Happy Winter Solstice and New Year

Just a reminder that the Roman Emperor Constantine adopted Pauls´ recycled ´Priests at On´philosophy and his fellow ´good news´´gospel´ writers´ stories surrounding the birth of Siddartha a.k.a Buddha, regarding the birth of the wisest man, king of kings, attended by and validated by 3 wise men, adapting the current Mediterranean ´pagan´ cults, including the traditional celebration of the dieing and reborn Sun, known to the Romans as Saturnalia, and to others as the celebration of the birth of the ´New´ year, occuring logically on the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice, , to produce, in the typical recycling tradition in which religions have evolved, what we know as Christ-mas or Xmas.

For the enlightened amongst you, fear not, the dieing son will be resurrected on the Winter Solstice. That is the nature of nature. Death and rebirth, in a continuing cycle of generation, decay, and regeneration. So bring in something green, show those you care about how much you value them, and consider that things only endure if they are reproduced. And consider what things in your life you would like to continue, to endure, and carry into the new year, and which things you would do better to abandon. Remember, this is the extent of your response-ability in an inter-deterministic universe. Things only endure if they reproduce. This applies as much to habits, laws, social customs, social practises, as it does to species of animals. Take a moment to consider how much more beautiful, creative, and enjoyable your world could be if certain things did NOT exist. This is the whole concept of the ´New Yearś Resolution´.

And on the theme of ´Happy´New Year, a reminder that marijuana, though supposedly a class one drug with NO medicinal applications (along with Cocaine, which Freud could find no medicinal use for, but with others did, in eye surgery), is in fact used by over 300,0o0 registered users in California alone, for medical purposes. What catches my eye is its efficacy in treating the symptoms of migraine i.e nausea, pain, anxiety, and depression. While, as I suspected, Botox may soon be approved as one migraine treatment, it seems we have a simpler remedy which we could grow in our own homes.

Imagine that. What would the pharmaceutical companies make of that!  An effective treatment that anyone could grow themselves at low cost, completely bypassing the pharmaceutical industry!  Of course I have written much elsewhere about the politics of drugs, in my TROONATNOOR bloggs and books. However here I will add the fact that over 25% of all patients on dialysis suffered their kidney failure as a result of the long term use of pain killers. And as far as I know marijuana has never been associated with any such problems.

Of course the pharmaceutical lobby group corrupts the political process with political campaign financing, and thus the politicians have no motive to introduce new legislation. In fact they are on the brink of successfully legislating against current laws in states such as California which allow the legal, medical use of marijuana.

So it is time to address the issue of political campaign financing which is at the heart of such reversals of good reason. I have addressed this issue, in all its ramifications, in my TROONATNOOR books. Inform yourself. Empower yourself for informed consent, so that you can transform your own world, and society, for the better.  You will be surprised how poorly informed most of you are on the most important issues, how unaware you are of the nature of our realities, and the realities of our natures. You will be surprised by the questions you have not even thought to ask.  The answers may be challenging, but they offer you the chance to escape from history. After all, what is not reproduced, ceases to be. the applies equally to species as it does to the assumptions we make, and the interactions and systems of relations these produce and sustain. This defines the potential response-ability we have in the inter-deterministic universe which we live in. You have the chance, NOW, to decide what things you will reproduce, and which things you will NOT.

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