Discrimination against homosexuality is a form of violence that must be eliminated

The motives for discrimination and even violence against homosexuals are several, and these are iterative. Originally the priest-kings, kings, and priests, banned any forms of sexual expression that did not reproduce the source of all their power and privelege i.e labour, the only source of value. Humans were viewed as value producers. The more of them you had producing value, the more value their was for you to consume. Remember the Old Testament tells us to give the priests ´the best of the best´ of all valueable things produced. So we have motive one for the crimes against homosexuals.

Motive two is the desire innate in human nature to agressively attack each other. Every society directs this impulse towards minorities and foreigners, so that it does not threaten that particular society itself.  In the past these impulses were vented upon the most recent wave of immigrants, those of minority ethnic and religious groups, Jews, ´Blacks´, and Asians. However today these minorities have gained greater policital power, and with it legal rights which protect them from such agression and acts of violence. And so few ´legitimate´targets remain. Homosexuals are suffering from such an undersupply of targets. The demand has remained constant. And so these violent impulses are directed towards them. And society is running out of groups to define as legitimate targets for the venting of such impulses. Hence the bind. If society grants homosexuals all the normal legal rights everyone else enjoys, it will have eliminated one of the few remaining supplies of targets? 

And so, once homosexuals are given their rights, we can expect that ´criminals´, along with terrorists, will take the full brunt. I add this as criminality is as equally determined as homosexuality is. Blaming someone for acts that are the result of a deterministic holistic inheritance is no more just than victimising someone for the sexuality they inherited. Of course homosexuals do no harm as such, and I apologize for this context. However my point is that criminals don´t get to chose the holistic inheritance that leads them to criminality any more than homosexuals get to chose their sexual orientation.

But, to be honest, if we could chose, then the optimalist would chose that everyone became homosexual. Why?  It would eliminate all forms of unwanted pregnancy, unwanted children, and of course, almost every motive for abortions. All reproduction would have to be planned and occur by mutual informed consent. Every conception would be desired by its host mother. Every child would be wanted and loved. Children would be the result of deliberate, planned, and desired conceptions. See my Eden Protocols for more precise details of the holistic inheritance that I feel every child has a right to, and could, if all conceptions were planned and desired.

And I ´prophecise´the consequences of eliminating homosexuality from the suppy of  targets for the more negative, destructive impulses that define human nature to appeal to those who will become free from this status for greater enlightenment. I hope the victims of one set of injustices will be, based on their experience of injustice, more generous with all the the victims of the other set of injustices which ultimately produce criminality.

This is the true challenge of TROONATNOOR.  We all define ourselves as victims rather than perpetrators. We consider how unfair things are to people like us, people with our holistic inheritances, while failing to address the equally unjust acts others suffer, but which we define as ´deserved´ and ´legitimate´.

In any case, I wish to remind the younger among you that homosexuality was a criminal offense, and defined as a disease, until only a few decades ago. Young men filling out Army selection forms for the U.S Invasion of Vietnam in the 60´s would be asked to tick a box, within the category ´diseases´, if they were homosexual. Electroshock therapy, and other forms of aversion therapy, were the most common ´treatments´ forced upon homosexuals. It was only recently that, at least in the Western world, that homosexuality has been removed from the DSM, the diagnostic systems manual for the identification of psychiatric illnesses, and that homosexuality between consenting adults has ceased to be actively punished as a criminal offence. Sadly, in other parts of the less socially developed world, homosexuals are today defined as criminals, and as ´ill´. They are being persecuted as ´scapegoats´and ´witches´, usually by people connected with the various religious cults a.k.a established religious authorities.

Judaism introduced the concept of collective or ´corporate´ responsibility and hence guilt. It was not enough to observe the laws of Moses yourself. You had to play big brother and make sure others did so too. For it was not enough to make sure you yourself never committed the fashion crime of wearing cotton with wool. NO. God would punish you for the acts of your fellows. And so you had a motive to hate anyone who dared wear cotton with wool. If anyone in your tribe did, then you would all pay. God got really pissed off at people for combining fibres. He wasn´t one for making finer points. No. If one of you wore the wrong garb, you would all pay. And so you became terribly neurotic about stuff, really anxious. You worried that your neighbour might pick up sticks on a thursday, and damn YOU to an eternity in hell, or some other fate worse than death that your kindly, loving god could think up. And so you would HATE anyone who failed to observe the taboos and customs of your tribe. This was reasonable, in this context. How dare they put everyone at risk by being an individual, and behaving according to their own conscience, rather than according to the priests´written laws!  And thus we see another ingredient in the hate and fear of homosexuality. Of course today we must define it as a crime for religious authorities and priests to tell their listeners that homosexuals are breaking their god´s laws, and hence threatening them all with god´s wrath. Remember Soddom and Gommorah! If we do not purge our society of such evils, we will ALL be punished by a furious god!

A third, perhaps most basic motive also exists. Everyone wants to be able to feel ´morally´ superior to someone else. In the past this ´moral´superiority allowed you to enslave and exploit others who were not like you. And so we defined ´blacks´, immigrants, those of other nations, ethnic groups, and religions, as ´morally´ inferior, to legitimate us raping, murdering, enslaving, and disappropriating them of their rightful possessions. Today we can´t get away with that, as the worldś elites have become too interdependant. But the satisfaction of feeling superior to someone else is still a gratification that can be enjoyed. And as it has become inappropriate to feel superior to someone else based on their skin color, ethnic background, or religion, the only source of such gratification left is to define homosexuals somehow ´morally´inferior, even though many of the people and societyś that we hold up as ideal and ´classic´practiced homosexuality without any second thought. In fact for the most brilliant individuals and societyś in history, the concept of homosexuality did not exist. It was just considered one aspect of sexuality. It took a Freud and a Breuer  to remind us of the latent, intrinsic bi-sexuality of all humans. As Nietzsche reminded us, it is a mistake to think of only two sexes, of limiting sexuality so violently as a concept.

Put all these motives together, and watch them re-iterate and spiral upwards into a frenzy of homophobia and hate. Any one alone will be enough to keep people negatively disposed towards granting homosexuals the same rights other people enjoy. But there is one last, perhaps stronger, and reinforcing motive. Freud recognised that phobias resolve to an underlying desire. Hence a fear of dieing is reflexive of a death wish, a desire to die. So can you guess where this is heading?  Yes. Next time you see some man venting all his self-loathing towards a homosexual, consider Shakespear´s lines ´Methinks she doth protest too much´. The more hate these men vent, the clearer the motive becomes. Yes, Freud tells us that those who have a negative emotional response to the idea of homosexuality are really expressing their own repressed, and so now unconscious, homosexual desires. Add the fear instilled by the Church to this, and you have a recipe for widespread hatred and fear of homosexuality, and homosexuals.

Now the context of all this is an epidemic of teenage suicide among homosexual teens. This is one direct consequence of all the violence directed towards homosexuals, in the form of bullying, and outright assault. The other context is the continued denial of most society´s to legally recognise homosexual marriage.

First, we must grant homosexuals all the legal rights any other citizen has. Then we must criminalise the sort of religious indoctrination that legitimates the other ignoble motives as noble, and which produces its very own motives for homophobia and hatred of homosexuals.

I have written much which relates to these issues in my TROONATNOOR books, and in my novel, ´Veil of Ignorance´.

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