an ephiphany? July 13, 2011 blogg…not in any book yet

Recent experiences have combined with a life-time of experiences to finally gel into a recognition.

I suffer terribly from heat. It is high summer here. My flat only has windows on one side. Most of the flats in this building have windows on both sides, so most people can open windows on both sides if they want to, to avail themselves of the wonderfully cool breeze that usually blows. For me to benefit from that breeze I need to open the main entrance door. I would open one of the balcony doors, but they are all locked. People don’t want to risk their neighbors stealing their socks and junk!

Now the people who have the key to the balcony on my floor don’t mind me opening the main door, and latching it open. But other people keep locking it. I can understand. But all the flats here have these massively solid metal doors. There is nothing to steal but old entry mats. And no-one here has any of the nice ones you often see. So no real risk. But still, I understand.

I would prefer to be able to open the balcony doors, several floors up. Only the people who have the key to that don’t want me to. They like to keep stuff which rightly belongs in their basement box, in the balcony. The basement has a massive steel entry door, and lockable ‘boxes’. But this is not enough for some. So they keep their old mountain bikes, old kiddy stuff, and hang up some of their laundry, in the balcony. So what could have been a little oasis of greenery and sunshine is now a locked little room full of junk. The glass doors even block most of the light, so people are using the lights in the stairwells all day. Back to that in a moment.

O.K. So the best solution would be for me to be able to open the doors on the balcony. But the people who use it will only think of themselves, and their fears that someone might steal their laundry, or break into the basement and steal their old mountain bikes. Whether I suffer agonies is of no interest to them. They do not HAVE to consider my interests, and so they simply don’t. Simple.

People only think of their OWN pleasure and pain. This ‘own’ occasionally includes their ‘own’ family, friends, and so on. But you get my point. THEIR own pleasure and pain. They only consider the pleasure and pain of OTHERS when they are forced to. You can call this ‘consideration for others’. The GOLDEN rule is golden as it seeks to overcome this element of human nature. That is why it exists in every religion and code of ethics humanity has ever bothered putting to paper, papyrus, or to carve into rock or wood.

The problem is that it has never been ENFORCED. AS A RULE! We falsely call it a rule, but it is merely a token ‘wish’. We WANT people to care about others. At least we want OTHERS to care about US. But we are not willing to have it enforced as a rule. Or are we? In fact EVERY regulation that federal authorities have introduced in modern times has been one little device towards this end goal. The golden rule has been introduced, as law, bit by bit. Each regulation forces us to treat others as we would like them to treat us. Our only hope is with such federal regulation. We cannot rely on goodwill, as it is so rare. We cannot rely on holistically enlightened self-interest, as it is even rarer. Everyone who fights against federal regulation is really fighting for the right NOT to have consideration for others, whether they be human, or some OTHER animal.

But the fight must go on, step by step, until everyone, everywhere, is FORCED to act ‘as if’ they cared about others, about other people, and other animals. Trying to enlighten people, to educate them, even in entertaining ways such as through the popular media, movies, music, and books, has proven ineffective. Thus we have federal laws.

So back to my problem. Two people want the balcony locked. Two people with windows on both sides, and no problem with over-heating. Two people who don’t HAVE to consider my interests. And lots of others in the same situation who can easily close the main door every time they leave or enter, knowing I have 4 flights of stairs to climb up and down, in terrible heat, if I want to keep it open.

I propose we look into every aspect of life, and seek the optimal regulation for it. No special interest groups. Federal agencies operating transparently, on the basis of the best available information, and also ‘spying’ on people when they think no-one is watching. When they think they can ‘get away with’ all their petty and major ‘offences’.

But of course before we give anyone power, we have to be sure they are holistically enlightened. And we need authorities spying on the authorities, regulating THEM. And so on.

Of course I fear the risk of giving idiots power to make life even worse. So we need to ‘idiot-proof’ authority, requiring it to be holistically enlightened, or if you like, scientific. We need to clarify our codes of ethics. We need to get it right, and to keep it open to improvement, as we learn from our mistakes.

No ‘Republic’ for me, no. An open, completely uncensored society. Transparent. No ‘noble’ lies. I have no need for lies. You don’t NEED lies when you are able to face the truths, when you have comprehended TROONATNOOR, and met your-SELF, face to face, without any masks, denials, deceptions. Yes, I know, sounds like the most terrifying nightmare imaginable. But once you climb out of the abyss, you will be glad you had. You will be keen to FORCE others to confront TROONATNOOR. You will feel especially keen that NO-one who has NOT done so should be allowed ANY form of social power whatsoever!

And now to the other issue, WASTE.

The body corporate put in sensors with lights, which you can turn on and off, and set to switch the light on after detecting motion, and/or sound. There are balconies on each landing, but they are locked and the glass is frosted. However adequate light is available most of the time through them. And it is high summer, so it is almost NEVER dark.

So why, when I go out in the morning, the sun GLARING through the frosted glass of the balcony doors, lighting the stairwell up BRILLIANTLY, as if the second coming were at hand, do I find that the lights are ON? On EVERY level?

O.K, it is only a few cents of electricity. But it adds up. Why should anyone ELSE in the whole world behave any differently from me? So lets multiply this few cents by say, a billion. Suddenly you have enough ‘cents’ to save the lives of thousands of people.

But they are OTHER people, so who here gives a damn!

No, all these people, wasting resources and money, will go on and on about OTHER PEOPLE’S wasteful ways. The government. The rich. They will complain how UNFAIR life is. The government have to ‘cut back’. The rich won’t pay taxes.

It’s always OTHER people who are wasteful. It is always OTHER people who are inconsiderate.

Oh how satisfying, to be so innocent!

And how amusing it must be to the OTHERS here, that I CARE about these few cents, oops, sorry, BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in waste.

An old germanic saying goes ‘He who does not respect the cent, does not DESERVE the dollar’!

And oh how amused you will be when the government tell you they don’t have any money to pay for your life-improving, even life-SAVING operation, drugs, or health-care! Very amusing this thing about this guy who is SOOOO neurotic about saving a few cents!!!

I think about all the waste. All the conspicuous consumption of the rich that the poor could so well employ. But then I consider how badly they employ what they already DO have. And then I think of the quote attributed to Jesus in the bible. The one about how ‘the poor will always be with us’. And I think of all the money thrown at people who will never benefit from it, as they are not CAPABLE of employing it productively and creatively.

I have seen so many government programs that are so badly conceived and run that they achieve NOTHING. In reality that money might have better been invested in a luxury car, as at least that would be promoting technology and some form of progress. Training courses that cost thousands and end up with students learning NOTHING add nothing to human progress. They just tie up resources in unproductive things.

To narrow my point. People are NOT equal. You cannot just throw money at people, and believe the lies of those who benefit from that ‘throwing’, all the organisations that exist only to ‘throw’ money at people, while claiming to be solving real problems. You need to invest carefully. Don’t just throw your seed all over the place. You have to invest wisely, planting in the most fertile and productive of places, and then re-distributing the windfalls of the harvest. All the see you ‘throw’ on barren soil is wasted. It helps no-one. It might be good masturbation material for those who want to imagine THEY are equal to their betters, but it won’t help any but the few who exploit the situation, the social worker industry, the education industry, and all the ‘industries’ that exist by virtue of someone’s lies, and others willingness, often desperation, to believe in them.

Yes, the little boy who was full of good will and faith in the equality of all humans has had to face TROONATNOOR. I have walked the tightrope down into the abyss and come out the other side. I am shaken. I have had to divest myself of so many delusions, illusions, ‘noble’ lies, hopes, ideals, and wish-full thinking. I can face the ugliness because I also see the beauty. I will not decide for YOU, whether YOUR life is worth living. I will leave that to you. I offer no affirmation other than that you find yourself. I will not deceive anyone. Life is hard. Humans are all too human. Very far from the ‘noble savage’ we like to cast ourselves as. Most of us are stupid, ill-informed, deceived, ignorant, and quite malicious towards our fellow creatures.

We will only evolve, and progress, if the superior lead the inferior, and ideally, stop them reproducing their inferiority. They will not welcome this. This is why few people speak about Eugenics today, even though it was universally practiced in the 1920s. See my TROONATNOOR books for details.

Humans are opportunistic. As long as your reproduce inequality, the superior will exploit it. And the inferior will resent their superiors, and seek to ‘cut them down’. The inferior only TALK about equality and fairness because they are the slaves. But as soon as they have the chance to become slave owners, to become the BENEFICIARIES of inequality, they reveal their TRUE natures, and suddenly find their ‘politics’ change with their change in fortune!

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