Practical, everyday, applied philosophy, as Nietzsche suggested

Proposal for a fairer, more efficient, and user-friendly taxation system.

I propose the following reforms to taxation. They would result in a reduction in the costs of collecting taxes, a reduction in the ´user- burden´for the tax-payer, increased transparency and ease of understanding and critical evaluation of the taxation system, and a pro-active response to eliminating tax evasion, including that occuring via ´tax havens´.

Replace all current taxes with one sales tax. If every nation adopted this then it would be almost impossible for the very fortunate  to avoid taxation by moving to tax havens, and ´fiddling the books´.  Attempts at tax evasion, such as black markets and unofficial barter economies, would of course need to be regulated. They would need be defined as high treason, as they would undermine the operation of the state. 

All financial supports which are currently ´hidden´ in tax exemptions and so on would be abandoned in favor of transparent and accountable direct government  payments. Currently most of the ´welfare´goes to the most fortunate, that is, richest, people. This was most keenly seen in the recent financial crisis in which the tax payer provided welfare to the richest, as per the motto ´privatisation of profits and socialisation of losses´.

The less and least fortunate would be directly compensated for the sales tax increases with ´indexed´government payments and pay increases, to bring back real incomes to at least their pre-reform levels.

However in reality the reduced costs of collecting, calculating, and policing such a simple tax would mean an overall reduction in taxation for most people. Only the most fortunate would end up paying more tax. They would simply be re-distributing a part of the windfalls of their fortunate holistic inheritances. This  tax system would encourage  enterprise and real value production. The current tax systems promote the production of non-value, while deterring real enterpreneurs from producing real value.

Perhaps this sales tax with have two tiers. One for essential goods, and one for luxury goods. The intent of this is to make the tax progressive, and to deter consumption of socially and environmentally undesirable goods and services. 

The aim of progressive taxation is to re-distribute some of the windfalls of those with the most fortunate holistic inheritances, to those with the least fortunate holistic inheritances. 

The promotion of any industry, production, or consumption, would take place directly and transparently.  At present most of these forms of ´welfare for the most fortunate´are hidden from general public awareness, scrutiny, and critical evaluation. ‘

Transparency is so often spoken of, but few measures have ever been introduced, due to the power of the lobby groups representing the interests of those citizens with the most fortunate holistic inheritances.

See my TROONATNOOR  books for critical insights into economics and politics, as well as the more general questions you expect of authentic philosophers. Few people have ever attained such insights. You have been given an opportunity to comprehend your world which few people in history have ever been offered. Please take this opportunity.

I guarantee you will be surprised and enlightened in ways you never imagined, whether you are a professional academic philosopher, the most brilliant of scientists, or a bus driver. You will not gain most of these insights anywhere else. It would take you decades just to collect some of these ideas from other writers, let alone for you to come to some of the more original insights contained in these writings.

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