Estonia...State of Terror

After months, police tell me that if you are being tortured in a police car and try to draw your friends attention to this fact, then the police may lawfully place you in isolation for 48 hours, on misdemeanour charges, which they are free to constantly change

For internal use

A holder of information: the Police and Border Guard Board

Basic access restriction: PIA § 35 section 1 subsection 12

Final Deadline: 05/13/2088

Date of preparation: 05.13.2013

Mr. Markus Rehbach


You: No 12.04.2013

We: 05/13/2013 No 2.1-3/64963-4

The police action

In response to your letter of formal notice sorry that answer took longer than expected, because the content of the letter
translation took longer than expected. After examining the translated content, and memo
Police oral explanations and video footage can be argued that the police behaved with you
correctly and in accordance with the law. With you through out the procedural steps answered
misdemeanor procedure code requirements.

Your detention was justified and targeted regime to an end. Based on the
above, I find that your memo is a mere affirmation, and do not reflect the objective circumstances of what happened.
Police division and ethnic mitteetnilisteks by you is cynical and unacceptable.

Response in case of disagreement, you have the right to appeal to an administrative court and challenge
the legality of the police action.


/ digitally signed /


Urmas Sibrits

police Lieutenant

Eastern Prefecture, police office, police station Jõhvi

Head of Police Department

3372301; urmas.sibrits @

1 thought on “After months, police tell me that if you are being tortured in a police car and try to draw your friends attention to this fact, then the police may lawfully place you in isolation for 48 hours, on misdemeanour charges, which they are free to constantly change”

  1. I post this for the public record. Be warned that the police in Estonia will get away with harrassing you, torturing you, and then imprisoning you in isolation for at least 48 hours, for charges which they are free to make up and constantly change as it suits them. It took months to get even this response. KAPO have not responded to my charges of corruption. However when a friend emailed them on my behalf he got a disturbing phone call, with NO caller I.D, from someone claiming to be from KAPO, and more or less interrogating him as some sort of criminal.

    No real investigation has ever been made into official written complaints made by myself over the last 18 months. Just this sort of rubbish. No mention of any salient FACTS or WITNESSES is ever made. You ask them to speak to the husband, and they speak to the wife, and vice versa. And when they do speak to anyone, they only ask the questions that suit the police.

    The video footage was probably of me trying to get the attention of a friend who was walking by the police car while I was being tortured with the handcuffs i.e I had complained they were painful, cutting off my circulation, and Marko Lvov smiled as he tightened them as tight as they would go, using as much force as he could. The video would then show him bashing my head against the police car window and applying an illegal choke hold. Show THAT to the public. The video will show that I was quiet as I sat in the car, until the handcuffs were tightened, and I tried to get my friends attention. After my friend did not stop, I was once more quiet. There was no justification in the first place for handcuffing me as my neighbour, Anne, can tell you, and would have told the police investigators had they bothered to ask her. There was no reason to detain me.

    So be warned. According to this HEAD OF POLICE it is quite legal for police to come to your home, or approach you in the street, handcuff you for no reason, torture you with those handcuffs, then arrest you if you try to draw public attention to this treatment. It was a horrifying experience that I will have to live with. I can only imagine what worse things the police do. These police will only have been encouraged to behave even worse in future, as they had encouraged Faina, my malicious neighbour, to constantly increase her violence against me. If the police can be so confident of getting away with what they have done to me over the last 18 months, then we can be certain that this sort of behaviour is common, and can be expected to be repeated.

    I would call out to the public to report any similar instances, or other abuses of police power.

    Of course the police response is threatening in many ways. First it is clear the actions could be repeated. Second was the implied threat that what I was saying was a lie, and hence criminal. I have heard of people serving long prison sentences in Estonia for making allegations which they were then unable to prove.

    If the system was serious about justice, I would have been told exactly who to contact the first time I emailed anyone in the system. As you see, this letter is vague about how to appeal. How am I supposed to find the right people? Remember I have been living in fear of a repeat of the horrific experience. I have no reason now to fear it less. For I have been told, and you can read it yourself in Estonian or English, that the highest people in the police force consider that what was done to me was legal, and O.K.

    And remember the only justification they made was some misdemeanour charge which they made up AFTER the fact. I gave them the name of witnesses who could prove that these misdemeanour charges were unfounded. Remember the real reason police came was about a nuissance complaint by Faina about a lock. Once this proved no grounds for harassing me further, the police just made up a new complaint.

    I was trying my best to stay in Estonia. But it appears it is unsafe for me to do so now. Like those Estonians of the past who lived with their suitcases packed and ready for flight, I am ready to go. It is the last resort, but what am I supposed to do when either the police here are seriously corrupt and-or incompetent, or the legal system justifies the definition of TERRORIST STATE.

    Either the police acted criminally, and then other police helped them cover up their crimes, or the state itself acts criminally, by denying people their basic human rights. If what the supposed investigator in this case writes is true, then Estonia is in violation of United Nations Convention on Human Rights, and of course the many European Union laws.

    So far it appears that if you enter Estonian territory, you risk being attacked by police, tortured, and imprisoned in isolation, at the arbitrary whim of sadistic police…apparently with the full informed consent of the entire legal system.


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