Estonia...State of Terror

A final call to KAPO, and anyone else being paid to investigate corruption and criminality in the Estonian police force

I have sent official complaints, in Estonian and English, as signed digidoc statements, over the past year or so. As I feared, things got worse, due to the lack of any accountability within the police force in Johvi, and in Estonia as a whole.

Is anyone going to respond to my complaints? How serious does it have to get before you will investigate corruption in Estonia? Or is all this a sham, a front… all impression management?

I can get this translated into ANY language you want, but that will not determine your INTENT to do your job, and actually investigate anything.

Do you intend doing your job? Or should I take my tax dollars to a civilised country?

More and more Estonia appears to be a terror state, where police terrorise and harass the population into silence. Just what do they have planned?

I know from personal experience how corrupt the police here are. I can only guess at how corrupt they really are. How many innocent people are in prison. How many people live in fear of the police.

I have live like characters in the Estonian novels I have read…with my bags packed…dreading that knock on the door form the ‘police’.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

If you are NOT going to do your duty, please at least be big enough to admit it, and tell me that I am wasting my time. I will then leave the country. I feel sorry for those people who can NOT do so. Just look at the statistics. I wonder how much your lack of interest in justice is reflected in the continual departure of Estonians from Ida Virumaa, and Estonia as a whole.

I have already been driven by my home by the police, acting as the agents of a malicious bullying neighbour. Do you mean to drive me out of the country?

Somehow I feel all the European Union funding for your oganisations and infrastructure has been wasted. Without the correct culture, it is all just pretty architecture and impression management. I wonder how many hard working, hard saving Germans and French people will continue to pay the highest taxes in the world, to help subsidise the lowest taxing country. A country where Germans are actively discriminated against, assaulted, tortured, and imprisoned, for no reason, other than the satisfaction of malicious Ethnic Russian Estonian neighbours and Ethnic Russian Estonian police. Children you give all this power to, without any accountability. Children who can do as they please, as their ‘parents’ do not care to exert their ‘parental’ authority.

This is serious. Give me the resources and I can prove everything. And by doing so you will probably uncover a great deal of corruption which otherwise no-one would have noticed. For every action that IS noticed, many more go un-noticed.

And any organisation that claims it has ‘no problems’ must be given new management. For if people were NOT prone to corruption by nature, then we would have no NEED for police in the first place. And as far as I know police are drawn from the wider population, and not from some far off distant planet where all the beings are perfect.


Markus Rehbach…running out of digidoc signatures…so I will post this as it is.

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