Thomann.de … The WORST service possible ? … 0% satisfaction guaranteed? … Family business that treats customers like dirt? … After years of dealing with thomann.de I feel I need counselling before I will be able to ever again deal with an internet mail order company!!!

Be warned about Thomann.de.  Be warned about a business that represents itself as ‘a family business’ and offers a ‘100% satisfaction guarantee’.  Do not be lured by all the email addresses of contact people just waiting to answer your questions. Note how often the pictures change above those email contact addresses. Do not expect answers to even simple questions. If you get them, feel graciously thankful. Most likely the person you emailed has left the company already, or is on holiday. And would you expect service people to forward their email when they went on month long holidays? If you do you will be disappointed.  If you expect that people actually ‘checked’ items before they sent them to you, as the ‘tags’ indicate, again you will be disappointed.  Oh, but the friendly, personal, head of this ‘family business’ promises to answer to your personally, should his staff fail to provide satisfaction. Surely you can trust THAT sort of company? Well think again. Thomann.de is the company that shows that customers are better served by corporations whose staff are accountable to shareholders, and directors. If Hans Thomann was an employee of a large public company, then he would NEVER have gotten away with how he has treated me, and allowed his staff to treat me. And  today he would be looking for a new job, or at least looking at the walls of a smaller office in the one he was currently working in.

I have kept all the emails, all the correspondence between myself and thomann.de employees, including Hans Thomann himself. I can demonstrate any claims I make.

Including, but not only, the following ‘SHOCKING AND SADDENING’ experiences of THOMANN.DE

After several years of problems dealing with Thomann.de…having faulty goods shipped that a ‘ticket’ claimed had been inspected before leaving Thomann.de…waiting days, weeks, even months for answers to emails…most of the time getting NO answer to product queries…After forgiving them time and time again, because at the time they offered the best prices, and because I wanted to be forgiving…They send a piece of paper encouraging you to expect 100% satisfaction…in fact they guarantee it…but when it comes down to it, if you ask them to change your order a few times, if you send back faulty goods which were clearly faulty when sent, if you ask them to treat you like a human being, rather than ignoring you, then complaining when you email other people at thomann.de with the same questions or changes, after waiting days, weeks, even months, for details of your orders…then they pretend they have actually ‘finalised’ orders that they have NOT i.e I did NOT get the goods, and had not personally finalised the order…I have years of emails between thomann.de and myself, including with the supposed boss Hans Thomann himself. He apparently did not bother to actually read the email I sent him (after reading on the thomann.de site that he encourages anyone to  contact him personally if there is a problem).

I am appalled, that after being so forgiving and understanding, providing so many product reviews, providing so much valuable feedback as to problems with their system a.k.a communication … spending so much time and energy, swallowing so much frustration and irritation and virtual insult, and being so human with them, and simply focussing on getting the right products I needed, overlooking the EXTREMELY BAD SERVICE I experienced from MOST of the people (??) at Thomann.de.  Of course, if you are one of the few thomann.de staff who actually helped me and did provide answers and help, then thankyou, this does not apply to you.  Thomann.de, having claimed on their webpage (the only source of information I have had after weeks / months of waiting for replies to emails to the employee who complained to me NOT to ask anyone else about my order….. that they had already, long ago, ‘fulfilled’ my order, having failed to answer any emails for almost 2 months, send email me a few lines to say they refuse to serve me, and asking me for information I have sent 3 times already.

No comment about the goods I have already paid for. No comment about the replacement goods for faulty goods they sent and agreed to replace. No comment about the mic stand, or other goods. No explanations at all.  Why on earth write that you are ‘sorry’ about refusing me service?  Why insult my intelligence. What justification will you give. I have all the emails, the correspondence.

100% customer satisfaction guarantee?  .

My experience is that you are guaranteed a  depressing, insulting, demeaning, frustrating, absurd, almost impossible to understand treatment at the hands of Thomman.de, and Hans Thomann himself. All lies. Most of the ‘people’ at Thomann.de showed no evidence of any humanity, or interest in customer client satisfaction. Hans Thomann himself showed no interest. Or this could never have happened. Or does he really have NO idea what is going on in ‘his’ company?

A family business?  Is that supposed to mean something? As compared to a corporation that would NEVER  treat customers so badly, as it is responsible to its share-holders. Would a corporation ever refuse service to someone, without EXTREMELY good reasons?  Tell me, Hans Thomann, WHAT ARE YOUR REASONS.  And remember I have ALL the emails to show EXACTLY what happened. I KNOW what happened. Did you bother to look into it when I explained what was going on, and offered extremely valuable feedback?  What did you do with that feedback?  Do you really KNOW the facts of my case? Are you going to look into them?

I never expected 100% satisfaction, but they clearly have no interest in providing even the LOWEST levels of satisfaction, according to my, DOCUMENTED experiences with thomann.de.

I always want happy endings, and give people all the chances to provide them. To learn from their mistakes. To show goodwill and a desire to improve. I have given Thomann.de so many. I wanted a happy ending. Instead I get treated like a piece of dirt by a ‘family business’ with a ‘100% customer satisfaction guarantee’ that I was ASKED to take seriously, by the blue form in every shipment…written in many languages.

My experiences with thomann.de have been mostly depressing, sad, irritating, frustrating…just getting them to change a delivery address was an endurance event.  Asking to change an order is apparently asking TOO much of their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Is it criminal to pretend to have ‘fulfilled’ an order i.e shipped a product that was already paid for, when it has not?

Is it acceptable in the EU to deny someone goods they had already paid for? To fail to to replace faulty goods after agreeing to, in writing?  Not to mention to offer a ‘100% satisfaction guarantee’, and then to treat customers like dirt?