Discovery Channel`s `West Coast Customs`: How ethical is the U.S `work ethic`?

I was appalled to watch the owner of `West Coast Customs`forcing his employees to miss the entire week of Christmas, working through even Christmas Eve, just to `meet a deadline`. Half a dozen families were deprived of fathers just so Ryan could say he he had `got the job done in time`. `In time´ for what? The deadline was arbitrary. The two 14 or 15 year old boys whose cars he was customising would have gone off on their snowboarding trip without really missing their cars. That was made clear when he, after forcing his employees to irresponsibly deprive their own children of much needed `daddy-time`, delivered these two spoilt children their perversely over-powered and conspicous christmas presents `on time`.

That two young boys could enjoy knowing their cars had been customized, and were waiting for them in the garage when they got home, was surely not worth the sacrifice Ryan had forced the families of his employees to make.

There is surely something wrong with a system in which the conspicuous consumption of two spoiled kids should take precedence over the interests of hard-working staff and their families. Ryan and his `values`have reduced humans to `workers`.

Of course Capitalism is not alone in such perversity. The Soviet and Chinese self-named `Communists`(sic) defined themselves as `Workers States`, even `workers paradises`. Treating people as workers defines them as means to ends. Under capitalism it is the ends of fortunate, selfish, over-serviced rich kids and their parents. Under self-proclaimed `Socialist`states it was the ends of the `Communist party`members and their families.

Is that really `what all the hard work´ should be all about? So we work hard just so a few people can over-consume in such a wasteful and questionable manner, denying families their fathers just so a few rich people can over-consume. Is the cost these fathers and their families must pay really justified by the marginal benefits the consumers of their efforts enjoy?

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