How I envision the cover for my books will look like: can you realise it?

Imagine the following image.

People mingling about in daily life. There are many mirrored images of these people, on table-mirrors, in windows, and in full-mirrors placed on various walls. Each of them is a puppet, and their puppet masters, various popes, priests, Immans, and even a Plato, Marketing executives, Military figures, business executives, media executives, and so on, can be seen one level above them, pulling their strings. The people, however, are oblivious of this. In every reflection and mirror, these people appear without the strings. This hints at their self-perceptions.

While a few smug and self-satisfied people in this picture do notice some of the strings, and the puppet masters above the other puppets, none note the determinism present in their own lives. They are really pleased with themselves for being so superior, these few.  And so all are smugly complacent about enjoying their own free will, while some are self-congratulatorily noting that others do not enjoy the same independence they do. Others are being tricked and manipulated, by the media, by big business, by marketing, by their military-industrial complex, and by the various religions.

We, the viewer, then note something strange about the puppet masters. We have been given x-ray vision (as in comic book drawings) and can see into the heads of the puppet masters. If we look closely we can make out little people inside their heads. They are sitting at what appears to be crude control desks. And these little men also appear to be puppets. We can see the strings, and intuit the controls just out of sight. Yes, it appears that our puppet masters are merely the slaves to other puppets, inside their heads.  The puppet master has no more free will then the puppets they control.  Well, to be more precise, the puppets they feel they are controlling.

The strings of these little people inside the puppet masters´heads lead off into regions of their brains clearly marked with the names of various emotions and desires: sex, power, money, food, status, security, and so on.

And so this image speaks of the absence of free will among the puppet masters as much as their puppets. The few do note any level of determinism in others, consistently fail to note it in themselves.

Alternate images, or for different volumes.

A simpler image of one person looking at their own reflection. In the reflected image, the strings leading off their limbs up to a hand holding the puppeteers wooden manipulators are not visible. However we see the large hand or hands holding the puppetteers tools. The person in the image is completely unaware that all their actions are determined. As far as they experience their own wills, these wills are free.

A more complex alternative.

We have, as in comic-book depictions, X-ray vision. We see the X-rays emanating towards the back of the head of the person in the image. The person´s limbs are connected to various puppet-strings. We see the puppeteerś large hand holding the control bars the strings are attached to. Most people can accept that they are being manipulated to some degree by others in the world. And hence the strings are not too challenging. However when we look closer, we see, inside the person´s head, another person sitting at a control desk. Their limbs are connected, by strings, to areas of the brain marked with the names of various emotions and desires.

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