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Is this the recipe for home-made Nembutal we have all been searching for?

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The New World Order will cheerfully murder you, but it won’t let YOU decide you don’t want to be its slave. So for all of you who wish to assert that YOU own YOU, I am forwarding this recipe that someone sent me, in reply to the above-mentioned post.

I would appreciate any feedback. I myself am unable to comment as to whether this would work. So I urge caution.

Like Aristotle, I avoided being imprisoned for my ‘Holocaust’ work, by leaving Germany. I understand that in Australia, offering the following information is grounds for imprisonment. So it seems I am now doomed to live in exile. Maybe doomed, like Socrates, to die for Philosophy. For seeking truth and justice for all sentient beings. Well, in 100 years we will all be dead. And at least I will have lived and died for the highest possible purpose life could have, the quest for truth, justice, and liberty, for all sentient beings.

So here goes. Remember I have no way of knowing if what follows is a hoax, is some malicious plot, or is actually an effective recipe.

Email me at  if you like. And if you want to repay me for my effort, sacrifice, and risk, please consider adopting a Vegan lifestyle. If you went vegan, all my effort, sacrifice, suffering, and risk will have been more than repaid by the suffering you will have avoided inflicting on other sentient beings.

Please mirror / share / re-post this entire email, with warning, anywhere you can, remembering that in some nations to do so is a criminal offence.

At the end of this post you will see that I have simply copied and pasted it from the ‘replies’ section, to the main body of this post.


-stainless steel cup
-small cooking pot
-stainless steel stir rod


-26.7 g of clean metallic sodium
-400 g of anhydrous (dry) Ethanol
-32.7g of Urea, molecular biology grade, CH4N2O, FW=60 g/mol
-Solution of 100 g of 1-methyl butyl-ethyl malonic ester(Propanedioic acid)


1) A hotplate was rested on the base of a clampstand. A cooking pot containing 400 g of anhydrous (dry) ethanol is placed on the hotplate stirrer and 26.7g of clean metallic sodium is dissolved in it.

2) Into the stainless steel cup there is placed a Solution of 100 g of 1-methyl butyl-ethyl malonic ester(Propanedioic acid). The cup is then placed into the small cooking pot containing a mixture of the Ethanol and Sodium and secured with clamps to the clamp stand. The end of the thermometer is placed in the pot and positioned as close to the cup as possible.

3) It is warmed to a temperature of 170°C for 10 minutes to remove any residual moisture. Throughout the reaction the temperature of the mixture is kept at 170°C and stirring is done frequently.

4) 10.9 g of urea is added slowly, one scoop at a time and with good stirring. During this moisture (water) formed making the mixture damp. Over the course of 20 minutes the mixture gradually dries out and the amount of released gas lessens.

5) Another 10.9 g of urea is added and allowed to react for 35 minutes.

6) The last 10.9 g of urea is added and allowed to react for 30 minutes.

7) After adding the total amount of urea over 1h 25 min, the mixture is dry, contained yellow and off-yellow-to-white granules, and still damp with the water and alcohol. The product is then heated at a temperature of 280°C directly on the hotplate for 1h 20mins. During this process the mixture is stirred every 15 minutes and off-yellow-to-white granules became more prominent and as yellow ones lessened. The precipitated product is washed with cold water , filtered and heated again for about 40 minutes at a temperature of 127-130°C until all the water is removed and the white powder(Nembutal Sodium) is formed .

8) The Nembutal Sodium is allowed to cool and weighed. Yield is 23g. The product is 95-99% pure. You can also use a test kit to Check the purity


But please consider this: If we press upon the carotid arteries which pass up through the neck to form the arterial circle of Willis, at the base of the brain, within the skull, and which supplies the brain with blood–we quickly produce insensibility. Thought is abolished, consciousness lost. And if we continue the pressure, all those automatic actions of the body, such as the beating of the heart, the breathing motions of the lungs, which maintain life and are controlled by the lower brain centers of ganglia, are quickly stopped and death ensues. It is possible to produce coma, insensibility, and death, simply by pressure of the thumbs on the carotid artery…