Estonia...State of Terror

All it takes for evil to thrive is for good people to do nothing…but really…where are you going to actually find a GOOD person. I finally give up my quixotic quest for justice.

Viru Maakohus

Kooli 2a

41598 Johvi


Markus Heinrich Rehbach


Puru Tee 37-30, Ahtme linnaosa, Kohtla-Jarve linn, Ida-Viru


I am forced to withdraw my appeal of decision number 2440, 13, 002030 of 27.04.2013


I request that if possible the appeal be postponed until 2014.


This is due to various personal, health, and financial reasons which would make it impossible for me to arrange an effective appeal or investigation, and which will most likely make it necessary for me to leave Estonia for at least several months.


Please note that I paid the 120 Euro, that the decision number 2440, 13, 002030 of 27.04.2013 demanded, on 15.05.13


I was told that if I didn’t pay the 120 Euro I would end up having to pay even more.


I sought to arrange a private session with a judge, however this was denied me. The public prosecutor said it was not their job to help me in these matters either.


The legal center was closed, and so I was unable to get any legal advice. It is only open one day a week, the next day being 22.04.13.


My payment of that fine in no way indicates my agreement with it.


However it appears that it will be impossible for me to pursue my legal rights without a lawyer. Like most Estonians residents, this means that the appeal is out of my reach.


My experience with the police and the system here over the last 2 years, which you can read in detail on my wordpress bloggs, makes it clear to me that it would be unwise of me, not at all in my interests, and unlikely to achieve any public benefit, to seek any further investigations.


Therefore I will just accept my bad luck and try to move on. This whole business of the last 2 years has cost me too much already in nerves, stress, health, money, and things that go much deeper. I can not afford, emotionally or financially, to keep fighting a battle I see no way of winning.


I hope you will do me one favor. I will ask you to please have someone once more contact the police on my behalf, to confirm that there are no other outstanding fines or matters that I should know about, and then confirm this in writing to me.


I emailed Tatjana Saulitz many times, requesting information about the charges, my appeal, my court date, and so on, but she made no reply. She knows I am too terrified to go to the police station to ask personally. Surely she should have mentioned the fines, and the deadline for making an appeal? And I had clearly asked to be present at any hearing, and to be assigned a court assigned legal representative at that hearing, when the translator asked me if I did, in prison. She ticked the boxes when I said yes, and I signed the document and wrote a two page statement refuting the charges and calling for an investigation. For some reason the police present actually filmed me do these things with a video camera in the prison cell. I only found out by chance that the police had already decided without my knowledge. when a court employee contacted the police for me, and got the police to send a fax.


Please confirm that there are no other matters that I should be aware of, or need to deal with, no other charges or fines that I have not been told about, that I should pay.


I want to make sure that there is no reason why I would be denied an extension of my residents permit in November. No surprises from debt collectors. No surprises from police. No repeats of past experiences here. No reason for George Soros to decide not to set up a foundation in Estonia.


Thankyou for your consideration in these matters.


I am sure that if I had the chance to explain and demonstrate everything in detail to you, in your own language, that you would be shocked, and on my side.


I thank everyone who did act in good faith and with good will towards me. I appreciate your efforts. It it is sad that we do not all speak one universal language yet. It is sad that we do not have 24 hour surveillance cameras everywhere so no-one can make up stories, or deny the truth about events. It would have saved me this ordeal. And it would make your job so much easier : )


But what if I DID in fact have an audio-video recording of everything that has happened in my flat and outside my front door? Everything that I describe in my bloggs : )


And would you arrange for everyone involved in my 2 year long ordeal to be hooked up to polygraphs i.e lie detectors? I would submit immediately. Would the others? Maybe we can arrange a television show?


All the Best




Markus Rehbach


20.05. 2013



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