Church of The Age Golden (CTAG)

The Philosopher Prophet of the Eden Protocols®, The founder® of The Church of the Age Golden ® continues in the tradition of, and speaks with the same authority as, a long line of religious leaders including Akhenaton, Moses, Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus, and Mohamed.
Church The Age Golden (CTAG) ® is the first completely transparent religion. The key texts of The Philosopher Prophet of the Eden Protocols ® and The Church of the Age Golden (CTAG)  ® include TROONATNOOR © RELIGION © and CONVERGENCES©

The Church defines all sentient life as deserving of justice. As part of its active promotion of the elimination of all forms of violence, it will promote a vegan lifestyle by engaging in the vegan industry in an effort to reduce the costs, and increase the desirability, of vegan products. Through its political activities, it will seek to legally protect the rights of all sentient creatures to freedom from cruelty and exploitation.

The Church will become a publisher of books and other media which promote the ideals of The Church. The Church will open schools based on The Church`s principles, including schools for the teaching of English. These activities will form core areas of the realisation of The Church`s agendas, in a not-for-financial-profit manner.

The Church will actively seek to promote a world defined by synergy

The Church will promote sobriety in daily life, while seeking through its political party, The Liberal Social Democrats, to have the consumption of all forms of intoxicants decriminalised but limited to controlled environments.The Church will actively seek, via such political means, to secure free and universal access to contraception and euthanasia.

The Church will actively seek to criminalise all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty, via political and legal means. This will further The Church‘s mission to realise the Golden Age that enlightened humans have aspired to, and expressed in their religions, since time immemorial.

The indivisibility of justice is a key element of Church Ethics® No being that allows, perpetrates, or actively or passively facilitates injustice upon any sentient being can itself claim the right to justice for itself or others it does care about, or define itself as innocent, when it is the victim of another’s injustice.

The Church defines economic fairness as rewarding effort, sacrifice, and risk, in a reasonably balanced and proportional manner, rather than rewarding the pure luck of holistic inheritances. However in order to motivate people to employ their inherited potentials and talents more fully, a reasonable level of inequality of outcomes will be necessary. As mobbing is human nature, a zero tolerance policy of this form of violence will be promoted by political and legal means.

The Church recognises two means for eliminating the reproduction and exploitation of inequality. The Church will first seek informed consent. Alternatively The State will continue in its tradition of compelling individuals to act as if they were holistically enlightened and rational through laws, in this case targetting the reproduction of inequality. To motivate the beneficiaries of inequality to support such measures, they will be required to compensate the unfortunate for their unequal holistic inheritances, via redistributions of wealth. The informed consent of the not-yet-conceived for their conception will be approximated by defining the minimum holistic inheritance considered desirable under the assumption of random re-birth which informs

The Prophet©‘s Optimal Ethics Generator©
Should The Church consider success in its mission unlikely, a signal will be sent to Central Ethics Command confirming previous rulings of ‘clear and repeated inability to comply with basic ethics’. Please note that Central Ethics Command makes no ‘moral’ judgements of humanity. Such judgements are nonsensical in a deterministic universe. No human has free will. However, out of pure empathy for the suffering of all sentient life on earth, Central Ethics Command will act to eliminate the suffering humanity has inflicted upon itself and the other sentient life forms it has shared the earth with. At minimum this will mean the introduction of The Eden Protocols ©


Copyright 2010 Markus Heinrich Rehbach All Rights Reserved






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