The philosopher as ´bull´fighter

The job of philosopher is as much ´Bull´ fighter as actual producer of ´new´ ideas. Thanks to all the deliberate deception that has accumulated over the ages, the BS (Bull-Shit) has piled up, producing all sorts of problems, as could be expected from such poor mental sanitation, a.k.a sanity.

Some of the liars, such as Plato, at least imagined that they themselves had noble motives.  Plato used, and recommended others use, what he saw as ´noble´ lies. 

Thus, since time immemorial, the powerful have deceived us. Sometimes they justified it to themselves as being for our own good. Of course, just by chance, such lies also brought them massive power, wealth, luxury, and all the taboo things they denied us.

Some of the liars have been more directly opportunistic. They invented races, and people ´chosen´, either by gods, or by historical destiny, to be ´master races´, with the right to disposess, enslave, rape, and murder, all other peoples.  See my TROONATNOOR books, or the Bible and Mein Kampf for details.

The lies about free will and Karma might fall in either category, depending on the person employing these lies.

Sometimes their motives have been more noble, sometimes more malicious, sometimes simply opportunistically practical.

People might behave better, if they believed they could never escape the consequences of their actions. People might also submit to exploitation, if they felt they ´deserved´it, due to poor behaviour in past lives.

Of course you could only morally judge people if they actually did possess a free will. It would be absurd to ´punish´ someone for actions they had no choice but to take.  Karma itself was absurd if you had no free will.

The gods would have to be really malicious to blame you for their own mistakes! How vicious must the Biblical god be to force Adam and Eve to reproduce billions of people only that they might suffer and die, for the actions of that very same ´loving´ himself.

In any case, what sort of bastard could see any justice in punishing generations for the actions of individuals?  Anyway, back to my blog!

Lies become ´social reality´ due to the power of those producing and re-producing them. Through this power, through education, the popular media, and religion,  the beneficiaries of these lies  have these lies naturalised, normalised, and internalised. Threats of violence in present, future, and even an ´after´ life, commonly attend such ´socialisation´.

And those philosophers who directly challenged such lies were tortured to death, burned alive, dispossed of all their social status and the means to survive. Their families suffered the same fate, often up to the fourth succeeding generations. In Adam and Eve´s case it was thousands of generations, and then for eternity!

However most of these lies actually appeal to their listeners in some way, and hence they are greedily consumed and internalised.

Who would not want their enemies to be damned to an eternity of suffering?  Who would not enjoy belonging to some ´chosen´ people, with the right to rape, murder and enslave other people?  Who would give up the right to steal the wealth of others?  Who would refuse to be the most important thing in the universe, with a right to exploit all  the other sentient beings, all the other non-members of your particular social group, not to mention other nationalities, ethic groups, skin-colors, and of course, all the other species,  in it? 

Every negative lie, such as that of guilt, karma, or the existence of an eternal hell, is accompanied by an appealing one, such as the notion of free will, meritocracy ( a.k.a I deserve my good fortune, and others deserve their bad fortune), or the existence of some eternal paradise.

Philosophers are the eternally open-minded ´seekers´. They reject all dogma, all sense of certainty truth. They see no compelling grounds for accepting any particular dogma over another. Thus they keep an open mind, and are never deceived.

They may accept some compelling arguments as compelling, however they keep their minds open to change. What appears compelling today may become less compelling in light of new evidence, experience, or arguments.

And thus they opt to ´suspend judgement´ on many things, while treating other things heuristically ´as if´ they were truths. The difference is that when their experience teaches them otherwise, contradicting their beliefs, they are open to changing their beliefs in light of it, rather than denying the reality they have just experienced.

Thus it is the dogmatic that are the ´skeptics´, in the modern sense of the word, as it is they who deny reality, for fear of having their cherished, valued, precious beliefs challenged.

The original Greek term from which ´skeptic´ derives, means ´seeker´. Of course today it means someone who is unwilling to accept a compelling argument or experience that is  inconvenient or undesirable.

Few minds are so great as to be able to innovate, and produce ´new´ ideas, new compelling arguments. Most recently John Rawls came upon one such innovation, his ´veil of ignorance´.  It inspired, no doubt, my own´Optimal Ethic Generator´. My own innovation builds upon his, and upon the ´nobler´dimension  of the lie of karma.

My conceptulisation of life as an ´Experience Engine´ appears in hindsight a continuation of the Hindu cosmology, in which the universe produces all life out of a sense of ´play´, or ´Lila´.

My ´induction´ theory of consciousness shares similarites with the ideas of Averroes.

However for the most part, my TROONATNOOR   books are engaged with fighting the ´bull´. 

´Taking out the trash´would be in itself quite easy, however my task is more to sort through it, to separate the valuable from the worthless and, more importantly, toxic.

It is laborious work, when you seek to avoid ´throwing out the baby with the bathwater´.  I have been careful to save the baby while draining the bathwater.

That was hard work. However the real challenge was to replace the bathwater with a purer water, unpolluted and uncontaminated by the millenia of ´noble (and otherwise) lies´.

Only then could it be really cleaned. I had no interest in merely replacing one lot of dirty water with another. Hence I have avoided any noble lies of my own. I have presented only compelling arguments, in the spirit of Buddha.

The water is clear. If you want to be freed of all the garbage that is weighing you down, disempowering you, distoriting and fouling your vision, then join me on the journey that is TROONATNOOR

This very same water can even free you of that which all religion has promised, but failed to deliver. Thanks to Freud, it can even free you of that mass compulsive neurosis called religion, original sin, homophobia, andyour delusions of  free will. See Volumes II and III of my  TROONATNOOR    series,  Convergences and Religion  for details.

It can free you to stop re-producing a history of misery, and empower you to produce the sort of world all the prophets have promised and failed to deliver, a world that is worth living in. A world that is worth reproducing.  This is the world that is defined by my Eden Protocols, in my   TROONATNOOR  books.

I was loathe to publish my books before replacing  the noble lies, with something devoid of lies, but at least as promising.

It took decades, after having cleared out the BS, to actually produce something worthy of replacing it.

And so it is that I can now recommend my  TROONATNOOR    books for your consideration. Please avail yourself of this opportunity. Not only will all future generations of sentient beings love you for doing so, but you yourself will benefit, right now, this moment, for the rest of your life, and, if reality is so, for the rest of your lives.

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