About my logo


The colour blue is associated with reason, truth, and honesty. It is also the colour of sunny days. Green is associated with hope, renewal, and life. The shades of blue and green I love most are those of twilight. Twilight with its soft light is the time of transitions. It is also the optimal light level for human ‘vision’. 

In mathematics the triangle is a symbol for change. The triangle is also a symbol of perfection. Like any good argument it has a broad base, and comes to a point.

The i is a universal icon for information. In my case it also represents people. The two triangles with their icons represent people coming together and sharing information, in search of synergies.

The green i, representing hope and renewal, is reaching out to embrace the blue i, representing reason, to take it in its arms. Reason needs the love and support of hope, to avoid becoming bleak and despondent.

©Copyright 2006 Markus Heinrich Rehbach All Rights Reserved

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