The Cult of Judah. Not the citizens of Britain or America.

When the papers of Adam Weishaupt’s secret society of “Illuminati” were seized by the Bavarian Government in 1786 and published in 1787. The original blueprint of world-revolution, and the existence of a powerful organization with members in the highest places, were then revealed. From that moment on no doubt remained that all countries and classes of society contained men who were leagued together to destroy all legitimate government and all religion. The conspiratorial organization burrowed underground again after its exposure, but survived and pursued its plan, bursting into full public view in 1917. Since then, as Communism, it has openly pursued the aims disclosed by the Bavarian Government’s coup of 1786, by the methods then also revealed.

The Duke of Bavaria in 1785 issued an edict against the IIluminati; the order was indicted as a branch of Freemasonry, and government officials, members of the armed services, professors, teachers and students were forbidden to join it. A general ban was laid on the formation of secret societies (that is, bodies which banded together without making registration, as the law required).

An Illuminist emissary was struck by lightning on a journey to Silesia in 1785. Papers found on him caused the houses of two Illuminist leaders to be searched. Correspondence between “Spartacus” (Adam Weishaupt) and the “Areopagites” (his closest associates in the order), and other papers then found revealed the full plan for world-revolution with which we of the 20th Century have become familiar through its results and under the name of “Communism”.

The basic idea, made abundantly clear in the correspondence between “Spartacus” and his pseudonymous fellow-conspirators, was to destroy all established authority, nationhood and religion, and thus to clear the way for the rise of a new ruling class, that of the Illuminates. The society’s aims, as summed up by Henri Martin, were “the abolition of property, social authority and nationality.’ This is confirmed by Weishaupt’s; ‘nations will disappear’

Weishaupt’s great skill was in enlisting important people, by allowing them each to think they were serving whatever highest ideal they themselves entertained. This is exactly how the ‘Jew’ World Order have recruited many idealists. When a person joins some ‘secret society’, whether it be Freemason, Illuminati, or Jesuit, they are really signing up to serve the ‘Jew’ Word Order, without realising it. If they live long enough to see how their ideals and loyalty are being betrayed, they are doomed to end their days like Roosevelt or Wilson, as ‘gutted’ ‘shells’ of human beings, their ‘soul-force’ having been sucked out of them, leaving gaunt, lifeless, walking-dead men.

Those ‘true believer’ Socialists and Communists who realised what they’d done mostly drank themselves to death in the ‘Jew’.S.S.R. Imagine their shame and regrets!

The Cult of Judah teaches that God himself excluded the Gentiles from his congregation and commanded them to live merely according to the laws of nature and of reason. This is exactly what Weishaupt intended for us all.

The aims of the Illuminati were the same as those of Communism as seen in the ‘Jew’.S.S.R.

As for the method of recruitment into the Illuminati, every baseness of which human beings are capable was listed for exploitation to this end.

Weishaupt’s papers also included a diagram illustrating the way in which he exercised control over his organization. It shows the celebrated “cell” system on which Communism was built. It is the product of an intelligence of the highest kind (and, obviously, of centuries of experience; methods of this sort cannot be devised without a long process of trial and error). The secret is that damage to such a structure cannot be more than local, the main fabric remaining always unimpaired and capable of repair. If a few links, or cells, are destroyed these can be made good in due time, and meanwhile the organization continues, substantially unharmed.

Weishaupt had in fact achieved the “extraordinary result” ascribed to Abdulla ibn Maymun in Islam: under him “a multitude of men of diverse beliefs were all working together for an object known only to a few of them”.

The fact that each dupe only knew his two neighbour dupes would not alone have been enough to bring about that result. How were the Illuminates kept together? The answer is that Weishaupt discovered, or received from some higher intelligence the secret on which the cohesive strength of the world-revolution rested in the ‘Jew’.S.S.R, as it does today, terror!

All Illuminates took “illuminated” names, which they used in their dealings with each other, and in all correspondence. This practice of the alias, or “cover name”, has been continued to the present-day. The members of the Communist governments which usurped power in Russia in 1917 were known to the world, for the first time in history, by aliases (and are so known to posterity also). The exposures of 1945-1955 in America, England, Canada and Australia showed that the men who worked as Communist agents in the governments of these countries used “cover-names”, in the way begun by Weishaupt.

Weishaupt organized his society in grades, or circles, the outer rings of which contained the new recruits and lesser dupes. Advancement through the grades was supposed to bring initiation into further chapters of the central mystery. Weishaupt preferred the enrolment of young men at their most impressionable ages, between 15 and 30. (This practice also was continued by the Communists in the Jew.S.A. Messrs. Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, Whittaker Chambers, Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess and others were all “netted” at their American or English universities). Other grades or degrees were added as the circle of recruitment widened, or especial obstacles to it were discovered; the example of religion has already been given, and in this case also Communism, by making use of the suggestion that Jesus was the first Communist, has followed Weishaupt’s precedent, merely changing “Illuminist” to “Communist”. In this approach to prospective members the manner of the invitation was varied to meet individual cases.

Imagine how many active participants in 911 actually imagined they were doing something good for their country, or their religion, or their class, or their ‘race’. So many people must have been involved. And with so many, probably totally inconsistent, even contradictory, motives. What they thought would be attained by these means? How many would repeat their contribution today, knowing what they actually contributed to? Those Israeli’s who were dancing, and filming, as 3000 people burned or fell to their deaths? When they appeared on television in Israel they seemed very pleased with themselves. Will they remain so when the nukes start raining down on them and their families in Israel, just after the ‘Jew’ World Order leaders have sealed off their bunkers, or flown off for New Zealand?

The young men who were recruited for the Illuminati conspiracy were sworn in with much intimidating ceremonial, including a significant mockery of the Christian sacrament. They were required to supply a dossier about their parents, listing their “dominant passions”, and to spy on each other. Both these ideas are basic in Communism and one possibly original source of them is the “Mosaic Law”, where the obligation to denounce kinsfolk who incur suspicion of heresy, and to place “a guard upon my guard”, is included in the “statutes and judgments”.

The young Illuminate was made to feel that he would never know how many eyes of unknown superiors might be on him (he only knew his immediate superiors); he was taught to inform on those around him and inferred that they informed on him. This is the basic principle of terror, which can never be completely established merely by killing, torture or imprisonment; only the knowledge that he can trust no one at all, not his own son or father or friend, reduces the human victim to utter submission. Since Weishaupt’s day this secret terror has been resident in the West.

Membership of the Illuminati, the papers discovered showed that, after ten years of existence, it had several thousand members, many of them in important civil positions where they could exert influence on the acts of rulers and governments. They even included rulers: the contemporary Marquis de Luchet relates that some thirty reigning and non-reigning princes had gutlessly joined an order, the masters of which were sworn to destroy them! It included the Dukes of Brunswick, Gotha and Saxe-Weimar, princes of Hesse and Saxe-Gotha, and the Elector of Mainz; Metternich, Pestalozzi the educationist, ambassadors and politicians and professors.

The inference that Faust was in truth the story of Goethe and Illuminism is hard to resist

Weishaupt’s own diagram showed that the secret order was constructed in such a way that detection should never uncover or damage more than a segment. It is possible, for the same reason again, that Weishaupt was but a group or area leader, and that the high directorate of what demonstrably was a world-revolutionary organization was never unmasked.

The plan to acquire control of Freemasonry through Illuminist agents, and the success achieved, is plainly stated in Weishaupt’s papers. First he records that, “I have succeeded in obtaining a profound glimpse into the secrets of the Freemasons; I know their whole aim and shall impart it all at the right time in one of the higher degrees”. At a later stage he gave a general order for his “Areopagites” to enter Freemasonry: “Then we shall have a masonic lodge of our own. . . we shall regard this as our nursery garden. . . at every opportunity we shall cover ourselves with this . . .” (that is, Freemasonry).

In concealment lies a great part of our strength. For this reason we must always cover ourselves with the name of another society. The lodges that are under Freemasonry are in the meantime the most suitable cloak for our high purpose . . . a society concealed in this manner cannot be worked against. . . In case of a prosecution or of treason the superiors cannot be discovered. . . We shall be shrouded in impenetrable darkness from spies and emissaries of other societies”.

Hitler was well aware of how the Freemason lodges had all been infiltrated by ‘Jews’ by the 1900s.

The Duke of Brunswick, Grand Master of German Freemasonry, in 1794 dissolved the order with the words …’the plan they had formed for breaking all social ties and destroying all order was revealed in all their speeches and acts . . . they recruited apprentices of every rank and in every position; they deluded the most perspicacious men by falsely alleging different intentions. . . Their masters had nothing less in view than the thrones of the earth, and the government of the nations was to be directed by their nocturnal clubs. This is what has been done and is still being done. But we notice that princes and people are unaware how and by what means this is being accomplished. That is why we say to them in all frankness: the misuse of our Order . . . has produced all the political and moral troubles with which the world is filled today. You who have been initiated, you must join yourselves with us in raising your voices, so as to teach peoples and princes that the sectarians, the apostates of our Order, have alone been and will be the authors of present and future revolutions . . . So as to cut out to the roots the abuse and error, we must from this moment dissolve the whole Order. . . ‘

Weishaupt’s success in his declared intention of capturing Freemasonry from within, and the part then played by Illuminist agents inside Freemasonry in directing the revolution, could not be attested by a better authority than the Grand Master of German Freemasonry himself.

Under this injected influence Freemasonry, which was very strong in France, took an extreme course and produced the Jacobin clubs; these, again under Illuminst influence, presided over the Reign of Terror, when the masked authors of the revolution revealed its true nature by their deeds. Like the Russian revolution 130 years later, the one in France then displayed its hatred of the poor and defenceless more than of the rich, of the peasants of the Vendee more than their supposed oppressors, of all beauty as such.

This is for me the most noteworthily definitive quality of Marxism, in theory and practice. The desire of those who believed they could never aspire to anything of beauty, in their own bodies, or in architecture, music, painting, sculpture, or even home decorating, were, like that ‘jealous god’ of the Cult of Judah, intent on destroying beauty in all its forms, anywhere they found it, simply so no one else might possess it.

Adam Weishaupt himself became a Freemason in 1777, the year after he founded the Illuminati, being received into a Munich lodge.

The way to complete victory in the Masonic world was opened when the Illuminati enlisted the two most important personages in German Freemasonry, Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick (the later penitent) and Prince Carl of Hesse.

The Marquis de Luchet 1789 he wrote: “Learn that there exists a conspiracy in favour of despotism against liberty, of in capacity against talent; of vice against virtue, of ignorance against enlightenment . . . This society aims at governing the world . . . Its object is universal domination . . . No such calamity has ever yet afflicted the world . . . ”

De Luchet called on Freemasonry to cleanse its stable while time remained: “would it not be possible to direct the Freemasons themselves against the Illumines by showing them that, whilst they are working to maintain harmony in society, those others are everywhere sowing seeds of discord and preparing the ultimate destruction of their order?”

The case of Messrs. Barruel, Robison and Morse is of especial interest. What befell them proves more conclusively than any of their own words the very thing they strove to establish: the continued existence and strength of a secret society working, in all countries, for the destructive purpose which they described.

Messrs. Barruel, Robison and Morse were smothered with vituperation. In their day newspapers were in their infancy, and were usually owned by one man, who also edited them. It must therefore have been much more difficult than it is today to gain control of a large proportion of them. The concentrated attack which was delivered against the three men from the moment when they said that Illuminism had brought about the French revolution and still existed shows that even in 1797 the Illuminés were in effective control of the press in America and England.

A writer who writes about the world revolution in the vein of Edmund Burke will find all avenues of publication closing against him. Mrs. Nesta Webster relates the same experience. When she first began to write on revolution, in the early 1920’s, a well-known London publisher said to her, “Remember that if you take an anti-revolutionary line you will have the whole literary world against you”. She says she thought this extraordinary but then found through experience that the publisher was right.

Reed’s research showed how “the whole literary world” fell as one man on Messrs. Barruel, Robison and Morse in 1798, when the Reign of Terror was recent. Nothing else so clearly showed, to Reed’s mind, that the line from Illuminism in 1789 to Communism today is but a line of inheritance; the same organization pursues the same aim with the same methods and even with the same words.

That was another curious thing about the attack on those three writers who took “an antirevolutionary line”. Soon after they gained the public eye the attacks in the newspapers began; nearly always anonymous. They made use of exactly the same language (Doublespeak) as that which is employed in similar assaults today. The three men were accused of starting a “witch-hunt”, of being bigots and alarmists, of persecuting “freedom of opinion” and “academic freedom”, of misrepresenting “liberal” and “progressive” thought, and the like. From that, the attack continued to slander and scurrilous innuendo, and included phrases which recurred in the campaign waged against an American Cabinet member, Mr. James Forrestal, in 1947-9; their private lives were said to be immoral and their financial habits shady; and at the last came the familiar suggestion that they were “mad”. This suggestion is often made today, in the culminant stages of a campaign against any anti-revolutionary figure; it is evidently held to be especially strong medicine in defamation. This particular form of attack might have its original source in the Talmud, which uses it against Jesus (the Jewish Encyclopaedia, in its article on Jesus, refers its readers to the work of a Jewish writer who “agrees that there must have been abnormal mental processes involved in the utterances and behaviour of Jesus”).

Washington was head of the Masonic fraternity. The defenders of Freemasonry laid much emphasis on this (evidently on the principle of “innocence by association”), and on the occasion of Washington’s funeral in 1799 made a great parade of fellowship with the dead hero. Out of respect for him, rather than from satisfied curiosity, the public debate then waned, but at least two prominent Masons, Amos Stoddard and the Rev. Seth Payson, like the Duke of Brunswick in Europe, publicly stated that the Illuminati had permeated Freemasonry and were working under its name. Washington’s successor, President John Adams, in 1798 addressed a stern warning to Freemasonry: “. . . the society of Masons have discovered a science of government, or art of ruling society, peculiar to themselves, and unknown to all the other legislators and philosophers of the world; I mean not only the skill to know each other by marks or signs that no other persons can divine but the wonderful power of enabling and compelling all men, and I suppose all women, at all hours, to keep a secret. If this art can be applied, to set aside the ordinary maxims of society, and introduce politics and disobedience to government, and still keep the secret, it must be obvious that such science and such societies may be perverted to all the ill purposes which have been suspected . . .”

After this public rebuke nothing but the death of Washington in the next year, probably, could have appeased the public desire for a thorough investigation; as so often in these affairs, the opponents of investigation profited from an irrelevant event which distracted or disarmed public attention. Nevertheless, public suspicion continued through three decades and led to the formation of an Anti-masonic Party in 1827, which at its State convention in Massachusetts in 1829 declared “there is evidence of an intimate connexion between the higher orders of Freemasonry and French Illuminism”. That was almost the last kick of the party of investigation, for the next State convention, in Vermont in 1830, recorded the sequel with which our century has been made familiar: “. . . the spirit of enquiry . . . was soon and unaccountably quelled; the press was mute as if the voice of the strangled sentinel and the mass of the people kept in ignorance that an alarm on the subject of Masonry had ever been sounded”.

The cry for investigation had been drowned, as in our generation, by the counter-cry of “witch-hunt” and the like. From that moment until today the American people have never succeeded in moving any government to a full investigation, and the secret infestation of government and the public departments continued, with results only partially revealed by the exposures of 1948 and after.

By his Sedition Act of 1798 President Adams tried to safeguard the future of the Republic, but time has since shown that laws against secret societies and conspiracies are never enforced.

Illuminism had supplied the men who “stirred up revolt, devastation, assassination”: When Weishaupt died, in 1830, his order was probably stronger than it had ever been, but was about to change its name; the same organization, with the same aims, was in the 1840’s to emerge as Communism. That further story belongs to later chapters, and at this point the present narrative takes leave of Adam Weishaupt, the man whose name is forever identified with the emergence of world-revolution as a permanent idea and ambition, propagated by a permanent organization of secret conspirators in all lands, and having nothing whatever to do with remedying oppression or injustice; these evils it desired to aggravate and perpetuate.

Mirabeau, a leading Illuminate and revolutionary, identified himself with Judaist demands and pretensions, so that any restriction on the actual appearance of Jews in the Order may have been a “cover” device of the kind which Weishaupt held to be supremely important.

Alexandre Lambert fils then gave voice to this protest against the bondage of the Talmud: “The bad faith, citizens, of which the Jewish nation is accused does not come from themselves but from their priests. When Alexandre Lambert fils so spoke the rabbinical period in Judaist history had just begun. Before 1772, when Poland was partitioned, there had always been a visible, central, governing or directing authority for all of Jewry. At the start this was the Levitical priesthood, in Jerusalem and Babylon. Under Rome it was the dominant political party, the Pharisees, who were in effect the government. After the fall of Jerusalem and the dispersion it was the Talmudic “movable government” in Palestine, Babylonia, Spain and Poland. After this sank from sight in 1772 the “rabbinical” period began, where authority over the entire congregation of Jewry, as far as it was wielded, was exercised through the rabbis everywhere. Among these, naturally, were men of every degree of belief and temperament, from the most extreme to the most temperate; but the present century has shown that the majority of them, as at all earlier periods in Jewish history, followed the literal “Law” of Judaism, which from the Gentile point of view, of course, is extremism at its most extreme.

The Jews who profited were the “Eastern Jews”, and that these non-Semitic converts to Judaism.

Most of the Jews in France were Sephardim, descended from those Spanish and Portuguese Jews who had some tenuous tradition, at least, linking them with Palestine. Any disabilities still suffered by these longsettled Jews were ended by the decree of 1790, which gave them all the rights of French citizens. In Alsace a community of Ashkenazim, the Slavic Jews, had appeared and these visitors from Russia were greatly disliked, so that the proposal to bestow citizenship on them provoked stormy debates, in the revolutionary Assembly and an insurrection among the Alsatian peasants

This Jewish protest (a recurrent one through the ages down to our present day, and one always ignored by Gentile rulers) was as vain as that of the merchants of Paris thirty years before against the opening of their corporations to Jews:

“The French merchant carries on his commerce alone; each commercial house is in a way isolated; whilst the Jews are particles of quicksilver, which at the least slant run together into a block “.

Adam Smith never explicitly mentions ‘Jews’ in his works. However he does state that the single greatest frustration of, and danger to, the operation of the ‘free’ markets, was the natural tendency towards conspiracies among businesspeople.

From this time on the ruling sect of Jewry bent all its efforts on reducing the authority of the original, Sephardic Jews and increasing that of their compact Ashkenazi in the East; from this moment on the Ashkenazi began to move into Europe (and later into America), to assume the leadership of the worldrevolution and to carry with them everywhere the assault on all legitimate government, religion and nationhood.

That development followed the French revolution, or first phase of the world-revolution, which was like the opening of a door or the breaking of a dyke. At the time all that could fairly be said of the Jews in relation to the revolution was that they had been involved in it like other men, and had benefited from it rather more than other men. The sequel turned a different light on all this, and began to show Judaist direction, not mere involvement.

For in the half-century following the revelation of the blueprint for world- revolution and the outbreak in France, the historical processes of Jewry and of the world-revolution no longer remained separate or distinct; they converged. The continuing conspiracy and “the Jews” (in the sense of the dominant sect) then became identical and could no longer be considered apart. From the middle of the 19th Century the world-revolution was under Jewish leadership; whatever the fact had been before, it then passed into these hands.

Benjamin Disraeli, later Lord Beaconsfield, repeatedly warned Christendom against the worldrevolution. Like de Luchet, Alexander Hamilton and Edmund Burke fifty years before, he saw “the design” behind it; unlike Lord Acton, who fifty years later spoke only of anonymous “managers”, Disraeli identified these organizers as Jews. The century that has passed since he uttered the plainest of these warnings has justified him; whatever its origins, the organized world-revolution was under Judaist leadership by the middle of the 19th Century and continued under Judaist leadership

The Jewish Encyclopaedia says that the Cabala (the oral, traditional lore, in contradistinction to the written law, or Torah) from the 13th century on, branched out into an extensive literature alongside of and in opposition to the Talmud, being entrusted only to the few elect ones. Mrs. Nesta Webster, however, quotes another passage from the Jewish Encyclopaedia as saying that “the Cabala is not really in opposition to the Talmud”.

Sidonia remarked in 1846 (the year when Coningsby was published): “That mighty revolution which is at this moment preparing in Germany and . . . of which so little is as yet known in England, is developing entirely under the auspices of the Jews”.

After the outbreaks of 1848, Disraeli returned to the subject, telling the House of Commons in 1852: “The influence of the Jews may be traced in the last outbreak of the destructive principle in Europe. An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property. .. The natural equality of men and the abrogation of property are proclaimed by the secret societies who form provisional governments and men of Jewish race are found at the head of every one of them” (exactly the same thing recurred in Russia, in 1917, that is, seventy years after the 1848 outbreaks).

Disraeli added, “The most skilful manipulators of property ally them selves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen people touch the hands of all the scum and low castes of Europe”. This, he said, was because they wished to destroy Christianity.

Benjamin Disraeli, was an emancipated ‘Jew’, whose liberation from the Cult of Judah gave him this “absolute freedom from prejudice”. His name was significant, for he was of the breed of the Israelite prophets who denounced Judah. He was proud of his descent, and yet was enabled by his detachment to feel a love of England which those of native ancestry often cannot emulate. His ironical comments on public affairs and human events are refreshing to read today, when politicians shun the truth as the devil might shun holy water.

He candidly stated that “the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes“, and in these words he publicly affirmed that real government is by the ‘Hidden Hand’. All informed observers know that this is the truth of affairs, but any presentday American president or British prime minister would denounce the statement as “witch-hunting”. “I think”, said Sidonia, “that there is no error so vulgar as to believe that revolutions are occasioned by economical causes”. This is in stark contrast to the Lloyd Georges and Woodrow Wilsons, Roosevelts and Trumans who have pretended that the revolutions in France and Russia and elsewhere were spontaneous mass-eruptions by “the people”, infuriate, against “tyranny”.

This highlights the ‘manufactured’ nature of most ‘color revolutions’ today. In fact in Venezuala corporations are deliberately not selling goods they have in abundance, in an attempt to create ‘artificial shortages’ and provoke revolution. The Western media keep reporting on ‘food shortages’ and ‘food riots’ that are purely imaginary. A few independent journalists have revealed what I suspected long ago. Namely that America and other ‘Jew’. World Order occupied governments are trying to ‘justify’ military intervention in Venezuala on the side of the parties and corporations that the ‘Jew’ World Order feel confident in being able to manipulate and co-opt. This has happened time and time again in the last decades, with all manner of U.S backed military coups and manufactured, tightly orchestrated ‘revolutions’ later presented by the Jewish mass media as ‘popular uprisings’ against ‘hated despots and tyrants’. When in each case it was a criminal gang ousting a democratically elected, and often extremely capable, competent, creative, and popular government.

If Talmudic Judaism is “the worship of Moloch” then we are dealing with Enlil, the Annunaki leader who demanded to be worshipped as the other Annunaki on earth, but as the sole god. Remember how the ‘passing of the first born through the flames’ was probably a reference to placing the infants through some sort of ‘wormhole’ which would deliver them to Enlil on Nibiru, or elsewhere.Remember Jeremiah’s reference to the Israelites ‘causing their sons and daughters to pass through the fire unto Moloch.’

Disraeli, perhaps the most respected figure in any parliament at any time in history, cannot be imagined lending himself, his office and his country’s strength to the support and spread of the world-revolution, as the leaders of Britain and America lent themselves in the first and second world wars; his whole public life was spent in forewarning his country against the destructive conspiracy which their acts promoted.

Disraeli was the product both of Sephardic Jewry and of England at that period; he could not, without both of these influences, have achieved that “absolute freedom from prejudice”. His father, Isaac D’Israeli, wrote, “A religion which admits not toleration cannot be safely tolerated, if there is any chance of its obtaining a political ascendancy”, and the Encyclopaedia Britannica says Isaac’s reason for withdrawing from the synagogue was that Talmudic Judaism with its rigid laws “cuts off the Jews from the great family of mankind”. His son’s biographer, Mr. Hesketh Pearson, says the elders fined Isaac D’Israeli forty pounds when he declined election as Warden of the Congregation.

Isaac would not have been able so to challenge the elders, had he lived in a Talmudic community in Russia or Poland; he would have been outlawed, possibly killed.

Thus the father and the son (who became a member of the Church of England at the age of twelve) were formed by the free air of England at that time. Benjamin Disraeli, was to achieve the removal of the last disabilities put on Jews in England, and then publicly to proclaim that (in the immediate sequence to this emancipation) Jews were taking over control of the world-revolution everywhere. To a man of “absolute freedom from prejudice” the campaign against Jewish disabilities and the candid statement of this result were duties equally inescapable, even though the second development bore out the warnings of the enemies of that Jewish emancipation, which Disraeli had fought to complete.

Bakunin (Polemique contres les Juifs) vs Marx(Das Kapital)

Michel Bakunin and Karl Marx were as poles apart. Bakunin, “the father of Anarchy”, was “a disciple of Weishaupt”, according to the French revolutionary socialist, Benoit Malon. He represented that early breed of idealist revolutionaries who thought that they had found in revolution an instrument to destroy tyranny. He saw the danger that the confiscatory State, set up on the ruins of private property, would merely reproduce the tyrannical propensities of the private capitalist in gargantuan shape; therefore he looked for ways to reconcile the communal ownership of land and capital with the utmost possible diminution in the powers of the State and ultimately even with the complete abolition of the State. Thus he was the very opposite of Karl Marx, whose similar proposal, for the communal ownership of land and capital, was aimed simply at setting up a supertyranny in place of petty tyrants.

The ruling passion (and original motive) of all Bakunin’s work was a horror of despotism; Marx planned to destroy a ruling class in order to merely establish the greatest despotism as the world had never known. This was the profound difference between the two men.

Bakunin’s Anarchism was opposed to every kind of forcible government, and to the State as the embodiment of the force employed in every government of the community.

Marx’s Communism made State force, state violence, a literal god.

Everything about Bakunin is genuine: his struggle, sufferings and death.

Everything about Marx is bogus: his thirty years of incitement from the British Museum reading-room, his comfortable life on Friedrich Engels’s bounty, his obviously calculated marriage to a “von”, his genteel funeral with graveside orations; all are typical of the petty bourgeois who so loudly declaimed against the bourgeoisie. The most bogus thing of all was his Communist Manifesto, which diagnosed an ailment (“The proletarian has no property”) and prescribed as the remedy, no-one should possess anything. The: abolition of private property”).

The problem of the masses is they own nothing, so the solution is to put everyone in the exact same situation, suffering under the exact same condition Marx claimed to be there to ameliorate?

Our last chance at a real revolutionary leader died with Mikhyl Bakunin. He was the ‘authentic’ revolutionary as compared to the disingenuous Karl Marx. They were contemporaries. But while Marx was the ‘Jew’ World Order’s man, and enjoyed a life of ease, Bakunin suffered enough for 100 lives, for daring to offer the world a real alternative to Marxism’s specious sophistry. For daring to offer us a real leader, rather than the Judas goat that Marx always was, and remains.

Bakunin’s holistic comprehension of the ‘Jew’ World Order and Marxism’s clear appeal to the Banksters is astounding, given the times in which he lived. He was more awake at a time when information was so censored and hard to obtain, than most of today’s ‘Alternative’ media personalities.

Bakunin stated:: “Marx is a Jew and is surrounded by a crowd of little, more or less intelligent, scheming, agile, speculating Jews, just as Jews are everywhere, commercial and banking agents, writers, politicians, correspondents for newspapers of all shades; in short, literary brokers, just as they are financial brokers, with one foot in the bank and the other in the socialist movement, and their arses sitting upon the German press. They have grabbed hold of all newspapers, and you can imagine what a nauseating literature is the outcome of it. Now this entire Jewish world, which constitutes an exploiting sect, is a people of leeches, a voracious parasite’.

Bakunin is one of the few people who ever fully comprehended the nature of the relationship between Marxism, Banksterism, and the ‘Jew’ World Order. He wrote: ‘Marx feels an instinctive inclination and a great respect for the Rothschild’s. This may seem strange. What could there be in common between communism and high finance? Ho ho! The communism of Marx seeks a strong state centralization, and where this exists there must inevitably exist a state central bank, and where this exists, there the parasitic Jewish nation, which speculates upon the labor of the people, will always find the means for its existence’

‘ In reality, this would be for the proletariat a barrack regime, under which the workingmen and the working closely and intimately connected with one another, regardless not only of frontiers but of political differences as well — this Jewish world is today largely at the disposal of Marx or Rothschild. .with a wide scope for profitable crooked deals carried on by the Jews, who would be attracted by the enormous extension of the international speculations of the national banks. (Polemique contres les Juifs).

My point is that centralization of power is desirable only to those who would rule as many people as possible, with as few people as possible. The fewer people you need to bribe, corrupt, blackmail, and direct, the better. The fewer political parties the better, and so we ended up with mostly ‘two party’ systems, with candidates pre-selected or groomed by the Cult of Judah, making it irrelevant which ‘party’ were elected. The IMF and World Bank are a Cult’s wet dream. The U.N of course is a multiple orgasm for the ‘Jew’ World Order. It is just one step from disarming the civilians, to disarming the nations, to a One World Government, One World Bank, and One World Currency, to a ‘Jew’ World Order.

As Reed ironically notes, the proletariat had nothing to gain but chains from Communism. I drew a cartoon of Marx with the caption, ‘we have nothing to lose but our chains’, in a Sociology exam I was given a ‘Pass’ grade for. But surely for having fallen for the brainwashing attempt, I should have been given the ‘High Distinction’ grade I got in almost every other Sociology course I later took?

As with anything to do with the’Jews in the thrall of their Cult of Judah-ism, everything is upside down, topsy turvy, non-sequitur, self-negating, self-cancelling, double speak. Maybe the exam marker’s thought I was being ‘facetious’?

The subsequent supposedly ‘spontaneous’ revolutionary outbreaks all over Europe that followed the publication of Marx’s Commmunist Manifesto in January 1848 could not have been aroused by the’ logic’ of Das Kapital.

Clearly an ‘invisible hand’ was at work. The ‘spontaneous’ expressions of discontent, like those preceeding the French Revolution, had been carefully choreographed and co-ordinated. Something any resistance movement hoping to defeat the ‘Jew’ World Order must manage if we are ever to free ourselves of the bonds of the Cult of Judah and its ‘Jew’ World Order.

Within a few weeks of publication, revolts occurred all over Germany, in Austria, Hungary, Italy, France and Denmark. This was proof that the individual “secret societies” in the various countries were fusing together, that some means had been found to co-ordinate and synchronise their outbreaks, and thus, for the first time, to demonstrate world-revolution in action, through simultaneous eruptions in numerous countries.

Probably only one organization, already existing at that time, had at its disposal the international network which could make this synchronization and co-ordination possible, and that was the Talmudic rabbinate in Eastern Europe. Theoretically, the vast organization of the Catholic Church could have been put to the same purpose, but the Church saw its deadliest enemy in the revolution and was not so used; on that point history is clear.

What Disraeli had tried to warn the world of two years before, became historical fact: “that mighty revolution which is at this moment preparing in Germany . . . is developing entirely under the auspices of the Jews”. Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto were the outward and visible signs of a significant historic event: The Cult of Judah, in the form of Talmudic Rabbinical Judah-ism, had taken over the world-revolution, assuming that it had not been there from the start.

Remember, the Cult of Judah has always been keen to promote centralization of power in all its forms. Centralised governments. Federations of States. And then Federations of nations, such as the E.U, and Federations of nations, such as the U.N, IMF, and World Bank. All the recent ‘trade associations’ are one step forward in that ‘Totalitarian tiptoe’ towards a the wet dream of the Cult of Judah that has been building up to ejaculation for over 3000 years.

The Cult would have gladly watched any organic, grass roots forms of secret socieities, aiding them where they could, until they had established their own authority over their own members, a network of corruption and blackmail, of self-interest, whether in the form of corrupt labor unions, corrupt Church groups, Illuminati, Freemasonry, various ‘mafia’, the Cult could simply corrupt or groom the top leadership of each of these, and co-opt that cohesive, centralised authority and power to its own ends.

So whether the Cult had an ‘invisible hand’ itself in the emergence and expansion of the secret societies makes no different. What matters is that they ultimately, as Hitler aptly observed, had ‘taken them over’, and ‘co-opted’ them as new resources for the realisation of their own ambitions, goals, and objectives.

All the ‘color revolutions’ of recent years are examples. If the existing, centralised authority cannot be co-opted from within, it is simply toppled by a ‘spontaneous uprising’, and a ‘Jew’ World Order friendly regime is installed.

Note how the leaders of these ‘color revolutions’ suddenly appear on social media network sites at the heads of apparently large demonstrations. The camera picks them out. Soon they have ‘face recognition’. Then suddenly their names and faces appear all over the mass media, as if they are ‘someone’. So in the minds of the public, in the carefully engineered ‘social reality’ constructed by the Cult of Judah for our passive consumption, they become ‘someone’.

Somehow millions of dollars, and weapons, and professional agitators, even snipers, spontaneously become available to these new ‘grass roots political leaders’ and ‘social movement heroes’. For no reason anyone can see (the cameras are pointed at the police, and not the professional snipers planted among the ‘peaceful demonstrators’, or just out of view of the public, in the window of a building), some ‘police’ or other ‘state representatives of the ‘hated’ regime (for that is how it is portrayed in the Jewish world media) open fire on ‘peaceful’ demonstrators. The viewing public are never told about the sniper fire that this was a legitimate retaliation to. Remember, the ‘Jew’ attacks you, then when you seek to retaliate, they call out ‘help, I’m been persecuted’.

As far as anyone in the world watching television, or watching supposedly ‘independent’ (controlled opposition) web posts of ‘eyewitness live stream video’, is able to determine, from the extremely biased, one sided, propagandistic coverage they are offered as ‘journalism’, the hated tyrannical state showed its true nature by opening fire for no reason on peaceful demonstrators. And so calls from Washington (scripted by the professional Zionist lobbyists and read from teleprompters by their puppets) for ‘sanctions’ and even ‘military intervention’ to ‘save the hapless victims of tyranny’ in some foreign nation most U.S citizens had never heard of before, and would never have been able to locate on a map, let alone discover any ‘national interest’ or ‘justification’ for totally abandoning the U.S Constitution over, often gain traction, and the result is that the ‘Jew’ World Order can employ the massive resources of the occupied ‘Jew’.S.A just as their ‘Torah’ instructional tales suggested, to overthrow any government that won’t ‘play ball’ with the ‘Jew’ World Order, and willingly consent to being plundered and enslaved, just as Adolf Hitler warned us, in that brilliant speech of his you can watch on my Bitchute and channels.

The ‘Jew’ World Order don’t care about democracy, as Hitler informed us. All they care about is whether the authority in power will be obedient to their Cult of Judah instructions, and comply obediently with their ‘trade’ deals, their ‘petro-dollar ponsy scheme’, and ‘sell out’ their sovereignty for a few billion dollars looted from their nations, then secreted out to Paris, where they can retire in luxury among the other ‘retired’ war criminals, economic hit men, genocidal mass murderers, and international banksters enjoying their ‘golden years’, at the expense of the millions of people they had duped.

Just remember what happened to Poland. The entire Western world claimed it had fought WWII for the sovereignty and freedom of Poland. And what did they do when their ‘Jew’.S.S.R ‘ally’ simply invaded, and occupied it? Remember this happened at exactly the same time as Hitler was making his legitimate demands upon the Polish government. I am not even referring to what happened after WWII, to the Polish nation, and people.

We are expected to believe that America, made up of a majority of people with Germanic backgrounds, was willing to destroy Germany, over Poland, but not even make any effort to pressure the ‘Jew.S.S.R’ in any way whatsoever to ‘get out of ‘ Poland?

How could anyone take the charges of ‘military aggression’ made against Goering and Germany seriously, at a time when ‘Russia’ had just occupied a whole bunch of nations, and shown zero intention of every ‘leaving’? Their ‘liberation’ was immediately recognised as an ‘occupation’. An ‘invasion’. An act of military aggression. Not to mention their invasion of Japan, and aggressive theft of Japanese territory, in the most cowardly act of military aggression, but totally consistent with the ‘Jew’.S.S.R behavior before, during, and in the closing days, of WWII.

And since then the ‘Jew’.S.A, in direct violation of its constitution, has committed the same war crimes Goering was to hang for, (the verdict was written at the same time as the indictments), and which many other Nazi leaders were hanged for, over and over and over and over again. I’ve listed these Nuremberg war crimes committed by the Jewnited States of America in my other books, pdf copies of which you will find with this document.

Karl Marx, expelled from Prussia and France after 1848, settled comfortably in London until he died, thirty-four years later.

Bakunin, in absolute contrast, put his own life on the line for his principles. Bakunin was by birth a Russian aristocrat and had thrown up his ensignship in a Czarist regiment in 1832 after the suppression of the Polish insurrection of 1830; the spectacle of terrorized Poland inspired in the heart of this young Russian officer the horror of despotism which thenceforth dominated his life. He met Marx before 1848 and left a description of the difference between them: “Marx called me a sentimental idealist, and he was right; I called him a vain man, perfidious and crafty, and I also was right”.

Bakunin was in Paris for the fighting of 1848, and in May 1849 was a member of the provisional government set up by the revolutionaries in Saxony, leading the defence of Dresden until the Prussian troops prevailed, when he was captured while trying to escape (with Richard Wagner). He was sentenced to death, and reprieved, successively by the Saxon and Austrian governments. “He was kept in fetters and chained to a wall for a year and then surrendered to the Russian government. After six years imprisonment he was sent, toothless, scorbutic and prematurely aged, to “the comparative freedom of Siberia”, whence, in 1861, after twelve years of captivity, he escaped to Japan, America and eventually England. Unbroken by his experiences, he at once resumed preaching the spirit of anarchist revolt and in 1864, in Switzerland, founded his International (the Alliance Internationale Sociale Democratique).

Wow, another true believer in Social Democracy, like myself. But I had never even heard of this great man. Had you?

About the same time, Karl Marx founded his International (the International Working Men’s Association) in London, and the next few years were filled with the decisive struggle between Bakunin and Marx for the soul of the revolution.

During Bakunin’s long absence in Saxon, Austrian and Russian jails and in Siberia, Marx in London had established his hold on the international revolutionary organization (in several countries he had sons-in-law as lieutenants, on the Napoleonic model), but Bakunin’s renown was great and he was deprived of the leadership only by a series of tricks which Marx, through his control of the General Council, was able to use against his rival.

In 1872 the General Council called a congress of the International at The Hague, where Bakunin and his friends could not go on account of governmental hostility. At this congress charges were made against Bakunin, reminiscent of those which sixty years later were to be raised against any Communist leaders of whom Stalin wished to rid himself, and he was expelled from the International by vote of the Council, packed by Marx’s handpicked men.

Broken in health Bakunin died a few years later, and apparently brought on his end by refusing to take food. With him died any hope (if such hope ever existed) that the organized world-revolution might be used to overthrow tyranny and liberate men; from the moment that it came “entirely under the auspices of Jews” (Disraeli) its purpose was to enslave men and to establish an indestructible tyranny.

Bakunin’s idea was to organize force against oppression, and the worst oppressor of all, in his eyes, was The State. These are his words: “The State is not society, it is only an historical form of it, as brutal as it is abstract. It was born historically, in all countries, of the marriage of violence, rapine, pillage, in a word, war and conquest . . . It has been from its origin, and it remains still at present, the divine sanction of brutal force and triumphant inequality. The State is authority; it is force; it is the ostentation and infatuation of force . . .”

Precisely such a State as that, Karl Marx designed to set up through his international revolutionary movement, and it was to be a world State.

Bakunin in 1869, when his contest with Karl Marx was reaching its climax, like Disraeli in 1846 and 1852, identified the leadership of the world-revolution as Jewish and in this he saw the cause of the perversion, as he considered it, of the revolutionary idea.

Bakunin’s Polemique contre les Juifs, written in 1869, was mainly directed against the Jews of the International, and from what we have since seen of these affairs we may assume that his expulsion by the Marxist General Council in 1872 became certain at the moment of that publication in 1869.

When Disraeli died the thing he had striven to avoid had come about: the “secret societies” had been welded into one world-revolutionary movement under Jewish control, and this was preparing to blow up the foundations of the 20th Century. He had found the perfect description for this organization: “a network” which covered Europe “just as the superficies of the earth is now being covered with railroads”. Informed men began more and more frequently to use this expression, “the network”, and to speak of “the hidden hand” which ruled governments.

In the years before the revolutions of 1848 the former Rabbi Drach, who like Disraeli foresaw what was coming, published his indictment of the Talmud as the source of this disruptive process; his ensuing persecution was described by a Jewish writer named Morel, who among other things said, “what can the wisest measures of the authorities of all countries do against the vast and permanent conspiracy of a people which, like a network as vast as it is strong, stretched over the whole globe, brings its force to bear wherever an event occurs that interests the name of Israelite“.

In 1772 Poland was partitioned and, after more than 2,500 years, the “centre” of Jewish Government “ceased to exist” (according to Dr. Kastein) or became a secret Jewish government (as the Russian authorities believed). In 1776 Adam Weishaupt founded his Illuminati. By 1846 Disraeli was writing that “the revo1ution is developing entirely under Jewish auspices”. In 1869 Michel Bakunin, the disciple of Weishaupt, attacked the Jews in the revolutionary movement. In 1872 Bakunin was expelled and the united Communist movement plainly emerged, under Karl Marx (in 1917 it produced an almost exclusively Jewish Bolshevist government).

The birth of anti-semitism as ‘a thing’

During the 19th Century (as Dr. Kastein, again, records) the term “antisemitism” was born.

As “persecution” could no longer be said to exist, some new word had to be found, capable of intimidating Gentiles and terrifying Jews, the second purpose being more important than the first, so “antisemitism” was invented.

The term “antisemitism” is patently absurd in relation to people who are demonstrably not Semites and whose Law commands the extirpation of Semites (the Arab peoples of Palestine; any expression of sympathy with the Semitic Arabs, expelled from their native land by the Zionist intruders in 1948, in time came to be attacked as “antisemitism”).

Presumably the authors of this term desired to keep such words as Jew, Jewish and anti-Jewish out of the public controversy and counted on intimidating the mass-mind by the introduction of an obscurantist word.

What the dominant sect meant by “antisemitism” was in fact a combination of lesae majestie (offences against the dignity of the sovereign power) and heresy (opposition to the paramount religious doctrine); and by the middle of the present century the mass-mind had to a great extent submitted to this idea.

The word “antisemitism” was coined at the time when “men of Jewish race”, as Disraeli and Bakunin pointed out, took over the direction of the world-revolution, and the main object of its invention was by intimidation to deter public discussion of the Cult of Judah, and its ‘Jew’ World Order..

In the recent time, a Jewish authority, Mr. Bernard Lazare, offered this attempt to ‘define’ ‘anti-semitism: ‘The antisemite says: ‘The Jew is the preparer, the machinator, the chief engineer of revolutions’; the impartial historian confines himself to studying the part which the Jew, considering his spirit his character, the nature of his philosophy, and his religion, may have taken in revolutionary processes and movements”.

What this definition does is totally ignore the role of the Cult of Judah, its ideology of Semitism, and its clear political strategy, ‘clothed’ in the finery of a ‘religion’, and ‘hidden in plain sight’ in a supposedly ‘holy’ book, the ‘Torah’, in the centuries of destructive revolutions.

For only the U.S ‘Revolutionary war’ could be said to have produced any lasting ‘liberty’, and that only for a few decades, and at the expense of genocide of the ‘natives’. A ‘liberty’ not shared with the African American slaves until much later. And that proved to be ‘in vain’, as Eccesiastes warned us, as the Cult of Judah soon co-opted even this ‘revolution’ to its own ends, establishing first a very secret shadow occupation, which today is pretty much ‘out in the open’ as the ‘occupied’ Jewnited States of American, the ‘Jew’.S.A.

Disraeli is likely known to you for his great eloquence. But how many of you have read the following quotes, the ones we have considered earlier, in any ‘school textbook’ or ‘history channel’ presentation?

Disraeli stated: “that mighty revolution . . . is developing entirely under the auspices of the Jews”, “the influence of the Jews may be traced in the last outbreak of the destructive principle”, “and men of Jewish race are found at the head of every one of them”.

As he was himself racially Jewish, Disraeli presumably felt no need to labour the fact that many Jews were as stoutly opposed as he to the “mighty revolution” and to “the destructive principle”. In his day this would have been apparent, and he would not have had to armourplate his words against the propagandist who, today, would accuse him of incriminating all Jews, and thus of anti-semitism.

Today we must continually make a point of reminding our readers and listeners and viewers that the majority of ‘Jews’ do not subscribe to the ‘ideology of Semitism’. They are not ‘Zionists’. They are not active participants in, or for the most part really aware of, the ‘Jew’ World Order.

We must always insist that our interlocutors and challengers and attackers define in what way they are using the term ‘anti-semitism’. And then to quickly explain the difference between what we are doing and saying, and that ‘anti-semitism’, thus defusing any potential abuse of that term to intimidate us, or even criminalise us.

From the French revolutionary period onward (when the long resident Jews of France gave warning against the newcomers from the East who were making trouble in Alsace) the Sephardic Jews of the West strongly resisted the ill wind that was blowing towards them from the East. Emancipation had loosened their bonds; they stood to lose all they had gained if “the destructive principle”, “engineered” by the Talmudic sect and the Ashkenazim in the East, were to prevail over the West.

The warnings of Disraeli were addressed to this, then the dominant section of Jewry as much as to the Gentiles; perhaps more. The Sephardic Jews may also be said to have paid more heed to them than the Gentile masses around them. Their punishment was to be excommunicated; by one of the most remarkable operations ever performed by statisticians on a body of people, the Sephardim were within a hundred years to be pronounced virtually extinct (like the “ten lost tribes” of the true nation of Israel, long before).

When Jewish direction of the world-revolution became discernible by the middle of the last century it was direction by the Ashkenazic (Eastern, or Slavic) Jews. The Sephardic (Western, or Iberian) Jews were in the mass strongly opposed to it. It was directed against them as much as against Christendom, for emancipation in Europe had led to a substantial measure of assimilation in their case; they were slipping from the grasp of the ruling elders of Judaism, who were faced with the loss of their power through Jewish integration in mankind. Segregation was vital to Talmudic Judaism, to the Cult of Judah, and integration was lethal.

At that point they threw the “Eastern Jews” into the contest, whose emergence as a separate body of Jews coincided with the start of the world-revolution. Before then the West knew only “Jews”, and these were the Sephardic Jews.

When Disraeli had begun to speak of Jewish leadership of the revolution, he was referring to the Eastern Jews who at that moment had emerged as a distinct body, mobilized by the rabbinical government for action against the emancipated Sephardic Jews of the West, and against the West itself.

Up to that time the Western Jews had only been dimly aware of these Eastern Jews, and to the Christian West they were unknown.

Their cohesion as a mass, and the energy which had been stored up in them by many centuries of rabbinical absolutism in the ghettoes, was to make of them, when they entered the West, the most powerful of all the forces which shaped the events of the 20th Century.

By forcing their community into ghettoes, and instilling fear into heir hearts of their ‘host nations’, (see the movie ‘Defamation’ for a more recent expose of this),by provoking their hosts via crimes against them, unbeknownst to their own Cult members, the Cult of Judah’s masters deliberately oppressed their own people, while blaming the host nation for that ‘oppression’.

The intended result was to force the Cult members into the arms of the Cult leaders, and fellow Cult members, to satisfy the basic human need for acceptance, approval, and security. The less enthusiastic Cult community members would ceaselessly be driven from the fringes back to the core. The real ‘identity’ ‘Jew’ was to be a negative rather than a positive one. The unifying force was to be terror and fear, both of their own Cult tyrants / God, and their host nations. A common ‘enemy’ is about all that really ‘bound’ ‘Jews’ together as a community. Of course ‘Religion’ derives from the terms meaning ‘to bind’.People may criticize even their own family, but not allow others to. For ultimately most people feel that the entire world might disown them, but their family never can. You may hate family members, but in times of desperate need, they are the people you truly expect will not betray or deny you.The same holds true among tight Cult communities. Few people will ever really disavow their family or Cult, as they are going to be your resource of last resort. Especially if you have been taught to fear all ‘outsiders’, that they bear nothing but malice towards you, and plot your destruction with every breath, both in every waking moment and in their dreams!

In the grand strategy which unfolded during the 19th Century Ghettoes were employed for a double purpose, and with skill were used to achieve ends, so contradictory, that their simultaneous accomplishment must have been held impossible, before it came about, by any rational observer.

In Russia itself they were used, as a mass, to wreck emancipation, thus the first ‘long gunman’ murder of a world leader, in this case, the Czar of Russia, who had been well on the way to ‘emancipating’ the Jews, and establishing a constitutional democracy in Russia.

To the outer world the same ‘Jews’ who were actively fighting to stop the ‘emancipation’ of Jews, the Cult of Judah’s ‘AshkeNAZI ‘Jews’, were depicted to the viewers of what was already a virtual ‘Jewish’ mass media, as the victims of a cruel, “antisemitic” persecution which was actively denying them this emancipation!

Given the control of modern media of mass-propaganda and mass-suggestion it is possible to impress on the mind of the multitude these false images of what is happening elsewhere, and under the spell of such false notions to incite them into war itself.

While Western world leaders were impressing upon their own nations the ‘plight’ of the ‘Jews’ in Russia, the ghettoized Ashkenazim (both in their Communist and their Zionist organizations) were inspired to obstruct emancipation by every possible device (including assassination in the last resort) while the story of their persecution was hammered, as an intimidatory warning, into the consciousness of the Western Jews and, as a rightful claim for military, political, and moral support, into the minds of Westerners, particularly Christians, many of which were being tricked into that new offshoot of the Cult of Judah known as ‘Christian Zionism’ with its promise of a ‘rapture’ just before Armageddon, the most destructive of all wars, which was to install the ‘Jews’ as the masters of this world.

The Gentile politicians of the West presented these fictions to their peoples as truth, for they had found that powerful Jews, in all countries, were able to assist parties favoured by them with money, press support and votes.

All politicians had to do was ‘Serve the ‘Jew’ World Order’, and they would be guaranteed the support of the ‘Jewish’ banksters, the ‘Jewish’ mass media, and the ‘Jewish’ genius for manipulating public opinion.

The reflex of this was that anyone who would not bow down to the ‘Jewish’ lobbies demands, was, like Richard Nixon, guaranteed the hardest fight possible, just to have a chance at rising to the top of the political ladder. And then, even after having achieved the almost impossible, the ‘Jews’ would be waiting to pounce at any moment, and bring him tumbling down, his public reputation shattered.

They wouldn’t just turn up the heat, literally, by blasting you with the television studio lights during your presidential debates. They would’t just attempt to destroy you politically, in their mass media. They would entrap you, and criminalise you, so that you would never dare show your face in public, after your humiliating downfall. How dare you insist that ‘Jews’ think of themselves as Americans first, and ‘Jews’ second!

While if you ‘played ball’, with the ‘Jewish’ lobby, they would make sure that, no matter what crimes you committed, whether war crimes, murder, even murder of children, drug dealing, arms smuggling, or even multiple rapes of multiple victims, you’d not only go unpunished, but be eulogized in the history books, as a ‘nice guy’ and ‘defender of democracy and liberty’. Just ask Clinton. See my other books for details.

In effect this meant that politicians who sought these favours had to subordinate national interest to two causes ultimately destructive of all nation-states. The world (communist) revolution, and Zionism.

As Disraeli said in Lothair (1870) “democracy has degraded statesmen into politicians”.

Immersion in cradle to grave ‘Jewish’ propaganda made the ‘legend’ of ‘Jewish persecution’ as a result of a mental disease epidemic in ‘Gentiles’ they named ‘anti-semitism’, the hegemonic ‘social reality’. Challenge this illusion, and the masses, brainwashed completely by the full spectrum propaganda machine, would assume you had been ‘infected’ by this ‘mental illness’, and offer to ‘cure’ you. Electroshock. Insulin therapy. Isolation. Drugs. Or assume your motives were malicious, and simply punish you as a criminal, for ‘hate speech’, ‘incitement’, and ‘racial vilification’. Your true crime was seeking to wake up zombies who were following their leaders to the open air work camp / slaughterhouse we call the ‘Jew’ World Order occupied world.

The Western Jews intuitively feared the growing pressure from Russia and, recalling the unhappy end of the long, prosperous centuries in Spain, were filled with foreboding by the thought of its possible consequences

The Western Jews distrusted and feared these Eastern Jews, in whom they saw the spectral threat of an enforced return to the ghettoes and to rabbinical absolutism. The German Jew then was wont to refer to “diese Ostjuden” (these Eastern Jews!) with aversion; the Eastern Jew for his part, when after the first world war he made his way from Russia and Poland into Germany, spoke with contempt of the settled Jews there as “diese Berliner” (these Berliners!).

The rabbinical directorate of Jewry, in its Eastern fastnesses, set out to use these Cult of Judah-ized Tartars from Russia, these AshkeNAZI ‘Jews’ against the emancipated Jews of the West and against the West itself.

At the end of the 18th century the Jews known to the West were the Sephardim, who inherited at least a tenuous tradition, a frail thread leading back through Spain to Africa, and fading then into a legend of Canaanitish origins.

By the middle of the present century these Jews were declared by the elders of Jewry to have become almost extinct! A report presented to the Second World Sephardic Conference held in New York in 1954 stated that the Jewish world population was 11,763,491; that only 1,744,883 (or 15 percent) of these Jews were Sephardim; and that merely 52,000 of these Sephardim lived in Europe (which formerly knew only Sephardic Jews) and the entire Western Hemisphere.

Normal processes of birth and death could not have worked this magic. Evidently the Sephardim, like the ten tribes of Israel nearly three thousand years ago, were simply ‘ex-communicated’ by the Cult after they proved disobedient, and ‘emanicipated’ themselves from the mental chains of the Cult dogma.

The Ashkenazim as such were awarded the inheritance of Judah, and nearly all Jews have now been declared to be Ashkenazim. Or if you like, ‘Judah-ism’ and the ‘Jewish’ identity has been swallowed up by the AshkeNAZI converts, so that today the ‘Tartar’ face of a Netanyahu or Seinfeld has become synonymous in most people’s minds with the identity ‘Jew’.

The Cult knows only one response to large scale disobedience and recalcitrance on the part of its members. Ex-communication. ‘You are dead to me’. They literally, statistically, erased most of their members, at least twice in the recorded history of the Cult, and replaced them with new ‘converts’.

The Sephardim have been excommunicated for the same reason as the Israelites, but obviously they live on, biologically. We can only hope that they, who were always the first to realise the threat, have worked in the background to defeat it. The ‘Gospels predict that the ‘Jew’ World Order shall be defeated, by a new ‘incarnation’ or ‘return’ of a character like Jesus. He tried once to reform the cult by reason and argument. This time he is to come prepared for more than mere intellectual battle!

The identification of the Eastern Jews with the world-revolution, a century ago, cannot have come about by chance or by individual leanings, for they were despotically ruled. The regime of the rabbis in the East was nearly absolute and the ghettoized communities obeyed their commands, as God-empowered lawgivers and magistrates, in every act of daily life.

During the 1930’s, Eastern Jewish communities, in Poland and Ruthenia, they still lived a life of seclusion, unimaginable to the Western mind until it was beheld. A mass move of these Eastern Jews into the revolutionary camp (or any other camp) could not have occurred without rabbinical guidance, for the penalties of disobedience, in those Talmudic confines, were dire, including lynchings.

Therefore the mass move into the revolutionary camp must be regarded as one of high policy, directed after full consideration by that Jewish government which was transferred to Poland after the expulsion from Spain and sank from the sight of men at the dissection of Poland in 1772.

The AshkeNAZIm, under stern direction, became the engineers of the world-revolution; and according to the Judaic authorities the Ashkenazim, now make up 85% of world ‘Jewry’.

Thus a formidable, secret Cult, in parts of Russia little known to the outer world, trained a compact mass of human beings for an onslaught on the nation-states of the West, and in the 19th century began to unleash the force which it had generated. For the next hundred and fifty years (until the present day) the revolutionary force worked with spreading effect to disrupt the West, always following the plan originally disclosed in Weishaupt’s papers, and “men of Jewish race” were constantly found at the head of it. The results have shown: Europe, once a land-mass of prosperous and virile nation-states, is now a place of bewildered peoples who struggle to make their way out of the new Dark Age and into the light again.

How else could you describe the targeted censorship of all materials and persons who would dare contradict and challenge the ‘accepted’ dogma of ‘Holocaustianity’ or ‘911’, but by analogy with the Dark Ages when the Catholic Church ruled the Western World, and its censorship and persecution of scientists and philsophers and historians continued well beyond the time of David Hume?

Until a few centuries ago, the exact same treatment and demonisation that a ‘Holocaust Hoax revealer’ or ‘Historical revisionism corrector’ like David Irving or Ernst Zundel experienced in the 20th Century, was meted out to ‘Atheists’. Same experience, different dogma. But always the same princpiple. If you challenge any of the assumptions and beliefs that underpin the hegemonic of the ruling elite Cult, you become their ‘adversary’ (literally: Satan).

Today the 3000 year olf Cult of Judah control of ‘Jews’, has given way to a Cult of Judah control of national governments, and international institutions like the Jew.N, World Bank, I.M.F, and N.AT.O.

The ‘laws and statutes’ of the Cult of Judah requires the destruction of the nation-states as the pre-requisite for the establishment of a ‘Jew’ World Order.

The term ‘Jew’, as we have seen, simply refers to any closed group which submits unhesitatingly and mindlessly to the orders of the Cult of Judah’s masters. Entire communities of Cult members were simply ‘kicked out’ and ‘declared ‘dead to the Cult’, for refusing to submit. They were replaced with existing closed groups, such as the Khazars.

This is key to comprehending that we are dealing with a Cult elite whose power comes from the acceptance of their ‘ideology of semitism’ by a community which they can then use as their ‘shield’ and ‘sword’.

Is Christianity ruled by Thanatos (a death wish)?

When Lord Shaftesbury proposed that the great powers should buy Palestine from the Sultan of Turkey and ‘restore’ it to the Jews, Lincoln noted that it would be very easy to raise the funds, as the Christians felt that in ‘returning’ the ‘Jews’ to their ‘Promised Land’, they would be fulfilling prophecy, and bringing about the end of the world. Lincoln was bemused at why the people would be so keen on bringing that about!

A perplexed French politician at the Peace Conference of 1919, who asked Mr. Balfour why he was so eager to bring about “the return” of the Jews to Palestine; if this truly was the fulfilment of prophecy, then prophecy also decreed that the end of the world would follow’. Mr. Balfour replied languidly. “Precisely, that is what makes it all so very interesting”. Interesting?

Prophecy required ‘God’ to first to put the Jews in possession of Palestine, and then to set up a worldwide organization with power to enforce the submission of all the nations of the world to its law. Of course they will ‘beg’ to be ruled. Which begs the question, exactly what sort of chaos and destruction a.k.a ‘false flags’ are going to be unleased in the near future, what chaos and financial meltdows are going to be engineered and manufactured, in order to make the idea of submitting to the Cult of Judah seem desirable by comparison?

Then again, I expect the people are not going to be informed about exactly who it is that is offering them this ‘One World Government’. In fact it will probably once more become a capital offence, very soon, just before the final ‘putsch’, to even suggest that ‘Jews’ are at all involved in this scheme.

The first documented use of the term ‘United Nations’, and can you guess the context, and exactly whom was intended to rule it?

In 1880 Holman Hunt joined with Monk in issuing a manifesto which called on all men of goodwill to subscribe a tenth of their income to the realization of “the Kingdom of God” in the form of a world government to be set up in Palestine and to be called ‘The United Nations’, and proposed that the money be given to Mr. Monk for the purpose of acquiring Palestine.

The Cult of Judah, everywhere, resists liberty

In 1861 Czar Alexander II, the famous Liberator, had liberated 23,000,000 Russian serfs.

Those of us who were born ‘free’ rarely contemplate just how ‘recent’ a phenomena ‘freedom’ is on this earth. Merely 150 years ago most humans were still in some form of legal slavery.

We take it for granted. But it appears to have been a very short lived phenomena. We simply were not ‘vigilant’ enough. Our liberties, so newly won at such great sacrifice of our ancestors, have been stealthily taken back, by the ‘Jew’ World Order occupation governments that have taken control of our nations.

From 1861 the prospect of liberty and improvement on the Western model opened out for Russian citizens of all of the 160 or so nationalities in ‘Russia’, including the 4% of ‘Jews’ living there.

Then, during the twenty years following the liberation of the serfs, the Cult of Judah ordered its ‘Jews’ to offer “bitter passive resistance to all ‘attempts at improvements’ ” (Dr. Kastein). In March 1881, Alexander II moved to complete his life’s work by proclaiming a parliamentary constitution. Dr. Kastein’s comment speaks for itself: “It is not surprising to find a Jewess taking part in the conspiracy which led to the assassination of Alexander II”.

This event, the first of a similar series, was the first major success of the revolutionaries in preventing emancipation.

When Leon Pinsker, around this time wrote ‘There is an inexorable and inescapable conflict between humans known as Jews and other humans’, he was promoting the ideology of Semitism, as I have defined it. For there is nothing at all ‘organic’ or ‘compelling’ about the ‘Jewish’ identity as it stands today. Perhaps a ‘Khazar identity’ might mean something. Unless of course you restrict yourself totally to the ‘Cult of Judah-ism’, and its ideology of Semitism, as your ‘credentials’ for ‘membership’ of this ‘exclusive’ group. It is a group that is arbitrary in terms of biology or history. It is only ‘meaningful’ as a political party or ideological community. The ‘Torah’ being its political manifesto. The ideology of Semitism beings its ‘philosophy’ and ‘credo’ and ‘articles of faith’ and ‘dogma’.

Dr. Weizmann wrote: the “emancipated” Jews of Germany so repelled him that he longed for the ghettoes of Russia and returned to them during his holidays, then resuming his part in “the conspiracy”, as he says. Then, at various universities in the emancipated West he continued his “open fight” to de-emancipate the Jews of Europe. They recognized the danger and turned faces of fear and enmity to these Ostjuden. (Eastern / AshkeNAZI / Talmudic ‘Jews’).

The emancipated Jews wanted to be ‘Germans’ first. And only ‘Jews’ as a religion. As problematic as that would be in any case. So the Cult of Judah had no use for them. Unless they could be ‘terrified’ back into the waiting open arms of their Cult of Judah former masters. Perhaps now you undersand why ‘Jews’ would finance the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s, provoke the Nazi’s into placing ‘Jews’ in concentration camps by not only openly leading Communist revolutions in Germany, but also openly declaring war on Nazi Germany, years before any other ‘nation’, and openly committing acts of economic warfare, such as a world-wide trade embargo on all German exports (which Germany was dependent upon to pay for imports of raw materials and even food, for mere survival), and then using their massive full spectrum propaganda machine to engineer the single most lucrative hoax in history, ‘The Holocaust’, to both drive ‘Jews’ out of Germany and into Palestine, and to finance the new ‘Jewish’ state, via ‘compensation’ claims, enforced by the Jew.S.A.

But something here speaks louder than any Cult of Judah propaganda. Most of the German ‘Jews’ still preferred to return to Germany, than to o to live in Palestine, or the Jew.S.A. If ‘The Holocaust’ had really happened, then is there any way in the world that the ‘Jews’ who ‘survived’ it would ever have set foot on German soil ever again? What do you think?

And what does it say about either the ‘ethics’ of ‘emancipated Jews’ or the fear they still have of their former Cult masters, that they would go along with such a stupendous lie, and defmation? What good could they expect to come of it, when the truth finally came out? As they say in Germany, ‘lies have long legs’. Or is that why they are hell bent on criminalising any free speech on this subject? Again, I’ll leave it to you to decide. I would be the last person to abuse the legal system to enforce my ‘beliefs’ on another person.

But it begs the question of whether even the ‘emancipated’ ‘Jews’ are as innocent as I’d like to believe. In any case, kudos to the hundreds of thousands of ‘Jews’ who are more actively engaged in this struggle to free humanity of the threat of the Cult of Judah than most ‘Gentiles’. They after all know exactly what is at stake. They barely ‘got out with their lives’ when they freed themselves of their Cult masters. They are certainly our best allies in this monumental struggle. And we must reach out to them, and join with them, to ultimate victory. For the alternative is unthinkable.

Remember, it is the Cult of Judah that hates your freedoms. It istheir occupational government leaders that have stolen our freedoms. It was our own occupied government, and tax funded ‘intelligence’ agencies and military that carried out 911. Not Muslims. Not ‘historical revisionists’. Not ‘Holocaust Deniers’. Not gun rights lobbyists. Not free speech advocates. Not David Irving. Not Ernst Zundel. Not Venezuala. Not Syria. Not Iran. Not the ‘tea party movement’. Not constitutionalists.

It is, everywhere and throughougt all history, the Cult of Judah, and its masters, and their Golems, who hate your freedoms. They are your enemy.They have actively sought to enslave you for over 3000 years. And they are on the verge of succeeding. Any day now. Unless you do something. And soon. Begin by sharing my books, and motivating people to read them.

We are all like fish that have been ‘hooked’, by fishermen who are allowing us to ‘run’, taking in the slack in their lines. But at any moment they will simply ‘reel’ us in, with another false flag, manufactured financial / economic crisis, and another major war. We must remove the hook. Turn off the T.V. Stop listening to their propaganda. Stop watching their propaganda. This includes the ‘controlled’ / ‘Kosher’ supposedly ‘alternative’ media like Alex Jones, Julian Assange, Ed Snowden, Stefan Molyneux, and the like.

Ghettoes concentrating, and distilling Cult evil over generations

The only way a cult could maintain total control of its members in the past was by either having its own Cult state, city, or nation. Of failing that, a ‘nation within a nation’ a.k.a a ‘ghetto’.

That was the only way to prevent outside ideas getting in, and exposing the Cult’s real ideology and criminal activities from the host nation, and/or the rest of the world.

The Cult leadership employs deception, claiming to speak with the authority of some ‘god’, or ‘angels’, or ‘supernatural powers’, or to have discovered some ancient secret manuscripts and the like.

The Cult leaders must instill fear of ‘outsiders’ to make ‘ex-communication’ a terrifying idea, and to strengthen group cohesiveness in the face of some ‘enemy’ or ‘threat’.

The Cult must ensure censorship of any information, ideas, arguments, or facts that might enter from outside, and contradict the Cult’s own dogma, teachings, beliefs, and deceptions.

Marriage is to remain endogamous, with Cult members only ever marrying other Cult members, to ensure a smooth intra-generational transmission of the Cult dogma with the mother’s milk.

The only way children are to be earn acceptance and approval is by rote learning Cult dogma, and responding without hesitation or reflection to any command from any Cult figure of authority. So education is all about socialization, conditioning and memorization.

The only way adults are to gain status, respect, prestige, and priveleges, is via the Cult hierarch / (Party Apparatus). This is the only way to ‘move up in the world’ and access benefits.

All that is rewarded is unthinking, unhesitating acceptance and compliance with any arbitrary Cult policy, rule, statute, or suggestion. Indpendent and divergent thought or action is to be punished.

The only acceptable mental activity for any Cult member is ‘study of the Cult dogma’, its official histories, and commentaries upon these.

Interaction with ‘outsiders’ risk introducting doubts, questions, and skepticism into the Cult member’s minds. So this is limited as much as possible. The Cult members are to be conditioned to having a paranoid suspicion of all ‘outsiders’, so that they never trust them, and avoid them, and limit their interactions with them voluntarily.

But when the Cult gains control of the mass media of its host nations, it is then free to construct the social reality for both its Cult members, and its host nation’s populations. At this point it can engineer any ‘impressions’ in the wider community, and manufacture public opinion, and thus ‘consent’ or at least passive acceptance of any idea, view, or interpretation of historical and current events. It is then free to direct the public policy of its host nation, and then via multi-national and international organisations, the entire world.

In other words the Cult can start by brainwashing and gaining control of a core Cult community, within an isolated ghetto, and then use the talents and resources of its core members to expand its social reality construction program to include non Cult members.

You can then begin co-opting all centralised power structures, and grooming ‘puppets’ to fill positions in the host nations, and international organisations, leadership roles.

With patience you will soon have co-opted the top elites of every secret society, labor union, political party, along with the U.N, IMG, World Bank, and the world’s mass media.

You don’t need large numbers of active, conscious Cult members to take control of all the centralised power bases that you need, in order to have total control of the entire world. You just need to fill the ‘top jobs’ and control the ‘levers’ and ‘pullies’ of power. To be able to ‘pull the strings’ behind the scenes, and rule from the shadows.

You then make it a crime for anyone to ‘speak about’ your power.

You reward those in power who ‘go along with’ your plans with whatever it is that motivates them. Money, sex, drugs, power, status, success, privileges, these work for most people. For others, though, you need to set up illusions for them, and make them think they are serving some ‘noble’ purposes. Some ethical, moral, utopian world vision. By the time they realise they’ve been conned, it will be too late. Any that attempt to ‘go public’ will be ridiculed, and if necessary, locked up in mental prisons, suicided, or die ‘accidental’ but ‘natural’ deaths.

You continue to divide and conquer at the same time as you centralise all the power in any situation that you already have control of.

You atomise the people in every nation, depriving them of any sense of national identity, via forced mass immigration.

You encourage everyone to mock and ridicule all other religions, but make it a crime to mock or ridicule your Cult beliefs.

You recruit to your Cult anyone with something to offer, such as special skills, access to power, or popularity with the masses.

You distill your delusions from generation to generation, keeping the most obedient close to the core, while allowing the others to drift to the periphery. They all have their uses. By ensuring you have millions of people at least nominally ‘affiliated’ with your Cult, it maintains the ‘authority’ and all the rights and privileges of a ‘Religion’.

A Cult needs very few intelligent members. In fact intelligence is a liability. You only need a few brilliant people to fill the elite positions, and the rest can be ‘useful idiots’. The ideal Cult member has skills, and knowledge, but no real intelligence. Especially no creativity. NO capacity for original and thus potentially divergent, even rebellious, thinking.

The Iron Curtain falls to allow the Jew.S.S.R to expand West in new disguises

‘911’ was the excuse used to introduce to the ‘Jew’.S.A, a slightly milder form of the same laws which kept the ‘Jew’.S.S.R ‘reign of terror’ in power. Indefinite detention without charges or trial. Legalised ‘advanced interrogation techniques’ a.k.a torture. The suspension of Habeaus Corpus. Zero privacy. Warrantless searches. Arbitrary home invasions. Car searches. Stop and search. No fly lists. Prison sentences for ‘anti-semitism’ across the E.Jew and even Australia. Extensive censorship. Legal faking of news. Legal propaganda. Demonisation of Nazi Germany. Phony ‘democratic’ elections restricted to 2 pre-selected candidates. Oh, and don’t forget forced labor in ‘for profit’ prisons, along the same lines as the ‘Jewish’ conceived, and ‘managed’, Gulag system. In the U.S as in Siberia, public infrastructure was built by slave labor. In the U.S today fortune 500 corporations are using ‘forced labor’ from privately run prisons, and are field testing prototypes for the new, massive, FEMA camp operations around the U.S, and especially, and aptly, in the Jew.S.A’s equivalent of Siberia, North-West Alaska.

While the world was forced to make a huge fuss about ‘The Dreyfuss affair’, the ‘Jews’ in the Easts were torturing, imprisoning, murdering, and enslaving millions of innocent people, without the world’s press uttering a syllable in protest. Even today most people understand ‘The Dreyfuss affair’ to refer to some instance of anti-semitic persecution of some poor innocent ‘Jew’. But how many people know anything about ‘The Holodomor’, and the circa 70 million men, women, and children who died at the hands of the ‘Jews’ in prisons, firing squads, torture chambers, forced labor camps, and through manufactured famines? Just repeating these facts can get you put in prison in most ‘Jew’ World Order occupied nations.

When the Iron Curtain fell, it was only to allow the Jew.S.S.R to expand in its new forms.

‘911’ was the Wests 1917. Same people. Almost the same consequences in terms of loss of liberty. And soon loss of life. So far almost 2 million. But wait, there’s more!

The first Churchill to support the ‘Jew’ World Order

In 1841 a Colonel Churchill, English Consul at Smyrna, at the conference of Central European States called to determine the future of Syria had put forward a proposal to set up a Jewish state in Palestine, but apparently it was dismissed with little or no consideration.


See my other books and videos for details of Winston Churchill’s later, Trump styled bail out by the ‘Jew’ World Order. What did he offer in return? Britain’s entry into WWII. To fight for the ‘Jewish’ elites of the ‘Jew’.S.S.R, who had the backing of a tightly conditioned, trained, and organised, 5 million strong, AshkeNAZI filled, Cult of Judah.

What has trump offered in return for his lavish lifestyle, and multi-billion dollar bailout? WWIII. For the same ‘Jews’, now ensconced in occupied Palestine a.k.a ‘Israel’.

As General George C. Marshall warned, ‘Unless some change occurs, and none is foreseeable yet, the American president in any third war would find himself held in the same coils as his predecessors of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945’.

Enter the poorest man in the world, indebt to the tune of Billions, to the ‘Jew’ World Order Banksters. Of course in typical ‘Alice in Wonderland’ fashion, he is portrayed, to the world, as a successful Billionaire, enjoying the lavish luxury lifestyle as the master of ‘The art of the deal’. What that deal entailed has never been explained to the masses. The deal was the same that Faust made with the devil. That is the ‘deal’ he is master of the art of.

The ‘Jewish international’ a.k.a Banksters, and the offer of a Jewish homeland in Uganda

Max Warburg, head of the great private banking house in Hamburg; Edouard Noetzlin, honorary president of the Banque de Paris et des Pays Bas, in Paris; Franz Philippson in Brussels; Wertheim and Gompertz in Amsterdam and, above all, Jacob Schiff of the firm of Kuhn, Loeb and Company in New York were bound together by their ‘Jewish’ identity.

The web of their communications quivered at the slightest touch. They maintained between them an incredibly accurate network of economic, political and financial intelligence at the highest level. They could withdraw support here, provide additional funds there, move immense sums of money with lightning rapidity and secrecy from one corner to another of their financial empires, and influence the political decisions of a score of countries.

When the British Government responded to the ‘secret pressures’ these powerful men exerted, however, with the offer of Uganda, as a ‘Jewish’ homeland, 295 Jewish delegates voted to accept the offer, but 175 (The Russian ‘Jews’) rejected it.

“A place of refuge” was directly needed for “persecuted Jews”, and these were the Jews of Russia; Jews were fully emancipated elsewhere. If that was true, then any good place would do, and they had now been made the firm offer of one. So clearly all this talk of ‘persecution’ and ‘urgency’ were mere propaganda.

It is interesting, in this context, to hear what Idi Armin, later leader of Uganda, says about Israel in the video I’ve posted.

Acceptance of Uganda would have meant Doomsday for Talmudic Judaism, and the Cult of Judah’s ‘prophecies’, and bid for world power.

Remember that this was all well before even WWI.

Dr. Herzl was dead, at the age of forty-four. Just like Baruch Spinoza. Both broken by the Cult of Judah.

The story of the Uganda offer and its scornful rejection by the Cult of Judah’s masters shows the indifference of the ruling sect to the welfare and the wishes of the Jewish masses, for whom they pretended to speak; indeed, when the matter is carefully considered “hostility” suggests itself as a truer word than “indifference”. This is seen by examining, in turn, the feeling expressed towards the offer by the three main groups of Jews: those of the West, those of Russia, and (a section of Jewry never even mentioned in all these loud exchanges) the Jews already in Palestine.

The Jews of the West at that time were strongly opposed to Zionism as such, whether it led to Uganda, Palestine or anywhere else; they just wanted to stay where they were. The Jews of Russia were depicted as needing simply “a place of refuge” from “persecution”, and if that was true, Uganda might have appealed to them; anyway, the frenzied ovations with which they received Dr. Herzl suggest that they would have followed any lead he gave, had the rabbinate allowed them. That leaves the Jews who were already in Palestine.

This one community of original Jews was ardently in favour of removal to Uganda, as research discovers, and for this reason they were denounced as “traitors” by the Judaized Khazars from Russia who had taken over Zionism! This is what the Zionist Organization at Tel Aviv still was saying about them in 1945:

“It was a degrading and distressing sight to see all these people who . . . had been the first to build up the Jewish Palestine of that day, publicly denying and repudiating their own past. . . The passion for Uganda became associated with a deadly hatred for Palestine. . . In the community centres of the first Jewish colonies young men educated in the Alliance Israelite schools denounced Palestine as ‘a land of corpses and graves’, a land of malaria and eye-diseases, a land which destroys its inhabitants. Nor was this the expression of a few individuals. Indeed, it was only a few individuals here and there . . . who remained loyal. . . The whole of Palestine was in a state of ferment. . . All opposition to Uganda came from outside of Palestine. In Zion itself all were against Zion”.

I doubt anyone I know, or anyone reading this, was aware of these facts. Of course they were never reported in our mass media. The facts that the ‘Jews’ in Palestine itself desperately wanted to accept the offer made to world Jewry of a homeland in Uganda, but they were denied this when the most powerful elites in the Cult of Judah refused to have anything to do with anything less than their original demand, a ‘return’ to an ‘Israel’ none of their ancestors had ever even visited, let alone originally settled.

‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’

According to Disraeli and Bakunin the world-revolution had come under Jewish leadership around the middle of the century, and its aims then changed. Bakunin’s followers, who sought to abolish the State as such because they foresaw that the revolutionary State might become more despotic than any earlier despotism, were ousted and forgotten. The world-revolution therewith took the shape of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, which aimed at the super-State founded in slave-labour and in “the confiscation of human liberty” (as de Tocqueville wrote in 1848).

Note that in 1869 Bakunin published his ‘Polemic against the Jews’.

Today that book would get him in almost as much trouble as it got him into in his own day. He warned that the ‘Jews’ were bent on destroying all legitimate govemment, religion and nationhood and setting up a universal despotism to rule the enslaved masses by terror and violence.

And what happened in 1917? What happened after ‘911’? Exactly what Bakunin prophecied. And who among us even know his name?

Then in 1905 Professor Sergyei Nilus, an official of the Department of Foreign Religions at Moscow, published a book, of which the British Museum in London has a copy bearing its date-stamp, August 10, 1906. One chapter was translated into English in 1920. Published in England and America as “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” It accurately depicts all that has come about in the 110 years since it was published, and what clearly will follow in the next few years if not stopped.

The Cult of Judah’s final aim is the destruction of all religion and nationhood and the establishment of the super State, ruling the world by ruthless terror.

The attack on the Protocols in the 1920’s proved what censorhip and criminalization of dissent prove, that there is something being hidden from us. Probably so much money and energy were never before in history expended on the effort to suppress a single document.

And remember that the ‘Jews’ of Hollywood forked out 13 million dollars in legal expenses merely to undermine one lone historian, David Irving, who merely challenged the 6 million official ‘Holocaust’ figures.

And Brendon O’Connell was hardly a world famous figure when the Jewish community organised a huge rally, with top Australian political leaders and even the Israeli Ambassador, simply to ‘send a clear message’ to anyone who might consider ‘pardoning’ O’Connell for the unforgivable act of ‘offending a ‘Jew’.

The existence of the ‘Jewish’ conspiracy had been recognized and affirmed by a long chain of high authorities, from Edmund Burke, George Washington and Alexander Hamilton to Disraeli, Bakunin, and too many others to mention here.

By the time the book had appeared in England the 1917 events gave clear evidence for the books contentions. And yet the ‘Jews’ still went all out to suppress the book, and deny any validity to the arguments contained within it. If anything, their attempts at denial and suppression only drew more attention to the book, and justified its accusations.

‘The Protocols’ were brought to England by one of the two leading British correspondents of that day in Moscow, Victor Marsden of the Morning Post. Marsden was an authority on Russia and was much under the enduring effect of the Terror. He was in effect its victim, for he died soon after completing what he evidently felt to be a duty, the translation of the Protocols at the British Museum.

Publication in English aroused worldwide interest. That period (1920 and onward) marks the end of the time when Jewish questions could be impartially discussed in public. The initial debate was free and vigorous, but in following years the attack succeeded in imposing the law of lese majesty in this matter and today hardly any public man or print ventures to mention the Protocols unless to declare them “forged” or “infamous” (an act of submission also foretold in them).

The Times (of London) on May 8, 1920 in a long article said, “An impartial investigation of these wouldbe documents and of their history is most desirable . . . Are we to dismiss the whole matter without inquiry and to let the influence of such a book as this work unchecked?” The Morning Post (then the oldest and soberest British newspaper) published twenty-three articles, also calling for investigation.

In The Spectator on August 27, 1921, Lord Sydenham, a foremost authority of that day, also urged investigation: “The main point is, of course, the source from which Nilus obtained the Protocols. The Russians who knew Nilus and his writings cannot all have been exterminated by the Bolsheviks. His book . . . has not been translated, though it would give some idea of the man. . . What is the most striking characteristic of the Protocols? The answer is knowledge of a rare kind, embracing the widest field. The solution of this ‘mystery’, if it is one, is to be found where this uncanny knowledge, on which prophecies now literally fulfilled are based, can be shown to reside”. In America Mr. Henry Ford, declaring that “the Protocols have fitted the world situation up to this time; they fit it now”, caused his Dearborn Independent to publish a series of articles of which a million and a half reprints were sold.

Within two years the proprietor of The Times was certified insane (by an unnamed doctor in a foreign land; and forcibly removed from control of his publications, and The Times published an article dismissing the Protocols as a plagiarism of Maurice Joly’s book. The proprietor of the Morning Post became the object of sustained vituperation until he sold the newspaper, which then ceased publication. In 1927 Mr. Henry Ford published an apology addressed to a well-known Jew of America, after receiving threats that asles his latest model T Ford would be jeaopardized if he did not.

The campaign against the Protocols has never ceased since then. In communized Russia all copies discoverable had been destroyed at the revolution and possession of the book became a capital crime under the law against “anti-semitism”. In the direct sequence to that, though twenty-five years later, the American and British authorities in occupied Germany after the Second World War constrained the Western German government to enact laws against “anti-semitism” on the Bolshevik model; and in 1955 a Munich printer who reproduced the Protocols had his business confiscated. In England at the time of publication the sale of the book was temporarily stopped by authority, under the pressure described, and in the course of the years the attack on it continued so violent that publishers feared it and only small local firms ever ventured to print it. In Switzerland, between the wars, a Jewish suit was brought against the book as “improper literature”; the case was won, but the verdict was set aside by a higher court.

The state of affairs thus brought about after 1920, and continuing today, was foretold by the Protocols in 1905: “Through the press we have gained the power to influence while remaining ourselves in the shade . . . The principal factor of success in the political” (field) ” is the secrecy of its undertaking; the word should not agree with the deeds of the diplomat. . . We must compel the governments . . . to take action in the direction favoured by our widely-conceived plan, already approaching the desired consummation, by what we shall represent as public opinion, secretly prompted by us through the means of that so-called ‘Great Power’, the press, which, with a few exceptions that may be disregarded, is already entirely in our hands. . . We shall deal with the press in the following way: . . . we shall saddle and bridle it with a tight curb; we shall do the same also with all productions of the printingpress, for where would be the sense of getting rid of the attacks of the press if we remain targets for pamphlets and books? . . . No one shall with impunity lay a finger on the aureole of our government infallibility. The pretext for stopping any publication will be the alleged plea that it is agitating the public mind without occasion or justification . . . We shall have a sure triumph over our opponents since they will not have at their disposition organs of the press in which they can give full and final expression to their views owing to the aforesaid methods of dealing with the press . . .”

Has anything really changed that much even today? My Youtube account terminated. My Facebook account terminated. My books banned by Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, et al. Shadow Banning having already been admitted by Twitter.

The Protocols, speaking of control of published information, say: “Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control. Even now this is already being attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies, in whose offices they are focused from all parts of the world. These agencies will then be entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them”. The stream of “news” which pours into the public mind through the newspapers comes from a few agencies, such as Reuters, a fully ‘Jewish’ owned company. Any hand that can control those valves can control “the news”, and the reader may observe for himself the filtered form in which the news reaches him. As to the editorial views, based on this supply of news, the transformation that has been brought about may be comprehended by referring to the impartially critical articles published in The Times, Morning Post, Spectator, Dearborn Independent and thousands of other journals some twenty-five years ago. This could not happen today. The subjugation of the press has been accomplished as the Protocols foretold..

“Men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorization . . . The might of a mob is blind, senseless and unreasoning force ever at the mercy of a suggestion from any side”. From this the argument is developed that “an absolute despotism” is necessary to govern “the mob”, which is “a savage”, and that “our State” will employ “the terror which tends to produce blind submission”. The “literal fulfilment” of these precepts in communized Russia was obvious in Reed’s time. Today after ‘911’ we have the same ‘reign of terror’ in the West.

This “absolute despotism” is to be vested in the international super-State at the end of the road. Thus the Jew.N policy of disarmament of every citizen in every nation. Note that the ‘handgun’ sculpture shows the sort of weapon a citizen might use to defend their liberties, and not the sort of weapon, an assault rifle, that the despot and tyrant use to crush the liberties of their citizens.

The Jew.N proto-one world army, N.A.T.O, is not about protecting our liberties, as clearly there are no real enemies, other than the ‘Jew’ World Order terrorists themselves, as ‘911’, ‘ISIS’, and all the ‘color revolutions’, including the attempted coup of Chavez, demonstrate.

The Jew.N is all about protecting the Cult of Judah’s liberty to enslave and kill. It is the ‘spear’ and ‘shield’ that will defend the Cults self proclaimed right, granted the specious transferred authority of a ‘God’, simply by writing then re-writing the ‘Torah’ as a political manifesto, containing the dogma of a ‘divine’ right to rule the world, commit genocide, enslave and rape, all ‘others’.

We are not getting ‘government for the people’. We are getting a ‘Jew’ World Order. Personally I don’t care whether we got ‘government by the people’ at all, as long as it was for the people, as Adolf Hitler’s ‘Fuhrer Principle’ clearly was.

Right now we have government by the ‘Jews’, for the Cult of Judah. Anyone who is willing and able to access the information in my books and videos, and process it, will be able to see this perfectly clearly. Even without any former suspicions.

Thousands of people have actively murdered their fellow human beings, believing the ‘sacrifice’ to be ‘worthy’ of the objectives they believe they are contributing to. But the strategy of the Cult of Judah, as expressed / exposed by the ‘Protocols of Zion’, was always to tell everyone what they needed to hear, to justify to themselves what was murder pure and simple.

And so one dupe is told that ‘shooting the President / King / Emperor’ will bring about a workers paradise. Another that it will bring about the return, or first appearance of, ‘The Messiah’, and ‘The Kingdom of Heaven On Earth’. So all over this world mass murder is committed in the name of some utopian vision or other, and merely contributing to turning this blue-green earth into a living hell for most humans, and many more other sentient beings. And for what real purpose? Merely to satisfy the compulsive obsession the Cult of Judah masters have for total world domination. For which they are willing to sacrifice everyone and anything to see realised. And what is their ‘Jew’ World Order but the most base, vile, repugnant of ‘dystopia’ ever conceived. In fact the very first ever conceived. The idea of a small group ‘benefitting’ at the expense of everyone else. Slavery for almost everyone, and luxury, power, priveleg, freedom, liberty, pleasure, and relief, for the few Cult masters. That is what millions of people have fought and died for, while imagining they were serving some ‘higher’ purpose.

We must abandon any notion of ‘the ends justify the means’. We must ensure all the means we employ to any ends are ethical, and limit ourselves to those. We must cease the fallacy of ‘the greater good’, for there is no actual sentient being that goes by that eptithet. It is a chimerical being. A confabulation that befuddles and obfuscates the mind. So that the mind does not see the evil it is perpetrating, merely some imaginary good that is supposed / intended to come of it. ‘The greater good’ is the ‘Abracadabra’ that is employed as a smokescreen to nominally legitimate (in the perpetrator’s mind), torture, murder, deception, terrorism, war, and slavery.

All that is real are the means, and the individual. In the here and now, there is no ‘end’ or ‘greater good’. These are mere abstractions with zero reality. They exist only in the minds of the perpetrators. What is real is the pain, death, misery, suffering, slavery, injustice, and sorrow. The ‘dogma’ and ‘ideology’ which promises utopian ‘ends’ and ‘the greater good’ is a poison, a toxin, a disease, an epidemic, that blinds actors to the real significance of their concrete actions, for real individuals.

You can say ‘all is vanity and vexation of spirity’, like Ecclesiastes, or Buddha, or Hermann Hess. We are all going to die, so ‘this too will pass’. It is so ephemeral why worry? But what if we are doomed to repeat these ‘lessons’ until we learn what this ‘karma’ is trying to teach us? What then?

And we will all be dead soon, but the institutions our actions and thoughts produce will endure. As the instutionalisation / re-ification, and in the case of the Cult of Judah, de-ification, of our own thoughts, actions, ideologies, and even mere ‘affiliations’ with such. Affiliations which grant those ideologies and their institutionalisations ‘status’ and ‘prestige’ and thus ‘power’ and ‘resources’ to reproduce themselves from one moment to the next, to reproduce themselves geographically, in space and time. To reproduce history. To reproduce this prison planet we are now living in. And appear doomed to live in, until we learn the lesson that ‘As you (even merely intend to) do unto other sentient beings, so shall be done unto you’.

Abandon your will to abuse other sentient beings as mere means to your own pleasure and relief, and slavery and exploitation will evaporate.

The ‘Jew’ World Order will collapse in upon itself. As all ‘religions’ and ‘ideologies of opportunism’ will.

In any case be warned. ‘The ends justify the means’ is the oldest lie. For the means always end up as ends in and of themselves. As insitutions. Institutionalised beliefs and interactions. Idolised and reified as ‘laws and statutes’ which will be ascribed ‘transferred authority’ by being ascribed to some ‘God’ or ‘Angel’ or ‘Prophet’ or ‘Supernatural being’, usually conveniently placed far enough back in time that the story itself basks in the ‘authority’ of ‘tradition’. After all, surely if they were lies, someone, over the last few thousand years, would have let the cat out of the bag. Right?

The Protocols explain why the ‘Jew’ World Order, through it’s occupied Jew.S.A, and Banksters, has installed so many vicous dictators around the world, from the Shah of Iran, to Pinochet in Chile, to Suharto in Indonesia, to all the South American dictators who sprang up and were then cut down by other dictators, and of course including Stalin, and maybe even Hitler.

It is all about destabilization, and chaos. Hence ‘From Chaos, the Jew World Order’. Ordno ab Chaos’. ‘Order out of Chaos’. For only by first weakening any power structure not yet ‘occupied’, can it become easy prey to such ‘occupation’.

It is also all about demoralization. Straw man versions of every potential alternative to the ‘One World Government’ which is to be offered as the ‘public face’ of the ‘Jew’ World Order, and its ‘One World Bank’ and ‘Jew.N’, and ‘One World Currency’, is to suffer the same ‘character assassination’ that ‘911 Truthers’, ‘Anti-Jew World Order activists’ a.k.a ‘anti-semites’, and other whistle-blowers like ‘Historical Revisionists’ and ‘Holocaust deniers’ are utterly crushed with.

The ‘Jew’ World Order must leave the vivid impression in the masses minds that ‘Captialism’ doesn’t work. Nationalism doesn’t work. All non Cult of Judah religions don’t work. To leave the vivid impression that ‘free market competition’ has been tried and failed. That ‘conventional ecomonics’ and ‘democracy’ produces only cyclical crises, unemployment, and even war.

The trick is to ensure that no true (conspiracy free) free market capitalism is ever allowed to exist. That no true representative democracy (free from the corruption of campaign financing, and the lack of any legally binding contract between voter and candidate for political office), is ever allowed to be experienced by the masses. To constantly carry out ‘false flags’ to ensure that no true ‘privacy’ or ‘liberty’ can appear consistent with personal security. To make it look like all the best ideas and systems and institutions have been tried, and found incapable of yielding the society we all desire. The pretence is that ‘we tried them all, and they all failed us’. When in reality all that was tried were ‘straw man’ versions of the real thing, deliberately designed to fail. And any time ‘the real deal’ appeared, it was crushed with manufactured crises and wars and false flags and depressions, with deliberately deflationary monetary policies, artificial shortages, and all the other devices in the ‘economic hitman’s’ ‘bag of tricks’.

So the masses become total disillusioned with all the ‘real’ bases of a creative, peaceful, productive, equitable, just, and free society. One where the ‘individual’ is the measure of all things, not some phantom ‘greater good’ or ‘future utopian experience non existing beings will enjoy’.

The masses are to become disenchanted with all the possible alternatives to what the ‘Jew’ World Order is going to offer. Well to be more precise, to impose. But it is much easier to accept the imposition of one system, if you believe all the alternatives have already been tried, and all of them have failed.

And so out of the chaos and hopelessness you manufacture, will arise the demand for something different. Out of the terror and fear will emerge the call for ‘security’ and ‘peace’. At any price. People will be willing to accept things that in the past would have lead to mass riots and revolutions, simply to be ‘relieved’ of the very burndens the people who claim to have the ‘solution’, have actually themselves been imposing upon us.

So expect massive manufactured financial and economic crises. Expect more false flag attacks. Expect more faked mass shootings. Expect free market capitalism to be fully ‘discredited’. Expect more ‘exposures’ of the big religions to occur, to discredit them.

Expect at very least threats of a third world war, to discredit the current systems of alliances, and raise a clamour for a ‘one world army’, which will be offered as the ‘solution’ to the ‘Jew’ World Orders own instigated wars.

Basically we will be tricked into handing over total power to the very people who hate our freedoms, and hate us. The very people who have, for 3000 years, plotted and planned our annihilation, man, woman, child, infant, unborn child, and animals.

We will be handing over our sovereignty as individuals. And the sovereignty of the nations which at least to some degree, for the few decades prior to ‘911’, had offered protection of our individual liberties.

The Cult will manufacture crises and wars and threats and terror of such a magnitude that the masses will come running into their open prison gates, begging to be imprisoned, simply as the walls of the prison seemed too offer a buffer against the violent chaos outside. The prisoners at least received regular meals. And were ‘offered’ employment opportunities.

And at first the ‘One World Government’ façade will be maintained to some degree. The impression that we have all ‘escaped’ our history will be reinformed in every channel of communications of the full spectrum progadana machine of the ‘Jew’ World Order.

But like in the Jew.S.S.R, soon the ‘stories’ of the Gulags, the terror police, the torture cells, the mass murders, will emerge. And the moment the masses finally awaken, they will find it is too late to maintain any sort of effective resistance to the ‘Jew’ World Order that has now revealed itself for what it always was, and intends to be.

The ultimate in caste systems. Slavery of all to the arbitrary whims of a master class formerly known as ‘The Cult of Judah’, and now referred to merely as ‘Our Lords’. For ye shall be as gods. That was the promise made by the first Cult Priest to all who would pledge total loyalty to his political strategy, and ideology of Semitism.

To quote ‘The Protocols’: ‘From the premier-dictators of the present day the peoples suffer patiently and bear such abuses as for the least of them they would have beheaded twenty kings. What is the explanation . . .? It is explained by the fact that these dictators whisper to the peoples through their agents that through these abuses [216] the are inflicting injury on the States with the highest purpose – to secure the welfare of the peoples, the international brotherhood of them all, their solidarity and equality of rights. Naturally they do not tell the peoples that this unification must be accomplished only under our sovereign rule’.

This passage is of especial interest. The term “premier-dictator” would not generally have been understood in 1905, when the peoples of the West believed their elected representatives to express and depend on their approval. However, it became applicable during the First and Second World Wars, when American presidents and British prime ministers made themselves, in fact, “premier-dictators” and used emergency powers in the name of “the welfare of peoples. . . international brotherhood . . . equality of rights”. Moreover, these premier-dictators, in both wars, did tell the peoples that the ultimate end of all this would be “unification” under a world government of some kind. The question, who would govern this world government, was one which never received straightforward answer; so much else of the Protocols has been fulfilled that their assertion that it would be the instrument of the conspiracy for governing the world “by violence and terrorization” deserves much thought.

These developments have only escalated since ‘911’, with Patriot Acts and Emergency Decrees replacing any real representative democracy, and not even bothering to disguise the facts, merely ‘justifying’ them in the name of ‘the war on terror’.

Of course the real terrorists are own own occupied governments. In the typical ‘manufacture a problem / threat’, then offer your desired forms of tyranny, as the ‘solution / defense’, scenario.

In the supposed interests of ‘national defense’ and ‘protection of our liberty’, we have stood by as our occupied Jew.S.A and E.Jew have totally abandoned any possible hopes of ‘national’ sovereignty and virtually every imaginable ‘individual freedom’ we ever enjoyed.

The especial characteristic of the two 20th Century wars is the disappointment which each brought to the peoples who appeared to be victorious. “Uncanny knowledge”, therefore, again seems to have inspired the statement, made in 1905 or earlier, “Ever since that time” (the French Revolution) “we have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another”, followed later by this: “By these acts all States are in torture; they exhort to tranquillity, are ready to sacrifice everything for peace; but. we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our international Super-Government, and with submissiveness”. The words, written before 1905, seem accurately to depict the course of the 20th Century. And our own century.

Again, the document says “it is indispensable for our purpose that wars, so far as possible, should not result in territorial gains”. For the chief result of the Second War was that further “territorial gains” accrued to, and only to, the Cult of Judah, in the form of the expansion of its ‘Jew’.S.S.R’ and ‘occupatied’ ‘Eastern Bloc’ nations, and the establishmend of a ‘Jewish’ state in Palestine.

To ensure the Cult can co-opt the power of the supposedly ‘sovereign’ nations to its own will, future potential heads of the various government departments, along with potential political candidates for elected positions, such as Congress, The President, The secretary of State, Homeland Security, the education department, Health department, and the Jewdiciary, especially the Supreme Courts, would be groomed, and given the full support of the Cults full spectrum propaganda machine, and ‘slush funds’ and ‘campaign finance contributions’ more than adequate to ensure that at least one of their own pre-selected candidates is guaranteed victory.

“The administrators whom we shall choose from among the public, with strict regard to their capacities for servile obedience, will not be persons trained in the arts of government, and will therefore easily become pawns in our game in the hands of men of learning and genius who will be their advisers, specialists bred and reared from early childhood to rule the affairs of the whole world”.

This explains why the failed haberdasher with zero political experience or talent, but ‘advised’ by the ‘President maker’ Baruch, could become Presisent. Why Wilson was ‘snuck into’ the delegation, to usurp the natural candidate, Henry Wallace, whose experience, talent, genuine goodwill towards the working classes, and ethics, like Bakunin’s, might have contributed to a real sort of utopia, if only the Jew World Order had not cut their careers short.

These facts also explain why President Wilson, once elected, furtively signed the legislation (on New Years Eve when no-one was paying attention) that enslaved all Americans to ‘The Fed’ and the ‘Jew’ World Order Banksters, and why this supposed ‘man of peace’, against all the wishes of the U.S people, against all Constitutional law, and in violation of the very political platform by which he was elected, the promises he had made to the American people that he would never involve America in ‘foreign entanglements’, let alone a world war in Europe, Wilson brought American in to WWI.

In the First and Second World Wars, the non-elected, unofficial but imperious “adviser” became a familiar public figure. He emerged into the open (under “emergency powers”) and became known to and was passively accepted by the public masses; possibly the contempt which the Protocols display for “the mob” was justified by this submission to behind-the-scenes rule even when it was openly exercized. In the United States, for instance, “advisers on Jewish affairs” became resident at the White House and at the headquarters of American armies of occupation. One financier (who publicly recommended drastic measures for “ruling the affairs of the world”) was adviser to so many presidents that he was permanently dubbed “Elder Statesman” by the press, and visiting prime ministers from England also repaired to him as if to a supreme seat of authority.

The Protocols foretold this regime of the “advisers” when none understood what was meant and few would have credited that they would openly appear in the high places.

The Protocols repeatedly affirm that the first objective is the destruction of the existing ruling class (“the aristocracy”, the term employed, was still applicable in 1905) and the seizure of property through the incitement of the insensate, brutish “mob”. Once again, subsequent events give the “forecast” its “deadly accuracy”: “In politics one must know how to seize the property of others without hesitation if by it we secure submission and sovereignty. . . The words, ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’, brought to our ranks, thanks to our blind agents, whole legions who bore our banners with enthusiasm. And all the time these words were canker-worms boring into the wellbeing of the people, putting an end everywhere to peace, quiet, solidarity and destroying all the foundations of the States. . . This helped us to our greatest triumph; it gave us the possibility, among other things, of getting into our hands the master card, the destruction of privileges, or in other words the very existence of the aristocracy . . . that class which was the only defence peoples and countries had against us. On the ruins of the natural and genealogical aristocracy . . . we have set up the aristocracy of our educated class headed by the aristocracy of money. The qualifications of this aristocracy we have established in wealth, which is dependent upon us, and in knowledge. . . It is this possibility of replacing the representatives of the people which has placed them at our disposal, and, as it were, given us the power of appointment …. . We appear on the scene as alleged saviours of the worker from this oppression when we propose to him to enter the ranks of our fighting forces; Socialists, Anarchists, Communists . . . By want and the envy and hatred which it engenders we shall move the mobs and with their hands we shall wipe out all those who hinder us on our way . . . The people, blindly believing things in print, cherishes . . . a blind hatred towards all conditions which it considers above itself, for it has no understanding of the meaning of class and condition. . . These mobs will rush delightedly to shed the blood of those whom, in the simplicity of their ignorance, they have envied from their cradles, and whose property they will then be able to loot. ‘Ours’ they will not touch, because the moment of attack will be known to us and we shall take measures to protect our own. . . The word ‘freedom’ brings out the communities of men to fight against every kind of force, against every kind of authority, even against God and the laws of nature. For this reason we, when we come into our kingdom, shall have to erase this word from the lexicon.”

“. . . We have set one against another the personal and national reckonings of the peoples, religious and race hatreds, which we have fostered into a huge growth in the course of the past twenty centuries. This is the reason why there is not one State which would anywhere receive support if it were to raise its arm, for every one of them must bear in mind that any agreement against us would be unprofitable to itself. We are too strong, there is no evading our power. The nations cannot come to even an inconsiderable private agreement without our secretly having a hand in it . . . In order to put public opinion into our hands we must bring it into a state of bewilderment by giving expression from all sides to so many contradictory opinions and for such length of time as will suffice to make the peoples lose their heads in the labyrinth and come to see that the best thing is to have no opinion of any kind in matters political, which it is not given to the public to understand, because they are understood only by him who guides the public. This is the first secret. The second secret requisite for the success of our government is comprised in the following: to multiply to such an extent national failings, habits, passions, conditions of civil life, that it will be impossible for anyone to know where he is in the resulting chaos, so that the people in consequence will fail to understand one another . . . By all these means we shall so wear down the peoples that they will be compelled to offer us international power of a nature that by its possession will enable us without any violence gradually to absorb all the State forces of the world and to form a SuperGovernment. In place of the rulers of today we shall set up a bogey which will be called the SuperGovernment administration. Its hands will reach out in all directions like nippers and its organization will be of such colossal dimensions that it cannot fail to subdue all the nations of the world”.

‘In order to put public opinion into our hands we must bring it into a state of bewilderment by giving expression from all sides to so many contradictory opinions and for such length of time as will suffice to make the peoples lose their heads in the labyrinth and come to see that the best thing is to have no opinion of any kind in matters political’

This is part of the Cult’s ‘Straw men’ strategy’. It even includes ‘controlled Opposition’ and ‘Kosher Alternative Media’ such as Alex Jones. We are to become bewildered even by our supposed ‘free’ and ‘independent’ sources of information and insight. So that we finally turn away in disgust from everyone, and everything, and become nihilists, commit suicide, or just ‘give up’ and ‘put our faith in imaginary gods’. The pressure is too much for most. Most will simply retreat into a fantasy world of computer games and movies. Living in denial, most will simply lie to themselves. Their own subconscious will lie to their conscious mind, as a form of ‘protection from going insane’.

To quote James Hetfield, ‘When a man lies to himself, he destroys a part of the world, these are the pale deaths, which men miscall their lives’. For the most part, aren’t most people alive today living such pitiful existences? Totally divorced from any sense of reality? Immersed in the ‘social realities’ manufactured for them by the ‘Jew’ World Order’s full spectrum proganda machine?

Brendon O’Connell is right to feel frustrated with a David Icke speaks of ‘shape-shifting multi-dimensional lizard people’ in the same breath as the ‘Jew’ World Order conspiracy. For the last is challenging enough, without having people associate it with the former, which is beyond most people’s ability to process, and thus tends to make the latter, easily documentable conspiracy, seem equally as incredulous as the former.

The Protocols goes on to deal with the phenomena we have witnessed in the past few decades. That of the emergence of the ‘monlolithic multinational corporations, and their buy-up of all the natural resources, and productive farming lands, around the world.

The Protocols say, “The aristocracy of the peoples, as a political force, is dead . . . but as landed proprietors they can still be harmful to us from the fact that they are self-sufficing in the resources upon which they live. It is essential therefore for us at whatever cost to deprive them of their land. . . At the same time we must intensively patronize trade and industry . . . what we want is that industry should drain off from the land both labour and capital and by means of speculation transfer into our hands all the money of the world.”

All around the world the IMF has been used as the economic weapon to force supposedly sovereign nations to sell off their natural resources to private corporations for a pittance. I go into details in my other books, so I won’t describe this phenomena further here.

The same goes for my detailed descriptions of how, through control of the money supply, and bubbles and crashes manufactured by the simple expedient of artificially contracting then expanding the money suppy, the ‘Jew’ World Order has come to own almost all the real capital, in terms of resources, and corporations, since Wilson’s betrayal a.k.a ‘The Fed’.

The following passage, written before 1905, explains why the ‘Jews’ themselves are active in promoting real, and imagined, ‘anti-semitism’, and clearly alludes to the rise of Nazi Germany, and Hitler. “Nowadays if any States raise a protest against us, it is only proforma at our discretion and by our direction, for their antisemitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren”. A distinctive feature of our era is the way the charge of “anti-semitism” is continually transferred from one country to another, the country so accused becoming automatically the specified enemy in the next war’

Of course the ADL constantly attempts to ‘ramp up’ public perceptions of ‘rampant, exponentially rising anti-semitism’ in nations where there is zero such anti-Jewish feeling. See the movie ‘Defamation’ for insights into the operations of the ADL and similar ‘Jewish’ mass media enterprises.

The resemblance to Weishaupt’s documents is very strong in the passages which relate to the infiltration of public departments, professions and parties, for instance: “It is from us that the all-engulfing terror proceeds. We have in our service persons of all opinions, of all doctrines, restorating monarchists, demagogues, socialists, communists, and utopian dreamers of every kind. We have harnessed them all to the task: each one of them on his own account is boring away at the last remnants of authority, is striving to overthrow all established form of order. By these acts all States are in torture; they exhort to tranquillity, are ready to sacrifice everything for peace; but we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our international Super-Government, and with submissiveness”.

The Protocols here explain the strategy of letting each secret ‘Sayanim’ imagine they are serving some grand, utoptian, idealistic vision of their own, when in reality they are serving the most repugnant ideology and Cult that ever was spawned by the basest elements in human nature.

The ‘helpers’ don’t realise whom and what they are actually helping. They go about destroying, imagining that what they destroyed will be replaced by whatever their own mind imagines as a superior alternative. But all they are actually doing is destroying. Their means ultimately is their end. For the ends they imagine are never going to be generated by their own actions. All their destructive actions will do is serve the ‘Jew’ World Order’s plans for world conquest, as described in detail in ‘The Torah’, and by virtue of ‘Judeao-Christianity’, ‘The Bible’.

Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ only operates in the absence of, and strict prevention of, all forms of conspiracies. It is the basis of liberty and freedom. The basis of productive, constructive, generative, liberating, and open, society.

The ‘invisible hand’ of the Illuminati / Freemasonry / Cult of Judah ‘Jew’ World Order is the exact enemy of Adam Smith’s own ‘invisible hand’, for it is represent the most extensive and destructive conspiracy of all time. It works for the most closed and repressive society imaginable.

In seeking to liberate themselves from their current forms of oppression, the ‘helpers’ of the conspiracy are really setting themselves up to become victims of the most repressive form of oppression that ever was conceived in dark rooms, by perverted minds.

Of course each ‘cell’ of the ‘Jew’ World Order imagines that its own leaders represent the top of the pyramid of the conspiracy. They imagine they are working for a ‘Jesuit’ or ‘Illuminati’, or ‘Freemason’ or ‘Communist’ victory.

Each is destroying a current of potential adversary of the Cult of Judah, believing it is working towards its own, not necessarily even utopian or idealistic, ends.

Many, if no most, active participants, or even mere passive ‘members’ of secret socities, are motivated by narrow perceived self interest. They are corrupt. They are criminal. They seek pleasure and relief for themselves above all else. They believe that by joining their particular branch ‘secret society’ of the Cult, they can ‘feather their own nests’. Gain local political power. Become wealthy. Prosper. In the manner of petty criminal gangs and even local ‘mafia’.

There is no need to assume idealistic, utopian motivations. It is just as easy to trade on envy, greed, a desire to ‘avenge’ some perceived ‘injustice’, lust, and sheer malicious joy in destruction, as it is to bother ‘dressing up’ the terrorist and ‘lone gunman’s’ motivations.

Weishaupt’s documents speak of Freemasonry as the best “cover” to be used by the agents of the conspiracy. The Protocols allot the function of “cover” to “Liberalism”: “When we introduced into the State organism the poison of Liberalism its whole political complexion underwent a change. States have been seized with a mortal illness, blood-poisoning. All that remains is to await the end of their death agony”.

The term “utopian dreamers”, used more than once, is applied to Liberals, and its original source probably resides in the Old Testamentary allusion to “dreamers of dreams” with “false prophets”, are to be put to death. The end of Liberalism, therefore, would be apparent to the student even if the Protocols did not specify it: “We shall root out liberalism from the important strategic posts of our government on which depends the training of subordinates for our State structure”.

Is it any wonder I have been blacklisted by the Australian Public Service and N.S.W Education Departments (and thus most education systems worldwide)?

The “Big Brother” regimes of our century, are accurately foretold in the passage, “Our government will have the appearance of a patriarchal paternal guardianship on the part of our ruler”.

Republicanism, too, is to be a “cover” for the conspiracy. The Protocols are especially contemptuous of republicanism, in which (and in liberalism) they see the weapon of self-destruction forged out of “the mob”: “. . . then it was that the era of republics became possible of realization; and then it was that we replaced the ruler by a caricature of a government, by a president, taken from the mob, from the midst of our puppet creatures, our slaves. This was the foundation of the mine which we have laid under the peoples”.

This is what today’s savvy social analysts mean by ‘pre-selection’ as versus ‘election’ of today’s political leaders, and candidates for any position requiring election to office.

Then the unknown scribes of some time before 1905 describe the position to which American presidents have been reduced in our century. The passage begins, “In the near future we shall establish the responsibility of presidents”. This, as the sequence shows, means personal responsibility, as distinct from responsibility curbed by constitutional controls; the president is to become one of the “premier-dictators” earlier foreseen, whose function is to be to break down the constitutional defences of states and thus prepare “unification under our sovereign rule”.

In our century this has reached its zenith, with Jewnited States Presidents ruling by ‘Executive Orders’, and E.Jew puppets ruling by ‘Emergency Decrees’ and enacting almost total censorship of any ‘exposure’ of anything ‘Jewish’ via ‘Hate Speech’ laws.

During the First and Second World Wars the American presidents did in fact become “premier dictators” in this sense, claiming that “the emergency” and the need for “victory” dictated this seizure of powers of personal responsibility; powers which would be restored to “the people” when “the emergency” was past. Readers of sufficient years will recall how inconceivable this appeared before it happened and how passively it was accepted in the event.

Anyone who has lived through ‘911’ and ‘The Patriot Act’ and suspension of ‘Habeaus Corpus’ and ‘Posse Comitas’on the pretext of ‘war’, this time on ‘terror’, and ‘Islam’, will be amazed at how precise the authors of the Protocols have been in predicting their future, our present.

“The chamber of deputies will provide cover for, will protect, will elect presidents, but we shall take from it the right to propose new, or make changes in existing laws, for this right will be given by us to the responsible president, a puppet in our hands. . . Independently of this we shall invest the president with the right of declaring a state of wa’r.

Note that most military actions today are carried out without the consent of the people, or even Congress, by simply bypassing the Constitution, and the law, and declaring the Nuremberg styled acts of military aggression to be ‘anti-terrorist’ actions, rather than ‘war’. Remember that the ‘Jew’ Bernay’s was the one who first advised President Wilson to change the name of ‘The War Department’ to ‘The Department of Defense’. This was just one ‘baby step’ towards todays ‘war on terror’, which simply bypasses the strict Constitutional limits placed on U.S Presidents. Today they are of course ‘Jew’. S. A puppets, and no longer represent in any form the interests or wishes of the people of the Jewnited States of America.

The Protocols continues: ‘We shall justify this last right on the ground that the president as chief of the whole army of the country must have it at his disposal in case of need. . . It is easy to understand that in these conditions the key of the shrine will lie in our hands, and that no one outside ourselves will any longer direct the force of legislation. . . The president will, at our discretion, interpret the sense of such of the existing laws as admit of various interpretation; (thus the pre-selection of Constitutional specialist Obama); he will further annul them when we indicate to him the necessity to do so, besides this, he will have the right to propose temporary laws, (Executive Orders) and even new departures in the government constitutional working, the pretext both for the one and the other being the requirements for the supreme welfare of the state’.

‘By such measures we shall obtain the power of destroying little by little, step by step, all that at the outset when we enter on our rights, we are compelled to introduce into the constitutions of states to prepare for the transition to an imperceptible abolition of every kind of constitution, and then the time is come to turn every government into our despotism’.

Thus we slaves become conditioned to having our constitutional rights walked all over. Soon we forget we have any rights at all. Soon we stop insisting on any rights. And so find ourselves effectively slaves.

This forecast of 1905 or earlier particularly deserves Lord Sydenham’s tribute of “deadly accuracy”. American presidents in the two wars of this century have acted as here shown, as they have since then, and after ‘911’.

They did take the right of declaring and making war, and it has been used over and over since the Second World War ended, beginning with Korea, and continuing on through Iraq and Syria.

The Protocols continue. The peoples, on their progress “from one disenchantment to another”, will not be allowed “a breathing-space”. Any country “which dares to oppose us” must be met with war, and any collective opposition with “universal war”. The peoples will not be allowed “to contend with sedition” (here is the key to the furious attacks of the 1790’s, 1920 and today on all demands for “investigation”, “Witchhunting”, “McCarthyism” and the like). In the Super-State to come the obligation will fall on members of one family to denounce dissident s within the family circle (Just like in the Torah).’

The “complete wrecking of the Christian religion” will not be long delayed. The peoples will be kept distracted by trivial amusements (reality television, movies, fads, obsession with pop stars and the like) from becoming troublesome and asking questions’.

And now we come to what got me started down the rabbit hole in the first place. ‘History will be rewritten for their delusion’. Every ‘Holocaust Denier’ or ‘Historical Revisionist’ can vouch for the amazing accuracy of this prediction.

Consistent with this “we shall erase from the memory of men all facts of previous centuries which are undesirable to us, and leave only those which’ serve our interests.

This is pure George Orwell. ‘Who controls the present, controls the past, controls the future’. If you don’t ‘grok’ now why it is so important to ‘push back’ against ‘Holocaust Denial’ and ‘Hate Speech’ laws, then you will probably never understand just what an ‘asset’ censorship, and with I the power to rewrite history, can be, in the hands of would be tyrants.

And the end of it all: “What we have to get at is that there should be in all the States of the world, beside ourselves, only the masses of the proletariat, a few millionaires (today Billionaires) devoted to our interests, police and soldiers. . . The recognition of our despot. . . will come when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence. . . of their rulers, will clamour: ‘Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of discords, frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts, who will give us peace and quiet, which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives’ “.

And thus the motive for the massive Jewnited States debts being ‘allowed’ to accumulate, and exponentially explode. That is coming any day now, exactly as predicted by the authors of ‘The Protocols’. And in its wake will come the precursors, the proxies, for the ‘Jew’ World Order, in the form of a one world currency, one world bank, then one world army, and one world government.

Now the ‘Jews’ employ a cunning strategy of devoting all public argument to the supposed authors of ‘The Protocols’, and thereby away from its content.

This is misdirection 101. While everyone is left ‘debating’ ‘who wrote it’, no-one is reading it, and being amazed at its 100% accuracy.

The authors may have been Jewish, non-Jewish or anti-Jewish. That is immaterial. What matters is that the authors clearly knew what was going on. You see the real proof of any theory, in any science, is whether the model described can be used to accurately predict the outcomes of future interactions. If a pattern is claimed, its validity will rest or fall on the way that supposed pattern continues to develop, and express itself. The pattern discovered in ‘The Protocols’, the model constructed, the theory described, have all proven perfectly accurate at predicting the course of the last 120 years. There is not a single ‘political theory’ in existence that can claim this. Not a single ‘prophet’ has been able to predict, with such uncanny accuracy, the course of any nation’s affairs, let alone the entire world’s affairs. That is what counts. Not whether it was ‘Jews’ or ‘Gentiles’ who observed the pattern, constructed the model, and published the political theory.

‘The Protocols’ must be the only document ever written that has been proven beyond any doubt to express a real, scientifically demonstrable, law. For from this law the authors have been able to deduce minute details in the behaviours of our goverments, 120 years a priori to them.

That is the ‘scientific’ rule of ‘proof’. The ‘theory’ has been tested over and over, and not once has it been ‘disproved’. The thesis remains unchallenged. It is time we acted according to the ‘law’ thus presented to us, and actively remove all support from our ‘occupation’ governments, all ‘legitimacy’ from its proxy forms, and return back to our Constitutional forms, and retake back our sovereignty, as individuals, and as nations.

Enter my own Eden Protocols to the rescue

If you are a slave, you don’t really care which particular Cult your masters belong to. What their political ideology is. What justifications they give to ‘legimitate’ your captivity. Their abuse of their power over you.

If my only motive was to save you us from ‘The Jew World Order’, then I would have ceased bothering a long time ago.

I don’t believe that ‘All is vanity and vexation of spirit’. Not in my heart of hearts. I’m getting there I suppose, and maybe this attempt of mine is my own karmic lesson in defeatism, and rejection of TROONATNOOR as not worthy of any attempts at optimalisation.

But until I reach that stage, I am going to seek something like my Eden Protocols. I have faith in them, even if I have little faith in TROONATNOOR. I wouldn’t want the job of introducing them, and then having to deal with the ‘recalcitrants’. I wouldn’t wish that job on anyone. Probably all in vain. But while there is a hope, I will trudge on.

For if this work was simply one of ‘criticism’ and ‘destruction’ of an existing form of slavery, it would be in vain.

For at the heart of humankind lies the desire to enslave other sentient beings. And removing the power from one tyrannical system, and doing nothing else ‘Ceteris Paribus’ (as we economists like to say), would simply be removing us from the frying pan, but leave the proverbial fire blazing, just waiting for us.

What do I care about the ‘flavor’ of my captivity? What color my prison walls are painted. What particular dogma underpins it? What brand of stupid it worships. What its idols are. Who its Heros are. What delusions support it. What social reality it constructs as its mental prison. How it has rewriting history to appear to be the realisation of which equally ficititous prophecy. What its source of transferred authority is. Which of the basest human instincts it most appeals to. Which ‘noble’ lies its more idealistic ‘true believers’ have been tricked into ‘consent’ by.

If I am a slave, in a prison, then those are the pertinent facts I am interested in. All the others are trivial. Mere ‘noise’ in my reckoning. Distractions. Of little interest. For what affects me is that I am a slave.

The same goes for you. I mean the masses. For if all I did was expose this particular conspiracy, this Cult, and take its power away from it, that would still leave most of us as slaves.

Merely slaves to some other Cult. Some other Conspiracy. For this world abounds in them. All the ‘religions’ are Cults. Mental prisons. Most ideologies limit and restrict. Most political systems serve the narrow vested interests of a relatively few privileged elites.

Fuck, I’ve been so screwed over by so many people, it would be a sort of vengeance to watch them suffer, wouldn’t it? To reap the harvest they have sown. They thought by putting evil out into the world, they could narrowly limit its effects, to harming just me. I tried to warn them. It doesn’t work that way. As Obadiah tried to warn us all, thousands of years ago ‘As you do unto others, so shall be done unto you’.

‘Virtual’ Karma is a bitch, because you deserve all it sends your way.

In fact right now the only opposition the ‘Jew’ World Order faces is so focused on the realisation of its own ‘World Orders’ that no coalition is going to be possible. No efficacious opposition will ever be possible while the ‘awake’ people all retain loyal to their own narrow agenda.

So the ‘Christians’ may be aware, but they are intent on replacing the ‘Jew’ World Order with their own.

The ‘Muslims’ may be aware, but they are intent on imposing their own ‘Sharia’ law upon the entire planet.

The ‘Communists’ may be aware, but they have their particular plans for us to, of ‘levelling us all down’ to the same lowest common denominator.

None of these are worth fighting the ‘Jew’ World Order for.

If the alternative is just some different color and flavor or equally dumb shit, then the ‘Cult of Judah’ is welcome to their ‘Jew’ World Order.

And YOU have no reason to get excited it all the ‘Jew’ World Order is really going to do is level down all your ‘betters’ down to the same level as you. That would be terribly satisfying to watch, for people who never had the potential to raise themselves up. Or who have been denied access to the resources to realise their full potential. Marxists make the best proletariat. They were always slaves to one master or another. They had nothing to gain much from ‘freedom’ or ‘liberty’ or ‘free markets’. They were always going to form the base of the pyramid. What should they care if the top and middle of the pyramid were replaced? They’d still be at the bottom. And wouldn’t it be satisfying to see ‘how the mighty have fallen’? Schadenfreude is a potent cocktail.

Why should the conscript care if they are fighting, killing, being maimed, maiming, killing, and being killed, for one Cult or the other, for one corporation, or one corrupt regime, or the other? What difference could it possibly make? The pain is the same. The loss is the same. They get equally dead. Equally maimed.

This is perhaps the ‘Jew’ World Orders greatest asset. That the rest of their competitors so far have proven equally corrupt and disinterested in their ‘subjects’ well being.

Perhaps for a white person, the U.S Constitution was a great leap forward. For a time at least. But for the native Indians and slaves it was just different packaging for the same old shit.

So believe me when I swear and scream as loudly as I can while jumping up and down, begging you to read my TROONATNOOR vol. I, II, and ‘Religion’, the moment you finish this prequel, and the trilogy that follows it.

I don’t know what to do to get your attention. Blowing up buildings might work, but how would I ensure no-one got hurt?

So I will have to leave it to ‘morphic resonance’ and the like. And hope that for some reason you will come to read my TROONATNOOR books. And be able to comprehend them. And be willing to work towards a fairer, more just, more equitable, more free, more responsible, more ethical world.

Otherwise, really, it can’t much matter to most people on this planet, including myself, who it is that is enslaving us. Lying to us. Manipulating us. Sure, your brand of stupid is better than the other brands of stupid. Because you grew up in it. And no other reason. Stupid is stupid. I’m not interested in fighting with red stupid about blue stupid, and remaining ruled by one or another version of Stupid.

I want out of the whole stupid mess.

I want to escape history.

I’ve worked out how. But I wonder if you really want justice, peace, truth, and beauty. Or are just wrangling for a better position, one higher up the pyramid. Slaves hoping to become masters, the first chance they get.

Winston Churchill, ‘Jew’ World Order co-conspirator from the start

Prime Minister lost the 1906 election, but this was no loss to the Zionist’s, despite Balfour’s famous association with the ‘Jew’ World Order. For among the upcoming young lions was Winston Churchill, an avid supporter of Zionism, and opponent of the Alien’s Bill, which among other things threatened to limit the mass immigration of AshkeNAZI ‘Jews’ from Russia. The Jews in his electoral district threw their support behind him, with such public proclamations as: ‘any Jew who votes against Churchill is a traitor to the common cause’ of Zionism. Churchill, once elected, became Under Secretary for the Colonies.

Churchill was probably just one of many pre-selected candidates the ‘Jews’ were grooming at the time. He was a perfect target. Vainly ambitious. An alcoholic. And thanks to massive gambling debts, which literally left him a bankrupt, likely to welcome any support from anyone, at any price. His ego and vanity were just too big. He had always fancied himself a ‘Great man of history’.

What few people realise is that Trump is literally Billions in debt to the ‘Jews’ as I write this, and he performs the exact same functions Churchill performed for the ‘Jews’ in the early twentieth century.

Like Trump today, Churchill’s ‘Jewish’ sponsors financed a lavish lifestyle for their literally bankrupt ‘Golem’. A manor house with extensive park-like gardens fit for any aristocrat. Servants, cooks, gardeners, and the like. All on the tab of the ‘Jews’. Just like Trump today.

In hindsight, after carefully considering all the facts about Gallipoli, it appears that that entire fiasco, resisted from the start by every military specialist, every advisor, and every expert, but forced through by Churchill personally, was intended to gain Palestine from the Turks, for the Zionists. Now I am careful to say ‘Zionists’, because it is an easily provable fact that most of the ‘Jews’ in England, and the rest of Western Europe, at that time at least, were totally opposed to the whole Zionist enterprise.

And if you think ‘controlled opposition’ and ‘midirection’ and obfuscation and confusion by such ‘Kosher Altnernative’ media such as Alex Jones is something new, consider the previous facts of Churchill’s key role in the Zionist movement, and support for, and passive acquiescence, the ‘Communist’ ‘Jew’ World Order in light of public statements he made, which today would land him in jail, or at least as a thoroughly demonised and discredited ‘Anti-Semite’.

In the ‘Illustrated Sunday Herald‘published on February 8th 1920 Winston Churchill published the article which follows.

Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People.” ILLUSTRATED SUNDAY HERALD, London, February 8, 1920

‘And it may well be that this same astounding race (referring to the ‘Jews’) may at the present time be in the actual process of producing another system of morals and philosophy, as malevolent as Christianity was benevolent, which, if not arrested, would shatter irretrievably all that Christianity has rendered possible’.

‘In violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews … have forsaken the faith of their forefathers and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kuhn (Hungary, Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world wide conspiracy for the ove throw of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the nineteenth century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire’.

‘There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews, it is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. …The majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders. Thus Tchitcherin, a pure Russian, is eclipsed by his nominal subordinate Litvinoff, and the influence of Russians like Bukharin or Lunacharski cannot be compared with the power of Trotsky, or of Zinovieff, the Director of the Red Citadel (Petrograd) or of Krassin or Radek – all Jews. In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed the principal part in the system of terrorism applied by the ‗Extraordinary Commissions for Combatting Counter-Revolution‘ has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses. The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kuhn ruled in Hungary. The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially Bavaria), so far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people. Although in all these countries there are many non-Jews every whit as bad as the worst of the Jewish revolutionaries, the part played by the latter in proportion to their numbers in the population is astonishing.’

Douglas Reed was Knighted for not publishing his great work, ‘The Controversy of Zion’. Churchill was Knighted by the same people, for playing the Judas role in ‘the new Jerusalem’, for the Cult of Judah.

The President makers, House and Baruch, and their occupied ‘Jew’.S.A Presidential Golems

While Mr. Balfour and his associates in this still secret enterprise moved towards power in England during the First World War, a similar group of men secretly took shape in the American Republic. The political machine they built produced its full result nearly fifty years later, when President Truman in effect set up the Zionist state in Palestine.

In 1900 Americans still clung to their ‘American dream’ of peaceful co-existence with all other nations. The U.S Constitution in fact expressly forbid ‘foreign entanglements’, let alone full scale invasions of other nations.

Despite all this, Americans were tricked into a war with Spain, in Cuba, in 1898, after the first of the many false flag attacks. It is now a fact in the public domain that ‘The Maine’ was sunk by exlosives planted inside the vessel, which had appeared in Havanna’s harbor inexplicably, only to sink. Spain had no motive for such an attack, and was as surprised as anyone else when it occure. What the Maine was doing in Havana’s harbor is anyone’s guess.

Next came the attack on the U.S.S Liberty by Israel, intended to ‘justify’ the U.S going to war against Egypt, as Israel’s ally, in that aggressive ‘Nuremberg’ type military invasion..

Then followed the fictional report of the ‘Gulf of Tonkin incident’ which was used as an excuse for the invasion of Vietnam, in support of a regime so repressive that Buddhist’s were setting themselves alight in protest.

Of course the most recent was the joint U.S – Israeli ‘911’ false flag’ attacks on the WTC and Pentagon, in which once more explosions from inside the buildings were ignored, and the ‘causes’ of the destruction were ascribed to hijacked passenger airliners which never took off from any airport, nor were recorded by any radar, and of which zero wreckage was ever discovered. What was documented and photographed (see my videos) was the engine of a military missile, the supposed ‘second’ ‘plane’. I have documented these incidents, and much more, in my other books.

Mr. Edward Mandell House was one of the early ‘President makers’. And whom had he chosen to ‘groom’ for that position, as the proxy for his ‘Jew’ World Order masters?

Until 1900, as Rabbi Wise says, Zionism in America was confined to the immigrant Jews from Russia. Most American Jews at the time were of German origin and were strongly opposed to the Zionist enterprise.

But between 1900 and 1910, a million new Jewish immigrants arrived from Russia and under Zionist organization began to form an important body of voters. By 1910, when Mr. House had privately decided that Mr. Wilson should be the next president, Rabbi Wise publicly proclaimed that Wilson would in fact be elected, and serve two terms in office.

Even at this stage the supposed ‘two party system’ was already a ‘World Wrestling Federation’ style ‘adversarial’ system. For Rabbi Wise was publicly a Republican, but as House had decided that Wilson had a better chance of winning by running on a ‘Democatic’ platform, Wise had simply changed parties.

One of the keys to the electoral victories in the U.S is always the ‘swing voter’ and ‘swing states’. All it takes for victory is avoiding alienating any of the almost 50% of people who were already going to vote for one or the other party, as long as you didn’t ‘lose’ them, and stealing a few thousand votes from ‘the other side’, to guarantee victory.

This is why campaign finacing became so important. A few million dollars in well targeted bribes, kickbacks, concessions, and advertising, were all it took to ‘swing’ the balance of voters in favor of whatever party had access to these resources, thanks to the ‘Zionists’.

The reason House chose the Democratic platform was that this party traditionally appealed to the poorer, the immigrant, and the more vulnerable. So those million or so ‘AshkeNAZI’ ‘Jews’ that had just ‘gotten off the boat’ were more likely to vote Democrat.

How can we be sure of these ‘logical deductions’? Well they are in fact not deductions at all. For House actually described his plan to get Wilson elected in a book he wrote the same year as he was actually putting his strategy into action.It took him 30 days to write his novel ‘Philip Dru’: Administrator’.

In the chapter ‘The Making of a President’, an American Senator called Selwyn is depicted as setting about to “govern the Nation with an absolute hand, and yet not be known as the directing power”. Selwyn is Mr. House. Apparently he could not resist the temptation to give a clue to his identity, and he caused “Selwyn” to invite the man he selected as his puppet-president (“Selwyn seeks a Candidate”) to “dine with me in my rooms at the Mandell House”.

Before that, Selwyn has devised “a nefarious plan”, in concert with one John Thor, “the high priest of finance”, whereby “a complete and compact organization”, using “the most infamous sort of deception regarding its real opinions and intentions”, might “elect its creature to the Presidency”. The financing of this secret league was “simple”. “Thor’s influence throughout commercial America was absolute . . . Thor and Selwyn selected the thousand” (millionaires) “that were to give each ten thousand dollars. . . Thor was to tell each of them that there was a matter, appertaining to the general welfare of the business fraternity, which needed twenty thousand dollars, and that he, Thor, would put up ten and wanted him to put up as much. . . There were but few men of business . . . who did not consider themselves fortunate in being called to New York by Thor and in being asked to join him in a blind pool looking to the safeguarding of wealth”. The money of this “great corruption fund” was placed by Thor in different banks, paid at request by Selwyn to other banks, and from them transferred to the private bank of Selwyn’s son-in-law; “the result was that the public had no chance of obtaining any knowledge of the fund or how it was spent”.

On this basis of finance Selwyn selects his “creature”, one Rockland, (Mr. Wilson), who on dining with Selwyn at “MandelI House” is told, that his responsibility as president will be “diffuse”: “while a president has a consitutional right to act alone, he has no moral right to act contrary to the tenets and traditions of his party, or to the advice of the party leaders, for the country accepts the candidate, the party and the party advisers as a whole and not severally” (the resemblance between this passage and the allusions in the Protocols to “the responsibility of presidents” and the ultimate authority of their “advisers” is strong).

Rockland humbly agrees to this. (After the election, “drunk with power and the adulation of sycophants, once or twice Rockland asserted himself, and acted upon important matters without having first conferred with Selwyn. But, after he had been bitterly assailed by Selwyn’s newspapers he made no further attempts at independence. He felt that he was utterly helpless in that strong man’s hands, and so, indeed, he was”. This passage in Mr. House’s novel of 1912, written before Mr. Wilson’s inauguration, may be compared with one in Mr. House’s Private Papers of 1926, recording his actual relationship with the candidate during the election campaign.

It states that Mr. House edited the presidential candidate’s speeches and instructed him not to heed any other advice, whereon Mr. Wilson admitted indiscretions and promised “not to act independently in future”. In the novel Selwyn is shown as telling Thor of Rockland’ s attempt to escape the thrall: “When he told how Rockland had made an effort for freedom, and how he brought him back, squirming under his defeat, they laughed joyously”; this chapter is called “The Exultant Conspirators”).

Another chapter shows how the election of the “creature” was achieved. The plan described makes electioneering almost into an exact science and still governs electioneering in America. It is based on Mr. House’s fundamental calculation that about 80 percent of the electors would in any circumstance whatever vote for one of the two opposed parties in roughly equal proportions, and that expenditure of money and effort must therefore be concentrated on “the fluctuating 20 percent”. Then it analyzes this 20 percent in detail until the small residue is isolated, on which the utmost effort is to be bent. Every ounce or cent of wasteful expenditure is eliminated and a mass of energy released to be directed against the small body of voters who can sway the result. This plan has done so much to “deflect” the course of events in America and the world that it needs to be summarized here at some length.

This is exactly the strategy I described in my TROONATNOOR vol. I as someone who never even votes. What idiot signs a contract knowing that the odds are that the other party will violate it? Why would you even bother voting, unless the candidates were going to be held to the promises they made in order to get elected? But House’s strategy was much more detailed, he being a specialist, after all.

Selwyn (House) begins the nomination campaign by eliminating all states where either his party or the other was sure to win. In this way he is free to give his entire thought to the twelve doubtful States, upon whose votes the election would turn. He divides these into units of five thousand voters, appointing for each unit a man on the spot and one at national headquarters. He calculated that of the five thousand, four thousand, in equal parts, probably could not be diverted from his own or the other party, and this brought his analysis down to one thousand doubtful voters, in each unit of five thousand in twelve States, on whom to concentrate. The local man was charged to obtain all possible information about their “race, religion, occupation and former party ties”, and to forward this to the national man in charge of the particular unit, who was then responsible for reaching each individual by means of “literature, persuasion or perhaps by some more subtle argument”. The duty of the two agents for each unit, one in the field and one at headquarters, was between them to “bring in a majority of the one thousand votes within their charge”.

Meanwhile the managers of the other party were sending out “tons of printed matter to their State headquarters, which, in turn, distributed it to the country organizations, where it was dumped into a corner and given to visitors when asked for. Selwyn’s committee used one-fourth as much printed matter, but it went in a sealed envelope, along with a cordial letter, directed to a voter that had as yet not decided how to vote. The opposition was sending speakers at great expense from one end of the country to the other . . . Selwyn sent men into his units to personally persuade each of the one thousand hesitating voters to support the Rockland ticket”.

By means of this most skilful method of analysis, elimination and concentration Rockland, in the novel, (and Mr. Wilson, in fact) was elected in 1912.

The concentrated appeal to the “one thousand hesitating voters” in each unit was especially directed to the “race, creed and colour” emotion, and the objects of attention were evidently singled out with that in mind. “Thus Selwyn won and Rockland became the keystone of the arch he had set out to build”.

So the principle is exactly as I, the generalist, prescribed. Attract a few thousand of the ‘swing voters’ and you were set. Just don’t alienate and lose any who were already going to vote for you on inherited party lines. It is a known fact that most people vote the same as their parents. The ‘two party’ system was set up by the Cult of Judah, surprise surprise, in full understanding of this likelihood. ‘Third’ parties were always discouraged, and marginalised, and ‘kept out of the race’ by ‘shadow banning’ in the mass media, and simple exclusion from any reporting by the mass media on the election. It was as if any ‘minor’ and/or ‘third’ parties were invisible, as far as reporting on their policies by the mass media was concerned.

For those with doubts as to Wilson being nothing more than a ‘puppet’, consider how he implemented the first major principle of Marxism, The Protocols, and the Illuminati, the ‘progressive income tax’. Up until this point in U.S history taxing income was unheard of. The Consitution in fact grants the government no such right. The I.R.S is a private corporation. Ex-senior executives of the I.R.S continue to refuse to pay income tax, asserting this fact.

It was Mr. House that had caused President Wilson, as his first major act, to write into the American Constitution, as the Sixteenth Amendment.

Mr. Howden says that Mr. House, as early as 1913, was already grooming Wilson’s replacement. He first got Roosevelt appointed to Assistant Secretary of the Navy in 1913, and then through the years groomed him for the presidency, expecting to govern through him, as through President Wilson. But first back to Wilson.

Mr House’s behavior in publishing the truth is consistent with Cult of Judah behaviors. ‘Hiding secrets in plain sight’. For remember that their dogma insists that we, the Gentiles, will grant our consent to be ruled by them. So they continually publish the truth, but in a disingenuous way. They know almost no-one will read such books, or listen even to people like me, or Douglas Reed, but they masturbatingly can later claim ‘you knew I was a snake, before you let me in’. As even Trump has mockingly announced to us, in his synonymous speech, which you can watch on my BitChute or channels.

Mr. House later wrote of the man he had “chosen” and had elected (“the only one who in every way measured up to the office”), “I thought at that time” (1914) “and on several occasions afterwards, that the President wanted to die; certainly his attitude and his mental state indicated that he found no zest in life”. When Mr. Wilson had not long been President Sir Horace Plunkett, the British Ambassador, wrote to Mr. House, “I paid my respects to the President, and was shocked to see him looking so worn; the change since January last is terribly marked”. Six years later Sir William Wiseman, a British governmental emissary, told Mr, House, “I was shocked by his appearance . . . His face was drawn and of a grey colour, and frequently twitching in a pitiful effort to control nerves which had broken down” (1919).

What else would you expect from a Mephisto? A man who has sold his soul to the devil, only to realise too late what he has done. Compare how Roosevelt looks at Yalta. Churchill was so off his head on alcohol and all manner of prescription drugs, that he probably had zero idea what he was doing. Remember that Churchill and Roosevelt later acted surprised when shown their ‘initials’ on the infamous ‘Morgenthau Plan’. People present at Yalta stated that it was more of a drunken party than anything else. With heavy drinking beginning early in the morning.

Rabbi Wise once asked President Wilson, mockingly: “When did you first think or dream of the presidency?” For he knew Wilson had been ‘groomed’ by his Cult for the post. Mr. Wilson answered, “There never was a time after my graduation from Davidson College in South Carolina when I did not expect to become president”, so that the rabbi asked sardonically, “Even when you were a teacher in a girls’ college!” Mr. Wilson, apparently still oblivious, repeated, “There never was a time when I did not expect and prepare myself to become president”. You see most puppets have no idea they are being used. Until it is too late. And then they become shrunken zombies, longing for death, full of regrets at how stupid they have been, and what evil ends they have been employed to attain, for their Cult puppet masters.

Strong resemblances occur in contemporary descriptions of Mr. Roosevelt, whom Mr. House also states that he groomed, and then got elected, for the Cult of Judah. Mr. Robert E. Sherwood says with emphasis that Mr. Roosevelt was ever haunted “by the ghost of Wilson”, When Mr, Roosevelt had been president two years his party manager, Mr. James Farley, wrote, “The President looked bad. . . face drawn and his reactions slow” (1935), and two years later he was “shocked at the President’s appearance” (1937). In 1943 Madame Chiang Kai-shek was “shocked by the President’s looks”; in 1944, says Mr. Merriman Smith, “he looked older than I have ever seen him and he made an irrelevant speech”, and Mr. John T. Flynn says the President’s pictures “shocked the nation”. In 1945 Miss Frances Perkins, a member of his cabinet, emerged from his office saying, “I can’t stand it, the President looks horrible”.

This is what happens to anyone who will sell their soul for power. Imagining they can ‘get the best’ of the deal. You cannot hide the effects. Take a look at either Clinton, when they think no-one is watching them. They have had their souls sucked out of them. They are walking dead.

Both President Wilson and Roosevelt were elected on platforms of ‘no foreign entanglements’, and promises of ‘isolationism’ and ‘peace’. And as soon as they were elected their first acts were to involve American lives and treasure in their Cult of Judah master’s wars in Europe. Both world wars allowed the Jew.S.S.R to first stabilize, and then expand, its control over the world.

Take a look at Tony Blair, to see another example of what committing war crimes in the name of the Cult of Judah does to a person.

Compare those images to the images of Hitler taken in South America, after his retirement there. And then tell me who the ‘evil’ men of history really were.

Mr. Wilson, under coaching for the campaign, made a speech on “The rights of the Jews”, in which he said, “I am not here to express our sympathy with our Jewish fellow-citizens but to make evident our sense of identity with them. This is not their cause; it is America’s”.

Compare this to Netanyahu’s ‘We’ve got America’ boast. Sorry, that should read Mileikowsky. For like Putin, he changed his family name. Only he wanted to sound more ‘authentically Jewish’, whereas Putin, with a typically AshkeNAZI ‘Jewish’ name, wanted to sound ‘Russian’. The ‘Russian’ strong man is not Russian. And he is only a ‘strong man’ like any World Wrestling Federation actor you see boasting of his ‘tough guy’ qualifications on television.

This sort of talk was absurd at the time. ‘Our sense of identity with them’? For whom was he speaking? ‘It is America’s cause’? How now? In what way? When every specialist and expert continually warned of the dangers of Zionism, and constantly advised the exact opposite course. So who was really steering after all?

At that time all the Zionist propaganda was directed against Russia. Some thirty years had passed since the assassination of Czar Alexander II, who was introducting parliamentary democracy, which would have eliminated any mass support for any revolution. Czar Nicholas II had taken up where Alexander had left off. In 1906 Nicholas issued an imperial decree making Russia a constitutional monarchy, and in 1907 he introduced universal suffrage, granting every man the right vote. Land reforms then made 3,000,000 landless peasants became owners of their land. The Czar, and his reforms, had never been more popular.

The real ‘revolution’ was nothing like the propgandists later made out. It was not a popular ‘Russian’ uprising against a tyrannical despot. It was like all the ‘color’ revolutions of recent times. A choreographed and staged event. Not a popular uprising of the masses, but the result of the actions of a small, but well organised, tightly knit, well trained, abundantly resourced, terrorist action by the ‘Jews’ in Russia, under command of their Cult of Judah masters.

Just when things were beginning to turn around for the mass of Russians, the Cult of Judah ‘Jew’ World Order conspiracy intervened and produced the ten days that shook the world. In 1911 Count Stolypin went to Kieff, where the Czar was to unveil a monument to the murdered Liberator, Alexander II, and was shot at a gala performance in the theatre by a Jewish revolutionary, Bagroff , in 1917 a Jewish commissar, discovering that a girl among some fugitives was Count Stolypin’s daughter, promptly shot her.

What acts of ‘anti-semitism’ had the Count, let alone his daughter, ever carried out? Well the Count had been the Prime Minister responsible for all the reforms which rant counter to the Cult of Judah’s requirements for chaos, mass unrest, and support for a violent revolution. This betrays the real operational meaning of the term ‘anti-semitism’. It is, and always has, merely referred to any actions that obstruct the plans and stratagies of the Cult of Judah, in realising its ‘Jew’ World Order.

That happened in September 1911; in December 1911 Mr. Wilson, the candidate, made his speech expressing “a sense of identity” with the Jewish “cause”. In November 1911 Mr. Wilson had for the first time met the man, Mr. House, who had “chosen” him in 1910 (and who had then already “lined up all my political friends and following” on Mr. Wilson’s behalf).

Before the election Mr. House drew up a list of cabinet ministers in consultation with a Mr. Bernard Baruch, who now enters this tale. He might be the most important of all the figures who will appear in it during the ensuing fifty years, for he was to become known as “the adviser” to several Presidents and in the 1950’s was still advising President Eisenhower and Mr. Winston Churchill: In 1912 he was publicly known only as a highly successful financier. His biographer states that he contributed $50,000 to Mr. Wilson’s campaign.

Then during the election campaign Mr. Wilson was made to feel the bit. After initial indiscretions he promised Mr. House “not to act independently in future”.

Imagine, the President of the United States of America being disciplined like a naughty school boy for having acted like a sovereign leader of a sovereign nations!

Immediately after the election he received Rabbi Stephen Wise “in a lengthy session” at which they discussed “Russian affairs with special reference to the treatment of Jews” (Mr. Wise). At the same moment Mr. House lunched with a Mr. Louis D. Brandeis, an eminent jurist and a Jew, and recorded that “his mind and mine are in accord concerning most of the questions that are now to the fore “.

Thus three of the four men around Mr. Wilson were Jews and all three, at one stage or another, played leading parts in promoting the re-segregation of the Jews through Zionism and its Palestinian ambition. At that time Mr. Brandeis and Rabbi Wise were the leading Zionists in America, and Mr. Brandeis, at his entrance into the story, deserves a paragraph.

He was distinguished in appearance and in intellect, but neither he nor any other lawyer could have defined what constituted, in him, “a Jew”. He did not practise the Judaist religion, either in the Orthodox or Reformed versions, and once wrote, “During most of my life my contact with Jews and Judaism was slight and I gave little thought to their problems”. His conversion was of the irrational, romantic kind (recalling Mr. Balfour’s): one day in 1897 he read at [242] breakfast a report of Dr. Herzl’s speech at the First Zionist Congress and told his wife, “There is a cause to which I could give my life”.

Thus the fully assimilated American Jew was transformed into a Zionist. And at the decisive moment, in 1917, he played a decisive part.

Such was the grouping around a captive president as the American Republic moved towards involvement in the First World War, and such was the cause which was to be pursued through him and through his country’s involvement.

After Wilson’s election Mr. House took over his correspondence, arranged whom he should see or not receive, told Cabinet officers what they were to say or not to say, and so on. By then he had also found time to write and publish that astonishing novel. He wanted power, and achieved it, but what else he wanted, in the sequence, he never decided. Thus his ambition was purposeless. At the end of his life Mr. House was lonely and forgotten.

House had said that: ‘It was invariably my intention, with the President as with all other men I sought to influence, to make him think that ideas he derived from me were his own’.

But was someone sterring House himself? Why was House such an ardent Zionist, steerin Wilson to put the full power of the United States behind the Cult of Judah’s projects in Palestine, and Russia?

At that period (1913) an event occurred which seemed of little importance then but needs recording here because of its later, large consequence. In America was an organization called B’nai B’rith (Hebrew for “Children of the Covenant”). Founded in 1843 as a fraternal lodge exclusively for Jews, it was called “purely an American institution”, but it put out branches in many countries and today claims to “represent all Jews throughout the world”, so that it appears to be part of the arrangement described by Dr. Kastein as “the Jewish international”. In 1913 B’nai B’rith put out a tiny offshoot, the “Anti-Defamation League”. It was to grow to great size and power; in it the state-within-states acquired a kind of secret police

The Protocols of 1905 said that resistance to the plan therein unfolded would be met by “universal war”; Max Nordau in 1903 said that the Zionist ambition in Palestine would be achieved through “the coming world war’ referring to WWII.

President Wilson appears to fit the ‘Protocols’ description of a puppet. ‘A caricature of a president, taken from the mob, from the midst of our puppet creatures, our slaves”.

However, Mr. Wilson was not required to take much active part in furthering the great “design” in the early stages of the First World War; he fulfilled his function later. At its start the main objective was to gain control of the British Government. We shall return to that story in a moment.

But what most people fail to see is that a few people with real power, the power of wealth, and the secret direction of secret societies, can effectively pre-select our political candidates, and thus determine who gains ‘public’ power.

It is said that true power is never seen to be wielded by those who hold true power. All we see are their ‘puppets’. The ‘puppet masters with the real power remain in the shadows.

Douglas Reed revealed one of the most powerful men ever to have lived. Bernard Baruch, ‘The President Maker’. The man who ‘steered’ the U.S into at least two world wars, against their interests, and their expressed wishes.

I have always argued that elected officials must be compelled to honor their election promises as anyone normally is expected to honor any other contract.

Of course in politics we are always dealing with ‘double-speak’. The Cult of Judah, if it did not invent it, certainly specialized in it, and honed it to a high art form, a sophisticated tool for bewildering, confusing, disillusioning, and befuddling the masses.

And so a ‘Contract with America’ is about as reliable as a goat’s promise ‘not to eat anything in the room’, relax, you can trust me, go have fun, when you return everything will be exactly how you left it!’

Wilson promised to keep the U.S out of world war one. Roosevelt was elected on a promise to keep the U.S out of world war two. All the while plotting to compel Japan to declare war on America, using economic and political warfare, and just waiting for the right moment to enter what then became the war in Europe, on the side of the Jew.S.S.R ‘Jew’ World Order.

Trump of course has promised to be the first U.S President since the ‘Maine’, to actually honor the U.S constitution, and removed the U.S from ‘foreign wars’, and immediately ramped up U.S military aggression around the world.

All U.S Presidents promise what the Jew World Order spin doctors perjoratively call ‘isolationism’. And then once elected they follow their Jew World Order master’s instructions, to consistently engage in the same war crimes that the Germans were ‘convicted’ of at Nuremberg. Launching wars of aggression.

The Jew World Order consistently undermine democracy around the world, by arranging and supporting coups against democractically elected governments, to install ‘Jew World Order’ compliant ‘puppet’ governments. Usually dictatorships. To install a Jew World Order, one nation at a time, by stealth.

The last victims were Saddam Hussein and Muhamar Ghadaffi. Assad was to be next. They’ve already lined up compliant ‘puppets’ in Iran. The Iranian leaders may play their ‘World Wrestling Federation’ parts, pretending to be ‘enemies’ of the Jew World Order, like Putin, and they will have no qualms engaging in all out war, to make it all appear ‘convincing’. But they sold out. It is just too easy to ‘buy’ and ‘rent’ ‘suitable’ people, then have them ‘installed’ as puppets.

All the ‘color’ revolutions were carried out by the Jew World Order conspirators. You find someone a bunch of people with public appeal, then groom them for public office. You throw the weight of your full spectrum mass media propaganda machine behind them, while employing that same power to demonise their potential political ‘adversaries’.

You then use your Non Government Organisations to make your ‘puppets’ look like freedom fighters and heroes, Davids facing tyrannical Goliaths. You demonise the peaceful, progressive, reformist, democratically elected government leaders as tyrants, dictators, and enemies of justice, freedom, and all those good things.

You ensure your ‘candidate’ always tops the search engine listings as ‘nice guys’, while the real nice guys, the democratically elected government, are smeared all over the web.

You present a totally distorted picture of local events to the world, and the locals, in your mass media ‘news’ reports and ‘analysis’. All completely biased and deliberated distorted.

So finally the ‘world’ thinks something good has occurred, when a peaceful, democratically elected government that has the interests of its people at heart, and is working towards greater justice, freedom, liberaty, equality, and all those good things, is toppled by a bunch of pre-selected, groomed, Jew World Order puppets who will then set about installing a police state, crushing any forms of organic political action, and enslaving the people to the Jew World Order. They will welcome in the IMF economic hit-men to sell off anything of value to the Jew World Order Banksters. They will take a proud, independent, sovereign, prosperous nation, and totally destroy it, in Old Testament fashion. Reducing the women to working as slaves, and sex workers, often literally sex slaves, in Israel, and around the world.

The latest victim of this full spectrum mass media propaganda is Venezuala. Of course the most ‘famous’ victim is Nazi Germany.

So it is fascinating to be able to take one of the Jew World Order’s most powerful past operators under the microscope, thanks to Reeds research and writing. Just to gain a glimpse at how almost effortless it is to ‘steer’ the ‘ship of state’ of the world’s most powerful nation in a direction that the people have repeatedly rejected, at every election.

If you vote in any major election after reading this, let alone in a U.S Presidential election, then there is no hope for you. If you cannot predict the future behavior of electoral candidates based on a pattern that is perfectly clear, based on generations of U.S Presidents and supposed ‘adversarial’ party politics, then probably nothing will ever ‘wake you up’.

Demand that an electoral promise be treated as any other contract. You don’t normally sign contracts knowing in advance your interlocutor is going to ignore them, do you? What would be the point?

Of course you have to expect that if you do manage to find a candidate, that was no pre-selected, and somehow still got elected, that the Jew World Order would immediately carry our real false flag attacks, like 911, or fake ones, like Sandy Hook, to ‘trick’ you into behaving how the Jew World Order requires you to behave, in order to achieve their ambitions for a one world government A ‘Jew’ World Order. The same promised by the Cult of Judah to its followers.

This ‘Jew’ World Order will of course be a prison for everyone but the elites. Most ‘Jews’ will wish they’d never heard of ‘Judaism’, as much as the ‘Christian’ Zionists, and general masses.

Baruch’s father was an Eastern European Jew, and AskedNAZI ‘Jew’, who, upon arrival in the U.S joined the Klu Klux Klan.

The Baruch story shows just how quickly the Cult of Judaism, upon being ‘welcomed’ into a host nation as a ‘guest’, can come to wield secret, almost absolute, power, and then abuse that power to trick its host nation into enforce its will, the Cult of Judah’s will, around the world. At massive cost to the host nation. And at no time revealing itself, or being ‘outed’ to the general public of the host nations. The hosts whose open, gracious, beneficient, charitable, unilateral generosity it has abused. The ones who pay the price. But after all, they could have read the Old Testament, and listened to the voices of warning from among their own people, rather than placing them in prison and ridiculing them. If they’d done either of these things, they had no excuse not to know, well in advance, what they were doing when they allowed the Cult of Judah to infest their nations.

‘You (should have known) knew I (the Cult of Judaism) was a snake, before you let me (it) in’. But of course you didn’t ‘hear’ or ‘see’ the truth, the ‘viper’ in the Cults own published works, hidden as it was among such pretty and noble ‘bouquets’. And once the Cult controlled the mass media, and Jewdiciary, just who was going to ‘blow the whistle’ in public, and risk prison, and worse? Only to be savagely demonised in the media, and thus in public opinion, and then to be punished for trying to protect yourself, your family, and your nation, from the largest man-made threat this world has ever faced.

Seeing how Baruch came to wield unobtrusive power over the U.S, steering it into moral and financial bankruptcy, the financial costs of two world wars, and totally crushing the U.S Constitution under foot, making an absolute mockery of it, can help us imagine how the original Cult of Judah’s leaders performed the same tricks in Babylon and Assyria. And then of course it will help us understand 911, and other ‘false flag’ terrorist attacks, have been used to impose censorship in most European nations, along with a ‘state of emergency’, and virtual ‘maritial law’ in the U.S. The destruction of all the liberties and freedoms humanity struggled and suffered so long to achieve. Gone at the stroke of the pen, and the signature of some Jew World Order puppet president, on some ‘executive order’. A criminal act by a criminal state, enforced by threats of imprisonment and violence. No different to the Jew.S.S.R ‘reign of terror’. Only there is now no ‘free press’ anywhere in the world to report on it. The Iron curtain fell down, and was replaced with an ‘iron sphere’ around the entire globe.

By the age of 40 Baruch had become perhaps the most powerful man in the world. Working behind the scenes, out of the public eye, ‘in the long grass. . . out of sight’. He maintained that position for at least the next 10 years.

Baruch’s work on limiting the spread of Atomic weapons might appear ‘moral’ and ‘ethical’, but in fact the intent was to ensure that only nations that the Jew World Order controlled, directly as in the Jew.S.S.R, or indirectly, as in the case of the Jew.S.A, had the ultimate weapons.

It is the same story with the