Does anyone really have the recipe for home-made nembutal e.g Nitsckeś ´peaceful pill´? And how much would you charge me for it? How much would you pay for it?

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November 2016 update: Of all my pages, this is the one most visited.  I have been told that if you go on the dark web, using TOR, and onion browsers, you will quickly be able to find someone from Mexico or similar, who can supply you, very cheaply, with Nembutal they sourced from Veterinary sources. The same we would, in a free, world, as consenting adults, have access to. For under 100 dollars. It is cheap to manufacture. I am told they have a system on the dark web where people ‘rate’ suppliers of whatever product or service, so they are as reliable as any other retailer. The New World Order will cheerfully murder you, but it won’t let YOU decide you don’t want to be its slave.

Many people feel that Nitschke misleadingly marketed his book by implying that it offered a recipe for home-made euthanasia, his so-called ´peaceful pill´.  He did gain high sales, and significant royalties from the sale of that book, based mostly on the implication that he was publishing that recipe in that book.

In fact he himself had earlier done research into how much people would be willing to pay for such a pill, in order to take their end-of-life decisions into their own hands. It appears his motivations may have been more mercenary than humanitarian.  I feel he has been disingenuous in many ways.

Or has he?  Have you attended one of his workshops, and learned how to make home-made nembutal, his ´peaceful pill´, using readily available ingredients?  If so, please contact me. It is a basic human right for every person to have access to such a pill.

Let me know how much you would sell this recipe to me for. Perhaps we should run an Ebay auction for the recipe for home-made Nembutal, Nitschke´s ´Peacefull-pill´.

Veee for victory

Veganism, along with the elimination of all forms of violence including the exploitation and reproduction of holistic  social and genetic inequality, and Universal access to euthanasia, together form the foundations for my ´Eden Protocols´.

These protocols form the basis for a fair society, one in which every sentient life-form enjoys a life worth living. See my  TROONATNOOR series of books for details of my ´Eden Protocols´, or ask me to send you  .pdf files to download.

My books offer you unique insights into The Reality Of Our Natures And The Nature Of Our Realities that you are unlikely ever to come upon yourself, either in your readings, or your own reflections.


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5 Responses to “Does anyone really have the recipe for home-made nembutal e.g Nitsckeś ´peaceful pill´? And how much would you charge me for it? How much would you pay for it?”

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I searched long and hard, and found the missing directions and precursors, here’s the rub, some of the ingredients are as hard (if not harder) to source than straight 98% powder.


I am no chemist…what is the ‘powder’ you are referring to? Or should you not say, for legal reasons, given that we live in a slave society and slave culture with mostly slave religions, that wishes to keep its ‘human capital’ alive and functioning to serve its own ends? So is that ‘project’ doomed to failure? The idea that people could make such a product themselves at home? I am pretty sure that if there was a market for it, like all legal and illegal drugs, that a supplier would appear. Anyway, thanks for the comment. 🙂


Oh, FACT…the bible makes absolutely NO rule AGAINST killing yourself…the laws against suicide were later added by Priests, both Catholic and Jewish…as part of the priesthoods plan to enslave all of mankind… SERIOUSLY…and the same sort of people fight against your right to be informed and to chose for yourself today…they are the enemies of freedom and justice and truth and goodness. Remember however that if you want to escape from life eternally, you need to reject not just pain (which most suicide is the intended escape from), but to reject pleasure, the will to life per se…which is a much harder thing…so probably you will end up returning again and again to this world…which will only change if WE change it…if we put institutions and ideas in place THIS LIFE…either way, my EDEN PROTOCOLS offer the optimal…they free you to decide if you want to live, over and over, or not…and empower you to attempt to make those lives WORTH living…over and over…. 😀


If someone had a severe mental disorder and they knew they would soon become a killer, then why not allow them access to the peaceful pill. This is not only their right, but also a chance of redemption.


I have asked myself this same question: Is it possible to make nembutal at home? Here is what I have discovered after several hours of online research.

One of the necessary ingredients for home-made nembutal: “malonic acid (reagent grade/for synthesis)” , is very difficult to obtain. This particular component is very closely associated with the manufacture of barbituates, specifically barbituric acid, and it’s sale is restricted to buyers with licensed commercial interests. non-commercial buyers are excluded via a screening process. sellers allowing a customer to circumvent this process can be heavily fined in the USA (and other countries also.)

There are threads that discuss the methods for “kitchen sink” chemistry, including how to make nembutal, but no authoritative source offering step by step easy to follow instructions that I can find. You tube offers some interesting “how to” videos about making pharmaceuticals but they are intended for viewers with a formal background in chemistry and science.

A public library will offer plenty of information on Chemistry and lab terminology. It is a pretty steep learning curve (for me) I am guessing the information is available to anyone willing to take the time to gather it?.

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    Towards Universal Holistically Informed Consent and the elimination of all forms of violence:Holistic Interrogations and revelations concerning The Reality Of Our Natures And The Nature Of Our Realities (TROONATNOOR). The Holistic Philosopher. The Philosopher-Prophet of The Eden Protocols. Kim Jestem ?


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