Estonia...State of Terror, z.

We need to socialise and revolutionise the legal profession and legal practise if we are ever to gain justice, and a police force that is NOT defined by corruption

There is also no evidence I am aware of that any actual real investigation was made last year into my horrific treatment at the hands of Ethnic Russian Estonian police. I was too scared to follow up last year, after it appeared quite clear to me that I would be further victimised, and that NO real investigation would ever take place. I am hoping that there is at least ONE honest, competent, and ethical Estonian police officer who speaks English, and is qualified to head an investigation. I see no other chance of getting anywhere. I ask simple questions. I ask for simple facts. I ask for copies of documents that exist. If they do not exist then someone has committed crimes in hiding – destroying them.
What I want is to be interviewed live or in a recording, about what happened, and the situation it reflects in EStonia. Ideally we could make a documentary. I am a writer and musician. I have lots to say about almost everything, but I can limit myself to the issues closest at hand, including a need to Nationalise the legal profession in Estonia, and change the way law is practised ( I have a new system ready and waiting) so that Estonians will become empowered to fight back against a police force that is, as far as all my polling of Estonians, FEARED, rather than respected.
Anyway, we could talk any time about the issues, and my particular experience. I doubt I will get justice. The system appears completely corrupt and disinterested in justice. I hope it is interested in proving me and many other people wrong.
I am both scared and angry. I cannot make any long term decisions regarding living in Estonia until the matters have been dealt with correctly. I will never feel safe again. It is up to you to offer alternative means of justice, even if it is only a chance to share my story with the world, so that the criminals in uniform do not feel completely invulnerable from consequences. You warn people about police patrols, we need to warn people about how to avoid becoming victims of police terror. About always making sure you are NEVER alone with police, etc etc. We could make a series of shows about the issues, about rights etc.  One problem that exists is that right now people KNOW they will suffer repercussions if they speak up about their fears and their bad experiences with the police in Estonia. I am scared about making this attempt, as any reasonable person would be. But I feel an obligation, not just to myself, but to everyone. The things that happened could never have happened in isolation. They could not be just ´one off´ incidents. They are much too severe and obvious. The police involved felt completely invulnerable from consequences, and they never suffered any.
The people who violently tortured me, both physically and mentally,  have left permanent scars.  They owe me a great debt. As I said, I will never be able to feel safe again, or to trust the police. I I KNOW I am not the only one who feels this way. You have seen what happens in France. I can fully appreciate, NOW, why people could see people in uniform as threats, rather than as friends. As criminals rather than protectors. I have always done my complete best to assist the police, seeing them as protectors of liberty and law. Today I see them as potential threats that I must be very wary against, and take all possible legal precautions to avoid becoming a victim again.
Today I would trust almost anyoneś word above that of an Estonian police officer. I will always consider the police officer´s motives to be in question. I will always take the side of the citizen against them, when there is ANY doubt at all, and then even when it APPEARS they are in the right, I will wait and see, and err on the side of the caution that my experience has taught me.
To think the police are actively recruiting in a state where they are feared and loathed by almost anyone I have spoken to who has had ANY dealings with them.
No you will NOT find loads of people willing to speak in public about their experiences. You will have to guarantee them anonyminity. I feel I am taking a great risk in seeking to pursue these matters.
In the movies the victims could arrange a cunning and appropriate revenge, or at least an emotionally satisfying, if brutal, payback. But in real life the victims ARE better people than their perpetrators. I myself am too nice a person to wish any ill upon others. In my movie  elaborate plots will unfold, and the criminals will be taught a lesson. I wonder how many people, in real life, have arranged revenge upon those in power, and whether they ultimately felt better for it, or worse. In real life most people do NOT take revenge, as they are more reasonable than their attackers. But still, I would love to see any statistics.
Most people feel powerless to fight back. Only during riots do most people overcome their inhibitions. Sadly people are hurt and even killed. These riots occur due to a longer term, pent up frustration with the system. The police will want to portray themselves as the victims in these riots. But experience has taught me otherwise. I now know what police will do, knowing full well they can get away with it. Unless we ensure they do NOT get away with it, they will feel confident enough to act on their HATE, and their frustration with their own lives, no differently than a hooligan looking for a victim, or a fight, to express their own self-loathing and HATE through.
I will deal with concrete FACTS, if you let me. I will be able to show the flaws in the conspiracy to deny me justice. If you let us use lie detectors we will be able to show very quickly who is lieing and who is not. I am happy to submit. Will my victimisers submit to lie detectors. Do you understand that the REAL reason they are not accepted as evidence in court is NOT because they can provide false readings, or that you can be coached, but because they are MORE reliable than ANY other form of evidence. Eyewitness testimony is EXTREMELY unreliable, ask any psychologist or criminologist. Even DNA evidence can be tampered with. All senior U.S public servants in sensitive positions are asked to submit to lie detectors. O.J simpson failed ALL his. His OWN counsel got him to submit. They would have offered a positive result from lie detection to the public as evidence of his INNOCENCE, if he had been innocent, and passed any of the tests. This is just one more issue that a modern Estonia can lead the cutting edge with.
Socialise the legal profession. Introduce lie detectors. Change our approach to legal matters from an adversarial one, to one that seeks to find the truth. It can be done so much better. We can  talk about that if you like. I have SOOOO much to talk about. This is NOT about me seeking revenge. This is about me seeking justice, and about ensuring that the horrors I suffered were not suffered in vain, that they could lead to very positive outcomes for everyone.
We give the state a monopoly on violence, but when it abuses this monopoly, then it also challenges the legitimacy of its monopoly.  The monopoly must hold, if we are to avoid chaos. There is so much envy, jealousy, malice, hate, and opportunistism in human nature that if the monopoly is  broken, all hell will break out. I, like any reasonable, ethical, enlightened person, accept the cost of having to go without revenge, as a necessity to maintaining peace and order. Of course every animal has, by nature, a call to revenge. Ironically the police involved probably felt THEY were avenging something. What? You will have to ask them, in private. What happened was DEFINITELY motivated by HATE, malice, and a desire to harm myself. Whether they bothered justifying their actions to themselves, or whether they simply took advantage of an opportunity to harm someone they had in their power, I cannot say.
If they will submit to my questions, and lie detections, then I will gladly accept that I am wrong concerning their motives. If a judge will also submit to my interrogations, and can persuade me nothing unlawful took place, then I will also accept I am wrong. I would also call for a HUGE number of changes to the system. But I would have no case.
However inflicting pain, the threat of pain, and terror, with the intention of producing harm, is torture. And employing the methods to gain false confessions to justify illegal arrests and incarcerations, is criminal in any land I know of. I assume also Estonia, even Iida-Virumaa.
Of course the peaceful, productive, constructive citizens of a society consider the entire issue holistically. One issue is that these two, and the entire group against who I had lodged complaints over the last 3 years, are all culpable in that the events could NEVER have taken place in a professional, ethical, correct policing environment. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, I mean, Estonia.
Please do not play games with me. I have responded as constructively, positively, and NON violently as anyone could hope for. I take pride in my self control. I take pride in my ethics.
I consider, using the present tense carefully, that the costs to what is right and good i.e my suffering, are outweighed by the benefits of granting the state the monopoly on violence.
However most ethics experts will agree that there must be limits imposed upon those in power, or they will abuse it.  The people always have a moral right to overthrow those in power when the costs are justified by the benefits. Revolutions happen. Sometimes they even succeed in their goals.
Usually they put just another bunch of narcissistic, malicious, sociopathic opportunists to power. Sadly most countries that underwent serious corruption investigations into their policing authorities, years later, cannot really claim to have solved the problem. The will must exist in the people. In the police themselves. In the public who pay their decent salaries and pensions, and offer them rewarding, interesting employment.

 Oh, the attachement is digitally signed, which I think makes it impossible for the justice ministry to continue ignoring. I consider it a legal document. An affadavit. A challenge to those in power to do what we pay them to do.

Markus, in the Johvi Library.


Are you going to tell me that you do not have one single English speaking person in the entire Police force or within the scope of the justice ministry who is qualified to lead an investigation into the torture of a peaceful, law-abiding EC citizen by Estonian police ?

Do I have a right to see the documents pertaining to the alleged investigation made into my statement concerning my harassment, terrorisation, and torture by 2 police of the Johvi police force over 2 days from March 30 to April 1, 2013 ? Without having to deal with the people who committed, facilitated, and passively and-or actively covered up my victimisation?

I have no evidence that key witnesses were interviewed. I am sure their testimony would have proved that the police had no valid grounds for assaulting and arresting me, let alone imprisoning me.

There is a long list of complaints I was forced to make against Johvi police stretching back over 2 years. Their most recent acts appear to conform to a desire and willingness to use terror and torture to force me to leave my home in Pargitaguse 9-11, Tammiku, Ahtme. They succeeded. It began with failing to appropriately protect my rights vis a vis malicious, aggressive neighbours, publicly warning me ´Yankee  go home´, and continuing by failing to take action when I was assaulted, and then finally with torture and imprisonment. I was compelled to move out of my home as soon as I got out of prison. This of course entailed many expenses and inconveniences.

The police used the threat of imprisonment to seek to gain a false confession from me, one which would justify their detention of me.

The police car camera will have footage of me being tortured, and begging for them to stop the torture. It will show the malicious glee on the face of my assailant as he tightened my handcuffs after I begged him to relax them. My hands were turning blue. I was in great pain. I am a musician and writer. My hands are my life. It will show me in terror trying to get the attention of a friend who was passing by the car at the time, by actually tapping my head against the window, and calling out. It will show the police placing me in an illegal choke hold to force me to stop. The terror and pain will show on my face. Where can I get a copy. Did the alleged investigators watch the entire tape or only the bits that were most convenient for the two policemen?

I was not allowed to write a comment to attach to the charge sheet. But I did make a few statements on it, before I was refused the chance to sign it. Is that sheet in my file? Are my comments?  Is it correct police procedure to deny the accused the write to attach a written statement? Is the full written statement I wrote at the prison in my file?  Surely the initial, immediate response of my charges of being tortured would be for a criminal investigation to be launched into the police involved?

I was placed in an isolation cell, given uneatable, rancid food on one occasion, and denied medical attention for an entire day, even though I rang the buzzer and pleaded with anyone watching the camera. I was freezing and suffering terrible nausea and pain.

I asked to be allowed to call a friend to pick me up from the prison, after the same police I had lodged formal complaints against, and who smiled maliciously and mockingly at me when I left my cell the first time, expected me to get into a police car with them, with no witnesses! I asked the warden to let me stay until morning, when I would walk home. But the door was once more locked and no-one answered when I called for help, over and over. It was a terrifying ordeal I will never be free of.

I have not seen any evidence of any serious attempt to investigate my statements, either by the Johvi Public Prosecutor, Ida-Virumaa internal investigations, or anyone else.

It appears that the police had planned to freeze my assets and seize them. Why otherwise would they fail to tell me about the fines, when I asked, in writing, many times, whether there were any outstanding fines I should know about. I only found out when I asked staff at the local courthouse to call for me. I paid the fines to avoid a continuation of the past behaviors of the police towards myself.

My payment does not in any way constitute any sort of agreement with the charges. I stated this on the bank transfer.

When I asked friends to translate the charges made, no-one could make actual sense of them. They changed over the course of time.

Too many obvious things appear to have been overlooked by whoever it is that alleges to have investigated my reports. I have no proof that any real investigation was ever made, that any witnesses were asked the pertinent questions, or that anyone cares that a German citizen was tortured, terrorized, imprisoned, and then made to pay for their torture, terrorisation, and illegal imprisonment.

The police were motivated by malice and hate. They had no legal basis for their actions. Why were they even there on the day? What is the official excuse for them harassing me at that time? It is now clear to me that they came with clear intentions that had nothing to do with the law, with justice, or with the complaint made my Faina. If it is illegal for me to place a lock on the balcony, then why was Faina allowed to do so, after I asked police if she could lock me out of the balcony, and not allow me to place a new lock on the door, one which we all would have keys to?  Faina never asked myself or my neighbor for a key. Her complaint itself was motivated by malice, and not by any need.

When I told the police that I believed Fania knew about my basement door being removed, and that she had lied about needing to use the balcony, and that she was a bitch to me, and had been constantly bitching about me to my landlord since I moved in, I was breaking no laws. I was wearing shorts, sandals, and a pullover. I needed to use the toilet. I wanted my I.D card back, as the policeman had been holding it for a long time, and had already noted all my details, so I could go back to my flat and use the toilet. The police would not allow me to, so I rang the door buzzer of my neighbour, who had been standing at the door watching, and opened immediately, to see the police attacking and handcuffing me. She told me later that she had seen absolutely no reason for the actions of the police.  Did anyone interview here and take a statement? Did any ask her what she had seen?

Do I have a right to see all the documents in my file?  Do I have the right to accuse the police in front of a judge, and have a full investigation of my report made?

Demanding that I have every document officially translated appears to me a strategy to prevent me seeking justice. It would cost me a lot of money, time, and effort, and make it easy frustrate my attempts at justice.

There are certainly personnel within the courts and criminal investigation system who speak and understand English or German.

I am simply asking that you find a person of good will who you trust, to listen to my statements, investigate them, and show me evidence of this.

A system that really cares about justice will make efforts to seek justice, rather than hide behind possibilities at frustrating the attempts of those seeking justice. Whether or not it is your intention to frustrate justice, the demands of paying for a translator to translate all my documents, and all the documents that such a case could produce, prevent me from seeking justice through the official means.

Hate crimes are among the worst. Motivated by malice, hatred, envy, and all the worst in human nature. I committed no crime. I have never done anything that called for police to attack and arrest me. My file will show a continued series of complaints, including having one policeman crushing my foot in my own door.

My neighbor witnessed that action, and the illegal arrest. As far as I know no-one has ever interviewed them, and asked them the important questions that would collaborate my reports.

I am sure that documents have either been been tampered with and-or removed from my file, in order to cover up for the illegal actions of the police, and to seek to justify them as valid.

Kapo told us that they only investigate when it involves senior officers.

I do not see how everything that happened to me could have happened, and been covered up, without the assistance, actively or passively, of senior officers.

I was tortured and terrorised and openly threatened with imprisonment (and implicitly with further terror and torture) in an attempt to get me to sign a false confession i.e agreement with false charges.  Never at any time did I do anything that would justify in any way, let alone require, police to detain me, handcuff me, or imprison me.

I would be happy to have a lie detector used on me. I request that the people involved also submit to lie detectors.

My quality of life has been seriously damaged by the experience. I cannot plan a life here in Estonia until it has been properly investigated, and I can be assured that such things can never happen again.

I am a write and musician. Sooner or later the whole world will be interested in me, and I will make sure the whole world knows about what happened to me in Estonia, and what your response, as the Justice Ministry, as the representative of justice in Estonia, was.

All I am asking is that you listen to me, ask the questions I ask you to ask, use lie detectors on all the participants if possible, in order to clarify the facts of the events, and where facts can no longer be proven, to interrogate the facts that can be proven, and to make valid reasonable deductions from them.

As the facts stretch back over 3 years, and the number of documents may be large, I request you assign an English reading – writing employee of the Estonian Justice Ministry, or KAPO, or Estonian Police Internal Investigations, to the case. In fact I am requesting just this as the only way that justice can be done in my case.

I could quickly lead any investigator to ask the questions that would reveal the truth. Of course they would be free to ask any of their own questions. However it seems clear to me that the important questions were never put to the appropriate people, that the important documents were never sought, that the absence of the important documents was never noted, and that at no time was the case professionally interrogated, with the motivation of finding the truth.

A justice system that seeks truth and justice will use the resources it has to do so. Like most Estonian residents I cannot afford, emotionally, psychologically, for health reasons, all associated with the possibility of police passively and actively frustrating their efforts at obtaining documents, video footage, and getting serious interviews done with witnesses, and the costs associated with the entire ordeal, in my case increased by the requirement you made of having all my documents translated into Estonian, to seek justice.

Surely the most basic demand we can make of a government, after protecting us from foreign aggressors, is to protect our rights and liberties.  No foreign nation is going to attack Estonia. And so the only demand I make on the government is to actively seek to protect my rights and liberties.

I am putting off making key decisions, all of which would benefit the Estonian people in the short and long term, because of the fear, anger, and general uncertainty that the events I endured at the hands of people my taxes were paying to protect my rights and liberties continue to produce in me.

I do not ask much. Just a shot at revealing the truth, with a competent, English speaking, serious, well intentioned, empowered member of the Police  internal investigations or Kapo.

I have had dealings with English speaking police in Johvi, and I know they exist. Once or twice my experiences were positive, even though there appears to have been no follow up e.g the assault by my neighbor’s friend that was witnessed by my other neighbor was responded to, initially, by a competent, serious, profession, and well-intentioned police officer who appeared to be quite fluent in English. I would be happy to work with that officer, if it was possible.

This will be my last attempt to gain justice, until I am famous and have a large audience. I am working on a film project based on my experiences. I think it will get made eventually.

There is still time for a positive, even if not ‘happy’ ending to this story.

Are you going to tell me that you do not have one single English speaking person in the entire Police force or within the scope of the justice ministry who is qualified to lead an investigation into the torture of a peaceful, law-abiding EC citizen by Estonian police ?

If you do not stamp out hate crimes, police brutality, torture to gain false confessions, and illegal imprisonment as a form of torture and terrorisation, then what does your ministry stand for?  If what I experienced can take place, and if the parties involved can get off completely free from any consequences, then what does it say about the police force in Estonia?  What other crimes have been committed and will be committed by police here. Surely the message you send has to be clear, to avoid the worst in human nature being expressed by its law enforcement members. They have been granted immense power. They abused it for personal reasons in my case. They were motivated by HATE.  I saw it in their eyes. I felt it in their torture. I experienced their hate first hand. History is full of horrific events that were motivated by hate. It is the most dangerous crime. Its consequences are greater than any crime committed merely for profit. It is the ugliest crime. It has the ugliest outcomes.

I do not have a new I.D card yet so I cannot digitally sign this statement.



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