The truth ends up on the scaffold, while lies end up on the throne

The Bible and Koran both warn those people with the most fortunate holistic inheritances that they are being tested. God expects them to re-distribute their good fortune among the less fortunate. God is testing them more than the rest of us, upon whom he has seen fit to bestow mediocre, even bad, holistic inheritances. Thus God´s ´blessing´is really a test in disguise. And we can see how well the ´blessed´ have done in this test by observing how they have in fact employed their good fortune. Have they selfishly employed it to enjoy lives of luxury, satisfaction, and priveleg?  Or have they shared their good fortune, enjoying middle class lifestyles, while re-distributing the excesses of their windfalls? Take a look at those nations that claim that ´In God We Trust´. See how the Republican ´Christian Taliban´ live. See what politics they pursue. Is it the politics of private wealth and excess, conspicuous consumption, or the politics of public welfare?

When people admit to having been ´blessed´, are they doing so in a masturbatorial fashion, or in a humble way?  Are they claiming a right to enjoy all the priveleges and luxuries they have available to them, as clearly earmarked for this purpose by a God who has chosen them above others to lead such gratifying, satisfying lives? Or are they admitting that their God determines everything, and that they have no more a right to their windfalls of good fortune than any other, and thus it is only correct that they share all the benefits above those which they could rightly claim to have earned, through effort, sacrifice, and risk?  This was Mohamed´s position in the Koran. However how do those who claim to be his heirs, the fabulously wealthy Saudi´s and other Royals suddenly grown wealthy on a windfall of oil and gas, actually live their lives?  How can they claim to be ´faithful´?  Can a truly faithful person live in a palace, and spend wealth they never personally generated on gratifying their own desires, while others work hard and long with no reward?

Do ´religions´tend towards palaces, exclusive wealth, luxury, power, and priveleg, or towards humility and re-distribution of holistic inheritances? Did any prophet ever enjoin people everywhere to build golden temples, and luxurious palaces for priests? No. But what have the priests of every religion, from Buddhism, to Hinduism, to Judaism, and its follow-ons Christianity and Islam done?  They have proven that they have no claim to any spiritual status whatsoever. Plato revealed the nature of religion in his ´Republic´.  If you don´t have time to read it, and hundreds of other religious texts, and philosophical, sociological, and pyschological writings on the subjects, then read my TROONATNOOR volume III, RELIGION.

The bible and Koran was never intended to be taken literally. They are deliberately ambiguous. Mohamed states that this ambiguity is also a test. You can interpret his words in self-serving ways, or in ways that serve others.  Which way the Saudi Royals, among all the worlds Royals, and fortunate people, have interpreted this ambiguity is clear. They have taken the most convenient, satisfying, masturbatory interpretations. They have chosen to keep their wealth for themselves, rather than share it. Rather than re-distibute their god-given good fortune, they chose to consume it in selfish ways.

Warned that it is easier to ride a camel through the eye of a needle, the most fortunate have merely payed engineers large sums to manufacture needles with eyes large enough to drive an armoured limousine through.

Find me one religion where the authorities do not live in opulence and self-glory. Find me one Saudi Royal who lives modestly, so that he might share his god-given good fortune with others. Find me one religious authority that does not interpret the Koran and Bible texts in masturbatorily self-glorifying and self-serving ways. Find such a religious authority or Royal, and you will find the the rest of the religious authorities persecuting them, crucifying them, burning them alive.

It is said that the truth always ends up on the scaffold, while lies always end up on the throne.

Anyone who would dare bring such inconsistencies to the attention of the public, let alone directly criticise the religious authorities and other elites, will quickly find themselves suffering fates worse than death. They will only be saved from these cruel agonies by death itself.

All this should remind us of the double-edged nature of all dogmas. They may be interpreted in ways that bring about a better world. May. In reality, they tend to be interpreted in self-serving ways by the beneficiaries of such interpretations. Hence being  blessed is taken by most as an entitlement to priveleg and consumption, rather than as a responsibility to distribute this blessing fairly among all of God´s creatures. It is used in the same way that the dogma of karma is, to punish the victims of poor holistic inheritances, and to legimitate the privileges and consumption of those with the best holistic inheritances. God must have willed it, or it would not be otherwise, the lucky few will argue. God loves them best. Their good fortune must be proof of this. And thus they enjoy gratifying their every desires, indulging in every priveleg and consumptions, free from any feeling of obligation towards the less fortunate. Who are they to challenge gods will!  If god had wanted the others to be fortunate, he would have blessed them!  How dare anyone challenge god´s will!  His priests deserved ´the best of the best´. God blesses whom he wills.  It is not for any man to challenge such a god given order. No. Any man who argues for a re-distribution of the windfalls of our holistic inheritances, our good fortune or misfortune, is a heretic. That man is challenging god´s will on earth. We must ensure he suffers for this damnable impertinence!

And so it is impossible to ensure that the ´noble´ lies of a Plato, Mohamed, or any other prophet or ´religious authority´are always employed in ´noble ´ways.  They are double edged swords. And it is for this reason that we must abandon all hope of employing them. They are like fantastically destructive weapons. Sure, if the right people have them, they can ensure peace and justice. But it is impossible to ensure the ´wrong´people will not get access to them, an use them for their own selfish, ignoble purposes. And thus we should be wary of developing them.

The lesson of history is that noble lies will always be interpreted, ´spun´ and distorted in ways that they produce outcomes the opposite of those intended by their innovators. Thus we must abandon any hope of employing noble lies. We should focus on the truth. The truth is much harder to ´spin´, especially if we keep in really simple and concrete.

Luke 16:10 reminds us of the indivisibility of Justice. People continue to refuse to validate this concept, as it is too spiritual in nature to be included in any of the thoroughly human religions. Luke states that ´He that commits any injustice at all, is unjust´, in some bibles. In others he warns us that ´The man who is corrupt in the smallest of matters, is not to be trusted in larger matters´.  

This is what I have argued for decades. Principles. Principles do not require huge tomes of precedents, clauses, or interpretations. Principles are simple. They are clear. They are incorruptible. They cannot be distorted. They cannot be avoided. They cannot be ´spun´.

The principle of justice is clearer than any other. To do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The golden rule. To behave, when you are in a position of power, as you would want those with power to behave towards you, when you have none.

Rawls´´Veil of ignorance´ and my own ´Optimal Ethics Generator´ seek to motivate people back towards the principles that the prophets sought to instill in us.

Of course Jesus called for his followers for them to treat the least among them, as if they were Jesus himself.

Of course he was crucified (in reality or myth), for daring to be so spritual, in the face of ´religion´. Religion is merely a form of power. It was produced by, and completely reflects, our all too human natures. Any truly spiritual value it ever possessed was corrupted. The true intentions and spirit of the prophets was ignored.

Thus we have to abandon all hope of religion ever producing an increase in social justice. It was never designed or intended to do so. It never did. The priests simply abused their power. The spiritual foundations of religions became over-run with superstition, ceremony, and ritual. The sorts of supersition, ceremony, and ritual the prophets had sought to banish.

So don´t dare tell me you are a servant of god when you fail to re-distribute  your god-given good fortune in full among the less fortunate. You are a servant of yourself. You serve merely yourself and yours. If any God actually existed, he would have smote you all dead in your tracks. You all failed his test.

God was created by man in his own image. Religion was produced my man to serve his own interests. Produced by the men with the power, to increase and reproduce this power over generations. To ensure access to all the privileges and luxuries you could imagine. And so  the priests speak only for themselves. They are men. Their motives are human. Religions is merely a reflexion and extension of human nature. There is nothing divine in it.

There is divinity only in the desire to help others. This is the core of all spirituality. There are of course some elements to be found in the world religions. However they are only ever marginalised and nominalised. Their voices are muted, for fear of being heard. The priests will only spin them to serve their own selfish purposes.

I write this of course for those who have not yet managed to comprehend the nature of gods and religions. I write this in case there are some truly faithful out there, to remind them that the truly faithful have no place in any of the worlds religions. I write this to warn them to escape before their true piety is recognised by their peers, and they are extirpated by them.

The first reformer of the established religious order was perhaps Akhen Aton, who himself continued the tradition of the priests at On. He abolished the existing Priesthoods of Ancient Egypt, in favour of a simple spiritual philosophy known as ´living in Ma´at´, meaning living in truth, justice, and an appreciation of the beauty of nature. Of course the priesthood lost all its priveleges, and rebelled within a few years. They murdered him and destroyed his new city and religion based on principles, rather than complex codes, rituals, and of course, priestly privileges.

Zoroastra taught a similar philosophy of principles with his ´Mazda-Yazna´, or worship of truth. He taught the simple principles of right thinking and right acting.

Buddha taught us to trust our own reason. He offered compelling arguments. His followers did more harm to him than his opponents, in contaminating his teachings, ignoring his instructions, and setting up a religion which adapted all the superstitions and dogmas we find in all the worlds religions today.

A well known Moses, model for Adolf Hitler, then founded his own monotheism, combining Yahweh the volcano god, with elements of the teachings of the Priests at On. We know of this religion as Judaism. It was a continuation of the established priesthoods of Egypt. ´The best of the best´ was to be given to the priests, in honor of god. Of course other Jews then continued the principles of Akhen Aton and the priets at On, and attributed their teachings to a prophet they called Jesus. He, like Akhen Aton, was of course crucified, in the myth or reality. And since then anyone attempting to replace religion with true, principle based spirituality, such as that taught by the Priests at On, Akhen Aton, Jesus, and Buddha, suffered fates worse than death.

So keep in mind. Religion is man-made. It was produced (nothing can be created as such) by a small group of people in their own interests. There is nothing other-worldly or divine in the worlds established religions. Where it exists, it is extirpated and ex-communicated. It is tortured and burned at the stake.

Search for divinity in yourself. No building or ritual is sacred. The only thing that is sacred is the will to serve others. The only sacred acts are helping others. Prayer is meaningless without action. Act your prayers. Otherwise they are an insult, a sacrilege.

The priests have no magic. They have no connection with any divinity. They serve their worldly masters in their worldly enterprises.

See,  my novel, ´Veil of ignorance´,   and my other books, TROONATNOOR, Convergences, Religion for so much more.

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