User agreements and basic language skills

Of course few of us have the time and energy to read through the user agreements of all the services we use.

In any case I am surprised that such a large and profitable organisation like Paypal could refer to their `User agreement` and then not include a `User agreement`as such anywhere on their site. Rather than just link this actual phrase in the sentence referring us to their `User agreement`, they instead place a link to `Legal agreements` at the bottom of their pages. So legally they have not in fact included any `User Agreement`. To refer us to one reminds me of Douglas Adams` `The hitchikers guide to the galaxy`.

Worst of all is the time it takes to find any way of contacting paypal to correct this. Lots of automatic not-responses and frustration. Do you get the point? Is it so hard to get? Is it so hard to get simple things right?

And why can`t BBC commentators and writers construct simple, concise, sentences. That is their job. How hard is it to find people who can do this?

And why did the guy reporting on the Soccer have to be mean to the other announcer, implying his soccer skills had been weak as a youth? Why are people so desperate to appear humourous that they will resort to such pathetic lows?

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