Saving us, and the 'Jews' from the Cult of Judah, and its 'Jew' World Order

The REAL business of Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Amazon

Google, Facebook, Gmail, Google and Youtube, as the Jew World Order ‘Big Brother’.

The ‘Business’ of the largest internet companies is not profit. It is control. More precisely, Jew
World Order control. Censorship. Spying. Data Mining. Profiling. ‘Cambridge research institute’
type ‘modelling’ and ‘prediction’ a-la ‘Minority report’. Public opinion manipulation. Pattern
detection. Predictive algorithm ‘tuning’ and ‘tweaking’. In one word ‘Control’.

By becoming virtual or real monopolies, Facebook, Amazon, and Google are in position to ‘censor’
anything that is inconvenient for their ‘business model’. For their ‘long term plans for us’. They
can pretend they are merely responding to complaints from advertisers. They pretend they really
care about ‘hate speech’ and ‘ethics’. They will NEVER tell you WHY they censored you, banned
your book, deleted your youtube account and facebook account, removed a particular post, or even
banned you from using their services entirely. They will send a very vague and defamatory,
libellous, slanderous, insulting notice which openly or tacitly states or at least implies, that
you are a very nasty, evil, criminal, irrational-hate-filled, malicious person, that they need to
protect their users from.

In reality NO-ONE is being forced to watch a video, or view a post, or read a comment, on youtube,
facebook, or Amazon. If you don’t like something, you can ignore it. No harm done to anyone. If it
is an opinion you disagree with you are free to express your own opinion to counter it. If you
feel it is factually incorrect, then you can post these corrections, and edify the author / poster
/ blogger, and their audience. This is how democracy is meant to work. This is how ‘open society’s
can function. This is how freedom of expression can work. There has been no rational, reasonable,
legitimate, justifyable reason for censorship, in the 99.99% of the cases where youtube, facebook,
and Amazon have done so.

The only way people become exposed to ‘alternate’ viewpoints, opinions, arguments, and as yet not
widely known ‘facts’ and ‘discoveries’ and ‘updates’, is through the open and free exchange of

Now if we were to make the most harmless and least threatening assumption, that they really were
set up as conventional businesses to generate profits for their share-holders, then the very least
of the crimes we could attribute to them would be ‘predatory pricing’.

Predatory pricing is illegal in most nations. Predatory pricing is a strategy of operating a
business, for some period of time, at a loss. Only a business with deep pockets, vast resources,
and access to cheap and limitless credit, can operate in this way. The intention is to provide
goods and services below their real cost, so that the competition, who cannot operate at a loss
for very long, have no way to compete, and basically go bankrupt, or sell out to the predatory
pricing competitor. The predatory pricer then finds themselves as a virtual or literal monopoly,
in their markets. At this point they can quickly recoup all their former losses, by raising
prices. Now that the competition is either ‘extinct’, or owned by themselves, they can set their
own prices. There will be no-one to undercut them. They can set any price they like. Of course
their public relations, perception managers, social-reality definers, paid-for-comment high
profile public media personalities, and the ‘news’ media they themselves own, directly or
indirectly, will all ‘spin’ the price rises as ‘unavoidable’. As ‘merely passing on the higher
costs of production to consumers. As ‘natural’ inflation. And so the public will accept the higher
prices, and the virtual or literal monopoly, as ‘natural’. This is where the ‘predatory pricer’
starts raking in the excessive profits. Profits that could never exist without their conspiring
to put the competition out of business, and then their conspiring, with their mass media outlets,
to ‘normalise’ the new monopolistic state of affairs, and the new higher prices. In other words
the very situation Adam Smith went to great efforts to explain to his readers, and to prevent,
via regulation of ‘conspiracies’. Centuries before the CIA made ‘conspiracy theories’ something to
dismiss, deride, and even censor.


Unit 8200, Operation Talpiot, the Technion, are jew world order operations with headquarters in
Israel. What has become known as ‘Silicon Wadi’. Google, Facebook, Google Chrome, Google G Drive,
and Youtube, are just a few of the well-known Israeli Jew world order owned and operated
companies. Their ‘real’ shareholders are the jew world order. Israel. The CIA and MOSSAD and MI6
are just a few of their ‘front’ ‘intelligence’ operations. And given that now Israeli jew world
order fronts are manufacturing ‘Intel’ chips, we can be sure that they will be building in the
typical ‘kill switches’ and ‘backdoors’ that will give them access to all our military,
government, public, and private, infrastructure, smart phones, smart televisions, ‘the internet of
things’, banking information, emails, web searches, personal information, and so on. This will let
them track any individuals minutest movements. Every communication they make with anyone. They can
turn your telephone or television camera on even if you have turned these devices off. They can
record with your phone and television camera and microphone. Even if you cover your camera,
patents exist for technology that allows a screen to be used as a camera, in the same way you can
use a headphone as a microphone.

At a single keystroke they will be able to take control of any device you use. ‘Kill’ entire
telecommunications networks. It has long been public knowledge that the Polish telecommunications
system has such a ‘kill switch’ built into it, allowing jew world order organizations, ostensibly
out of the Jew S A, to literally turn off the entire Polish telecommunications network.

The jew world order could shut down diesel generators in nuclear power plants, causing the sort of
disasters seen recently in Japan.

If they see that you will not ‘serve the jew world order’, or worse, are actively struggling
against it, and trying to inform others of the reality of our dire situation, they can simply
deny you access to any service they control. Right now through the IRS they can freeze all your
bank accounts. They can deny you access to facebook, twitter, google, Amazon, and Paypal. Many
people are dependent upon such services for their livelihoods and survival.

They also now have access to the encryption software that allows private communications. Most
internet banking services will soon be totally within their control. They will be able to steal
your password as you enter it, on the official site. Not to mention that most people use the same
password for their google, facebook, amazon, and youtube accounts.

Anyone can buy hardware that will let them read ALL the personal data and passwords on your
credit card or personal identity card. Anything with an RFID chip. The sudden appearance of
‘microwave towers’ all over the planet could well be devices for reading these RFID chips.

Notice how all these companies, out of an expressed concern for your ‘security’, are requiring you
to give them your mobile telephone number, just to log into your Google, facebook, youtube, or
Amazon accounts? This means that even if you have a ‘prepaid’ phone card requiring no
registration, they now have your number, and can track your every movement, hack your phone for
passwords to all your banking and other internet activities, turn on your phone camera and
microphone to record you and your friends, and if they like, ‘kill’ your phone, and any ‘apps’ on

Most of your telecommunications are ‘managed’ or ‘pass through’ software and hardwared owned and
operated by Isreali jew world order organizations like Verint, the I.R.S, and the N.S.A. Your
telephone bills are most likely managed by an Israeli jew world order front company. Watch my
videos and read my books for details, and more exhaustive lists and descriptions. This means that
Big Brother Jew is always watching you. 24/7. THAT is the true ‘shareholder’ of the internet

Big brother jew is watching your every move, 24/7, even if they are not actually ‘looking’ at you.
They keep massive databases filled with every action performed on the internet. The moment you
become ‘a person of interest’ to them, they can call up years of your internet activities, your
phone GPS tracking details, and basically write your biography with details even YOU would never
remember. They can then also ‘insert’ fake actions, to criminalise you. They can put your phone at
the seen of a crime. They can have you ‘logging in’ at the scene of a crime. They can post on
facebook and youtube, to your channel, or even create a channel for you. You would be totally
unaware. They can put your fingerprints at crime scenes, using your own phones ‘security’
features. They can easily get DNA samples and place these at crime scenes. They can manipulate
video and audio to actually make videos in which you appear to be saying hateful things, or even
conspiring to commit crimes with other people, or inciting others to commit crimes, like Charles
Manson, who spent almost 50 years in prison though charged only with ‘incitement’.

You, like those Arab Airlines pilots defamed around the world as ‘hijackers who flew commercial
airliners into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, could easily be blamed for massive scale
terrorist attacks. You may turn up for work one day and see your own photo on the news, as a

Even without going to any such lengths, you can, in most nations, simply be dragged out of your
home, car, or office, and imprisoned, without charges, indefinitely, and then suffer ‘augmented
interrogation’ a.k.a ‘torture’, at the hands of people working for your own government. This may
happen at a ‘black site’ in your own town. The old post office building. The old Wallmart. The
basement of an old primary school. Or you may be flown to some foreign nation to be ‘interrogated’
using ‘torture’. Not because you did anything wrong. But simply to send a message to EVERYONE
EVERYWHERE to live in fear of the police and government. So that people will automatically think
three times before criticising Israel, Jews, or their own government. They may pick up your
neighbour. Your boss. Your teacher. Simply to send a message. ‘Next time it could be you’. So
don’t take ANY risks. Just be a good slave. Keep your opinions to yourself. If you see something,
keep it to yourself. If you hear something, keep it to yourself. As the jew world order bloggs
keep saying, ‘hey, you are still FREE to think what you like, just don’t SHARE it with anyone
else’. THAT is the ‘new freedom’. The ONLY freedom.

The idea is that you can ‘shut down’ any information, fact, reporting, revelations, leaks,
whistle-blowing, simply by removing access to youtube, facebook, twitter, and amazon, and legally
prosecuting people for the vaguest and slightest of possible ‘infringements’ of lunatic laws.

If that is not enough, you just round up a random number of people, as Stalin did, and send them
to ‘black sites’ and ‘FEMA’ camps. Just as in the ‘good old Jew S S R.

Even if we tried to set up our own sovereign nation, the jew world order would not accept it. They
would spread propaganda around the world demonising us. They would paint us as threats to world
security. They would insist we were torturing our own people. They would even blow up public
buildings and kill thousands of people in false flags that they would then blame on us.

Unless aliens are on our side, know what is happening, and chose to save us, we are pretty much

The only effective resistance WOULD be, and I am certainly NOT inciting anyone to do this, is to
‘take out’ the leaders of the jew world order. Including those who have set themselves up as the
poltical leaders of the major Western powers from the Jew.S.A, to the E.Jew.

You see the reason I would never incite anyone to do this is that I myself see this world as
karma, and a lesson, so we can become better people and move onto ‘higher’ levels of being, and
have no emotional investment in this particular life, especially not in this absurd world, and
certainly not in this cruel, hypocritical, selfish species.

Even if I managed somehow, through some super-power or stroke of genius or luck, managed to free
us of the jew world order, I would still find this world, and most of YOU, completely
unacceptable. Most of YOU are quite happy to have animals imprisoned, enslaved, tortured, and
murdered, just to satisfy a ‘taste’ you have for their flesh, milk, eggs, honey, skins, and furs.
Or to simply ‘experiment’ on. To use for ‘testing’ purposes.

I understand the truth is rarely easy to accept, after a life of conditioning, programming,
brainwashing, fake news, fake history, and massive censorship of ‘reality’.

We all live, to greater or lesser extents, within an artificial bubble of ‘social reality’.

When someone like me escapes that ‘social reality’, and then tries to inform you, to help you
escape it to, you are most likely to simply dismiss what I have to say. The facts I have to

And those of you curious enough and open-minded enough and courageous enough and intelligent
enough to grasp the meaning of what I have to present, will immediately recall what happened to
others who ‘woke up’ from the social reality, from the trance, their society induced, mass media
induced, education system induced, zombification. They were ridiculed as ‘conspiracy theorists’.
Their mental health was questioned. They were sent for ‘compulsory medical examinations’ which
they discovered, upon entering the doctors office, were really ‘pyschiatric evaluations’. If they
didn’t ‘go along to get along’ and accept a ‘diagnosis’ and ‘treatment’, they were entered into
the files as ‘hostile’ and ‘mentally ill’, and fired, then blacklisted. Their ‘record’ would
follow them when they applied for work with any government organization, or organization that
worked with or for the government, as supplier or contractor.

In other words, if you wake up, and find yourself living among sleep-walkers, zombies, and people
in a deep trance, you have a very tough choice to make. Most people will chose to keep their jobs,
families, partners, careers, incomes, and ‘definition as ‘sane’, rather than take a chance on
trying to wake up the others.

Very few people with the potential to become philosphers, ever realise that potential. They have
too much to lose, to end up like Socrates. Or Jesus. Or any of the 70 million Russians, Poles,
Estonians, Lithuanians, Ukrainans, and so on, who ended up in jew world order gulags, where they
were worked to death for the profit of the jew world order.

Watch my videos at TROONATNOOR BitChute and let ‘Jews’ themselves tell you what they think of you,
and what plans they have for you. ‘Serve the Jews or die’ are not my words. They are the words of
Jews, so confident of their right to rule YOU that they will repeat such phrases even when openly
being filmed.

Please someone download all my videos and books, and seed them as torrents. I cannot do this. I do
not have an internet connection of my own.

I have been blocked from facebook and youtube, and google even closed my Gmail account and so I
cannot even make comments on youtube any more. Amazon and Apple and Smashwords and Draft2Digital
banned either all or some of my books. But they can still be found via, and from my
TROONATNOOR Patreon page.

People call out for a messiah. A leader. A saviour. If people got behind me I could be that
person. As Jesus said, ‘You can know a tree by its fruit’. My books and videos are my fruit. They
are my source of ‘authority’. The arguments in them are the only source of authority I refer to. I
don’t call on any ‘noble’ lies. Any ‘society’ granted status or recognition. I have no titles.

Like Socrates, and any Philosopher of any value, it is my arguments that you should find
compelling or otherwise. Not any appeal to being ‘chosen’ by god/s, not some ‘authority’ given to
me by some university, or mass media, or government, or nobel prize committee.

The only authority I can appeal to is my ‘fruit’. If you are not ready to rise yourself up into
higher levels, higher ‘resonances’, then you will continue to reproduce, to ‘manifest’, this world
as it is. For it has not really changed, in principle. It just appears to ‘evolve’ and ‘progress’.
It is just the same old situation with different faces. The same old systems of repression and

Why would I do things against my nature simply to save you from one particular set of people with
the worst intentions towards you, only to have some other group take their place, once I’ve

Why would I free slaves who only want to become slave masters, as soon as they are free?

Why would I make an emotional investment in ethical and moral cripples? In zombies? In monsters?

Soon there will be hundreds of thousands of men and women, seeing their death looming ever nearer,
and fates worse than death in drawn-out, painful, lonely, miserable, terrifying, horrifying ‘end
of lives care facilities’, who will be quite keen to get their hands on a few bags of C4, so they
can walk into the houses and offices of the jew world order and their golems, and enjoy a quick
and meaningful death, a noble death, a death that serves the interests of justice, truth, and
beauty. Some may be patriots and militia. Some may have never been politically active in any way.

This is why the jew world order are censoring so hard now. They realise that there are a lot of
‘idle’ people who could suddenly be ‘awoken’ to the reality, and might choose such a course of

I will repeat. I am not inciting any violence of any kind against any sentient being. In fact that
is exactly what the jew world order want. An excuse to ‘take away our guns’ and impose total
martial law and activate all the powers of the ‘Patriot act’ and associated ‘Executive orders’.

So if anyone plans to respond with violence, they had better make sure it is effective at
eliminating ALL the leaders of the jew world order, or at least enough of them to make them

As I doubt enough people would wake up in time, and manage to organise such a resistance, I fear
that any violence would be ineffectual, no matter how justified or legitimate it might appear, and
might in fact be.

I reject all forms of violence, as they are impossible to control, and rarely lead to ‘the good
guys’ winning. Hitler and Nazi Germany put up the most courageous and noble, violent, resistance
to the jew world order, and were defeated. Because any attempt at using violence to restore
freedom usually ends in defeat for the minority of ‘good guys’, for the majority of people are
usually tricked into fighting AGAINST their own interests, AGAINST their logical and natural

Of course, the jew world order jewdiciary will claim they know, by mind reading, or intuition, or
some sort of voodoo, that I wrote this with the INTENT to incite. With malice. Motivated by an
irrational hatred of all the members of some putative ‘jewish’ ‘race’ or ‘religion’. There is no
way to defend yourself against such a charge. It would not matter if I had 1000 videos of jew
world order jews and their golems detailing their plans in the most precise and vivid details,
confessing opening and eloquently their plans to enslave the entire world, and slaughter those who
would not ‘serve the jew world order’. These ‘facts’ would be inadmissible in court. Someone who
claimed to be ‘offended’ would simply claim that it was a fact that my motives were irrational
hatred of ‘jews’ and a desire to incite violence against them, just because they are ‘jews’.

It would not matter that the evidence I had to present proved beyond a doubt that the jew world
order posed a real and present threat to national security, and to my own safety.

Apparently it is possible to arrange some sort of pre-trial hearings to establish such facts,
before a trial, to make the evidence admissible in court. However the experiences of Ernst Zundel,
David Irving, Brendon O’Connell, Sylvia Stolz, and many others, has shown that any defendant in
any trial involving the jew world order will be given NO chance to validate their genuine,
justifyable, legitimate, demonstrably reasonable and rational, and clearly logical, fears,
concerns, and motives.

In fact all my books and videos are intended to open up dialog between ‘jews’, jew world order
operatives, and their ‘golems’. To give them a chance to relieve me of any misunderstandings,
faulty reasoning, incomplete understandings, misplaced concerns, and to offer up the facts and
compelling arguments necessary to prove their good intentions. They NEVER do any of these things.
They NEVER engage in fair, open, scientific, open-minded, rational, reasonable, debate or
discussion about the ‘known and provable facts’.

I am not saying that NO self-defined ‘Jews’ behave in this way. Just the jew world order ‘jews’.

The simplest proof that my anti-semitism does NOT conform to the hegemonic conventional
definition of ‘an irrational hatred of all jews simply for being ‘jewish’ is that I love many
Jews. Untill I have good reason to suspect any particular ‘jew’ of being part of the jew world
order conspiracy, I accept them as equals. I welcome them with open arms. I expect the best from
them. For me to be defined as ‘Anti-semitic’ by the legal definition, I would have to hate all
jews, and with no reason. The clear fact is that I do not hate all ‘self -defined jews’. And any
that I define as a threat to my own, and national, and international ‘security’ and ‘peace’ and
‘wellbeing’, I do so for perfectly reasonable, rational, factual, scientific reasons.

I don’t hate all pussy cats. I don’t even hate tigers. But tigers are a REAL threat to not must my
own life and well-being. It is NOT irrational to fear or ‘hate’ tigers.

You see, the conventional, legally employed, definition of anti-semitism is that of a ‘phobia’. An
irrational fear or hatred of something, or some situation.

If you suffer from a potentially fatal allergy to cats, then a fear of ALL cats is rational and
reasonable. It is NOT irrational.

A ‘fear’ of tigers is NOT a phobia. It is perfectly rational.

So while there may be some people who DO have an irrational hatred of anyone defined as a ‘jew’, I
am not one of them. And Adolf Hitler was not one of them either.

OUR ‘fear’ is of ANYONE who subscribes to the IDEOLOGY OF SEMITISM, whether or not they define
themselves, or are defined by others, as ‘Jews’.

The jew world order is defined by this ideology of Semitism. Many ‘jews’, therefore, are NOT
participants in this jew world order conspiracy based on the ideology of semitism.

However most ‘jews’ themselves are unaware of what their ‘fellow jews’ are up to. They become the
‘collateral damage’ of pogroms intended to root out and reject the parasitic, malicious, malignant
growth of the ideology of semitism, and the organisations it produces. To protect yourself against
a virus, you must first identify it, and then ‘contain’ the carriers of that virus. You then seek
to ‘cure’ these carriers’.

THAT was what the KZ’s were about. The Nazi forced labor camps. They were a quarantine for the
virus we call the ideology of semitism. To prevent the carriers infecting others. To prevent the
diseases, the physical symptoms, the outcomes, that this ideology produces.

In a time of war, it is hard to work out who is a subscriber to the ideology of semitism, and who
is just a ‘jew’.

The biggest problem is that every jew world order subscriber to the repugnant and vicious,
malicious, malignant, deadly, crippling, destructive ideology of semitism will claim they are NOT.
They will claim they are just ‘jewish’. That is part of the practical and ideological training of
jew world order semitism.

Semitism is, in fact, an ideology. An ideology of exceptionalism. An ideology of racism. An
ideology of racial supremacism. An ideology of slavery. An ideology of rape. An ideology of
genocide. And unless you are FOR all these things, you must, to remain rational, reasonable, and
logical, BE anti-semitic.

We do not hate or fear ‘jews’ as people. We hate and fear, with ever legitimate, natural, logical,
and reasonable reason, any semitism they profess or subscribe to.

Whether you want to define yourself as a ‘jew’ for some reason that is beyond me, that is not the
issue. It is whether you subscribe to the ideology of semitism that MUST interest me. All of us
have a personal and national and international interest in this. Anyone who subscribes to the
ideology of semitism, whether as ‘jew’ or ‘Christian Zionist’ or for any other reason, is a threat
to YOUR individual and national security. A threat to our freedom. Our collective and personal

If YOU are not ANTI-SEMITIC, if you do NOT actively and vociferously oppose that repugnant,
disgusting, lethal, crippling, ugly, racist, genocidal, rapacious, deceptive, and criminal
something wrong with you.

I suggest you get and read my books and watch my videos. Then start talking with your friends
about it. Bring out these arguments into the open. Without making any personal comments about any
particular ‘jew world order operatives’ or ‘jews’. Keep it impersonal. Don’t open yourself up to
criminal prosecution by some clever jew world order operative.

Then get together to demand freedom of speech. A repeal of the ‘hate speech’ and ‘racial
vilification’ laws. Then a repeal of the ‘Holocaust Denial’ laws. Then remove the corrupting
influence of campaign finance contributions. Finance all electoral campaigns publically. Give each
candidate who gains ‘preselection’ by gaining a minimum number of ‘supporters’, equal time in all
the mass media, internet media, and so on. Then eliminate the central banks and their ‘debt-based’
currencies. Break the hegemony of the worthless U.S petro-dollar. Elect politicians who will
volunteer to limit their personal consumption, for the rest of their lives, to what they earn
while in office. I would run for office under all those conditions. Happily.

Please share my books, blogs, videos, with as many different people as you can. Please get them
translated. Please support me in the eventual criminal attacks that will take place against me,
via ‘legal’ means, and otherwise.

With a few thousand Patreon Patrons I could write one new book that covers everything I have
researched and written about over the last 5 years, in the most digestible and easy to comprehend
format possible, requiring the least reader burden possible. I could then make a few high quality
films that crystallize the main points.

Please, if you are writing your will, consider leaving a legacy to myself, and the organisation I
hope to set up.

Most of all, please consider a vegan lifestyle. For as Obadiah warns : For as you do unto others,
so shall be done unto you. This jew world order, and all the tyranical governments before it, and
which will come after it, may just be lessons to teach us to ‘do unto other sentient beings, as we
wish them to do unto us’.

So who am I to oppose the Jew World Order, if it is Karma, the universe’s way of teaching us what
we need to learn, in order to escape world’s like this one, and ascend to higher worlds.

It is a fact that this world is the product of our collective individual actions, motives, and
desires. When we all give up the idea of benefitting at another sentient being’s expense. When we
all cease using other sentient beings as merely means to our own ends. When we start giving all
sentient beings the justice we demand for ourselves. In short, when we adopt a vegan lifestyle,
and become committed to the principle of justice for all sentient beings, in every facet of life,
the jew world order, and all other forms of tyranny, will simply evaporate, for lack of ‘fuel’.

It is our hypocrisy, our selfishness, our arrogance, our willingness to commit injustices, or
benefit from injustices, that is the ‘fuel’ for injustice.

The world as it is is the sum product of our individual actions.

So WE can change it.

But don’t forget that we may need to sacrifice many things. Even our own lives, in the name of
‘happy next lives’.

Don’t worry, you are not your body. You are not this ‘experience engine’ you call by your name. I
am not Markus Rehbach. I am the potential for experience. This potential is eternal. It can’t be
created or destroyed. That is the real secret to courage and patience.

My ‘Optimal Ethics Generator’ is the real secret to true justice. To the elimination of all forms
of corruption and hypocrisy. To the elimination of all forms of violence.

Remember, I promise to be honest. I cannot know ‘the truth’. All truth may be relexive. But I
promise you I will continue to seek the truth, and publish what I find, for as long as I can.

In this context, be sure that ‘the truth is kryptonite to the jew world order’, and to all and any
forms of tyranny, or slavery, for the truth will set YOU free’.

Note that I will publish this presentation at TROONATNOOR STEEMIT as a ‘transcript’, at
TROONATNOOR SPREAKER as a podcast, and at TROONATNOOR BITCHUTE as a video presentation.

Remember I have very few resources, very limited internet time, and so none of my books or
presentations are as ‘finished’ as I would like. I overcome my own vanity as a writer by
publishing things according to law of diminishing marginal returns. So I sacrifice my own vanity
and pride in workmanship in order to get the point out, as fast as possible, before the jew world
order censors shut people like me down entirely.

So please seed all my books and torrents and posts as torrents. I cannot do this.

YOU need to be the hero of YOUR life. The HERO to YOUR children and partner. The HERO to YOUR own
future selves.







Saving us, and the 'Jews' from the Cult of Judah, and its 'Jew' World Order

Brendon O’Connell and hypocrisy

This particular commentary is not going to be a balanced portrait of Brendon O’Connell, who for the most part has made a positive contribution to the ‘truth and justice’ movement, at great personal cost.

He suffered years of victimisation and intimidation at the hands of Western Australian police. He spent 3 years in (mostly maximum security for some ineffable reason) prison, where he was brutally bashed and required hospitalisation. He was then placed under a ‘gag’ order, and legally prevented from expressing himself in any way. THAT is pure torture for someone like Brendon O’Connell. Perhaps a sort of ‘Room 101’ for those of us in the truth and justice movement.

Brendon also suffered the typical response of ‘authority’ to anyone who challenges their authority, of being labelled ‘mentally ill’.

And worse, his own family have converted their own personal malices towards him into calling him ‘mentally ill’.

I can relate to the demoralising effect of both these situations. Defining people as ‘mentally ill’ or ‘possessed by the devil/demons’ is the oldest trick in the book, to undermine any person’s credibility, and thus to undermine the credibility of their arguments. In other words, where a person can NOT be defeated on fair, just, reasonable, rational, scientific grounds, because they are CORRECT in what they are arguing, thus undermining the ‘authority’ of the partcular ‘authority’ they are criticising or challenging, they are defeated by the most repugnant practice outside physical torture, known. That of labelling sommeone as ‘mentally ill’ or ‘possessed’. Catherine the Great was probably not the first to arrest her opponents, and forcibly ‘detain’ them in ‘mental institutions’ where they were forced to undergo ‘mental treatments’ which even today are nothing more than torture intended to coerce the person into NOT expressing their ‘symptoms’ (in our case speaking the truth, and seeking justice), or physically preventing them from doing so, using pharmaceutical or physical ‘straight-jackets’, or simply locking them up in solitary confinement. All forms of ‘torture’, especially to someone with the personality typical of a someone active in our truth and justice movement.

If you define / label your accuser as ‘mentally ill’, then you can ‘dismiss’ any allegations they are making against you. If they are revealing facts and truths that are inconvenient to you, then labelling them as ‘mentally ill’ allows you to dismiss their ‘accusations’ as the ‘crazy rantings of a nutter’. So no-one will pay attention to them, and what they are saying. If they are simply reminding you of your own complicity in some unethical, undesirable, ignoble, damaging condition, behavior, or situation, then you can avoid the potentially painful or merely uncomfortable soul searching, self-reproach, and associated guilt, (such as having abused and/or neglected you as your parent when you were a child), allowing you to simply ‘deny’ their factual arguments and comments as ‘crazy talk’.

In other words, the ‘mental illness’ accusation is a broad brush with which anyone with the power to have such a definition applied, to make it stick, or even just raise doubts about someone’s mental health, can paint over the most serious of criminal allegations, the most inconvenient of truths, or even the mildest of ‘uncomfortable’ facts.

So, while I haven’t listed all the great accomplishments of Brendon O’Connell, I hope even he can see that I am in his corner. Not just waiting to be ‘tagged’, but already in the arena, facing the enemy. Ready for the confrontations that are sure to come my way as well, once the enemy have taken notice of me.

But what motivated me to write this is my response to his hypocritical positions in relation to David Icke, and the Old Testament genocides committed by his own enemy, the jew world order.

Richie Allen may be many things, but one admirable thing he is is loyal. And not stupidly loyal as the fans of Trump, Putin, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, Ed Snowden, Julian Assange, Press T.V, RT news, Le Pen, and all the other ‘kosher alt media’ and ‘controlled opposition’ personalities and organisations.

David Icke was among the first ‘famous’ personalities to name our enemy. The jew world order. And to ‘out’ them for what they are. And who they are.

It beggars my belief when people who demand the ‘sheeple’ believe the hard to believe things they are trying to explain to them, while they themselves, reject, out of hand, as ‘nutters’, anyone who tries to inform THEM of something THEY find too hard to believe.

Richie Allen irritates me often, and I believe he may be controlled opposition. Or just suffering from the same ‘hypocrisy’ as most sheeple. That of not being able to emotionally deal with self-evident facts e.g that ‘The Holocaust’ is propaganda, or that 911 was carried out by ‘our own’ government, as a joint CIA-MOSSAD false flag. Or that most of the ‘mass shootings’ are faked. With crisis actor victims. And ‘shooters’ who were already dead before they went on their supposed ‘shooting sprees’.

But Richie Allen made my day when defending David Icke against a famous man-made global warming critic. He was loyal. He would not let his guest’s insults remain unanswered. And answer them he did.

I thank Richie Allen for his ‘Zombie Jesus Cannibal Vampire Cult’ eloquence. Mr Allen reminded the guest that HIS own beliefs in the ‘Zombie Jesus Cult, as a practising ‘Cannibal vampire’ a.k.a ‘Catholic’, are at least as ‘absurd’ as a belief in ‘shape shifting lizards’. In fact many people have ‘witnessed’ the shape shifting lizard phenomena and ‘testified’ to it. Given that the ENTIRE basis for ‘The Holocaust’ as a ‘legal fact’ is that thousands of people have ‘testified’ that it occured, surely ‘Shape shifting lizards’ can claim the same basis in ‘legal fact’. And as no-one has seen ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’ in the last few thousand years, and MANY will testify in court that they HAVE seen shape shifting lizards quite recently, I would say the ‘legal’ claim for shape shifting lizards must be considered much more compelling, than the claim for ‘Zombie Jesus’.

And anyone who partakes in the ‘ritual of transubstantiation’, and ‘eats the flesh of their god, and drinks the blood of their god’ is really living in a particularly fragile glass house, and cannot afford to be throwing stones.

Now this applies to Brendon O’Connell, a self professed ‘lapsed’ ‘Zombie Jesus Cannibal Vampire Cult’ member, a.k.a ‘Catholic’. You are the last person in a position to mock and ridicule the courage of a man in professing that he ‘believes’ in shape-shifting lizards. Personally, eating the flesh of your dead god, and drinking his blood, seems much more repugnant than merely believing that the Royal family are shape shifting lizards who drink the blood of children. And as there are many more recent ‘witnesses’ who have given their ‘testimony’ as to the reality of shape shifting lizards, compared to the number of ‘verified sightings’ of ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’, I think the ‘onus probandi’ falls more heavily on a ‘Catholic’ than it does on David Icke.

David Icke has worked hard over many decades, writing and researching and presenting and documenting and making videos. Anyone in any other creative field with the equivalent achievements would be fabulously wealthy. If David owns his own small apartment on the Isle of Wight, that probably makes him a millionare, as most Australians (where Brendon comes from) who own their own home in a city or major urban center, must be millionares also, as homes these days tend to cost around a million dollars in Sydney, and the Isle of Wight. So envy of another person’s legitimately earned success is not very becoming in someone professing to be part of our truth and justice movement.

I do agree that it is unfortunate for our truth and justice movement, at some level, that one of its most reliable, authoritative, capable, talented, and efficiacious icons is brave enough to present his views on ‘shape shifting lizards’ to the world, because it opens him up to easy, childish, attacks. Such as the ones Brendon himself makes, sadly.

I agree that it doesn’t help our overall credibility when a leading light in our movement is talking about shape shifting lizards. It is challenging enough for most people to accept that 911 was done by the U.S government and Israel.

But all of us in the truth and justice movement are the last people to be ‘dismissing’ something WE find hard to believe, and even worse, defining people as ‘nutters’ because of it. WE would be the biggest hypocrites to do so. For we would be committing that ultimate of crimes against humanity that our enemies commit against people like us. That of defining us as ‘mentally ill’, simply to avoid having to prove our arguments are not compelling, or that our facts are not correct.

WE must set the benchmark for tolerance and open-mindedness. WE must be the role models of ‘suspending judgement’ and ‘suspending disbelief’.

Brendon O’Connell is saying ‘do as I say, not as I do’ when he attacks David Icke simply because Mr Icke has the courage to express his beliefs, as hard as he knows it is going to be for others to ‘credit’ them.

COURAGE is the most important personality trait demanded of us. David Icke is THE most courageous man in our truth and justice movement. He has NEVER chosen the easy path of ‘I’ll just keep that bit out, because it’s too risky for my credibility’.

Now I understand ‘keeping some things to yourself’ because they might make it just too hard for people to accept, and prevent them accepting other things you have to say. That ‘keeping mum’ on some topics might be considered ‘politically astute’ because telling people X might mean they never take me seriously, and thus I lose any chance of convincing them of Y and Z.

But once a person has ‘let the cat out of the bag’ it is ‘out there’. No need to draw attention to it if you believe that would not be astute or clever. But to both draw attention to it, and also to hypocritically defame and discredit the person who ‘let the cat out of the bag’, THAT is a poor decision. It reflects on a person’s character. Some room for improvement on the part of Brendon.

By employing the age old strategy of ‘defining someone as a nutter / mentall ill / crazy / demonically possessed, against a leading light in our own movement, you are aiding and abetting our shared enemy. Why would you NOT discipline yourself and consider the greater good before letting your personal motives, envy, and disbelief, lend comfort and support to our enemies? Who needs enemies when we have ‘friends’ like you in our movement, Brendon?

In fact my worst fear for YOU is that you will be defined by our enemies as ‘mentally ill’ and forced to submit to ‘involuntary ‘treatments’. Like electroshock. Like insulin ‘therapy’. All to destroy your will to continue our struggle for truth and justice and peace. All to ‘take you out of circulation’. All to present you with ‘fates worse than death’ to coerce you into silence.

The irony is really hard to take. You of all people throwing stones all about the place with abandon. You of all people throwing around the epithet of ‘crazy’ and ‘nutter’ and ‘mentally ill’.

You, the Cannibal Vampire Zombie Jesus cult member.

You, the presenter of ‘hard to swallow’ facts. The purveyor of ‘uncomfortable facts and arguments’. The challenger of the dominant hegemonic social reality. You, whose own family have maliciously sought to define YOU as a ‘nutter’. You who are in the direct firing line of every sort of criticism you might chose to level at David Icke. You who are presenting people with ‘almost impossible to beleive facts’. You who demand so much of YOUR audience, and yet FAIL miserably to live up to these demands in your own actions. You demand ‘do as I say, not as I do’. You demand others behave differently to yourself. You demand others treat you differently to how you treat people who your potential audience will find YOU just as hard to believe and comprehend, as YOU find a few of David Icke’s beliefs ‘challenging’. In fact, ‘too hard for you to even consider with an open mind’.

Oh, but back to something about Brendon I find totally inexcusable, repugnant, and abhorrent. And it relates to his being a ‘lapsed’ ‘Catholic’ a.k.a ‘Cannibal Vampire Zombie Jesus Cult’ member. Brendon, I insist you do some soul searching and be as demanding of your own behavior as you are of others. I insist you publicly denounce and renounce comments you have publically made concering the Old Testament genocide of the Israelites. For those comments explicitly justify to any person who subscribes to the ideology of Semitism, whether they are ‘Jews’ or merely ‘Zionist Christians’, the current genocide of the Palestinians, and the coming genocide of all those people and peoples who will not serve the jew world order.

Brendon shocked me, but also ‘continued the typical dogmatic religious pattern’, when he explicitly defended the biblical holocaust committed by the Israelites in the Old Testament as justified and reasonable. He used the Israelites own war propaganda to justify their war crimes. Their genocide. I was appalled. He was using arguments similar to the ones the most repugnant of Semitic Jews in the Israeli state use today to justify their current genocidal practises and war crimes.

Just because some ‘Jew’ claims that ‘Caananites sacrificed their first born children to their god’, or that they were ‘sinners’, does NOT give ANYONE the right to murder them all, steal their land, and in some cases, enslave all their virgin girls as sex slaves, does it?

And please explain, dear Brendon, how ‘ripping apart pregnant women’ fits into your position? Does ripping apart pregnant women, or keeping all the virgin girls as sex slaves, to be handed from jew to jew, when they become bored with them, somehow reduce the amount of sin or death in the land of Canaan?

You REALLY need to do some soul searching. Then humbly apologise to the entire world, for your comments on the biblical holocaust committed by the jew world order.

Or are you happy to leave the ideological floodgates open, so that your very own arguments, or arguments that are in principle the same, should be used to justify the jew world order’s treatment of YOU, the Palestinian people, Islam, Germany, Nazi Germany, Herr Hitler, national socialists, Syrians, Iraqui’s, Americans, Canadians, French people, Australians, and ultimately the entire ‘non-jewish’ peoples of the world, and probably 99% of the self-defined ‘jews’ as well?

Please watch that video yourself to see what I mean. It is sadly typical of ‘religious’ people that they are totally blind to their own hypocrisy. They have one set of rules for their own dogmatic beliefs’ and a totally different, more scientific, more skeptical, much more demanding, set of rules for other people’s beliefs.

Richie Allen exposed the leading ‘man-made global warming’ skeptic for HIS hypocrisy in criticising David Icke while himself subscribing to much more ludicrous, absurd, and infantile beliefs as a member of the ‘Cannibal Vampire Zombie Jesus cult’. Brendon O’Connell is a self-professed ‘lapsed’ member of this cult. Members call it ‘The Catholic Church’. Indifferent skeptics free of its dogma can rightfully ‘call it out’ for what it is. The eating of the flesh and drinking of the blood of a zombie (resurrected from the dead) Jesus. Now you tell me which ‘belief’ is MORE absurd and deserving of our criticism?

Here I wish to thank Richie Allen for his brilliantly apt observations, and his admirable loyalty to his friends, and to the principles of skepticism which are the bedrock of all we stand for. Richie could have let his ‘guest’ get away with off-hand, flippant, insulting, defamatory, damaging comments relating to David Icke, but he chose not to simply ‘take the easy way and ‘let it go’, instead he ‘called’ his guest on his comments. He ‘called him out’. He didn’t move his ‘line in the sand’ backwards for fear of losing a guest or viewers. He did not leave his friend to be ridiculed by a hypocrite, simply as a matter of ‘pragmatism’ or ‘political astuteness’. He stood up for our principles. He stood up for his friend. He would NOT let his guest get away with ‘cheap shots’ and apalling hypocrisy.

It is up to each of us to decide where to draw the line in the sand. Where to be ‘accomodating’ and ‘keep mum’ and where to go full throttle, full bore, full frontal. It is NOT for any one of us to openly, publicly, criticise anyone else, let alone ridicule them, and by implication, ridicule our who truth and justice movement.

The person being labelled ‘mentally ill’, of all people, should be the last to ever even consider labelling someone ELSE as a ‘nutter’. I thought the karma of injustice was meant to teach us NOT to judge others. That suffering was there to teach us to avoid INFLICTING suffering on others. That being lied about might teach us never to lie about others. That being enslaved might give us a distaste for slavery in general, so that we refuse to become slave owners and slave masters. That the experience of being used as a mere means to other being’s ends might teach us to refuse to ever benefit at a cost to another sentient being, let along use them as mere means to OUR own ends. Or is karma a filter, allowing only those who are capable of learning its lessons up into the ‘higher realms’?

Surely we manifest what we ourselves resonate? Obadiah warned us, after all, ‘For as you do unto others, so shall be done unto you’. This warning is one of the very few passages in the ‘Bible’ worthy of being reproduced and taught. But it seems the hardest lesson of all to learn. And maybe not all ‘souls’ are capable of learning it? And these souls will return to world’s such as this one over and over, until they do? Isn’t THAT what the most advanced spiritual teachings and philosophies have to teach us?

Now please take a deep breath. And digest this. Have you ever considered, Mr O’Connell, that your other favorite target, Syria Girl, may be self-censoring on the subject of Israel as a judgement call? She may figure that she can do more good for Syria, and her people, by refraining from criticisng Israel in any way. Look at what happens when you criticise Israel? What good could she do Syria if her youtube channel is taken down and SHE is put in prison? HAve you thought that she may be avoiding, in principle, EXACTLY what you are criticising David Icke for doing? Namely, discrediting herself and our entire movement by speaking up about things that people find just to hard to digest and deal with?

Like you may have sub-consciously chosen to do with National Socialism, ‘The Holocaust hoax’, and Nazi Germany?

Why should YOU get to decide which ‘truth’ is ‘too much’ for our audience? Which ‘truth’ might deter a potential recruit from even listening to us in the first place? Which ‘truth’ we would best keep to ourselves, at least until our audience is ‘up to speed’ and has succesfully navigated a very steep learning curve of awareness?

Who are YOU to decide what is ‘simply impossible and therefore crazy talk’? Look at all the glass around you, dear valued resistance-figher of the truth and justice movement. Can YOU of all people really AFFORD to risk being ‘hoisted by your own petard?’. Can you really afford being ‘judged’ by the same ‘measures’ by which you judge others in our truth and justice movement? Do you perhaps have a camel in your throat? While you strain at David Icke’s ‘gnat’? Do you perhaps have a log in your own eye that prevents you seeing your own hypocrisy, as you worry about the ‘speck’ in the eye of David Icke? Or potentially even ‘Syria Girl’?

I was extremely wary of revealing the facts about ‘The Holocaust hoax’ and ‘Nazi Germany’, for fear that it would be simply too much truth for my potential audience to take in at once. That I might be ‘shooting myself in the foot’ by revealing too much, too soon. I might lose potential viewers, audience, and truth and justice activists, by revealing everything to them all at once.

I was loathe even to publish my writings, and finally complete book, on ‘Religion’, for fear it would be ‘too much’ for people. I waited until I had a positive alternative to the ‘noble’ lies of ‘Religion’.

Where do we draw the line in the sand? At Hitler being a heroic, noble, valiant, courageous, brilliant, compassionate, nice guy? At Germany being the VICTIMS of World War One and World War Two? At jews controlling the mass media? Hollywood? The finance system? Should I leave all that out, for fear of being just too demanding of my potential audience? Might I discredit our whole movement, by revealing something that might be ‘too uncomfortable’ for our potential audience to comprehend? Too scary? Too politically incorrect?

If I just leave out all the Nazi stuff, the Hitler stuff, the jew world order stuff, and just focus on the Banking system, without mentioning ‘Jews’, maybe I would, like most ‘alt media’ that does all this, gain a much greater audience. Maybe I could ‘hook’ them with the harmless stuff, and then slowly ‘reel them into’ the deeper water, and reveal the ‘harder to accept’ stuff?

This is what all the controlled media do. This is what those we suspect of being controlled media do. It is hard to tell which group is really ‘paid up kosher alt media’ and which is really just ‘being cautious’ and ‘politically adept’.

Do you think David Icke should have ‘drawn the line’ at some point? In the interests of our truth and justice movement? O.K. That is something we should debate among ourselves.

You complain of the lack of mutual support in our movement. So aren’t your own actions hypocritical? Whose interests were served by your comments? Who benefitted from them? Our movement or our enemies?

How many videos could have been produced using the resources you have consumed in your own struggle, legal battles, and associated ‘travels’?

None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes. We all courageosly struggle on, accepting our failures, and not letting them stop us from moving forward. Not letting our imperfections and unfortunate decisions stop us from getting on with the task at hand.

So this discussion was intended as food for thought for you, our dearly valued, beloved, respected, admired, and appreciated comrade in arms, Mr Brendon O’Connell, and all the rest of you in the truth and justice movement.

This discussion was intended to increase unity and solidarity among ‘free’ people who are bound to suffer from the same ‘incredulity’ and ‘unwillingness to have our own belief systems challenged’ that the people we are seeking to reach out to are bound to suffer from.

We of all people cannot afford to throw stones. To ridicule. To adhere to any beliefs dogmatically. To refuse to give up our own ‘pet’ beliefs when they are debunked. To close our minds to anything.

We must practise what we preach. We must be role models of skepticism. We must suspend disbelief as we ask others to suspend judgement. We must throw off all prejudices. All assumptions. All dogma. All ‘self-evident’ truths. We must challenge everything. We must interrogate our own belief systems. We may not assume anything. We may never take anything as ‘natural’ or ‘self-evident’. We may never ‘believe’ simply based on the authority or transferred authority that is the source of that belief. We must doubt everything. Believe nothing. Keep an open mind. Seek the truth.

I offer my TROONATNOOR books as the optimal tools and ‘weapons’ in this struggle. A struggle with our SELVES as much as with any external ‘enemy’.

If you don’t want to pay a cent, you can download all my books from my TROONATNOOR Patreon page. AFTER reading them you can chose to make a donation to my Paypal account. If you need paper-backs then go to LULU.COM. The downloads are mobi, epub, and pdf.

What I’d really love for you to do, in reciprocation of my effort, sacrifice, and risk, is to GO VEGAN.

For as you do unto others, so shall be done unto you.

The TRUE insanity is to believe you can treat other sentient beings as mere means to your own ends, as your slaves, and victimise and exploit them, to treat them with injustice, and to deny them their truth and reality, and act with malice and violence towards them, and then to expect the world, and other sentient beings, to treat you with justice, compassion, kindness, honesty, goodwill, beneficience, and generosity.

It is true that I will be defined as ‘irrational’ by most psychopaths, sociopaths, and mentally ill people, for NOT abusing the power I might enjoy over other sentient beings to satisfy my selfish urges, impulses, desires, and compulsions. To increase my own power, and pleasure. To focus on my own pleasure and relief. To focus on avoiding pain. To focus on maintaining and increasing the benefits that are to be had at the expense of other sentient beings.

Sadly this world is currently ruled by such people.

But the moment YOU decide NOT to go along with them, to get along, and reject THEIR definitions, they will lose ALL their power.

TROONATNOOR Patreon (where you will find downloads of all my books at no cost to you) TROONATNOOR WordPress. TROONATNOOR bitchute. Jewtube channel ‘markus rehbach’.

And remember

Truth is kryptonite to the jew world order. Because the truth will set you free.

And even though all ‘truth’ may be merely reflexive, what counts is the SEARCH for the truth. Honesty. THAT is the way you will ‘raise’ your resonant frequency and ‘manifest’ the kingdom of heaven that is within you.

But as long as you are dishonest with yourself about TROONATNOOR and my ‘Optimal ethics generator, you will remain at this world’s current resonant frequency, and thus continue to manifest this world as it is, with all its evils, pain, suffering, misery, and despair.

My TROONATNOOR books are all about ‘escaping history’ by refusing to reproduce, from this moment to the next, yourself, and this world, as it is.

The ‘Bardot’ of opportunity is ‘NOW’. Cease reproducing the past, and you will open up a new universe of positive alternatives.

It is YOUR response-ability. Reproduce the past, and the world as it is, from one moment to the next. Or break the cycle. Stop. Think. Listen. Feel. Don’t just reproduce, from moment to moment, all your old beliefs, assumptions, prejudices, and dogmas.

My current book project is the capstone to my TROONATNOOR project. Please encourage me to continue with that Herculean task, by reading my existing books, emailing me with encouragement, and if you really want to reward me, to reciprocate, then GO VEGAN. Then I will consider any debt you might possibly have to me, no matter who you are and what nasty things you did to me in my past, as fully paid for. As fully cleared. And you will have my eternal gratefulness and goodwill.

Happy Next Lives ? What seeds are you planting for those future harvests?

markus 🙂



Saving us, and the 'Jews' from the Cult of Judah, and its 'Jew' World Order

Truth is the ‘Jews’ Kryptonite. Because ‘The truth shall set you free’

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If anyone is willing to publish any of these titles more professionally, I would of course work on them to make them as perfect as possible. That said, I have (literally) put a HELL of a lot of sweat, sacrifice, effort, migraine-cluster headache-sinus infection-nausea-back-shoulder pain, sleepless nights, frustration, irritation, mental anguish, (it was literally a traumatic experience), and of course masses of goodwill and love, into these books. I have lived decades in economic, social, and romantic-sexual poverty, in order to be free to devote my time and effort to them.  I wrote them to serve a purpose, and I feel they have come as close as possible to achieving that purpose as I could have hoped for them.

Remember that the final ‘edit’ is always done by you, the reader. I hope you enter into this final edit with goodwill and love.

Markus Rehbach

4 July, 2016

Nine Eleven (Five minutes to Midnight?)

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This book explains what 911 really means. What happened. Who did what when. And why. It then places 911 in the context of the New World Order, Zionism, Central Banking, and the ‘shadow government’ that has been playing us all for fools for so long. This is probably your best chance at understanding what is going on. This is probably your last chance to change the course of events. Please make sure you read this as soon as you can, and get your friends to read it too. You could spend months searching for this information, and then years trying to ‘join the dots’. It has taken me decades to get to the stage where I can present the truth to anyone who is intellectually able, but more importantly, emotionally willing, to accept the truth. The whole truth may yet elude us, but I have presented enough of it to justify a compelling and urgent call to be put out to anyone who still believes in the idea of personal freedom, democracy, and justice. I have included compressed versions of the Old and New Testaments, ‘Mein Kampf’, and ‘The Protocols of The Elders of Zion’ so that you can place the current events in perspective. Once you understand how the U.S petro-dollar and Central Banking function, and how they tricked us all on 911, me included, you will be outraged at how the mass media have duped us all.

Welcome to the New World Order

I am a man standing on a speeding train. You are standing on the platform. If I reach out my hand to you, at least one of us is going to get hurt. This book, and my ‘911:five minutes to midnight’ are my attempt to ‘bring you up to speed’. Until you have read this book, your mind will be closed to the very important message many people are trying to share with you at this critical moment.

Science fiction fantasy adventure. Every now and then someone is plucked from obscurity into greatness. You can never predict who it will be. It might be you. You may even be surprised to find that your worst enemy becomes your best friend. You may find your little world suddenly expanding, opening up a galaxy of adventure and mystery.

Science fiction fantasy adventure. Every now and then someone is plucked from obscurity into greatness. You can never predict who it will be. It might be you. You may even be surprised to find that your worst enemy becomes your best friend. You may find your little world suddenly expanding, opening up a galaxy of adventure and mystery. It has often been said that ‘the last shall be the first’, and that only the truly humble are fit to rule. O.P is feeling pretty down at heel, the terrified and crushed victim of Renshaw, the school bully, living in a council flat, having his hair cut by his uncle, and wearing supermarket clothes, and even worse, supermarket shoes. Things do not look at all promising for O.P. But then his ‘Uncle’ Roy reveals a secret, and they begin a frantic race to escape the clutches of a conspiracy that aims to bring the galaxy back to the dark ages before ‘Optimalisation’. This book is Science Fiction’s challenge to Harry Potter. It seeks the highest ideals of great science fiction fantasy.

Veil of Ignorance

Just as the world’s population is about to reach 7 Billion, its seemingly unstoppable momentum is halted. ‘Year Zero’. ‘The Crisis’. While the Pope is being outed as a ‘dead-beat dad’, and Vatican officials are caught by the world’s media arguing with robots, a very close knit group of people are in a pitched race to the finish line with the Zionist New World Order conspirators. Who will win?

While Jules and Luc, with their Vegan Co-op, seek to positively transform the world, by eliminating all forms of violence, and liberating human consciousness and sexuality from the chains of two millennia of perverse ‘noble’ lies a.k.a ‘religion’, Vatican officials are caught on television cameras arguing with robots. This after the Pope has already been cited in a class action lawsuit as a ‘dead-beat dad’, in an action demanding the Vatican pay child-maintenance for over 20 million children.

But the concept of ‘child maintenance’ is about to be turned upon its head. For just as the world’s population is about to reach 7 Billion, its seemingly unstoppable momentum is halted. ‘Year Zero’. ‘The Crisis’. Suddenly every living creature known to man has ceased reproducing. The last baby born becomes an international star. Decades later the appearance of a kitten becomes a world media mystery. Who would have thought? But who is behind all this? Have the New World Order Zionist’s been beaten to the finish line? But the thing is, most of those actively involved in the conspiracy have no idea. Maybe you are part of it. Only when the veil of ignorance has been lifted will you know for sure. And then we will be left asking the question. What comes next?

Songs, Poems, and Music of The Philosopher-Prophet of The Eden Protocols

A collection of my original songs, poems, and music for voice, guitar, and piano.

I wanted to be, a writer of books, a writer of songs, a writer of wrongs. I wanted to be. What happened? You tell me. A collection of my original songs, poems, and music for voice, guitar, and piano. I have been writing and working on these songs for years. I have made basic recordings, sketches, which you can listen to at my Troonatnoor Soundcloud. I would love to find people willing to collaborate with me as musicians and/or producers, to realise the full potential of these songs and music.

User Guides: Experience Engine Type HUMAN

Don’t you think that life should have come with a user guide? Well Clarissa Sophia von der Golz thinks so. This is her idea of a starting point. What do you think?

Don’t you think that life should have come with a user guide? Well Clarissa Sophia von der Golz thinks so. And this is her idea of the basic ‘user guide’ for the ‘experience engine’ ‘type: HUMAN’. She would love to know what you would add. This is just a start. So put all six of your thinking caps on, put your heart in the right place, and lets begin.

Sex Life

Clarissa is a teenager born to wealth and privilege. With an IQ of 143, she has benefited from tutoring from some of the world’s most brilliant minds. She has experienced a freedom few teenagers ever get to enjoy. She has decided to publish a fairly loosely structured set of insights in the form of this book. She has had sexual experiences most people would envy, and a few less than desirable ones

Clarissa is a teenager born to wealth and privilege. With an IQ of 143, she has benefited from tutoring from some of the world’s most brilliant minds. She has experienced a freedom few teenagers ever get to enjoy. She has decided to publish a fairly loosely structured set of insights in the form of this book. We, the editors, have not interfered. The style is her own. The views her own. The experiences distinctly her own. Clarissa hopes this book will be read by teenagers, however she fears it will only be made available to adult readers due to what she views as censorship and slavery. So we, the publisher, will have to leave it up to you, the reader, to decide if you will allow your under-18 dependents to read it. We must warn the reader that it is sexually explicit. It details Clarissa’s sexual adventures. Some of these she pursued actively. Some of these she found herself having without being quite sure how she had ended up in them. But this is not just a book for ‘perves’, as she herself would call many readers, with the greatest affection and approbation. It is also a book for thinkers. In fact it is for people who tend to think about life, and sex, and not just blunder their way through both.

The Mall

Romance, erotic encounters, and fascinating and humorous discussions, can all take place without plan or warning. Isn’t that, after all, our secret hope, each time we set off to visit The Mall? Our trip to the mall might even raise our ethics just a little, and leave us with the distinct promise, that, perhaps after all, not all hope is false, and that maybe not all our efforts are in vain.

Ancient Athens’ Marketplace’, the ‘Agora’ was where Plato’s Socrates ‘threshed out the grains of truth from the chaff’, ‘playing ‘mid-wife’ to wisdom’.

Today’s ‘Agora’ is ‘The mall’. Like in ancient Athens, this is where people go to shop, to meet people, and just hang around, socialise, and talk, as interlocutors discussing the trivial, along with the more important issues of life. As in ancient times, romance, erotic encounters, and fascinating and humorous discussions, can all take place without plan or warning. Isn’t that, after all, our secret hope, each time we set off to visit The Mall? What we experience at the Mall might even raise our ethics just a little, and leave us with the distinct promise, that, perhaps after all, not all hope is false, and that maybe not all our efforts are in vain.

Lucid Dreaming: The Mystery Of The Dreamer And The Dream

Lucid dreaming is the state in which you can control what happens to you in your dreams. You can become a ‘dream-producer’, and produce any manner of experiences. Anything you can imagine, you can lucid dream. Imagine the possibilities!

Lucid dreaming is the state in which you can control what happens to you in your dreams. You can become a ‘dream-producer’, and produce any manner of experiences. Anything you can imagine, you can lucid dream. Imagine the possibilities! But lucid dreaming also raises many questions which Carlos Castaneda, among many others, put in a productive context. This book is a guide to becoming a competent, reliable lucid dreamer. It considers what opportunities lucid dreaming can offer the practitioner, from the more mystical, to the practical, to the sensual. It contains a range of exercises which, when followed, will open all these possibilities of lucid dreaming up to you . For some the results will be immediate. Others will require months of preparation.

Tales Of Romance Terror And Treachery Sung Seng Nim A Tale Of Two Faces Marx Herbach And The Swan From Moscow With Loathe An English Teacher’s Experiences In Korea, Poland, And Moscow

Autobiographical details of my experiences as an English teacher in South Korea, Poland, and Moscow. Cautionary tales for prospective English teachers. These really are tales of romance, terror, and treachery. They provide insights into a very exploitative industry. Before paying for a T.E.S.O.L certificate read this book, to get a taste of the ‘career’ you are considering.

Autobiographical details of my experiences as an English teacher in South Korea, Poland, and Moscow. These really are tales of romance, terror, and treachery. They provide insights into a very exploitative industry. Before you invest lots of money in a T.E.S.O.L certificate read this book, to get a taste of what the ‘career’ you are considering is really like. Cautionary tales for prospective English teachers. I don’t try to rubbish anyone. I let the facts speak for themselves. Maybe you will judge me harshly too? Who knows. But it is better to be prepared, than caught off guard. You might get lucky. But if you, like the many people who responded to my web pages citing their own terrible treatment at the hands of overseas English schools, do get into trouble, you will be ready to deal with it. You won’t leave yourself exposed and vulnerable to the worst. As a taxi driver I learned the hard way to ask for fares up front. So if you gain nothing else from this book, at least you will gain that. If schools will not agree to basic requests on your part, and insist that you ‘trust them’, then I recommend that you do NOT trust them. Read on to see what sort of pitfalls await the naive travelling teacher. This book is also a book about real life romance. Real life human relationships. Real life per se. It is honest. It is authentic. It is often embarrassing. I dedicate it to my real life ‘Swan’, ‘Lilith’, and to my source of sunshine in Moscow ‘Sunny’, and all the good people who were so nice to me. Things could have gone much worse than they did, if not for the kindness of strangers. O.K, so no noble savages to be found. But still some light in a dark world. A spark that, given enough air to breathe, and a little enlightenment, might actually issue forth a flame if we are courageous and patient enough. A flame to light the darkness. To bring light to the world. The light of truth, justice, and beauty.

Your Vocal Training Guide

This book will help you find your own unique voice, free it, and then make the most of it. In the process you will cure your TMJ, improve your posture and sex appeal, and reduce the severity and frequency of migraines.

This books will help you find your own unique voice, free it, and then make the most of it. In the process you will cure your TMJ, improve your posture and sex appeal, and reduce the severity and frequency of migraines. It is based on a ‘Speech level’ singing method, along with elements of ‘The Alexander Method’, and various self-help exercises designed by chiropractors for the treatment of TMJ, and migraine. This book is for anyone who wants to improve their posture, confidence, sex appeal, and of course their singing voice. it will improve their range, intonation, and clarity. It will put them on the path to discovering the full potential of their own unique voice. This book will be welcome by anyone who suffers from poor posture, migraines, or TMJ. All the exercises here worked for me. I was amazed at the positive difference the exercises have made to my life, and my singing. I am glad to be able to present them to you.


A holistic interrogation of religion detailing the evolution of religious beliefs and practices from pre-historic times to the present day, from the position of holistic philosophy

A holistic interrogation of religion detailing the evolution of religious beliefs and practices from pre-historic times to the present day, from the position of holistic philosophy. This book is intended to form part of the foundation for a true informed consent, based on a holistic understanding of The Reality Of Our Natures And The Nature Of Our Realities. The author’s aim is to work toward the elimination of all forms of violence and injustice, and towards truly holistically informed consent. This book is intended to form a basis for a compulsory High-School course on comparative religion.

Optimal English

The ‘Phrasal-Syntax’ approach to teaching and learning English as a Second Language is informed by an understanding of how the ‘English’ language has evolved over the last two thousand years. This book first offers a brief description of the evolution of the ‘English’ language. It then offers ideas that can be put into practice in the classroom.

The ‘Phrasal-Syntax’ approach to teaching and learning English as a Second Language is informed by an understanding of how the ‘English’ language has evolved over the last two thousand years. This book first offers a brief description of the evolution of the ‘English’ language. It then offers ideas that can be immediately put into practice in the classroom. Included are fun activities for classes of all ages. The author has spent decades teaching English as a Second Language in Australia, England, Poland, Germany, South Korea, and Russia. You can read about my experiences in my other TROONATNOOR books.This book provides a great brief overview of the evolution of the language which we today call English. It also provides a great short course in linguistics to show how languages have evolved in general. The aim of the author is not the monetization of his insights, but the promotion of a vision where the entire world shares one language in common, and the optimal system for learning and teaching it, both to adults and children.

An Education in Victimisation

Essential reading for anyone who is, or is thinking of becoming, a teacher, this book details my personal experiences of workplace victimisation with the New South Wales Department of Education. It then goes on to place my personal experiences in the context of international research into mobbing.

Essential reading for anyone who is, or is thinking of becoming, a teacher, this book details my personal experiences of workplace victimisation with the New South Wales Department of Education. It then goes on to place my personal experiences in the context of international research into mobbing. It should inform attempts to gain legal justice for victims of mobbing. First mobbing must be identified as a form of violence. This book also raised fundamental questions about the abuse of psychiatry by governments. ‘HealthQuesting’ was even more common than I had envisaged at the time of my own victimisation. As far as I know none of its victims has yet to be given justice, let alone compensation. This book is a warning to anyone who trusts the Government. Anyone who believes that the Government will be held accountable by the legal justice system. Finally this book is a call for the socialisation of the legal profession. As long as only the rich can afford legal justice, we cannot speak of a ‘justice system’.


Convergences between my own ideas as expressed in TROONATNOOR volume one, and the thoughts and arguments of the greatest minds who ever dared express their ideas.

This book reveals the many convergences between my own ideas and those of the most brilliant thinkers of the last few thousand years, including the most recent cognitive and neuro-scientists. My works are always holistic. This book will teach you a lot of things you will want to know. It will help you avoid the common mistakes even the greatest minds make in daily life. My books are the result of decades of reading and thinking and living and experimenting. Save yourself a lot of trouble and learn from other’s mistakes. Start the race from where the other’s finished, rather than at the very beginning.

The Reality Of Our Natures And The Nature Of Our Realities

Introducing The Holistic Philosopher, The Philosopher-Prophet of The Eden Protocols and the new ethics technology, ‘The Optimal Ethics Generator’

This book offers everything you can expect from Philosophy. It answers many questions you already have, and many that you might never have thought of asking. Yes, it is about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. This book interrogates The Realities Of Our Nature, And The Nature Of Our Realities TROONATNOOR, providing the basis for a truly holistically informed consent. In the process we de-construct a lot of ‘junk’ philosophy.


A selection of items relating to my TROONATNOOR series of fiction and non-fiction. They will introduce you to The Holistic Philosopher, The Philosopher-Prophet of The Eden Protocols, and a new ethics technology ‘The Optimal Ethics Generator’, which will one day be introduced in the form of ‘The Veil of Ignorance’.

Sound Foundations Recording, Mixing, Mastering Audio Engineering Reference Guide 2015 Troonatnoor Edition

Your complete guide to recording, mixing, and mastering. An Audio Engineering reference covering everything you need to know about home studio design, speakers, microphones, microphone positioning, MIDI recording and editing, and mastering. Includes a guide to recording industry contracts. No matter how experienced or new you are to the field, this guide is guaranteed to offer you something

Your complete guide to recording, mixing, and mastering. An Audio Engineering reference covering everything you need to know about home studio design, speakers, microphones, microphone positioning, how to optimally set up any laptop for use as a Digital Audio Workstation, all manner of microphone techniques for pre-EQ, stereo mic’ing, MIDI recording and editing, and mastering. Includes a guide to recording industry contracts. No matter how experienced or new you are to the field, this guide is guaranteed to offer you something. Learn how to use whatever microphones you do have to approximate the sound you really want. Learn how to mic up a complete drum kit using one, two, or twenty microphones. Learn how to manage singers, and get the best performance. Learn how to set up a drum kit or guitar to get ‘that’ sound you have heard on your favorite recordings. Learn how to use compressors creatively and effectively, not just to manage dynamics, but to get ‘that’ sound you are after. Learn the facts about the loudness wars, and mixing for radio. Learn what matters and what doesn’t. Learn how to interpret technical specifications for all manner of studio gear with a grain of salt. In this way you will learn what you need to know. You will learn how best to invest your home recording budget. This guide is based on the ‘sound’ principles of TROONATNOOR.

City of The Sun

When the paths of the beautiful French heiress, the ‘Mistress of Carcassonne’ and the neurotic genius and Hollywood movie writer-producer Xob S’ardnap, cross, they soon find themselves deep in a mystery. And in love. But what of Akhenaton, and the Priests at On? What of their vision of a utopian society? What of the many thousand year conspiracy of ‘The Knights of Aton’? Soon all will be revealed

In the final days of the reign of Amenhotep IV Moses leaves with a treasure, leading the Egyptian Generals on a mad dash to recover it. Little do they realise this was a mere diversion. For the true treasure was just then being secreted out of ‘The City of The Sun’. What is the difference between madness and genius? Why do so many geniuses end up isolated, lonely, even locked up in mental asylums? Who is Kim Jestem, the man who is ‘legally no-one’? Who is Xob S’arodnap? What role could they possibly have to play in a mystery that spans thousands of years. In a secret order beginning with The Priests at On, and continuing with the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, self-named Akhenaton, who married his sister Nefertiti, and built his ‘City of the Sun’ at On, only to find himself the victim of the Priesthood he had disenfranchised of wealth and power, dying by his own hand as his wonderful city was being destroyed around him. But not before he had ensured the safety of the greatest treasure ever known to humanity. And not before leaving behind a set of clues to a puzzle that only an enlightened one, with a heart of purest gold, would ever be able to solve. A mystery that spans the continents, involving leading historical figures from The Knights Templar, to the ‘Man of Steel’ himself, Stalin. Who will win the mad race to realise their New World Orders, the Zionists, or the Knights of Aton? What possible role could the beautiful young heiress Clarissa Sophia, the ‘Mistress of Carcassonne’ play in all of this? And what of agent ZZ and Sophie, with their Hollywood A-team? What role will they play in the machinations of A-group, who feel pushed to realise the plans of The Priests At On, either now or never? Thousands of years of work could amount to nothing, if Xob S’ardonap is not willing to take the heavy burden upon himself. Each one of us owes the world a life. He is ready to give his. But to take the responsibility for billions of lives? What does it take to accept that responsibility, now that he has the response-ability.

Avoiding the Protein Plague (and the Fructose Epidemic)

This books is all about the perils of high protein diets, fructose, meat, eggs, and milk. This book will probably surprise you as much as I was surprised when researching it. The good news is that it is much simpler to gain the optimal nutrition than we have been mislead to believe. No more worries about ‘am I getting enough protein’.

This book explains the modern Western epidemics of cancer, osteoporosis, kidney disease, obesity, arthritis, depression, anxiety, hyper-tension, heart disease (heart attacks and strokes), and senescence, in the context of the recent massive overdoses of protein, especially from animal sources, that have become the new norm. In evolutionary terms such high protein diets are new. We simply have not evolved in a high protein diet environment. This fact appears to be mirrored in cancer rates that are today many thousands of times higher than they were just a few generations ago.

This book is about remaining physically and mentally vital into our eighties and beyond.

We will clear up the many myths. These have been both deliberately propagated both by professional ‘deceivers’ known in the mass media, and accidentally, by otherwise well intentioned nutritionists.

We will see just how easy it is to ensure you and your loved ones are guaranteed an optimal nutrition. It is so much easier, cheaper, and simpler than I ever imagined.

This book includes guides on how to make amazingly cheap and tasty soy milks and tofus at home for a fraction of the typical supermarket prices.

Remember that we all share the health costs incurred by the Western diet. Will you or your loved ones be the next patients refused treatment by your health insurance fund because all the resources of that fund have to be rationed? Simply because they have been depleted on illnesses and diseases that could have been prevented and avoided, with a little effort, self-discipline, education, and good will?

Saving us, and the 'Jews' from the Cult of Judah, and its 'Jew' World Order

Racial vilification laws should make ‘Holocaust’ films, and the ‘official’ version of 911 ‘Hate Crimes’ if all ‘races’ were treated equally under the law

Offical statement of ‘offense’ and of knowledge of clear intention to racially villify on the part of the makers and distributors of ‘The Toymaker’ (And every other ‘Holocaust’ book every written or film ever made)

Firstly, know you for an obvious, easy to prove, verify, document, and research fact, in case you were not aware, that the motive and intention of nine eleven, like the mass murder of the crew of the U.S.S Liberty, was to demonise Islam and Arabs, and incite the entire world to fear, and kill, Arabs and Muslims. The motive and intention of most of the ‘false flags’ and ‘CIA orchestrated genuine terrorist attacks and revolutions around the world, is to demonise Islam and Arabs, so that the public in the ‘West’ will support or at least tolerate the mass murder of Arabs and Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, and so on.

In the same way, the motive and intent of ‘The treaty of Versailles’ and ‘The Holocaust’ was and is to demonise Germany, and Germans, and then Nazism, National Socialism, and Hitler, and to justify all the war crimes committed AGAINST Germany and Germans during and between and after both world wars. This is easily demonstrable, documented, verifyable, provable, beyond any reasonable doubt.

These facts dove-tail with the following strategy for using the ‘jew world order’s’ own system against it, and in the interests of real justice for Germans, Palestinians, Muslims, Arabs, Iraquis, Syrians, Libyans, Africans, and every other victim of the jew World order.

Now as far as all precedents and court cases regarding ‘racial villification’, it appears that all that matters is the intention of the person making the comments, that another finds offensive, and racially based, and villifying.

In every instance where someone has been accused by a Jew of anti-semitic, racial villification (using the laws totally arbitrary and meaningless definition, and not my own clear, precise, and useful definition of ‘anti-semitism’), the judges determined, and instructed any jury members in the case of jury trials, to ignore ‘facts’.

Legally, it does not matter whether the statement you made that the ‘Jew’ finds offensive is factual or not. And let’s not play games here. It is Jews who got the laws written and enforced, and it is Jews who have been the ones having people charged, prosecuted, and imprisoned for ‘breaking’ these laws. It is exclusively ‘Jews’ that are the ‘beneficiarys’ of these laws.

And in fact all some ‘Jew’ needs to do is claim they find that statement offensive, and that they ‘know’ that my motive for writing it is an irrational hatred of ‘jews’ and a desire to incite hatred against the putative ‘race’ of ‘Jews’, and they could have ME charged and prosecuted and jailed for merely writing this.

So if you call a convicted pedophile ‘Jew’ a padophile, they can have you charged with anti-semtic racial villification, simply by claiming they know, through mind reading, or who knows how, that your INTENTION was to racially villify them. That your motive was an irrational hatred of Jews. That you were motivated by what is conventionally termed ‘anti-semitism’, and NOT by the fact that they are a criminal pedophile.

So this should mean that if some ‘Jew’ calls me a ‘nazi’, it does not matter if I have swastika’s drawn all over my body, am wearing a replica SS uniform, and am a member of an openly declared national socialist or ‘neo-nazi’ group. These are all facts. And inadmissible in court. All that should matter, if the laws are to be consistently applied to Jews and non Jews alike, is that I claim to be offended, and ‘know’, ‘intuitively’, that the motive of the ‘jew’ was to racially villify me as belonging to the ‘German race’.

Now let’s take the most recent ‘Holohoax’ Jewish German demonisation / propaganda film ‘The Toymaker’. Now I AM extremely offended by the implications in this film. It, like the hundreds of ‘Holohoax’ films defaming Nazi Germany, are extremely offensive, and clearly intended to racially villify Germans, and Nazi’s in particular. Now we know these films are pure fiction, but in fact it should not matter whether they are totally historically accurate or pure fantasy.

If the laws are to be applied to non Jews as they have been so far exclusively applied in favor of Jews, then the directors, promoters, and distributors of ‘The Toymaker’ should all be open to prosecution and prison sentences, similar to those Brendan O’Connell was ‘punished’ with. The scriptwriter and the author of the book it was based on, if it was based on a novel, should all be given multi-year prison sentences for inciting the world’s populations to violence against Germans. And especially violence against Nazi’s. Especially any who like to wear SS uniforms.

The same goes for ANY and ALL ADL type racial villification of Nazi Germans.

The ‘Holocaust’ museum boards of directors should all be imprisoned for offending me and millions of others, and for racially villifying Nazi Germans, and Germans generally, and neo-Nazi’s. It is clear that there intent is this. They have been brainwashing children in Israel and around the world for decades with their irrational hatred of Nazi’s, of Germans, and of Nazi Germans in particular. Surely they would not even bother to deny this fact?

Now if the laws are to be applied consistently, independent of the ‘race’ of the ‘perpetrators’ and ‘victims’, then it ‘facts’ are inadmissible in court. Even if by some miracle the ‘Holocaust’ museum purveyors had any proof of any ‘holocaust’, this would be inadmissible. Irrelevant. For so far the ONLY thing of interest is that some party claim they have been ‘offended’, and that they impute the ‘intent’ to racially villify themselves as part of a ‘race’ or ‘religion’ to the ‘perpetrator’ of the ‘offensive’ video, movie, book, public statement, or whatever other ‘form’ was ‘intentionally’ used to ‘offend’ and ‘incite hatred or violence towards a group based on their ‘race’ or ‘religion’. Watch the film ‘Defamation’ if you need ‘evidence’ that in fact people HAVE been incited to want to ‘kill all germans’ by ‘The Holocaust’ films, books, and other media.

So clearly the judges can no longer claim that their motives are to protect the innocent from racial villification, or incitement to harm, or ‘irrational’ hatred based, ‘offensive’ materials.

I challenge someone to test my theory. Go to your local Western Australian police station and state that you find ‘The Toymaker’ film offensive, and are sure that the intention of the Directors, writers, and distributors, is to incite racial villification of your people, and is based in an irrational hatred of your people. Show the video excerpt of ‘Defamation’ the movie on my Jewtube channel as evidence. Get a petition signed by local German-Australians who feel ‘offended’ and ‘threatened’ and ‘at risk’ and who are ‘sure’ that the ‘intent’ of the film makers and distributors was to incite others to hate them, and harm them. Make it a class action lawsuit.

According to EVERY precedent it is irrelevant what the ‘accused’ claim. All that matters is YOU feel offended, and YOU ‘know’ for sure that their intent was racial villification and incitement. There is NO way to defend yourself against such charges. The judge MUST accept YOUR ability to ‘know’, by mind-reading and ‘intuition’, that the INTENT of the film makers and distributors is to racially villify and incite it’s audience.

If the law is applied consistently, using Brendon O’Connell’s case as a precedent, then the ‘defendants’ will NOT be allowed to bring in ANY ‘expert witnesses’ to give testimony that might ‘justify’ the content of the film. They will be forced to plead guilty. Because there is NO defense against the law as it has been written, and so far enforced.

Note that I can quote passages from the Semitic texts which form the official basis of ‘Semitism’ and ‘Jewishness’ and recent statements by the highest Israeli religious, political, and military figures, that openly villify all non-jews and incite ‘jews’ to kill men, women and children, and to enslave the entire world. But still, if I ‘hate’ the ideology of ‘Semitism’ or ‘Jewishness’, I will face jail sentences. Even though my response of self preservation and national security is perfectly rational and reasonable and lawful.

So ‘jews’ would NOT be allowed to refer to ‘The Nuremberg show trial verdicts’, any laws in any nation, any ‘testimony’ of alleged ‘Holocaust’ victims. It would not matter if they had a video of Adolf Hitler ordering the murder of every Jew in Europe, and hours of footage of gas chambers in operation, with Germans throwing jews alive into gas chambers.

If the law is applied consistently to jew and non-jew alike, then none of this ‘evidence’ would be admissible in court. The jurors would be told to ‘disregard’ any information they had been ‘given’ before entering the court. It is that simple. And THIS is what we need to highlight.

Because we have mountains of evidence of the jew world order conspiracy, and mass murder, and genocide, dating back to the Old Testament, and continuing right up to the present day. But no-one is ever going to be allowed to enter any of that evidence into any court records, since Ernst Zundel and David Irving DID do exactly that, and almost defeated the jew world order in court.

And please, if you are Islamic, or aware of the current demonisation of Islam and the role it plays in the jew world order plans, organise Muslim groups to lay charges against EVERY film maker and media outlet that actively and passively demonises Arabs and Islam, beginning with ANYONE who continues to promote the ‘official’ fiction of Arabs hijacking planes and flying them into the WTC and pentagon during nine eleven. The official ‘investigation’ was clearly motivated by anti-Islamic, racial and religious villification.

The actual events of nine eleven were all motivated by anti-Islamic, anti-religious, racial villification and incitement motives. THAT was one of the main motives for 911. A ‘new pearl harbor’ to ‘justify’ a ‘war on Islam’ and the invasions of Iraq etc that have resulted in the deaths of millions of Arabs and Muslims and Americans. Nine Eleven was used to cover up the largest financial crimes in the world’s history, but also to demonise Islam and Arabs, in the same way that ‘The Holocaust’ lies were used to demonise Nazi Germany, and ‘justify’ the allied war crimes against German civilians and even after the war was over, german military personnel, german industrialists, and german political leaders. The treaty of Versailles which demonised Germany, ascribing it, legally, and ‘morally’, the ‘sole guilt’ for World War One, is just an earlier expression of the jew world orders plans to destroy germany and genocidally eliminate Germans, by fire bombing and starvation, and today, by ‘weaponised immigration’.

Note that if the police and courts behave consistently, that is, treat your accusations the same as they have treated the ‘jews’ accusations against Brendon O’Connell and the ‘Holocaust correctionist historians’, then any ‘facts’ will be irrelevant. It will not matter what any other ‘authority’ such as the U.S goverment has ‘published’ on the subject of nine eleven. All you need to argue is that the MOTIVE and INTENT of the U.S government, and every other person or group who have placed the blame on Arabs and Islam for nine eleven, was the religious and racial villification of Islam and Arabs, and the incitement of their audience to racial and religious villification. In the case of nine eleven, the actual factual results are documented. The reporting on nine eleven, (even if it had been honest and factual and true, and not mere propagandistic lies and a massive cover-up, deliberately, or even ‘accidentally’, blaming Arabs and Islam for nine eleven), has clearly lead to the deaths of millions of people, most of whom are Arabic and/or Islamic. So the ‘victims’ cannot be overlooked. The ‘victim’s are documented in their millions, unlike ‘The Holocaust’ where almost NO records exist to support the claims of the ‘jew world order’ propagandists.

I am telling you for a fact, if you didn’t realise it, that the motive and intention of nine eleven, like the mass murder of the crew of the U.S.S Liberty, was to demonise Islam and Arabs, and incite the entire world to fear, and kill, Arabs and Muslims. The motive and intention of most of the ‘false flags’ and ‘CIA orchestrated genuine terrorist attacks and revolutions around the world, is to demonise Islam and Arabs, so that the public in the ‘West’ will support or at least tolerate the mass murder of Arabs and Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, and so on.

Of course probably you will be threatened with some sort of misdemeanour charge for making the accusations. The Muslim community will probably have a much better chance of forcing the police to take them seriously than the German community, especially any openly National Socialist or ‘neo-Nazi’ groups.

So be sure to document the entire process, filming your ‘victims’ seeking legal redresses for their suffering, and the police response. Fill out the paperwork and publish it immediately. Bring local press or other local ‘independent media’ people with you, to report on your attempt to gain justice.

If you film the entire process as a documentary, you will highlight the absurd nature of the law, and the fact that this law is nothing more than a typical form of Semitic exceptionalism, enforced by the ‘Jew-diciary’ as part of the jew world order plans for total hegemony of the entire world.

If you are interested, I would be happy to work on the project with you. We could highlight all the recent cases and historical cases where the defendants were charged by Jews, were not allowed to appeal to ‘facts’ or ‘experts’, and thus were never given a real chance to ‘defend’ themselves, let alone draw attention to the jew world order’s inordinate current power, and future plans to take total power of the entire world for themselves.

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Go Vegan


The ‘Rhythm’ method of natural birth control and family planning

The Ogino-Knaus (O.K) Method of family planning and birth control, often referred to as the ‘Rhythmmethod.

Kyusaku Ogino, of Japan, and Hermann Knaus, of Austria, independently arrived at the same conclusions which form the basis for the family planning method named after them. Their work was promoted by Leo Latz, in his 1932 publication of ‘The Rhythm of Sterility and Fertility in Women’.

Pope Pius XII even gave his Catholic (Zombie Jesus Cannibal Vampire Cult) practitioners ‘permission’ to use this method in the 1950s.

This method simply physically prevents viable sperm from being present in the fallopian tubes at the same time as a viable egg, thus preventing fertilization and conception and pregnancy.

Warning: Even if you follow all the rules and keep perfect records, authorities claim that the Knaus-Ogino Rhythm Method is only 91% effective at preventing pregnancy. So the assumption is that 9 in every 100 women using this method as their SOLE means of birth control, will become pregnant (at some point in their lives? Or each year? Or each month? Can anyone clarify this?).

Disclaimer: I am not a specialist on this subject, nor a doctor. So please do your own research to verify anything written here. But as far as I understand, this makes the O.K Rhythm method among the most effective and reliable methods of birth control. More reliable than condoms. Less reliable than ‘The Pill’, but only assuming to follow ALL the rules that come with any contraceptive pill prescription.

Ideally all men would have viable sperm samples harvested at the prime of their lives, BEFORE they begin engaging in penis in vagina sex, and then undergo Vasectomies, to ensure ZERO chance of unplanned pregnancies.

Men who do not wish to become unplanned biological fathers should consider this option. Especially men who already have biological children.

Condoms are NOT reliable enough if you are conscientious about taking your responsibilities seriously.

For many women condoms are not an option. Their partners may refuse to use them, or be unable to buy them for religious, economic, personal, or social reasons. Some men cannot ‘perform’ using them. Some men have ‘allergic’ reactions to the condom materials.

Many women suffer adverse reactions, and experience undesirable, adverse side effects to the contraceptive pill. Even where there are no immediate health problems, the longer term risks of contraceptive pill use may lead to a woman deciding not to avail herself of this option, even assuming it is available to her, that she can afford it, and that her social and religious beliefs and external controls ‘allow’ this option to be exercised.

Further, using this method means that the moment a woman decides she WANTS to become pregnant, she can begin actively realising her wish. Woman ‘coming off’ the pill often have to wait some time before they are once more fertile.

Many women fall pregnant while taking a contraceptive pill, often due to them taking other prescription drugs at the same time, for health reasons. Some even subconsciously ‘forget’ to take the pill, out of a desire to become pregnant. Many just lie about being ‘on the pill’, as they wish to become pregnant.

But given the general beliefs and practices current at this time, for a woman willing and able to take control of her own reproduction, the Rhythm method appears worth considering. Especially for women with zero access to alternative forms, due to economic, health, social, or religious reasons.

So we shall now explain the basis of the method, and how it works in practice, in detail. Please note that I am not a specialist, and you should be sure to do your own research. All information and opinion is offered here on an ‘all care taken, but no legal liability accepted’ basis. I have gleaned this information from many sources, and attempted to present it in the most easily comprehendible format.

The method, and rationale behind it

A healthy, fertile, woman, between the onset of puberty, and the onset of menopause, can only become pregnant during a limited number of days of her ‘menstrual cycle’. This is key information for anyone seeking to become pregnant, or seeking to avoid becoming pregnant.

A woman is most likely to become pregnant if she has penis in vagina sex a few days before, or during, ovulation.

For all our discussion and calculation that follows, the first day of bleeding that occurs after we begin recording is taken as the ‘first’ day of the ‘menstrual cycle’. Day one, is the day of the first bleeding, in terms of our record keeping.

So if we begin recording today, we will wait until the next bleeding occurs, and mark it down on our calendar as ‘day 1’.

It is common for the next bleeding to begin on ‘day 28’.

World Health Organization (WHO) data indicates that around 80% of menstrual cycles ranges from 26 to 32 days

This method is considered reliable for women whose menstrual cycles over the last 6 months have been between 26 and 32 days long, and have not varied by more than 7 days. In other words the difference between the longest cycle and the shortest may not be greater than 7 days. It it is 8 days or more, or any cycle has been longer than 32 days or shorter than 26 days, the woman must continue keeping records, and wait until her menstrual cycles fall within the ranges just described.

Some women have very predictable, consistent menstrual cycles, while others have quite irregular menstrual cycles.

This method is NOT considered reliable for women whose menstrual cycles are irregular, or shorter than 26 days, or longer than 32 days.

In order to determine if this method of family planning is suitable for a particular woman, someone must keep a continuous record of the next 6 months of this woman’s menstrual cycles. To ensure that they fall within the range, and are relatively regular. Only THEN can this method be considered appropriate, and reliable, for her.

A woman is only fertile for a relatively brief interval within their menstrual cycle just before and after ovulation, when the body releases one or more eggs.

The specific day on which you ovulate depends on your cycle length. This is largely controlled by fluctuations in your sex hormone levels.

Ovulation typically occurs 10 to 16 days after ‘day 1’ of any cycle. If conception does not occur, the woman will have her ‘period’ around 14 days after ovulating.

An egg is only viable for 24 to 48 hours after ovulation.

A woman can only get pregnant a few days before, and within 24 to 48 hours of ovulation.

However as sperm can remain viable in the vagina for up to five days, penis in vagina sex occurring 5 days BEFORE ovulation (the egg being released) can result in conception and pregnancy.

So even if we could precisely pinpoint the exact time of ovulation, we would still need to factor a ‘margin of error’ of at least 5 days to account for the sperm’s potential 5 day viability, and 2 days to account for the ovum’s potential 48 hour viability.

Using a 28 day cycle as an example, ovulation should occur on day 14. The middle of her cycle.

But we must remember that menstrual cycles don’t just vary between women. They can also vary for any individual woman, over time. This is due to variations in the presence of sex hormones in the woman’s body. The balance of sex hormones varies more in some women than others, and for the same women, more in some months than others.

So even where a woman tends to have a very regular, predictable menstrual cycle, we must assume that THIS CURRENT cycle might last anywhere from 26 to 32 days. Or even outside those ranges.

This method is ONLY reliable if we assume that the current menstrual cycle MIGHT be anywhere from 26 to 32 days long.

This assumption would then lead us to assume that ovulation could occur, THIS cycle, any time from day 12 to day 19. So we must take into account the variability of the menstrual cycle as well as the viability of sperm after ejaculation, and of ovum, after ovulation.

Remember, while the egg is only viable for 24 to 48 hours, sperm can survive, as viable, up to 5 days after being ejaculated or artificially placed into a woman’s reproductive tract. Note that technically the term ‘vagina’ refers to the female internal sexual organs.

This means that it is possible to get pregnant 5 days after penis in vagina sex. If that sex takes place 5 days before ovulation, the woman can still become pregnant.

So, taking these factors into consideration, our method considers a woman as potentially fertile, and thus able to conceive, and become pregnant, from day one to day seven, and from day 21 to the start of her next bleeding.

To recap, taking into consideration the possible days of ovulation, and the possible viable lifetime of ovum and sperm, we calculate that women with relatively regular 26 to 32 day cycles must abstain from penis in vagina sex from day 8 to day 21.

Remember that the reported 3% to 25% failure rate for this method is not due to the method itself, but the lack of accurate record keeping, and strict adherence to the rules.

Rule one is that you must wait until you have recorded at least 6 consecutive menstrual cycles. The last 6 menstrual cycles.

I would recommend keeping this on paper, on a calendar, but you can also find many ‘apps’ for mobile phones and computers, which will help you record and track you menstrual cycles.

If the variation between the shortest cycle and longest cycle during past six periods is 8 days or more, you may NOT use this method. You must continue keeping records until the menstrual cycles over the last 6 months do NOT vary by more than 7 days. (Do not vary by 8 days or more).

Further, if any menstrual cycle within the last 6 months lasted fewer than 26 days, (was 27 days or shorter) or more than 32 days (was 33 days or longer), you must use other means of contraception, or abstain from penis in vagina sex, until your last 6 months of menstrual cycles DO fall within the 26 to 32 day range.

You must then continue keeping records, and referring to the lasts 6 months of records to ensure that none of your menstrual cycles lasted longer than 32 days, or fewer than 26 days, and that the variation between the shortest and the longest menstrual cycle was never greater than 7 days ( Never 8 days or more).

The actual calculations you will need to make

Subtract 18 from the shortest of the last 6 menstrual cycles, to estimate the first day of fertility.

Then subtract 11 days from longest recorded cycle of the last 6 months, to estimate the last day of fertility.

Consider this example. If the shortest of her your last 6 menstrual cycles was 27 days, 27 – 18 = 9, and so you must abstain from penis in vagina sex starting from day 9.

If the longest of your last 6 cycles was 31 days, 31 – 11 = 20, you can start having penis in vagina sex again on day 21.

In this particular example, based on the recorded menstrual cycle data for the previous 6 months, our Rhythm method practitioner must abstain from penis in vagina sex from day 9 through to day 20 of her current cycle.

She will then record the menstrual cycle data for the current month, updating her running ‘6 month’ menstrual cycle data, and based on this new ‘6 months’ data set, she will calculate the ‘abstinence’ days for her NEXT menstrual cycle.

The process is ongoing, with the most recent menstrual cycle data being added to the previous 5 months, to give a ‘running’, consecutive, 6 month data set.

Alternatively, if our example was actively and deliberately seeking to become pregnant, day 9 to day 20 is the time frame in which she would want to be making the most ‘effort’, and engaging in penis in vagina sex leading to ejaculation, or introducing semen by other means, into her vagina.

Some ‘authorities’ also claim that this method is not suitable for teenagers and women approaching menopause. If you have more precise information on this subject, please let me know. It may be that teenagers and almost-menopausal women’s cycles are more erratic than at other times. It may be a lack of confidence in their record keeping fidelity?

These calculations are also valuable for those of you actively seeking to conceive and become pregnant. Day 8 to day 21, inclusive, of your current menstrual cycle, are the days you are most likely to conceive and become pregnant.

If you want to increase your chances of conception even more, then focus on the days you are most likely to be ovulating, based on your past recorded cycles. This should be around the middle of your current cycle. Have penis in vagina sex on the few days before, and then during, ovulation, to maximize your chances of conceiving, and becoming pregnant.

Women are generally most fertile during the 5 days before ovulation, the day of ovulation, and 12 to 24 hours after ovulation.

You can use the last 6 months of records to predict the day on which you are most likely to ovulate during the current cycle.

Alternatively there are methods of determining, more exactly, if you have actually ovulated, if you want or need to be even more precise, such as when using artificial insemination techniques, or if the sperm donor / biological father is only available for a short ‘window of opportunity’.

You can insert a very sensitive thermometer into your vagina before you get out of bed each morning. Hormonal surges at the time of ovulation will increase your ‘Basal Body Temperature’ right after ovulation. By tracking your BBT this way, every day, you will not fail to note the sudden ‘spike’ in BBT at the time of ovulation.

Further, your cervical mucus becomes thinner when you ovulate. So monitoring the color, thickness, and texture of your cervical mucus can provide another indicator of when you are ovulating, and thus most likely to conceive, and become pregnant.

Using these indicators, along with your last 6 months records, and your knowledge that ovulation occurs in the middle of your menstrual cycle, about 10 to 16 days after ‘day 1’ of any cycle, the first bleeding, can allow you to predict and detect ovulation with a good degree of reliability and accuracy.

This will also allow you to predict when you are likely to have your next ‘period’. This may be valuable in planning certain activities. And this will provide you with an ‘early warning’ for any unplanned or planned pregnancy. A period typically occurs 14 days after ovulation if conception has not occurred. So if you do NOT have your period as expected, there is a good chance you have conceived.

However keep in mind that factors such as sex hormone levels account for fluctuations in menstrual cycles, over time. So if you want to be certain, you will need to use a pregnancy test kit. Your period may just be ‘late’ due to sex hormone fluctuations, or other variables. Some women have very predictable, consistent menstrual cycles, while others have quite irregular menstrual cycles.

Note that men experience a similar phenomenon whereby any sperm that has not been ejaculated for the last month or so, will be ejaculated during a ‘wet’ dream, or heavy physical exertion. Few men ever experience this as adults, as they tend to become sexually excited long before the ‘month’ is up, and if they have no sexual partner, will masturbate and ejaculate the ‘last months’ sperm.

And note that both men and women can experience mood swings, becoming more irritable or easily frustrated, and often more aggressive, and emotionally volatile, corresponding to where they are in their current ‘cycle’.

Note that ejaculation does not mean a man has experienced an orgasm. A man can ejaculate without having an erection, or an orgasm. Internal stimulation of the prostate with fingers or other means, by insertion into the anus, or by external stimulation of the area between the ball sack and anus, can produce ejaculation, often accompanied by orgasm.

Orgasm in the female is also not required for pregnancy, but may provide the optimal conditions for it.

ANY penis in vagina sex, or exposure of the vagina (female internal sex organs) to semen, can result in unplanned pregnancy. Condoms are only a means of reducing the chances of pregnancy, and the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Condom use only offers ‘safer’ sex. That is, it improves the odds in your favor. But there is no totally ‘safe’ sex as such. Any sexual interaction carries with it a risk of transmission of body fluids, and thus pregnancy, or transmission of STD’s.

During the ten days or so each month you have calculated as being a time of fertility, you have many other options for sexually gratifying yourself and your partner/s. These include oral sex, hand jobs, fingering, masturbation, mutual masturbation, ‘virtual’ sex with masturbation, anal sex, ‘Spanish’ sex (rubbing a penis between the breasts), or simply ‘abstaining’ in a way that ‘increases the lust’ so that when the time comes, you have very rewarding and satisfying penis in vagina sex. Without the risk of pregnancy.

Note that the relatively long ‘abstinence’ interval takes into account the fact that sperm can survive several days after ejaculation, depending on the conditions within the vagina.

Remember that the term ‘vagina’, technically, refers to the internal sexual organs. In everyday language, it is used to refer to the vulva, which are external parts of the female sex organs. Other external parts include the labia, the inner and outer lips. And of course the ‘clitoris’, which is partly external, and thus visible, but mostly internal, extending into the vaginal walls. Around 2 inches, along the upper inside wall of the vagina, many women will have an area of great sexual sensitivity often referred to as a ‘G’ spot. By pressing upwards / outwards towards the stomach around two inches into the vagina, this area can be stimulated with fingers, penis, or other means.

Similarly, by inserting fingers or other ‘devices’ around 2 inches into the male rectum, and pushing upwards/outwards towards the penis / stomach, you can stimulate the prostate of the man, which often results in strong orgasms and/or ejaculation. This is the equivalent of a male ‘G’ spot. A similar stimulation can often be attained externally, using a vibrator or fingers placed between the anus and ball sack.

In fact by placing pressure on this area with fingers, just before ejaculation, ejaculate, and thus sperm, can be diverted from the vas deferens into the body of the man, so that he does not ejaculate externally, but internally. However this is not recommended as a reliable form of birth control.

The area between the sex organs and anus, in men and women, is as sensitive as the lips of the mouth, and for some people very sexually stimulating.

The skin around the anus, and the entrance to the anus itself, is also experienced as very sexually arousing and stimulating in many women and men. Some enjoy mere ‘rimming’ of the outside, while others prefer shallow to deep penetration.