maybe my last blogg post

As a philosopher I ask people to make major, difficult, hard changes in their ways of thinking and behaving. Think then about my feelings of hopelessness when you consider that in my daily life it is a constant battle and frustrating, depressing, painful struggle just to get people to do the minor, simple, easy jobs they are paid to do, to observe the laws relating to their workplace, and the most basic of service ethics.

The most dramatic and shocking experience came a few weeks ago, when I was assaulted, tortured, and imprisoned by the Estonian Police force. When I sought an investigation I was given heavy fines instead. You can read about these experiences under the category Éstonia, State of Terror´, in the links to the right of this post. It was not enough for them to ignore the abuse, assaults, and constant disturbances of my peace by one particular neighbour, and occasionally her friends and boyfriend. No. They had to go all out and give me the most disturbing and horrific experience of my life. And I have had quite a few bad experiences. In fact it has lead me to wonder whether it is even possible for a philosopher to live in this world. It was my first taste of really ugly oppression and state violence. I have had my career ruined by the State. It has denied me justice. But this was my first experience of Nazi – Stalinist type terror. This is the real world. Ugly. Violent. Unjust. Only fit for the rich and powerful, or people who will say that two plus two equals whatever those with power over you say it equals.

These experiences, and my whole life experience, have now led me to focus on Euthanasia as the key fight. People can only use you, abuse you, and violate you, if you are alive. But it has also taught me just how dangerous it is to speak up about anything, let alone the most important issue, slavery, and the right to chose if your life is worth living or not. TO YOU. Not to those who value you as a means to their own ends. For this issue will challenge the powers that be more than any other. Once you understand TROONATNOOR you will suddenly see what is going on, and why they will see anyone like me as a serious threat, once people start paying attention to me. So far I have been spared, overlooked. I have lived under the Beneficiary classes radar. Why? Because no-one has ever paid my writing any attention.

I cannot help you if you will not acquaint yourself with TROONATNOOR. And if I try really hard, I will suffer fates worse than death. My own private room 101. So forgive me in advance if I do not decide it is worth me suffering so terribly only for the very very very very very very slight chance that anyone will pay attention. I am at a crossroads. If I push on, I will probably suffer greatly and achieve nothing.

I have surely done enough. It is up to you to read my books, and get up to speed. I will keep trying to fine new ways to get my messages across, but, really, I do not see much hope of ever getting an audience. I can not compel you to do what is best for you. I cannot compete with all the lies and confuscation. And I surely cannot compete with your ignorance chained to your basic human nature, unless there is some tiny spark within you which is yearning to learn. Yearning to find a better way. Yearning for enlightenment. Yearning for justice, beauty, truth, an end to all slavery and violence, and the start of lives worth living for everyone and everything. A start to a guarantee of ´Happy Next Lives´.

On a less dramatic note, you can read of the many, often absurdly amusing, experiences I have had recently, in the blogs these experiences motivated me to write, despite my loathing to write, let alone attempt to REASON with humans any more.

I have discussed the ideas in my books with people over and over, each time suffering the stress of the attempt, and the pretty sure knowledge that afterwards I would have to endure the nausea and agony of a migraine. It is one thing to die for what you believe. THAT is easy. THAT I would willingly. The supposed agonies of that one particular fictional character some call their ‘christ’ was minimal in comparison with the suffering of the average social critic, philosopher, heretic, rebel, etc.

To LIVE for what you belive, THAT is the hard road. Dieing for what you believe is easy. It is salvation. It is escape from slavery. Escape from suffering. The true genius of those who are willing to die rather than be slaves is the one that the beneficiary classes have always been most fearful of. It is for THESE clear thinking FREE persons that they invented fates WORSE than death. I will not repeat arguments made elsewhere now.

I have made the same arguments to different people, over and over, and not ONE of them has ever shown the SLIGHTEST intention of reading my books. Philosophy is a discipline. It requires quiet reflection. It requires effort. It requires intellectual fearlessness. It requires the ability and desire to learn. It requires good will. It requires good judgment. It requires openness to change. It requires sacrifice. It often requires the endurance of satisfaction. It requires the student to constantly be recognising where they have been in error. It requires being WRONG more often than being right. The student must DESIRE enlightenment. The student must usually be compelled by some external motivators to endure the struggle philosophy demands of them.

Very few people are naturally keen to endure the process. And most of what is taught as ‘Philosophy’ in the schools and universities of this planet is ‘harmless’. The beneficiary classes control the educational institutions, directly through governments and laws, and indirectly through private financial contributions.

But at this point I want to note that in reality the ‘Big Brother’ scenarios we are offered as ‘threats’ to freedom etc have proven mostly unnecessary in the modern world. You don’t need to BANN books. People just don’t real critical books. You don’t need to CENSOR. People censor themselves. They seek confirmation, BENEFITS (pleasure, relief from pain, comfort, security). People do no generally seek to eliminate unfairness and injustice. No. They merely seek to avoid being its victim while striving to become its beneficiary. There is no need for any ‘Big Brother’ to actively ‘destroy’ the philosopher, heretic, prophet, free-thinker etc. For they will simply starve to death through the neglect of the general world. No-one is interested in TRUTH, JUSTICE, and FAIRNESS. Everyone is interested in UPWARD mobility for THEMSELVES and theirs.

There is so much malice in human nature. Our basic happiness is founded on feeling more fortunate that others. Thus we wish for the bad fortune of others. This is scientific fact. This nature once emerged randomly through mutations. When you think about it, it is logical to expect it to endure and become stronger and more complex a feature. For what better suits an organism under conditions of competition and survival of the most adapted, than a constant motivation to undermine, destroy, ruin, and enslave everyone else? What is the history of ‘civilisation’ but the history of slavery? What is society other than the determination to benefit from the existence of others. To enslave others. To put and keep others below yourself so that you might exploit them for your own benefit. For the benefit of you and yours. Ask anyone why ‘society’ is so important to humans, and you will quickly get answers that, when honestly appraised, add up to this. We call it ‘specialisation’ and ‘division of labor’, but that is just another way of dividing people between slaves and masters, beneficiaries and their exploited service providers.

I was writing this essay in my mind while laying almost asleep. Too tired to get up and write it. But in that perfect state for philosophizing. I hope I manage to remember what I wanted to write.

First thing. After another migraine, after another vain attempt to communicate my most important ideas, and motivate someone to actually read my books, and flat out asking them if, after me having invested hours of difficult, frustrating effort at explaining some things, my interlocutor was likely to ever read my books, and getting a clear ‘NO’ as an answer, I told them what I hope I will honor to myself in future, namely that I would never again suffer those agonies on that account. If not a single person had been swayed by my painful attempts to generate their interest in my books, then it was time to let myself off the hook, and allow myself to, in future, refrain from such sacrifices.

Talking about my books has never lead to anyone reading them. And it is the reading of them that will convince them of the value of them. And the value of my potential services to the world. And so neither my books nor my ‘self’ are ever likely to be valued by the world. THIS is the true torture for a writer. To NOT be read. To have so much to offer, and to be denied the chance to demonstrate the fact. To be denied the chance to make the great and lasting contribution that they know they could.

Not a single person has ever allowed me a fair ‘trial’. What I mean is that people are quite happy to deny what I say, but NEVER has ANYONE allowed me to PROVE what I say. NO-ONE has ever been interested in the FACTS. The clear, easy to demonstrate, concrete, simple, unequivocal FACTS. I am not talking about ‘arguments’ and things that are debatable. But simple facts. SIMPLE facts. The simplest facts that would be unavoidable. The simplest facts that no ‘spin-doctoring’ could distort or confuse.

George Orwell, in his novel ‘1984’ states that all freedoms flow from the right to say that 2+2=4. I have NEVER been allowed this freedom. It became clear to me, moreover, that many of the people I was dealing with really BELIEVED that 2+2= ‘something other than 4’, and that if I have actually ‘tricked’ them into agreeing that 2+2=4, well, then, it had been by some diabolical device, and they were not going to stand for it, no siree Bob. NO! If I had managed to ‘trick’ them into agreeing that 2+2=4 then they had every right to deny me any further right to PROVE my case. They had the right to destroy me. To shut up the messenger. To extirpate me. To RUIN me. And of course they sought to have me defined as mentally ill. For of course, if 2+2 CLEARLY does NOT =4, then anyone who goes around thinking, and WORSE, SAYING, that it does, is clearly insane! Such DANGEROUS people need to be isolated and rejected. Abandoned to die in misery, as a clear warning to any other such dangerous lunatics who might ever consider stating the obvious in THEIR own daily lives. That the emperor was naked. That 2+2=4. That most of what they are doing is STUPID and WASTEFUL. Often just simply WRONG. Often even purely MALICIOUS.

So. My dear friends. For if you are reading this, I consider you the dearest of friends. Someone willing to give me the chance to prove that 2+2=4, even though this proof may challenge the ideas, notions, beliefs, and material benefits that you most highly value and cherish. If you are willing to take this step, then you are on the road to the world that is possible, but highly improbably, given The Reality Of Our Natures And The Nature Of Our Realities. That vision of a future I have tried to share, and to realise. In the only way open to me. In the most unrewarding way. The way of the advisor who can be sure of never being given the EXECUTIVE power to realise their clear vision. And is IS so clear. So tantalisingly clear and close. So near. So REAL. And but for the arrogant stubbornness, the selfish … etc…well…for all the reality of the vision, it is just a child’s dream, in the world that YOU and YOURS are so dead keen on reproducing.

And so I am, after decades of struggle, left hopeless. With no expectation of realising my goals. And as my goals are the only truly beautiful thing I have known on this planet, the only thing worth justifying the endurance of the CURRENT state of things, any motivational expert will tell you that I have no motive for, well, living. Life is a means to the ends of pleasure, joy, happiness, satisfaction, etc. We endure the pain, seek relief from it, only because we expect to be rewarded for our effort, sacrifice, and suffering. But most will never get that reward. It has been consumed already by the beneficiaries of this world. In fact they had already consumed it before you were born. They ensured you were born to make good on the debts they had already incurred upon your children, in the benefits they had already consumed. You cannot consume more than you produce unless someone else produces the difference. They invented religions to keep you reproducing. To keep you from the only sane response to slavery. Suicide. Fates worse than death. Hell. Eternal punishment. They were all invented for the slave society. The illusion of a reward in an afterlife. Redemption for suffering without reward in this life. The illusion of good karma to be earned, to ensure that next life you would be among the beneficiaries of slavery. The fear of bad karma which would ensure you remained a slave for eternity, or supposedly WORSE, a wild animal. What a joke. When you consider the average life experience of the world’s slaves over the last 5000 years, compared to the life of a wild animal. See they even try to make the idea of FREEDOM detestable. As if to be FREE is a punishment. As if SOCIETY was good for EVERYONE. And hey, if you yourself never make it into the beneficiary classes, then you could suffer, endure, sacrifice, and work to ensure that your children did. Of course a myth. Slave children remain slaves. They may get better positions within the slavery hierarchy, but for all real purposes, slaves beget slaves who beget slaves. And that is why the slave master’s god ordered the slaves to reproduce.

Sin was invented to keep the slave in their place. To keep them reproducing. To keep them imagining that their suffering was deserved. They had earned it. Through ‘sins’ or ‘bad karma’. To keep them working ‘Arbeit macht Frei’ on their own ‘REDEMPTION’. A redemption that could never be proven, for it happened either in some vague ‘after’ life, or in a next life.

Oh, so my motivation for writing this?

This is it. You see for decades, probably since I was a child, I have wanted to be granted the wonderful privelege of being able to go to sleep, knowing I would not HAVE TO wake up ever again. At least not in this world. Oh how many countless nights I PRAYED, when I still believed in the rubbish I had been told about Gods and such, that I would not HAVE to wake up again.

Why did I endure my life. My SELF? Many reasons. But the clearest one is the desire to find out what the hell was going on in this world. I felt an OBLIGATION to do this for EVERYONE. I felt everyone, including myself, had a right to know. To understand. And then I slowly started putting the pieces together. And I found it WAS possible to understand this world, and what was WRONG with it. Further, it was possible to CORRECT most of what was wrong with it. And simply too. And so I was driven by the motive to SHARE what I had learned with others.

Only no-one has EVER been interested in what I have to offer. I have been constantly victimised for my efforts. I have suffered so many days of nauseating migraines. I have suffered too much, I feel, for me to ever to be able to ‘break even’ in this world, in this life. I cannot image what good things I would have to enjoy in the remainder of my life, to make up for what I have suffered. And I realise that most sentient beings in this world have and will continue to endure much WORSE than I have. But I cannot help them with the powers that I have. The power of reason. I have no worldly EXECUTIVE powers. I cannot put my ideas into practicable. I cannot show that 2+2=4. I cannot realise the potential I have. In fact as soon as my books began being read I would probably be destroyed by the beneficiaries of the status quo. They would find ways to corrupt everything I have written. They always do. A few people might corrupt it so far as to make another ‘religion’ out of it. Religion is always a corruption of true philosophy. And always in the interests of the beneficiary classes. Remember that the priests formed the very first beneficiary classes. Religion and slavery are one and the same. ‘To bind’. ‘To enslave’. Not just the body but the ‘soul’.

Yes, so now we get to what motivated this essay.

What am I? Am I Markus? Is Markus, ME? Is THIS-self the ONLY self ? Is there an I that is Markus, or just a Markus, that has the illusion of an ‘I’. Is there a ‘ghost in the machine’, or is the ‘ghost’ merely a temporal product of the machinations of the machine? A propergent of the interactions and processes that occur within the machine? Is Markus an Experience Engine for the I, the ME, that is it’s experiencer. Is Markus the vehicle, and I, ME, the passenger? Is there a self independent of the impressions it experiences? Do the experiences, the senses, the impressions, inhere in a self at all?

When I say MY-self, am I just inventing things. Does the SELF have only a VERBAL existence. Like a word has a ‘meaning’, but no REAL existence or meaning?

I have of course gone into all this in my books, with the help of Nietzsche, Hume, Freud, and others.

It is of key importance to the slave seeking freedom. For if death only means escaping one SELF only to become entrapped in a NEW self, one that is, in all probability, also a slave, or at best a beneficiary of that repugnant slavery, then what is to be gained by the act of suicide?

My motivation in remaining and enduring my current SELF was that I felt I had the chance to change the world that I would inherit, should I have no control over things, and find myself experiencing new lives, over and over again, on this planet, or similar ones. So I was working for my own eternity. My own salvation from this misery and slavery. For the world that I made would be the one that I would inherit, over and over again. So to suffer this one life, while ensuring that countless future lives would be GOOD, seemed like a logical sacrifice.

I used to think it wishful thinking, when people talked about ‘reincarnation’. That people could or would not accept the finality of death. That was when I though life could be good. When I was a child. But experience has taught me that most lives on this planet are BAD. And so now I hope with all my heart that death IS the end of it.

However, here’s the thing. I find it impossible to find a way to convince myself it IS the end. I mean I can find NO compelling reason for arguing that it IS the end.

All the compelling arguments point toward life being eternal. The animists had no problem with this idea. It was only with the introduction of ‘Religion’ that people experienced this ‘problem’.
I have struggled with my own mind to conceptualise what life might me. What the SELF might be. What I might be. And thus to find a way to understand what EVERYTHING is.

This is the best conceptualisation I have managed so far. I actually hope it is NOT true. But it is compelling, for all the reasons that we should define an argument as compelling, as outlined in my books.

The difference between a rock and my SELF is NOT sentience. It is NOT consciousness. It is NOT awareness. Sentience, awareness, consciousness…they are universal. They are a quality of the Energy-Matter-Consciousness that the universe IS. That everything IS. That make up everything we experience. They just ARE. They always WERE. They always WILL BE. They cannot be created or destroyed.

So, our ‘pagan’ ‘backward’ animist appears to be the most advanced philosopher. Everything is aware. It is aware of what it is. Like Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poems. It does not have a complicated, sophisticated set of experiences, as it has no ability to remember what it experienced the moment before. It has no real senses to see, hear, smell, love, fear, hope for, etc. But it is aware.

And so we answer the question ‘WHAT is awareness’? That question has baffled and troubled me more than any other. This solution only came to me recently. There is no need to decide whether awareness is a property independent of my current SELF, or merely a property PRODUCED by that self, and thus being born, growing, decaying, and finally dieing and ceasing to exist, like that very SELF. There is no need to talk about ‘ghosts’ in the machine. No need to talk about ‘souls’ inhabiting a temporal prison-body.

It may not be satisfying, to those of you who so strongly identify with your current SELF, and wish to believe in a continuation of that self after the death of the body. For there is no continuation of a self. The self perishes. Only the POTENTIAL to experience being NEW selves remains. Many of those NEW selves may be very simply organisms. Even rocks.

Of course this raises other questions. I have considered some of them in my books already.

My main question here is at what LEVEL do we experience life as we do now. What level of complexity?

What is required is memory. Some medium for storing past experiences. What is required is some way of RELATING experiences to each other. For MEANING is the relationship between things. Meaning is GENERATED when we relate things to each other. I have explained this in my books in detail. I cannot explain great concepts in a few sentences. You MUST read my books to benefit from the insights in them. INTELLIGENCE is nothing more than the ability to construct patterns from past experiences, and then to use these patterns to predict the outcomes of future, SIMILAR, interactions among SIMILAR things. Thus the ability to construct analogies, and to understand them, is one definition of intelligence. Your ‘PERFORMANCE IQ’ is largely unaffected by experience. It is one measure of innate intelligence. However the other part of your IQ is ‘crystallized intelligence’. This relates to your memory. What have you managed to ‘learn’ . Thus it deals with language skills, measuring whether you know the definitions of words, etc.

Without a memory, you can develop no, and thus HAVE no, ‘Crystallized Intelligence’. Without the ability to construct patterns from your experiences, you cannot predict the outcome of future interactions, and you cannot have a ‘Performance I.Q’.

Oh, yes, of course I just re-explained what INTELLIGENCE is. Not that that is that important to me. For I see very little of it around me, and it has brought my SELF nothing but misery.

NO, what interests me is the ability to experience pleasure, pain, and relief. For THESE things are the true essence of experience. It is these things that MOTIVATE all sentient action. Without pleasure, pain, or relief, we would have no MEANINGFUL experience. As in reality, ALL meaning reduces down to pleasure, pain, or relief. To fear of pain. To hope for pleasure and relief. It is EMOTIONS / FEELINGS that matter. Intelligence is a mere TOOL, a MEANS to these ends. Without these motivating ENDS, intelligence would lose all meaning.

Yes, you’ve got it. A computer. A robot. A calculator. The ONLY real difference between US and a robot is that WE feel pleasure, pain, and relief. The robot will be outfitted with memory and sensory devices. It will be more intelligent than we are. It will be able to store more information. It will be able to set up more nexuses of that information, and thus relate more pieces of information to each other, to form more wholes, and thus greater predictive power, than we are capable of. It will be limitless in its intelligence.

But will it be sentient? Well based on the compelling arguments we can call ‘animism’,well, it already IS. But only the ROBOT itsSELF that it is aware. And of what. We can never be sure if anyone ELSE is sentient, or merely just behaving as if they are. Only the thing that feels is sentient. And only the feeling sentient being knows that it IS feeling, and thus sentient.

Humans fake all manner of emotions / experiences / sentience. We can never be sure what they are feeling or experiencing. They trick us all the time. They lie. They act. A robot could be programmed to RESPOND appropriately to anything we say or do, in such a way that it APPEARS to be sentient. And we can never know. So at no time in the future will be ever be able to be sure if the robot IS sentient, or not, in a MEANINGFUL way, as WE relate to the idea of sentience. Not as metal. I don’t mean that it is aware that it exists as a lump of metal. Just a dull sense of BEING, with no actual feelings, emotions, thoughts etc. But in a way we usually talk about sentience, in relation to our own sensory perceptions, and the meanings they gain in relation to our experiences of, and associations with, pleasure, pain, and relief.

Watching movies about robots can be really frustrating. Like watching supposedly scientific programs about evolution. Read my books to see what I mean. Anyway, all this nonsense about robots being jealous of our ‘souls’ is absurd. If a robot is jealous, then it is feeling, and thus it is sentient. It is just a more advanced form or self replicating organism. A MINERAL one. Think about this. Sentience has, as far as we see around us, gone the path of VEGETABLE and ANIMAL evolution. But perhaps the next logical step is MINERAL evolution. Sentient life forms made of metal. Why NOT? Think of the advantages. And they will certainly be able to defeat us in any competitive struggle. They can ADAPT to ANY conditions. They can plan and execute a eugenics program for themselves that we could only dream of. They can build NEW SELVES as easily as they can imagine them. Who would WANT to be a human. A BIOLOGICAL ORGANISM when they could opt to inhabit such an EXPERIENCE ENGINE?

The NEW experience engine would be capable of continuation of memory and experience over generations. It could simply ‘import’ all the data from its current life into the new body it has built for itself in the robot factory.

Oh, and as this may be the last thing I bother writing for the public, lets consider the issue a little. I feel the stress building in my neck. I will probably suffer a migraine for this, but lets continue anyway, as perhaps my parting gift to you, and to my NEXT selves.

Robots may be the next random product of evolution. I refrain from saying ‘stage’ as this implies some sort of deliberate plan or intention. I bet few of you understand the process of evolution. I am sure most of you will benefit from reading my books.

So what would it take to entice you to leave your current experience engine, type Human?

Why do you live? What is the REAL meaning of life? What MOTIVATES you to live? What motivates your EVERY conscious and unconscious action?

The promise of pleasure and relief from pain. The threat of pain. The threat of any loss of pleasure or relief.

Seriously. There you have it. The meaning of life, the universe, and EVERYTHING.

If humans could not ENSLAVE each other there would be NO organised religion as we know it.

My job as philosopher has mostly been to ‘take out the trash’. To go through that huge garbage can we call human wisdom and try to work out what was rubbish and what was good. We call that ‘judgment’. A philosopher must have GOOD judgment. But a MORAL philosopher must have more than that. They must also have a HUGE amount of GOOD WILL. For most people, when they work out what is rubbish and what is good, simply exploit this knowledge in their own interests. They tend to keep what they have discovered to themselves. One, to exploit it to their own advantage. And two, to avoid being the victim of the current beneficiaries of the world that belief in that rubbish, and often even cherishing of that rubbish as ‘sacred’, has produced.

Like others before me, my quest started when I ‘smelled’ something funny. I was motivated as I was born at the bottom of the pile. I was NOT a beneficiary. I was paying for the benefits of others. Doomed to a life of slavery. And none of the beneficiaries every noticed me. They never considered me a threat to their benefits. They never tried to ‘buy me off’ with some benefits of my own. Some position among the slaves that I might find comfortable and rewarding enough to keep quiet to keep.

So I never became a ‘mit-laufer’. I never ‘went along to get along’. I had a lot of time just to think. To read. To think. To think. And I seem to have the intelligence to benefit from that time and reading. And I got to travel and work in many countries. I had little to lose, as I never had much to gain. I had no motive to ‘lauf-mit’ as I was never offered anything worth sacrificing my integrity for. Just by chance. Who knows what I would have become had anyone every made a good offer?

So because I was a troublesome slave, I got to push people, and I got to see how people really are when they stop acting, take off the masks, remove the personas, take off the gloves. I got to gain a lot of experience that few other people get to experience. Suffered. Endured. Experienced. And all within a context in which that experience could be put to productive use. It did not just destroy me.

It never reduced me to the zombie level I see in most people around me. In 1984, the most terrifying thing is how they reduce people to zombies. No. I still rage against everything and everyone that is stupid, malicious, cruel, violent, unproductive etc etc.

I would rather die than stop hating stupidity, cruelty, et al. I could think of nothing more loathe some than to pretend things are other than what they are. If you do something stupid, it will irritate me, and I will say something. At least I will get angry. Mad. When I stop doing that, please just shoot me in the head. For then I will have become a zombie. I will have become WORSE than dead. I will have sold out, but for NOTHING. I can understand selling out for something good. Pleasure. But just for relief? No. I prefer death as the ultimate relief. I’d rather be dead than LIVING dead. And that is the terrifying scenario of George Orwell’s ‘1984’. How far is it from most people’s supposed ‘life’?

My greatest fear, after physical pain, has been that of being forced to endure my life. Say locked up, in a way that I could not kill myself, and thus gain my freedom, my relief from this world. Humans have done this to free-thinkers, heretics, rebels, et al, throughout recorded history. For as long as we have had ‘society’, ‘slavery’, and ‘religion’. It is a horrific thought. The worst punishment. A fate worse than death. How ironic.

Revealing the relationship, the connection, between slavery, religion, and suicide, is one of my most satisfying achievements. I hope you realise that most of us are the slaves, and that the promises the beneficiaries make, in their movies, songs, television ads, etc, are all lies. You will NOT gain access to the beneficiary classes benefits. They keep their benefits by ensuring an ever increasing population of slaves, and by keeping their own ranks as thin as possible, thus ensuring every greater production of goods and services to be consumed by an ever decreasing number of real consumers / beneficiaries.

Imagine you had no memory. Could you experience ‘movement’? Could you experience ‘music’? What ‘meanings’ could ANYthing have?

Imagine yourself with NO memory. With NO senses. Still conscious. Still aware. Still sentient. But of WHAT? Of BEING.

Energy-Matter-Consciousness is the PRIMERTY. It interacts with itself. This interaction produces products. The products of these interactions are LIFE. The REALITY we experience. This is just what happens. This is the nature of Energy-Matter-Consciousness. This is THE NATURE OF REALITY. Once you get it, it is simple. Child’s play. No need to EXPLAIN the universe. No need to justify it. No need to find some redemptive purpose or reason. No need to invent gods. No need for ‘creation’ per se. No need to justify it. No need to fear death, except as a loss of whatever benefits you may have accrued as your current SELF. And if you have made the world as it could be, as I want it to be, you would have NOTHING to fear for your loved ones either, or for your NEXT life experiences.

This is the question I really want you to answer. Honestly. Really think about it. Really challenge your answer. Think about the ramifications of the question and every new answer you come up with. This is my crowning contribution to philosophy and sentient beings every/any-where. It is my ‘Optimal Ethic Generator’. It is the most powerful technology for good I know of. So finally I got to do something practical. I always wanted to make something real. This is it. If this question, and this essay, do not motivate you to read my books and novels, then NOTHING I ever say will. So in future I will forgive myself for not continuing to sacrifice myself, to endure terrible pain and nausea, in trying to convince people to read my books. I have suffered enough. A few days on a cross? As the Jews in ‘Life of Brian’ joke, is easy, compared to what I have already suffered for your sake, for the sake of all sentient life, and potential for the sake of my future ‘selves’ in future ‘next-lives’.



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