Happy 70th Birthday Elke Rehbach (Seemann)

I wish you all the best for your 70th Birthday. Thankyou for all the gingerbread, carrot-cake, and lasagne that you baked over the years. Once I comprehended the complete absence of free-will in all our actions I could accept that you are not going to do any of the things it seemed to me you should easily be able to do, things that might have repaired the previous damage, and promoted positive interactions. As you have made no effort to contact me, read any of my writings, or view any of my videos, I can assume you prefer to have no contact with me. And as, without any changes in your behaviour, such contact would be doomed to be negative and unrewarding, I can fully appreciate your position.

In any case every creature with sentience ´deserves´ happiness, and this includes you. Life is not about getting what you ´deserve´, what you have ´earned´  through effort, sacrifice, and good intentions. It is pure luck.  So I do not blame you for anything. However the desire to do ´good´ is inherent in my nature, and thus I give your credit for the ´good´ things you did do, even as they were equally determined as the ´bad´.

In any case, I understand your personality as I more or less share it, especially the pathological relationship to money.  However I hope that somehow you overcome this enough to enjoy the fruits of your labour, and the sacrifices you made for yourself, and all of us, in the pursuit of accumulating financial security.

So I wish you all the best. I hope you have people around you who are nice to you, and that you are enjoying your life. You have worked hard in some areas of your life, and thus you at least deserve, by rights, to enjoy those.

I have pursued the truth about TROONATNOOR as much for myself, as for you, and for every other sentient creature that is or ever will be. So I do hope you make some effort to at least read what I have written. It is my gift to you, and the universe. Perhaps you will never have reason, in your own system of values, to be proud of me, however I think one day others might be glad that you had me, and that I managed to accomplish what I did. I may not be able to implement my protocols, however I feel many of my ideas have the potential to produce the world that every sentient creature deserves to live in.

All the best.

Happy birthday Elke Seemann : )