If you are not VEGAN, then you can NOT claim that you DESERVE justice, peace, freedom, or good luck

If you, acting as you will say, with free will, consume animal products, and any product made in which human or other animals suffer, then you can NEVER claim to have a RIGHT to justice, good luck, happiness, peace, prosperity, and freedom from being the victim of violence in this world, as you are a perpetrator of violence, injustice, and cruelty. What do you think your gods would think when you pray to them for justice, happiness, success, peace, and prosperity, when you are the source of massive violence and injustice and cruelty. How could it take so many thousands of years, and me even 46 years, to see the obvious…the OBVIOUS…yes if you are NOT vegan, really, you deserve the worst you could suffer on this planet, because you inflict the worst possible suffering on other living beings, without even flinching, or any sense of shame. Of course there is NO free will, so no point trying to shame you or appeal to your sense of justice. All NON vegans are hypocrites when they complain that life is unfair to them. But as there is no free will, it is no point stating the obvious. The only thing that will stop the ongoing, daily, eternal holocaust humans perpetrate on their less powerful sentient beings on this planet is legal force, or the elimination of opportunities to harm other sentient beings. I guess the hopelessness (unless people read my books and someone actually does what happens in them) is the best cure for the will to live i.e as Buddha, Schopenhauer, and a whole bunch of the most brilliant humans who ever existed, have indicated. And through that escape from this world of horror and misery…either to oblivion, or a better world, where only people who reject this world as it is,  would have a right to enter…having finally become DESERVING of a better world…

Remember that in Eden, before the fall, all animals were vegan. We can only ever return to Eden if we first become vegan. And do not hope for a heaven somewhere else. The bible is clear that heaven, or hell, will be on THIS earth. Which do YOU chose. A vegan heaven?  Or a cruel hell?