Imagine…a world without Zionism, or a world without freedom

The ADL webpage asks us to ‘Imagine a world without hate’, but what the people who run the ADL are really imagining, and working hard to achieve, is a world without freedom of speech. Like the gun-control lobbyists are working hard to achieve a world where no individual has the means to defend themselves against their own government, which is now essentially a mere agent for the Zionist Global New World Order Tyranny…

I know Alex Jones reads me, because I keep hearing my own words ‘re-purposed’ to his own, (his Zionist handler’s?) ends. So Alex, I am giving you one last chance to clear up this matter of your disingenuousity a.k.a are you a silly Christian sheep unintentionally doing the work of the Zionists without realising it, or a straight up C.I.A Mossad Zionist agent. A more subtle form of misdirection. Working the Goys from another angle. Less ‘in your face’ than ‘comedians’ like Maher who condition the public to ‘spin’ Bill Clinton rapes as ‘liking women’ and Hilary Clinton crime and treason as ‘being ambitious’.

The concept ‘Hate Crime’ was invented by the Zionist Jews to persecute anyone who dared investigate the actions of Zionist Jews around the world. Their acts of military terror. Their acts of financial terror. Their domination of the professions. Their ownership and control of the world media. Anyone who challenged their official ‘holocaust’ fictions. The first ‘victims’ of ‘hate speech’ were of course historical correctionists (the term ‘revisionist’ does not carry the true meaning for the general community), and they have been rotting in jail for decades now. But have you EVER heard Alex Jones defending THEIR free speech? Or the Israeli Jews in Prison for ‘outing’ their Zionist leader’s illegal nuclear arms programs? Or the thousands of Palestinians (just happen to be Islamic) tortured, murdered, and imprisoned for defending their families and homes by deed and word?

I have been motivated to write this by the recent obvious bias shown by Alex Jones towards ‘radical Islam’ as the real threat. This is 101 re-direction. The old ‘slight of hand’ priest-magicians and propagandists have employed as the key to their success since Babylon.

As if radical Islam was any worse than any other form of religious fundamentalism, whether Christian, Marxist, Jewish, or Hindu. In all these religions there are groups actively persecuting homosexuals, and people of other ‘religions’. They murder homosexuals and ‘infidels’ in every religion I know of. Read my book ‘Religion’ to understand why.

There are millions of American ‘Christians’ who would gladly kill homosexuals if they thought they could get away with it. If the C.I.A trained them, financed them, incited them, got them ‘handlers’ (whom they protected and rewarded), and then managed to re-direct ‘the blame’ elsewhere, on say foreigners, immigrants, or some other religion.

Of course the C.I.A has been provoking Islam for centuries by murdering their people and undermining their attempts at moderation, and democracy. Of course the Zionists used Mohamed to set up this new ‘religion’, a virtual copy of Judaism, of Torah and the Mosaic laws, in order to ‘divide and conquer’. To set up divisions among their target victims. To have their victims fighting one another while they positioned themselves for the final overthrow of the ‘Goys’, the ‘Cattle’ they had set their eyes upon owning, enslaving, and slaughtering.

Read my book ‘Religion’ if you think this sounds outlandish. I guarantee you know little about your own supposed religion, and understand even less. Apart from a few truly ‘spiritual’ religions, what we know as ‘religion’ is Neuro Linguistic Programming designed to en-trance and en-slave you. It is all about ‘submission’.

I have to laugh when Alex Jones goes on about this one of many possible ‘interpretations’ of the world ‘Islam’. As if ‘submission’ was something unique to this one religion, Islam. As if Islam was unique in ANY way from Judaism, from the Old Testament, upon which Christianity was founded, or from any state, organised, centralised religion of the past. As if Islam is unique in demonisting same sex sexuality. As if American ‘Christianity’ had not murdered, butchered, and enslaved five times the number of people around the world that Islam has. As if Alex Jones, the self-proclaimed ‘indpendent mind’ and ‘freedom fighter’ was not just as much a foolish dupe of his own religious beliefs as any of the ‘Jihadists’ are of their Imams.

The Imams are the dupes of the Zionists who instructed Mohammed. He couldn’t read or write so his ‘verses’ had to be delivered to him verbally, as he delivered them further to his own followers. And now the Imams are being used, through the C.I.A, thne world’s largest Zionist organisation, to spread chaos in the West, to give the Zionist puppet governments ‘excuses’ and ‘justifications’ for imposing martial law, and removing all the ‘privileges’ (rights cannot be taken away, so what we have been enjoying are clearly not rights at all) that we are told the terrorists are so envious of.

In fact the U.S, and Israel, have been responsible for ensuring that most people in the world will NEVER enjoy even the privileges we have had for a few decades. The U.S has always been active in undermining any attempts by other nations to have their own democratically elected government. Read my books for details. Or read Noam Chomsky’s new book about this topic. Almost as good as my own. Chomsky is another shock to the system. A person who should know better about what is going on. Who, like Alex Jones, appears so well informed and such a ‘revelation’ to the sheeple that anyone who understands the world is left open mouthed and incredulous as their naivity and ignorance when it comes to THE most important issues.

Not to mention the fact that ‘Mein Kampf’, written decades before ‘Manufacturing consent’, explained that concept much better, and in clearer detail, than Chomsky ever managed to. But does Hitler ever get credit for ANYTHING good? Of course not. As Plato said, to form a ‘Republic’, his own version of ‘A brave new world’, you needed a religion based on ‘noble lies’ with one god who is ‘the source of ALL good’, and to demonise all other gods and religions and political ideas i.e alternatives to his own ‘Republic’. His republic is the equivalent of Aldous Huxleys. With castes being bred to their pre-destined social roles to be dumb or smart, beautiful or ugly. They would be told that this was just how they were born, by pure chance, when in fact it would be the result of deliberate negative eugenics programs for the workers, and positive eugenics programs for the elites.

Was Plato a Jew? I don’t think so. You have to hand it to the Zionists. They read. They think. They plan. They organise. If you could re-purpose THAT genius to something GOOD, even my own Eden Protocols would stand a chance at being realised.

Alex Jones re-purposed my post about anti-Semitism NOT being irrational but he made the correct point. He once even re-purposed my concerns about the DSM and the definition of Narcissism. And Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

The point about ‘hate’ crimes is that they are supposed to be so dangerous because they are motivated by IRRATIONAL hatred that has no basis, no logic, no reason, and thus can never be appealed to via reason. Like the hatred of mobbers for their victims. The author of ‘Moby Dick’ wrote a great story about this sort of irrational hatred. It is usually based on envy, and self-loathing. It is the ugliest of all hatreds, and bases of violence, because it serves no purpose. It has only negative outcomes. It is not motivated by some ideal of beauty or goodness or justice.

But you see true irrational hatred can always be re-purposed. The Zionist C.I.A are masters of such re-purposing. Where even the completely justified reasons they give people to hate Americans e.g murdering millions of their women and children, destroying the basis of any hope for prosperity, undermining their democratic processes and institutions, arming their enemies both domestic and foreign, have all failed to motivate people to hate America, and want vengeance upon its people, they can always turn to the old Zionist religions of hate.

Read the Old Testament. The ‘punishment’ for homosexuality is death. That is not Mohammed’s interpretation or hate crime. It is Judaism’s.

At least Mohammed stated clearly, in his final public speech, that Arabs are not superior to non-Arabs. It is a person’s actions that define their superiority. Not their ‘race’ or ‘color’. Compare this to the Torah and Old Testament that clearly state that the ‘Jews’ are the ‘chosen’ people with the destiny and right to enslave all the non-Jews. What other people proudly document their ‘ripping up of pregnant women’ and mass genocide? It beggars belief. The thing is most ‘Christians’ never actual read the bible from cover to cover. So I offered you a compressed version in my books. You really HAVE to understand religion if you want to guarantee those ‘rights’ you imagine you have in your ‘constitution’.

So should your constant bombing, murder, economic warfare, blockades, economic sanctions, ‘economic hit-men’, imposition of military dictatorships, otherthrowing of massively popularly elected governments, and constant acts of military, political, and economic violence still fail to produce a few young people willing to die as suicide bombers, you can always get your local Imam to inspire a few ignorant and ‘angry at the world’ young people to mass murder. The C.I.A will find the targets, arrange everything, even arrange to have their own people ‘guarding’ the victims, and ensure a ‘stand-down’ for hours afterwards to make sure the killing can go on unhindered. They will find you a target where there are no armed civilians or guards on hand who might impede the ‘work-flow’.

The hatred the young Jihadist directs at their victims, most recently homosexuals, SHOULD rightfully be directed against any representative of N.A.T.O, the C.I.A, or America in general. They have EVERY reason to hate Americans. And when you understand WHO controls and runs America, and hence N.A.T.O, and the C.I.A, you will have to, against your will, HATE Zionist Jews and their Golems such as the Clinton’s, and, and I really wish this is NOT true as much as Hitler hated anti-Semitism before HE realised the truth, Alex Jones.

I have NO affiliations to ANY organisations. Everyone in the world hates ME, because I am an authentic philosopher. Plato would have had me tortured until I ‘confessed’ his lies were noble, AND true, and his Republic WAS the optimal solution to TROONATNOOR. Every religion on this planet would do the same today if it could. Why hate a philosopher? Everyone hates a truth that would deny them benefits, whether they be meat, dairy, wealth, power, mastubatory delusions of some ‘heaven’ for themselves and some ‘Hell’ for their ‘enemies’, most often their ‘betters’.

Troll much? Mockingbird much? All you idiots wanting to connect me with any organisation like the KKK, or use completely outdated and meaningless terms like ‘neo-nazi’ will have to do better.

I am completely independent. This is WHY I fight. To maintain the right to independent enquiry, independent though, independent investigation, and the right to share anything I find, to discuss it openly with others, to seek the truth openly and without fear of persecution. THAT is why I fight this seemingly futile battle. THAT is MY struggle. MEIN kampf. And yes folks, Hitler WAS a great man for all history, though much of what he fought for then no longer applies. That said, MOST of what he did fight for is universal and will ALWAYS apply. I am not a NEO anything. We must constantly evolve. WE live in different times. But I challenge you to find a political manifesto more intelligent, insightful, and positive, than Mein Kampf. Of course you haven’t read it have you? You just KNOW it is pure evil and WRONG! Like you think you know so much about YOUR political party, or religion.

You know nothing, most of you. I have tried to ‘bring you up to speed’ so that we could interact productively. But you are just too lazy or stupid. Or prove me wrong.

Sure it is more emotionally gratifying to lash out at people like me who try to enlighten you. I understand. You are powerless in your daily life. But the Zionists give you this chance to express your hate. You are free to hate ME. Historical correctionists (a.k.a revisionists). Anyone who wants to explain to you that Man-made global climate change is a myth. Anyone who wants to explain to you what REALLY happened to the Jews during WWII. Anyone who wants you to question whether bringing in millions of radical Islamic young men might be the BEST response to the refugee crisis manufactured by N.A.T.O, the C.I.A, and their Zionist controllers. You can hate the ‘foreign’ religion Islam with its ‘new and so unusual’ hatred of homosexuality. You can hate anyone who thinks that people who work harder, longer, and make more sacrifices, taking more risks, should actually be rewarded with better incomes and working conditions than the lazy, selfish, easy-living, risk-averse, effort-aversion, sweat-phobic ‘Social Justice Warrior’ types.

I could not bare to live in Plato’s republic, even as it’s Philosopher King. I am among those who would ‘walk away from Omelas’. I have a much better offer to make you. If you are willing to live in reality. To give up benefits others pay for. To earn your keep. To enjoy only your fair share based on your own contribution in effort, risk, and sacrifice. To be honest and compassionate. To be logical and reasonable. To be real.

There is one ‘race’. The HUMAN race. There is only INDIVIDUAL supremacy. But as the new Mowgli movie puts it…’The strenght of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack’.

Even with all the necessary killing wolves have to do to survive, I would rather my next life be as a wild wolf, than as any sort of ‘typical’ human in any ‘typical’ human society.

Buddha admitted that the best he could hope for was that ‘A few will understand’. So how could I dare hope for more? TROONATNOOR is TROONATNOOR. Of course any real improvement would HAVE to come from a centralised elite of wise people full of good will and compassion. Are the Zionists full of THAT? Well read MY books, then read THEIRS. I get it. YOU want to be the chosen people. YOU want to enslave others, and animals. YOU want to benefit at the expense of others. YOU want to imagine you have some god-given right to special benefits and privileges that others are NOT worthy of. So you HATE me, and secretly want to join the Zionists, and become ONE OF THEM.

But sorry to break some more bad news. There are only 144,000. And you’d really have to have some good magic, some great namshub, some great NLP, some real powerful connections, some great JUJU, some really powerful alchemy, dare I say it, possess the philosopher’s stone itself, to imagine you will be on that very special V.I.P list when you get to the entrance of Club-Zion and expect to be let in.

So Maher, make your jokes. But doesn’t it get sickening after a while, knowing what idiots your audience are. These Goys laughing at you as you NLP them to their slaughter and enslavement? Wouldn’t you rather be chatting with ME? Someone you could at least respect as a peer, intellectually? And Alex Jones, live in your OWN prison, your own Prison-Planet ‘Christianity’ masturbation fantasy, as a slave to your Zionist NLP a.k.a ‘Christianity’, or worse, keep up the great DELIBERATE campaign of NLP mis-direction for your Zionist masters.

Of course like any hero, yes me, silly old harmless me who thought I was such a coward in the face of a life of bullies pushing me around when I COULD have fought back, from my own mother, family, to those at school, and at ‘work’, am doomed to fail. THAT is what makes heros. We are meta-fers. Luci-fer means light bringer. Like Aqui-fer means ‘water bringer’ and this supposed new age of Aquarius is the water bringer of wisdom…I, a meta-fer…a meta-phor…a carrier to ‘above’ or ‘higher’, am doomed to fail. For the truth ends up on the scaffold while the lies end up on the throne.

Why? Because until YOU admit your true nature, your true motives, your true desires, you will continue manifesting the world we see around us. Slavery. Exploitation. Cruelty to other humans and other animals. Because THAT is what you WANT. If you didn’t WANT the world we have, it would NOT exist. It is so easy to bring about a real positive evolution this very moment.

How? Say not to unearned privileges and benefits. Make a vow to yourself never to enjoy something at another sentient being’s expense. Pay your own way. Consume what you produce, and no more than your fair share. Validate superior individual achievement and ambition. Reward superior effort, sacrifice, and risk with superior benefits and privileges. But do not demand more than your fair share. All product is social.

What changes would you demand right now, if you were certain you would be, randomly and for eternity, new-incarnated as ANY sentient being on this planet? Answer this honestly, and you will have your Optimal society. Your true Republic.

No Omelas for me.

This may really be one of my final facebook posts. Please share it. Copy it. I have been overlooked by the Zionists because I have no readers, or because they have such arrogant disdain for YOU, the reader, that they assume all my seeds of wisdom and hope are falling on sandy/rocky/infertile soil, and will fail to sprout and grow. In other words I am no threat because the Zionists have contempt for your intelligence and your nature. Possibly they are right. They are certainly the masters of NLP. That is why they are the ‘fathers’ of all the West’s organised religions. Religion is pure NLP. And it works. And they are brilliant at it. And I am almost certainly fucked and am almost certainly going to pay a heavy price for daring to challenge them.

Unless there is some spark of decency and sportsmanship in them, and they can admire an opponent worthy of them.

Whatever Alex Jones IS, he is NOT worthy of them. I know of no-one who is. Maybe David Icke is a peer of mine. Sorry to say anyone trapped in a Zionist NLP program a.k.a religion such as ‘Christianity’ cannot be. So David Duke, sorry to say, will never get where he needs to be until he frees himself of the Zionist Neuro Linguistic Program called ‘Christianity’.

I understand you guys need an audience and must pander to some closed group, so if you are doing this, I get it.

But if you really BELIEVE the bible stories and take them seriously, a.k.a ‘religiously’, then really you are lost causes. You are the ultimate butt of the Zionist’s joke. For you have fallen into the clever trap the Zionist carefully laid out for you thousands of years ago. You are a dupe. A fool. A victim. You will never be able to defeat the master whom you serve when you serve, even nominally, that master’s game plan.

That will be my final comment for this post. It is just so supremely ironic to hear Alex Jones and company masturbatingly self-congratulatorily imagining how ‘free’ they are. They imagine they are free of the propaganda, the NLP, the programming, the conditioning, the brainwashing that they are ‘warning’ everyone ELSE about. Like blind leading the blind. Sure, the man with one eye is King. So all hail King Alex JOnes. But he is not only blind in one eye at best, his other is failing him.

At best. At worst he is a scumbag evil fucker misdirecting freedom loving people everywhere from the true enemy, thus ensuring their aim is false, and their targets, who right now have their scopes precisely and accurately set upon the heads of them and their families, will have a massive advantage when in the ‘two way rifle range’ of war. You can’t hit a target when your sights are ‘out’. When you think you are targetting the attacker, but really sighting on the trees to their left. And the problem is with two-way rifle ranges, that you don’t often get a chance to use the first two shots to ‘zero’ your sights in your head. By the time you have seen the first shot fall to the side, you are dead. Or worse, captured. A slave. Doomed to be forced to watch as your enemy rape your wives and children to death, butcher your sons, or worse, take them away as slaves. As your enemy ‘rip up pregnant women’. Read your bibles fuckers. Peace. Shalom. Love. Justice. Happy Next Lives.


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