Practical, everyday, applied philosophy, as Nietzsche suggested

PETA must become more entrepreneurial to achieve its mission

Not doing things because they are not perfect will stop most things from ever getting done…PETA have to read my novel…


Can you name any flavoured soy milk powders I can buy?  I mean by name so I can contact their suppliers


It is such a simple product. I wrote a long email and then the computer crashed…I hate repeating myself but this is important so I will


And I think it will be a test too.


Sanitarium was founded by a church and invented breakfast cereals…don´t pay taxes far as I know as not-for-profit basis …. now huge business income stream


you cannot rely on donations.  have to get entrepreneurial.  PETA want OTHER companies to produce etc ethically… do you get where I am heading?  No-one in most of the world can buy cheap vegan products… it is a real factor in their behaviours


sure a vegan investment fund would not be perfect. nothing is. but it would produce an income stream, done in the way I suggested. NOT perfect. But BETTER …


Why should milk companies earn the income and not PETA? 


PETA have to become involved in the real world they want to change, as producers…not just critics…


And PETA have to consider the challenging ethics I propose…in the same way they insist others consider their own ethics, which are demanding for the average person in the same way mine will be for many PETA members


All my materials are consistent with PETAs aims. Automatic win for them if they get anyone to read them etc. PETA will get at least 10% of royalties if they get a publisher or producer onboard etc. WIN for Peta. PETA members would appreciate how it is to be challenged with an ethic more demanding then they would like, inconvenient, un-flattering etc, and hence recall what it is like for those they are confronting with the vegan ethic…simply by reading my stuff…WIN…and there is a lot in there not in any PETA webpage etc…lots and lots…


PETA have to widen their attempts. Please quickly read this again.


I am just so tired of the whole thing. Stop sending me emails about how cruel humans are and how much animals suffer at their hands. It is too depressing. Especially when, as far as I can see, PETA are NOT doing the things they need to be doing to become really efficacious in the long run.


I apologise if I offend, but that is the nature of constructive criticism.


anyway, all the best with your mission


I will do my best to be successful and to put the ideas I have into reality by myself. But alone I am virtually doomed to failure. Opportunity cost. That is the real cost of what you do, and DON´T do…


anyway, gotta get back to working hard on the off chance one day someone will really take my work seriously (it is not about me personally…it is about my books, ideas etc) and I might get a chance to achieve our mutual aims


ciao from an Estonia the sun has decided to return to, at least for a few hours a day…but still covered in perma frost : )


how can an organisation insist others do things they dont do themselves…seriously…how hard would it be to make the products I referred to?  most costs are in marketing, middle-men and so on…and taxes…and profits for everyone involved…


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See my books at under author name ´Kim Jestem` 

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— On Wed, 2/9/11, Steve Martindale <> wrote:

From: Steve Martindale <>
Subject: RE: An idea to start the ´co-op´ idea rolling
To: “‘Markus Rehbach'” <>
Date: Wednesday, February 9, 2011, 3:33 PM 

Soy milk in the states is not especially expensive. The demand for it has grown to the point where the big conglomerate corporations are delivering it to every supermarket in the country at a reasonable price.


I do like your powdered soymilk idea. It is possible to get soy powder in the states, but difficult, and it’s not very tasty or formulated to mix easily with water. I use it when traveling.  In Costa Rica, by comparison, every tiny general store, even in the smallest towns, has good powdered soymilk. I used to mix the powder with dry cereal for traveling, then just add water on the road, and it was great. Those tiny stores had an amazing assortment of other vegan food as well. I found it very easy to be vegan there. Maybe that’s where we should escape to 😉 Or maybe tell the powdered soymilk company there to ramp up production and go global!


PETA doesn’t have scientists on staff to formulate such products – the budget is stretched far too thin for that. PETA scientists are fighting animal testing, etc.


The U.S. must be buried just as deep in snow as Estonia this winter. Brutal!


Best wishes,



Steve Martindale

Senior Gift Planning Specialist

PETA Foundation

Phone: (402) 490-2192


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From: Markus Rehbach []
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2011 4:16 AM
To: Steve Martindale
Subject: An idea to start the ´co-op´ idea rolling


I checked the contents of soy milk…very simple…and should be so cheap to produce, but everywhere I have lived it costs much more than milk


Why can´t we work on a product which is the powdered equivalent…just add your own water…make it tasty and cheap, and ship it around the world… should be easy enough…you have scientist-types working for and with you, right?  Or is such a product already available…you are lucky living in the U.S as you have all the vegan stuff…we have almost nothing, and it is all ridiculously expensive


so my point is to make it as cheap as possible…starting the whole concept…vegan foods should be cheaper than their competition…and as tasty as possible etc…



so is there a cheap version of what I am proposing?  what is it?  and if not can´t PETA start with this simple product of massive significance?  from there would be soya protein additives for soups etc    and if we got a real co-op store…breads with all sorts of tasy veges and fruits in them… and develop a mini-bakery set-up that could be used in-store with pre-prepared doughs etc… etc


anyway, please give it a moment of your precious (not being sarcastic..I realise you have lots to do etc) time…pass it onto someone interested etc etc… if I ever have any success I will do all this myself…but right now I am no-one and have to make sure I have enough to remain independant until I die…which for better or worse might be a while off : )


thanks for keeping my stuff safe for me


maybe if they see I have 20 real songs with real music someone might show an interest in producing me, or publishing my songs for otherś to cover etc


anyway, it is all cascading with me…if I get success anywhere, there are lots of other automatic possible successes that will be triggered…so it is a good investment for someone…nothing one off…diversified…and continuing production of new ´product´ etc


anyway, all the best … I wish it would stop snowing etc etc … winter is just a bit too long here


Check out the new ´Euthanasia-anti-Pharma Co. psychiatry song on my webpage..didn´t record it yet…more a poem-song… but can easily do…and a real philosophy song, like Lucretius epic poem for Epicurus…and not just some stupid song like the monty python drinking song


ciao for now


oh, and my Ha-ha potential stand-up stuff is improving too…that is my ultimate aim … to actually be funny…as comedy is the only way to get the truth across in a palatable way for most people…the highest form of truth… as Oscar Wilde said, `if you are going to tell people the truth, make them laugh, or they will kill you!´



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