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Empathy, numbing, denial, and a saner approach to family planning

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Official statistics tell a gruesome and horrific tale. Each year, in the Western, Economically developed world, from the U.S, to the U.K, to Australia, to Germany, and even in the most supposedly Catholic of nations such as Italy and Poland, millions of not-yet-born people are  ´terminated´, at best ´euthanised´, without their consent.

The mass media have decided that footage of a typical ´abortion´ was too  disturbing and shocking to air. They found it too ´sensational´to air. The reality was just too gruesome. Reporting on the reality of the reality of abortion is considered ´taboo´, as it might make those of us with legal rights feel uncomfortable.

Now we would not want our fellow citizens feeling uncomfortable about killing-aborting-terminating-involuntarily euthanizing-getting rid of  not-yet-legally-persons,  would we! 

We prefer to deny the reality. We prefer to numb ourselves to the suffering our actions and inactions produce in others. For the suffering of other  sentient beings might interfere with the satisfaction of our own desires. We cannot allow such empathy to inconveniently prevent us in our quest for satisfaction, for the  gratification of our impulses, for our selfish striving for pleasure.

We numb ourselves to the potential suffering that not-yet-born-legally defined-persons might endure during abortions. This is the same response we have to the suffering humans and other animals endure in the production and testing of many of the products we consume.

Empathy means we suffer when others we empathise with suffer. The great philosopher David Hume saw this as the basis of the motivation we have to ease other´s suffering. Thus we help others to ease our own, empathetic, suffering.

However most people simply bypass empathy by pretending the ´other´ does not suffer. If this is impossible, they accept it does suffer, but that this suffering is unavoidable.  Thus we are freed from any compulsion to seek to ease that suffering. We are absolved by our lack of power.

 Thus we pretend. We make-believe. We live in subjective realities removed from reality itself.

And so we do not concern ourselves with niggling ethical issues surrounding animal rights, the rights of not-yet-legally-persons, and reproduction.

We are dead against all but the very minimum restrictions on our will that are necessary for society to function peaceable and productively. We fight against anyone and anything that contradicts our own wills. We feel a natural right to pursue our own interests, more or less  independent of the costs this striving imposes on others, those with less power, with less fortunate holistic inheritances, including the poor,  animals, and  the not-yet-conceived, who have fewer, if any,  legal rights. 

This is one element of socio-pathic behavior the mental-health industry conveniently neglect!

We would be horrified by the idea of a state telling us we must forgo the satisfaction of any  selfish impulses, whether the desire to eat animals, the desire to use them in testing products,  the impulse to reproduce ourselves, or the desire to ´get rid of´ any unwelcome, inconvenient fetus. 

And so there is little public debate over the issues of animal rights, abortion, or responsible reproduction.

And so saner alternatives are rarely considered

There is little public call for the considerations of alternatives to the inherited ´right to reproduce´ and ´right to kill ´a fetus, or animals.

 A biblical Jesus will tell us that ´the poor will always be with us´, and this includes their suffering. Life is a ´vale of tears´. One day it will be revealed to us why it was ´necessary´.   Ah, we will see, it was all part of some grand plan we were unaware of. Billions of lifes of misery. Billions of lives not ´intrinsically´ worth living, will prove to have served some great ´purpose´, some ´extrinsic´value.

And so few people have considered that the misery could in fact be avoided, if we wanted to.  Of course their are beneficiaries of this situation. The massive scale misery has provided a select few with gratifying lifestyles of incredible luxury and satisfaction. Guess who owned most of the wealth for most of human history?  Who lived in the palaces?  Who owned the land?  Who collected the tithes and  taxes?  You guessed yet?

Of course it was the priests, the religious authorities, the popes, the bishops.

And who is it that has opposed every attempt at reducing overpopulation?  Who has resisted the adoption of responsible family planning a-la contraception?  Who encourages people to reproduce? Who refuses financial aid to nations which promote safer sex and contraception? 

Of course it is the Churches of every age. They defined masturbation as worse than rape, as it represented the ´sin´ of ´waste´ of semen. Each ejaculation could have produced one more value producer to produce more wealth and power for the overlords, the priestly classes.

You can read much more about this is my TROONATNOOR  books, including Religion, Convergences, and Volume One of TROONATNOOR.

This blog is just a quick reminder that saner alternatives exist.

What makes more sense? 

To use one-off, unreliable contraception in 99.9% of all sexual interactions.

Or to harvest sperm, from boys who will then undergo a vasectomy, to be used for the few planned pregnancies he or his partners will desire over the course of his entire life?

It would be logical to  use vasectomies as the operation is simple, cheap, and in most cases reversible. For the occasions reversal is not effective, the stored sperm can be used.

We know for certain that the first option will produce billions of unwanted pregnancies, and thus abortions.

The second option rules out any unplanned, and therefore undesired, pregnancies. 

No unfortunate pregnancies would take place. Women would not be faced with having to make the decision regarding abortion. Women at inappropriate times of their lives, such as those strugging with an addiction, the consequences of rape, or less severe but still important economic and social circumstances, would not become pregnant.

There would be no babies born to drug addicts. No babies born to poverty. No babies born to women and men who had no love or affection for them.

This would make abortions redundant. This would save millions of not-yet-legally-persons from enduring what is at best involuntary euthanasia, and at worse, one of the most horrific and cruel forms of murder.

I was not the first to recommend it. Several Noble prize winning scientists have put forward similar arguments. However such ideas are rarely presented in the mass media, as people just don´t want to deal with the issues. People don´t want to face up to the reality of the situation. They don´t want to have to make decisions.

Few people would dare challenge the rights of others to reproduce as and when they want to, for fear of potentially being denied that right themselves.

All of these argments are powerful completely independant of the potential for genetic screening, and the potential for ensuring each not-yet-conceived child an equally fortunate genetic inheritance.

And on a less challenging topic

Around 30 years ago I was considered ´insane´ for suggesting that we should not tolerate smoking in public places. The laws we have today were considered unthinkable a few decades ago. So that is something I can rightly feel good about.

But the laws don´t go far enough. Pregnant mothers are allowed to poison their not-yet-legally-person-fetus.  Mothers and fathers are then allowed to force their children to consume the products of their smoking. Pets also suffer, often being even more sensitive to tobacco related illnesses than their owners.

Generations of parents today will soon be facing up to the fact that they killed their own children, friends, and co-workers, by forcing them to consume their second hand smoke.

You can read much more about this is my TROONATNOOR  books, including Religion, Convergences, and Volume One of TROONATNOOR.

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Protected: Idea for Tchibo etc promotional product

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Speed, seat-belts, and BBC´s ´Top gear´: television license fee payers forced to subsidise the undermining of efforts to reduce road carnage, and the superior ideas of the South Korean authorities

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How dare the presenters of BBC´s ´Top Gear´ deliberately undermine the government´s attempts to reduce the carnage on public roads by advertising, for free, a book showing how to avoid all speed cameras in the U.K. Further, they undermine attempts at educating people about the risks of speeding. These presenters and their producers should be charged with the criminal act of sedition, and for assisting with the performance of criminal activities.

Speed itself is not dangerous. It is like falling out of an aeroplane. The speed is fine, until you have to stop suddenly, a.k.a, ´you hit the ground´.

Braking distances increase non-proportionally to speed. Hence, by doubling your speed, you much more than double your braking distance.

The faster you are going when you do have an accident, the more damage you and other participants are likely to suffer.

The distance you cover before you can actually react to an incident is of course proportional to your speed. The faster you are going, the futher you will travel in the same time.

You cannot increase your reaction times by paying greater attention. That is a myth. Everyone´s reaction times are more or less equal, all other things being equal. The difference between a successful driver and a less successful one is a product of anticipation and planning ahead.

So often I have overheard people claiming that they pay greater attention at higher speed. It is infuriatingly frustrating to hear that people do not pay due attention to the road conditions and other drivers AT ALL TIMES.

In the U.S alone 119 people die in road accidents EACH DAY.  Around the world 1.2 MILLION  people die on our roads. Many many more are horribly injured and go on to suffer for the rest of their lives. The economic costs are mind-blowing.

Or is is mind NUMBING?  Do people just ´switch off´ to the real dangers of operating motor vehicles?  Accidents are things that only happen to OTHER people, right?

How dare the presenters of such a popular show, one that has brought them wealth and fame, contribute to the poor driving attitudes, ther denial,the smug complacency of the average driver!

I have written much about ´defensive´ or ´active´ driving in my TROONATNOOR books. You will also discover how to massively reduce your petrol bills, no matter what model of car you drive.

I can imagine the response on ´Top Gear´to the measures introduced in South Korea to reduce the road carnage.

I was pleased to learn, during my stay in that scenic land, that any citizen can take video footage of people breaking the traffic laws, including the use of speed cameras. They earn commissions for each violation successfully prosecuted. Now THAT  is what I call progress!

These are the kinds of measures that we desperately need, to avoid becoming the victim of other people´s hubris, denial, and self-over-estimation. Yes, it is often the most considerate and defensive drivers and their passengers who must pay the dreadful price for the ´accidents´ of others. But really, people, how can you call such pre-programmed carnage ´accidental´. 

In a fair world it would be these BBC Top Gear presenters and their producers, rather than decent, law abiding people,  who would be the next victims of speed related ´accidents´.  That would be poetic justice. More constructively, at least they should be forced to pay. They can afford it. Their ´cavalier´attitudes to cars have made them popular and rich.

Of course I do not wish such suffering upon anyone or anything. For of course millions of animals also die on our roads each year in speed related ´accidents´.

I myself was once a major contributor to resourcing the N.S.W Police, by way 0f speeding fines.  They work on most reasonable people. Fines provide a cost in our cost-benefit analyses.  All our decisions are motivated by emotions, not reason. We merely rationalise our emotion-driven decisions after the fact, to make them consistent.  Further, we wish to maintain definitions of ourselves as good, reasonable, rational creatures.

Psychology shows that if you can first change a person´s behaviour, they will then, afterwards, change their opinions, values, and beliefs to correspond to these behaviours. First comes the changes in actions,and only  then come the changes in values and attitudes. Get someone to help or hurt someone, and they will find a love or hate value, attitude, or opinion to justify having done so.

Thus we fine people, and their attitudes to speeding tend to change. Or at least this works with the more reasonble and rational among us. As with all criminal activities, some people fail to respond appropriately. They require ´behavioural correction´.  So, what are we to do with those ´Top Gear´presenters who do not accept the laws of the land, or those of physics?

We must constantly reinforce the fact that driving on public roads is a privilege rather than a right.  All such privileges come with obligations. Those who cannot meet these obligations, forfeit such priveleges.  Those who cannot or will not obey the traffic rules need a ´time out´. Those that chronically prove unable to observe such rules must lose their driving privileges , in the interests of themselves and the general public.

Official U.S studies indicate that around 78% of all car crashes are due to human error, and thus are not ´accidents´ at all. None of them would have occured if a human had not made some poor judgement.

The sort of defensive or active driving required is detailed in my  TROONATNOOR books, in which I also consider the politics of road safety and car design.

One of the key factors after speed, in determining the severity of accident damage is whether or not the passengers and drivers are wearing seat-belts. Many people still resist the legal requirement to ´belt-up´. Passengers as a result can become projectiles, killing other passengers. Remember your force is your speed times your weight. This means an adult will hit another person, or the windscreen or dashboard (in this case aptly named!) with the force of  up to a tonne. Yes, just like having a small car dropped on you.

Many people assume that air-bags negate the need to belt up. In fact they are wrong, often with fatal consequences.  Drivers commonly ´sub-marine´under their inflated airbags, hitting the dashboard with the full force of impact, and suffering fatal injuries as a result.

Airbags only assist us in surviving crashes. The primary passive safety device is the seat-belt. And remember that those who deny the laws of physics, or imagine ´it could not happen to them´, often become the projectile that kills others, their loved ones, their friends, their children.

So even if you have a guardian angel and are free of the laws of physics, take a moment to consider others in your car. Do you really want to be responsible for their deaths?  You may be a blessed exception to the laws of physics, but, statistically speaking, your passengers probably are not.

It is completely inexcuseable for people to refuse to wear seat-belts. And we all pay the price for their denial and narcissim, in terms of medical expnses, higher insurance premiums, and all the other ´collateral damage´produced by road carnage.

Refuse to drive with anyone who refuses to belt-up. Remember as a passenger it is you they will end up ´dashing´ to death.

´The Peopleś Princess´, Princess Diana,  would probably still be with us today if she had not, as  a princess, imagined herself immune from the laws of physics, and had instead humbly put on a seat-belt. Of course her fellow passengers would need to have ´belted-up´as well, to avoid becoming projectiles. And no amount of wealth and power could make Dodi Fayed immune from the same laws of physics. Please, people, learn something while you are capable of learning.

Read more about The Reality Of Our Natures And The Nature Of Our Realities in my TROONATNOOR books.

 Read more about my experiences in South Korea in Sung Seng Nim.

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PETA must become more entrepreneurial to achieve its mission

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Not doing things because they are not perfect will stop most things from ever getting done…PETA have to read my novel…


Can you name any flavoured soy milk powders I can buy?  I mean by name so I can contact their suppliers


It is such a simple product. I wrote a long email and then the computer crashed…I hate repeating myself but this is important so I will


And I think it will be a test too.


Sanitarium was founded by a church and invented breakfast cereals…don´t pay taxes far as I know as not-for-profit basis …. now huge business income stream


you cannot rely on donations.  have to get entrepreneurial.  PETA want OTHER companies to produce etc ethically… do you get where I am heading?  No-one in most of the world can buy cheap vegan products… it is a real factor in their behaviours


sure a vegan investment fund would not be perfect. nothing is. but it would produce an income stream, done in the way I suggested. NOT perfect. But BETTER …


Why should milk companies earn the income and not PETA? 


PETA have to become involved in the real world they want to change, as producers…not just critics…


And PETA have to consider the challenging ethics I propose…in the same way they insist others consider their own ethics, which are demanding for the average person in the same way mine will be for many PETA members


All my materials are consistent with PETAs aims. Automatic win for them if they get anyone to read them etc. PETA will get at least 10% of royalties if they get a publisher or producer onboard etc. WIN for Peta. PETA members would appreciate how it is to be challenged with an ethic more demanding then they would like, inconvenient, un-flattering etc, and hence recall what it is like for those they are confronting with the vegan ethic…simply by reading my stuff…WIN…and there is a lot in there not in any PETA webpage etc…lots and lots…


PETA have to widen their attempts. Please quickly read this again.


I am just so tired of the whole thing. Stop sending me emails about how cruel humans are and how much animals suffer at their hands. It is too depressing. Especially when, as far as I can see, PETA are NOT doing the things they need to be doing to become really efficacious in the long run.


I apologise if I offend, but that is the nature of constructive criticism.


anyway, all the best with your mission


I will do my best to be successful and to put the ideas I have into reality by myself. But alone I am virtually doomed to failure. Opportunity cost. That is the real cost of what you do, and DON´T do…


anyway, gotta get back to working hard on the off chance one day someone will really take my work seriously (it is not about me personally…it is about my books, ideas etc) and I might get a chance to achieve our mutual aims


ciao from an Estonia the sun has decided to return to, at least for a few hours a day…but still covered in perma frost : )


how can an organisation insist others do things they dont do themselves…seriously…how hard would it be to make the products I referred to?  most costs are in marketing, middle-men and so on…and taxes…and profits for everyone involved…


My living will is at… 

See my books at under author name ´Kim Jestem` 

Check out my webpages at 

Check out my music at… 

— On Wed, 2/9/11, Steve Martindale <> wrote:

From: Steve Martindale <>
Subject: RE: An idea to start the ´co-op´ idea rolling
To: “‘Markus Rehbach'” <>
Date: Wednesday, February 9, 2011, 3:33 PM 

Soy milk in the states is not especially expensive. The demand for it has grown to the point where the big conglomerate corporations are delivering it to every supermarket in the country at a reasonable price.


I do like your powdered soymilk idea. It is possible to get soy powder in the states, but difficult, and it’s not very tasty or formulated to mix easily with water. I use it when traveling.  In Costa Rica, by comparison, every tiny general store, even in the smallest towns, has good powdered soymilk. I used to mix the powder with dry cereal for traveling, then just add water on the road, and it was great. Those tiny stores had an amazing assortment of other vegan food as well. I found it very easy to be vegan there. Maybe that’s where we should escape to 😉 Or maybe tell the powdered soymilk company there to ramp up production and go global!


PETA doesn’t have scientists on staff to formulate such products – the budget is stretched far too thin for that. PETA scientists are fighting animal testing, etc.


The U.S. must be buried just as deep in snow as Estonia this winter. Brutal!


Best wishes,



Steve Martindale

Senior Gift Planning Specialist

PETA Foundation

Phone: (402) 490-2192


Help animals by giving to PETA through your estate: <a title=”blocked::blocked:: blocked:: blocked::blocked:: blocked::” rel=”nofollow”>


The information provided should not be considered legal, financial, or other professional advice.

We urge you to seek the advice of your own legal, tax, or financial professionals in connection with gift and planning matters.


From: Markus Rehbach []
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2011 4:16 AM
To: Steve Martindale
Subject: An idea to start the ´co-op´ idea rolling


I checked the contents of soy milk…very simple…and should be so cheap to produce, but everywhere I have lived it costs much more than milk


Why can´t we work on a product which is the powdered equivalent…just add your own water…make it tasty and cheap, and ship it around the world… should be easy enough…you have scientist-types working for and with you, right?  Or is such a product already available…you are lucky living in the U.S as you have all the vegan stuff…we have almost nothing, and it is all ridiculously expensive


so my point is to make it as cheap as possible…starting the whole concept…vegan foods should be cheaper than their competition…and as tasty as possible etc…



so is there a cheap version of what I am proposing?  what is it?  and if not can´t PETA start with this simple product of massive significance?  from there would be soya protein additives for soups etc    and if we got a real co-op store…breads with all sorts of tasy veges and fruits in them… and develop a mini-bakery set-up that could be used in-store with pre-prepared doughs etc… etc


anyway, please give it a moment of your precious (not being sarcastic..I realise you have lots to do etc) time…pass it onto someone interested etc etc… if I ever have any success I will do all this myself…but right now I am no-one and have to make sure I have enough to remain independant until I die…which for better or worse might be a while off : )


thanks for keeping my stuff safe for me


maybe if they see I have 20 real songs with real music someone might show an interest in producing me, or publishing my songs for otherś to cover etc


anyway, it is all cascading with me…if I get success anywhere, there are lots of other automatic possible successes that will be triggered…so it is a good investment for someone…nothing one off…diversified…and continuing production of new ´product´ etc


anyway, all the best … I wish it would stop snowing etc etc … winter is just a bit too long here


Check out the new ´Euthanasia-anti-Pharma Co. psychiatry song on my webpage..didn´t record it yet…more a poem-song… but can easily do…and a real philosophy song, like Lucretius epic poem for Epicurus…and not just some stupid song like the monty python drinking song


ciao for now


oh, and my Ha-ha potential stand-up stuff is improving too…that is my ultimate aim … to actually be funny…as comedy is the only way to get the truth across in a palatable way for most people…the highest form of truth… as Oscar Wilde said, `if you are going to tell people the truth, make them laugh, or they will kill you!´



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Bathing with The Philosopher

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Bathing with the Philosopher-Prophet


I just want to show you how little we can get by with, without really sacrificing anything.

This is my bathing routine. Because of it I have had nothing but problems with my landlady

and the house administration, who will not accept that it is possible to use as little water

as I do. They insist I have my water meters checked, even though they are fairly new. They keep

overcharging me for water. And, I think maliciously, they will not accept any of the documentation

I offer proving my water use, including obtrusive and un-announced ‘secret’ intrusions by the house

administration’s chairlady.

So. Get yourself a micro-fibre cleaning cloth for a few dollars from the supermarket or discounter.

Get a bar of soap or liquid soap. Get a big plastic cup. If you don’t have a bath-tub or shower with

a plug, buy a big plastic pond-thingy from the hardward store.

Now stand in the bath-tub, shower, or ‘pond’. Fill your big plastic cup up with warm water, and soak

your micro-fibre cloth in it. Pour the water over your head etc, and repeat a few times till you are wet all over. Then rub some soap into your wet hair and lather it up good. Then cup some of the foam with your hands and rub it over your armpits, groin, etc, thus re-using the excess foam. Now rub some soap into your damp micro-fiber cloth until it is lathered up a bit. Then rub the cloth all over your body and face. Then place the cloth in the cup as you fill it again with warm water. This time it will flow more easily over your skin, as it will be really lathered up. So now wash yourself with the cloth, including your face.

Repeat this until the cloth is free from soap, and you have rubbed yourself all over with the micro-fiber cloth a few times. Then fill your cup up and pour the warm water over your head and target any areas that are still soapy. Repeat this a few times until you are clean.

And thus you have bathed and washed your hair (if it is short like mine) in less than a bucket of warm water. And you are clean. You haven’t been soaking in your own filth, as some like to refer to ‘having a bath’.

But wait, there’s more. Now you have a tub with some warm soapy water. Don’t waste it. You can hand-wash, or more precisely ‘foot-stomp-wash’ a few items of clothing, especially socks and so on. Good, now you have done your day’s washing. But you still have the warm soapy water. So now you can use this water to rinse your mop, mop your floors quickly, and rinse it again. And if you are a boy, you can pee in the bathroom sink, and use the remaining ‘dirty’ water to wash it down the drain afterwards. And so you shouldn’t need to use any toilet water for ‘number one’.

O.K. I am neurotic. I am almost pathologically careful with money. However there is also some method in my madness. My mother washes all her clothing in the same water. She then also uses that water to rinse. I wouldn’t go so far. I would use the water over again to wash, but then use some fresh water to rinse, as detergents can be irritating. That is why I wash all my clothing in my bathwater, as any residue from the hair and body ‘wash’ is skin-friendly.

You will find that the micro-fiber cloth gives you a free ‘derma-abrasion’, gently scouring off dead skin as you wash. I keep a damp micro-fiber cloth handy all the time, to wipe my face etc when I feel sweaty or dirty. I am sure that years of this have contributed to my ‘Dorian Gray’ effect.

Other ways I live cheaply until some-one actually pays me for my work, is to do a round-trip of all the supermarkets each afternoon (or for yesterdays bread etc each morning) scanning the shelves for bargains, and each freezer, fridge, and bread section for their ‘mark-down’ bins and sections. These contain food which is perfectly edible, but has reached or over-reached its ‘best-by’ date. In the decades I have shopped like this I have only ever been dissappointed a few times by food that was actually ‘bad’, or at least didn’t look ‘right’. If the shop was nearby, I returned the item for a refund. If it was not, I just ‘took the hit’. You can afford to be generous when you generally save so much money from this practice. Note that I have bought yoghurts a month beyond their ‘best-by’ dates with absolutely no problems. Use common sense. If the package is bursting at the seams, probably best to leave it be re: fermenting gas etc. I expect at least a 50% discount on such items, and often you get 70% or even 90% off. And I have found cheap coffee that is palatable. It does not offer the best aroma, but even the expensive ones can dissappoint on that count, and so I would rather know what I was getting and getting value for money, than take the chance again and again of buying expensive coffee that was dissappointing. I contacted the big coffee retailers and roasters about this, and got varying responses, none of which could guarantee that when I paid good money, I would get good coffee. So I stick to the cheap reliable coffee I found. Add some salt and sweetener and it is O.K. And less seductive, which is good if you tend to over-indulge in the ‘good bean’.


If you have time, it is also worth scavenging through all the second hand shops for clothing and other household items. In fact the best clothing I have ever bought came from there. Better than stuff I could find in the normal shops, no matter what the price. The only thing I haven’t found is decent shoes. Note that over the years I have given such shops more clothing than I have ever worn, as I tend to buy things I think I will like, then find them too uncomfortable and so on, or that there is no room in my luggage for them when I inevitably move countries, and so I give them away, to people collecting cans from the garbage, or to the charity shops, or to friends’ relatives, or friends. I have given away more clothing in money terms than most people have in their closets, expensive new boots and shoes (from being forced to work as a security guard and waiter), new fashion jeans, ski-jackets, new televisions, new beds, new office chairs, kettles, fridges, hotplates…the list goes on an on. That is one reason I am so cautious buying new things. Apart from that, last time I ‘trusted’ people they failed me, including one person who I asked to keep the only real luxuries I ever bought, a U.S.A Deluxe Fender Stratocaster with all the trimmings, and a hard-disc recorder with drum machine, never answers my calls now. And so I appear to have lost them. It is one thing to have all your stuff stolen by your Boss and recruiter in South Korea. It is another to lose them this way. Either way, Buddha warned us that attachment to material things is bound to produce dissatisfaction.

Oh, and after having a few dissappointing, and for my values, over-priced, haircuts, I began teaching myself how to cut my own hair. I can do it quite well with good scissors. However today I find the easiest and most flattering solution is to use good hair clippers, like my Babyliss. They are simply the best I have ever had. They have comb settings much higher than usual. Today I use 25mm, but they go up to 35mm or so. And they work. Afterwards just need to trim around the ears and neck a little, then use the trimmer on my electric shaver to finish off around the neck.

I want to share something horrible with you again from my past. So that you might better understand the person I am. My mother used to cut my hair. But it was a nightmare. She used a really sharp comb and blunt scissors. She would comb my scalp and ears raw while the handle ends of the scissors stuck into my head and ears. She would wack me around the head if I moved my head, or complained. And after all that she did the worst job imaginable. I could do a better hair-cut on myself after only very few tries. And she had had years of practise. That and so many other things leaves me wondering how much malice my mother felt for me. So many nasty things she said and did without any logical, good, reason. Making me feel guilty for her life, when in fact her life had been pretty darn good, and better than most other people’s. She had not wanted me from the start. But giving me to someone else, something I always hoped and prayed and dreamed about, might make her look bad to her family back home. And above all else, it seemed she wanted to impress them.

One reason I let my hair grow was these horrific hair cuts which left me looking pathetic. The one time I came to school with a real hair cut I had paid for myself from my McDonald’s earnings, everyone looked at me like I was a different person. The same happened in the army actually. A good hair-cut can make a huge difference.

And because I was the last to bath, after the entire family, the water was often almost cold. And so I rarely washed my hair. I had scabs all over the crown of my scalp. But my greasy longish hair looked much better than my brutal hair-cuts. So. One winters night, after everyone else had bathed, I had the nerve to add some hot water to the bath. Mother came in and began beating me savagely. She picked up the large wooden scrubbing brush and threw it at me again and again, including directly at my head. One direct hit left a large lump. People noticed, but no-one ever reported anything to anyone. And so, now you have some insights into my life and personality. Maybe you might be more understanding, patient, and forgiving of some of my strangeness, and awkwardness.

Copyright 2011 Markus Heinrich Rehbach All Rights Reserved

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Seriously, do you REALLY know how to brush your teeth?

Posted on October 20, 2009. Filed under: Practical, everyday, applied philosophy, as Nietzsche suggested |

Nietzshe believed philosophers should deal with everyday practical matters. I heartily agree. So here goes.

Seriously, do you really know how to optimally clean your teeth?  I would never dare try to teach an adult this in person. However I have so often observed friends and partners doing it all wrong. So here goes. Please take a moment and try it out next time : )

Up until the age of 30 I believed I had weak teeth. I had so many problems with them. It was around this time a dentist showed me how to correctly care for my teeth. Since adopting this practise, brushing at most twice a day, and usually only once a day, before going to bed at night, I have not suffered any cavities. And this with teeth that I had earlier believed to be prone to cavities, for genetic reasons, as my mother lost all her lower teeth after having me!

So, how DO you brush your teeth optimally?

First, invest in a SOFT toothbrush. It will feel delightful against your gums. It need not be expensive. My favourite ones cost less than one dollar. And make sure to replace it every few months. If your water is ´hard´, then wash it in hot water between uses, to keep it clean and soft.

Now, after placing some tootpaste on your brush, begin the brushing.

First, brush the inside of each tooth.  For upper teeth flick downwards. For lower teeth flick upwards.  Maintain contact only for the up or down stroke respectively. This means you will always be  flicking away from the gum and towards the tooth edge.

Repeat the same for the outer surface of your teeth, always flicking from gum to tooth, and maintaining contact only on this stroke, away from the gum.

It will take time to repeat this a few times for each tooth, but it will be worth the investment.

To finish off, keeping the bristles of your toothbrush flat against the biting and grinding surfaces of your teeth use little circular motions to clean these. Take your time, spending a few seconds on each tooth .

Also, I could not believe that the pain I was suffering came simply from food lodged between my teeth. At first I could not accept that flossing was necessary. After a second visit for the same pain, and no cavity to be found, I finally accepted my dentist´s advice and began flossing that area clean of any debris. And the pain dissappeared. Apparently it is a common enough condition around my age.

In my TROONATNOOR  series of books I cover the deepest questions of philosophy, as well as more practical matters. Please take the time to benefit from the insights I have gleaned over decades of study and reflection.

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Proposal for a fairer, more efficient, and user-friendly taxation system.

Posted on October 15, 2009. Filed under: Practical, everyday, applied philosophy, as Nietzsche suggested |

I propose the following reforms to taxation. They would result in a reduction in the costs of collecting taxes, a reduction in the ´user- burden´for the tax-payer, increased transparency and ease of understanding and critical evaluation of the taxation system, and a pro-active response to eliminating tax evasion, including that occuring via ´tax havens´.

Replace all current taxes with one sales tax. If every nation adopted this then it would be almost impossible for the very fortunate  to avoid taxation by moving to tax havens, and ´fiddling the books´.  Attempts at tax evasion, such as black markets and unofficial barter economies, would of course need to be regulated. They would need be defined as high treason, as they would undermine the operation of the state. 

All financial supports which are currently ´hidden´ in tax exemptions and so on would be abandoned in favor of transparent and accountable direct government  payments. Currently most of the ´welfare´goes to the most fortunate, that is, richest, people. This was most keenly seen in the recent financial crisis in which the tax payer provided welfare to the richest, as per the motto ´privatisation of profits and socialisation of losses´.

The less and least fortunate would be directly compensated for the sales tax increases with ´indexed´government payments and pay increases, to bring back real incomes to at least their pre-reform levels.

However in reality the reduced costs of collecting, calculating, and policing such a simple tax would mean an overall reduction in taxation for most people. Only the most fortunate would end up paying more tax. They would simply be re-distributing a part of the windfalls of their fortunate holistic inheritances. This  tax system would encourage  enterprise and real value production. The current tax systems promote the production of non-value, while deterring real enterpreneurs from producing real value.

Perhaps this sales tax with have two tiers. One for essential goods, and one for luxury goods. The intent of this is to make the tax progressive, and to deter consumption of socially and environmentally undesirable goods and services. 

The aim of progressive taxation is to re-distribute some of the windfalls of those with the most fortunate holistic inheritances, to those with the least fortunate holistic inheritances. 

The promotion of any industry, production, or consumption, would take place directly and transparently.  At present most of these forms of ´welfare for the most fortunate´are hidden from general public awareness, scrutiny, and critical evaluation. ‘

Transparency is so often spoken of, but few measures have ever been introduced, due to the power of the lobby groups representing the interests of those citizens with the most fortunate holistic inheritances.

See my TROONATNOOR  books for critical insights into economics and politics, as well as the more general questions you expect of authentic philosophers. Few people have ever attained such insights. You have been given an opportunity to comprehend your world which few people in history have ever been offered. Please take this opportunity.

I guarantee you will be surprised and enlightened in ways you never imagined, whether you are a professional academic philosopher, the most brilliant of scientists, or a bus driver. You will not gain most of these insights anywhere else. It would take you decades just to collect some of these ideas from other writers, let alone for you to come to some of the more original insights contained in these writings.

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Is this the recipe for home-made Nembutal you have all been looking for? If not, then here is MY own OPTIMAL alternative…please share :)

Posted on October 11, 2009. Filed under: Practical, everyday, applied philosophy, as Nietzsche suggested |


November 2016 update: Of all my pages, this is the one most visited.  I have been told that if you go on the dark web, using TOR, and onion browsers, you will quickly be able to find someone from Mexico or similar, who can supply you, very cheaply, with Nembutal they sourced from Veterinary sources. The same we would, in a free, world, as consenting adults, have access to. For under 100 dollars. It is cheap to manufacture. I am told they have a system on the dark web where people ‘rate’ suppliers of whatever product or service, so they are as reliable as any other retailer. The New World Order will cheerfully murder you, but it won’t let YOU decide you don’t want to be its slave.

This is the recipe for it, according to a reply I received to this post. I would appreciate any feedback. I myself am unable to comment as to whether this would work. So I urge caution.

Like Aristotle, I avoided being imprisoned for my ‘Holocaust’ work, by leaving Germany. I understand that in Australia, offering the following information is grounds for imprisonment. So it seems I am now doomed to live in exile. Maybe doomed, like Socrates, to die for Philosophy. For seeking truth and justice for all sentient beings. Well, in 100 years we will all be dead. And at least I will have lived and died for the highest possible purpose life could have, truth, justice, and liberty, for all sentient beings. So here goes. Remember I have no way of knowing if what follows is a hoax, is some malicious plot, or is actually an effective recipe.

Email me at  if you like

Please mirror / share / re-post this entire email, with warning, anywhere you can, remembering that in some nations to do so is a criminal offence.

At the end of this post you will see that I have simply copied and pasted it from the ‘replies’ section, to the main body of this post.


-stainless steel cup
-small cooking pot
-stainless steel stir rod


-26.7 g of clean metallic sodium
-400 g of anhydrous (dry) Ethanol
-32.7g of Urea, molecular biology grade, CH4N2O, FW=60 g/mol
-Solution of 100 g of 1-methyl butyl-ethyl malonic ester(Propanedioic acid)


1) A hotplate was rested on the base of a clampstand. A cooking pot containing 400 g of anhydrous (dry) ethanol is placed on the hotplate stirrer and 26.7g of clean metallic sodium is dissolved in it.

2) Into the stainless steel cup there is placed a Solution of 100 g of 1-methyl butyl-ethyl malonic ester(Propanedioic acid). The cup is then placed into the small cooking pot containing a mixture of the Ethanol and Sodium and secured with clamps to the clamp stand. The end of the thermometer is placed in the pot and positioned as close to the cup as possible.

3) It is warmed to a temperature of 170°C for 10 minutes to remove any residual moisture. Throughout the reaction the temperature of the mixture is kept at 170°C and stirring is done frequently.

4) 10.9 g of urea is added slowly, one scoop at a time and with good stirring. During this moisture (water) formed making the mixture damp. Over the course of 20 minutes the mixture gradually dries out and the amount of released gas lessens.

5) Another 10.9 g of urea is added and allowed to react for 35 minutes.

6) The last 10.9 g of urea is added and allowed to react for 30 minutes.

7) After adding the total amount of urea over 1h 25 min, the mixture is dry, contained yellow and off-yellow-to-white granules, and still damp with the water and alcohol. The product is then heated at a temperature of 280°C directly on the hotplate for 1h 20mins. During this process the mixture is stirred every 15 minutes and off-yellow-to-white granules became more prominent and as yellow ones lessened. The precipitated product is washed with cold water , filtered and heated again for about 40 minutes at a temperature of 127-130°C until all the water is removed and the white powder(Nembutal Sodium) is formed .

8) The Nembutal Sodium is allowed to cool and weighed. Yield is 23g. The product is 95-99% pure. You can also use a test kit to Check the purity


Veee for victory

Veganism, along with the elimination of all forms of violence including the exploitation and reproduction of holistic  social and genetic inequality, and Universal access to euthanasia, together form the foundations for my ´Eden Protocols´.

These protocols form the basis for a fair society, one in which every sentient life-form enjoys a life worth living. See my  TROONATNOOR series of books for details of my ´Eden Protocols´, or ask me to send you  .pdf files to download.

My books offer you unique insights into The Reality Of Our Natures And The Nature Of Our Realities that you are unlikely ever to come upon yourself, either in your readings, or your own reflections.


But consider the following:  If we press upon the carotid arteries which pass up through the neck to form the arterial circle of Willis, at the base of the brain, within the skull–of which I have already spoken, and which supplies the brain with blood–we quickly, as every one knows, produce insensibility. Thought is abolished, consciousness lost. And if we continue the pressure, all those automatic actions of the body, such as the beating of the heart, the breathing motions of the lungs, which maintain life and are controlled by the lower brain centers of ganglia, are quickly stopped and death ensues. It is possible to produce coma, insensibility, and death, simply by pressure of the thumbs on the carotid artery…

After much research I have concluded that the following offers the OPTIMAL means of escaping fates worse than death a.k.a suicide / euthanasia. Please download the following PDF. It contains many chapters from TROONATNOOR vol. I  relating to Euthanasia and suicide, including many cultural and historical details that you probably were not aware of.  This PDF begins with my Optimal suicide strategy and device, with photos. It will empower anyone, anywhere, to take control of their own end of life decisions with confidence. Please download it, share it, seed it as torrents, and read it.

NEW PDF to replace WordPress etc Optimal Euthenasia strategy and device



















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Stop shouting: law to stop broadcasters dictating the volume on our televisions: licensing fees as hidden, regressive taxes: and eliminating the 25% waste produced by advertising.

Posted on October 10, 2009. Filed under: Practical, everyday, applied philosophy, as Nietzsche suggested |

I am fed up with my television suddenly screaming at me, especially during the night when I am trying to be considerate of my neighbours. This produces a chronic, repeated level of frustration and stress. Thus it is a health and wellbeing issue, for myself and my neighbours.

It is also an environmental issue, as I constantly reach for my remote control, to reduce the volume. Without this problem, my remote batteries would last several years longer than they currently do. Batteries are toxic. The money spent, on a global scale, as a result, could better be spent on more productive things.

The television broadcasters may deny that they deliberately increase the perceived volume during commercial breaks. They will say that technically they are not increasing the volume at all. In fact what they are doing is compressing the audio signal, and then boosting the entire signal range. What this means is that the softest part of the signal will be boosted to the highest part of the signal. What was originally a whisper, will now be heard as a shout. A normal signal has louder bits and quieter bits, whispering and shouting. Compression and boosting means that the signal is now broadcast at only the level of the shouting bits. And thus they have effectively increased the volume.

I suspect they actually go further than this, actually boosting the volume as well, or perhaps acheiving this relative effect by decreasing the audio signal of the actual programs. Thus you turn up the volume during your program, to hear it, and when the ads come on at normal volume, you are effectively boosting them yourself. How sneaky of the bastards.

Do advertisers really think they are producing good-will in me by irritating me and my neighbours on a regular, systematic basis?  

What is even more frustrating, is that pay for view television stations even adopt this nefarious strategy for their station promos. One minute I am enjoying a quiet television program, and the next my television is shouting and screaming for the entire neighbourhood to hear. And I am paying THEM for the priveledge of being irritated, frustrated, stressed-out, and enraged.

If you, like me, would like to put a stop to this abuse of our human rights, then please add your email address in the ´comments´ box after this blog entry. We will get together a petition of millions of people that the television advertising  lobby groups will not be able to walk rough-shod over.

HOW DARE THEY CHOSE THE VOLUME I WILL WATCH MY TELEVISION AT!  It is audio terrorism. It is denying me my right to chose for myself. It is preventing me from being a conscientous member of society, one who considers the interests of my neighbours, especially at night when people are trying to sleep, when watching television.

Ideally all audio would be compressed, to make constant volume adjustments redundant. In a program with a high dynamic range, if I increase the volume to hear the soft bits, I then have to reduce it again for the rest of the program. This constant adjustment is frustrating. Under compression nothing is lost in terms of dramatic expression, as we still hear that someone is whispering or shouting due to other audio clues in the sounds made. 

I suggest, then, that all audio be treated the same as the commercials and promos currently are, that is, compressed, between 10 p.m and 8 a.m. This would also prevent the advertising industry finding some way to undermine our good, considerate, and reasonable, regulation of them.

Alternatively, or in addition to this, manufacturers should be compelled to incorporate ´compressed´ audio settings into their rem0te controls and televisions. This would give us back the right to chose the audio volume for ourselves, rather than having it imposed upon us dictatorially by broadcasters. Laws should also give us the right to insist that others use this compressed audio function between the hours of 10p.m and 8 a.m, where it interferes with our right to decide for ourselves what we listen to in our own homes, rather than our neighbours getting to decide this. This is consistent with current legal rights enforced in the most civilised nations. 

Further, television licensing fees should be paid out of general taxation revenue, for reasons of fairness. Current license fees are ´regressive´ in the sense that they represent a higher tax on the poor than on the more fortunate. Today the poor pay a massively higher proportion of their income in such hidden taxes for the right to participate in the wider community via their televisions and radios, than do the more fortunate.  In fact in Germany, simply paying a televison license puts the working poor at a real income level below that of those on social security, who are exempt from such license fees. 

And on the subject of marketing. All advertising should be limited to providing actual factual information about products and services, rather than being designed to emotionally manipulate people, and mislead consumers about the true values of the products presented. Today marketing costs account for up to 25% of the final costs of typical, daily-used products. This represents a massive waste of limited resources on things that provide no real value.  Marketing should be limited to providing factual information and free-samples, along with active market research. Packaging should be limited to functionality, with the enviroment and other costs being the driving priorities, rather than attempts to mislead and psychologically manipulate us.

Thankyou for contributing to a saner world.

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I am participating in our local Gene Bank Project

Posted on May 20, 2009. Filed under: Practical, everyday, applied philosophy, as Nietzsche suggested |

I am participating in our local Gene Bank Project. Maybe one day they will be able to use my current DNA to replace my own future damaged DNA. Of course gene banks have huge potential for early identification of illnesses, and in preventing avoidable suffering on a massive scale. I suggest you look into participating in your own local gene bank project. They interview you about you and your family's medical history and take a small blood sample. It is a small investment of your time for a potentially massive return for yourself and humanity.

©Photo Copyright 2006 Markus Heinrich Rehbach All Rights Reserved
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