Estonia...State of Terror

What do you do when people with guns and the right to shoot you tell you to leave ´their´country ?

This is an open letter, which awaits your official response, Tatjana Saulits and Maksim Smirnov, supposed Police-Officers, and even more dubiously, public servants.

This is the first time in history that I have begun to share most of my acquaintances’ opinion of police. I guess I just overlooked my treatment at the hands of police in South Korea. My experiences there were so incomprehensible that, well, you will just have to read my book about it to see what I mean.

Up until now I have always been ready to help the police, and considered them allies in making society safer and more just. I have helped them get their job done, without wasting their time getting warrants etc. I considered that if other people were trying to use them maliciously, the least I could do was help them discover this fact as quickly as possible, so they could be free to actually prevent, investigate, and solve actual crimes.

However since arriving in this region, I have seen how unprofessional and malicious the local police force is. Not a servant of justice and peace. Rather childish and malicious. Two very dangerous qualities to see in people entrusted with deadly weapons and a monopoly on force, including deadly force. If I were looking to recruit extremists into some sort of nationalist terrorist organization similar to the Nazi S.A, then I would look for recruits among the local police force. This is no joke. It is terrifying. To think I pay taxes to people so they can mob and victimise me. Oh, you should keep in mind that the Nazi’s ‘eliminated’ a.k.a ‘liquidated’ the S.A as soon as they got into power, a friendly reminder for all those would-be neo-Nazi thugs in Russia and Germany! : )

Do you want every Russian in every nation to be told, by a very threatening, armed, large, angry man, in front of the police no less, and even worse, an actual armed member of that police force, to ‘Go Home‘? And with the full tacit agreement of all those present?

How many Russians in Russia do you know that would NOT give everything to be a citizen of EUROPE? How many Europeans do you know would give up their citizenship to live in Russia? How many Russian police do you think would tell the average Estonian-born ‘Russian’ police officer to ‘Go Home’, meaning to go back to ESTONIA?

On the Third of October, 2012, in the main police building, in an interview room, Maksim Smirnov hissed, in front of 2 other police officers, and one interpreter ‘Yankee go home‘. I ignored the insult of being mistaken for an American and replied ‘This is my home’. To which the uniformed Maksim Smirnov (Could they really let people like him and the fellow who crushed my foot in my door actually become police in this day and age?) angrily shouted, ‘This is your home?‘ ‘NO!’

Now you can read the rest of my complaints, which so far the police have not bothered to deal with, in my police files. They refer to constant bias against me, failure to carry out their duties, prejudice, malicious behaviors, and what appears to be deliberate victimisation and mobbing, all on the part of the local police force.

What role could loud mocking laughter, angry malevolent looks, and typical school playground psychological warfare, all have in a ‘professional‘ policing situation?

How does a verbal complaint about making loud noise (all of which was a response to massive provocation, all a result of the failure of the police to do their job in the first two instances) end up in three lengthy visits to an ‘out of the way’ police station, and a rather thick file?

But charges of assault, malicious damage, slander, ‘hate’ crimes, physical and verbal abuse, and constant breaches of my rights, not to mention the peace and tranquility of the entire flat, by a clearly malicious and monstrously self-important neighbour, they all go without any response. Oh yes, I have submitted written emails, hand-written statements, and attended the police station three times about these, but all the police do in return is to ask me to endlessly repeat my responses to the misdemeanor noise complaints, over and over, like some sort of game, some sort of Kafkaesque ‘Prozess‘.

Why were the two people dressed as police, one armed and very very loud and aggressive, needed to oversee my re-writing, for the 5th time, of my response to the noise complaints, which, as I said, arose only after the police empowered my vicious malicious neighbour to become my worst nightmare?

Intimidation? I think having a person with a gun, dressed as a police officer, coming into my home after I explicitly tell him to stay out, opening doors and turning lights on and off, then childishly turning on the lights in closed rooms, quite intimidating enough.

Now it appears that all this intimidation, bullying, and threatening behaviour has the full support of the entire police force here. For these last acts occurred in front of three other police department employees, including the supposed district senior officer, if the translation is anything to go by, none of whom raised an eyebrow.

And as far as I can tell, NO investigation is being made into ANY of my complaints against my neighbour and her boyfriend for assaulting me, for the police-officer for crushing my foot in my door, against the owner of the dog that bit me, ETC.

I asked over and over for the name of the superior officer in the police department that I could go to to make these complaints. In the presence of the official interpreter, and at least two other police officials, all who appeared to have a good understanding of English.

Of course I wonder at these bullies who like to pick on vulnerable individuals, when they have the full backing of an entire armed police force. Would they be so cocky if I left them alone in a foreign country?

Do they WISH Russian and Estonian nationals currently residing all around the world to be told to ‘Go Home’? That the country which they thought of as home, was in fact NOT their home?

Please take a quick look at the population statistics for this region. Why are so many people leaving? Surely you should be happy that some people actually decide to COME here. Or would you prefer ever increasing unemployment, decreasing property values, and the noncommittal increasing violence and crime?

What is your motive? How childish could it possibly be? And they have given you guns and all sorts of special privileges, a monopoly on violence. What could the government be thinking, giving guns to infantile school-ground bullies and thugs.

Is it war you want? A nice little war against one isolated, vulnerable individual who would be insane to fight back? Like they wanted in Korea?

Or would you like me to fly to Germany, go to a few meetings with some young, energetic, nationalists, tell them about how keen you guys are here to fight foreigners, and maybe hire a few buses to bring them here so you and your thug mates can fully express your anti-foreigner sentiments? I’m sure enough of them could buy weapons here to even up the playing field, if it really is WAR you want.

You are enjoying the benefits of being Europeans. Tax payers in the countries you consider my home have sent billions of hard earned Euros to your region to help with its development. And yet you victimise its citizens, and tell them to go back ‘home’.

Your parents parents were NOT invited to come to live in this region. They came completely against the wishes of most of the local inhabitants. And yet you DEMAND they treat this as YOUR homeland. On the other hand, this nation you belong too very keenly sought entry into the Europe that I come from. I am a guest here.

What if every German who once had ancestors living in this land came back and demanded, like yourselves, autonomy? Spoke German. Had German police officers. Told Russians to ‘Go back home to Russia’?

As far as I know you ARE officially WELCOME to return to what you think of as your motherland. So why do you stay in Europe, if you have contempt for all it stands for? How do you think Europe became the place it is? Why do you think Russia is the place it is? I have lived there. Have you? Do you really think the Russians consider you Russian? It is sad but true that they probably do not. Like the German public servants who told me to ‘Go Home’ back to Australia, even though I am a German Citizen, and display many more of those good traits most traditionally associated with Germans than any of them.

What do you gain by hating foreigners?

What do you gain by losing tax paying citizens?

Since when did the Police have the right to demand I tell them what I am doing for a living, when I have committed no crimes, nor am I under and suspicion of having done so?

Do you think business people will invest in a region with such a clearly childish, dangerous, malicious attitude to anyone from outside?

What does it say for human nature when a group of people who have enjoyed every possible sort of tolerance and patience by the community of people whose ancestors were sent by their ancestors to concentration camps, who all have family members who were murdered by them, deported to Siberia by them, forced them to learn a foreign language by them, and treated as second class citizens by them in their own land…, could then show absolutely NONE of the same qualities when it comes to OTHER foreigners? Have you learned nothing?

You complain about human rights, demanding the right to have your foreign language accepted as an official language in a foreign country. Did you know that ENGLISH is the official language of the EU? Of the EU that has sent so many good things your way?

There is a HUGE amount of land on the other side of this border, just waiting for you to settle and turn into the Russian paradise you imagine your attitudes capable of producing, if you think that defining yourselves as Russian, or German, or Korean, is the key to producing lasting prosperity and peace.

If on the other hand you want to be a part of the most prosperous and peaceful, just and fair community in the world, the EU, then you will need to start thinking of yourselves as HUMANS. The EU is far from perfect, but how many Russians would prefer to live THERE, and how many Europeans would prefer to live in Russia?

Here you have one European who has chosen to live in the ‘Russian’ part of this country, against all the warnings of people from his various ‘HOME-lands’, and the local indigenous nationals of this country. Someone who planned to make a considerable investment in it. Someone who has a contribution to make. Someone who asked NOTHING of you at all except to have their legal rights defended by those who have the very good job of defending them.

Maybe you should work for a few years at McDonalds, as cleaners, taxi-drivers, and security guards, so that you can learn to appreciate just what a good job you have.

I challenge Maksim Smirnov to make a written reply to this letter. I challenge Tatjana Saulits and everyone else in this policing district to respond.

I invite any productive response from the public, no matter where they call ‘HOME’.

Your home is where you live, where you try to produce value. Ask the people around where I live if they know me. Ask them what their impression of me is. Ask them if they think that the way you and Faina and her friends are treating me is how they would WANT you to treat me. Ask them if they would like all their friends and relations currently residing in foreign lands to be treated the same way.

I appreciate you are all young and probably do not have the best training and education in the world. And I understand all your motives. I am human too.

What I offer is the chance to move forwards, in a POSITIVE direction. I do not seek to have anyone punished for what they have done to me. Not even the dog who bit me, and continued to terrorize me for months after. It is just a dog. I wonder if I should reasonably expect more of humans. The dog just does what feels good to it, with little consideration for what is right and just. What about the police officers in your district?

Sure you have all the power over me here. Big deal. Whoopy. You can shoot me, beat me up, put me in jail, deport me, and probably get away with it. It might feel good, like the dog that bit me felt good. But how will it contribute to the prosperity and peace of your region? Will it bring jobs here? Will it bring investment here? Will it bring tourism? Will it bring a brighter future for yourselves and your children?

I hate writing. Why? Because attempting to reason with the average human is usually like trying to reason with a brick. Pretty pointless. But I feel guilty if I do not give it the chance to prove the rule. And I guess I am still naively optimistic at some level, and still harbour some vain hopes for human-kind. Like people who still believe in gods and eternal love. I am just a born romantic.

I have been told by various police forces around the world that I need my own police force and army. I’m still working on that. I hate all forms of violence, and hope that I never have to employ my considerable intelligence towards employing any violent means to gain natural justice. The law of the jungle. I don’t want to live in a jungle. All those big noisy apes and baboons beating their chests, ‘defending’ their ‘territory’ ETC. So I have taken a lot of crap from supposed ‘people’. I have moved away and left my attackers behind. But the earth is so small. I am running out of places to run away to. And each day it is looking more and more like a jungle to me. Is it time to stop pretending, and to change my responses, and accept the consequences? What sort of a life is it, to be constantly running from injustice? I wonder what Nietzsche would advise? ‘Live dangerously’ perhaps. Or will I go the way of Buddha?

All the best, seriously, no sarcasm or irony intended

Anyone who knows me knows I am a person of good will who is desperately trying to get it right, to make this world one WORTH reproducing, rather than one ‘morally’ worthy of complete destruction, as I think any reasonable NON-human from another planet would probably conclude : )

This is a public document, available to the public, and open to public response. I think it best not to write it up in German for the time being, as I know there are quite a few young nationalistic hooligans who would love ANY excuse to commit acts of violence. And defense of a fellow national has always been the favored excuse for acts of violence throughout human history. So I will keep this in English, to avoid fueling any such undesirable potential consequences. I wonder if this will disappoint all those people here apparently really keen on a fight. Or do they only like fights where the victory is guaranteed by perfect isolation of an individual in the ‘enemies’ territory’. Complete psychological and physical superiority?

Oh, who is responsible for responding to official complaints against the police in your region? I am certain that I have the legal right to an answer, and that you would be failing in your duties, and NOT meeting your legal obligations, by refusing me a name and email address of a person who might actually investigate my claims.

All I want is to be left in peace, and to have my rights protected, vis a vis my malicious, recalcitrant neighbours. I have no interest in pursuing any of my valid complaints against them or the police force. All I want is a guarantee that you will get my neighbours to stop violating my legal rights, and that you, the police, will not abuse your powers, of whatever nature, against me.

I will of course start looking for somewhere else to live. So don’t worry about me hanging around, investing in this region’s future, paying rent, buying goods and services from your local businesses, paying taxes so you can enjoy good working conditions, and of course ensuring that when it comes time for you to retire, there will actually be any money to pay out in pensions to you. Don’t worry about all that. You can rest assured that you will be spared all that. Oh, and I won’t bother trying to teach anyone that pesky world language that the whole world is so desperate to learn so that we can all communicate with each other in at least ONE common, shared language. I won’t be around trying to make everyone feel that the PLANET is their home. One that we ALL share.

‘Markus, are you being facetious?’, I hear Mrs Adams asking.

I hope at least you have a sense of humor. And not just a malicious one that gains pleasure from the discomfort, mocking, and suffering others.

All the best

Markus : )

P.S you did NOT ask Imre my Real Estate Agent the questions I asked you to, and which any
reasonable person would expect you to. The same goes for my MALE neighbour in flat 10, whose email address I also gave you. It would have taken you two minutes to email these simple questions to these two MEN. I repeated over and over that it was the MALE occupant who told me HE had witnessed the acts of the police and my neighbour Faina’s boyfriend which form the substantial part of my official complaints. And yet to date you have NOT. Instead you get me to continually repeat, re-write, in email and by hand, the same old response to the same old specious and malicious supposed ‘noise’ complaint which you have still yet to actually EXPLAIN to me in any meaningful detail.

During two separate police visits you failed to tell Faina to leave my door alone, after I expressly you to over and over. The third time you were here you finally told Faina to stop disturbing MY peace, and maliciously attacking my door ETC , in other words, to leave IT alone. However within a week of this supposed verbal warning (which should have been the THIRD one), Faina is ordering my Real estate agent to ORDER me to keep my door shut, and threatening continued problems for me if I DO open it.

This is a CLEAR contradiction of the verbal warning issued to her by police. It clearly implies that her past actions were all maliciously intended to ‘make trouble for me’ as she indirectly put in in her later post-police-warning-threats to me. I have them in writing from the person she ORDERED to pass them on for her. And yet the police NEVER asked him about THAT, or her very first lies to him telling him that I was drinking all night, making noise all night, and that EVERYONE in the building was complaining about me, in other words she was trying to get me evicted very soon after I moved in, before any other issues arose concerning my door, or the balcony.

Is this normal procedure? Have I misunderstood your actions and motives? Or are they, as they appear to me, to be acts of smug complacency, mocking, insult, abuse of power, malice, and infantile bullying, victimisation, and harassment? I can not be sure at present. But the latter appears more likely to me.

You said that my visit on the 03.10.2012 would be about MY complaints. My SERIOUS complaints. And yet you left the room when I asked about my formal complaints.

Oh, and I hope you get a chance to visit your ‘HOME’, CHINA, Mr Smirnov. : )


After further assaults upon my door and my liberty, I was lucky to have a REAL police officer attend the scene. He was thorough, professional, and put all the other police I have had contact with here to shame, by comparison. I hope he does not suffer at the hands of his colleagues for his professionalism. I hope that finally I will left in peace to continue trying to be a productive member of humanity.

The reason we need very strong federal powers is that there are very few good people out there in the world. They need protection. This case is an example. The police officer who responded to my call did a very thorough and professional job. However the people back at the Johvi Police station have decided to ignore my written complaint, and make up a ridiculous one, making me appear ridiculous, and failing to instigate appropriate actions. Now this is a serious criminal act, on the part of those who are supposed to be enforcing the law. Enforcing. Not acting as law maker, judge, and jury. Not deciding which laws they will enforce, and which resident’s rights they will protect. This is an example of corruption. We need very strong and active federal agencies to stem this sort of typical, grass roots corruption. People like the police involved who never learned basic civics. People who feel they can act like a mob, and overturn the laws of the land. People who believe they have the right to decide what is law, who is a criminal, who will be protected, and who will be left vulnerable. People who do not understand the meaning of ‘society’. People who are paid out of my taxes to be the guardians of law and order, and thus society. This may appear to be a minor incident, however it could only occur in a general context of corruption. It is for this reason that judges often award massive punitive damages, as warnings to others. For every little bit of corruption that is revealed, and which comes to our attention, there is probably a massive background level of corruption which we do not see. This is why we need to have a policy of zero tolerance. This is why we have to ensure the police follow the law, and not make it up as they go along, acting as a mob, rather than the guardians of society.

I have contacted anyone I could find online regarding this matter. It remains to be seen if any public servant takes this job title seriously, and responds appropriately.

I am concerned as much for myself as for the police officer who did the right thing. I have experienced workplace mobbing and victimisation myself, and know how terrible an experience it can be.