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Please use the link just across to your right, to my posts ´A taste of TROONATNOOR` for some good short posts that will soon let you know what I am all about. I have taught English in several countries. I have written an autobiographical volume,  many novels, a book on my experiences of victimsation at the hands of the N.S.W Dept. of Education, a book on my experiences teaching and living in Poland, South Korea, and Moscow, a book on religion, and two other volumes of philosophy, some poems, and a books on teaching ESL. I have self-published these at Unibooks.com. If you can find me a real publisher I would of course reward you appropriately. Now I am focussing on my music. I hope this will free me of the almost constant migraines, cluster headaches, and nausea that have plagued me for the last few years.

If you ask me a question and I reply ´the answer is in my web-pages and  books´it means that if you want to know the answer, you can find it in my books, in which I keep few secrets. Please do not push for a verbal answer. Attempting to talk about my past usually results in my suffering debilitating migraines, cluster headaches, and nausea, as a form of PTSD. Therefore this measure is absolutely necessary for me. I have agonised over how to deal with this situation for a long time, and this is the optimal response and wording I could find. It may be an unsatisfying response for you, but alternative responses have proven untenable for me.

 If you email me I will send you free .pdf files of all my books, wherein anything you could possibly want to know about me can be read. If you are that interested. Otherwise you have no justification in forcing me to endure the suffering that usually results from even casual queries re: ´where are you from?  why are you here?  what do you do? I really do not want to think about it, let alone talk about it, over and over again. The apparently harmless questions dredge up too many traumatic, stressful memories.

Briefly, I was born in Australia to German parents. I lived the first 25 years of my life there, and thus have Australian Citizenship. English is my native language. My father returned to Germany when I was 4, and so I automatically gained German Citizenship. I have lived in Germany around 5 years, and so my German language skills are reasonable. I have been mobbed and victimised by almost everyone who had the opportunity to do so. Thus I am am alienated from society per se. This frees me to pursue truth, justice, synergy, and the elimination of all forms of violence, without any prejudice or bias based on personal relationships. I live as cheaply as possible, sacrificing most things most people take for granted in order to be as independant of others as possible. I grew up in emotional, social, and economic poverty, so I have sort of adapted to it. I have also done all the dirty, menial, exploitative jobs that people from poor backgrounds are forced to do to survive, since my early teen years.

I have just finished the TAB and Lyrics (with video ideas) for over TWENTY of my songs. I will continue working on the many pages of  older and newer song and poem  materials I have, so there will definitely be more songs soon enough, if I live long enough to finish them. I will try to make more reasonable quality recordings of those songs too. However if I never manage to, the more or less complete TAB for at least TWENTY  songs is there. I like the potential band-name ´SisyphUS´as that allegory defines our existence, constant striving, never satisfied and so we continue pushing that stone up the hill every day anew. And as I have yet to be rewarded for ANY of my efforts, I can relate to Sissyphus completely. US, we all, share his fate. I also have the foundations for an exciting and educative sequel to my novel.

Click here to view my My Optimal English webpages 
and the few HTML tutorials I could find cached on google.

Click here to view my Church of the Golden Age pages

Click here to see most of my music here on WordPress, at Posterous,    on youtube or at i-like.com, artist name Harry Deerbrook

My email address is markusrehbach@yahoo.com

Optimal English
©Copyright 2006 Markus Heinrich Rehbach All Rights Reserved

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