Official Hate Crimes Report to the ADL: urgent action required

I wish to report a hate crime to my local branch of the ADL…

I hope you will do the same…check their website for contacts and office locations…

The hate crime has been committed against guns, and gun owners. An irrational hatred. Resulting in hundreds of deaths in the U.S alone. Resulting in MILLIONS of deaths worldwide in the last 200 years. A veritable holocaust. The deaths that the writers of the U.S constitution sought to avoid by including the right to bear arms in their foudning document, after realising that the entire constitution they had written, with such care and forethought, and such good will, was just paper, and all the rights specified in it mere ‘privileges’ granted, or withheld, or removed, at the arbitrary whim of any corrupted government, or anyone who could take control of it…which they also forsaw in their rules about corporations, media, and the printing of money a.k.a ‘no fed’…limited corporation durations based on public good and not private profit…etc…Please see my books for details.

Remember all U.S citizens and officials swear allegiance to the constitution, and NOT to the president, congress, the house of reps, or A.I.P.A.C (or any other lobby group, the ADL included)…and not to any religious leaders, religious dogma, or the U.N.

There is a reason for this. The more I look at the U.S constittuion and what has been done to the U.S the more I admire and respect the people who wrote it. It is a fine document. A fixed document. A document only open to change if MOST U.S citizens (U.S citizens mind you, not the U.N or Israel) want to change it…thus the ‘amendments’…but very few of these have ever been passed…

Proof that the first amendment is NOT being freely exercised is that there has never been an amendment to shut down the Fed. For if people understood who runs the Fed and to what ends, they would demand it be shut down immediately. JFK signed the order to shut it down, and to dismantle the C.I.A, and was murdered. Because the Fed and C.I.A are both agencies of the Zionist occupational forces.

Now back to this rrational hatred of guns…What’s to hate? … .Whats not to LOVE about the following facts…a malicious entity enters a nightclub or cafe with the intention to kill everyone present…they step in…only to find that half those present are exercising their right to bear firearms…withing 20 seconds the would-be mass murderer, salviating at the thought of their own fame, lies dead on the ground…maybe they managed to get off a few rounds first…maybe..probably not…a pistol is a lot easier to aim and fire at close range than an assault weapon…this sort of scenario has, sadly, NOT played out in recent cases of lone (if we are to believe the media) mass shooters entering packed nightclubs, cafes, and so on.

Now I used to follow the conditioned / stimulus-response / NLP programmed line that the reason to hate guns was that one lone gunman could kill 50 people in a few minutes (if they are working with the C.I.A they will be given hours to complete the ‘job’, as all response units will be ‘stood down’ like at Benghazi and Orlando)…now that sounds quite reasoanable…guns are bad right?…but this is a clever trick of misdirection…the ADL propagandist NLP practitioner magician has you looking in the wrong place, and thus leads your rational process in the wrong direction…sure, guns can kill people quickly…but only if the VICTIMS are not also armed…then guns can kill would-be murderers and rapists quickly…quicker than they can commit their intended crimes…

THAT is the point that I missed for decades as a traditional gun HATER…yes folks…Hated guns…couldn’t even go with my Sport and Rec training group to the ‘sport target pistol’ gun range…made me sick…guns kills people…that was my gut-reaction…that is how conditioning works…that is how propaganda works…that is NLP folks…it works…that is why the Zionists take such care to ensure they gain full spectrum dominance of the mass media…

We need to defeat the ADL Zionist U.N C.I.A NLP propaganda that led me to this ‘gut-reaction’ this ‘knee jerk reaction’…. because it is irrational…this HATRED of guns is irrational… we need to defeat these NLP programmers…we need to counter dis-information with accurate information…specious arguments with compelling arguments…fiction with facts…we need to direct the viewers eyes and brains back to the point where the magic trick, the deception, is being carried out, and away from the magicians pretty scantily clad assistant, and what they WANT us to be paying attention to…

The real point is that an armed would-be murderer or rapist is counting on YOU not having a gun…and NOT being able to protect yourself…even the kid in the black trenchcoat is counting on his victims being defenceless… mass murders are committed by cowards (most of them working for the C.I.A / Mossad)…not ‘wild-west’ gunslingers facing down each other in duels of skill and courage…the would-be dictator, like Clinton or Obama, are only held in check by the fact that millions of U.S homes and the Constitutional rights of those living there, and all U.S citizens, are completely protected by their owners…by guns…machine guns…assault rifles…guns BETTER than most militariees in the world have access to…they know the U.S citizen will defend their republic, their constitution, against all enemies, enemies of FREEDOM, foreign AND DOMESTIC.

The people of the U.S are willing and able to defend the constitution of their dear republic, and all the rights this constituation grants them. They know the constituation cannot guarantee ANYTHING of itself. It is just a piece of paper. What DOES grant the constituation force is the militia. The armed militia. The people. With machine guns. With assault weapons. With automatic weapons. With handguns.

It is the fact that people are willing and ABLE to fight to defend themSELVES and their OWN rights that guarantees these rights. Being willing only gets you killed, or worse, sent to the Gulag. Ask Solzhenitsyn and company. You have to have the ABILITY to respond to force with counter-force. You have to have GUNS to defend your rights. Lawyers won’t help. Ask all those people in prison right now. The law did not protect their constitutional rights.

Guns. Big guns. Really ‘dangerous’ guns. Guns capable of killing hundreds of would-be murderers, rapists, and tyrants. Yes even 50 calibre guns. Though they are pretty hard to handle, from personal experience. The light weight automatic weapons available in the U.S ARE, however, very easy for even a young person to use. To protect their mother from being raped and butchered. To protect their brother and sister from being raped and enslaved. To prevent their father from being butchered, or sent off to finght the Zionist’s wars.

Hundreds of millions of guns for hundreds of millions of free citizens.

That is the only way to stop the occupational forces from seizing total control.
What’s to hate about the fact that today any would-be murderer knows that their potential targets, their next potential rape victim, their next potential theft victim, their next potential brutal mugging victim, their next potential murder victim, just MIGHT ‘be carrying’? What’s to hate when a young girl, seeing her mother about to be raped, or worse, a mother, seeing her young daughter about to be raped, can reach for a gun to stop it happening…and maybe teach the would be rapist a little respect for the rights of others?…What’s to hate when a deluded, deliberately manipulated and incited young man or woman enters a nightclub, pulls out a fully automatic assault weapon, and within a few seconds is laying in a pool of their own blood pulverised internal organs, while their would be victims are free to give emergency aid to the few people the would-be mass murderer never got a chance to kill. It is hard to earn your fame as a mass murderer in the few seconds it takes a trained person to take out their weapon and send you to ‘Paradise’, if that is where you are headed.

While on the subject, what’s to hate about people COUNTERING people like Bill Maher, a C.I.A / Mossad operative, the guy who spins rape as ‘liking women’ and crime and treason as ‘ambition’, as long as the guy doing the raping, and the woman committing the crimes and treasons are completely dedicated to the Zionist New World Order ADL cause, with their OWN ‘humour’.

The ADL clearly has a problem with the meaning of the word ‘Hate Crime’. It is extremely selective in applying it exclusively to anyone and any thing that does not serve the interests of global zionism. I’d rather feel uncomfortable about a dog being taught to give a nazi salute than feel the anguish of a parent watching their child being butchered by Israeli ‘military’, or being burned alive by a N.A.T.O napalm bomb…for that is what we are talking about in the end…the ADL go on about middle aged women being forced to admit ‘we never saw any gas chambers and don’t really know what happened to our family members after we were separated’, or to accept that ‘there is absolutely no proof of any death camps ever having been planned or operated in Nazi occupied Europe’, while their ‘mates’ in Israel go about butchering children on their way to kindergarten, having timed their bombing attacks to coincide with mums coming to pick them up or drop them off.

You have to ask yourself why the ADL is so desperate to prevent any historical investigation into the Nurenburg show trials verdicts, or the ‘Shoa’ business of ‘The holocaust’. What TRUTH fears investigation? Surely only LIES hate open-ness, transparency, and rigorous investigation?

Now something to shock many of you in the U.S and N.A.T.O nations. Many senior military people realise their own goverments are Zionist Occupation governments, or at very least ‘gone rogue’, and are no longer representing the interests of the people the military is allegedly there to ‘defend’… there will be ONLY TWO options that can lead to the Zionists being defeated, and the Republic, and other ‘democracies’ being restored to independence…that is a first strike by the Russians to disarm the Zionists, or collusion between the N.A.T.O military chiefs and Russia to bring about military coups and the restoration of the Bill of Rights, the U.S constitution, The Republic, and to remove the occupation forces in the U.S,
Germany, France, and other N.A.T.O nations. This will require that all the B.R.I.C.S nations form a united front, and make quick and secret deals with those remaining military and civilian leaders in the N.A.T.O nations who are still committed to the Republic, the Constitution, and Democracy.

If neither of these two scenarios plays out, then we are doomed to continue being slaves of the Zionist New World Order, through their occupational government puppets…and we are doomed to feel the weight and consequences of that tyranny more and more…until there will one day be no-one who had ever expereinced anything other than the Zionist New World ORder, and will find ‘tales’ of ‘freedom’ incredulous…fables…fantasies of mental illness…they will never realise they are slaves…they will imagine themselves free…they will never realise that there is any other point of view than the dominant hegemonic one…

For once the Russian’s really WILL be genuine, authentic, ‘liberators’ … they may make people in Eastern Europe look at their old Soviet ‘Liberator’ artwork and statues very differently in future…

Remember that it was U.S backing, in finance and military aid, and simply food, that allowed the Bolsheviks to take and hold power in Russia…in this case the Russians, unlike the U.S occupied Zionist governments, would be on the side of democracy and right… The U.S has a long history of carrying out coups in OTHER nations, it is now time for the remaining free and brave people in the U.S to re-purpose all that skill and experience towards undermining their own occupational governments…a coup will be necessary…the Zionists think this will be their final putsch to total open power…but if the U.S is still ‘the land of the free, and the home of the brave’, then they will fail, and the Republic will be re-born anew like a phoenix from the ashes… and if the U.S is no longer really ‘the land of the free, and the home of the brave’, well then it is time to take down that star-spangled banner…for it no longer waves, in the land of the free, and the home of the brave’…and put up the U.N Zionist New World Order flag, so at least you know who your masters, and your enemy, are. But please tell me, Does that star-spangled banner still wave, in the land of the free, and the home of the brave’, or are you all slaves again. Again. As in past. Remember how many died fighting for liberty and freedom. Was it worth THEM fighting and dieing for? Or is that spark in human nature forever to be put out. Are we to be mere cattle, at best pets, at worst sex-slaves, to a bunch of clever NLP programmers? Is it hopeless trying to break that programming? Is there no real, authentic, genuine desire among people to be free any more? Are the old Torah Jews right? That we are not really human at all? Not even FIT to rule ourselves? Are they doing us a favor? Or are there still a few ‘patriots’ out there. A few people who believe in freedom. In liberty. In freedom of speech. In self-determination. ???

Soon there will be no alternative media. No dissenting voices. No dissent. Everyone will imagine that everyone ELSE agrees with the ‘official fiction’ being presented in the media, in schools, and in the laws. People will self-censor out of fear of persecution. There will, for all intensive purposes, be NO dissent, no contradiction, no challenge, no alternative, to the dominant hegemonic Zionist propaganda…there is very little right now. Soon there will be NONE. My books will be deleted. This blog and post will no longer exist. It will be as if there never WAS any dissent. Any alternative. The zionist new world order will be accepted as natural, as normal, as the only logical way of being and seeing and defining. It will be normalised. Naturalised. A perfectly smooth surface that will deflect all attention away from itself. It will never again be questioned or challenged by any other than, what the system will define as, the mentally ill. And they will be ‘treated’ and ‘cured’ of their SKEPTICISM.

What can I do to get you to read my books and educate yourselves? I am at the limits of what is possible. I am not willing to blow up things to get your attention directed at my books, so you might read them. I don’t have a marketing budget to spend. I am not connected to any organisation with a vested interest in getting you to read my books. So I guess it is hopeless.

Unless YOU read my books, share them, seed them, get others reading them, discussing them, while there is still a chance. You don’t have to pay me anything. But if you want to support my work, you are still free to do so using my paypal account markusrehbach@yahoo.com … though certainly they will block that sooner or later, if people do start supporting me. I have worked DECADES for NOTHING…it has cost me money, time, stress, frustration, and the constant risk of persecution, imprisonment, and death at the hands of all those people whose world views and benefits the truth threatens…

Thankyou for reading this. I pass the baton onto YOU now. It is up to YOU. YOU are the hero of this story. All glory to thee!

Democracy without balance, free media, is just a game where those who control the flow and interpretation of information for the voters get to decide what the voters know, what they understand, how they interpret the world, and thus how they vote…

So after dismantling hte fed, you have to disband the huge media corporations….even facebook cannot be owned by a few people…it is just too powerful…before the media was deregulated there were strict controls to ensure that the power of the media was distributed more evenly among hte people, to ensure that different viewpoints, agendas, interests, eetc were given equal coverage…equal access for expression of opinions, for access to information, to make up for the bias of any particular groups, their desire to control info flows, and maniupluate public opinmion in a particular direction…to serve particular narrow interest groups…

the fastest rate of mass genocide ever committed in the 20th century were carried out with knives, machetes, and clubs…in Uganda, and the one of the largest was carried out, again without guns, in Cambodia. check your history books if you still have any around that have not be 1984 style re-written…Now you tell me how those victims would have fared if they had been armed with assault rifles?

irony is that the ADL is the biggest lobby group spreading that hate…seeking to ban guns…and why? because of all the reasons rational, reasonal people who LOVE freedom and wish to REMAIN free, and wish to live FREe among the free…should, if their brains work, and if they are not in a mass media conditioned / in trance…if they are not zombies… LOVE guns…

Yes my friends, the ADL hate guns, and are actively incitely hatred for guns, and gun owners (as home-grown terrorists) … further evidence for anyone who imagines that ‘Anti-Zionism’ is irrational, and to hate those who would seek to enslave you, and take away your rights, and your guns, your only true means to secure those rights for you and your children and future generations, and even for those indoctrinated, entranced, NLP conditioned/programmed people who don’t see the truth, and even actively hate YOU for trying to free them, and keep them free, to protect their right to say things that YOU don’t like, that make YOU uncomfortable, and even angry…that sort of anger is a good sign of functioning Constitutional RIGHTS…proof that you HAVE that right…to piss off your neighbour by saying something they don’t want to hear, by expressing an opinion they hate…you and they should savour that taste… the taste of freedom…it means you are free…and so you should feel that hate, look at the person saying ‘hateful’ things, and both of your should salute the flag of the U.S.A and then tell each other, with a smile, to ‘fuck you mate’ … and then continue seeking information and compelling arguments with which to convince each other, and to agree to disagree, and to agree to put those angry words behind you, till next time when they are again likely to emerge…words of free people…I guarantee such angry words will never lead to violence, when the people all have guns … no easy targets of agression here my friends…no victims waiting to fall…

democracy only exists where the people are given free access to all data, opinions, arguments, and are never allowed to be tricked by the media…requires free and open society and free and open access to mass media independent of access to money…i.e power to the people to inform, becme informed, make informed decsions, and give their informed consent…suggest informed policy… the C.I.A at present actively engage in misinofmation, propaganda, NLP, misidiredtion,
The ADL hate free speech. Ask yourself WHY? What is their REAL motive? They claim to be interested in crimes against non-Jews, and issues other than anti-Semitism…but are they really? Which supposed ‘crimes against humanity’ are Hollywood films fixated on? Who are the ‘victims’ in all the ADL press releases and Hollywood films? Do they care about vegans being made fun of in the press? Even demonised? Do they care about anyone and anything that is NOT Jewish or Israeli?

Free speech is the only thing stopping the Zionists NLP from full spectrum dominance…recently german ministers admitted that the aim of the new E.U laws (remember the E.U is NOT democratic…the E.U makes laws and the E.U ministers simply talk about them) was to censor any idea/ argument, information that did not complement / support / promote / agree with the single official narrative that the government, the Zionist Occupied govt. of the E.U and U.S, was forcing people to accept as ‘reality’, as ‘truth’.

Free speech makes it hard to control WHAT is defined as ‘A problem’ and what is defined as ‘A solution’. THE problem and THE solution must be determined by the Zionist Occupation Government. Not by ‘the people’. It is all about the power to determine how everything is defined. How reality is defined. How events and facts are interpreted. What ‘spin’ is given to everything. How ‘narratives’ are constructed. How consent is manufactured.

You cannot give your informed consent if you are not informed. You can give you consent. But you will be giving it based on a faulty understanding of your situation. A faulty interpretation of ‘the facts’. A limited exposure to all the ‘competing’ facts. A limited understanding of what is going on. A very filtered impression of what is happening. A focus very tightly directed and centered upon the magicians misdirection, while the real ‘action’ is happening, or has already happened, elsewhere.

The magician’s assistant today takes the guise of Hollywood movie stars, music heros, facebook ‘apps’, video games, and C.I.A ‘Mockingbirds’ (Are Alex Jones’ ears going red?).

Mohammed stated that a single scribe is worth 10,000 of his best soldiers.

It has always been an info war. A war for people’s minds. You cannot control people with force. You need to get them to consent to being enslaved. A free person will kill themselves and their children rather than be slaves. Ever wondered why religion is so desperately anti-euthenasia?

The real weapon is information. The CONTROL of information. The SELECTIVE transmission of relevant information. The ‘flooding’ of systems with misinformation, lies, and simple ‘junk’, to ensure you have no time to filter through the garbage to find the truth.

The truth must always end up on the scaffold, while lies end up on the throne. You reward deceivers as ‘honorable priests’ and punish true prophets as ‘heretics’ and ‘infidels’. Anyone who strays from your orthodoxy, your ‘official fiction’ your ‘manufactured social reality’ is a thought criminal at best, and clearly mentally ill, requiring ‘treatment’. That way you encourage deception, and ensure self-censorship among all but the most uncompromising philosophers and patriots.

You can easily get otherwise ‘good’ people to mass murder women and children … consider Dresden as a case in point…you can get people to hate other people ‘irrationally’ i.e with no good reason, and to ‘love’ their enemies…sorry folks, Christianity is a Zionist NLP program…yes love who you should hate, hate who you should love…love your enemies, hate your friends… I am literally quoting Jesus folks…serioulsy…can it get more absurd and obvious? What will it take to make you wake up to the pattern?

And so it is that we are conditioned to hate guns and love our oppressors…we love Obama and hate historical correctionists (revisionists), we love genocidal Israeli’s and hate the Nazi’s who were the last organised resistance to the Zionist New World Order…THAT my friend is the power of NLP…of conditioning….of writers and film producers…of WORDS…Namshubs…magic spells…NLP…and this is why I will be hated and destroyed…I have become too articulate…too clever…too informed…this working class lad…no-one from nowhere…slipped in under their radar…too insignificant…not connected to any group or organisation or ideaology… a true philosopher…I cannot be allowed to continue…each day I grow stronger in my potential…as I understand more and more, and become more able to articulate it…and most organisations will hate me because I do not support their narrow interests…I am no racial supremacist…I am no socialist…I am no capitalist…In fact I consider most of you complete monsters for how you treat animals…So I accept your hate…in a world where I am still free to try to persuade you with reason, with facts…I am willing to aid and abet monsters…even though the New World Order Zionists will force you to be vegan out of cost grounds…and environmental grounds…they don’t want their slaves costing them too much, or messing up their pretty gardens…

And yet I seek to help you avoid being ruled by them. Because I believe I can persuade you to a better alternative, as I have outlined in my many books. I may regret having tried to free you. But you either have a principle and live by it, or you have no integrity, no whole-i-ness.

Go on, call me whatever names…then let us both celebrate our freedom to express what we really feel…our freedom to learn from each other…to share our real feelings and ideas…to see if we can come to some mutual understanding and agreement…and if not, then we can look each other in the face…both armed and able to defend ourselves…and say ‘fuck you mate’…smile, give each other a salute as free humans, and respectfully walk on, knowing we are free to say what we think and express what we feel…that we will both respect each other’s right to think and feel authentically…we will both seek to persuade each other with new information, new interpretations, new ideas…but we will never seek to impost our wills upon each other…how could we? We are both equally able to defend ourselves from any attack. Any attempt to attack armed people is doomed. Equal force cannot overcome equal resistance.

we will respect the fact that the other disagrees and ‘hates’ what we think and feel…we will feel the ‘burn’ when their clever wit makes fun of us….we don’t NEED to have EVERYONE agree with us about EVERYTHING… if they are willing to defend what they beleive with their lives, then it must be of value to them, and I should respect that…the chances that we ever really find it NECESSARY to come to blows are extremely low…what most people need more than anything is ‘to be heard’…to feel that their grieveances are heard and being considered…of course there is a lot more to a free open society than I can state in a few paragraphs…so please read my books…

Oh, and for my book readers, I want to add an update of my research into JFK’s assasination…official secrets act documents were released recently showing that the windscreen of his car had a bullet hole in it…that original windscreen was removed and replaced after the car was FLOWN to the car company, before the car was put on display…and many independant coroner reports stated clearly that JFK had been killed by several bullets from the FRONT…one in the right temple, the other near the hollow of his throat…with large exit wounds, that were later ‘covered’ with reconstructive materials, before the official photos of his body were taken…it was clearly a C.I.A hit…my books explain why…but basically he was planning to dismantle the C.I.A and the Federal Reserve…he had realised they are mere Zionist fronts…I hope by now YOU do too. I noted that he had been shot from the front, based on an analysis of the footage. I didn’t know about the windscreen bullet hole. I still think his body guard may have added the final shot to the neck. In any case all his security detail were pulled back just before the shootings to give the shooters a clear path, and no direct eyewitnesses…in other words they were effectively, ‘stood down’, like Clinton did at Benghazi, the military did during 911, and Clinton / Obama did again during the Orlando shootings. Don’t blame that deluded, incited young man…he was just a pawn…he may not even have fired a single shot…if you read my books or are well informed you will know it is not unusual for even ‘dead’ people to committ mass murders, and for their bodies to be dumped at the sites, and then blamed for the carnage.

We live in a society where there is little freedom at all left to fight for. But we can fight for it, retain it, and use it to regain our lost freedoms. If YOU are really a ‘Mensch’…fully human…and not just ‘Cattle’, a mere ‘Goy’, ‘Goyim’, ‘Gentile’. Let’s prove to our would-be slave masters that we are free humans, and not mere sheeple. That we DESERVE freedom. That we will not be slaves to ANY masters, foreign OR DOMESTIC.

Oh, and become morally deserving of freedom, not just by fighting for the freedom of you and yours, but for the freedom of ALL sentient beings. Go Vegan!

To my Zionist masters whose supreme power I recognise but do not submit to, preferring death to fates WORSE than death, please read my books. I beleive they could persuade you to re-purpose many of your current ambitions to a truly desirable world, a new Eden. The best of you are my intellectual peers, no doubt. You will find I have come to many of the same conclusions as your own leaders and philosophers have. But with some important differences. Viva la difference!

Even if the Zionists had not taken control, humans would be doing nasty shit to each other as they do to animals. So we have to take care that, in fighting the monster, we don’t ourselves BECOME monsters.

I once felt as the Zionists apparently do. Please read my books and you will be shocked at my own ‘solutions’. I was actually pleased at first to hear from people like Alex Jones what plans the New World Order had for us, for this world. It sounded like they were reading from my very own playbook. My own Eden Protocols. But then the important differences emerged.

It was only when I realised what had happened at 911, and followed the trail back into the past, and projected it into the future, that I started ‘worrying’ about this New World Order the Zionists have in store for us all.

Read my books and you will see my views about many things and people have changed. I once thought Hitler a mere opportunist. I believed my grandparents had murdered millions of Jews. I beleived the U.S was on the side of ‘good’. I believed the U.S killed ‘bad guys’. But my basic instincts and understandings of TROONATNOOR put me in good stead when finally confronted by the truth about 911, ‘The Holocaust’, Hitler, and Zionism. I had the basic foundations to build on. YOu probably do NOT.

So I humbly offer you a complete system to build your own beliefs up from. An unerrable system of compelling argument for you to form your own defintions of reality. You own understanding of TROONATNOOR, The Realties Of Our Natures And The Nature Of Our Realities. I promise you you don’t need to be a genius or even brilliant. You just need to love truth and justice. You just need to have the emotional courage to question your own beliefs, and see how compelling they really are.

People who make no mistakes make nothing. Creativity is a hit and miss process. You have to have the emotional courage to accept all the ‘misses’, the ‘mistakes’, and move forward, accumulating ‘hits’ and ‘insights’ and ‘understandings’ and ‘experience’. That is the path of wisdom. It is a process with no end. There are no Zen ‘masters’. Only Zen practitioners. Ask Don Juan De Matthis. Ask ‘I am that I am’. ‘Is-is’. The uncarved block. The no-thing from which all things emerge.

So I offer you, standing on the backs of many more dwarves than giants, the benefits of my own labor. Herculean for sure. Remember I had no special privileges or supports in my quest. Even now no-one takes me seriously.

So be the first. Be the hero (gender neutral term) of this story. The story of YOUR life. Be the patriot of YOUR republic.

Remember this is an info war. The best defense weapons, the most efficacious defence, is the truth. Ideas. Information. Understanding. Compelling arguments that can counter even the strongest and most chronic Neuro Linguistic Programming the Zionists can throw at us.

Remember that I am no-one from nowhere and I managed to lift the veil they had placed upon my eyes. I have removed their filters. The filters that stopped me seeing what was there before my eyes. That stopped me hearing what was being shouted at me by brave and enlightened individuals across the centuries, and from prison cells in Germany, France, and across the world.

I did it. You can too. If you have the will. The GOOD will. The GOOD intentions.

I offer you the tools. More powerful than any weapon the C.I.A Mossad Zionist Propaganda Machine and industrial military complex can throw at you. A way to seek the truth without ever falling prey to dogma…it is a search…a process…a state of mind…a journey…to freedom…to joy…

They will certainly destroy this experience engine called Markus Heinrich Rehbach.

But you can ensure my resurrection. By sharing this post. Reading my posts. Reading my books. Sharing my books. Seeding my books.

Sending a few paypal dollars to me at markusrehbach@yahoo.com might help too. At least make me feel all my effort, sacrifice, and risk was not in vain.

I believe we must recognise and reward individual effort, risk, and sacrifice. But I don’t believe individuals should be compensated well beyond their contributions.

I have thought through a hell of a lot of details, and offered them for your consideration in my books.

Yes I realise I have probably given myself another migraine for nothing.

But I tried.

Remember it is YOU that I am counting on to be the true hero of this story. You girls and boys, and men and women, and A.I.

So I will now pass the baton into your worthy hands. You can do it. I did. I am not that special. Most of you have many more resources and talents at your disposal than I ever had. So I hand over my ‘babies’ to your safe keeping. Please nurture them and see to it that they thrive. Even grow into something different from what I had imagined. Give them the freedom to be what they are. To achieve their potential. Even if that is something very different to what I have imagined. I want to inform your consent. Not control you. None of us can know what is true. But we can all seek the truths about The Realities Of Our Natures And The Nature Of Our Realities.
Anyone who claims to be the ‘final prophet’ or ‘the end of history’ or to have ‘the truth’ is not to be trusted. No real Zen practitioner, no true scientist, no true skeptic (seeker) would ever claim to be a ‘master’ or ‘true prophet’ or to offer you ‘dogma’.

I’ve transcended all that by now. It was a hard process. I wish you well on your own journey.

Luci-fer means ‘light bringer’. Aqui-fer means ‘water bringer’. The New Testament tells us to expect ‘the saviour’ in ‘the house of the water bearer’. That means the sun in the astrological sign of Aquarius. Hence the reference to ‘The Age Of Aquarius’. I was born in 1968. Perfect timing. Though no individual is ‘the saviour’. It is we as a group that will succeed, or fail at this endeavour.

I consider myself a ‘meta-fer’. I seek to rise higher, and above. To transcend the limits of language and the human mind. At least well beyond the conditioned limits we have all be programmed to accept.

Let us all step out of the Zionist’s imposed dominant hegemonic full spectrum propaganda imposed limits. The limits imposed by that Zionist NLP called ‘religion’. The limits imposed by the Zionist ‘Prophets’ from Moses, to Jesus, To Mohammed, to Marx.

I’m getting a bit too lucid and eloquent for my own good. If only you knew me in person, you’d never worry I’d let my insights go to my head. Yes I am The Philosopher-Prophet Of The Eden Protocols. The Holistic Philosopher. Markus Heinrich Rehbach.

Now I want YOU to find out WHAT and WHO YOU are. Do not be afraid. Be terrified. But remember that this little sheeple went out grazing, looked to the heavens and started wondering and pondering, and ended up here near the top of the mountain, free as a bird (with the same need to eat so keep my paypal details handy!)

Hell yeh it was hard. It was terrifying. But I am no more a hero than any other sheeple. I did it. The universe opens to those who seek. Knock and the door shall be opened. Seek and you shall find. Don’t expect it to be what you expected though. It is MUCH better. Are you ready? Or will you need to endure many more lives first? Remember NOW is the only time you can start this journey.

I should have been a guru, or a Zionist. Imagine how far I could have gone. 😀

All the best.

Happy Next Lives.

Go Vegan.

Just email me for free copies of ANY of my books, music etc at markusrehbach@yahoo.com, which is also my paypal account (if you think honest work deserves honest pay)…or pay a few dollars at Amazon or I-books etc. When I priced them for free, idiots downloaded them and just posted reviews without even reading them, so I started charging. And more people have read me after I started charging a few dollars, than in the decades before when I was begging people to read me for free.

I have many novels which would make great films. My philosophy texts constitute about the most comprehensive holistic education you could ever hope to get from one place, university or otherwise.

Markus Heinrich Rehbach

In exile
June 18, 2016

P.S The F.B.I poster says ‘See something, Say something’, so please send copies of my two books on 911 and The New World Order to the F.B.I. You will soon discover if the F.B.I are working for you, for the Republic, to defend the Constitution and YOUR rights, or are merely agents of the Zionists, as the C.I.A and Fed are. Hey, don’t believe me, believe JFK, one of MANY U.S Presidents who realised the truth. JFK paid with his life for trying to shut down the C.I.A and Fed. But he was one man. Even as a President he couldn’t protect himself. But you, the militia, are hundreds of millions. You are still armed. Armed with automatic weapons and now, thanks to the independent, free sources of information that have not YET been shut down and totally censored and controlled, INFORMATION. You now know, or are at least suspicious, and able to be more open-minded and skeptical, regarding who your REAL enemy is. At that makes ‘neutralising’ it that much easier. So ‘zero’ your sights. Make your aim true. Make every ‘shot’ in this information war count. Ignore the NLP magician’s misdirections. Ignore the distractions offered by the magician’s assistant a.k.a ‘The mass media’, while you hone in on what the magician is REALLY doing. Ignore what they WANT you to focus on. Focus on what they DON’T want you to be aware of. Expose the tricks. Expose the lies. Expose the plan. Be ready to fight. And if you are not willing to fight and even die for your rights, then at least know who your masters are, and how to get along with them. Sheeple can maybe be happy too, at least until the shearer comes, and worse, the butcher.

Just remember that the price of freedom is ETERNAL vigilance. People have suffered and died for your freedoms. You may be called upon to do the same. At least don’t expect OTHERS to do what you are not willing to do. If the firing range becomes a two way affair, remember what you are fighting for. Freedom. Liberty. For you and the future of humanity. We have enjoyed a few hundred years of comparitive liberty. Perhaps it was an anomoly in history. Was it the start of something better, or just a temporary liberation, before being rounded up to be shorn, slaugthered, or locked up in captivity to be become breeding stock as ‘domesticated’ cattle to breed future generations of slaves, sex-slaves, and ‘pets’ for our Zionist masters. The only TRUE humans on this planet? The ‘chosen’ people.

My final counter-attack to the Zionist NLP is THIS. Remember that the Zionists were not chose by any god. They chose THEMSELVES. It is only when YOU believe in their construction called ‘God’ that they have you. Only then will you accept them as your ‘god given’ masters. You are free to chose to be your OWN people. God is in you. You are in God. I am the great I am. I am. Is-Is. Find your own god-head. Find your way back to the source. Your true nature.

Peace be with you.

Go Vegan !!!

Ciao Bella

Ciao Bello

Macht’s gut !


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